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good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is hava and I am David and today we have someone from Melbourne Australia she is an expert in a lot of things we’re going to talk about a recent Netflix movie to the bone she’s dealt a lot with anorexia on her website my vision my calm but she also does a lot of visualization in the overall field of wellness so this is put your seatbelt on we’re going to tighten up and have a wonderful podcast with Beverly Steele welcome to the podcast welcome thank you very much absolutely absolutely and so here you’re in the wellness and you had your website my vision my calm and try where everything about anorexia eating disorders and so on and so forth but before we dive too far into it how did you if you could just tell our audience a little bit about yourself and what got you into your realm of expectations well I was in my 40s late 40s and I was getting horrendous flashbacks to childhood and all I was offered in the psychiatric model was heavy drugs which makes you feel like a zombie and you weren’t allowed to go out in the Sun well I’m Australian good heavens we love the Sun and I wasn’t allowed to eat certain foods and I took some for a while and they sent that back you know put a squash a little bit on the flashbacks and I said I’m not having this for the rest of my life so I was also misdiagnosed it was a severe PTSD disorder and so I thought right I’m gonna find my own torso at 48 I went to university I spent nine years there I’ve got four degrees I volunteered and ended up being the CEO of a not-for-profit organization specializing in childhood trauma and running depression anxiety stress routes for women and that one of those women one of those groups a lady came up and asked me would I work with her niece he’d just come out of hospital she’d had anorexia for 20 years and I said well I’d know nothing about anorexia because I’ve been dealing with childhood trauma and she said well everyone in this group and we had about 50 coming in and out she said they’ve had bipolar they’ve got depression they’ve got all sorts of things wrong with them and they’re all feeling better she said Beverly will you please please please go and see her so she I said okay so I went and knocked on the girl’s door she was 32 at the time and cuz I was still at uni I didn’t have premises then and I went nice you know said hi and we went into the kitchen her husband was there and the little girl was there and I said okay tell me about your anorexia because I I knew nothing I hadn’t read the book I hadn’t done anything but my work covers everything because we’re restructuring finding out everything in your much brain this process allows you to go into your mind and make it safe and happy so she said this girl said to me her name is Paula she’d allowed me to use her name she’s given me a testimonial and she said um I go to the fridge because I’m hungry and then a voice in the head commands me that I’m not allowed to eat so she said I can’t and I thought to myself I can do this because I work for voices in the head so we sat there i explained my work I spent an hour and a half two hours with her I came back in a month’s time her anorexia had gone we did another hour and a half two hours and we dealt with other issues and I’ll came back another month because she could only sing these monthly and we saw her again for about another two hours and her anorexia had gone completely she was sleeping okay I mean she’d had that she was 32 and she’d had it since she was 15 and she’d been in and out of hospital and then I realized how I could apply my work across now see this is the main thing which is hindering people getting well in the sector is that they’re told to ignore the voice most people with anorexia have a voice commanding them that they’re not allowed to and their control and controlling I mean you might have a what they call the internal criticize or what says all you know you can’t do that or you know whether this I mean other people have the voice and they had you know criticizing them or you know you have a running commentary but this voice isn’t actually coming from an ego stage and they have it’s all about control and something happens at one stage where they’re created a subpersonality or ego state which is about control and then something happened years later which which was on control and a triggered out the anorexia would you like to hear Paul as how she became anorectic yeah I’m sitting on the side of my Ejim I see here this is your average young person with anorexia not everyone this is your average I mean I’m giving you an example okay so I follow the personality theory called psycho synthesis now that is a subpersonality why this wonderful man called Roberto Baggio Lee who was a student of Freud and a good who was the father of psychoanalysis and he was a good friend of yours and most people know Jung through his dream work so he was back in the nineteen thirties forties fifties now he was supposed to go back to Italy and take psychoanalysis to Italy and he said that Freud hadn’t gone far enough and he hadn’t brought in spirituality now if you know anything about Freud he believes that religion was the curse of all people he discounted the door all the time but as a jolly said we have have a spiritual part of us we are spiritual beings in a human body and he brought in Eastern philosophies now you’re looking at 1940s 1950s this is a huge no-no in psychoanalysis and and in psychiatry because it’s only now are they bringing in mindfulness which is learning to be present and meditate meditation and yoga so they’re all the accepted things now in psychiatry and psychology but can you imagine in bringing that in the 1950s you cannot get psycho synthesis in your university degrees in psychology it’s not accepted by mainstream but I heard about it at a conference I’m running on an Australasian conference I was running in Australia New Zealand I’m the woman who specialized in it and I went up and spoke to her and we worked on it so I understood psychoanalysis put it in psycho synthesis did all the work in my own head and started beginning getting well the flashbacks were stopping and I was getting well so that was my drive I did it all on myself and because I was still at university and still volunteering I was doing it in those roots I was running and people were getting well so that was the beginning of my work so what happens is that when this is the core what was there in my mind when I witnessed saw Paula so you actually get to meet the part of you your sub personalities your ego States you actually meet them in your mind and they’re a holograph in your mind so everyone has sub personalities and they’re created by seven years old and you can have hundreds and thousands of them for example you’re in America so have you watched the movie Disney movie inside out at night no I have not it’s fantastic it’s actually a true representation of what goes in your mind so that what the 11 year old girl has is five little sub personalities in her head representing her sub her negative state who emotions there was an angry happy joyful sad disgust and they all interact in her life and you can see them interacting them now in Australia and England we have a little box called the little mister in the middle miss box and they’re dealing with each different sub personality or action because your sub personalities are your moons and your roles they’re created up to the time you’re seven years old I actually don’t know how long we’re going to talk so I can briefly say how sub personalities are created so you can understand a little more of the theory so when I tell you about Haller have we got time it’ll take about a minute absolutely go go for it okay as you know this is my life’s work my heart my emotions like everything I do is about my work because I can help people get well and undo anything what’s happened to them in their life and we get brain for what we know people say snap out of it you get suppressed I’ll get over that happened 20 years ago come on get really if we could get over it we would have so um so I mean and this is the blame-the-victim thing what goes on so what happens is on the psycho synthesis is that when you’re born you’re hardwired with everything in your mind but you haven’t lived in this body before so you have to have a way of storing your lived experiences so every time you do something new up until the age of seven and that’s because of the different brainwave patterns coming in every time you do something new a spark goes off in your mind you create a part of you with holds that lives experience now for example you’re three years old and you’re getting a little red trike so when you put your leg across it to fit on this trike you’ve never done it before so you have to be able to save the memory of riding a bike and that’s created into a part of you which is called a subpersonality so you the spark goes off you create your bike riding subpersonality and then when every time you go onto the bike that one says that one comes forward and that one becomes stronger and stronger as you ride the bike so you know you get to seven or eight and you get to two wheeler bike and then you get up to fifteen sixteen you’ve got to drag through the motorbike mode across push bike and then you get your own car so the bike goes in the shed years go by you pick up a bike and say I used to ride a bike and then you hop on it you go wobble wobble wobble and then click it you can ride because the subpersonalities are always there but most cases unless you do the action thing you they’re not present so yeah I mean you could be sitting down a little bit depressed as we all do and somebody will say you do something different you’ll feel better and that’s exactly right because if you’re sitting there a bit depressed and then you decide to go for a jog or to go out to cook something that’s another sub personality because everything you do every different category of thing you do is held by a different sub personality so by doing something different you’re shifting into another sub personality and that one in most cases will not have depression but if you have a lot of sad things happen in your life a lot of trauma happening in your life or abuse the subpersonalities becomes stronger and stronger and they can take over your whole life and that’s what happens with anorexia or depression or bipolar or schizophrenia or some any of the other disorders or the hoarding or the OCD or whatever that’s usually happened in childhood something was triggered at off so I mean I’ll now go back to Paula so what happened is in most cases of young people getting the disorder but not in everything because I’ve worked with quite quite a few young people and what happens is at 3:00 when the child is separating from the mother the two to three year old if you’ve got children of nieces or nephews you know the little to three year old as a stubborn strong little character can put their foot down and you know scream known they seem to find that magic word well that’s the time when the child is separating from their parents the mother up until then the child believes they’re an extension of the mother so they’re finding their own little independent self so in Paula’s case we believe she said no her father was not physical abusive but he had a violent verbal temper on him so we believe that she stood up to her father and said no and all hell broke loose and she created a path because this is the first time she’d experienced her father’s anger – for control because she had to not stand up to her father cause the anger so because that she didn’t ever stand up to her father again that one stayed silent like dormant just states around you know it’s there but then this she came up against the father’s anger that wouldn’t that one wouldn’t come out again because that was their role to control her so that she doesn’t stand up to her father then 13/14 these young girls go into puberty or young men and what happens their bodies are the control so because their body is out of control this one comes forward I’m in control the body’s out of the control I come forth and she takes over and this and because they’re controlling they then bring in the anorexia which is the eating because if they starve themselves thinking because it’s coming from a three-year-old perspective that they wouldn’t get the thinner the breasts and genitalia and that sort of thing and they will be skinny and it wouldn’t affect because it’s all controlled and that’s what I do with my work we make the first session we make your mind safe and happy I usually do this in ten hours paulus was a rare case because she had when people have studied their disorder and read books for years and years and years and had therapy and psychologists and psychology and been in and out of hospitals in and out so it’s like she wants for 15 years she knew everything about the disorder and my work could just slot into everything she was doing so my average is under 10 hours so she did it in about six and she’s never had that since she’s now 38 that she’s had for years so what happens is that once you make your mind safe and happy you have a world inside your mind so we live in the on the earth which is a world and we live in the universe which is a well but you also have a world in your mind and I it’s also a guided visualizations as you said in your introduction because we’re working with the limbic system which doesn’t have a language this is where it’s so fascinating is with the brain is that there’s different systems in the brain but don’t talk to each other or know the other exists so this is where the failure of the psychiatry and psychology with most disorders or when you’ve had adversity if you talk about because that’s the way psychoanalysis and that works you go in there and you talk and you talk and you talk that’s fine you understand what’s going on in your life you can understand why you behave that but the trauma or adversity is in the limbic system which is the emotional seat of the brain so this is why the soldiers and everyone else and also with like the anorexia the trauma adversity which crew which created it is in the limbic system what doesn’t have a language so you it doesn’t matter how long you talk it can’t stop the pictures now my work because it’s you have a world inside you I take you into your world we’re now calling it your your coach for your subconscious mind so we find your coach who then works with you to go into your mind and you can meet the different part to use you can talk with them you can still see them because they’re a holograph in your mind and you can put all the healing processes and you can they actually heal them and undo their past and it goes away forever because it’s the pictures and the limbic systems there’s no time in the limbic system so the fascinating thing is it doesn’t have a language and it doesn’t have time so that’s why if you get scared by spider because your big brother teases you and puts a spider on your shoulder on you running around screaming that picture goes into the limbic system because your brain is geared for survival and it’s they there forever so every time you see a spider the limbic system gets triggered by the flight flight mechanism replays the DVD of you running around screaming and all the emotions flood through because the limbic system is the emotional seed of the brain shall we with lion vision – you take the picture we take that little part of you which is induced or that little cartoon has the control or whatever else has happened to you we take them and heal them in the limbic system it’s that it’s taken out of the limbic system so there’s no emotions around it and this little one isn’t being affected all the soldiers not back in Iraq all the time he hears a a bang you know lay the lights or car backfiring there’s no trigger anymore you still have the memory because that’s in another part of the brain but it’s not connected to emotions so you can talk about the war you can talk about your abuse and what’s happened to you but because it’s not connected to the emotions in the limbic system which has been refined Reed’s done and all the hormones come through you’re free of it and that’s what happened to Paula she was free of it and that’s what’s happened to any I have a 95% success rate with any disorders specifically anorexia because it’s so heartbreaking these young men and women you realize in America there’s 3 million people with this disorder and 10% of those will die there’s an absolute failure of the sector to help these young people and all the people know them you know people in their 20s and 40s are now getting it so it’s heartbreaking these people haven’t terrible lives in most cases with the dictation of the anorexia which is the ego state taking over I call when I talk to my clients I say well this one’s you miss anorexia so we talk to it license and the Rexie or miss depression or mr. angry so you actually meet and talk them so it’s fascinating I love the workers you can hear it coming through the passion in my work I’m an independent researcher I have no one backing me I have no business I have no University a I’ve done this all on very very limited money because this is my life’s work and I want to get it out into the world and that’s why I’m so pleased to be able to come on to your podcast and be able to talk to this so we can help people yes absolutely absolutely don’t like David wants to go ahead and jump right there go ahead David well you know apparently I want to ask you yeah I’ve never known anyone that’s had anorexia so I’ve just you know seen it on TV or you know somewhere else and it’s always seems to be cases of female or women have other cases of men with anorexia because after I’ve never seen or heard yes there is a percentage smaller and they go into the excessive bodybuilding starvation mode but not very many of them but it is there yeah it is there okay yeah yeah see in there’s a new next next flicks movie out called to the bone fuel columns daughter was involved with it and she’s written a book about her time with anorexia now Kinari Reeves is the psychologist in the movie and what they have is a little home where they have five or six people with eating disorders you know people who believe me where they vomit they only eat certain foods and he had them in there and there was one boy in there he was a dancer and he had anorexia for six seven months and the main character it had it on and off for years and years and years and it was basically it’s long term and the main thing they brought out in this movie and it’s the main thing they’re doing wrong in all the mainstream treatment of anorexia is they train them and teach them to deny the voice most of them have a voice with session allowed to eat and in the movie they say no the yelling and screaming up the voice if I’m not going to listen to you except sector so by joining them to ignore the voice and to and to make themself eat that creates another huge problem because the voice is an ego state it’s a part of you a strong part of you and if you’re not going to listen to it or it can’t control you it goes off and goes crazy and a high percentage of people who force themselves to eat become alcoholics because the control part of them is out of control so they drink and the they don’t say this out loud very often but if you talk to any expert on anorexia you’ll get told that there is a high percentage especially if the person had it for a long time like 10 20 years that they enforced himself to eat they will become anorexic not that um alcoholics enough spoken to the odds and then they said oh yes I had a friend who had anorexia and she’s now eating but she’s an alcoholic and we have a horrible example here in Adelaide there’s a city below Melbourne called Geelong and there was twins there they called themselves the anorexic twins and they had had it from 14 and they were in their thirties and the professor came over from America with his camera and did looked at their you know made a movie of them and he warned the parents Bob and Maura because I’ve met that met the family and said to them if they start eating there’s a high chance of them becoming alcoholics well after a few years they started eating forced themselves to start eating I mean these girls were running 20 to 40 K a day and down to I think they were 20 kilos 25 kilos am i having you know all sorts of horrible problems their bones were equal to a hundred year old woman because all the starvation they were doing so they forced himself after a time to they made the decision and they became alcoholics absolutely horrible and they both died through smoking in bed and the they were drunk and the cigarette went into the mattress there was smoke you know coming into the whole house one girl died instantly and the other one bill died within a couple of hours and a because of the alcoholism so there’s a second thing if they listen to them if they discount the voice the voice will come out and take over in another aspects of their life so it’s a horrible disorder you know the treatment of the person isn’t right that some get well with you know they’re young people when they’re only had it for a little while they can get through it and get well with proper support but there’s ones what don’t get well or they they just have it for you know having a disorder for 10 20 years and they die of it and have miserable lives in between so this isn’t what I’m here for I hope people get well absolutely Beverly I left the to share the story because it’s one of those where I personally wish I had this information like two years ago because my I love my middle sister and she at the end was very anorexic as you know she she’s really skinny and towards the end she started drinking more heavily so you know it kind of resonates what you were saying about even voices you know she started it was like she was being told they ignore voices and so on so forth so yeah which iconic sorry girl I’m sorry this happened to it is so heartbreaking that she could have got well absolutely yeah you know what and it’s one of those where you know the family always you know you’re always questioning because in our case that kind of brings me to this question because or a two-part question because I know with the whole with the 40 a.m. and so on you know that magic number seven and so you know you you have these these these experiences like you were mentioned in two years old three years old and like you said it becomes a subpersonality because you don’t remember it not right and so you’re repeating it you have those pattern that you’re repeating yes and so I wanted to kind of dive into that but I also wanted to ask more so like a societal question because for my and my sisters case she was living in Barcelona and and Barcelona let’s just say at least and her crowd they were you know she wasn’t she wasn’t sketchy all you know and I’m sure you probably run into people in your work to she felt she wasn’t skinny enough you know and it yes it’s all in your own picture like I’m not you’re like whoa your your skin and bones math you know so my societal question is more of how much is it I believe there’s a huge part of the personalities and in the trauma and the limbic system but how much is their societally right there’s just up until recently there wasn’t a lot of full-figured anyone in popular media magazines video television so it’s like a combination but since you’re on a frontline I want to get your take on that yes it is because they fall into the you know society’s cracks you know the movie stars the you know the pop stars all those sorts of things and how they’re they’re skinny and they have to be like them the whole every health beauty you know the beautiful fashion magazines they’re all they’re there to sell products we know that and people get hooked into their hype you know you’ve got to have bumps this side of shape and your eyes are going to be like this and your makeups got to be this and you’ve got to wear these clothes or you’re not going to be beautiful so they get trapped into the whole hype of it and then they starve themselves now the other thing is there’s a book called optimum nutrition for the mind from Patrick Hallford you can get the book now he he makes the comment what comes first the anorexia or a sink deficiency because what happens is that if you don’t have if you don’t have enough think in your body you lack an appetite so when people are starving they’re not getting the nutrition into them their body and their zinc levels go down and especially in teenagers years in puberty a teenager needs lots of zinc so when you have a look at this Berkeley has symptoms of anorexia and symptoms of zinc deficiency and they’re exactly the same also I say yes I say so can click the anorexia can be triggered by the the the starvation of the the person and not having the zinc in in their body to stimulate their appetite and feel hungry so I say to every parent because I’ve worked with a lot of 16 year-olds I say the every I’ve actually copy off this it’s the chapter of the book and send it so the money said right you need to get the mints on to think and I said there’s a liquid zinc but has no calories so a lot of them can’t account the calories all the time I said and get them to take the zinc and this will help so I’m looking at the you know three four dimensions of the person you know take the zinc do do the process with me and do everything you can on all levels so I also work with the depression anxiety in stress because most of these young people I don’t know what your sister was like but they’re usually artistic sensitive types I’ve had two girls with anorexia they were 16 and they both wanted to be ballet dancers and you know ballet is the highest level of exercise athleticism and you know they’re always dieting and you know doing over the exercises and everything and their perfectionism came in and then the dieting and the anorexia came in so they also had the adversities in early childhood as well not one of them had a car accident where she was sitting in the baby seat and they were sideswiped and the mirror of the van was sideswiped them cut her face to bits so she was there was her life was totally out of control she spent years in at a hospital getting facial repairs and that from the time she was three so and that developed into the perfectionism the obsessions and the anorexia she had a whole list of things what was going on from there so it can be anything which triggered them off which in there up until 7 because 7 is the age when the third brainwave pattern comes in and there’s a shift in the child so that’s when all the sub personalities ego states and that are made so it’s it’s heartbreaking but people can get well and it’s gone for life the anorexia that the the sub personality who helped or ego-state wood holds the the anorexia it’s no longer that we heal her and then she gets another job because her job her role was the whole being control so now that she’s healed you then ask them I say to them you know what sort of gift would you like what would you like so they might wait they have horses and so they have such stables and horses and their mind because it’s complete world in the mind you can see just all the parts you doing things and you can I also work with these young people with their schooling as well helped us to get better marks because it can be applied to anything so we set up that you have a hole in the head and we set up a room for this will work in a room for their dancing in the room so we have all these rooms with a different parts of them live and a healing process what runs 24/7 so that any hiccup comes in their life from now on they know how to do with us so nothing builds up anymore so it’s I mean this is 20 years of my life so that gives you an idea hits the several of the big seven though because I’m a late developer not going to uni until I was 48 but if my life is out there so I’m trying to find people in America now who’d like to learn my work oh I do sessions over the Internet over Skype which I’m running now so a lot of my clients are around the world and I do therapy on skype and or if they come on the website we’ve got a book a couple of ebooks on eating disorders and we have a web webinars where you can actually talk to me and ask questions so this is what we’re doing for people because I mean it’s a big thing to trust somebody else so they need to kind of meet me and look at me on the webinar and see me and talk to me find out who I am and what I’m doing find away doesn’t when you have someone like me come on oh we love it we love it we want more back for PTSD because you’ve got some immoral day coming up soon have a new finished with yeah I’ve just finished a research see I started up a not-for-profit organization a charity organization in Australia so we can help people who can’t afford you know expensive therapy you know was charging twenty thirty dollars an hour and sometimes free to help people so our chairperson you rang up the we have come on the TV the soldiers come back from Iraq and the different wars and they they come on the TV and say look there’s nothin out there helping us so we have more soldiers of committed suicide here in Australia than we have who actually were killed in the war so it’s a big thing you know the same with the police and ambulance and rescuer all but things so you know every time they come on the TV and so our chairperson rings them up and offers our help and we we hit the organization you know the receptionist as all this is wonderful this is wonderful we welcome you and then we get put through to the psychologist and the psychologist says you can’t come here because you haven’t got evidence of face you’ve only got case studies and we were from will it be ignoring that so in the last year I did with nine people I did ten hours each some in America some here in Australia because the PhD student who was over sizing the whole study was an American woman and we did I did 90 hours of free therapy with nine people three were firemen who were having terrible PTSD problems and the other six were women with armed holdup sexual abuse harassment which is another big thing without this and within ten hours of therapy we did the effects again with them and then six months later we did this act again and up and even though it was six months without having any therapy or anything with me they all had improvements and they all came with a release had no more PTSD their depression anxiety and stress was all down to normal and that was with ten hours of therapy but again will I have yeah I’m an independent researcher I don’t know I can’t get the provider number here where you can get cheap low costs therapy here in Australia I’m independent I don’t have the finances behind me to do the big marketing campaigns I don’t have drug companies behind me or businesses or anything I’m doing this out of my own drive and passion which you can hear in my voice so if anyone out there we tried to do a three-week eating disorder in retreat in Bali but we couldn’t get some numbers because they had to pay to come we were you know doing the work practice for nothing and it was going to cost ten thousand dollars for them to come and that was one Serapis to three people and we people just didn’t want to pay the money but if in America if you go into the hospitals you’re paying at least fifteen hundred dollars a day oh yeah easily we were charging 1,500 a day a week plus there is a little bit of expenses but that’s still sitting there on the website for people to register or say they’re going to do it but if we can get some going in America I would be there within three weeks I’ve got a passport have passport rule trouble we want to have you back to do specifically on PTSD s because that you know that’s a whole separate conversation so let’s let’s stay with the eating disorder for right now the question that I had was you know sorry yeah you know get back today because I think David had something to but as you were talking about you know some of the barriers to entry that you’re experiencing a lot of what you talk about where they’re needing the evidence-based or the randomized control trials a lot of what you’re you talk about at least here in the States it reminds me of the the field of cognitive behavioral therapy or hypnosis now would that fall under the same umbrella in Australia or is that something separate CBD confidence behavior therapy is usually done by psychologists psychiatrists and social workers but mine as you can realize is because that’s using words and talking wine is using pictures it it would fall under the same see I can train people to do this we’re writing it can be trained in groups over Skype are not Skype from this type of the Skype training process is it which has been written up at the moment so we can do groups I like running small groups to train people because this isn’t something you can learn add a report because as you realize each person is an individual and each person has their own life so everything is different no two people in even with the twins which I did get a chance to work with them and they were just starting to come up when they so called export come from America and they got hooked into it all and did the videos and everything for them and followed his regime and ended up being alcoholics and dying so what we’re looking at I’ve lost the flop I do that I do the woman thing is you go on a side tangent and then come back and sometimes I save is laughing too hard of that one thing but I gather men do it soon but I remember a part of a joke amongst my friends you know they just say I said I’ve lost the plot they see right family and you were saying yes okay I’m back so because I’ve got so much you know information and so much I’m doing so we can we’re setting the whole thing up so we can train people in anywhere in the world with this work and anyone who stand like coaching in the helping profession nurses like psychologists count counselors therapists social workers can learn this work and it’s a very simple process but you have to be very eclectic because you’re looking at spirituality you’re looking at you know you’re meeting parts of you and your mind and everything is so different that’s why I said with the twins in there were identical twins and they both would had different things in their head they had different life experiences so no one is the same so you have to be very flexible when you learn this because the person is the boss I say I’m the tour guide into your mind every decision they make is theirs I don’t impose anything into them I make suggestions they see everything in their mind and as I said I’m a tool guiding to their mind we find there the coach the part of them who knows everything about them it’s called the inner self helper I call it like a housekeeper but we’re changing it to the coach and this part of youth assists you for the rest of your life to work on any issues and they run your minds and even run the body and the two of you work together for the rest of your life and it does it’s just incredible you can use it any issue what comes up you can automatically do it so the like Paula she’s what’s been 10 12 years and I you know in touch every two or three years how are you going Oh life’s wonderful no problems no problems so notes no sign of anorexia you know here’s news news have gone by she was 32 when she had that she didn’t afford them so she can go and eat in restaurants she can eaten barbecues because a lot of them have a fear of eating in public so you work on all those issues and then you’ve also got the other eating disorders about five now you’ve got bulimia where they eat and then go and vomit and then you’ve got with anorexia some of them count calories and the others eat just one type of food or two and they limit themselves to that and what they’ve made now is an eating disorder is the what I call the health nuts the people out there I have a sister who’s one who won’t eat anything off her eating plans and she’ll go to a restaurant and sit there the whole night not eating because there’s nothing there she can eat on her plan and she watches everything what she eats and no frozen food no this no that and they saying now that’s eating disorder because of their obsession with food so there’s a new one for the books isn’t it we listen to dr. Drew’s podcast no what does he have today Eva he was just talking about this recently he was saying that – – what you’re saying about the person that doesn’t they have that laundry list of things they won’t eat and so he said there that people are asking a question of you know should we get these fitness bands you know they’re huge here in the states and he was saying that there is a huge difference between fitness health and medical health he used our president as an example he said well you know our president physically is not physically healthy you can tell he’s overweight and all this but medically he’s medically healthy and so there’s this huge difference of if you’re looking at it from a pure fitness standpoint like you’re saying you’re still prone to potentially getting categorized and having an eating disorder yes and you know it’s our society you know the social part of it is you know that’ll be fat I mean that’s the thing here in Australia is with smoking that’s the big no-no you know you’re crowned upon to smoke and you know allow the smoke even outside of a restaurant or in the restaurant where anywhere there’s a second allow the smoke so you know let a smoke on public transport so it’s a big no-no for smoking and now whether it’s coming is the same is happening with having weight on to be fat is a big no-no so there’s all this you know your society issues on wearing the right makeup use dressing in the right clothes listening to the right music going to the right places so it’s the society which is bringing it on because you have a look at all these film stars I mean a lot of them quite a few of them have had anorexia because of the treasure to be this so-called perfect weight and had to have the perfect life and and do that so you know society has a lots of blame and young people are very susceptible to peer peers and what’s happening you know and they want to be famous and and you know another thing I say with the teenagers to encourage them to have the zinc as I said if you don’t have enough think you get pimples and acne it’s true one of the side effects is not having so when I see these kids with all these horrible acne I’ve just your time I do go up and say do you know you can stop yakhni by increasing zinc and you’re dieting and I had one person look at me and say I’m under a doctor who knows what to do and I thought Sorry mate the doctors don’t know what they’re doing because they’re not into nutrition they’re only into the drugs and that’s how the thing that in Australia most doctors only get 10 to 12 hours of nutrition training they’re not taught about you know they say if you go to a doctor who will say it’s a good diet and it will send you to a dieticians he doesn’t know he or she doesn’t know much about eating and food and so you need to do your own research you need to find out I mean I eat too my blood type that’s another way of helping you know you stay off certain foods because you know your body doesn’t tolerate it as much but I went to an extra four top naturopath in a seminar and he said look you say 95 percent on a good diet and that five the way you eat and do everything and the five percent means that when you go out you could have something in a restaurant does I mean the whole point of going to a restaurant with your friends is the social listen that you’re sitting there not eating that’s not being very social with it yeah no it’s the enjoyment of the people’s company and eating together it’s a big thing to be able to do that so it’s so again it’s society have you got any more questions I do absolutely I wanted I’m looking for a common thread between like a teenager and somebody in the 30 to 40 and wanted to know what you would see as part of like signs and symptoms that somebody may be on that slippery slope to an Alexi or eating disorder it’s the hidden it’s pushing food around on the plate to make them look at though eating they wear two layers of clothing two or three layers of clothing so that the family can’t see they’re dropping the weight the you know saying they’re beaten and they haven’t so there’s all these little food issue tricks what they’re using but when you start seeing it drop off their face and that it’s very very hard you know you can you know it’s one of the husbands of Paula said to me why doesn’t she just eat what’s so hard about eating so which is true but they’ve got all these issues behind us so you’re watching you watch their parents watching the patterns eating patterns and and please don’t burn the mother it is not the mother’s fault in most cases it’s not it’s not it’s society’s fault it’s a trauma adversity they’ve had in their life so you know years ago and even now they look at the mother and Sables they must have the mother son something wrong means the mother should know this you know right why she letting it happening well you can’t once a child’s over 10 to 12 you can’t make them do anything you don’t want them to unless you physically do it so it’s true you know once they get to 10 12 years old used to be 12 13 now I think it’s coming down to 10 that so you can’t make anyone a child or anything they don’t want to a teenager could Evans you have to work from it from another aspect of it you know what’s who they’re associating with what are they doing what are they doing with their food no you know skipping meals and I beat them you know and that type of thing but maybe getting them into some form of therapy but a lot of the times they won’t take it from their parents it’s the rebellious part of being a teenager so it’s a hard one being aware trying to talk to them getting through to them getting into therapy if possible getting them to see me the best thing absolutely I was thinking as you’re saying that how far we’ve come because you’re talking about the 1930s forties or fifties and in just the awareness of this field and when you mentioned the movie Disney the Disney movie inside out it made me think of snow weighing seven doors right because the seven doors are supposed to be the personality but Danny Racine is outside in themselves where it’s inside out it’s more of giving you awareness that these are internal personality yes these are internal you all internal and you can have hundreds of them hundreds and thousands because and all different shapes ages and sizes because some of them are created for an event I’m Tilly a funny story my third son I have four sons we lived at a small hobby farm and had put horse when you’re under and count when you’re under the lemon trees and all the trees in the hills of production and he crawled out underneath the lemon tree was eating horse manure so he he has got a subpersonality what’d he talk to you but unless he eats horse manure that one won’t be triggered out of the game have subpersonalities holding all your different roles and moves but by the time you grow up they’re down to probably fifteen to eighteen to twenty different roles but you’ve more concentrate in there with big teeth if your students you’ve got the student ones and you have ones in your sport so so if a football fanatic or baseball fanatic you’d have one then follows the football and baseball so these are different roles in different moods what you have in your life so you’ll have one in you what looks after the podcast and the radio and the passion for that and then so these are and then you as I say the people when they know about the different sub personalities if you’ve had a bad day at work I said when you’re getting your car to drive homes we’re shifting to your car driver because that’s another rule another thing you do so you’ve got so you have the car driver back so I said the moment you sit in the car you just say in your head okay the podcast person or the secretary or the whoever it is the factory person has had a bad day hop in the healing process and wash away all the issues what you’ve had so that means each day’s issues stay in that day so when you go back to work the next day those issues are washed away and they don’t build up and don’t build up unless you’ve got a terrible so a terrible situation where you’re working in so it can be used right across the board to keep themselves you know stable and happier to become the person you should be and not have the issues from childhood or beliefs because this is the problem that you have some people have so many beliefs put into you free I’ll give you example for myself first year at high school we had singing lessons and we had a concert so I wanted to you know try out for the concert and the teachers there a singing teacher said you haven’t got a voice you can’t sing you can’t come up so you know bit disappointed so I didn’t sing from then on teacher said I couldn’t thirty forty years later I had one of my clients was a Foti and she said Beverly who by the voice I said no I haven’t she said oh yes you can sing I can hear it in your voice I’m not almost I’m a folk singer writer and she said but your voice is operatic she said I can’t help you go and get a teacher so I looked in the local paper and found the teacher it wasn’t by out from Europe and he was about Kanto teacher method teaching and you know I went they had a couple of lessons with him and he just stopped I blew his little cotton-pickin mind off he said can you reduce it can you do this you’ve got a bug there in such a dramatic soprano voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard in Australia sure I mean yes so I mean I didn’t follow it and I was in my 50s but it was nice knowing I had some lessons you know I can sing that type of thing but you know you get told as you’re growing up all these sorts of stories and you think you know you stop um you stop doing things so I mean I had childhood issues you know horrendous abuse and my mother had the he tried to kill her three times and had to leave in the middle of the night so I had all those issues but the other issue you know the heavy stuff but the the fact but I didn’t believe I could think so how many of us out there I’ve got all these issues and from childhood or teachers saying something to you or your parents putting you down or you know you make this beautiful painting when you’re four or five six eight years old and you take it and show your parents and they was like one of them says oh that’s useless you could have done better and there’s your painting gone down the Train because you’re no good at it so we’ve got all these issues which are holding us back and stopping us from doing the things what we want to do and find out who we are because we’re a social construct their whole life is by as dictated from society which is our families and if that’s dysfunctional boy do we have problems and then you know going to your teenage years we appears so all along we are created and it might be the person you want to be that’s why I really like your story because from my take away is that you have these personalities and if they’re not really addressed then you will be in your late 30s 40s 50s where they will come to the surface or you can actually resolve it you get the trigger you know how the soldiers get a trigger or something you can have something like with Paula in childhood it was her father violence verbal he wasn’t physical it was he had a verbal that the her auntie was the one who got me just to see her and I met the auntie’s husband and she was a little tiny man he said he’s a scary that man now even though he’s calmed down I think what it was like when he was you know young so you’ve got all those those issues of and beliefs about yourself and they stop you from growing and doing things and you can undo them all nothing in your mind is set in concrete so you can reprogram yourself redesign yourself if you use the voices in your head you evict them if they’re not used because they’re different types of voices so if it’s you yelling and screaming at you we hear will that part if it’s you can trying to cut a part of you trying to control you with the anorexia that’s a part of you but you can have somebody in you something in your head saying you’re a useless no-good you no kidding and you know you’re unloved and nobody loves you type of thing that can be a voice in your head which I had with one client and when she went into I said who is the voice coming through and she finally found us it was her alcoholic father so when you admit them out of your property in your mind because you’re making your mind safe and happy the voice stops and she no longer had this voice in there it was communal all day every day you’re usually seen oh good you’re a waste of society they’re ugly she had that all day every day she said she tried to commit suicide so many times try to stop it so voices are another big no-no out there you know they’re saying ignore them get out you know that type of thing but with me you met them right who sang this in your head because you’ve got a safe and happy so I call it retreat and you offense certainly puts spiritual psychic protection over it has a gate that only you can go in and out so you’re in control over your own mind and that you design it to your own wishes and likes and what you want to do a lot so there’s anyone in there I have approached this 9-step process and I have about number six is called eviction so this is your mind this is your head no one’s allowed in there but you so you go in there and then I have a simple process to find them or find anyone who’s not you and you decide you know you don’t need to have you your big brother dropping hairy spiders on you don’t need to have a father or a mother or the bully at school is your bullying that school is such a bad thing the bullies are still in your head so you do see that here in the states with uh with the something that the schools my goodness the bullying things out of control yes and the so you you can grow all through your with that bully is still being in your head Dalton you up in your head yelling at you all that it’s because in the limbic system not having a language it’s a picture so it’s a video so every disastrous adverse trauma you’ve ever experienced has activated the right flight trees and the dangerous part and that goes because your mind is geared for survival so that goes into the limbic system as a DVD so the whole thing like I had one man who had a bad car accidents when it was raining in the mountains so that he could not drive in the mountains when it was raining because the car accident was flashing before his eyes the whole time so you take the car accident out of your mind because that’s a picture form in your mind so nothing is set in concrete in your mind it’s a plastic neurons can be changed the pictures all can be changed and you’re making mine safe and happy I love it it’s my biggest you know when people get well and and get their life back and they say thank you very much and I say it’s a privilege working with you and it is it’s a privilege for somebody to trust me to be there to guide and to gently take them through it I believe in education empowerment so I don’t work with anyone and to it but the first two principal sound or theories down which I’ve told you is about the limbic system and the flight flight trees where the pictures are and I talked about psycho synthesis and the personality theory so I give them little examples they said or I said because you’ve got to be able to trust me trust the process and trust your own eyes in most other cases people can’t because there’s all sorts the horrible things going on in their mind and it’s not their fault and they can’t just snap out of it one of my clients said up don’t you think I would if I could yeah yeah the other questions David well one of the questions I was going to ask Beverley is I know how you know the history at least in this country is kind of been when when someone comes along and and has been is very successful with maybe alternative ways of helping people or doing healing or or whatever and because it’s such a the medical images such a money tree they’ll you know that person usually will at some point I’m experienced or you’re practicing medicine without a license really it’s just to get them out because they don’t want any kind of competition and so I was wondering I don’t know how it is in Australia I have no idea how the medical medical system over there works or anything I was just wondering if you had that any kind of experience that at all in Australia I haven’t experienced it I’ve presented it will than Australasian conferences because this is a therapy I’m not in the medical model it to be a doctrine that you’ve got to be licensed to give injections etc etc and give drugs well I don’t give drops yeah I’m not anti drugs they’re there for a purpose but you know people say can I come off with them I say no you get well first then go but and prove if you get well then you go back to your GP or doctor and then show them your bop well and then they will sole stable supervised at all so I don’t have that issue because I’m not fighting them what I am doing is exposing them or trying to because the they’re doing it wrong I mean they can’t say that they’re doing it right I mean you’re saying about the bullying and the shootings at schools that what the research I’ve been doing that most of the shootings of the schools have been done by kids are on Prozac and not post if Prozac and the the their depressive and they’re on drugs the Medicare amps and the drugs doesn’t they don’t feel human they don’t have the seems to shut down their their conscience a bit or you know they it doesn’t seem they kind of not in touch with their true feelings are anything so they they can just go ahead and do it because then the notes duck can’t feels what they’re doing all of all the heartbreak they’re causing but most of them are done by kids on drunk on the medical job so there are other ways and they’re if they’re depressing that you find mr. depressed you I mean we can’t I can’t get they can re parent themselves in their own mind they can get a good mother a good father they can have we put in like young men’s today I mean it’s been the same in this in America is they don’t have Mentors they don’t have role models in their day-to-day life most of them so they’re looking at their idols and their sports stars and things like that so they here in Australia to you know to be a man is you know between 16 and 18 you get a car you can go on drugs smoke cigarettes and have sex you’re a man but where’s the consequences where’s the role models for them and young men need role models you look at any native society when a young man goes into puberty he’s taken aside by the men and taught how to be a man in an his role in society of that society see we’ve lost all that and that doesn’t help our young men doesn’t mean that’s why we’re glad we get to interview experts like yourself and let us know about new things out there like the psycho synthesis so we are at the top of the hour so I’d love for you to give out your information for people that I want to know more and how to get in touch with the you for session okay it’s my envisioned mind all one word so wwii envision mine calm come on the site there’s the eating disorder retreat there’s a part they’re caught ism because it works with children and autism as well works with everything a learning desert things there’s webinars for you to join if you go through a books those and e-books you can get there’s contacts not Beverly at mine in mine you can get in touch with me and we’ll have somebody get back to you within 24 hours you can join up for a webinar and find out you know come on and hear me talk and hear the theories and I actually give them the first two steps of a 9-step process though they can try it on themselves and see that they can do it and that it will work for them so they can test it all out on themselves before they come on board so it’s and I would love to help anyone and if there’s anyone there with a retreat or somewhere where we can come and set up in America it’ll be fabulous so I’m putting the call out somebody who wants to learn this work we can do all this so it’s yeah it’s a complete different way of working with people with a mental health issue or yes any form of issue and it’s drug free and they’re in control well well great we’ve just had another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am David and Beverly it was a pleasure let’s stay in touch and have you back on yes love to anytime anywhere you can’t shut me up [Music] thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us 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