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Cognitive Neuroscience Current Research

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[Music] good afternoon everybody this is a trick intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza I’m David and today we have Walter Porter with mastery neuroscience training his website is M&T certified comm mastery neuroscience training a revolutionary breakthrough in neuroscience so welcome to the call Walter thank you thank you for having you dammit now before we get started I have to give two shoutouts one the first shout out is today for people that don’t know and then I’m listening to the podcast it is a National Ice Cream day so I’m really excited about that for all of the lovers and people that have problems with that like code issues but still are going to have their scoop of ice cream for National Ice Cream day congratulations for that and I like to give a shout out to all my fellow cancers it’s my birthday of this week and most cancers celebrate for a month so I wanted to give a shout out for all of the cancers out there national ice cream is a week or days now she said now imagine an ice cream day day okay yeah so anyway without further ado I was really interested and really happy about our talk today because with Walter I have to tell you David it was really funny I go to this event that they had at Phoenix and Dragon on Thursday and they were talking about fourth density training and walkers and when we get more into the podcast Walter to tell you about it but it was interesting I walked up to him and I introduced myself and he’s like whoa hey whoa a black got here here if you’re interested and it was just kind of bittersweet because I mean that was our reasoning for the podcast because there in our subject matter there’s not a lot of people that look like this or there’s not a lot of people that are vocal about it so happy to run to a quote unquote photo homey that is interested in the same type of thing that we are well thank you it’s uh well it was it was very fresh in not seeing you die mr. Davis because I’ve been doing this for since I’ve been here in Atlanta I only been I’ve only been here three and a half years so I’ve been doing this in the holistic area for three years so like the longest time I was like the only brother like you know nobody else when I would do uh with my mentor one McCallum you met her she’s been like my best friend my mentor through a lot of stuff and she was the one that actually introduced me to what I’m doing and what I did was I learned and I took it to another level but to see more people of color like ourselves into it is refreshing although it’s a lot of us that are in it we’re just not vocal about it because our conditioning our programming you know everything is and I say this respectfully sitting around religion right get up go to church is structured I get it and when it comes to anything dealing with spirituality we’re conditioned in terms of our community into being spiritual in just one way the Bible there are so many other different positive avenues that we could use and a lot of us do we just don’t speak on it because it’s taboo so to speak yeah that may sound kind of weird that might sound crazy so trust me I get it I’m just going to point down my life where I just don’t care what people think alright yeah let’s back up a little bit because I’m going from New Jersey and David from California and in our previous podcast we were speaking with Mary bells and Boulder Colorado and we were talking about different pockets in the United States where there is an acceptance to this type of cost if you and so I know a little bit about you I know you’re from Alabama correct yes sir I am so if you could go over a little bit about your background and then it sounds like three years ago was your hello what we call introduction to this type of information but it was it was before that when I was given to Alabama I’ve like 2012 when I was uh I started getting more into things of in in terms of getting away from religion so a friend might tell me about this movie called a secret and that was like my introduction to the holistic world and I was on board with that before I even moved to Atlanta I would say a year prior to it and when I got here to Atlanta um it’s funny I got to alone I had the specific plan and you know my grandma grandma died way too young always tell me for she keeps a passion but you want to make God laugh tell him your plans I brought right exactly so I did that he thought it was just a great joke and nothing was the way I planned it at all so I loved in a very colorful experience so to speak but my background is that I’m I have an engineering degree and so uh in terms of what I do for a living I have the engineering degree and what I did was I learned this treatment called higher brain living and I learned about it on my birthday and 2013 when I got up there I was staying with a relative and I always ended with my own challenges I was dealing with anxiety depression I was on Zoloft lexapro prozac I was intimate alcoholism always at the same time so everything was my life was running the book so to speak so I learned about the higher brain living but it’s funny learned about it I went out on my birthday November 13th of 2013 and I meant to go to a marketing Meetup but I went to this law of attraction meter because the marketing I got my times mixed up so I was already in done when I was from go up and coming from Norcross another why my were to stay here just check it out and it caught my attention that’s why I heard by brain living we took a treatment that Saturday and everything changed for me that following week my cravings for alcohol one way not body no longer had a tendency for the medication I kept throwing it up and I was like well maybe something here so I signed up for the program and at the time it was 24 treatments so I took them I missed 22 treatments I took them over six months fast forward I made great changes I would suffer from IBS irritable bowel syndrome all that went away well when I learned how to do it I wanted to get a faster track to it so in 2015 I took a level one in at a class then I went back and did more research with my engineering degree then I took a acupressure class along with the level one NSA and that’s when I can do my own treatment in antique back street neuroscience training but it hasn’t always been a cakewalk no that’s of the background there’s a lot more to absolutely before I got into my own business I work with an architectural engineering firm so what type of applications did you work with in engineering my idea was in electronics so I had graduated from yes sir 18 1999 1998 1998 and so I always worked didn’t feel but I was always a seeker like I always questioned stuff so the reason I had to really start my own Franken was because I couldn’t keep a job because of my mouth I didn’t like the idea of people being over me and I would always question so I think I get this from mother so when I started my own business I didn’t know anything about business being honest you know I don’t know how to run business or any of that but the first year I’m trying to get my business off and I went homeless so I was homeless pretty much all of last year and we get my business going and it was just a it was a challenge but it was funny the way I got the NFL I work one of these professional athletes was uh not buy it was what give us divine intervention I guess I really wanted to get the NBA cousin used to be a thing right so um the woman my friends I was staying with I was sleeping in the back of his truck every night actually because I never waste a so he was like hey look want to come over here to depend on it you know you can try to see can you give somebody treatments for free you know from the trainers so I said okay great so I did that and I was working at this little small room and just one guy comes in and really design and I give him one of my session and he’s blown away and he said hey man my dad could really use this so I was like what do you dare do he said he’s a former NFL player and you know I don’t really know a lot about concussions you know and I just found a room for rent that morning for 90 bucks so I said where will you be able to pay me 90 bucks he’s like yeah okay you and so I said we come to be his Saturday and he came Saturday and you know after he got off the table and I had redesigned the entire program to my liking but not to the point why I didn’t think it was going to be working very well with concussions and his sense of smell behind his anxiety merely went away he stressed went away everything was just more more amped so to speak and you know at that got a lot more height thank you that’s a better word a lot Y and colors were more vibrant because it was it was just an amazing experience warm and at that point you know he and I are business parties now and you know he just started bring one NFL guy after another and granted I’m still struggling but I got to do two guys for free and what he was doing was building a concept that would be able to take to the NFLPA to say hey look we have a concept that is working with these guys to help them with concussions and what I realized is that you know these guys were able to sleep at night after month after one treatment they can they don’t have any anxiety any strength they don’t have any violent episodes sorry things don’t trigger them you know and this is uncharted territories because when you’re dealing with the NFL TPA they don’t they’re there they don’t really want to admit they’re wrong about a lot of stuff and I get it you know but no one is offering them something to help the players in it in its regard so it just started growing from there so 95% of our clientele is NFL players and I finally got my first NBA guy so he came in about a couple of weeks ago but it doesn’t just work with professional athletes anybody can benefit from it well there’s no accidents I mean it’s a wonderful story and there’s no way you could have planned it linearly at all like yeah you want to work with NFL but not this way I never would have imagined this way when I gave mr. haire’s and then to Joe Harris great guy I gave him that first session and he was like young man imma get you with the NFL and I’ma do this open the doors and mr. David the entire time looking at him when I’m thinking about self you know that sounds really nice to kind of get that 90 bucks with his room because I got to be here in like an hour you know so I wasn’t even thinking about the unit reality thinking about 90 books but cheers I was but that’s the way it happened and it’s been going ever since my office is located here in Delhi I have a staff of three so uh it’s it’s uh a lot better a lot better so we can have no accidents I love that we’re talking to you on July 16th right because commas each pop off me and David new people to flip off in and everyone’s practicing now right in next month college starts in two months NFL stars and have people that like me I mean I think I played until college and so you start really young until whenever how far as you can go and you have in all these years of banging your head you know they can call it tackling anymore it’s a collision sport so the unfortunate thing it’s are having two people committing suicides or what have you because they want that noise of silence in their head of course well if what I have you ever seen the movie concussion either will you gentleman have you ever seen it I have not I have not it yeah it’s a very good movie and dr. Omalu he’s a really good guy but business funny mr. haire he knows it very well the movies very accurate and we’re talking about concussions people only think of the game but they don’t think about the five days of practice right they don’t think about that because you have a lot of guys I had one gentleman come in he just retired at 30 and he said you know mr. Porter you know I’ve been playing for 20 years I’m thinking 20 n he said yeah the places I was ten and I’m like wow it is it is funny you don’t think about that right you only think about the end result what you see as a grown man you don’t think about when you’re in there kid and the thing with these players is that they finally have a to where they can come to decompress because when you’re dealing with the brain you dealing with a lot of different areas of the brain the physiology of the brain the limbic system the prefrontal cortex right and the limit system for sure just the negative part of the brains and primitive brain and the prefrontal cortex it’s a positive part well when it comes to a concussion that goes out the door because it’s like you take a woodpecker and a woodpecker and I make it simple where it’s tongue will go down the back of your throat and wrap around its brain so when it hit and in text it’s like the anatomic equivalent to having a safety bill for his brain so he say well when it comes to human beings we don’t have that so every time a player gets hit every time what happens is a negative protein is released in the brain called the tau protein all right and what happens is that top protein every time it gets released it invades and tangles and it strangles the brain from the inside can it get hard so like in the movie concussion is equivalent to pulling wet concrete down the kitchen pipe and it’s going to get hard at some point right well that’s what happens with the brain so when you put a person under a cat-scan and I’m talking to these guys and they go get cat scans and all this medication the medication is only tackling the symptom but not the root of the issue that is all it does so when you have guys that have committed suicide like you said it’s not because they know and that they want to is because they don’t recognize themselves because that time protein is invading the brain and it starts to choke the brain from the inside until they start self-mutilating themselves unfortunately I’ve known guys to drink a gallon of antifreeze because their brain told them to do that you know you take you guys they’ve been married for 20 years there’s woman in all the suddenly past five years they started abusing it why would the man do that right because he’s not even recognizing himself and that’s the part of the game that people don’t see if you take there was a study done that I did some research on once it was in Syracuse and it took a college athlete and it’s just a regular college athlete not an easy one and at the beginning of the year they put his brain under a cat scan where they can see colors on it and the colors were blue blue and orange and orange represented the healthy brain and the blue just represented just the negative part of the brain you know some damage and at the begin of the season this kid has 95 percent horns after 12 games then 95 percent I went down to 15% and over the year over the course of those 12 games including practice he had had over 1600 concussions so you take a player that the movie represented concussions Mike Webster over his career he had over 70,000 concussions you see where more there are no we shall amended its what the part of the game that I see I don’t see the glitz and glamour and all of that I see the guys that come in that have unfortunately made poor choices with their money and they can’t even afford my treatments but you can’t tell a person no you have to help them you know because it’s just the right thing to do but you have some guys and come in and they’re okay but they still need to decompress so their idea of decompressing when the game is over is going on vacation spend unnecessary money doing things that are completely unhealthy even in a marriage that’s their form of decompressing but you have to look at what’s causing it and what’s causing it all those hits to the head because human being there’s not a single part of our Anatomy that has a shock absorber on it at all other animals do we don’t so you can build muscle and get all that I get it but at some point the body will break down because it’s not designed to do that in football is a collision course it’s equivalent to bid in a small car accident that makes it you know make problems well let me ask you this question I’m small you mentioned like Mike Webster you had thousands over his career of concussions what today what exactly is a definition would you say okay simple anytime you get hit in the head that’s a concussion it’s a giddy attack so has it been determined like how many times a person would have to have that experience before there’s going to start being problems if you get hit in the head that is a concussion period because the brain is so powerful the brain is so delicate it’s not designed it’s not designed to be hit your fear is because your your skull is only protected by it’s a very thin layer so you take a person at average person that gets hit in the head always for building or something you know their impact would be 16 and 60 G’s is gravity and that that’s the force of gravity right so the force of gravity is 9.8 force being pulled down that’s the force of gravity well the person gets hit then on average 5060 G that’s a lot because I had one client she came in and – the very nice lady and fused me she fell off a building and I think it was like 40 feet she mentioned something that’s pretty high and she had been dealing with this concussion for years and it was just one concussion but when she came in and got my treatment what I can do now is measure your level of stress and coherence and stress would be equal to concussion well I’m putting that out there because showing you the normal of a person average person if you take the NFL player they’re fourth of G is a hundred you see the difference you’re 60 versus 100 and that’s every practice every game even if it’s a plague that doesn’t count is still a hit there’s American yeah yeah that makes sense and I guess to read when I ask the question is because um you know I played football in high school and that was the extended I didn’t play after that and that word I mean you know that word was around but we really and this was like early this is early 80s so I can remember now I look back there was probably times where I probably didn’t have a concussion you know and back then though if you you know I got a hard hit or something you know you got your bell rung maybe saw a few scars whatever at the most you might come out for a player to to your head kind of clearer and easier to go right back into the game you didn’t even think to think twice about it and so I was just when I asked that question it was just more wondering well how many you said just any kind of you know blow to the head can give you a concussion but I imagine like let’s say you have that woman who fell and that was she had a lot of problems after that but I feel for the most part I feel fine so I was just wondering is there a certain amount you have to have before so I have a promise or I guess it could just be at one time right like this maybe it could what no to one the one thing I learned but what I do mr. Davis is that no two people are like yeah and three person is different you may have a person to make it a concussion you know what they’re going to be okay there may be hurting for a while they may be okay that’s the beauty of the brain because no two people with brains are like you know my brain may be able to take a little bit more than yours now that’s not saying that the severity is different but still my brain may be able to take a little bit morning yours but it’s still a concussion yeah then after the symptoms may linger well a lot longer than mine but he’s still a hit to the head just go ahead to the head out you know ready but no no good please do that was gonna say I’m a firm believer that you know I love I’ve always been you know fan of boxing done more to the MMA but an expiry believing game why the reasons George Foreman does at least doesn’t appear to his problems like all yet or some of these other Fridays or could can hardly talk on the slums because cupboards for me didn’t take a lot of blows to the head in his boxing career can you dishing it out and then he be tired of us and for good what 1012 minutes or whatever it was and then he came back for a short but if you began his career even though he wasn’t taking a lot of hits to the head and that’s why I believe he’s in the place where he is at now as opposes some other boxes to see that took a lot of blows a question or just like wow this guy cannot attack I agree with that but I would like to piggyback on that also is that you don’t see what he does reveal then he got who yeah as I said it just he appears in period yeah there’s probably stuff that yeah he doesn’t really grow you know talk about I know a lot of guys I give it I give it first against perfect example and in football turn so you just had a concussion right you just got hit okay then you come up the game but I’m your teammate and what you’re going to do is say now when you just got hit the doctor is going to come over and you’re not going to come over the right you may attend what you’re going to do is tell me hey look you know yeah the other yada ten remember the doctor said got areata you know so tell me what he said so when you go when he comes back again and asked me five minutes later I’d be able to know so you just remember what the doc said the doc says and he leaves he said look I’ll be back in a few minutes great now what happens is I remember what the doctor said when he comes back okay what he’s here than way to say it boom you just repeat what he said earlier be back in the game yeah it’s ways around yeah yeah I think what you’re what you’re getting that I think for the bigger picture is two things one is education and the other is education in regard to finances right because from an educational standpoint I could say you know like David mentioned early 80s and I remember 10 years or older like 12 to 13 years ago I tore my Achilles if I pour it in the cornet and the 90 I’d walk with a permanent limp like a pen upright but today the the technology is so much better I have my regular gait and then from it a financial standpoint you hear this from a lot of athletes that they may get that that assessment from their doctor after they get hit but they’re so tied to that financial payoff because they don’t they don’t have anything else they don’t they don’t have that backup right like I’m not on the field and my family suffers and my friends event you know I’m handling all these people so I will take the risk to continue playing just so that I can have that financial payout yeah I agree and Dex I agree with all everything you just said what I’m trying to do on topic allows you guys you know I tell you know you have to take care of you first thing I really understand that your mom I get it as a father I get that but you’re the one on the field taking a hit you’re the one in practice you’re the one that’s eating right you’re the one that having a sacrifice your body not them I get it they had to sacrifice a lot of stuff in you I am not knocking that because people had to help you to get to a certain point but you’re the one on that field you’re the one that’s when your body at risk you’re the one that can’t sleep at night you’re the one that have an anxiety you’re the one that having panic attacks you’re the one taking those vicodins those that Viking in those shots nobody else I’m going to come to that payday you got take care you first and I tell them that not getting I’m in debt that’s a hard reality but you have to be selfish because I understand they help you get to that point but they understand their can think leap at night you can’t because they’re telling me they can’t sleep at night you tell me that you know they have another anxiety you have to kill yourself first financially because you got didn’t get hit your money and guaranteed your contract and guaranteed and you know you’re still going to work at Starbucks next day you know how you going to pay for your job are you going to support yourself because all you ever known this football all they ever known the job they do they got job security for 10 15 years over there right you don’t got to get yourself first understand at your family but two things I recognize they take athletes out quick anything when it comes to the finance and it’s not even the problem of mad money management is not just save your money you give an account if I get anything else they get paid to get tax to take out of that money you take them when you go to the bank you live off a certain amount you’re on the budget I need it bad that’s easy it’s money in its family and women period you got to impress her you got to get your family yeah naturist so that may be our reality for some people to understand but it’s like me like my family know what I do you know they know I do professional athletes but they know they can’t get a dime out of me okay I will use my money to create opportunities for you to help yourself but I’m not putting money in your hand because you have not changed your paradigm of thinking towards the dollar oh man you don’t remember me from second grade you’re supposed to owe me man and you know that all comes up and they say on your guilt and you want to make you feel guilty and bad and it’s unfortunate you know but you want those that I got and I covered that you all know that real true friend that they have is the one that don’t need anything from them just their time because they are pretty busy trying to get his own stuff so this expression on the financial card did the gentleman brought up earlier most lack of for a second so it just reminds me of Steve Harvey when he said NFL stands for not for long and in many cases you have people that may come to you like the first guy too kinky he’s retired so from an education standpoint if you could talk about because I’m sure there’s something you said every brain is different but there should be some commonalities of some initial signs and symptoms before I get to the anxiety and panic attacks and can’t sleep can you talk about that yeah in terms of like the guys before I get to the severe part of it or do spiritually before they get in the league or during the league well it’s just something that for someone that’s listening to to this you know like I said it’s the beginning of the football season and some people are out of twenty years but they may have been fun all along that they chose to ignore just from an education standpoint they didn’t know with a little work these guys are dealing with an anxiety for years even pretty got into the lead ever did all this anxiety in college in high schools they’ve been doing for a long time they just choose to suppress it one thing about suppression symptoms they always win at the end you know it’s easy to obey your body all along the way as opposed to let me disc factor if at one point these guys know they had the anxiety no they did with depression they’re just afraid to talk about it because it’s a form of weakness I can’t talk about this you know because they’re so program they’re set up where the provider to be the tough guy you know I can’t show weakness like a lot of guys the challenge they have is that five year transition from retirement to finding something else because all they ever known is football football has been their identity yeah never know that’s who they are is I’ve taken a rich person I got money take their money away they have nothing else they don’t know who they are right you take their families you don’t know who they are because that’s been their identity so with football – same thing you know the guy can’t get help you know and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help it takes really another player to say hey it’s okay you can ask for help that’s not a foreign weakness they use the people coming to them but for them having to come to someone else and it’s so simple but to them this whole program is not because like with Oh God they get points for fighting practice right you know if you know the last person you want to challenge is a football player because you know they get points for fighting they get its adulation to fight in practice because they break up the monotony every day of practice practice practice then you got a fight okay great you know you want it so that’s the last person to challenge those guys are really wired differently than any other athlete and I dealt with NBA guys baseball guys they’re totally different but even the baseball guys in the NBA guys they don’t want to talk about anxiety Eva they don’t talk about depression because NBA players their challenges they can’t sleep at night because we’re in NFL here’s the thing with NFL you know you got 16 games so you know you got to be in C and if you’re in the laminar you got to be in New York all right or say a sane California and the time zone is different right well you can fly out there Tuesday and start to just sit and sleep all day week because you only got one game and in days them for lunch their anxiety and everything comes from they got 82 games at the wrong season so you just love Atlanta and now you got to be elated playing Lakers and you just finish the game you got to catch a flight then see Chris again at 11 here in the lab you got to catch a flight at – so you guys be out of LA because time goes back then you gotta just to that and you can’t sleep you see where we’re going they’re issued asleep habit they can’t sleep in that link when their plane lands and that create a form of anxiety and then with these guys that can guide you now with NBA carried over to the court and when it carries over to the court the worst area that in any NBA guy wants to be it is their freedom Lerner cheap guys told me you know it’s the stuff that the people don’t know you at the free-throw line and they’ll tell you you got the opposing team saying max it’s up to you you got the referee telling you to hurry up coaches telling you to making better crowd and then on top of that you’re trying to look cool to be on TV right you got to deal with all it so if you think white food watching you on television and all your fundamentals have went out the door you have not thought about none of those hundred shots and the free-throw line you made in practice gives me completely out the door so that’s another thing so you’re saying that if Shaq I’ve seen you he would have been a totally different player that’s our boy I’ll try I’m trying to get to the White House because you need that shoe though you know because it’s all in the change that could have a tough job what is all it is is you know the free-throw line is some and you add up by yourself you’re on the island by yourself is nobody but you so then it can be it creates a huge form of anxiety for these players a lot of anxiety not depression but anxiety the depression it either good let me ask you if you know let’s say I’m shocked of Dwight Howard or anyone still on the blank and you know I kind of suppressed this for some time but you know you kept hitting me over the head no pun intended or pun intended and you just like okay I need to see you so now I finally you know swallow my pride and I booked an appointment what does that entail when I come to see you surgery all right so the way the whole treatments work is that so you come to see me right so we were doing is we’re going to sit down and I’m just going to ask you a few questions you know really your challenges you know this tell me what you’re thinking you know because I can I have to be able to I’m trying to look at human behavior so I’m always in one thing about behavior it doesn’t lie your behavior does not lie whatever you’ve been doing is going to show up you can say I’m gonna do this I hear you but your your body is saying otherwise so I’m just gonna ask you a few questions and there’s certain things that I’m looking for certain mannerisms and stuff see if you’re lying or not because one muscle group you cannot control in your faces the muscles right by your eyes you can’t control that muscle group that tells the truth or tell that tells everything so I ask you a few questions what happens is is that you’re on the massage table so you’re going to be in three positions face down sitting up live in the back and face down again for integration and I’ll explain it later all right so a corner comes in and you don’t need anything an hour before you come up an hour and a half so you laid on the table and what I’m going to do is I’m going to attach a device to you get here and just call a heart map device and I partner with hot map Institute and what this device does it’s a sensor that picks up posted in your body because you have a pulse in your body in your heart and in your brain not your mind everybody now no more no one’s ever seen the mind but everyone saying the brain so once it picks up these pulses what happens that there’s an app that I pull up on my phone and it’s all bluetooth to my iPhone and there’s going to be certain pressure points vectors or meridians that I’m going to make contacts on and as I make these contacts what happens is that stress stress is stored along the spine so as I stress gets released through the body and here’s how I can tell that it gets released I make these pressure points on your lower back in the back of your head a total of ten contacts right now as I’m making contacts what I’m doing is that I’m looking for breath and I’m listening for breaths all right when I say I’m looking there’s going to be an expansion in your back your lower back maybe it may be amplified and maybe they’re subtle but I’ll see it once I see that was happening now is that I’m going to listen for what’s called some loaded genic breath and you’re going to just take a deep breath for no reason and ask yourself why would you do that you didn’t just finish running the marathon you just line on a Masonic table alright well as that breath kicks in what I’m doing is on the heart math app on my phone it’s going to start reading your pulses and it’s going to show red blue or green red represents dress green represents coherence coherence is just another word for focus calm confidence your a zone everything that’s positive all right the blue is just a balance of the two all right everyone that comes in is always going if you never had one of my treatments you’re always going to be at RIT hi that’s calm because you just look a very stressful environment okay now add closed context of being a dead breath chicken now what’s going to happen in blood flow oxygen and metabolism that’s stored in the spine it’s going to go past your limbic system which is the back part of your head this is your negative brain this is the brain or the area of the brain where you have anxiety stress words here fight-or-flight is where you’re in a very protective protective posture if you want to see the perfect example of fighter flight and go to start in the morning at seven o’clock and you see everybody in it until they get a coffee and that caffeine hits them and now they’re relaxed because caffeine has the exact same effect as cocaine only difference one is legal when is it worth the caffeine whereas often have an eye they have to have another cup because it’s addictive so once that blood flow metabolism in oxygen starts to move start to see their breath and hear that breath it goes to the prefrontal cortex alright which is a higher brain and at that point I’m starting to see a movement in the body may be very subtle and at that point I was at the middle of your back I’m going to have you to breathe in this area into your nose and out through your mouth and then as you start to breathe at that point I’m going to go see some and start getting more accurate reading on the heart map and I do that entire process from the beginning then you’re going to sit up there’s going to be other meridian points on your lower back and on the top of your back that I’m going to have I’m a pro not make contact on you’re going to breathe in that area you’re going to lay on your back at that point that’s the third position so make different contacts and then we’ll come back under the okay lay facedown and at that point excuse me at that point that’s called integration because I’ve made all of those contacts and you had all of that movement now what happens is it’s starting to integrate in your entire body not just your brain but your entire body so I give you a reading before the middle and at the end and you get off the table I show you exactly where your stress level is and your coherence and with NFL players all of that bless low metabolism in oxygen it goes up your spine to your brain it not only goes to the prefrontal cortex for other areas of the brain that are damaged because think about it your brain is like fire and oxygen the more oxygen to get the bigger the flame gets very very simple so that’s an entire treatment our treatment would take a is without assertion it would take a total of 35 minutes that’s a very first treatment and the way worse is that I offer two introduction treatments so you come in you get the first treatment on Monday and I will have to have you in no later than Wednesday because from a scientific perspective when you when they have the first treatment you have what call a sweet spot you have a 72-hour window before the brain goes back to the way it was – all of that energy and and blood flow metabolism and oxygen goes back to the spine and back down to the limbic system getting it back in that fight-or-flight that make sense yeah it makes Rosen okay I have a question as far as from a technology standpoint like I for one I’m a huge fan of hacking of brain hacking so any way that I can enhance the prefrontal cortex is amazing so I’m very happy that we get to speak to you that you can help individuals in addition to athletes or not not that if I’m not an athlete I can’t see you so I’m totally open to that but I’m also interested in the prefrontal cortex hacking again with the transcranial direct current stimulation the tDCS you have the transcranial magnetic stimulation there’s been research with University who I saw a recent interview at our presentation from UC Davis where 2017 you have a lot of introduction these things have probably been around for years but it’s coming most up to the general populace but some of the pushback has been the FDA regulations and there’s just not enough information about it to get it out to the general public so have you gotten any pushback from higher brain living and offering that to clients no because what I did was I knew that if I change the technique up and I use high brain living I could course get sued and because I’m using it there there their technique that’s why I cook a level one NSA class and I lunch from the doctor here in Atlanta and I got certified under him and I took a class in New York acupressure class or one of my colleagues and I took his class and I added it to my practice and that’s what I also added my engineering degree to my practice because I learned what I learned from engineering and how the body is engineering and compared to two so with high brain living you just have higher brain living with mine humans you have higher brain living and three of their modalities on top of that two other modalities and a degree on top of that so my treatment is totally different how your brain living is once a week 22 sessions mine is 24 sessions twice a week so as opposed to come to six-month it’s a faster track in three its peers in three months and I love the love it it’s positive zero payments and punning and I guarantee it let me ask you this real quick does is there any when you’re working with clients is there any nutritional aspect to all this in terms of do I give the nutrition or I mean as far do they have to change in any or eating or anything that you recommend that’s going to help all this you know for their brand the thing like that just carry out just curious well that’s a great question and when it comes to me there’s no stupid questions I have heard it all that’s a great question and I tell you what happens so during a session your body will would be copy and it would happen in different forms uh you a client could spend today sargans he’ll start itching start getting watery eyes no starting run some clients of you in Christ what what’s happening is when you turn the prefrontal cortex on if you smoked delete if you had a craving for sugar delete if you drink alcohol delete if you like anything that if your prefrontal cortex field that is negative it deletes it that comes from a nutritional standpoint because a lot of sugar well depends on which sugar it is you know cannot be good for you so a lot of times what I want recline if they’re trying to change their diet they just do no it’s a client’s smoked it’s easy yeah you’re trying to quit smoking no it’s like what I tell clients you know uh that was they will come and what a lot of my clients do is that they come and get their treatments before they go work out that really helps them four or five the guys have a they have training Kempe something they’ll come to get to treatment before training camp because their body is more in every flow it’s more relaxing more loose the workouts are a lot easier their breath is a lot longer it just helps them on in a lot of different ways the more relaxed no desk I hope I ask your question with the nutritional standpoint but it also helps in those areas where they just completely quit a lot of stuff they were doing I take it funny story though I had one got coffee and he came in and he got a treatment and he would go on his yacht that’s the weekend so he came to got a treatment this Friday and he called me Sunday and he says you know he was really upset he says Walter you know can’t believe you I’m like okay can’t believe me what he’s like you know I’m not hearing my yacht in Florida you know what I did when it bought these two thousand dollar to the cigars can’t smoke it you know my body won’t let me I hate them now what are you going to do about it yeah Wow but you didn’t read the fine print when I said this is all positive and smoking is negative right so kind of funny start people want to point the blame back on you but eventually understood that it was a form it was this that you know that’s part of it you know you want to do something but your prefrontal cortexes or your when you when you start to make changes decock is not allowing you to and when I went back and did the research on him obsession he got killed and he was sweating during the session and what was happening his body was detoxing to smoking doesn’t mean them yeah toxins yeah so that was a eh he came in with a bolshie and go she was make more money of course and could be closer to his family well it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to but it did in terms of when he stopped smoking he was able to spend more time with his kids because his kids didn’t come around he was always smoking so the time that he had away from the why he would be in the in the man cave smoking or whatever in case I want to be around what it is right when he stops moment he would ever spend more time with his kids it was very small but it was very huge it’s closed and smell like smoke anymore he became more attracted to his wife again yeah the entire greens home life got happier its finances increased oh so I kinda had a gripple a ripple effect exactly exactly that one thing just the way it worked so it’s kind of like I guess in a sense you will fail your prefrontal cortex your plans for the lab that you’re right click like turn I plan to deal damage yeah now you mother okay real quick mention it your MBA fan who’s your team so on enough my team left George wouldn’t say away my team left during nineteen the hub doors not nearly okay yeah which Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Chicago or Washington duck Chicago ahead I don’t count I don’t count the users that we love that was yeah out of practice easement yeah that was that was a chrome and I was enjoying even though God did really good at 40 you did great at 40 but I don’t really count the guy only the last vision I see Jordan when he made the shot on by Russell that’s Jordan yeah angry angry shame scindia I have a last question because we’re coming up on the hour and this is much so my business is digital marketing is out of a digital marketing I’m kind of just from what I’ve seen in my business that I wanted to share with you so on your site we work with people on the medical arena so they do or medical or alternative medicine so we work with clients that do hypnosis at no therapy liposuction bariatric surgery and these type of things and when we try to run ads or what-have-you sometimes the ads get disapproved because in this industry you have to put asterisks on your site of results are not typical right it’ll be different for each person so the only suggestion I would have on your site is potentially to put asterisks on some of these places because if everyone’s brains different they’re going to have a different experience and there’s no you don’t want anyone come back to you because the expectations weren’t managed I will run that by the lady that does my website with change and you awesome I also – thank you so much I appreciate it so no problem at all it’s a it’s always a I’m surprised this is our 16th episode and the first time we’ve had a guy on so we’re just happy that would be yeah because in this face again like you said it the podcast is that you know there are people that look like us and there’s more people of color but they’re just not as vocal about it so the fact that you there’s no accidents on that’s us is fourth density workshop and we probably need to have you back on just to talk about the difference between court sensitive versus fourth dimension and some of the leather spaces in your other modalities that you use in your practice at least that’s more information to have you back at another another juncture yeah just whenever you guys want you know I’d be glad to you my office I can you can give me a call with me and my staff to zero five four nine nine zero four four five or you can visit us at M&T certified calm and uh yeah my address to my practice is seven Dunwoody park suite 122 Dunwoody Georgia three zero three three eight so yeah business and the numbers are things on my website all my information and I’ll be glad to answer any questions we can set up a consultation so in that exact get four players I help everybody you know from the people in sales I’ve seen people sales have increased Oh about 40 percent 50 percent because they don’t have that stress that able to make more sound judgments I have people that working on Wall Street that are traders from the the the the everyday is mom that gives me strength with the kid and like I said it’s not just me I have a staff that so much you know comes in and the majority of the work but we need a boss have to be every day to manage it but yeah I would love to be exactly showing its their own website and check it out awesome awesome it was a pleasure again with Walter Porter of mastery neuroscience training a revolutionary breakthrough in neuroscience thanks again Walter and signing off this is conv and this is David the intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective and we look forward to you guys on our next podcast take care guys thank you already put like [Music] [Music]