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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am Damon and I am really I know I always say this I’m always excited and those that know me know I’m always excited but really excited today especially from intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective because our very first episode and what this is 91 now so our very first episode we talked about the power of napping and then a few podcasts after that David and I had spoken with a colleague of ours talking about a hyper sleep and sleeping for extended period of time and the benefits of that and today we are speaking with the author 1/2 of the mighty duo they have written a book dreams that can save your life early warning signs of cancer and other diseases and before our guest has got not had gotten on they were negotiating an audiobook which I’m really excited about because I listened to everything into X so we’re going to hear more about that and this book has been so successful that they’ve already gotten picked up to move forward with part 2 so without further ado so just sitting at the edge of your seats I like to introduce Kathleen cannabis welcome to the podcast Kathleen ah Thank You Hans and David I’m so happy to be here yes thanks for being here yeah thanks for being here do you go by Kathleen or Kat well I have everybody kind of introduced me as Kathleen O’Keefe cannabis so they can find my website if you have to have all those names to find the website and it’s also on the book is the author and the reason I did that is because my story’s about finding breast cancer three times using dreams is in the book and I wanted to use all of my names my maiden name and my married name to show that I was standing behind everything that I was saying but now that you introduced me you can just call me Kat she’s family now she’s family of the homies well it was a nice beginning Kat in talking about just the reasoning for doing that and for some people we have some people that you know they went here specifically about intrinsic motivation and we’re going to cover a lot of that but you know my backgrounds in business and the way you just explain that introduction from a business standpoint make sound sound advice for those listening of what they may or may not consider when they’re getting their book published just so they can be found and amongst like all the noise out there so thank you for that explanation you’re quite welcome and you know a lot of people say well you know your your book is about spirituality basically but the truth of the matter is dreams motivate and guide people in their business decisions as well and so if you are in some form of work or some type of work and you’re having nightmares with red flags going up and showing you may be in a different type of business or a different path on the same business that can be very very important in your life and in your health because when we’re not happy emotionally our body starts to break down and our dreams can give us early warning signs of that yeah sometimes it’s like I mentioned in some of our other podcast especially for the hypersleep we have spoken with someone and you know we’re used to sleeping seven to nine hours which is I guess supposed to be recommended and David update Ella David talked about his own experience but when I had tried to are you familiar with hyper sleep at all I think I am do you wanna you know just in case our audience isn’t you want to just explain it really quick because I’m going to take your podcast and I’m going to prove it all over all my social media sites fantastic fantastic well for those that don’t know for hypersleep it’s you’re sleeping the the regular seven to ten hours but then what happens is you should you’re supposed to stay in the bed unless you know you go to the bathroom and have a drink of water and come back and once your body note this is my personal experience once my body knew you’re used to a routine and so I’m just you know getting up and then you know doing what I do but then when my body knew that I wasn’t getting up I slept for like another 10 hours and I was going like you were saying with dreams telling us so many stories I was able to uncover so much more and I wasn’t even like lethargic or anything afterwards after I got to the initial surprise that I could sleep that long and so I’m not saying for those that are listening novices and look you know do your research first and you know listen to people like CAD and dr. Burke who’s her co-author for the dreams that can save your life but for my personal experience it was it was groundbreaking and and I guess I’m bringing it up because I need to do it again that was over a year ago what was your experience like David I was similar I think I got to about 19 hours before I was like okay I have to get up and a lot of the basis in it the woman that we interviewed Avery Alexander she said this is really about creative levels that people can get into a captain too and they have extended amount of rest of sleep and she said some of the most creative people get their ideas from when they’ve been sleeping dreams so to speak your astral space and so she does that I think at the time of the energy she said she had been doing it for like 20 years and she doesn’t like once a month and but she does it for like 48 hours and that’s something that she had to build up to but me and Hamza both tried it and I got to like I said about 19 hours before I was like okay I have to get up I can’t be more so yeah no no and I can see some real benefits to that because with hyper sleep when you are first coming out of your 8 or 9 hours of sleep you’re coming up slowly and then when you tell yourself to stay in bed in the same position so you can fall back down into sleep we suggested that that people do the same thing in order to retrieve dream information go back down into your dream in the same position you were in when you woke up and a lot of times what people will happen is they’ll go into the hypnagogic level of dreaming and that’s where you’re going between levels it’s almost like a lucinda genic type of dreaming and you see flashes of color you hear words you hear voices and that will take you into another dimension like the fifth dimension of dreaming and it’s in that dimension that you can receive so much information whether it’s about your work your health deceased loved ones because you’re going into another realm it’s like the realm between realms it’s neither the living nor the dead and because that area is on the time continuum there is no past and there is no present there’s only the now so those hours just snap by like a nanosecond so yeah it makes a lot of sense to me and a lot of people in the book actually experience that yeah I’d like to talk about various levels of sleep since since you’re the expert here one thing I do want to get into before we get into your book is a hacking so I’m a huge just looking for my best self right what’s the intrinsic motivation for everything that we do and one thing one hack that I learned was two different things I always liked the split test so one was just before going to bed taking a magnesium pill with a KO’ing pill and so choline helps you focus but it enhanced my lucid dreaming and then on the other side of that I would without taking those pills those supplements would let’s say for simple math I went to bed at midnight and I plan to sleep eight hours so I would go to bed at midnight set my alarm for three o’clock and then turn that alarm off and then it would kick in my dream state right immediately afterwards so are you familiar with any of this biohacking that people are doing for lucidity and accessing their dreams actually I have heard about that and I think it’s interesting although I don’t biohack the same way you do what happens in my dreams and what happens in a lot of people’s dreams is when they reach a part reach a certain amount of hours whether it’s the first three hours or the last two hours their body will wake them up their inner guidance will wake them up their spiritual guides or some deceased loved one will come and wake them up so that at that moment they can write down what they were dreaming about and then when they go back into the dream much like what we’re talking about earlier they slide back in and they often do this this biohacking you’re talking about naturally but they do it with after setting their dream intention before they go to sleep at night so basically they they set an intention I want to have an answer to bla bla bla bla bla you know you fill in the blanks and then you can either set your alarm to wake you up or you can put that in your intention after four hours I want to be awakened so that I can write down what I was dreaming and slide back into that dream possibly to to get a dream that validates the previous dream I mean there’s so much that you can do with dreams to get such deep and relevant information about you one play we don’t have to use the kindergarten class I guess we can kind of dive right in with you I think our audiences is versed enough that we don’t have to what streaming so my question to you is how do you how do you make sense in the fact that there’s a saying that that really resonates with me as things are as the way things are as they seem and things are not as they seem and when you’re in the dream state there’s a lot of whoa I really need to write this down because none of it made sense so how do how do you go about interpreting dreams how did you start and where are you where are you now on that scale well there are so many different ways to interpret dreams and it kind of depends on how your dreams are speaking to you because we’re going to different types of dreams you know there’s really like seven different types of Dreams and they’re actually in the book so I don’t want to take up the time on your on your show to go through the seven different types but within those types you’ve also got you know abstract dreams that are using abstract symbols or abstract pictures because you know a picture is worth a thousand words so you’re you’re you’re dreaming self realizes although it’s on the time continuum that has no time in space your body is in the physical realm which which is attached to a clock and so it has to speak to you quickly and most dreams are only three to five minutes long believe it or not even though you think you Dre you dreamt the same dream all night you really didn’t and so your body starts speaking to you with signs symbols and with abstract designs and sometimes it will actually use a play on words with a picture and so what you have to do is start to learn your own dream language that you used when you were a child when we were you know one two years old in in the crib you were already dreaming and your dreams were speaking to you and you understood them back then because you hadn’t learned not to and that’s that’s part of the sad part of growing up we learned not to listen to our dreams and not to believe in our dreams but the truth of the matter is our dreams are a part of us they’re a part of our psyche and they’re part of our spiritual guidance so once we start writing down our dreams by journaling and learning that dream language we can really really excel everything that we do in life whether it’s our business our relationships I mean let’s face it if you are dreaming that you’re walking down the street holding hands with a black widow spider and you’re a guy that’s a pretty big red flag and then sister alone is worth a million words let go of the spider and back away from that black preacher you know stop dating now so we have to kind of learn our dream language and watch for those red flags at the same time if you’re getting a green flag flapping in the wind and you’re thinking to yourself you know I’m really not going anywhere in this job why am i hanging around here why am i working with these people maybe your inner self who on the time continuum knows a little bit more about the future knows that you’re going to get a raise in the very near future you’re going to be in a different office and you’re going to be very happy and so that message might be hang in there a little longer it’s not a white flag don’t give up it’s not a black flag it’s a green one keep going so that’s where our language our dream language is so important now so when you learn your own dream language so here and I always joke because I have sisters that live overseas so if they’re you go to Spain or go to France they can pick up a different language because it’s right next door and we’re here in Atlanta and if I go to Alabama it’s a different dialect right and so it’s different it’s a different language but we all have a the same understanding and what I’m trying to be light handed about this is there’s a lot of dream books out there that talk about symbols and on some level there’s an over-reliance on that and I want to get your take since you have to develop your own language and wanted to see if you not you euphemistically you your I saw that Black Widow and that meant that I need to clean the bathroom or something and I maybe in purchase interpreting that dream right well you know we’re we’re talking about universal symbolism that is in our dreams as well I mean I don’t know of anybody who would see a black widow spider unless you know and again this is where you’re your own personal dream language comes in if you love black widow spiders and you breed black widow spiders and just looking at a black widow spider do you is the most beautiful thing in the world then if you’re walking down the street with one it’s going to be very different from somebody who would scream and run away so that’s where universal symbolism doesn’t really fit walnut dream but for the most part if you’re going to get a dream book a dream dictionary to help you with your dreams it’s it’s usually for what I call universal symbolism and and those are the symbols that the caveman put on the caves you know on the cave walls if you saw a round circle with lines coming off of it all the way around you knew that was a Sun if you saw the you know a picture of a crescent moon you knew it was night if you saw a cloud with with lines coming out of it you knew that was rain that’s universal symbolism it doesn’t matter where you go on this earth that’s what that’s going to mean and so if for some reason you are stumped by that you can get a dream dictionary to help you learn universal symbolism but chances are if you look at it long enough you’re going to pretty much figure it out if you look at the pictures in your dreams you’re going to know was it daytime was it nighttime was it raining were the streets wet who was I talking to you know all of that universal symbolism you have the answers to the other things in dreams for instance I happen to like snakes I think snakes are just beautiful and so if I have a snake in my dream I don’t consider it dangerous unless it’s a rattlesnake rattling its tail because that’s the universal symbolism for danger never does a rattlesnake rattle its net its tail at you and then go hug you yeah that doesn’t happen so that’s Universal symbolism for beware you know don’t tread on me be careful but on the other hand when you look at ancient Egypt or you look at ancient India the you know the Kundalini is the giant snake the giant Cobra so if you have that recurring in your dreams it’s basically okay now is your dream is shifting this is your symbol for shifting to a spiritual message pay attention are you familiar with the char cat with the wet I’m sorry you broke up with a Bashar they transmute and Bashar David Anka he Trent he channels Bashar no I’m not okay so the reason why I want to bring him up is you had mentioned were sleep we think we mean sleeping for you know the length of a movie and you said it was three to five minutes and one thing that he and some of his messages they are saying that yeah initially it may be three to five minutes because that’s all you can retain I mean just think of what we try to retain during a day I mean I can’t live without my phone and I don’t know anybody’s number anymore and so but he was saying that as you get better and interpreting those dreams that they can be longer because we’re our bodies are being used while we are asleep like we we have contracts to do other things outside of what we’re seeing on the physical realm when our eyes are open and I was just wondering as far as you accessing your dreams if you’ve been able to transcend on some level outside of maybe a day to day it’s going to be a great day or stay at your job mm-hmm you know some of us do exactly what you said we do dream work at night while we’re asleep when we wake up exhausted dreamwork is where we’re going into other realms and working on other things and in in the book we talk about dreaming with and dreaming for others which began about 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt with M ho tap the the high priest for the Sun God raw and people would come to the temple and they would sleep next to the priests on the cold hard floor and they would dream together in tandem doing dream work throughout the night to figure out why this person was having fertility problems why this person had lost all their money why this person felt like they had had a curse put on them and and what we’re showing in our modern day book dreams that can save your life is we had people in the book dreaming for each other in other words we had a mother who would dream her daughter’s breast cancer and we would have a daughter who would dream her mother’s breast cancer they would take each other to the doctor and boom it was true we would have total strangers in their dream visited by a deceased daughter of a distant distant friend and the daughter would tell the person in the dream my father is going to have a heart attack this is what’s going to happen here’s a picture of him in the future having that heart attack and this is the date and then that woman sending the men an email saying you know I know this sounds really bizarre but I had this dream with your deceased daughter and bla bla bla bla and the father reading it and going well yeah you’re right that is really crazy but thanks so much for checking in and then when the heart attack started remembering the email remembering the woman remembering the deceased daughter going into that dream and immediately calling 9-1-1 be passed out so that they were able to revive him three times and he lived that’s dream work and yes it is much longer than 3 to 5 minutes and when you get to a place in your dream work or in your dreaming where you can write down all the details of a dream you find that it’s seven and eight pages long which reading it takes more than three minutes and like I said you’re on the time continuum so there is no time and there is no space there’s only dimensionality so let me ask you a question so in the news the past couple of days national I’m sure it’s national news so they’re talking about this limo accident and so one could say that they had a dream about an accident it was some kind of vehicle and so they were like you know what I’m going to stay off of buses and then um oh this limo comes along oh well I didn’t see that limo on the dream so I jump in the dream but I still had that accident is that a misinterpretation is that because it was written in stone and it was supposed to happen for us something bigger that they were supposed to learn I’m just I just want to get your take from a dream aspect mm-hmm I would say all of the above um you know if they saw it was white and they avoided all white buses but they didn’t see enough of the dream to realize that it was a limo maybe they needed to be in the accident for something bigger if they were alive still alive and talking about it it could be any number of things maybe to bring to light the power of dreams the power of how deceased loved ones can come into your dreams and give you precognitive information information for the future how can you possibly know that if you haven’t been there yet which again is einstein’s you know theory of relativity in the time continuum so you know I can definitely see that happen and I know that you know just before nine nine eleven people all over the world were dreaming of 9/11 they were dreaming of it weeks before it happened so we do when we dream when we go to sleep at night we tap into that universal and part of that Universal knowledge is precognitive it’s what happens in the future because truth be told how do we know we haven’t already all been there once already and come back to live again yeah I love and I haven’t seen his latest mission impossible but a lot of Tom Cruise’s movies mate they always talk about a lot of a lot of the different beans and I haven’t been in the inner sanctums with some of the groups that he’s associated with but I’m sure that some of the subject matter and one of the movies he kept dying because he had to figure out the way where he would live and so there’s a school of thought that that’s what he what he calls deja vu is oh yeah of course I’ve been here before I’ve done this before and I’m going to do it differently this time like maybe I’ve seen the Black Widow is now going to ignore it finally this time yeah yeah you know that that Groundhog Day on a dream level or a life level you know were you you know and many of us reincarnate if you believe in reincarnation or not you know those of you that do we reincarnate as as life groups or family groups so many of the people that we interact with in this lifetime are people we have been in contact with married to siblings to in previous lifetimes and we had to work something out we just didn’t finish we might have been parents to our parents in a previous lifetime and when we saw where they were going in this lifetime and not accomplishing their goals we reincarnated back in as a child to keep them on the right path and maybe that path is for them to separate and I’ve seen a lot of really small children who were actually raising their parents and so I believe that’s really happening a lot now what about the other side of that cat where I like the another plug for Abraham is you know they always talk about you shouldn’t have to croak to fill that bliss and so if you do crow great I mean since the eternal life so if you do croak then you have to go through this experience of being a child again I got to learn how to walk and it’s just like oh my goodness is so long are you finding ways I mean I guess this is kind of a hacking conversation because if we’re retrieving the stream information maybe we won’t have to reincarnate as much maybe go to the next level I hear a lot of people say oh this is my last time I’m never coming back but how many times how many other lifetimes that we said that they probably said it all the other lifetimes as well you know when we when people don’t realize that when we die we also have to be reborn on the other side we have to learn how to be a spirit again and most people don’t leave the earth plane for about 90 days while they learn how to live without the physical body it’s just like being a baby again you know you float through walls you you don’t eat you don’t really sleep you don’t have to because we eat then we sleep to maintain our physical body we don’t have a physical body on the other side we’re mostly mind and spirit so you go through the same thing you learn how to be a spirit again and after you’ve done that for so long so many years so many generations it kind of gets boring and you think to yourself I think I’d like to go back down on the earth and finish up what I didn’t finish before I’ve been away long enough to forget it’s sort of like when you’ve been in a bad relationship and the person you split up and the people go in different directions and three years later you run across your UNAC raus each other and you decide to try it again because you’ve had enough time to forget the bad stuff III think there might be some truth to that when we decide to finally reincarnate back down onto the earth plane and and work with our families and our friends that we knew before again and try to make things right or I guess it’s a game like if I have a brother or a sister I learned the lesson and then the next life they learn the lesson is it is that what you’re saying mm-hmm but we all interact and we learn it together because the truth of the matter is we all come from the same knowledge pool universal oneness that ocean of gnosis is what I talk about and and I did see this in a dream where I saw soul people dying in their souls almost look like raindrops and they dropped into this giant ocean of knowledge that was like water spirituality water and suddenly they knew everything else all the other drops knew and so it was just mind-blowing if you had a mind but since you were spirit it was okay it you know you just absorbed it but but the point is when we dream we can tap into that and that’s how Einstein came back with a lot of his information and a lot of the other brilliant scientists and minds on the earth are able to come back with information they tap into that ocean of gnosis and they bring some of that information back with them they don’t bring it all back but they bring some of it back a step at a time I mean look at computers look at iPhones look at like a what twenty years ago we didn’t even have those we had computers the size of a room now we carry it around in our hand Wow yeah I do like that’s good David asked at at this point in time for you personally I do you when you write once you come out of the dream during another night or whatever when you go back to sleep you go are you able to go right back to the same scenario or seeing that what you know that you just come out of or is it usually completely a new dream sometimes I go right back into the same dream to finish it and sometimes I shift you know that hypnagogic state that I was talking about it’s like you get sucked into another another dream you feel like you’re spinning and there’s colours and whooshing noises and nothing you can’t really see focus on anything and and sometimes I’ll go into another dream I’ll shift into a different one go through another door there’s some dream doors and I always say you know our dream doors are our doorways to the divine because well if we go through enough doors and get further away from the earth plane and and be and the pull of the earth and start focusing on on on you know the other dimensions we can bring back information from the divine we we can connect with our great-great-grandparents who know us we don’t know them but they’ll give us information that when we bring back and maybe we discuss with another family member they’ll say oh yeah I remember that from so-and-so and suddenly you realize you spoke with somebody who’s been dead for over a hundred years so I think you mentioned when you were talking a little earlier have you ever experienced meeting up with someone and dream and then when you saw him again they had the same recollection of me meeting up with them in the dream Wow yeah the details were like I accessed that it was with someone and we that was what our intention was so he kept working on it and eventually we got to a point where we both remember the experience that we had you know during the dream to the letter okay dreaming with others yes I have done that I have done that where I told a friend of mine that I wanted to be able to enter somebody’s dream old say something to them and had them give me something and that I would call her back and this was someone I had never met before and I would call her back and tell her all about my dream and then I wanted her to call the other person and and come and have them tell her if they had met somebody in their dreams and the dream was true and I’d never met this woman I went in my dream to her where she was sitting outside in her garden and she handed me a rose and so it turned out that that woman was actually on Nantucket in her garden I didn’t know she had a home in the in Tucket and in her dream to my friend she said I handed the strange girl a yellow rose Wow the mind is so so powerful we had another guest Yvonne and she’s a medium and we were solving this is a couple years ago now but we were a small group about five of us and we were solving cold cases in the middle of the night through DreamWorks oh yeah it’s fun when you can access us with other people and I guess the other side of that question it reminds me of some other guests where we talked about near-death experiences and uniformly those people that had that experience they were kind of reluctant to come back into the body I mean this is third dimension it’s very sloppy and slow and heavy and have you ever felt that urge because it’s so smooth I mean you’re unencumbered and have you felt the drawl of staying there what’s been your sense that yes it you know what it’s very similar to when you’ve been out of your body for hours and hours when you’re dreaming and then you get sucked that hypnagogic again sucked back into your body it’s much like when you’re in the swimming pool for hours and hours and hours floating around and then you climb out as soon as you climb out you feel like you’re like you know 500 pounds and then your body has to readjust to to the gravity of Earth and so when you’re dreaming you’re you’re floating you’re flying you’re free your soul is free and then when you’re sucked back down into your bed suddenly you feel like you’re sucked down into the mattress I have a personal question so for me you know I have some of this knowledge some of it is you know book knowledge some of it is personal experience but what I’ve seen someone on some occasions is I may have an intention for something and I want to go to sleep with that intention the dream is totally different right and so I may not even interpret it or even pick it up that it was a dream because that it wasn’t what my original intention was have you gotten that instance where you may have an attention but like you said your higher-self can see farther down the road than where you are right now where you may have had a mixed message and then they put their palm up to their forehead as they often do yeah that’s a good one you know just because you said an intention at night before you go to sleep doesn’t mean you’re always going to get that that dream answered or that wish answered you know wishing upon a star sometimes you have to set the intention a couple of times and sometimes you got to really write it out and I’ll tell people write it out read it because your eyes are the windows to your soul and your soul is very involved in your dreams your spiritual self so you’re taking a third dimensional writing on a piece of paper and you’re reading it with fifth-dimensional eyes and then if you place it under your pillow and sleep on it you’re kind of tying it I’m sorry you’re tying it all together and that can can be the catalyst for getting you that intention answered the other thing is this when you set an intention sometimes what you’re doing is you’re putting something in motion and you’ve got to give it time to play out sometimes it won’t play out that night it might take a few weeks to get things going and working and shifting and then you’ll get the dream and you’ll know as soon as you’ll do you’ll get oh yeah that was that was my intention from a week ago and now I’m getting the answer what took that long for all of your spirit guides and maybe your deceased loved ones to start working their magic on the other side thank you for that answer it makes me it reminds me of when I was an undergrad I had a job offer to work with the Peace Corps and I had taken the psych eval have you and they were like you are a capital Capital capital A plus plus and they’re like we don’t think you may it will be a good experience for you and I’m like why this would be good on my resume I was a totally different person at this time so anyway looked like it would be good on my resume mother and so they were saying that and it was going to Ghana and so they are like well Hamza if you set up a meeting let’s say tomorrow at 8:30 you might be there you know a little early 8 o’clock whatever and get highly upset if they don’t they won’t show up until like maybe 8:00 that night or maybe eight three days from now and I wanted to share that story because I think we have our that third dimension demand instead of letting things slow and when we stepped away from that dream that’s how I’m interpreting the message you just gave me when we have that intention we want it done tomorrow but when we walked away from it and let it go then it gave it we gave it time so consciously to work itself out maybe that week or two later mm-hmm exactly and that’s called dream incubation okay so you can set your intention just think of it as dreaming it kind of laying your dream egg and then you’ve got to incubate it you kind of got to keep it in the back your mind keep it alive keep it warm and give it the opportunity to hatch does that make any sense no makes total sense of tomorrow get the old one right on the other end I was like oh boy I’ve really lost them on this one yeah like what is he slow blablablablabla vigor Charlie Brown feature and the old one the old example I guess was the secret that you know most people were introduced to I guess this type of this type of information and the example used was we don’t go to a restaurant and walk into the kitchen with them and watch them cook we order and then we go about our business and have conversations and then the meal comes we don’t have to watch over to because we have the understanding that it will come and it’s in the right time yes exactly exactly and and you know that’s all part of you know the incubation it’s going to show up at the right time at the right moment and again because we are we are tied to time on the earth plane we have to wait till the time is right even though you may get the information and it may be working on in sixth or seventh dimension we don’t know what to mention it’s working in but it’s like the clouds are all coming together and the winds have to be blowing right over there at the same time they have to be blowing at the right moment the right time here so it’s really complicating the fact that it ever even works is amazing and yet it does I think amazing imagine dreaming dreaming that you know in my case I’ll just speak in my case I’m dreaming a regular dream and suddenly that dream freezes like a window on your computer and that window turns into a door and through that door from another dimension maybe if this six seventh dimension walks a monk and this really did happen in my dreams and that monk says come with me we have something to tell you and drags me through those dream doorways into the divine into the future and says you have breast cancer do you feel this right here takes my hand puts it on my breast and says can you feel this and and I said yeah and they said that’s breast cancer you go back to your doctor tomorrow and get a second set of tests took me three and a half months to finally get exploratory surgery which is what I needed and that exploratory surgery showed stage two aggressive breast cancer now how could I possibly have known that and been really self-advocating for additional testing I mean who wants to keep going to the doctor and beg to be cut open unless you really know there’s something there and that’s because all the other dimensions were coming into our third dimension through the dream doors now it’s my understanding that with disease it disease was happening because there’s what’s something unfulfilled spiritually like it could be unfulfilled work or just anger issues or things like that one reference point that I really like is you can heal your life by Louise Hay and it was like oh I keep having this pain in my in my hand and you know I feel as reference to some Universal symbolism that you’re talking about and now that you had that story you had that dream were you able to actually go back maybe you know enough from a timeline standpoint maybe three months or six months or a year and see this is where my life was going and I was probably getting messages all along but it took this one monumental dream to actually shake me and pay attention that’s a good question um I don’t think that I was getting I don’t think previously was having dreams to that effect but you know my life changed drastically after that because up until that time the biggest the biggest thing I had to consider in the morning when I got up was what tennis outfit I was going to put on to go play tennis and then where’s going to go with my friends for lunch and suddenly after being diagnosed with breast cancer three times when three different dreams with these monks the third time I was so angry they showed up in my dream I was just really mad and when they showed up I said you know what did I ever do to deserve this what what could I possibly have done in a previous life to be so mean awful horrible that I would be tortured like this in this life and the monk looked at me and they said don’t you remember and I said remember what they said you told us before you were born into this lifetime that you wanted at this time to come down onto the earth plane and show the world that science should not be it should not be people’s God you you do not you do not believe in science like a God science is a gift from God you believe in God and so what you are showing the world is science goes so far it’s fallible but then comes God and you we told you we would be with you every step of the way and we have and I said oh my god what was I smoking up there must been out of my mind and it was the only time I ever saw them laughs Wow so it was my destiny you know you talk about that dream work the working that we were doing it’s my destiny to use the dreams to build the bridge between spirituality and modern medicine they were going so far into science that we’re forgetting that were spirits in a human body having a physical experience on the earth plane and when you when you heal the body you must also use the spirit as part of that healing so if you take dreams and and you work with your dreams at the same time you’re working with chemotherapy or anything else you have a much better chance of surviving anything no matter how bad it is and my recurrence was nine by eleven centimeters it was terminal and I’m still here now the ante room is always funny when we you know get with our soul groups before he incarnated yes and I think the thing is that since we’re not in the third dimension yet we just have that laundry list like yeah put extra cheese on that oh of course drinks for everybody and then when you Encarta you’re like I find that I’m not signing that tab it’s it’s funny you say that but the other side is that third dimension is dealing with polarities hot cold science or spirituality and I like for you to talk a little bit about how you’re able to start merging these together if you have this book it’s been successful you had I wanted to talk about you know where it’s headed next because there’s some exciting things that’s happening right now well where we’re actually just just before I came on the show with you I was on a conference call with my agent and the publisher inner traditions Simon and Schuster contacted her to have a sign a contract for an audiobook which was not in our original contract cuz this is our first real book they never believed the book I guess I didn’t think the book would do as well as it is and so they are in the process of making an audio book for it and it’s available on Amazon and now but the book is also available in bookstores across the country because it is doing so well but dr. Larry Bird too is is a radiologist at Duke University is actually starting his second research project with women who have breast cancer who are coming in for radiation therapy and treatments and he’s researching dreams that diagnosed their illness before they went to the doctor so we you know we’re getting ready to do this second book and we’re putting all of our we’re pulling all the dreams together and it’s amazing how many stories we already have and the only ones that I really would like to be able to add to the book and I haven’t gotten yet are men who had breast cancer and had dreams that diagnosed their breast cancer I think that that is a forgotten part of our our world and our population and I’d like to have them in that book as well I’d like since we have an audience in this moment right now since you’re working with a radiologist be interesting to just look at the the back of everything that that we eat from a male standpoint because it was quite surprising when it was brought to my attention there’s a lot of soy and a lot of foods that you would think would have it and it’s associated with you know estrogen and that potentially could I’m not saying this but end-all-be-all but it could potentially point to men having issues with breast cancer I’m not sure I’m just saying on your side you’re probably you’re on the ground floor so you’re probably seeing things then outside of a civilian as myself well you know breast cancer takes a real long time to develop it takes about 10-15 years we had to sell the cells are there and then they’re stimulated by whatever and I really believed 10-15 years ago there were a lot of hormones in our foods there was in you know in meat it was in chickens it was in milk it was an eggs it was in everything and I think that what’s happening is now we’re seeing the byproduct of that which is breast cancer in men estrogen reactive breast cancer in men because they were eating the same foods and you can also almost see that in the Asian culture the Asians were very tiny people without big breasts and then when they come to the United States and they start to eat American food they start to to grow larger breasts women start to grow larger breasts they get taller and so it’s I I really do believe it’s food-related yeah yeah that’s a whole other podcast in itself but I do want to ask you from from that standpoint from you marrying the dream world and working with radiologists when you work with the subjects or I’m thinking of when I had to get tested for CPAP and and so you know I’m hooked to a million different devices are you measuring brain activity when a person comes in – oh no oh this this is when this person is dreaming and it’ll they can set an intention of actually retaining a dream better or how’s it working from the medical side well we dr. Larry work does not does not do that he’s doing radiology and as it pertains to breast cancer or reading radiology and so we’re not he’s not really doing testing on brains however we’re doing during sleep however I have read some of the different research that has been done on the brain not the mind but the actual organ the brain during sleep and what I found really interesting and I wrote a big article about it in biz catalyst 360 you can go there to find it if you want but when we are we use about 10% of our brain some of us have a really really smart might use like 11 or 12 percent but when we sleep we’ve used 100 percent of our brain because a lot of the areas of our brain that are not working while we are awake are working while we’re asleep to keep our body from moving to keep our body going us breathing things like that in our sleep so it’s amazing when we’re asleep or actually more alive and awake mentally than when we are awake I don’t know if that makes any sense to you but I thought it was particularly amazing it does and you probably heard this too that you’re dead a lot longer than you’re alive we spend most of the time there you know and I think that’s where the seriousness where the drop off happens because G we have a lot of accidents that are they look DUI related because they’re no no breakage in a car what happened it’s because of sleep deprivation you know working two three jobs single parent all the stresses of life and so because you’re not getting that rest that’s where accidents happen and so you know you I guess we’re stressing the importance of dreaming not just for the wonderful information that we’re getting but just for survival and and yes when we’re sleep-deprived um you know we it’s almost like that’s when a lot of daydreaming happens and you have accidents it’s because our brain must go play our brain must connect with the universe it must it’s just as its food for the soul just as we eat you know you know whatever it is where our breakfast lunch and dinner for our body dreams are for our soul and it’s the way our soul reconnects with universal oneness with that ocean of gnosis that we talked about earlier but also with spirit guides with deceased family members whom we knew before we were even born so it’s like we go home and we have to go home it’s just absolutely necessary that we go home well before you go home with is there a specific arrangement that you have when you go to bed that you know those arguments of total darkness no night lights or any of that does that I personally use the blinders like you know on the airplane are you finding that you get a better sleep and that you’re able to dream better that way or is there a particular environment that you’re getting the maximum result um actually just read another article about that I you sure you haven’t been in my dreams at night I just an article about that with using you know for ways to trick your mind trick your body into falling asleep and staying asleep so you can dream and one of them is to to you know turn off any extra lights that are in your room like the blue lights that might be on your TV the blinking blue lights your phone if you’ve got your phone next to your bed turn it over flip it over so that if you get a message or a text it doesn’t light up the whole room because you’ll be able to see it through your eyelids and another thing is to drop the temperature in your bedroom make sure your bedroom is 2 to 3 degrees cooler than the rest of the house because the body drops down then almost like into a hibernation and you dream better and you sleep better and you stay asleep longer and then of course don’t eat or drink before you go to sleep at least 2 hours before bedtime you know all the things our parents told us when we were little before we went to sleep so you don’t wake up and have to pee yeah because then once you get up and you walk across the room and you sit down on a cold toilet seat whatever dream you had was gone you’re now in a nightmare you know your butt’s cold you got to go to the bathroom so yeah just those I think those are three of the most important things make sure it’s dark enough for you to fall asleep and if you’re having trouble falling asleep and you want to trick your mind into helping you get to sleep just repeat mantras over and over again you know it whether it’s the Lord’s Prayer mary had a little you know you pick whatever it is if you just keep repeating it your minds going to go oh my god this is so boring I’m going to go dream boom that got insane people and people say count sheep same thing you’re getting polar yeah yeah your mind goes oh this is boring I’m out of here yeah now I was talking about hacking earlier and one thing I’m proud to say I think I’m about I stopped counting but I think I’m about 60 days without having a Fitbit I actually you know sand Fitbit I took it off and one of the things with regards to Tippit’s is or any of these tracking devices is like you said that radiation and one one suggestion or instruction when having a Fitbit was you wanted to track I want to detract my sleep patterns so I wanted to see if I was snoring or how long I was snoring or how many times I tossed and turned so you put the the phone under your pillow and so the argument was we’ll put it on airplane mode because you don’t want that radiation close to your head but while you’re awake you’re going to have that radiation throughout the day so I was just wondering in the future I know you talked a little bit about breast cancer but are you looking at brain cancers well uh well we do have a couple of stories in the book about brain cancer but you know it wasn’t like that it would look like a pancake it didn’t look like a cell phone so I know that there are some cases where they are finding brain cancer that does look like a cell phone so there might be something to that or maybe there isn’t but I think that there is definitely some research that could be done on that and whether or not people are having dreams – the fat – – the fact that you know your brain cancer looks like a cell phone that was that or if they’re walking around in a dream talking on a cell phone up to their ear and then the voice coming through their cell phone is saying you’ve got brain cancer from this cell phone I would love to hear that so if any of your audience had anything similar to that you can email me at cat can k80 kan at comcast.net and if you’ve had a precognitive dream or a dream that told you you had an illness or a dream that saved your life send it to me I’d love to hear about it and if you want to keep an update on on the second book that’s coming out go to my website which is Kathleen O’Keefe cannabis that’s ka th le en okay EEF e ka na v OS calm and take a look at what’s going on I am going to be on CBS news I think it is the 26th right before Halloween talking about bats and spiders and webs and black cats in dreams for Halloween and I’m also going to be on ridet dot on the 20th so you can go to ridet and ask me anything aka nice very nice with the left question with regards to groupthink and collective consciousness or are there any plans to do like a Facebook group where people can collectively share our dreams oh sure well you know I I do my podcast my video podcast on my Facebook page which is Kathleen O’Keefe cannabis again and a lot of times we’re talking about dreams I have dreamers on there talking about their dreams many of the dreamers from the book come on there also so if you would like to do that with me sometime let’s let’s make that happen with your audience my audience or they’d be an audience but that’d be an awesome audience wouldn’t it yeah I wholeheartedly agree with that okay let’s make that happen yes that would be fun yes indeed and everybody oh yes absolutely absolutely well it was a pleasure Kat and you have definitely been in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m Damian Kat we definitely have to stay in touch congratulations and accolades for the all your book in the second book we’d love to have both you and dr. Burke back okay well we’ll make that happen – thank you so much for having me on your show guys I had a great time yes thanks for being here thank you so thanks again for checking out an episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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