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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivation so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good afternoon good evening everybody you are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation by homeys perspective I am Hamza and I am David and today we have a well known highly I’m really humbled by having her on the podcast today we have an individual who is definitely well known in the spiritual community she is well versed in a multitude of modalities I know whenever I come across a modality or something new of interest I always have to run it by this person because he is our spiritual Wikipedia without further ado I would like to introduce Debby lash Bob to the podcast welcome to the podcast Debbie well I thank you that was quite an introduction I love it the spiritual Wikipedia we always love it because some people like structure before we do a podcast and we kind of like going with the flow so we like staying in present moment and that spirit to Wikipedia spoke to me and I was like that is Debbie and I’m nutshell yeah so I’m honored so thank you let’s jump right into it Debbie because I mean we know you David and I know you really well but just for our audience we’re going to talk in further detail about energetic fusion but if you can tell us more about Debbie and what you’re currently working on today that that the audience will want to know about okay I am an army brat so I’ve lived everywhere so therefore I don’t have much of a desire for travel and kind of happy where I am here in Mazal Georgia and I spent 30 years in IT the very successful senior business analyst so I was the liaison between the technical team and the business owners who weren’t technical and it’s amusing I still find myself using my business requirements skills while I’m working with clients today so I now have a full-time healing practice and the way I came to that was kind of interesting the universe conspired for me to do that and I am a sponge for healing techniques I for example I’m a Reiki Master probably 30 times over and 30 different poems Reiki but I don’t really do it because I don’t like to do things that everybody does I really like higher consciousness techniques and things that go deeper and further than than the average stuff so that’s kind of who I am you know it’s what we have a little bit of a being here for years the actual want to say third or fourth person that we had in a row who has had their main background and I tea all right and I’ve never really made that correlation before but you there’s so much troubleshooting that is involved with IT it seems like it would be a smooth transition to employ that in your healing practice rigidity that’s a really good point and then you know some of us were very smart and we learned how to use our heads and then our spirit tapped us on the children’s and hello so we moved more that direction so what did you thought whether one day you woke up and said I want do get into a healing practice while you’re an idea or was it a longer route process well something in me felt a little bit of shame for not finishing college and not having a degree in here I was in this field was always brilliant and you nice to be the smartest one in the class and so I got a guy T I’m telling you these people are brilliant so I was like you know middle and I really didn’t want to go back to college but I wanted something and I was very – to massage and when I used to drink I used to walk around the bar and give people massages and get free drinks all night so everybody said you have a real gift for this you should go learn it so I went to the Atlanta school of massage and I did the program there in 1995 and so I was I never wanted to do it full-time I just want to do it part-time and even part-time I burn out it’s a high burnout profession and so I I don’t even like to do it for friends anymore so I really would have done past that and then in 2005 or 2004 remember no 2007 excuse me I should know it was my 50th birthday so in 2007 my mom wanted to send me on a trip this was her thing oh go somewhere have a good time we’ll pay for it and like I said I’m just not a big fan of travel so I said okay well let me go to the Louise Hay seminar there was an I can do it seminar in Tampa so I went down there and I did the whole package I had three days before the conference where you got to spend a half a day with an author with one of the authors and their seminars did a couple of those and there was a friend of mine that I had met here she’s a she’s a real Edgar Cayce level when he called that intuitive medical intuitive and I had not seen her and you and she lived in Tampa and so we went to lunch during one of those days and she said who seminar are you going to when you get back and I went um God who is the past life regression guy Brian woods yes I had signed up for Brian wife and she said you know he’s really good and that’s really good stuff however you’re going to be in a room full of a hundred people and she said please don’t go too deep and I thought that was sound advice and I went back saying I think that’s my cue that I need to do something else so I crossed him off the list and then I didn’t know anybody look I don’t know who these people are which one should I do and I saw infinite love and gratitude and I went well that sounds like something I could use in my life and so I went to the seminar by dr. Darin Wiseman and I sat on a second row and I sobbed for two hours and I had no idea why it wasn’t particularly you know intense material it well I don’t know what it was but I walked out of there I couldn’t move for two hours I had to sit on a bench and recover and I’m like I do not know what just happened to me in there but I’m supposed to be doing this and I went immediately upstairs and signed up for the course and did three long weekends in Chicago and learned the life line technique so I knew I’ve learned that in 2008 in 2008 in December I think of 2008 and then in 2009 my job of 14 years got moved to a country called Mauritius frankly I thought they were lying I’ve like I’ve never heard of that country this has to be a lie and then I watched the Olympics and they had six athletes so so I thought that it was it was really a place but my I really didn’t know what to do after that and I had some severance pay after that form of being there so I had a moment it was during the time where jobs were just impossible to find and it took me a year to find another job and that was in Charlotte and I went lived in Charlotte for a year and so I came back from Charlotte and my parents were in Huntsville Alabama which is four hours away and my mom was very panicky and she would call me and she say he’s dying and what do I know I had four hours away I mean it’s probably not true but you kind of got to go and so I kept traveling up there on the weekends and you know for hours up and back doesn’t sound like a lot but it was so dreaming and finally I just said I just need to move in and take care of this and it was in a city that I can’t stand that it’s so not like me and into a situation that was so devastating and draining and then my dad passed away in 2011 and I got my mom back here to Atlanta and I still mean by then the market was back up and I had like probably 500 resumes out there and I don’t I’m not good at interviews so I don’t apply for anything I’m not absolutely qualified for and I didn’t get a phone call I didn’t get an interview I got nothing and so I lowered my standards I tried form AC where I had worked seasonally before I even had two interviews at Starbucks and couldn’t get a job and I was just railing at God in the universe and you know trying to take care of my mom and she needed so much of my attention that I couldn’t possibly take care of her give her what she needed and work full-time so I was really kind of screwed and it was sort of like as I look back on it now it was the divine saying to me you said you wanted a full-time healing practice so guess what you’re gonna have a full-time healing practice no extra milk job on the side nothing and that’s the way it turned out you know I built my practice a little bit at a time and was able to take care of my mom and and now it’s full-time so the universe conspired to get me here okay wow what a story yeah yeah so how did so Richie when you did the courses in Chicago that was the beginning of what the learning the life line technique yes okay so just briefly just talk about with the light line technique is because I know that’s kind of what led to the imitating light yeah my first foray into real real healing work and that technique was created by dr. Darin Wiseman and it involves on what some people would call a mudra it’s actually the sign the International the American Sign Language sign for I love you if you put five figures up and you put your two middle fingers down that’s the sign for the little finger his eye and then you have the L with the index finger and the thumb and then the thumb and the pinky finger are the why I love you so dr. Wiseman had a nephew who was the first deaf person to graduate from the Palmer chiropractic school and he was like a trip them said he was congratulating his nephew and his nephew put up that sign to him with the two middle fingers down and Darrin being an energy person could feel the energy in that he said what is that and he said the nephew told him that I love you and so Darren’s wife had a bad shoulder and Darrin took that mudra and put it on her shoulder and said infinite love and gratitude infinite love and gratitude infinite love and gratitude because he had studied dr. Masaru Emoto his work and dr. Emoto is the one who did the experiments with water and what he learned is that the most power frequency that could change water was the contem the combination of the words love and gratitude so Darren by saying infinite love and gratitude was invoking that ability to change because we are 75 to 90 percent water and so that frequency of love and gratitude that creates change in water along with that mudra and he did on his wife’s shoulder and her shoulder got better so they were at a dinner party hit he and his wife and his best friend his wife and the wife of his best friend said you know we all keep talking about you’re going to do something big something big something big and I’ve been hearing this for years so where is it she says you know why you haven’t done it she said because you’re afraid and Darren went home that night and he said his he said to his wife give me a pencil and he had this vision of the entire life line flowchart that he wrote down and it’s a combination of about a dozen different techniques and you walk through a series of steps and it’s it’s very powerful it’s based on the fact that or the premise that issues in your body or in your life are caused by emotions that didn’t get processed and it’s not that we said oh I’m not going to deal with that it is that the subconscious mind protects us from what we don’t have the strategies and tools to deal with and so the the subconscious mind buries those emotions that it doesn’t think we can handle and that’s a good thing because the subconscious mind is protecting us but it’s not a good thing because those things don’t go away they stay in our bodies and our consciousness and manifest as illness or relationship problems or financial issues or whatever and so the Lifeline technique is able to walk through that and clear a lot of that up and it uses portals and anything could be a portal my friend whose son died and he played the guitar and the mother holding the guitar was the portal into her subconscious mind or if you have a bad elbow and you put your hand on your elbow that’s going to make you weak and that’s an entryway into your subconscious mind and all of this involves muscle testing or applied kinesiology to get to the answers you seek I’m just gonna just blow your mind I got carried away all right well now that’s fine so whether so let’s see like what we missed powerful time so that eventually now you when the energetic fusion is something you created yourself right kind of your own creation and as I it’s known that lifeline technique is a layering process you clear out a layer you do as much as the subconscious mind can handle and then you go back again and you clear out another layer and even with that I was finding that I couldn’t quite get to the end of things I could make a lot of progress but there were some things that I just couldn’t quite get to the end of and one of my gifts has always been that every time I learn a new technique and being the sponge I am for healing modalities I know a lot of them and but every time I learned a new technique I knew exactly how to weave it into whatever I was doing and the life line technique is kind of unraveling the story and relieving it and so I was looking for other things I knew that might take me a little bit further because I loved the premise of the technique and it makes a lot of sense but I wasn’t quite getting there so what I realized is that the best healers that I know use the Yuen method can you dr. kam you and and so I just was bound and determined to take this course well he’s old and he really doesn’t teach anymore and you can get it on video which is really the videos just him sitting at a table with a microphone and I did the one course on the physical body but it’s just you know without anybody to ask questions to and no interaction it just wasn’t worth what they were charging for it and so I try to find a UN teacher well he you know most modalities you have to pay every year or two or every two years or whatever to recertify and so he up his piece so much for teachers of the UN method that they stopped teaching it so I couldn’t find anybody to teach it so I went and bought a couple of his books and I got the idea and I don’t do the UN method but I used some of his theories I guess you could say about energetic weaknesses and things like that and and then there are also a number of things in the book and on his physical charts and on the big chart he’s got that are potential weaknesses in people’s fields and that was very helpful to help me look in places that hadn’t occurred to me before this and then so I was putting that up front and then at the end I was putting the Lifeline technique with all the emotions and everything and then it evolved to well I should be looking for the emotions after every weakness why wouldn’t I do that and so I started checking for each weakness I found what emotions were behind that and I think it is probably the most comprehensive technique I have ever found even though it’s mine and I you know probably shouldn’t be arrogant like that but but it just covers everything and you know other pieces have fallen in I am NOT certified in pranic healing but I do know how to new pranic healing on chakras I just it bores me so I wasn’t going to get certified it I knew I wouldn’t be doing it all the time and because just repetitive and when you can do the lifeline technique and the energetic fusion and that kind of stuffs of the regular Reiki and pranic healing stuff just kind of doesn’t do it for me anyway but I have it to throw in if I need it if there’s a chakra that needs clearing or energizing I do that I pull some pieces from Alice balancing or sound code therapy if so they need the sound code that would be helpful to them then I use that sound code I learned from higher brain living how much a part of the how much a part of all of us the lower brain is and how it tries to sabotage everything so I’ve learned to within this process try to be clutch the lower brain and so I just have taken everything I know and put it together into this technique that that I think is extremely comprehensive Wow so what would you say what are you talking about weaknesses what exactly do you mean you talk about weakness well our energy whether it’s our physical body our spirit body which is kind of the blueprint our emotional body our mental body which is thoughts but it’s also memories and our other spiritual bodies all interacts in our body and in our life and all that needs to function perfectly together and when it doesn’t all flow perfectly you can have a weakness and the weakness could be you know a physical organ isn’t working correctly it could be that you’re either not ready not willing not don’t feel you’re able don’t feel safe don’t feel this there’s affirmation type stuff there’s some spiritual connectedness like your soul to your spinal cord your mind to your body that type stuff there are fears that can create a weakness and a weakness is like a light switch I search through all these things to find a weakness and it’s like a light switch this off and I just flip it on so it’s no big deal but getting everything flowing together again is the idea of getting rid of all those weaknesses there could be hundreds there could be hundreds of weak anything could be a witness so needless to say there’s many possibilities so how did you find the 60 full chakras how do you discover that oh that’s interesting I’m the only person I know of that works in 64 chakras and I can’t find any information on it anywhere but it came to me very organically so I know that it’s valid so lets people work in seven chakras and I knew there were at least 15 before I started and I knew that the 13th one is in the center of the earth so most of them go up but that one does go down connecting us to the center of the earth and so like one of the questions that I might ask in a session and test for is are there any chakras that have emotions to be cleared and at first it was just the first seven and then I started getting up to 15 and I was like well I’ve heard of 15 chakras so okay and then I suddenly started getting 16 through 22 and I thought well that’s odd but it was happening in more than one person and it started happening at the same time and so I thought well okay 22 the master number that’s probably all there is and then I started getting you know three to four months later I started getting the clean 23 and 33 and I went well that’s got to be it right and it was six months after that I started getting all the way to the 64th chakra now hasn’t gone any further than that but my thought or belief is that the chakras were already there but they weren’t open in people until this last couple of years and they started opening up in certain people and then they started opening up in everybody so first through 22 and then another set opening up to 33 and now all the way to the 64th chakra and I can’t you know I can tell you what happened each of the seven chakras does I cannot tell you beyond that which what each of these chakras does or what the color is that goes with the chakra or anything like that but it doesn’t really matter because I can pull out the emotions that need to be cleared and the only one I’m fairly certain about is the 64th chakra this seems to be blocked in almost everybody and I believe this is our connection to the divine and it has been shut down for a while and so opening up that sixty fourth chakra reestablishes that deep connection with the divine and the memory of who we really are so wow I’m out there nobody can deny that I may really be to be surprised o Devi because then we had a podcast last week with Jim self and he had mentioned that 2012 was the last year that babies were coming from the third dimension so that he was saying after that you know that that portal has been closed and so years it kind of messes with what you’re saying of these additional chakras that exist you know no one knew about them but they are coming into awareness on a grander scale right so no not that far-fetched yeah I’m great it’s not me but some people are you know and people want people want to know stuff you know they want to know one of those chakras what do they do and what are they for what are you doing to me so well why don’t you explain it you explained it perfectly because you know there is one school of thought of following a template right and so people are finding out this modality that modality and they’re following it to a tee and that may be the person he may be started that modality that could have been worked for them but you know I think what we’re hearing from you is I’m taking a piece of these modalities and infusing it or you know pun intended fusing it with something that actually works for me and that’s what differentiates you from okay I need to dot Reiki now now I need to learn massage or you know following some type of template that maybe shortcut you or take your profits or a lot longer you get where you need to go yeah you know and when it comes to organically on that one and you can see that there is evolution there’s an evolution in consciousness and that these new chakras are starting to open up and it makes sense going with you know ascension or whatever you want to call it this evolution in consciousness and you know I have to open to it and the way this is always work for me as I say they and I don’t really know who I’m talking about I don’t know if I’m talking about my guides or God or whatever but I have always gotten clues through this work for example on one of the emotions on the list is need space now that could mean you know you’ve got a roommate you need to get out of there or whatever but generally I find that if somebody’s got a pinched nerve what comes up is need space and there are all kinds of clues like that like irritable is one of the emotions but that very often implies irritated nerves if somebody’s got a thyroid problem well go fans aren’t on the list of structures that they’ll give me organs in the neck well pretty much that’s going to be the thyroid not really an organ but that’s as close as we can get and so I count on this silent guidance of the way things unfold in an organic way and the fact that you know they can’t stand in front of me and say hey look at the thyroid so they got to give me another clue so that’s kind of the way it works for me that’s interesting but I was about to ask you that so earlier in the week me comas and I we both experienced energetic fusion session and I’m not going to speak for Hamzah I can speak for myself it was fantastic and I was just amazed out everything as you were saying it wasn’t like you were just sitting there reading it it was just all kind of coming to you as you were doing this session right right yeah and people are like how do you do that and I’m like well you know I’ve done it thousands of times for one and I have you know there’s probably 250 emotions on my list and I’ve got probably 80% of them memorized not all of them sometimes I have to check but but it does it’s just like you know that flow chart I don’t know what the word is but the use of a flow chart so matched everything I’ve learned from Ikey you know it does it is a series of things that we flow through and and then we circle around and we go back to the top that’s one of the things I learned from the UN method well I can go down the list of of organs and I might not get a hit till I get to the last organ I name but once I correct something in that organ that might open up another organ so I have to keep going through the lists repeatedly over and over and over again because one per one thing can open up another and and so that’s that’s the way this works I keep going from the book to the physical charts to the overall chart back to the book and just cycling back through to to clear up things that might not have come through the first time well I want to take a step back for a second Debbie and that for someone listening to this and they want to know more information about energetic fusion or energy fusion if someone had done a preliminary google search and they have looked up energetic fusion you get it’s not nuclear energy nuclear fusion you know right talking about is she a physicist what’s going on so two-point question a two-part question the first question is how are people finding out how to get in touch with you learn more about the energetic fusion and then what is the just setting and expectation what’s the process when someone finds you what’s the process that they go through when they’re going through a session okay yeah there’s nothing out there on energetic fusion because it’s my own modality and I was like what in the world do I call this and I just heard in my head energetic fusion I’m like well that kind of makes sense you know and using all these different modalities but you’re not going to find anything about it except on my website and most people actually you know I have to build my practice almost entirely on word-of-mouth one person telling another occasionally like a couple weeks ago I did a holistic fair and I sit there and I do free sessions on people at the holistic care all day long for two days and it’s so powerful because this stuff is hard to talk about but once you experience it I think you two you two are good examples and I could have explained it to you all day but once you experience that you really got it and so most people find me by putting my name in a search and my web guy said your name is the most powerful piece of information on the Internet and I said his name is was Todd and I said you know if your name is Todd Wilson it’s probably good to have a website named Todd Wilson because there are many that way they could find you but when your name is debbie wash pal first of all there’s 18 ways to spell debbie and nobody can spell wash pal so but I did I got a domain with my name in it and that’s actually how people find me then they get sent over to my regular site so as far as the process goes I ask people to send me a list of what they want to work on in priority order and that may be three things that maybe 20 things and we get to what we can get you in about an hour and 15 minutes maybe a little longer for the first session because there’s a lot of explanation than have to take place obviously but once they send me their intentions I see if there’s here’s where my business my requirements writing skills comes into practice because I check to see is there anything that really goes together on this list that we can work on at the same time or is there any way I can enhance it like if somebody wants to work on money I have a whole series of things I work on when I work on money one is receiving because it can all be there in front of you if you can’t receive it you’re not getting it another is deserving because so many people feel like they don’t deserve and that is going to keep you from manifesting it manifesting is another thing I work on so I play with these issues that they’d like to work on and then when we get together and the first thing I do is balance all their connections so let’s make sure the spirit is connected to the body in the body to the spirit mind body earth to the body and then the divine and the earth connected to your the field of the hardest by Colin that is really your energetic field so we do all these connections to get you settled I check to see if there is a persona portal because sometimes people have different things in different personas and a persona can be you know just one of the roles that you play are you a brother or you a son or you a co-worker are you a child of God or whatever but they can also be voices in your head like the critic you know that type of thing most people might have three or four personas when I started I had over 150 and that is because I had major major trauma growing up and so eventually when you work with these personas and bring them into your sessions you it gets down to one but I make sure I’m in the right persona because just like somebody with a split personality one one personality can have diabetes and the other one won’t various personas have different things to work on so we figure out if that’s a part of it and then I try to break it down into manageable pieces because I could do everything at once but if I do smaller bite you’re going to get more you’re going to be able to clear more and so we’ll take the first issue and we’ll see where is there where are the weaknesses and so I have the Ewan book has a number of weekend while 14 pages of weaknesses actually and that’s anything from physical to pass line to ancestors to fears to psychological or mental things to triggers to membrane all kinds of stuff and then once I’ve cycled through all of that for each weakness like I said it’s like a light switch it’s off and I flip it on and then we check for one of the emotions behind that so maybe you have an issue with not being willing and to do what it is you say you want to do and perhaps the emotion behind that is fear you know that would make sense or trauma or you know there could be any one of these 250 emotions and so with each emotion I have you connect to that emotion and pick your mind with that emotion and take it down the spine and back up and that is part of you and theory a lot of you and comes from the martial arts and anything you do along the midline of the body strengthens you and so you take it down the MOT down take the mind down the spine and back up that clears it and I’m saying infinite love and gratitude at the same time so we walk through all the weaknesses in the book if there’s any on the physical charts if there’s any on the overall chart which is mostly quantum physics and then we find out where is the overall weakness and there are sixteen overall weaknesses from physical to spiritual to energetic to health to relationships to social and for each of the major weaknesses I then check also for the emotions and then I move on beyond that asking if there are any overall emotions related to what we’re working on then I ask if there are any lifeline portals lifeline I said like I said uses any number of portals that anybody can make up anybody can use there’s one particularly powerful ones that I wrote called a trigger portal and let’s say you’re working on anger there’s a trigger portal on anger we’re going to find out where all the triggers are that are related to that anger and they might be in a chakra in the physical body they might be in a system the nervous system they might be in the emotional body the mental body the fear body the pain body it might be a combination of things from this life they might be from past lives there’s all kinds they might be generational they might be vibrational meaning you’re not really resonant you are resonating with anger and so we want to clear that up because that is your natural vibration at that moment and then after we get through all the portals we’re really truly in the Lifeline technique which is much shorter at the end of this than it would be in a session by itself so we find out where where is the imbalance it’s the imbalance that causes the symptoms which can be emotional biochemical structural spiritual or energetic and I added cosmic or celestial and also vibrational and then you find out what power centers are you disconnected from that cause the imbalance that create the symptoms and that can be mind your thoughts it can be hard a broken heart or forgotten feelings it can be your will and your choices your denied will and you’re denied choices for example or it can be voiced and then voiced it can be inner voice and inner truth or our voice and outer truth and so you’ve got a broken outer voice and broken outer truth we heal that so that you can speak your voice and speak your truth and so that disconnection from whatever power center is what created the imbalance that caused the symptom and then we walk through a little process to get all your acupuncture meridians in line and then we find out for the emotions that didn’t get processed they’re still there they’re still expressing through you somehow so we ask for the emotions of them get processed how are they expressing and there’s emotionally and under that there’s everything from shock and trauma to a life death experience to thought viruses etc or it can be structural and if it’s structural I find out that bone cartilage ligaments muscles joints orders and special lymphatic circulation nerves integrant scar tissue fat tissue our body fluid and once I find out which one of those say it’s body fluids I say in a specific region and if I get a yes and I want it in the head the neck the upper extremity etc well we find out how it’s expressing let’s say body fluids in the head or add that to me is marine chemistry and then we say what are the emotions that are trying to express through body fluids in the head and then I’ll go through and don’t find the emotion just like I have the rest of the way through finally there is a piece called biochem the biochemical expression channel and that’s kind of based on the meridians what are the there are meridians that may not have enough Chi and so that she needs to be fed and so what are the emotions that need to be fed that need to be acknowledged and are they carried in a certain part of the body or there is drainage perhaps in an acupuncture Meridian there’s too much Chi and it needs to be drained so these are toxic emotions that need to be drained and then this is where I’ve altered the life length technique a bit because that’s my nature and the I added a third one that is stagnation what if it’s just not moving at all so what are the emotions that have stagnated in the region of say the abdomen and we clear those out so we cycle through this until we’ve cleared all the emotions and all the ways it’s expressing and then finally we find the holding pattern so there is a holding pattern that was created when your subconscious mind decided to protect you so say you are five years old and something happened you didn’t have the strategies and tools to deal with it so your subconscious mind helped you suppress it or forget it or whatever that that created a tendency for that subconscious mind to continue to protect you even though at this age you have the strategies and tools to deal with it’s a holding pattern now so we break those holding patterns that make these things continue to return to you and that can be in the body as some degeneration in the body it can be in the spirit which is always about trauma and we clear the trauma or it can be a mind holding pattern which is fascinating a mind holding pattern is in one of the chakras and for the first seven chakras we have glasses that are the colour of the chakras and so if I was with you and I was standing in front of you and perhaps you had a holding pattern in your fourth chakra I would test your fourth chakra and you would go weak and then I would have you put on the glasses and pinch your hair and once you do that I would show you that your fourth touch are now test strong and that is the work of dr. Bruce Lipton who that what they taught us in elementary school isn’t true they taught us that the nucleus of the cell was the brain and you can actually take the nucleus out of the cell and the cell stays alive and what is actually the key in the cell are the protein receptors and the protein receptors not only communicate with you that they communicate with other people the protein receptors are how you know that somebody is standing behind you and you need to turn around but anyway the protein receptors are where we carry our limiting beliefs or any beliefs actually and so you have a limiting belief in your heart shock where you pinch your hair and now you’re pinching protein so those protein receptors respond and now your fourth chakra will be strong if I tested it so then we find out is there a is there an original occurrence so the fourth chakra for example would be a limiting belief about relationships or unconditional love so is there an original occurrence for this limiting belief about relationships or unconditional love well if the answers Nippo then we cleared it just by putting on the glasses if there is an original current we find out when it was I remember we’re going with a guy at the holistic care who’s one of the most laid-back I know the guy he’s very peaceful very spiritual and and he was trying to raise his frequency and so what kept coming up was prolonged abuse trauma all the stuff and I’m like I know it doesn’t matter if you can’t connect with it just roll with it and I knew these things were not the truth about him but what we found out in the holding pattern was he had a limiting belief in his third chakra which is about your personal power and self-esteem and it went back five lifetimes ago when he was an 11 year old girl and he was horribly abused as that 11 year old girl that prolonged abuse that trauma all that stuff that was coming up was absolutely correct but he didn’t recognize it because it wasn’t from this life so we would go back to that age or that lifetime and you know at that time we walk through the whole life line where was the imbalance what was the power center how is it expressing what were the emotions and what was the holding pattern so we have the ability to clear out the original occurrence of these limiting beliefs and so and then you just back out all the way back out and you complete the process and so again I got a little long-winded there but as you can see it’s really comprehensive mm-hmm so when someone comes to you for you know to see you Debbie if I know I know it’s able to go through the whole thing it’s not just one session it was like twenty two sessions I know that’s high urban living all are targeted okay yeah the that’s the most common question how many sessions are going to take me and it’s the one question I can’t answer because it depends on how well you integrate how quickly you integrate how much trauma you’ve had how motivated you are to clear stuff up because I can clear it out but you can put it right back in normally happen with adults but like I had a little boy who was just mortified about school and couldn’t he literally can’t talk when he gets to school he cannot speak his voice won’t show up and I could clear him out completely the night before school started and he was completely cleared by the time he got through those school doors it was all back again yeah just so troubled with anxiety so and I used to muscle test how many sessions is it’s going to take to clear up and maybe it was six or 12 or whatever it was but then as we go along people start adding stuff to their intention they want to like this they want to work on this they want to work on that and suddenly your six sessions done and they’re like why isn’t it finished oh so I just stopped answering the question there’s just no way to know I have a second side of that question Debbie so one I have to give a shout out to a different amount Nissa our second podcast we talked about the book dad and how there’s summat synchronicity in the world and she actually had gone to see Luiz hey in Tampa I can do a conference in 2007 she yes the engineer yeah you know what’s funny is she actually said in a dr. Weiss session and told me about it and I had gone to see dr. white out in Canada which is Brian Weiss or Darrin Weisman no blind wife and so it was like watching the screen of don’t go to the hallways you guys could been to the same room essentially it is so weird I love ya when you said that that lit me up but so my quite my second side of the David question I how long do we have to do this is you had a beautiful story and everyone does of what brings them to a current current situation in life and you had mentioned you know work in a nightie for a number of years and then you have done me I can do it conference and then Darren lights men and all this other stuff would you say that the energetic fusion is a work in progress as well because our guards on with your way you’re not done with modality they’re not that your modality chasing but you find different things that you can fuse into energetic healing or are you getting it on by the way no I it’s an open it’s an open modality I keep every time I find something if there’s a way to add it then I will add it and that’s why I call it kind of a fusion of everything I’ve learned because it is a work in progress right now I think it’s pretty pretty full pretty robust pretty comprehensive but I am certainly open to the more I learn being able to incorporate that into the into the fusion you know at some point you might as you start adding stuff and it’s just kids to this mix of a lot of different things you just might have to just call the debbie method I’m getting the feeling that nobody would respond to that but the venue that’s I think you that have people coming you can teach them you know or the course of a few weekends I had to do the Debbie bet right right oh Lord I can only hope about the Debbie spiritual gumbo method oh I like it yeah there’s a Wikipedia I’m sold on that use all below Save Mart so things like to stay in touch with you that we’re at the top of the hour but we’d like to stay in touch with you because you know if you as you mentioned you may someone may come in for initial session and then realize they need six or seven more and that may be over a year and may be over two years and I’m thinking over that time you find other modalities to fuse into the energetic fusion and as you do that we’d love for you to come back and just keep us abreast of what’s happening in new and fresh and Debbie’s world we’d love to have you back for that right and I have other modalities that are equally as powerful I have not figured out a way to fuse them with the energetic fusion yet but there’s definitely plenty to plenty to talk about so in your site you talk about the energetic fusion but if you can give out your website and it has some other modalities on I’d love you to highlight that right now okay well my website is life on fire healing inspiring you to have your optimal health and life good passion for life so life on fire healing calm and some of the other modalities I do are higher brain living which is 22 sessions I will be doing a a demo about higher brain living at Phoenix and Dragon this Thursday the 16th and another one on Monday December 11th and we just wrote an article Leslie Clayton and I wrote an article about harbor and living that is published in conscious life journal magazine this month so I’m very excited about that also I do Atlas balancing or it’s called sound code therapy and you sound codes to straighten out the spinal column it can be done remotely so there’s no touch involved and that’s an amazing modality is less than 50 people in the United States will do that and I’m one of those and then there is bioenergetic transmission which is my latest technique and I am the most proud of there’s only 25 people in the world that do this and I’m one of them and it’s hard to talk about but it’s really powerful so all of that stuff is on my webpage so fantastic we definitely appreciate that and you have just been in tuned to another session of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and Deveny W is definitely a pleasure thanks so much for taking time to speak to our audience thank you I really appreciate it and I will be talking to you soon around good thanks so much bye now bye thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective check you out next time have a great day