Channeling My Inner Self – Awaken Your Spirit (Extremely Powerful) Complete Chakra Activation

Channeling My Inner Self – Awaken Your Spirit (Extremely Powerful) Complete Chakra Activation

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A Channeled Text Toward Awakening Human Consciousness With Uma Shankari


Channeling My Inner Self – Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land, you are in tune to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza and we are in for a treat today, because I am speaking with this guest and we’re going to talk about channeling galactic art. Among other things, we’re going to find a lot of synergies, I believe in this next hour. So let me tell you a little bit about our guest. She was born and raised in India. She left India in 1997, to come to the US and she was she got her master’s as a double e electrical engineer. She’s been in it for over 16 years, which sounds familiar for those that listen to the podcast, and in ITC, but she was set that the life she was living and then life changes as we all know, there’s no accidents and she found herself in a world where She was actually introduced to Paul fellig. So, Paul Selig, some of you guys know, I actually spoke with him when it comes to Atlanta. He’s a great channel. He does the I am world word series. And our guests, he credits her spiritual awakening to the books written by Paul, which are words of wisdom. She has the this book is called the lions wisdom. And we’re going to talk so much about it. I’m sure she’s going to be a better explainer than I am in channeling galactic art. So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Uma Shankari to the podcast. Welcome. Thank you.


Channeling My Inner Self & Galactic Art


Thank you. I’m so excited to be here. And I’m so happy to hear Paul. And I’m happy to know that you know, Paul, and the viewers know Paul, because he is, like you said he’s such a huge, huge contribution to my life, his work so thank you.


Oh, absolutely. And Paul was great. And you know, Paul’s not for everyone, because it’s really interesting when you in this world When we have conversations of, of music, what type of music like I like country, I like rock and roll. And some people like what kind of channels D like and Paul has that echo channel is you know, but it resonated. Right? Absolutely. But before we go into you meeting Paul sounds like it was a total different person you were well of life like being raised in India.


Okay, so you know, I, because we are talking, this is leading into the segue. So I’m going to talk about imperfection today a lot. Okay, because I think that’s the topic that’s coming up. You know, the segue from Paula Nikki has that echo. That is so uncomfortable for a lot of people, right? So because our conversation can be a lot about sound as well. I’m gonna there’s something that’s coming up. We’re gonna focus on that today. Okay, so basically, I grew up in India, like But I, you know, when I look back, I don’t think it was as dramatic as I think my spiritual evolution has been. I think when you get a kick in the butt at the last stage where you’re like you can sit anymore, that’s where the Big Bang happened.


But I actually had a


personal awakening when I was eight, a second major one when I was 13. And about 1015 years ago when my own I was talking to my mom, my mom said, I shared a dream with her, which came through that evening. I told her that I, in my dream, I saw my sister, my younger sister and my mom thought, what and then in the evening, exactly. Less than 12 hours later, my sister’s food broke really badly. So and then, things get kept a while when I had a crisis in 2000. Six. And then I was like, Okay, I need to look at something in my life. And I looked into it and then even let me take a step backward and 2005 I had a very significant experience and it was, I was able to make people relationships like that. Like, I wouldn’t know whether they’ll make it or not,


like literally


real time information I got. So two of my friends had gotten married that year, different times. Both of them, I got a message that, you know, they’re going to be separating. But that’s not the interesting thing. What happened is one of my really good friends the walking in Lincoln Park, in Chicago, beautiful Sunday or Saturday afternoon in June. I hear a really long sentence that my friend is going to separate from his partner and, you know, he’s going to be seperating on such and such date, blah, blah, blah. And I was at that time, very logical in everything I did, being an engineer, having a computer background, you know, and working on all things logistics and logical. I just couldn’t fathom what was just said. And I thought I was making up in my mind something about my friend’s marriage. So for a second, I sat on the park bench, process that with my mind, I said, I’m a horrible person. How can I think like this for my friend? So anyway, lo and behold, exactly on the tape, my friend came to me and said, I am separating from my life and I was like, Okay, I never told him about the




Around the same time one of my friends, other friends who was married, I got I got a message saying, you know, in two weeks, your friend will call you and she will separate. She’ll tell you that you’re separating from her husband. Anyway, at the end of the year. What I did is I said, You know what, I don’t want this information. It’s too much to bear. I don’t know what to do with this, take it away, literally just like that mentally. And the next five to six years, I was in contemplation about what happened. I went back into my regular life, I was living my regular life, this question just persisted in my brain.


And in 2012, I


used to go to a salon and I got an email that you know, something about energy healing. I kid you not something or someone was targeting me to go and do an energy healing session. So pulling pulling me and I was like, You know what, I don’t do these kind of things. That’s Hocus Pocus, who does it? You know, and I’m thinking I’ve put energy healing into psychics you know, in the 90s used to have television ads come in, you know, very psychic. We’ll talk about later. Go you never had a bad luck myself fix it for you. And for me that was the that was the image I had about what psychics or healers are, you know? So basically the task gets so loud and so long like, you know, persistent. I said, You know what, I’m just going to go and check it out. Once you check it out. I will realize that this is not for me. It’s a stupidest thing I’ve done in my life. And I can go on with my married life was a lot happened. I had all my chakras awakened, and I did a 10 part series of energy healing. around February of 2013, I was sitting on my couch and I said, You know, I understand divine perspective much better than I ever did. So I want to learn about love. So when I said love, I wasn’t talking about the romantic love I’m it vibrational ask the renter online into Amazon. Pause the second book, the book of love and creation shows up. And I was like, I wouldn’t have read that book had I not done the energy healing because for me, everything is so logical. And Paul’s book is channeled. And it’s a second book in his series and being the logical person that I am, I thought, you know, what am I supposed to share? I knew immediately that I had to read his book. I’ve read the reviews and I’m like, it was channeled and I’m like, okay, I understood part of the energy healing. I understood what channeling meant, for the first time I was open to it. So after I did my energy healing session, my chakras are still open. I started hearing really like very soon afterwards. And so I was like, I saw the book of love and creation literally on Amazon. I knew I had to read it and I was like, okay, There’s the first book, what do I do? I had a tug of war within myself. So apparently I was combing my hair. I asked a question. I went to the bathroom and I said, Why don’t they ask? I asked. The message I got was you asked for the second book made recommend up the second book. And so my journey started. And it’s a team 14. It was very clear for me, I had to leave the corporate world because life had something for me. And in 2014, I quit a very high paying job in management in JPMorgan. And I was so happy like the day I was about to leave. I was in trepidation until the week of, you know, let me take a step back for six months to a year I knew I had to quit my job. But I couldn’t really wrap my head around it because I’m the only person in the US my entire family in India. There’s nobody to support me if I had to quit my job. So but The closer I got to the decision, I knew everything fine was given to me. It was I was ushered into it with such grace. To this day, I’m fascinated by it. So the day I can quit my job the next morning when I woke up, I felt relief.




the burden that I used to feel just literally washed away. And, you know, I’ve lived in Chicago for 22 years. For the first time. I was able to go out and have lunch in broad daylight and just enjoy the leather. So yeah, that was the first thing and then one thing led to another and here I am talking to you.


Oh, we love it. I love It’d be great if we can see in real time where the dots Connect. But whenever we always look back, but hindsight is 2020 you realize That’s where you’re where you are today. Yeah, it My first question in 2005, when you’re able to read people’s relationships, what’s it like now in 2020 be turned that off because relationships are either going to get stronger or they’re going, they’re going in all tangents in 2020.


Well, 2020 is more fascinating for me than ever see for me, build really, it’s for me, it’s all encompassing. Now, the work I do is not just relationship or that just this is just that life. I think what happened was in 22,005, they were tapping on my shoulder and saying, you have disability. I’ve been colorblind since I was eight.


Now they were giving me a new


experience of color audience. Now, I didn’t know I was colorblind, because, you know, when you’re growing up, you have certain abilities and nobody’s there to support you because your parents don’t know what that is. You know what it means for me 22,005 with a clear audience experience. So you know, it took me Me Up until 20 1213, to realize that was a clairaudient experience because I was like, if I reflect back, I got a really long sentence. Nobody thinks in long sentences we think in like chunks. You know what I mean? So it was like, the first time I realized, oh my god, the answer to my question was given. But today, you know, with my work, especially my




it awakens all your chakras. It is about dealing with your life in totality. And that includes relationships of all sorts, which which works the basis


of who we are on this planet.


Let me ask you when you moved here, and you started or you know, your schooling to go to your higher education or what have you, I just had a recent interview with a director of this new movie coming out, called the real Exorcist and out of Japan, and as we were speaking, he was talking about About how the spiritual community is continuing to grow there. And I was using the example of how opposites usually attract. And I was using the 1960s. Were here in the States, a lot of people moved to India and we’re going to the ashrams and all that, it was this huge push, at least in the US, to the to the east, in when you were sharing your story, it’s kind of like, like, you’re now tapping into that original foundation. But you didn’t get it while you were in India, where to an outsider, it seems like it’s more natural.


You know, that’s, that’s a really good question. But you know, a lot of people think India is very spiritual. And it is true, but growing up what others see is spiritual was normal for me. You know what I mean? It’s just part of my life. I’ll give you an example. Like I My family, you know, other besties incentives are a regular thing. You know, we don’t do it just because, you know, we’re trying to create a space, it’s just a natural part of the day, you know, but I will tell you, a huge realization has occurred to me that every part


of the world is highly spiritual,


every grain of dirt, every grain of sand carries spirituality within it.


When I look back from where I am right now,


I have to be careful.


India is spiritual, but in a state of more ritualistic you know what I mean, my family, ritualistic and, and I think part of the thing is, I’ll be honest with you,


when I go to India, I don’t feel a spiritual


because if you think about it, you know, in all cultures, if we haven’t taken spirituality and elevated the society, then we have failed miserably in spirituality.


You know, India is an exotic location. And for me too, I love coming to India.


Okay. But for me, agent


is an exotic location because I wasn’t born there. For a lot of people, he has an exotic location, but I’m gonna reel it back to us. Okay,


what I’m learning these days,


the amount of virtual structures that have been laid down by ancient in the US is innumerable. And we’re walking past it, we’re walking through it, we’re standing on it, and we don’t know it. So for me, it’s not, you know, India or here. I’ll be honest with you. For me. I was born in India, but I don’t call myself an Indian. I will. I live in America but I don’t call myself an American. I live on this planet but I’m not a human.


I am a galactic being.


I am all encompassing. That’s what brings me joy.


I’m all about disabling borders. I’m all about erasing the division. Outwardly, I look Indian. My heart isn’t India, because I grew up there. I have a lot of memories there. But my soul was expensive.


He made up a really good point about it. Thanks for sharing that clarification. When you say that you’re a galactic being is huge in that traditional sense, though, so And speaking of a galactic being or other worldly things are outside of themselves. You have internalized it. How were you able to make that switch?


Well, I’m gonna jump from blind system. We’ll talk about the lens system later, but I had to switch to my galactic art.


So, in 2017,


I attended one of Paul’s workshops. Okay,


I got up and I asked, hey, what is my purpose? And the guides that address all everybody in the room and they said, You all want answers. And they looked at me and they said, you’re in your way of your own purpose. And I said, You know what? That makes sense. I came home the next day. I haven’t read the rest of balsa luck’s book, I have only read four or five books because of my own channeling.


The third book,


there is a chapter called the wisdom to this day. It is the favorite chapter in his entire series. And it talks about your own innate wisdom. So I stuck meditated, I pulled out the After, and I aligned to my wisdom. And I said, I’m going to just jot down words I meditated on. So I’m just going to jot down some words. Lo and behold, it was a four or five pages chapter. The next morning, I had my arms vibrating. I knew immediately that I had to write. So I finished 21 chapters in 21 days, and the book is called the playground. It’s just not as robust. So I kept writing, every few months I would get, I would know that I had to write and I was so like that. I, I started my sixth book last November, because I was woken up one day and said, Get ready to write and I said, Okay, I knew it was the next day I was supposed to write. When I looked back, it was 1111. Okay. And when I was writing, you know, even though I’ve written six books, it’s still sort of like, because I’m a clearer audience and a clairvoyant. Most of my work comes from our audience.




the book when I started the book is called


awakening the Buddha consciousness, a modern day guide to achieving Nirvana. This is the name of the book. And I started typing such a lightning speed. I couldn’t believe it. And every single word that was coming through the book, I didn’t know one word they were talking about. And I was like, astounded. At the end of the chapter, they go, you’re going to be downloading 11 codes, and they gave me each of the 11 codes. And I was, I was petrified. So why was I petrified? See writing? I was getting used to now they’re telling you, they’re going to be downloading loving codes for me. I’m like, I’m not ready for that. I can’t do that.


So what’s the trepidation I kept writing


and the 22nd of December I wrapped up the book,


and I was a ball of nervous wreck.


So the next day, it was Come on, I knew


I was gonna start writing the code. Okay?


The third code was called metadata. Okay. I was like, I knew I was about to run, you know, start, you know, writing or downloading the metadata. And I was just, I couldn’t I was so scared. So finally I said, You know what? As an engineer, I know what metadata is. I knew I had to pull down a notebook, I put my hand in the notebook. And symbols that I’ve never seen in my life sort of flowing.


For the next six days, I


kept writing the symbols. There’s about 1000 symbols. I downloaded


about 200 symbols every day.


for an hour and a half. That fast lightning speed. I did it. So December 20. As I’m writing the symbols, I realized I had to go and get a drawing book and a black marker and start drawing. I went I got got it. I came home at one o’clock in one hour. I’ve drawn five distinct patterns. A lightning likely. A week later, I knew I had to go and get black paper and metallic pen.


I came home.


I started drawing things that I’ve never and let me tell you, I’m not an artist. I’ve never drawn in my life as an artist. I don’t know how to use a brush. I don’t know how to choose colors. My diagrams. I have sent it for a scientific review and it has come back. What happened is when I was drawing those diagrams, the diagrams were items. I didn’t have to think it was just my being the Was it was just pouring, pouring. And I was I was sitting I would hear the clear audience and I wouldn’t know every single diagram I drew. I didn’t know one diagram what it was going to be. All I knew was I had to sit. Sometimes I would think it’s a straight line, I would put the ruler on the, on the paper, and something will happen to my hand and it will go askew. And I would be like, okay, that’s what it is. And this is where I want to talk about imperfection.


Every single


one off, my artwork has so many imperfections.


Not that I tried, but it happened. And those imperfections, which we call mistake in life, there’s a difference. I want to talk about mistakes later. This is not a traditional mistake of talking about


this. Pick wood


Create a miracle in that image.




I knew that these images were coming from beyond


something more was channeling.


So I took this work and I had controlled remote viewing by one of the most


famous, or the most,


I wouldn’t say famous, but very, she’s the best in either the US or the world. And it is Dominic Burrell, and she reviewed it and she it came back then these are galactic beings. I had an idea because, you know, they kept telling me we are we are from the intergalactic circle, we are from the intergalactic circle, but because like you know for me, you know, if you take Paul Paul can hear audience and he, you know, does of minus go telepathic I can tell the difference. It’s so My thought, and my clairaudience they’re not. They’re not vastly different planes. They’re coming out of the same plane. It’s very hard for me to distinguish. And all my artwork is galactic. But here’s the funny thing about it. When I started the book, they talked about something called meta




So explain what a meta tone the meta tone is something that is naturally ringing in the universe. It’s naturally available in on the earth. Big, they call it the tone of the forest. It’s a forest tickled tone. And because we are so blocked on our chakras are blocked. We’re not able to listen to the rhythm. If all our chakras were open, and we are we understand or we feel in every The monocle upper body or expansiveness, we are that meta tone, breathing a starkly identical to the vibration of the earth or the universe or the flows, tickle tone, whatever you want to call. When you are vibrating at the tone, you’re naturally in a healed state. So now, because where we are, we’re not able to hear the metal tone. What they have done is they’ve converted that metal tone in the form of an image. So when you look at the image, the frequency is what you’re seeing. And this is what’s so fascinating about it. And I took this and then I have started becoming an avid researcher, because my work when it gets to people, I want it to be in the form that it needs to be. Not some Hocus Pocus because also I am one of those people if you tell me something, I’m not always following the scientific mode. I’m always like, following my gut. But what I realized in the US is you have to provide a lot of scientific evidence for what you’re doing. And there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a very different culture. I’m not used to the culture.


So what I’m doing right now is literally pouring


my self into what sound healing is because my artwork is about sound healing.


And they are coming from the Galactic beam.


So anyway, I didn’t know if your question but I hope I did.


You did. You went in several tangents, which had several questions. Because when you know, I think that’s fine because I always believe that there’s no accidents, right? And so, if everything happens for this reason, your IP background is is perfect because You know, if you take the Hocus Pocus out of it, we now know that since the 1930s 1940s, the science or the intelligence community, the you know, the governmental intelligence community has been using vibration and sound to influence people. And so when you look at Mass Media through movies or television, there’s the different frequencies that are hitting your subconscious. And it’s not, you know, they’re not sitting in the lotus position saying, Hey, we’re sound healing. It’s hitting you in your daily life.




Hamza, you heard that? So right, you hit the point. So on dot,


because this is


crucial from where we are right now.


The one thing that I wanted to ask you is, I haven’t been to Chicago as much as I’d been to like what I call on slaves and in the enclaves that we have in the US, is like a California we have pockets here in Georgia, where I am some in the Midwest, where you have the spiritual communities. What is the spiritual community like in Chicago?


You know, I am blessed. I’ll tell you about much.


I do have a lot of people that I, you know what, let me take it back. I have a small circle of friends that are very spiritual, but you know what? I’m going to divide. As much as I hate to do this. I’m going to, I’m going to divide it because for ease of understanding, there’s a New Age movement. And then there’s spirituality and then people who are religious, and then the rest. Right? What I find is, this has been my struggle with the spiritual community, in the spiritual community when you have that is my experience. That doesn’t mean it’s everybody’s experience. My experience has been like it I’m going through a very challenging time. I have found that people are uncomfortable with it.




So as a human being when you’re sitting somewhere and you have an issue, you have to process that entire feeling. But what happens is, we want to fix that by sitting, going doing something, listening to a meditation or this or that, or, you know, for me, it was really uncomfortable because I needed to experience it. That’s a New Age movement I’m talking about, Okay, is there it could be spiritual, it could be several things, but I’ve heard that the New Age movement is pretty much infiltrated. Okay? Then you have spirituality spirituality, to me is observing yourself, observing yourself, observing yourself, observing yourself, allowing yourself loving yourself, allowing yourself but the only way to understand who you learn in totality therefore I don’t listen to any channel anymore because If I am, let’s say I’m doing something,


and something happened,


immediately, I need to go and find something to equate my experience to that is


negating your experience in your totality.


So, for me, even within the spiritual community, I’m even a niche because


I’m not saying I’m special. Please don’t get that long.


I have created a niche because I need to, I need people to understand the truth. If you are claiming yourself to be spiritual, but you’re, you’re, you know, pushing yourself away from truth, then you can’t attain the spirituality. So what does that mean, right? I’m going to sound really harsh, but that’s not what I’m trying to say. I’m trying to talk about my experience


my experience has been


if someone says I need to be positive, that’s good. But my experience has been by when I understand the truth organically


brought to the place where there’s a sense of


it is not about whether the truth is digestible or not. That’s not that is something that you have to process yourself in totality. So within Chicago,


what I’m finding out is, all of a sudden,


I’m finding a niche,


where were all the people that are coming together with the, you know, thought process of really being aligned to true, which is what I’m thinking, because I do need a community and and


Chicago is a great place for that.


And it’s amazing, and I’m constantly running into people who are able to see the ship. So for that I’m eternally blessed.


And the reason why I was asking about the community, it made me think of Rupert, what’s Rupert’s name? Jane Roberts. Are you familiar with Jane Roberts? Oh, yes.


I haven’t read her material. Oh,


you know what I have But one of her books Yeah,


I love her.


In the reason why I bring that up is, you know, sometimes the very community can help you see things. And so it wasn’t until like she was channeling Seth. But then she came to find out either through her father or through I mean through her husband or through the community that she was known as Rupert to the person she was channeling, meaning that she had previous relationships with that person. And so when something when happened, when you said the thing that resonated, resonated with Well, there are a couple things you said that resonated but most recently was observe yourself, observe yourself, observe yourself. So that’s like looking at yourself. I like to use the movie example. So if I’m watching the movie, that’s myself, or if the movie is the movie screen, if I’m watching the movie that’s observing myself on one way, but if I’m sitting in the back of the theater, I’m watching myself watch the movie. And so from from doing that, They were able to establish or Jane and her husband were able to establish the ongoing relationship that they had throughout time not even linear time. And I was just wondering if you were able to when you say galactic being a right now I’m having a conversation with Luma. But when you’re by yourself or you’re on the the frequency when the meta tone, do they know you with someone else where it’s more of a conversational familiarity?


You know what, it’s funny that you asked that right? Um,


I wish I had a definitive answer for the answer’s no. You know, I don’t. Part of the reason I think one of the things is I, you know, I’m going to go back to Paul Selleck and Paul’s books, the guides that continuously Don’t be attached to a name, or a group, or entity.


You know, be open about it.


You don’t have to have a name for And I,


that have really been ingrained with me.


And so I don’t even my guides, I don’t have a name for them. People could say are definitely aliens or their twin. I’m like, I don’t know. Do I want to know? I don’t know. Is it common? I really, you know, even to me the name Luma is because I I exist in the flame, therefore, someone needs to call me. There’s 1.7 billion people on the planet. So you know, there’s something that needs to be there and are genetically right. I don’t but what is happening right now for me is that I don’t know if I can equate that to James. Jen and her husband experience but it’s a little different.


When they started


channeling the sixth book for me, it is mind blowing. And I hope I can release it this year. Um,


what happened?


They, they were asking me to


really observe my body


Okay, the body is the vehicle to transformation everything goes through the body because we are we are incarnated into this body. So what happens is, as they were dictating the book, they gave me several things. One is to observe your breath being nature more being on your feet more than make sure and you know, all the kind of things so I started observing my body. So now, even the slightest vibration in my body, I feel it, because what happens is my artwork


is all about sound.


It’s completely about sound. So, as I’ve been drying I’m very present to the cellular vibrations in my body. The basically the way to achieving Nirvana, okay? Or whatever we call it right of oneness, or empty or whatever. Nirvana is a state of really releasing all karma from your body. And how do you release karma through observation? So it doesn’t mean observing, like, you know, a movie it is you take that and you take that even further, you know, if you’re watching the movie, and the movie causes an emotion, you’re present to that emotion. So my work is very much about the emotion, the vibration of the body. And recently showed one of my paintings to a stranger that I just got acquainted and this person has not been in you know, in Spirituality nothing one look at my picture and she goes something between my eyebrows is vibrating What is that?


That is how powerful it is. It is


all about people who have not done the work people who have done the work. Everybody can equally relate to it. So it is all about sound vibration, because if you look at it, every single cell in your body is vibrating at a frequency. So what happened to me as throughout the vibration between November December, January and most part of February, my body was hot. Not like sweating. Like literally like it’s minus 21 degrees outside and I want to be like not wearing a jacket.


And what I noticed was


now when I started Paul’s work, my seventh chakra and sixth chakra love For many years, if I speak about it, they’ll start vibrating. Now it’s my crown chakra, my first and second chakra vibrating constantly. And I’m very aware of that.


If that is the


granularity that they’re asking you to go,


become really, really granular. When you go really, really granular, you know, what happens? You become an atom or a molecule,


you’re no longer the person Luma or Hamza.


d, you said you had about that February, have you felt that the change in the meta tone or the metadata has changed significantly globally since the global pandemic?


You know, for me


it’s an evolution. Think that here’s the thing right for me, imperfections don’t really affect me. My art as much imperfections gave rise to more miracles. I am one of those people who doesn’t get scared when they say a disease is spreading. It’s just, this is not new to me. When they started talking about stars, I wasn’t scared. I knew something else was behind it. It was just a gut intuitive feeling for me. And in general, I don’t get scared the minute they started, nothing and my body went, oh my god. My body said okay.


And my work,


regardless of the pandemic, it has had its own evolution. The evolution has not been in terms of Oh, now you know how to draw better. That’s not what it is. The evolution has been in the form of colors and patterns and things moving an influx. And what has happened is when I started they wanted to teach me patterns. One of the key elements of


all my diagrams, it’s a toroidal field,


all my diagram, what 95 to


98% of my diagrams are true, right? And


when I started the toroidal field, I didn’t understand it destroyed or feel now that I’m doing a lot of research, I thought, what the Fibonacci series. But now that I look into it, it’s a it’s a toroidal field. Because the way when the images were given to me, within two weeks as a workshop, within two weeks,


people went crazy for my work.


And since then, I haven’t done anything. Then I had to go to India and I sat with my family, and I did the work. People had awakening chakras, all kinds of things. So the evolution not my my work may evolve in terms of pattern, more granularity, more detail, maybe because my own creativity is also flowing through but you Regardless of the artwork I did first, and now they all have the vibratory quality.


If that makes sense? I don’t know. No, it does. It makes sense. It made me think also about, I believe it was either yesterday or Friday, there was a big summit online on YouTube, with guru and Deepak Chopra. And so there seems to especially in this year, there seems to be more collaborations of everyone combining their modalities, like what do they have to bring in? I was wondering, with you dealing with two different continents and ultimately, globally and galactically if there’s been any outreach or have had that has there been any channeling messages to you to for collaboration?


Well, one of the things that so I always use the person next grants that people can relate to it okay. My personal experience has been First of all, the first and foremost thing is to observe your body. Okay. What is happening right now is there is a huge rise of energy that is giving opportunity to any kind of chakra opening. It is available more freely now than ever. mm 20 years ago, 30 years ago, but you have to seek a guru you have to seek someone. Today, it is available so much more. The reason it’s available to them with so much more is because when there’s dark energy lifting, there’s an equal amount of light energy lifting with the same intensity. So because it’s rising with the same intensity If you’re open, and you say I’m ready, something will draw forth to your doorstep. There’s no ifs or buts about it. So trust yourself and totality is more important than anything ever. I’m to understand your sovereign, your power is going to never go away to the power to an outside force. And when I fix the outside force, I’m going to be very blatant about it. Do not give yourself the media. Do not perpetrate yourself with a fear monger because that fear flows multiply. What I find right now that is more soothing for me is understanding who we are. It is so much more fascinating. So the my work this is about sound healing. My work tells you anything and everything can be healed. Therefore, giving energy to someone saying, this cannot be healed is an energetic vibration. So you choose which energy you want to give given to me I have always believed, regardless of my spiritual evolution, I’ve always believed diseases are curable. curable, I’m even going to take it further. all diseases can be healed. See, but what people think is, oh, if everything can be healed, nobody should die. That’s not what we’re talking about here. So that is playing Destiny karma is causing a lot more stringency. We need to come out of that because we have been so


many tickets ticket but


there’s so much fear that’s been created about death. Death fearful because of the limitation of Karma. Our job is to release the karma. And as we release the karma, the fear of death disappears. That doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion don’t die. It’s not to be misconstrued. But that is the most important message here. And for me, what is mind boggling is I was talking about earlier, when people in the spiritual community are afraid of the dark disheartening because you’re giving away your power for something that is causing and creating a field from externally.


Let me ask you, this is a third dimension question from a timeline perspective. And there’s one school of thought that we are currently in year eight, like the the reset of 2012 was a reset, you know, was it just me third dimension so because of the density, it takes a lot longer than fourth, fifth or sixth dimension Right, so we will be in the eighth year and it’s just a natural progression. The other school of thought is 2020 is actually 2012. And the changes better we’re undergoing now are on another calendar, not the Gregorian calendar that we follow, which is actually would be 2012 today. So what’s your take on that?


Correct. So let’s, I’m gonna, I’m gonna offer some some strike call some perspective. So


I have recently


realized, through my own throat, to step out of dimension.


Okay, and here’s how it happened from


when I was looking at it, I realized that, you know, I have to speak about it. It’s sort of like the big elephant in the room, because it’s a crucial piece of conversation. I found out that the the satanic cult systems of thought fourth dimension Okay, what that means I don’t have it on but what I realized is if they’re sitting in the fourth dimension that’s what a system that is making immediately took a step back and I said whoa, that is also an illusion Okay, when you become the Mona, when you release all the karma from your body, you are alone all encompassing entity. You have a choice in the matter to what is the purpose you want to step into next, you have a bigger purpose, which is you have the opening of all of these galactic beings and you can choose and beaver you are where you want to be and really want to go rather than creating another life and coming back to the third dimension. Okay, and if that is the choice, that is okay, too. Okay, so I’m going to take it further. The concept of time should be understand from a personal perspective, if we think something is going to take some of the time, it will take X amount of time. So, I told earlier, this is a perfect time to create mass awakening. It is a perfect time to ascend at a quicker pace, this is


such a crucial time.


Okay. Now, if you choose, you can have an accelerated form of awakening. But you will you will be the only one who knows that if you’re ready for it, that isolation is too much for you. You shouldn’t go there. Okay, now, I have had a Kundalini awakening. My Kundalini awakening has I’m still going through it. It isn’t very subtle, but beginning of If it was really difficult, mostly hot, hot, hot, hot, hot now, it is more mellow. Okay, for someone who has been through this journey for the last six years, that two month period, what hell no sleep, think about like sleeping for three to four hours, constantly being hot, the discomfort that caused so you can ask for an ascension that is appropriate for you that cross the dimensions and timelines and break that structure as well. So if you’re an infinite being space and time constraints are what you give energy to it. If you think 10 years, you get 10 years. Okay. Now I want to go back to the Gregorian calendar, because that’s a very crucial piece of information. people, including myself have been led to believe this is it Because we have been put inside sort of like a prison, a karmic prison, we have not been able to understand the infinite nature of ourselves. Within the karmic nature, time, space becomes very crucial, and that’s okay. But also realize there’s another whole other way of being that’s available to us, which can break through these, you know, constructs. Understand that those who created time and space and karma are living in a timeless space. So when we give energy to that we’re going in agreeing to what have created on our behalf. So these beings


from the fourth dimension,


they are living eternally. So why do we have to give into the timeline? If they’re, they can live eternally. We can Break through the karma that has been imposed upon us and create a brand new reality. So the time is constructed up to us. That means, I will tell you, we don’t have time. Why don’t we have time? If you look up at our other three major things are going on. What are the three major things going on COVID blacklivesmatter just lined up for


three crucial things.


In the just a maximal case, there are children involved. If I had a child, and I knew that my child is being abused, I won’t wait around. I won’t be thinking about time as a mother time face construct will disappear because I will be working at a lightning speed to help my child and that is what I want people to get because people are thinking Personal, it is no longer just a personal journey. It is a galactic journey to free humanity from the shackles that have been put on us




And when you say shackles and you say prison, another way to interpret that, especially from a meta tone or metadata standpoint, it will be a presume, instead of a present. So that’s part of the vibration that you’re stuck in that you’re actually so eloquently talked about breaking through. And as a former IT person and a person that is a part of Amazon, as you’ve mentioned, I wanted to know if you have seen the movie Mandela Effect


I have not yet.


I think you might like it. It came out last year. It’s an independent movie. So you know, it’s not going to be blockbuster. But they’re talking about basically what you just taught. What you just Just uncovered, how they were breaking through the prism. But they did it from heat. This guy’s a gamer, and he loses his daughter. And he and his wife are going through grief and he’s using his his experience as it slash gamer to break through the prism.


Yes. So you know, I want to pause I don’t you know, I may sound negative but using the word prison. Okay? The reason I use the word prison is not just create fear or being negative. To understand the construct of our freedom, as opposed to movie are supposed to be the DVR, the prison is, could be inside the prison, but it is the time space that we have been put inside of if that makes sense to you.




And I was thinking when we’re talking about timespace I totally lost time and space of speaking with you. We’ve covered a lot of subjects and briefly so we’re definitely gonna have to have you back on. But the I did want to cover the lions wisdom since that is currently out. And you know, how could they give us a little synopsis of the lions with them, where people people can pick that up and if they want to get in touch with you to learn more about sound healing.


Okay, so the lions wisdom is available online is sort of like a precursor to all my work. And what is interesting about that is of all my book that is very distinctive in its tone. And I was wondering, why is it so distinctive, because I have a feeling that particular book was channeled by a different set of entities. And Berta my list of the five five books which is kind of interesting. Because my work is so varied, you know going from lines of wisdom to earthworks to that and you can find it on Amazon for surely. Yes. Thank you for pointing that out. For me. The the line system is very much. If you are new to awakening, if you want to get a taste of the work, it’s a good place to start. It is it has a lot of a new image quality to it. It puts you in a space of


sort of, you know, dipping your toes in the water.


Yeah, no, absolutely. When you’re dipping your toes in the water, especially now since we’re not allowed to go to the beach.


No pun intended. No pun intended.


Oh my gosh. Regarding my galactic work, though, I am still working on putting it on online. But I’m getting ready to sort of put my workout. So but there’s two ways to do my work. One is I sit to the person because each work is actually a multi dimensional art on a single dimension. Okay, so I sit with people and explain to them and actually walk through them on how do you like, do a session with them, that does one way. And I do it about like an hour, two hour, 15 minutes. And then if people are interested in buying the art, that is another venue as well. But the thing about the artwork I want to be very diligent about is is it’s not just to buy and hang it at home. That is not what it is for. People are captured by the beauty of the artwork, but this is much more because you have to really connect with the art in a way that your body is telling you something and giving you an information because some of the artwork you may not even feel anything in your body that leaves that artwork. So unless people are using it for the healing purposes just to hang it at the home that’s not the purpose of it. If people just bought it and loved the look of it and I made a lot of money that’s not the purpose of but just an FYI if people are interested in the art I am actually preparing about a little bit of 15 artwork right now for the purposes of sound healing and also printing at the moment and they can email me from my website also my I don’t know how you can also share I don’t know if you’re going to put it down in the you know in the description. Please don’t put my email address as well and people can contact me through my website or my or my email address.


And are you saying your your your images are they like Your favorite movie where the best example I could use is When Harry Met Sally. So when they were young, they had one perception and then through time, they kept getting different perceptions. So the eye may have one perception looking at the image today. But as I grow then other other things I’ll pick up. As you know, as I develop.


Hamza, I can’t thank you enough for stating that.


I can’t believe


you’ve got the crux of my work in just a single sentence. That is exactly what it is. It is a portal. It is a portal. So once you buy the image, you can also just buy the image and say, Oh, I’m going to work with it. That’s not how it works. Okay. You need a certain you may have the right. So the work is a


portal that keeps opening up chakras


at the chakras of the chakras of the chocolate


and keep


clear in karma Africa. Karma Karma


Okay, so the state the images are you use the meta tone into your body and clear of the karma. And the only thing you have to be open to is the emotions that arise. The vibrations that arise from the body. That is the only thing you have to be open to. And the rest, it takes care of itself. You know, in other channeling work, people give you information. That is not my how my work that my artwork works.


The way it works is


you’re going to give information and based on that I’m going to walk you through it. And twice when I had the workshop, people actually were able to see themselves within the art, where they were and where they were growing. It’s also a life map.


It is a galactic map for your life.


I think that’s huge. You know As opposed to go into a big box retail shop and picking up an image off the wall that’s mass produced. This sounds like this will help you do your individual journey.


Correct. So once you’ve gone through,


like, sessions with me and you understand it, then you don’t need my fingers. I also want just give away they might just say go and work on it because people want to know what to do with it. You know what I mean? When you work with me on your sufficient and you will know the amount of time you want to work with, you can do one session with me into two sessions, and then you say, okay, from now on, I can pick it up and run with it. It’s up to you. And if people keep people coming back to me, either I’m not doing the work, or the art is not the right one for you or you’re not doing the work. You know what I mean? I hate to be harsh about this, but it is we’re in very crucial time. We don’t have time to dilly dally with it.


That’s what I’m trying to know. I think it should be fed because there’s people that you know they get a reading every month at the local fair. And they’re not really growing from it. So now they’re giving other energy to you or their reader. So I’m glad you made that distinction. Thank you. And with that, wow, we I mean, we covered so much it sounds like we only scratched the surface. So we definitely have to have you back on. You gave your site and all that. So with that, you have been in tune to a another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective. This is Hamza and Luma. It was definitely a pleasure. Let’s stay in touch.


Thank you. Thank you Hamza. It was wonderful talking to you.



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