Kerri Kannan: Benefits Of Self Awareness – Searching For Meaning: Command Consciousness

Kerri Kannan: Benefits Of Self Awareness – Searching For Meaning: Command Consciousness
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Kerri Kannan: Benefits Of Self Awareness – Searching For Meaning: Command Consciousness Discover Your Innate Ability to Command Consciousness Enjoy this 3-part video series … completely free! Video Transcript

good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation this is Hamza and I am David and today folks oh my goodness I’m super excited about our guest today we’re going to talk about discovering your ability to command consciousness and I know a lot of people will get a lot out of this this call that we have today many people look outside themselves and I believe that our wonderful guest of the website divine with and will teach us how we can look internally to get some of the answers that we owe that were accustomed to looking outside of ourselves we could kind of find that path to least resistance if you will and then her tag lying on her emails is that the law of attraction is bull sugar honey iced tea so I really love that I love it to death and I want to know more about it so without further ado I’d like to welcome Kerry Canada to the podcast welcome Kerry thank you so much fun bone Davis I’m really really excited to be here it’s really an honor and a pleasure and thank you for having me yes thank you for being with this yeah glad you could make it I guess first and foremost you know a lot of people that we talk to they come through I think the beginning for a lot a lot of travel or inner journey is through law of attraction and then the inter you kind of obliterate that so I guess the apart with that so there’s I mean there are a lot of good things with the law of attraction really the work that I do is so about 20 years ago I discovered the law of attraction before I even knew what it was and I started teaching it and I realized that I needed to change my mindset in order to change my life but then as I’ve grown I realized that I think was more than 20 years I realized that it’s not mindset it’s more perspective so in that time I had multiple experiences where I’ve experienced miracles and I feel like there has a simpler way rather than doing in 10,000 affirmations and like no efforting at trying to keep a positive mindset and you know all of this and there’s a lot of honestly there’s a lot of blame to people in like the law of attraction world and things like that like oh well what’s your mindset why are you attracting this and blah blah blah and it’s like no like I’ve experienced that along my journey like people will be like well you know why are you going through this divorce and all that it must be your mindset you must be attracting it to yourself which is really BS and the problem is um you know there’s a lot of this shaming that goes on in the spiritual community and people like sort of get up on a self-righteous high horse and honestly it really has nothing to do with line set real power and real command of your life really has nothing to do with mindset it has to do with self realization and the self realization is the realization that you are your life you are consciousness there is no separation between your life and yourself and in fact there’s no separation between anything in your life including all of the people all of the circumstances every thought every deed every word every emotion that you express that you hear and anything else any idea that you think of anything you can possibly fathom and even can’t fathom are all you and it elevates my work sort of elevates the perspective not the mindset and then from that perspective from claiming that that I am all consciousness consciousness lives through me I do not have a separate consciousness or I don’t live a life life is mean and when you can come from that perspective anything is possible anything is possible because you know that you are all of it you’re not trying to attract to yourself anything because there’s nothing outside of you I love it I love Hannah I guess the first question to that though is you you said 20 years so you had to come to that self-realization would you look at law of attraction more of a training wheels because if I’m used to 3d there has to be baby steps before I come to your conclusions I’m so eloquently highlighted yes but I don’t think everybody has to go through 20 years absolutely it’s a it’s a tiny shift in perspective it’s a tiny tiny shift in perspective that can be taught that can be trained just like anything else so like you said it’s training wheels so what my work does is help people learn to take off the training wheels and really step into their full power and you know it requires training like learning how to ride a bike a requires training and you know it requires someone who can look at you and course correct or a group of people that can look at you and course correct and honestly Hamzah I was very very blessed I had a spiritual teacher that I worked with for like five years who every time I was like oh I had this breakthrough and I am this and I and that he was like no carrier you’re not or not that you are like I was saying I’m attracting this not attracting that and I can do this maybe like nothing enough that no that’s all bs you are that you you’re not attracting you know squat you are that and he would keep bringing me back and I thought you know I sort of veered to the left and he pulled me back and I dear to the right and pull me back and I kind of shake around and he’d like hold me fill and you know that’s for me what it required but he wasn’t a very quiet guy and he had a different perspective and one of my gifts is that I’m a great communicator and I can frame things for people in ways that they understand and you know what seems but all enlightenment is really just a shift in perspective it’s just just shift in perspective and people that work with me are able to ship into that perspective because it’s not a big deal it doesn’t have to be a big deal and we make some big giant effing deal out of it so she doesn’t sound passionate about it at all does he David so a little disappointed there so Carrie what you mentioned like to me you said 20 years ago you started having some experience what were some of those experiences that you’re having so first of all I’ll just kind of give you the sort of quick and dirty of my spiritual journey so about 20 years ago I I you know like many people I you know got Reiki attunement tonight I got I really started to dive into you know my spirituality like getting Reiki attunement sense you know reading spiritual books and blah blah blah getting into the health stuff and all that now the healing thing and what happened was I I had a realization so I I got I was I got married I was getting married and my now ex-husband said why don’t you figure out what you really want to do and you know do that because he was making like six times what I was making and I was like wow what an awesome gift if I can do whatever I want to do I’m going to figure out my life purpose and I had been a student of A Course in Miracles and I was like okay so I read this article and this is actually during the times of the Internet in like 1998 when you know the internet was not what it is now and I came across this article by a man named John Snodgrass and it said in his article he said your special function according to a Course in Miracles is whatever you perceive to be the reality of your own guilt sin or victimization is the exact opposite of Earth is is your special function so whatever is missing is your gift your weakness is your strength and your special dysfunction is your special function and I was like all right well look my special dysfunction and being a Western woman I’ve always had bottom image issues so I was like I’m fast and I was like nope that’s not it I was like I don’t like myself and I was like nope that’s not it either I don’t love myself and when I had that thought I started jumping around my living room thanking everybody who ever hurt me because I realized that they provided me with the context to understand the content of my thinking and I was WOW all I need to do is change my thinking and then my life will change and so that’s where my law of attractions beginning started then you know I’m plotting along my little path and in 2004 I I went on this spiritual retreat program with Unity Village in Lee’s Summit Missouri and it was a really intense week and I took four classes and each class was two hours and then prior to the classes there was like some hour-long prayer thing in the morning or half an hour or something like that so it was like eight and a half hours of like deep spiritual intense study for this five days that I was there and on day on Wednesday we were going through in one of my classes I had an instructor who taught two of them one was the Old Testament the other one was Jesus’s teachings and she was wearing a splint on her hand on Wednesday and on Tuesday but she was not on Monday and somebody asked her about the splint and she could oh I got into a car accident about ten years ago and you know every once in a while my hand hurts and you know I wear my place and so I went to say we were going through in the thousands of tickets left we were going through the miracle and so mere questionnaires colectomy request a miracle it was like this guy had a method to his madness so he would go into meditation my perception is he would you know remind himself for who he was then and he would ask himself a question like can I do this and you know he would come out with this knowing of who he was and it is power and then he would do his little charismatic you know magician thing like you know poking a finger and ears putting on tongues rubbing mud in people’s eyes and all that jazz and then people thought that that action was the miracle but it wasn’t the miracle was the knowing the miracle was knowing who he was knowing the truth of his nature and being able to perform that based on that knowing and after the first hour of this class I took a break and I knew I knew that we could do anything anything and I was like okay anything I can do to help aren’t my instructor feel her hand I go yeah okay cool so what I got just no no really just know when I get just know so I walked back in and held your hand and was during the I honest I don’t know how I just know that your hand is healed and then so we walked in tuned in like two seconds later and said hey your hand is held already and the next day guess what it didn’t where her split and she said you know what mmm this morning I woke up in my hand felt better than it has in 10 years very interesting so then throughout the year she would send out little emails and after one of the emails I was really curious I was like hey you know never when I did that little healing like did it stick you know are you still healed like what’s going on there and she said wow you know I forgot about that and yeah like it’s fine there’s nothing wrong with my hand it’s fine I’m fine so I was like ah and that was my touchstone so I knew from that moment that we all have given us the power to do whatever we want and I call it command consciousness and people have like buttons around the word command so I like to use it even more because you know I have a pretty fluid command of the English language but when I say command consciousness people like oh you know you sound like a you know four-year-old demanding business but no no there’s a difference between demanding and commanding but you commit you have a command of the language that your native language and you have command over the things that you’re good at but why is commanding consciousness of you know a dirty word Oh anyway I like to use it because of that because people have buttons um but really it showed me that we can all do this and so for ten years after that I was trying to figure out how I got back to that consciousness in that room and how figure out how how did I do that and then in 2014 I had an experience that showed me that you know it kind of gave me the missing piece because I had been working on I did this thing called high-speed conscious creation and I’d worked with EFT and like all these other modalities and then I had an experience that showed me that Danny the missing piece and I realized that I could do it and I can go into that unless you won’t have a question before I dive into that one story so I can keep talking yeah no I love the story and I love how you explain the difference between demand and command I did have some questions with that but I also like the flow that you’re going through so I really don’t want to break it okay all right so so what happened was I was and not honestly like we bring into people the people we bring into our lives the people who will force us to grow so again my ex listen he’s like the greatest gift you know but he shows up in many different ways so he was we had been on like on 5th 6 I think our fifth custody battle so he did my expose into everything that he could to try and destroy my relationship with my children and with my financial well-being even just did everything he could to try and destroy me and I am the type of person that no I am very spiritually oriented so I would meditate and go in and I’d like you know try and try and take the high ground sometimes and just and some people would say that I was a pushover because I didn’t want like the universe is trying to show me something I didn’t want to fight against universe but really my exposome kind of is not the kind of type of person who will grow you know if I’m like doing hope on Epona or something like that he’ll just Bowl me Oh or you know who bulldoze me and I learned that but so I was probably in my skiff custody battle and my ex-husband has finally wrangled away primary custody for me because you know he would lie and you know the judge is like okay the truth have to be somewhere in between what she is telling me what he’s telling me and he was so far you know lying that you know the judge stuff it had to be somewhere in the middle so I kept moving more and more and more my ability to parent my children but does that shifted the following year but I’m not going to get into that because it’s a different part of the story so I was I was like okay and I saw that I had this pattern in my life and it went back to childhood because I grew up in a family where Mike my dad was like a second-generation restaurant owner and he was really funny about money and time and like you know just weirdness around men and money and control relationships and I saw the pattern I saw that you know my my fear of not having enough money was interfering with my relationship had my children and it was allowing for my ex-husband to sort of control me like that and I also was trying to get my coaching off the ground and to supplement that I was doing web design work and this guy that I was doing web design work for I was creating beautiful like $5,000 websites and I was being paid with 1,200 bucks to a website and it would take me like a month to put a website together and so I told the guy that I was doing it for I was like listen you know I either need to make less elaborate website or you need to pay me more and she was like well I can go to India and I can find somebody in India who can do it and you know I’m doing you a favor and all of that so I felt trapped but I saw this pattern so I called silent unity and I was like which when I see this pattern of money and men and control and all that muck enos and I want to go on and I want something better and so like she did the prayer and then like 10 minutes later came across work that is very similar to what I do now although people have told me that it’s more powerful but I don’t know because I don’t experience it really myself I just do it you know I could it comes through me so I don’t get the benefit of actually feeling what other people feel but so I can’t accomplish this woman who does very similar work to what I do and I listen to what I now call it consciousness one that she doesn’t call it that and I have this sense of ancient peace and patience around money and at the same time my ex-husband had just you know real did he had just taken primary custody for me so it wasn’t going to be getting beginning in your child support and I decided to fire this abusive clients and so there I was I had one source of income coming in which was the audio any member this woman who does podcasts she’s like a homeroom podcasting and so one of the audios that I edited was of this guy he does like it’s really cool like light healing therapy and I wanted to have him on like the show because I was doing my world awakens talk radio at the time and so you know I was anyway this woman did this thing and I was in the place with infinite peace and patience and and I let go of all those other sources of income except for the audio editing and I kept sitting on my couch and asking is there anything that I can do to create a source of income in my life now and I kept getting just wait it was like five minutes of test I feel like is there anything I could do now to create a source of income in my life but I didn’t want to miss an opportunity right and I kept getting just wait and there’s are like two and a half wait there’s like just wait just wait just wait two switches wait just wait just wait so I rated I sat around on my couch for two weeks and all I had coming in with $250 a month at that point from this audio editing which is nothing to live on I don’t care what country you live in it’s not your case okay so here I was and I’m sitting on my couch in this state of ancient peace and patience and I was like well if you can go away that question isn’t come in just as quickly so this guy right I had edited his interview for her I was like I want to have him on my show so if you wanted to do a pre-interview interview and I was I didn’t have anything going on I was putting on my couch so I was like okay cool let’s do that so I’m talking to him and he asked me how many people I knew like the woman who I had was doing the audio editing for on but I don’t know hundreds those are my people and he’s like well if you could hook me up with an interview you know we’ve interviewed people a her I’ll pay you $500 a pop and let me not but interesting how many do you want and it was like as many as you can get so I was able to give him like 10 a week and I’ll let you guys do the math and that lasted for a couple months and and then you know some weird stuff kind of started happening and I kind of let that go and but anyway it showed me that I could go from zero to like twenty thousand dollars a month in you know two weeks you know let’s I guess two hundred and fifty dollars a month to twenty thousand dollars a month in two weeks so I was like okay there’s something here and during that time I was like okay what did that woman do the woman that I heard that thing that does like the thing that I do now what did she do and I saw it on her website she was talking $1,000 an hour which I put afford and I was like well I have other stuff I want to let off you know I want to get in touch with her I want to you know I want to work with her and even though she was charging $1,000 an hour she was inaccessible like I couldn’t I emailed her I you know tried to do like just set up a PayPal you know like send her money so that she would you know schedule an appointment I tried all different ways to get in touch with her and I couldn’t and I went and I listened to her audios and people would ask her how did you do it like what are you doing and I don’t know if she doesn’t know what she was really doing or maybe she’s not good communicator or if she was just being afraid that other people would you know encroach on her you know bank account for what it was but she kept telling people oh no I’m the only one big if you can’t hurt you know I can tell you what I’m doing but you can’t do it and I knew that that was a prospect so because I had sealed somebody’s hands and I had been looking for this answer so I was like alright well that’s enough crap so I’m going to just you know knowing where being where I am knowing what I know all of the spiritual growth that I’ve done you know so I meditated on I was like how do I do this and I just you know I was just sort of sent I started practicing um you know this this work from our perspective a carcass that I come from and and I just allowed myself to be in that same state of letting go when I facilitated the miracle with the hand and allowed myself to get out of the way from that higher consciousness from the higher perspective asking the greater consciousness that I am knowing that I am all of life to facilitate different things on partners in her behalf of people and I started asking for guinea pigs and all my sympathy boom pick me pick me pick me so my favorite story and I tell it all the time it’s one of the first stories like one of the persons that came across and who said there have been others but this is a twofer and it’s a really big Cooper so that’s why I love it so one of the people who was asking me to you know do the to her was a collaborating author for a book project that I was involved with and she said I want two things I want to heal the relationship with my daughter and I want for our both to be a best-seller and so I asked her about what was going on with her daughter and she said that her daughter you know had just turned 18 and she was graduated from high school and she had a shopping habit and that she told her daughter listen I can’t support your lifestyle you either need to go on welfare or you need to get a job and so and this is an Australia so it’s called the dole there well first the duel and so her daughter decided to go on the doll and so now the daughter could buy all the clothes that she wanted but she was you know being a teenager she was sitting around the house doing nothing not contributing and you know she can afford the clothes that she wanted but she was driving her mother so she so I said okay so it sounds like you actually have a good relationship with her daughter but the kid needs to find some meaning in her life she needs to find something to do at the time she needs you know she needs to get a job and I said so here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to ask that she finds her dream job dream job eight-year-old dream job with no particular effort on her part like she doesn’t have to what fortunes it’ll just land in her lap and then she’s going to be so happy and she’s going to feel so great about herself that it’s going to spill over into her relationship with you and then that’s going to heal your relationship has that so she was like well that sounds great to me it was a great so we did that I did a consciousness alignment exact and asking for exactly that and that was the book I was like wow that’s great that you want to be of a seller but how about we ask for a number 1 international bestseller and she was like can we do it I was like we can ask so that’s what I did I did a consciousness alignment for her relationship with a daughter and that exact same to happen and also for our book to become number one on an international mobile inertialess better so about three weeks maybe two and a half who knows who cares she called me and we were going to talk about the book and she said oh I need to tell you what happened with my water so she was in her favorite shop in her favorite boutique actually with all of the she’s sending her checks and the shop owner approached her and asked her if she would be interested in modeling for their internet and print presence she would make money she would get a discount on clothes and if she wanted to start a modeling portfolio she could do that as well so boom dream job 18 year olds there we go she was so happy about herself that it spilled over into her relationship with her mom and yeah one took a little longer because we have anything to do and rewrites and you know whatever but on American Thanksgiving 2015 our book went to number one in the United States Australia Canada the UK and the nether it’s not really works I love it Wow Wow there’s it’s really interesting just listening to you talk Carrie because you know taking on one side of the brain is let go like God and on the other side is thy will be that what is it dying well I will be done right and so it’s like you’re kind of but then in the middle it’s command consciousness so there seems to be a balance in the perspective of how you look at it could you explain how that works yes so I don’t know if this is intrinsic to me or if it’s so I feel like when somebody’s presented with a problem that there’s a higher way of looking at it you know not just okay like she’ll heal my relationship with my daughter well there’s more to it like what’s going on there and my perception is and this is the field that I work from you know the field meaning infinite field of possibilities that I work from so I won’t normally ask somebody um what is your not normally sometimes but if I’m doing like a grip saying I’ll just allow it to flow through but if I’m asking somebody what you know if I can help them a lot of times it’s there what is your highest idea of the outcome for this you know whatever is going on here and don’t give me don’t give me that idea and from my perspective the if whenever you have an idea of something that you know you would like to have happen in your life or something that you believe could happen or a best scenario no thought comes to you that is not available to you so every thought that exists in all consciousness that you have access to is a possibility so from my perspective from this perspective if somebody has a thought of a greater idea that idea is already there like if you as you are this step I get it’s flowing through you and it’s presented to you it’s the universe saying hey what do you think about this hey what do you think about that hey how do I said hey how would you like that and a lot of times we’ll be like no I’m like wording I can’t do that my father told me that otherwise worthless piece of crap you know whatever and like here all these ideas are coming to you and all you have to do is say yeah all you have to do is say yes and the universe will deliver but we’re so stuck in our stupid stories that you can’t allow the universe to deliver and so that’s what I do I actually just bypass all that crap and I deliver I just I’ll command it in and when somebody’s listening to me speak and do my thing I’m acting from the higher consciousness so honestly like with my friend’s daughter when I do this stuff it happens naturally it’s like oh my goodness what our amazing coincidence and what happens is like we have certain doors that we normally walk through you know in life like we’ll go through this door well we’ll go through this door it will be called a new job and then we’ll be at that job girl we’ll be like holy crap is the same job that I had last time and then we’ll quit that job and go through another door and think that it’s a new thing and it’s like holy crap this is the same job that I had last time and the time before that and you know it might be slow growth or slow progress and that’s what happens at the personality level because most of these things like Law of Attraction work and all of that crap is all from the personality level is we’ll try the shifting between the same level that created it and what we need to do is you to wrap yourself up use up your game you need to you know allow yourself to be more powerful and you need to allow yourself to say yes God leads through me I am not separate from God I am not separate from divinity I am not separate from consciousness it lives through me and it is me in fact and you have to say you know screw you to everybody who says oh you know you can’t say that looks just like well why not because if a tree is God and if the lake is God and if the stars are God and if they’re nebulae or God why why am i excluded you know what makes me so special that I think I’m separate so you just need to claim that and unfortunately on our planet Earth we’ve this been trained out of us you know so um you need to train yourself back in so but what I do is I worked in the higher level so when things happen in people’s lives like what my friend’s daughter didn’t try this she was trying to get a job she was trying to look pretty you know and then the dream job landed in her lap so and it happens with stuff like that all the time so I have a person that I’m working with who was like you know I want my relationship with my husband to be healed and you know things got really bad and I just can’t feel his love for him and she was struggling with that and so I did a consciousness alignment to help her release that and accept him as you know doesn’t accept her as she was and then all of a sudden she gate she let go of her attachment to how he showed up in jet pack he started contributing he started being helpful he started you know telling whether he appreciates her and all because I brought in something that she wasn’t expecting because I wanted trying people have some expectation that this is how it looks look and then me when I’m listening to it I’ll be like okay so I can hear that they have an attachment to this so a lot of what I do in my work is right I help people what goals was attachment so that things can come in and naturally and when like when they’re looking over here at this attachment and how something should show up it kind of sneaks in the back door and shows up in a different way so they’re like holy crap here’s my miracle I was expecting to be hit over the head with a cosmic 2×4 or the man of my dreams to land in my bed but hey Kerry is here I’ve been working with him for five years you know so anyway that’s how it shows up I love it you mentioned the personality self and so I wanted to ask you about different frequencies and such that like when you you talked about law of attraction or any people doing different modalities when they first get into it they’re like you like you just so ultimately highlighted they take themselves out of it the egos out of it and it works but a year or two later they’re back to where they were before they started that new modality so there’s like mobility jumping if you will how are you able to maintain that equilibrium that that you’re on you know that’s a very good question and I’m not really sure how to answer it because from where I am now I’m tied to what consciousness to the work like I’m the vessel through which consciousness does its work so I don’t really know how to answer that and you know again like I don’t own it you know I own this work it’s all work I’ve done in consciousness but I’m a willing participant in the work so I don’t I don’t really know honestly I know I’ve been working towards this for a long time and honestly I’m still not the point where I was at Unity Village I was like yeah your hand is healed you know I do I do like a full on trying to grab it from all angles and align everything exactly the way that we want and but what’s interesting about that is that when I align things when I ask for things to happen exactly as I want them it always happens exactly as I want it is really cool so it’s like I I had a friend I I manifested I help me out with money issues like about five years ago and this is while I was trying to figure out you know how to get back to that spot where I was and I wanted a guy who was really like magnetic to money who was either gay or married so I didn’t want to have a sexual relationship with him but who I adored who adored me he was my best friend who I had something to offer him as much as he had something to offer me and but the day after I sort of did this manifestation process so they came up with like I could see that now in retrospect I can see that that very next day the universe was already on it like to allow me to meet this person who has now been like my best friends for seven years so it’s I know it’s really cool forgot the question but yes I’ve been walking on this path towards getting to this point and it’s been a progressive you know it’s been like so I’m a triple Capricorn and if you know anything about capricorns are kind of singularly focused they start from the bottom of the ocean and they just kind of work their way up the mountain and I’m a triple Capricorn so I am just like I have my eye on that beam and I just work towards it so probably some of my yeah personal mojo there let me approach it from another another direction so when you said you saw the universe already starting to act on your behalf and then there’s another school of thought of oh it’s not happening to me and then it’s because maybe you’re peaking too much you should just allow it to happen like how do you it sounds like we’re splitting hairs but how do you differentiate the two so when I actually the process that I actually created that night that I couldn’t have shifted that guy was now I qualified some consecration because I was in meditation I was like okay I wanted to manifest asbestos my best friends and what do I have to do now and what do I have to do now and what do I have to do now and what do I have to do now and the biggest challenge that people have including myself so when you do this work for other people it’s so much easier than it is when doing it for yourself so it’s sort of like a progression but first you learn how to do it for other people because you’re not attached to their story and you can you know you can call in anything for somebody else but if you’re if you’re if it’s yours if it’s something for you like nothing you’re attached to your story that you want your story but you’re attached to your story that you believe your story so it’s a lot easier to do this kind of work for other people because you’re not attached and what I talked about in the five keys consecration we honestly is in the three part it’s like a chunk of this three-part video series that I have that kind of gives the nuts and bolts of this work and then you know people want to really learn how to do it they can become involved in in the community with the support and they get access to me and you know all these really amazing people who are who are like ready for this kind of work but anyway so what happens is let’s do it helps you what you do is you have to just let it go and there are different ways that you can do that and like a lot of people use like tapping and EFT and that’s a great way to let things go so once so high speeds much creative process within that tree part video series there are five steps to that and a lot of this work is like backside speed class creation sort of washed into one because now I know how to do it I know how to work it and it’s just kind of locked together but it’s like little steps that are you know okay take the steps and take this stuff and take this step then take this step and the last and final step is to release and let it go so you the first step is to get clear on what you want the second step is to and believe it clear as you write down what do I want so I want to be able to live a life of you know freedom of prosperity and to do the things that make me feel passionate and alive or something like that you know write that down into your vision statement then the next step is anything in the way that like write that down to oh but I have expectations from my spouse or oh I’ve been told that I you know have to do this or oh I can’t do stand-up comedy because I’m an accountant and nobody would ever laugh at me or you know what are those two things are that are in the way you write those things down and and what I used to do is I would tack to them because you know it’s easier to be tapping and to get through that stuff and then I would let go of all that stuff that I thought was in the way and then the third step is to feel it in your heart as if it has already happened and you know you and it’s easy if you put your hand on your heart and you can feel it in your heart addition has already happened and then the next step is to from a place of gratitude and honestly step three and step four the feelings of feeling it from your heart as it’s already happened and the gratitude are really mushed into one but the gratitude part is really really important so I made that it’s all set because gratitude like to thank you thank you thank you I’m so happy and grateful that despite me both in my life and I love that we have this great camaraderie and blah blah blah whatever and then the last step which is what people have the most trouble with is to let it go you have to let it go and with me when I manifested that guy I was at like midnight by the time I was done with this process and I had she’s like I had worked it like I don’t know 8:00 a.m. the next morning or something like that or maybe even fix it I don’t I don’t remember but I had to get to bed so I knew that I had to really let it go so I attacked through the whole thing and I let it go and I was able to sleep soundly and then the next day I had a friend she was trying to help me with a network marketing business who wanted to meet with me and I was like and something inside of me said tell her that you need somebody else to help you so it’s like because Nancy I really appreciate all that you’re doing for me but I really need somebody who’s going to make money from helping me to help me and can you introduce me to somebody that can do that somebody in my applying to choose in my upline but she was sort of a little far removed so she wasn’t making any money for me and she introduced into the sky and I didn’t realize it at the time but um so I texted him a couple times and he texted me and he was in like twenty two hour drive away or something like that so you know who’s pretty far and so it’s not like you know he’s in my hometown he’s married has kids and happily married and so she introduced it to this guy and I could see that the very next day when she gave me has no phone number to text him that he was he was a guy because what happened was so he’s like a nationally ranked network marketer and he at the time I think he’s making more now but at the time he was making like 40 grand a month just really doing the thing that he loves which was this network market business and you just talk to people and you know say hey do you want to save any money on your electric bill and people would be like yeah so he would you know help them he would get them signed up with this company and he like I what happened was I called him one day instead of techne I just called him and he was like oh hold on a second and he sat up and I didn’t realize that that was significant at the time because in my manifestation process I wanted to be as valuable to this person as he was to me and I didn’t realize that it was significant that he thought up because a couple years prior he had a heart attack in a quadruple bypass surgery or something like that and when your body goes through that kind of shock of being open like that you go through panic attacks where people have panic attacks and the panic attacks and that is what kills you so you have a five year life expectancy after that and and a lot of people because of the stress that their bodies go through don’t make it and so at that point when he set up he said that once he heard my voice he started to feel better it was like there was something about my voice that made him start to feel better and then like two or three months later and I had never seen this guy before like I had been in this network marketing business for like six months or something I had never seen before didn’t know we was didn’t know what he looked like didn’t even know existed and he came to the area to my area because most of his team was there and there was a big like primal cast and I rode with him to a simulcast and he was like that you know a big Schmo there and so he really hit it off and then you went through it back home and who comes out and sang karaoke that night and we really hit off he’s like my best friend but he would have panic attacks in the car as we were driving and naturally what Carey would do is I would put my hands on each side of his chest while he was having a panic attack but he pull over I just do my natural thing was which was to give him Reiki and he went from having hour and a half long panic attacks when he got there to like you know two or three minutes when he left when he was back home so I didn’t realize it but that’s exactly what I asked for and he like we will be walking around Dick’s Sporting Goods and his phone will go coaching the charity coach it would happen like 20 times in an hour and I said why did you formally do that his Oh every time my phone dings it’s a hundred and eighty dollars and I’m like oh so you know while we’re walking around dicks he made thirty five hundred bucks you know so that was exactly what I asked for and he’s helping me with the mind you know he helps me that that financial mindset he was exactly what I was looking for and yeah so so I let go so to answer your question I was able to let go and just sort of follow the natural like what felt natural and write to me and just you know it’s my intuition was giving me a nudge hey Nancy put me in touch with somebody else that’s what I did you know when I just but you have to let go because if you’re always like where is it where is it where is it then it can’t show up you’re not allowed in universe to do its job and you’re actually blocking it because while you’re in that state of panic where is it you’re telling me I don’t have it I don’t have it I don’t have it I don’t have it so that’s what’s up so that’s why they’re very nice and go ahead David I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit man I mean just I reduce joint listening to everything she’s saying um I don’t think you know where to start I got like a million questions so what uh let me ask you this have you heard of and/or read a book called the way of mastery well no okay I’m currently reading that book and a lot of what you’re talking about and everything saying is kind of like right out of this book I’m like wow this sounds a lot like that maybe oh well you know I did in another form oh there you go I guess the updated version cuz that’s a rather old book tell her a little bit more about the book David well it’s it came out I think in the 90s and the Chateau Chris I think I told you about it arms of the Santo Christie Foundation is the one that put it out and it’s well it’s kind of hard to explain but um it just talks a lot about you know everything that you’re kind of talking about is it comes from that angle and you you know you’re you you’re the one and you’re you’re the source and you’re one you know talks about your you’re right there with the Creator that’s that’s kind of your essence and some of the things you’ve talked about the regards to creating its kind of spot on the things that it says I didn’t what you’re talking about so that’s why I was like man I wonder she’s read this book not that we’ve got it from that book but it’s just if you’re just familiar with it so that’s why I brought them what hey I just have a little announcement that appointment that I had just cancelled so we’re good no perfect okay because I was about to put the cap on it excellent well cool I guess the newer version is for movies I’m a big movie guy have you ever seen yes man with Jim Carrey no I haven’t I have watched like the Truman like I know a lot of people think that Jim Carrey is like a wackadoodle nowadays but whatever so I like him I hate his like Dumb and Dumber but I like his like you know Truman Show and stuff like that and like you know I can appreciate Jim Carrey a little bit more now that is kind of getting older now that other people think that he’s weird now I like him like you said it’s always the opposite of what you see so you’re obviously gravitating towards and the movie not to give it away it was he was a man that said no to everything you know like you said for whatever reason and then he think he was given it was actually the movie was written from the perspective of someone in the UK they have written a book and then Hollywood brought the right but I was like just take 30 days and say yes to every opportunity that comes to you and his life was forever transformed it’s kind of because Jim Carrey but it’s still enjoyable in my opinion Oh awesome oh I’ll try and I’ll check it out yep so when you talk about when you talk about consciousness and controlling consciousness or commanding consciousness and this is a this is a very personality question I just my familiar is a ssin with the word consciousness is access consciousness and I was wondering if people from access consciousness I’ve reached out to you are there any synergies or do you actually know because I am NOT an access consciousness person um so people are asking that Oh consciousness I really have no idea I have no clue I’m assuming there are some similarities but I really do not know because I kind of you know march to the beat of my own drum and access consciousness to me it sounds like and I don’t know if it is what is that it’s kind of escaping me now landmark it sounds like landmark to me but it could be completely different I have no idea yeah it’s a little different in that’s a topic for another conversation we really want to focus on Kerri I just thought I’d ask you that quick question about that so I don’t know so have you also found like with you you’re keeping your vibration up but you’re working with groups and sometimes I mean people have reported that spontaneous physical healing the financial windfall such has have they been able to just being around you or being a part of your consciousness classes and such that they’re able to maintain that or do they see that as a one-trick pony and it can only happen when you’re around well we have we have a input in the program that I have we have a Facebook group where people can you know maintain connection with that community so and honestly the the program that I teach is 12 weeks and it’s really pretty intense so it’s like a year-long thing crammed into 12 weeks and you know people want to take you here too do it they can but you know it’s released in weekly modules so and what we do in that in the program and this is not the three right three-part video series so the three-part video series is free and it kind of gives you all of actually really what I’m doing you in this call which is really pretty much everything that I can possibly give that I know but I can’t give you hours of me you know helping to maintain this consciousness and course correcting for you however people will can be part of the group and honestly I in the program that I do I make it experiential so I basically force people well I mean if they don’t want to do it they don’t want to do it but what are they paying me money I basically tell people okay your homework for this week is to take what you’ve learned and this starts at about I think it starts at about week five or week six you know now your assignment for the week is to go out and try this on somebody else to get people used to doing it themselves so that they can actually you know start claiming their power because most of our teachers most of our teachers like Wayne Dyer Tony Robbins you know Esther Hicks all these people tell you this is what you have to do and they don’t demonstrate like Esther Hicks will channel you know but she doesn’t teach other people how to do it and she doesn’t access that consciousness for other people and change their lives for them and why I love about this work is that somebody can be like holy crap my life is falling apart my wife left me my I haven’t seen my kids in two years my dog died my mother has breast cancer you know yadda yadda yadda I lost my job last week you know all of this crap and it’s just like so overwhelming and then I can come in and I can do a consciousness alignment and they’ll come back to you next week and say hey you know what I got a new job and I’m being paid 10 grand more than I was before you know or something or they’ll be able to calm down to allow the life to happen to them and you know and I feel like that’s what a huge part is that when people hear me like they want these things I I do I I ask and I’ll do I’ll be happy to do a consciousness alignment because now that we have unlimited time on this fall I’ll be happy to do a conscience alignment for your audience for you guys whatever because that’s you know that’s free you know I do that and I help people to get out of their crap so that you know they can start claiming their power because if you’re you know if you’re buried in a pile of crap it’s really hard to see the light you know sure oh so you know that that I’ll do but it’s um I forgot my point but like I’ll help people and I do it from the higher level the higher consciousness level so you’ll be just living your life and I’ll be like wow you know this woman of my dreams basically almost landed right in my bed because I you know I I knew her from work and we we you know I just felt like after if she wanted to go out for to have coffee or a drink or dinner or whatever and then you know it turns out that we have so many things in common that I never would have known about before and holy crap the woman of my dreams was was you know working 50 feet from me for the last five years and I never would have known it and I never would have been open to it if I hadn’t been you know in this state of being and I you know so it’s really awesome and cool see how these things happens and yes so my my students tell me so once my students start doing this work and I start forcing them to do consciousness alignment then they report they’re like wow Kerry you know I started doing this and I start opening my morning with you know our consciousness on and I will align my day and I will align this and I will align that and you know I’m working with my clients and my clients are seeing good results and my family members are smell good really goes always your that my dad was was really having a hard time they thought they were going to have to amputate his leg well death luck that’s getting better and I helped him with that and you know all of this stuff like these people are coming back and saying holy crap you know you’re showing me how to do this three months ago I never would have been able to do this where have you known that was even a possibility that I could do this and I am a second positive change in people’s lives anything is happening rapidly so you know it’s yes yes yes yes so so no it’s not like a one-shot trick pony and like boom you’re back to where you were before it’s that you know the level the vibration of people that join me and and I think I tend to bring out the good in people I think I tend to force people sort of level up their game because I am you can probably tell I’m kind of a no BS kind of girl and you know I and I I’m loving and I’m compassionate but I’m also at the same time I’m not an enabler so like if some as well you know I really don’t want to do it I would prefer that you do it for me if I’m like well no this is all about you learning to claim your power so I appreciate that you would like me to do it for you I will do one at the end you know at the end of our call like on our group calls but you know you don’t have to go first but you do have to do it so I kind of push people to the edge of their comfort zone which is a good thing because you know it’s a secure environment you’re just on a phone call with people and the people that ask them to help out you are people that they love and are people who they can actually help and are people who will know that they’re on a learning process in a growth curve and are willing to help them in that so I push them beyond where they’re comfortable and then at the same time they see how they start to claim and they said to see how powerful they truly are and in that you know other people seeing wow you know no male is is you can see that the changes that are going on in her life and how she’s helped me and it you know it kind of it snowballs you know like as you affect somebody they affect people and so on and so forth and I think by sort of forcing my students to go out and practice it empowers them and empowers the people in their lives as well and at the beginning of the podcast you had mentioned course of miracles and you kind of sprinkled in some miracles that has been happening and there seem to be more frequent now just because you’re in that vibration has there been one miracle or example that you’re like unuseful experiencing a lot of examples either through myself or my colleagues or friends but this one takes the cake well honestly a lot of them do take take so like the healing of hands good for me the book being a number one bestseller was recently that relationship with my friend’s daughter you know like that job landing in her lap exactly the way that I fast for it that was that was big personally so like I said previously it’s easier to seemingly call in things for other people then it is myself however and you have you have had contact with my marketing manager so with her I called her in and like I don’t know it was like less than two weeks later that she contacted me but her you know I hadn’t gotten clear on what I really wanted as far as somebody to help me so I keep you know one of the recurring patterns that I seem to have wanted to pull back and I wear my course correct on this really great things always happen so this work you know I’ve been working on building this for a while and I’ve been in the personal like self-help you know personal development field for a long time since what 1998 and but when I called in my marketing manager I I was like alright what am I really looking for because I thought I wanted a guide you know like a guy he was like my to complain blah blah blah you know who would the business man and would be able to help me and I was like you know I don’t think I want that because if I have a guy in my life he’s a business man he could have his own idea how I should one my life and run my business and you know how I should do my work yeah I don’t really live with that I’m not really done with that so once I got clear and again that’s the first that’s the footsteps and like the five seed consecration process which by the way is if people are not even interested in taking the program watch the three-part video series go to divine living calm /video series and that’s all free so yes divine forward slash video series and but so when I called her in I was like because I have a pretty big LinkedIn you know I have a pretty big ones in space and I thought that it would be true LinkedIn but I didn’t specifically say that but it was kind of an idea that had and I was like you know I want somebody he’s going to find my work believe in my work believe in me see they’re special and who will help me get my work out in a big way but I want them to be paid based on result and I want them to be somebody like and really work with who have you turned who can be my business partner not just somebody who’s who’s working before me and I I put that out there and I am you know honestly I’ve been looking for like a manager for a long time you know I was like I want to manager but I was like here on what I wanted that manager be but I didn’t know that was unclear and so I got clear on that I was unclear if that makes any sense to you um and then when I got clear on what I wanted she she just chipped in and you know the universe aligns for me to have the money so she required a retainer so half of it was in retainer and then the other half comes in results which is great because you know then that she would that I was committed to her and then she was committed to me for the other half um and she’s amazing she’s amazing so she’s just amazing graphics she’s very thorough she says outreach she you know responds as me in my social media and in a while you know while I’m you know time to move into doing this you know like a bowl full on and doing the things that I like to do like you know doing things like this doing the calls like this engaging with people on Facebook and and all of that and you know I like I said previously I have been doing you know websites before and you know audio editing and you know I had done my own you know social media and all that so I know how to do all that but it takes me away from my passion you know it takes me away from the things that I love doing so honestly for me my marketing manager like branding and my life exactly the way that I asked her though because I wanted you know whoever approached me to be like cherry you know your work is really powerful can I help you and she that’s exactly how she came in but at first I didn’t trust that it was her so I was pretty snarky I was like salty with her and I was like oh yeah I do need help but I don’t want to I have no interest in buying somebody’s blueprints you know and you’re like oh whoa no no no that’s not how we work I’m sorry if my you know it’s my branding came across that way but no we’re done for you you know we’re done for you and then you know um she said all bring in this amount of money within this amount of time and here’s our contract and it’s very thorough contract you know so it’s it’s awesome so that for me was it something that’s like wow you know that is freaking amazing and yeah and you know with my own personal stories it hits closer to home because I know them so much more intimately like all those other stories that I told but you know people tell me all the time they’re like Perry when I met you I was struggling you know and I couldn’t figure I can’t figure out how to pay my mortgage and I couldn’t figure out this and I warned my work to start going and I wanted to do this and I wanted to do that and then you know after a month and a half abyssal with you I’ve got more you know invitations to co-lead retreats where I can possibly you know did I ever imagined that I would or you know I have more clients coming in then I ever thought that I would or holy crap my relationships with my husband is healed or you know my relationship with my kids are healed or you know whatever that that jobs I was hoping know what that didn’t happen but something even better happened so yeah that’s great so I’m gonna be a little selfish here and I want to give a shout out to my twin sister she lives in Spain and we had a family reunion over the weekend in Jersey and so we did a little face time with everybody there and because he wasn’t there and being the twin brother and the silly twin and brother I thought I can breakdance like I did in my early days and today i’m where i’m wearing crutches them i have a big eggplant on my foot oh my god so i’m a good manifester but I’m like I want this to go away and I was like really triggered by the lady with the hand splint and I went overnight so if that could be a segue for a little sample for our audience that’d be great okay and so normally when I’m doing this I’m trying to find a medical reason for that whatever it is so are you feeling crippled yep okay I’m just writing feeling crippled and ice doing foolish foolish yes and are you feeling your mortality yes for the first time ever okay all right probably good all right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to first of all I’m going to give you instructions on how to receive this because it’s all about receiving there’s no doing for you we just need to receive so what you want to do is you want to listen to my every word so you want to be mindful and I know you’re not driving a car or anything so that’s a good thing so anybody else who’s listening who may have a physical ailment that you would like to also have alleviated this can help you as well and it can help anybody else as well too so any of the things that I mentioned within this consciousness alignment will apply to anyone and then we can do another one for you know something else afterwards if you’d like and also you want to as I’m speaking you want to say yes to yourself so these need to do that out loud or you can do it silent into yourself and the reason that you say yes is just so that you know that you’re open because a lot of people am I open I don’t know if we’re open and I open so I haven’t speaking you just want to say yes to allow consciousness to work on your behalf and here we go Thank You divine consciousness that we’ve been through and as me and the spoke that voice that speaks in the ear that hears and especially thank you for aligning Hamza with being having free mobility in his body and thank you for releasing him across all time-space dimension and reality through any feelings that he is crippled in any way in his life whether it’s physically whether it’s financially whether it’s romantically whether it’s emotionally regardless of what that is that crippling that he may feel in his life safety for releasing him from that across all times face image and reality every level of consciousness ever stranded DNA every vibrating molecule in every city Adam thank you for realigning Hamzah to have a new perspective on life a new freedom but where he feels free and mobile in his entire life through his physical being to his emotional being through his relationship through his money in all aspects of his life even parts of I don’t even know what to ask for thank you for imprinting him with the new consciousness now that allows you to feel free like he’s freely mobile in his the entire the others life now across all time space dimension and reality now that are something even better Zaira something even better now is that if we’re releasing from him any self doubt that he has any chance with foolishness anything that has been in the way of him being able to free move in his life and yet peace with himself so thank you for releasing him from that across all translates invention and reality in his physical body and his etheric body in every vibrating molecule every strand of DNA every thank you for rewiring his neural pathways and neural receptors and thank you for realigning him down his mother’s side of jamming and FATA sidus ailments from any sense of being crippled or immobile and any sense of foolishness or self-doubt or insecurity that going down his mother served him and his father son family going back 10,000 generations thank you for releasing his entire family lineage from any of these thoughts any of these doubts any of these feelings of unworthiness or doubt or blame or foolishness or feeling cryptid in their life in any way and thank you for creating a new Khan within Hamza that he had inherited from 10,000 generations of family lineage which allowed him to experience a new consciousness that is freely mobile really true to himself where he can do the things that he desires without feeling foolish and without having all these constraints in the way thank you it has already done thank you sir – done now thank you for releasing him from his story across all time space dimension and reality and any attachments to his story that he has across all time space dimension and reality as it relates to his life here on planet earth and and anything that supersedes is living in him in any way including his mortality but thank you for releasing him for any thoughts that he is mortal in any way sighs he was already done thank you is already done now because all time space dimension and reality anyone who’s listening to this consciousness one also thank you for allowing them with all of these things now any self-doubt that they have any feelings their lives where they may show crippled or constrained in any way or confined thank you for releasing across all time space dimension and reality including their mortality thank you for opening this person to a new realization that they are like life leaps truth and a life does not die life does not die life lives life lives on and on and on thank you for creating a new consciousness within Hamza and within the people who are listening to this consciousness alignment now to know that they are like they are life life moved into a house them and consciousness moves into an ad them and there is there are no limits to who they are because they are one with all there are one with all and in that perspective is given that knowing and intimate alignment with knowing that they are one with all they are not separate or apart from anything if you want me to attract anything in sterilized because they are already attached and all they need to do is say yes say yes yes yes to allowing it come in thank you for allowing for abundance thank you for allowing full freedom of motion thank you for allowing fulfilling relationships thank you for allowing freedom of occupation and freedom to do the things in their lives that they want to do thank you for the school freedom of movement in their lives in any direction as they want to go any directions they want to go across all three states you mentioned any artists and thank you for taking a new class says going to their mother’s side of the family and employment side of them going back ten thousand generations that allows them to experience this and to inherit this new consciousness twelve ten thousand generations of family lineage and thank you for allowing them to pass this on now for evermore to the integrity of their entire family lineage now forevermore now forevermore into the rest of their lives thank you is already done thank you is already done now thank you it is already done now that are something even better than I should be even better thank you is early good and so it is okay take a deep breath and push it all out and take another deep breath and push it all out thank you yeah it was so I know I have so much company right now oh my goodness it was just a room lit up oh really yes so phenomenal yeah I was I was gonna ask you for one to carry but I think I might have gotten up a little bit well I recently moved here to Colorado and I had a lot of intentions moving here and what I was going to do and and everything has been falling into place like just miraculously and so there’s a few more steps to go but um I guess just the continuance of all the miracles and and everything’s falling into place like it has been it’s just been fantastic okay is it David of Davis David okay okay yeah yes okay um continuance of amazingness yes that’s perfect way to say it it’s nature’s amazingness okay and I’ll align that for everybody else and you know I actually words use the word healing in there so I’ll kind of do that again like for you Homs I’ll just kind of mention that in here as well anyone that you’re courting require sharing or desiring of healing as well because I did everything else but that one word so all right thank you divine consciousness at least a Jew in a unit okay the voice that speaks in the ear that hears and is this very present moment of now thank you for creating within data is like a continuance a continuance of this is unfoldment of these amazing secret isset ease and miracles and dis amazingness that is going on in his life now thank you it is already done thank you for continuing on this path I’m just this miraculous unfoldment that all these good duties awesome fulfilling joyful experiences that he’s having him and everyone who’s hearing my voice now thank you has already done thank you deserted them now for those who are not experiencing something like that and who are wanting that thank you for reaching on creating and translating all of anything that’s in the way of that from all time space dimension and reality now across all time space dimension and reality now thank you Andy done thank you it’s already done and show it is and thank you for also creating bronze on anyone else who’s listening to my voice and listening to the call a healing in their body for wherever it is that they’re thinking about now whatever feeling they are thinking about now in their body thankfully there’s already done its mark all time space dimension and reality every vibrating molecule every spinning atom every strand of DNA thank you for rewiring the neural pathways and your other sectors so that this healing has already taken place is already taking place is already in place now whatever that healing is thankful is already done and so I keep what you tingling these miraculous events in the lives of these people for hearing my voice now so that amazingness and just awesome this to keep unfolding in their lives beyond their expectations beyond their dreams fancy one is already does thank you is very done now for us all time space dimension area and thank you for including this person with a consciousness of knowing that they are fully connected fully connected not only connected they are the universe universe is living through them and is enjoying life as them through their eyes and here is an experience and the universe is taking pleasure and delight in bringing them everything they desire and they and as it does they are saying yes to all the beauty and the joy in the fulfillment that life is offering now they’re saying yes now they are saying yes now and they’re allowing it in their receiving thank you and is earning done thanks me one is already done now thank you is Ernie done now and so it is okay take a deep breath and push it all out and take another deep breath and push it all out are you guys doing ungrounded do you want me to do a grounding or good I’m totally grounded until the down to two let’s leave it for the people I think this is a perfect time to once again highlight your site to for people to sign up for your classes any speaking engagements how they can touch with you all the above okay so actually to find so if you go on my website and you sign up for the three-part video series and I think it’s it’s divine within com forward slash video series that will give you the tree part video series it’s kind of give you the they’re each fifteen minute videos that kind of tell you how the mechanics of how I do this which is really kind of cool and then there’s bonus materials with all of that and then when that is you know at the bottom of that page there’s a little button that says check out the master class or something like that and the master class actually tells you about the the program that I’m doing and that first next week we’re dropping the first video module on June 3rd which is the first Monday in June and we’re only we only release this once every few months or at least right now we’re only releasing it once every few months and so this won’t be offered again for another few months and when you do that so the the program the 12-week program we have so it’s 12 weeks of video modules it’s 12 weeks of peer group support you know like you’d be linked up will appear it’s also 12 weeks of group support like in the call in my group call so you can you know talk to me you also depending upon the like how you decide to join you’ll either get one call with me or if you decide to if they do the whole payment at once like to do you know just do the whole class at once I think you get two extra calls with me and when people you know decide to join you can either do if you have questions you can schedule calls me and I believe that Servine forward slash call the ALL if you have questions and you can I think depend upon the level that you decide to join you can either get two extra bonus calls with me and then you also get access to the six-month access to the manifesting miracles consciousness library so you know you can have that as well as the awakened life Expo so there’s like all of that really cool stuff but all you need to do to even start that going is you sign up for the three-part video series at divine live in calm forward slash video series and if you can’t remember that just go to divine within calm from the threat page and you’ll be sent an email asking you if you’d like to click this date in the video series along the way there somewhere anyway but if you would like to be trained in this it is trainable it’s not as big of a deal as a lot of people make it out to be it’s just a tiny shift in perspective but it needs to be learned you know it is very doable and there are really amazing people that you can connect with and have lifelong relationships with you know in the program and learning how to do this work and in keeping with the perspective for folks that are listening to this life will delight calls is May 22nd and the first class starts June 3rd so procrastination is not your friend jump on it folks yes yeah yes well you’ve just been attuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is hamza and i am david and i can’t wait to tell you about my miraculous recovery with my why it’s my leg and all the other good news after learning about what you had to offer it was definitely a pleasure speaking with you yes pleasure being here yeah thank you let’s stay in time absolutely all right Jerry evening Carrie UK thank you so very much David Thank You Hasan yeah thank you thank you you

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