2017 Year In Review

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more hey there everybody in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective I am honza and I am David and who would we be we had to follow the crowd on this one the end of a year so we have to do a year view from a whole new perspective because everyone wants to know our perspective on 2017 there is so much to uncover and we will try our best I’m sure we won’t cover everything since it was a year but I think we can cover a great deal in this hour so with that I’ll welcome to the podcast David and how do you feel I mean another years past it’s kind of flown by and most adults say but what’s your first take on 2017 well my first take is wow we got through it in graphic 2016 so many people stand I just can’t wait for this year to be over the skin to tell you 17 and acne 2017 was I’m not coming from you know what was better bad or worse but you know 2017 was just a WoW a year and all levels at least for me absolutely and before we get into specific you know since we’re doing it from a homies perspective we as of last week we did our 45th podcast so that was small feat we actually you know we started out as you know just sitting around so we even do a podcast and here we are what nine months later with 45 under the belt and our calendar is pretty much full for the month of January and we’re getting a good following day by day from across the world I was looking at our data we have people from India you know in Germany and you know even those people that speak that is our first language here in the States you know we’re just getting increasing our reach out way more than I even imagined without every promotion so I’m really excited from a homeys perspective for to 2017 just for our podcast Wow I didn’t go that well I’m glad to hear that that’s that’s really good to hear wow I didn’t realize we’re getting you know reaching outside of the states like that but that’s good to hear yeah what’s really interesting is that you know with the web in the world being flat as is for other arguments you have people that are drawn to whatever the subject matter is and so I think what we’re seeing is that you know one of the success principle is just to kind of keep your nose down to the grindstone don’t really look up to see what other people are doing and many people kind of crash and burn doing podcast or that you know they start really hot and heavy and then it kind of wane and I think the fact that we’ve continuously put out good content that people are picking up on it yeah I completely agree I completely agree what about you you asked me when we first started you know my impressions of 2017 and I was just like wow so what about you with your questions in 2017 I would say is the year resilient and again you know we can go into different events of what happens because so much has happened in 2017 but just from a from a homies perspective you know we were just sitting around so we even do it right it was kind I think it was the end of the first quarter when we actually finally did it and we had initially started out well let’s you know let’s do it once a month or let’s do it once a week and and now you know we have a steady schedule of doing it twice a week and we’re now I mean we had a person she was in Costa Rica we have a person next month from South Africa you know we were getting people locally whom we love but we get in people across the world and I think it’s that I think it goes to the resilience for me for 2017 of keeping your head down I think sometimes I always talk about weapons of mass distraction and it’s easy to get distracted with so much that’s going on in the news but when you when you focus on what you need to get done right that stuff not that it’s irrelevant but it’s like how does it apply to me how can I apply it in my life to taking it to the next level instead of being reactionary mmm yeah I agree it’s good point yeah yeah okay so what do you think was one of the biggest events one of the biggest things I mean there’s a lot of stuff I mean a lot to me I see there’s a lot of desirous purging purging on a lot of levels you know things are getting cloud go ahead that I was saying like a lot of you know things were coming to the surface and maybe some of the old going away and there’s just this new level of energy that’s coming in and it’s not going to happen overnight well just in one year but this is kind of like you know maybe the past few years or but a lot of purging is just how I’ve been kind of seen it interpreted it what about you yeah the way I would look at it I would look at it from two different vantage points one is our podcast that we had with Jim self and he was talking about you know 2012 it was just really interesting that there there were a number of people that we interviewed this year that that was a defining moment for them it was 2012 like what’s happening in 2012 and supposed to be the seats change and it wasn’t a catastrophic like most people imagine like with you watch the news every day but I think over time people just slowly changed who they were like a lot of people are different in 2017 than they were in 2012 and though I kind of look at it from that aspect but I also when you said it’s a lot of purging I look at last year in 2016 and 2017 from a numeral numerology point fan point in that 2016 was a year of nine and that was in beings and completion so that I felt it was more purging in 2016 and from a numerology standpoint you know you it’s from zero to naught or 1 to 9 and since mine was last year one was this year it was a lot of new beginnings a new president a new this a new a lot of local a lot of local people with people a lot of incumbents that were upset you know we were expecting that here in Georgia we had some big races that were they weren’t expected to be in there right it’s a little like a new beginning that I think took a lot of people off their axis and that’s why again I have to look at it from a resilience standpoint because I think we’re going to continue to see a lot of that but I think 2017 was the beginning of a lot of changes and me you know yeah it seems and you know I could be wrong with you know we’re in this technology age and so information gets passed around and we’ve know stuff instantly more than we’ve ever known but it just I got there’s so much going on on the planet like I said I’m not going to categorize it as good bad just experiences things are happening and you know natural disasters with the terrorist groups and so I can’t tell sometimes guys it’s just this years it’s been way more than the u.s. passer is just information is just just spread more and it’s just in our faces but it’s always been going on as much as it has it yeah from a technological standpoint mil what’s his name um no the grass listen they but yeah the grass oh my goodness if we ever meet him or have them on the podcast I’ll make sure I I pronounced a little smaller right the astronomer is that yeah and he said it really point you know people were like is it better today than it was in the past and you know some people excuse me look at the past with with rose-colored glasses like it was so much better and so dr. Neil had mentioned that it’s better in 2017 from an aspect that there’s a greater awareness of things that went on for instance when you know especially last year last year there were a lot of police brutality issues that was worn out on a global scale and so from a technological standpoint dr. Neil had mentioned you know a generation ago we didn’t hear about it you know a lot of it was swept under the rug you know you know I think that was from 2016 it was more of a racial issue and then from 2017 it seemed like it was more of a gender issue like there was more women’s issues there was a lot of upheaval in the status quo from a patriarchal patriarchal standpoint a lot of rocks of Gibraltar or if you will especially in entertainment were just see every day or every week you’re just sitting to wait and expect like I didn’t expect this person was doing this you know and you had a lot of that in 2017 I know I mean you know we talked about it many times off air and the text me oh I can’t believe this person now yeah yeah definitely just yeah you know what I think is really funny about that I mean it’s funny and it’s scary at the same time because you know last night there was just this big awards ceremony Lifetime award ceremony with Lionel Richie and LL Cool J and normal ear and all these dignitaries right yesterday I mean it was film maybe a month ago but today trending was Lionel Richie and the first thing I thought was somebody had come out if automated like were automatically big like especially dear a trust treasure of national treasure right like somebody going to undo that person with skeletons that happened 20 30 years ago yeah no thankfully when when up when I clicked on it I was kind of hesitant but what a great fuck if it was none of that we did not worry about light over G back in like 1984 doing something that he sees present at Elder statement so this all you say for now okay cool yeah well I Walden what’s the world come to oh now that that I think what you just said is really interesting from 2017 right because you know for the last 10 to 15 years we’ve seen this this huge push for like reality TV and you know anyone could have their 15 minutes of fame and before that you know these celebrities were just put on a pedestal like they could do no wrong and they were perfect people and so you know when you have all this stuff happening this past year you know be like I said rocks in Gibraltar I mean these are giants in the industry Graham movies great you know great actors but we had to differentiate the persona that they personified on screen versus who they were in real life we realized ya know completely agree and what sometimes we’d get caught up and those those those personas you know that get you know played out and on-screen and whatnot and forget you know okay thank you doing you know it’s like all humans probably house Q skeletons somewhere and you know for them it gets played out in the public and whatnot and yeah I think the other thing that that’s been really big this past year with that upheaval especially in Hollywood it’ll be interesting like you said with 2018 you know maybe 2017 was more from an entertainment standpoint so the pushback was well there’s just as much going on in the political spectrum how come these guys aren’t aren’t being recognized right so it’d be interesting to see if we get a wave of that in 2018 but what what I found as far as looking back on 2017 with that happening in entertainment and such is the end you know in public let’s just say the public persona was that 2017 is a very you know I mentioned 2012 was a different time for a lot of people but if you go back 20 10 15 20 30 years the environment was so different than it is today you know we were riding to the the in terms of not the intrinsic motivation but the intenders holiday luncheon last week and Joanne had brought up a really good point that no women it was going on yes but women didn’t feel like it was a safe enough environment to actually come out you know that our women that probably would have thrown these other women under them under the bus you know and they would have had that support system that they have in 2018 or 2017 so I think it’s important to kind of look at both aspects right that the environment that was allowed to go on you know we may or may not have taken part of it on different levels but it’s definitely not the environment of 2017 that’s for sure yeah yeah definitely agree with that did you and not that I don’t want to you know say any better or worse than you know that guess what did you have in a favorite interview that we did in 2017 well I do want to say two things one my favorite one was our our our first I think it was our our first one was napping right well that again one was about God winks and it was just really interesting that before we had talked about it I thought it was just a book that had come out of 2002 but once we start peeling back that onion there was a newer version and all and it was just really really fascinating for me for everyone that we had spoken with connecting the dots and sometimes they didn’t see it but either questions you asked or I asked we saw that a lot of people’s lives weren’t linear even though that was how we were taught to live and grow but due to their different circumstances that led them to where they are today and for many of them they were really surprised and really happy in a place they were albeit that they may have gone through some you know some curves or some a lot of changes in their life that they weren’t expecting so from that aspect I appreciated all of them but I think it all kind of goes back to that God winks and appreciating the synchronicities that we have in our lives or pre shadings because I think it’s really hard for us the scene isn’t chronicity but we can see it in other people and then we get because people bring it to our attention yeah great like wow I didn’t even wow like even the intenders meeting where we don’t say the same intentions every week but six months later it may happen and that person forgot all about it and we’re like oh you remember you had that as an intention yeah exactly okay interesting how those you know sometimes you want that intention you know yesterday or whatever right away but there’s always been expression everything happens on its own timeframe it sometimes you just got to be patient it’s hard sometimes because you really want that but then after it manifests or you know what not Daniel then you can kind of see the bigger picture said okay you know it actually getting it right now is the perfect time you know yeah I’m actually putting my foot in my mouth because I said that 2017 I looked ahead of the year or resilience but right baseball for what you just said it happens when it’s close to it and I know for me and others you know we really try to push the envelope as far as we see but there is a greater picture that happens outside of us and while I’m sit back and kind of ride the wave you know it’s easier I think it’s easier for us when it happens like you mentioned but even in Abraham’s and Wayne Dyer and others have said I need to believe it to see is that if I need to see it to believe it what now yeah said well for me I enjoy any I’ll admit though there might have been a few interviews we’re going into it I’m thinking well I’m not over the cell you’re overly interested in this particular topic but I learned a long time ago like a have open mind because you’ll probably learn something and I can honestly say every every we did I learn something I didn’t know and I was afterwards I was like wow that was a great whole bad you know that we did that one so everyone you know has suddenly bring something to the day table have something to offer and if you’re you know patient listen you’re probably going to learn something and find out some interesting so you know there’s any one podcast and out over the other and that probably would see okay I didn’t remover them all for you I don’t know if I can really pay y’all for you probably I like the one what was that guy’s name um he was I think was Paul he’s a friend of your necks looks like I think Paul um okay now the shaman yeah I kind of I like that one it’s just like listening to that story where he was off you know into the nature for a week and fasted and all different things I think I had asked him if he didn’t eat you know nature spirit runs or our vision class or something that he he went on and kind of told that story or go off he known fastens to no water no food I think to is what he said and people think how can you go for a week with no water you know he talked about you know the experience and Native American stuff’s always resonated with me I’ve had a lot of you know past lines of Native American so some that one whatever reason really kind of resonated with me I think he had mentioned that he kept a pebble under his tongue and that was almost providing enough I live oh or liquid room during things I’m know what was about it yeah and then I’m talking about how the was the Wolf’s came and just would sit by its kind of watching when he had a fire think he mention that just come and just kind of sit there and just watch them look at him or whatever the woods and show up and yeah that was I really like that one but like I didn’t they were he and I event and something that happened he was under the weather so right after our podcast he had gotten really sick so he they didn’t have their event so they actually rescheduled it for April and wanted to come back on the podcast when that happens and you know maybe we’ll go will get invited out to their to their event because I’m sure it’s going to be a blast especially if it had that big of an impact on you oh yeah yeah yeah no doubt was that the okay okay nice what just saying yeah I didn’t realize he got sick Wow yeah was it was good because the not good that is sick but we’re right before that we’re talking about synchronicity and before we were scheduled to have a meeting with him we were going to in their workshop his nature sequence so people listening that’s actually Paco’s podcast 26 and event had just started her polarity balancing business and we were going to have her on and you know at the time she wasn’t really read it was going to be her first interview just coming out to the public the letter note let everybody know about her business and we kind of did the nature secret workshop first so she can kind of get a feel of it and it was it was great because she actually got to sit with him and see how it goes so she felt so much more comfortable and it seemed like she was a pro and when it got time for her to do the podcast on our own with us so you never know at the time I always loved how I kind of laugh at the end of each day because I’ll have a large list of things to do or things I want to do you could probably tell like when when you call and I’m like in the middle of something event it’s just funny at the end of the day like there’s something that I totally did not plan that turned out to be the best thing for me that day oh yeah yeah so let me ask you this we get a lot of hear people talking a lot about the Millennials and all they’re entitled and you know for work at they can dismiss that in what everything else you think a that’s really true or maybe they’re just bringing something to the table that’s new and also old school people we just you know we’re old school or set in our ways I look at it as Millennials are actually going to be like you said the old line now because the 2017 you I didn’t hear it before 2017 but I really started hearing about Generation Z all right so the Generation Z generation after Millennials and they kind of go into what you’re saying up I’m Generation X and so what we looked at you know I came up during like the dot-com boom and during the dot-com boom there were you know people my age that wanted to change things from their parents lives like if we were left key kids we wanted to be able to bring your child to work and you know there was child care issues or day care at work because that was something that we saw that we wanted to change from from the generation before us hello I think Millennials is the same thing where we maybe Generation X was like oh I don’t want my kids oh I my kid to have everything I did have right in this person’s of angel and his person is the princess right and so the pendulum swung to the other end of the spectrum where up until maybe high school this child felt that they walked on water but then when I got to high school or college and it’s called the world world they’re like wow everybody doesn’t cater to me that’s right absolutely yeah the whole world doesn’t think I’m a princess like my dad thinks I am I’m on board with me being a princess okay yeah so you know I I like it because you know I would never there’s always that I love my uncle’s right because he I would use it from a music main points verse this is the homies perspective podcast right what I grew up listening to the hip hop right and hey Joanne how’s it going hi hi Anza and so we’re actually blessed with Joanne Wilson who was on our earlier one of our earlier podcast earlier this year she I met her at the horizon Center open to a horizon center of intuitive awareness and David of course is her sudden we make a lot of reference to her so welcome to the podcast Joanne thank you yeah we’re just kind of going over 2017 and and what we’ve seen from a homies perspective and you know what has changed over the years and right now we’re talking about a generation gap if you will so we’re talking about 2017 is the first year that I first started hearing about Generation Z so there hasn’t been that big a push of Millennials as much as previous years so it’s just showing the natural progression that we have through generations and so David and I were talking about you know something the difference is not appointing them as kind of like the evil who or these food they think they are cuz I think that happens in every generation so you know we so David I was talking about like hip hop right and so when I was listening to that a lot of my parents like turn that music down of stuff you know my uncle’s would put me in a headlock and all and they would say oh you know that that’s nothing but they just sampled cool in a gang who have you and so that kind of changed my whole perspective on the music because it was great it was like older generation showing how these Jenna how we coexist and it actually helped me appreciate other genres of music I started listening to classical music jazz everything else just because of them not pushing me to the side of oh you Generation Xers who do you think you are oh yeah right I think that’s probably why I would look at a millennial or Generation Z in the coming years you know as harshly as maybe some of my contemporaries would from would yeah totally understand so one of the Joanne one of the questions that we had asked when we first started was Rojas they asked me well what did you think about your take on 20 you know 2017 and what I said was Wow so I mean I came out was as wow so it’s been just a wild year and the house that kind of gave his take what about you what’s your take on 2017 well I would have the same expression David I would say it was while with the two or three exclamation points after it and so I’ve I’ve kind of mellowed a bit near the end because I truly do believe there are no accidents and all these things are for a reason even if I can’t figure out what the darn reason is I know there’s a reason for this it’s to move us to a certain place to be in a certain place for certain events or energy so I accept that even if I don’t know what it is I accept or you want to speaker Joanne it sounds like you’re very far away okay welcome I showed up I have you on speakerphone should I take oh that’s why yeah we can tell ya if you had said something yeah okay is that better oh yeah a million times better alright thank you you’re welcome I saw Denny rate I you know I agree it’s been a while over a year and I know there’s a purpose for all this and I can’t wait until it’s fully disclosed what the purpose for all this turmoil and whatever is happening happening what the purpose is I don’t know what it is but I hope to find out soon and I’m curious actually probably more than anything I’m curious it’s really interesting when you say that Joanne because it makes me think of the veil of forgetfulness right when you incarnate before you incarnate you pretty much see the bigger picture in david and i was talking about earlier I looked at 2017 initially as resilient like wow you know we could say Wow but it’s 2017 and 2017 over like we made it through it and then the other part of me was we were looking at like you said there’s no accident so we were looking at all the synchronicities that have happened because of it and so when we have the veil of forgetfulness is like are you sure that you signed up to do all this I know we read the fine print or something but apparently made by mine Trent exactly yes the that is a great question are you sure and you know what I I’m not sure but we’ll see there’s still a little bit left we’ll see oh yeah one thing that was one thing that I do want to bring up during the call is we’re talking a know what’s happening media such I definitely want to talk about some movies and some TV shows and all and over this little break you know I was able to walk step away from the computer go figure and I saw the movie Coco and I don’t know if you had any of you seen that movie I know I have not I know I really did it but you know but I have not seen it it’s really good and I really it’s funny you know intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective their be talking about a Disney movie but I wanted to bring it up on the podcast for listeners because I think it was real I think it was huge from a from a global standpoint I mean it’s been a global phenomenon a number one movie or census was released I think two months ago and they’re talking about the the movie without giving it away is about ancestor worship or respect for your ancestors and there’s so much that we don’t pay attention to when we’re saying the veil of forgetfulness that our ancestors are always there around us to guide us and we’re walking around like we’re the only people in the world like there’s only happening to me and if there’s synchronicity that exists and there’s no accidents and there’s no accidents that we have a big support structure that we may or may not acknowledge so I like to publicly acknowledge my ancestors for getting me through 2017 you’re giving them all the credit all the credit yeah what I try to do it on my own this very limited result but when I let go and I’m like I’ll allow some help yeah it takes me a lot better circumstances than I can even imagine yeah I just kind of suited to it yeah there’s a lot to be said for surrendering yeah you know I said there’s a lot to be said about it and I can’t think of anything that you’ve said about it but I know there’s a lot of David was talking earlier about Lee we’ve had it looking at Google trend the beautiful thing of 2017 again with tech weird David and I were talking about technology earlier you know we before you know a decade ago or 20 years ago we had to wait till you know the actual end of the year and wait for ABC and the major television stations to give us a year review and they would you know obviously like most people we they would filter it to what they felt was important to them and the good thing about like Google Trends is they actually show data what people are looking at globally in the number one search for this year was Hurricane Emma and it will go by the other hurricane for this year so it was just huge that you know we’ve had hurricane on top of hurricanes this year is the first time in once they what 10 10 to 12 years that we’ve had a lot of people from a nature standpoint so I’m sure it went to get you guys take of the ongoing argument of the global warming versus no this just happens there was an anomaly what do you guys think about that oh you know okay kind of in the middle I’m not quite I mean there’s part of me that says he know it’s cyclical you know that the planet just does this and I have great respect for mother earth and I kind of fit is she’ll take care of herself and when she needs to kind of put her foot down she will and and it seems like she always wins out over human on some points to her later she gets her way so I don’t know I don’t know it’s actually warning or positions maybe here but maybe like I said maybe it’s cyclical maybe it’s supposed to be happening who knows the past been around for billions of years this might have gone through this many a time you know I don’t know well I do while I agree with David to some extent and it was time for Mother Earth to say okay you know I’ve had enough of this however a part of me believes that it’s not all mother nature that there are people groups governments or I don’t know who who are manipulating some of this I felt that the those hurricanes were greatly manipulated because they would go off shore and come back in and go off they did things they’d never done before and it was almost like someone at the controls trying to see okay what can we do how far can we go how much you know control over hurricane do we have and you know and knowing how the thing things are in the world it could be play for future okay can this be a tool that works in a war can we like you know instead of going over with guns and bombs can we send hurricanes over and can we destroy enough you know so I really a part of me a part of me yeah that really believes that that it’s not just the weather you know it’s us someone has their hand in it somewhere who long those lines Joe and a follow up would be a number number five when the global news of searches that people were looking for in 2017 was the solar eclipse so you know people were scrambling around they get the glasses and going it was the first time that it was this nice path that went across the United States and that’s not scheduled to happen again for another seven years so what was your take on the all of the euphoria or hysteria depending on who you are around the solar eclipse I was quite surprised the amount of interest in that where people were willing to get in an automobile and drive for miles or fly for miles like my nephew flew in from Colorado to Tennessee and his family just for that and I’m thinking wow that’s pretty pretty heavy too you know travel that far to see an eclipse so I was amazed at that that there was that kind of interest in it and yeah I think mostly it was my amazement of the interesting that people had in that yeah I don’t I don’t know what you felt David Ward seems I don’t know the last time that was like a full solar eclipse right is that what that was yes yeah and so I don’t remember that we had one of those are a lifetime before or no I think so yes I you know astrology is not my thing astronomy rather but I think so with her before and I don’t think it had the interest that this one had yeah yeah exactly and I don’t know why this one had obviously were the age where Mina Homs were talking about earlier just information just everything just gets out there so fast now and so maybe in years past people just I don’t know just whatever reason this one around if like everyone you know they kept talking about and everyone had an interest in wanting to see it like we’ve never seen in the past like you know everywhere or people wanted to really watch this thing it’s like wow even the day that it happened you know when I was at work everywhere I went you see all these you know little parties people get out in the parking lot and have all the chairs and all these businesses everyone seemed to be have an interest in it yes I think you’re right the information age2 certainly contribute to that and in that sense it’s it’s good and it’s fun whereas before it was like you know just not as well known and the information wasn’t out there as much I think that’s part of it and I think that’s always good he ramza well just kind of go to my next question or my next point because you know we’re looking at the past year as a whole but you know I’d be remiss if I don’t speak about last week so last week was over the weekend was just so phenomenal that I mean it’s too early to note I mean I know it’s going to be a top search probably for 2018 right it’s kind of hard when things happen to December they kind of you know lose they don’t have the aggregate information but they had that you know they did put it out a press release or any information publicly that basics was going to launch a rocket in Los Angeles and you had celebrities and people all over LA stop in the middle of the highway and film on Facebook and Instagram and all over social media what they thought was a UFO in the middle of the skylight in LA Oh huge I missed that oh my goodness I’ve wanted to bring it up because I didn’t know if you guys heard it or not it was just now everything stopped it was like is are we being visited right now and in in Spacek add a little blurb on their site but something not phenomenal that people didn’t know about it was really unnerving to some people there was a little bit of panic and you know thankfully what the web things happen kind of quickly whereas if it was like 20 years ago maybe you know who knows what it could have happened people may have thought that we were being visited what’s with that would I mean I really see it a little bit I wasn’t quite sure what was going on I was like okay so one saw UFO or some but you’re saying space X launched us what did you say a satellite yeah well missed a fix which is the company that Eon must earn Elon Musk homes and yes he had a rocket test that had launched on Saturday night but in the middle of the night just like you know if Joann kind of opened the can of worms when she talks about manipulating the weather great so we can wear our tin foil hats a little bit for the podcast right but you could say the same thing happened in 47 when when we first had our sighting great well everyone didn’t know at the time what was it you know what what’s going on it wasn’t military that did this how come they had let us know they were doing tests at the time you know it was the 2017 version yeah well because they weren’t my opinion is even though I didn’t see it is that they were not doing tests at that time but that’s the what they had to put out there I have been expecting a you know I’m hoping that the aliens or whatever will come forth in my lifetime I want I want to be here I want to experience that and I fully expect it to happen pretty soon so I don’t know how I missed that one because I certainly would have thought that okay they’re there they’re showing themselves now and if the government or whoever did it didn’t put anything out there before because they didn’t know before until have happened and that’s probably a bit of a cover-up you know I’m you know I’m kind of from that from that group that believes it all that so embarrassed right wool we can stay on the tinfoil hat a little bit because 2017 just had like you guys mentioned there was a lot of WoW but it was really I think it was really good that we didn’t it we were getting bombarded with so much information there was a term that I had never heard before but in 2017 there was a term being thrown around called digital dementia and what oh yeah it was you hurt right and yes I have actually you’re getting I think it’s huge you’re being but your brain cannot process all of this information and if it’s so while you’re being you’re being reactive to not you but I’m just saying most people are being wired there’s a lot of the information that’s out there that you’re like okay well what’s next I’m just like before you I got had come on we had talked a little bit about what’s happening in Hollywood was you know a lot of men stepping down and the environment that they were in and it was like they were allowed to do that from some time right and yet when you fight a while that’s just not allowed for a long time right and when I kind of went along with it and women that were come out before didn’t feel like they were being supported or in an environment which they could and so you know 2017 they were allowed to do that but so last night there was a big award with Lionel Richie was on LL Cool J Norman Lear you know all these dignitaries right and then on the news over on the web today the number one search was Lionel Richie and the first thing I thought because of 2017 was all while somebody’s come out it’s it said something about Lionel Richie you know and I just think with digital dementia there’s so much going on that you can’t even remember what happened in March April May you know so much yeah we can barely keep up with the past couple weeks yeah little horses oh yeah in eventful year that’s for sure oh well that’s all true and I did see the show and it was a great show but you know I I don’t know I I guess I just don’t know I mean I have my theories and I they’re so far away from what the world knows that I’m even hesitant even say them because I will sound like a quack David oh he’s always gonna be a hard time you’re still watching all those videos and things but yeah I would sound like a quack but I do believe most of them and I do believe that they’re there they’ll be here they are here and they will show themselves probably I think in the next year 2018 we’ll see some more evidence of it and won’t they won’t be able to say oh yeah that’s me just testing this or testing that covering it up they won’t be able to cover it up they won’t be able to get to it fast enough to cover it up mm-hmm so that’s your your 2018 predictions that’s my 2018 prediction right the they’re going to come out of the fog aliens coming out of the closet coming out of the closet yes we’re going to hold you to that at December 2018 we better get some documentation okay I’m willing to be wrong I’m not saying that I think it my little tin foil hat scenario I’m thinking that we’re going to be pleasant for surprise because there’s going to be a lot of people ie neighbors and such that were like oh yeah and they come out at our skin you know at I mean they’re like oh we’re always around you it just you know there’s an argument since we’re going to homies perspective right like you hear that argument with an African American community of oh this is me at work versus this is me at home you know or even in the election it was like oh this is me this is my facebook profile but this is how I really feel when I vote great we saw a lot of that this year people actually coming out like this is how I really feel instead of a persona that I or you know an image that I put out that wasn’t maybe a part of me but only like 5% of it hmm yes that’s interesting right I bring that up because the number research for the global news it’s a paradox because David I mentioned earlier in the podcast I don’t know if you were on you know Joanne but he mentioned the weather and we covered that and heats a terrorist attack and that was a trigger because the number three search was the Las Vegas shooting now the reason why I say it was a trigger because for the first time since what happened in 2001 I don’t want to say the date because it’s a trigger and I don’t want it to come out on the filters when we put it on YouTube but what happened in 2001 there’s been this this perception that any attacks were foreigners that don’t look like us they may be from the Middle East and so on and so forth but there’s been data that the majority of attacks have been homegrown from people from your average American Joe public and the Las Vegas shooting is the number of research and it wasn’t a foreign attack that was a homegrown person right as so what do we what do you guys take on that well I you know I think they don’t want who would want the public to know that our own people our own Americans are attacking us they don’t want to know that they want us to think that it’s from outside the United States you know I mean just think of what that means that all these things were homegrown but one of the most interesting things that I saw on television once when they were talking about the towers coming down was that the charges were placed there during construction that they had to be they couldn’t just go in there and plant bombs or whatever in different places in that building on different floors and so forth it had to be in place during construction and that’s that I find that if if there if there’s truth in that I find that pretty disturbing that they were planted ahead of time now one justification could be that well one day you know like most buildings in this country will want to tear it down and replace it right so rather than have to tear it down at that time let’s go ahead and put the charges and now so when it comes time to tear it down it’ll be easy to do that could be a justification for that but I don’t think so I know that’s pretty far out to I’m getting really way out there honor you really are I don’t use either side of you I’m closing my blinds as we speak hit it you’re not a very homey that’s real you can have a special like out there segment you know for every year podcast we do when you joanne on with her out there you know say one view but some well we’re laughing because you know in the sixties one when the Jetsons are out and people were looking at I can call you and I can see you at your home and all that that was far out back that was far out when you’re Joe and you’re saying some of these things right who’s to say in 2018 that this doesn’t transpire or it’s soon thereafter so you know we’re living in an age where you know we have so much access to things that we can only imagine and obviously we’re not going to just stop here it’s kind of it’s going to be so much more that we haven’t even anticipated you know Lois and I we’re thinking back to when we were kids in Detroit which is in the 40s it’s a long time ago and we used to read the funny papers my way we pile in bed with my parents on Sunday and my dad would read the comics to us and the most fun thing of all was Dick Tracy because he had this wristwatch with the TV in it and so when he talked to someone on his wristwatch in the 40s mind you he could see their face and they could see his if we used to think wow it that was so so you know far out there that you could hardly even believe it was possible yeah yeah so that’s a lot of things sure one thing it’s been out since 2009 I believe but it really got a lot of traction in 2017 and the number to search for global news outside a hurricane Irma was Bitcoin and all they had gone from nerds in their basement somewhere to your neighbor talking about it at a barbecue so it is definitely in the public consciousness what do you guys think about the disruption of our currency with Bitcoin what well I think you know I think a disruption of some kind wasn’t is inevitable the fact that it’s Bitcoin is a bit of surprise and I have been trying to read up on Bitcoin and I tell you I still don’t really understand it and understand why I need it or any of that at this point so probably time I figured that out would be too late but there has been a need for a change so here we go someone said hey how about this so I find it amazing and that it’s probably overdue I mean our whole monetary system is just terrible not only that he’s saving ours we don’t you know someone else owns it someone else owns the Federal Reserve can you when I finally heard that in my lifetime I could hardly believe that so what do you mean someone else owns it that our government didn’t own it right oh my goodness we’re going to definitely have you on for just energy cause I’m sitting here my space helmet so oh whoa all I know is regarded the big coin is Darren McFadden you know who he is right Hamzah yes okay he’s played for the Raiders and he play for the Cowboys I just read an article yesterday that last year he gave his manager three million dollars to invest in Bitcoin the buy some Bitcoin and this manager of his was a family friend well the manager didn’t do that took the money and spin into whatever if you would have did that that three million beery worth a hundred and twenty-seven million right now Wow I think we’re gonna we’re gonna have a lot of those I wish I would have invested in Starbucks really first opened you know yeah I think want that wanted you kind of screwed him over but it’s just like wow three million he was willing to invest would have paid off but yeah the guys didn’t do that just one hit the Portage’s he gave the guy power of attorney which was a huge mistake and he you know wouldn’t spend all the money on his own personal lifestyle didn’t invest any of it and so well yeah thing that we were talking about one thing that we’re talking about Joanne before you had come on was we obviously had to throw in Abraham as we do and we were just talking about the saying I need to see it to believe it versus I need to believe it to see it and so you know I think Bitcoin falls into that category or the situation that happened with darren mcfadden or join seeing aliens or any of this it’s more oh I can’t believe it if I don’t see it and there has to be some level of faith and whatever it is to before the masses see it because when the masses hit and this is this is just my interpretation a Bitcoin it’s it’s too late now right like it’s retail it’s when people were talking about it and it was kind of a huckster thing that those were the people that made the money you know now yes that may be true but you had to be careful with that point of view because there’s probably a time when people said well it’s too late for this or too late to you know where house has got up to a hundred thousand someone’s well too late now you know house is at a hundred thousands too late for me to buy a house I should have bought a house when it was forty thousand but so you don’t want to fall into that trap of it’s too late because it might be too late my phone is dying I’m going to switch phones can you hear me yeah it might be too late but it might not be too late conversely I have heard people say that when the when the monetary system changes Bitcoin of OB a bus so you know you have to be careful who you listen to but I also know that thinking that it’s too late to do certain things is that I think that’s a bit of a trap and you have to be careful not fall into that because ooh who would you know my first self I paid what $16,000 for it’s probably worth 450 now horrid 50,000 so I never would have dreamed so we had to be yet to be careful with that a voice of reason the voice of reason on top of the tinfoil hat we love it you know one thing in clothing that I like because I like both of you guys to do it one thing that I learned some time ago was traditionally people look at oh the end of the year and oh my goodness what is 2018 have to offer and I’m setting myself up for that that’s fantastic oh and I still do that but with the other part of it that I really like is what I really appreciate it afar coming this year and I’d like you to do two things starting with Jo Ann because I’m always Traverse right so for all the ladies I think so if you could talk about what you appreciate for this year and then outside of the aliens what are you looking forward to it okay so don’t bring millions to this okay is what do I appreciate most about this year is that the question yes okay well I’ve learned so much this year and I do have to thank the intenders for some of that knowledge coming through but what I’ve learned the most this year is the importance of gratitude it is so important being grateful for where you are and what you have that’s probably one of my number one lessons being grateful and now I try every night when I’m laying in bed you know name five things I’m grateful for and when I wake up name five things I’m grateful for so I would say being grateful is the biggest thing that I’ve learned this year hmm now what is it I always do it but I really knew it now what am I looking forward to in 20 I’m sorry I didn’t hear you what are you looking forward to in 2018 besides the aliens I see a me I’m looking forward to having more love in my life you know being able to see where the love is sometimes we you know we kind of put love in a box and and limit it but I’ve tried to open that up and find love just in the the little things you know I went to a house the other day and you know all the number of people who said Merry Christmas Happy Holidays to me just you know people that I wouldn’t expect if you just judged him by their looks you know he’d say oh that guy and probably wishes I weren’t even in here but now as you know this person too happy holidays Merry Christmas so I’m looking for forward to a lot of love in the world and being a part of it David well for me actually 70 well time on the same lines with the gratitude especially within the let the last nine months it seems like the just a lot with gratitude and a lot about being patient and letting you know how you say just let everything kind of happened on its own momentum and everything happens at the right time when it’s supposed to and that’s sometimes that’s hard I learned a lot about that and then in 2017 and for 2018 I’m looking forward to fulfilling and being more aware of my purpose in life and I know a lot about what about even more even more and and you know expressing that and fulfilling and fulfilling that purpose it gets more and more clear I just been kind of hiding and being shy about it but it’s like kind of knocking me upside the head and if I come on you just can’t sit on the sidelines and just keep watching you’re going to have to get out there and play a little bit so I want to you know try to step up there and not you know hiding behind the bush like I have this many more what about you yes I think that looking at 2017 I think we’re three for three I have to express the importance of gratitude and and also sense of humor and not taking things so seriously yeah you guys are talking a lot a lot of Wow’s there is a lot of moments that we can kind of look back and find a humor in it and I think that’s what especially for me that I think that makes me shine you know not taking myself so seriously so you know I think that having that sense of humor gratitude will set me up for 2018 and before you had come on Joe in we were talking about a little bit about numerology in that 2016 was the year of nine which was ending in completion and with all this while 2017 was definitely a year of new beginning and I think keeping along that theme for me for 2018 is going to be a definite year of number two which is partnerships so I see aligning with with other people like David saying get out getting out of the shadows or no man is an island I think that there’s going to be more partnerships that we can’t imagine right now and to being open to it to take us to a fruitful 2018 yeah that sounds good maybe we can maybe we can even get you a lot of stage I think they’ll see you do a little bit of comedy you know a lot of people have been has to be that’s a Facebook algorithm thing where they’ll post things that happen like a year or two ago and a lot of people that hadn’t seen my comedy or like yeah when you get back so maybe 2018 will be the year we’ll see well yeah all right yeah yes so that’ll say create a tour Robin even better even better I’d line for the aliens how about that standing room only were sure for sure it was a pleasure I didn’t expect you to be on Joe and it was fantastic I’m glad that we were able to have you on our last podcast for 2017 well thank you for allowing me to jump in there a little bit late I appreciate that you were here at the right time as always and with that this is intrinsic motivation 2017 from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and I’m 40 and you are so in our resident head full hat lady well we look here’s to many more we’re looking forward to a till 2018 and we hope that the current listeners will stay with us and we look forward to all the new people that we’ll meet in our travels with that we are signing off all righty okay take care the 2018 all righty thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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