How Do Clairvoyants Work? What Does Perceptive Mean?

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you up there here we go we pick be boss I am bad out all right all right so good afternoon everybody this is hamza some david and welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective we’re actually playing with some electronics today we have a three screens going we’re trying to get this live stream on YouTube going we’re live on periscope as well and we’ll put it on our Facebook page so if there’s a lag it looks like over labrum oh it looks like there’s a lag again on that commute that is a Munich for everyone yeah if I meet that it’s all good for everybody but it’s recording on on my tablet so what will happen is I’ll do like I’ve done the others or at least you’ll see us now and we’ll have it that way and just keep it moving okay all right so all right welcome everybody laugh or you guys for your patience in working with us on April night and for those in a spiritual community knows what the big day is tomorrow do you know what tomorrow is pin April 10 it a little today you know what’s big in the spiritual community and not to seeing a lot on the web because we’ve already been in the shadow it is mercury reco mercury retrograde it officially starts tomorrow for about 21 days people have been having mishap with their electronics like we’ve had as you’re seeing were of Joanne she actually lost a lot of data some other people I known as dealt with a lot of electronics and it usually happens when there’s mercury retrograde and I have it for those that stay only to the end I actually have a little incantation that a friend of mine had given me that you can use to prepare yourself for mercury retrograde so you don’t have to feel like your victim of mercury retrograde it happens twice a year and especially in the spiritual community it’s like the world stopped like don’t do anything don’t sign contracts don’t buy any electronics don’t do anything as it relates to mercury retrograde Wow and I hate the feed into that so I have a little incantation at the end while starving yes so what we’re talking about today is before we do I always like to see how your week way so we only see each other on sunday when we do this podcast so how was your week this week this is good week the weather’s been really nice this past week and no real highs or lows kind of in the middle ground was a good week ok I’ll complaints all right and for me I think I was able to say two thousand dollars Wow so ask me how I was able to take two thousand I’ll first I got to say dinner’s on you that has on me a thousand dollars $2,000 I say two thousand dollars by switching to geico know like that lets say the name and now we’re not promoting for that company in sooner but this isn’t about guy go anyway so I the reason why I said I’d say two thousand dollars or a couple of thousand four depending on where you are listening to this there are a lot of people in the spiritual community that are taking these pilgrimage to Peru and they’re going to Peru because they want to do the ayahuasca retreat because in places like the UK in places like the United States it’s illegal to use it and so I’m saying that I was able to save two thousand dollars because a good friend in arm Tinder’s group was telling us last week about hypersleep and I was able to do that I tried it out for the first time Friday night to Saturday and what for those that don’t know about hypersleep hypersleep is when you sleep up to 24 hours or longer and when you do you’re going to have the spiritual awakening I don’t see how you’re going to get around it because initially you’re battling with you used to sleeping seven to nine hours and you wake up and you start your regular dead well that’s your ego used to that routine so you actually overcome in that ego and myself included I didn’t think I would be able to do it after I did I split from nine hours and I woke up and then what time did you go to bed out of that Friday well i went to bed at midnight midnight what what I did was I wasn’t sure how long I’m tonight so i took my excuse me one second I grabbed it for two people hi I was talked about there I talked about it in the when we did the napping podcast and I was talking about doing that video so let me get that over to counter any drugstore and what I was used to doing I was doing what I usually do is magnesium and choline was a lucid dreaming but I wanted to see if I can do it without the choline so anguish enhance that so I woke up I mean I took the magnesium right in nine hour and that’s where I got the inkling of what we should talk about this was visiting again you immediately hit me back with clairvoyant so I was like okay we’re on the right page with that sounds like cool and then I was like man well what I can’t just lay here you know because traditionally you think and I need to get out of to get up dude you’ve got to be responsible then I slept another three hours and then i have to thank you again so this is like MIT on noon and when i woke up i watch discovery so thank you for discovery because I call that and it was fantastic because in our last pot i watch it yes fantastic i think it’s hot it’s highly recommended for those that are watching this I haven’t watched it I started to and then I don’t know what happened i have stopped it like wow I’ll finish watching it later you know I think you need to watch it okay because what I’ll say for those watching is it’s an acquired taste just like with coffee or alcohol or smoking or like if you like drama so I would say do you have to like the good fight or The Good Wife eat bowl children really good I would also put in fargo and i would put in the American and the reason why I put all three of those together is Turkana low and there you have to pay attention to the minutia to see what’s really going on and so they really build up to men like at the end you’re going to be like oh my goodness it’s a fantastic right but you have to stay to that point because of the subject matter they can’t have explosions and everything we’re all so exciting with action because of a subject matter for those that did not watch the high castle we were talking about the movie where Robert Redford’s in it we have to talk goofy guy from very destructive right I’m really distracting I think I’m going to stop it what the big is a surge of community and at the team stop that because that’s really just driving if what I’ll do is I’ll take this recording and put it on youtube chin okay right so when are we getting any comments I’m just one person out of one person watching them youtube so sorry if you’re on a YouTube stream there’s a huge lag so now they’ll be able to hear us or they just won’t be able to see us or but yeah they won’t coz it look like I mean it looks like it’s still going but I haven’t muted it was just too yes I can so so anyway for those that did listen to the podcast last week we were talking about the movie discovery and it has a tall goofy guy from how i met your mother in it it has the his brother in it is a redheaded guy and he is the husband from Fargo season two so it was really cool to see those two together in Robert Redford the father so Robert Redford had discovered that there is life after death and he had proof for society I’m sorry he’s a scientist they’re all scientists the Sun the goofy guys the protagonists from How I Met Your Mother I don’t know his name but he’s the protagonist he’s a neurosurgeon so he is totally against what his father is doing because since ever since Robert Redford made this discovery there’s been a massive wave of suicides and people are like well if it’s better on the other side why go through the mockery down I’m dealing with now am I left right so you have all these people and I don’t want to give away too much but I thought it was really good and i highly recommend it so so I call that from 12 to two and then I was like well well I just watched a movie and in our podcast last week we were talking about watching things before we go bed so it was just really interesting because I was processing that in with the super sleep so from two to seven I went back to sleep and it was just phenomena like it’s a personal experience okay so you’re awake yes watch that movie ends and 27 others five hours yes another five hours I went to sleep and then I laid there for a few I laid there for about a half hour you know went to the bathroom type deal then I slept again until about 10 or 11 Wow in the end of the time yeah and then and that’s when I started boosting our facebook page or our YouTube channel and all but what was interesting is I started getting a headache at the end right here because it was just like maybe because it was new and I’ve never slept that long ever even when I was sick I’ve never slept up doing that at all in that period of time um in that 12 you know what that’s probably what did it because when I slept at midnight until the nine o’clock when i text you and then went back to sleep I did and I just drank water and then I always remember our friend in the tenders but i want to say her name until we have our own on the podcast because she’s been doing this for a while and she can have greater insight didn’t meet doing it for the first time and by the way i’m going to do this again i’m thinking either next week or you know shortly after because she said it should be done like every once a month more should be done once every new moon and so there are different ways to look at when you’re actually going to do it and so so no i did not eat and that was one thing I was thinking about because again your mind so used to your routine and that was like wow I haven’t eaten anything yet right and I thought that’s where I was getting a headache towards the end of the day and towards the end of the day I was like I snuck in a some cookies right I was like well that’ll do it and then I actually ate at ten o’clock in ten o’clock at night so ten o’clock tonight us 22 hours right but I’m taking away the movie time and I’m thinking like an hour away or just like just laying in the bed so I would say it was a 20-hour hyper asleep and never done it before it was fantastic because it there was so much processing that I was dealing with that I was unaware of so no and the other thing that I didn’t do that i will start doing now is journaling it because it’ll be interesting to kind of go back and we’ll kind of go into this as to how to clairvoyants work and what is perceptive me because i think some of that house as well and I know we’ve gone over for like 10-15 minutes talking about the movie and how my week went without going and how to clairvoyants work but I think it goes together because for me as a clairvoyant working a lot of messages come through the dream state anyway so when I go through the dream state that helps me personally versus went out if I’m reading somebody that’s totally different like I’m not going to sleep while I’m there but I found that if i close my eyes legs look clairvoyant reading I actually see a lot more oh and then when I open my eyes to see that my back in third dimension and then some Eagle may get in so I actually have my inclination everyone’s different but i think that i’m actually a stronger reader when my eyes are closed when i defo readings no one can tell anyway so I always had my eyes closed so you know that’s me yeah yeah no I agree that the is keeping your eyes closing in you know maybe the person that you’re reading remind you of someone its with the school is that bullied you or whatever a co-worker and you can start kind of getting stuck on some of you know those pictures and whatnot hello keeping your eyes closed as much you know that what to practice and you can really see an understanding benefit of that why you need to keep your eyes closed now before we jump into it let’s just get some some formalities out of the way for those that are looking at clairvoyant or Claire people that are clairvoyant with the actual definition I’ll just read it from as a person claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact the reason why I wanted to read that I wanted three for two reasons one it says a person that claims it actually for natural ability which I totally disagree with because I don’t think there’s anything supernatural at all I think we all have that capability it’s just you spending your time to actually develop it and then the other part is the able to see things in the future or beyond and what we learn that’s different thanks for the hearts and the kisses love the one thing that so the one thing that I would like to say about seeing the future or beyond is when you get a reading from from us from I no horizon you could tell me differently at Berkeley psychic Institute but we actually did what’s called real-time readings or what was happening present time reading and the difference is people go to a get a reading they want to know who am I going to marry and what I get this job should I move to the city and I always like to give that clarification at the beginning of look this is a present time reading this is what I see today yeah because we ultimately will have free will and for minute if I say you’re going to meet this red hot red head then you’re going to discount every other woman you meet before her and they could be the people that you’re supposed to meet oh cuz the car hire told you so yeah declare boy and then you’re upset because the blond girl was all over you and you’re like I’m not going to do anything with you because you’re not a writer hahaha so I wanted to make that distinction between us and others you know there are some people that you know get readings every month or every week and they get dependent on the rear to write and I think that’s kind of like a hero worship and not good and you’re giving that person that supernatural ability again you’re looking at them like that as opposed to you being able to find that out your name a senior to you yes you’re giving away your seniority so I wanted to just go over that clarification first before jumping into it well thank you for clarifying that sure I’m sure you are so I mean there’s so many ways to look at being clairvoyant and in readings and such so how would you like to attack that well crevo wats a French word and it comes from the French and eclair means clear I think that clearly clearly see in black or Sherwood boy having visions so essentially it means clear vision same for me it’s always a cement seen clearly and there’s so many different manifest so being really clear one is not something that you have to like turn on unnecessarily learn you’ve always been clear Wyatt maybe some of your ideas and perceptions of it have to do with you know what you’ve seen a TV and movies Hollywood whatever but clearly seeing is is what being clairvoyant is so let’s say for example you know you get to that fork in the road in life and you decide it’s clear to you that you need to go in this direction that’s a perfect example of being clairvoyant anytime you’re seeing and what your truth is in the moment is clear to you that’s an example of being clear line so it’s not really like really knowing the future or anything like that now you can get readings from people and stuff and who have high levels of awareness and they’re able to see the energy you know within your your aura your energy field and pictures and symbols and whatnot that’s also being part of wine but seeing clearly separating the truth from the lies century is what clever alliances okay me now what’s interesting about the web and i love the web I mean I’m a digital marketer so I’m on the web all the time and I always go down his radical so when we were when i was doing complementary research for that we had uncovered Jainism and you wanted to talk a little bit about Jainism and we thought that was funny we’re talking about cultural appropriation because for anyone that does a search for Jainism you’ll see the the swastika and so many people know unfortunately they know the swastika from what happened in the 1930s and 40s in Germany what they’ve got that from somewhere else so do you want to talk about the origins of Jainism well I just found out about just prior to this coming out of air here I never had never even heard of you but it’s two traditionally known as a ancient Indian religion belonging to the from onyx edition so I’m just kind of reading this and there’s three main principles of Jainism and it’s non-violence non-abs Aleut ISM and non possessiveness and so in the flag that they have their Jane flag now Jane is spelled j’ai in they have you know red yellow white green and black and the colors but they have a swastika that’s right in the middle and so you might be able to tell talk a little more about this just watch yeah yeah i mean its luster if you look at it it’s balanced and there’s a meaning on all sides that were they able yes okay so when you look at that there’s an equality aspect of it and so that was the main reason of in their tenants and jainism states that if you follow what they’re following and we’re not promoting this at all but it opens up your awareness yeah and many people that I know that are intuitive they will say that their diet has changed that they don’t drink as much or they smoke as much or they don’t partake I don’t partake in in the lower energy forms of what they used to now the other side of that of being carbon clairvoyant is we’ll see other people that I do know where they will actually drink war or don’t eat a lot of sugar and what they’re doing is they’re trying to drown that out we talked about that i think it was two podcasts ago when we’re talking about training mediumship because sometimes they don’t have that seniority and they’re not they’re allowing other energies to come in or they can’t shut that noise off yeah so they’re actually using alcohol what have you to drown out the their natural clever lines right yeah so one question that that I was that I had gotten when we were looking at this is what’s it like to be clairvoyant and how would you address is it different from anything else do you put on a spider-man outfit then you’re not there is no what it would take well kind of like I mentioned before talk something you always are as soon as you come into the body to the earth experience your of your clairvoyant for me once I learned you know started doing the clairvoyant training and learning how to do readings and when I was kind of cool to be able to look back at my entire life prior to that and it’s like oh okay thats you know times when i was reading people or using my clairvoyance and didn’t had no idea than have that terminology that language and so forth and so for me it’s it’s very cool because you can you’re always aware of people’s energy their pictures what’s kind of going on with them on an energy level and that really helps with conveying and receiving communication okay in any of that those arenas especially you know giving a receiving communication it’s you know it’s beyond the as to what i want to use it’s just so beneficial and i lost the house to put it so and it’s really good when you can tell when people are lying to you clairvoyant to the awesome tool to use you can always tell for those people that can see auras they might know what i’m talking about when someone lies to you there or shimmers yes so that’s how you never would like to you or any point in time you’re usually click points let’s say someone’s talking to you and telling you something any point tiny you know what they’re telling you is not true than their lines that simple that’s an example of being clairvoyant so it is always have Sutton you see it can be there’s other types of clare’s like cliff sentence which is clear since its site it slightly no no feeling okay feeling of course yeah Clara clairvoyance is so yes I think I want to see ya and then there’s the clear that a couple of their audience yeah sentient is feeling so clairsentient is someone who can i grab an object and they can know all about it someone’s personal their clothes or something and sometimes law enforcement uses those kind of psychics you know they’ll give items to the clairsentient though the psychic no fill it and they get information Claire audits is people that can hear spirit some mediums you know like that they don’t can’t see but well they can they just don’t really they can but they hear everything spirit could talk to them the voices and they’ll go relay those messages and then there’s which I never had even heard till now is Claire Claire effective tell fact is that clear smelling Wow yeah I think my sister is Claire effective right and what’s interesting there’s a couple of things that what you’re talking about when you talk about clairaudient and I wish I remember this guy exceeds on youtube as well he’s a channel but it’s really interesting and listen to this channel because he’ll tell you he’s clairaudience so what he’ll do is he’ll hear the message it will repeat the message and then he’ll repeat the channel right so he repeats twice he repeats twice you know what I’m saying you know what I’m saying yeah it’s just really interesting listen to them because it’s a required tape so listen to him because he’ll say and he’ll say everything he says it in peach twice because one thing rehearing it in his ear and then he’s given that message so you have to really it’s an acquired taste kind of like a movie to listen to them but for guys I think it’s harder for us women I think already have this Claire there are already clairvoyant there we have that sixth sense and a lot of it comes for because there are nurturers right for children they have to know the child’s sake or the child in danger or what have you but when they become older they know when that guy’s lying or not where he said he is at all and so it’s just really interesting I always try to compare myself up sudden my putting on a super outfit like so my sister and I are twins so we’re Wonder Twins right so it’s easier for her to do it and I just know that it took me a longer time to actually develop the skills because for women I believe it becomes natural but when I said what was it like to be clairvoyant for mining a lot of people always look at it from a like you said a hindsight 20 20 right where there could be a defining moment in your life and either you ignore it i think most people find that their Claire their clairvoyant when they ignore that message and my personal experience or just experience in the 20 I think many people will appreciate this man you’re in your 20 your clubbing a lot you’re doing a lot of frat party to think and there’s a lot of low energy because everyone’s imbibing everybody’s drinking you know smoking whatever and then you get to sing clean like this tap on the shoulder invisible tap is saying hey you need to leave or 80 danger around and you ignore you’re like oh that’s what is that that’s weird and then it happened and then you’re like man something told me well that’s your clairaudient that’s your clairvoyance happening it’s either your guides trying to reach you or some type of energy that’s around you that’s trying to protect you right because i think the that there’s a lot of wholesale popcorn on sale in the spirit world because they just city popcorn and just laugh at it you know oh well I’ve gotta step it right now because this person is about a walk off a cliff but they speak what’s the rush at least through me through the clairvoyant right because yeah I mean there’s there’s so many examples that you know when you said or we were talking about visioning to where you may envision something for your highly is good you don’t know if your highest good is and so you can get your clairvoyant there where you’re thinking that still and it could be some eagle there but the universe will give you a better pitcher or a better outcome than you ever imagined so it’s always funny always you know talk to Joanne about this too about going to an intended meeting I kind of laugh and I go because I like hanging out her but I’m like why are we even going to this thing right it’s kind of like Abraham were you asking it asking you shower see you ask the university universe bring it to you and then you receive is it pretty much that simple and if we get out of our home way then you can see where your clairvoyance muscle will get a lot stronger yes so I wanted to compare a clairvoyant and visioning as well because I come from a business background and I always loved working at an architecture firm in what they did at the architecture firm is one before when we’re going to win work or right where we have a kickoff meeting we have what’s called a visiting session so in corporate no visiting sessions where our designer would say he would have two pitchers he would say to physical pitchers so he would have one picture of there were two pictures of the beach right but in the first picture that he would say this is a vision of a perfect vacation with just me and my wife and you have you know the two seats in the sand yeah maybe some beer like a corona commercial and they’re just looking out of the ocean Nene goes however I have teenage kids and ones in college so here our vision of a perfect vacation on the beach here and there since they have kids in high school one in college they’re over wrong with all these people it’s loud the DJ’s girls chicken around and all this they’re like we have two different visions even though this is our picture out of a perfect environment so our job is to bring both of those pictures together so that everyone’s on one Accord and I really like that you know I don’t know a lot of third dimension people will appreciate it because that makes sense it’s a win-win scenario but I also think that you can apply it to fourth in fifth dimension as well when you have these type of visions because like I just mentioned you may have you may envision this is the thing that I want in the universe has another vision of what’s best for you for your hair is good and if you marry the two together that is the ultimate picture now if you’re open to it and you’re going with the flow with that then your clairvoyance in my opinion gets a lot stronger because you’re having a stronger relationship both with your guide in the universe as a whole okay so that’s more I would say that’s what it’s like to be clairvoyant from a business thing where I would bring it down to layman’s terms because a lot of people look at this type of topic or something matter of Airy fairy and and we’re trying to bring it to you from a homies perspective as well right we’re trying to show it is Airy fairy and you know you see a lot of people that are considered flighty and not part of the environment but it’s just really interesting when i’m here with with a high six-figure seven-figure other business owners they have a lot of the theme talk it’s just a vernaculars different different right like they’re even doing things like hyper in going away here we have a place in sandy springs caught in Sandy Springs Georgia is called Ignatius house so for those that live in Georgia look it up and what it is it’s a retreat where you go in going by yourself you can go in with the spouse and you don’t on Friday and you leave on Sunday and from Friday to Sunday is pure silence right and so people a lot of people leave Saturday night because all that monkey you know the monkey mind and all that chatter they can’t take it but the people that stick with it they have these huge breakthroughs and then you can go for a week or you know even longer things like that it’s just that what if accommodate make sure I’m the Ignatius house Ignatius that was definitely look it up everybody for our homework assignment because it’s huge you know and and I kind of look at it again at the beginning of the podcast cross talk about saving two thousand dollars in that on some level we look outside of ourselves of getting that fulfillment right late for me and I’m saying after it by saving the two thousand dollars because I still may ultimately go to Peru just like other people that are listening to this just so they can have the experience right so it’s not to deny anyone that experience but I’m saying you could probably get a just a great result during the hypersleep or are doing some of the napping if you’re not even doing any napping and seeing how you can benefit from that before going outside of yourself from looking for the healing that those healers and people now now it’s more of a tourist area improves on these places right so it’s like do you have to go to ignatiev house or do you make sure that you don’t have any outside electronics or influence in your own now right some people need to go away but I’m saying that on some level you can not to write so you’re not I’m trying to get people out of the habit myself included right I’m not perfect so of looking outside of myself because once I look inside inside that’s where the conveyor clairvoyance comes out and I’m able to manifest more in the physical form so for example just going right back to your hypersleep prior to just going to sleep did you have any intentions when you when you were about know each one or just wanted let it happen and just whatever the experience of it was what it was that is an excellent question and the reason why I say that’s an excellent question i have to say i have to use the example of Florida so I finished high school in Florida right in our in orlando outside our window and back then in the early 90s whoever you know watches is that was in florida will definitely know especially if you’re there too late early than early 90s late 80s Early 90s nothing excuse me nothing was going on there’s just nothing like one event right it’s so especially being there in junior college I was waiting for my girlfriend at the time but to the whole nother story but and I still love her to this day she’s awesome but maybe still talk she’s great so they had to put that clarification out there right but anyway there was one event in town right so as you can imagine a young male no 18 19 20 21 you know you put on a smell good yarn anywhere poke it out through nose a little hot back but in your hammer pants right like you’re gonna have a good time and you have this huge expectation to go to this event and the event will be a bus to be like three people there yeah right and at the kind of highway systems weren’t there at all infrastructure was just horrible for people that know about Central Florida Beck Bennett worry and you would have to take that our ride back home and it was just like the longest time ever and it was just probably even lower because the expectation was so high right and so moving here we had a lot of options so it was like yo Fitz wax this place is lagging go to the next bar you know clean or the next pot and then it was like no tomorrow don’t let me something else or the week nine it was just so much more the expectation wasn’t it wasn’t that high so you just win and then I found that when not just went to these things that I had a better time because i didn’t set myself up word but let down so i said all that to say at the beginning no i mean i’ve done lucid dreaming I’ve done national so I was just interested to see if I can do it right but I didn’t have any expectation and then when I woke up I was a little disappointed initially I was like well and then I remember her clean you’re not going to fleet the whole 24 hours I mean you’re not home but you have to keep reminding yourself we’re fixing that muscle to stay asleep or not get up out of the bed when your ego looks to kind of get up in and guilt and go with your routine so how is your recollection all my recollection was huge when I think that more than normal it was more than normal because here’s the difference that’s a really good question because usually my gripe is whenever I start to get in the dream state I like feel like the dreams are kind of like our YouTube stream right it’ll start and then it’ll just stopped abruptly and the reason why I always stopped abruptly is because if it’s during the week the alarm clock will go off right and i start my regular day and then I’m kind of upset like man I could have you right who knows what that dream would have led me to yeah and so when I did the hypersleep this weekend those dreams actually came through their fruition it was really interesting and then one time one time i will mention because here you know we have candidates running for congress so i was awakened one time during that sleep because you know they’re knocking on the door so make sure we vote for our Congress but i was like of all the time you know i had to laugh like okay you know you saw that humor in this i was like no my expectation i’m going to sleep 24 hours and then that’s when I got the humor out of it like just relaxed and when I relax I got a lot more out of it no more yeah yeah so give me an example of you being clairvoyant like one of the first times like oh that’s not a clairvoyant moment oh when that first come to your perception just being clairvoyant oh the first perception is you know what it is i think is where you know that for example when you were nine years old you didn’t know anything about clairvoyance right that we were even exist in your vocabulary no it did but when you look back it’s really funny and and this is the homies perspective so this is where i’m going to use it so so you know you can go and you you go in a room in the room seems cold not tempered paralyzed but it just seems like the Energy’s low in there right or you may run into somebody that you don’t know for whatever reason you just don’t like that person I think that’s clairvoyance so I would say coming in from a homies perspective and like for some reason I just don’t like you yeah you know and it was like ooh ignoring it like I said initially like oh that’s just weird and then like six months down the line something may happen with that person you’re just like wow well I had that inclination to pay attention to earlier and that’s where you need to start paying attention to them and so now as a older person these many years later I am always reminded because sometimes I’ll still argue right I’m trying to logically explain that because when Claire Williams to isn’t logical right it can be something where it’s totally left in my experience let field are you just like even in my reading for like that alley when I get reading I’m always like I’m going to say something left field but it makes sense to me so when I leaned it to you then it may make sense to you so it’s funny like it my eyes are closed I’ll see something and then I’ll open my eyes and explain it to the whoever i’m reading and then go do the scooby-doo lon oh and then i’ll say what this means it and they’re gone my god and i just found like that worked for me because i’m in the i have the seniority now or I have a validation as well where initially when i first started reading i’m like enjoying an always todas at horizon center like don’t discount what you’re seeing just go out of the state don’t compromise don’t compromise your certainty because you’re going to question it and and ultimately what that means is trunk and so you have to stick you don’t trust yourself who can you trust so there’s a lot of people this is a you know getting on the toe box but if you don’t trust yourself you’re putting yourself on relationships where the expectation is going to you’re going to let yourself down and it has nothing to do with the other person right I completely agree what you’re just talking about and I can kind of go back to my own reading history ammonia and doing readings and I was the same way and I learned early on that the more outrageous or a left build its it seemed that’s what I needed to talk about I learned that if even if it didn’t make sense to me yeah it can make a whole lot of sense of that person that’s giving the reader yeah and so I can remember being in your reading this is way early on and I wasn’t center chair was another guy with signature and he was struggling and so the control came in and no this is during the break and he was kind of struggling in the teachers talking to him and said you know it all else fails just wing it just just talk about whatever you didn’t matter so he went into the next half of the reading the person asking all these questions and he thought he was just making everything that man he was just spot-on to that person just blew him away and what happened is when he got to that walnuts gonna wing it mode he relaxed so much and got it to that no effort space where he was just talking about everything he’d seen without even realizing that’s what he was doing and that was a huge breakthrough for him as a readers like wow like a light bulb kind of went off it’s like oh yeah are you guys just relaxing is really it was he’s putting so much effort into it so that’s where his struggle king but we have to back up course I can because we can’t assume what the audience right so he said she things that I that I already know the understanding but just for the group right or people that are listening to this in the future so you said two things that stood up coming he said since her chair and then you said that the other one was the what was it he was the control the control yes i can go brief explanations well the pack of readings that mean hamza i have done you suck just the one you can do one-on-one readings but when we were learning how to do them there was usually anywhere from 3 25 people in the reading and the sinner chair is you generally was the one who had the most experience with among those readers so you’re reading in a row yeah five people in a row is 1 person in the middle moments in a chair and their their primary reader of the reading and the people on the city to his sides are what are known as side chair and they’ll do parts of the reading or they can speak up in any time during the reading and you know put in their two cents but the Senate chair is a person is doing the main reading and then the control and so on that stands behind the reading and kind of controls the energy of the reading in general and in the room and whatnot and just kind of make sure the reading kind of you know goes along without any crazy energy coming in and or not so there there refer to as control and so those of those two captains yeah thats just want i know it’s easy for us to go ahead jargon and i always do that in business and i and i hate it when other people do it like they assume that other people know what you’re talking about yes and they don’t just wanted to cover that yeah anything else does you want to cover um so and I’m just want to give an example and I know everyone’s experience but this is an example of having a clairvoyant or kind of a psychic experience with clairvoyance is when you’re sitting there and all of a sudden you start thinking of a particular person a friend you know love on whatever and then they call and then you say oh I was just thinking about you now that really it’s really the other way around they were thinking about you and some of their energy came to your space and you were aware of that so on some level you saw because you became aware of and that’s what clairvoyance is really just being aware and so and then they call and then you say you’re just thinking of them really it’s the other way around so whenever you’re thinking is someone just like and then you call them they say all I was just thinking about you know really some of your energy went to their space and then just became aware and so they’ll my chocolate if that’s all it just acquits and it’s not it’s not wherever you’re thinking about or someone a place or a person part of you your energy goes there you know so someone who has a lot of awareness of energy will pick that right up and I do you know that’s probably like a daily experience for you I know it is for me yeah I think that’s comforting for anyone that hears that because if you hear you think about grandma of autonomy grandpa right there’s some level where the energies combine like they’re measuring and so that lets you know that you’re not alone and that lets you know also that there’s more than meets the eye and so I think the reason why I’m saying that is those usually happen when people feel that they’re not in the vortex to you the Abraham term right you’re feel that you’re not things aren’t going right or in again and as we’re on the eve of mercury retrograde a lot of that happens there’s a lot of his communications that will happen in the next couple of weeks there are a lot of misfortunes there are a lot of accidents even though we don’t believe in accident but a person may if a lot of that happens all at once as this is expected to be like it’s supposed to be a really heavy turn around the time 21 days is about 21 days before it goes direct and but if you look at your clairvoyance and you’re looking at that type of energy where your maybe your ancestors or your guides are reaching out to you then it will believe you to pay attention especially during this time because this is where a lot of people were like I don’t know what happened you know I kind of left and humor about even in this podcast today because I mean it took what forever just for it to get started and it happened when it was supposed to write and so before I forget it I know we’re getting close to time I did want to say the little incantation for people that are listening to the N about harmonizing former free retrograde so I’d like to give a shout out to my homegirl he bet he that was she had went through the development with me at horizon center and we always reminded to use this incantation during mercury retrograde so I’d like to share this with the group so if you are not driving or around heavy machinery then you might want to close your eyes for this because you will get more out of it for when you access the other realms outside of third dimension so let’s park without further ado I am harmonizing my mental physical spiritual and emotional bodies with the planets in this solar system Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Kyra and Planet X may I be in a hundred percent harmony with the positive aspects of retrograding planets including mercury made this last for the next 21 to 30 days and beyond thank you or a che so that simple there’s something to think about and let you know that that you do not have to fall to the whims of being a victim of this energy at this time but just to let you know that there may be some some things may not go as smoothly as you would like in the next 21 to 30 days and it may be something that your clairvoyance will pick up even more so that a let that will help you along during this time so that is something I definitely wanted to share at the group it’s something I always look towards to checking in whenever mercury retrograde happens or I get a ton of emails when it before mark regrets mercury retrograde happens with shadow of mercury retrograde all of that stuff there’s a lot of fear in the in our space in the spiritual world hopefully using that incantation may help you along your way yes so you good with that I am good with that and so real quick are we going to be having any guests anytime soon um yeah obviously maybe next couple weeks maybe the next couple of weeks i think if we get some if we get some emails or some because i’ve been getting emails about the different podcast like where are they going what’s going on if people have any I people that we’d like they want us to speak to or we ask people in mind that we’re thinking about as well but if you leave some comments with some feedback in any different subject matter that you like for us to cover as well I think that would be great I like that we’re getting smoother and smoother with this I mean we’re now in like episode 7 or 8 and so now we’re actually at a position where we could start having guess I just wanted to have everything flowing with us not seeing that the two of us are at the top of the mountain and you should only listen to us but I wanted to have that set up before we started having no we are where I just listened to Estes was a nice big enclosing definitely check out intrinsic motivation dot life website is up we have the archives of all the other podcasts on there we’ll have some events because I know there’s a world meditation coming up the end of next month with tom kenyon that will be huge his world meditations are always huge and if you want to send us any spiritual events as well we’ll put that on the calendar in that way you know we’ll all be on one Accord for that because as I just mentioned in saving the two thousand dollars we don’t necessarily physically have to be in that space but we could be there spiritually so we’re a part of those events so with that thanks again for joining us for how do you clairvoyance work what does perceptive mean I am Hamza I’m David and we’ll talk to you soon he’s out

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