HyperSleep – Combating Sleep Deprivation Effects on the Brain (Interview)

Video Transcript

yeah I’m confessed father I confess God did them wrong good afternoon everybody this is intrinsic motivation from my homies perspective this is hamza and i’m here and today we have a visitor that was on a previous podcast she had introduced the world to hypersleep and as with most of our calls that it seems like that 45 to 60 minutes is not enough and avery was one of those people where we just wanted more and more and more and I’m really excited that she’s back on again when we had when we had spoken with her a couple of months ago she was starting this hypersleep and she was planning to have an event and now here it is sept d’lai 30th is she has an event next month so we’re going to actually have Avery tell us more about hypersleep and why you should know more or hypersleep why should know more about it and so you can look forward to her upcoming event so with that welcome to the podcast Avery hey thank you Hamza thank you so much for inviting me again to be on the show and I’m just so thrilled to be able to share with your audience you know the power what we’re doing and the results that people are getting from hypersleep absolutely now before we get started I do have to talk about synchronicity because we we always look at at synchronicity in our lives and this totally happened so it was about 11:45 a.m. we meet at 12:00 for this conference call and I had forgotten to burn my Joss paper today and the paper wasn’t burning and I was like well let me hurry up and do it before noon you know just to probably be part of my practice and it wasn’t burning and then I got a text from you and it was like hey can we do it in extra 15 minutes and I was like great this gives me time to burn my Joss paper and it burned immediately afterwards it was like war on time and we weren’t scheduled to do it at 12 o’clock even if I wanted to do it that’s how it is I love the world of synchronicity and as a matter of fact as talked before on the previous podcast about the law of time is that the more we observe synchronicity the more we’re into the flow of our lives the natural flow of our lives hmm David and I actually had one on Friday I was getting my car fixed I had some maintenance I had to get done and I was going to go home and I was stopping at the herbal store because in our you and I had talked about brain hacking and we were talking about the transcranial direct current stimulation and tyrosine and also I was buying tyrosine and David called me he’s like hey because he’s putting this together for an upcoming podcast and I was like I’m at the herb store to get this tyrosine and he’s like where’s that and it turned out we were really a block away from each other without even planning it yeah that’s awesome so think synchronicity is fantastic okay yeah yeah talk about synchronicity your event is actually the weekend before the before Memorial or Labor Day weekend and that is August 25th I believe it starts and we’ll get more into that but from a synchronicity standpoint that is actually that same week that everyone in the world in my opinion is paying attention to because we have that Eclipse that happens earlier in the week so there’s a lot of synchronicity or people that may not be in synchronicity that could possibly be more so in tune especially that we can up that last week in August yes I mean it’s a really powerful time a powerful week it’s a great time for new beginnings you know anytime you have an eclipse it’s like a combination of things completing you know our launching of a new cycle so for those but or it don’t know about the hypersleep how would that factor in how could they people get in tuned what a thing about hypersleep what it does kind of like pressing the reset button of your nervous system and also you know things that’s going on your or you’re looking for direction so anytime you go into a deep hyper stick it’s a pause that’s going on not just in your physical around where you’re actually pausing and resting and sleeping but it actually is a pause in your you know your mental realm of your activity around the whole thing so it’s like pressing the reset button which is a great time to you know be in synchronicity with eclipses you know because again that’s like a reset or a pause so it’s a good time to be in harmony and the things that you want to manifest or you know bring forward in your life now with synchronicity and resetting the nervous system I mean that sounds fantastic on the surface there’s a lot of people that I deal with you know it against in a regular world that aren’t getting enough sleep every night which should potentially be seven to nine hours and here you’re talking more so of sleeping on a greater level than that so if you can kind of backtrack a little bit and talk about the the idea and the concept behind hypersleep awesome yes you see what happens is when someone almost having a difficult time sleeping it could be a number of factors that’s at play one of the things we find there people are worrying they have a lot of you know just issues that they have to deal with day to day that’s a fog in their mind down that’s not letting them rest or it could be something where there’s a hormonal or there’s some type of you know physical disease that’s in place that’s preventing them from sleeping but the main thing that we find is the Gateway to allow a person to sleep and have deeper sleep is the fact that they can know how to relax the mind you know and just take your mind off of your of you of your physical situation you know on some other things to are a factor is sleeping you know the room could be too hot in the room could be too cold your mattress is not comfortable you know different factors like that so we do address all these things in hypersleep but one thing that we do is give people techniques that they can use the practical techniques that they can use to allow their mind to relax they can go into a deeper sleep of course no people may have a melatonin deficiency which you know melatonin has been very helpful in helping people to UM have deeper levels of sleep you know things like that so I mean we address all those issues of course the people are hyped up on caffeine all day and sometimes caffeine can be a very prohibitive and having very good restful sleep you know so again we address all those issues as well so everyone who signs up with hyper sleep ideally it’s preferable that you sign up at least 24 hours before you do it just so we could prepare you and tell you what to do and of course you know just to make sure that you you know we have enough space to have you hyper sleep but it is things that I tell you to pre prepare yourself for the hyper seat so you can have a deeper what you call REM sleep you know the REM sleep you know we go where your brain waves are actually shifting and you’re going into a deeper realm of sleep so all these things you know and of course you don’t have on you know you know your clothes that you wear to bed are not too tight you’re not uncomfortable stuff like that we addressed your bed linens so you know things like that are all physical factors that can actually uh interrupt one sleep if it’s not the right type well anyways sleep and when you go at the same you actually you know your brainwaves are shifted into a different realm on you’re actually going into what you call it such a different realm and those who are aware or intuitive sometimes remember their dreams you know before they wake up they would have lucid dreaming you know a lot of people get profiled on direction and information from their dreams you know I do have some people says you know well I haven’t dreamed in years and normally I find people who do not remember their dream that they’re perhaps or something that happened emotionally that disrupted them from remembering their dreams something that maybe you know happened that they haven’t accepted an emotional level so we deal with that as well everybody does Street you know scientists have proven that everyone does dreams but not everyone remembers their dreams until Heidi was very good at helping people for you know to begin to remember their dreams as well we have an argument for remembering your dreams or not remembering is the thing that I really like that you talked about is relaxing the mind and so while they that alarm goes off they’re jolted back to Maya right to this illusion so they’re already thinking about tasks that need to be done during that day so there doesn’t seem to be that transition period I know before I used to be a used to feel that way as well you know I’m thinking before going to bed think about what I didn’t finish for that day and then if I wake up you know all this extra stress so the mind would never relax hence not remembering the dream mm-hmm true to that’s why it is so so important to you know be in a situation we could just allow your mind to just relax b.p before you know enter into any sleep foam activity and you know we do different techniques to help people just really have people that once a hyper sleep and they sleep over 12 hours their body is actually craving for more sleep it’s like wait a minute I had 12 hours sleep and I’m still groggy I still see it because your body is trying to allow you and your mind is trying to allow you to enter into a deeper realm where you are fully in a deeper more restful sleep so a lot of times our physical world is so tired that means your body needs more sleep go back to sleep you know to go back to sleep so again a hyper cyclical anywhere from 24 to 48 hours and you know people believe that you know everything you see in the physical realm is what is but there’s actually things that we don’t see that impacts our lives more profoundly than what we see case in point accidents nobody has ever seen oxygen really unless you know effects you know you’ve never really seen oxidants but yes we use this invisible substance every second of the day to sustain our lives you know when no one’s really even seen wind you know even on things like germs you need a high-powered microscope to see germs but yet you know you touch your hand on something you don’t see it you can get definitely ill just by picking up certain germs so the thing about hyper seeker still raise an awareness of the unseen realm and how it impacts our lives on a more profound level and once you can tap it to the unseen realm then you can gain more control over the events that occur in your life and also how you manifest things in your life you know it’s like you are able to kind of like be at the right place at the right time to create more synchronicity in your life as we’re talking about synchronicity earlier you know um and that and that using less amount of of all when you say energy to create it you know so that’s why I learn hyper seek many years ago by a very wealthy person and who taught me that it’s the wealthy who have learned how to rest and let and delegate and let other people expend the energy there’s a more energy you expend physically you become electrical and you know if it drains yourself so if you can learn to become magnetic you know being in a magnetic position or you’re actually drawing to you the circumstances in the situation’s to be at the right place at the right time then you become more impactful in what you’re trying to create in your life you see so hypersleep we find it allows the person to become more magnetic and they’re in their energetic offering to be at the right place at the right time it’s almost like launching your rockets of desires like on you know Esther Hicks would say into the universe to have it manifest on a more profound and faster rate hmm well Avery I want to ask you um other see hospitals say this I was the question I wanted to ask in regards to the hypersleep and if you happen to be doing that someone was doing a fasting at the same time or during that period is that something that would affect it or you shouldn’t do or well I think the more you can fast and be lighter the better your hypersleep would be because I mean you know they’ll say when you eat a real heavy meal before you go to bed or now your body has to focus on digesting and breaking on the food which could interrupt your sleep and see a lot of people have reported having nightmares when they’re they’re filled with a lot of food so the more you know you could be lighter you know your your stomach doesn’t have to focus on digesting the more your energy could be focused on getting a real restful reparative sleep because when you sleep we all know that your body and yourself are regenerating and repairing different things that need to be done in your body you know it’s like a downtime not just for your physical body but for your mental and emotional body as well yeah yeah and I was thinking like let’s say as an example someone started a fast like on a Monday and then that coming weekend they did a hyper sleep I was just curious about the because you know after fasting for four or five days as opposed to just maybe the day before you started you know just from accounts of people doing fasting and just after a few days of the clarity and whatnot they get I was just curious of how that would affect that sleep space I’m thinking it’s going to enhance the hypersleep that’s just my absolutely yeah I think it would enhance it but then again you know you have to find out you know what type of fashion are you doing any doing dry fast there’s only so anytime you kids abstain from heavy food you know and drink more liquids or whatever times it depends on the type of fast it’s going to enhance your hypersleep absolutely yeah I believe in fasting to periodically at least you know that downtime for your physical body even dry faster or you know five to six hours or you’re not eating or drinking anything or you know maybe just going on a fruit or vegetable you know staining just eating fruits and vegetables that’s going to help your body regenerate itself you know just repair from you know environmental damage on different artificial foods that sometimes people consume so definitely I find it very helpful and if you can buy knitwear hypersleep just going to make it all the better all the better yeah what about and let’s say for example you you yourself we’re doing a 48-hour hypersleep and of course you don’t sleep 48 hours straight you know you’re going to wake up you might have to go to the restroom and or in took a sip of water or something but at the times that you do wake up what’s the longest you’ve been awake before you went right but you just go right back to sleep or are you up for maybe 20 minutes and you go back to sleep or how does that usually work for you years because your body has has slipped on a switch to be in a restorative restful space I find people were able to go right back to sleep okay you know I find that you know to take a step or I go to use the restroom it’s almost like you’re you know that that world that you’re in when you just wake up you’re between you know not being fully awake but then you’re awake you know they’re kind of still in that realm after you know gone under sleep off sleeping for like more than 12 hours so your body still clicked in that Moses easier for you to kind of just drop back office be okay yeah so then you would say that you know a person for the most part should try to just pretty much get right back to it don’t don’t stay up you know awake to lapse might trigger you to just stay awake a little bit or something like that exactly yep that’s what I find you know we also technique some people that you know what to do to get right back to sleep to get their mind back in that restful state and they’re gone right back into hypersleep again so you well there when people come to do this you used to tell them I leave your leave your devices and whatnot at the door or you go yeah turn your cell phone off for people you know I won’t be available for the next 24 to 48 hours you know you can leave a message but don’t expect to get me it’s kind of like when you go off and you do a silent retreat you know you know you’re not going to be on any devices you’re not going to be on your computer anything you know sometimes I will tell people you know have a little notebook and a pen next you just in case maybe something did come through your dream state that was really profound if you just want to jot down before you enter right back into hyperspeed but you want to remember yeah I mean but certainly you don’t want to be there right in 10-15 minutes you know because it could be disruptive again just you got down some key things maybe some key colors and go right back to sleep you know that’s important for you mm-hmm okay sure yeah I’m really excited certainly I have a question with regards to setting expectations so you mentioned that people that sleep over twenty twelve hours typically for an event such as yours you are saying that there’s a difference between 24 and 48 hours so are you saying that some people sign up to do a 24-hour hypersleep and some others do 48 or how does that work yes Ani people sign up for our 24/7 telephone for day but of course I wouldn’t encourage people to go the longer sleep um if you’re just going to get more results you’re going to get a deeper deeper restful state you know um but I want to give people Choice I don’t like you know locking people into a certain thing you know but of course this is just like you will get a more profound experience the longer you can go into hyper six the longest I’ve hyper secret for 72 hours jiminee todos the longest you’ve done it yes 72 72 hours you know do you know anyone that’s ever done any longer than that you know I don’t I don’t know only people that have done is that we’ve done – sequel – taught me when hypersleep we’ve done it for 72 hours okay you know three days yeah so but of course I was our recommend that once you’ve done hypersleep release one or two times you can go definitely into the 72 and see what type of experiences you could pull down from that yeah but normally you know when you come out out I’ve even seen after 48 hours you know the clarity of mind that exists a calmness um you kind of set things in motion in your dream world state in the unseen realm to have it affect your physical realm we all know that the unseen realm is more powerful more stronger than the seen realm and no case in point it’s like when on you everything in your physical world manifested from the unseen realm you know phase this is the clothes that you’re wearing it was the fluids once in unseen realms in someone’s imagination and they manifested it into the physical realm so we know that’s the first we’re almost of manifestations is the unseen realm everything that’s designed everything that you know we use here on earth from us has come from the unseen realm first so you can tap in and and work through things in the unseen realm first it will help it so materialize again in the physical realm and then everything in the physical realm after a while if it’s not maintained in the unseen realm it will dissipate it would disappear it will it will not be maintained for instance if you have a house right now and you just stop using it or even a car you just have your car sitting down you’re not using it you’re not doing anything to ask a while where to start to disintegrate it will start to break down on that house will start having a lot of problems you know you know the upkeep everything you have to keep it up and how you keep it up is you have to think about you have to put unseen realm energy into it for the upkeep of the physical manifestation of what you have created yeah make or else or also or else it will it would dissipate it would disappear yeah yeah yeah definitely I mean you know how school of people or people living in it and he can get another house you know right next door it could be completely empty for you know years and even though there’s been no one living in if you go into it you can just definitely see and kill yeah that there’s there’s no energy is to curating and it’s just a difference when you know there’s live energy in any place yeah absolutely so when you’re going into this realm you’re actually putting your whole being in your whole self and it’s unseen realm to say okay now what’s how are you going to be more impactful in the scene around when you do finally bring your senses back here to the third dimensional you know physical realm you do you find that like let’s say you’re starting to hyper sleep and maybe you slip like the first 12 hours and you know you wake up use the restroom and let’s say that you’re you recall some of the dream when you go back gee go right back to that do you find you go right back to the same scenario you just came out of dream wise or is it something completely new and different I find myself warm right back to the same scenario that has been my experience it certainly doesn’t have to be the next person’s experience yeah but I find myself able to go right back into that same scenario and kind of working through you know what I was working through yeah or like a lot of times I get information or I get a reassurance that you know just relax everything’s going to be okay you know just put your energy on this and this is going to come to fruition I guess more like a it’s almost like visiting your grandparents out you know when you’re getting a lot of wisdom and it does see the snow that you’re going to be well taken care of and you’re going to be downloaded from your grandparents a whole boatload of wisdom that’s what it feels like to me I could describe it scenario yeah yeah so you would say that’s how kind of how it is for the entire I 48 hours you’re having or seeing the same people or doing the same experience for that for that 48 hours or or does it ever change August it depends how many intentions or scenarios that your higher-self would like to use the work arm or to get clarity on because there’s a higher self that has a has an overview of our destiny and why we incarnated in this world in the first way so it could be you know a couple of different scenarios that they may want you know that your higher self would like for you to work on or to work clarify but it’s not a whole lot of things it’s not like gets the phrenic dream and where you’re like over here you’re over there over there over there it’s basically one or two common things or something that they’re looking to synchronize or to tie you into the work on there’s normally when we’re going what we’re doing with a lot of different things are occurring there’s usually one common thread it’s almost like um you know you have a hem of your garment and if I pull that one major thread that’s keeping it whole hem together but a whole Tim just falls down right so it’s uses like one common thread that they’re working on it you’re working on that if you untie its and all the other scenarios or things that you’re working on in your life mmm so how often do you I will let’s see how should I say this the intend right before you do a hypersleep this is what I wanna you know experience or and work on or you just go to sleep and whatever you start whatever comes up once you’re in your dream state comes up or do you intend before you go to sleep okay this is the kind of experiences I want to have in my dream state you know I’ve done both I’ve done hyper sweet both ways where I’ve actually had an intention that I want to go to sleep on and work on you know which I did get definite answers for you know sometimes it’ll show up in the way who out house expected it but I definitely got answers to work on it and then sometimes I was just things in my life just got real funky you know like nothing was just not working out like I’m like what what’s going on you know like this the whole life is so crazy then it’s just a signal to me like maybe I need to go into the dream maybe there’s something in my unseen you know there’s always a side of us that we don’t know that we don’t know about ourselves so I’m like well maybe you know there’s something going on that I’m not privy to or conscious of that I need to do a hypersleep just to get some revelations on mmm have you ever did a hypersleep had whatever experience saw you know whoever you saw in your dream state like say someone that you knew personally and then the next time you saw him you told them that you saw and they said oh yeah I remember that you know I too was dreaming that or whatever never had that experience before I have not but what I have had is that if I dream about someone or I think about them I suppose of someone I haven’t seen in a couple of years I find within three days this is Tojo within three days they’re calling me or I’m calling them or contacted with them and they’re like you know I just had you on my mind so strongly like I just want to reach out to you so I’ve had that I have had that experience I’ve had that experience were me and a friend we did meet but for full disclosure we had been working on that we have been practicing that was our intention was to meet in our dream state and we did we finally were able to do it to where we both remember experience exactly what we were doing and everything and it was was pretty cool because we have been working on it kind of for a little while and then one morning I woke up outside yeah we were on the beach and she described everything we both described it to a tee exactly what was going on yes that’s definitely possible because again you’re going to a different room and if you focus on it with someone so you know we’re going to do a hyper seek connect up and we’re going to intend to do this it’s definitely possible because you aren’t born into a different realm it’s like a different world that you know because there’s different realms that exist and I thought I was trying to explain to people again this realm in this world that we’re in of course is not all that there is so if you could have entities other realms and the world then definitely you can you know connect it with other people I mean I’ve done stuff like that when we’ve done you know rituals where you know we have we set a group intention to connect with a certain type of ancient ancestral energy and this certain ancestral energies come with on how you come on you know so you know the two gone there and all of us can you know experience these landmarks and come back and describe them sortie as there was a lot of the ritual so definitely that’s possible yeah okay yep so even before they had internet even before you had internet and course I mean you have your mental brain waves that can reach out to someone and they just get a sensation like you know they I’m just thinking about Hamza or you know David ran across online really strongly and and something kind of gives you an auction you know hey give this person a call or that’s that person you know energetic matrix like reaching out to you said hey I would like to talk to you and that’s our that’s our on unseen internet that that we’ve always had an action but because if you become more electrical meaning that electrical energy is what’s needed to do things on the physical earth if you expend too much electrical energy within a dream your magnetic energy and your ability to become magnetic to draw things to you so hyper sleep again recharges your electrical energy and allows you to become more of magnetic to begin to pull these things things I could definitely see in a group setting or you know you’re intending with someone to magnetically connect on another realm it’s definitely possible yeah so another thing I think back to my first point I was saying about the and I learned is take me from a very wealthy person what I think who said is that people who are poor waste and expend a lot of energy doing doing doing doing doing a million things at one day running here and there is almost like a chicken with your head cut off when you’re expending all this electrical energy without any definite of purpose trying to accomplish or manifest something and you’re finding that you use a lot of energy just expending your wills just in the you happen like my goodness why is it so hard why are so many roadblocks because you’re not being able to you know put it on your magnetic energy to draw it to you the dawdle circumstance of season and hypersleep is a great way of resetting yourself to make that happen it’s funny how different worlds there’s a different it’s the same definition but people are saying it differently like you know there’s translation and when you said that that made me think of strategic coach those that are in the business world are entrepreneurs have hurt some people have heard of strategic coach and what they do is I think even to get in you have to be at at least 125 150 a year revenue and the main thing that they drive home is that you cannot work 2 7 8 with no five six seven days a week you have to go back down to like the two or three because you are expending so much energy you’re not allowing yourself to become magnetic and it’s just really funny to see them after a year or so you know could you follow up with these people and so they’re like oh my I never thought I could imagine working two days a week but I’ve made two times as much money absolutely and you know I have to say this too I think you know people who are in power in controllers work they understand that concept very well so of course and the whole thing is let’s get them out there five days a week you know forty hours you know and a lot of time you know when you’re working five days a week you are out your house longer than just four dollars a week so again you’re so become so electrical some select you know electricity you know it’s like it keeps you kind of bound into that that working round of working for that person you know so the thing is you’re going to have to somehow step out in the faith and you know decrease from the workload you know the work time at the pub Laurie already do it for a specific time you know for you’re going to work 40 hours a week for only a specific timeframe and that that need is going to cut it off you can come more magnetic and sweeping spiritualities things see them make triple income I mean I myself am case in point when I worked only one or two days a week out thinking way more money than what I’m doing now working sometimes 40 hours a week but I have an objection that’s why I’m doing this I have to publicly thank you on a conversation we had offline but I think that the audience would love it and in regards to electrical energy and because in draining the ability to become magnetic we had a conversation about transcranial direct current stimulation where you’re using a device on your head or your brain where you’re actually increasing your endorphins or from the prefrontal cortex but the follow up or the drain afterwards you’re going to get in the moment you’re going to get so much euphoria out of it but the is it really worth it afterwards if you take so much longer to recover yes absolutely so you know we the thing is about this world is very good to understand male/female energy so in this world what really works things to get things done physically is using electrical energy right but that’s that’s that’s masculine and so you have to be able to the body ostrich for balance between male/female energy magnetic energy is feminine so you know everything there’s a balance so if you using so much physical energy electrical stimulation on the brain to induce endorphins which really is like a magnetic state is like your body’s going to do something to balance you out by dropping you lower to balance yourself out so you can go into a depression or just you know get addiction this is why you know anybody that does a lot of things on cars like drugs and stuff like that that artificially like simulates some the balance of your body the body so lies it’s always going to do something throw something in there to balance all that energy hmm yeah I get that Hamzah did you where we were you had mentioned about some of the herbs that you had guide you said yet you were going to wait until the podcast to talk about some of the low yeah sure again I have to Avery also because we were having the I said Avery saved me 200 bucks because I was going to buy that that transcranial direct current stimulation device just because I’m really interested it and truck all this brain hacking I mean there’s been some things in my life that I’ve benefited from so I wanted to share that and and Avery took me off the ledge from that because uh of how your body like she said it’s so smart that it’s going to try to make you it’s going to regulate and so to answer your question before I answer your question David Avery we were talking about after this happens after you do a hypersleep and we were comparing it actually made me kind of sad but I slept the one that I’m okay now so we were talking about going to Peru and you know doing the ayahuasca retreats and you know people go through these things for the experience and so I think with hypersleep with ayahuasca retreat or the herbs I’m about to discuss you know they’re really great but what is the recovery time and was hypersleep you’re saying that you can pretty much go right back not go back to your regular life because I’m sure you’re going to have so much transformation on the information you receive during the hypersleep but you don’t have to deal with you know two weeks three weeks four weeks of make up time just because your body’s trying to read regulate is that correct yes because you’re actually doing it something on the external stimuli you know so to produce a spiritual result you know we’re hyper sleeping is a spiritual activity you know it costs weeks next to releasing and then go into a death so there is something that does transform or like a small death that gets released even if it’s just on the way you are thinking about something or perceiving something and it’s allowing yourself to surrender into the darkness and surrender until your you know your somberness because the mind is always trying to say it’s always trying to run the show you know in the spirit sits there quietly there’s no spirit is more feminine energy the mind is more of a mental song masculine energy and so you know those wants to be in control and in the spirit is sitting there like okay you can just relax them to my wisdom course or just release it to what you think you know I could show you something a lot higher so again you know it’s it’s horrible over of not trying to force an outcome which I find using these drugs to stimulate these types of things is forcing like an outcome and they’re not something that naturally occurs in your physical body it’s a substance that you have to take from the outside realm into your internal realm to produce a result and I find that people are just more successful just doing naturally what occurred occurs with you because sleep is something that you naturally do every night you know it’s not something that you know just how you’re wired you know we’re always having to step in flow of coming out to the electrical world and then diving back into the magnetic world and scientists are proven at people who like just want to continue saying this master in the state of being awoke of being awake after a while their soul leaves the body they die you know there’s some people that try to stay up you know three days four days straight without sleeping and they actually died you know they left they went to the magnetic realm permanently there so just trying to balance them out they couldn’t come back into the electrical world yeah that’s the type of to my friend of mine and a person that should personally have known better and he won’t mind me sharing the story so he’s a he’s a surgeon a cardiac surgeon at that and a year ago he was diagnosed with with cancer because he was sleeping two and three hours a night because it was his workload so this body just shuts down like you said it was ready to transition like look we can’t take all of this stress for this electrical energy that you’re generating for this body like you’re actually killing us exactly so it’s important to you know go back into the magnetic realm so what happens is when you do a hypersleep a lot of people don’t get enough free border castle Express so their body’s going to be in our mind and our spirits and we discharge in that electrical energy while they’re in that realm supply is restorative it’s very restorative and just to kind of help your body catch up on things that it didn’t be because of all the stress of being in this physical realm and what it dictates that all you have to dinner eight and bring forward you know you know you got to pay your bills you got to go you know you got certain things you have responsibilities you got accountability that’s kind of like you know kind of dumped on you that was it naturally meant to be if that makes sense I mean to someone to work you know eight to 12 hours a day or the average person’s work 60 hours a week that’s tremendous amount of electrical energy that a person is expended so does normally a person do that works long hours not only I go out you know they’re looking to get a beer they’re going to get some wine to help your mind relax and try to get more magnetic on some level you know they’re trying to balance that that electrical energy off you know sometimes people when it comfort they just want to take a nap they just want to go back into the magnetic realm to kind of balance out that electrical energy does that wood has been extended so it’s really powerful it’s all I ever flow of between male and female energy and we need both to be able to sustain ourselves and as well there was a comedian recently he had a divorce now but he had mentioned when he was working he would take two hours of sleep in the in the driveway to deal with what he had to deal with at home so he didn’t know that going hypersleep I was like pulling that magnetic energy just to do good energy yes and when he gets into the house you know that’s another thing you know you’re working all week hard taking it like then you got to come to your house and spend more lecture energy and people good cancer you know the body starts to create a disease to say hey you know the soul wants to be blessed the skull wants to be in pleasure so you know it’s not getting that you know it starts to communicate with the higher realms like listen let’s get an early vacate notice out of here you know that this is not working this is not we signed up for yeah so it’s definitely true Wow and I do think the people we even have diseases like narcolepsy and stuff like that I believe they’ve created these diseases just try to balance out all this electrical energy that they may have to expend when they were children you know there’s sometimes you know hello we’re here we’re here okay sorry there is something that be felt but we’re all saying to use it sometimes on you know children and our abused and have to expend a lot of electrical energy just to deal with their situation it’s end up you know given you know certain diseases earlier in life you know I select see things like that like the bodies are trying to balance it out by creating these diseases so we kind of say hey wait a minute we need to rest here we need to really get sick the first thing you do is look you’re rest you get me you know that’s one of the restorative things that you get in the hospital bed you know you’re in the bed sleep interesting something to kind of reset yourself so a is there a minimum age so it should you know start doing this or any age you can do it I mean obviously as an adult I guess I thought about like with children is should they wait till a little older but you know it’s funny enough when you know newer and school want to remember this but especially and um preschool whatever ya know you do a little work what they made you take nap remember easily daily naps all the time never growing up my grandmother would be like okay trying to take your nap after lunch every nap well I gotta take a nap I’m trying to be a better but they were just trying to help children grow by conserving their energy so I would definitely the shorter realm a shorter timeframe for children but I do think our children need daily nap yeah and besides going to sleep you know yeah the regular day never I would just think you that you know just to my mind I’m thinking wow that would be hard for probably a child to do like a 24-hour workers you know it seems like once they wake up they’re just ready to go you know exactly yeah I mean the other time depends on how dense the child is the density level of a child like if the child has been severely abused then I would encourage that child to rest they don’t have to stay 24 to 48 hours because they haven’t gathered so much electrical energy at that point to sell it but definitely have them pick up more frequent naps and rest yeah and if you go on to a really traumatic time it’s a good time to do a hyper sleep then you know as an adult you know especially if a woman or guy you know you had some traumatic event happened like a ray for some serious abuse occurred or you know just something that was really heavy you need a hyper seek to kind of balance yourself back out so and just sometimes the process what has happened to you so the frequency of doing high perceives I think in the first podcast you said that you do it like well maybe once a month or something like that it once a month yeah every other month I mean it’s good to do it especially you know during a new moon is a good time you know being harmony with the castle because remember it’s a reset and new moon is like a reset a new time so it’s good to do hypersleep to to reset yourself right but on at least at least during another good time to do it is during the the four major solstices and equinoxes you know during that time when the seasons are changed after reset period that’s a good time to do hypersleep or or any other time where some major catastrophe is just happening you’re likely to see the kind of reset that kind of person says I have a friend that lives in Susan the Caribbean island and she wants the she was in love with this guy and they broke up and she’s just devastated by the all event because you know they’ve been together eight years and period the love she’s lost the love of her life right so I suggested a hyper sequence she says you know what I feel so much better like I’m able to deal with it before she was crying all the time you know just falling to pieces emotionally over what occurred and and now she has the mental strength and stamina um just to be back to herself again and she’s even on have some tests created some more on creative projects out of it you know so her energy sort of have freed up to allow her even focus on creating some um some creative projects in her life and she even connected with them a guy there who mom he’s going through a breakup as well so it’s like the universe broader a partner that they can kind of support one another through what they’re going through not that they want to have a relationship but it’s certainly good to be inquisitive and say why what happened why why you know the rejection of it all so good to do these things when you have these events David said something really good with the question for the children because not even for trauma but I know especially it’s really interesting when you talk about wealthy families and such and not even well let’s just say middle and upper-middle right a lot of these kids have schedules like adults and so yeah they’re running from soccer to ban to fill in the blank right and they’re not given the time of a childhood if you will where they’re just laying on their back trying to figure out shapes of us clouds in this guide I mean they’re just so every mid right like every I mean that’s when the creativity comes into play but you’re saying that these parents are potential is doing a disservice to their children and they may ultimately iron out they are definitely doing the sûreté more of a Western concept a more Eastern concept is to encourage the child to sleep a lot like um especially like in African cultures like for instance unless I sent my had the pleasure of cinema daughters or African on base school when we lived in New York City and part of their daily routine was for two hours they had a break going from the school activity but he had to rest on a mat or meditate in the sleep between 12:00 and 2:00 every day of the see our Wow yeah that’s definitely an African concept and if you notice most even European countries when people are working they have a two hour lunch break so they’re even and also they have a month of vacation yeah over here in America you know you barely get two weeks the rest of this to rejuvenate yourself yeah that’s more of an American concept of you know everything having something for your kids pushing your kid you’re doing them a disservice exactly yeah yeah I’ll totally agree Europe they totally get it as when it comes to Gino RNR stop and smell the roses you know take time off they get that that’s how that it’s important to you and here it’s just the only u.s. it’s a little bit more you know we’re just rushing for everything and take know where exactly yeah yes that’s a different concept I mean every time you’re running doing it you’re doing it you’re doing it you run in there and that’s why I believe lupus is so high and so prevalent especially amongst type you know type-a personality people a lot of type of personality people here and after a while the body’s like look I just need to become more magnetic and the body begins to create this autoimmune disease called lupus where starts to turn on itself you just don’t have any energy your adrenals are just burnt out and what are the chronic symptoms of lupus is that just so exhausted you have chronic fatigue we just can’t do anything because of why the body is trying to balance it so fault so what does the average person do to go to the doctor like doc I know I’m used to doing this doing and staying up 80 you know 80 hours a week and doing this and that now I’m just drained I can’t even get out the bed what’s going on what does a doctor do gives a more external stimulation of medication you know the treatment this ease process and I usually need is a good sleep good hydration for the body to kind of balance off the body will have itself if it’s placed in the right condition mm-hmm you know Vinnie well let’s see just as we’re talking here and knowing how like the body recoups and stuff like after you know heavy extra sighs that’s what I really you get the gains of exercise and Android eyes when you’re sleeping and so it seems like this would be something good for like professional athletes who do a lot of hard training on their body and you know sleeping for 48 hours and really lay in a body completely free coop and stuff would be really beneficial absolutely absolutely now there’s something to when a person becomes so masculine or so electrical that of course the bodies are getting crates of disease to try to make them more magnetic um you know you heard this August talking I was on the show about the impact of football you know an impact on the brain and all this hard you know impact on the body and now they have brain damage because you know your body wasn’t meant to have like 300 pounds impact in your brain in your skull you know repeat it repeatedly repeatedly repeated over years yeah so um you know we definitely have to become more observant as to what the body needs and give it what it needs or after a while you know a lot of disease will ensue yeah so this has been a great call as always uh Avery and let’s say that people that are listening I don’t for one and really interested and we’ll talk about some additional obviously I’m always looking at tweaking it but for those that are interested and want to know more about it please talk about the date that your event is and how they can sign up sure well I will send people to our website and it’s on Avery wellness dot wi x SI te comm forward slash hypersleep so if you go to that website and this is something that says register you’re able to register in to the hypersleep and what i would like to offer for everyone is listening to your podcast that we want the new hypersleep i’m offering a 25% discount if they register within the next week awesome so what they have to do if you put hypersleep is a way that says contact me you just send me a note and says hey I’m on Hobbes’s podcast and I will automatically give you 20 bucks in this code also I can be reached at on six seven eight seven five six three zero seven one again at six seven eight seven five six three zero seven one and we could just leave a message if you can’t get me out get back with you most of me a text message do you also a list of what’s needed as far as what they need to prepare what they need to bring with them yeah I don’t register yeah once they register to get that information I always give people information a need-to-know basis so once they register you know there’s so interest you know they’ll send out the next step that’s how to prepare awesome we’re actually coming out on the hour I know we’re going to get cut off soon so definitely thank you for the time Avery the it starts the 25th of August and goes until the 27th so there’s pioneer time there’s plenty of time to sign up now and if you do it within the next week you still get 25% off just let them know you listen to the intrinsic motivation podcast and we’ll get you started with Avery and we’d love to have people that have gone to do another podcast to just talk about how they felt about it in in any follow-ups after that that’d be fantastic yes I must say that that’s the time you know are a multi-candidate is limited so we do have space actually for more people who want to be involved with the hyper sweet so if you really want to go let me know immediately so we could secure your safe can I like that baguette the cat out of the Hat so Avery obviously this event is here in Atlanta Georgia but you have another hypersleep potentially do you want to talk about that at all yeah I will talk about it we’re going to do a hypersleep in Barbados and also and that’s going to be like you know you hypersleep for 40 hours and then the other three days when I go to the different healing waters in Barbados and also we’re planning a next hypersleep at a place called Jackie’s on the reef in your grill that’s going to be coming up as well another thing when you – sleep for 48 hours and have the three days you visit the healing waters of Jamaica so definitely if you’re interested just contact me on our website or give me a quick text and you can get more details all team we’re very excited about hypersleep on the road again Thank You Avery with the hypersleep and we’re really excited about that I hope for a really successful event everyone that’s listening there’s only four slots available so hopefully you can get in there sooner than later so you can be a part of the cool people ahead again this is a terrific motivation from my homeys perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and we look forward to hearing guys on the next podcast Thank You Avery you’re so welcome thank you guys I have a 1 to say day take care bye bye

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