How To Use Hypnosis Therapy To Create Automatic Success In Any Area Of Life In 2021

How To Use Hypnosis Therapy To Create Automatic Success In Any Area Of Life In 2021

The Benefits of Hypnosis Therapy

There are several misconceptions and myths surrounding clinical hypnosis and how hypnosis therapy works. Many people are familiar with hypnotherapy, such as the ability to cure insomnia by inducing sleep through hypnotherapy but few know that the technique can be used for many other wide range medical conditions, such as treating anxiety, depression, and stress.

Clinical hypnosis is a form of psychotherapy used in many cases to treat the mental health issues including symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. During this form of therapy, people can enter into a relaxed daydream-like state where they are able to see and feel everything the hypnotist says to them. They also go into a deep meditation using the prefrontal cortex, where they are focused on their breathing while allowing themselves to allow thoughts to enter their mind. The therapist may ask for specific suggestions with this integrative therapy that the patient will have to listen to repeatedly to help them with their specific needs and transform separateness to wholeness.

Anxiety is often caused by trauma and the fear that came with it. During a session, the therapist will teach the patient to relax and trust the situation. They may also practice relaxation techniques by using light or sound therapies to provide the patient with a calming effect.

What Is Hypnosis Therapy Used For The General Masses
What Is Hypnosis Therapy Used For?

What Is Hypnosis Therapy Used For?

A hypnotherapy session uses this therapeutic tool and can focus on treating depression. In this session, the patient will learn to relax and let go of any feelings of despair. Through hypnosis, patients will be taught how to deal with stress so that they can better cope with it. Depression and anxiety are often caused by high levels of stress and if a patient learns how to control it, they will be able to overcome their problems.

The use of clinical hypnotherapy is not for everyone, as it can be quite overwhelming for some patients. It can be very effective in treating those who are anxious, depressed, or afraid of heights, but those who don’t have these issues may not be ideal candidates for this type of therapy.

The benefits of clinical hypnotherapy are often worth the benefits and stress of having to go through it. It is a powerful tool that has been proven to help a variety of medical conditions. The first benefits of the therapy include the calming and soothing effects it provides to the patient and allows them to let go of past anxieties and fears. It helps patients gain control of their mind so that they can better understand the situation and be more aware of their thoughts.

Does Hypnosis Therapy Really Work for the Average Person?
Does Hypnosis Therapy Really Work?

Does The Hypnosis Experience Really Work?

Hypnotherapy can also help to relieve anxiety and depression by providing the patient with methods to cope with their stress and problems. It is also used to teach the patient how to become calmer and more confident about their situation by encouraging the client to change their thinking and behaviors through therapeutic suggestions.

When a person is in the hands of a professional, they can learn relaxation techniques that they can use to overcome their problems with hypnotherapy. They may be taught to avoid the things that trigger them to be nervous, fearful, or nervous and may be taught how to calm themselves before and after a stressful event.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. This disorder is often caused by being exposed to a traumatic event in one’s life and can cause the sufferer to relive the event over again in their dreams. During this time, they may find it difficult to come to terms with the event and may have flashbacks.

How Does Hypnosis Work In My Upcoming Therapy Session?
How Does Hypnosis Work In Therapy?

What Is The Effectiveness Of Hypnosis?

Using solution focused hypnotherapy to help overcome a traumatic incident can help the person learn to cope with their fears and learn how to control their emotions so they can better cope with what they have experienced. Hypnosis can also help them learn how to face the traumatic situations in a calm manner that will not make them tense up.

Hypnosis therapy can also be used to teach someone how to overcome depression and anxiety. Many people do not know how to treat their own anxiety disorders and are not sure how to cope with them. The efficacy of hypnosis can teach them how to recognize what causes their problems and how to tackle them so that they do not have to experience them again.

Hypnosis can also be used to help teach someone how to get rid of addictions. If the person cannot control their impulses, they may resort to drugs, alcohol, and/or cigarettes. They may try to quit cold turkey but are discouraged because these methods often do not work, especially when the person is facing an addiction that they do not recognize.

Hypnotherapy & The Subconscious Mind – A Closer Look

The subconscious mind is far more powerful than you may think. When you reach adulthood, you have already stored more information than that of an average adult. By the time you hit the age of twenty, you have permanently stored over one hundred times that of the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Under hypnotherapy, even old people can recall, with almost perfect accuracy from meditation techniques, events from half a century ago from repressed memories. This is because the subconscious is constantly working to help them through difficult times and painful patterns and provides access to a large storehouse of stored information. Because of this, hypnotherapy can help you to improve your mental health, as well as your ability to solve problems and deal with life’s everyday stresses.

Hypnotherapy works to change the way the subconscious mind works by using various methods. The subconscious mind is a powerful entity that can be accessed at will. One way that hypnotherapy works to alter how the subconscious works is through the use of suggestion. Once the subconscious becomes more familiar with the suggestions it receives, it will begin to carry out those suggestions in an effective manner.

The idea of the subconscious working with the conscious mind is very appealing to people. It is very easy for a conscious mind to convince itself that it knows what is true, but the subconscious has no need for such information. With hypnotherapy, the subconscious helps you understand that there are different ways to approach things in your life. Your subconscious is capable of seeing things from many different perspectives and can help you solve problems that you may have previously thought were beyond your reach.

What Is The Success Rate Of Hypnosis For A Special Friend?
What Is The Success Rate Of Hypnosis?

How Do Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Help Patients With Chronic Pain Control?

Suggestion Therapy refers to the use of mental images to provide patients with a better understanding of what is causing their pain. This helps them to change unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, overeating, or other negative habits. Psychotherapy helps patients understand the causes of their pain and develop new ways of responding to it. Although most patients who experience chronic pain have no idea they are suffering from a disorder, mental imagery can be beneficial in helping them to realize that they have a problem.

Hypnotherapy helps patients identify the physical causes of their pain. For example, if a patient finds that they have persistent back pain, the therapist may suggest that they imagine walking across a beach. The patient then becomes aware of the physical movement and can begin making mental plans about what they would like to do to alleviate their pain. Suggestion therapy can also be used to treat pain by creating an emotional state that helps to reduce the pain. Hypnotherapy helps patients identify the physical causes of their pain. For example, if a patient finds that they have persistent back pain, the therapist may suggest that they imagine walking across a sandy beach. The patient then becomes aware of the physical movement and can begin making mental plans about what they want to do to alleviate their pain.

Psychotherapy helps patients understand the causes of their pain and develop new ways of responding to it. Pain management usually begins with psychotherapy to help patients work through their emotions. Psychotherapy is often combined with a combination of traditional and alternative treatment to address the physical cause of pain. Hypnotherapy, mental imagery, and psychotherapy are used together to help patients learn to control pain. Many patients find that using both alternative and conventional treatments at once is helpful for managing their pain.

Does Hypnosis Work On Everyone Globally Or Just Me?
Does Hypnosis Work On Everyone?

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis or autosuggestion is a conscious form, a mental state, or the subconscious result of an auto-induced hypnosis state. Autogenic hypnosis or self-hypnosis can also be called autosuggestion or auto-suggestion trance. It is the ability to induce a state of hypnosis by consciously imagining it. The process of hypnosis, in general, is to influence or change the person’s behavior or emotions without them even knowing that they are being influenced or changed. This is achieved by using the subconscious mind as a tool for inducing desired changes in the behavior of the person being hypnotized. The hypnotist’s goal is to induce the person to commit to a specific behavior or emotion or change the person’s attitude toward life.

There are a variety of techniques for using the self hypnosis trance to achieve this goal. Some people use a mantra or affirmation that helps them induce their subconscious to believe what they are trying to achieve. There are also other methods to inducing trance such as visual imagery, suggestion, and progressive relaxation. Achieving the goal is very important to the person being hypnotized so the hypnotist must be careful to not allow him to become relaxed and allow his mind to wander during the trance. An individual should be aware that he is under hypnosis. If it were otherwise the individual would be able to resist the suggestions that are given during the procedure.

If done correctly and with the right techniques, there are benefits to using self hypnosis. People have found it beneficial for a variety of reasons ranging from achieving personal growth to stopping smoking and many other habits. Some doctors even use the techniques in treating patients. It has been found to be safe and reliable means of hypnotizing and making people do things that they might not normally do. It can also be used by the lay person for many purposes such as creating confidence, overcoming phobias, and even increasing productivity. Self hypnosis is becoming more popular in the modern world and many people believe it can be a beneficial and useful therapy.

How Much Does Hypnosis Therapy Cost If I'm On A Budget?
How Much Does Hypnosis Therapy Cost?

William Hanson got hypnosis so he could watch Jordan in I’m A Celeb trials – Entertainment Daily (


  • Etiquette expert William Hanson and Jordan’s pal, has admitted he took part in hypnosis to enable him to watch the show.
  • As Jordan North is currently in Wales, William is left alone to host their comedy podcast

Hypnosis: Therapy or Entertainment? – Shepherd Express (


  • In contrast, stage hypnotism masquerades as mind control, implying that one submits to the will of the hypnotist, following their suggestions like an automaton.
  • What’s more, there are disturbing accounts of physical injuries and mental distress resulting from some stage hypnotism, so certain countries (not ours) regulate the practice.
  • Well, while hypnotized, attention focuses narrowly, and awareness of one’s surroundings diminishes.
  • Chief among these is compartmentalization, the capacity to divide one’s awareness between two or more distinct perceptual vantage points.
Why Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Therapy  Is It The Best Solution?
Why Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Therapy ?

Science-Based Hypnotherapy With Maureen Pisani Of Perfect Health [Interview]

Early on in her life, Maureen Pisani realized that her life passion was to support others in creating their best lives. She became a certified hypnotherapist through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Southern California, where she now lectures and mentors the faculty. She has also been a guest lecturer at several universities, including UCLA and Santa Monica College. Maureen has also served as Program Director and instructor for the Hypnotherapy Program at Mueller College.


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land. You are in tune to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza and I’m really excited about our guest. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about medical hypnosis for your overall well being and we have a certified hypnotherapist on today. Early in her life, Maureen Pisani realized that her life passion was to support others in creating their best lives. And how did she do that? Well, she became a certified hypnotherapist through the hypnosis motivation Institute in Southern California, where she now lectures and mentors the faculty. She’s also been a guest lecturer at several universities, including UCLA and Santa Monica College. She’s also served as program director and instructor for the hypnotherapy therapy services program at Mueller college, and much more that you’ll learn over the next hour. So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Maureen Pisani to the podcast. Welcome Maureen.


Thank you so much.


Absolutely. Hypnosis is really exciting. That world to me is really exciting. I know about all the stereotypes. And I know a lot of certified hypnotherapists through the years that kind of gave me the brass tacks of the realization of fact and fiction, so I’m sure you’re gonna clear the air in that regard as well.


I will absolutely do my best. I think that hypnotherapy is one of the most misunderstood modalities. And yes, I do own a soapbox.


I love it. I love it. One thing I wanted to ask you, before we get started was, as I was preparing for the podcast, I couldn’t help but think about my high school or my 10 year high school reunion. And I was a jock in school. And after all the niceties of shaking everybody’s hand. You know, we went back to high school and all the clusters got back together. And so a lot of a lot of the jocks a lot of the guys and girls were revealed at that time that they were smokers. And, you know, two jocks are like, how could you ever smoke and they were saying it helped them lead their stress. Now, this was obviously pre COVID. And they were dealing with anxiety and smoking. I was wondering as a clinical hypnotherapist? Who are your major clients during 2020?


Oh, that’s very good. So 2020 is gonna go down in history of the year that we would all wish to forget. But it’s also overloaded with one of the things we hate the most uncertainty. We all know we don’t know the future. But what 2020 did to us was pulled the rug from underneath. We didn’t know what was going to happen next week as in, am I going to be alive next week? Are my loved ones going to be alive next week? Are they going to get this deadly disease and before you know what they’re gonna die alone in the hospital because I’m not allowed in. So it took us to a point where we were very aware that we were on sinise. And that is one of the things that is very unnerving to our unconscious mind. So we have two personalities on the planet. We have extroverts and introverts. extroverts, by the way, all of us are in the same scenario, right? So the extroverts find the uncertainty to be unnerving, and then tell every single person they meet how unnerved they are, and oh my god, a hug would really help. The introverts who are desperately trying to hold on to some semblance of normalcy, and maintain control are twisting themselves into pretzels from so much stress running through them, because they they’re not share that they need help. So for me as a hypnotherapist who is bound by confidentiality, I get a nice percentage of both. I get the ones who come to me because the introverts know that I am bound by confidentiality, so nobody will ever know they’re coming to me. But then the extroverts come to me because at least somebody is going to listen to them without cutting them off, interrupting, stopping them because they’ve said it three times before. So when it comes to who comes to me, it’s how stress affects them, how much stress they’ve taken on how long they’ve been struggling with it. And when they finally come to the point where it’s like, oh my gosh, I don’t think I can hold on any longer. This is too much I need I need some To release the stress, then they realize, oh, a friend told me they went to Maureen. Maybe I should give her a shot. Or, Hey, can you introduce me to your friend Marine, because I know she is a hypnotherapist, and I think at this point, I’m ready for her when they go gloomy, or they see one of my presentations, or they meet me in our virtual networking event. So they keep coming. And I keep saying yes.


Mm hmm. One of the big things in the news today was the governor of north of New York, and they are closing the schools again. And as I have, we’re having this conversation on November 18. It made me think of March earlier this year, where we thought, oh, it’ll be over by summer. Oh, it’ll be over by fall. And we keep pushing that or kick moving that football like Lucy did to Charlie Brown. And there looks like there may be a potential lockdown. So have you had people that you were speaking with maybe second or third quarter to overcome the uncertainty because maybe in the back of their mind, you thought, well, by the holidays, surely we’ll be back to normalcy. And now they’re coming back to you again, because we are not facing certainty?


Yes, yes. It is unnerving. It is scary. It is concerning we, the one thing we know is that we don’t know how to actually control it. And I’m not coming from a space of science here. I’m coming from a space of therapy, because it’s almost like we’re in the Titanic only it’s not one section. That’s got the holes, it’s got 17,000 holes all over the ship. And it doesn’t matter how many times we patch, another one pops open. So people are coming to me. Yes, it is, it is disheartening. My heart goes out to the kids. Because from one aspect, I totally understand they need socialization with their friends. But it’s too high of a risk to risk their futures throughout their lives. So having another lockdown, and shutting down the schools. In my humble opinion, just as you know, mere marine here, it’s necessary to save lives. Because cross contamination is just dangerous. We know that kids love to be together, and they need to be together, but they’re not keeping the six feet apart. And they’re not doing you know, the happy birthdays to wash their hands. And then who do they meet and reach out to at home. And they become carriers for disaster where it could all be managed.


One thing that I thought was interesting over you know, over time, even before this was sitting in, I used to add the disclaimer, I used to teach second grade way back in the days. And one of the things that we had to pride ourselves on was keeping the kids quiet, right, keeping them occupied, and they have to sit long stretches, and they have to be quiet. Okay. And then when I went back to the business world, and I’m in a conference, and all the adults are fidgeting, they can’t sit still. They’re whispering to each other. So when you’re talking about the kids needing socialization, how much is it that they’re repeating what they see their parents do?


Absolutely, yes. Absolutely. Yes. We’ve all seen the cute, whether it’s a movie, or we’ve seen it live, where an 18 month, two year old little boy walks up to an equally young little girl who’s delicately by the face and kisses her on the lips. And there’s only one way that little boy size. Daddy does it to mommy. So when you see you know what tiny little toddler doing that? Usually what happens in that room is that everybody turns around and looks at mom and dad who are basically purple because they’re embarrassed to death. But yes, kids do what we do. Kids don’t do what we tell them to do. kids do what they see us doing.


And I want to stay there with that kid kissing the other kids because in recent years, you know once upon a time you parents like you said parents would blush and then that experience with the past. But it reminds me of this book I read about the butterfly effect. And they were talking about kids that were far, you know, primary school age and they do did that and they were registered sex offenders. And so this is all their records before they’re even 10 years old. Like how? How do you process


in my, in my opinion and I again coming from just Maureen here, not them authority, okay? But if you’re talking about elementary school kids in the therapeutic world, and I’ll give you this from being a mother. Now, if you have to be 16 year olds dating it’s 16 year olds. If you have an 18 year old, with a 17 and a half year old, technically, they’re in the same boat. Legally, they are because the 18 year old now can actually be charged with statutory rape. However, you can see how an 18 year old with a 17 and a half year old is way different than a 17 and a half year old with a 28 year old. So when it comes to having an elementary school kid be labeled a sexual offender that’s preposterous. That’s ridiculous. It doesn’t happen. But it is still. To be a sexual offender. You have to have malice, is there still an entry? What kind of malice could they possibly have?


And I know there’s gonna be one person that listens to the podcast, that’s going to be the exception to the rules. We’re talking in generalizations here. So once absolutely, that’s why I did want to ask you on your site, the pro thrive. Sb Pro thrive stands for or its pro thrive science based hypnotherapy. How important was it to include science based? And is that a nod into legitimacy or in other communities? And could you tell us a little bit about the history of hypnotherapy and how you got to science based hypnotherapy?


Absolutely, yes. So the second you say the word hypnosis, most reigns go straight to stage hypnosis. So let’s rewind the story very fast here. But you know the phrase, he mesmerized me?


Mm hmm.


So that comes from Anton Mesmer. I’m Tom mesmer. In the 1700s, creating hypnosis, he came up with this magnetism. And he was in the French court, just before the French Revolution. And he was while being everybody, because he got, you know, different states of hypnotic trance. And he claimed that it was his power. Well, truth be told, there was a British physician in the audience, a guy by the name of Dr. James braid, who recognized that something was going on. And he also appreciated that he didn’t quite get what was going on. Long story short, they tricked Mesmer in the French court, so he said something that wasn’t and they kicked him out and disgrace and he basically fell off the federal planet. Dr. Braid went back to England, and had one of his servants stare at the label of a bottle of wine and observe him. And the servant looked like he was blinking and the blinking got sluggish and it looked like the guy fell asleep. So the word hypnosis comes from the Greek body of sleep hypnosis. So as Dr. James braid was doing his investigation and research, and there’s a fantastic story in history about that, because of the fact that mesmer was kicked out. The only way hypnosis stayed alive was thanks to the gypsies. So yes, absolutely. A lot of people think of hypnosis as stage hypnosis, which is the tool used for entertainment purposes only. For why I went into hypnotherapy is because it’s hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes. Now, because I’m a big nerd, and I don’t do anything because Maureen’s So, I explained things with a scientific basis. So yes, it is not designed. Yes, it is a nod to differentiate me from all the other people who are shooting from the hip. And yes, it is a platform I utilize because if I tell you this is because of this and by the way, here’s the science to prove it. Your conscious mind and your unconscious mind will be more apt to accept, accept and implement my suggestions. Because now I have a solid foundation.


Absolutely, that it will, it sounds a lot. The more that things change, the more they stay the same. And so what I’m hearing is, if I can see it, then I believe it. And if you have the initials or the credential, fd or name that legitimizes you in a field that historically wasn’t, was usually frowned upon


What the unfortunate pieces? First of all, yes, you’re right. But the unfortunate piece is that the hypnotherapy world is not regulated. So somebody can take a weekend course, and claim to be a therapist, which is the worst possible thing in my world. In my world, I am at the Masters level in all modalities for the simple fact that if you’re trusting me to help you, and you’re trusting me to help you to build a better future, would you be trusting somebody who’s shooting from the hip and hoping to land on the feet? Or would you trust somebody who actually knows what they’re doing?


The answer for that? How long is it? How long is the process from someone that since it’s unregulated, and someone does a weekend, and puts up a shingle versus your credentials? How long did it take you to get to where you are today?


Well, the basic training was a year. I’ve been in practice for 15 plus years. And to be quite honest, I haven’t stopped studying. It’s something that you know the thing, if all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail. What if you take your car to the mechanic, and All he has is a wrench, he really can’t help you that much. But if you take your car to the mechanic, and he has three walls of tools, and they can handle pretty much everything. And I’ve had countless people come to me in crises. Because somebody who was an I very politely call them didn’t attempt this something, started the process. Did it incorrectly, panic, walk out of session, and let these people go and know what? Wow. So for all of you, listeners, if you are interested in hypnotherapy, please research who you’re interested in working with and find out their educational level, ask them point blank, how long was the training? Because they can say I took training. When I know of places that give you a certification for coach in the day. What kind of training can you possibly get in a day? That’s, that’s by the way decent, thorough, and effective and safe.


Now I mentioned teaching and then when I went back into the business world, I was working with an architecture firm, and we designed research labs, and or anything in the health IT space. And at the time, there was a Hatfields and McCoys, if you will, between chiropractors, and doctors. And so we at one of the universities, we were building a school where the medical students could work with chiropractors, and now today, you know, 1015 years later, they cross promote each other. Are you seeing something similar with the medical industry partnering with marine because the prospective client now needs hypnosis to get over to the next step?


Yes or no? Yes, it’s happening. No, because not as much as I would like to do. I have a feeling you know who Deepak Chopra says, I do. And Deepak Chopra had something called the Chopra Center in San Diego and la casa. Mm hmm. And he offered his company something called Perfect Health, which was an integrative medical approach. And they blended I your Vedic Medicine with everyday practices and yoga and meditation to enhance health. Well, I was the resident therapist there for almost nine years until they closed in December. So yeah, certain integrative medicine organizations appreciate I’ll give you examples. If you have somebody who wants to be healthy, you can’t stop smoking. Nothing on this planet will help them stop smoking more than hypnosis. Medications cause suicidal ideation. Hypnosis has only one side effect: relaxation. If you have somebody who’s borderline diabetic, but cannot say no to donuts, cannot say no to bread cannot say no to pasta, sweet cupcakes ice cream. In hypnotherapy, I switch off carbs for them. So now it’s no longer a sacrifice. Now they’re no longer borderline. Now their blood sugar goes down within normal limits naturally. When you have somebody who’s borderline cardiac cause their blood pressure is sky just sky high. They can own themselves all the way through next week, unless you include the unconscious mind, the blood pressure will not go down. And the reason the physiology works is because as you know, we have a nervous system. And the nervous system has the central nervous system which makes our body move. They also have an autonomic nervous system. They also know the nervous system runs everything beneath our awareness. hypnotherapy accesses your unconscious mind, which is also beneath your awareness. And luckily for you, because of my background, I have extensive medical knowledge. So I can connect the dots for you in a way that maybe others can’t.


I love it. You mentioned the Chopra Center. And I believe I first heard that story from Tony Robbins and I think he was referencing something that Deepak Chopra is kind of like telephone that telephone who’s who Where did originate. But anyway, there was a gentleman, he, I believe he was in his early 20s, he was working in the mines. And he had gone for a physical checkup. And the X ray had come back that his lungs were black, he had like a year left or he was diagnosed with a year left to live. And as soon as he left, he left the doctor, he kind of forgot about it. You know, I’m making a very simplistic, but he’s telling the story as a 65 year old man. And so how important and then I have to share the other story. So the other story, Tony Robbins again, he was talking about a belief, his father in law, he was at something and had gotten physical. And there was cancer that came up on the X ray. And the doctor was going to tell the father and Tony Robbins said, Well, let me tell the Father, you know, I just want to try something out. He did. He didn’t tell the Father. And so he did that for two years. The third year The doctor was like, I just have to tell him now. And when he told the father in law, he died in like six months. So how, how important is the it’s having awareness if it’s something to your detriment?


That’s a very good question. Ironically, it depends on who we are. Wait before we receive diagnoses. As a teacher of elementary kids, you really needed good well behaved children, right? Mm hmm. And you also know and remember that there were some kids that no matter what you told them, the mother what you threaten them with, that they have to bounce they have to move their legs around, they have to be naughty, because that’s to their so when life being the goody two shoes has good aspects and benefits, but also has huge disadvantages. Because when somebody in authority and we call it the white coat syndrome for a purpose, when a doctor looks at you and I’ve seen this person, they happen to loved ones and the doctor says, You have marine you have 64 days because he has a place of authority in my mind because I am petrified because I’m waiting for the diagnosis. Because I am very aware that what he is saying is coming from a space of knowledge that’s bigger than mine. I put myself into a state of hypnosis. The second the doctor says Maureen you have 64 days left That drops into my unconscious mind and becomes fact, if I’m a goody two shoes, my responses. Okay, so I guess if it turns out to be that I’m defying, that I fight against the norm that I am technically not exactly compliant. When I hear marine you have 64 days left, my instinct is going to be Oh yeah, you kidding me? Are you joking? Why? Because you said though that response is what’s going to get me to live another 50 years? If I don’t? Well, he knows, you know, what can you do? We’ve had countless people in our lives, who are given six months, and within a week plus or minus of the six months they die. Because I just accepted it. And what Tony Robbins did is basically proof that what the doctor says, has a lot of weight. Absolutely, sometimes being mischievous, sometimes being defined, sometimes saying, No, no, no, not today, not on my watch, is actually better.


Again, it reminds me of dealing with all these scientists at the universities. And, you know, we Our job was to kind of smooth them so we can get the new building, you know, that type of sales, golfing and all that but, you know, after you know taking them out for drinks and what have you come to the front, I was always curious to ask you, you’re so smart, like, how do you do it? What did you do? You must have been a bookworm in school, you’re a big nerd and you’re in the corner your whole life. And they would ultimately laugh and say that either they almost flunked out of school, or they were a C student. And these are heads of large companies now, and they were charged with you know, bringing research dollars to their school. And what they said or my biggest takeaway was that they were c students. So they were allowed to let their mind wander. And they hire D students because they’re like the goody two shoes nice. That’ll actually be implemented. Does that sound


about right A B students. Oh, you’re on the money you are on the money. The AV students are drilled brainwash trained whatever you want to choose to color only in between the lines. The C students color outside the lines, because it’s fun to shock everybody else. Because it’s fun to see how far they can go. The systems are the ones who tell you it’s better to say sorry than clean.


The eight students will only ask clean here’s how I say it. So people who know me know that my least favorite color is beige.


So in my world to be beige is really like a death sentence. So feel free to quote me on this Why be beige when you can be harsher? Why be beige when you have magenta? teal? emerald green. Why debate why the average? The simple fact of you being born means you’re not average. You’re unique. So if you know you’re unique, just genetically speaking, why pigeonhole yourself into average, mediocre generic. Own your uniqueness Own your every aspect whether they’re quirks or incredible talents. But be proud of the person you are and shine your brightest. When you could, why we live there.


When you said Why beige when you can be fuchsia? It made me think of it maybe you think of dating apps or anything you’re on the first page. What’s your favorite color?




Check we’ve


we have a buffet in life, right? Every day, all the experiences, they’re just this unlimited buffet. And then you have some people who are choosing steamed rice because they know it is safe, and they’re not risking anything. But in the meantime, they’re skipping gribbs and octopus and Mahi Mahi and Turkey because steamed rice is safe.


So I want to stay in the same vein of the whole dating. So in the dating world, if you ask a person of color they like and they say, babe, we agree, check, please. But what is your okay? So that dates over you go on the next date. And the next day, they have a ton. They’re bringing all of their bad memories from their whole life to the present moment. And can hypnosis remove bad memories so they no longer think like that.


Hypnosis cannot erase memories. With hypnosis, I can diminish the emotional sting. I had one, one client who came in. And cards on the table here, her husband, her ex husband really treated her badly. I cannot minimize that. However, she was foaming at the mouth, she was beyond furious. At one point I asked her when did all this happen? without batting an eyelid she said 13 years ago. The intensity with which she shared it felt like yesterday. That is not a good place to be to have a new person that you’re meeting for the first time. And they’re basically emptying older baggage on the table that just shows they’re still wounded. They’re still in pain. They haven’t learned to let go. They don’t know how to let go. They think that this is who they are. He wronged me. Therefore, I should scream it from the rooftops she wronged me. I should scream it from the rooftops No. in the wound in the event. So when people say why is this happening to me? The question why keeps them stuck in the story keeps them victimized if they come to the point where they are retriggered. And they instead think how is this going to help me improve or where is the lesson here? How and where are going to give them the tools to climb out of that hole of despair. We all have moments where we’ve been betrayed and hurt. But to stay with this big bull’s eye on our chest is not really beneficial to us. Now, most people, and again, we’re talking broad strokes here. So most people will have some recovery time. And then just by time the event almost is pushed into the background. However, if we go into the science base here, when you have a bad trauma in your brain, there’s a portion called the amygdala. The amygdala is your security system. It’s telling you constantly when you feel safe, that’s because the amygdala is sending the message you’re safe. When you feel like something’s off when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up that the amygdala tells you you’re not safe. When something happens, a tragedy and betrayal you know you’re you’re handed divorce papers, you somebody just dropped dead literally. The amygdala goes into high alert, and meets really bad panic. The second it goes into panic. Another portion called the hippocampus stops working. The hippocampus has one job to find memories. So something that happened two weeks ago has an intensity. But as time goes by and I would become two months ago, then the intensity decreases. And two years ago, it increased even more. But if the amygdala is triggered, the hippocampus stops working so that betrayal happens every day. So unless they approach and look for help, hypnotherapy is phenomenal with this. I had a case years ago where the lady was in the military and she had been deployed for 18 months and she has already been back 18 months but she slept with six and she was brought in by her loving husband because he was really worried she was going to deck in in the middle of the night and they love each other And the only reason was because yes, she had been attacked. Yes, she had been traumatized. Yes, the amygdala went into high alert. Yes, the hippocampus stopped working. So in her mind, she was attacked in class. Great. So how was she supposed to relax if she was attacked last night. And then once we got the hypnosis done, and her unconscious mind programming was upgraded. That same night of the first session, the fist, I’m curled. And she got to sleep, black.


Look, a great story. I want to go back to your other sessions you’re having with the person, her husband was treating her badly. And we were talking about, you know, someone unloading their baggage. They’re carrying it around. Were you ever able and maybe not with this person? But were you ever able to determine that the trauma wasn’t in this case? 13 years ago, but it was an associated trauma in childhood? And how much of us are walking around? repeating trauma subconsciously from childhood?


A lot. That’s the sad answer. A lot of us are repeating it, and here’s why.


So imagine the old style of vinyl records. And you know, how they etch the sound into the actual vinyl? Mm hmm. So, you can also visualize etching glass with a design, right? Yes.


So in the brain, every incident, every experience has what’s called a neural signature.


But etches itself into brain matter. So if we’ll do both examples, if I was mischievous. And for the people who know me know, that’s a very true statement.


I could never tell that just by your voice.


Oh, didn’t you and quiet and peaceful. So when I was mischievous, then let’s say my mom yelled at me that when in his underwear signature. And if it’s happened once, it would have been a fine one, like a very light, delicate snore signature. But because it happened many times, being yelled at by mom became very deep, very ingrained. Our unconscious mind functions that we identify, associate and respond. So if I find myself in a scenario, with a little mischievous girl, who’s using my last nerve as a trampoline, my instinctive response won’t be let me hug her because all she’s doing is wanting my attention. When I think of responses, identify the yelling child Association. When my mom yelled at me to respond, I lost the child. And it said, because from one aspect, individually, we don’t have the power to change it. Because when I wake up, when I am with intention, attempting to adjust my behavior, the best I have in my conscious mind is 12%. For me to actually engage my entire mental capacity, I need hypnosis, because then I engage the unconscious mind that is about 88%. So by myself, I can stop myself from yelling at the kid. But if I go to a hypnotherapist and ask them to help me with this and they want and then the behaviors change.


Thanks for sharing that example. Because we are a week here in the states, we’re a week away from Thanksgiving. And this may be the first time that a lot of people aren’t together. But prior to COVID I learned or just other conversations. It was a really interesting hypothesis to understand who you’re dating and The way I understood it was you don’t really know them and you spend the holidays with them. And so that example. So that example you gave as a child, how often are you able to see generational patterns that somebody’s doing on autopilot?


What holidays Absolutely. And bad news. We see, we see everybody’s on their best behavior, but in our polite behavior. When everything is going nice, when you know when your football team wins, you’re happy. But how are you going to be if they lose when it comes to a bad diagnosis. Now remember, this is all layers. So how we respond also, by the way, is determined by what we call our survival instinct, fight, flight, freeze and food. Because if you and by the way, we don’t choose it, we’re wired in a certain way. So when it comes to people who are wired to fight, in crises, they take action, there’s a fireman who runs into the fire. The EMTs are doing their damnedest, regardless of what’s going on around them. If somebody is wired to flee, they go away. They can’t help it, they escape. If somebody is frozen on the spot, they cannot even speak or take a step. And if somebody is wired with food, and I am not kidding with this, in the worst of crises, they will go and by the way, it’s always carbs. They will go and get a doughnut, they will go and make pasta, they will go and buy a sandwich. It goes because at least that is taking them through tomorrow. Tomorrow, we’ll deal with it by itself. But right now why it’s such a crisis that all I need is food. And when it comes to dating, you’re absolutely right. Seeing them and by the way, not seeing them with your family. Seeing them with their family,




Because their family knows all their buttons. And they can be calm, cool and collected next to you poised and elegant. But if somebody comes up and starts doing that noise that drove this person crazy when they were six, it’s gonna be interesting.


So you’re saying that we marry, we don’t marry the individual we marry the individual and their family?


Well, it’s a yes and no. Their family knows that their family is going to. By the way, it’s a sadistic trait and all of us embarrass our brother or sister. Yeah, they’re your partner. Yeah, it just gives us joy. hordes, the halos sitting on porn does the best. But when it comes to who you choose to marry, who you choose to have a life partner, a lifelong loving relationship with.


There are two ways of how we do it. So again, we rewind the story to when we were babies.


Instinctively, birth to about six months of age, we’re completely oblivious. We’re just a blob of six months to about a year, year and a half. At about six months, we realize that Mommy, if she’s the primary caregiver usually is his money, leaves. We as the baby realize that means that in the first six months, the baby can be passed on to everybody and everybody’s happy. But six months, seven months, the baby starts making a big fuss because now she or he is not in mommy’s arms. As we keep growing up, and we By the way, correctly, feel entitled to the fact that when mommy walks in the room, she has to come directly to us. There will be scenarios when we are in the room and she walks in and she does not come to us. She goes to this other person. Well, in our tiny little brain, we come to the conclusion. Ironically, it is correct. That whatever that other person usually daddy is doing, he must be doing something better than what we can do. Because he is winning her attention. Because the ultimate gift here, the ultimate trophy is mom’s attention. Because if mums paid attention to me, I’m alive. So we started copying daddy. And we have countless people, kids and adults who tell you that the one common phrase that they heard their mom scream at them, oh, you’re just like your father? Well, yeah, because we wanted her attention. So of course, we’re going to copy him. So now you have a little bit of bifurcation in the pathway. So we’re growing up, we’re about 12-13. At this point, we’re learning socialization. And we learn how to be personality wise, from our father. So extroverts subtract introverts. So if dad is being a loving, affectionate bear hug guy, team sports guy loves being a dad and a husband, everybody knows that he’s a bad and a husband, then you’re going to grow up like that. You’re going to work comfortably with physical touch, you’re going to go up comfortable with public displays of affection, you’re going to grow up very comfortable in your own body. Because that was okay. Mom, on the other hand, will be an introvert. So mom will be a little bit more aloof, none will do everything. All i’s are dotted, all T’s are crossed. But she’s more aloof, she’s more she does actions to show you that she loves you. She doesn’t tell you, she loves you. Now flip it if mom was the extrovert, but that was the introvert that came home from a 12 hour day. And the rule of the house was the second that comes home, everybody quiet, at least for 30 minutes. And then when he comes back into the dining room, that means he’s okay, now we can all be having fun. And that is an accountant, scientist, a doctor, surgeon, an IRS agent, a web guy and IT guy. He’s more into numbers. He’s more into papers. He’s more into analysis statistics. He’s not into touching at all. So he teaches the teenager that being more into the mind and to the brain, being more of a thinker, being more of an analytical person is the way to be. Know when you’re growing up, and, you know, kids have crushes. And the questions end up crashing and burning. When the kid comes home If dad is the fun loving, affectionate guy, he’s going to grab this little girl and say, Oh, the boys are stupid that he doesn’t know what he’s missing. While internally thanking God, nothing happened to his little girl. If the little girl comes home because the crush hurt her


Dad has no idea what to do with it. And Mom, because she’s the extrovert, and in her world touch soon MTU grabs her daughter and grabs her son, oh, well, I make this better. I’m especially for you or I’ll tuck you in tight or tonight and the kids like him, Mom, get off. Please stop. So as we grow teenage late teens, early 20s and we solidified the personality we are we will attract the opposite.


Are you saying that we marry our parents?


We marry usually the most. We’ve married the parents who impact us the most.




So if dad was the extrovert, but he was actually just an easy going guy. And mom, as the introvert, ran the house because we saw that it impacted us more. There’s a higher possibility that we will marry mom’s personality if mom was the introvert and was quite submissive. Because dad was gregarious dad ran by house dad was bigger than life. Then we’re going to marry a deep personality. Ironically, the underlying here, which is something I help a lot of clients with, is the one that irritates us the most is the more we recognize them the more we’re drawn to. And that’s the trickle of truth if I ever heard one.


Hey, it’s the trigger. There it is there. It’s right there. Yeah,


that’s too funny. Cuz this is being transparent on the show. So


no, it’s just pure.


I was dating this guy. And I got to the point where he invited me to his home. And I was, you know, when you get that feeling? And it’s like, something’s up. I’m not quite sure what, but I can’t really say it’s over yet. Okay. So he showed me around his house, and he’s bragging. And he’s proud of his house. And he’s pointing up all these things. And you know how sometimes in the movie, they exaggerate, it’s on purpose. And you get the shock of realization, where you can even place your foot on the ground, you’re so surprised.


Mm hmm.


And I had one of those moments and walked into the form of the living room and he’s blogged about the blah, blah, blah. And I walk in and I can stop halfway through a step. And I’m like, in my head. Oh, my God, this is mom’s furniture. Oh, my God. This is God’s honest truth. I cannot make this up.


No more people need to see you and know this information. In a heart. Part of it is lack of information. And so we’re breaking down a lot of the foundations of reasoning while we’re doing things, unbeknownst to us, because it’s on the unconscious, we’re doing it unconsciously.


And there’s an amazing reason you mentioned. Do we just don’t know it? That’s all


right. Well, speaking about not knowing I’m in the advertising marketing space. And we’re always talking about the 50s when people would go to the movie theater, and they’re waiting for the movie to start and they’re showing, you know, coming up before they show coming attractions, and they’re like, aren’t you thirsty and, and long story short, people, the advertising companies had to stop because they were hitting there on the customer’s unconscious subconscious. And they were making a lot of money on it. So,

Can Someone Hypnotize You Without You Knowing?


Well, very good question, sir. Technically speaking, no. But unfortunately, there’s a percentage of hypnosis that happens around us 24 seven. So let’s talk about going to the movies. We have a 40 foot screen with surround sound that’s beyond loud. We all know that a guy types and cake cannot fly. But when we’re sitting in the movie theater, we are because he almost feels like when it comes to hypnosis, movies are hypnotic. When it comes to presentations, when it comes to Speeches, speeches are all hypnotic. We come into something called an overload. The definition of hypnosis is to overload the mind. So when it’s a regular scenario, how many people do you know who will not watch a scary movie at night but will watch it in the afternoon?




Yes. Because by the time it’s nighttime, they would have diluted all that information with the rest of the day. One of the things I highly recommend is never watching the news at night. Because shocking news is bad news, news is overwhelming. Making news puts you in hypnosis with the bad stuff. In therapy, I cannot hypnotize you without you knowing it would be incredibly unethical and by the way, it wouldn’t work because each of us works out of morals, ethics and beliefs. So if I was hypnotizing you to make more money, because it’s what you wish that all my suggestions would be accepted. If I was an unethical therapist, which then got I’m not, let’s say, I’m hypnotizing you, for you to make more money, but then I underhandedly say, oh, by the way, next time you swing by the bank, pick up an extra million. Even if I didn’t say that, because you are ethical. You won’t do it. So there’s a lot of people like The Manchurian Candidate, that’s the first movie people talk to me about. I can’t force you to do anything. I have a perfect example: I had a client years ago, who wanted to reduce weight. So that comes with three, three things, stop carbs, more water, and move your body. We work together. She sent me texts, she reduced weight, with incredible ease. She’s beyond satisfied. Every time she sees me beyond before COVID. She would hug me. But COVID had already started. So we’re probably April of this year, I get a text. And the text was I have to tell you, because I lied to you. But I’m curious, right, like, lied to me. So especially when I was asking, did you stop the carbs? The Oh, yeah. No, no problem. Are you drinking more water? Oh, yeah. Are you exercising? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, the truth of the matter was, she hated water. So she didn’t drink more water. Over the years, she was in different situations, where everybody was recommending to her specifically to drink more water. Mm hmm. And by the way, every time I do a hypnosis session, I record the hypnosis, and then I email it to them. So this lady has her own hypnotic library that you would listen to repeatedly, periodically, to just reinforce suggestions that keep her going and advancing and getting better. So when she finally made the decision, internally, yes, I should start drinking more water. Then, and only then that she actually started drinking more water. Not before it was acceptable to her.


Right. Good point. Good point. He mentioned the movies. And, you know, pre COVID I used to be I still consider myself a cinephile. What have you. And I made reference to the 50s, where they were pinpointing that, but as a person that you live and breathe hypnosis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have you seen any messages that were hitting the masses this year that you’re like, oh, my goodness, this is definitely going to hit the general public’s subconscious.


Yeah. I do love it has been bothering me. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to come. It’s like one of the things we’re everything in my life. You just said that. So right. It’s not just how I see it. It’s almost like I have this different perspective. So everything I see goes through a different filter. Yes. So you know how people have rheumatoid arthritis. Yes. There’s a commercial, though. I don’t remember what the medication is. But there’s a commercial that talks about how is it going to prevent the disease from progressing? And then it says and by the way, go to this website to see how it could progress and you see the fingers on the hand, from straight digits to all gnarly and twisted. Step Ahead hypnotic suggestion. That’s showing the patient who’s already been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis where their hands are going to be. So technically, that’s the last thing they want to do. To the body. We don’t know if you and I know let me make it even more unique. If two identical twins have the same disease. The doctors still don’t know how the identical twins are going to respond. Mm hmm. Let alone your me Let alone the entire population of the state.




oh to go to that website and see how the fingers are going to get distorted that’s just a hypnotic suggestion.




yeah. As you were saying that with the twin I’m a twin it will have a twin sister but I was going it’s very political but you’re you said the whole state and I thought the whole globe right how are we going to respond to these commercials for the solutions is going to be very very happy to have you on like weekly to give us an update on the way of God Oh


yeah. Well give you an example that has nothing to do with anything but I’ll prove the point. Okay. If you ever see anything about demonic possessions, if you ever see anything that has anything to do with exorcism, all the people know what sounds to make. No, I don’t deal with either and no, I don’t go anything near negative energies. But this was always my question house; they always have the same.




All the people who claim say the alien abductions all have the same description.




Because when we heard about them, we were so scared out of our wits. We put ourselves into a hypnotic state and absorb that information. If I tell you absolutely, if I tell you I was running down the stairs twisted and fell and twisted my ankle really bad that now I have a knot the size of an apricot is a part of you. That’s one thing. And you didn’t hurt your ankle?




See what I mean?


So with that, use that stay over there with that example, because it made me think of the collective consciousness. But it also made me think of impact. And is it hypnosis as a whole, like those that are more susceptible or open to different stuff, they’re able to be there more easily? hypnotizable? Correct.


Yes or no empath feels a lot more than most. So an empath. So everybody is walking around in a waterproof raincoat. an empath has a coat made of felt. So everybody knows it’s raining, but they’re wet. But the empath is soaked through. Right? When it comes to empaths, and hypnosis, they’re kind of different. The only way that I can answer you is when the empath is overloaded, they do tend to fall into what we call environmental hypnosis faster, and then most. So then they would be open to experiencing more. And by the way, when they’re in hypnosis, the unconscious mind is wide open. So then unfortunately, it accepts more negativity than positivity. And that’s where things go south. That’s why hypnosis is I put you into state, and then I bring you out of state. So by the time you walk out of my office, or you walk out of my session, you’re back into being non suggestible, where you can make your own decisions, you can make your own assessment, and you’re now just loving the upgrades.

Hypnosis For Meeting Your Spirit Guide


Now, you did mention a few seconds ago about the demon or negative energy. And as of late, since probably the secret kind of reopened this type of community conversation to the community. And one thing I’ve seen on social media is hypnosis for meeting your spirit guide. So do you do any of that as well?


Well, I am more. So here’s where you’re getting me to share a lot of secrets today. This might be dangerous for me. Um, so I am, I am from the island of Malta. And Malta was named in the Bible then the act of the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked there. So I was born and raised Catholic in one of the very first countries to become Catholic. So I would, I would tend to say that my energy, my spiritual, my metaphysical work is more with positive entities. As in let me just check here as in angels and God and positive energies as in guardian angels archangels. I do a lot of work with energy. But it’s the lifeforce energy from Reiki spirit guides themselves, I mean animal guides themselves, I don’t usually do. However, I will always tailor my work according to the client’s desire, which is bringing me full circle to the whole, you know, studying thing, because I did study a lot of shamanism, for the simple fact that if clients are requesting it, I need to be able to help them through it. So it’s not just what I say, it’s how they receive it. And if they receive it better with shamanism and the medicine circle, from that’s what they get, if that’s what their preferences, if they draw their do energy work, and bring in angels, and that’s why I work with animal guides, I would probably take them to a space where they can find their own. So one of my pet peeves in the hypnotherapy world, is where people tell you, you have a past life, and you are Napoleon and you have this experience. And that’s the best. And you’re sitting there going, really. When I take people into these experiences, I take them to a neutral location, by the way, their choice of location, but then I let their unconscious mind fill in the blanks. Because there’s a big difference. And in fact, if I tell you, you were Napoleon, or if you find out you are Napoleon yourself,




And between you and me and all the reader of all the listeners, I would tend to and I’ve had both scenarios happen, I will tend to tell you that when I experienced what I experienced,


I knew it to be true for me. When somebody told me, this is what happened to you.


Okay. Yeah, it wasn’t it wasn’t the same for me and didn’t have the same validity.


Gotcha. You’re saying belief goes a long way. On the receiver?


Yes, I’m experiencing that yourself.


Right. Right. Yeah, that leads to another question. But we’re at the top of the hour. But before we go, you were talking about bad news. And I like to give a shout out. You have mentioned the firefighters, I like to give a shout out to all the firefighters in the northeast and surrounding areas for all of us that are in the NFC north or the NFC East. We’ve had nothing but bad news all year for the whole conference. And we’re going to continue to get bad news until the Super Bowl. So for those that don’t listen to football, and they’re constantly bombarded with bad news, especially during the holiday season, what would you say to them to settle their mind so they’re not consumed with this overload of the mind.


So the first thing is this, there’s a Maya Angelou quote that I absolutely love. And it is. Every storm runs out of rain. And in the worst of times, just remember that sentence, every storm runs out of rain. At some point we will be past COVID. Another comment that I like to share, especially when it comes to sports, and you just set it up for me perfectly here. And it’s not this the sentence is not just applicable to sports, but also in life. So when a sports team goes out, onto the court, onto the field, are they playing not to lose? Or are they playing to win?


That’s right.


And how are you, me and everybody else? How are we living our life? Are we living our lives to just get By, are we living our lives? Because come hell or high water we’re gonna succeed? Are we living our life? And you know people like this if the past Mark was 70? Some people do enough to get 71. Right. But some people do enough to get 100. How are you playing? Are you playing to win? Are you willing to just get by? Because if you don’t give that, Oh, another little adage here, the difference between try and triumph is a little old. Don’t you deserve it? Yes, you deserve it. Because when you step up, when you show up, when you are giving your best, away from you, whose life is going to improve?


That’s right.


And to make it all make sense. There’s one thing that will change everything for all of us. And that’s gratitude.




Find five things every day that you can be grateful for. I don’t care if it’s a comfortable pair of shoes, or the best homemade soup possible. Or just be some quiet, or the hot water in your shower. Five things you can be grateful for five things that you can literally just stop and say thank you, God for this.


Yeah, that’s why I think those listening to the podcast, I wanted to thank the firefighters because they’re going to save a lot of jerseys from being burned by the end of the season.


Go Oh my god, you’re hilarious.


That was my takeaway. Murray. Jersey. That’s right. Yes. Please, please, please give your website social media and so forth. So people get in touch with you to learn more information.


Absolutely. So my website is Find me. I’m on all platforms. I’m everywhere. Maureen Pisani. Message me, text me, email me. I have workshops coming up. I have something that your audience is gonna love. And I’m gonna make it public in the next two or three days. So you guys better be available? Because they’re going to launch 2021 immensely. Well.


Oh, I love the sound of that.


Oh, yeah, just wait, just wait. I don’t do 71 I do 98


you don’t do beige either.


Thank you, no.


Awesome. And with that, you have just been tuned to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza. Maureen. It was a pleasure. Please, please, let’s stay in touch.


Absolutely. It’s my pleasure to be of service.


Thank you.

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