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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am David and today we are going to speak to someone that has superpowers she is in South Florida and for most of us I’ll speak specifically for myself in the middle of the afternoon I don’t know what happens but my energy is just zapped and I’m like I need to roll up in a ball and just go to sleep for like an hour I have this huge afternoon energy slump and a lot of people that I speak with they are doing the same thing and they usually try to rely on coffee caffeine anything under the Sun to keep them going but our person with the superpowers is going to tell us ways that we can get around that she’s actually the author of superpowers a busy Woman’s Guide to health and happiness and since this is a homies podcast I’m assuming that guys can also follow her guide to help it happiness without further ado I’d like to look it would be the length of the podcast welcome edita thank you so much thank you so much this is exciting yes these are things that anybody can do good so okay well let’s we could I don’t want to jump right into it because obviously everyone has their ways of doing it and they’re like well their arms across and are like what are the data going to share with us but before get going right into that I actually do want to go into your background because you are a nutritionist you’ve been in this field for a considerable amount of time so I’d like to get the credential izing out of the ways instead of just the homies talking and saying well I heard that this works and that works I think that you’re more of an expert they’ll have a better opinion yeah I’ve been doing this for quite a long time so I started in the health and fitness industry over 30 years ago and I’ve done everything imaginable in that industry and have had an absolutely amazing ride but in that also I became faculty member to most of the fitness associations out there I got to travel around the world and lecture on anatomy biomechanics and nutrition and have just really enjoyed that ride and so my degree is in holistic nutrition I’m also a holistic lifestyle coach through the Czech Institute which is out of California and I have been writing programs for trainers most of my career so a lot of these like TV shows that you see with these you know new exercise programs and new diet programs there’s someone behind the scenes that writes the material to train the trainer’s to teach that and that’s me so I write all that stuff for them yeah awesome there is always someone behind the scenes that make the person in front of the scenes look so perfect so it’s good man one of the puppet masters if you will exactly and I try to make sure that they all look very smart and they know what you’re talking about so they can really make some changes in people’s lives one thing that from the outside people ask that people are from outside or in the entertainment industry you hear a lot about ghost writers and and so the question is always asked well why don’t you get in front of the screen and do it it was that I’m sure you were given those opportunities as well and I’ve done that as well I used to have fitness products that were sold at Marshalls and TJ Maxx and I I’ve done a ton of videos exercise videos and fitness videos so I have also been in front of the camera but I’ve also done a lot of the behind-the-scenes work which is fun as well that’s a and it seems like it will be less of a headache you know Fitness is a fun industry you know I always tell my clients like I’ve got some personal training clients and they’re very high-end executive and you know they’ll come back from a conference they’ll be like oh that was boring and you know it was kind of mundane and then I’m like oh I just got back from a fitness conference and I’m like hi and jumping up and down in their life what do you what do you people do there and I’m like you don’t understand it’s like it’s like a fraternity and a sorority all combined in one it doesn’t matter how old we are we’re still laughing and giggling and having a good time because that’s part of help I love it and so I’m like 30 years an experience you can kind of take snapshots of 30 years ago versus today and some people may think myself included I still have my Jane Fonda VHS that I try to play on my Betamax and there they don’t go together how is the fitness industry different from from the beta day Betamax days Wow well now they’re doing virtual reality classes so a very dear friend of mine Linda Shelton she actually will work with a fitness professional they will film the fitness professionals from every single angle and they create a virtual reality duplicate and gyms are paying for this service and so that way you could go in at any time you know during the dead hours let’s say and you wanted to do a class and you can go to the computer and set it up and your virtual reality teacher shows up nice so does that would anything you say that the personal trainer will that put the personal trainer out of business you know yes and no I think that you know the personal trainer will always have a place because people get injured people don’t lose don’t don’t reach their goals people need to feel accountable to somebody so there’s always some kind of a reason for someone to get a trainer that’s good so he doesn’t you’re gonna do by yourself and with your friends but you’re always going to want a real person there at some given point in time good good good and out thanks for sharing that because I’m in a technology space and I didn’t I’m not that in touch with the fitness niche so I was just wondering where virtual reality plays its part yeah it’s you and I’m look it is huge I’m thinking that since we’re in the holiday spirit of the holiday spirit we’re in the holiday season and I’m seeing the commercials with the new of Facebook Alexa / video machine that’s going to come out and that’s where I was thinking where Fitness was headed where you can have your fitness instructor call you remotely and still work at home while you’re having that instructor at their location across the world or wherever oh that’s been going on as well I coach I have a client of mine that I coach overseas when she when they travel and I’ll coach her via Skype or face or FaceTime and so that’s been going on for quite some time and there’s a lot of different platforms out there that have you know famous fitness instructors that are doing these live classes and they have a schedule just like they’d have a schedule at a gym but people can just tune in the other computer from anywhere in the world well does that come in a package like you can get your training you can get recipes and food items and just following up with them at their task master master I am sure that there are trainers out there doing that yeah okay Dina let me ask you this so I know I keep saying at 16 you started you taught your first class and then you tied your first fitness copier at your first finished conference at 18 did you know pretty young and a premie age this is what you wanted to get into you know life funny enough both of my parents are medical doctors and so growing up that was where I was going to go that was my trajectory I was going to be a doctor according to my dad that is what I was going to do and my mother and I had some challenges and that’s how I got into fitness is her and I went to an aerobics class together to see if we could you know be nice to each other and we went and I loved it and she didn’t like it she never went back but funny enough it was at a time when fitness was just starting we took barefoot on concrete and the ladies that owned this studio they were like you know you’re really young and we don’t know if these adult women are going to respond to you but you can try it and I was like ok I’ll try it and I loved it and everybody loved it we had a great time and so that was amazing for me but you know the industry just has done so many things since that time when it wasn’t a pretty incredible time though so what so what are those some of the things that maybe like Thomas I mentioned obviously technology you know we’re at that today so people can take classes from wherever they’re at in the world but were there any things that maybe you were subscribing to 30 years ago that you maybe 180 and changed over because of overtime just you know you get more information and you start adjusting you know how you teach and how you consult with people any changes you know what the the off thing about the fitness industry is when I was initially in the fitness industry I would compete against other trainers or fitness instructors by my credentials that’s how we competed with each other we’d be like oh we just came back from this workshop or we took this certification since then there’s what we call canned programs so there’s these companies that create for example an exercise class to a very specific CD of music and they will basically send the choreographer choreography with the exact CD and instructors are basically just memorizing movements and teaching and when I taught back in the day I would sit there with my friends we’d be in a room by ourselves we’d be creating our own choreography our own routines whatever that we create all the new exercises but now people get them in a notebook basically so that part of it is changed drastically we’re all being gyms and the level of education is far below what it used to be which is kind of sad oh why do you think that is I think it’s because most of them it’s kind of like they’re going the easy way out it’s like you know now you know when I used to work for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and there was a team of eight of us and we used to travel all over the world and if anybody that was one of the biggest certifications around and if we were hard we challenged you big time but we did it live and so as a trainer you would have to take a written exam and then you would have to do a practical with us around you questioning you and and you know finding out what’s going on nowadays you can just get certified online and there’s no human being to really check to know do you really know what you’re talking about so that part of it has been you know it’s kind of sad to me because when I go into gyms and I see the stuff that’s going on I’m like wow but at the same time – for me it opens up my doors huge because I get all the injuries so anybody injured they’ll come to me exactly I love that are you originally from Miami no I I’m actually a military brat so I was born in California raised in Madrid and then lives all over the United States Oh perfect okay I was going to give you a little dig because I am my Swap guy a little farther north from Miami so I didn’t know if you were born and bred hurricane or not no no not me good it’s a there’s not that many there’s not that many people when you’re in Miami it’s very rare to find someone who’s from Miami that’s on you land all over the world yeah yeah that’s true yeah well I guess where I was leading with that was kind of like a house divided so you know the state of Florida split into three with Tallahassee games over Miami and you have mentioned that your parents are medical doctors and I was just wondering what the conversation is like because you’re more of a nutrition and fitness which is more preventive and they’re more of care so I was just wondering if you guys combined like they come people come to see you for prevention and then they come to the medical doctors but some medical doctors think this is hogwash so I wonder what was going on in your immediate environment well you know when when I started in the business my father had a fit and I was like I’m going to go the preventive medicine route and he didn’t like that at all and I lectured for group of personal trainers and I must have been like 18 or 19 and I invited my father to be there and all of a sudden he was like oh my god you know about the circulatory system and the heart and you know about muscle fibers and muscle tissue and I was like yeah I know all this stuff that and if we it changed the whole relationship with my dad so from that point on he was like okay this is kind of cool what you’re doing but but interestingly enough he he never adapted to any of the healthier um type you know habits I tried unfortunately he passed away back in February but he the the habits and the things that I was preaching was was still very foreign to him because he was you know he went to medical school and when they go to medical school that’s all they know and that’s all they want to know and unless they you know now the younger generation they exercise they take a little bit more nutrition in medical school but the older generation just didn’t my dad had one semester of nutrition yeah sorry to hear about your father’s passing no thank you the other side of that is with your you’re saying your comrades or the newer comrades aren’t getting the education that you had to cut your teeth on and I was just wondering about your customers because with the internet the customers are more educated they are they do know more about nutrition and fitness and so I was wondering if you’re getting a more educated client base you know yes and no because everyone gets so busy and everybody you know that yeah the internet is here but you know it’s so easy to sway off you know on the Facebook land and be kind of taken by that so it’s a lot of mixed information that’s out there and I go a lot to corporations and talk about health and wellness and my goal is always to give them information and just a really easy to understand format so it seems doable and it’s amazing just all the confusion and it gets the point where most of the people that I talk to are so confused that they just put their hands up in the air and they said I give up I can’t do this and that comes with exercise as well I’ve seen so many people just go okay I can’t do this and one thing that I try to tell people when it comes to exercise is that when I was initially in the business we would tell people you need to work out you know three to four times a week for at least 60 minutes and honestly if someone came to me and said oh you know what I only got 48 minutes in I would give them grease because I was like oh no you need 60 minutes that’s what you need and and because of people like me they got to the point where they were like okay if I can’t get 60 minutes I’m just not going to do it and so they just stopped and now the American College of Sports Medicine came out recently and said oh no way I’m going to hold on a second you just need 150 to 300 minutes of exercise a week and it doesn’t have to be consecutive which is kind of cool those sound like huge numbers but they’re really not so 150 is for the novice 300 is for the more advanced but it’s basically saying anything that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat is considered activity so that means if you’re doing gardening if you’re doing housecleaning if you’re you know fixing the roof on your house any kind of things like that that is increasing your heart rate it makes you sweat those minutes counts and because it doesn’t have to be consecutive I’m telling clients nowadays hey why don’t you just start your day with lunges and squats five minutes and they’re now you’ve gotten rid of five minutes of you of your workout and then do a little bit of walking in the afternoon and then if you can hit the gym for 20 minutes later on great and that way you just add up your minutes without feeling so confined that if I don’t have 60 minutes to go to the gym I might as well not go what about the thing that if you’re not finding the time to exercise now you’ll definitely have the time to deal with your injuries and disease later oh well that’s that’s a fact the human body was meant to move it really was and it saddens me when I see people that are just like oh no I’ll be fine I’ll be fine and and you know it doesn’t hit them until all of a sudden either they get something wrong or one of their friends I mean it’s it’s a terrible thing to say but but I see it with my older clients it’s one when one of their friends dies is when all of a sudden they’re like oh I need to work out and I’m like you had to wait for that to like in you know to make you move people just get us you know with the internet and everything is so easily accessible people just they get very comfortable and they don’t really recognize that they need to get out there and move and kids these days they’re you know they’re on their phones or their iPads and they’re not moving I have a technology question related to that so I did see this mean that the person didn’t post that they worked out on Facebook so it didn’t count is that true that’s awesome the other side of that idea is I was listening to another podcast and it was a military gentleman on and he was talking about that the military cannot get the numbers that they are used to having and the original the initial question was oh is it because of technology we’re dealing with drones and all this other stuff and he said that’s only a small percentage but the bigger percentage is because of the sedentary lifestyles overall especially with the kids they’re just not in shape so that they’re always turned away even if they expressed interest in joining the military I can see that I read a great article I want to say it’s a dr. sacks and he talks about children with ADHD and boys and and one of the things he made the comment of he said that there was a coach and the coach asked a group of boys hey who knows how to play football and he had all these hands raised up and so he looks at one of the kids and goes I need you to do this play for me go out there and go do it and the kid ran out to the field had no idea what to do and he comes back to the coach and the coach is like I thought you knew how to do that play and the kid was like well I do it all the time with my you know with my xbox but he hasn’t ever done it he hasn’t physically done it it was just always on a video game and that and I see that a lot with kids they think they know what their haven’t done it it’s true and the disturbing side of that is you’re probably closer than I am with the statistics they’re saying this is the first time this generation may not live as long as the predecessor and they’re also getting a type what are the type two diabetes early and I just wanted you to take some time to speak on that oh absolutely you know I think that and a lot of it has to do with food I do quite a lot of nutritional talks for parents and I have a nutrition program called nutritional brilliance which is basically it’s an online education program for parents because most parents don’t know how to feed their kids and so what they’re doing is they’re kind of like doing the easy thing like oh my kids not going to eat let me make something quick like mac and cheese okay eat that and so so kids are growing up on processed carbohydrates and and what happens and now this happens this comes into like our talk in regards to caffeine and waking up and all that is that the average person these days are eating too many sugars but the thing is it’s not really sugar like you think of table sugar it’s sugar flour dairy and alcohol and so all of those things when you eat them your body interprets them and treats them like a sugar but the challenge is is you really only need a certain amount of sugar like you know in theory let’s just say I needed you know 10 grams of sugar to have this conversation with you guys but if I’m going to eat 40 grams that extra 30 grams has to do something and it usually gets stored as fat so when I have too much of that in my system and my system can’t break it down then yes diabetes is m”e is the outcome was conceived each I was on and the I was a teenager or there yeah I think there are teenagers and they were little marking that they couldn’t even get through the day without having coffee so I guess this is a good juncture where we can talk about processing that sugar or the lack of and what are some alternatives well so here’s kind of what happens in a nutshell so you have the sugars which is a sugar flour dairy and alcohol and then you have the caffeine both of those give you a false high basically it’s a false sense of energy we have something in our body called the adrenal glands and the adrenal glands are this thing basically that regulates your energy and in a perfect world it would give you energy during the day and when it’s coming to nighttime it’ll start to slow down your energy so you get sleepy to go to bed and that would be great but now what happens is every time we have something that creates a false sense of energy our adrenal glands actually try to work really really hard at slowing down that energy because it’s coming to click into our body so it’s kind of like a guy pulling a rope wait let me pull this and slow this down so our dream glands are trying to slow us down while we have this high from a cup of coffee and and at some given point our adrenal glands fatigue out and when they fatigue out that’s when all of a sudden that two o’clock times hits and we’re like oh my god I can’t keep my eyes open I need to take a nap I’m exhausted I can’t even think and it’s because our adrenal glands have just said I can’t do this anymore I cannot keep trying to you know monitor this person’s energy levels so you know a couple of things that I try to tell people – let’s start fixing your energy one is if you’re going to have coffee in the morning you have coffee and it’s going to sound weird so just bear with me and you take a tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil and you mix it in your coffee and the reason being is the fat will slow down the caffeine from entering your system so instead of having this giant energy spike you actually have this lower spike that gives you energy for a longer period of time so in theory if you have the cup of coffee and it gave you a high for an hour and a half if you put oil in it it’s going to give you a high for maybe two and a half hours but without stressing out your system so that’s the first thing that I tell people that you need to do because then we’re going to start to try to we want to get rid of the caffeine but we can’t like get rid of it automatically because all the sudden have headaches and everything else so we got to just start slowing down the harsh effects of it then the nagging thing is okay yeah let’s stay there for one second before we move on okay I do have to be sophomoric for a second I did there are some products on the market where you’re putting coffee and coconut what is a coconut oil or coconut yeah coconut oil in there but there are some precautions of maybe too much coconut oil what are some side effects of coffee and too much coconut oil you really are you ready for this it’s going to leap I had to be broke more to tell you nothing too hard okay you’re gonna poop your brains out okay too much and you’re running to the bathroom that’s really it right right right yeah I just wanted to sorry about that I’ll put on my big-boy pants again um another thing with the caffeine in technology I have a client that he had mentioned that he he had bought a Fitbit or whatever it was before then I forgot what it was called but he said it saved his life because he was used to drinking coffee all day and when he was wearing his Fitbit he noticed that he was going to bed later and later and he was irritable and you know he’s barking at us at his wife and all this and when he got the Fitbit he was tracking what he ate and it’s exercise and he realized that his body couldn’t really press I mean if he had coffee after two o’clock it would cause him to stay up later you know so there was some factor of tracking what you’re eating but he was diligent you know as a result you know he was happier too he was you know his wife really appreciated it because he wasn’t short-tempered and what-have-you but a lot of people aren’t going to be that diligent in keeping a journal with everything they eat and exercise so what’s what are some some suggestions with that well one of the things is is that that the amounts of the sugars the sugar flour dairy alcohol trying to men those two either not having them with a meal or maybe having them only or only choosing one so for example if you’re going to have coffee with cream sugar and you’re going to have toast and jam and a glass of juice for breakfast that’s way too much sugar so if you’ve said to me you know what I have to keep my cream that’s the one thing I’ve got to keep I say okay keep your cream but now you can’t have toast jam and juice so what are you going to have you need to have protein and a good-quality fat so if you had the coffee with the cream with an egg and avocado awesome that’s perfect right so then if you go to lunch time and you say okay I really want to sandwich so my question is okay what kind of a sandwich so if you want the sandwich that means you want the bread then you can’t have cheese in there so you’re going to have to have some kind of a meat in there and some you know and some vegetables of some sort but then if you want to have something to drink you can’t have like sweet tea because you already decided that you’ve chosen the bread as your sugar so now you got to make sure that everything that that’s the only sugar you have does that make sense and when you start when you start adding in the more quality proteins and the quality fat actually you’ll stay satiated for a longer period of time so I always tell people too that like when you get to your next meal like have you guys had dinner yet no okay so when what after we talk and you’re going to go have dinner my question to you is are you Samish or are you just ready to eat and if you’re famished you got to look back at what you ate for lunch or snacks and and say hey did I have enough protein of fat in those meals because really you should get to your meal just being ready to eat and not famish and if you’re famished you didn’t eat the right proportions of carbohydrates proteins and fats at your earlier meal so you know there’s no shortage of people fish on YouTube that have different prescribed different kind of nutritional plan – what not of course you know there’s paleo and the keto diet and the intermittent fasting what do you think of all those well here here’s the thing is that you know us three right now talking on the phone all three of us if we went on the exact same diet we would have three different results yeah one of us might feel sleepy the other one might gain weight the other one might lose weight we would have three completely different results because all of us metabolize and break down foods differently so what I try to tell people to do is that in sip going into one of these extreme diets you kind of start what I call the middle ground and so the middle ground is instead of using like the processed carbohydrates you stick to carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables and you have good quality so you have approximately 40% of good fruits and vegetables 40% of good quality protein and about 20% fat and that’s like your middle ground we start with that in meal then you start seeing how you feel did you make it to the next meal feeling famished were you sleepy where you table and then you start playing and so you go maybe I need a little bit more protein and a little bit less carbs and maybe I need a little bit more fat and you play with it until you find something that you’re like well I really feel good I had a client recently she was having such a hard time both losing weight and with her energy she’s like edita at noon I’m exhausted I can’t even think straight but when I was looking at her food plan she was primarily eating processed foods now for her she needs actually very little carbohydrates a ton of protein and a little bit of fat and she’s been awesome she’s been losing weight she has tons of energy she feels great and she stopped drinking coffee altogether but that works for her there’s other people that I’ve had that actually need to have more fruits and vegetables less protein and a lot of fat so everybody’s kind of different when it comes to their proportions but once they find their proportions they’ll like they’ll lose weight and they’ll feel great because you really should we are designed as human beings to have energy throughout the day so these lulls that we get have to do with with improper eating and at the same time too maybe too much stress and not getting rid of the stress and you know not exercising enough so it’s a whole combination of things but we should be having energy throughout our day yeah that completely makes sense because I remember oh there was a book I read years ago and it wasn’t the eat right for your types but it had something to do with the your blood type or something so in the book the woman that wrote it she was talking about her herself than her own husband and he wasn’t a triathlete but he where he exercised you know regular and everything and but he was having this problem with this getting the last few pounds or whatever and so when she did it exam and checked them out it turned out she told me not you need more fat it start eating more fat in your diet and so you know avocados and whatnot and that was it and Ragland you started doing that BAM all that weight came off and so looks like you’re right honest you you know everyone is a good at bodies are going to react a little different and you have to just kind of guess dial it in and you know just by you know kind of trial and error and see what’s working and what’s not and kind of go from there oh no absolutely and you know we we were designed to be eating foods in their natural state is the bottom line and so all of this process I am so much more afraid of all the processed foods when I’m dealing with someone who wants to lose weight then I am you know a pad of butter yeah let go you know go ahead no no no so please go ahead I was gonna say no I know you you say if you you know work with clients all over the world oh how much death on skype or you actually traveled other countries but I was saying what style you know all this exercise and nutrition the how people approach it in different countries in relation to like the United States well you know in in I mean everywhere every place is completely different I was in Amsterdam not too long ago and of course everyone’s riding their bike or they walked wherever they want to go to um you know in Spain you walk everywhere in Spain they don’t eat that meant that much processed food it’s mainly you know fresh foods Italy the same I mean Italy you have the pasta but most people are walking everywhere yeah and and the pastas fresh so it doesn’t have preservatives in it you know the preservatives kind of kick our butt as well so it’s just it’s different lifestyles and you know people are so much more active then then they are in you know what they do things they go out into the yard they they do their own housecleaning they don’t hire you know there are some countries in South America they pretty much have staff to do just about everything but yet they are still walking and riding their bike and you know moving so it really just depends where you are in the world the Americans have gotten to the point where you know we drive everywhere yeah hey drive remember plus you know actually said we were talking earlier the kids they’re on their PlayStation they’re on the devices and stuff and I can remember and I grew up in the 60s and 70s and we were outside all the time playing I mean we didn’t have all that stuff so that’s just what we did we were just so much more active whereas now yeah the you know the polymer devices and Playstations the Xbox’s and I don’t think there is active why I have a funny story for you I have I have two kids and last year we had a hurricane and me and a couple of girlfriends of mine that have kids as well we decided that we were going to go to Kentucky to get out of the hurricane so we drive to Kentucky to a friend’s house and they have this beautiful ranch 40 acres and we tell the kids go outside run play do whatever you want to just don’t cross the street as long as you stay on property you can go anywhere you want to so we look out the window kids are outside and they haven’t left the front door and we’re watching them and we’re like like why aren’t they running because like when I was a kid I’d be on my bike my parents had no idea where I was I was out the forest riding my bike with friends I’d be gone for hours so we’re watching the kids and they haven’t moved so then we finally look at each other going I think we’re going to have to show them what to do when we go out there were like why haven’t you guys moved and they were like well we don’t really know where to go and we’re like you got 40 acres you know big that is like you can go anywhere there’s there’s no bad guys there’s nothing please feel free to run and we had to go run and teach them what to do they didn’t know well yeah I would have been off out in the valley I’d have been gone I would have been gone in two seconds you would have seen me yeah it’s crazy have you seen that the documentary where to invade next no I have not yeah it came out a couple years ago at Michael Moore film and Klingon sure it’s a tongue-in-cheek of every war that the past couple of wars in the state United States have had we’ve lost and so they come to Michael Moore of all people and so he they’re like what can we do now so he goes to all these different countries and he’s like well we’re going to take what what works for them and try to implement it here in the States so you know they go to like you said Spain Italy and and they’re going to some of these public schools and they all have shet like top chefs and he’s like my daughter’s in private school and she doesn’t even get that and their overall quality of life was just better and so I was just wondering which on if you can put you know in a picture into the future where you are traveling you are seeing the difference and those in the bubble here that never leave the states won’t really believe you you know they think that the world stopped here 1492 if we leave the u.s. then we leave the world we leave the earth how do you how do you transfer the information of what successful overseas and bring it back here where people would actually listen you know if it’s been because I live in Miami I’m living with a melting pot of people from all over the world Miami really is not America it’s probably about 65 to 75 percent Latin and those Latins come in from either Spain or south of the South and Central America so you know it’s it’s a whole different ballgame but it’s interesting to see because most people and most clients that I get they’ve moved here from their country and they’re gaining a ton of weight and they’re gaining a kind of weight because they’re eating more processed foods than they’ve ever eaten before and they’re not active like they used to be and I see it every single time and so all of a sudden of these ladies going you know I used to like not gain now I feel like I have to join a gym I’ve never joined a gym before in my life but I don’t know what else to do and it has to do with the quality of their food choices here and the inactivity ya hear that a lot to change like I’ve heard that so many times where people they lived in whatever touch you stress you made some of the Asian countries and they come and live in the United States and then boom they start putting on weight yeah the food here yeah the processed food here right on yeah you know we we are they we’re the only country so so like the genetically modified ingredients Europe own except that you can’t import food into Europe that has genetically modified ingredients Europe will not accept corn syrup so for example coca-cola in the United States is made with corn syrup because it’s a cheaper sugar and we become addicted to it unfortunately it’s been linked to high cholesterol but it doesn’t matter here in the States they use it on the flip side you go to Europe and they they don’t allow corn syrup over there so coca-cola is made with sugar in the unite and in South America so there’ll be like a cracker company that here they’ll make the crackers with genetically modified ingredients but for Europe they won’t so they’re actually healthier over there the same cracker let me ask you since you’re a nutritionist and you have an inside track along those lines where there it seems like there was a phase where people knew about corn syrup and so you start reading labels and it said no cord on the front it would say no corn syrup but it was some substitution on the back was that was just as bad or worse or are there any other ingredients for those that read labels that we should look out for that are really sugars that we should avoid well there’s there’s you know my very first nutrition teacher at the University of Miami he said something that I have always repeated if you can’t pronounce it and you don’t know what it is don’t eat it so that is the first rule of thumb when looking at an ingredient list on the same note if something has more than 10 ingredients I would question it it’s a lot of ingredients for anything for just about everything when it comes to the sugars the corn syrup and the high fructose corn syrup those are very very inexpensive form of sugar they are known to be addictive and they’re in the addictive state it’s eight times more addictive than cocaine so for a manufacturer standpoint let me add corn syrup in here because it’s cheaper than regular sugar so I’ll save money and I can get these people addicted to it they add corn syrup nowadays to just about anything I do these grocery store tours where I’ll take people to grocery store and we’ll look at labels they had corn syrup and potato chips there was corn syrup and pasta sauce there was corn syrup in a pasta company that I’d seen they put it in places that you would not think the corn syrup should go that one of the 80 with Oprah getting in trouble where she had mentioned about beef and then the that Indiana put the kibosh on her and when you’re talking about corn syrup the other thing that I see and just about everything is soy and so I was wondering when you do those tours if you do a YouTube channel highlighting Matt if you’re going to experience any backlash I’m probably sure at some given point in time I will end up experiencing backlash so far I have not but soy is just as bad you know and the challenge with soy will actually that kind of if I find it a little bit comical is that soy in order to break down and digest the problem with soy is it’s really hard for us to break down and digest it so there’s two ways of eating soy where you can actually eat it and it’s broken down and it works great for you one is if it’s fermented and the other is if it’s made like a curd so like as in tofu but combined with like a beef or chicken broth or beef or chicken so for those vegetarians who are eating tofu thinking they’re doing great they actually can’t break down and digest the tofu that way they should be digesting it it actually puts a lot of stress on your system and if they’d actually combined it with a meat broth they’d be doing better stay there for one second in the data because you’re saying that if I’m a vegetarian and I’m trying something and I can’t process it or even if I’m not vegetarian and I’m having all this soy I can’t process it I may think oh I’ve eaten too much but in actuality my body is just rejecting it so I feel bloated is that correct correct yes so usually there’s something called a food intolerance it’s not a food allergy and a food intolerance could last anywhere from like a week to ten years it just kind of depends on the person on what the food is but when you’ve ever feel gassy or bloated or maybe your skin is itchy that means you have an intolerance to something you ate now the key is to figure out what that is because if you have a salad and have ten ingredients and you felt gas you’re bloated it’s not the whole salad it could be just one thing or maybe a combination of two things that are in your salad so this is where I tell people you know what you got to write down what you’re eating and how you feel so that you can kind of pin down on what you’re intolerant to and then remove that from your diet because here’s the challenge if you’re out there trying to lose weight and you’re eating foods that you’re intolerant to your body will actually store them as fat because your body is having a hard time digesting and processing it so if you have a salad let’s say you were like oh I’m doing great on my diet I’ve made this wonderful organic salad look at all these beautiful vegetables that are in here but yet you’re gaseum bloated the whole thing gets stored as fat because when you digest food it’s not like your body’s separating foods it’s kind of like a blender whatever you consume gets consumed together so if your body feels like there’s something in there that I can’t break down and digest it’s just going to take all of it and I always say that that fat cells are like squishy Ziploc baggies and it just going to open up one of those Ziploc baggies and shove it all in there so that it doesn’t have to worry about it so we’ve talked about a lot about nutrition can you talk a little bit about how the importance of getting plenty of sleep and as you say relaxation and happiness yes of course well here’s the thing so and of course these are approximate hours but our body and I’m only going to use two more moans we have a lot more but just for our conversation we’re going to use two so our daytime hormone is cortisol and our nighttime is serotonin okay and they can’t work together so one has to shut off and then the other one turns on and and works so at night from approximately 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 our body is physically recovering and then from 2 to 6 our body is mentally recovering so for those people that wake up in the middle of the night and they can’t sleep and they’re tossing and turning and they’re thinking about all stuff they have to do they’re actually shortchanging their mental recovery and on the flip side those people who are like you know I have all these athletic endeavors I’m working out like a bandit and you know I’m doing all this stuff but I’m not going to bed until midnight I’m actually shortchanging my physical recovery so those things are super super important on the same side is the that you’re when you wake up in the morning you want to wake up and not that you have to jump out of bed and you know be all starry-eyed but it’s about getting up and saying okay I’m ready to get up and getting out of bed so for those people that are like oh my god I can’t get out of bed like I need you know a shovel to be used to pull me out of this bed that’s when you know you have not been sleeping deeply enough so a lot of times people will say oh no but I sleep deep I slept all night it’s how you feel in the morning that actually reflects how well you slept so if you’re not getting that kind of really good deep sleep where you wake up feeling like okay I’m ready to get up then you’ve got to start looking at a couple of the exterior factors so is your room colder than normal is your room pitch dark so like any tiny little LED light can actually stimulate your cortisol and throw your sleep off so I always take like cardboard and I tape it over all those little LED lights because you want your room to be completely pitch dark and at the same time you want all your electronic devices out of your room you know and if you are going to be using like a computer or a phone late at night there’s something on your phone called nightshade and it takes out the blue light and that blue light is what stimulates your cortisol so you start toning mode so we want want all of those things taken so like with my clients I will actually set their phone and their computers to automatically go go on the night shade at around five o’clock and it won’t and it’ll stay that way so the screen will look slightly yellow and it will stay that way until the next day but these are all really really important factors so you know it’s that’s part of when I preach help which is where you brought the happiness in as well but I preached health as the exercise and movements of sleep and relaxation the food and nutrition and then of course the happiness component because if we’re not happy happy is what gives us those happy drugs inside of us the endorphins that kind of kick in so I’ll ask you guys when was the last time you guys laughed so hard that you were crying do you remember that barzola oh I’m like the louse and I think Tom’s of two we get a lot of humor in the last time I laugh that I was crying at pride no Lola okay well that’s like heavy-duty dosing of endorphins when you do that but to laugh is super important a statistic I read recently as kids will laugh about 400 times a day where adults will laugh 15 but we need that that is just part of health so you know if you think about it and I always like the four components I’m telling people you got to try to balance these out into your day to day because you can have somebody who’s super super fit but they don’t sleep in they’re cranky and they’re not into that they’re not a healthy individual yeah and you know and someone could eat super super well but they don’t exercise and they’re cranky and they’re stressed out you know and so it’s a map it’s about really balancing out those four components and I think most people one of the areas that I always see people kind of screwing up on is every single day you have to do at least one thing for you and it doesn’t mean it has to take hours of your day it could be five minutes but something that you gives you pleasure to do and you do my whole thing is I’m a big tea drinker and I drink tea with friends and so you know I’ll meet with somebody and I’ll say hey meet me for a cup of tea and that’s my timeout it’s like where I get to reset myself and then I move on with the rest of my day but we’ve got to create something in our day that gives us you know the giggles and pleasure and just a big smile on our face as opposed to just running around you know like a sourpuss yeah so there I want you to I’m gonna give you a sandwich that I like to eat I want you to grade it for me from A to F so a multigrain bread hummus lettuce tomato bell pepper and cucumber I love it cool I love it I love it I love it okay and then one more I have I’d genka I haven’t been consistent but for a live do I tell periodically dude juice I got a green juice smoothie a lemon ginger blast so it’s like lemon celery cucumber parsley cilantro or you can substitute that with kale ginger and if I really want to put a kick to it one cayenne pepper well done all right you know you guys can go on my website at adido lang calm I’ve got tons of recipes I’ve got tons of smoothie recipes in there as well and they’re all easy I have promised recipe in there and I’ve done it so because my my big thing when I love to cook and I love yummy foods but I do understand that most people don’t want to cook so I always send them there to get my recipes because they’re easy to do yeah like for you to highlight on because they look really cool and my one of my weaknesses is pancakes and so whenever I speak with people and I’m sure you probably see it more than I do but when you start talking about health fitness and stuff you’re thinking you’re going to have to eat tree bark all day and that’s what I’d like for you to the height I like for you to talk about your protein your banana protein pancake because there are ways that we can work around and still enjoy the foods that we like but our protest to be different oh yeah you know I’m a big one I like to like I just kind of hide things so pancake is a great thing because you can put a lot of stuff into a pancake so a pancake I use a plant-based protein powder and of course what you want it kind of sweet so you got to add in of course we’ll add in some eggs and we can add in some banana and then I’ll puree strawberries and blueberries and raspberries as the syrup and I got myself a really good protein pancake because if you remember that I spoke earlier when I was talking about that middle ground that middle ground of making sure that all of our meals and snacks have an adequate amount of protein and fat because that’s what’s going to keep it’s a shaded longer so you can add all these things to a pancake right and if you don’t want to make the mess this one I recently did this like I kind of love that I did this I went to the to the store and I got myself one of those little tiny waffle makers because pancakes sometimes is like a big mess and you got all these pans and all that kind of stuff so I got myself a little tiny waffle maker and I actually use I just take my same pancake mix and I stick it in the waffle iron and it takes me two minutes and there’s very little cleanup it’s awesome well I want to ask you about two other ingredients that I see in my day-to-day and hear people talk about like weightlifting friends they no longer use whey or protein so I’m glad you mentioned that plant-based and so I hear a lot about and I actually use hemp protein uh-huh and I want to get your take on using hemp and also apple cider vinegar okay so hemp I love hemp hemp is awesome and the cool thing about like hemp seeds is that they don’t really have a flavor so for example when I make hummus I actually add in hemp seeds so that they’ll give it even more protein because they don’t add a flavor to the hub it doesn’t take away from the flavor of the hummus but yet it’s going to add more protein and essential fatty acids so essential fatty acids is that thing that our brain loves to eat and it makes our brain that much more stronger and powerful and hemp seeds is packed with it so that’s such a great thing to be adding in and hemp seeds again because the flavor doesn’t really change anything you can throw them on your salad you can stick them in a soup you can throw them in a smoothie you can put them anywhere you want I put them in muffins so it gives you good Central fatty acids and good quality proteins that’s a great great thing to add then when it comes to apple cider vinegar so basically our body likes to live in this middle state of alkaline and acid to try to make this like science talks so much easier and more fun and so on that note apple cider vinegar actually helps us create more alkalinity in our body disease thrives on acidity so when people eat a lot of processed foods drink a lot of alcohol and all that stuff their body is so much more acidic so if they actually add in a little teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a giant glass of water they’ll barely taste the apple cider vinegar but yet it will create alkalinity in the body on the same note apple cider vinegar with what’s called the mother which is kind of like the gunk on the bottom of the bottle that stuff is really good for you and it’s got probiotics it’s got minerals it’s got vitamins and so that stuff also helps to boost up your immune system so it’s it’s just an overall good tonic to add into your day to day that with the kombucha is go same thing yeah come I’m obsessed with cambogia not you brought that up I love him I started making camp ooch assaults awesome yes so cambogia has tons of minerals and tons of probiotics so you know there’s all this it’s kind of funny when you start the way the food industry works is like you know now we have so many processed foods going into into the market that everyone’s having digestive issues because there’s too many processed foods so then of course they have on TV all of these you know new probiotics that are out there because people are having digestive issues but you’re much better off having a probiotic coming from its natural state as opposed to like some synthetically derived probiotic so kombucha is a great way of bringing in those probiotics and you know I look at cam bucho as my soda because I really I drink tea I drink water and I drink Ambuja and when I talk to people all the time about nutrition I say to them look it’s like a financial investment if I asked you to give me all your money and that I was going to invest your money and you’re going to get absolutely no return you’d look at me and go well that’s not worth me giving you my money for so I go food is the same thing food is the post give you a nutritional return and if it doesn’t it’s totally not worth it so if I’m going to drink something I want to drink something that’s going to actually give me nutrients and power and that’s where something like kombucha kind of kicks in perfect and as a since you do a combination of nutrition and exercise I’d be remiss if we didn’t talk a little bit since we’re all adults a little bit about keeping relationships together by incorporating the exercise that you can do together and that way let’s go away too and keep it make you happy you’re talking about happy it didn’t mention exercising together well okay okay so here’s the thing remember I said you need to be between 150 to 300 minutes of activity anything that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat so those minutes count as your activity now I’m going to win every argument now we’re go [Laughter] my livelihood is at stake here you know you get your fitbit’s on and say okay let’s see who gets the best heart rate Joe I love it I was trying to get my lap my minute the laughter and well so it’s been a pleasure of data I want to give you some time to talk about your your book and because we didn’t cover that in great detail but I like for you to talk a little bit about your book where you can get it and where people can find you on the world wide web as they say thank you thank you so super powers a busy Woman’s Guide to health and happiness is available on Amazon and also on Barnes & Nobles and basically I designed that book for all of my multitasking sorry guys female and it’s a way of adding in the four components of health your exercise your nutrition your sleep and your happiness into a super busy chaotic day so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming so it’s something that’s easy and manageable I have all sorts of fun tips in there it’s very graphically oriented with like worksheets I tell I I tell women all the time it’s about them like kind of like writing out their own an instruction manual for life for themselves and so that’s what I designed that book it’s every comment that I’ve gotten so far is that they’ve just enjoyed reading it and they feel like that the tips in there are something that’s doable comes with a ton of recipes comes with a whole exercise program but again it’s all simple easy to do in a chaotic day and if you guys want to find out more information about me I am at adido lang comm so that’s a DI ta la ng com I’m also on facebook at edita lang and addy delaying wellness and I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest everything is that a doodling so I’d love to see everybody go on there and say hello fantastic fantastic and for those listening just want to give a shout out to all of the veterans out there this Sunday we are actually off and taking time to commemorate all the veterans and all the great work that they do so salute to you guys and you have been in tune to another episode of the trinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David and edita it was a pleasure thanks for the less and all the great information let’s stay in touch sounds good thank you so much for having me yes thank you thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic 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