Hypnotherapy For Quitting Smoking – The Synthesis Effect with Dr. John McGrail Interview

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective I am hava and I am David and today we are joined by dr. John McGrail he is not your mother’s hypnotherapist he is not only a clinical hypnotherapist but he also works with self improvement and he is a sought-after spiritual teacher throughout the country especially with his company a better you Incorporated and he’s going to talk about a better U and B synthesis effect among other things that we can get out of him with his expertise with that I’d like to welcome dr. McGrail to the podcast welcome hi thank you very much it’s a delight to be with you now yeah thank thanks for making the call today and when I said your mother’s hypnotherapist we weekly hypnotherapist from time to time and the field of hypnotherapy has gone I mean it’s gone grown leaps and bounds as far as awareness and not so much seen as a stage trick that you would see on stage hypnosis and so on and so forth so I did want to kind of go over your background initially we can get into all the services you provide but I wanted you to give a quick snapshot especially in its January 2018 there are a lot of people that are doing New Year’s resolutions and some of those would incorporate using a hypnotherapist so they don’t repeat patterns so I’d love to get your take on the the state of hypnotherapy well I think hypnotherapy first of all it it’s interesting because you differentiate it between stage shows and and hypnotherapy and there’s a huge difference hypnosis in and of itself is simply a state of consciousness and it’s a state of consciousness that we all experience every day at some level or another and we can talk about that if it’s interesting to you but because it’s a state of consciousness when you induce that state of consciousness you can use it for a variety of things you can use it to entertain people by people who want to be on stage at goofy because they want to act goofy or you can use it in what we call a clinical setting to help people create changes in their lives like New Year’s resolutions but it doesn’t have to be January it can be anytime create change growth and transformation in their lives and it’s been in use for over 7,000 years and it comes and goes in popularity but it’s as old as humanity because it is a natural state of consciousness and yes today in 2018 the profession is gaining more recognition it’s gaining more credence and as a powerful valuable therapeutic tool to create physical emotional and/or spiritual change usually it’s the combination of all those and it can be used for so many things because it affects or it addresses the very entity that controls our behavior our attitudes our beliefs which is our mind now when you said seven thousand years would live it always known under the umbrella or hypnosis or did it go on there a different mom no the term hypnosis was coined in the in the 1800s I believe by men a doctor a Scottish physician named James Braid before that it was known as mesmerism in the 1700s the Anton Mesmer was the guy that sort of made it popular in the European cultures in France and so it was called mesmerism in ancient times the ancient Egyptians and Hindus and those cultures just called it sleep and they had sleep temples where people would go to enter trance at or hypnosis one of the same actually for for healing so it’s been called many things but the term hypnosis in and of itself which is the Greek from the Greek for the word sleep was coined by The Scotsman James Brayden and it’s been in use pretty much ever since yesterday so you said a sleep temple we had a guest on a couple of podcasts back where they were doing what is known as hyper sleep where they would break a traditional pattern of 6 to 8 hours of sleep tonight and go to sleep for 24 to 48 hours and the premise behind it was to access the subconscious and when you do it after the regular six to eight hours you have this great breakthrough so to speak when you talk about these sleep temples I’m wondering that may have been the origin of it and I guess what I’m looking for is there’s some people that say well I want to be able to bring what I learned during my sleep into real life and I have a hard time making that habit well there may be a little confusion remember the term sleep temples was just a term that the ancient Egyptians used for places where they would use hypnosis hypnosis is not sleep it is a state of consciousness when you’re in hypnosis you’re awake you are aware and you may or may not remember everything you’ve heard at a conscious level but it deals directly with the subconscious mind actual sleep is a state below what we would call hypnosis deep hypnosis would would be of the state of consciousness right before actual asleep and when you are actually asleep but you are of course unconscious the easiest way for most people to to access or get get information from the subconscious mind after sleep is to look at their dreams because dreams are generated subconsciously and they are very powerful tools to help us understand what’s going on – and we use it a technique called dream therapy all the time to help us not only understand what’s going on with the client that’s in the middle of making a change but to guide them to making that change more quickly but hypnosis and sleep are different things they’re just the term hypnotic sleep is often misconstrued you’re always awake you’re always aware you’re always in control of yourself no one can make you do thinks there or anything and you know the concept of hyper sleep quite frankly is much different than hypnosis and hypnotherapy so we shouldn’t confuse the two oh absolutely it’s interesting with the people in there in their you know respective lanes where I guess one more so I’m more so holistic where I’m like well how do you incorporate I mean I’m trying to imagine what a weekend would be like I took a day of hyper sleep and than a day of intense hypnosis I mean could that even happen or your body would shut down well I don’t think your body would shut down I think you’d be a very very tired puppy I don’t know anybody it could do 24 hours of hypnosis first of all if you do it yourself eventually you would probably either fall asleep or wake up and if someone was was acting as what we call the operator like a hypnotherapist or a hypnotist I don’t think they could do it for 24 hours you know they would fall asleep so I don’t I’m not really familiar with that technique I’m quite frankly never heard of it but to do a full day of sleep and then a full day of hypnosis would be exhausting at the very least I think I’ll just ask I always wanted to know this question can’t can it does everyone can everyone be hypnotized though there are some people that for whatever the reason that they can’t be there is a very small percentage of the population that is unable for whatever reason to experience what we would call hypnosis and that the reason for that it could be varied it could be because they’re afraid of losing control so they won’t allow themselves to enter that state of consciousness and there are some people that just aren’t really wired in their brains for that kind of abstract thinking but when I say it’s a natural state of consciousness I really mean and I’ll give you some examples anytime you watch a movie or even a good TV show and and you’re feeling emotions you’re hooked in the movie everything else disappears and you’re having this experience for those two hours you’re actually in a state of hypnosis your subconscious mind takes over it can’t tell the difference between reality and illusion and so the movie in that state of consciousness called hypnosis feels real for those two hours even though you’re conscious you’re awake you’re aware you lose track of everything until the movie ends a good TV show can can create that state of consciousness reading a good book you know it’s one o’clock in the morning and you can’t put it down what’s going to happen a Harry Potter and you’re feeling all these feelings the feelings are very real you’re just reading words on a page and that’s because when you get into that state of consciousness once again your subconscious mind takes over and creates these feelings daydreaming is a form of hypnosis so we all do it or most of us do it every day and there are very few people who either don’t have those experiences they don’t get captured by a movie they don’t really daydream they don’t they don’t have those experiences or they do but when it comes time to enter hypnosis on purpose for whatever reason they will not allow themselves to go there it’s all about allowance no one can make it happen we as a hypnotherapist when I do hypnosis and I do many more things than that I guide my clients into that state of consciousness but I can’t make it happen they have to allow it to happen there’s a big big misunderstanding there and I’m glad we brought that out now actually that that’s why I wanted to stay for a second because you were saying is if we daydream them we’re also on state of hypnosis and I know that Facebook recently had mentioned that people should potentially get off of Facebook from time to time just because the overall reliance to being on social media and being on your phones so much so that there is a school of thought that children aren’t daydreaming anymore they’re just so focused on the technology and you’re saying that we have to potentially daydream because it takes us out of our current stage where we the XS greater information well day dreaming can be a very very healthy activity it can like anything if it’s done to an extreme and there are some people that actually suffer from what what is called a disorder they daydream so much that they it affects their you know their performance and everyday life but yes social media our phones video games are all very hypnotic and they they can become addictive and anything that is done in an imbalanced way can be harmful anything that impedes your ability to live your life productively and powerfully and happily is probably not good so in everything it’s about balance and most of the clients I work with at some level or another have an energetic and balance to begin with which is why they come to see me and again hypnosis is just one of many tools that we use to help them recreate balance in their lives that they want and once that happens with a little daily maintenance it becomes as automatic as the imbalance was and then they’re very happy campers oh I wanted to here with the entertainment again I was just thinking about the 1950s 1960s you know the advertising companies were said to use some form of hypnosis while you’re waiting for the movie to start and now all of a sudden my salivating and I really want popcorn or I want to drink soda so I guess they’re doing that kind of asked knows everyone open to being hypnotized but is there some level where you can manipulate people to kind of do your bidding if you will there’s good and bad in hypnosis well I wish that was true if I could make people do what I want them to do then I would I would create a minion of an army of people then we’d solve all the world’s problems in a few days it just just doesn’t work that way unfortunately in what you’re talking about is called subliminal suggestion and they did do a lot of experimentation with it where they would flash words on the screen faster than the eye then the brain could recognize the conscious mind could recognize it under the theory that the subconscious mind was taking that information in by popcorn get a soda and I don’t think after many many studies that they ever really proved that it was effective and again it’s important to remember that you can’t make somebody do something they wouldn’t normally do so if you’re not going to eat popcorn you don’t like popcorn you can’t be hypnotized to eat it you know you you you can’t be forced or manipulated now when I say manipulated there are certain techniques like neuro linguistic programming NLP and certain language patterns that when mastered will help a person become more suggestible and it’s a very powerful tool to have for say salespeople or customer service representatives to be able to communicate with their clients and prospects at a level that reaches the subconscious mind and makes them more liable to want to do whatever it is but again you can never manipulate someone into doing something like that it’s just a fallacy and a lot of people think about you know that’s one of the fears of hypnotherapy is that they’re going to be programmed they’re going to be taken over and nothing could be further from the truth we can only help people create the changes in their lives that they want and when if one of the first questions I ask a prospective client when they call me and say is this something that you want to do or is it something that someone wants you to do and think she’ll be better for it and if I get the second answer I’d never take the case because it’s not going to work and I don’t want them to waste their time and and money I’m not cheap so it’s really important that if you’re going to do hypnotherapy or if you’re even going to even the people in a hypnosis stage show they’re up on the stage because they want to be part of the show that’s the first question a hypnotist ask who wants to come up and have some fun people that don’t raise their hands don’t get invited up and the people who do raise their hands want to be up there and then there’s some testing done and some people get sent back to their seats and some people stay and they do that a few times and then after three or four rounds of that the hypnotist has those people that he or she knows have the capability of going into a very deep state of hypnosis very quickly they want to be in the show and by the time all that testing is done they’re already in hypnosis and so then they just act Zini but they do it because they want to be up there they can’t you know you could never make somebody with their that didn’t want to and then actually hypnotize them to do something they don’t want to do it’s just impossible mmm I think you kind of answer the question I was going to ask exactly about that you know because I’ve seen those videos of you for you know it’s entertaining and at the same time I’m like is this really happening how can you get these people to to you know act like that so you mentioned like certain testing what kind of testing would would they do in order to see you know what the people that they want for their you know what they’re doing well it’s called suggestibility testing and every mind is different every human being is different and there’s a small percentage of the population that are naturally prone and have the ability to go into a very deep state of hypnotic trance very quickly and it’s very easy to test for that suggestibility very little subtle exercises they do and it’s just really how powerful is your mind how how well can you imagine and how susceptible there you are to going into this lovely state of consciousness this day dreamy sort of state and it only takes a few minutes and you know a trained hypnotist knows what to look for and it’s pretty easy to identify those people that have that ability and I preface all of this again by saying they want to be in the show they’re more than happy to be up there and so when they enter hypnosis they’re more than happy to take the suggestions the hypnotist gives them which can seem ludicrous it can seem crazy you can forget your name and you know it’s all real for those few minutes now you can’t make someone forget their name for the rest of their lives but you can allow them to forget their name for a few minutes so everybody can have a nice laugh at their expense but it’s a very you know it’s just basic suggestibility testing are you suggesting are you willing to open your mind and play and you know there if you were to go to youtube or any of these places and look at suggestibility tests you could find videos that would show you how to do it you know can you imagine that one hand is head the other hand is light and if people that with really vivid imaginations you’ll see one hand go down the other hand go up well they’re they’re a good candidate right there and so that’s a very basic suggest ability test and there are many of them that are very easy to do and pretty much anybody whether they’re a stage hypnotist or a clinical hypnotherapist like myself uses suggestibility testing so we have an idea of how amenable a client is to having the experience of hypnosis which then allows us to design an induction that will work really well for them some people need more than others some people need different sort of verbage some people respond more physically and that’s all stuff that you get with training and experience and and you know that’s sort of what differentiates the pros from the amateurs in England oh good I was absent and he said that I think you said the beginning of the podcast that people are aware but do they do they remember like when they’re coming one that wants to come out of it do they remember the experience and the questions you are asking or no yes and no again it’s a matter of a given person’s mind and some people are able to go more deeply into hypnosis than others and you can establish a state and I do this often with clients where you ask them to purposely forget some of the things you say so that they’re conscious mind won’t interfere but the subconscious mind hears and records everything so there are times when I’ll say look I don’t want you to remember another word I say for the next five minutes because I’m going to give that client some very powerful suggestions that are going to help them create the changes they’re wanting and we don’t want their conscious mind to to interfere with it and then sure enough when they when they’re done they say you know I don’t remember the thing he said and I say perfect that’s exactly what I asked you to do just forget what I said but the subconscious mind is working on it and these these suggestions are called post hypnotic suggestions which is a suggestion that you give after someone’s in hypnosis and yes you can ask someone to forget certain things it doesn’t always work some people won’t do that so you know again everybody is different every mind is different no one responds exactly the same way to being in that state or going into that state but for most people the vast majority of people it is a very powerful state of consciousness and a very powerful tool for helping create change because it works at the subconscious level on the subconscious part of the mind is by far the most massive and powerful part of the mind your conscious mind the part of the mind we’re used to working with conscious logical reasoning freewill our communication ability that’s only about 10% of the real estate 90% of our mind is operating automatically and that’s where most of our behaviors our attitudes our values our beliefs our behaviors our habits our patterns good and bad live in the subconscious so we have to work with that part of the mind in order to make those changes that we want mmm okay so I have another another quick question did you happen to see that movie get out you know truthfully I did not but I can tell you that I I know enough about what they did to say that it was like most things using hypnosis in movies and TVs it was completely ridiculous you okay that’s a question have you seen that in movies and I didn’t never knew how real that was when you know they you know they do something where while they’re under hypnosis they’ll ring a bell or something and then later you know in the movie if that person ever rings a bell then the person reacts and does whatever they told them to do while they’re under hypnosis so that is possible you can condition someone to respond to a signal or a trigger but really is you can’t condition them to do something they won’t do in other words I could put you into hypnosis and I might say listen the next time you hear me say the number four you’re going to have this wonderful feeling that you want to have but I couldn’t say the next time you hear me say the number four or a bell rings you’re going to go out and kill somebody it just wouldn’t work because that’s not unless you’re prone to wanting to murder somebody so that’s the thing they always take it way too far in movies and TV making people jump off bridges you kind of jump off a bridge if you’re not already suicidal it’s just not going to happen yeah or yeah or a sleeper cell or something like that okay this not while you was Hollywood it out and that kind of actions that one okay yeah like most things these things are really Hollywood it out and it’s a fight that legitimate clinicians like myself have to deal with all the time because people have these ridiculous misconceptions about what the state of consciousness is what it can actually do and and you know it hurts it but that’s just that’s the nature of the beast it’s been you know they’ve been doing they’ve been using hypnosis for entertainment and goofy books and movies for very very long time yeah okay along those lines that what I found was and my corporate life wasn’t on the hypnosis stage at all but we were doing a lot of research labs so we were just a architecture firm but there were always people protesting about animal research and so because all they associated with it was bad news because that was all that was out there so for the past ten plus years there has been a concentrated effort of providing a balance so people can make a well informed decision from seeing both sides is there not a lobbyist but is there some type of intention from the hypnotherapy community to balance the message that’s already out there well I can tell you that there are several large organizations that are like a guild for hypnotherapist and no there is no Lobby in Washington it simply haven’t gotten to that point yet to try to educate people I think we we do it more individually the hypnotherapy hasn’t gotten to that state yet where there’s an actual Lobby that that’s out there you know producing commercials and doing that kind of thing as a practitioner it’s just part of my job and so when I do a workshop or a seminar or I do a lot of shows like this one which is going to reach a lot of people or television shows that’s when I have a chance to to sort of tell the truth about what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is and how it works and what it can and cannot do so people get educated and I think as it becomes more mainstream that that probably will occur and as you said the trend is that it’s becoming more popular there are many many more people practicing this than there were when I started 16 years ago that was my next question because you know people traditionally go a more linear or conservative or tried and proven whatever our parents told us that we’re going to do and so on and so forth and then they have a lot of breakthrough like a lot of people on our podcast and you said 16 so you didn’t start out obviously older than 16 what’s your story to get into the field of gnosis gnosis well it’s quite a long one actually I’ve had many enjoyable and successful careers starting with the military and airline aviation then I got into film and television first as a producer and then later as a talent I actually made a living as an actor out in LA and then got back into producing in the multimedia field and was a senior executive with a company but through all of those jobs I was always somehow I ended up being an instructor or a teacher or a mentor or supervisor and I realized that I you guys probably don’t remember this but back in 2001 there was this thing called the dot-com crash there was a big dot-com boom kind of like the big point bubble today and millions and millions and millions of dollars were invested in these coms that didn’t do anything and the company that I worked for was purchased by one of these coms that had a ton of venture capital and no products and essentially they ran the company into the ground and I was one of the first senior executives to get laid off and you know I had to figure out ok so now I’m out of work what am I going to do and and I thought about it and I realized that all the jobs that I had ever had the most enjoyable part of them was the teaching and the mentoring and the coach of my employees etc and so I started looking and I kind of realized that this is really what I love to do and so I started looking around and I looked in you know at getting a PhD in psychology and becoming a psychotherapist i with the Divinity School I looked at naturopathic medicine I looked at all these different career paths and hypnotherapy was one in which I could get certified fairly quickly as compared to those other fields I had used it myself to help me make some major changes in my life so I knew it worked and it would allow me to go to school and start working again because I had a mortgage I had a wife I had to make a living in the quickest amount of time and it helps people so powerfully and so quickly that it just seemed natural and I’ve always been interested in the mind-body connection so that’s essentially what led me to go to school originally and then after I did my initial training which was a year and I got certified and started my practice I went back and got a PhD and you know as I said I’ve been doing it full-time now for about 16 years that’s incredible that’s going on and good I have about that after years I really love what I do oh that’s good should know what you do yes indeed that’s one of the I absolutely yeah again you get to see the butterflies right I mean you see the caterpillar and butterfly there you go that’s exactly what happens have you ever used it in with in conjunction with law enforcement no I have not that’s called forensic hypnosis I am it’s just an area that I have not gotten into not because I don’t want to but there’s just never been an opportunity or an entree into that field and again it’s used very carefully because usually to help people retrieve memories and the thing that people need to realize is that when you’re in hypnosis you can have extremely vivid memories that may have absolutely no basis in fact but no I’ve not ever had the opportunity or the entree into forensic hypnosis although I would if I if I got and I think it’d be fascinating what about using him though you know most people have a hard time remembering those dreams can you use hypnosis to help remember dreams yeah I mean as I mentioned earlier there’s a whole process that we call dream therapy and it involves having people when they wake up from a dream write down the dream and we look at the symbols in the dream we look at the timing of the dream you know and and the type of dream and when it occurred and there’s a lot of different factors you know you can buy these books on dream analysis and it’s really a very slippery slope because they will give you different meanings if you dream about a snake it means this and if you dream about a train it means this and the truth of the matter is because everybody’s different your snake and my snake might be two different things in the context in which we saw the snake in our dream could be very different and your train and my train may be going different places and have different meanings so those books are really sort of useless the only universal symbol that everybody pretty much agrees on is that if you dream about your teeth falling out it indicates that you have a fear or that you’re feeling that you’re losing control of some part of your life but aside from that one universal symbol there really isn’t a set but yes it’s very powerful for helping us understand what’s going on subconsciously how a person is creating the changes what they’re venting if they have some negative energies they need to vent like a bad habit and we use dream therapy quite a bit to help us guide a client through the process in the most efficient and quick way possible so yes dreams are very powerful because they come from the subconscious and the subconscious is what generates the behaviors yeah what’s your take on the fitbit’s right there are a lot of people wearing them I’ll wear it now and where you’re actually measuring your sleep from light sleep REM and deep sleep is there a way that you can look at that data and kind of change the data so you have more access to going through and enhancing your gene therapy you know it’s a question I really can’t answer i I I work with sleep issues all the time but the issues that I work with are just helping people get what we would call a healthy restful night’s sleep so when they go to sleep they stay asleep or if they wake up they have to go to the bathroom or something they can get back to sleep and they have normal cycles because as you know as I’m sure you guys are aware and I’m sure the audience’s or most of the audience is aware are many we sleep in cycles we go you know from a light sleep to a very deep sleep to REM sleep which is where the dreams occur and we go through those cycles several times a night but I I don’t know and have never dealt with you know messing with the sleep cycle with a Fitbit as to whether you can adjust it or not I’m sure it’s possible you can do very much pretty much anything you can create lucid dreams where you’re actually dreaming and you know you’re dreaming and everybody has that experience from time to time but you can really practice at it and get pretty good at doing it when you want to but as far as using the Fitbit to alter your sleep cycles I really can’t comment on that with any any expertise whatsoever Navin and I always look at way of ways of hacking and my personal experience has been to and I’ve been doing it for about two months now where I’ll sleep or I’ll set the timer for three to four hours after I initially go to sleep and then I set two timers one is for the three to four hours and then the next one is the time I’m scheduled to wake up and I found that breaking that sleep pattern has enhanced my lucidity that’s really cool excellent yeah it’s just really interesting that that’s why we love having guests like you on here and so you were talking about calm then it was I would just have any conversation the other day about those pink slip parties in the late 90s which was indicators that the market was going to change and it’s really interesting how much growth we’ve had and taking out the field of Technology from 99 like we were trying to do so much during a common error on dial-up and a lot of companies have grown from the lessons learned from the kalimera and I bring it up because like you mentioned hypnotherapy has been around for thousands of years but you are also introducing something called the synthesis effect and I’d like to talk about the synthesis effect and is that hypnotherapy 2.0 or if you can just let us know a little bit more about that well yeah sure I’d be happy to synthesis is the term that I’ve given to my process which is a process that combines models techniques methods and traditions some as old as humanity and some products of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics quantum wave theory epigenetics and some of these really interesting neurophysiology and synthesis is about taking these different techniques some of which work at a conscious logical cognitive level and many of which work at a subconscious level that’s where hypnosis would fit into it meditation and some other tools and techniques and we bring them together to create change and growth and transformation in the person’s life very very quickly hypnosis is a big part of the synthesis process but the synthesis effect which is the title of my book is learning to live your life virtually free of suffering now that that means different things to different people but that’s the effect you feel really really good about who you are and how you’re living your life the choices you’re making and the process that we use to get there is basically helping people getting get rid of their blocks whatever they may be they may be negative or unwanted or unhealthy habits limiting beliefs like I don’t deserve I’m not worthy of making such-and-such money or having a great relationship or I’m not smart enough or sexy enough or whatever enough I mean we have a bazillion things or I’m afraid of this or I have a phobia around that so the issue can be whatever it is and many people have many issues the process is getting rid of those issues as quickly as possible using both parts of the mind and a variety of tools and techniques some of which I developed on my own and the effect is feeling really good about how you’re living so that’s what the synthesis effect is all about in the book essentially teaches people how to use the process on their own and I basically teach them how to make these changes on their own and some people need a little bit more help of thousands of people who have read the book have been able to change their lives and you know just through using the tools and techniques that are in there so I’m very proud of it and it works really well it’s it’s a continually evolving process because I’m continually learning and discovering things and you know combining techniques and come up with a new technique and and that sort of thing which again is why this this whole profession is so you know just amazing because it’s every day is new and you learn something every day and no person’s the same no session is the same you never get bored but that’s what the synthesis effect is all about both the books and the process I’m glad you asked thank you oh absolutely I mean getting the word out there I’d love to have a balance where I don’t like anything that’s one-sided because right there’s always three sides to every story so as they say so I wanted you know let everyone know about the synthesis effect of course and I also wanted to know because you are making differentiations between like the stage hypnotist and someone touches yourself that the clinician and so what type of I know there’s been some research in the field of hypnosis but is that point what’s the difference between hypnosis and cognitive what is it behavioral therapy when we would do I was doing some research for speaking with you if they were let’s say wigwags or stop smoking you guys were pretty much making mecca or they I’m assuming they are not interchangeable they’re not interchangeable when you think of the word cognitive you think of the conscious logical cognitive part of the mind and cognitive behavioral therapy can be a very powerful tool for for helping people change their behaviors and you know getting over things like phobias and fears but it works at a conscious level if you combine those some of those techniques with hypnosis which works at theoretically a much deeper level you can sometimes accelerate the results so in my synthesis process there are some CBT techniques that I use with my clients because it’s a very powerful tool but they’re they’re not interchangeable they can work well together I think that’s probably the best way to answer that question but they are different they’re you know they’re different hypnosis is a state of consciousness CBT is sort of a process through which you bring a person through but it’s all done at a very conscious wake wake wake wake innate wake wakeful I’m sorry about that wakeful level it sounds a lot like I was I was caught in sales the ABC method like if there’s if you’re the bureau be in the situation meaning somebody’s coming to you because they were referred to you for something and then after they see your service then you will refer them to the C in this instance and it sounds like based off your explanation just now that somebody may come in initially for the CBT because it’s logical people can touch feel and I guess measure or result and then afterwards they would come to you is that a natural relationship it sometimes happens but most of the people who come to me that have done CBT come to me because they didn’t really get the solution they were hoping for and so they’re looking for more if someone does CBT for instance and then it’s just one example there are so many different therapeutic modalities out there but if someone does CBT and they get the results they want they don’t need me because now they’ve they’ve made the change they want so most of the people that I see that have experienced CBT are coming to me because they didn’t get all or sometimes any of the results they hope for you know there’s no silver bullet there’s no one tool there’s no one technique there’s no one’s therapeutic modality that it’s going to work for every single person on the planet it just doesn’t work that way just like there’s you know no one solution to any problem and that’s another reason why someone who is good at this arms themselves if you will with many techniques and modalities because everybody’s different some people don’t respond well to what we would call classical hypnosis and so in even within the field of hypnotherapy there are a lot of different ways of inducing hypnosis and you can you can do hypnosis just having a conversation with someone and they don’t even really know you’re doing it so well while again you can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do if they’re more resistant or uncomfortable with you know releasing themselves into into what we would call a traditional hypnotic state where there’s you know sort of eyes closed and they lay back in the recliner if they don’t really like that feeling then we can do hypnosis in a lot of ways and they’re really good ones out there the good people are the people that learn many different techniques so that when someone has a specific need or sensibility you and any given tool isn’t going to work for them you can come up with a different strategy and that’s one of the reasons I like my synthesis process is because there’s a lot of different ways to skin that cat and it’s just because I you know like I said some of it I’ve developed myself but a lot of the tools I use are just variations or pieces of things like CBT neural linguistic programming which is another very powerful set of tools for creating therapeutic change all these things you know you the more tools you have the more adept you can be as a mechanic so to speak you mentioned that you can talk sometimes you have it in the conversation which makes me think of conversational hypnosis which also makes me think of the PUA community so their outreach to speak with you with the pickup artists community at all you know that’s really interesting and no there isn’t or there hasn’t been and then people who do that actually you know conversational hypnosis is is more related in some way – NLP neuro-linguistic programming which is just what it sounds like neuro than mind linguistic the way we communicate and programming are the programs we use to get what we want and the PUA community are people that are usually trained in NLP and they they learn how to develop these language patterns that supposedly make people of their desire more prone to want to be with them now to be honest with you I don’t know how much that really works because if you’re not already attracted to somebody I don’t know if you can make them attracted to you I really don’t know that much about it because I’m too busy doing what I do which is therapy but no I don’t get a great outreach for speaking engagements I should look into that if that community of growing I made a whole mushroom in itself so I think it’s missing a gauge mincer to to civic and social groups professional groups you know companies will bring me in to talk about the power of the mind and performance improvement and enhancement and and that sort of thing and I love to do those by the way so if there’s anybody out in the audience that wants to bring me in for a speaking engagement I’m open always and can help your employees sales people customer service reps management do better work work better be happier I work with a lot of athletes at all levels and sometimes sports teams but I work with athletes from Olympic figure skaters and gymnast to professional baseball players golfers tennis players because that you know all of that is about the mind everything that happens in the body every endeavor we do all our behavior starts in the mind doesn’t matter what it is and once you learn how to get your mind working the way you want it to you can perform at a higher level live a happier life do better in your relationships or your job or be a better athlete doesn’t really matter what it is actors writers dancers musicians I work with all those folks too I don’t know if it was you but I’m sure or if there is anyone listening that there has to be a hypnotherapist that’s working with the Eagles because their level of confidence is through the roof so much that I’ve never seen all of my years of watching them so thank you mr. hypnotherapist if it isn’t you that was it but there are a lot of teams that hire hypnotherapist I know the the Atlanta Falcons had one on staff for a while I don’t know if the Eagles have one now the the San Francisco Giants the baseball team had one for a few years and I have discussed the possibility with some teams I’m not working with any particular teams now but again if any teams are out there and you want to get your guys and gals working better I’m certainly open to it because I do a lot of group work I mean yeah the Eagles are playing an amazing level of football right now yeah they are go Eagles can you talk I know you have certifications in other areas can talk a little bit of what about what timeline therapy is sure timeline therapy was was adapted or were sort of the birth child of NLP neuro-linguistic programming as I mentioned before neuro-linguistic programming incorporates techniques from a lot of different disciplines hypnotherapy psychotherapy Gestalt therapy and timeline therapy was developed by a guy named tad James many years ago now and it’s really it’s a really really powerful therapeutic tool because it uses the power of the mind and it allows us to communicate with the subconscious level of the mind in a very safe way and it allows people to look at their experiences good bad and indifferent from a perspective where they’re not invested in it they don’t have to feel the emotions and all the pain and suffering they can look at these experiences from a different perspective throughout their lives timeline is essentially meaning the time you’re on the planet you you come into the deployment you know you’re born on a certain day and you have a line of time all the moments you live line up one after another and then eventually you leave the planet and your life is a line of time that’s sort of the basis of of identifying time lining you know the theory is that you can you can look at everything that’s already happened to you and we can also take someone out into the future and look at what hasn’t happened yet and you do it from a very powerful and safe perspective and it becomes in the hands of a trained practitioner that knows what they’re doing and knows how to use it it’s a very very powerful tool I use timeline a lot in my practice because it works really really well and it saves people a lot of the trauma that they might have to undergo if you regress them in hypnosis and they relive and experience whether it’s from this life or what they think is a past life that can be a very traumatic experience especially when something bad happened with timeline you can do the same thing but in a much more benign non-invasive way and get equally good results so it’s a it’s a very powerful tool and mr. James was was brilliant in inventing it that was a great explanation there are people that would sabotage themselves just because they felt the supposed to because of the past life yeah well you know many people have issues that can’t be explained in their current lifetime and you know past life regression has been used for a very long period of time I don’t ever use it for entertainment purposes just because someone wants to do it but it can be a very powerful therapeutic tool now whether or not that life actually happened is irrelevant but if a person gets the therapeutic is set from doing a past life regression that’s all I really care about they feel better than when they came in they get their their solution their results and and that’s all that really matters it you know there’s a lot of evidence strong evidence that suggests that we do live many lives and there’s a lot of both anecdotal and scientific evidence that seems to suggest that reincarnation even though some of them the primary religious doctrines of the world don’t believe in it up until the year five hundred versions in it and you know they just made some decisions and that’s you don’t want to get into that but there’s a lot of evidence that suggests that reincarnation is real and what I can tell you is that it can be a very powerful tool regression when used correctly for the right reasons at the right time and it can really help people get rid of a lot of stuff that there’s just no explanation for and we don’t care whether it actually happened or not what we care about is what is the result we get and that’s that our clients feel good Wow yeah we had seen that with the timeline just one last question with that sure if you can do a futuristic timeline and you just mention the path life progression so could you what’s your take on simultaneous time that is all happening simultaneously well now you’re getting into a very deep philosophical thing I think it’s definitely a probability I mean now we’re getting into quantum physics and quantum wave theory and string theory and and all of that and you know I am fascinated by it I study it I use a lot of the principles associated with it but whether or not it’s all happening at the same time to me is really irrelevant as far as my day-to-day existence is concerned and as far as treating my clients is concerned you know my big hope is that when I leave the earthly plane and transition back to non-physical that we get the answers that’s what I’m hoping for you know and unfortunately we don’t remember them when we come back but that would be the coolest thing is if you get the answers and you could actually remember them when you come back you can have a really powerful life yeah yeah I agree all right yeah it sounds like go instead of dream therapy it’ll be a incarnation therapy well if any what it is when you do past life it’s really kind of what you’re doing you’re just having them having a client remember and sometimes relive and experience and see it from a different perspective ultimately realizing that their spirit is timeless and that they transcended that life and that pain and it’s over and they don’t have to deal with it anymore and that very often allows someone to release something that’s really bugging them in this lifetime it’s amazing to watch it sometimes it really is it’s so cool and it was totally I think this whole hour was the whole caterpillar butterfly effect we were at the top of the hour so I really appreciate you taking your time to make our podcast today well it’s my great pleasure thanks for the invitation I really enjoyed it you guys have asked really good questions it’s been a great conversation and if you ever want to do it again let me know oh absolutely and shout out to all the people that have reached out to me in the past three weeks as you can tell David’s back 100 percent so the cold had gone so thanks for everybody checking on his well-being he is 100% so thanks for that and you have been in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from my homies perspective this is Hamza Moore and I am gamers and again thanks again for your time dr. John McGrail before you go if you can let us know where we can get the simplest effect and how people get in touch with you so you can do your speaking engagements well I appreciate that the book has done its run in stores until the second printing comes out and I don’t know when that’s going to be but it’s available on Amazon Barnes & Noble calm and I think iTunes in both paperback and ebook so I have to do is you know search the synthesis effect or search dr. John McGrail and the book will pop up as far as I’m concerned thank you I can be reached easily through my websites I have two ww– hypnotherapy los angeles hypnotherapy all one word los angeles spelled out calm and that site is pertains more to my hip and hypnotherapy practice and then there’s dr. john McGrail comm my other site which is more about the bigger picture my synthesis process and but I’m reachable through either of those sites either through email my phone numbers all over the place I can be reached by via text you know and I have a YouTube channel with a lot of video content on it just again dr. John McGrail and if anybody is interested in having as a speaker a guest speaker or doing workshops or seminars I do all kinds of workshops and seminars for a variety of different groups feel free to reach out we can discuss it because I really enjoy doing that and I’m putting my 2018 schedule together right now so I know when I’m going to be traveling and when I’m not and I would be delighted and again gentlemen I thank you very much for your invitation you’ve been very kind of generous pleasure yeah Cheers all righty okay bye now thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a youtube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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