Causes And Effects Of Bullying – American Bully Movie Interview With Jermaine Quick

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good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a Ami’s perspective this is Hamza and I am David and before we get started I do want to say happy Green Day for all of the Eagles fans out there so well we have the Eagles curse that we are so used to for generations or will we be happier today I just want to throw that out there of also bringing that up because we do have a fellow Philadelphian that is on our podcast today by the name of Jermaine quick he is the principal al-adel Stiles entertainment and has extensive work in the entertainment industry including a recent movie that was just released so without further ado like to introduce you to the podcast welcome Jemaine hey how y’all doing today awful and everybody is from an awesome and amazing day on purpose absolutely absolutely so I did mention that either before we get into you a happy breed day for the Eagles fans out there and here in Atlanta we actually have three Eagles bars throughout the city so there’s has a heavy concentration and I wanted to know if you’re in Philly there are some people that aren’t Eagles fans in Philly are you one of those people no I’m actually Eagles fan and it leave green and but uh we do have some cowboys fans out here literally my best friend is a Cowboys fan and see uh those that in my face a lot but they’re not to be talked about today we’re talking about the Eagles and they’re exciting a situation going on right now and that’s the world hallway from today about today man we were actually a friend of mine we were going to put his mom to the police because she obviously dropped him on his head when he was a little because it’s a heavily favored feeling her doctor no doubt that is what Maine know so I’m excited about speaking with you today Jermaine one because you’re in Philadelphia I was actually born in Philadelphia was raised in Jersey and then during the teen years I moved down south but to get this out of the way since we are talking about green are you related to my clique I wish I think that I gotta make some different moves in life you know run again but uh no no no no okay all right that I have I’m sure you get asked that all the time a legend sure itself all my life all my life and now I need to meet them so that we can maybe we are related and I’m you know what to be honest and maybe I’ll put the battery in your back for this journey so I want to say like oh my goodness about 20 years ago we were watching Fresh Prince of bel-air just like everyone else right and then grant their grandma on there we were like okay no they will introduce a grandma on the show but I think during the credits her last name was caterers and I remember my mom like you know how cool would it be if that was our she was related to us our family mailing papers and you know we kind of went about our business and then we found out years later that she was related to us and with Facebook and everything else it was like a reunion just because we did a genealogy report to find out everyone you know a lot of people don’t know their history and you may be related to my quick if you do some preliminary research I never know never and never know you’re correct look at that in the back of the sensory board there’s your you’re not going as a childhood what you might write later the knife and when you go to those men are you my daddy right right yeah you owe me some back money buddy hollow rocket oh you did not get me a exactly well another Philly thing that I do have to ask you about is you are the principal of hotel-style entertainment and when I saw that I immediately thought of one of my favorite bands of the roots and one of their albums is ill Adele half life and wanted the middle origin of your company or the name at least right now that’s funny you say that I went to school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia I interned at Sigma sound studios where root the roots actually first started recording their first album static and so I got to run into Black Thought lease to do ciphers um rat fibers in the studio with us Thurman Scott Storch Ian and cute Questlove was always downstairs producing but we were upstairs and at that time they were they were into this mold called the dynasty and that was like a hip-hop a group I would say but more so like you know sometimes you have groups that go after this special Casualty name that just defines what a group is and and that they were called the fifth dynasty and so as we were doing the ciphers you know I just like how he just had a persona like he was just like a thorough guy and you know that whole representing Ilhabela of philadelphia you know that ill Adele funk type thing that was like a common thing back then in the early 90s oh I just capitalized on the name um and ran with it and when I finished school when I was starting my entrepreneurship program in 2001 at Temple I used the name L Adele and collaborated with styles because I have so many different styles as far as production as far as a filming and video and things like that and I wanted out my company to be multimedia so I kind of branched off with the name and just ran with it and I thought it was just a cool thing to do you know because it was just follow my history absolutely that does a really great story of thinking since you know you are secure in the entertainment field and you talked about your history with the Art Institute of Philadelphia and so on so forth I do want to talk about a brief soapbox moment for me since I am a hip hop music fan fanatic forever shout-out to my my cousin Tony he was a lot older than me he put me on the WH 80km way back in a day and if you don’t though that was where Lady B was where she first started before she got on power 99 in the early 80s so the soap box moment that I wish was a little bit better is you have New York you have your different regions right so you have New York you have even Jersey there’s like these these clusters where they actually get together and stick together as a movement and you don’t really see that as a whole at least today and Philadelphia you had to know the sound of Philadelphia and seventies and all that but currently you don’t see like this huge push at least outside of the region for Philadelphia which your take on that well the game really got saturated and from my history of I’ve been in the inner King of Denson Philadelphia since out and the 90 and who see it transformed over time a lot of artists got signed from Philadelphia less Philadelphia never came back never introduced any type of revenue or business to the city and so the city became more selfish in nature and so they became close-minded more of I’m all about self it’s about me and you have a new generation that’s coming up that doesn’t even understand or even know anything about you know founder philadelphia we don’t even have a sound we’re so saturated with everyone else’s saying we don’t have a sound at all and so without a sound and without the history the embedded history that is needed to understand that you know it takes a group to actually make the city big everybody’s office up and so you won’t you won’t see until artists start to realize that supporting one another can bring more of a fan base to the city with the conglomeration they you won’t see that in Philadelphia I mean everybody’s always running to new york or now everybody’s running to Atlanta because they think it looks Elena screaming nothing honey but just like a Lena is popping now they’ll soon dying down and then somebody else will be popping just like the West Coast is proper for a minute you know and down down south and so forth you know everybody has their moments of pop you know and so Philadelphia has this beyond the sound of Philadelphia as far as hip hop concerns Philadelphia has yet to have its pop I mean we have individuals that had popped from Philadelphia but as far as the city being all the attention coming to the city we have yet to have that and so I guess that’s why everybody wants to be Eagles to win you know they probably bring some you know nostalgia here you know something you know just you know Kamata you got on but we don’t have a city and that’s just because everybody’s alpha selves so yeah definitely go eagle light it yeah well there’s a lot of economics associated with it we could get into later but I do want to mention that there is some by some young guy on my Instagram feed who is I forget his name right now hopefully it’ll come to me but he is doing this whole throwback 8090 beats with his raps and he’s getting a lot of push it looks like from no come on don’t regard if you will I believe so they’ll tease me okay so del PV has been doing that for a while now and he was with my friend of mine that does a lot of filming with new things Raj Schwartz Rob Schwartz was introduced in rash warts on whom who Mad Magazine on he also does a lot of them he owns a lot of TV network stations across the country and so Rob Swartz got ahold of this guy and put him and gave him a distribution deal and ever since then you know showcasing them has been a big thing and he’s been with us some awards he’s actually been in the Grammys a couple of times he’s really very fearful as far as like the old-school connotation of rap but he doesn’t get a lot of respect in Philadelphian because the new wave is the Meek Mill ways or car DV we you know so that that is sometimes that gets washed out you know I mean he’s good at what he does and he should get respect for what he does because that is the foundation of hip-hop but because mumble rap is the way to go now everybody is just following the fat you know and not saying that meek Millz does mumble rap because I’m actually in these mills in the video and I don’t need to correct it but that type of flow to make sure I get that right that type of flow as far as a you know just singing on the track or whatever the case may be that is the the new boob Louie you know and so if you’re not listed in the way you kind of get washed out you know it actually made when you mentioned Meek Mill it made me that’s what actually was the impetus for me getting on the soapbox it wasn’t more of the oh man I’m just steady B and all that and silly but it was more of a battle rap and so you had Meek Mill and you had man I mean all these guys in Philly that were really big in the battle rap scene in the early 2000s they were on smack deejay less than that and so you know became out under that you know when they say meek with the braids and but in the battle I’ve seen there’s this whole Europe push there’s this whole New Jersey push and you just don’t have at least on a grander scale the Philadelphia push because there’s a lot of splitters out there and let you said it they’re short-sighted if they’re only trying to be out for self as we’re seeing because they’re not in the the conversation like a lot of other regions are yeah well a lot of other regions understand the concept of unity and like I said because of the way artists have been treated here in Philadelphia they don’t have it’s cognitive behavior they don’t have that that unity because there was never any unity within the signings of different individuals and stuff like that you know people get there it’s time from here you know they don’t help those who actually help them get to the position they were in you know so when you have that type of mentality you know everybody just thinks for self you know and it I mean I even had the news I don’t want to even put her name out well I might as well I even had one of the news editors from Fox say the same thing to me like we just basically you know talking about movies and music and and she was like yes Allah nothing has always been one of those stagnated brackets that you know everybody’s out for self mmm-hmm ever shadow I’m sorry surely were yeah gone from cyclers with Blackbaud which is awesome a whole nother conversation to geek out on but you also were doing film and you are talked about Temple University what what made you want to look at all aspects of entertainment instead of going down one one vein so speak I was good at it um I’m not even to be boastful but um I started out I’m gonna tell you this history and then you know we go from there I was in high school and I’ve been rapping since I was in eighth grade a beatboxing beatboxing was my main thing um I got noticed when I was in eighth grade for doing that talent shows every high school or middle school yearbook you would always see me on stage either beatboxing a rapid so in my 12th grade year that I met a guy named Sean Phillips who was working with a female named Heather Henderson you might have known or you seen in a couple of movies like splash um she was just one with a Tyrese Gibson but anyway me and her started off early at an early age on 19 and we did a song called give it up and it was under Simon Rosen I’m if you’re not familiar with Simon Rose needs a followed up your music lawyer he started a record label called Thomas’s records in ninety and he really didn’t know anything about hip hop as much as anything but he was learning and growing so he they signed me under that label and this is before I even went to school and I started touring with Heather and we were performing this song with a what was her name um it’s the remember I got the power I can’t remember her name with off the back but uh she uh we were touring with her for a minute and see and it was going fine it was going well but uh Heather decided to change gears and she stopped singing and so that left me to be on my own and Simon was not ready to handle a hip-hop artist so I end up making my own album and at the time I made my album it was doing a psychedelic period with her p.m. doing and and stuff like that but on the hip hop side of things hip hop was getting rougher and wu-tang came out so my album got washed away because I was going psychedelic music and all the underground was doing wool type of drama and so I learned a lot by being in the studio wasting all my income tax money to do that and I said you know I’m going back to school so I can learn the business and so I went to school at our Institute to learn video and music production and when I was in school I got great grades the audio was easy for me because I like sound and I’ve been listening to music since I was a little kid so I love sound so I was able to tackle that but the video became second nature because uh in all my classes I was able to tell stories and I’m a good storyteller so with film it just it made it possible I received great grades in that so I would end up doing people’s videos I ended up working with a TV show called urban expression um and eventually over the years I became like one of the directors of the show and video just was like a part of just what you couldn’t can mix you couldn’t leave out the – you know music video that all went together like all part of entertainment but to visually see what you’re trying to say and to make it a video it just was all part of the chemistry and I became good at both and I was able to even go to high school and teach some of the kids video productions that barching my old alma mater and so that worked out very well and um I just continued on I mean if so many is eight million stories within that dead cluster that I can tell you who I met what I’m done with the company and then the different things but video would it just started out as just a just a part of the whole culture you can’t have rat without video you know and you know I’ve learned from a lot of the best in the business just watching how they edit how they they cut from seeing the scene and I just pick it up very fast and I continue to still learn each day – so what was the transition from hip hop videos did you start doing shorts and then that cane that turned into full-length movies what was the process on the process came from a DVD magazine at the time DVD magazines were basically interviews of artists rappers rapping on a DVD as what I did was I actually got a press pass in the city became a legit a media company and I was able to interview all the artists that were coming to cities jay-z Beyonce when we had live aid in Philadelphia I was the only DVD magazine in Philadelphia acquiring interviews from Russell Simmons Chris Tucker a lot of actors and stuff like that and I became a underground name with that ill Adele thousand became a DVD magazine with the underground name with that type of source so I would take hip-hop artists who rap and mix them with these top entertainers and put it in a DVD magazine to give them exposure and so I noticed that the DVD game started to dwindle nobody was buying DVDs anymore so I said well let me try a movie and it just and it just just popped in my head I said you know what I’m filming you know it’s nothing to film so let me just try a little short movie so I my first movie was a 40-minute movie was called rise like crane and I took artists in the city you know that had a buzz at the time and act them did they want to do a movie and they was all excited cuz they never thought about doing a movie so you know nothing to do right so I put them in the night I drew up the scripts and um put him in a movie did the school sound school for it and we permitted at a community college with a hundred people forty minute movie I was excited you know just to see 100 people come see a 40 minute movie I was you know to this to a static at that time like okay why are we doing something you know um and it went on YouTube and many people watched it and we just thought we were doing things you know it’s not instant viral like it is today like when I put that movie out there was no such thing as instant viral like today today and he’s you know something crazy can go viral on Iran but uh it was a lot of use for that time period that we were in so um and you know we just i just cutt push it from there and once i saw it i can do a forty minutes in under the polish and then that full-length we went from 100 people to 450 people at community college so we rented out the bigger room and then my third movie um yeah we went for 450 to 560 almost 570 people and then now we at the movie theater and we just saw outside 100 see to the studio movie grill so something has been something that I that’s been embedded in me it was definitely a passion because I love music and I just love doing the whole thing and I think I was just blessed with the kind to do it all so I just kind of put it together like that I saw your trailer for the American Bully and it looks like I mean especially with your vast experience that you’re able to actually be the score and direct um you’re doing you’re wearing many hats as many independent filmmakers do what what what aren’t you doing let’s focus on what you are I mean look you’re doing so many hats what I mean I guess the bigger question is I want to know about other things that you’re doing but where did you feel that you also had to second part what did you feel you had to either step away and outsource some of it so that you had more time to focus on what you really did it that’s what there was no outsourcing project has been done from the muscle we actually want to state the state tour right now I had to I got assigned city citation from Philadelphia and the mayor of Salisbury Maryland has just gave me the coin to the city and we’re gonna go out there and talk to the kids about this epidemic of bullying which is in all the schools across the country and there was no outsourcing right now I’m working on a distribution deal to get into high toons and Amazon Prime um through distributor and so all the things that I became when you own a business you come very organized and so um certain things that you want to outsource in because as you put it in other people hands and it never gets done at the time you need it or they procrastinate on it or whatever the case may be so for me to have these projects to go the way has been going they would have met we’ve never gotten done what I’ve delegated many things to people when things have like flopped and that’s another thing with silly people I’ll take their business I don’t take it serious and so they will procrastinate on many things and I’ve seen many projects that attempt to come out and don’t come out and I haven’t been able to successfully single-handedly produce projects that have results and so at this point the only next level to me is to have to be under a company that understands my work and that will bring those same qualities to the table that I can mainly concentrate on the storytelling as well as the production of it so and if push comes to shove just being around people at under the quality of work we were trying to bring to the table that would be an awesome experience but and for the fear the film is not people are just starting to do film they don’t really understand the concept of what what it takes to be a filmmaker what it takes to have the the score done what it takes to to manage actors and an artist in different talent and to cater to their needs and to just adjust your home or to the vibe of the movie it’s it’s a lot of work you know you need to definitely need a team that understands that that motive but I have just been blessed that people are not afraid of me they are actually I’m happy to be around me because I actually teach them along the way and so it’s just been a blast man just to be around actors that just believe in my vision and just are willing to get on set with others where we had long as I feed them they’re good I mean I had a concealed habitat we had sea knowledge from diggable planets who was one of the main characters he played a stepfather who raped his a stepdaughter and concealed habitats um which is my second film which we you know like I said it had 450 people in the movie there and we talking about war grammy-winning see knowledge from diggable planets and he came on scene I’m not going to tell you woody would I offered him to do it but it was very bare minimum and he did it because he believed in my vision and he came out and he enjoyed the movie and so we’re talking about you know people who are embedded in the industry who see my work and believe in my vision if you have seen any of my videos you’ll see people like Busta Rhymes and trey songz and they are giving me a shout out a tremendous shot I just say yo shut up little they’re digging it up because well my my aura what I present to the table is believable it’s it’s you know it is what it is you know so I am probably blessed man I you know there is not a hat that I don’t feel and it’s not a hat that I can’t feel because I just been blessed with the talent now we just just trying to capitalize on the the economics about all of it in business in Philadelphia so that’s what we don’t I was thinking about the the context of first country bel-air again late where he was doing his thing and silly from the show right from he was gonna sing silly but they moved into bel-air because he had better opportunities or they felt he had better opportunities a lamellae and I’m bringing it up because over the weekend on my Instagram feed I saw that some promo for the movie Honor up which is a Dane – movie and you know Kanye West’s the major producer behind that and you know they’re going a lot of promo and just like The Fresh Prince where he had to go to LA Kanye’s from Chicago but he didn’t really really you know start digging in until he actually moved to New York and I was just wondering has there been any opportunities or any thoughts – you know we loved we loved our home so but there’s it seems like there may be better opportunities in either New York or LA have you ever thought about that the thought is there the thought is been here for years the connections are not as free as I want them to be to make that transition and so I’m kind of stuck in a middle lane of it and so that’s a hard question to ask because just to get up and move it’s kind of a hard thing to do when you just bought bought a house and you you know you’re trying to you know live a certain lifestyle and so I did if I was young I think if I was if I don’t know what I know now in my 20s I think I probably would have been moved I’m probably been took that jump that leap of faith because I would have still more time on my plate to capitalize on life’s period for what I learned socially between the ages of 20 and 60 or 30 and 60 models will say is your most working periods and that’s the time where your career should be settled into and so I’m I’m above that and so and when you when you get for not above 60 but I’m in that bracket so that lenient branding so when you’re getting that age bracket it’s not as easy to pick up and leave and then if it doesn’t work because everything isn’t guaranteed to work either you know the trends change people change a lot of things and you have to be on point with it all in order for it to to break or or continue to have success and so probably to do that at this point you know that’s taking a major risk you know and it’s a blessing if you make it and then it’s a downer if you don’t cuz you’ll be passing me by on the street with a cup of my hand you say with him from him success so you know damned if you do damned if you don’t but like I said take that bet major leap because that’s something that you do while you’re young if you have that understanding but you still also have to have the knowledge of what you’re getting into so and it’s a it’s a toss up on it you know I’ve heard many stories don’t people who made it you know like at a late age but some actors and different things like that and you know it works for some people but it doesn’t work for everybody and everybody doesn’t have that grand scale you know so you have to live within your means to you know it’s like to have a dream to have a movie you know I have movies out I mean I have four albums on iTunes right now I have a to two movies that’s going into circulation right now I’m working on my new book to beholder right now and so I have things in the making but to get up and go that is a leap of faith that you have to be strong enough to do and be willing to suffer the consequence birra and I don’t know if I’m willing to suffer the consequence of being on the street when I just bought a house and so definitely that’s all it’s been maybe I don’t know if you David but if they be really happy that you know we actually have even a podcast talking about intrinsic motivation from a home Beach perspective because you know over the past year we’ve dealt we’ve had spoken with so many different people where we may speak with them at the current moment and when they look at their life it wasn’t linear at all like what they planned and here they are in this space where they’re living beyond their wildest dreams and because because of that leap of faith right so it’s kind of like where I might I might be box and we’re kind of going we’re going to go into your movie and suck it because we’re going to talk about bullying but let’s just say I was be blocking it I thought I was great but then when I went to the Catholic grade at home but then I went to the cafeteria didn’t everybody laugh but ten years later I’m like there’s a bad example that beatbox are out there just because I believe in myself so a little bit I was just like riding with you but then I was like Charlie Murphy you know he didn’t really pop – after 40s god bless today Steve Harvey he really popped – like after 40 oh there’s just countless people of watching the weather if you will there’s some people that say partly cloudy and some people that say partly sunny like who’s right it’s still 50/50 it’s just your perception so that’s what I was thinking like you saying that ya know it you know what and I’m trying to take the best moves I guess I’m a cautious guy I try to take the best moves that’s possible because you know I stuck my neck out there a lot to even get to this level I mean so I’m quite sure I’m gonna make some more crazy in an intern that’s going to make me be noticed I mean we movie got a news broadcast you know for three minutes not 30 seconds either like you know they really the movie is a very deep movie and so I believe it’s keep pushing as something later is gonna happen I believe in myself and good but I’ve always learned because I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve always learned to not be super o-once leaping out and hack things to fall back on because once you do that at a certain age you’re out there by yourself like you are literally out there my mom died when I was 19 I never knew my dad and I have a son that looks you know it believes in what I’m doing and you know looking forward to seeing some future things happen and leaping out like that and with no net I just it’s at this age is kind of like that’s a hard pill to swallow I mean I understand I trust me I believe totally in myself I wouldn’t do the crime if I didn’t but not knowing having the connections not having any of the connections necessary to make any of the and not knowing where it’s going to go it’s kind of hard to just say okay I’m just gonna go out there la is bringing a movie out there I don’t know nobody out there knows just what happened like that sometimes you usually get connections through people you know or you know I mean then one connection leads to another and then so forth and so forth but if you have no connection just like what what are you doing like were you going with it like this is making sense but it’s gotta make some type of sense you know no one class one does equal to this kind of a we’re kind of laughing I had David snickering in the background one thing I will make a suggestion because I do want to hear about your movie in the promotion about American bullying soil but just before we head off on this tangent I do suggest you spend I think it’s only like three to five dollars to go to Amazon and one of our first podcast was called the god wink and I don’t know if he’s ever heard of that book before but it’s really good in the sense that wants you to use a very simple example is before you want your car right like you had a picture like oh I want to buy this car alright and then you buy it and then once you buy it you see it everywhere you go like it wasn’t in your awareness until you actually got it and so what the book does it’s like if you look back probably even on your life like all these god links all these circumstances that would have been like it was a coincidence or not well you know and it leads me to today so you know if you if you would I would really highly suggest that check out that book I think that do you get a lot of it cool definitely yeah yeah I mean I just say were you going with it like is it it’s one of those things like I didn’t when I was started doing films and Philadelphia there was not many people doing it now that I’ve owned my for film now everybody’s doing the film and documentaries and because of things like that and it’s like has it always been here not really worth it was it wasn’t as big again now it’s a big thing so I do believe in timing timing is everything um you know I put many eggs in the basket I mean I don’t only do film I do production work as well for music and I have many eggs in the basket but I think timing is everything and out the only reason why I believe that this American Bully is going to go for movie is going to go farce because I didn’t plan the timing on everything that’s going on in my life I mean if you really want to get technical in July I was armed a federal armed security officer and that’s how I was able to sustain the income to buy the equipment to keep up with everything and in July I had an accidental discharge amount my firearm I was dismissed however by the time the movie was being promote pushed it was national bullying Awareness Month I knew nothing about it and so I’m putting this movie out telling everybody about this movie and getting them amped and I knew I was all put in the movie theater because there was no independent artists in Philadelphia to ever do it single-handedly put it in the movie theater and all of a sudden I got this I met with I had a couple connections I met up with some people got a news story the city’s giving me a citation and all of this stuff was happening then it had nothing to do with me actually pushing it it was just timing everything was just happening and God is saying like a well you know I’m a spiritual guy so a guy was just saying hey like you know this is what I need to be done and this is what’s going on and it’s just been going in that direction every sense and so I always I’ve always been a spiritual person to believe that is the timing is right everything is going to flooring you know um a lot of things that I in the past the mistakes I was trying to control everything and when I tried to control everything it wasn’t going the way I was planning but as I just planted the seeds and continued to nourish them then they started to to prosper and everybody life has a different different outcome you know there’s many people that had great talent but don’t succeed and you wonder why they didn’t succeed in this sometimes mostly it’s all about timing really yeah so what is talked about the American Bully what’s it what you talk about how I tell it seems like the stars are aligning right now for you to promote it what what let’s talk about the bullying as a whole is it more of in high school or elementary school where the guy you know you push your fighting after school or you know is it still the same issues a bullet obviously I know it’s not but what’s the current climate of bullying that made you on bullying is not just a school thing and that’s why this film is getting a pitching bullying is a national epidemic period whether it’s in school whether it’s at the job place or whether it’s in the street and so this movie is called it’s about a biracial family dealing with the issues of bullying period um and so the father is a bully at work he bullies all his employees the son is a bully at school versus father and the mother has cancer and before she died she’s trying to get them to understand the repercussions of their action and circumstances happen they live in a plush neighborhood subtler suburbs and they live in fine and the father all of a sudden loses check up at the corporate level push your son back to move him and his son after the mother passes to the hood now or to the urban neighborhood to we’re now able become bullies the campus the same people that they believe they’re being moved by so um it’s more of a story line of showing that you know the ships may fall at la cama has a bitch type situation it’s more just facing the reality that bullying is just not in school and it starts from it can carry on beyond school you know some people get bullying in school and don’t show out until they get on the job market or the job field where they may get a position and then start treating people nasty bullying can also be in the streets obviously we know with the crime and the drug drug lords shining their energy into each other and killing innocent bystanders um and then you also have your bully obviously your obvious bullying in school but more of they had today cyber bullying where you know you can be online and feel intimidated you know so there’s uh when it’s a national is considered a national epidemic it’s because of the range of the bullying and how far it can go I mean you had a several deaths in the last five years with kids who actually were bullied and came to school with a gun and retaliated you know so there is I mean tremendously so many multi angles of bullying that you can’t really just peg it as oh it’s just a student or a kids thing but it’s an adult thing as well so the movie is actually on that that level just you know just deals with everything not just flipping it it was interesting about like you said it goes beyond school because you know I think traditionally more people would associate bullying with school and then again that’s the first time on my podcast that I keep bringing up Instagram but over over the weekend you had a ja Rule 50 sit going at it you’re like man this is so a beat that’s been going on for 20-plus years like winners are going to let it go and obviously it is on some bullying level ja voll doesn’t have half of it the stature that city said does today but they sit seems like for some people’s lives you’re stuck on that one moment of you always push me in the locker and night grade and a number treat you this way you like dude I’m 38 years old now that was a whole nother life ago yes exactly this is what we’re talking about when they change you know it’s just trained it just transfers from one error to that into the next you know so it doesn’t necessarily have to be in school they can go beyond that you know and some people hold on to things for no reason now you know it’s just that negative energy I try to stay with people around people with positive vibes and it’s just kind of hard to find in today’s world you know when you have so so many people I social social media is a gift and a curse you know that it’s a gift when you’re trying to market your product and you’re trying to get noticed or whatever and then it’s a curse when it when it draws back from people who just don’t have any integrity in life and they just you know get on your your blog or you know your situation and want to down it in one and not really participate but just to be arrogant and ignorant you know and so they said if you don’t have haters then you do not pop in but who needs all that negative energy all the time you know I don’t know just you know that’s what bullying is like it’s a cyber thing it’s a physical thing I mean back in the day when you got bullied at least only the people in school or on the block knew about it but now you know people pull out a phone and they world star you know the world Starlin it and everybody gets to see it go viral so fast so you wonder why these kids OCONUS up because it’s not just normal regular people or people around the way seeing it it’s the whole world like you know and then they keep repeating it to keep up reposting it in and and regrain it and then you keep seeing it all over the place it just makes you feel you know alone and vulnerable you know yeah Jermaine how long did it take you to film American Bully oh dude it that’s a great that’s a great question um it probably it took me six I would say took me six months because how I filmed it was the only filmed on Saturdays and Sundays and it brings me to the the guerrilla shooting a situation where basically if you don’t have a big budget you want to basically get your cast to be aware that we may be shooting seven six o’clock in the morning 7 o’clock 8 o’clock whatever um at certain scenes so that we can get there before the police come in icky damn so I said we would only fill most areas and Sundays and we were filmed from like maybe 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning you know when traffic is less and get a lot of scenes knocked out and a lot of things done um but it was just done on a you know on that type of organized the state so at six months it took so you’re talking about six months every Saturday and Sunday just grabbing people sometimes if it was an indoor scene or whatever we can do it on on a weekday depending on the staff schedule but most people I pick up Saturdays and Sundays was the best day for them so that’s why I took six months okay seems like you’d be really efficient that way to you know like you took my blessing and curse sometimes when you have that shoestring budget you’re so more efficient and there’s not a lot of fat right we’re just all we got the budget it’s okay if we go over I mean you always hear about movies going over budget right and they’re like oh we’ll just get more so you know sometimes there is that bonus that you were and shoestring the kind of fine-tune everything you get it the way you wanted it see I like it also for the simple fact that if you can learn to work on a shoestring budget if the opportunity presents yourself where you can have a budget you will know exactly where the money supposed to go to where as someone that doesn’t have an understanding they will misuse and misguide the money and then wonder why they’re not really making a profit and so it’s it’s definitely a gift to have understanding where you need the money to go I mean of course once you get into bigger production you’re going to get into lighting and you’re going to get into the extras that go with it but you still don’t want to be in a position where you’re paying top quality actors a certain C ending you still production-wise under the 8-ball you know I mean Spike Lee I would think I was watching the documentary with him he Baca mixed cost him okay on eight million dollars or something like that I mean the production was very nice um but nobody even remembers the movie that much I don’t know if my wish about the bag we all remember well maybe our generation know that maybe that’s probably better fitting for better we look at it yeah Malcolm X it was a good movie Denzel Washington played the Malcolm X and it was a great movie um but when you spend in that kind of bread on a movie that didn’t really I don’t know I just I’ve reached it reached a lot of people but it didn’t resonate as much because people were already against the whole Malcolm X thing anyway so retarded subdued talking subject matter on that one or yeah you know one I think one would be subject matter but I think too in 2017 2018 we have so much technology in the beauty of technology that it’s so much more powerful than even when not the noise came out right so if you tried to do it today it’s like these kids wanted to do it right they don’t have to spend the eight million dollars and still put out a really good product just based off of a technology that exists right great well I I think more people spend more money technology wise on will be like Marvel Star Wars and different things like that because of the graphics set of details at the time that it takes to do the green screening and different things like that so that’s where most of their money coming in it but I a Russian film just a heartbeat tone something that just resonates to real life she didn’t cost that much I’m just all about angles it’s all about lighting going on sound and those things become easier today because technology like you said is more for advanced and you even buy the right equipment or rent the right equipment to achieve those goals and if you’d like I said if you’re just talking about a heartbeat we’ll need something that doesn’t need a lot of graphics but just tells a great story you should be able to shoot one of those under under under to me under five hundred thousand to me under one hundred thousand um you know but we’re talking about who’s the actor in it talking about who’s the production company behind it you know you talking all kinds of crazy stuff so you know when everybody’s got their hand in the cookie jar you know just that’s where you extra money comes from but just to shoot the money the movie as an independent filmmaker you can do it Tyrande twenty thirty thousand dollars truthfully mm-hmm yeah remember with like glean was putting out chiraq he did a GoFundMe and IndieGoGo are you doing any of this crowdsourcing to get yourself on it no I’m learning to actually do that now um that is one way to look at it but um when I did when I actually wrote American Bully I never even thought about IndieGoGo or how big bullying was really across the country I knew it was big but I didn’t know how big it was and I really took it from the perspective of a personal story that happened to me where my brother was killed and Philadelphia by his best friend and um the guy that had a opportunity to tell the story to the judge was bullied out of actually telling the truth and the killer got set free so I kind of modeled this story after a scene of the story after my brother a lot of different circumstances so the movie has a personal touch for me in several different ways and so um I never knew how big bullying was going to be so I never even challenged myself to go to any of the indie sources or anything like that I did do a GoFundMe page for schools that don’t have the budget to pay for our services to come out and talk to the kids but never thought of getting the other people to finance the movie just never crossed my mind and so I’ve been most of these movies out I put out of my own pocket so I’m hoping to learn more about you know just having crowd actually fun the movie but I’m having a hard time getting them to fund the sponsorship for the school’s the to get the conflict resolution they need for these kids huh I don’t know I don’t have enough I’ve had it all works I’m still learning well sure I think we’re double life right we’re all are going to continue learning if we’re not you know what we would deceased exist and what’s interesting also awareness I remember recently doctor was just named Neil deGrasse Tyson they had asked him it’s today better than the fifties and sixties and he was saying it’s better today because of awareness and you know like you said if it was just on your block or you neighborhood people know about it but so many people in the youth fail to realize this but they’re going to jail and greater numbers because they’re putting everything on social media so the awareness of bullying is a lot because having a bigger impact because we have data mound and we can actually determine you know what’s really happening to kind of stop some of it on some level so I think the fact that you have this movie out and there’s talk about it it’ll only bring more interest to it so which is a good thing yeah I don’t I don’t I I’m scared of where our country is going in the next few years as far as everything’s going into jail on scenario um I’m very afraid that we’re not preparing our country for the growth necessary to compete I think we spend more money on prisons than we do on education um a lot of training and grants and different things are going in different directions to where you know minimum-wage jobs are now basically retail jobs it’s hard to get into at least in the urban areas it’s hard for people to get into the Gazeta our work a good one a good wage living and I think I mean there’s almost no more middle class upper class and lower class and I’m just afraid to see where we’re going in the next few years yet we have advanced in certain areas but the main areas we’re not doing – and so if we’re just only worrying about war and different things like that boolean is the least of our problems boolean is going to be a everyday conversation in a minute you know that’s just it’s going to be the least of our problems and so we need to do a whole country Washington truthfully we really expect to be continued to be a superpower in the future I don’t know just I worry about America well with you you know being independent and getting the word out there I think you know it starts on a small level becomes a before it gets bigger so it makes me think of like you mentioned earlier earlier world star right like it’s one of the most heavily visited sites on the internet because people are drawn to that type of energy and I was thinking of glad TV well because he has you know he has a probably a greater balance then a lot of people he has a lot of acid stuff but I know that he just recently started a flat stock on Instagram where he’s introducing people who never gotten into stocks or know anything about it to start looking at it like if you can afford a pair of Jordans you can afford a pair of shares and Nike and just changing how people think on a smaller level so now you know you can start talking portfolios and all that in the future I think it start on a small scale first and that we’re highlighting it all right talking about bullying talking about even even from a stock standpoint I think it was two days ago in the Wall Street Journal they are talking about economists have projected a recession once the new commander-in-chief got into office and the stock market had record gains in 2017 and the commander in chief usually would tweet about a company and expect that their shares would go down and in the article they are saying that Wall Street’s not even really paying attention to were perceived as cyberbullying right if I’m going to affect your stock by Wall Street’s like yeah it’s not affecting what we have going on over here so you know it just I think it’s more of an awareness of people paying attention to hey is it partly cloudy or partly sunny outside yeah you brought that scenario up before and I always think about that you need both sides of the coin and in order to at least have a balance in life so even if you’re looking at it from the partly cloudy it just makes the person that’s saying partly sunny aware that it could be partly cloudy at any given time I think that that complete balance keeps us all equally motivated you know because when I file okay partly cloudy at least I have the hope that it can be partly sunny so I think that that’s the motivation for those who have a different perspective on seeing same things it all works on but I’m still aware of what could not work as well you know that’s just fallback to marketing the your movies and marketing your business you know taking that leap of faith it’s cool to do that you know the jump out on that edge but at the end of the day you still have to have a perspective oh okay well you’re out there do you think you’re going to get a rope anytime soon and what about you don’t get that rope who’s going to be there to pull you up or is everybody won’t pass by you and put a quarter in your cup so you have to have that awareness even though you know you taking this leap of faith and you believe in everything you do just have the awareness that you couldn’t beat a boy with the cut you got have that awareness sometimes people don’t look at that and then when they get out there that actually happens then they blame the world for everything they’ve done when actually you had the choice that actually brings me to my next question because as you promote the movie and it gets bigger and so on and so forth when you do it if I had done a search for American Bully I noticed that there were the 2009 movie that I come out or 2011 with the same name how are you and people are probably looking for your movie and they’re coming across that were there any copyright issues that you had to get around or how how are you addressing it so most people know about or twenty-eight your movie from a movie it hasn’t actually been any I haven’t had any whirlwind with that as of yet I noticed that as well um but the two movies definitely different um even in context even in look you know it’s two different aspects of the movie one is based on kids alone and the other one is based on like a you know a slew of other things as well so I haven’t I haven’t read any too many issues as of yet but we I guess as the months come along I think we will tackle that as it comes but there has not been any issues at all books that I haven’t had anybody call me up and say hey well you know I couldn’t find your movie or anything or I couldn’t find your trailer because people are finding it and they they you know I got because I’m my face and my name is going with the promotion of it I think it makes it easier to find myself or you know any publicity about it awesome awesome so I think I think the forefront I think that director whoever the director is for that film he’s not the face of the film he’s using just the film itself to promote itself where for my films I’m using actually me to promote it you know I’m just really hands on with it and I’m and everybody’s face with it so kind of differentiate be a look of the whole thing awesome and with that if you could leave where people can find out more about the movie your YouTube channel and the socials where people can find out and check out American Bully um definitely like I said we working on a distribution deal um and hopefully the next three months we have something up for people to stream download and and buy but you can also you can follow me on facebook facebook that me slash philadelphia’s you can follow me there we have an official American Bully a movie page on Facebook as well you can follow me on instagram under Germaine quick producer and you can follow me on twitter under EQ filly they won’t allow you to change your name on you can only do it once and that’s a done deal or down ok and so that’s why the name is going to each usually my old rap name so and uh just be on the lookout just for a different promotion you can definitely go to the GoFundMe page and look up American Bully obviously the state tour and any donation is acceptable um definitely want to tackle this issue one one state at a time and do the best we can to reach out to these kids that need it the most also you can do the fundraising page on Facebook as well um so there’s multiple avenues uh mostly youtube facebook instagram i’m not snapchatter so I don’t do snapchat like snapchat is 24 hours from me is like it’s a waste of time but you know follow us on Instagram yeah that’s a cool thing yeah Paul Haggis following this on Instagram this is the taupe thing and Rihanna so I’m kind of excited you know they’ve been common to unearthing to the forget thing cool nice any other questions David well the one question I was a little quad ass I was going to try to get it in there was just simply um as a filmmaker when you watch movies now days do you can you simply just sit there and watch and enjoy a movie or do you find yourself noticing all the different things that particularly director might bring to a movie like the angles he uses just anything you find yourself looking up those kind of things in a movie or do you just react and like everyone else I wish you to ask those questions a half an hour ago that’s the questions that get me excited yes when I was coming up I really did not look at movies the way I look at a male like I was just excited about whatever was going on but now I’m looking at angles I’m looking at lighting I’m like oh I see why they got that color scheme in there it makes it gives it a certain moon you know it just you just get intrigued by the whole thing for man when you go back to do your project it now it gives you more desk it makes you as it mean more to you because it’s like now you know why certain things are a certain way they are some people just get a camera in the shoot but they don’t understand why certain scenes have certain pictures or why certain scenes have certain chairs or certain color schemes or certain angles and wouldn’t really mean like that’s what I look at it for and I say I see why you know my favorite show is CSI I love see Gus I and I love law in order I mean even though they’re just TV shows it’s just the way they set everything up it just makes it look dope like you know feel like I’m into that type stuff now I am like I’m before I was not like I really wasn’t into it that’s what brings out the excitement would be when it comes to soon if you actually something like that I can laugh and joke with you all day because that’s what I’m into film like I really love that thing so yeah yeah and the reason I ask is because that so many times I’ve watched a movie and I’m like man I wish I could have been on the set when they filmed that particular scene just to see everything that goes into it and I’ve also noticed with you know certain directors have certain things that they do within their movies like Witten Tarantino he has this particular style saying with Spike Lee he does certain things within his movies and I recognize that every time I said my oh that’s a spike Lee thing Stevens Coburg same thing so I always find interesting that that little subtle things that a director will kind of put his stamp in his style on his movies yeah like Spike Lee has this thing where it looks like the character is walking with the camera exactly looks like reciting something daddy I don’t know like yeah yeah so when you’re talking about stuff like that yeah definitely that’s what I’m looking for I’m looking for different styles you know this Quentin Tarantino’s movies to me are very gritty they’re very uh cut edge in your face type thing like you know like blood is right there like in your face like so you know I I kind of got his grit when I watch his movie but you know just a certain thing like I just watch I like angles like I’m an angle guy I really like different angles maybe shooting through a keyhole just to get the perspective of the person you know it’s just a little stuff like that just makes the bigger difference like when you’re doing a shoot in the film like and you know the regular I just not trained to even look at it I just looking at it so you know but you know if you’re really in the film you’re like wow I was dope you know yeah I get excited about film when you talk about that type stuff yeah curious about you know if I make it to Hollywood I’m at if I’m sure to build film like that and everybody like through you is all I really care about sometimes this is the it Wow all right well after that that’s right yeah we definitely want to have you back in the future talk about future collaborations maybe for the next movie or you know what was the thought process because it seems like you have this in the bag and then that circumstances happened where really helped to propel you and propel just a subject matter so I’m sure that if you have other socially related movie they’re just these just fun movies comedies whatever we’d love to stay in touch with you to find out as you continue to grow in your business yeah I appreciate it yeah definitely I’m working on new movie it’s called concealed hepa tattoos the continuation of my second film and I don’t have to comedians in there we can have a lot of things I’m working on a documentary as well okay got some things in the bag and you know like I said we just keep moving we don’t you know I really can’t think about all the negatives and the positives or whatever I just just like to keep shooting then you never know what tomorrow brings you know tomorrow is just a whole new exciting thing and if I end up moving I’ll let you know about that actually lets you know it’s good to go from here you know you see me in New York and I’m on the Billboard you say wow he did actually get up didn’t go did he no because I’m sure people are going to want to get your feedback on Black Panther and as a filmmaker it was your take on how they chose to approach it okay yeah I know this is going to be a touchy story you know that’s been one of those theories you got to continue to read up on because I heard so many different stories about it so it’s always going to be the generic version of what you get you know think rain if you remember Rachel that was to me that was the generic version of what rain rule okay you know what some things they show something they didn’t I think the biggie story was a generic version of what biggie went through but you know touchy stories touchy stories always have different things that’s going to be missing that you’re not you know the average person that doesn’t know the story or didn’t read up on it is just going to accept it for what it is like I said film is a gift and curse man social medias are getting hers you only see what people just show you right immediately but you don’t know the story behind it yeah it’s a really good point very good point actually that’s a good point though to actually stop we are at the top of the hour so we definitely appreciate it having you on Germain and have the upcoming movie or it’s out right now they’re touring for American Bully keep an eye out for that and anything future that he has as well the past movies was rise like cream he has concealed habitats one so make sure you check out his portfolio of movies and with that that you have been in tune to another podcast of intrinsic motivation of a homies perspective I am Hamza and I am David and Jermaine thanks so much we really appreciated having you on thank you for the opportunity you guys have an awesome day little purpose go and go nori go that’s right there then all right all right thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you