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Check out Leigh Anne Stewart’s story about how she made the decision to take off the “corporate golden handcuffs” to pursue a life of fulfillment. Enjoy!

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this conv and I am David and I could not wait for today to happen but guests we have today is near and dear to my heart I’ve known her over 15 years we were both in the industry in the architecture engineering and construction industry and I let go my golden handcuffs back in 2009 and she actually just ripped off her band-aid for her golden handcuffs and she has an amazing story so without further ado without feeling hurt thunder i’d love to welcome lee and go to the podcast welcome thank you hamza and david I don’t know where do I start do what you are going to ask me questions am I just going to start talking up so lately we have a ton of questions I get there so before we get started I did mention that you were in the architecture engineering and construction industry and what what capacity did you work and how did you get into the industry in the first place so I was in the industry for probably over 15 years I started out in and chair design commercial interior design and then I did that for four years like burning the midnight oil making no money and just wasn’t fulfilled with that and a few years later moved into sale within the industry within the design and construction industry and furniture sales commercial furniture sales and worked for a company a dealer for nine years one of the top dealer one of the top dealers and also selling the one of the top manufacturers in the world product and did that for nine years stressful always something going wrong with everything and and then the meantime had two kids and then after 90 years of being a sales rep at the dealer level then went on to land a really great position sales position with another top manufacturer but on the manufacturer level not the dealer level and I did that for two and a half years until recently in December I left that job okay now that will we go into you leaving and that’s on I just wanted to sit and I also want to set another framework in that prior to year sales positions you were more so in the office I’d like to uncover what a typical day like is in both instances so what it was at the dealer yeah you before you had gotten yourself positioned way back then oh as a designer exactly so it was like you know of course you thought oh I’m going to be an inter designer it’s going to be this great sexy job you know I’m going to make a kind of money and um but really I mean it was it was still fun but it was just too much work and too many deadlines for one person and so I was constantly just finding myself in front of the computer drafting or you know space planning and specking furniture and and that sort of thing and it just wasn’t what I really loved to do I’d like to be the meeting with the clients and you know the big picture design but I didn’t want I quickly learned that I wasn’t going to make it doing all the tedious work sitting in front of the computer all day I wanted to be around people I wanted to you know that’s when I realized I probably know maybe sales might be you know what I was meant to do but but at that job I you know worked so hard I was very proud of my work and you know I put it before everything before my health before everything I would work on the weekends I would take work home I would work you know told three o’clock in the morning to finish deadlines I mean that’s how much I was working probably 70 hours a week Wow not God mm-hmm and I wanted to highlight that because you know everyone has different strengths and so some some people would be happy with that you just highlighted like oh my goodness that’s my dream job and for you right we’re able to kind of get in and realize that what we talked about a lot is how contract and life will give you a clarification of what you really want so perhaps the contract is actually really good and it should be welcomed from time to time and so you made the transition into sale so what was that really typical day like a good sales rep so then I quickly learned that the sales rep position wasn’t what I thought it was going to be either that that was a lot of in front of the computer and you know doing all the tedious work and I just was confused by it all and it you know and for a while you know I just thought it was a job and then I didn’t know if it was just me but then I looked around and there wasn’t enough support so basically it was you’re selling and you’re also doing all the other work behind it because there wasn’t enough support so I you know I did that for nine years because I was making really great money after a while and I can I could do my own thing I was still basically in front of the computer all day and I basically a project manager I would go out get the business and then bring it in but nobody was there to work the business for me so I would have to work it and then once I was finished with that then I could get back out and get more business so it was kind of like that and what I loved about that job was the going out getting the business I didn’t love the fact of sitting down in front of the computer after getting the business to do all the work afterwards I wanted to just keep getting business keep getting business working with people talking with people meeting new people and so then when I was approached but and I was also working crazy hours with this job too because it was just insane the amount of work and the amount of deadlines and you know trying to make everyone happy so that was also a lot of hours put in you know at the detriment to my health and happiness and everything like that but I just kept going as I thought that’s what I needed to do so when I was approached by a recruiter for another company I thought oh this is this is what I need this is on the manufacturer side I’m going to just be going out getting the business going out getting the business and not getting you know not getting tied down with all of the with all the details of the projects right and so that excited me I could be around people this is what I do I’m going to be the brand ambassador I’m going to you know just really get to use my personality and and that and use my strengths so after a while though quickly it became until other other than that at the new job if that makes any sense so it was okay now it was everyone around you that wasn’t being supported like at the dealer and then you and then I was I was made to support that instead of just going out what I was hired to do getting business going out networking and building that business it was now here I am back trying to support the dealership who’s struggling so I don’t know that’s kind of where I was at and I was not happy because there again I’m in front of the computer and I’m doing things that you know wasn’t really hired to do in my opinion as far as sales like when you think of sales you think of go out get the business and then somebody else will take care of it from there right the so that really wasn’t what was happening so um what else can I talk about I don’t want to keep I don’t keep want to keep rambling no you’re not at all you’re actually not I mean what I really liked I wanted to paint a really good foundation because especially since I own you know the correction of the mid-2000s a lot of people have been in positions where traditionally they may have had one role but yeah I’m gonna be going to be a correction you are hired as one position but while you’re here let’s see how much we can maximize your efforts and now you’re wearing multiple hats yeah like way too many hats and that’s how it worked in it every job I’ve ever had right but and that’s I wanted to highlight that because you know you’re fresh out of the golden handcuffs and we’re going to get to that because you have a wonderful store in my opinion but everybody’s story is different and so when people would speak to someone like myself I’m an individual right you know without the responsibility that other people like yourself would have it children and the husband and what have you been juggling just the day-to-day so I wanted to have some resonance with our audience know that are still in the trenches that maybe thinking is there something up out there or is my lot in life and so right that was what I was questioning like this can’t be my life this can’t be you know what I’m doing I’m going to work everyday working so hard coming home taking care of the kids doing laundry cleaning cooking you know then going to bed and then waking up to do it all over again the next day and it’s exhausting right and you’re like this is what my life is I’m just here to work a job and have no fulfillment in life but because I need money you know because everybody needs money you know and I was like this isn’t what I just kept thinking this isn’t really what we’re put on this earth to do I don’t believe well so or do something that you’re unhappy doing yeah I guess you’ve all probably been there saying is this all there is time yeah yeah it was just it became an awareness that would not go away like this awareness that this isn’t right this isn’t my life I’m this I’m not going to let this be my life you know and what else can I do so it was like a good year of of that in my head and being aware and then becoming very aware before I made made the decision so I come home I’m happy more purpose you could probably say right and we actually is that there are unfortunately unfortunately there are people like the end of their days that you know they have a glass like I wish I would have done that so you know there are a lot of people that are going and that’s why I was really excited to speak with you today the end because Toma homies perspective there’s a same order the songs on no staff and he he had said that there’s a straw that broke the camel’s back but here’s the secret though as a thousand other straws underneath the oh yeah was there a defining moment where you were just like you know what this has been resonating in the back of my head that I need to change but this particular instance is a lightning rod for you did that happen like when when I did when I knew what I needed to do or yeah it was like it was like a it was a good two months of really digging in like soul-searching and this might sound lame but I was like stay I couldn’t sleep because of this knocking you know this this awareness right and I couldn’t ignore it I mean I couldn’t sleep right because I knew I was like I want purpose in life I want to make a difference in the world I don’t want to be in the rat race it’s not me and then to do greater things in life and I’m I want to be happy I want to be happier as a mom as a friend as a wife and not necessarily in those order rich but but yeah so I just was so much struggling with this revelry I was like going through like revolting against like everything in society that we’ve been taught right I’m like this isn’t it this isn’t it but what could it be is so I was up all night and then I could try to go back to sleep couldn’t so then I was like reading books instead of just laying there so then I started reading books like The Four Agreements and the big lead and she’s different and things like that like self-development type book and then I started getting into documentaries and self-development documentaries are just like random documentaries of people just completely living out of the norm of society and that really resonated with me like I don’t know if you want examples or if you want me to yeah I do an example an example would be a movie or a documentary called surf wise that really inspired you would look it up I don’t know if we have time to until I get into it but I loved that lifestyle and I I longed for that lifestyle because I I really it’s a it’s a unconventional way of living you know not going to school not going to work you know living life and I think about out so you know there were other ones like given and it was similar story a couple with a baby you know and they decided to quit the mainstream life and go back and live into this jungle where he grew up you know living life like at the very beginning and I think that’s you know I’ll keep thinking that this is what we this is how we need to live you know we’ve turned into such monsters you know we’ve turned into in my opinion and this is just my opinion into everything we shouldn’t be in life so all these documentaries or documentaries were like validating those feelings that I was having and showing me that there’s not just one one way to live life like you can do whatever you want to do you don’t have to live you don’t have to have the house with the white picket vents or you know keep up with the Joneses and have the nice cars and the you know I never been into that but I’ve found myself into that you know find myself living a life that I didn’t want to live minimalism was another documentary you know it was about two guys who started this movement really a movement and I was like I’m on this movement with you guys before I even saw this right and so it was that they quit their corporate jobs too because they they were going through the same thing I was going through like this can’t be it so while I thought I would you know maybe I was the only one or what was wrong with me you know am i a loser am I am i lazy am I you know what’s wrong with me you know but really I was validating the fact that there’s nothing wrong with me that there’s a lot of other people that are out there feeling the same way that I’m feeling and you know they’ve they’ve found a way to figure it out so then it was like okay now you’re validated now you’ve gotten this awareness and you know what you need to do now you need to figure out how to do it right so that was then there a next step you know because I’m not I don’t know things don’t come easy to me I guess you know so I’m still I’m still in I’m still in all of this right I still haven’t smell or you right okay but I see here I am thinking I’m the only one right but I’m not because you just validated that so so then it was the next step of trying to figure it out and I don’t know how how we want to go to that because I’m still trying to figure it out but I’m on a roll I want a good I think before I go there David had another question no no I was just I was looking at actually of the minimalism looks like a really interesting documentary it’s pretty awesome watch the documentary and get on their website and blog and they’re just amazing because of the way that their perspective on everything it’s almost like that choose different but perspective Hansa that I asked you to read you know and kind of same perspective that that Hamza because I know Hamza in my life he’s kind of who I aspire to be like as well you know with the right the right attitude the right the right way to live the well I went to the right way to live you know per se but the way that I want to live and with integrity with love and with meaning and purpose and with by design right you love doing these podcasts because you know there’s the back-and-forth music will learn so much like in this case the documentary and I do want to point you to one of our earlier podcasts we did a series on the concept of sleep and hyper sleep in different variations and you found that or I won’t sleep at it but just my personal experience that that is a really recharging moment where you know you may be fixated on a problem in your waking life or a hobby but you go to sleep at night and kind of let go and you know step away from it for a second it’s miraculous where you may get these new ideas the next day or going your work day the next day without you really efforting and so there’s no label it’s better in that I don’t want to say rat race but it’s just running on that treadmill and they’re not getting in us they’re having a lot of stress because of the the stresses and boots I think they need to be day to day just for work and I applied that they’re not able to step back so no I want to applaud you in your in your early path I’m getting there and I do want to talk about teen can’t how that we happen around november/december work what was going on in your mind and how did you actually take that extra leap of faith well so I you know I just started you know you know like I said I just kind of had all these new influences the books the documentaries and just the self-talk that you know the change of self-talk that I was you know inside of me and and the awareness and the pool and getting back to myself so it was like I need to find myself again I need to get back tonight so it was like this whole thing of me you know really working on that working on myself and trying to find this path and trying to you know really make sense of it all what was going on and I you know I call it you know was it a midlife crisis I don’t know because I was about to turn 40 in January and I was really happy and knew that I needed to make a change so I just kept you know praying I kept meditating I kept trying to really dig in and not you know and just find you know find something inside me that would just give me the answer right so I just started becoming aware of everything messages around me and things started to really unfold kind of like those God we the God wink saying that you told me about Hamza so that was another thing after you died you and I had met and I was going through a really hard time with all it was just everything that was going on and used and I was like you know there are certain things that are happening to me and I’m just not believing it right and you said well it’s the God week and and so I I read that or listened to that and and just it was like yeah you needed to be aware of the messages that are being given if you just open your your mind and heart and everything to it then it will come and so somehow someway I you know have been using essential oils and you know just as you know I enjoyed using essential oils not like full-blown or you know really crazy about them but just using them and really enjoy them and love the way they made me feel and the way they brought me back to myself so I started saying like you need to touch and you know tap into that right start tapping into the things that make you happy and the things that are bringing you to your your true being and your true self and so I just started you know for some reason it was like the essential oils the essential oils is what is is helping me to to to dig into everything that I needed to you know whether it was meditation or awareness or stopping and enjoying them you know it was like smelling the oils putting the oils on me and and I guess I’m always been kind of like a hippie at heart and that kind of sounds strange to some people about like essential oils it made you feel a certain way or you know Hill the skin issue or whatever but I really truly believe that and they do work in that way for me and for a lot of other than and that was really my one of my stepping stones to really getting the courage and getting myself back to my true self and then ultimately finding out I could you know get into this business of essential oils and and I could you know make my life better and do what I wanted to do with these essential oils not only were they helping me personally but now they could you know also help me financially and help maybe you know design help design the life that I want and we’re going to dive into the oils in a second what I do because there’s two it had nobody stories as long as I’m not trying to leave this to it so no no I want out really Rama to help me guys okay my person so I do it okay to take a VM alright so I do want to go into the scenario I think it is so important for our audience to hear about a relationship with your boss and that you’re you you have these Inklings that you know has really come to a head over 15 years like you know what I can’t keep living is like you have an introduction to oils and now you’re looking at hey you know what I might want to make a move and so what was the conversation like to your superiors of even making a move um well so so I I guess this you want me to talk about like the end yeah I think it’s or lady or they got to the end leading up to it because there’s a lot of people over the past year that we interviewed and you know they’re a couple years when we’d go flush yeah fresh though because I still think about it and I’m still learning from it I’m learning from the situation and I’m learning from the reaction that I had and and the way that I dealt with it and I’m not you know it’s it’s not right or wrong it just was you know it was for me at that time and so by by all the self does a self development that I was doing all this you know attention on myself that I was giving which i think is so important soul keeping and really you know you know taking care of yourself which I was doing and really becoming aware of myself and what I wanted and getting my confidence back and getting all that back was coming back to me because I had been really not down my boss was I could never make her happy no matter what I did and everything she asked for I did and it still wasn’t good enough and so I felt like such a failure I was very you know self beaten up you know by others and by myself mainly because of the environment that I was in and plus I really you know I really take pride in what I do and so that really hurt that I just wasn’t good enough you know but I knew that I was good enough so it was starting to become like you know hey fu I am good enough and I am doing all the right things and you’re just an asshole can I say that I don’t know if I can say that we love raw emotion so that’s basically all I’m about is raw emotion and that and this will tell you why I mean this will explain you know that because I had just gotten the point where I was going to do what I had to do to be happy I was going to you know try and keep this job because I was working on all these great accounts and I was like right at the tail end of you know getting this one account that I’ve been working so hard to get and this was all the self-doubt that I had the self-doubt that everyone was putting on me as well but they didn’t think I was going to you know accomplish and and when the project that I had been with you know waiting to you know hear did we win for two years we’ve been working on it and I had just put my heart and soul into it and and I had all this self-doubt you know like you’re not good at this you know nobody believes in you you don’t believe in yourself you’re not doing the right things but then I started to turn that around and be like you are doing the right things you are good enough you are going to get this project you are and so I became starting to become happier in my position because of my thought change right but nobody else around me and I was trying to explain this to my superior to my manager that you know hey I’m on a good path here and at that point it still wasn’t good enough for her you know and I was just like you know I need more time now because now I really feel like I’ve tapped into something good here and you know and if I win this project then we’ve got this and and so I’m saying I’ve got this lined up and I’m all excited because of this and this and it was not good enough sitting in her office was just like you know just the most negative thing happening and I was like what in the world you know Here I am doing all the right things and you know on this right path and and she had known I’ve been struggling with you know with just life in general and she was supportive to a point but then you know there becomes a point you know where they want you they want you to do what they want you to and work the crazy hours and you know do all the things where I was like I need to take care of myself and my family and then also work you know no but I was the point I want to highlight is that for those listening in is that it’s pretty typical for the industry sales cycle to be 18 up to 60 months Oh gasping and nurturing relationships and so on and so forth so poor I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag did you win that job that you were going after for two years yeah so two years so I’ll sew it so I’ll I’ll get to that in just one second and I’ll tell you this was the end after I had struggled so hard and I just like still kept getting knocked down by my love I boss and she you know glossed belief in me and even though I knew I was doing all the right things she didn’t believe that I was and so I just asked her I said well what is it that you want for me you know I don’t know what else to give you in that office in her office on our bi-weekly one on one and I just was like what is it that you want then you know and I just was kind of had this real huge you know I didn’t even care anymore I did I was like whatever I had it was called it the case of the effort because I really had the case of the effort so I was like I am NOT you know I’m a good person I’m not going to take this anymore and I’m not gonna and I’m you know I’m working hard I’m just not you’re just not seeing it or you’re not it’s not on your terms it’s on my terms and that’s what I was hired to do build a business on my terms right and the court alone I like that I really like it I definitely once data for a second to do when I get into the oil didn’t accept is that when I mean it compares earlier about people and that you know they’re left at the end of their lives and having a breakfast column so forth here you are in an environment you don’t anything that you needed to do I’m just kind of superseded maybe your own expectation and you actually had one a job that you had for two years leading out local competitors some other people would have said you know what maybe that was my god link I worked hard enough I got that business and I’m going to stay in this job what was it and because you left even after all of that work what was your mind state and we want to focus more on your perception as opposed to Neal block of impact um well so I so I I basically quit that day in her office this was like three days before I won the project so yeah I was great ask you one quick question you said that you’re in office and you kept you asked her a few times what is exactly that you want for me did she give you an answer today yeah she gave me a real shitty answer which was you I want she’s like I you know I want to see you in the office all the time I’m an outside sales and she just didn’t because I wasn’t telling her everything that I was doing you know she decided she wanted to micromanage and because she couldn’t see everything in numbers because I had only been there for two years I’m like Homs I was saying there’s there’s a ramp-up period and so what what was happening was everything all the self-doubt everything I was doing was the right thing and it just was like not given the chance and and so I and it was at my breaking point and so and I just said fine like she said she wanted me to be in the office from 9:00 to 5:00 every day that was her way I guess to push me out or to push me to something I don’t know and I just said no I was like no that’s not going to work for me and she she just what and I was like yeah no not going to do that and you know said what do you want to do you know I’m not going to do that so what do you want to do it was like what do you mean I was like what do you mean I said I’m you’re my manager and I’m your you know sales person I’m telling you I’m not going to do what you’re asking me to do you know and so I said so what do you want to do about that and she was like well and well maybe you ought to start looking for another job and I was like all right sound oh yeah and I said that sounds like a great idea said so what does that mean what do you want to do shoes like what do you mean and I said well I’m sitting here telling you that I’m not going to do what you’re asking me to do and that I will be looking for another job so do you want me to stay you know do you want me to leave right now do you want me to stay two weeks you want me to stay until I find another job look what do you want and she did I mean she just was like totally caught off guard she’s not gonna bully me into doing whatever she wanted me to do you like she had always done and I just was like no you know and so I just he goes well I guess two weeks and I said okay great two weeks later you what I said thank you Abdullah as we want to go to uncover or have you uncover in the podcast because those listening outside of the country or listening outside of our country of Georgia it’s a right-to-work state so if they don’t want you there or whatever reason they dress or color of your hair you could be dismissed that day so with you Ana so for ya no fault Yeah right no fault state and you had he had called our Bluff she had tried to either fear tactic and you had Rosen about that right was it great because I didn’t care and I knew I knew all that was at stake and I still didn’t care I was reaching for my happiness I was reaching for my health I mean like like it was all the tips of my fingers and and it was like all along I knew I was doing the right thing and I was also doing it on my terms which she didn’t like but I was still doing the job but I was still you know leaving at two you know I was still like I wasn’t working full-time at the end because I’d said I’m not doing that anymore I’m not I’m going to work when I can work and I’m going to work around my life I’m not going to work my life around this job yeah so I found a way to make it work which was you know totally empowering and great for me but it wasn’t for her because she wanted to see me more she wouldn’t know what I was doing and why wasn’t I there all the time and you know and Here I am working on a ten million dollar project that I won three days later and that’s where the FI was you know and then I’m also taking care of myself and my family and my home and my you know what I like to do in life not just work right so it was it was just a moment of I don’t care how much money I’m leaving on the table and it was I don’t know if it was like an ego thing or just like a like I had to prove something or I didn’t care whatever I just was like no I’m done I’m rather there and I trust that whatever is going to happen is for is going to be fine like I wasn’t even worried I wasn’t worried that oh my gosh I don’t have an income you know I was the one making more money than my husband you know so I had to you know go home break the news to my husband and I wasn’t even worried I was like I’m not even worried because I’m a good person I will work hard I will do whatever it takes but I’m also not going to do live that life anymore I’m going to live it by design on my own terms and be successful and that’s what’s happening and that’s what I’m doing and and it was so liberating and so freeing but also it was like the world telling me when I when they called me to say three days later after I’d with my job and that you’ve won this project and it was because of you it was because of all the effort and the time and the heart and soul you put into us you won this project hands down it was you and that was just like the world telling me you know you self doubted yourself you can do anything in the world you want to do you know and it was just a validation that I needed the confidence that I needed to just keep going and knowing that the decisions that I was making I’m wasn’t second-guessing myself anymore it was just like you have this feeling inside you can’t ignore it and you are smart enough you are good enough you are you know whatever enough and in listen to yourself you’re you can make the right decision you know you want to second-guess your decision you have a feeling you decide to make a decision that’s the right decision go for it do it trust it because you’re good enough you know I don’t always look at we always look at synergies and God winks and interconnected at and what we found or continue to find you know it’s a day-to-day thing is that we have a tendency to compartmentalize like this is my work-life this is my family life I hang out with these pickup lines on Tuesday and another pipeline yeah Thursday I’d like for you to talk about the opportunity come across and how it was able to cross world in your old existing commercial interior design world because you actually have made some sales that you didn’t think it’s going to happen to come a little bit different world are you talking about with my new venture yes so what the opportunity is that I have now with this new venture yes so now with what I’m doing now I’ve decided to pursue you know and and and I will say on a side note that I’m contacted daily through LinkedIn by recruiters and other companies in our industry to get back to the industry and and I know in my heart I don’t want that but it’s all I know right so but I know that it’s not for me and it’s you know it’s where I can make money off the bat I can you know get another six-figure job if I wanted to I guess I’m not trying to you know say anything you know who knows but I’m having those offers right and so but what I really am passionate about is my new venture which is doTERRA and doTERRA is is Latin for gift of the earth and they’re a wonderful company that creates essential oils and they’re a multi-level marketing company so it really the sky’s the limit and it’s the my the key to my you know living my dream is to not really start a company from scratch because I don’t even really have any ideas I keep I mean trust me I’ve thought what can I do what could I do what could I do I want to be my own boss you know I don’t want to work for anyone anymore I want to make my own money I want to be successful on my own terms and you know like I said live life by design and and you know have it all like you said not be like compartmentalized have it all just be harmonious my work my life my friends my everything is all encompassing righty and that was what drew me to this business because it was something first that I was passionate about the quality of the essential oils and just the essential oils and the benefits of them for me personally and then how I could live life by design and try to build financial freedom through this venture all the while also helping you know people all around the world helping friends family better their health and you know maybe give them the opportunity to do what I’m doing you know and then Oh so helping third-world countries where a lot of the oils are you know where the plants are indigenous is where we get doTERRA gets the oils and helps all bees you know struggling communities all around the world in Africa and Haiti and Somalia and you know and also here in the United States so it’s just my way of helping myself my family and financially and also making an impact on the world so I feel like I’m finally finally on the right path and this still so good right and I’d love for you to tell you a validation about you had run across a sales rep about the opportunity and took her into your world of interior design what what was your thought about even bringing her there and what transpired um so when I so when I decided oh my gosh I’m really interested in learning more about doTERRA as a business and sharing the oils right and I wasn’t thinking about oh I’m going to quit my job and do the oils but I came across it was like I said it was like the god wink and I came across which I thought was the doTERRA website said yes I’m interested in this business but it was really somebody’s website a doTERRA website as a another advocate a wellness advocate her website and she contacted me that night and then we talked the next morning and it was like everything was just starting to kind of like the universe was starting to open and everything was starting to fall into place and she was like I can come in she’s like I can come into town in a couple weeks and you know you know teach you more about the oils and teach you about the business and show you how to share with your friends and your family and everyone around you so this was while I was still working in my industry I thought I want to share these oils with everyone because they make me feel amazing I want I want to feel amazing you know I’m so happy right now and I and this is just so fun right and this just feels good it doesn’t feel like work it just feels like something that I want to do and and so I brought so my business partner in doTERRA Shana came in from Denver and it was like a love connection right we had a love connection on the phone and then when she came in town it was like a love connection and I brought her and she came and stayed for a few days and so I was like you know what I’m going to use this to my advantage and take her to clients take her to my design firm and did the design forms that I was calling on and also clients so I just wanted to bring everybody into it so you know because I knew in this industry everyone stressed out everybody’s got this pull you know to have a better life and to be healthy and you know so this was my way of helping them right and all the while kind of you know doing my job for the company that I was working for and then also incorporating this new venture right that I was super passionate about and it was bringing passion to just everything that I was doing in life so yeah I was taking her out so we were taking the oils to my clients and to like the people that I was networking with in the industry and at that point when everyone was loving them and I also brought him to my office and everyone in the office loved him and bought them and then all my friends bought them and then wanted to join the business as well so it was like this whole thing of you know all this happening and then I was you know like that was it so that was the validation I guess that was the whole I can’t just kept saying this is a universe opening up this is I don’t know I know how to say it without sounding you know whatever but um does really only what it was so I’m still you know on that path is that did I answer your question Hansa no you did it’s not that you want it am i what am i nothing no you’re not you’re not missing anything at all we did tennis really well call up a nice volley for you to slam it over the net because the thing I wanted to highlight how especially in our world or my former world or your former world mount is you know it’s very conservative it’s very no logical logical steps and here we’re talking about God winks and letting go and think that you can’t put on on a charter or a PowerPoint presentation this is the projection and things were unfolding that you didn’t even see so it’s just delegation that letting go and that the universe provide for you yes let’s watch it of where you are today so now I think you had excellent answers definitely and you just said it totally that’s you know and and I want and so it was kind of ballsy to you know bring bringing this in too because here I am in this conservative corporate world and I’m bringing essential oils and spirituality and whatever to but people were really buying into it because here’s what I think here’s what I believe is happening is everybody is thinking the way that we’re thinking you know and you know they don’t know what it is or how to tap into what it is that they need and I want to help people tap into that because I was starting to once I was opening up about my struggles in my story people were coming out with their struggles and their stories and it was all very similar so I was like what is going on in the world it’s like everybody I run into you no matter if they’re 20 years old 60 years old forty everybody is kind of like thinking we’re all going in this wrong direction right yeah and um so it was like really validating really eye-opening that I wasn’t you know I’ve always felt different from everyone I’ve always felt in the end crowd but I’ve always been the different one always was different outside you know I’ve always been outside the box you know more intellectual thinking more deep thinking more philosophical thinking and really you know so I always thought I’m the only one who’s thinking this I’m the only person who doesn’t want to work like this or live like it really truly everyone that I’m encountering everyone that I’m talking to it was wanting the same thing but yet we keep still doing the same things that we’ve been doing for you know decades you know and it just keeps getting you know worse yeah so anyway that’s my rant that’s my rant I’ll figure it is that that is that it well I have to ask Whoopi with your your favorite oil my favorite oil is frankincense Gregan says yes it comes from Somalia and you know I will say that all the you know the difference between doTERRA oils and you know so you know ones that you can buy off the shelf at like Whole Foods or even the grocery store even Walmart you know they’re not the quality they’re not pure therapeutic grade like doTERRA they’re not helping the world they’re not they’re not doing everything doTERRA is doing and so frankincense with doTERRA to me you can get frankincense from another company and the smell and the quality and the way it makes you feel and the healing powers of it are completely different so I would say my favorite doTERRA oil is frankincense and for that because it’s the king of all oils it’s a not a super religious person but it’s been around since the beginning of time I mean you can hear it from the story of baby Jesus right frankincense myrrh is another oil and so you know from the beginning of time that these plants have had powerful benefits healing spiritual and and I believe it’s I mean I know it to be true and so the why I love frankincense is because it is so ancient and is still you know being used today for feelings of peace feeling of belonging feeling of happiness and also healing powers it has cellular function you know it helps with your cellular function so you know just all these health benefits also it’s great for your skin so that’s why I love it this so it’s multi you know multi beneficial for so many things and you arrive like I’m getting rid of my stretch marks from it and my wrinkles from being 40 and it’s so I love it it makes me feel happy satisfied and I’m also made slowly oh Jesus I’m sorry are you also using the oil as a diffuser yeah so I use the doTERRA oils because they are pure the most pure they’re 100% pure other than any other ones on the market you can put them on your skin you can take them internally which I do even with frankincense and also you can diffuse them so those three things I do for all the oils because you know like if you rub them on the bottom of your feet going kind of directly into your bloodstream it’s kind of getting there the fastest way and also ingesting them too so I wouldn’t recommend doing that with any other brand but doTERRA and so yeah those are the three ways to use them and I and I’ve assist the stepping stone also to better in your life and bettering your health in my opinion so now since I’ve started really getting in more into the oils and and learning more about them I am using them more and realizing the changes that I’m seeing in myself I’ve lost twenty pounds because I’m also eating better I’m also exercising my stress level has gone down you know so all these things began with the oils and it was the stepping stone for me to take care of my health and they are still the stepping stone everyday for me and the reminder for me every day to take care of myself and to have peace and to love and to you know just do good in the world so all the fellow type 8 persons like myself I’m assuming that if I had bought from Cranky’s in soil I cannot drink a whole bottle of it the first time so it is enough hopefully folks right yeah so what is what I know y’all know website so they can get in touch with you so you can actually inform them about all the benefits that they offer so you can so you can contact me via can I just give my email address yeah okay so um doTERRA is a company and you can look up information about doTERRA on you can email me with questions or if you’re interested in learning more about getting the oils or building your business with the oils at LeAnn and that’s L e i GH anne531 more about them and learn the protocols because there there are certain things that you should know about them like you know certain oils like the frankincense I’m not sensitive to it but some people are you said you would want to dilute it with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil and there’s recipes to follow like three drops of this and three drops of this you know or if you’re taking it internally you want one drop with a 8 ounce glass of water under your tongue those kind of things so there’s a way to use them and if you are interested in them want to learn more than I will help you every step of the way you won’t be alone in it and when I guarantee you all have a better life because we’re not variable my skype handle I don’t know are you social people to get a cup of tea on skype I was wondering if I would like to open I would set that up I don’t have like a automatic saying I don’t think we’re not really good with the technology noise like you aren’t overly can you in that Honda or not alone I know I love you so okay so that was perfect and let’s stay in touch and bring you back because this is so fresh and I was really excited to have someone on with such raw emotion to talk about I mean you are right in the trenches right now going yeah information yeah yeah it’s like the kind of touch base with you see how go on in your life you know because it’s going to about to go leaps and bounds beyond what we can imagine so we’d love to follow yeah well thanks I would love it this has been so much fun I had no it I did not know what to expect but this has been so much fun you heard that before David have we never heard every word no it’s cool it’s a homey perspective so I think we are cornering the market on a exceeding expectations yeah I think so and and definitely one of the well the last thing I’ll say is part of you know my growing experience than all this was well Hamza just being a friend and his perspective because I just think he’s so wise but also your you know the homies perspective podcast on ayahuasca and other things I’ve listened to your podcast and has inspired me you know to live you know you know outside the norm and to follow my heart and follow what is I want to do so you guys are you guys are making a difference and and you helped me too so thank you thank you thank you you have just been in tune to another episode of a trinsic motivation from a homies perspective with anvil and I’m David and again it was good pleasure speaking with you Lee Ann let’s stay in touch okay thanks guys uto appreciate that bye bye [Music] thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation for

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