Angel Cards Meanings – Angel Messenger Cards [Interview with Tracey J Johnson]

angel cards meanings

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[Music] yes obsessed about the high success in mother’s day so happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there I am Hamza I’m David and this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective and so before we have a special guest today we did and really excited to to talk about her and introduce her to our audience before we get started I haven’t seen you in a week yeah we always talk about what’s happened metaphor metaphysically or spiritually for you for the week I know off camera you’re talking about some hypersleep yeah that’s really inviting at you so you look at that a little bit I’d just been sleeping a lot like I think you mentioned the new moon yes so that would affect that and it’s like I can’t get enough sleep I just sleep sleep sleep and when I get up I just want to sleep some more so we talked about hyper sleep I guess the last episode yeah yeah hey Bria someone are probably diving into that and maybe in a few weeks here and I nice and in what’s really interesting is the angels are really sick you down if you were so busy but not on their time they will sit you down it sounds like you’re about to download it a lot yeah so really excited to hear about to when you go through that process so I would like to introduce well I was here when I was my weak my weak actually I was looking at doing hypersleep this week – I was going to do it this weekend because it’s the new moon and I just had some third dimension work stuff I had some new clients and also I had to work this weekend so was enabled to hypersleep but as we were talking to me – yeah third dimension very great paid bills type of deal but um really excited about us going to support another front of our Debbie he’s going to be at Phoenix and Dragon on Thursday she’s doing that new brain exercise so that’s going to be fun and then we’ll buy some moldavite yeah because as I mentioned by multi-value will actually help you in your hypersleep and especially if you’re going to get some downloading and remember all that if you’re keeping a journal yeah with dream journal um I don’t generally I don’t cover maybe I should yeah it’s always interesting to kind of go back and just reference like ten years ago I write because like Avery Keith won last week and she was she’s been hyper sleeping for yeah twenty plus years and to see the trepidation that net from the beginning to you know obviously we’re going to have her back because our wasn’t enough yeah right and so since we’re talking about downloading you’re going to get downloading from your ancestors or your angels or your spiritual guides and our guest today is talking a lot about her communication with the Angels in fact she just came out with some cards recently and we were blessed to see her at an event at Unity North here in Atlanta and I got an interview and you got an angel read in so without further ado like to introduce Tracy Johnson and Tracy has a new car her cars are air cards AI R and that is an acronym that I’ll let her tell you about so welcome to the show Avery oh I’m sorry welcome to share little Tracy you should never call a girl by our own relationship [Laughter] JC Jay Johnson JJ for um that’s a secret okay okay well we’re going to get our and some point there’s a lot of broadcast look at will get in the future so welcome welcome Tracy how are you I’m great and just would like to tell you happy Mother’s Day thank you very much a mother and a criminal yes but when you see my picture you question that but I appreciate both of you guys for having me on and being interested in what it is that I am and doing then look forward to to sharing awesome so before getting started in learning all about you because I’m really into you have a really fun story that I that the world needs to know about but we always talk about your awakening the moment or what was your hello moment because most of us have had the nine-to-five type of living in the vortex or the matrix or whatever you want to call it and then we got that four by four which I call my hello right where your life it gets turned upside down and then at the time it feels like what’s going to happen to me gray but then when you look back it turned out to be the best thing because it put you on your life pad so you like to tell us your hellos moment my hellos moment was when I saw 11:11 like constantly back to back to back and I’m like what is this it was like really starting to become kind of I would say irritating because I didn’t know what it was and why I was seeing it and one day one evening I wasn’t feeling well I was feeling really really bad and I actually turned over and I looked at the clock and I saw 11:11 again I’ll say okay enough is enough I got on you know I was feeling really bad but I didn’t care because I that I had seen 11:11 so many times that I just pulled up my open up my computer my laptop and just did a google search and when I saw that I was like oh my god so this was in 2011 then no I believe it was in 2011 because at that time you know after I actually looked that looked it up on the computer you know on the Google did I say okay 11 11 like November 11 is coming and you know this is 2011 so I end up googling I have to find somewhere to go to you know where there are like men minded people who understand because I was new to it what this eleven eleven is and it just seems like it’s going to be like a really significant day so when I end up googling that’s how I found miss Joann you know she was having this event I googled out there and something got to be going on around here there it’s focused on eleven laughs and I found horizon and after that it’s my life you know that never has never been the same now that’s really funny because in our first episode was about God winks and so we were trying to look at all that went to the it was about nasasos that guy going with guy links in coincidences and we know at Horizon and in life there really are no accidents right so it was really interesting that your hello was eleven eleven at Unity North in your event a couple of weeks ago with that unity north yes yeah it was really rich so if this was all new to you what was your life like before des hommes like everyone’s own crazy no but before that I wasn’t I was going through some transitioning because I really was planning on moving back home to Milwaukee I had you know gotten rid of my home and you know I was in a place where I you know it was I was always entrepreneur and when the economy shifts my business was really really slow and I was like okay this is a good time for me to go ahead and go back home my daughter you know had recently not too long had a baby and so I was like I would just go home be close to my daughter and my granddaughter and I’m just gonna kind of move back to Milwaukee and so I was staying with a friend temporarily because I was tying up in loose ends and I had already gotten rid of my home I had been giving away all of my everything that I had or its own everything you know 1:02 I didn’t have anything so I just say forget I’m just going to go back home but then I end up having a talk at a place it was called first fruit and there was a woman who owned a facility where she did a lot of holistic type of events and she was a doctor or holistic doctor and and I had a talk there was talking to entrepreneurs and I had a book out at that time a journal book and when I went and talked to her and she was like oh my god you did I end up you know driving by and I said something’s like go back and when I went back then we end up being partners and that’s why I stay here it’s just a and that was before the 11:11 thing yeah yes it was like yeah it was in 2011 okay but it was you know I was already seeing that 11:11 so he was like you know into that but before I love 11 I was being all right I was moving and then I started and I was seeing at 11:11 after I had kids giving away everything and moved out of my house on me in my home and was on my way back and then I started seeing a level ever like oh you’re not going anywhere kind of thing hmm so I always hear that it’s really hard to leave Atlanta in fact that if you die and you go to hell there’s a layover in Atlanta here yeah so you had the unity Cup team at 11:11 which was something was telling you for driving you somewhere and you ultimately drove to unity North which was the 11:11 event and then he had to twelve twelve minutes so what was your experience like after seeing these signs and then going to the eleven eleven event like what is what was your takeaway from that event well it was like it was really really crowded so I I didn’t you know I still was having you know in the beginning stages or really moving to that place of really my life changing you know drastically as a result so it took a little bit like and you know the facility where my friend and where he ended up being partners I had a huge event there’s I’m always creating something and there was a lady who was a practitioner at her location where she did her holistic practice and she just out of the blue came up to me and gave me this book and saying here you need to read this and I was like yes I had you no matter you know and you know passing okay you know a couple times and she attended the event and she was always a really nice lady but we hadn’t had a conversation to the degree that she would know what kind of book I would be interested in it was just like out the blue she gave me a book and with a book called healing with angels by Doreen Virtue and I was like okay well why you know what she said you need to read this and I are you saying okay so that we can I started reading the book and once I you know began reading I can put it down it was just like something was happening inside of me like oh my god this is just like what is going what’s happening you know that’s when I really started you know going further into and and just you know knowing that was something else going on the mob in my world it well it just is really amazing I just can say that okay so you went to the 11:11 event you have the Doreen Virtue book and I’ve read a lot of very virtue and I have her app and I which is fantastic so you went from university north or unity north to Horizon what was your experience like at writin so what happened you know so after I read that book and you know I learned that the angels are available to assist us and we just had to give them permission and you know being entrepreneur since I was 10 years old I decided okay and it’s like years after that like several years after that I was like okay I’m entrepreneur to my heart that’s it how can I put my angels to work if there’s as you know ages are here to help us cause it being an entrepreneur and having a business mind that I’ve gone through several programs I said how can I put my angels of work so I decided to create an organizational chart like a business organizational chart and so I started you know doing research and you know what the different angles assignments were like what they actually would assist us with if I’m like I need to know what they you know which one’s the call and not just like any angel like okay which ones cannot call to do would so I just started really getting into it and so I created organizational charters and find them to the different departments you know for my business cuz you know been a practitioner and normally we were just one person but we need assistants and sometimes we don’t have the money to hire anyone so I was like Rachel’s work for free hospitals right so that’s all I end up doing that but the funny thing is is that it’s like a few years went by you know and I put all of this together and I really didn’t have a business model because my business had you know kind of like really slowed down due to the economy really have a business model to apply it to until I end up you know being an insurance agent and I was new to the industry so I was like you know I’m getting ready for my anxious to work now because I really need help so I did that but going back to like after eleven eleven I don’t know how many years went by before I end up connecting back to arising I there was I would continually receive emails from Joann and it was something about mediumship it was a class about mediumship but it also saying how to connect to your guides and your angels and I was like you know what I need to really learn more about how to connect to the angels and so that’s why I you know end up calling and registering for the class within Joanne was saying there was a prerequisite and then you have to go through skills or tools class and something else and and then I was like okay well maybe I should just go ahead and take that and then long story short then she took it back and say you don’t have to I said but it was probably meant for me to take these classes so after taking those classes my life was just turned upside down it was like it was funny because in the beginning she kind of like Wanda she’s okay when you take this class you know your life is not going to be things are going to change your relationships going to change you know this and I was like okay thanks for telling me but when she when she was telling the truth because I was really like to do it and it was like that it just wasn’t the same it is like I’m in one dimension and he’s in this dimension and we just everything got turned upside down so right you know after that and I started hearing high-pitched tones in my ear you know cuz then I was like what is that I’m laying down I’m like do you hear that nobody talked about it you know it’s kind of like are you crazy or what but I realized I was there with the Angels you know I started connecting with them I created a Mitchell deck of cards this is my second day and it was just them coming forth it I work with 16 therefore Archangels and it was them coming to let me know that they were the angels at work going to be working within himself awesome now we’ll get to the we’ll get to your cards but yet that story was really interesting to me particularly because if mine was somewhat similar in the fact that I had met Jim self and we talked about gentlemen on some previous class podcast he actually was at Berkley psychic Institute when Joanne was there right and so part of my hello was gone a little bit before yours but I’ve met people at the gym self conference and those that know him know he has some advanced classes who saw him go to the advanced classes and some friends there told me no since you live here in Atlanta you might want to talk to Joanne and go to horizon since you’re here and all these years later I really appreciate it after being around other psychics and such kind of like how she cut how she prepared you because I think she provides that foundation where you’re able to absorb this without being overwhelmed and so now we can see people come in and they had these talents but they’re kind of in their mind losing it because they really don’t have that foundation and that medium-class is highly recommended its Yvonne and we’ll have her on the podcast in the future so it was good that you are actually able to do the prerequisites because I think that was important what were some of the things that in the prerequisite that you still use today are there some entry-level tools or something that you could share that maybe gave your put your your cards to the next level or explain like it turned your life upside down and you mentioned in relationships but personally what happened well one of the major things that I learned and even I’ll continue to do and understand how so like as input as important to my life for all of us is the grounding very understanding about grounding I mean like that’s like like you can’t live you know normally you know in this kind of when we’re in this place without grounding every day and you know there was one thing one aspect of the class I really enjoyed it it was about your bubble I just took that all the way to a whole nother life sweeping my life being in my bubble and he was a cloud and I just you know I slept like a baby that’s I’m in your boat yes I’ll be my bubble looks like it miss joy I would come to class and I was so excited about how I used my bubble but you know some other things you know you need like you said expires for your foundation but as you continue to grow and evolve you learn how to utilize what you have but you know some things you put to the side because you’ve gotten to a different place like I want to think that I don’t do anymore is focus on like this protecting myself I just understand that I have to just raise you know raise my vibration and I don’t have to protect myself from things that are you know lower that’s a lower vibration that I don’t want to have to deal with for lack of a better term I just learned how to elevate in that way instead of because for me when I say protecting myself that’s like a form of resistance like I’m like you know it causes me to think about being afraid of how trying to protect myself from something that’s going to affect me in any kind of way so for me that was like causing resistance so I just know I just raise my vibration but in different you know ways that I’ve learned for me it works out and I really appreciate understanding that aspect as well so that’s nothing so what’s interesting is and we were talking about this well that last week is that when you start having relationships with your ancestors or your spirit guides or your angels there’s usually some level of acknowledgement to them and some type of donation if you will so are you making any type of libations or are you doing any type of offering offerings it does that is that your way of communicating like hey I want to be I’m interested in having this communication because I have this board charting how much I wanna fill in these positions or how did you had this org chart great so how did it how did it go after that as far as identifying the certain angels and fitting them into place well like for me one of the things that I do or when I’m reading or assisting others it’s like it’s I call it the Gateway and it’s through my heart portal so I connect with my angels in that manner and most often when the different angels come to me I used my crystals my crystals is one of my my ways as well as far as you know by connecting with them but more so it’s like my connection is through my heart and much the tone in my ear you know it’s like it gets really like when I’m in different places and if I’m still on paying attention it’ll get louder or I’ll hear it and sometimes I don’t I mean there was a time when I you know I was really excited when I was introduced to angels room when they came forth as far as Archangels and I was expecting a lot because I’m like kind of anxious on my side I can move heaven and earth now and I was expecting for that to take place right away when I understood that there was a lot of things that I had to in terms of my process that I had to go through to fully connect with them and understand the process and how they work so I shut down I pulled away and I did not hear the tone anymore so and then when I decided one day to just you know I even put my cards away that I created I sat down when one afternoon in my living room and I took the cars on I laid them on the table and immediately I heard the high-pitched tone you know so that’s how I know when they’re they’re near and it just like because of my relationship as far as like when I’m creating when I’m designing my cards it’s like a relationship it’s like I’m connecting with them in some kind of way and it’s just like I just have this knowing that’s that which one which angels present it’s like you know how like when you have a relationship with someone you can have the that they can be in another room and you hear their voice and you just know them because you have a relationship you know they don’t you don’t have to see their face you don’t have to you know do anything you just know it’s just like a feeling because it’s like it’s my heart my heart portal and I just know I’m familiar with them so I’ll know regardless which one is which you know to that’s to the degree that I was experienced so that’s what I was going to ask you what how do you tell know which one I was thinking maybe it’s just a different pitch for each one but it’s a feeling feeling in my because I work you know so in my process and my journey and I’ll share with people that I’ve been broken open and it’s not you know as far as the angels is concerned but there was you know we have a lot of blockages of fear and dialate disbelief and so because I work on observing my interstate you know I’m like hyper where am i interstate and I focus on my heart like one of the main meditations that I do is just breathing focusing on my heart and breathing through my heart and it’s just you know transmuting or you know observing my hearts who are trying to meet anything that will hinder my connection you know and so that’s one of the reasons why to like when I shut down I was expecting more is because I had too many blockages you know I was you know going through a lot of had out there was a lot of pain and disappointment and as I allow myself to go through that process and you know observe my interstate and you know from my Higher Self and transmute or shed light on what was you know going on in my heart it just dissolved it and so then my connection became really really strong so like with my first card deck it was only 16 cards and and I knew it was going to be another I was going to have to complete the day but it wasn’t I wasn’t able to until after I cleared all those those blockages it’s like it was like now you’re ready and it was able to come fully come forth those it just came you know 16 cards was just to let me know who I was going to be you know who’s going to be working with me and I you know fully manifest my life work so so let me ask you this question just out of curiosity is what’s the difference between an angel and Archangel yes they’re different in hierarchy it’s like they that the Archangels are they preside over different you know areas like there’s certain angels that protect and watch over nature like our danger Ariel like all of the animals in the nature and things like that and so there’s different rankings and angels are you know below you know like when I say below as far as they’re closer to the earth plane like the just the angels and then Archangels is the next level and so there’s dozens and all of that those higher and different dimensions they preside over different areas and have different assignments that’s given to them so so the Archangels is opposed right above the angels so when they communicate to you you said it’s like a feeling do you ever like you ever hear anything they talk or no felt but not to meet yeah I don’t hear like you know words they don’t communicate in words it’s like I have angelic language and so most often like it’s like when I communicate in my angelic languages it’s like what happens is also there’s a shift in me you know because that when I’m speaking of my angelic language it’s like it’s taken care of whatever might be going on in my my you know field or my heart you know it’s like is my angels working on me through me and so when I was speaking my angelic language and when I’m doing a reading I connect with the angels that choose you and your guide so it’s like I use that but I don’t hear any words I do receive a lot of downloads you know and it’s through the high-pitched tone and so most often when it’s translated from them you know I mean here in the high-pitched tone and the downloads I do it gets translated into words but it’s right when I wake up in the morning like if I have a question on my heart before I go to sleep before I become fully conscious then I’ll have that kind of experience but it’s most often is just always to do my heart no it sounds a lot like relationships where a girl will call the house and she’ll say it’s me mMmmm accepted meat you better know the target right so it sounds like initially there was when you expect me like this big expectation it could be American like Americans we like everything big or if you’re in the country of Texas everything in Texas is big so it sounds like it was more of a conditional thing that you wanted a conditional expectation and when you had the conditional expectation you kind of like oh I didn’t get what I wanted and kind of shut down from that it sounds like what I think it’s like you know like I said I’m going to create every you know whenever I receive something I that is bless my heart and my soul I’ll create something to be able to give it to everyone so what I came to the realization when I started you know focusing on my inward journey it was like I had to embody what was being given to me for I decide I was going to create you know all these different little programs because I created something called employing the Angelika round you know angels on assignment appointing children to teach others how to use the angels because when I created that organizational chart I was very very successful in what I did I mean you know I was an insurance agent and I end up winners win an all-expense-paid trip in nine months and when I spoke you know had conversations with the agents there you know they want to talk about you know their sales and things like that it was mostly men but things like my law where did you come from and how did I was like and I told him I you know I was only been an agent for nine months and I was like what it took us two three years to win this trip but it was because I use my angels and so I created develop something so I’m like okay this is awesome I have to give it to everyone else the Angels like I know you’re you’re not ready to do that because you have embodied where we where we have you know what we’re doing you I’m good at you know just taking something and going to run with it I was like someone you know six feasts for me and I’ll taste of everything and then I want to pass it out to everybody because it was such a blessing and it was like you’re not ready you know you’re not ready to go you know I saw the vision of how thousands of people that I would be able to help but it was like you’re not ready until I was accepted but I was in disappointing because my first one I was like ok where’s everybody I’m gonna live don’t worry you know or lying out the door and it’s like far from that yes I was like what happened you know I thought you guys had my back and it was like we do but you’re not ready yeah that’s a really good point yeah we were having I was having a conversation on on on Instagram actually over the weekend and we were talking about business coaches and somebody was like oh I can’t go to a business coaches they’ve never had a business right like they had to be in your shoes to actually talk about it and so it sounds I mean now you’re looking at it obviously 20/20 and it makes sense though I could sense the frustration because it wasn’t meeting your expectations but now you like them you’re getting people to access their angels and they had you out you’re setting that expectation for them to when they make right American we always think big and you may ultimately get there on God’s time or the universe’s time but not on our time which is right the fallacy or the wrong way of thinking it I was like my heart was broken that’s all I felt like he broke my heart you know kind of like when you talk about relationships you know I was like whew what happened it was just devastating community honestly be honest with you so the 16 angels that you work with is there one that you work with more than any other or the kind of equal throughout all yeah the the angels that are with me all the time you know and it was made clear in the beginning Archangel Michael definitely said I used a call on Michael and I don’t really have to call them Michael just for you know protection protecting me because when you’re working with individuals they have a lot of things going on and when I say protection just you know because I get in a zone and I just go all out so I know Michael was just kind of like I feel like making sure that there aren’t any anything that’s going to you know penetrator you know like yeah so Michael for those who don’t know tell us a little bit about him would it be all right Argento Michael is the warrior angel were against and our games with Michael was clear your space of any negative energy and that’s why I say you know Archangel Michael’s with me all the time even if I was get caught up and you know I just caught you know know that he’s going to be there to help clear my face clear the space that I’m going to operate in our nation might also make sure that the purpose that God I sorts intended in your life is met so I just feel like I need you Michael just kind of cleared the way even before I started doing my work I would call on Archangel Michael to assist me with cutting India Eric quartz that was connected to someone that I just like couldn’t shake like somebody that I was in a relationship with and and I mean it is no longer serged me and so but I couldn’t get that you know that person shake that person knew so I’ll call an archangel my boot cut that cord and it’s just going just like that so and then Archangel Raphael and healing angel that angel because I’m a healer Archangel Raphael is always wit to me as far as I opened myself up to allow that energy to flow through me as far as the healing is concerned are going to Raphael assist with healing or every level mind body and spirit emotionally you know you know what a lot and even like for me being healed Archangel Shem well because I found out I’m on earth angels but not just earth angel but angels love an archangel show miles over the angels of love also assist with clearing your heart chakra in any blockages and things of that nature I know the Archangel general gave me the definition of love because I explore you know what is the true definition and then later on I found out that I was the angel that I was connecting really to concerns that one other angel that I really I love all my angels definitely Archangel Raziel and the angels main secret of God Archangel Raziel teaches you you know or works with sacred geometry and quantum physics and things like that true secrets of God really and so that angels are always but it’s like I could name a whole bunch of in the aerial rap Raphael is another angel that helps me whether it concerns communication in any relationship and Gabriel definitely like the marketing guru you know like a Gabriel is also a communication when I write in my books or you know writing on you my writings and things like that and when I was creating the cards connects with your creativity helps to open up your creativity and things like that so how many Archangels are their regions raising them yes yes yes and then to like each of my Archangels always when I then you know I’ll call on all of them when I’m doing any kind of event or doing reading and like for the legions of angels so wherever I am if people are in tune you know – or use the connecting angels they always conceal the presence of the Angels like people always say when you came in the room or when you’re near me I could just feel I’m so strong I’m like that’s my that’s my team that’s my posse now always know mises they’re they’re all yeah my homie they’re always always with me all of them but the ones that you know I’ve been really connecting with working with where I am and so funny the other week before last you know I’m so used to doing readings for other people and it was like you need to do a reading for yourself oh oh yeah you know I didn’t think about that so Nick Daniel Arielle and Gabriel the three angels that is working with me in terms of taking my my business my practice to a whole nother level and so I was really really excited about you know the ones that came forth and grounding my ideas and bringing them to manifestation and all of that that was what came forth so you know so tell us some a little bit about the process of creating these new cards that you have well um you know in my meditation and you know we are all part of the intenders meeting it was one day I was just thinking about well it was I don’t even like to say thinking because it didn’t come from my head but from my heart and just you know knowing that the cards are caught air and the reason being is because it focuses on abundance inner journey and relationships and those are the three main areas that you know we are impacted in the third dimensional space and that we go through and have concerns and those are definitely the three areas that I’ve had challenges with and so the last experience that I really I was the inner journey aspect you know the abundance you know affected me in so many different ways and relationships but for years and years I’ve been hearing you know tracing this times of you it’s time for you you need to focus on you because I’m always like I said trying to help other people but in my meditation you know one day I just heard at the intenders meeting on air and I was like oh my god that is like so amazing I already said you know abundance in a journey a relationship but I didn’t put the letters together to say you know that I was going to call the the cards air and it just just resonated with me so strongly I can’t live without air you know and those are three areas and so I I just I was just so excited I’m so so excited I was like okay it’s kind it’s time I know it’s time for me to finish the cards and so I just you know took a couple days and just say let me just go away I went checked in a hotel and I said okay I laid all my crystals out and I laid the cards out that I originally created put the crystals with them and say okay come on let’s you know tell me what you want what we need to put on these cards and what I need to say you know and I just I’m just stealing I just you know was doing researching and just it here is because I’m on my strongest Clare and Clare and we’re not karate so I you know it’s translated into words but I hear – high-pitched oh no I don’t receive my decimals and so each one is just having an accounting experience because it is a relationship so you know you can call me a player because I got 16 plate or cart oh yeah well let me ask you so people have one opinion of having a reading where a your readings are quite different so what’s the what how do you set their expectation if they’re coming in of where am I am I going to get married next week and what have you yet I happen to be last so funny and so I was start out and you know his joy and it was horizon she would always she you know may mention she don’t do future reading she always do past life readings and reason being is because so many people give my kids you know seniority military yes yes president she did give them seniority and I and I was like so when the last week when I did a fair lady sat down and I explained to her that first of all this is not a psychic reading to the you know in terms of me telling you your future or or what’s going on you know anything like that I tell them that what I do is assist them we’re connecting with angels that desire to assist them on their journey in whatever area not only that I always let them know that I don’t take the power away from them I empower them again by assisting them with connecting with angels that desire to a system because if if they’re having a crisis or something going on in their world and I’m not available then what are they going to do so one of the things I have each individual do is when they sit before me as I have them to do a little quick minute meditation and one of my favorites is to focus on that heart and imagine breathing in and out of their heart like three times I would tell them and it’s because I need them to get in their heart space because their heart is the gateway to their angel encounter so that’s how I prepare them and so that you know everyone that I’ve you know had an experience or was able to serve they was always excited about that that you know I’m glad this is something different and so I’ll also let them know that they don’t choose the Angels the angels choose them you know so when they get in their heart space you know I’ll tell them you know let me know when you’re there because if you focus on your heart and your breathing you get your heart is gonna open up and then you know again the cards are posted in abundance in a journey and relationships and most often you know when it at the fairs you only have a very short period of time so I would have them to choose one of the three categories and once they do that I’ll actually spread the cards out in front of them and then you know you’ll find out you know how do they normally connect with spirit is it you know through you know there’s four different ways hearing being a feeling or knowing they would always you know say okay no I I connected by you know I’m just knowing I said why I had you to be share that with me because angels may come a different way just so that they’ll that you will know that it’s them so when I spread the cards on it that I need you to pay attention to every experience that you have whether it’s a filling or tingling anything it’s because you’re building a relationship it’s like so that you will know if you see a color that’s that’s their way of letting you know that that’s that’s them so once I do that I have been choose three cards and when they choose their three cards when I would do is I connect with the Angels that they actually you know that came forth and and I pray and my angelic language so that I can connect with their angels and their guides in to create a like a circle energy like we’re connecting like we’re holding hands like the angels are right there and prior to doing that always tell them you get ready because you can ready to have an encounter with us and every single time you know something happens you know so next day at that point it’s just like they’re wide open they’re ready and then the other thing and I do you know always when I tell them I’m not choosing your parts because whenever those cards come forth and whatever you experience you know that it came from you but not for me but you know that angels chose you I didn’t choose them for you so and so they really you know get excited about that and then once they turn over the cards I don’t refill I have them read it and I when they’re reading I tell them pay attention to any sensation whether it’s a word that just jumps out or phrase just pay attention I’m always telling agree focus on your heart and pay attention and every time they’re just like floored oh my god yo this is what I owe right you know oh this is just what I needed and it’s just so it’s like they’re not looking to me it’s like they’re having an experience I’m just you know guiding them through the experience and then afterwards then they know you know okay they walk away with okay she there’s no way and so I’ll share different you know as I received if it’s any kind of English words that I receive I’ll share with them but otherwise I tell them and it’s for you to interpret you know because I you know I don’t take your power away from you I empower you by helping you to connect with angels and then also I have the cards that that they can purchase and because of the way they’re reading when it’s easy for them to be able to also connect afterwards so I’m looking here at your cards very beautiful you designed these yourself from yet Wow nice so one of the things I noticed was on some of them like this Archangel Uriel so it has the means which is God is my light the energy or a color pale yellow crystal amber and the focus is healing and harmony and so not on all of them but some of them I noticed they have an essential oil associated with that Archangel and some don’t why is that well when I was doing you know I actually do research you know in terms of because I you know I’m not at that place where I just can hear every little detail so I do research and some when I was doing research in terms of what angels connected or how to actually connect with and the reason why I put it on the back you know as far as their meaning they’re focused and the different things that individuals can use to draw the Angels closer and to be able to connect with them I didn’t find essential oils for all of the angel you know one and they all have crystals because that’s one of the ways that they share with me in terms of connecting another way that angels communicate with me that I didn’t share earlier is through numbers my angel speak to me through numbers because all of my life you know numbers has always been significant always I started paying attention and when things would shift in my life like what month or what day and things like that so when I first started communicating with them I was like okay how are you going to talk to me I’m going to know that it’s you this is in the beginning and they and not hurried like numbers and I end up finding the website that I you know would pull up every time I saw a combination of numbers that would feel like a trigger in my heart and I would do that too the other thing like I’m glad you pointed that out a lot of cards eight decks they have books where you read you know to see where the meanings are I didn’t do that because like for me when I have a purchase I think I purchased one card day to you know have a card and have the reading didn’t have to look they break it up it was just you know kind of took me on my face some time so I would have everything on the back of the card like you know that how to connect with angels and the message that was given to me to share with them right all on the warplane card so you you know if you needed to some right at once right away you have everything on the card so that’s reason why didn’t put a book in my card day because it made you know for me it was easier sure so like for example Archangel Raphael essential oils star anis dad’s a pronounced right star in these you mean attendance we toil yeah yeah so what would you do with the oil I mean what is it something you just get and just get on you so what happens is is like when a lot of times when I’m doing my readings always back to my client you know you can make are you like resume which with oils or resume with crystals and a lot of times they get all five years I love crystals and nails like so by the crystals but like with his essential oils you know they’re different ways that you know they have the little burners you can use that or they even like the candles you know having candles that have that essential oil scent you know like it’s just like a Roma therapy you use it the same way and when you’re doing meditation what does it all in that precarity yeah absolutely toss them near yeah yeah so yeah it’s like the crystals the oils you know you know like Ariel when I’m when I want to connect with Ariel because area was over preside over nature I’ll just go out in nature and just connect with that angel in that way so and the reason why I like even like with the focus like the different focus its that angel if you’re you have something going on in your world your life and it’s their focus they focus on a certain area and you can use it you know in that way as well but yes it is called you can connect with them stronger and like even like with the essential oil or a flower or something you may not even use if you do you’re in meditation and using that oil you might be out somewhere you just that’s it a comb across here no that’s just them in my nightie that essential oil might not even be nowhere near but because that’s the way you connect with the angel in your meditation it’ll cause that sense to let you know I’m near you know so that’s how I do it you know even like with colors you don’t color their be all of the different you know modalities that we never remember what the shape is but someone told me I’m gonna read it when the Virgin Mary is near there’s a scent isn’t it a rose is that what it is okay I mean that’s what it was right and then you know like even walking sometimes I’ll smell flowers and there’s no flowers nowhere near and that just lets me know this angel is close by so how do you know the difference between an angel maybe an ancestor um again relationship for me okay relationship because I know how angels feel okay you know there is a difference that’s why it’s like when I’m doing readings always have the individuals to pay attention to their heart and the sensations they experience you know the tingling and different things like that and so that it’s just after you have a you know connection and you build a relationship with someone that’s just like you know like as far as our relationship how do you know the tongues up you know if his last or acting goofy all the time for something like that then you know it’s just like you just know or like the relationships like it here like we when you have a connection with your ancestors there’s just some some kind of trader feeling that they are some kind of way that they used to make you feel and you just know that that’s them right you know that’s how it is for me with my Angels is just like I just know there’s no question you know and I remember you know my mom transitioned she she wasn’t she was 41 but I remember it’s like several years ago I went I was went to the movie who had one of my girlfriends and it the movie had already started and I walked in the movie and I heard someone call in the movie it’s dark right it’s like couple hundred people probably or at least 100 people in there and I told my friend I said my mom’s in this movie mm-hmm and I she said how do you know I said because I heard her call and she was like really I said yes my mother is in this movie I bet when we leave all the movie theater we’re going to spend the next stand by the door and I bet you my mom walked out that bet this movie my mom was in the movie yeah it’s like that I just knew it with her there was no question sure so that’s the same way with my angels like there’s certain experiences that I have with them that I just know it’s them so when you say ancestors you’re talking about her current incarnation ancestors or just at the spirit well I think she answered the question because you would have to know if it was if it was another incarnation family you would know in this life right so in exist that you would know because I know an experience of another mother she had lost her son recently he was a heavy smoker and when you would come to her he’s like mom I just miss smoking you know whatever probably really clouds of smoke seems like all my sons around Piper deal right yeah it’s like something you know that you just know that’s the only way I can explain it and and that’s why I like I say when I’m doing in reading I have my clients to really pay attention I always you know when I could tell when a they’re in her head where I like don’t come back you know because that’s where your connection is like for me Gateway the heart is the gateway is my portal I mean there’s different ways that you can in you can connect to spirit and you know different portals that you can go through but mine is my heart you know and that’s why I had to go through my journey you know as far as a broken open because that stuff that’s my my way that I could just connect instantly I know what to do just breathe and focus and I’m there hello I have a question about themes so you said when people come to see you have you I’ll use my personal experience so and we did line readings or just readings in general the people that are in front of me it was something that I was going through too because everyone’s usually a mirror right so my thing for you is do you find a majority of people on their head or you find them in the root chakra when they come to see you because you’re always trying to bring them to the heart chakra so do you find a theme of what you’re going through or do you find a theme of just people that come to you like a group of people at a time that come to you for a reading well well one a lot of the people that sit in front of me is there in their head and that’s why I have to make sure they get in there you know give them in their heart space one thing that I do notice like in terms of the theme not so much of where I am but it is definitely when I’m talking to them something that I have experienced you know as far as like one of the big things as far as a relationship aspect right and when it concerns you trying to get rid of someone out of your life that causing you know you just want to choke them or whatever that kind of thing like oh I’m so tired relations I just welcome to go but I had people like maybe it could be their twin flame so lesson to it you know there’s essence twin that is and they’re trying to create someone out of their life so that’s one of the things that I can you know really a system with because that’s something too that I’ve experienced is still trying to you know figure it out so that was one but one of the things that really makes me smile is that in doing the reading diet would have the same some of the similar angels that would come up every reading okay you know and I was just like I kind of think to myself you’re really working hard today you know because there was like when one of my first events and I was doing readings our danger jociel was just back to back people would just you know choose that angel and I’m just like you’re really working hard today and our danger Reggio but Joe Friel is the angel that helps you to see the beauty in life like in every aspect you know it’s the angel that you know resonates focuses on beauty in nature and you know the beauty you know the spark within you and things like that and and so I find that to be you know kind of amazing that that angel really for some reason not in that different times I would have liked some of the same like Raziel the last event recently event that I had first right there came forth is just one that you know it’s called seekers of God thank you geometry and quantum physics and I’m just thinking like oh you know and that angel this does not easily it’s not always present in people my experience that means that they’re going to a whole nother dimensional level in their life because things they’re getting ready to be open up to some really amazing things so I’m just sitting looking at the person that I’m you know working with and and I was like that one lady was like oh my god have been online you know looking for you know just being drawn to all this kind of thing and this is what I’m into so I know Roger L doesn’t come to people that that’s really a lot of times that I find that’s really new on there during their journey because you know right deals with you know can be here to come stuff is always calling and and you can’t rush your SEO and doing anything sure I do it’s gonna give you what you know knows where you are only going to give you as much as you can handle so that’s running on CP time right yeah oh here we are time to time is me I know that no no I’m right there you know not what I do that you can rush well I think it’s really good that you have the tie-in because what you the way I interpreted what you said is you’re seeing that there’s an elevation happening on the planet if there’s a theme then you’re actually tapping in like I can actually see the angels coming in to raise the vibration because maybe I didn’t see that ten years ago or ten years from now right since we are still in here at least you know that you can actually tie you into that right oh one other thing as far as like the growth do you see with angels like for us we’re taught to pay it forward that’s why your life is always great from giving you know and you get to the next level do you think they’re working harder because they’re ready to go to the next level they’re like waiting on us to get to the next level so they can move on the ug is part I mean I’m more jovial with my ancestors and such but do you have that kind of relationship with all of them or they’re like Snow White in the seventh doors where one is sneezy and one’s jokey and one’s really serious what yeah um like for me it’s kind of like like I keep going to the relationship thing it’s like a love kind of you know experience like I resonate really strong with our dangers and well because I am my angular love and that’s angel that is like kind of like over guiding and directing us and like I said understanding the whole aspect about the heart and the healing but no I’m not like I don’t I have nicknames for them but I don’t like it’s not like one of them kind of choke home economy so they’re not holding up their car park oh yeah yeah yeah so they’re not like homies for me it’s more and that like really really serious because like when I first connected with in my car ahead of our nicknames are called Raphael Rossi and Michael is the only one that I didn’t give a nickname because Michael is just like Michael yes you don’t kind of like you don’t play with him no kind of way or just kind of like like the man and you need to recognize that but it wasn’t like that kind of energy around but it’s just like kind of like that kind of reach straight kind of thing not that I won’t explain my other ones better it was more like a everyone that’s dear to my heart I give them you know some kind of nickname so you know like like mukbang or call them net in you do drag mails or call yeah I’m Josie awesome Josie what is that you yeah Randy Randy grunts our friends call me JB right yeah its legions right so yeah they’re somewhere that what probably but I I mean Jim Irwin kickin it though Yeah right see like rowdy alcohol Randy okay so and I even like when I call them nicknames I can feel it like they’re smiling I can feel it in my heart kind of like it feels like it’s a mile right and so because at first when I was giving them nicknames I’m like are your own food can we make things it was like kind of like a respect kind of thing cuz I looked at things like okay I’m not sure how this is gonna work but then when I started creating the cards I started calling nicknames and they they liked the nickname the Angels heart is light as a feather yeah so if you keep the Liberty I think that helps yeah so it’s not like I’m like serious serious or anything like that but it’s like a love relationship I know that they love me I know that they love me so much we love you too tree oh thank you I we’re going to get that Jay we’re going to find out with that Jay hi let me ask you this so since that point in time when that woman gave you the angel book right you read and it spoke to you and all your experiences from that point in time till now can you look back cuz prior to that you weren’t anything with you know I realized tonight Ivan I saw 9111 about the Angels being charged overs I didn’t you know and I there was one other time before all of this it was I used to go to a really mega choose mega church and we used to have a prayer like I don’t know there was times when we would go to be there at 5:30 in the morning have morning prayer at the sanctuary and it was just one lady who would you know I would go in the same area you know it’s huge it wasn’t that many people always and it was just one lady who was not that far from me and she gave me a little figurine and it was a angel and she just said God told me to give it to you and I was like okay and so it was just like little bitty things you know like you said Halloween but I wasn’t you know not until I read that book because I knew the scripture guardian angel charged no words but to give them we had to give them permission I was like that was after that it was like okay yeah oh you can do this you can do and it wasn’t like giving them orders but it’s like please help me you know kind of thing and then now it’s like I feel like they say when I say please is like sometimes I’m like crying from my heart it’s like you don’t have to beg because we love you and we do they can see from a higher perspective they already know what’s going on even like like when you when I cry you know I’m a professional Pryor so they really just kind of like I feel like they just thought oh you don’t have to cry with your side of things so so it’s just like a love relationship for me date I just know that they love me so much and I there’s so many we jump very very so just finish the question I was asking was I was just curious that now that you’ve had all these experiences since that woman who gave you that book can were there certain experiences like maybe as a child you look back nothing Wow that angel was probably with me there certain things that you didn’t even think twice about but now you might look back and say oh wait that’s probably what was going on yeah well like um in my book that I wrote and I talked about how when I was a little girl my mom you know you should say when she come in my room I would be trembling it was because I would see I could see I mean when I was a little girl I’m sure good enough I shut it down but I could see like you know at the end of my bed like boom you know so and I’ve always been different all through my life I’ve always been different from everybody in my family so I you know as I look and my grandmother would always take me to church and it was kind of like I was being protected all in my life like just like this little little fragile little people progeny you’re not fragile ya know I just said that’s how they would go to me they would handle me like I was fragile and so I just you know I just look at I feel like I was being protected because one of the things too angels are really sensitive and I’m very very very sensitive so I was always protected by my family cuz I would it was easy from my feelings to get hurt and I didn’t understand I hate it being like that I hated being so thin I was so sensitive to the spirit and people and my hi and I never want anybody to be alone is just like that just always been me and I know now that is just like reason I’m drawn to people that seem outcast or alone and always one is because of who I am in the fact that I’m connected with angels and that’s what they do yeah you definitely have a gift and I remember at the Unity Church you were also giving out a gift that people went to your website so if you can list your website where people learn more about you and maybe get that free gift to sign up for your newsletter that’d be fantastic down low is that what it was yes well you know one of the things that came through me and like I say the categories as far as relationships is concerned as I wrote a book called and there’s more than what meets the eye multi-dimensional relationships and you can go to open heart WorldCom and download the book for free and the reason you know I you know like the big theme of what I do or you know how we have the umbrella is open heart because again opening up your heart and have your angel encounter so it’s open heart calm you can go online and and that’s and download that book for free and that’s the aspect of the relationship part of air okay so yeah do you have a youtube channel Facebook page any of that yes and the website which will connect you with to everything is my full name Tracy Jay Johnson calm in the Tracy’s belt tra Cey Jay Johnson that make sure I feel my first name because I have extra Y extra files not fly extra pollen on the time c YX e gy e y yes so Tracy Jay Johnson comm is you would you can also order the cards it has a link if you go on to click on the tab that says air it has a little sample of the cards and the link for you to be able to go online and order on fantastic fantastic well Tracy was a pleasure having you on the intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective and we enjoyed having you we love having you in the intenders meeting and I’m sure we’ll have you on the podcast in the future all right thank you guys you’re welcome I was the good day guys happy Mother’s Day you!

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