How To Have Strong Mindset – Create A Powerful Mindset – Stoic Mindset

How To Have Strong Mindset – Create A Powerful Mindset – Stoic Mindset

How To Keep Positive Mindset


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land, you are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation. And I already have my seatbelt fastened in because we are going on a quantum evolution ride. We have a quantum evolution consultant that I’m really excited to talk about. Hopefully we can spend some time in the 60 minutes so we can cover about three hours worth in 55 minutes. We’ll see how how good we can been time. I’d like to read our full bio because I think that it’s very pertinent for you to know her background as we discuss numerous topics in the next hour or so. Maria Aparis Excuse me, is the founder CEO of the Bliss Factor, which is a quantum lifestyle consulting firm. It focuses on the body the mindset, emotional attachment, belief system and mechanics that connect this call to the energetic field. She gets called from celebrities, fortune 500 companies recording artists. She helps him to reset, rebalance and re harmonize and stressful situations. I don’t think she’s busy at all because 2020 is just a piece of cake. So we’ll see about that. She is a certified life coach Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor, Reiki healer, belief clearing practitioner, massage therapist, raw food chef, crystal and gemstone healer as well as a gifted businesswoman and entrepreneur. We’re going to talk a little bit about her book, which is the essential gut awakening mastering hashimotos and other autoimmune diseases. And we’re also going to talk about her being the founder and CEO of Lotus Rising International, which is a nonprofit organization that advocates the well being of children that have been exploited by sex slavery in organ harvesting. Wow, I we were talking a little bit before the podcasts we may have written won’t have her back just to talk about that subject alone. And we’re I guess we’re going to, we have a challenge to see how much we can bend time with this quantum evolution consultant, Maria, Aparis to the podcast. Welcome, Maria.

Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Absolutely. And you have such an extensive background. I wanted to cover all of that. And I guess having that background makes you that quantum evolution consultant, and you combine a bunch of modalities. Let’s go back to how you actually started to become a quantum How does one become a quantum evolution consultant?

Well, I guess it really goes back to what I used as tools for myself when I got very, very ill and I used well let me start from I went to every single doctor that you could imagine every single physician and specialists who kept Giving me every everything under the sun that made me feel worse or just kept me spinning around. And I was at that point where I was

not getting any work and you’re not getting any better I was

feeling just completely lost, trying to navigate my health and get my health back. And I was going broke at the same time because of spending so much money trying to keep up with all of these different doctors, but somewhere under insurance and somewhere not. And so what I discovered was that there’s four pillars to getting healthy and staying healthy. And through those four pillars, when you align all of them, then you are diving into an energetic field, you’re accessing an energetic field, which I call quantum quantum energy and quantum energy, in my definition means that we We are able to heal ourselves on an cellular level, when we give our bodies the tools and the environment. And to to do that and have access to that.

One big thing that stood out to me, as you’re explaining that, and thanks for the foundation is the insurance issues. And, you know, I kind of made light of 2020 being a piece of cake, but in all seriousness, with so many people, multitudes of people losing their jobs, they lost their insurance along with that. And so it’s unfortunate that here in this great country of ours, a lot of detriment for debt is usually associated with medical expenses.

Yeah, I had will definitely be the first one to tell you yes, absolutely. That that is a big issue. But I will say that we are the 99% and we are the the vast majority of the human population and we We have a tendency to put so much power in that 1%. And in terms of getting over our thoughts, our belief system, our energy, we kind of acquiesce to them. And so what I’m saying is, remember, remember what the bigger number is, remember that we are the 99%. And we are not those small tribe billionaires trying to run the country. We are the 99%, who can unite into this energy into this conscious collective and be the be the majority, but we have to unite in order for us to do this.

Now, that’s very interesting that you say that we don’t usually talk politics. So I want to look at it from a quantum standpoint, where I am here in Atlanta, Georgia, and we I’ve noticed that every state is different in in dealing with all of the trials and tribulations of 2020. There seems to be a growing number Have people like you said that are getting united to become empowered and do their own destiny as opposed to giving so much power to leadership? And are you seeing that in your Where are you in the world? And are you seeing that where you live?

Okay, so again, I’m not going to get into politics either, because I just think that that’s one way that isn’t another way of the one person to keep dividing us. But if we look at ourselves as a collective as an energy working together, yes, there are different states that are handling the COVID crisis and everything differently. But as a whole, if you look at what’s happening outside the country, people are really coming together and stepping into this new Great Awakening that’s taking place. I think people are just tired one of feeling excluded from being able to have the day to day Benefits of food, water, shelter, and mutual respect for one another. And it doesn’t mean that we have to agree on everything, it just means that we can agree to disagree and also still remain in balance and in harmony with each other at the end of the day. And I think with all of the programming that’s going on with TV and the constant on, you know, just drama of news and, and social media and all the stuff that’s out there, it puts that puts our bodies in a state of fear and worry, and that has physical, physiological effects, the physical effects and an emotional effect on our whole system. And it’s like they feed on that they want us to continually be upset, angry, worried and fearful. And so if you can step out of that and just look from the outside in then You can have the choice to not engage in this negativity, and make sure that you’re making choices that are more inclusive and tolerant of everyone that you’re around.

Absolutely. And as I’m sure I’m speaking for a majority of the population in the United States to say yesterday, we heard some really, I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that bad. But to us, it’s really sad that, you know, two major conferences decided not to play football this year. And so we’re like, you’re worried like, what are we going to do now? And I thought of that as you were talking, because since the United States is so competitive, and because this year it was canceled, we were expecting to have the Olympics. And you mentioned something that was really huge about looking outside of the US and you see that there is A great awakening taking place. Maybe if you were talking programming, there should be some type of program of us showing that collaborative nature with other countries. And maybe potentially, we wouldn’t be seen the way we currently are. Because we are not participate. I think everyone’s having a different interpretation of the Great Awakening happening right now. What’s your take on that?

I mean, yes, it’s good. A great awakening is gonna be different for everybody, depending on what level of waves they were under. It says that mean if you’re completely oblivious, and you’re hearing these, these new terminology for the first time, it’s, it’s probably not going to make much sense. But for the people who have extended their journey they they’re they’re experiencing more of the awakening in terms of uniting the collective consciousness and using energy. frequency and field and realizing that it’s not about just you, at the end of the day, it’s about we at the end of the day, and how we can come together and just really form what’s going to improve everything all around for everybody.

Let me ask you when you were saying, people are oblivious, made me think of I used to live over a Sullivan in the Dr. And before I gotten there, they’re like, everyone’s so happy. They just don’t know. And, you know, when I lived over there, I was like, they should change this and change that. And, like, you know, how they hear one person. And when you said oblivious, like everyone learns differently? So, is it your job to make sure that everyone is on your page? Or do you expect the universe or do you anticipate the universe is great to let everyone grow at their own speed at their own speed?

I think everyone grows at their own speed. Flight for them at that particular time. I think it’s my job to be here as a guide, teacher and mentor. For those who are at the same frequency and an alignment with my belief system. It’s not my job to impose my belief system on somebody else, and vice versa. And that’s what I mean by we can agree to disagree sometimes and still be, you know, loving individuals at the end of the day. So my job is to hold the space for people who are ready to hear and evolve to something else, rather than where they are. Now. It’s different for everyone. It’s just like their health. Everyone’s health is different for everyone. It’s not a one size fits all and it can’t and it shouldn’t be. And we should all be able to evolve and what that looks like for everybody. You just never know what what everybody has gone through in their life experiences. They have the emotional attachment to it. of a trauma or trauma that they’ve had, and it My life is gonna look entirely different to somebody say, for example, to a child who has been trafficked, right. So I can’t impose my belief system, I can only hold the space of love and light and guide and mentor as much as I possibly can to offer choices for that person to ultimately choose what’s best for them.

Then I like that. I mean, with all your background, it’s so expensive. And I wanted to ask you about collaborations because there seems to be in 2020 more collaborations out of necessity, and just because it’s the right thing to do, where it makes sense. And do you think it that, you know, it’s 2020 so it’s hard to imagine, you know, life it in 2000 what we will go through now, and as you were talking about our individuality as it relates to the whole or the collective, it means there’s some preliminary research about 1015 years research about the the individual individualized medicine, right? So because everyone’s different, everyone’s body responds differently to medicine. Do you think that we’ll get to a point where there’s a collaboration of getting that individualized medicine, medical treatment, and then partner with someone such as yourself to give the alternative modality treatments?

Well, that would be my ideal on security. I mean, so when I talked about the four pillars before, about what I feel needs to happen in order for someone to reach their, their optimum life, like fulfilled life. The four pillars to me are, one, the physical body needs to be in alignment so that you’re eating the right foods. You’re giving yourself the environment without toxins and chemicals and synthetics around your home and what you put on and in your body. And then there’s the boat. part where you want to look at what you’re emotionally attached to whatever. You know, things past it past traumas and things that have happened in your life as a child as your if you as you’ve grown up, and then mentally your mindset like what what is your directive mindset. And then for the fourth pillar is your connection to source God consciousness, energy, whatever that name is for you. So those four pillars to me must be in alignment for us for someone to achieve their maximum potential, right because if your physical body is out of alignment, you’re experiencing ill health, it doesn’t matter how great your your emotional eating think, Oh my gosh, I’m so happy and everything’s so great and it’s kind of like you’re living in that got Pollyanna space, right? But if you’re not Isn’t dealing with your physical body and what you’re putting in it. It’s a constantly eating fast food, there’s no way you can possibly sustain that. So when you say, is there a way to, to combine and collaborate? I mean, yes, there’s absolutely a way will it happen? And it can, I think that more functional medical doctors are open to looking at alternative modalities that are out there. And if you look at the people who have been the most successful in life, and you’re looking at people who have have had some kind of coaching or mentor, or guidance in their life to help them get there, it’s like, you know, trying to coach it’s like trying to have a successful football team, right. You need a coach to guide them and mentor them and facilitate how they’re going to do their plays and, and schedules and all of that fun stuff. So we want to take that football coach and apply it to Everyday Life in order to maintain and even achieve harmony, and balance.

Now, when you’re talking about the four pillars, and thanks for highlighting those, is that in the correct order, or is there a specific order or that also from an individual basis

that I found my clients have it start with their own individual basis. So, I might start with somebody who has just maybe, you know, three weigh 300 pounds, has a heart of gold, like the emotional state might be like, Yes, I love everything, and I’m just so happy. And then her her mind mindset might be kind of fluctuating between positive and negative. And then she might have zero connection to God source. Universe, whatever that name is. Right? So I know that I want to start with what’s working the best first. So I would say you know let’s go with the emotional set of your you have a heart of gold that’s probably going to be able to open the doors to what else is needing to be realigned.

What per percentage do you have of clients coming to you have, you know what, I guess this four pillars going I just need to refine it to get to the next level versus someone that’s like a total life makeover.

I’m gonna say 100% pretty much everyone needs help with with all areas of their part of their lives. Because I think most people struggle with day to day of just getting through day to day of the mundane. Right there life has become unfulfilled because as children were taught, you know, Don’t take outside the box. Creativity is really shunned upon. And if you’re not, if you’re not brought up with the right foods and getting nutrients and nutrient dense foods, then something somewhere along the line is eventually going to get. And you know, I’ve seen clients who have had religion, basically, ingrained in them since childhood, who grow up to be so against religion, because it is basically just shoved down their throat as an early age. And I’ve seen the opposite where somebody has been, you know, completely non, had zero exposure to religion and then becomes like so involved in their religion that they’re just, you know, they become completely transformed itself. So everybody is completely individual and everyone has a unique gift to share. And When we pinpoint that, when we fine tune what that is, then their self expression and their divine expression gets to really just flourish. And it happens rapidly. That’s why I call it rapid transformation and radical transformation. Because, you know, once you pinpoint what the emotional attachment is to food, it’s not just about diet. It’s about Do you want something to happen or do you is your goal because you want it to happen or because you should, it should happen, you feel it should happen. And if it should happen, then most people will fail because there’s no emotional attachment to it. But if you really want something to happen, you really want something in your life to come into fruition. Then Then we have something we have a spark that we can move on. We can start from there.

Now the in the Holly, since you’re in LA, I got to ask you a Hollywood question. So a Hollywood question is usually we hold hands and then we ride off into the sunset. And then we see the credits. Right? So usually when, from a relationship or partnerships, we are on the same page, but we all grow differently. So how do you work with someone to acknowledge their spouse, or their partner, whomever they’re with, to not look at them so differently because they’re going through a transformation that the partner may not be going through at the same time?

Well, so what I love about our partnerships is that they typically mirror in in a way that it says our greatest teacher, right, they are partners become our greatest teachers in life. And so if you find somebody who is like you’re finding your frequency is elevating your Up shifting, your elevate your you’re bringing more positivity into your life and your partner is like, you know, staying the same won’t budge is is commenting on everything that you do that it’s Frou Frou and it’s stupid or whatever you have the opportunity and choice to look at that person with compassion and also give an immense amount of gratitude to that person because you can say thank you so much for teaching me how I used to be it makes me appreciate who I am and what I’m learning even more so. And when you’re ready, I’m here for you and however long that takes or you may find that you have shift up level so much that maybe that relationship was the one that was holding you back from achieving all the things that you wanted to achieve. And you only stayed in that relationship because it was comfortable. it you know you there’s a really things that you want to evaluate because you know nothing happens inside the company. zone. So I’m constantly, you know, encouraging my clients to get out of their comfort zone and find the things that agitate and aggravate because when we do that it provokes change. And you can see that the the United States in general is experiencing a lot of provokes you provoke thought on a say, it’s being provoked and agitated. And it’s, it’s making the changes happen. And it may happen in one day, it may happen several years from now. It’s happening.

Yeah, what, uh, what’s your what’s your take on dealing with clients? A year ago, August versus 2020. August, like you said, if it’s a natural progression, then you know, you can, you can kind of deal with it because that’s what you’re used to. You’re comfortable as you said, this year, it seems more accelerated. Do you find that have more people clamoring for making things the way they used to be? Or is there an exception? Is that a process?

Yeah, I’ve actually seen a lot of. Okay, so you have some clients that are embracing the change, which is great. I have some people that are really fear based and worry, but I just, you know, keep reminding them that worry and fear is a massive misuse of the imagination. So we want to constantly be aware of where thoughts are, and how we’re using them and directing them. So use your imagination towards the good How can you help? How can you help How can you be a service? How can you change things for the better Are you contributing in a positive way? Are you basically adding more fuel and fuel to the fire and causing more drama? Like are you posting things on social media that are positive and uplifting Or being that person that engages in drama. And and, you know, it again, it’s not having that Pollyanna kind of attitude, but it’s just being like, are you contributing? Are you making a difference? or using a service? Is it about you? Are Is it about me?

Yeah, and that takes me thank you for that because it takes me back to your four pillars Maria. And so the second part of that question is the Abraham question. And when if I look at the numbers, the connection to source so Abraham’s always like well, you know, usually a person that’s on their deathbed or they get that dire prognosis a year like you have six weeks to live or a year to live, they wind up letting go. And they may wind that they may have their original prognosis for six months, they wind up living 610 20 years beyond that, but it was because they were able to let go to those attachments and so How do you speak with someone that’s not? Or they would perceive you as being Pollyanna to connect with the source?

Well, I actually consider myself super grounded. And I, when I hear Pollyanna, I think, yeah, you know, maybe there’s some things that I have no know, I personally look at the brighter side. But I do feel like I’m, I’m more grounded in terms of my belief system. And I know that you can’t just wish something you know, to happen. You really have to take affirmative action directives and parents have the mindset to do that and support what it is that you would like to achieve with, with all of the intention and energy focused towards that you have to imagine it and believe it. And so I think a Pollyanna person or person who has that kind of mindset, won’t be They kind of just wish there’s a genie in the bottle. They’ve rabbit, their dreams come true. So that can happen. But I think it’s mostly because in the back of their mind, subconsciously, they’ve been cultivating that for a really long time.

And with that, I do want to acknowledge your crystal and gemstone healing experience. I want to give a shout out to sunny new laser. Are you familiar with that name?

With who? I’m sorry?

Sunny new laser.

No, no, okay.

No worries, but I’m about to tell you. So he was a small scale miner in Tanzania. Now he has like 60 kids, and, you know, different life, whatever. So a couple of months ago, he had submitted Tanzanite stones, and he became an instant millionaire overnight. 3.4 million to be exact for those gemstone. And so there’s a lot of value in stones and As a crystal and gemstone healer, to what extent do you work with crystals in gemstone?

I actually work with them quite quite a bit.

Let’s see I

I have one, I have them all over my office. First of all, I have one, I have a, what’s called the tooth Amethyst tooth. It’s actually sitting right here in front of me and I use the energy in the Devas, of the crystal to help ground and communicate with, with source connecting with the consciousness, I feel that gemstones in themselves if you know the history of them, you know how they’re associated with power and and empowerment. They’ve been used. You know, to the days going back to the Original kings and queens, they would put them in their, their jewelry because there is frequencies and powers behind them. There’s actually like the frequencies that you don’t hear. But if you put it up to a measuring device, you can actually they can actually get measured.

Or you see a huge shift and frequencies in your crystals from last year compared to this year.

And now I have to say To be honest, I don’t think I i have

i personally haven’t experienced that.

They know, not coming out from last year to this year.

Yeah, it’s just, I just keep bringing it up because we have so much that is it’s the year 2020 right. So perfect vision. But unfortunately for us in third dimension, it’s not spontaneous. Or instantaneous. So we have the 2020 hindsight where we see it makes perfect sense. And right now there’s just seems to be so much change that I’m looking at animals, are they acting differently? Or if you even look back to late March, early April, when everyone was in the house, like there was no oh my goodness, even in LA, no smog, no smog here in Georgia. The animals actually came back out. We were like, Wow, look at the wildlife. And so they’re on a different frequency It feels like and they may they seem like they’re closer to nature. So I was just wondering if that was the reason for my question. There’s ways to be grounded and seeing the frequencies around you. flourish, if you will, through gemstones or through the animal kingdom or what have you.

Yeah, I personally haven’t experienced it was gemstones within the last year. I haven’t picked up any new gemstones in the last year. So maybe that’s it, but the ones that I have, have been with me for a while.

That’s cool. And I do want to go into your book the essential awakening. I’m taking it. There was in response to what you were going through with your personal experience when you’re talking about health issues earlier. Is that the case?

Yes, yes. So that is my personal journey of how I navigated through what’s called Hashimoto disease, and basically near death, I had a tumor in my throat. I was basically in his bed and is using the the four pillars that I spoke of, and that is how I got myself better and flourishing and thriving, and it didn’t take that long using all natural resources.


now learning all in again since it’s over and you have the book and what have you. Is there anything you would have done differently knowing what you know now?

No, yes I honestly just Yes, I wouldn’t put it all my my trust and power in the doctors that I went to go see. I trusted that they had my best interest in mind. And they weren’t they weren’t treating me they were treating just any any other body that was coming in. And, and I feel that happens so often and it makes me have so much compassion for people who are who are suffering with any disease. The Yes, I believe that doctors are great and they have a lot to contribute. I’m not Pooh poohing doctors by any means. I’m just saying the ones that I went to go see. They treated me like it was a number they They, they have a certain protocol and a diagnosis right that they have to give you. And I think that so much can be done, like you said before with collaboration, and understanding and seeing everybody as a unique body versus a one size fits all. Because we’re not, we’ve all had different experiences, we’ve all had different upbringings, we all know see things differently. And so when somebody can actually sit down with you, and go over every single bit of what’s going on, and yes, it’s a journey, it’s not like you stop. And let me say that, yes, a lot of people want to just take a pill and feel better and I get that because you can feel so bad. You can you can body can feel so bad and you can feel so tired and not feel like you’re, you know, living life anymore, that you just want us to feel better. So I get it. I understand But at the same time, can you take a pill for a short time until we get you back on to a place where you don’t need it anymore. And that’s what I don’t see. I don’t see anyone saying, let’s try this out for like the next six months, and then see if we can wean off of it. Get your body back in balance with food in other natural supplements and doing some yoga, doing some meditation, clearing, clearing your belief system, let’s really figure out what it is that you want in your life, what’s not being fulfilled. And let’s go on from there that we don’t see. You know, we see you go and you get a pill and then then that leads to more more pills. And that leads to more side effects, and more people feeling worse. And so it’s not any shame or blame. It’s just cash. Can we seriously take a moment to do things differently? Is it possible? I believe it is

and what I’m hearing as you were saying that for the person that’s listening and hopefully not driving, but if you’re driving, keep your eyes on the road. But if I were to close my eyes while you were just explaining that, and the feeling of you know, I just want a pill. I think you’ve highlighted the opioid. The conflicts that we’re having right now, where there isn’t a you know that one solution because we have that, that I just want a pill, which leads to more pills. And now because of everything happening with the pandemic, they can’t go to the hospital per se, unless it’s coronavirus related, at least here in Georgia is like that. So doctors aren’t even seeing people in that is part of the new genome going into this fear and worry. But the people that aren’t being treated for opioid addiction in 2020 is a lot different in 2019. At least there will seem to be more resources to at least deal with those folks a year ago versus today.

I would imagine you’re right. I mean, they’re not going to have access to that. And, you know, that’s unfortunate because I know that, you know, you can get injured and be addicted to opioids, it’s it’s not like you’re on the streets and you’re just a junkie trying to get effects, although it can turn into that. But I feel that the opioid addiction comes typically from an injury. And in some people are in such a vast amount of pain, that they’ll take it, and then the addiction takes place. And so, you know, it’s it’s a, it’s a cycle that we would like to see, and in this lifetime,

and as you were explaining what you were going through, that was the impetus for your book. It also said my eyes might close my eyes a lot. Anyway, it sounds like the four pillars right? Like you had a body, a physical body. Hey, you know what’s going on what’s the attachment? Why is this happening? The mental and then the connection to sources saying, Hey, you know what I need to look outside myself, as opposed to what I’m currently doing with traditional medicine. And, you know, I just need to find a solution. So it sounds like you You are appropriate standards standard for living your four pillars.

I definitely follow the four pillars. I don’t know of any other life coach that teaches these particular four pillars. The reason I teach the four pillars is because I am the one that use them to get my life back. And if other people do, that’s awesome, I’m so excited because that means that you know, this is the Great Awakening is connecting us all on a conscious level. And so, yes, that’s great. But I teach what I know and I teach what I do for my what I do for myself and you So I think the best coaches are the ones who have, who have been there. And the best coaches are the ones who have essentially lived through illness, being broke, being broken, feeling broken, and, and getting all of that stuff back and developing a system for it. And that system, ultimately it was followed leads to success.

And since hindsight for the most part is 2020, how do you deal with the one that’s going through a current crisis and go embrace it? Yes. When you get through it, it’s gonna be such a breakthrough. You will be a beacon for other people. How do you get that person to listen to you like, are you in on something like what’s happening here?

Well, no, because I mean, you have to start at, you know, you want to meet the client where they’re at. Right? So if you’re so if the conversations we would have would start with, I hear you, I understand you, or I just hear you. And we’ll start there. And then we’ll build from there. Because if a person is experiencing an immense crisis, the first thing we want to do is physically address the adrenal. And we want to find a place where they experience home next, to remember what that’s like in their body, and their mind and their spirit. And, again, it’s not going to be a one size fits all. So I meet them where they’re at, and we start from there. Everyone is at different levels. And what crisis is, to me may not be crisis to you, and vice versa. And so I can’t treat every client the same I can’t. It’s a really fun opportunity for me to really dive in. And that’s what you get with me, you get me to dive in with you to see what, what is it that is, is making me feel this crisis differently than I do if it’s the same crisis, so to speak. why don’t why don’t I handle it differently than you do? What? What belief system? Are you attached to? What traumas do they do they trigger for you? And so when we can get to the root of those, then we can here see what tools we can apply and move on from there.

Yeah, like what you said, when you said that I hear you. Because I think that would sum up social media as a whole, our experience of the whole right just want acknowledgement, no matter where you are, like if you’re working, I want acknowledgement for my next promotion or if I’m in a relationship, I want that acknowledgement I hear you are you Do you hear me? And I think you speak to someone so when you actually say that and that would potentially ground them like, oh, wow, I, this is someone that actually sees me. Right. And I think that’s where you make probably are having your quantum evolution happening. And I did want to ask you about Kundalini Yoga as well because you are a yoga and meditation instructor. So can you explain what Kundalini Yoga is? And how is it different from every type of yoga? I know there’s a ton of hot yoga, what have you, but what is what’s the meaning behind Kundalini Yoga, and how do you use that with clients?

So Kundalini Yoga is considered the spiritual yoga and it’s ancient, ancient wisdom, and it’s more of a activation of the prana in your body, which ignites the energetic field. So we do a lot of breath work in what we call Korea. These are postures and we Really, really focused significantly on the breath, and how to use the breath to circulate and bring blood to oxygen to the blood to the organs into the brain. And we have this Kundalini energy that sits dormant in behind your solar plexus or in our solar plexus. And when that’s activated, it sends signals throughout your body and increases the energetic field. And it can be some people call it a Kundalini experience. It’s, it’s when you feel almost like a euphoria in a really grounded way. And it does take a teacher to help guide and mentor you through this. And so when that happens, and your Kundalini is rising, because that’s what they call it, Kundalini rising, it’s this energy that rises through your body and it kind of makes it cyclical

energetic field around you. And

it increases physically your blood flow, your your brain activity. Mentally it’s very calming, emotionally, it’s very good to focus. And it’s probably one of the greatest gifts I’ve given to myself in my lifetime, in this lifetime is being able to experience being in the Teachers Training and all that entails because you want to be in a place where you can have chaos go around, go often around you and still be able to maintain your focus. And so that that’s what Kundalini is. For me. It’s being able to see chaos going on all around you, and you can still be very clear and know how to respond. So, I always tell my clients, there’s the student reacts to outside circumstances, the master responds. So there’s a big difference because the animalistic reaction is fight or flight and fear and bite. Right? finger, right? When you go into the mastery level of response when you assess the situation in a calm way, maintain your grace, and you’re able to respond to I go left, do I go right? Do I go straight ahead? Or do I stay where I am? So there’s just there’s a difference. And I think, with Kundalini Yoga, that that cultivates that ability to be able to do that.

Were you also able to see that the person going through quote unquote, crisis, or crises in some cases, that they’re they were also breathe, shallow breathing, and you saw that Oh, Okay, if I’m not like you said, If I’m not responding, then I am right in the moment. And when I’m breathing more deeply, it allows me to expand to see the bigger picture. Yeah,

that’d be the connection. Okay. Yeah.

And if that if that’s the connection, because that leads me to my third part about you, being the founder and CEO of Lotus rising International, is a nonprofit organization advocating the well being of children that’s been exploited. Overall, you see a lot of pain, a lot of trauma in that space. How do you how’d you get how’d you get interested in that first of all?

Well, okay, so I see in August of last year, I, I sent in all the paperwork for a 501 c three, having no experience and with with how to run a nonprofit at all, and The reason I did that I, I sat on the fence for a long time I sat for probably a good six months going, I know I need to do something, but I just don’t know how I’m going to do this. And is this the way that I want to do it? And the reason I found my yes is because I heard stories of children who were rescued who were at the age of as young as four years old. Two were being victimized sexually, every day, 2030 times a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year, for years. And at that moment, something inside of me shifted and I knew that no matter what I was going to do, I was going to at least help change the story, a one child minimum and start there and so it’s It’s a heavy, heavy topic. However, what I’ve decided to do with my organization is to focus on supporting people who do the rescues. Now here in the United States, those rescues are done by, you know, the Department of Justice in police and all of that. So there is no private sector that’s doing rescues unless they said hired by the government, right. So the other countries, however, Southeast Asia, and other big Mexico those kinds of places, there’s really no one to tell somebody that they can’t really rescue you. Or go into the fossils and rescue the kids. So So we’ve supported those rescue. In the bad we we send money to the people who are actually on on the ground. Getting risking their lives trying to save these children. And so I’ve supported the rescue of over 300 children’s just by doing that. And so, here in the United States, however, there’s a huge amount of children who are trafficked and exploited. And my focus here in the United States is mostly on recovery and reclaim. So what that means is recovery programs that will help them recover from the trauma and the emotional


and to get them into programs that can teach them emotional intelligence skills, and have them work out emotionally what happened, so that they don’t have to carry that with them. And then you We also focus on reclaiming. So I like to, I’m working on putting together scholarships to different trades, like maybe hair, hair styling, or cosmetology and bookkeeping, accounting, things that they can get skills on. And that will help them get their self esteem and provide for themselves other than going back to trafficking. Because unfortunately, what I found out is that children in the United States are coming from foster care some of the time and they’re, they’re either typically run away or they’re coerced into trafficking. And once they’re, they’re rescued. One of the places that they’re being sent to is because there’s no room in foster care, or it’s not a good situation back at home, is they’re putting you in juvenile detention center. And, you know, and a lot of children, they have been addicted to drugs or forcibly taken, given drugs to make them back we do whatever is being done with them. And so they have detox facilities inside the juvie centers. And so unfortunately, they go back into a place where there’s, there’s no nurturing, there’s no there’s no place really for per the emotional recovery. It’s almost as if they’re being treated as criminals. And so, I just I hold the vision that we are the generation that puts it into this. And I hold the vision that we

we come together as

mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, fathers, and check it, make it Not about us, but about the children at the end of the day. Like I said, it’s not about I or me, it’s about we.

Yeah, and with that being said, You know, I have to give a quick acknowledgement and the rest in peace to Daisy Coleman. She was a assault survivor and the Netflix documentary, Audrey and Daisy. And it was about a week ago, I believe she actually took her life. So as you were saying, if there’s no place to, to at least go through potentially four pillars to help them out of that experience, that that pressure may be too much. And you know, we have younger and younger people leaving the earth voluntarily on their own, you know, before it’s time just because that that seems to be the only exit at the time. Now, it’s, it’s also, if I can combine the two just like the opioid crisis where it’s hitting so many people on so many walks of life. You said the juveniles are seen as criminals and such. So People weren’t addressing it. But this year 2020 especially, you have people all walks of life that are being arrested going into prison. And there’s these big rings. I mean, it’s just, it’s really scary. It’s daunting. So I have to applaud you for you know, doing your part with Lotus rising International.

Thank you, eventually we’ll have a CEO that takes over and really knows how to, you know, focus on the nonprofit part of it so that I can focus on the outreach and continuing to bring in the program and then matching them with the children that need them. And so for now, you know, I just encourage everyone to start somewhere. If it feels daunting, it facilty uncomfortable. So like, you know, what you can’t do is turn the other way. You know, you can choose to obviously, but I’m going to encourage you not to choose to turn the other way because now you know that this is happening now that you know, this isn’t taking Pleased to children as young as four years old, if younger, in some cases, just do something. And if you’re interested, you know, reach out to us on the website and go to sizing international comm I’m and see what you can do. I mean, like I said, it’s gonna take a village for us to end this, but we have to end that,


Yeah. And that’s where perception wise, I think 2020 is one of the best years ever, because it’s bringing a lot of things to the forefront that we need to address that have always been pushed aside. And so, you know, dealing with these children and just the helpless situations that they’ve that they’re in, you know, it’s a Front Street now, like people cannot, as you said, turn away. And if you’re stuck in the house, you’re seeing it like, all day on the news. So I think at least from an awareness standpoint, that’s really good, especially for 2020 and then having resources like you have Okay, what can I do? about it like what are the stages? which is which is phenomenal? Going back a little bit with with Lotus rising and with with the bliss factor, how are you? How How has your business changed if people can’t see the do a lot of remote? And what does that entail? And how is that different from seeing you in person?

So everything that you know is online in terms of my coaching, and it’s actually I feel like it’s, it saves a lot of time for the client and there’s less stress involved because there’s no commuting back and forth. So I think it’s been even more effective and we use video conferencing so I’m able to still have nice good deep quality time.

Speaking to everyone and

instill Being able to maintain, you know that relationship with everyone.

And so what’s the perfect way to start working with you? Is that to get the book and learn about essential essential awakening, or would they go to your website and sign up for a consultation, like what’s the ideal protocol?

So the best way to start working together is to contact me through my email. It’s Maria And the very, I have a new client assessment form, we go through what it is that you want to accomplish. And it is my program is a year long incubator. So it’s a 12 month incubator, and it’s super in depth. It’s basically I take anything and everything that you want to accomplish in that year. And I reverse engineer it and customize it specifically for you. We go through month to month on what it is that you want to accomplish in that month. And then we have accountability sessions every week. And so I we check in with each other and I make sure that you’re doing what you say you’re going to do. You’re following through, you’re committed to the process. And if we need to shift anything, we do that and it’s, it’s really incredible to see, you know, the client that has weighed 300 pounds, lost 17 pounds in three and a half weeks. The client who weighed 224 pounds, lost 24 pounds in three and a half weeks. And that’s because we’re working on all of those pillars. We’re aligning everything together. And it is it makes a world of difference. And again, it’s not about weight. You know, one of my clients is wanting her new business and and we have been able to basically put her on a train trajectory to where she is. It maybe has spent the last three years contemplating her business into now she’s getting ready to launch it within like the next 30 days. So it’s really an accelerated process. And you’ve come at me with your wildest dreams and we will break it down and make it happen.

Now that’s that sounds really exciting. And I’m glad I want to get your take on on this meme. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet because they were showing a meme of New Year’s Eve 2019. And then they showed the meme of 2020. And so everybody celebrating when the clock strikes 12 to 2020 It’s finally over. And then the calendar turns to December 32nd 2020. Like not getting out of the year that you’re actually a 12 month process is really good to keep you know keep people in mind or mindful because that those first 30 days of starting anything new is a challenge and at the drop off, so I like that you do have that 12 month process.

Yeah, I think there’s the accountability and the 12 month process are actually what give my clients the most success. Because there’s, there’s everything from we take pictures from the very beginning of where they started, and we take three months, six months, nine months and 12 months pictures, and you can see the different sciences there, their physical body, but their face, you know, as well, they’re just, they’re happier, they’re lighter, and they feel accomplished. And when you look at the most successful people in the world, they’re there. They’re their coaches by their side they have, whether it’s sports, you know, like we talked about before, or it is, you know, whatever feels the most successful, the most peaceful Who really get the most out of life are the ones who have some kind of mentor and guide?

Absolutely. And the one that’s been through all of that stuff

you know, that’s the thing too that you know, I always find it curious it’s like someone’s gonna teach me about my health but they’ve never been like, sick before. They don’t know what it’s like to to feel rock bottom, or someone’s going to coach me through how to make a six figure income but they’ve never done it before. Or she said, I mean, it’s like, I want to go to the dental that stuff. I want to coach me like you want somebody who has done it. I’ve gone from zero to six figures I’ve gone from being on my deathbed to thriving in life, like all of these things in the in the pillars that I teach and because I have been there, and that’s why I know I can start from where you’re at and guide you along the process.

So we are at point A and We want to get to point B where we can establish the Blitz factor. How would they get in touch with you? And how would they find out more about getting your book as well.

So the Blitz factor, you can basically go to Maria parents calm, and then has all the information on the bliss factor. And then there’s a link also to purchase my book.

phenomenal, phenomenal. Well, with that you have just been in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective. This is Hamza and Maria. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I think we achieved some quantum evolution just in this podcast. And I’d love to have you back at some point.

I would love to be your guest. Again. I’m so thrilled and so honored. Thank you so much for inviting me. Thank you. Cheers.

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