How To Not Get Attached – The Root Of Suffering Is Attachment

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our day is hamza and I have a special gas Joanne yeah this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective and I’m actually for all my shoe monic friends out there i’m going to channel my inner parekh because friends that knew me always hear me go Joanne says Francis do it said well go access like this is Joanne and here we have her so she is if they weren’t for Joanne David would not exist that’s good and this podcast probably would not exist because we were put our first talk after we’re talking about synchronicities and God links and we were sitting here like what are we going to talk about I’m we’re like well how did we get together and I obviously and people know this but I’ve met you through a Robeson over to it or awareness yeah and Dave that his his initial entree into this world was with the Berkeley Viking Institute and you were at Berkeley if I could get up to and you actually started horizon center of intuitive awareness so you guys are in for a treat because this is the originator and she’s been a huge staple in the Atlanta spiritual community and without further ado I like to introduce Joe animals hello so nice to be here yes yes yes indeed we’re actually really happy to have you and today we are talking about letting go and more importantly in spiritual world we talk about attachments so we’re actually going to look at both as far as letting go in attachments what are they how do we let go where some tried-and-true proven techniques that we’ve done to kind of get around that obviously we’re all human so that’s something that the universe tests us with all the time but without without diving directly into that I’d like to just give everyone a little bit of history because when we speak with when we david and i talked we actually talked about our week and such and we also talked about without going into that but we also talked about relating to our subject matter how did you get into this industry and not so much I don’t want to look at it as an industry since I’m a business person a kind of compartment on but everyone has our weakening moment and so if you’d like to go a little bit into your what was your eye opening awakening a moment I actually had this wonderful waking in a moment I like sister-in-law kept telling me about this place called Berkeley psychic Institute and I can go there and get a psychic reading and I said great I’ll do that you know didn’t do it she went into the I didn’t do it then one day there’s a knock on my door she’s standing there she says get your purse he got my purse she put me in her car she drove me over to berkeley psychic Institute in San Jose went inside paid for reading she says I’ll be back in two hours and left just left me there so I started had at the time I was in my late 30s so I started having this reading by these two young women there must have been a very very early 20s and I’m thinking what do these two little whippersnappers know you know had a good round very long so they start giving me this reading and the longer it went off the better it was I enjoyed it then one of them said to me you look like you look like you you’re all dressed up and nowhere to go and that totally blew me away because I felt that way my entire life that I was all dressed up and didn’t have anywhere to go and so I said to myself if she can see that then this I need to be here I need to learn how to do this and that’s when I started studying at Murphy psychic kids to learning to read auras and so forth so that was my awakening moment you’re all dressed up and nowhere to go there go no it’s the finalization what was really interesting is the similarities of how there are no accidents in the in the synchronicity of how we come together and when you had mentioned your age it’s really interesting at horizon Center is pretty much you can write you can pretty much gamble if gambling people of what the types certain types of people that would come in the horizon and overwhelmingly myself included mid to late 30s and it was one of those things where life is going fantastic and then it’s not and everything you’re trying everything within your own power to control and it’s not happening and so we reach a point where we actually have to look outside of ourselves for help and many people walk into horizon center in that same scenario and one thing that I love pointing out or I want to point out with you here is a lot of people like myself kind of go in there not that we we have a not a prototype or a profile but there are a lot of us that were coming into horizon I’m not sure you can give me your experience with Berkeley psyching Institute but you said that there were some 20 year olds that were different readings but for people that were coming into horizon they were mid to late 30 they were single or they were married without children and you had a statement about that I did make a statement about that because I noticed that as well that the women primarily the women that were involved most of them didn’t have children you know about half a more were married with no children and the other half will not married so my take on that was that when they kills this life and what they wanted to do they wanted to be able to do everything they needed to do without you know children take up at least 2 x 18 years of your life or more actually more but you know very active and so they wanted that time to spend finding themselves or doing what they came here to do so they chose not to have children which is a very valid actually it reminds me of before I met you it was the year 2009 where I was following the famous book Yes Man which ultimately became a movie Jim Carrey was the yes man and I had to say I did a test where I said yes to everything so I found myself in Toronto because somebody said go to Toronto and go to a hay house thing because I was really interested in hey how the lamb and i was there and i met this one girl there and without going you know to that whole thing but i met this girl there and she was pregnant and I had introduced her to one of the people that were at the booths for they were at an adjoining seminar that was across from us from hay house and it was like a yoga / physical therapy thing and so this lady was not a really good friend of mine she was doing cranial flex psychotherapy and so I took my friend there that I just met and I was like oh my goodness my reading that I had I had never had a sick cranial sacral therapy reading before fantastic right so I’m telling everybody got it everybody that knows me if I like something I want the world or now so I told this girl that she was pregnant and long story short the girl was crying at the end and you know kind of opened up some emotions when you get some reading some time and so I asked her and I was like if you feel comfortable telling me then I’m all forward if you want you to see yourself it’s fine to it she said no I’ll tell you so in that reading she was pregnant like I mentioned and in the reading the reader had mentioned her child that was in the womb and the child so that the mother didn’t want the child to in kearny in this life and so Luke that’s when the woman kind of opened up it she was like yes my husband and I it’s our first baby it’s not an ideal scenario we don’t were not really sure if this is going to happen or if we really want this happened and the baby kind of nudists in the astral and so you know if we talk about letting go the woman really had a bond like no I really want to have this baby now and you know talking to her two babies are the child is like seven or eight years old now but it was just really interesting as we talked about letting go in attachment that I wanted to share that particular story as two people coming to Horizon single or married without children so I wanted to highlight letting go because there is some level of letting go of certain attachments I know myself I was a big corporate guy and clean shaven not like I am today and you know I this persona and things went according to plan for a long time and it was really funny going through some of the courses with you and and I was at a point in my life where I really wanted to go back to that life and you’re like how much you have to let it go you have an attachment there and you have to let it go and you know I laugh at it now but at the time I was just like I don’t like the way this is going i don’t have any control what’s happening here what’s happening and you know it’s like I don’t know what I would would have done if i didn’t go to horizon so to be honest you know a lot of the things that we think are important are no longer important as you see how could that not be important now is so important you know not that long was going now I was actually a liar and I was like what do you mean by that and she had said that you know how the there are two hamza and you know not that i had a split personality or anything but she said there’s two houses and I said well what do you mean if she said well you know you meet up you meet a female companion and you may be on the surface level for like six months I mean you can talk about I don’t know TMZ and things like that right and then if you really like the person after six months then you show the real Hamza legs Clark the hard stuff like and you’re scaring people off so I had an attachment of I couldn’t let them see my true so they couldn’t see much result or they it was a worthy worthiness issue right so I had to let go that attachment us they had to like me for me not pretending to knock tomorrow right even though some of that the cardamom I mean I don’t watch TV or anything like that but the let’s just say the type of girl who tried to feed back going under different than words today good well Oh is there and right now all these years you have years of experience and as life goes on but can you think of a scenario where you add an attachment that you have to let go uh well you know I think you I was trying to make it something I’m the kind of attachment self it’s not an easy answer okay so it is really taking the years to get to the place where i can let things go you know it’s not something you can say well do this this this and then we’ll be able let go it doesn’t work that way I take it taken me years and it’s taking me years of using tools that I learned at Burke eclectic Institute so you know the main one is growing roses so the attachments and this has been recently active let me talk about that one of the strongest it has to do with my son Scott who passed away five years ago and where i am now with that versus where I was when it first happened and I have to be very careful when I share that with people because i tend to sound uncaring that he passed away and it’s not that I man carrying it said I see it totally differently than I did years ago so back repeat the question please well I wanted I want to see you as a direction for that one cuz I have a story to share based off of your experience that you shared with Scott and so if you’d like to talk a little bit about how you felt then versus how yourself now and then before and then after that you had mentioned roses so I understand roses but as far as a tool their room so I’m Scott first passed away of course hundreds mobile right and I felt a pain and he’s leaving and I think you know my grandkids you know they need their father and all those kinds of wife is very you know sad and deeply saddened by that loss and so of course I’m going through all that and what are what are they going to do without what am I going to do without him not being able to see him again and when he passed away in the early days of his passing he was very much willing to communicate with me and communicate with his wife so I had a lot of communication with him and every once awhile I’d be I’d be at the center and I’d be doing an energy feeling and his I look up and he pretty near to cheer you know in the room and I kind of chuckle at oh my son therapy and he would proceed to tell me how wonderful it was where he was just absolutely wonderful he says you have no idea I me just repeat that you have no idea it said over and over this point a finger at me you have no idea how wonderful it is here so we also encouraged me oh what a day or two of his passing to stop crying he says mom please stop crying what does it makes it very difficult for me to come and communicate with you and be with you only were you know crying your eyes out so I said okay and I did I pretty much stopped crying and have pride very little since that day not because I don’t care but it was obviously something that was important to him in order to communicate with me and I wanted that communication so we communicate it for quite a bit of time and what he taught me was that it is a different place and who he was when he was here it’s not who he was after he passed and not who he is going to be in the shortly he will be someone else so that person that I knew here I need to let that go I mean because it’s not him not him anymore and someone told me friend a very excellent psychic friend of mine she taught it for at Horizon healing and she says I’m not absolutely sure but I think it looks like he’s going to incarnate as a redheaded boy redhead I go to boy so I’m saying ok so here Scott was like 62 he probably weighed 280 big black man and he could be the sweetest thing in the world but he could also be very gruff so I’m thinking Scott and I think of this little redheaded kid like oh my goodness so it really brings home how the body has nothing to do with it love it’s the spirit the same spirit is going to be in that redheaded little boy maybe I’m not saying that’s what he’s going to do but you know let’s take he chooses a creamy it was in this big black man and so we’ve got to get over that I’ve got to get over and what he looks like and how he was when they became have to let go of that because it wasn’t who he was in his transition and it’s gonna be entirely different and his next life because he has different things this is he came here to learn something he’s gone so he must’ve learned what he wants to now he’s taking his next step what it is he wants to learn and that little redheaded boy Scotty I have no idea but you know so find myself looking at little rennet avoid it looks like Scott that you’ve got ya I’m teasing about that but you know so letting go of attachments that his death is really is what even after 30 something years I was not fully able to do it until he helped me and taught me how to do it with his passing and in that story is so impactful from for myself included because i was instantly reminded of that right here this time right and so what is it today’s of 16 so i think at the end of the month they’re going to have our our sons or daughters which is a suicide group here in Georgia or attacked Liam gritted but they meet here in Georgia to another friend of mine who’s we daughter had had done that act and so I was hearing the story about your son and then my sister who actually had gone through that type of scenario as well and it was really interesting when she first transitioned I had a lot of attachments of her child and you know why like nice people you know there’s a cleveland answer questions but she would go away immediately like there was a note like she couldn’t stick around and then it made me remind me of you it may have been one of the first times gotta come around like you’re so happy to see them it could be in the dream state and you have that bliss and you like yeah okay we got a party and then all of a sudden you just drop back down for the mud and the muck of why what happened then he’s gone and then my sister same way and every month it reminded me of Abraham is low because Abraham’s like whenever Esther gets down there like we’re not coming down to that level we can’t nor do we we don’t have any desire to so would you raise your vibration you had a greater relationship with Scott plan I have a great relationship with my sister well i had a friend who cried for over a year i mean literally daily often cried about the loss of a charge and all right i tried to share with her that as my son tony is look I don’t want to come find if you’re gonna be crying if you want me to visit you you get us up right I try to help her with how important that was that they don’t wear anything so that old third-dimensional we have to be so drained sad about losing our children you know I have to kind of remember the original way it works we take body after body after body primarily to learn things and we you know sometimes are women and sometimes even and sometimes were black sometimes of Lexington you know we picked these different places and types for lessons and you know like Scott he wanted to get on with his next lessons he didn’t want to be held to that that old picture of him he wanted to create he wants to create something new so you know I you know I have to go along with that sure and let it go in you know now he’s on to something new one and I don’t mean to him at this time what I meant to him when he was alive and I have to understand that and let that goes well you know I’ve had people coming to the center I had a young man come to Center he was about six foot five big tall handsome good-looking young white man in his early 20s and he had seen the website and something clicked for him and he came in and he said I just wanted to meet you and he gave me a big hug and I recognized his energy i gave him a husband and I never saw him again but he knew I had been his mother and son life and he just wanted to have that brief connection and then he was gone and you know so I find how many people who would come into horizon for instance one gentleman took classes and every time he had walked in the door I would look at him and I would see this little boy about two years old little snotty nosed little boy about two years old who was clinging to my leg as a child you know those little kids grabbed the mother’s leg you don’t let go well that was him here’s a bro man walks to the board and this is what I made a little slotting those little boy who’s grabbing on to my leg uh it was you know it’s nice to see his here again even though it was in a different body but you know I had to let go of that little two year old lyme it he meant just as much to me when I wish his mother as as my own children but you know you’ve gotta let go then and move on so Scott really taught me mostly about letting go and moving on now with with family members obviously not obviously but there’s more emotion to it because these are people you potentially have grown up with for a majority of your incarnation in this life and the other side of that is attachment as far as judgment so you know what’s interesting about Abraham Abraham talked about people like even now our current president should he you know god forbid but if you were to transition people were filtered and wet right or people in the past like a blue collini or Hitler and such and they think that they’re in this place not with everyone else like they’re they can’t get behind the VIP line and we have an attachment based off of their incarnation but that isn’t always the case Scott was kind of alluding to that like we have no idea of how we’re putting judgments on our limited view point and but I wanted to talk about that a little bit because the Scott wouldn’t talk about it you had some experiences that both horizon and it’s like it berkeley psychic institute with the fucking cops right and so taught some cosmic cops right and so i wanted to talk a little bit about that because on some level you have to let that attack and go of who they were in a previous life like you mentioned that before you know we were male female black white will have you and some lies we were very you know sympathy for a we’ve been very religious and others we’ve been charlatans like we’ve run the gamut yes murderers rapists absolutely everything which is what i learned the best learn the most of and appreciate the most of perfect a geek institute was how to find new 12 and how can i judge this man who’s raped ten little five-year-old girls okay this lifetime gives life on this lifetime I have to look back and say well you guess what you’re a male on Genghis Khan’s army in you weighed 100 two year old girls you know so be careful when you start to judge you know so the key there’s free is that this horde picture to have in one’s mine but it’s all about forgiveness so as tough as it is tough as it is it’s the most important thing there is forgiving and learning to forgive and I from watching TV and there’s been lots of random shootings here and there yellow teenagers and kids getting shot accidentally here and there and and sometimes on purpose and what I’ve noticed is if the parents my relatives are the same I’m going to forgive him wow I’m seeing that a lot that’s awesome I forgive him for injuring on killing my child that’s incredible so hopefully that energy will sweep the world maybe before all these missiles and bombs get out there but it is very important because we’ve all done it all mmm so as soon as you want to judge someone just because she’s not doing it this flight time doesn’t mean you haven’t done it all right and what we gotta I want to stay here and play with you on this one so when we’re talking about a cosmic cop had come in there was one particular incident at Horizon someone had come in and they were a little different than everyone else had come in for an energy healing would you like to share that story I think that’s one that David had shared reviewed it may be a little bit different than my experience but he got whacked I believe I wasn’t there but no not that one the one where you’re a horizon at an energy healing and this young lady sits down and oh okay yeah that wasn’t quite a cosmic are the one who’s coming yeah the reason we’re jealous because we’re at the horizon and we have our healing clinic week on Carol me what you know the teacher there she invited us ladies it admitted whole foods to come over for sorry annealing and this was a beautiful young black woman hair and makeup and clothes and nails were just perfect she walked in the door and she was she was just beautiful so she sits down for healing and carol was giving her the ceiling and the next thing I know there’s a post there that was blocking my view so I couldn’t see the woman but I could see Carol and Carol is slowly backing up her eyes are bigger sausage and and she’s just backing up backing up having her hands out and so I picked her on the pole and there was this beautiful where she was literally her face was all gnarled twisted she was gyrating and she had this being a fucking a Binford that was causing her to have some difficulties with her body and it was incredible you know Carol wasn’t sure to do and when I first thought I wasn’t sure what to do but almost instantly within seconds this energy comes pouring from the source who God the source for pouring to my crown chakra into my body giving me and reminded me had done this before all the information I needed to resolve that problem so you know I I did a little bit of an energy work on her and so forth on them so we help throughout a little bit but it was pretty pretty incredible to see that you know almost like the head turning in split pea soup very nice to have in the TV but that wasn’t a constant cop that was he actually had a being that his that takes over her body periodically and she came here because it happens all the time and I guess that’s why show yourself looking so nice yeah so when it’s not in there you know she perfectly normal not a beam Austin it’s pretty pretty scary sure sure it yet I had associated that with a cosmic cop but there was another story like anything was David talking about that just go a little bit about that because I have something to alter cut I haven’t had too many instances with cosmic tops but basically they’re they’re here they come in and i’m selling incarnates has done some really horrible terrible tons of terrible things they will incarnate and they will be assigned some cause of top primarily to keep them from remembering what they did if they start to remember what they did they would not make any progress they would just want to all gone when they kill myself I did all those horrible songs and they wouldn’t make no progress so they have to come in that’s why we’re born not not remembering you know we start all over and most people most people don’t remember their lives before and maybe after time they find some out they’re usually not at birth so when there have been really bad cause of tops will and I use that word bad I don’t think that’s the correct word but anyway I cosmic thought may be assigned to them and so if you so if let’s say a person goes to get a psychic reading and someone’s looking at them and they might be ready to say oh my goodness you you grew in britain’s army and you beheaded you know 10,000 people you know the type of cop will kind of give them a whack and say no no no you will not share that information it’s pretty clear that you cannot share that type of information because that that being right now is trying to get on a different track in all that old stuff will not it’s not help wear it so that’s the cosmic papas they protect that being from finding out some of that stuff they did this in their current lifetime easy and I love that story because you’re talking about a clean slate yes you’re saying that you know thankfully you don’t remember what happened in the previous life well I have two questions to go into that because i really love dr. Weiss Brian right and you know it does my past life regressions and such so what’s your thought on letting go or having attachments to a task like regression because it could be attractive to find out that you know not necessarily the scary stuff but if you are a king or you know there’s some people that want to get a past life reading every month what’s your take on that with regards to attachment well this in general speaking about pax lives i love them i love reading them i love looking at my own uh you know to me that tells us more about who we are spirit than anything i know a lot of people are really into this genetic information on you know what races they were more countries they’re from but you know for instance if i do that this life i’m just going to tell me about this body i’m in right right but it’s in the next slide time i’m in a body that has blonde hair and blue eyes then that Chloe’s got a different history and another body would have a different distance so you’re going to have different histories to all these folly however if you get a past life ringling then you’re reading about you the spirit no matter what thought here in what did you do when you’re in this body you can do when you’re in this next body look for some other things so from my point of view I like that better place everyone you can’t ever you know they don’t have an add on Tommy oh I’m get a pass like reading person they want to tell you you know what country you were from but I find it extremely valuable and and you can’t get those right over that’s why you don’t get those till you’re older you can’t get that at five and six because you know it’s going to interfere right but at this point then and at point I met try 35 in a month you know I can handle it yeah Jim so uh extremely significant to me ok now it’s funny when you’re you’re talking about clean slate and such and so that’s in a previous life but have you ever one thing that I I just had on some reunions last year so I had high school year and had a college or union right and I didn’t graduate at play possible to this what i was doing back flips anyway what’s really interesting is when you see people you may not obtain for 10-15 all these extra of the year right but you’re actually brought back to that time were you actually were in there in that space at the time and they could have transcended so many different areas even yourself have changed from where you are 10 15 years old it is really interesting because we correct it make you feel your capacity on the home or you can hit recordings so but it’s really interesting that we have this attachment of know this person I used to slam you in a locker and if persons like a CEO of a fortune 1000 company now all right right it’s not we have these attachments of you know well third certain grade ice the fuller hair you know it I get a lousy over okay it is really plenty of that’s a great example of letting go because it makes sense you haven’t seen these people but there’s others weren’t with marriage and such where you have an attachment to maybe that first marriage and you haven’t moved on from that marriage because I every other person you meet remind you of that so you’re actually kind of stuck and you were talking about roses and tools and such I wanted to talk about some potential tools that that you use that have helped you with your attachment well for me the favorite one is blowing noses okay so it’s something that was taught at Berkeley psychic kids too certainly something that I taught a horizon Healing Center horizon Center for intuitive awareness it’s called loyalty and that’s where you actually put the image of a person or a thing into a rose and blow it up and on the surface itself loop blow it up it’s like we put my mother and areolis and blow it up for you I’m not blowing up my mother I’m simply blowing up any energy of hers that she left in my space for instance she had come over to visit and she’d let me so much she’d leave a part of her in my face and then she’d go home so by putting her in a rose and blowing her up I could spin back to her that part of her energy that she left with me it doesn’t do me any good her energy doesn’t work in my body and it works much better in her body and she’s also missing some of her energy so when I put her in a rose and bloor up it allows for energy to go back to / making her more complete and actually making me more complete because she’s not in my face so you can do that with lots of things you know parents lovers friends children car salesmen insurance people everything you can put roses and blow it up and things it doesn’t just have to be a person you know they’re things for instance I I have a tendency to see an image is something and if it’s just the slightest bit not nice it picks with me and it makes me feel terrible so i will put those kinds of things in a rose and going back several times over and over and over till I stop saying that that funky energy that monkey picture I me and you know when i’m on the internet they’re always selling some picture of some ugly something or other sure you know your insides or yes oh you know and i tend to take those with me so I really blow a lot of roses when I’m on the internet and we keep that energy out of my space it works very very well that’s a mental absolutely and another tool that makes me I mean that was my introduction to horizon and many others were energy healing so we didn’t necessarily grow roses when we first walked in the door but you were we were introduced to energy healing so I’d like to talk about that because that is some level of letting go so what people came in to horizon for an energy healing what did that entail well we recognize that people picked up energy you can cannot walk through this world on a daily basis without picking up some energy you picked up energy if you’re going to be riding the bus we’re taking a cab or going to school or going to work just driving on the roads of Atlanta you’re going to pick up tons of energy and so you know over a period of time you want you look up and while most people don’t recognize it they are not who they are they’re just loaded with this it is loaded with all the synergies it doesn’t belong to them you know it’s not theirs and they still do since they don’t feel good they don’t know why they don’t feel good they’re not sleeping so cool so what we learn to do at the center was to remove energy out of one’s aura and chakras it’s not there and to bring back their energy that they may have left somewhere and bring it back to them so that they feel better feel more full so more who they are you know you have all that other energy in your space sometimes you make decisions that are you know not yours there someone else is just a quick example my sister product pair jeans and everyone with Jesus about our old ladies right so all our genes are begging you know they just look like terrible they’re baggy were you interfering ready for a rap video or would now just loose fitting not looking guild Sodor we go over to the cal town or horse towel thing down the street from us and she got a pair of jean and she look really good in the room though we’re gonna old lady so I said I want to care too so she bought a pair bootcut cycle in there so I want to get to Jean also health i buy one boot cut so I get these jeans and I get home and I look down and they sell to boot cut which is designed to go over boot right well I don’t have any boots simple and so now it is all this fabric down there I think now why did you get the stuff you don’t know many boot you know and I should have got straight cut however my sister’s energy was in my face so when I want to buy my genome with me I had booked pets energy in my face and that’s what I got so if I had just made it clear my energy out a little bit far went shopping so I would get what I want what I needed I would have got straight cut but so sometimes this is how someone else’s energy can affect this we end up doing things that aren’t really us there are mother or sister our friend our boss even if it’s just a tiny bit you know and when you have a lot of energy in your space that’s not yours then it’s hard to you know be who you really are so you’re saying it’s ongoing you can’t just clean your speed at the beginning of the year and you’re good well no it’s not a one-time thing it’s pretty much complete unless you’re off on an island somewhere unless you’re you know you meditate a lot i’m sure the dalai lama you know clean regularly so you know you have to you have to work off just do it one time it’s not a one-time thing sure sure and we’re currently getting funded right now because you guys know for the holiday we’re actually going to cut this short but hopefully we didn’t scare you off with just some preliminary korfball had to pay you some softballs today and I really enjoyed having you have to have you there is a hard second later yeah the world such a later movie stuff later to be continued but again it was my pleasure having you want and hopefully we’ll have you in the near future thanks for being a guest or welcomed trends and innovation and thank you guys and happy holidays for those that celebrated happy yes and we’ll talk to you soon yeah

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