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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I am David and we have my good friend arch – Patel she was in on some of our earlier talk casts she was talking about the Avatar path and when I had spoken with there sometime ago we were just following up just to see you know we since we know each other see how things were going and she was bubbling because she had just come back from Orlando and she was a part of the new avatar course that they had down there she was there for what three weeks or so and has a bunch of new information about what’s going on with the avatar path I thought it’d be great to have her back and learn all the newest latest information that she has to offer so without further ado I like to welcome arch the Patel to the podcast welcome arch top thank you thanks for having me yes absolutely yeah we had fun when we talked with you last time and and prior to talk can you use the last time David in our I didn’t know anything about avatar and you know we speak with a lot of a lot of people and a lot of different modalities and it’s like it’s like we call like sequels or series of movies and that you don’t just do one thing or one modality and right off to the sunset it seems like there’s an infinite number or infinite possibilities that exist in life and there’s infinite possibility that also exists within each modality and it sounds like you are continuing to grow with the folks at the Avatar path is that correct I am I’ve actually found them to be very powerful tool I just put the phone down before we got connected with another master that we were working on that she had something that was happening in her business that she wanted to look at what was the cause of that and then what tool can reapply to really relieve her of that experience and then change that experience to what she does prefer and I find it to be very very pure and I find it to be very very helpful and I find it that every time I use the tools I get lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and the world just makes sense after I use it so we wouldn’t want that I mean that that’s fantastic well and before we start diving into it if you could just give us a little bit of background about Avatar what’s the foundation and then what’s what what do you see as a differentiator you know there’s a lot of people that talk about different tools and such what separates avatar from the other tools that exist out there so I’m going to say this from my experience and my perspective because that’s probably the truest thing that I can say right it’s how I experience and everybody experiences it in their own from their own mental blueprint I find it to be an equivalent so when I took the course years ago I think 2001 was probably the first year where I took the full course and I find it to be equivalent of a ten years of meditation that I had been practicing meditation on a daily basis and in the beginning stages you’re just fighting with your mind and you’re just learning to relax and be in your in your own self and letting your mind just accept whoever you are wherever you are whatever you are right at the moment and and I needed two parts of me when I was meditating and he did one part of me to be able to stay calm and the feather was always playing this coach stay calm stay calm stay calm stay calm focus focus three great and so immediately there are two different the mind is playing two different roles trying to get this to work and you can already feel that there’s a struggle avatar the mind a course within nine days it’s like this part is gone this part is gone and all that’s left is you so you get to experience what people are seeking or wanting to get shoes you get to touch on it and taste them experiences with him nine days and I thought that was very very very powerful so that’s the equivalent of when you tell me how is it different from any but anywhere else that differentiates it from everything because I most of the time I would be reading and trying to understand it with my mind and it takes me years before I can pass through the mind and get to the root of the experience where with the tools I’m able to playfully get to the root and bypass the mind and then learn how to operate the mind from that space so if I think Harry calls it that we didn’t have an operating manual for the mind and the tools and in the course really giving you that so any manual on how to use your mind to create what you prefer how to identify what you’re experiencing and change the extent how do you identify when you’re looking at it this is probably more of a mental which G had gotten through so that’s why I just want to do this little exercise if you don’t mind is if you’re going through an instance your mind is trying to remember something close to it so it could relate or make sense of it but now it’s actually removed as you had excellent eloquently explained so how are your experiences now where the – observing it to you well so I’m going to tell you that I know that you will I use the tool regularly and I I can tell when I have the mind that’s all wants to get all involved in the in my situation and once I solve the problem or wants to figure the solution out there wants to tell other people what you do right because the mind wants to protect me or save me or wants to move me forward my point you know just it just wants to be in everything and somebody gave me a really good example and they said you know the mind is like this child and sometimes you just have to tell the child that you sit over here and sit next to me I’m right here and I’ll promise I’ll have time for you but in the moment I’m doing this ready and just having that separation experiencing that separation is really just being aware of where the mind is and are you are you in the mind or are you free from the mind that’s that’s the the cool and I think that awareness is what really helps is a mind subservient at moments does it always want to get into everything that I then that’s happening yes and then I have to be paying attention to it and sometimes I’ll you know it’s it’s it’s human I’ll get into and I’ll have to figure my way out I’ll have to identify okay how did I get in here it feels like you know just sitting into something and it’s you’re like okay how do I get out and I think that that is the tools that he survives so well is how do you get out and that is the freedom that I experience because now I’m not afraid of getting into messes I’m not afraid of experiencing I’m not afraid of trying something because I have tools to help me get out most people don’t experience life because they don’t want to get stuck in that experience and so they’re avoiding it but if you have tools you can go play you can just try it on to see if it’s you or not and I think that’s a lot of fun the best ones they’re stories that people talk about when if they are an accident or if they are inebriated where they you know after we’re calling they say you know maybe the next day or a week or two later they’re like I stood outside myself and I saw it happening it was very slow like do you see something similar where you’re in situation and you can actually determine whether oh this is a situation but that my mind’s trying to control or manipulate versus being present in the moment are you able to see a differentiation I am so I can tell when I’m in it and when I’m out of it when I’m in it I feel limited I feel at the mercy of whatever is happening right and I when I’m out of it I can actually see the bigger picture I can actually figure out what’s the next step because I can I can see it from 30,000 feet so that’s the difference so when I’m out of it I have more options but yes I can tell that and I think so let’s split this way I have a saying that I say this to a lot of people and that is when you’re in the picture you can’t see yourself and the way to see yourself to see what’s really happening and how your how your being is to step out of the picture we do this all the time for other people don’t we can’t we see what’s happening to other people and how they’re doing we can tell we can probably guess you know what they’re feeling and what they’re experiencing and we can tell that they’re in a bad relationship or they’re making bad choices but when what we can’t see is our own and the tools help us to look at that looked at our own and just look on what’s right here and it was inside of us instead of trying to go and fix it out there right isn’t that what Michael Michael Jackson talks about if you want to change the world start looking in the mirror you don’t fix the mirror don’t fix the guy in the mirror just fix you and then the mirror will get changed these are the tools that provide a safe space guidance support and that power powerful powerful tools in the ability to skill level to be able to look in the mirror and correct what you want to inside of new and then change the reflection that’s why I find it intriguing that so I wanted you to highlight because David and I were not in a podcast recently where we were talking to folks in like you said we can especially if you have intuition you can see it in other people you just can’t see it in yourself and you’re saying that through what you learned with the app with the avatar path you’re actually able to see outside that picture so what can we all can that’s the right and that’s the training the training is so that we can see it for our own selves and to change it as to create it and to just decide what we want so I I was in a very I’m from a culture that is very a 5,000 year old culture that this is the way things are right and everywhere you look people are behaving in certain ways to stay within the confines of that culture because it’s safe its secure needs them it takes care of them and what it was saying with religion same with your friend circle we we hang around these circles just because it really helped us I was able to see this was probably before avatar avatar just enhanced it for me and and I and I can see it on a global scale now that that’s people are within that box that limitation and then what they who they truly are they’re not aware of it doesn’t they don’t want to break the box they don’t want to get out of the box because it’s too scary and I probably wouldn’t have done it when I ID I was looking for it I noticed although females on my mom’s side my dad’s side on my husband’s side everybody was walking just a little bit you know terrible not really being themselves being their true self just staying within the boundaries and not really being themselves and not really being joyful and just keeping things going not wanting to rock the boat not wanting to be acting from challenging and difficult questions just not going there and I think I never learned how to stay in the box I should have I just just kept asking questions I’m like why doesn’t this work and um and I didn’t understand so I I guess I was always out of the box in some respect what I would listen to our way out interesting I like when you take a step back because I’m looking at like 2018 and some people say well it was truly 18 so things should be different and you know you hear these type of against battles like you were just saying with the mind versus spirit and the first thing I thought about as you were saying that there’s a troublemaker because people are like he’s not in the confines so old alike because you’re actually doing it gets the grain from everyone on all sides like I guess you didn’t weren’t even really worried about how they felt about you at that point or what did a gradual process for you to become more empowered if it was in the beginning without the tools it was exhausting it wasn’t fun it was without the tools without the this level of support and tools it would it would just be it would be better to just stay and do the best I can and provide and that was out that’s as far as I would have gone is and I think it’s the tool that really said oh there are possibilities oh this is just what this is what I’m creating for my life and I can do something different so it puts a power inside of me and hearing said something and I picked up on it and I took it to heart and he said when you follow somebody you go where they’re going not where you want to go so it really is about tapping into who you are and what you want to experience and following your true inner wisdom and so I’ve made decisions and when I was when I felt like I was following somebody I would step back and take a look that has just about let go and then there would be no it looks good it looks right nice bright sunny looks like a very nice voices but that’s not where I want to go it doesn’t feel like me I just keep walking I keep using the tools and exploring and because if it’s when it feels right that’s the right place to be it does feel that your body does give you a we’re like a tuning fork right it gives you a signal yes no and are yes a resounding yes is like joy so you just be following that resounding does and that’s scepter journey I just keep following that and now do I hit the other side yes and then I have to ask is this what I want is is this where I’m supposed to be and it could be somebody could offer me lots of things I think a lot of women and I’ll say this from within my personal experience they’d be happy with beautiful dresses maybe jewelry um they might be enticed by I don’t know somebody really giving them stuff that just doesn’t really make it doesn’t want something and I am looking for inspiration I’m looking for connection I’m looking for being real I’m looking for respect that has more value and then the stuff that’s going to be you know I guess wither away at some point so I never really got into let me add more jewelry to my collection or add more dresses so I don’t know if that’s me that’s just not me so let me ask you with you had mentioned feels right and joy so just playing devil’s advocate for something very basic right so if I it’s Monday I wake up pick alarm snooze button too many times it’s raining outside I’ve been traffic I’m going to be late for work I missed a meeting like nothing’s going right that day how how are you would you use your tool right because that doesn’t feel right and there’s no joy in that moment so how are you using your tool in that scenario I call them friends I’m in this oh I used the tool so the tools are I can use it on my own or I can ask a another avatar friend to coach me on a specific tool to to snap out of it get out to shift and I think that’s that’s the idea because yeah there are they especially if if you if you’re not feeling good if you haven’t nd you know I mean let’s put it this I had an experience yesterday I’m going to say this really recent experience right I had an experience yesterday that is something was just coming at me where I was allowing somebody to I don’t know ask questions that I felt like that were not that were inappropriate and so normal reaction for people would be like well that’s not he’s not he’s long and he’s doing this or he’s doing that and I called a friend of mine and I my question is well how am i creating this and the truth is I am creating it how what am i doing to attract something like this and we went through we use the tool we went through it and all of that was cleaned up within a matter of minutes and to get to the root cause of how I attracted from this experience and what did I need to learn from it let’s clean up with him I want to take this few minutes people with the told you go deeper and click her so that’s I want to get to the bottom of it I want to be done sure it seems like when your your mind really wants to control it especially at that time it seems like it actually goes slower but having somebody who’s aware of the tool will then guide you to find what’s causing it and how I’m creating it all of a sudden the lesson that I need to learn is there right isn’t that what we go through we go through an experience and there’s no such thing as failure if we learned a lesson so it experience comes to us and if it’s cleared we enjoy it if it’s not preferred than we learn from it so how long does it take for us to learn that lesson oh it could we couldn’t let it happen on its natural path people say this all the time that when you’re grieving it takes time to grieve that you’ll get over just give it time my experience and the tools and the support reduced that time so that you’re you’ve gone through it you’ve learned the lesson you’ve gotten it you grieving and now you’re ready to move on but I think that’s a piece for me is it helps me to that point where okay I’m ready to move on and we all come across hurdle do we have a set of tools a support system something that is going to work for us every single time at our fingertips at our skill level and that helps us move on and then we’re ready to go play again well how long do we stay in the situation the experience the grief of it is really up to us now up to me right pretty cousin that very powerful tool very very powerful tool just listening to you Dave and I were talking the other day and we were laughing about when we first learned some of our initial tools like grounding and so when you’re working with the with the facilitator that grounding exercise may be you know 5 to 10 minutes and now many years later you can ground it like a second rate with the tools and such and so I want to I want to kind of push pitch that back to you as far as you know 2001 you’re going on your first 90 course what’s an inter and I don’t know anything about avatar you’re telling me about it and and I go like what’s an introductory tool that you guys used that is like can be applicable to the layman but I’ll get them on the path like you’re on a 17 year path with these folks so like let’s go back to day one of one of your first tools that you want that you learn to use so okay actually I will there is a there’s a introduction that anyone can experience an avatar and avatar the purpose of avatar is to let people understand that their beliefs create their experiences and that there’s a connection between the two and the introduction gives them that experience that whatever they’re experiencing we can there’s a belief that is creating that and that belief can be created and just created with ease and so the introduction really gives up really personal experience to taste it because it’s not a reading it’s not about reading it’s not about knowledge it’s not about the mind it is an experiential understanding so and the first two days of that is just that is to really go through layers and layers of exercises that that really start surfacing and really giving that personal experience and the first year days are really 295 it is it is amazing because you come out really understanding too much much much deeper level of you and what makes you tick and what makes you worse and each person is different so there isn’t there isn’t an answer for everybody it’s whatever answer comes up with that is your answer so did you want to go through an exercise yeah I think for people listening for the audience I think they’d like to go through an exercise sure why not okay and without use David since she’s being quiet today good conversation I’m a good listener haha okay how about if we do the compassion exercise okay okay yeah that’s mom so I’ll just read the instruction so this is a to increase the amount of compassion in the world the instructions are this exercise can be done anywhere that people congregate so airports malls parks beaches etc it should be done on strangers unobtrusively from some distance try to do all the five steps on the same person expect the results are first a sense of peace pick uh somebody in your life that you would like to extend compassion to you had somebody yeah okay so with the pension on the person repeat to yourself Jeff must mean this person is seeking some happiness for his or her life now just say that to myself out loud with attention on the person repeat to yourself check twice means this person is trying to avoid suffering in his or her life with attention on the person repeat to yourself just like me this person has known sadness loneliness and despair with the tension on the person repeat to yourself just like me this person is seeking to fulfill his or her needs with attention on the person repeat tears well just like me this person is learning about life it takes a lot a couple of minutes to do the exercise very quick and it really is to me it makes me feel connected to that person they’re not strangers anymore I he has a really good definition on wealth which I have not heard anywhere and I love his destination of love so love is an expression of and the willingness to allow something to change okay like that yeah yeah I don’t have it exactly the way he says it but I it it’s part it’s an expression of the willingness to let people change and not not bind them with our own own perspectives right such a read on kind of like accepting them as they are who they are Wow at the end betting up to an including change yeah yeah and allowing them to choose whatever change they would like to create could you imagine what we were going through teenage years hopefully it would be for our parents to let us really choose our own experiences without the pressure of the expectation and letting us learn something back and and be a guide and not really a not closed off and not have that feeling though I’m doing something wrong a lot of love yeah it makes me think arts nah Mike it’s just my awareness of 20 since 2012 there’s been a lot of groups that do like global prayers like at a certain time you know they’ll reach a grid for you know love or you know some type of intention and that was a great exercise that you did with David do you guys also do it in groups to have and like you say compassion in the world for the world for as a group as well we do we do we do we actually have compassion cards that we hand to people I don’t know if I’ve given that to you homeless but we have compassion cards that we hand out and we want people to experience compassion and send compassion just it’s really us letting go of our expectation of how things should run and maybe if the fear isn’t there then we can actually put love out there right and we operate differently if we operate some love and what I was also it should in speaking with you because I always think about it every year for me for college reunion or when you know when they play their homecoming game and all my friends from all over the country come in and in your trance transferred vat transported back to like freshman sophomore year you know and everybody by 20 years later and you’re just so excited to see them and you’re present in the moment and you know time kind of standstill or slides really you know they come in on Thursday and then like wow it’s Sunday evening already you got to go back home and cry it sound like just talking to you it’s a little bit like that when you go to these Avatar courses because from 2001 you may have forged a relationship and you may potentially see some of these people or reunite with them yearly is that the case in your last event earlier this year it’s always the case it’s a very high vibration space because people are operating at a different level if they’re if they whatever life situations that is going on they come get the support using tools and they can really go with a huge it really cleans up so here’s what I say right because you know when you’re driving and it’s snowing and you have to it snows but yeah after a while you have to wipe it clean and then you go a little bit more and it gets all muddy and it gets all dirty and you don’t like to clean again and until my this is my analogy and that is I go to courses and it gets wiped clean and I can start I can see clearly again right I can change my vibration I can I could see what I’m doing it I could stop doing things that aren’t supportive when we start any journey we have to when we start looking inward there’s limitations habits challenges clears all of this when we can actually see it clearly all that goes away and you’re operating from a different level of being and becoming more and more yourself or your true nature without without the filters I parry calls them identities that we we play roles so instead of being the role so that was my challenge I was really good me and my husband were really good at playing husband and wife they’re good at playing house well we weren’t really good at letting the roles go and being ourselves you know people get stuck in the role instead of being who they are so role of a song role of a daughter role of a mother role of a father underneath the roles are our true selves and most of us hide the role we get stuck in them we don’t know how to feel safe enough to let the role go and be yourself and my personal experience and I and it’s a decision that we make and I realized early on that this was the safest place I was going to find on the planet it felt that place so it was a decision to say okay we’re going to go deeper because we all protect ourselves even more ready and as you work through the materials and if you look through the tools I came to a decision point and recognized mica left active right now this is this going to be the thing that’s and I’m going to use to go through I feel safe enough to go to that level and I know it was an instant knowing that this is the safest place I’m going to find to do this kind of work and so today that is that is the case how on the example of what I talked about her homecoming it’s really interesting like there’s some folks that you’ll see with the games that you may not have seen for 20 years and so their memory of you is 20 years old or even you could be totally different so sometimes people have expectation of who you used to be for example I was watching this TV show called Black Lightning and entertainers have the fluidity to change roles right but we may like them in one rule so in the TV show they had Jill Scott was a great singer she always played like the good roles and then in that TV show she’s a villain and for like the fault of the show I couldn’t even get out of on my life get down really so great it’s like it’s like a wonder you’re following your own path but when you interact with others right they may have a certain expectation and may not want that want that vision of you to change which could like you said in limiting so how did you just work for for us and for listeners they show us if you can kind of walk us through how you are able to be in your own path and be you know be empowered with that and also letting others know that you know you like you have made that shift so what’s the best way or in your experience to kind of go through that a lot of compassion a lot of compassion exercise when when I start moving forward and start shifting my roles and my responsibilities and and and I’m no longer that that person anymore suddenly jump I would just say how high that’s that was the relationship that we started out there and it was like that all almost in two 13 15 years of my marriage I was very very it was a very codependent relationship I was unhappy and I couldn’t figure out how to do you know build a new one and so as I took the courses I the hooks that she had to hook me in with the guilt trips or whatever she said that made it was before the weapons did she pushed before I had eliminated them they’re no longer in my face so she did not know how to get me back the old way so but I knew that I knew what I was doing I knew that that’s what was happening so it became my responsibility in order to keep the relationship and rebuild a new relationship with her it became my responsibility because I’m the one that’s evolving and changing to reach back to her as an adult form this is how I would like it what do you think about this let’s look at it from a different angle what what’s really bothering you right and and that had I didn’t know and walked away or ran away and doing my own thing and just separated we would have been hurt it would have been incomplete it would have felt she would have felt violated and abandoned and so I I would continuously because I was very close to my mom I loved her so I continuously stayed connected knowing where she is knowing she wants me to do certain things a certain way she sees me as that little girl it was really interesting I had moved back to Chicago and I told my mom I said mom this is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and it was so instinctive and instinctive of course it is there to get to know you’re my daughter oh there was no idea in her mind that I’m a stubborn being my daughter you belong to me this is the way it is I tell you you doing okay so going from that to first really having my own legs and finding out who I am and what do I really want and getting staying true to myself gives her the freedom to show up at hotel so that happened when I reach back I gave her the space to be herself so she feels a little bit at ease actually a lot of ease because at some point everybody else’s claimed those roles now I’m not playing that rolling anyone I’m just being mean so that gives her the freedom to express what she wants it tells give her their space to tell me what she doesn’t like what doesn’t work for her all of a sudden we’re looking at a relationship adult-to-adult so she did tell me before she passed away she said you know you may not tell me all the things that I want to hear or whatever you do tell me is true so that which is exactly every relationship right you may not want to hear it but she does recognize that I’m not lying to her I’m not playing a role I’m not cajoling up not thinking I’m just being honest and real so she feels safety in that and that is the foundation to build a new relationship sounds like a lot of growth there’s a lot of it’s a lot of awareness right it’s a lot of efforts that I decided to put it into this relationship but here’s the thing I don’t have relationships that are just sitting around that are just there I don’t have this I don’t have a lot of extras to make you look and feel but either we have a really good relationship and we’re working at it or not and that’s okay right but whatever it is we’re gonna get to the real of it so and that gives you freedom and I think that I I think that helps everybody on the planet it’s when people know that they can be themselves then it helps for people to be themselves too so I did get working on this yet I think it’s probably a like lifelong thing now right like if knowledge and experience of their incident you’re going to continue to be in that state of awareness and so for someone that likes to get like to be at your level or to continue or get on the path of continuous growth I’d like for you to talk a little bit I’m not the avatar course comm site we’re looking at the advanced courses and so if you could tell us the difference between the Avatar master course versus the Avatar professional course or the avatar wizard course what’s the differences but okay awesome very easy I’ll be out of our course is about the pert means for example if I’m taking the course it’s all about me my life and my building my skill level to create the life cycle for learning a skill level to manage my life so I can be he calls it source being being the source of my life it’s being the creator in my life the master course is teaches how to help other people how to be in service for them without the master course I would not be able to help my mother the professional course is a leadership course how do you lead and guide and direct the wizard course is a course for how do we support and serve the planet what’s in the planet that we can change and how are we own things that we are not lying to all right there are things that people do that we don’t prefer we don’t like but if we have resistance to it we know that it’s going to continue so instead of directing our attention to resist it we actually own it and look at a deeper level how we’re creating something out in the universe and when you took the original class back in 2001 that that was the introductory class correct so that was a nine day course and then when I spoke with you back when you had just come back from the conference this year I think it was three weeks so is that usually the gradual progression or is that more on an individual person-to-person basis do you get to determine how long you stay or is that all together well it was it was 13 days so it was 2 weeks and that was a wizard course give me one second and the wizard course is more it is more flexible because you’re there deliberately looking on all the life situations that you want to work on and by working on you oh it helps to plan it and that’s that’s the whole intention so you are working on yourself but a job serve the planet on a bigger scale so it is it is more flexible it does start at the same time everybody starts on the same day same time but everybody is what’s been working within their own personal integrity and that is something that I think it really helps people it helps me it helps me identify where am I out of integrity what am I really doing not just what I think I’m doing what I say I’m doing but what am I really doing and then and then change the experience from that and that’s pretty nice it’s amazing to see 3,000 people work at that level 3,000 people from all over the planet to work at that level so the mission of avatar is to create an enlightened planetary civilization and what I might the wizard course that’s what I experienced and enlightened planetary civilization and everybody operates at that level as you get a taste of what life could be what the world could be at that level carré’s helping everybody at that it’s amazing so you can imagine that that would be such a high that you would never want to miss that again to experience the world at that level now that’s what I like talking to you because you know we have what’s called the seminar withdrawal where you have that heightened awareness and feeling great and joy and all that during that weekend and then on Monday you’re back to you know your regular world and people kind of default back to that so you know I think with your stick with it nests I think that that’s a differentiator in itself and you know that’s why whenever we talk to you about it you’re really excited about it so you know it comes across its really simple it works I wouldn’t stick to something if it was if it didn’t work it was what every time so this is the only reason why I stick with it because it works right now I mean to make it work I have to work it so it works because it works I work it so two questions for you because we’re at the top of the hour one is on that avatar course calm or excuse me the avatar course calm we have find a local master and then they have the other courses so what for people listening and they want to go to the site what are the first steps that they need to take where they seek their local master first or go to the courses and then mr. hat with the cross protocol so there isn’t a protocol if you want to do an introduction find a local master if you want to go go to the site and talk to stars edge directly and find a master that way too there isn’t the wrong way to do it that would be I think it’s totally okay either way a local master will give you a personal one-on-one experience because they’ll be right in your area you can meet with them and experience it in person but it’s just as good to do it over the phone over the website because the spaces there so there isn’t a wrong way to do it I find everybody does it I actually found a local master when I when I was going through this because I really was looking for it really like I need it now kind of feeling right I was in emergency mode I mean I needed oxygen quickly as possible so that’s what I did but it works either way in your local master model as well so for people that listen to the podcast and they go to the site they don’t they may not know anyone but they did hear from you and so how would they get back with you they are welcome to call me at six seven eight three eight one five three eight three well yeah lost ative archana home leisurely contact information no I’m almost like that the course outline page and it has you know find a local master and I got her her picture and everything up here but the number she just gave is different than the number they have next to her name there will give the one that’s on the website and then I’ll put it in the show notes in the description if it’s a discrepancy well just so we can have it recorded if you can rattle off her number that’d be great David okay so the number that I’m looking at here in the website for Archana Patel is six seven eight eight zero two nine four or five four awesome and then her tonight is the the avatar course comm varying if you just want general information on Avatar you have the Avatar path calm so having those two together then you know you’ll find out more information in addition to what we’ve covered in podcast and David just let the contact information for arch know for you guys to get in touch with her and you guys have just been in chained to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am David and it was a pleasure speaking with Archana and for those better listening to the podcast I want to get in contact with her check out the information in the description and we look forward to speaking with you guys on our next podcast alright you peace out [Music] listen to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find and support shows like ours when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear in episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show linked in our episode notes and thank you for listening thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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