1111 Numerology Meaning – Numerology 1111: Hidden Meanings Of The Number 1111!

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from the homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David and I’m happy today because we have one of our original guests on and we’ve known this guest for years she actually took some classes with me personally at a horizon center back in the day and as part of our meditation group as well which is a weekly group and we get a lot of great insights with her and she’s going to share some insights with you guys they about an upcoming event she has an eleven eleven event that is going to be happening it’s called prepared now for the universal shift on eleven eleven at eleven eleven without further ado like to welcome Tracy Johnson to the podcast local Tracy thank you thank you so much I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of you guys awesome podcast and to be able to share this wonderful event that’s coming up again on eleven eleven now this has been happening to me off and on for as long as I can remember but I will say today while I was mulling around the house I happened to look up at the clock and it was eleven eleven this morning oh now I bring that up Tracy because there you’re going to talk a little bit about the shift and I will let you get into it but there are a number of people it seems like there are a growing number of people that are starting to see these angelic numbers in succession either one one one two two two four or four so on and so forth was that your initial take on having an event such as eleven eleven yes first of all like like you said I received the eleven eleven message or the the numbers appearing in my experience about seven years ago well in 2011 actually a with seeing the number often and a lot back to back back to back and I remember one one day I was feeling really bad I was sick I had the flu and I was laying in the bed and I looked at the clock and it was 11 11 p.m. and at that point in time I was like okay enough is enough I need to find out what this number actually means because again it was repeating in my life like numbers on the clock seeing it in license plates the total all my receipts was 11:11 and so when I actually got up off of my sickbed because again I was really getting frustrated within a number and I understanding what the purpose or while I was seeing it and when I looked it up I was my life was totally changed I thought it was so awesome I was really excited about it and it was just pointing to the fact that that I was having a shift in awakening and so everything’s been that number has been very significant to me that number when I see that number that that you know for me personally because you know it’s about awakening but it also can go to a whole nother level in terms of it being significant to you personally and so when I see that number that means I’m in the right place at the right time and I always give gratitude or pay attention to what I’m thinking or feeling in that moment and also once you started seeing that number I think that’s where we had our original introduction to you you were actually led to come to the 11:11 event on 2011 is that correct yes and that’s how I ended up actually leading miss Joann and having an experience with the horizon center it was I was after you know learning what 11:11 Manton it was you know during that time and 11 year 2011 I was like I need to find somewhere in Georgia where they’re going to be having an event so I can have the experience with like-minded individuals and those who really understood and knew was that that number met so I looked up I went on the internet and I did a google searching and again I found horizon and met miss Joanne who is so wonderful and she means so much to me I love her dearly because I always tell her it’s her fault the reason why I’m at the place where I am because I started taking classes after that and in my life totally changed now what’s interesting and I want to dive into 11:11 the theme of it and all that it entails one thing that I do understand is since the third dimension we live with a level of clarity where there’s you know white black right wrong so on and so forth and it’s 12:00 noon on May 6 and it’s only been less than or a little more than 12 hours and in the past 12 hours childish gambino he was on Saturday Night Live last night Donald Glover as his name he performed and many released a video called this is America on YouTube and in the 12 hours it’s already over 2.5 million views it will be highly viewed of course but there’s a lot of fear-based imagery in the video and with 11 11 coming up with your with your event there is the polarity of people seeing 11:11 and seeing a lot of bliss but there’s also association with 11:11 being a lot of chaos what would be your take on that well you know it’s a matter of perspective and it’s like when you pointed to or make mention that in this this level of consciousness in the third dimensional realm then there are and can be a lot of individuals that see it from that particular perspective it just it just depends on would level or the vibrational level or what you know we call it dimensions or you know timelines that you are operating in or that you are observing so you know it’s just like you can be two people can be in the same room and have totally two different experiences one can be in bliss them going to be in hell and it’s not based on what you are experiencing in the manifested world for you know a better explanation but it’s about what’s going on within you so if you’re experiencing from the perspective in which you see whether it be you know a destruction and and fear and death or you can see it from a higher perspective where you’re in you know that place where you have peace and joy in the midst of a storm so that’s what you know like I grew up as a little girl in church and I you know have a lot of scriptures that’s in my heart and so it’s like something that’s called a peace in the midst of the storm because you’re not looking at what’s going on outside of you but you’re having experience based on what’s going on within you so that’s that’s you know my take in terms of you know people haven’t totally two different experiences when they look at that number or experience that number that was a great answer I love that taste in the middle of the storm and when you’re speaking with with David and I so you’re kind of in and some some what some of our audience that’s kind of preaching to the choir so to speak and you know with this again video is just for us just kind of topical and but you know so many views and so forth there there’s a huge portion of the population that is fair based what would be your take to educate them so that they can start identifying the piece in the middle of the storm well you know the reason why I decided to or would guide it to do the coordinator shift for 11:11 it began you know back when I came to the realization that when we talk about your experience within and that what goes on within you is the manifestation is your it you know it’s a reflection of what’s going on on in your manifesting world and so as I went on my journey and had my experience of you know reaching that state of peace in the midst of a storm is based on you know being able to identify and be a be aware of the your heart because right now at this point I’m see it’s that’s the shift is about shifting from the mind to the heart because this is this is like when we talk about the new earth or experiencing the higher dimensions or the fifth dimensional realm is through and you know one of the portals and the greatest portal is through your heart but if your heart is blocked and dammed up with fear and doubt and disbelief and those different you know things that you’ve gone through as a result of your journey where you try to create a wall or something to protect yourself from having those exposed I’ll call them you know experiences or sensations because you know our journey is about us experiencing every aspect of who we are whether or not we considered is good or bad I just consider you know there’s nothing bad it’s only a higher good but when you block your heart the main portal and that’s where the when you operate from the new earth or operate from a place of pieces through your heart everything that you experience is you experience it through your heart through your how you feel you know it’s not it’s not based on your mind you know your thoughts you know so often people you know and when I started my journey you know your thoughts create your reality but people don’t understand and realize that this is your heart that directs your mind and there’s a study it’s called mind mat mat or where it points to that your heart direct your heart has a mind as well and it directs your thoughts so if we are just focusing on trying to you know regularly or make sure we have thoughts that would bring peace and joy we where we’re focusing on the wrong aspect of our journey we need to focus on what’s going on within our heart and so one of the things I created is called an open heart I mean allowing love that’s where the open heart world came from that’s where the shifting from the mind to the heart originated because it’s based on the definition that was given to me in terms of what love truly is but it’s about clearing the blockages the energetic blockages that hinder you from tapping into that peace from from being able to experience your power to joy love and forgiveness and integrity and you know all of the I have something I created it’s called the 12 layers of love utilizing my light language is a recording that helps to clear the energetic blockages so you know I can share the definition of love but I know that was a long answer to your question but that that’s how you are able to tap into that peace in the midst of form whenever you’re able to clear and the energetic blockages would be aware of what’s going on within your heart not based on what’s happening in your mind or what’s going on in your head so so Tracy this is this something that is just something that you’re going to be doing or is this going to be global or some kind of global event on 1111 well what’s going to happen is is that you know just like um you know you guys are interviewing me to spread the words my intent is to have those who this resonates with to you know share with those all over the world so I’ve been spreading the word of it you know doing interviews I’ve been doing heart activations at different you know organizations and churches for those again who who this resonates with that they will spread the word and and I will be in a location that will be announced down the line right now it’s I’m looking at being in in Arizona live but what I’m going to be doing is sending a recording of the definition of love and my light language which is going to be played right before that time at 11:11 for individuals hearts to be open and to focus on what love truly is and so I want to share that the shift is again about shifting from the mind to the heart and on that day that individuals from all over the world will set an intention to open their heart to allow love to send out love throughout the world to create a shift in throughout the universe so it’s like again those who this resonate with and who whose heart is open to allow the love to flow through them and one of the reasons again why I created the originally created the 12 layers of love again in the recording of my light language which clears out the energetic blockages within your heart is for individuals to prepare their hearts for that event so I started putting the information out there early so that when on that day you know if there are any industry things within your heart any energetic blockages within your heart that you will have opportunity to clear your heart not only for that particular day but to create a shift within your life experience so you know your you can you know purchase the entire 12 layers of love audio series meditation audio series or if you feel like okay you know I just need you know having trouble with forgiveness and I need to clear this energetic block within my heart so that I can experience forgiveness first of all of myself and then be able to open my heart to be able to forgive those who might be and my life experience that I’m having challenges with forgiving and that’s you know one example but again the 12 layers of love represent the 12 layers or the 12 manifestations of love that you would experience within your heart because again you know everything that we experience the experiences through our heart so when you say like when you refer to it as a tour that’s what you’re talking about these different layers touring these different layers well the tour is that if there are individuals or you know that individuals or groups and organizations that desire to experience the heart activation or the 12 layer you know my light language then I you know they can book a live complimentary heart activation which again point to you know activating the heart when I tell you activating heart meaning you know opening up the heart so that the energetic blocks that they might be experiencing as it you know during that time of their life that it can be you know open up and heart can be opened up and clear the energetic blocks now one of the things I always you know when I work with when I do my angel readings or if I have a client you know as we have years where we built up this wall or these blocks have been created that I suggest that you know that the individual would obtain but again one of the layers or the entire series and listen to the light language for at least 21 days to clear the block because I can do another reason why I created the audio series is because I found that when I would do a angel reading and do a heart activation again to open up their heart to receive what was going to come forth as a result of their reading they would walk away and then if they continue to do the same thing continue to think the same way then their hearts were closed back up so I made it available so that you know again that they would be able to experience it and clear the blocks within their heart within a certain period of time and have that freedom and be able to experience you know a better way of life and again the tour is about you know individual groups or organizations can again request for me to come and do a heart activation I just recently did one at the unities Norv services first and second service where I was allowed by the pastor to do the heart activation and I always have so many individuals come up to me I want to know more about it and have had experience and a shift in our hearts so it’s really really Colin I’m truly grateful for the gift to be able to do that my understanding that Arizona particularly sedona has a strong magnetic field for techs if you will is that the reason that you decided to have it in arizona and will it be in sedona yes so don’t arizona yes that is that is the main reason why that I chose that that location because not only will it be on 1111 November 11 at 11:00 it’s an 11 year so I was given I was guided to put this together or you know created this event over a year ago and didn’t even realize that this year was an 11 year and so I know it you know again it’s going to create a universal shift because we need this right now and you know even as you shared earlier in terms of the video that has gone out and so many people are in fear this will this is a part of healing also Gaia it’s not just about the human race but we’re talking about going way beyond this physical realm well now for the audience could you give a better explanation or an explanation of the whole as to what an eleven-year means mean to me I thought it would mean not to me but just for conversation I thought it was 2018 what do you mean it’s an 11 year what’s the significance of that well you know when in terms of when you look at numerology and you add up the 2018 it equals 11 and so 11 is a master number is a master teacher is a teacher numbers are significant its creation it’s part of you know the whole creation process and so because it is considered as a master number you don’t add the the number to one together to create a number to year but it’s about the energy everything is energy everything is vibration and so if you were to look up the different meanings or the vibrational energy that surrounds the different numbers it points to what the energy or the experience of that particular moment time so is points to awakening and so it’s like it’s going to there’s a way there has been a wave constantly since the beginning of the year and people are more and more people are awakening every moment every second and so part of you know those who are our lightworkers and in all of those who are here at this time to assist with the awakening that’s what that is pointing to and that’s what what from my perspective it is about all about so and the 11:11 the shift hashtag the shift is I’m doing my part we all have a part and so I believe I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is part of why I manifested in this and this at this time so hmm so let me ask you for my numerology standpoint we are and I’m 11 year and thank you for that explanation so if we are an eleven year if we look at 11:11 2018 from a numerology standpoint that is a sixth day so what is the six to you well you know um for me you know it’s so funny that you asked me that because you know I received a message surrounding the number six and the number six represents that so many different things and I’m not going to say time expert when it concerns numerology but I never looked at that day as being a sick day because again I don’t add up the leaven because those are masters that’s a master number so I don’t add them up across the board like that so one of the things that I received today surrounding the number six that it’s it’s so many things that is and I what I’ll do is I’ll I’ll pull up that information that I received today surrounding the number six and and it is 22 angel numbers for me because I you know I’m angelic guide and so whenever I receive any numbers or any messages through numbers those are my angel numbers and so what I received today surrounding the number six is that six is is a vibration of unconditional love and it’s just like so awesome and unconditional love balance harmony home family you know those type of things and it’s so awesome even if you when you add up those numbers when the eleven eleven the shift is about saying intention to open your heart to allow love and it points to unconditional love so so that even you know what you bringing that up or X and that question and it’s like even more exciting to me that that date was given to me and that the number six represents or points to the unconditional love and balance so mmm-hmm and in numerology the number six does mean love so I mean love and different iteration so sounds like you know there may be a degree off from your understanding but it still consistent and yeah yes if we look at may six five six twenty eighteen that equals eleven eleven again oh wow and today is May six huh and so that is awesome see and it’s just I am so grateful and so amazed by how things you know line up even if you know that’s where it comes from shifting from the mind to the heart because I want to want to bring up the fact that we I was scheduled to be on the show over a month ago and we had to reschedule because I was going – you know B I had a tour as part of my tour I was going to be out of town doing a heart activation and then today was chosen and I didn’t even look at it I didn’t even look at it or you know from the numerology aspect the way you want brought it up so that’s exciting I will be writing night in my journal because it’s just unfolding and it’s so powerful it’s just so powerful no there’s no accidents as they say right oh my goodness I am so excited about that please allow me to have my little moment yes Tracy how long how long did it take you to come up with the your heart activation serious nearly on your 12 layers I know you said that you started seeing like eleven eleven like way back in the you know years ago and you were trying to find out what that meant and stuff and then at some point in time you know it came about that you were going to you decided to do the to create the 12 layers how long did that take well you know um again as I mentioned I grew up in church my grandmother I used to go to church with my grandmother all the time and then you know when I moved to Atlanta it was years and years later I was attended a church where you know I learned about um the light language but when I experienced light language it was called tongues you know in african-american churches they call it tongues and as I continued to seek a you know wisdom and guidance and I began to see the eleven eleven and understood that it was about awakening I you know asked for the truth meaning just like for it to be clearly you know made clear to me what all of this was about one day my dad talking to my dad you know and you know he told me he said to me because he has been you know studying metaphysics and has been awakened for where a long time he’s actually a master and one day we were having a conversation and he said to me that you are closed-minded and so dogmatic about your Christianity when you’re ready for the truth it will come I was like oh boy what did you tell me that for you know I didn’t take that take that lightly so that’s where it pointed – I got angry my dad was visiting me at that time when he left I closed the door I went upstairs and I got on my face and went into meditation and said I’m ready for the truth and so I told that long story for this reason when I began to study and in the metaphysics or the new thought you know got into that because that’s what came to me when I when I after I prayed and actually the truth I had questions and I had to I would always line up a scripture with what I learned new about you know the New Age in metaphysics because I was kind of afraid that you know based on my upbringing I’m like thinking oh you’re going to go to hell if you start studying about metaphysic in New Age you’ve heard all these different things but to protect myself from going to hell I would say okay well this scripture lines up with with this truth and then one of my other questions I had was where does tongs fit in and where does you know like in you know the black church we we sing worship song so I’m like where do these two things fit because I wasn’t able to find a hole for the peg of those two things and so one day I was doing some research and I ran across something that spoke about light language and I was like oh I was light language and so then with the worship aspect of it it’s about vibration when you’re singing worship songs you’re you’re you vibrate at a higher level because you’re in a state of gratitude so like the light language I realized that I had on language that was powerful that was healing that was transforming so I said okay so I I said what do I do with this how do I utilize this to assist individual because my like language came to me when I was at home and my living room minding my own business and all of a sudden my you know I was in a state of gratitude of worship as you you know and and I had a not set we come up came up in my neck and my tongue started moving by itself that’s how I experienced it because even it all the churches I went to it was it was controversial they were saying that you know saying different things and it was kind of negative things that came but it was pure for me because I didn’t receive it at a church I received it in the midst of me having an encounter with with spirit with swords with God whatever you want to call it and you know most of my experiences come when I go within in my journey so I told that long story to say that whenever I was guided to do to create my angelic cards and to do angel readings I was led to use use my light language and again I after seeing how individuals responded to the light languages I hadn’t used it utilize it in in so many years so many years so at the beginning of this year I decided that I need to do something one to help individuals after they leave me because I only can serve only so many people at one time but I created the audio series so that it can be people all over the world would be able to experience it so I started working on the recording at the beginning of the year in January and then I got the flu and then I had to stop but I would say it took about three months for me to fully complete the recording and I had so many different things that would come up it seemed like I was trying to hold me back from fully manifesting it but I finally got it out and when I finished the recording my whole body was vibrating for the rest of it was not the day in the evening that I just opened myself up to channel the light language and it was revealed to me also now you know during the time that I was doing and recording my light song came through as well you know where I’ve seen the light language now not just speaking the language but I sing it and it has been so powerful because I’ve learned that not only does it heal individuals hearts and clear their hearts but I also am affecting the atmosphere the the nature and it goes you know speaks to every soul every single soul light language is a language of the fifth dimension and so when I speak the light language I sing the light language it speaks to every single soul throughout the universe and I was very mind blowing and humbling for me so that’s a great story and as you’re here talking you had mentioned that in the middle of in the midst of this you had gotten the flu and it made me think of when Esther first started receiving Abraham you know it was really choppy and as they kind of judge now you would never see those videos now looking back do you think it was clearing up your vibration so you were able to get a better reception yes yes and I’m so glad you brought that up because I was so sick and I realized that’s what it was and one of the other things that actually happened to me and has happened to me during my awakening process is I have these really very strong heart palpitations and every time I’m you know getting ready to shift to a higher vibrational state or be able to you know getting ready to tap in – you know greater virtue is when I have these hard permutations to the degree that I feel like I’m getting ready to die and then afterwards then I realize oh this is what it was there was another shift I met with this young lady who was known all over the world she was very ill and I was called them just last week – she calls it my light language is singing and I was able to pray over her and lay hands on her as we would call it and sing in my light language and she was healed and so I said all that to say that I am very grateful for the gift and very humble but yes and what reason why I brought that up is because she is very intuitive and she says I have the perfect pitch now she experienced it prior and then just recently like last week she experienced my like language again and she said you now have the perfect pitch and it was just because of what I went through and didn’t realize at the time what was happening to me love it yeah so when you were at the at Unity Church then you are able to access your late language meaning that you can bring you can access it at any time is that correct or do you feel that certain some certain stars may have to be aligned before you can access the light language no I can do it at any time and like when I first experienced it I didn’t realize what it was and then one day I was is probably a couple weeks later I said to myself I wonder if I can do this again and I opened up my mouth and it friendly comes out my light language and the light song that comes through me it just comes through me just as easy as it is for me to speak my mind native tongue or English so it’s just a part of who I am and I remember again on my waking awakening process or journey after 11:11 and I would study a lot about dimensions and things of that nature and I ran across part of my study and it was it was pointing to saying that some of you are here to growl of into Gaia and when I read that it you know it activated something within me and I know that you know I am a light worker I’m an archangel you know because of you know another aspect of me is being a part of the arcturion family galactic family so you know as things continue to unfold I learn more and more about myself and my purpose and the power that has been given to me to assist in awakening process as well as you know what is even greater from my perspective is to be a part of the shift as far as healing Gaia grounding love and light into Daiya so that we can have a greater experience or to have the earth on heaven so many people say heaven on earth but it’s not heaven on earth it’s earth on heaven you know so I’m very clear and and again I’m truly grateful for having been given the gift and to carry this as part of my manifesting my divine purpose here at this this moment in time so Tracy when you do your light languages are do you recall like after you’ve done is it like a channeling or do you remember everything that you said like after well it’s like it’s just like when you when you when you speak it’s like I I hear everything that comes through me and one of the things that like some people like when when it was in when we were in the church where they call it speaking in tongues they would always say you know you need to have an interpreter of that message but my light language is not it’s not to be interpreted by me as an individual because what happens is I when I activate the individuals heart I’m speaking directly to the heart it’s not spoken where the mind can comprehend it’s a language of the heart so you know prior to you know even becoming aware of the fact that I had the light language or that it was like language I was led to listen to the pure tone 528 Hertz tone which is the frequency of love every single day in my meditation for an entire year and so when I speak my light language is about a pitch and a tome not words and that’s why it’s called a heart activation because it actually speaks directly to your heart and open cause your heart to open up and that’s how that’s why when you know if you continue to listen to the recordings that it will it will transmute the blocks that’s in your heart and and I did not have any idea how powerful it wasn’t until I started doing the angel readings and individuals would share with me they experienced that they were having you know I had one lady say that she saw such a beautiful image and beautiful she said she believed that she saw the you know heaven when she was and when I finished and I always told my client don’t try to rush out of their experience of the light language just allow themselves to have whatever experience they’re going to have as a result of their hearts being open and activated and so when they do that and they have their experience is just something that is just you know you can’t explain it in words and eventually if it’s not in that exact moment they will receive whatever was spoken directly to their heart and like the one lady who said that she she felt like she saw heaven she hadn’t seen anything as beautiful in her life and she opened up she looked at me she said who are you and that was really funny but I didn’t you know I’m just I’m just a vessel and I just allow myself to to you know my heart you know because I had to go on a journey first I had to clear the energetic blocks in my heart first in order for me to allow the pure expression of love to come through me when I’m serving those who I attract or they attracted me so the two-part question with that so with at when you had your experience at Unity Church recently the first question is does a purse individual’s eyes have to be closed while you’re going through the light language and then the second part is since everyone’s perception is different when you had that experience at Unity people came back to you because they were receiving different messages based off of their vibration at the time yes so like I don’t the only thing that I request of the individuals or those who’s going to experience the light language or the heart activation is for them to focus on their heart and imagine breathing in and out of their heart and also instruct you know during the time that I’m allowing the light language to come through me I have them to there’s moments when I’m being guided to tell the individuals to breathe and when I say breathe that means that their heart is at that moment in time it’s a message that’s coming through – for them to open their heart to receive because that’s what it’s all about it’s about your heart being activated so that it can be open to receive the guidance from your higher self from your angelic connection from those who you acknowledge or in the the light you know beings that you recognize and acknowledge because that’s what I’m doing I’m connecting to their heart and you know and what’s being drawn from me is being drawn for me as a result of their their guidance you know they’re guys that you know that’s drawing from my will for you know just lack of a better term and then you said the second question was I apologize what’s the second question no I was just looking at people’s perception right they’re sitting right next to each other and Unity Church is pretty sizable and so no two people would have the same experience that’s what I was trying right yes so afterwards I’ve had several people there was one young lady in particular she was crying so hard she came up to me and she was like oh my god she said I don’t know what’s going on I’m trying to stop crying but I can’t and she’s just saying it just feels so wonderful and she just came up to me and she said thank you so much and I told you know when I hear you know different people have different experience her husband was standing next to her and he even you know thanked me for the experience and yes people have different experience some people have tingling all over their body you know again individuals cry I’ve had you know this is my second time actually doing a heart activation at the church at Unity and I had a gentleman twice when I’ve been there come and tell me how beautiful he he felt my light length which was and that he felt how to experience within his heart and so it yes everyone some people see vision some people see colors you know it’s odd you know because again because he’s like you may mention we are all different and we have you know can be in the same place at the same time and have totally different experiences so when I say when I shared earlier that I found out that my light language that all light language speaks to every single soul throughout the universe that that’s why individuals have experience and have different experiences because I’m not speaking to the mind I’m not speaking to you know anything that that is you know physical but I’m speaking to the individuals heart and soul how long is it is crazy when someone comes to pour our heart activations out how long is that session it just it depends like I have you know like the angel readings where you can the minimum it is 20 minutes and again the when I’m doing a reading that I mean that’s the minimum and when I’m doing a reading I’ll do utilize my light language to activate their hearts to receive their their reading what the message that’s going to come through their reading for that moment but you know with again what I you know the reason why I created the audio series is for individuals to be able to you know have that powerful you know killing transmuting activation you know during their time of meditation or and you know be able to utilize it or experiences during their own time so like I also have you know sessions like coaching sessions there’s one series the heart activation series where you know they have 12 sessions and the audio series is included so they’re if they go on the website you’ll be able to see all the different you know services that are offered as a life coach and you know whatever is most suitable for that individual and if they’re not able to you know do 12 weeks six weeks them they have a intensive heart activation intensity high intensity sessions and you can definitely use obtain the the series or the individual recordings whichever resonates with you and each recording is it short not when I say short it’s not something that you wouldn’t be able to fit in your day in the morning or in the afternoon or in the evening again I suggest that they would listen to it you know a minimum of 21 days and when you purchase the audio series or the audio it gives you guidance in terms of how to create the space for you to be able to experience the light language and and obtain the maximum results of it you know like again focusing on your heart to imagine and breathing in and out of your heart and and you know and just getting in that space so that you can clear the blocks that’s within your heart and so for those who are interested in and participating on 11:11 I would you know suggest that if you’re able to you know obtain the series or just individual audio if you feel like you haven’t some challenges or blocks in your heart to clear those energetic blockages so you can be free to you know send out that pure expression of love and you know not only those individuals that’s interested but you know I this is my part that I’m contributing to the world to assist with the awakening process as well as being able to experience all that you are and to be able to have to be have that peace in the midst of the illusion of the storm because once you tap into your heart and you clear your heart chakra portal then your life will totally change you will experience the shift and joy it doesn’t matter what’s going on and into your life and I’m a testament to that I can truly say that and I’m so grateful and that’s my gift that I give back to the world sounds like a really fun event that’s going to happen in November 11th 2018 and since today is May fix 2018 and it also numerology numerologically 11:11 would you mind giving us a sample of what the of your light language that people can receive energetically today yes I would love to and I’m so glad you guys because that was in my heart to do prior to doing that I would like to share the definition of love that was given to me which is the foundation of everything that I do and when and why the main reason I created the the audio series so love is all there is it’s the force which gives life to everything and everyone it is experienced and expressed in many different ways and to the degree in which you allow love will be to the degree that you will experience it and have the capacity to express it so the aspect the part of that definition is to to degree in which you allow love will be to degree that you will experience it and have the capacity to express it so when we talk about allowing love meaning that clearing the energetic blockages within your heart so that you can experience it to be able to experience it from within and then your heart being open and you become an overflowing vessel of love where you can you know express it and so I’m going to speak in my light language and what I would like everyone to do is take a moment to focus on their heart and imagine breathing in and out of your heart because this will take you shift you into your heart space when you focus on your heart and just imagine your heart breathing in and out of your heart so just take three deep breaths and focus on your heart and shift into your heart space and as I my light language when I say open your heart just breathe that means open up your heart and at that moment you will something it’s coming in for you to receive the answer that you may be requesting some type of guidance whatever it is that you need in that moment when I say breathe you open your heart to receive it and in the manifestation she’ll come it may not be in this moment may not be tonight or tomorrow but just know when you open your heart to receive whatever it is that you desire at this moment in time you will receive it because it’s unto you according to what you believe so if you believe that you will receive it so again breeze cold Sunday 8:00 handleable so to economize Shanda a colorable crucial to dak de de de Bosco to economize rhetorical todo es a terra cotta rishi miracle – and a coat or a potion dough under a kosher dairy tuition dedicatory estan dotty couturier christian – and breathe an MiraCosta to economize jean de areco so to recap on the moshu – Ricky Ramos – Nani other – some da you take hold it a muscle to equal Amaya Terry de cochon de on de kuso – created a booster – and read on delicous totally Condor and emotion to echo so she owns a coat or en scène de de de pouso – Yo no lo Maya Shonda added el COSO – que de la bourse ohtori cotinine Emoto Chicana mashanda and we won last time and breathe I pray that your heart is filled with love so be it and so it is that’s nice so it is that’s what it is ah thank you so much for allowing me to serve and again of those who are listening desire to be a part of the eleven eleven the shift you can visit my website at open-heart WorldCom and if you click on the button that says learn more about the shifts all of the information is on that particular page there is also a PDF that you can download because I’m asking that everyone who it resonates with to share it with those that they know that could that would be open to receive and to allow love to send it out all over the world to create a shift throughout the universe and so I really am so grateful you know thank you Hamzah and David for giving me this opportunity to be able to share and so that I can fully manifest what I my part and what I came here to do in terms of serving not only humanity but but the Gaia as well yes yes Jason do you want to do you want to mention them and then this is something she had told me off air but did you want to mention your new radio show oh yes it’s called open heart world shifting from the mind to the heart and it’s so funny that last week Thursday I you know was ready to go my first episode and all kind of things happen when I went to go on air live it was saying there was no episode scheduled for the next 24 hours so I just take it that is that that means that what it is that’s going to come through on that show it’s going to be so powerful that I had something that was blocking in in the ether that kept me from doing it but if you please with God if you guys can go on the website at the bottom of the the homepage if you can put your information in sign up subscribe to Oklahoma oh and when the next show is scheduled you will receive information when you know the next time I’m going to have a show scheduled I’m working on some some additional things in the show will will go on soon so again please go to open heart world and subscribe and you will receive the information surrounding the open heart world radio show the shift fantastic a years just witnessed another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David and hopefully everyone has gotten enough information one and want to learn more and sign up for eleven eleven twenty eighteen with Tracy Johnson and learning more about the shift thank you for your time Tracy you know welcome and one really quick thing there are t-shirts that I would like everyone to wear so it’s on the on the website and it’s eleven dollars and eleven cents so just spread the word go online buy a t-shirt and get the word out thank you thank you okay bye [Applause] [Music] listen to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find and support shows like ours when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear an episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show link in our episode notes and thank you for listening thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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