Am I Psychic Or Intuitive With Susan Bostwick Of Berkeley Psychic Institute

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a Homans perspective this is Hamza and I am David and today folks today hold on to your hats we have one of the original founders of the Berkeley psychic Berkeley psychic Institute and for those that know us that here in Atlanta a lot of us went through the horizon Center here in Atlanta and Joanne the director actually got her start at Berkeley psychic Institute and so I’m really happy to speak with our guest today because she’s been there from the beginning and she’s still there today which is a rarity in life actually so I’d love to hear her story without further ado I like to welcome Susan Bosley to the podcast welcome Susan thank you very much I’m glad to be here yes we had to have you yeah it’s a huge honor and pleasure and we know well I know David was part of the psychic Institute out there and like I mentioned before I did the horizon Center here but to speak with with you and actually about a month or so ago David had introduced me to some of the recordings of Lois that was out there and it was a really good refresher for me as I had gone through my matriculation was 2009-2010 is when I graduated so it was really great to kind of hear from them from the horse’s mouth if you will well I appreciate that it’s been an amazing journey and as you both know having gone through some psychic kindergarten training we actually began in 1973 officially although before then it was in the process of formation and when I came to the Berkeley psychic Institute in May of 2003 it did not have a name it was that place in Berkeley and it’s kind of an interesting story I was discovering my psychic awareness that year and you know most of the people who come to the Berkley psychic Institute or do some seeking of this kind of training are usually in a growth period a change in their life something big has usually happened that push them to an epiphany or an awareness that says I have to make some changes here somehow and so that was happening to me as well and so when I walked in the door it it was an amazing beginning of a lifelong journey and I’m still on it actually I don’t consider myself done by any means and even though we teach basically all we do is teach psychic tools how to protect yourself how to meditate how to heal yourself and we don’t teach truth or love or any of that sort of thing we just teach you a tool that enhances where you’re going and what you’re doing so that you can discover your own path and your own healing journey and so that is what was really we know what attracted me to the whole thing was nobody told me hey you know throw down your crutches and I will do it for you it didn’t happen that way and I’m so happy because I do believe we have our own personal power and our ability to move energy individually and as a kind of global psychic community I’ve just seen that over the years that the psychic community has grown do you know there are several psychic horizons or horizon Institute type of things with that name in the United States yeah yeah amazing is I kind of Google oh my god there’s a bunch of them there are and when people say it I go well are you Colorado or New Mexico or are you in San Francisco and now I know about Atlanta hahaha that’s so funny to us just because some of the people we we’ve had this podcast a little over a year now so you know we’ve been speaking with people all over though all over the world actually now what was interesting here in the States was the fact that we had spoken with marybelle out in Colorado and we were talking about you know where we live or where we’re from and where we wound up and so it seems like at least in the United States there’s these pockets where there’s more of an openness to awareness and learning more about psychic awareness and tools and so on I think so yes I’ve always been attracted to the far west so to speak and but I I think there are pockets of openness and I’m always surprised when I find one of these because I you know I don’t know where they all are and I know that Louis last week the founder of the Berkeley psychic Institute used to say oh I see somebody starting one in France well that’s my my grandchild and then someone else would start one he goes oh that’s my great great great grandchild and he called them his children and great children because they would learn from a teacher of a teacher of a teacher future of the original Berkley psychic Institute in Berkeley California and it’s interesting because we do get people who come to Berkeley because they’re curious about Berkeley but also because they want the original essence of the teachings the kind of the basics like you said from the horse’s mouth so to speak we haven’t changed our curriculum in 45 years in terms of once it was set down by Lewis we pretty much keep it and and it’s not easy to do Pais okay because we find our own teachers creating within that those documents and so we’re always correcting so that we get back to the basics and I think that’s why we call it psychic kindergarten it’s very helpful and have fun and you know a lot of people know that one of the things that is has always been challenged or maybe just sort of bantered around is the amusement level at the Berkeley psyche considered is usually fairly high and it was created by Louis as a way of increasing you know the the amusement level is really important in healing oneself and in growth but the jokes were horrible happens I would sit in your chair and go what but it’s not unusual for a psychic teacher to start off the class with a fairly ridiculous and very corny joke and you either get a groan or laugh and she looks around or he looks around and goes okay who’s not laughing oh that person I need to work on that one because if you can’t laugh at a really dumb joke you need to up that level because you know it’s not just psychic or spiritual it’s also hormonal and we all like our endorphins are serotonin and even the oxytocin levels of the body because we get happier and you know as you both know I’m sure you grow faster and with a lot less effort when you’re happier so happy that’s the one of Lewis’s biggest things as people remember his laughs yes well Susan I want you to just talk a little bit about you know what life was and who you were when you were still Oh crazy and before you became psychic like yeah that’s a great question that concept we used to do these lectures monthly called you may be psychic not crazy and we did them for many years and it was because most people who are seeing things hearing things and knowing things are labeled crazy by the psychiatrist and the psychology profession and they get labeled schizophrenic and then they get on psychotropic drugs and it’s very harmful and what we have found is that people who suspect that their intuitive that their intuition is sort of beyond they they need help because school systems dis you and put you in categories that don’t validate your ability to see things hear things and know things and those are upper chakra abilities you’re seeing is right there in your third eye you’re knowing is right above that and you’re hearing things is right below it so it’s those intuitive abilities combined or powerful and so what we’re trying to do at the Berkeley psychic Institute and in all of my teachings is allow people to have the ability number one validate it and see how they can control it you see when someone thinks they’re crazy our society tells them they are it’s really because the ability that that’s functioning in their space is not grounded it’s not centered and it’s probably out of control they just don’t know what happened and that you know the language of the psychic world has never been set in stone really I think until the Berkeley psychic Institute came along and started using these words and aura energy and these words started creeping into the media in believe it or not first in the sports world but the and so we started noticing that some of the words we were using we’re now going into print and then being used on media broadcasts and we were going yeah that’s validating look at the aura of that and someone will say it but maybe not even realize you’re speaking about clairvoyance yeah seeing it you know you’re seeing a color and energy of you know and and there’s also of course clairsentience which is feeling the energy but most of time when someone is labeled or thinking they’re crazy it’s really because that ability is out of control and one of the biggest ones is transmedia MEP the ability to channel another entity and boy that can really put you in a tailspin if you don’t know what’s going on the psychiatrist loved that one because you know then you become schizophrenic in their world we are not that mm-hmm and we have the ability to help people control that you know to help them learn tools to manage their own energy and I can’t manage anybody else’s energy barely my own and I can’t heal anybody else either and so I can teach people how to utilize these tools for their own highest good and that’s what’s fun for me I’m basically a born teacher I like the sound of my own voice yeah so you were more a teacher right and Pete was that when your background is be a teacher yes I got a credential and elementary school credential in California and taught in public and private schools and then I started my own school called yin yang seminary for psyche children and you’d mentioned Mary Bell she was one of our teachers and she was awesome and she’s really amazing teacher with kids awesome and I just I really love her and what she’s done since then too and but yeah we taught kids in in a psychic in der garden for children for 13 years and that was a wonderful experience teaching kids you know very limited basic can psychic kindergarten tools because mostly they already have them you just have to validate them that they have them oh yeah yeah well well favorite stories I’ll tell it real quick was I’m one of the kids at yin yang with with Mary down in San Jose was sick he had like chickenpox or something and they were getting ready to go on a field trip the next day and Mary told me he had to heal himself up if you wanted to go and you know sure enough just he was like four years old he showed up the next day he didn’t have a mark on his face yeah like that he’s like no I’m going on this trip and if I have to heal myself up and that’s what I’m going to do and my jaw just drop I couldn’t believe you know what he looked like one day from the next just you know he was fine he didn’t have a mark on his face and it was like yeah that’s just how capable these kids are exactly and she did something that I really enjoyed um she would tell the kid on that same kind of vein they’re talking about she’d say we’ll take your hand and put it over the alley and pull out that energy and say throw it away or give it back to where it came from and just on that energy level the kid heard her a hundred percent and they take it and pull it out and throw it away or give it back to where it came from and they go okay all done all gone and they jump up and run and play so yeah I had magic you know she could manage to give that kind of awareness but also certainty you can heal yourself you know and she just say to the kid just like that and I’ve used that ever since yeah yeah so young realize yeah they just know no programming they says hey everything is possible we could just simply do it no effort yes no effort I love that yeah okay so want to ask I want to know tell me about the first time you walked through those doors at BPI and got your first reading or whatever that experience the circumstances that led up to that how did you find yourself down there well that’s a great story I was was was getting a reading from a psychic you’ll love this part of the story too from a psychic sacramento called an Armstrong and I said to her that my girlfriend was coming down from Canada and would like a reading and she said no I’m booked I can’t do it but you got to go to that place in Berkeley and so I sent her there and I had gone earlier and so I went to that place in Berkeley and but in order to get to that place in Berkeley I had to make an appointment so I I I called and I got this woman on the phone and I said I heard a rumor that that I needed to have my reading in in your place here when the man called Lewis is going to be there okay and I got this really grouchy unpleasant voice from this woman who said he’s always there I went well I understand there some days he’s not and I do you want a reading or not lady that has a mom it turned out to be my future mother-in-law normal normal so that was the time I first met her but my reading was really incredible in that a trance medium was my center chair and the lady who became the Patt the first pastor of the of the church was side chair and it was her first reading it turned out and the lady who would become the meditation teacher was what’s called the control she manages the reading so I had really special people in my first reading and they told me you know your problem is you’re a healer yes I went what what does that mean I’m so sick I was dealing with chronic bladder and urinary tract infections chronically for 18 years and so you know they said oh well you need you need to get in here and and learn about how to deal with that so after a series of healing classes and the first meditation class that was ever taught by Pam Neil I took that one and within I think it was six or eight weeks I did all the tools I did everything religiously that’s the problem that I had went away and it never came back I never had to take drugs again I’ll put it that way I had symptoms once but I never had to take the nasty drugs that I was taking for all since I was 11 years old so yeah that’s pretty awesome really an odd one experience so did you meet Louis that first time you came in at the first time when when you met him or was it subsequent classes nope he wasn’t there which was really you know what was a blessing about that was this was it what I learned from that and it was course in divine order was that he was teaching teachers he was dedicated to bringing forth the next level of people who would follow in his footsteps he was 57 years old 56 or 57 and he kind of knew that he wasn’t going to be around forever and he wanted this to grow and go on you know what I learned from that and I didn’t know that in the beginning I went well who needs to meet this guy named Louis I mean this was a fabulous reading who cares about him so I had no interest in meeting him because I was getting exactly what I wanted from these students and I thought you know these are students hey this is great stuff they told me things that certainly no one else would have known about my life and where I’d been where I was going and they knew about my divorce and everything and it was so cool I just walked away never even thought of Louis and so I’m not until I took the first meditation class did I run into him in in the building it was a little house on Ward Street in Berkeley and where his mother lived downstairs and so it was it was a amazing experience of it changed my life of course here I am York never almost incense but yeah really it’s it’s been an amazing journey of well what I like to teach my students because it’s really about energy is you know you lose it and you find it again and you have to forgive yourself you have to learn to you know okay so you stumbled and fell on your face or whatever and you made a big blooper and you know I think forgiveness is underrated because we really need to to lighten up on ourselves and you know allow that we can we can fall into a pit and then we climb out of it and you know the shadow side has its lessons so we just need to ground get our center back run our life force energy and also I think creating and destroying is is underrated it’s we really need to get rid of things energetically to move on and create new things successfully so that Rose tool that Lois taught you know he everybody walked in the door he’d say can you create a rose close your eyes what and you close your eyes and bingo right in front of you at the edge of your aura would be a rose and that was the tool he used to teach you how to go wherever you wanted to go whatever you wanted to do you know it’s yeah pretty powerful isn’t it yes well I remember the first well actually I don’t remember my mom you might do this but I must have probably been about fifteen or sixteen and for some reason she had picked me up somewhere I says I had to make a quick stop and what that quick stop was affair her psychic fair and she said we’ll just be a few minutes I was walking with there and she she always tells me the story and I guess we walked we were walking by where Lewis was he was sitting and he as we walked by he said to me do you want to had a prophetic statement do you want to know how to get your mother out of your space was talking about I mean obviously it makes a lot of sense now when my mom just kind of laughed as he said that but she said you don’t remember that I’m like no I can’t remember being there but I don’t remember that she’s like yeah we walked by and he said you know you want to learn how to get your mother out of your sleep yeah yeah he was big he was big on that with men he really he really seemed to hit a chord because um you know I I was working in spiritual midwifery for awhile and well I do a little bit now but I did it for maybe 15 years and teaching medical people how to talk to spirit and helping the spirit of the child come in to the body and he was aware that mothers do really well with their daughters but the thing that he noticed and he talked about and he taught with it we need to get the energy of our mothers out especially if you’re male because a mother does not know how to nurture a boy she only knows how to mature a girl now she might have past life information and all that but basically her life experience on this planet this lifetime is being a girl and how a girl operates and a girl is responsible and a girl you know has perfect pictures and a girl has guilt men don’t have these things and so she’s always pushing those values if you will and I think a boy has to find his way very very differently and separate and learn how to cut that cord or he’s always trying to in a sense fight that and he knew that he really did well in in teaching men I think he created the men’s fellowship at the Berkeley psychic Institute which is still going today uh-huh yeah I was going to ask you about that because you know in overtime with this last generation you have more single more single-family homes so I was just wondering about the male involvement with the Berkeley psychic Institute today you know if they grew up around their mother and that’s all they knew yeah I think that the men are learning to vote from my viewpoint to get rid of that energy and you know it was a pretty strong male leadership in the Berkeley psychic Institute for good 20 years and which is a good thing because I think that women are more easily attracted to this kind of spiritual work and you know if you examine any traditional religions and churches in the United States you’ll find the large majority of them are women women seem to just gravitate and men there stand back and wait for the female to say come on over here get in here and do this and okay okay okay and I think assisted entry men and women and also that energy of well why would I go want to go in there there’s unless they’re looking for a mate which is you know what a lot of men’s work is I dig Institute I could name several couples that have created their relationships there you know that success there was some wonderful women there that’s for sure and so I think that that fellowship concept is it’s very I think it’s very important for men and to to be able to get their answers from another male that’s not their father because I that’s true for women too but I think it’s especially true for men is that there’s a lot of father-son stuff that needs to be worked out as well as get rid of your mother get her out of your space one thing I remember that always got hammered until my head was the turn at second chakra down you yeah definitely you know it’s um it’s definitely it’s like the burkas I he has always been a great place to go cruising yeah feel like a good time yeah a good time looking for the spiritual mate it’s you know they’ve got all these now these websites out there for doing that and I think that’s great and but it’s nice to walk in the door let’s say and see somebody who’s on a spiritual path and you’re looking for a spiritually centered person to be with in your relationship it’s pretty good stomping ground absolutely I could car and I know here in Atlanta we were talking about pockets around the country and what I noticed here was you know enjoying kind of told us that at Berkeley like it gets until you guys did the same thing but when you graduate you guys get booted or we got booted and you’re so used to being around such cool energy both you know masculine and feminine that you want more of that since it’s not there once you leave that those four walls or not as much and so it was a challenge to leave like that first three to six months because you’re so used to being an energy for a year or so exactly it’s funny you say booted because Louis used to have a you know kind of make a scene about it it’s like I need to get you angry so you’ll leave so I didn’t get you angry at me so you’ll take your fist at me at the door and say you didn’t teach me everything you know you phone phones oh so you used to say that a lot is that I’m kicking you out of here you need to go and and there you know there’s some truth to what you’re saying is that there’s a community of people and it’s a very safe environment there we practice our tools which means sometimes we practice them on each other like oh what’s a whack hey I think that’s just a con to me so more competition jealousy those kinds of things occur within the psychic Institute because it’s no different than going to the grocery store or into your social club outside of the Institute there those energies are what we are experiencing every day anyway and so learning to have someone call you on your game right there in present time in front of God and everybody it’s pretty powerful and and really kind of rock your boat and so it’s it’s it’s a great a great space to experience that but then the outside world is what he said was you really need to get out there and just do it yourself create your own community or you know learn to use those tools in your work world your social world your personal relationship world and that’s that’s what we all had to do let’s just get out and do it yeah and I think that the fact that it you know each Institute is still surviving many of them are is really a blessing because graduates can go back and learn things I know at the Berkeley psychic Institute in Berkeley they’re every now and then they have a retread class you know in a review class for graduates to come in and just you know hang in that same energy and and get pumped up again with where they’re going or what they’re doing and I think it’s important to touch base you need a touchstone and I think that’s what the BPI has created as a touchstone yeah so have a question about comparing times or time frames so when we look at the beginning in 1973 as an outsider I’m still thinking you know Vietnam wars going on there’s a lot of uncertainty there’s a lot of a free expression that people are learning about a free thought if you will and in 2018 you kind here some of that same sentiment were there’s a lot of uncertainty there is a free thought movement there are more people that are interested in spirituality and psychic awareness do you think that the more things change the more they stay the same or what are you seeing from the beginnings of Berkeley psychic instituted versus today that’s a good question because we were spoiled in 1973 in that we were the only game in town and and and we would in some ways I don’t think BPI was prepared for the grand expansion of these tools all over the world I mean I get phone calls from all over the world from people who are either graduates or they got a class from a graduate and so it’s in a sense its thinned out because there’s so much information out there on the similar level people needed but the uncertainty question is really interesting because you know in the 70s which is we lost the gold standard all kinds of alien things occurred that we’re hidden and are now being brought out and those are two things I think about the economics and the and the kind of security levels or the feeling of security we ignored those things somewhat in the 70s and I think now there’s a lot of awareness III don’t know what other people are looking at but I see that there’s a lot awareness that is a huge change coming you know we were in the 60s and 70s we were looking at quote the Age of Aquarius that things are really going to flip and I think in a way they have and we’re now at that cusp of the energy shifting and changing there’s a huge consciousness out there it says if we meditate together if we do this and it doesn’t really have to be at the same time in same place like of the global meditation consciousness levels are doing it just has to be and so I think there are many more people that are aware that they can change the energy on the planet through spiritual work through the the tools here for sure work but just a consciousness level of it doesn’t have to be a cataclysmic revolution that is terrible it can be a little different and also I think there’s a little bit more awareness that we do have audit helpers there’s a lot of angelic help out there and I’m not sure that that awareness was very high in the 70s as it is today at least I hope I like to think so certainly in the circles that I’m looking at there’s more gravity gravitation gravitating to the concept that the good guys are the white hat so to speak are on top of things and we’re going to see some very positive change on the planet I see it I see a war I definitely see a spiritual war going on that is more obvious than it’s ever been before and I think the war was going but now it’s escalated and I think it’s coming to a crescendo and when I look at the angelic helped us out there the positive alien helped us out there as well as all the people on the planet I see some some good things happening I know we’re going to see some some disasters because we’re seeing some exploding energies of destruction but we need to state stay the course and I believe we do was I going to ask you okay so what’s it like that I was going to actually actually among I know you’ve done a lot of pilgrimages all over the the world and I was just going to ask you about the money or maybe favorite program edges and maybe talk a little bit about that and the experience oh wow it’s been a while I haven’t done a pilgrimage for a few years I think 2013 with my last one I’m trying to remember it’s been I think I’m very attracted to Greece all the time Greece and Turkey actually and the sacred sites there and I believe it’s probably more my own past lives that I’m recapturing some of the information and the data energetically from my own past lives that were pretty big there than anything else so I think they’re very special energies Egypt certainly that whole Mediterranean area I find so fascinating and I’ve been to Jerusalem and you know many of the Greek islands as well but also China and Tibet it’s hard to say which one because each time we go on a spiritual pilgrimage the object is to get closer in touch with the reality of the energy we left there in other words you touch a stone or a monument you pull your energy out of it and bring it back into present time and the whole idea of course of a past life is to look at why am i operating off of this information now what is it teaching me and so when I’ve traveled to these places of course I take people with me to work the energy together because it’s a team where two or more gathered there I am it’s powerful Peru South America even watt Amala just some amazed Bali oh my goodness I think I would love to go back to Bali if I was to choose because of the air of spirituality in every person I met it was so presence in the land in the people Plus this nice and warm yeah it’s a there’s a lot to explore on that level as far as cultures go it’s very eye-opening and literally third eye-opening and spiritually enlightening to understand another culture on the ground rather than in a book or a movie or a video or Discovery Channel it’s like you’re there say hello to the people they say hello to you and you can meditate there and work the energy by calling back what was before or maybe even just saying hello to what’s coming in the future for you I love travel I’m a Sagittarius I would pick um I have actually I have my bags packed all the time that’s already so oh yeah yeah okay good good I was just busy I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t go back to particularly I liked them all whoa you said that you fell residence in each place like you can where you’re able to pinpoint the I guess I mean this is a third dimension linear question but were you able to pinpoint the time that you had incarnated and each place you visited well yeah I am I had the freedom and the opportunity to choose the places I was going with a pilgrimage so I chose places that meant something to me and they are all pretty much very historical whether it’s England or you know dendara in Egypt I could touch the wall and I knew where I was and what I was doing there and who I was and what happened to me and I could go to the positive and release the negative so I could stand in front of a temple and I was a healer in dendera and I actually used instruments to do cesarean sections and that was I brought I cried all day for that one it was really hard to release that energy it was a very powerful feeling of knowing that I knew about birth intuitively and with other women and myself and so I could pull my energy back and see what I had done there you know X thousand years ago yeah I do sense that and I think everybody does who goes with me because I show them how to go to that place and pull the energy out and reset their own energy in present time plus we have a we have a big party it’s a lot of that we play a lot of there’s nothing like a foreign marketplace I’ll tell you that was actually my second part of that question because usually when you travel with those folks you’ve actually incarnated with them at that time at that place that you traveled so I wanted to know if you guys were able to uncover that or if you were able to uncover other relationships you’ve had with with Louis in those locations oh yeah exactly and and most of us knew that we were traveling together because we had been there together before and that was almost a given when people signed up for these pilgrimages they were aware that the person signing up with them was somebody they had traveled with or been with in that country and if they didn’t know it before they left by the time they came back they did because we did a lot of past life readings were you here are you here with me what did you do what happened and so we would do these clairvoyant readings on each other and then of course healings to release the energy every pilgrimage had a workshop part of the agenda in which we met regularly to work the energy we didn’t just get up in the morning and go out on tour we met as a group as a community to see where we were at what energies had we hit what did we want to recover or uncover or heal so those those Worksop spaces are very important part of the journey of it’s a spiritual journey it’s definitely a pilgrimage it’s not just shopping and going to museums very spiritual place yeah that actually leads to the third part of that question in that you know typically we think of the past lives and from a linear standpoint were you able or did you guys play around with future possibilities and where you may be a hundred years or a thousand years from now that’s really interesting we didn’t do that very much some people saw that that they would be returning there for some reason but it brings me to the thought that I keep returning to certain country and I knew that when I first went to Greece and I’ve probably been there G six times at least I can t remember to count and and that was because I also felt my healing energy to heal others in the past that were in the past that needed to bring Greece into the future and I didn’t really understand that in the beginning and so I thought why am I going back to Greece but I’m just drawn in so many ways and it’s the whole Mediterranean area actually so I know that I’m a healer and that energetically I help to boost up the energy a more higher level of awareness because some countries are stuck in survival emotions and power games and not that our country isn’t I that was just a side note there but I do notice that when I go to certain places that I can recapture some of the power I had in a past life and bring it into present time and then I go back again I’m going well I’m doing this into the future as well I don’t know that I can answer that question that I see myself a thousand years from now in those areas because frankly I my journey is to go off the planet so I don’t see myself there at the moment but maybe in a thousand years possible it’s interesting that you say that because he in my experience I hear that a lot in the last maybe five plus years this is my last incarnation I’m never coming back I’m never coming back and I’m just wondering if we actually have that conversation each time we incarnate like you’ve been I sign up for this I’m never coming back here again well you know that’s a great question I never considered it and when I first heard of of the concept it brought you know consternation a bit now what this planet needs so much help and I went wait a minute when I get off the planet and I have different agendas and abilities and maybe even I’ll create a different kind of body which is what I see happening is that we do have very capable bodies here on planet earth and I believe we have some of the most capable bodies on all universes and planets and it’s why we have conflict spiritually here is because there are beings that want this planet and they want our bodies I hope I’m not getting too far out for you here but these beings are really wanting to capture the DNA that we have and to integrate it with what they have now that’s against the prime directive if you’re a star treky you don’t interfere but it’s already happened on this Planum so what is the thing called the pure human race I just see myself being more effective if I can get off the planet and be a revolutionary if you will to help the planet evolve I think I will be more effective rather than reincarnate here on the planet so that’s kind of my plan now you know secrets out [Laughter] well I wanted to go David well no go ahead I’m going to ask you just to kind of turn the page a little bit about the divine healing center looking at your site earlier and I wanted to know is that a separate arm from Berkeley psychic Institute or was the intention behind the divine healing center we created it in order to continue the work of trance medium sealing and to be able to offer different kinds of spiritual healing to people and so that is that is basically the the plan was in 9 2007 is when we created the divine healing center as a mission of the Church of divine man and the Berkeley psychic Institute is also a mission in other words each one of the Institute’s there’s one in Sacramento California Santa Rosa and Berkeley and each one is a mission and so we also have other missions too but these are this one is a healing mission in other words we do a tremendous amount of trance medium training I train people how to channel a being correctly so they’re not crazy and they could live a decent life and they can have a job and a relationship and feed themselves well and pay their rent and their bills surprisingly many really full-blown trance medium I’ll put it that way have real difficulty living on planet Earth and they’re the ones that end up in insane asylums institutions and they get psychotropic drugs so if you want to avoid that we can possibly help you because these are very talented people that know how to bring angelic beings through unfortunately they can bring others too but we teach them how to choose rather than be chosen and it’s really all about tools how do you do it what are the spiritual mechanics so we’re here to heal people and in our training of trans mediums we do a lot of healing packages healing events for the public showing people the different spiritual technologies we use besides just trance mediumship and it’s a lot of fun yeah we’ve been doing this adding spiritual technologies we have a violet ray machine which which emits energies to change the auric field and the chakras up to a higher level we have a pulse electromagnetic field machine which is developed by NASA for astronauts because they were losing bone marrow and bone density in going out in space so they developed a way to ground that energy with this little machine so we have one of those and it’s very exciting showing people how they can make these kinds of changes themselves with help so that’s what we do I’ll never forget my first time at Horizon where there was a she’s globally known that she’s a trans medium and when she left the joy and said did you see that and I was like wow I mean she she didn’t have the tools and so she was not grounded to her energy was all over the place and I could just a mess I mean I just I see a lot of trans mediums on YouTube where they they don’t have those basic tools so it seems like they’re not grounded I’m just wondering what your outreaches – to reach a lot of people that would need your assistance your the question is the outreach that would get my assistance oh well you know we have it advertised that if people want to learn how to do this we have a program called our trans medium training program it’s probably the toughest program on the planet because it’s three years long and most people go oh I could go down the street and get this for six months or two months and but mostly what happens is the person you’re talking about probably didn’t have this the opportunity to have someone guide them on this level of stay grounded and you really do need to how to clean up your speed how to set your energy as well as channel and then clean up your space afterwards so people aren’t it’s not it’s like people aren’t affected have to go clean themselves up so this big after you leave it’s really a space of where you really need to have a grounded control level of management of your energy and unfortunately so many of the people like what you’re talking about are incredibly capable incredibly beautiful healings and healing work they do but what the people don’t realize is so being they Channel destroys them if they don’t handle it correctly I think there are so many damaged people by the channeling people also such a good chin where there can be a great reading great healing but the body that that being is coming through is trashed and that one I like about our work and what Lewis taught us was you got to live a good life you know before in one of the reasons I created the divine healing center is because when I first got together with Lewis he was training these wild and Willie crazy trance mediums that were totally trashed and he was doing his best to help these women mostly women there was a couple men and but they weren’t in a training situation with him every time he worked with him it was on an emergency crisis level of Lewis help me help me help me and he’d do everything he could to help him and finally he said I’m not doing it anymore he said they need to come in and take the basic training and then I can work with them and I I learned from him that if our people don’t learn the basic psychic kindergarten tools they won’t live a good life and I frankly couldn’t live with myself in training people to channel who are natural born programmed trans mediums if they didn’t learn the basic tools because I know what would happen the beings we lock them up and spit them out again and they just don’t realize how damaging it can be to the circulatory system the heart the liver all the organs of the body you know I I won’t mention names but I watched a woman birth a child with a hole in her heart and she was a really great trance medium and you know it was really hard because she did need more help in running her energy and controlling it so that she didn’t have a baby with a hole in the heart but that’s what the being did yeah I mean it was tough it was very tough so I like I’d like to say that our minyan program is really tough because I don’t let you in unless you’re going to stay for three years and in order for you to get into my program you have to take the basic BPI type of classes to get your grounding and your centeredness running energy and how to how to manage your energy you have to have a good strong crown chakra yeah yep tough tough game but yeah that’s what I play well I think it was also just a word of caution because you know not too long ago you had mentioned that you have entities that really want to walk in so they want to come into that our space and if you don’t have that certainty or you don’t have those basic tools it’s kind of like a smorgasbord where people are getting access you know after 2012 there you know a lot there are more trans mediumship type abilities that are available now and it’s they’re beacons like hey come on come on it come on yeah it’s a true it’s very true and I find you know there are very few people that really want to do this kind of work too because it’s tough you have to be dedicated to your own health and wellness and that’s really what we’re interested in at the divine healing centers stay healthy and well and do the work you need to do but stay healthy you know yeah well yeah I can say Danna in my least of my experience over the past thirty years with it all the two biggest things takeaways for me this probably is having my amusement and having and having my similarity yeah yeah yes have you seen Yuri do not give a seniority up to spirit and that’s always been a big thing for me here well congratulations I’m delighted to be talking to you about this I it’s been fun yeah sure one last question I was just wondering I listen to a lot of Abraham stuff and so Esther was taught or Abraham Esther was talking about when Jerry had transitioned and you know she’s constantly in touch with Abraham and the different energies that come through and she was she found herself trying to separate the energy so she could identify Jerry which was kind of amusing in itself and I was just wondering if you had similar scenarios where you were channeling or so forth with different entities and have Lewis come through that’s a good question he shows up every now and then yes and but rarely does he come in while we’re channeling he he doesn’t come through as a being that wants to be channeled he is usually standoffish and either shakes his finger or laughs thank you and but you know it’s kind of like he inserts something into the conversation so to speak but I haven’t seen him really want to be channeled in other words I’ll tell you a little story before we go is that about two years ago I walked into the sanctuary of the church in Santa Rosa and this is where we have our divine healing center as well and we have pews and the pews have this sort of the lower like a velvet type of covering on them and the front front pew was the exact image of Luis and so we looked at this in what’s he doing here we thought well this is just a flash in the pan and it stayed for over a year and it appeared in other pews as well but the image was never quite as perfect now what’s interesting about this image of Luis we took pictures of it of course is that the church we have rented our church once a week to another group that has about 200 people so you’ve got a lot of bodies scooting around on those cheer on those pews so the galore is being moved a lot and it never changes in other words it you know how you can move it like velvet and it changes a bit it never changed in all the images of Luis especially the front pew was the one where he appeared and he stayed there and so of course we saw what the message was in terms of his support of our work and what we’re doing there in Santa Rosa California but that was probably the biggest physical message that he’s brought for quite a while was he just appeared right right on the you and stayed there for about a year yeah he’s pretty clever because comes in and goes out yeah troublemaker yes he enjoys being a troublemaker yeah any other questions David well I’ll just say this you can correct me if I’m wrong Susan but I just imagine you know one of the mock-ups Lewis had was for what we see going on today is for him that I start in the teachings and then everyone going out kind of like seeds and just spreading it and I think you see that I think practically every state in this country has someone maybe doing something and you see obviously schools or whatnot around the world exactly that was his mock-up and I remember in the early days he’d he said okay well he’d have the trance medium sit in line he’d ask the question how many psychics do I have to train and I remember the reading it was very early in the seventh early 73 he said they’re in the middle of 73 a hundred he’s at Oh 100 Wow okay and he had about twenty clairvoyant students and graduates at that time and I’m he’s it okay so he got to a hundred and then he got another reading because he thought he was done I was like and then he he got out a map and the being that he was being channeled said get on a map and he got a map a world map and all of a sudden all these dots appeared all over the place okay I thought he was going to faint but he he stayed the course and so yeah and so that’s what’s really happened is that we foresaw the future that these graduates would go out and start their own thing and then they’re graduates and their graduates undergraduates and and that’s why he called them his great-grandchildren because it happened that way and it’s still happening I’m actually I’m actually mentoring people that have their own Institute that are graduates of graduates and and I enjoy doing that it’s one of my favorite things to do oh yeah mendl’s yeah so let’s Susan if you’d love to leave your contact information so people get in touch with you if you could let us know about any upcoming classes people should know about as well that would be great the best place is actually the the divine healing center org web website that’s where most of my information is or it’s on the Berkeley psychic Institute website it’s usually in both places so we have a web person that posts everything my personal reading space and professional training space is kept up to date very well on the divine Healing Center website so it’s divine healing Center org fantastic fantastic and you have just been in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David Ben I’ll say soon if you ever find yourself wouldn’t have listened ech of the woods let us know you come in and we’ll take you to dinner oh thank you I’d love to come to Atlanta you know I’ll definitely reach out to you as well because I’m thinking of doing a maybe well David will do a trinsic motivation field trip thing go out and meet Susan out there wonderful well I’ll take you to dinner to wonder you go it was yes it was a pleasure to Susan let’s stay in touch thank you very much you have a great day god bless you and you thank you bye goodbye thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you you

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