Dr. Sky Blossoms – EP. 37 – Best Selling Author Of The Best Thing Ever (Interview)

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivation so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective I am honza and I am David and today audience is in for a treat we have a best-selling author we have an intuitive we have a third-generation healer and had studied psychology and human behavior over 20 years in helping high-performing men and women create the best life ever we have doctors guy blossoms welcome to the podcast dr. sky thank you so much guys so great to join you oh thank you yes thank your uh we love it because you’re you’re calling from the third world and it was just interesting how we have always talked about first world problems and can’t get connections and you made a very nice and clear connection with synchronicity in Costa Rica right now exactly well the first the third is really a matter of perspective isn’t it play option island apparently our call was meant to be because the way circumstances lined up couldn’t have been better seriously now we always talk about a lot of spirituality and things here I’d love to go over just the synchronicity that just happened oh I would be how did you share Stoke first of all this I’m in Costa Rica analogous for our listeners and I was invited sort of last minute to this amazing gathering for Association of transformational leaders and that emond of itself was synchronicity on steroids but I’m going to skip that story and just tell story that is relevant to up here so I completely forgot that I have this interview when I scheduled my flight and yesterday it popped in my calendar I’m thinking oh and the trip came out the last moment and now he sort of lines up but I have the interview and provided my flight arrives in time provided my and I’m sharing a ride with three other people who flew from different parts of the United States one flew from North Carolina and the others flew from Los Angeles so all of our flights had to arrive on time our event had to be on time and there had to be no traffic for us to get to the destination for me to make this call now as we embarked on the route my group tells me they my guys we stopped for dinner because apparently they haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast and I’m telling off please I have an interview can we get two and then I don’t want to I don’t want to hold them back and then being for another two hours hungry they’re starving I said that are right let’s let’s just trust the synchronicity and surrender imperfection I said stop when you stop to the driver and he was planning to stop at one place then he announced I’ll better stop in 20 minutes so a moment he pulled over in front of a restaurant our recall business notification came up on my phone and Hamza you called me and first of all I realized that I completely miscalculated the time because in my head on all of this traveling in time conversions I added one hour instead of subtracting it so I was completely off in my head I’m just off schedule but synchronistically you know getting steady Wi-Fi when you’re moving through the mountains or getting steady signal is really challenging so literally minutes ago we pulled in front of this restaurant and now my friends are having wonderful relaxing dinner and I told them take your time we’re not rushing anywhere I’m having my interview right now and I can relax into them and connect with you guys this is just perfect I love it I love it I love how when it all works out and another piece to that so Q of the people that are traveling with I’ve never met before and we connected on Facebook to share a van right as I saw pictures but I saw the cake Costa Rica Thomas a busy airport I’m gonna meet them and we did not make arrangements of how we’re going to recognize each other guess what we’re walking to the immigration area at precisely the same moment so we’re literally walking into each other from different directions oh I love it I love it yeah yeah we’ll get we’ll get into your background and all that but I want to keep the flow going because David kind of gave it away a little bit when we were offline and what I wanted you to talk about what or the first thing is I love how you know maybe ten years ago people were watching the secret and what have you and in doing vision boards that was really big back then and you had put on your vision board that you are going to live in Mexico at some point and earlier this year you made the the jump yes well actually Mexico was on my board vision board sort of by accident we know there were no accidents but I never thought of living here I never considered that whatsoever it was just there because the picture was pretty but they thought one day it would be fun to visit Yucatan pyramids and then a last year a friend of mine went for a wedding to Tulum and really liked the area and they decided to stay a little longer and then a little longer and then they decided to stay for a year and she invited me to a birthday party and before she did I started seeing weird dreams I saw a dream with where I’m climbing pyramids was wide Buffalo running through the canyon and the baby Buffalo and me protecting some eggs and white owl hatching out of one of the acts so it was so metaphorical and profound and when I shared this dream with my clairvoyant friend who is Mexican she flip because I was not indicated on mine history or Aztecs or any of their symbolism turns out that I didn’t know about Buffalo woman to my I regret to to admit but do you know how symbolic and powerful you dream was this is just so many sign blinding up for you and literally week later I went to visit my friends in Mexico and that was it I resonated with the land returned back to California for a short while to finalize my fairies there and voila Wow nice yeah has it always been that fluid for you as far as going from you know I mean you have such a colorful background of things that you’ve done you’ve lived all over the place you’ve had every form of life from scarcity to abundance so I guess that’s a good good segment to kind of back up for a second and just tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the realm of being an intuitive and a healer and a relationship expert yeah excellent thank you well I was born with a set of gifts and a perspective that most people don’t have so certain things on you from the get-go that were infinite that body goes but our soul is infinite so a lot of things I knew as a kid and I could see them but I also thought that everybody else knows that too so was surprised when people could not find information in the book they didn’t read and I could so and of course growing up behind the Iron Curtain where even religion was not permitted any of the woowoo stuff was a completely forbidden subject and even though give gifts of this kind run in my lineage two of my great-grandmother’s were profound healers one worked with herbs another one worked with spells my mother is powerful hero – she works with with her hands with energy and she peels people from all kinds of things from cancer from even she tells me stories I as being a doctor I have hard time believing she has patients with schizophrenia with epilepsy with all kinds of things so but all of these gifts were swept under the rug and brick we kind of pretended we don’t have any of them just because of the environment in which I was growing up so I’ve had to live the very normal life when to medical university and learn to achieve things through working hard and that’s how it went for quite a while and when I moved to the United States American Dream was a bit of a rude awakening for me because in being the doctor I found myself in pretty much not having money for even food and struggling with immigration battle for years it was really really tough and accepting jobs not because I wanted to have the dream work but because they would sponsor my work visa right so it was a really tough probably decade of that and then finally when things got stable when I was not worried that I’m going to be kicked out of the country any moment where I was happily married where I had a good job sort of that I liked there was still that feeling that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do and whatever it was that I’m supposed to be doing I don’t know what it is and with my husband at the time we went on a sabbatical coincidentally one of our destinations was Costa Rica and here after four months of baking cakes and swimming in the ocean I had an idea of writing a book pure inspiration I never had an ambition of writing a book and I just said yes to that what I received and the moment they embark on a journey magic started happening everywhere I had a publishing contract in three months after I had an idea to write a book Wow I got to I got to interview some amazing celebrities that I never thought I would even meet for my book and it was just an incredible journey and throughout this my gift was literally shown to me I had no idea honestly what kind of power I had and I guess when I was ready and it took me a while to grow as a human being to go through spiritual development before I probably could accept the responsibility that comes with great gifts so and then over the course of three days I was attending an event in Las Vegas for authors when I was writing a book and four people randomly asked me for help and I literally was able to transform their lives on the spot and it blew my mind and it blew their mind and some of them again synchronistically and coincidentally happened to be secret of that event and celebrities as well so I sort of started working with people who were public figures right away and I didn’t charge anything for that I was just I didn’t know quite frankly what what I was even doing and the first woman who I helped she asked me what did you do how were you able to solve it because I spent 15 plus 15 years of my life trying to get get rid of this problem and you did something and it worked and I said I have no idea but I’m glad it did and is she mad she and I said the thing that you do so Tucker that was the working title they work the thing that I do oh yeah and from there it was the beginning of mad get any grip of all that and allowing for more and more in learning to trust it learning to completely surrender in trust when things don’t make sense just know that it’s going to be perfect that is such a great start did I leave you speechless there guy the end Wow so I mean why that was huge that was very huge so okay well now I’m kind of making it bad because it was such a big like beautiful picture I hate to kind of like chop it up and dissect it please do so that thing that you do right like we have access to so much abundance and magic right and so were you able to refine the thing that you do to what you do now or were there just latent skills that continue to grow no definitely so what happened was for the next six months people just kept calling me for more help and I did not charge them and I would be just working with them because frankly I couldn’t charge for something I couldn’t guarantee and I didn’t know how it guarantee but in the process I understood it better I understood what I was doing and I was able to trust that when the moment comes so I had moments when somebody comes to me and presents their problem and I look at them from a human point of view thinking I have no idea what to do with you at all I don’t know how to fix this right but trusting that they came to me for a reason and they would not have been guided to me and I had wherewithal to help them and actually it was not up to me event to help them it was done through me and all I need to do is just kind of relax and allow for that to happen so that and few cases like that where I did not know whether I would be able to help someone or not and it worked every single time and then I sort of made that agreement with universe saying alright if someone is loud to me that means I can help them if someone says yeah you know if they say yes then I say yes and with that I never sorted by never solicit my service I make people aware and I do talk about that but I never course anybody to work with me or and I don’t go when people say oh you should totally work with my sister or my friend need your help I did not even support those conversations because it’s not up for anybody else but the person themselves to decide what they need when they need it and how they want to receive it so they think that I do now is a pretty pretty sure guaranteed thing do I have much explanation for it somewhat but I think an explanation I give it would be still limited because it’s different with every person and sometimes I discover things that are completely new for example a couple of years ago I VAP day with me I knew it was consistently around for days for hours and sometimes couple of days the intensive clearing process and in the summer I had the case when really really severe trauma was resolved in an hour and a half and I just couldn’t believe how much was cleared in such a short period of time something that the person struggled with for like thirty thirty years hour and a half blew my mind so it consistently evolved as I go probably as I love one thing one thing that’s interesting about that that you highlighted is it’s done through you so it takes the ego away and that’s how it seems where you’re so effective yes completely I do take credit for my willingness and for my surrender in the process and for I guess the old agreement to do this before coming in and and for my relentless relentless drive to open up myself and to heal my ones as they come up and you know grow and grow grow me in the human form so those are commitments that I do their credit for and but the word that actually happens is not me actually you look better to say this the work that happens a person whom I’m helping is doing that not me I’m simply guiding them in fact and I think it’s really important distinction here nobody else can help anybody else we you know the famous the famous Jerry Maguire line help me help you well that’s what happens they they are helping themselves my clients are helping themselves but I guide them how to because they don’t know how to get out of a certain pattern or to the chillwave think you know limiting belief or whatever yeah that was my next question because when you talk about a pattern and breaking you know I’ve seen where people have an over-reliance on on you per se and how do you work with someone that’s like I can’t should I get out of bed today doctors guy I don’t know is your question that’s a wonderful wonderful question so I think and and I stand by it if somebody first of all I don’t allow my clients to get reliant on me because I never tell them anything I mean what probably never is not a good word sometimes I do when I feel guided to tell them but I got them into discovery I don’t when people come when you go to a doctor dr. Duff does a bunch of testing and doctor gives you diagnostics and they tell you okay you go to the pharmacy you get this this and that and that’s how it goes right it’s pretty much very little involvement with the person who comes to the doctor in my case it’s very different i guide people through discovery I never tell them that’s what it is I make them realize what it is because if I tell them it’s not as nearly as powerful and with that I train I train you how to trust your own guidance because it’s still your guidance that I’m connecting with and training you to listen to it yeah I never if I had anyone dependent on me if I did it I would be handicapping them and it’s the opposite of service its ultimate disservice and in fact for me even to see someone as disempowered to dissipate the disadvantage I could not even help them I see people at their infinite divinity and creative power that’s why I can help them and that’s why I can guide them through severe cases like parents rating them I have to see them as powerful mothers with victim the moment if I see them as victim I’ve got nothing No so that’s kind of Ginny when you say that they you know the soul you feel the heart and you remind them of the beauty of their own essence exactly yeah so but let’s say we we know it’s kids have you noticed you couldn’t have kids at all or maybe yeah even if you don’t have kids you have been kids and you have seen kids have you noticed how entire kids are yeah they are entitled they say I want this and they often don’t want to take no for an answer they just grab somebody else’s saying and they don’t have a concept of mind it’s yours it’s all become entitled and then society trains us into deserving things and to deserving love most from most of all and we’ll build all of these conditions around loving ourselves around loving others so giving a glimpse of the majesty of who you are is unforgettable it’s it’s a reminder of something that each one of us already knows and deeply ingrained and that’s why we’re not okay with perceived limitation that’s why we’re not okay when we don’t have enough money to pay the bills that’s why we’re not okay when we can find a love or alive because we know we deserve it and we know it’s there for us here in that sense giving somebody a clean slate that sounds like right so they can kind of it’s like a reset button it is a lot like a reset button but it’s not like the whole memory this is for sure we we do not reformat the drive we just optimize the performance well kind of kind of tongue-in-cheek about it because you know just reading some of your literature and you and you mention you help high-performing men and women create the best love life ever or the best life ever and they’re coming to you already high-performing but they may think that like you snitch and earlier I got to work hard to be successful so yeah you’re kind of restructuring how they look at things yeah exactly so this is my recently savory topic I worked with a wonderful and I didn’t work with him on his relationship but he’s beloved he’s very happily married but I work with him on his relationship with his business and with money and he was really conditioned into this working hard thing and I have observed after first of all I’ve observed in my own life the hard work real dres alts no question about it but synchronicities and purposeful magic Oh yields results that are incomparable that the magic that happens the orchestration of the universe you can never ever work hard enough to create that I could not work hard enough to orchestrate my traveling companions and my peers walking right into me today at the airport I could have not artists rated the driver pulling into this restaurant for me to have this perfect interview right at the precise moment I could because their traffic there are so many variables I could have not done it so love and the greatest success happens to grace for this kind of allow not to say that there is sometimes you have to have a sleepless night but it’s never through effort it’s more through enthusiasm being overly excited that you want to stay another night copping and being that creative flow does make sense it’s not a little struggle so I think I want to offer you a little better understanding on this thing that I do I help people show perspective because perspective is one key word that unlocks the magic of life circumstances we often cannot change there beyond us but perspective we always can it’s a choice and the way you choose to look at things that the key I had a coaching call lately with a client of mine and when I asked for an update she says well there are two things happen one bad one good and I said stop before you tell me the story tell me your quote-unquote good thing as bad and you couldn’t good that thing as good because you could you can change around perspectives however you like it’s a choice so you can set or should I’m stuck in traffic this is horrible or you can say oh I’m stuck in traffic must be cool I wonder what adventure this brings or what’s the purpose of that or what is my gift of that and interestingly enough you will always find the gift no matter how big seems to be an adversity and a fact I I live it every single day and if we have time I want to tell you one magical story that is kind of mind-blowing but illustrates that how we perceive some something is a curse but then it turns out to be blessing and and it’s all the matter of perspective yeah great go for it you know we don’t want to hear that story well maybe how many guys is you dying to hear the answer for I guess so color years ago I was invited to speak it’s in any other festival wonderful event by the way and again beautiful synchronicity I’m meeting with friends with what the person I interviewed for my book and we have been over the phone and communication over email we never met in person so we go to Laberge which is one of my favorite places in Sedona having this beautiful lunch on the bank of the river and I’m just in heaven floating under clouds happily floating out of the restaurant they bring my car from valet and they also know that I don’t owe them anything because ballet because it’s included and I’m thinking oh my god love is just so good and getting any better and I’m going to yoga class and as I’m backing out and and I’m running a little tight on time for that yoga class and then I’m planning to leave that ballet car pulls right in front of me and I sort of kind of have to wait for them to unload their luggage in da da and I don’t want to wait because I have yoga class so I backup to go around and I back up into a really high curb which completely ruins one side of my bumper and the light in the back and you would think such a beautiful on the clouds that was something I’m here I am rare and in my car so a second of upset is then driving away I’m thinking okay so obviously has to be happening for me what what are the gifts in this yeah the one obvious lesson could be don’t back up for anything don’t step back stand still and wait for the way to clear don’t force things metaphorical message great with that in and of itself would be inversing worthy of receiving so making it to the yoga class return back to LA after after the conference and my car is still having a huge dent in the back bumper and the light is broken but I don’t feel like repairing it and I’m feeling that there’s got to be some way how it’s going to be repaired and of course they can call my insurance but then there’s deductible data so somehow I’m not feeling it driving that car like that for two months and then the trip comes somewhere overseas and a couple of years ago there was a service called flight car where you bring your car to the airport and you’ll leave it with them and they rented while you’re gone and they pay you actually instead of you paying for airport parking they pay you and they they take you the meet you in the limo when you arrive and then you’ve got your car so you don’t have to pay for a poor child a taxi you don’t have to park your car and pay for it you actually make money and it’s better for the environment because the resources are shared so I give my card to that serious and when I’m in Europe I get an email where is so sorry your car was in an accident and I said well how bad is that they’re they’re driving to send me pictures so finally I get back from my trip go to pick up my car and it looks exactly the same that it was when I left him I said guys where’s the damage there’s no more damage than there was when they’re like we don’t know so what happened was the woman who rented it went to a mall as she was going back to the car she saw someone hit-and-run the car and she filed a police report so insurance completely covered the repair even though the damage was I swear to you I could not detect the damage whatsoever so I got the loaner car and my my car was completely repaired by this rental company so it didn’t cost me a penny whatsoever and why I would consider that a gift is because any time I get a doubt or I get anxiety or I get a worry worrisome thought about whatever is happening in my life I get stories of miracles like that to leverage off and I go back to that memory in thinking what are the odds of that happening one of the odds of me damaging my car pretty badly and it being completely repaired and me Haven having a loaner vehicle for as long as it was needed and it didn’t cost me penny and was completely stress-free yeah what are the odds of that happening and yet universe artists rated all of that just for me and absolute incredible synchronicity so what I do and I would suggest that or recommend or encourage and inspire hopefully our audience is to have miracle journal and record amazing things that happen to you and when you have a down moment or when you are in a tough spot and you wonder how to find solution you go back and you leave through that miracle journal and you remind yourself of how amazing your life is of how supportive and loved you are and how things always work out for you so that you can relax and know that the moment the problem occurred maybe before the solution was created or maybe because the solution was so amazing the problem showed up so that you can experience this wonderful solution it’s a chicken and egg question great perspective that thank you I asked with you I love I love it I love it I love the flow of this it makes me think of working out actually like when I first start working out it’s kind of difficult but once I work out regularly it becomes easier and easier have you been able to find that with your synchronicities because you’re you give more awareness and it makes your synchronicities even stronger absolutely you’re spot-on because it builds your so think about this we all believe become our default software in a sense right before work to compare a human mind to a computer so if you have if a person has a belief that oh I I don’t know I see I have trouble in coming up with a limiting belief it’s a good challenge to help I should say let’s say a person is constantly living anxiety or worry about the future so then it becomes their default mode and it’s hard for them to see a different way that oh my god life is wonderful and miraculous and think always line up for me while we get I don’t know free ice cream it’s hard to board the best parking spot it’s hard to convince themselves into that way of being because there’s life experience supported by beliefs again supported by experience shows completely different now if little by little you start showing yourself that yes my life is magical yes I am a powerful creator yes things always work out for me yes there is a world every way any adversity carries the seed of the equivalent a greater benefit those in Pauline Hill’s words that I live by so if you start looking for evidence of those and collecting those evidences pretty soon you will have enough evidence that it will be for you undeniable even though for someone for your neighbor it could be completely unreachable nonsense woo stop right but for you because you have already lived that you practice that it becomes it becomes who you are you embody that fully and then yes of course it gets much easier because anytime we all have down moments we all have challenges but then they’re great and you start receiving them with a little bit of enthusiasm because you start going like oh cool crises let’s see what great solution got will show up from here out of this yeah hey so do you also look at you’re not a part of the social media craze or watching the 24-hour news cycle at all then you stay away from all that you get caught up swept in what swept up with that yeah i willfully ignorant I haven’t had a consistent no I haven’t because my apartment came with it but I watched it I turned it on once when they came to repair something Internet so I have not watched TV probably for close to 20 years maybe 15 for sure you have to impressive that is impressive yeah probably last time when the Jerry Springer thing was happening America English well actually not completely true some years ago I was watching sitcoms like France or something fun on comedy channel but that doesn’t count so things like news at how and watched literally forever yeah and and yes I am ignorant I admit it I’m completely completely ignorant to the point that when one of the Hurricane Katrina happened I find out about it a week later however here is what happens for me I live in Mexico and I think realistically go to Europe we’ll all when all of the crisis in Mexico happened we have were we we had hurricane we had a couple of earthquakes whatever so the the energy is disturbed and it’s all drama I am miles away an ocean away from that drama and I come back according to schedule when all of the drama subsided and I did and I did point of course consciously but unconsciously that’s just how it goes I remember I was in a flying back to LA and the earthquake happened whywe my airplane was in the air right before I planned it so the earthquake finished and we’ll ended I loved it hello yeah well well I mean let me ask you so there’s a school of thought that time is is a lot faster than it used to be especially after 2012 and some I mean it can be attributed to a lot of things we have a lot of distractions with technology you know something’s always pulling our attention do you feel in your life that time is moving just as quickly because you don’t have those distractions time is the perception it’s an entirely a matter of perception in my point of view so you can play with time and stretch it or condense it as much as you like consciously or we’re talking really magic magic here and sorry the driver was checking him me and I was waiting for him don’t disturb anyway so I don’t know if you have had that experience I sure have so see if you can relate have you been in the extreme moment when you had to sink really fast and the time slowed down when you were falling and you consciously moved your body in a way that you are not damaged or something like that has it ever happened to you yes no in the moment of exigent so what happened then your perception slowed down the time likely somebody was really timing it it would have been the same few seconds as normal but the perception of time when you go on vacation oh my god those ten days just flew by when you are waiting in traffic those trim and it seemed like forever yeah in my observation the more we enjoy things that faster the time goes the more we trap them the more it slows down and the more we and the reason why because the more we enjoy the more we pack into time so it literally it’s time is like container that gets filled right so if we have enough fulfillment it’s filled and it goes fast if we are unfulfilled than is dreading what it was a couple of years ago and it may have been after you had stopped watching television but Chris Rock had a really good joke about that about 20 years ago he said time people say time uh time is really fast and he’s like not if you make a big mistake it’s like time goes really slow exactly I had that experience I was hit by a car in Mexico few months ago was completely my fault I was in a bike but of course you can imagine I walked away with just a scratch but I was hit straight on by taxi but the way time slowed down for me in that moment was remarkable because I could calculate the probability of my escape or avoiding the collision and then as soon as I it was clear that the collision was going to happen it was not avoidable the way my mind calculated how I was supposed to lose my legs so that they don’t get broken by the car hitting the bike and so literally it was like in the matrix I kind of was above above the hood of the car and the car will really hit just a bike yeah yeah you hear people talk about that a lot especially if when they’re getting into an accident something like that how everything’s you know they’ll describe it those few brief seconds before whatever happened it’s like everything slowed down mm-hmm things that way exactly yes now it’s usually in the case of it like you said it’s an emergency or crisis when that happens but I’m thinking that you know how to make that happen more you like you can bend that time at will what type of techniques or strategies do you use to do that hmm you want to know the real magic yeah which is secret okay really being present in the moment let’s say if you you can practice that if you find something that you really enjoy let’s say you find a beautiful bird a find a beautiful flower or particularly attractive cloud in the sky something start with nature it’s very easy really relaxed in receiving that experience as fully as you can and deciphering and and observing and noticing all of the colors the textures the little sparkles the little details connecting with that with that life form and one thing I will guarantee you that your memory of that experience will be much more vivid the sense of time will be lost you may you know how people say you get lost in a creative process so you sort of dissolve the perception of time in the now moment and if you have a specific question on what would be the circumstance where you want to slow down the speed of the time go ahead and ask that so now this is thinking in general I know that for me I mean I’m an entrepreneur so there’s times where I don’t really have to look at the clock if I’m with a client you know I can they like that I’m present with them I’m not looking at the clock like I got to get back to the office or anything like that and when I’m like that then time flies by like you just mentioned so I was I was more so looking at it because it seems that or the way my perception was is it was more so accidental and from what I’m hearing from you is that I just need to probably make more note of it and then it would be more prevalent yes and also you’re right and also since you’re the creator and you are of your life and of everything of your reality you get to choose how do you experience things so if you want to slow if you want to play with time take it lightly and just said that intention and play with that and say hey universe I want to experience time at different speeds show me and watch what happened and let it go like said that intention maybe get clearer and why do you want that maybe you want to feel more solid in your creative capacity maybe you’re just curious maybe it would be just fun or all the above set it in tension and let it go and you will be shown push why so setting intention is a big part of a big part of your work yes actually I changed the word intention I use it now because it’s more accessible to most people but couple of months ago I got the vibrational tension in the word in tension so when we say in tension we’re holding the tension in sight and we’re not allowing the flow which is interesting so what I was invited to do or encouraged by my guides is to set in temps because when you set a tent in tent you create a space for whatever you want to be revealed to be created mmm interesting in the homicide part of it and intended as a group and we meet periodically and that’s what we do we talk about our intentions and what we would like to create for ourselves and you know and gratitude things that we’re grateful for so just hearing you talk about intention that was kind of you know right up our alley I guess you could say that that’s beautiful beautiful practice and I have send tensions encouragement clients that have intentions for years it’s just like a little fine tuning I guess on the process because the tent intent is a little more allowing oh I like the distinction yeah we have to share that share that with a group resonate with you yeah it does resonate absolutely yeah it’s like the word inspiration I find that our language is really in kinetic inspiration the spirit gets into your most for your inspiration yeah you spirit yep exactly for the women a lot of work it’s really slow Eric oh no you’re right you’re right it’s not I want to go back a second because before you moved to Mexico you had this vision and you shared it with your friend and we’re talking about you know keeping a miracle Journal and and looking at all the synchronicities and I was just curious to know if you’ve had any further communication from this animal spirit world I have communications from animals all the time and lately I became very aware of them I guess they’ve been there before but I have not always noticed them I had a friend I have a friend in Canada who’s really wonderful just intuitively she’s not doing that professionally but I know that’s one of her gifts whereas she could read into the spirits pretty well so in the first stages where I was trying to understand why certain animals showed up for me she was helping me now I’m just observant and there would be days when I would come in DC and there butterflies everywhere like in fact I let it retreat in July and I didn’t know what what to call it or what the scene would be and I was in this creation process for a few months and I was not getting clarity it seemed like I was trying too hard but I was not receiving it then I knew I was supposed to receive it verse to come up with that makes make sense right you guys feel the difference and so one day I’m just women in the sea and butterflies are everywhere around me and I cannot tell you how many times butterflies showed up of the course of few days coming in different ways in terms of pictures and words and this and that and how it’s like yes metamorphosis that’s what I’m going to call the retreat entering the crystal ism and the whole theme and the whole process that I was guiding my my ladies through all of that was revealed so animals that definitely great support and their encourages and they show up for a reason a couple of days ago I saw dragonflies they on the beach and then they were flying right outside of my window like in in dozens so yeah what I would recommend is if anybody is interested in animals third somebody if some animal shows up in your vicinity really undeniably like I had maybe weeks ago a bat flew nearly writing to me from the jungle as I was walking at night just Google animals spirit bat or whatever ever shows up for you and see what they bring and also trust your intuition in decoding that and just be observant of what the meaning of that animal is and what they might be bringing into your life so encourage me totally I have a cheat sheet I think it was Steve and farmer who had written a book many years ago about communication with animal spirits and I always keep it whenever or taught ed Andrews has it and it’s always but oh I just passed an owl what does that mean so it’s just always interesting of so there’s so much communication around us that like you said once you improve your perspective it just brought in tremendously exactly and also when when there’s really message likely they show up more than one they just repeatedly show up because you can you can cast one is an accident when there is two three that’s definitely a message well though I think it’s ensure in Costa Rica the thing I always think about there is the howler monkeys yeah yeah but I you never know any any animal can really communicate I have sell them under showing up in my home and I know because they’re there only once in a while right in my living room or um once it even showed up in my bedroom and if it shows up in your bedroom you have to look up what that means and why they’re right while we totally did a total different direction than I had anticipated because the conversation was just so natural and flowing we didn’t talk at all about relationships and how you work with men and women differently or becoming influential and becoming the art of seduction I have the video the questions that we obviously have to have you on another time because it’s been a treat having you I have some more I would have absolutely love that you guys are amazing and I feel a little bit self confident like I’ve been talking to Holt I know you slow down time you’ve only talked for two minutes yeah oh that’s right the guy’s I could tell a lot of stories no cement you want to leave your website and I know you have your book and anything else that you’d like to promote right now well I would like our audience if you resonated with me on my website there is an application form now they gave your way through it I’m not going to make it too easy for you it’s pretty self-explanatory but you can fill out a form and apply for a complimentary consultation with me so if you felt resonance and there’s some burning desire in your life and you feel that I could unlock for you the next level of your greatness or success or love or whatever it may be for you go ahead and reach out I would love to connect with you in my website it’s best thing ever calm best thing ever calm and we’ll take it from there wherever it might be fit perfectly in your book is there you have a great website with a ton of information ton of testimonials as well so everyone speaks highly and anyone that’s had any work with you you’ve been great thank you you guys are wonderful how did you even find me okay Thank You Lissa tea again the miracle Journal loved it totally totally loved it awesome well enjoy your stay in Costa Rica and we would definitely reach out to you just to find out any upcoming stuff that you have and also we’re synchronicity will bring us together again that sounds wonderful maybe we can do Valentine’s special and talk about all of those seductive things before Valentine’s to people have the time to implement oh that’s a guarantee yeah definitely go for you for that one because the pressures on the guy January 2nd I gotta get ready for Jamboree know it’s February 15th oh yeah why don’t I don’t want to say that that’s a glorious day but that’s another topic let me quit while I’m ahead so you have this in tune to another great podcast of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and we loved having you dr. sky blossoms and please come back and see us and join us thank you thank you thank you hums and a with you guys for amazing and really inspiring and thank you so much for the work that you do and for helping your audience to get better you know get happier in every area of their lives and helping people like me to reach more people thank you yeah you will come at it they’ve traveled yes a chosen jury thank you thank you bye bye bye thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from our homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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