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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have a store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and today we have the author of transcendence calling love to hear her story about the power of Kundalini Kundalini rising in spiritual enlightenment she is originally from Poland she’s come into the States for some time lived in Hawaii lived all over she has a lot of stories at oh there were so high there were some lows and through all of it she is still here I guess you could say that she transcended pun intended but I thought without further ado I like to welcome to our podcast Monique level LaBelle thank you [Laughter] it’s very exciting and I hope it’s going to be fun too it’s like yeah we try we try not to scare anybody off that hasn’t happened to in the year and a half so [Laughter] serious exactly exactly so I love the title of your book because there are so many connotations to it transcendent calling means could mean that it’s about to happen like this a rapture and we’re all gonna transcend or it could be something that happened to each person’s internal story where they transcend and something has to happen where you transcend but I’d like for you to tell us the reason you were writing the book but before you go into that I like I know that you have you’re passionate about art and painting and such so I like to go over a little bit over your background before we get to the book sure so I was born in Poland if you were still communist at the time my parents were both actors they divorced they were going to divorce before I was born and so altogether I wasn’t I grew up with my grandma the first four years of my life and then I moved in with my with my mom so there is a whole story like we all have the story of parents and unusual family because I had no brothers or sisters my mother really didn’t want children the way I had a lot of times for myself and from very early on I always wanted to understand everything so I had this memory box where I put things which I didn’t understand and then try to then when the time came years later I finally was able to understand some of those things and I wanted to be an artist I always wanted to do acting but it wasn’t allowed to my mother didn’t let me do it and so I said and drew and paint it all of my childhood most of it I loved school but then when I when it came to choosing what I was one of doing my life all I wanted to do is art and I did I also because of growing up in a country that was really damaged by the wars history of Poland I don’t know if you familiar with a little bit it’s very very dramatic very difficult history so life around me was not really a lot of fun although I was pretty enthusiastic and and actually a pretty happy child I think there was so much memories of the Second World War that’s all we watched on TV he was formerly I grew up wondering about life and thinking what is what are the truth you know where is it what’s actually what’s my responsibility what am I supposed to do in life and when I came somehow it happened that left Poland when I was 19 and just threw myself into into life first in in London England of course by myself I didn’t know anybody and I imagine a lot of adventures are already early on then I kept on painting I captain I kept on working on my art all the time I wanted to do was to have time and space to do my work I also had a child I got pregnant although I didn’t intend to I was very much in love with my boyfriend from Poland and my daughter was born in Poland but we let’s quickly after me and my daughter we laugh then it happened that I I took my daughter back to Poland so she could be with her dad for a little bit because I didn’t have father and I thought it wasn’t very good for me I really missed my father so when I left my daughter in Poland the military cook came happened and I couldn’t go back to get my daughter eventually turned out that my daughter was with my mother who I didn’t have a good relationship with and all together there was a lot of personal issues that over this over time made me more and more depressed but that was already when I was in in the United States when I came to you United States I first lived in Virginia and then moved to to Los Angeles and that’s when the experience happened it happened after a few months of depression might and I was already sort of an accomplished artist so I I had shares of my artwork I think the Netherlands where I lived in I live in Amsterdam far for some years before coming to United States I had individual shows I was in group shows and it was going pretty well I would say but when I came to United States instead of living in LA I had this epiphany at some point when I was working on on a painting that made me change my way of working on on my art completely I didn’t I didn’t understand it completely but there were several other incidents or epiphanies in my life which were not completely understood by then but there but they were so powerful that they changed the love in my life first one was in Poland still when I was reading a volume of Indian philosophy I intended to do that because I was already a painting and I wanted to learn about learns when she was with me and it so happened that it was Indian philosophy and they read something that was real that really struck me and actually created a very strange sensation which I write about in the book that was the first experience that was definitely supernatural I couldn’t explain it and then the second one that I also write about in my book was when I was painting the title of my of my work was understanding understatement and I was one of many titles that I kind of I thought about making maybe a painting or maybe writing a poem I had several titles and then as soon as I got myself a studio to work in in LA I started painting some of those titles so when that when that’s the way it happened I entered another as I mentioned drew my painting and I heard anything if I didn’t know anything about that but it didn’t happen I suddenly was able to to enter the world that I didn’t know existed it was an abstract dimension it was the mid dimension of concept and they were alive it was everything was alive and I was in it at the same time being able to be myself and and know that there was a painting I was working on and there was something I knew but everything that was that I said I mention I answered was simply it was so much bigger than me and so much bigger than the painting I was working on so I really I simply started to work on those paintings for for about almost four years and I did have shows but I think it wasn’t my work was it wasn’t like it was selling very well so I had really I was struggling to survive and I also wanted to have my child with me and I couldn’t afford it I was getting more and more depressed eventually one day I woke up suicidal also had strange dreams that were accompanying is that the state of depression does not did not they were not necessarily depressive but they were very revealing they were those amazing diseases I don’t write a thousand bees by book but they certainly were I was just I was visiting different worlds and I didn’t know exactly what it was and then that one day in March 1992 it’s been a while but it was in March 1992 10th of March I woke up and I knew that I’m suicidal I’m just going to kill myself there is no doubt about it and then I tried to fight it and I didn’t know how and then I thought yeah I’m just going to go there was the razor blade I’m just going to do that to do it and then on my way to the store I I was still at my place in my studio I decided to to take a shower I just wanted to stop myself from from from killing myself from going together with razor blades I just wanted to feel the water washing over me to to to soothe myself and I got into this this this was a beautiful old Victorian house where I had an attic that’s where I that’s where it has my studio it’s a beautiful space but I was sharing it sharing bathroom I saw with several strangers through living below me I didn’t really know anybody there it’s pretty new and not play and that’s when it happens that before it happened I was trying to I was trying to stop myself from from feeling so bad and the way I was doing it is what the way I was always trying to do it which is Wow working through it whenever I couldn’t whenever I felt bad I I kept on painting so I learned how to paint no matter what was going on no matter what my state of mind was and I just learned that over the years so at the time when I was feeling horrible and ready to commit suicide I used that same technique and at that moment I was trying to identify my emotion now I was able to pinpoint this emotion and look at it for what it was and tried to try to step out of it and when I was stepping out of it I found myself in this neutral space it wasn’t it wasn’t English in a neutral emotional state and I stayed in that state if I kept on focusing my mind on keeping that an emotion away and focus and breathing it was it was fine but then the thoughts would come and get me back into the hopelessness of my situation and I couldn’t hide them away I just couldn’t I tried to figure out what was it that I did wrong and and I tried and tried and tried and I couldn’t win I just couldn’t figure it out what its what was it that I did wrong to find myself in this situation and that’s when I lost the fight I I lost the fight I couldn’t figure it out and I surrendered I agreed to commit suicide I made that the same for good there was nothing I could do not not and my life my life wasn’t worth living anymore and I opened my eyes and left my head and there it was there was this incredible rope of rainbow light flowing and it was beautiful I had nothing like that close to my imagination at that point because I my life was was was dawn so it was very scary it was so scary that something like this could exist in in in in this world I just I couldn’t believe it but it was there I wasn’t wrong it was really a rainbow and rope of like gleaming and moving dancing and I had a choice of either running away or saying and watching it and I decided to stay I said to myself no matter what happens I’m going to watch this and then the whole process started I never I I never heard about anything like that before and I never knew the word Kundalini I never had anything to do with with any spiritual teachers or are they ever read anything about spiritual stuff I had experiences that were strange and difficult to explain possible to explain and I even wrote a script with my ex-husband we wrote a movie script about a trouble of a spirit through civilizations very so more of a fantasy it was just the inspiration that made me made me write that and and also dreams that I had that were also difficult to explain so when that whole process started I wasn’t afraid anymore I was ready for it and I don’t know if I should rush she talked about the whole thing because they take some time when when I finally calmed down and started to just just and just was quiet and waited for something to happen or didn’t know if anything would happen after that that Mike was moving around I I saw pictures there were pictures that I didn’t know where they were coming from it was like movie but like snippets of videos or something and I didn’t know what they were and then I realized that that was actually me as a little child when I was maybe 2 or 3 4 years old and I remember the decisions that I was making at that time so in other words I had be you into my life as I was as I started to make decisions as a little kid and then the whole thing just kept going I just kept looking at myself the way I’ve never seen myself before and I understood that this is how my personality was shaping that the thought that I had I could I could understand and oh my all of my thoughts from very from when I was very little and I was just following those stars I’d say as they were developing and the process took maybe a couple of minutes but I could see all of my life and all of my god clearly and they were all coming to the present time and once they came to the present time when I they they’d vanish so I this is difficult to explain but I think I explained it better in in the book but that’s at some point every thought that comes to the present moment it disperses it’s not known it’s resolved so all these thoughts came up to the surface to the present moment and they they dispersed one after another and my mind was free for a bath and I knew that I and I could make new thoughts Kent and see them also the venture great after that process took place and actually the last stage of it it was clearly the shell that I was wearing the personality that I was that I thought I was disappeared it fell off and my mind was clear and thinking perfectly and so that was one of the that’s one of the stages that was the well I don’t know I shouldn’t I shouldn’t say what it was yes because then the next I write about my experience without explaining it at first I just write what happened and oldest stages I went through and then in the last part of the book I explain what actually happened well let’s stay at the let’s stay at the first stage and then we can kind of build and then if you know if we go over time then we can have you back on so that’s fine first I do want to acknowledge II for going through that story because I could actually see you back in 1992 as you were telling it and also just a salute to you and telling that story and to our audience that can hear it because some people know from listening to our podcast that you mentioned March 10th 1992 and in my family we mark March 11th 2016 because that’s when my sister committed suicide and it was just interesting how there are a lot of similarities and the stories that you were saying with some stories that some family you know I’m in different groups so family that have lost you know family members and they share similar stories for the kids that or a family member that chose to continue living like you did versus not having an answer so you know a lot of similarities in that sense but still individual and unique to your story so I appreciate you sharing that money well thank you thank you yes eventually I thought it’s time to to share it because the knowledge that I got from it can help others this is the stage of my thoughts disintegrating and this joy filling me up it was accompanied by other sensations of of being a being lifted up and showered in gold speckles there was like a cold shower just falling on me and eventually and the next stage started the next stage was that’s the the fourth chakra so is the fourth dimension of perception this is when love comes in and I didn’t know what was going on I just felt really good I felt elated and I I had no more problems already at the stage of the my mind is integrating in terms of the sauce is disintegrating and and leaving me I had no more problems I was free but then the next thing happened is that you I found myself there was somebody there there was somebody nearby somebody reaching for me and literally I felt my heart being touched and it was touched with love and that was love that I may be trimmed off some time ago or maybe I thought of but I could never even imagine it but there it was I was I suddenly fell in love and that presence fell in love with me so that’s the next stage that they mention of love this is when I understood that this is why Jesus and book that were teaching and other spiritual masters we’re teaching that love Jesus especially try to tell people you ought just love your name love everybody this is all about love that’s it so it’s about love so I understood that and I felt I was able to [Music] feeling that love to everybody to everyone who can’t feel it and fields lonely or or unloved because the love is there all the time for for everyone you just have to tap into that dimension and then the next stage came with incredible music that I heard at first I thought someone in the house was playing music during today very loud and I was very surprised but then I realized that the music was just all around me and I the music was amazing and and these first these personalities came to me which I later understood that they were actually ascended masters who were making contact with me acknowledging my state and acknowledging my transition into the first dimension that’s the dimension of communication where other beings from other worlds can be coming we can communicate with where they can help us our give us information support us and guide us so in my case there were a hundred masters that came and after that the next stage happened and that was a vision that I eventually was able to understand and that six stage six they mentioned was quite eventful there were many things happening while that transition was going on but what was already very clear was that my mind was extremely clear and powerful and I was able to ask the right questions so at some point I didn’t couldn’t understand what was the vision but by asking the right question I was able to find out what the vision was and it was a matrix of creation which I learned actually even a friend of mine had the same vision just that vision alone in some other time in his life so matrix of creation is something that that appears can appear in the sixth dimension in the sixth chakra also in the sixth chakra we are able to understand the complexity of time and space and understand that we are multi-dimensional beings only we are dominated on daily basis by the first three dimensions and the other ones appear to us in the glimpses every now and then but during full Kundalini rising you can perceive all the dimensions so being in that they mentioned of the sixth chakra I knew exactly what was happening I knew that I was sitting in the bathtub and you were timing oil I knew exactly who I was I knew what was going on I knew what just had happened and what’s happening and I realize that everybody’s life is already designed it’s already done and this is the understanding that comes from from viewing the matrix of creation [Applause] so once I am stood that that we are we are already created our past and future it’s already created in that matrix we are those little lights there each everybody’s life it’s already their design and that felt a little I was little sad about that there was all this before I wasn’t too happy to see that but then soon after something else happened and they and that’s what’s called self realization which is the self realization of the soul when the soul comes to show becomes conscious of its own creation which is ourselves so the soul creates creates our challenges in life and is and its solace has no has no is eternal right has no no time no space and it’s it’s eternity so once you know that you are you are a soul there is for me one question was left where does the soul gets it [Applause] energy from because so creates our person that we’re so creates our person so we kind of so creating but where is the soul coming from and that that’s the question that I asked and I’m not going to tell you the answer because it’s in the book I just know I just fell out of my chair folks oh my goodness I gotta apply for insurance Oh No so that’s great but make sure that people will definitely check out your book transcendence calling which is fantastic malik let me ask you since you know right now it’s a you live here in the states and it’s a political hot bed with parents being separated with from their children and so you’ve had a similar feeling over twenty years ago what would you say to those parents that’s going through their own turmoil right now it’s terrible it’s terrible I I considered myself and I always did consider myself somebody who can handle a lot but being separated from from my daughter it was it was a terrible feeling especially that it took so long they took forever and she grew up without me and the longer I talk the harder it was I hope and I and I know now that it’s not something that it’s going to be going on anymore right they’re going to be united and and the parents and the children are going to be united but these are such deep feelings that we can’t we can’t even control them this are feelings that are that are so deeply image I I am a high-energy enthusiastic person normally but there was four years that feeling of dull pain that eventually that was what got me that was what the what made me a suicidal was that I was not I was an absent parent to my daughter it was something I couldn’t forget over so that’s my answer to that question what I think about that there’s a school oh absolutely there’s a school of thought that before we incarnate we have a quote unquote meeting with our spiritual family and you know you kind of write out your goals and plans during this incarnation and so I was just wondering if this that story about the separation from your child did that bring you closer to your mom and maybe understanding how she may have felt when you weren’t around actually my mother never connected with me when I briefly explained after the experience I was first I cut it was catapulted to Hawaii and I lived there for two years I need at that time of being in paradise to to settle the experience within me I mentioned to my mother the experience she laughed at me she said I’ll he who read too many books well I didn’t read any books about that I didn’t know anything about that but you know by then she couldn’t hurt me anymore she couldn’t upset me because I I was and I wasn’t a different person that I reached the the spiritual enlightenment hmm and she could not nobody could hurt me and and and I could still feel love towards her and compassion without her being without her negative energy bothering me but my relationship with my daughter at first it was a little difficult but now we have the best relationship wherever and she’s the most helpful to me in my life always always great to have a happy ending absolutely it’s always interesting when you know we speak with people like you and see other stories I’m thinking of a Neale Donald Walsch and others where they are like brought to the brink of control right in realize how much control they don’t have and when they finally let go they get this transcendence and so I wanted to ask you since that has happened you know what have you been what has life been like in the following years to access your Kundalini rising where you don’t have to go through such turmoil to access it yes you see I haven’t actually described at the end of the the experience because I was at the explaining the ages of the sex chakra after that correct question was asked and I received the answer the moment they received the answer I my consciousness went into the crown chakra and and the energy was my energy United with everything so at that point there are no thoughts anymore you can’t you you want you may want to think but you can’t think anymore there are no thoughts available in that state but consciousness is there consciousness is there all the time and even though we want to look for God or God those are also in the realm of the sixth chakra the seventh chakra which I call the pure intellect is what is where understanding of everything takes place but at the same time this is a sacred real everything about everything starting from the fourth chakra is sacred so if you don’t have a sacred if you can’t find yourself with that sacredness it’s it’s almost it’s impossible to to even then you can discuss it but you can’t find yourself in there so my life changed because I I am just like each of us is a child of God and I am we don’t know what will happen in our lives we don’t know anything we can just we can just let go and relax because because it’s all it’s all done and to understand that it’s it’s not it’s not easy to understand it but my my life since then since I since I gave up my mind my mind surrender and the experience took place miracle started to happen all around me my dreams were coming through I I had a wonderful relationship I lived in a beautiful place for for two years then I then the relationship ended and I went back to Los Angeles for my studio I decided to to leave away and come to Reno and I became a ski bum for he recited speed and that’s what I wanted to do all my life and that’s what I did I just nice to spend my time skiing dancing just life became a pleasure for the most part and if it was in the plunger every difficulty and every problem its there is always a good solution there is always good solution because the energy that the spirit of what is how we call it a spirit I call it consciousness the ultimate consciousness is good it’s not a scary God that we should be afraid of and obeyed by force but it’s a good good wonderful energy if we tap into that energy we can do anything we can go anywhere and achieve what we want to achieve so that is the general outcome of of spiritual enlightenment or self-realization this is what what the ultimate truth is that life is very very good and and there is love all the time love is there all the time but we have to train the lower dimensions the lower chakras and cultivate the upper because the kundalini is they is the unit of an individual unit of consciousness and that energy is asleep you say with most of us it’s a sleep at the bottom of the spine and it happens in kinds of like near-death experiences sometimes that is it raises it goes up and very often it reaches the fifth chakra the fifth I mentioned it can jump over other chakras if you reach because I mentioned in that’s when people during these near-death experiences have so much help from other beings because that’s where their consciousness right arises – if it rises higher to the sixth chakra there is much more different information er this is a different information it’s more individual it’s less of of that group connection like in the fifth chakra but ultimately all of that is an illusion right until you have to get through all of those dimensions to really see that and to really understand that you’re creating your life and you already destined to to live all that you’re living there is no there is no reason to worry because you’re gonna do what you said I do and you don’t know what it’s gonna be but you don’t have to worry because if you have faith another belief I don’t believe in anything really still I never believed before and I don’t believe but I have faith faith is powerful and and having faith all these all these great things like faith along trust they start in the fourth chakra in the fourth dimension when that’s where in the beginning of religions is but the actual creation of religion is in the 6th dimension in the 6th chakra where where God’s appear and give us orders and so at least that’s what we read about right yeah we don’t we don’t have to go there with to spend time on that part we had a we had a gentleman michael tomorrow who who David knows really well and and he he had five near-death experiences so much so that you know when anyone that we had spoken was that has had that experience they wanted to stay over on the other side of the veil and they kind of me you know they came back obviously the tell us the story did you have a similar feeling in that this is the first time that all of this was happening and then it kind of come back and you’re in the bathtub or wherever you were did you get a sense like man I want to go back over there or did you feel like it was enough of your Kundalini rising for that time in space that you didn’t need to transcend outside of your body yeah once you once you get it you get it and if you need to repeat it that means that it wasn’t complete because as I said many times people have near-death experiences and they find themselves in those different realms and those realms are there could be six or six they mentioned most of the time fifth and sixth chakra but if it doesn’t it doesn’t always have to go through this chakra that’s a very the most difficult ones are the ones that have to do with mind and intellect the third chakra the energy Kundalini energy has often a very hard time going through the third chakra and in the same way through the seventh because especially I think these days we don’t we don’t really contemplate enough we don’t think abstractly enough to to use intellect in there in the way as a witness we we daddy’s philosophy we don’t care about me care about money and survival and holidays and good time and all that stuff but it really it really is a matter of having those upper chakras cultivated so so at the point when Kundalini can wants to go up which is it should want to go up at that time it has it can go through once it goes through your whole body there is really no need to wonder anymore there is no dandle down no I mean they on daily basis yes you constantly because I’m here so yeah I don’t know it’s too hard it’s too worn you know what am I going to say kind of little things we can we can for a moment get trapped in but knowing that there is in fact consciousness that’s incredibly powerful so powerful we can’t even we cannot imagine it with our minds and what it does it makes everything happen at once simultaneously there is no time everything that’s happening is being created and you ass every moment now such you have to bow your mind to get that straight it’s not something that’s so easy to explain and I because I took time I took time to write my book and to explain it simply I think it’s even I explain it in this better way when I write that when I talk because Sunday’s visual thinker and I’m my might when I talk I’m a little too fast but visual thinking is faster than distance in mind and and I sometimes find myself cutting corners too much and not explaining everything correctly that took time in my book to explain all these transitions what happens in each dimension and the reason I use word fidelity is because nothing else was appropriate they call it maybe she okay but Kundalini is is the hold is the coiled up serpent and this is what I saw when it came out of me that that rope of light was like a snake-like rope of rainbow light that how it looked like and that’s why it’s called Kundalini because it’s really cold up and you can only see that through this third eye which is the sixth chakra chakra fire I didn’t believe in any of that before before I didn’t believe in chakras I thought of people who believed in that stuff there must be really lost in life hot in the keto for sure I have to use that word to describe the experience because it’s already being described in a similar way only I don’t see I don’t use it’s correct to use chakras are energy centers but I use them as I see them as dimensions of perception the material world is this first dimension and that’s everything material it’s not just our body or it’s not just material thing but it everything so if you see yourself as a part of everything without emotions without your mind you know you belong to this material spectrum so to speak off of existence and then emotions are the second chakra second dimension because we always feel the emotions no matter what we can’t stop them they’ll come up they only still always come up good or bad they’ll come up and some people think that if you have spirit if you if you got spiritual enlightenment means that you you have no feelings or you feel you just live in another world or something no you live right here and have all the experiences that you can have and feel everything very very well and I am even especially right after for this for the first more than few years and they still have that I I could I could feel feel people so well I could could feel what they’re thinking what they’re feeling and I still have connection with the spirits on the mountains here where I live and they talk to me sometimes but I don’t see myself as somebody who is lost in that stuff you know what I mean I I just live like like a normal person right you didn’t have to be a guru yeah yeah you don’t have to be you don’t have to well for some people I may be but it’s all pieces it’s an individual because Gorem in July so it’s an individual thing everything is very individual if somebody because I do teach sometimes too and if people are choose to see me as a guru because they define but that’s the right relationship then it works but I don’t I don’t go around thinking that I’m some somewhere else than everybody else’s I’m just gonna just go through your life I just had the experience and I you’re the ski bum guru because I have 14 miles to to the ski resort that I just I just love it I just love it nice I always wanted to learn skiing really well so dream came true like that just dream is true I think you had a question David you’re trying to jump in David well I actually Monique answered it kind of interesting throughout this whole interview I was like kind of telepathically asking you questions and then you would start talking about it and inevitably answer the question yeah that works because you guys are are psychic right aren’t you yeah yeah everybody psychic but we just happen more baby chakra and tears like that Indy yeah III know also uh Thoreau people who are psychic and I can be psychic too I don’t practice it in any way especially but I I yes I definitely relate to it and I feel like we’ve only touched the surface I mean the hours have flown by it is at that hour mark so sounds like we need to have you back on the short order okay first shakes yeah before you know it one hour and not everything will be explained and even he this book there’s more there is always more because you know I think you left us wanting more and if you could tell us or tell the audience where they could get your book and where they could find you via your websites and social media that’d be great sure of course I’d love to my book title is transcendence calling the power of Kundalini rising and spiritual enlightenment and it’s available on Amazon and it’s available I think in Barnes & Noble it’s available in some other online bookstores but I’m not exactly sure I know that it’s a extended distribution type of thing so other bookstores online can carry it and and I have a website that’s that’s a WWE car Balcom where there is more information about the book and about sessions that we can have either in person or the zoom or phone also and that’s about it right well it’s enough until we hear from you again Oh awesome awesome absolutely well you have just been attend to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza I’m Dave Monique it was definitely a pleasure let’s stay in touch thank you very much well thank you again okay all righty bye listen to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find a supporter of powers when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear in episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show link in our episode notes and thank you for listening thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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