Yvonne O’Brien Channels Archangel Michael In The Bible (Interview)

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and petting me now because maybe they know good afternoon everybody this is Hamza this is David and we have David and we have a special guest today we have Yvonne we love Yvonne Yvonne is awesome and all that good stuff so I’m really happy that we get to share her with the world on our podcast because she is already pretty popular has a very popular schedule and we were able to fit her in which we’re actually going to include as a part of the podcast today because here he has a reason of a spirit linking to her that I’d like to share so without further ado welcome to the podcast Iran hi hamsa hi David thank you so much for inviting me I’m glad to be here thank you hey well you’re more than welcome anytime you get a chance we’d love to have an ongoing conversation with you as time goes on and so before getting started we like to talk about our door opening or what would be incidents in our life that kind of led us on this path many people have similar stories that they were going in one direction and then they had a major event and now they’re on this current tangent if you will so would you like to share that story with the team sure sure I am so it’s a tricky one to actually answer because in some ways you could say you’ve been on this path since your little child to join I mean but then in other ways you can say okay they were trying to get me to do this work for 15 years and find it it’s just a massive trigger that came again you know so probably I don’t from the massive trigger that got me to finally step into this work and own it as a path if you know what I mean and help me step away from the corporate world or a different life I was in where I felt with my dream job full-time job I really loved yes but I think Stuart’s God the Angels however you want to call them had a different plan for me there’s me I was doing readings mediumship and psychic type readings on the weekends and still trying to maintain a full-time job which as I know now was impossible to achieve but I was doing it and because of the time my husband was unemployed and I thought well this is kind of what you have to do and more more as I started to do the readings people started telling me well why aren’t you doing this full-time to name one ham series one of them – and TV excuse me and other things started to happen to me I place about faith in Archangel Michael or Saint Michael and I started asking what why things felt like they were changing all around me and I kind of invoked him or he said start to pray to him every night to say what’s going on please help me I knew there was a change coming police abuses and pretty much took it from there and with his help I started to notice all the signs when it was time to go and whenever to leave my old life which I did do kind of cold turkey I resigned and then I stepped into this full-time and three where he almost for four and a half years later we’re not looking back everything looks great and I understand I had to leave leave that life but it definitely gave me lots of skills that I needed for for working Sturge like so I’m very grateful devoted really we have similar stories in that way it took me a long time to leave corporate and when I ultimately did I was kind of like I guess it was the juggles on me right because of the fear not leaving but then when I openly left I was like why don’t I leave sooner yeah yeah that’s funny it’s a good thing because you get stuck and you get stuck in security and thinking that you have to be on a certain path and you have to be going to but then all these things starting to happen happen around you there you go and hold on wait a second somebody else’s in control here you know yes me exactly so did you so I have you’ve always seen a scene script you want and her yeah when did that start to but you kind of needed she had some kind of gifts or abilities great great price great question so I’m perfect a little bit like maybe aren’t you guys I grew up in the seventies I was kidding with somebody so everybody didn’t know kind of what to call it back then but just when I had problems leading at night I thought I fell faces in my bedroom and a third window which just happened to be the second story which is cliff trained you know and I was a kid who was afraid of leaving the closet and open the what was going to come and she loved it so you know I wasn’t something mother it’s only looking at as a kid I think they would have just said oh she’s just a fearful afraid child so I was definitely seeing a lot of stuff and I was thankful to atleast have my mother to be there and to be the kind of woman who was open to like maybe there’s something else going on here and who who believed in ghosts and stuff anyway so my dad was just one of the more closed off so I think it was starting there but I just didn’t know like that as a kid what you’d call it you know yeah yeah well let’s do that you know you got some validation from your from your mother okay you know when usually people are such a children that are so capable they can be experiencing all kinds of stuff and you know as opposed to getting invalidated what about did you have any brothers or sisters I do I have one brother Carl and I have one sister Jeanne I’m the eldest I did have another sister who died as a young child named names she would have been they actually she would have been the eldest but my brother is quite sensitive my sister is not so much as you’d like to have a raging but then we’ll go off and do all things you can live from side to side you know yeah he so compartmentalizing sounds like yeah she does she’s a mathematician so I expect that you know how do I do sir there is funny yes actually works in actuarial scientists but my mother works full-time and just work now she didn’t go too late I was about 12 or 13 where she started looking into her own intuitiveness psychic abilities and her mother Mary O’Brien my mother’s name is Bridget my mother’s my mother’s mother my granny’s name was Mary and my granny was very very intuitive like she liked you she didn’t like you instantly and people knew about my granny’s a sharp responses to knowing everything to remain and my mother started having an awful lot of dreams so I think for most people it starts with dreams and they were just unusually clear and vivid like you were walking in the store and yourself screaming and it kind of went from there my mother read tarot cards and then left them behind and then got a name for herself in similar to her mother’s accuracy again I mean were like oh my god she knows stuff either go see her or stay away from her you know so yeah so kind of pretty fortunate that I feel very blessed you know for those that are listening you’ll notice that I don’t think it’s just my ears that are picking up on it but it’s not the traditional American accent either true – I am from Ireland yes I’m from Dublin a place called from darken which is their five-month play Dublin I came to the States in 1996 so I still have a sort of a Irish accent but I was talking about this today when I go home to Ireland I’m American and when I’m in America I’m Irish so it’s kind of joke you know it does work so if I now call on the foreigner but then in America and Parma – so I guess a new place everywhere what what brought you to Atlanta or to the United States actually nothing to do with spiritual stuff but I think there was a plan if you know that name okay I’m looking back now because everybody can always look back in hindsight when I went to college my mother truly thought that I had something and she wanted me to go to what’s called the spiritualist churches in England to really hone in to the things I was seeing to understand the Masters and try to help people but I had I was a little bit too young and I thought England was a great place to be in college and had decided to have a good time instead so I think the angels and God accept her said right now she ignored the last four years we’re not going to give her her next wish an acid I wanted to go to Australia and to travel around and instead of that my friend called from college Jordan and said he was going to America comes with sneezing and Dublin see if you can get a place to and of course I knew I was doomed I didn’t really want to go and I knew it that face if I go this is over you know not going to Australia so I went and of course I got a job at a hotel in Atlanta Georgia for the Olympics and then of course as soon as everybody knew with Olympics you have to go forget about Australia you have to go and I was the only one whose kid wanted to go to Australia so like I said I didn’t follow their rules and do the Scourge this church thing in England so now they were like taking over and saying we’ll send you to America you’re not going to Australia when he goes to America you’re going to find a horizon helium Center so not so very Jose there was really no for you up there that’s way wow what a story it’s funny because everyone that we speak with we always ask at the end of free will versus destiny and it always seems like it’s more of a destiny once you get out of your own way absolutely yeah and one time I did a meditation and member earlier at the beginning you asked me kind of what was the big turning point when I left the corporate world I did a meditation a couple years ago asking when never no I just figured out in the meditation to speak to my guy to ask them when I was supposed to do this and they told me I was five years out of course and I laughed a bit I think they let me go for five years you know I asked for what five years and they showed me my son as a baby so apparently I was supposed to leave the old corporate world when my son was born um and then I talked about that because I understood why him because he’s very spiritual I think he has a natural gift and every time I do my readings he seems to come in and help me in unusual way so just the other day there was a lady my son walked into the bathroom sweetie of the morning and he had my rosary beads around his neck and he was very sad and I was like well where did you get them he couldn’t answer me he was just all consoled in grief and about 20-25 minutes later a lady sent me a note off the facebook saying she really needed to talk to me and it was about her father moving her rosary beads in her drawer of her bedroom and she hadn’t heard from her father in 18 years so I completely understood then why my son was linked to my path and him walk into the bathroom with rosary beads there you go yeah Wow I just didn’t take this very valuing so now you know you understand I have like about 1% free love you know so being from Ireland I just have to ask in your experience and you were growing up did you ever have any experiences with the fairies or gnomes not exactly actually it’s very endearing of that happy because I Moorhead frightening experiences with Ouija boards and so I have a vivid memory from secondary school where within my first year where the principal that I called an assembly and said talk to everybody in the entire secondary schools like high school in America and I talked to the entire school about nobody using a Ouija board because there was three girls who had just recently done that and one of the girls would not be going back to the school he didn’t say any further what happened to her but that stood in my head and then there was a couple of different parks that we used to play as kids and I found I found a lot of kind of satanic kind of stuff and some parks of the kids that frightened me it’s nothing in my thought but these are all here kind of telling me to be on the right side if you really mean but I was never ever harm but I remember that vividly I thought I never ever went near a Ouija board I’m trying to keep people away from that and the I didn’t have any experiences with fairies but I certainly had an experience with another person in Ireland that we call the banshee whether it’s fable truth I definitely had a connection there’s a story in Ireland Ireland where if you hear the Banshee wailing somebody’s going to die and I don’t know the full history behind the Banshee but she’s supposed to be a wailing woman of long white hair who suffered and cry and cries for those core about to die if they’re about to die alone the whole thing is alone you hear this wailing woman wailing or it come out of nowhere and little right and it hasn’t happened to me several times and that was made teenagers and I brought up to another and then a few days later I would hear somebody’s definitely bad source ah well that’s no coincidence a and it’s such an awful sound you kind of wouldn’t forget it she’s here I mean so but just hair that very grieving wailing fat stricken noise turning Wow yeah and I whatever story in Ireland we were very superstitious Irish people are and predominantly Catholic country so we lost of old homes you might see pictures of Mary or the baby Jesus a lot of things religious relics or things to keep people’s faith we we assume like for example Saint Michael Archangel Michael would keep me safe but we did have one particular holy picture in our house we’re going up on more and mothers who lives in my house today and we have this old man kind of thing in Ireland that it’s a whole new picture falls off the walls somebody’s going to die so I remember vividly I think of it maybe 10 or 11 I just remember my small little body so I can’t remember the exact day July was we were using breakfast in the kitchen when we hear this crash to the floor and these the thing about the holy pictures falling off the wall they never break they’re always perfect and then and my mother froze still like a series so if you’re an superstitious people you don’t stand when there’s good position called off everybody stops did you know anything my mother I remember my mother prayed please it going oh my god no what happened and then go next and she already knew which picture it was you know and sure enough it was on the ground the the threat that was hanging from was perfectly fine it can break nothing broke on it to this day we have no idea how it got onto the ground version it was about I think a half an hour narrowly later and my mom got the phone call that her dad had died those kind of things you know and those things really sticking a kid’s head so I really just out of curiosity are there any you know centers that are similar or like like the horizon Center and in Ireland or in Dublin or anywhere over there well there’s a there isn’t it’s good to bring up that question because I only started to bring in my work to around about three years ago in the summer time and I went to a scurrilous type Charm City room so it wasn’t per se like a heating cent I think was called the Sturgis Church and where they do some classes and then I tried searching so there I haven’t really found a big a big place like the psychic Institute or anything like that but it was certainly a catalogue of a good amount of mediums and psychics there wasn’t any shortage in I mean and I’m doing work this coming summer in a healing type center that there’s a lot of acupuncture and Reiki and stuff like that but they don’t have any mediums per se so I think that might be a nice fit for me you know yeah yeah I love positioning I mean it’s all about positioning if you’re the only one there that totally makes sense I’d be able today I want to go back to superstition for a second because you’re you still go back home chiral in you still have the you know I can still pick it up in your vernacular in touch so you have that steep rich history that you can always pull to and it reminds me of the african-american experience and how we traditionally have lost a lot of that over those you know over the centuries because you know there’s a huge contingency of African Americans that are superstitious so when you were talking about the banshee you know at least in my family we remember if a bird flew in your house they would have that same type of dread like Oh somebody’s gonna die and you know it in the New Orleans and places in the deep south you still see some of those a lot of superstition that’s still exist but for the most part a lot of people are cut off from lineage if you will right right yeah I’m very fortunate that way and I think again I think you choose your parents I think you choose where you’re supposed to be born what country you’re supposed to live in all your experiences in order to live the past that you’re supposed to fulfill so I think it was perfect that I was born under my mother I actually have grown to understand why I have the father have and in the last ten years he’s perfect – to me and I had everything the cultivated a spiritual experience in me since a very young child and I’m very grateful to that because it does it is important for my path and that’s why I was born there however America really kicked it off for me you know so America does have a good amount of spirituality and I embrace all kinds of faiths as well I think it’s great to have all kinds of religions in the same place you know so superstition has a way of showing up and certain people and they don’t always recognize that superstition you know this to really use I’ve had more people this year mentioned to me though – and three – didn’t think they were superstitious but the minute you mentioned debts and trees or like oh my god you know everybody dies and you know definitely the bird thing as well the bird hits the window as the bird flies in your house the black crow everybody’s afraid of black crows or black boards all the evil if you own a man get away from you know but they don’t always I say recognize their label aside superstition they just they just kind of say it you know and and I’ve been fortunate to done a few readings for a few ladies from the Bayou kind of areas while in a day beam as you said very deep-rooted in spiritual ways as opposed to a hue wait Susan I mean gateways are much older than I need I need was completely understand you know mm-hmm definitely now with you with people that aren’t in this type of nomenclature if you will they group everything together like you’re psychic you’re medium you’re clairvoyant but there’s definitely differences so if you can you talk more you’re more I think you have a greater capability and mediumship so could you explain balance between a psychic and a medium sure absolutely and I think it’s great that you brought up you know their psychic medium healers all kinds of thing I’m actually for saying you’re one thing and not ten ten things you know I think you should kind of focus on one thing and anybody who comes to me for business I say focus on one thing and you’ll be success have too many lists of things and your your amount of nothing to Charlemagne okay so I think you should actually focus on one area okay I am primarily medium because I so here’s here’s and this is why I’m trying to say this in this way I can because if you can approach it many different ways everybody is intuitive or psychic or has those kinds of abilities the legions of peace is just that extra living slot where you can actually be the medium or the conduit to give the message that the person is cost over wants to get to their human friends that they can’t katroo themselves and generally they can’t get it through themselves because the person here isn’t recognizing what they’re trying to say or filling in the dots your name I think that I focus on mediumship because I’ve a good ability to see number one clairvoyance means the ability to see that I can see spirits or I can see a ghost or I can see a part of the essence of somebody that’s that still here are the ones to be seen claircognizance you have four or five different Claire’s the Claire their journey essentially links to being psychic okay clairvoyant or cousins / audience etc no psychic or medium is brilliant in all of them I happen to be very clear and seeing I haven’t challenged sometimes with hearing so I have to be make sure I’m very open so they can hear what they want to say because sometimes in the regions feels like we’re playing charades sometimes things they know and I’m not hearing them correctly you know but I’m speeding them very clearly and if they do a movie story in front of me I can follow along you know so I just have that extra believe you to be able to decide for what’s going on and get the message to the correct me sitting there and dad what I like John you know in our our second podcast that we had we’re on I think 13 now or so but in our in our second podcast yeah yeah we’re kind of we’re making our way out there you know starting to get a handle on this as a go forth but in our second podcast we our topic was on dog links and there’s no accidents or coincidences can you mention it sometimes that it’s hard for people to get a message but there are other times where the family member or ancestor or something is persistent exists and they won’t stop until they get your attention and we were going to talk last week but you had gotten someone that was very persistent persistent and getting in touch with you but I’d like for you to share that story if you will oh my god yeah are you ready this now if this will really take you back and I cried for days after this I just couldn’t stand fathom the magnitude of what happened and it’s amazing you guys David and Hounds there were literally a part of that we try to podcast last week and it was scheduled and I was scheduled to do a reading over the telephone before that and it was my first reading back after taking a vacation to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park the only reason I mentioned that is because it’s actually all linked we started the reading everything was finally going great two minutes before I was supposed to so I went over time on the reading but just two minutes before I was supposed to get onto the podcast this young man showed up and I kind of recognized him and I was like well maybe they’re trying to show me a parallel this couldn’t be the person that I know Sara main coming into this see I didn’t understand the correlation but when you do mediumship you you realize you have to leave your head behind this has got nothing to do with your brain you know because we just can’t understand their ways okay so we would started talking about what was a murder and I was like I think this is my case and we were two minutes in and he winked at me and then I said to the young lady I have to go I got the scheduled podcast and has never had a speaker crossover wink at me before I saw I didn’t know what to make it averse out what this is kind of funny I felt really good he was giving me this amazing feeling but he winked at me then I said I have to go and I was like oh my god why did he come in at the last minute and I had called closed guys and I was having tremendous trouble with the actual getting my phone to work etc and we ended up kind of deciding okay just something wrong Danelle was at the time so we decided to reschedule nice and you know I’ve got the feeling I need to go back to the radios just chocolate because this is the guy I think it is this is going to just I’m stunned I mean so I go back and we continue on the reading for another like 45 minutes and we go all into this murder that I’m so much in a trance I don’t completely really realize what’s going on and she doesn’t verify what I think it is but I know that it’s a good reading so we end the reading I give her all the details and that’s that after that I went I got so fixated that I thinking that is this the case I worked on two years ago that stopped suddenly for me that I got very upset because it didn’t go where I wanted to where I needed it to go I thought it needed to go okay because there were so many similarities right I was the same name everybody like could it be and I went and pulled up the case and I started crying and I couldn’t control my client because this is a boy I’m talking about it’s not it’s a child it’s not adult you know and I’ll leave the names out of it for the sake of where it’s kind of goes here I mean put out I was very very upset and I went to bed that night just exhausted from the energy of pulling all this in etc and the next morning was kind of bugging me did I needed to explain one part of the reading jar and I emailed her and I went and I said this section I think is to do with my case and I still wasn’t 100% sure this was my case so I said it’s not may not be yours and I verified I gave her the full name of my case that I’d worked on actually with our group Hamza with with four or five ladies it was very second case and it’s we did a report with Sheriff’s Office I had some financial dreams about him and I was convinced it was going to get solved but then it stopped we had it in the report and everything so bringing our the next mornin tell her the name of the person it was ten minutes later he said to me we have the same person and I broke down in tears and then she no but that’s all she said my mother had to go to my kind and then that afternoon I had to I was like okay where does she come into the picture channel name um hell did she know what this person and she verified by that evening that she was the best friend of this kid and that she knew everything that I had said and we both broke down in tears and after that and then she said I want to help to get to the family and I had tried our group had tried to get to the family but we got no response and here and this was two years ago where it stopped dead in his tracks okay and somehow two years later this is the wife her husband came to be a month ago and he begged me to do a waiting for his wife and I scheduled her for the first night back after I’d spent two nights two weeks in the in the national parks thinking about the particular case of that boy who was connected to parks and the killer was all connected to parks and Here I am going oh my god this is why I went to the parks this is why her husband found me I have still no idea how he found me to this day and now she’s determined to help and to get it word supposed to go but you see this boy knew this when he winked at me and I couldn’t comprehend half of what he knew because my logical thing is just not able to understand that they know everything and that everything is in divine timing and now I’ve tried to get I’m getting our group back together to see where we can take this now and see easy to go define a lap of the race now and finally get solved oh wow okay they’re yet to be posted on that if you want me to I wanted to talk a little bit about that because yeah as a medium and people seek your services but you also had outreach to the law enforcement so how did that come about originally well honestly I have to thank my father for this from when I was a kid because my father is a lot quieter than my mother and he’s not as if he wasn’t the kind of father that was easy to get to know and women but as a kid he had this an unusual interest in crime magazines but so we used to go to on hardly sustain every summer my father introduced me to true crime magazines that I used to read on the beach in Spain every summer and that’s where I learned about serial killers and other third stuff I know it sounds quite morbid but he played a part in my interest in the why people do what they do and why they do as she’s earning and I was always fascinated in tracking killers and trying to figure out what their next step was and why so it was a natural occurrence for me after I started teaching classes I tell I started started a road to mediumship warn a road to meeting him to and at the end of two which is six weeks program we look into a missing persons because I started seeing missing persons coming to me everywhere on bucket cans and everything I was like okay I get it you’re putting them all in my face and my neighbor across the street Burmese boyfriend just happened to be Detective and I just happened to give him some information he asked me well how did you know that we never released that to the public you know so I knew there was something there and then I started to have a decent amount of dreams of people who have crossed over and who were coming to Dove not stock but aren’t happy the way things were for the sake of their families unity so I naturally said okay I need to give back and there’s enough loss of sadness in the world due to young and old people being taken taken from a veritable to do not being there doing at all and the group said when to road to meeting took to had a natural interest in pursuing cold cases and they said at the end of it let’s take a look at this and we found that some of the sheriff’s departments and were more open than we thought to it and each member the group would just find something and we’ll put it in front the group and group would say for some reason this one is a severe I mean and we started doing remote meditations from looking at things and I’m going to fight some sending reports to Sheriff’s Department’s police departments and whatever way we could help it on a voluntary basis because again this has to be kind of our give back you know and and this was they the lady I just met this was the very second case that we handed over and all of us were kind of disappointed it didn’t go any further but now we know possibly we get a new lease of life in it now mmm absolutely that’s a great order yeah which nothing’s really it’s all divine timing we need no I would never a manic imagined the way be made for her to find me and if I tell you all the details of the case you’d be floored as to how connected this young lady is to it you know and it is I couldn’t stop crying I was like because you become good friends with these spirits that have crossed over you become like your they’re your own brothers and sisters and sometimes it’s hard to let them go and put them in the right hands and no like you don’t like you know it will get taken care of it took me a while let go of that one and I had it’s been about a year where I’d kind of now and Danny would he would jump back into my head but that was about it it came full force on that knife and I musta cry for three days straight I just couldn’t get over it you know Wow yeah it’s unbelievable I’m telling you when there’s good and pot only more good comes with it you know yeah so you wanna do for as long as you’ve been doing readings and doing your work you you know help people out and you know different in profound ways so you know those people could talk about how how to affected them and and whatnot but on your end what do you get out of it what do you enjoy the most about the type of work that you do Wow okay so that’s a first of all I enjoy the tremendous balance and it’s brought back into my life because it’s forcing me to go out and walk I have to go into nature practically every day and I’m getting a lot of peace out of doing that what I’m getting clarity in getting information while I’m going out to walk it’s helping my body I feel an awful lot younger the second thing I have to regularly do meditation and meditation just makes you feel great I can look at things totally different now i from demented things I’ve seen I don’t take things as hard as I might if I had not understood and I’m continually learning I think there’s a ton more for me to see you know I mean and understand you know but I certainly don’t sweat the small stuff and more at all and I think I’ve lost about 10 years and stress you know oh then it’s certainly now for people understand it’s certainly something you can’t read the week it just doesn’t work that way the very maximum users do is 15 hours and if I 20 to 20 you know 1/3 maybe sleeping 10 to 12 hour lights you know so I know this is it a border I can only see three people a day now and and if if it goes any further than that you know the quality of what I can receive will go down and it’s just not worth it you know yeah yeah so it’s going to do to balance you know it forces you to to do good practice keep yourself healthy wow you know yeah yeah so you know all the readings you’ve done your life there’s anyone that just kind of stands out for whatever reason that you just never will forget Wow there are a few and some of the best ones I’ve ever I have to be honest which as well as that this car may seem strange so the best readings I’ve done I’ve not charged a penny far it’s been and what happens if it comes back to me tenfold all right sound I’m going to be protected and stuff like that I definitely helped a lady one time who couldn’t pay for our electric bill so there’s no way I’m going to charge her friend reading you know I think the information that her mother gave her what I was standing at the sink of my kitchen over my 20 minutes they think that could’ve been a matter of life and death so I remembered that how to really rip affected me for most animals afterwards I also remember changing with another larger case which was a double murder what was particularly gruesome but I remember the wonderful and detective Lee worked with and how amazing he was but I think the clinical one would be my brother’s best friend who committed suicide but because I knew him since I was dead six or seven years of age and I it was no two years I last somewhere I finally I’m connected with you sister and the way things went down again is we just make you cause to think that again and they’re pulling my strings I’m not pulling their strings killing me awesome so I had always had Sean with his name our daughter’s best friend and I always thought he was funny as a kid and I just knew there was something about him that we had more connecting our paths to that probably would have known you know and that week in Ireland when when I did the reading for his sister literally I got this message from Sean standing my sister’s house gone you have to tell Donald to text Kyra today it has to be today okay and I was like okay my brother is going to play along with this let’s see how this goes you know so he’s the nation he has potentially was trying to get me to me to write text for him but I said just tell her your sister is in town she’s really connected with Sean he’s got lots to say everything’s going to be alright and he was very nervous about ever you know it was Oh God you think I’m not too whatever cuz he hadn’t seen her in a while – she texted back within about 10 or 15 minutes saying that it was the worst day of her life and that she just heard the best news ever and when can we do it and I said she’s gonna say Friday and she said Friday and Friday were over her hands and she put this piece of paper on her dining room table I couldn’t see it because a turntable was far away on it she had a list about 20 to 25 questions for her daughter her brother answered them in order Wow and we were flabbergasted and she had her husband there on the couch taking all the notes it was recording the poor guy was like the bits by the end of it with all the writing you know but he to him I will never forget that time in her house and he just put her mind at rest and ever since that day on the way over my brother drove me over to our house and we kept hearing Justin Timberlake’s on you know I’ve got that feeling he’s got a feeling right on and it just came out and and I said call him there’s something special about this song and I know Shawn is trying to tell me that this song so I said remember it and my brother just didn’t want quitted the house he dropped me and laughed you know I think he was still in the middle on the fence cuz like I don’t know if I’m going to lose my sister and my best friend’s sister is wrong this whole event and in the middle of reading in comes Justin Timberlake song I’ve got that feeling and I said Shawn keeps saying here every time you feel town without him here to put that song and she said that is the only song that makes me feel happy so this day every time I have a reading that’s connected to a suicide I hear that song on the radio going to the reading and some days I’ve heard John 34 stationed at the same time in my car–it’s where I was in some kind of UFO or something Oh three two cells I got they were formalized this kind of relationship with you the certain codes mean certain things you know so I don’t think I’ll ever forget you’re on frog Rafi never forget it and and he was really really close friend to the family we all cried to get you 38 when when it happened and it’s always been like that might will always be my head that’s a lutely not that they’re really great well you have a ton of great stories we got to have you on I feel I can supply them I got 15 journals alone in my drawer and I’m looking at the drawer full of Charles I highly recommend to everybody that if you have vivid dreams to write them down their notes just to comes a month later and go oh my there is just so much heat and if you guys you don’t write down nobody will believe you unless you produce a journal you know and yes over this weekend Yvonne you had a class at Phoenix and dragon talking about changing your career in life with Archangel Archangel Michael and I wanted to let you talk a little bit about the class because for people that are listening to this they obviously miss that class but I know you’re going to have some more when you come back from Ireland before you go into it what made you choose Archangel Michael over any of the other angels well um one very important reason one of the kids my mom gave me a prayer from Saint Michael our Archangel Michael and so it was a prayer for protection because she was worried about me sitting up all night he’s not sleeping and scared you know so she can’t make this in front I still have it today although it looks like it’s 300 years old you know it’s a bit but it I kind of formalized the relationship with him as a kid I think to protect me as and to really help me so when I was noticing all this change was coming for me just before I left the corporate world I started asking him for help and he showed me how to kind of get back onto my path and how to leave my old life and into my new one and all thanks to him I started the workshop because I was convinced well if I can do is silikal’s can you know I think so we turn this into a workshop and then when I was writing the workshop on June 13 strange enough today is Jewish today June 13 today oh my god okay did break up so much so in June 13 2015 I was sitting in this very basement right in the workshop and I heard and again hearing Tinley sometimes can be tricky I heard a loud as day in the room because you believed in me I came to you so I chorus burst into tears and it’s not just because I’m a weepy woman at this stage I just think we hear anything like that your whole body just breaks down you know and I was like oh my god I think he just spoke to me and you said because he believed in me I came to you so that I end up putting in the workshop and creating that as the bones of the workshop that if you believe and saint-like like into Michael he’ll help you get on your life path he’ll help you get on the right direction and you protect you true ish and that’s why he was so great because you need the protection knowing you’re going in the right direction and you need to have some blind faith at the same time so as long as you have some kind of angelic support and I think you’re okay you know yeah Wow yes so he’s called ball he’s cobalt blue for me so anytime I see somebody walking into a region with me with the cobalt blue blouse or shirt I always know this is going to be bad path they’re changing their career you know yeah Wow watch out for that Carter now I think it also is just so great I mean when you were talking to them and they were saying like you’re five years off the path it wasn’t like you were being catalyzed I mean a bird we’re going to get over I would say kala high water but didn’t find a way to get her back on the pod but five years means nothing in other dimensions you know Wow the love so thank you man yeah and I am any was very they put at that point I think they were saying now it’s time because they put so many things in front of me so they just couldn’t ignore it you know things that did the job I love the chopper I was in the old crew but everything absolutely everything changed around me the management change the philosophy our organization people who are loved working with we’re shifted to lead off in different directions things that I would have deep-rooted problems with starting to show up everything was there to tell me that there’s an avalanche coming you know so catch feeling yeah I can see that I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm what is going on you know so I think at that point they were saying okay now it’s time to go old Bush we’re going to give you a hundred two hundred and fifty reasons why you know that’s funny so you’re on you said Venus of 1996 yes sir we’ll do you just plan on you’re gonna stay that’s a pretty good amount of time you’re going to stay United States for your rest of your days or you could you first to yourself removing that tyrant at some point I am David I have no I see that’s a brilliant question did you ask me since I moved fully into my past I kind of live one day at a time and but I know when change is coming like I said about the Avalanche earlier okay and I just go with the flow now okay so when something good is happening in a difference in a different direction like last summer I went to Ireland it was the best summer I had and I thought oh god maybe I might stay here a bit longer you know so that was pretty hinting at me that you need to look at different shores or we want you to move now a little bit out of your comfort zone now move to the kind of next level no but it’s very very important when the feeling comes to act on us okay so I was like yeah I’m going to go back next year and I’m going to do this this and this because last year is when I really found that Center and the ladies like oh you have the room whenever you like it and she just happened to have a mail server of like 4,000 people and we did up a really quick flyer the week before I’d already gotten tired the week or it was you to start Center for 4,000 close people and the first cast we had a spike of mass class 3 or 20-something so Germany and simply just blossomed you don’t have to be prepared for these things at all I went to Ireland not knowing what was coming come on the doorstep you just flower it’s rain for me yeah so I’m open for any in all direction you know yeah looks like a good 2017 it’s easier right I mean you have a website and you mentioned driving to a reading but you do readings over the phone you’d be reading over the web yep yeah so yeah it’s been a very big growth year for me and I I appreciate everything that’s coming my direction and the readings are getting bigger and and more and more enlightening so who knows what’s next to do I mean I’m still trying to stay grounded if you’re going to mean and humble and I’m very very grateful because the first year I stepped into this I had nothing but Archangel Michael told me to trust that everything was ok and it was still one thing I was told I had a very vivid dream dream where I don’t know who the person was because I still to this day told me who they were but this person told me in a dream that to enjoy the time with your kids now because it won’t be long before you’re really busy and sure really right they’re active device so while I thought oh my god I just laughed a full-time job and I’m going down to 2 or 3 hours a week it was actually God sent and it was more time to get yourself together think about which direction is none of it was spent earn misspent surname it was perfect time I had the greatest time with my family as well as figuring things out and slowly going in the direction that I was supposed to go you know so don’t push anything anymore you know yeah Oh Oh so when are you heading off to Ireland how long before you leave I’m leaving at Sunday yay sausage and you know I don’t I have a connection with the eating center that I’m going to but again I don’t have anything already put out there but I know is everything’s going to be fine you know I trusted you know last year was pretty amazing and that’s why I say to people the strangest thing can produce the greatest fruit or bear the great food one day my mother said let’s go let’s go honest I have my mother to thank for this she said let’s go and buy your daughter their shoes nice people we didn’t need to buy her a pair of shoes we just got her you know so we go over to the shoe shop in a different town and I’m sitting there and there’s nobody else in the shoe shop just me my mother and these two ladies and I get this overwhelming urge ever my business card and she’s like oh my god I was trying to find a medium there’s no me when we come and see you so he’s the shoe shop you know Tony happening it was my mother who reminded me bringing some business cards which and I was like yeah yeah I just got here you know cursing so they were in the back pocket of my jeans that brought them with me those two ladies gave me more space and so for summer they just kept coming from those ladies we passed on to their friends and another thing to spend any ideas group innate they were common and common in Coleman like like I said it was the shoe shop shoe shop there kept giving gentlemen you just never know where their food is gonna there and that was meant to be done I still time to thank them to this day I still laugh over like you old if they gave me you know yeah yeah it’s great to know sometimes it’s nice to yeah not know where it’s going to come from and this pleasantly surprised yes it takes like I know I know a lot of people have read Wayne Dyer except if it’s like when you’re living in the moment right you’re just happy and peaceful all the that starts coming to you right now I’m you’re not stressed you’re not worried about security you just saying can’t understand still for a second let me look at side appreciate the trees the birds are all the beautiful things around me they’re just happy squares of lives in the tree he doesn’t want a big house sometimes a mansion on the hill you know and you’re like okay I’ll give it to see like them and let me fit is enough in the work for everybody and just be happy within yourself and then all the stuff on just keeps coming around you know it’s just amazing you really would be surprised once you sit back and get out of the way like you said you’re in your answer okay what can happen you know yeah your own way others right let me ask you if on what would in the event that people are not walking into that magic shoe store like you did how could they get in touch with you online I know you have some properties that I’d like for you to talk about so people keep an eye and probably watch your travel because I know you do blog a lot about things that are going on with you right yeah absolutely so I have the website Yvonne O’Brien calm so that’s why do and in the OPR ien calm I put some blogs or posts on there things that are quite significant that it happened to me for the people can understand the same thing can happen to them or they can understand when those things happen to them what they actually mean I also keep up with a Facebook posting I also have a Yelp page sometimes I put the odd thing on there about events etc and not to notice those kind of avenues for the king and in touch with me and they can contact me through the website as well I generally get back to people then day or two depending on what’s going on if you need yeah thank you yeah absolutely how long are you going to be in Ireland at this time under six weeks I think it might extend because I’m trying to light something I’m not even going to call the book because I’m being very stubborn about it you didn’t hear I have a few chapters or something within this unit and I’m trying to figure out what again but am I’ve been drawn to kind of finish this and stood out there you know so I might extend a little bit further to try to get some of that writing done tyranny never voice recorder say it again I’m sorry do you have a voice recorder no I just have all my journals so I thought actually couple times I thought about getting somebody to help me write it but then I kept going back on its a way the way it’s listened not necessary the content is the only name so so I went back to me doing and I just need to get up there early some mornings and there’s a you know I need to go back over ahead you’re very young caring loving relationship with the cast that I was had some amazing experiences when she crossed over Sean I was covered and a couple other major events and who knows this case there is come back up again might end up being a something to write about – you know I bring it up because I just finished Paul Tillich’s audiobook I am the word and since you are a medium and you channel these energies that stream of consciousness comes through get through so much content Wow yes I mean even on that flight over right it’s just like you have all that all those hours on the plane you just like a second it’s like a second muscle when you start doing voice recordings it’ll be really interesting just a thought yeah and I feel it’s a very good thought because I really believe in what some of the writers say when you get in the zone you have to keep going and it’s all about kind it’s almost like you’re semi channeling when you’re writing you know when it’s coming the way it’s coming out of you and that zone computer important when the flow is there people and you know and if it happens on an airplane then an audio voice recorder will be perfect right depends but yeah I know I’m very I’m very much getting the push to move to get some stuff down and paper because I have a lot of journals and I think it’s worthwhile trying to bring people back to God or trying to give them give them that own from their life if they haven’t found it yet and know that there is a lot more out there that we just don’t understand you know yeah sure Yvonne it was a great pleasure having you thank you very much delighted nice to be on the podcast thank you very much Dave and Hans I appreciate it yeah and uh safe travels to you as well absolutely and I got to be on music lucky episode number 13 there you go superstition episode look that’s Jesus and twelve disciples or thirteen a good number number thirteen I have known with our team you know okay threes and sevens of my numbers so yeah I’m good you I need to thank you very very much I really really appreciate you and thank you so much you’re well-read you’re definitely welcome and definitely keep us posted I’m sure you’ll have plenty of stories when you get back oh absolutely I have a lot to do with missing animals I’m just today to show something on missing animals and and stuff like that so you’d be surprised the topics you know Wow okay thank you for gentleman’s are very very much thank you so much thank you and until next plane you guys have been a part of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I’m Davis and we’ll look forward to seeing you guys on the next podcast peace peace out [Music] [Music]

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