Exploring Access Bars and Access Consciousness with Stephanie Richardson

Video Transcript

okay good afternoon everybody today Sunday October 8 2000 17 this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I’m David and today we are blessed to interview and actually just have a fireside chat with Stephanie Richardson and Stephanie Richardson is part of access consciousness it’s just going to talk to us about access bars as a little side note it was a god wink as we talked about in one of our earlier podcasts where I had no idea what this was and I had started a day like most and I had a full schedule and something told me to go to this event they were having here in Roswell a couple of weeks ago and I was drawn to it actually had the actual access bars session for about an hour and a half and it was phenomenal and I’ve told everybody about it so now I’m really happy to have excellent facilitator give us more information about that with Stephanie Richardson welcome to the call hi thank you so much for having me on absolutely and so if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself and what is access consciousness and access and access bars I think yes so I am a certified facilitator of access consciousness and I became a certified facilitator in 2012 and I I’m like I forgot that I would have to talk about myself I was so excited to talk about access and about bars that I forgot to include me in the conversation so my job basically as a facilitator is to make things easy that are hard like Vasile it literally means easy like and so it’s the whole active making things easy and so access consciousness makes it easy to access the parts of you that can actually have and create ease joy and glory in your life and so you know one of my favorite things about it is that it is an ever-changing weird wild wacky modality at work and so FAR’s is part of access consciousness it’s actually one of the first classes that people take whenever they’re starting their journey on with access consciousness and what it is is it’s 32 points on the head it’s actually a physical modality so there are 32 points on the head that when you lightly touch them I’m about to get kind of technical for a second they dissipate the electromagnetic charge of thoughts feelings and emotions that keep you stuck and so basically if you imagine in a junkyard they have these gigantic they have these gigantic electromagnets and so with an electromagnet if you turn it on it’ll literally pick up a car from the ground from like 20 feet up and then when you turn it off then it drops the car and so for me access bars works like that all the junk in your life that you’ve gotten stuck to yourself it turns off the electromagnet that keeps it stuck and allows for that stuff to drop away with total ease Wow interesting that’s a good visual I like that good way to put it yeah and so it usually a session usually takes between 60 minutes or an hour and a half and people do shorter ones as taster sessions or if you just need a quick pick-me-up before a meeting or something like that or before a kid takes a test you can do a 15-minute session and have and get a lot of ease out of that but it’s usually 60 to 90 minutes and what a practitioner does is they just lightly hold those points on your head while you get to relax usually they do it on a massage table you can do it anywhere though you can do it sitting at your desk and you get to relax and that’s actually all there is to it so for all the modalities that we used in our lives in order to create change this one is really cool because you get to lay back and relax and have things change without all the efforting that you know we’re so used to yeah so during the session all 32 points get the touch stores just a portion or yeah in a in a session you touch all 32 points if you’re doing a quick session you may only do an energy coal so we start with an energy poll that basically clears the body or allows for energy to move through the body so if you’ve been a desk sitter for years and years and years and years and years and don’t haven’t had a lot of energy work one of the things that can really help an energize your body is just pulling energy through it so that’s how the session begins is pulling energy through the body and so that the energy can move with ease and then from there the that’s after that that’s when we begin touching the 32 points and the 32 points correlate to things like money control creativity aging joy sadness and I won’t name all 32 but those are some of the things that they that they that they sort of work through so if you have the aging toaster for instance we call it the aging toaster because it’s it looks it instead of being a single point actually looks a lot more like two slots going down the top of your head sort of the same distance apart like a toaster and so when we touch that point all your considerations of what aging means so what it means to be too young what it means to be too old what it means what means for your body for you to age what it means for your life for you to age what it means for your career for you to age what it means about your relationships and what it means about sex so all of these things that that you have ideas and thoughts and feelings about all of those things and the ones that you’ve hidden from yourself to the ones you don’t want to look at or know about all of those basically get activated and then and then released which is hard huh what was it like for you when when you were having your bars run well it was really interesting because one it was so new as far as what’s going on so I think the 90 minutes was good because I was trying to ascertain what was really happening and then I had to go through my own preconceived notion so since you’re holding the base of my skull I initially was trying to get my facilitator to kind of move up to the points that I like on my head because I would tell I was comparing it to reflux out I mean not reflexology but I was just comparing it to like a head massage which feels really good to me I mean I’m very tactile anyway and so it was that was going on and then also I was looking at it psychically so I was I was actually having a conversation with the facilitator I told her and she kind of laughed at the end I was like you have all the patience of a saint because I was just like okay now what are you doing okay now I was just continuing to check in where she was just like just relax and let me work on you and at the rate of those that know me know that kind of goes on that my bow is going and so it was really interesting she told me energetically to stick my toe in the water just stick the toe in the water and be in amusement to enjoy this new modality and when I did act I had passed out it’s I didn’t know I passed out so you know I was trying to still be cognizant cuz we’re in a room full of a room full of other practitioners in they had they had the the beds like next to each other so I thought another guy was in the bed next to me on the massage chair table and I was like man could you just shut up so I can enjoy this I was like you’re snoring be like be quiet and it was me let me know that I had finally let go and I really enjoyed it I let Stephanie talk about a little bit more but at the end I just felt so refreshed and energized at the same point I wanted more of it that’s one of my favorite parts is that when I pop up after receiving a session um I feel like a whole new person I’m like oh oh whoo everything’s a little brighter I feel a little brighter I feel happy to be alive and awake and all recession is different – how did you discover access consciousness always your first experiences or what led you there well access consciousness is funny so I was doing a meditation and basically heard clear your schedule and I was you know I was really happy because that month I had a whole bunch of stuff on my schedule that was all about making money and I was really happy about it my business was starting to take off as a photographer in ways that it hadn’t taken off before and so when I heard clear your schedule basically my first my first response was no and we know what happens when you do that so my schedule got cleared for me and so I was like well fine I’ll just what am I supposed to do meditate the whole time so I began this month by meditating and you know when you sort of open the door to something like you need to go okay I’ll open this door where is it going you start getting information and so I got an email that had only I still don’t know how they got my email or who these people were or how I don’t know how I got the information except for that was in my inbox of something that was called a teleseminar or telesummit and in the telesummit there’s a whole bunch of different people with different modalities that basically doing our presentation on their modality and what I heard whenever I called into this particular day was what if 98% of your thoughts your feelings and emotions don’t belong to you and yeah and there was an all of these it was a ha ha moment followed by a ha moment followed by a ha moment and I look back over at my life and looked at all the different things that I had tried to change and the things that I had success with and the things that I didn’t have success was changing there were numerous times in different relationships where I used every tool I had in my toolbox and I could get I could get something to change I could change something about myself for maybe 2 days was the max that there were certain things that I could only get them to change for two days before I’d be back in the same pattern having exactly the same thoughts again which I was so confused by because if you can change it for two minutes or if you change it for two days or if you change it for two weeks you should be able to just change it so I was baffled when literally like a script these thoughts would come back and and so when I got that information what if 98% of your thoughts feelings emotions aren’t yours I look back at all those things that I tried so diligently with so many different modalities to change that wouldn’t and I was like oh if I’m just picking that up from the people around me or from people around the globe or from the culture that I’m in or from the family that I’m in I’m just picking all of these things up well no wonder you can’t put them down for longer than a couple of days because are still there but they’re not yours and so the second that I heard that I was like okay I have whatever this crazy stuff is that they’re doing I want to know more and so I immediately went to look at when the next class was going to be for this class called foundation which is where they teach what I say day but at the time it was they now it’s you know that I facilitate and other facilitators around the world facilitate there’s this class called foundation and that’s where you get a whole bunch of these tools or at least that’s what I that’s what I heard you can have all of these tools to use and I was like that and then I found out that you had two deep bars first and the last thing that I wanted to add was another freaking modality like I wanted adjust one of these tools I wanted the questions that she was asking I wanted the you know not I wanted to actually know how to do the ninety-eight Purdue University so I wanted all of that and I found out that first I had to touch somebody’s head and I was like I’ve been a massage therapist I’ve been a pranic healer I’ve taken Reiki I’ve done all of these different things the last thing I need is somebody else showing me their how right they are about how you deal with a body yeah but when I showed up bars the part of the bars class itself actually contains a whole bunch of primary tools like who does this belong to and another one that I infected Hansa with which was how does it get any better than this which is a question that you ask whether things are going great or whether things are falling apart in front of your face you can say oh okay and how does it get any better than this and it keeps you keeps you from sticking yourself whether you’ve decided this is the best food I’ve ever had or this is the best sex I’ve ever had or this is the best business I’ve ever had it keeps you from sticking yourself with the great things it allows you to have stuff that’s great beyond measure great beyond what you can imagine right now and then whenever stuff is going terribly it opens the door for you to get out of your own way and allow for things to actually change to work better for you there too so it’s another one of the magic tools so it turns out in the first class I did get all of that magic and I also learned how to how to do this modality and it turns out now the more I do this modality the more fun I have with it and the more I’m super grateful it was required before I went on to all the other stuff I thought I wanted to do wow how long does it take to become a facilitator well of access bars all it takes is taking three bars classes and you can be a facilitator of that basically because it’s so simple and so easy there’s and you can’t mess it up it’s all that’s required is that you really get the point and and then know those those tools in a way that you can share them with other people so if you can say you know what if 98% of your thoughts feelings and emotions aren’t yours and you’ve played around with it yourself then all you have to do is know how to ask people questions you don’t have to have answers for them because if I ask you questions I get to empower you to know that you know you know it’s true for you and so it’s all about empowering that which makes being a facilitator really easy because I don’t have to know everything I get to just ask you a question yeah so how often does it with a person get a session a bar a session I suggest every day no actually I suggest weekly if you can if you can do that and if you can’t make it weekly then once every three weeks works okay okay and now but the more you do the more you do it basically the easier your life gets so that’s why I jokingly say every day the I did do an entire month one time with another practitioner and we traded every single day for an entire month and at the end of the month it’s so funny because we looked and we went oh my gosh and this changed and this changed and this change and this got really easy and this was really fun what happened this month it was so different and then and then we were like wait we ran bars every day Wow you mean when what do you mean when you say you traded oh so I would run her cards one day and then the next day she would run my bars that we weren’t doing three hours at a time so that we we could stay on I guess stay on task with with doing it every day we made it easier to do it every day by by gifting one day and receiving another day and trades there’s another you mate if anybody else hears about bars trades we also do evening wear practitioners of bars but if you’ve taken one bars class you’re a bars practitioner you can start using it in your in your life or in your business if you’re a massage therapist or something you can add bars to it immediately if you’ve got a coaching business it can also be really cool if you do an hour of coaching with someone and then you do an hour of bars with someone it basically allows for the stuff that the new stuff they’ve become aware of for them to have more ease with the changes that they’re asking for and so you basically speed up your coaching process or speed up your you know speed up your other modalities and so if you hear about a bars trade what it is is we’re practitioners get together and basically swap so one person will get their bars run and then you know we spend about an hour an hour and a half doing that and then everybody will get up have snacks have a little bit of a chat and then you’ll switch and then it will gift to the person who is receiving and the person who is receiving let’s get begins to gift so you both benefit it sounds like both from giving and receiving so you actually learn that lesson as well well and for every bar session that you gift you actually do it actually is active on your body we had a neuroscientist that’s been studying bars and so they basically put what looks like space helmets on the people running bars and then space helmets pre bars session and space helmets at the post close session with people and studied what the effects of bars were and what they found is that the practitioners also got the benefit of the session so the things that happen during a session you basically become aligned your your energetic you become aligned so all the different ways that there’s a bunch of other modalities too they’re all about getting you back into alignment where if part of you feels like it’s stuck over in left field and part of you you feel scattered basically whenever that happens when you’re out when everything’s out of sorts you literally feel like it you feel scattered and your life may feel scattered too and what happens whenever you get your bars run is all of those all of the bits and pieces and parts and energies of you actually come together and become cohesive working unit again so the everything that’s supposed to work together begins working together with ease instead of you know having to having to reach to all these different places I don’t know if that was actually caught that I don’t know if that actually made sense but basically if you feel scattered this keeps you from being scattered and we have a neuroscientist that studied that and was like wow that actually happens both for the giver and the receiver at the same time and that was a cool that was one of my favorite parts of that study so what exactly happens with the energy that your your room that’s moving out of the person that’s getting having a dental it just dissipates or well if you okay so with the with the premise of what if we’re all infinite beings and what if our bodies also are infinite beings okay so if you’re an infinite being does anything ever actually die or does anything ever actually leave or anything it’s more like it’s more like it it goes into all your joking that’s a great question I haven’t been asked it before in that way and so I’m like oh let me let me formulate what that what that answer is so if if you’re an infinite being you should have the ability to use any energy to do whatever you’d like to do with it okay so I should be able to just use energy there isn’t actually anything that that’s good or bad or right or wrong about energy itself except for that we’ve judged it that so if we’ve judged that something as a negative energy then we’ll start using it like a negative energy we’ll start using it like a weapon against ourselves because we’ve labeled it as something that’s bad and wrong if that changes and we no longer have that charge that literally we’re talking about the charge of things if we no longer have a charge on it we no longer perceive an energy and then go oh my god that’s terrible ah what do I get rid of it if I don’t have that if I just go oh look at that look at that that’s just an energy it’s information then I can use it so what I would say happens in a bar session is that the charge on things leaves the thing that makes it negative instead of just an energy that you can use in your life changes so now all the sudden instead of having all these weapons pointed at you you have a whole bunch of tools that you can use because if energy is just energy then I should be able to use any energy that’s coming at me as an energizing force of creation not be able to use any energy to create I should be able to use any energy as something that could energize my body and instead if I’m trying to get away from an energy you wiggle away from an energy or control and energy what am i using my energy for I’m actually using all the energy at my disposal to try an you know Jedi mind trick these other energies out you know so that they don’t hurt me or me or make my life harder but we’re actually using we’re now using our energy to fight instead of using our energy to create and you know every every time that we take something that we’ve decided is bad and actually get to use it as just information you don’t have to fight so hard anymore so you don’t have to use so much of your energy to constantly be battling the you know battling things in your life you can actually just ask any question so a question like is this actually mine so you may be battling things that aren’t even yours you may be battling emotions that aren’t even yours you may be battling thoughts that aren’t even yours you may be battling feelings and feelings in your body that aren’t even yours and so all of your energy goes to all those fights and if it’s not yours you can just basically go hey thanks you know what returned that energy to wherever it came from let them deal with it let them deal with their own stuff and so now you get to use your energy in ways that work for your at the creation of your life and you pet you become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others instead of having to fight their battles for them and that is one of my other favorite things is that you know what if we could live our lives as the invitation and inspiration to a greater life instead of trying to hop into the mire with people and you know try and dig out their slog we could just invite them to kind of like get out of the cesspool you know yeah all said what’s the can you talk a little bit about access body will students say access body and access bars that’s a great question so access consciousness has over 60 different body processes so bars works on the head and so that that’s one they basically work like different modalities so with bars you’re releasing the electromagnetic charge that holds all the stuff in place and then with the body processes it depends because some of the body processes are about so let me give you one so one of them is called restoration of communion with her and so for that process you would put your feet your hands on the bottom of someone’s feet and ask for restoration of communion with earth to run and when you do that the gift the gift of these processes is that it begins to empower the people who take the classes and use the processes to begin to see their body and energy in a different way and it doesn’t take being a master of anything or getting special permit I don’t know there’s you know with a whole bunch of other modalities it feels like there’s this barrier to entry that you have to somehow be a special person or that you somehow have to get special permission from the gods or something to use them and the way that these work is that anybody can touch another body and ask for that ask for energy to be present and run and so for instance with restoration of communion with earth it begins to break down this barrier that we’ve put up between our bodies and us and the earth and allow for us to receive from and gift to the earth just by putting your hands on another person’s body and asking for that and so it begins to give people the information that you can ask for energy you can receive energy and you can eat an energetic presence with another person that allows for that body and that person to change so in the really empowering they’re empowering tools not just in in what they can be used for because there are also ones that allow for scar tissue to change there ones that allow for aging there’s a an energetic facelift and that allows for the elements of aging or the effects of aging allows for those to change and and I love that anyone can do them and the other part that it’s changed for me in my life then this isn’t one that most people talk about but for me it’s allowed for me to be with people in a really different way and allowed me to be with my friends in a really different way so it allowed me to add a level of of kindness and caring in my life for the people that I know that I didn’t have before so if you get together with somebody and run something like restoration of communion with earth it’s really nurturing and it feels caring and so for people for instance that have people who are in the hospital like how often when people are sick do we actually know how to be with them we’re sort of we kind of don’t know what to do so maybe we go and we watch the hospital television with them or we go and bring them something to read or we go and bring them something to eat while wanting to be able to do something else but we don’t always know what that is or how to be caring we may not have that training in our lives I didn’t come from a super affectionate family and so it to have a tool like this to be with somebody in a really caring nurturing kind way and while also contributing to their body is a real gift Wow well said so what was that like for you Hamza when you OH or did you these did you just get the bar songs or did you get the body too yeah I think I don’t know I don’t know if I would have exploded if I had it all done at one time and now I will tie it up after the bars that I wanted more of it to be honest and but Stephanie I made a really good point about being infinite beings and you’re saying or 98% of are we carrying around it at us what would you say to those that would remark that oh well something happened to me in the past life and it’s my karma and I that’s what I just it’s my lot in life in this in this current life what would you say that from the access standpoint Wow we do we don’t track so what I would say is what if you didn’t have to be at the effects of what you’ve chosen in the past and really that’s where I would start I because it’s we all have choices that we actually don’t know that we have and so by beginning with a question we begin to open the door to having a different conversation with ourselves or with others or with the universe or even between who we decided that we’ve been and who we’ve decided that we will be so if I ask the question well what if you never had to be at the effect of your past I would ask so I’ll give you another tool that you can use right away so one of the tools that we use for all the things that we do is if something is light for you it’s true for you and if something is not light for you if it’s heavy then it’s not true for you so if I ask you the question what what if you no longer had to be at the effect of your past does that lighten something up for you or does it get heavier yeah I kind of think what you’re also saying with choice is that if we’re infinite beings is all happening simultaneously so we don’t have to look at a past life from or a future life from a historical or a feature tense if it’s all happening at that time it sounds like you’re saying by exercising choice you’re empowered in this present moment well what I would say about that i I do try and when I’m when I’m facilitating classes one of the things that can be really easy is for people to get caught up in their head whenever they’re looking at things and to look at things theoretically or use theories or about how things are from the other things that they’ve learned to to kind of it’s to try and understand but oftentimes when we try and understand we make ourselves at the effect of again we’re sort of putting ourselves at the effect of the things that we learned instead of really looking energetically at what we’re aware of so if that’s a difficult muscle to retrain so whether time is simultaneous or whether you know past present future is real or whether it’s all happening at the same time and we don’t have to know any of that to choose differently all we have to do is in the present moment make a choice so when you said you know basically that you get more present I would say that is definitely true and that all you have to do is ask a question in the present moment and be aware of what’s true for you now and know that in 10 seconds that’s very likely to be different again so every choice is only good for ten seconds so if you stay present and basically always ask what’s required right now to create the life that you would like to have and look for what that is that you can do in the present moment or what you can be in the present moment you’ll begin creating the life you’d like to have without being at the effect of all these other things no matter how they happen like no matter what what about science and time is true or real or not true and real or what you believed or bought or what you’ve been told it kind of doesn’t matter whether your past is stuck as one thing in the past or whether it’s happening now if you’re making choices now then you don’t need to know theoretically what’s happening unless that’s just fun free to explore is there a minimum age for someone the half of them I added like access bars for example that you recommend or any age is fine we’ve had seven year old to seven year olds become facilitators okay not militated oh they they don’t they don’t facilitate classes on their own they you know but they have facilitated with their parents kids are faster at this stuff than we are so yeah it can pretty much take one class and know what’s going on where people need a few classes to really get what’s going on and so there is no minimum age the thing that changes with bars and little kids is that we basically say you know however old they are up to up to a certain up to a certain age where they they start asking for it and that you just sort of take their age and it’s like add three and that’s how many minutes so adults do 60 to 90 minutes that’s because we’re slower than kids with kids you just run the first point and whatever whatever other points you become aware of that they work wire or asking for or whatever relates to if they’re having some kind of issue and so if it’s a three year old you know at most you’re going to run their bars for like six minutes just because they’re so fast and things they don’t hold on to things the same way that adults do for the most part and there there are times where that’s that’s different if your kids are running if they’re playing video games or something like that you can sneak in and run their bars while they’re playing video games and then the let you run it longer it just tends to be that they get fidgety because they’re done so there isn’t a minimum age and there’s not a maximum age either it basically is just you know what if you added I’d flip it back around and just ask a question what would your beat life be like in five years ten years 20 years if you’ve got your bars when does it lighten up and if it does then that’s a yes for you and then you know would you be willing to give your body and your being what it’s asking for and what would create the life that you’re asking for mmm that was kind of was going to be my next question the difference between may be working on a child and then someone maybe who’s having it for the first time he was let’s say is in their 50s or 60s obviously a child isn’t they’ll have that all their life experience so then I have a lot of stuff built up you know from life as opposed to someone who’s getting it done for the first time he was a lot older so I was just going to ask you the difference you know just the apparent differences between it doing it on a child as opposed to you know stone who a lot older but I think you kind of answered yeah well I’ll add one bit to it about the age if you can get a kid to run your bars that is really potent and fun because they’re willing to let they’re willing to be everything that they are for the most part and so when they do a session they don’t come with any of the doubt about it or any of the am i doing it right or is this is this going to work or how much would be okay to they come in with a point of view for the most part alright what can we change yeah so if you get a kid to run your bars they may run your bars for you know 20 minutes and it’ll feel like they ran your bars for seven hours I have a question with regards to capability and with the children and my experience I’ve seen just like you’re saying I mean they come in they don’t have the doubt or what have you so they pretty much not buy into it but they supersede anyone’s like for an adult expectations at at a time when they’re really young and then I’ve seen examples from a psychic phenomena where the children were just so capable up until about 12 or 13 or they started going the middle school in high school and then they kind of kind of got into the Mucky mud that adults are usually in and it seems like that’s where they’re cut off until later in life or something happens where they’re reintroduced at least in the psychics and the psychic phenomena world that I’ve experienced do you see the same thing with the children or they consistent all the way through well no we do see things it does change a lot from so we let kids come for free from one from zero to fifteen and then at 15 to 15 to 18 they pay half price and 18 and up they pay full price and part of that is about exactly what you’re talking about whenever they’re younger they’re literally they get things so fast and they’re willing to change anything and what they’re doing with all of it the body processes and the and bars is they’re having fun and they’re enjoying it and they’re seeing what they can change so they’re they’re willing to explore that there is something when people hit middle school and it’s really the training ground of the computational reality that we function from as an adults and the computational reality that we function from is where do I fit where do i benefit where do I win where do I lose and and what’s right about this what’s wrong about this what’s good about this what’s bad about this and the way that we’ve been taught that we say who we are in the world is by talking about the things that you like or don’t like anybody who’s ever been on a first date knows how that goes is most of most of your time is spent figuring out what people like or don’t like which is basically what are your judgments about the world and let me tell you about my judgments about the world when you talk to a little kid there’s their videos where they have little kids that are different from one another meet and then whenever then they interview them afterwards and they try to get the kid to explain what you know who the kid was and the differences that are so obvious for adults you know whether it’s what race the kid was or whether the kid had a disability or you know whatever all the labels that we give people little kids don’t have but by the time you get to middle school you’ve been taught that the way to have an identity and the way to be a person is to have all of these judgments and all of these ways of computing yourself and comparing yourself to solidify those and so that’s really where the judgment starts to come in and that is where the judgment becomes way more important than the exploration and play of what can I do what can I do what can I be you now have to have the definition instead of the question and so that solidifies starting basically in the middle school years and solidifies through high school and a lot of people you’ll see them kind of get stuck after high school or college as what they’ve defined themselves as so they may not grow much beyond that point unless they actively choose to grow and change or or they run into something that changes out of their control in their life and then they begin looking at everything in their life as if it’s a new life so you’ll see that happen to whether it’s somebody having a near-death experience or a divorce or a parent dying or somebody that they care about altering what that relationship is in a way that has them or losing a job even that has them second-guessing who they are and what they want to be and what they’d like to have and what is this life all about and it can be jarring for an adult to hit that place unintentionally but I think that that’s a lot where where people start looking for the stuff that I know that you guys are talking about on your show on a regular basis you know is what what tools do you use when your life doesn’t look the way you thought it was going to yeah so do you still you mentioned earlier when we first started off the interview about some of the other modalities that you’ve done in your life do you still do any of those others are used pretty much all access consciousness now I mostly just use access consciousness tools but one of the cool things about access is that you it’s really pragmatic and so you ask what what would work so I sometimes one of my dogs likes one of the other modalities that actually that I’ve done he really enjoys the pranic healing work and so sometimes when there’s something going on in his body I’ll ask his body which is also sort of an interesting thing I ask his body when his body requires and I’ll use whatever that is so if I have essential oils that you know that read or if there’s an you know if there’s some herbal supplement that he requires or if there’s or if he wants me to do some of the pranic healing work if that would actually work better for him or if he wants me to use one of the access body processes that’s what I’ll use so access doesn’t exclude anything else any other modalities but what I found is for the most part the using the modalities like using the energy work and using bars with people is and using something else competence any of possibilites sessions with people and animals is that you don’t do bars on animals though just as a side note they don’t have parts but we’re using those is really really effect and part of access is always asking a question so what’s required here to create the change that we’re asking for and then using whatever information that you get to actually report so I’m always using access because I’m always using a question of what’s required and looking for the energetic information of what to choose in the next ten seconds so these tools key you can pretty much use them on anything living like a plant could you do some work so it kind of works like on a plant or a tree or you can I had a garden that a friend of mine planted for my birthday and after a couple of months some of the plants were doing great some of the plants weren’t doing very well and I walked outside and I had just taken a class with a facilitator who uses access tools with land and with plants and so I walked out my outside of my door and I said oh well you know what I hadn’t thought to use it on my garden and so I walked out to the plants and I looked at each one of them and said you know that this is the part that sounds crazy but it’s fun to play with where I go or do you like where you are like are you happy where you are and and one plant would say yeah I’m happy here and then I asked the next plant are you happy here no and I would get the heavy which is a no and so I would say okay cool so I took a survey of all the plants and asked for each one of them if they were happy where they were they wanted to be somewhere different or if they wanted to be facing a different direction and I I followed that light and heavy and replanted all the plants that wanted to be replanted and I asked them all who they wanted to be next to and where they wanted to go and what direction they wanted to be facing and so some of the plants came out of the garden and some of the plants stayed in the garden they you know a lot of the plants I moved them to be next a different plants because I don’t know enough about gardening to do it mentally so I had nothing in my mind of how a garden is supposed to work or what might these plants were supposed to like or any of that so this was actually a fun fun thing to play with and so once I replanted them by the next week almost all the plants had doubled in size Wow so yeah you can use it with anything everything has consciousness and I’m always at how controversial that is as an idea that everything has consciousness the couch I’m sitting on house consciousness the because it’s made out of it’s made out of the same molecules that we’re made out of and what is it that yeah what is it that keeps those molecules together like we think that everything everything just sort of sticks together on its own accord what if that’s actually what if consciousness is actually the thing that creates so basically what is this consciousness is the glue that sticks everything together and so you can talk to the consciousness you may you know you’re not talking to something that’s ain’t intimate it just moves slower than you do which is why it looks so solid and so you know if you can talk to the consciousness of anything you had a brief story offline about a house I think I’ll form a house that you lived in where you had a similar experience with or with plants not too sure that oh I asked win it so basically the moment I moved into that house I was ready to move again so I yeah got the last piece of furniture in and then went alright I’m ready to move so I asked so I asked the house I was like okay well you know what well one of the things I ask before I buy anything is will you make me money so before I bought this house I was like hey will you make me money and it said yes so you basically ask what things will create in your life and they’ll give you the information so I’ve asked that well so I moved in and I then I was ready to I was already ready to move and I so I asked the house I was like hey will you let me know when it’s time to sell you and I got a light so that was yes for me and so um so anyway a couple years later I started getting the hint that it was time for me to start looking for something else and so I started looking and then and then I got a letter in the mail that said hey whenever you’re ready to put your house on the market call me yeah and I was like okay so so I talked to the real estate agent got some information we started putting together what you know what it was going to look like to sell the house what the price was going to be and then I you know said hey when when should I put you on the market and I got a date which I thought was really interesting I got a very specific date December 12th and and the real estate agent was trying to put it on the market on the 11th and so I thought that was I was like oh this is interesting but the photographer all the sudden couldn’t make it on the day they were supposed to so we got delayed by a day it went on the market on the 12th and sold by that by the next 24 hours later it is sold full price so yeah you can have convert you can have in-depth conversations with your stuff if you want to one of the easiest ways to clean out a closet is to go through and just ask everything you know will you contribute to the future that I’d like to have or will you make me money or whatever question you’d like to ask you know your stuff I play with stuff like asking food or asking my body or asking or going into a closet and and looking at stuff and going hey will you make me money if I wear you will you make me money if I wear you will you make me money I wear you will you make me money if I wear you will you make me money and see which ones are the ones answer yes and which ones answer no and and so when you do that you get the chance to play with using these tools without actually having anything that you’re not really risking anything except for having a cleaner closet that can contribute to you it’s like you know you’re not dude there’s nothing that’s going to harm you and in that there are small enough life choices you can begin to build your awareness which is one of the things that I love about using these tools and using these tools with things like inanimate objects or things that you don’t even care that much about or know that much about so the garden was a great chance for me to play with something that I don’t know much about and use use and see what happens because if you just play with stuff and play with what you’re aware of what will happen is you you will first of all you have more fun with your life but also you begin to to grow your own dictionary for what awareness is for you so that you’ll really be able to trust it when it comes to really big choices or really big decisions that you have to make in life or ones that you feel really personal about you’ll have all of these other things that you’ve played with and gotten to see how it turned out that you weren’t risking anything you have all of that under your belt so that you can actually feel really comfortable using the tools when you get to bigger choices so I’ve done this with my closet and done it with the garden and done it with you know what direction to turn while I’m on a walk or that kind of thing you have all of this you’ve started to understand how you’re aware about things because the way that you’re aware about the world will be different than anyone else so you can learn modalities that will give you the answer of how things are supposed to feel but one of the things that I’ve seen is that if you have one of my friends is an animal communicator and she’s amazing she actually has a radio show that she that she talks for her dog right so that’s not how the show started the show started with it being her giving tools of how to communicate with your pets and how to use that communication to make it easier for their behavior or for their health and what she discovered over time is how much how how easy it was for her to communicate with animals but she started out taking animal communication classes about 20 years ago and when she took those communication classes with people who were telling her how it supposed to feel and what she was supposed to have to do to have that information she thought she couldn’t do it and yet she’s one of the most dynamic animal communicators that I know but it was because she communicates way faster than those modalities allowed her to be aware of so they would say that you had to sit there and you basically had to meditate with the dog and then you had to do this and they had to do this and then you had to do this and then finally they would talk to you but she had already they had already had the exchange so quickly that she had already asked the dog a question the dog it out already answered and then they didn’t have anything to do for the next 20 minutes because I thought she wasn’t doing it right I loved it by playing with tools you get to be aware of how you’re aware and you get to build that for yourself and you get to learn like well what is it like whenever I get a heavy for me because that might be different for you like one of my friends forever her I would hurt really bad when it was a no you know so that’s different than other people’s light and heavy and then finally she was like you know what it doesn’t work for me for it for my eyeball to feel like it’s going to explode every time I get in oh hey body is there another way you can give me this information and then Arno started to itch when it was a no she’s like a lot better it was a facilitator yeah I mean you it sounds like it’s been a total life changer since 2012 and I do like how when I had my first session I was given a book and I’d like for you because we’re coming up close to the top of the hour two things I wanted to talk a little bit maybe well just have you back because I mean it sounds like we’re just headed the tip of the iceberg so I’ll withhold my my first question because that will take a lot of time but as a certified facilitator are you only doing it in Georgia or where are you offering your services I am world wide so I actually travel the world using these tools with people and facilitating classes and I also I also use it in every kind of work that I do so I’m one of those people who who does a lot of things because it’s fun for me so I do photography and all sorts of other things and use these tools with my clients while we’re doing sessions so so yeah so I do that around the world I do have and we do online classes too so there have been some clarity nights that I’ve done recently which basically are all about getting clear on what you’re asking for and so those we do online oh nice so your ex accessible play on words love it yeah accessible where do you have any upcoming events that people need to know about I’ve got some well since this is going to be airing at a different time than right now there is a video there’s a video series that’s coming out that is a lot like that very first telesummit that i saw except for this will be all different access consciousness facilitators that have different specialties within access consciousness and so we’ll be doing a free video series so I don’t know if there’s a way that we can link to that because I don’t have the exact details on what the website is for them to go to right now because it’s coming up in the future but things like that would be really fun because people can explore how else these tools can be used with other people who talk about the tools really differently and then I’ve got clarity nights I’ve got a radio show that we do weekly using these tools that people can call in and actually ask more questions about and then I’ve got a foundation class that’ll be coming up in January and then I’ll have some being new adventure classes that you use these tools with you being you so I’ve got all sorts of stuff you can always find those at access consciousness calm toward / Stephanie Richardson cool yeah I thought David was sitting on something Utah I know I love you guys all sorts of questions but I talked too much that just means that there’s room for additional podcast I mean not covered so much in that span of an hour that I’m sure that there will be more questions of course and then that will give an opportunity for you to talk about your upcoming classes that are happening in 2018 and just finishing off the end of the last quarter for 2017 as well and if you want to tell your websites and where we can listen to your radio show also that would be fantastic the wet you can actually find a link or actually pretty all those previous episodes are available of oh I didn’t even tell you what it’s called so the podcast is called the good girls guide to being wrong and happy and so you can find us that the good girls guide to being wrong calm and that will actually take you to the show page where you can get reminders of when the next show was coming up and but you can also find episodes right now as well on at Stephanie Richardson comm which is that’s really easy Stephanie Richardson calm and and there will be different different offerings on there and also the radio player down at the bottom so you can actually listen right on the website and for the old schoolers they have it linked to their iTunes as well so you can listen to their podcast while you are on the go or I love stitcher for that so stitcher radio is one of my favorites you can choose all your favorite podcasts and it’ll automatically update them and keep them right in your own personal playlist so you can have your you know you can have your homies on there and have it so that when you open stitcher their most recent podcast if they if they sign up for it or you know the good girls guide to being wrong and Freakonomics whatever your other podcasts are that you love you can have those right there at your fingertips auto-updating which I love fantastic fantastic so again we thank you for your time this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and we had the benefit and pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Richardson she’s a certified facilitator of excess consciousness and learning more about excess bars and all the other modalities that we would sure love to have her back and talk more about thank you for your time Stephanie and I will talk to you soon thank you [Music] [Music]

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