Cranial Sacral Therapy Near Me – Cranio-Sacral Massage Therapy Demonstration Part 1, Mouth Work

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morn good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from paint homies perspective fikriye combo and I am David and today we have Michael Morgan he is a licensed massage therapist and also as a diplomate for cranial staple therapy he was the first guest that we’ve had on with this modality really excited about it because there are a lot of a lot of good interesting and great feedback from other people that have gotten treatment from this modality and now we have an expert to let us know more about it so without further ado welcome to the podcast Michael thank you thanks for having me yes thanks for dinner absolutely yeah yeah usually when we look at massage therapists and other people we’ve had many modalities on the show but we haven’t had anyone talk about cranial sacral therapy but Before we jump into that subject matter how did you get into the line of work well as with many people to do cranial sacral sometimes it’s just a fluke and I had an industrial automation company in the 80s and I invented a way to cut glass with a laser talked about energy and I had a friend I had a lady friend that was doing it because she was with a meditation community with Transcendental Meditation and she just said you know I think you might have a knack for this so I very innocently started and I was very surprised to find out how profound and how powerful it was and I just got led into it I was in the early 90s Wow so over 20 years of employing cranial psychotherapy huh yes yep that is huge because it’s one thing that’s really interesting work I think we’re unlike other 55 and a lot of people that we had on they had up this new resurgence or new identity just new life after around 2012 it’s a major shift a lot of people live and you are going at the 90 so a year or what we have a pioneer on the episode David so okay so with cranial psychotherapy digi we jump right into that or were you doing medication beforehand or other modalities and they become that perennial sickle therapy will today to go yeah I was well I’ve been teaching a meditation Transcendental Meditation for 40 years a little older and then I jumped into cranial sacral therapy as well as the heating healing modality and just started doing that and I think what’s reflective of this modality is just one thing leads to another it almost seems like a series of Winston’s but it’s as if nature draws you from one thing for the next that kind of like you’re supposed to do it do well now if you could give us spin the audience an overview of what is trend or what is cranial correctly if you can give us your definition of the Transcendental Meditation as it relates to cranial psychotherapy don’t be even better yeah yeah and that’s tricky but I can do it so it’s actually not so that’s been ever up since I stepped into it started up Transcendental Meditation you know that was taught by my regime at Yoga years ago you’ve heard of the Beatles and more recently David Lynch and Oprah Winfrey Winfrey that kind of thing Ellen DeGeneres it’s a very ancient technique it’s really a mantra meditation where one has a sound that doesn’t have a meaning and allows you to experience deeper and deeper and deeper levels of the thought process and it’s like a honey bee to the mind once the mind gets the opportunity to settle it straight to an area of greater intelligence and blips and the transcending fire doesn’t mean to be in a trance per se but it means to go beyond to the source of blah or what unified field theory physics called the unified field for vacuum state from which all matter according to the most advanced physicists emerges so it’s a way mentally to allow the mind to settle down and when the mind settles down the body automatically settles down as well and with that the body can release deeper rooted stress and when that does so the human nervous system has the ability to resonate at a much deeper and more coherent and orderly level so it’s using the instrumentality of sound on a very subtle level to just draw the mind to a more ordered coherent state if you will and how cranial sacral therapy relates to that is my experience is to the modality of touch it kind of allows us to do the same thing through touch we can transcend if you will and as our touch becomes more refined and delicate it allows us to feel the pulsations of the body in a very subtle and powerful way so I know that sounds a little abstract but that’s kind of the principle of how we’re using touch to go to a greater and more organized field of intelligence which is why I think we get some of the results that we do with their therapy now when people come to see you they get there a certain issue that they’re dealing with have you found that there’s a certain issue that cranial sacral therapy is fantastic for Amil we’re going to talk about specific that idea research but in the early day I’m just wondering how people were coming to you where they oh I’ve done Transcendental Meditation in the next step is in a psychotherapy well not necessarily although I live in a little community called Fairfield Iowa where would people do that but a general person from the rail real world real world the most common type of type of laundry list of symptoms that we seem to have effectiveness with are things like headaches and migraines that’s a crowd pleaser we’ve got a lot of success with that people that might have suggested disorders autoimmune things especially lower back pain anything that has to do as a spine any kind of a positional issue are something structurally in the body and more recently we have ventured into the area of concussion I worked with the gentleman Ricky Williams as an NFL player we did a whole study on NFL players who founded for example cranial sacral therapy seems to help heal the brain and the trauma from the brain getting a bit jangled you know in your head get set on so those are some of the things that have have come our way over the years Ricky Williams is quite the adventurous person we had a guest on not too long ago that is with active consciousness and I believe he’s a part of equity law ah yep yep yep so yeah that’s great it’s so how does it differ from massage therapy lately kind of walk us through I know I’m a Hama button for going to those plates for hours at least so what is it like it did the same and with the similarity the lipid differently well and different like I got a massage today I’m on the road so much and of course with massage you’re working on the level of the muscles and the limp and the fluid and of course just getting that allows your body to settle down and release boxes right so almost everyone feels more relaxed depending on the tension that one carries with them right so you could say that on the neuro skeletal muscular level massage works in that way and by contrast cranial sacral therapy which a lot of massage therapist does we’re not in the level of not only the muscles and bones and even the skeletal level but it allows someone to tap into the level of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid which is the fluid which bathes the brain and spinal cord so it’s kind of like a level of body awareness and functioning which eases even below the neural skeletal muscular level one I kind of explain it to my students like if somebody had a seat and they could get the bed sheet it was the furthest one over and pulled out all the other sheets would come along so without even looking like we’re doing much at all it looks like a whole bunch of nothing because it’s a subtle the central nervous system can get as if rebooted it can actually shift and change its way of functioning so the mind-body system becomes much more coherent and much more resonant and so it’s very complementary to the size and I think on some levels a bit more effective as well so a lot of people start the size to get cranial they go like well I might not want to give up my massage but I like this cranial but I don’t know what you’re doing but almost to a man woman people report that they feel more relaxed and very deeply settled and very often they feel like their consciousness is much more expanded as well and similar to the principle of meditation when they get in that deep state of relaxation those toxins at a deeper level can be released so that’s a little bit of the short form explanation if you will Michael before you got into cranial sacral therapy and before you you know been associated with the UH Pledger Institute what the what’s your background what were you doing before all this well being a long-term meditator I am went to school at Berkeley years ago and I studied philosophy in physics and then I got into meditation and thought that a lot in different places one of the courses around the world and then in the 1980s when computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing was coming up I had a friend of mine that came up to me one day and he goes Mike you know anything about how to cut glass with a laser and I go no and so then I ran up a hundred dollar bill that is in his dorm room researching and we found a way in Iowa to use an industrial laser to cut glass which then warped into this thing called a you know an industrial water jet and we found a way to cut glass and curlicues in ways that never had this revolutionary technique that no one had ever picked laughs that way for Emmer’s so the first really big breakthroughs lasting for four hundred years so I think on the basis of meditation because meditators are pretty creative we found a way to invent a whole new technology thus based on what’s called computer-aided design computer-aided manufacturing so I got to really understand how there was the biomechanics of machines you know like how you look at a robotic arm and it mimics the body so inadvertently I got to understand how machines actually mimic the body and how one could do something different melding together something like a water jet and a computer is when Apple two computers first came out you know those let’s own the first laptop computers that we learned how to program so for this industrial water jet so when I got new cranial-sacral it was like I was transferring my knowledge of Robotics to the level of biomechanics from the body at a more subtle level and I kind of joked that I want some high pressure hydraulic systems the low pressure hydraulic system in in the body so I just always been curious about how things work you know the mechanics of things so I think I kind of transferred something in that area coordinating engineers to something in body body mechanics as well [Music] I know that sounds kind of disparate but it’s like going from one level to another just kind of inventing things and finding out how things work yeah so the thread in all this was that always being period something’s work as my mentor dr. uh pleasure John uh pleasure was was brilliant he was just research and find ways of the body how does the body move in a subtle way and what could be the application and his experience is that people would just show up like autistic kids and he started that and he found at all this works about just to get it all works with Eddie and all it works have been different disorders and my particular thing that came to me quite by accident is that my sister-in-law and my stepmother boats out of alzheimerís and I started to think well maybe this perennial cycle that I’ve been doing could help with that as well so that kind of just inadvertently led me into pioneering or looking at that application okay now they’re going to be my next question a little so how did you kind of home across that a kid that help people with Alzheimer’s so that’s kind of a connected doctor uh pleasure my men’s work he wrote an article on massage surfing magazine in early 2000 and basically he commented he said that people that are middle-aged whatever that these days he mentioned that the flow of cerebral spinal fluid which is a fluid that bathes the brain spinal cord is their turnover our production of GL cerebral spinal fluid is half that of a normal adult and I started to think well that’s interesting because you even ask a regular doctor these days without a lot of training they will see on MRIs and brain scans a lot of times of people that are older maybe past 50 their their brain looks like it starts to shrink a little bit right so then I had a nurse practitioner at University of Iowa because we’re thinking of doing a study on this starting to do research and she found that people senile dementia their flow of cerebral spinal fluid with 75% less than a normal adult so talk about shrinkage we thought well that that’s significant maybe that has something to do with the way that their they display the the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia and maybe that is I’m going to do with a family plaque that gets stuck in the brain good far inform so then we started to think you know there’s really a simple technique in cranial sacral therapy it’s called the Stillpoint takes about a day to learn and you can do it in five minutes to ten minutes a day but we thought maybe that could pump up the volume and when I give a TED talk on this a couple years ago I had seven minutes to explain cranial sacral therapy cerebral spinal fluid inflammation and an Alzheimer’s dementia so how do you explain that in seven minutes right so I use this up right so I use a simple analogy it’s like a river and when a river is freely flowing things are great but if the river starts to dry out like a water table then things flow more slowly right and when a river dries up really really dry all the mud and sludge itself clogs everything together that’s what happens in the brain is that this is the whole essence of my talking around the country a convention looks like the brain dries up and when the brain dries up and you can see an Alzheimer’s brain it looks like a shrunken walnut you know and when the brain dries up all that mud and slides itself like in the river that’s analogous to all the amyloid plaque and the neurofibrillary tangles which are part of mouths memories that’s what gets warm and that’s what starts to destroy the brain and that’s what in my theory you know accounts for all the cognitive decline and the lack of balance and the lack of word finding and all the other laundry list of symptoms that people have when they develop Alzheimer’s so our simple theory is that if we could pop up the volume and teach therapists or lay people do it which we’ve been doing they should start to see a difference in recovery and even reversal of the process I know it it sounds ridiculously simple does yeah and and here’s the thing I’m a little passionate about this there’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s I even had a teaching assistant a few weeks ago the or for Pfizer big drug company and they said Pfizer is I know two distributors advisers giving up on Alzheimer’s research because it’s the one drug model doesn’t work it’s just not one size fits all because craniosacral therapy allows you to honor the body and listen to the complexity of the body and there might be several different ways that Alzheimer’s comes along sometimes has become because there’s there’s inflammation in the diet it’s in proper diet sometimes it can be coming on from below to the head sometimes it’s a hormonal imbalance or several different factors that may contribute some memory issues but cranial sacral therapy across the board can help deal with the inflammation of the brain we find occurs and help increase the fluid flow of cerebrospinal fluid and help heal the brain what about like uh nutrition levels to help with that that pool does that there’s any relations between that here’s what I found and I stumble onto this – all this is not rocket science but I had to figure it out so one of my associates in Seattle says Mike there’s a book by a guy named Mark time a lot of people know Mark Hyman head of the Institute for functional medicine and he wrote a book about the blood sugar solution years ago and basically the theory is that depending on a type of food you eat well let me back up here’s what I found out I created a two day course for lay people and I met with a fellow in Southern California who was on the head of the Southern California Alzheimer’s board used on the board of directors of the Southern California Health Care Association and he said to me says you know Mike about 40% of people in an Alzheimer’s unit have diabetes now I go really I didn’t know that did you know that no yeah so I go wow and then I informally sort of do survey of all the people it works in nursing homes and they kind of in their head I could see them counting the beds and they go yeah that sounds about right and it’s like one of those obvious things that people you know don’t look like look at right then I started to look at the medical records with permission of people that we treated and found out that a lot of people to develop Alzheimer’s for 20 years before at what I call certain diseases of Aging which were inflammatory in nature that think that they could start with diabetes and that could be brewing since they were 30 years old cardiac problems osteoporosis arthritis autoimmune diseases and the tie-in with diet it’s not the whole story but maybe it’s half the picture a lot of time is that what happens from the 20s and 30s the standard American diet are sad that American diet is that when you have a diet that’s high in sugars and high in carbohydrates that can in many times depending on your genetics cause inflammation in the body right here get high blood pressure and you get higher cholesterol I mean all you have to do is look at CNN and the drug commercials criticizing lipitor and a1c inhibitors is because it’s a huge market that’s why they advertise this stuff on TV their story as to whether or not they should really advertise and push drugs but it’s a huge market and it affects tens of millions of people in fact what I found is that there’s 79 people 79 million people they knighted states that are pre-diabetic and another 25 to 30 million that are diabetic 500 million people that’s a third of the population that are at risk it’s like a growing health crisis now what happened is that in certain cases thankfully not all but in certain cases over years even though the body tries to fight it the inflammation in the body overflows into the brain which mirrors the insulin levels insulin resistance and so then you develop an inflammation in the brain as well as inflammation in the body so that’s how Diet fuels that it’s an insult of the body sugar and high concentrations can be toxic so that means that that’s our diet and certain types of diet consist if expense it’s not any accident that folks in their 70s and 80s that have been eating toxic diet and food that people hold on the fine to eat for the last 30 years all of a sudden start to develop now not in all cases but in certain number of cases you can trace those things yeah so that’s why people are very keen on nutrition is like hey you know maybe what you eat over time has an effect on how you your mind works again it’s pretty common sense but a lot of people don’t want to look at it because let’s face it food is comfort so if we’re really stressed and we don’t want to meditate we don’t want to have a more holistic lifestyle then food is soothing you know there’s something there’s a fellow one Davis who wrote a book called grain wheat belly rather we bail it and he said that when you eat a piece of bread and butter it a nice toasty piece of bread that you get a rush you get a lot of opiate and he shows a picture on a PBS special it shows how all the opiate receptors in the brain millions of them are triggered by these carbohydrates so I kind of jumped like I’d love to have our license ability and have an intimate connected relationship but that’s months work so just give me a couple of pieces of buttered bread you know it’s like buttered toast because you get a rush from that and people in the food industry know that and it’s addictive food is addictive but of course necessary but certain types of carbohydrates and sugars are very soothing to the brain so that’s why it’s hard to get be able to kind of change their their way and I could go on but you get the gist right yeah yeah yeah yeah I think we’re getting more and more information that these days is coming out you know this so much the gut can give tell us what’s going on with the person and you know strictly related to their health and wellness the gut itself there’s more research University of Virginia found indirectly relation between a nerve in the brain that goes directly to the gut there’s actually a physical hardwired choral people are thought so for a year so they actually found a physical correlate and what happened is that about seventy percent of the immune system underlies the gut it’s kind of like piping so when you eat something looks detrimental to you directly or indirectly it affects the immune system and that has an effect on inflammation so then you have a straight shot once called the glial cells or these intelligent cells in the gut that start to influence the brain so it’s a very interactive piece so what I started to do is I piece this together much to my surprise as I go what if we could stack the cards in our favor and reverse this process that’s what I call the body energy line any prescriptions what if we could do something like cranial sacral therapy where we get a more immediate effect for the brain to start to improve cognition what if we could tie that with improvements in diet what if we could what the heck throwing a little exercise too and then if we were really wild and crazy throwing some meditation and then all of a sudden we’re stacking the cards and our favorites what we call epigenetics that means to beyond the genetics and the ID and functional medicine medicine that killed you know that feels that medicine is food for example what if it were possible to turn off the genes even if there’s a genetic basis what if it were possible to turn off the genes that are detrimental to us and turn on the one that allowed us to function in a healthier way and switch on those genes so that’s called epigenetics so in other words we have an influence even though there’s genetic markers on influencing the outcome of our disease processes and that’s what my you know longevity prescription is about is like a simple prescription I’ve really had a sack the cards in your favor solid questions if you’re dealing with the University of Iowa you’re dealing with a lot of research folks and unintended consequences so we make me think of Fonzarelli and happy days and commercials in the fifties where they had their cigarettes rolled in their sleeve and in movies after effects seen their smoking right like at the thing to do is night and right then in the 90s it was oh by the way of the tobacco exactly causing the that’s why you have cancer you know yeah right so I I’m going to lower those so so the second one coming to the consequence maybe think of Viagra right where initially that was it and just as an asteroid I’ve worked with the company that worked at the pharmaceutical community so the only way was violet I was supposed to be a blood pressure medicine and then the unintended consequences right is the blue pill that we all know about Ryan so the third part where I really want to get your take is I actually have some colleagues that are in the home care industry and this one person that I’m thinking about was a pharmaceutical rep in the mid to late 90s and they were really pushing at that time a lot of a lot of what was it be what is it we have not high pressure like the lipitor and all that what’s the answer again so so anyway when they were using those those type of drugs the unintended consequence was that right like in the commercial that nobody pays attention to where they give you all the asterisks for the unintended consequences would say in Australia they were saying that it was shrinking it was taking a lot of water flew it out of the brain and that also contributed to another generation having Alzheimer’s yeah through a research community I want to get your take on that let’s go back to viagra for a moment at well you got to look at if one wanted to answer my questions you could say why does somebody need viagra in the first place and what happens in an aging population of men women have their own challenges but an aging population men there are there insulin levels in an insulin resistance because of the food they have been heating over decades begins to rise and that affects the vasculature of the body and the male organs as well as the brain and the whole point of Viagra as you noted being a blood pressure medication in the senses it helps offset the vascular damage which occurs in the body specifically in reproductive organs but it’s actually affecting the heart as well like you know and they say the Agra don’t take it if you have you know cardiac tissues blah blah blah so when you look at why people need it in the first place you have to look at the inflammation of the body because is when men start to eat in a healthier way all of a sudden those functions start to come back if they have an issue so you got to kind of ask the question why was there the need in that stuff in the first place so that’s part of the issue when you start to connect the dots it all starts to make sense right it all starts to become but it takes decades to accumulate that and so you have a certain population event typically the viagra need is 50 60 70 s right sometimes it might just be for fun and recreation but in a lot of cases roof like yeah these guys are reflecting dysfunction that’s been brewing for many many many years many decades and then they’re on the they’re on the tail end oh that something’s going wrong I can’t even function in a certain way so that’s just a piece of that and sorry that’s a little off-topic but I just wanted to mention that it’s just reflective of inflammation in the body but then is also showing up in the brain now go back to your original question I’ll answer that sure no it’s all connected so think I appreciate you using that for Viagra because you’re saying that’s all connected and so what I’m saying is we were using this uh cholesterol pills right some of the side effects which data is actually shorten exacerbating the shrinking of the brain and that so you have yeah a greater number of people getting dementia I didn’t know what your experience has been with that at all or as well and you see you you see there’s an aging population and there’s more and more evidence of Alzheimer’s as an epidemic an epidemic and that is partially a reflection of the diet and here’s a here’s a little aside by the way doctor a pleasure when he was studying in the 60s of an osteopathic student at Kershaw Missouri he had a mentor by the name of Stacy how safety al had a runner he was a runner up for biochemistry and when cholesterol medications started to become you know that popular his mentor was saying he says you know I don’t think cholesterol is the culprit because what collapse Rahl is doing and now other doctors like Marquess and other functional doctors are talking about things I don’t think cholesterol it’s a bad guy I actually think that what the cholesterol is doing is trying to surround the arteries and veins and keep them from being damaged because there’s inflammation in the vascular system so the cholesterol is actually trying to help protect the body but at the time because of medical and pharmaceutical politics there was a big campaign to say oh let’s do anti-cholesterol so another one but not looking so deeply enough of the cause and you’re missing the point so to that point because you’re taking something that is treating a symptom but not actually reflecting the cause then you get things like drawing liquids out of the brain and exacerbating that it’s one of those as you say unintended consequence so and look at terms of treating dementia there’s another dr. Dale reticent to come up with a whole program over month to help reduce and prevent Alzheimer’s and I really think he’s on the right track I hope to meet him in the next month or so but I’m saying our work with cranial sacral therapy can accelerate the result even more quickly maybe 10 times faster so it may take him ten months together it’s all we can do it in a matter of 12 to 16 weeks as the general rule of thumb ensures and showing reversal the reversal by any absolutely amazing so the point is is that what he says is that we’re asking the drugs to do too much one drug cannot do everything there’s like 30 different positive factors which might which might look at House members that’s why a lot of drug companies are little challenges but it’s not low hanging fruit it’s not an easy thing to treat so my analogy to pharmaceutical drugs like cholesterol plug in on your cell phone everyone has a cell phone right and you know when you push the cell phone the wrong way all the little apps start to jiggle you know they jiggle right yeah and if you take your finger they’ll all switch around in ways you don’t even want to do right that’s what is the drugs you have a you have a laser focus and you have one molecule that are affected but you don’t know what’s going to happen to all the other apps in the brain of the body they’re all going to switch around that’s equivalent to the side effect oh I got to use that mind I never use a good analogy right now those are the side effects and one thing you can’t know at the level of intelligence that the body’s uses you can’t accommodate or are thinking what can happen so something with cranial sacral therapy and meditation you know back to that idea of ground it’s intelligence that you’re actually tapping into the intelligence of the body and mind in a way that the mind becomes a friend to what you’re doing it starts to take all these other considerations that one human intellect to take into account now I know that sounds a little metaphysical but it’s the idea on the level of quantum physics or Unified Field that we’re we’re resonating with a level of intelligence it’s not just molecular which is profound the but we’re tapping into something that goes beyond molecular intelligence so the level of energy and field which takes into account all these other interactive factors so in a way from a therapeutic point of view we can walk and chew gum to get more profound results Michael can see us P well I’ll just refer to the CFT is it something that you can can be used let’s say for it can dress like a emotional type trauma yeah well thanks for getting into that so what dr. L budget found just by accident is that first he started with cranial psychotherapy and started to treat autistic kids right and then he developed a little bit more regional approach which is what we teach in friend he’ll – it’s another level and then he started to develop because people came to him and he started to develop something called somato emotional relief somato meaning the body and emotion so one of the stories is that he was treating a lady come to my classes and a lady came in and she lie down on the table and dr. closure was there was one of the graduates ooh and she had a handbag with her right so she set it down right next to the table with stock truck budget realized later probably was not a good idea so he’s treating the body and just doing the crane help and all of a sudden she reaches up with her handbag and starts beating him over the head back and so what happened was her body when exactly is in the position where she was getting a hysterectomy and drop was or happy to be leaning on her legs the same way this resident was and she was trying to get him off his way so needless to say he was a little surprised and he made an appointment for her to come back to next week Mina so the wild horses could not have dragged that assistance from coming back and see what would happen but out of that he began to realize that you could happen in something called someone’s inner wisdom or inner knowing them which is probably one of his greatest contributions and it’s the idea that you know on the outside we can get medical tests we can get analysis we can get an objective measure of how the body is working which is fine good but he discovered to his hand he wasn’t always a very confident very brilliant doctor very versatile well in anatomy and physics and biochemistry he began to realize that through the hands in the body we can start to dialogue with this inner wisdom inside of us and if we’re respectful and neutral in our dialogue that we can actually listen to the inner wisdom of the body like you ever had the experience or sometimes you know your body is trying to tell you something you just kind of ignore it right here it isn’t like we all do that but the bottom keeps giving us 10 and sometimes if we don’t listen it gives us more amore until we get ii like do I have your attention yet right so the idea is with cranial psychotherapy we train people in an advanced level to start the dialogue and say let’s talk to the part of the body that would like to change and maybe there’s some resistance like there may be a very good reason the body’s function how it has been to survive but we could say hey maybe there’s another way to do this maybe there’s another way that the body could heal in a way that would be a win-win on a different level and maybe we don’t have to adapt the same strategy that we developed seven years old now or 70 and this is important in terms of our advanced treatment of Alzheimer’s even though I don’t talk about this because very much because some people they start to lose their memory because he just don’t want to run number four you know the trauma they’ve had in their life and who can blame them but if you can actually have a dialogue with the body and get something resolved maybe you hate it Uncle Joe for the last 20 years or Aunt Martha for the last 30 and find a resolution maybe someone doesn’t have to suppress that memory maybe they don’t have to forget so that’s the motto emotionally that’s something that advanced practitioners do as well that can sometimes just bring a lot of relief in completion to someone that it’s very something around for many many years so thanks for asking yeah yeah I just share this and just look at the if you know if a worker or forgive me just you know emotionally yeah yeah yeah that’s tremendous cousin because when I got into memory care I realized wait a minute you know there’s the physiological nuts in both like diet and inflammation all well and good that’s a big part of the picture but you know we all know that sometimes it’s like there’s something on an emotional level that that’s why we don’t want to remember you know we see that all the time would it be great if we could give people that are older some level of resolution to honor who they are Adele ders to honor who they have is wisdom and that they can actually be listened to and if there’s any point I would make about cranial sacral therapy is that it’s a very profound way to honor and listen to the body and the mind and I don’t know how often people have said you know you don’t listen to me right and we’re all so busy right but through the hands if you can be respectful and listen the body will start to give it up the bodies all you mean you’re actually listening to me well then I’ll tell you but it’s not going to listen to me I’m not going to tell you what’s going on but if you listen respectfully even silently the body will start to shift and as any of the old-time the osteopath will tell you the body is a self-correcting self-correcting mechanism if you listen respectfully enough the body will almost start to change on its own that’s the inner wisdom at work hmm go ahead took going down sure I have a unified field / inner wisdom and inner knowing that that I’d love the Cherokee Michael and buta time I won’t tell my story I think it was great or mine I had a cranial thicker therapy done but the story I do want to tell is because I had put a link to way I could do a conference and it was in Toronto Brian they had a conference next door Pilates conference and so there was a lady there she had a table and some champagne with the professor and I had my experience of phenomenal and I’m one of the people that if I love something else a little one so I’m sitting at a sitting next to this lady I didn’t know where we were at a Brian white obsession and I was like you got to go to the cranial tickle therapy this is phenomenal and she’s like okay and so she goes and I leave her alone with the lady she just starts crying uncontrollably you know later out that’s what happened until I said she says uh she did she did too late it it no me but she knew I was pregnant and she knew that the baby said that the baby knew that I didn’t want her let’s see the mean remarry they weren’t really ready and so the big uns like you know what if you don’t want me here then I won’t come yeah all that happened during that story in that session open it what you wanted having a baby but I have to say going throughout session helped contribute to our decision yeah yeah and the way that cranial-sacral therapists are trained is not to project anything and say hey I feel this it’s like we simply asked and the story comes out so I think if the therapy was properly done which it’s not like it was this lady just listened and the story came out it was like wow and she’s probably been sitting on it so it just allowed her to have a space clear that and to get some resolution which is tremendous right tremendo yeah yeah how long is a session Michael when someone comes to you for a session how lose it typically an hour or so typically typically Nellore having said that I do a lot of what is called multi a.m. therapy where I may have more than one therapist work on someone at the same time so and that seems to speed up the positive so I’m training people this weekend in Chicago to do more of that and in fact pretty much paralleling what we did with the NFL study with Ricky Williams we’re having a one-week program on Beach Gardens Florida this year in August to treat people with outnumbers dementia with many therapists working on them at the same time and that’s going to be five full days and the idea is we want to see if we can demonstrate how we can more rapidly get results in diminishing the results of Alzheimer’s dementia and how long does it take for someone to to get certified to form of cranial psychotherapist typically and there’s there’s not a certification per se but typically after they take the first three levels which might they might do every to commence six months take another level then they can get qualified in what’s called techniques and then diplomate that’s the CSP thing you know I was explaining when we started level of qualifications so they can show they’ve had a certain level of professional confidence to do that but its own is implied therapists can start right away like I’ve got a class last week in Bozeman Montana and I trained people 20 people in four days I like it start to go out to do the work mmm so now there’s all cranial sacral therapy the same and what I mean by when I say that like for example someone could go see a screw flow healer and get a healing but there’s a lot of spiritual healers out there and then I’ll do the same type of healings so that’s the my question is it all the same or the people doing cranial sacral therapy but it’s there our process and everything about it is a little bit different a lot different a little different well I think it’s both then so for example we talk about uh Pledger cranial sacral therapy uh pleasure based on jhana pledgers protocol and there’s certain ways so we train no matter who the teacher is so we have fifty seven affiliates around the world pretty much the training is the same and we might tell different stories but pretty much the the principles and the techniques are the same okay now having said that you’re going to have personnel different personalities expressive my personality is one way and somebody else could be very quiet you’ll get the same results so you know your personality is going to filter through that but you’re going to be doing the same techniques here and then somebody can do kind of the basic generic form of friendship psychotherapy and get great results but we have areas of specialization so I built developed for pleasure or what’s called the longevity curriculum working with seniors and specializing of that so my other associates are more focused on obstetrics and pediatrics other people in terms of inflammatory disease processes these other people with brain functioning per se other people with concussions so you can start from the general training and get great results but then if you wish you can guarantee any number of specialties as well okay just and I’m encouraged by you know this year relationship seems like really attentive relationships with the research community with the medical community and just listening to you over the hour now but you’re I’m encouraged because it sounds like you’re more holistic and looking at the whole body as you say but what’s your take on like the Medford medical community’s really going specialize so you know they’re not looking at it from a holistic standpoint where do you see the future of craniofacial therapy going and it complements with the traditional communities and medical communities well I have a friend named Jeffrey Smith and he has a chateau Jeffrey he started the Institute for Responsible technology he has single-handedly done a lot with demand by GMOs and he talks about the tipping point and we’re certainly not there but we’re driving towards the tipping point where there can be a change in paradigm so excuse me is the practical example the medical community for the last hundred years has been very influenced by pharmaceuticals which have a plate certainly and they are treating symptoms but there’s all another generation like the baby room my generation is saying you know maybe there’s a different way to look at the body and be more holistic so because the market demand they’re actually asking for different alternatives and because of that that’s changing the way the doctors are starting to themselves now a big buzzword in medical technology and research is evidence-based you hear that all the time although honestly I don’t think a lot of people understand what that means but the idea is that you do a study and you have the evidence and based on that we will apply our techniques to certain things but the evidence-based because of the money and funding involved often is based on drug related study but what if there was a different way to get the evidence and show that it was effective even if it were none medical and non-pharmaceutical so and thank you so much revenues question so let’s use Bill Gates as an example you know who Bill Gates Gates is right yeah started Michael Microsoft he announced about two months ago now that he was going to donate a hundred million dollars of his fortune towards out members research and then about two weeks ago or so he let it be known that his dad who’s 92 years old had outliners that’s really his motivation to you know may be invested tenth of his fortune or maybe not even Alan him but a good portion of it towards the out commerce research now and that one hundred million dollars I got to point out that seventy billion dollars according to some people’s and spent on Alzheimer’s research in the last ten years and hardly anything is coming but he wants to invest a hundred million dollars and he wants to invest theoretically fifty million dollars in companies are research like mine that is non-pharmaceutical based so I actually submitted a proposal to his company I said even if I had one percent of everything you’re investing I can show results in the next two years I can do MRIs like a new brain can so I can show the difference that we are doing because I’m replicating my set the therapists around the country as we speak so we want to do this one study in in Palm Beach Gardens in August so the idea is that people understand from a consumer point of view and even from the clients point of view that there might be other ways to do something and as bill comments who I interviewed several years ago who’s the leader in he created a TED talk called elder hood right and built just a wonderful guises I will consider anything in helping the street seniors as long as it’s evidence-based and you can show the results so that’s what we’re pioneering senior nursing care centers around the country showing the let’s do these initial studies replicating what we’ve already done a let’s look at the results and now we have PhDs and Alzheimer’s researchers beginning to adapt commonly accepted testing practices and criteria for Alzheimer’s that anyone can relate to so we can show the change over time but we’re doing it with non-medical results so essentially what I’m doing in speaking to a lot of conventions around the country saying hey let’s look at the basis of the neurology cranial sacral therapy and what is the science that even a modality and modality like granule psychotherapy can do can I say something else about that yeah climb so there has been a breakthrough in brain science in the last 10 years and there has been a discovery of a whole nother functioning system in the brain called the lymphatic system what is limping limp is short for glial cells all right and it’s the most under research area in Britain science for the last hundred years now to give you a perspective léo cells in the brain are like the stuffing in the brain they’re like the fashion of the brain that hold the neurons together and there are a hundred billion little cells in the brain and there’s ten billion our attempt as many neurons so my analogy is like a Christmas light here’s the Christmas lights and they got all the wires yeah Lille cells are like the wires and the bulbs are like the neurons so for the last hundred years neuronal science or neurology has studied just the synapses and not the glial cell they’re just trying to discover them they’re 90% of the brain you think that might be important to study well it turns out is the model of lymphatic system like I’m going to talk about a conference in this next month San Francisco they basically take the cerebral spinal fluid which bathes the surfaces of the brain and this is a gross oversimplification okay but they basically take the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the surfaces of the brain and draw it deep through all these connecting wires like in the christmas ball analogy deep into every nook and cranny of the brain and when they do that every single space of what’s called this interstitial fluid begins to bathe and recover the brain when that happens this lymphatic system begins to cleanse the brain itself it begins to cleanse the brain itself and this new science really explains what has been done by university of rochester NECA guard he likes people like that they be going to realize that this system really gives us meaning the analogy to explain for example how cranial sacral therapy works because remember that River analogy when the brain dries up and it’s reflected in the lymphatic system these channels in the brain swell up and the and the flow of fluid is narrower this is a lot of very nice micro level nanometers but when that happens that’s what they feel kind of like my analogy and research says that creates the formation of these plaques and tangles and their theory is simply that if we get increased suppose cerebral spinal fluid to near normal levels that could allow us to both prevent and perhaps even reverse the brain so what I’m doing is really pioneering and mentioning new science that other people have discovered these fellows the discovery system got a Nobel Prize for this ten years ago we’re saying look based on the discovery of the glymphatic system and its mechanism we can more clearly explain the results that we’re getting from cranial sacral therapy for we can take a therapist and within 12 weeks work on someone and start to see the change in ways that no one else has ever seen it wow that is really really actually I mean that’s super exciting we’re going to have to have you one periodically just to follow along I mean it sounds like daily groundbreaking you’re definitely at the forefront we’ve already talked with Karen yeah thanks for just you know more deeply into it yeah absolutely do you want to give your website and postal media where people can get in touch with you to information you can go to preventing Alzheimer’s calm all one word preventing Alzheimer’s calm and you can see my TED talk my interview of Jack Canfield other resources my facebook is Michael Morgan and I’ll be doing more and more Facebook life when I go to convention supply of a number of Facebook lies my youtube is Michael Morgan and my Twitter as is at G Michael Morgan so those are all my different social media resources fantastic fantastic you just been intrigued for another episode another amazing episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this table and I am David Michael it was a pleasure let’s stay in touch man please please really a pleasure great questions you guys thank you so much yeah you’re welcome what a good time no thanks man all right well you missed your evening thank you bye huh buh-bye thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homies perspec

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