The Best Kept Secrets About Letters Of Appreciation And Gratitude In 2020

The Best Kept Secrets About Letters Of Appreciation And Gratitude In 2020

It can be quite difficult to write and submit a written thank you letter for support and gratitude to superiors, friends, and colleagues. It always seems as if the words do not flow out of our mouths or minds as we are trying to express our deepest gratitude for their kindness and support.

But there are certain things we should keep in mind when writing thank you letters of appreciation and gratitude. Below are some of the important points that we should keep in mind when it comes to writing such a letter.

Format Of Thank You Letters Of Appreciation And Gratitude 

It serves as an inspiring motivating key to those who have been instrumental in the success of your job, clients, colleagues, students, and those, generally, in general. Writing this letter also shows your respect for them as you express your gratitude to them for providing their trust to you. Thus, it serves as a way for you to show your gratitude and appreciation to them.

The Style Of Thank You Letter 

It should be written in such a manner that it will not only attract others’ attention, but it must also make them feel that you have done it just for the love of your boss, client, colleague, or student. 

Always try to avoid using the formal style of writing and making the letter sound as if it is being dictated by your boss or by your secretary. It should be more informal and more conversational. Your letter should also be clear and should make them feel as if they were part of the decision-making process. It also should serve as an effective communication tool.

letter of appreciation and gratitude to boss

The Subject Line Of The Letter Of Appreciation and Gratitude 

This is the most important aspect of any kind of letter. So, it is important that you make sure that you do a little research before you choose the proper subject line. There are many subjects that are appropriate for a thank you letter and such a letter should contain the name of the recipient, the company, and the year he was appointed.

It should also include the name of the person who is the supervisor of the individual and the job description. However, it is important to avoid using generic phrases because this will make the letter more boring than it already is.

What You Should Say In Your Thank You And Gratitude Letter 

When you are writing a thank you and gratitude letter, do not forget to mention what you appreciate about him or her. If the person is doing well in his or her job, then say that you appreciate him or her and why and how he or she can work hard. Also, mention his or her achievements, good behavior, and efforts to help you or the company.

letter of appreciation and gratitude

Be sure to include your name in the title of your letter of appreciation and gratitude, because it will show others that you are thanking him or her and this will show them that you care enough about his or her position and for you to write a letter. Do not forget to thank them for giving you a chance in their life.

How to Write a ‘Thank You’ Mail to My Boss

How to write a ‘thank you’ mail to my boss? It’s no secret that the workplace can be a very stressful place for employees. The stress of working longer hours and going through the same routines over again, the long commute to and from the workplace, and the constant fear of being told off by one of your colleagues can add up to the stress and frustration that many employees feel every day.

If you work in an office building then chances are there is a receptionist who will greet each employee on a daily basis. Most often, this receptionist will either refuse or ignore their requests for a ‘thank you’ letter. This may cause many employees to start thinking that they do not really need to thank their boss. However, it is important to understand that the ‘thank you’ letter is an important part of business communications.

Thanks Letter To Boss For Giving Opportunity

A ‘thank you’ letter should be written by an employee on their initiative. It does not need to be a formal letter sent out by a company. If the employee is able to express gratitude for a job well done then that would be the best way to express their thanks. A simple thank you note, especially if it is sent in the morning, can help to improve the morale of your coworkers.

Lynette Smith - Letters Of Appreciation And Gratitude Interview

However, it is important to make sure that the thank you note contains the correct wording and that you are actually thanking them for something they have done for you. If you do not know what your employer does for their staff, then try asking your supervisor or an HR professional.

The Secret To Showing Your Deepest Appreciation

What is sincere appreciation? It is a way for you to say thank you to the person who is making you happy. If you are happy then they are happy too and if you make them happy they are happy as well. This is a great way to show how much you appreciate the relationship you have with the person.

The most important thing when it comes to this is not to act like you don’t appreciate them. You should act as though it is just another day. This is one of the secrets to being able to show your deepest appreciation.

Sincere gratitude means to acknowledge each other’s kindness without having to say anything. Flattery is in the mind. Deep heartfelt appreciation is in the heart. One of the best things about being acknowledged is that others can see that you mean it. If the only message you have in your whole life is thank you, then it’s enough. It isn’t something fake or funny. It is genuine and honest.

Don’t expect them to be grateful just because you are showing them your true feeling. Sometimes people may not think it’s sincere at all but it is. They won’t understand it, but you are showing your deep appreciation for the person who makes you happy.

If you want to express this emotion then use your words. Just keep in mind that it is just another day. Nothing bad can happen. When it’s over and you both are happy with the relationship, then you know you are already in a relationship that was worth fighting for.

How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Soldier

Many people ask how to write a thank you letter to a soldier. This is probably because most of us are not in the military ourselves, and we only know what we have read about it in the news but it really isn’t that hard to do. You can find out exactly what to say to the men and women you serve with as an enlistee if you just know how to write a thank you letter.

The first thing to think about when you are writing a thank you letter for someone else is what they mean to you. If you don’t have someone close to you who knows exactly what you mean to them, then you will have to get started on your own by asking yourself these questions.

First of all, ask yourself how important is this person to you personally. If they’re someone you could count on to fight for you when you need help, then you will probably want to express your gratitude for the help they provide by thanking them.

thank you messages for soldiers

After you answer these questions, then you will have to figure out how to address the letter. You may not have to do this right away, but it should be done at some point, especially if you don’t know the names of the people involved. To start, make sure you know their name, rank, and service number. It can be a little difficult to know what to include in a letter, but just write something to your heart’s content. 

Encouraging Letters To Soldiers

There are a lot of different types of letters that you can send to soldiers, but the most common one that is used is the basic salutation and the name of the person.  Another thing you might want to consider for your gratitude practice when you are writing a thank you letter for someone is that you might be asked to send something in return for the letter. Sometimes, this might not seem like a big deal at the time, but there are times where it can be useful.

For instance, if you are writing a letter to your buddy after they’ve been injured in combat, then sending them equipment or clothing is something that would be appreciated. Make sure that you are thankful for anything that they send because in return, they are also going to show that you care and you may feel positive emotions as a result.

Remember to put in your address on the letter and include a special appreciation message at the end to let them know how much you appreciate the item you sent. When you are doing this, make sure that you leave out their names and rank or service number so that they know that you are aware of their services.

So, how to write a thank you letter to a soldier is something that almost every man and woman will find useful, as long as you have a way to express your general gratitude and thankful appreciation. These are just some ideas that you can use when it comes to writing this letter. Just remember to leave out everything that seems unappreciative of their service, and be grateful for the things they do for you and your fellow Americans, which are a lot easier said than done.

Why Write an Appreciation Letter?

Do you need to know the answer to the question, “Why write an appreciation letter?” If you are a professional athlete and have reached a certain level of success, then you may well be asked to send thank you notes to some of your former teammates highlighting grateful moments. While this can be a bit embarrassing for some, it can also be rewarding.

thanks letter to boss for giving opportunity

This means that in addition to thanking your old teammates for their services, you also may want to give them something of value as well. It will help to remember that if you do not have a very impressive resume, you may not necessarily be able to give them something special or valuable.

One way to make sure that you give your former teammates something truly meaningful is to consider asking them if they would be willing to give something back to you in return for what they did for you in your past, especially if they were good players for you in the past. For example, if you were a very good basketball player, being grateful implies you could ask them if they would like to play with you in your next professional basketball game.

While you may not win, this will demonstrate to them just how much you appreciated them. You could also consider asking them if they would like to play a game of tennis with you. Again, this will demonstrate how much you appreciate them, but you will also get to show that you are a grateful individual and still value their friendship and support.

Why Is Gratitude Such A Powerful Practice?

What is it about gratitude that it is such a powerful practice? A lot of people have a problem with a gratitude message because they think it makes them look selfish. When it comes to gratitude and selfishness, gratitude is the opposite of selfishness. For those of you who are in the middle of a big change and are still wondering why gratitude is such an amazing practice, keep reading for more information.

First of all, gratitude affirmations are an amazing practice because when it is done properly, it can help you to experience your best and brightest positive experiences. There are so many benefits, positive qualities and positive aspects that you can experience when you practice this practice. One benefit is that you will see that a gratitude trigger gives you more energy and more courage.

This is great for those who feel like they are out of energy or like their courage is wearing off, but when you practice this gratitude ritual, it will make your courage to stay the same or increase through positive feelings and positive thoughts.Another benefit of practicing gratitude is that it helps you feel happier. The best way to be happy is by not making any big decisions that may have some negative effects on you. The decision to get a new job, for instance, may not be a very good thing to do when you are having financial difficulty.

However, when you decide to just keep doing what you are doing, then you will eventually find your way out of financial difficulties. You will also find that you feel happier and that your life is more meaningful. You will not only find yourself happier, but you will find that others will feel happier, as well.

Spiritual Benefits Of Gratitude

A great benefit of gratitude is that it teaches you to forgive. Sometimes we think that forgiveness is impossible. We are often told that if we ever want to feel better about ourselves and how we act, then we need to take a positive approach. However, when we start to see that we have made mistakes in the past that are of our own making, then we can start to make sure that we do not repeat them.

Forgiving is the most important aspect of gratitude. If you cannot forgive then you will not see how grateful you are. Remember, it is not good to keep blaming others but it is necessary to learn to forgive.

Another great benefit of gratitude is that it helps to create a feeling of abundance. There are times when things just fall into place and we never know what will happen next. However, if you continue to work at being grateful for all the good things that happen, then the universe will take care of the rest of the bad.

Things will fall into place for you won’t ever feel overwhelmed with anything else. It is up to you to use this feeling of abundance to make sure that you are not left feeling overwhelmed with anything.

Last, but not least, gratitude will help you to love yourself and others more. It does not matter what other people think. If you think that you are selfish or have no self-respect, then this practice will help you change that. For example, if you are feeling like you have no self-respect, then you can start by loving yourself more than you think you should. If you think you are selfish, then it will help you to love others more than you think you should.

LETTER: Thank you to Judge Rohrer – Peninsula Daily News (


  • I applaud his decades of exemplary service and believe he deserves our appreciation and gratitude.
  • He has served our county with distinction as a dedicated community volunteer and a judge committed to fairness and justice.

The importance of sincere, hand-written thank-you notes – (


  • It’s easy to thank someone on the spot for something given to us or for something done for us.
  • Such impersonal responses may cause some of us to pause then to think that maybe the gift is accepted with little gratitude.
  • Studies have revealed that many job applicants do not send a thank-you note following an interview.
  • In fact, some companies will not consider hiring someone who does not send an expression of gratitude.

Check Out The Interview With Letters Of Appreciation And Gratitude Expert Lynette Smith


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there and podcast land team to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza. And I’m really excited about our guest today. She is the author of How to Write Heartfelt Letters to treasure is a gratitude letter expert. What does that mean in today’s world, because for most part, for the most part, we have spoken words, we have tags, we have emails, but those are fleeting. And a gratitude letter is tangible and long lasting. And it can be world changing to the recipient, it’s safe, and it can be savored every time it’s read. And it can even become a part of family legacy, which I really love. Because those that know me know, I am deep in the trenches of doing genealogy research, and to find heartfelt letters that people have written to their loved ones in the past. It’s a gem, it’s huge, and why should they have all the funds? So I think in speaking with author Today, we’re gonna learn ways that we can have meaningful letters of appreciation as well. So without further ado, I’d like to welcome the award winning author Lynette Smith to the podcast. Welcome.

Lynette Smith 01:16

Well, hi, Hamza. I’m so glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me.


Absolutely. Absolutely. I think first thing first to talk to be topical. When we talk about letters of appreciation and heartfelt letters. First of all, for those listening, I received a letter from one that And usually, you know, like, mostly stand over the trash can and put up as junk mail, but I get this letter handwritten. And it was heartfelt. And I felt really good about just reading it, like I got a letter in the mail. And I think it’s a lost art. And that’s why I’m really happy to have you on to talk about how we can kind of bring something from the past and make it pleasant make it so that everyone can benefit from it.


It’s absolutely present. And it’s absolutely cool. People have forgotten. And that’s why it has become a lost art with all the technology they forgot. They can sit down with a pen and a piece of paper, or God forbid, a keyboard and a computer. And, and it’s okay, not God forbid, I mean, really entirely. It’s okay to compose on a computer just can’t sign the darn thing. But yeah, when you stop, and you get quiet, and you put your thoughts together about this other person and what you’re grateful to them for, and you start writing it down, it’s so much better than these other little fleeting ways. You know, you mentioned texts, and you know, passing comments and things like that. Even an email, it can be heartfelt in an email. But the problem with an email and expressing your gratitude is that that letter, that email letter gets buried deeper and deeper and deeper into the inbox. And then some data, it may be either misplaced, or there’s a computer crash or something and you’ve lost that history. If you get something tangible, instead, you’re much more likely to have it over time. And it’s so cool, because you can read it every time you read that letter that you receive from someone that says they were grateful to you for something, it makes you feel just as good as the first time. And that is awesome. That is awesome, really


elegant technique


technology fan. And so yeah, of course emails, texts and all the above. But I think looking back if we can I think it’s a little scary when we use Gmail and some of these other email providers because the AI is actually finishing the letter for you


know better than I do, like


I recommended not dictating to your email for this purpose. So many words can be wrong. didn’t pay attention just Oh good. That’s over with and that gets sent and then later you look oh, oh, that’s not what I’m


much better to do it yourself the first time even if you type flow or you write flow and it’s okay to do a first draft. I don’t know what the what the rules are here. But if if you’re doing a first draft of something, you should just get it out. Pretend you’re sitting across the table from this person and just as if you’re speaking to them, and just get it out and don’t stop at what you’re writing. Just Just pound it out. It what in the Business of business of writing, people write books, and they get their first draft, whether it’s handwritten or on the computer. But that’s the same advice they have to follows. Just get it out, don’t stop to edit. And that first draft is nicknamed the s, f. d, the shitty first draft. It’s okay, you just have to get out, then go back and refine it. I really like that because the sfb is not taken into consideration when you’re using the online platforms. Like I didn’t mean to say, or it could be a certain time of the night. Early in the morning, right, where you probably had some spirits a couple hours before some libations and that you’re going to get on social media.


Always do the SSD.


I like the conversation.


Because if someone’s thinking, I don’t have time to write a letter, and oh, that’s when I retire or you know, it’s always something you’d put off. And that’s what I meant as far as making it cool. Well, how can you How can someone make time even a pandemic, right? We’re supposed to be sitting on our hands for the most part, people who are super busy. So how do you craft or make some time out of your day to get started writing a gratitude letter? Well, the first thing is to think of the person you’re writing to and and decide in your mind, that person is worth your time. Because if you do that, then the rest follows, they become a priority, and you make time. And it doesn’t, I’ve got to tell you truly, it does not take that much time, you create the SSD, which is just as fast as you can get it on paper and a file on the computer. This is let it sit for 24 hours. And then you go back and go Okay, let me fine tune this little thing. It might take you half an hour, it might take you 45 minutes, oh my god, it might even take a whole hour for that person who you’re so grateful to? Do you think you can spare it? Really? Yes, you can. And it talks about the whole do that later. Older that later Well guess what? If you’re writing to an older person, let’s say they’re, you know, in hospice, and they’re not going to be here on this earth much longer. You don’t you can’t do that later. You’ve got to do it now. Yeah, I think the other takeaway from that is not necessarily their age, with everything going on with the pandemic, we, we’ve lost some major people this year, and which is a total understatement. But the people that have surprised us, right, like they see them forever. So it’s no guarantee that you will see that person tomorrow. And by putting it off, you may miss that opportunity to reach that person. That’s right now there are you know, we could have a conversation about what if it is too late in the sense that they have died? And you can still do something that’s healing rather than living in regret and going Oh, no, you know, because you can still write a letter after the fact. But it’s way better if you can write it before, and then find a way to get it into that person’s hands. Because you know, so many people. And again, we’re not talking necessarily about old age and on their deathbed, we’re talking about so many people wonder, have I made a difference? They try very hard on this earth to do what they think is right, and to try to help other people. And those other people might have said, Well, thank you, you know, and that’s it. And that comment is forgotten over time. And after a while, they’re thinking, Oh, my gosh, you know, I’ve really tried hard, but I don’t know if I’ve made that much of a difference. And if they have evidence in their hand, that somebody you know, they created this letter for them that said, these are all the ways you’ve made a difference in my life, or in the lives of others, you know, that let’s say a major community worker or something like that. Someone active in their church or synagogue, or temple is, there’s so many people who’ve made a big difference, but they don’t recognize that they have. And as it gets to be towards the end of their life someday and it could be decades away. Nevertheless, if they feel affirmed, if they feel that they have made that difference. They can feel that their lives were worthwhile. And you can feel that way all the way through your life. Once you get one of these letters or, you know, once you have this, this affirmation that you can read over and over again, to remind yourself, you did make a difference, and it was a good one. That’s what these gratitude letters are all about. So are you also saying that some of us are going to live until we’re 120, because we’re waiting for this letter, and I can’t pass on until I received a letter from somebody, thank you don’t wait to receive before you do, that’s not the way the world works. As a matter of fact, that that whole thing of tidying or you know, you give, and then you receive tenfold, it kind of turns it around, sort of, in a sort of a humorous way as well, people who are these, you know, constant givers, they they’re tuned into that rule, maybe they’re really very selfish, because they want to receive so much that they give a lot. They’re not, they’re not, but they understand this, this rule of the universe that you give, and it comes back to you in many ways, tenfold.


And a great way to do your life, instead of just living in a space of lack and thinking, I don’t have enough enough, I can’t afford this, I can’t do that. I don’t have the time to instead of living in a space of lack, you live in a space of abundance and say I have this that I can give. And I can write that letter, which will be giving and I can do this thing for this organization or this individual. And that will be giving and that will help bring meaning to my whole life. And I believe as a you know, intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective, when you talk about living in abundance that is, in essence living in a space of gratitude, because if you’re having a space of gratitude, that would increase the abundance they kind of coexist. Absolutely, absolutely. And you know, there’s not a darn thing wrong with getting all that positive juice floating around in the universe is there not at all? gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, put that stuff out there, it’s great. Great. And you can change the whole balance of the way the world can be sometimes when you change that focus to the positive things. Yeah, I’m thinking for myself a gentleman out there. Waiting friends would really appreciate that. Like he actually spent time to write a letter like, I think that may take the relationship to the next level. If the other guys aren’t doing it out there. They may be jealous, because he’s going to hear that you’ve been writing letters to her and all the gophers are going to put the pressure on them. And it’s true. It’s true. But of course, don’t write that letter unless you’re really serious about the relationship.


I can’t put emojis in


this heartfelt letter.




you’ve got to write those images out.


No shortcuts.


Let’s back up for a second because, you know, becoming a gratitude letter expert. How does that happen? How did you sit at your desk and decide to write how to write a heartfelt letters to treasure what was the impetus for it? I received one it was on November 22 2008, the night before my son was going to get married. And it was the rehearsal dinner and he and his bride to be each presented, framed heartfelt letters of appreciation to their respective parents were floored and and they had their best man and maid of honor read them aloud because they knew they’d break down and cry if they tried. And it was so cool. Our our son’s letter did talk first of all about growing up in the family and what it was like and some of the things he treasured about that. Then he then he talked about the qualities that he most appreciated about his dad. And then the qualities he most appreciated about me. And then he talked about the values he had learned growing up that he planned to bring to his marriage. And when they these letters were read aloud, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And today that letter holds a place of honor still framed in our home. And I can tell you that even today what 12 years later, when I read that letter, my eyes well up my hand automatically moves to my heart and I just go on still still. And even when I talk about it like right now my eyes are welling up my hands moving down my heart this this is the thing this is the gift that keeps on giving. It truly is and I will never have to doubt or try to remember why somebody thought I made a positive difference in their life? And neither will my husband because we’ve got this affirmation right there that he says we were pretty cool parents, and here’s why. And here’s what he’s going to bring to his marriage. Thanks to us. Now, I love it in as a guy listening for the guys listening. They may not be thinking, but I’m thinking, did your son’s wife put them up to writing these letters? Was it her idea? How did that come about? Let me set you straight on that. That was my son’s idea. Thank you very much. She brought it up to her. And she went, Oh, yeah. Let’s do that. So I mean, I wasn’t there for the conversation. But he did tell me that that was his idea. Night, and that, that he presented it to her now understand, he’s a thoughtful guy. And also understand he’s the son of a person who already has had a strong focus on words, because I’m a professional copy editor and proofreader of books. And so he’s grown up around this ethic where he’s seen that I’ve been focused on words. So I’m sure that was part of his impetus for coming up with the idea. Word song, let’s put something down in writing. Hmm, let’s make it a letter. And so yeah, amazingly, he was the one. And I’m so extra proud of him for having had the sensitivity to come up with that idea. I love it. And just wondering in 2008, that probably set a precedent. And so I’m just wondering if that is now a part of marriage tradition in your family, he can’t be the only shining star does everyone is that now part of every marriage ceremony? Well, he’s the only only offspring we have. So in this family, he’s it, is it. But the fact is that this thought, got me going on his thoughtfulness got me thinking, if this made such a difference here, it could make such a big difference to so many other couples, and parents and so on. And then after a while, I thought, well, you know, maybe I could write a book about writing all kinds of heartfelt letters of appreciation. And that finally did come to fruition in August of 2012. Do you want the whoo story behind that or not? I love


it. Go ahead and go for it.


All right. Well, it was November of 2011. And I was meeting with a business friend, and she was showing me I was one of several sets of hands for her study in hand analysis. And she was doing a follow up appointment to explain to me, you know, what the finger prints meant, and the palm prints meant and things like that. And she said, Well, everything that’s going on in your left hand, you know, with the palm and the various fingers, it’s, you know, nicely well balanced. You know, it’s always tying into life purpose. That was the deal with these, these hand readings and hand analysis, and then she’s on your right hand, you know, the palm is good. And all these other fingers are good, your thumb is good, but your index finger has an issue. And I said, Oh, yeah, what’s that? And she described it. And I’m, I don’t remember her wording. But in so many nice words, she told me, I was a professional fence sitter. And I would go gung ho on a goal. And then just when it was time to take that final step by freeze, because I knew that the result would be the big change, or big failure or big success, but no matter what big change, and I think I was afraid of change. And I said, Oh, Louise, you are so right. You know, there’s a couple of things going on in my life right now that that fits, and that I’ve long since forgotten what the other one was. But I said, you know, I’ve never said this aloud to anybody in all this time. But I’ve been wondering whether I should write a book about writing all types of letters of appreciation. And as soon as I said that aloud, and since I never said it to anybody before, not even my husband. It was the first time the words came out of the mouth, and they had power. In here came the voice of intuition into my head, calmly saying, your book will be published by August 15. Wait, and I said Louise, guess what I just heard because she’s another spiritual person. Like Diane, I said, I’ve got not only an answer, but a deadline. And I recognized this was the good voice. And I thought, all right, let’s do this thing. And I wrote about doing it. And within the next two weeks, I had worked up kind of like in a lab or a table of contents, which was my outline for what I was going to cover. One morning, I was brushing my teeth and just sort of the brush up, brush up. And all sudden here comes this voice again, and it says how to run heartfelt letters to treasure for special occasions and occasions made special. Oh, and I spit out the toothpaste real quick. And I went and grabbed a scratch paper. And I wrote down that title because I had not come up with a title that wasn’t a high priority at that stage. And it sounded like a great possibility. So I wrote it down. And I ran it by a few people who knew what they were doing. And they said, well, it’s long, but it’s descriptive. It’s good.


So that’s how I got the title for the book.


I am a big fan of surfing I love I’m more of a foam board person, with quotes call for that all the tourists that come to town. But I do love when you’re able to ride a wave. And it seems like when you are in sync with the universe with the sounds like you are at that moment, that wave is just so much fun to ride. And it’s also interesting to watch the surfing culture, because it’s all ages. And you’ll see the pros that are sitting out there on the water waiting. And it’s like there’s they’re not trying to force the waves because there’s no natural.


So I like the alignment in ideal. But before moving on from it, it sounds like that palm reading was really instrumental. In the other side of that, I know that there’s also he in reading interpretation from your handwriting and all that not just palm reading, this was hand analysis, they called it and it was for the purpose of life purpose. life purpose. Wow. Okay. No, I love that because it sounds like before you had it, right, we have everything in us as we’re cold. But this came out to you in a way that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Correct? Correct. And I just love the way the universe works that way. Because I know day to day, I just, I could tell you stories, but you’d have to have a three hour interview here. There are other ways work where it’s come to light, that things are just, you know, you know, when you’re on the path because things are put being placed in, in your path that are for your best purposes and your best, best development and so on. And for for the sake of the world, you just never know this thing became a life purpose to get people to write gratitude letters, heartfelt letters of appreciation. So they could establish, enhance, and even rebuild their relationships and in that way, change their world. Now, that’s a life purpose. Absolutely. And you didn’t know this, but and what I want to share is that, you know, there was a lot going on with my business that day, and it was raining. And I open the mail and like, okay, you know, part of the routine or whatever. And this handwritten letter just totally changed the vibrational feeling at that time. And it’s like you’re saying it’s like you don’t you have no idea how it’s going to impact that person. It’s just the fact that you put it out there to the universe from your feelings. And that’s what makes it heartfelt. Yes, absolutely. It’s not a stupid business letter, although business letters have their purpose. But no, it’s heartfelt. It’s my heart to your heart. And it it communicates on that level. And that makes it really makes both of us if you want to get Whoo, again, vibrate at a higher frequency. You know, the love, the gratitude, the kindness, the forgiveness, all of that is the higher frequency vibrations. It’s not like down there where fear and hatred are way, way, by the way are synonymous. But that’s another story. Sure. Let’s turn it on its ear, if you will. Because in this this year, there has been a lot of upheaval. And you had mentioned business letter. So in the business world, right, that’s been under a lot of upheaval. And there may have been relationships, work relationships that you’ve had with your coworkers for years. And now you’re not going to see them anymore. Maybe the office closed. How important is it to write a heartfelt letter to a co worker or is that even possible?


It’s absolutely possible, probable and doable.


No question about it. And of course with the with the social isolation thing going on and a lot of remote working going on that I’m going to describe a project to you that normally is geared for a workplace in a team environment, but it’s occurs to me that it could still work with the isolation going on and it’s called turn your turn your workplace into a think tank because you can have the person in charge of the department or not even not the supervisor, but the administrative assistant send out a little request that each of the team members provide two or three words to describe the, each of the other team members, positive words are always positive. And then that admin assist, gathers all of those together, and creates what’s called a word cloud out of them. Have you ever heard of a word cloud? I have, but for the audience that will be exclusively next year. Sure, that’s when you have an arrangement of words artfully placed in in to make like a little poster or something. So some words are bigger than others. And you might have the person’s name right in the middle or near the middle. And then you might have some words that are sideways and some that are right side up, and in their different words to describe that person. So the admin assist goes to a website such as Wordle, dotnet, who are DLE, dotnet. And plugs in the words that were used to describe a particular team member plugs in the team members name. And the little trick here, by the way, is to put the team members name in three times in the box they provide, because the more times you see the same words, the bigger the print becomes. And then if if more than one team member describe this one individual in the same wording, put those words in twice. So there’ll be the middle sized print, and then all the other words, put them in in the regular, just enter them once, and then click a button and it creates a word cloud and artful arrangement of these words. If you don’t like it, click it again. And it does another arrangement and so on until it’s what you want, then you say now print it, or take a screenshot or whatever you need to do at that point. And it is so neat for each of those team members then to have that poster to call their own put up in their workspace, and to feel affirmed and special every day. And if it’s in the team environment, rather than the isolated environment, you’ve got those in the cubicles or whatever, they become a topic of conversation and in a way of bonding these team members together. So that’s what I call turning your workplace into a think tank. I love it. I love it. also thinking about generations ago, were you a person who had to work at one company for 30 plus years and get the gold watch. And in today’s time, that doesn’t happen more so than ever. And once upon a time, I used to have what we call a brag book, where all your reviews and letters were thinking and things were there. And it seems like if you’re getting this from your, your, your co workers, and they liked you and what have you, and for whatever scenario, you’re no longer working there, it may behoove you to have something like this to share with your future employer. Absolutely true. Absolutely. And by the way, when the when the co worker writes the letter to you, it’s also smart if the co worker to go ahead and provide a copy of it to human resources to put in your file. And, and that’s, that’s really important too. And you know, co workers can write to one another, they can write to their supervisor and say what a great supervisor not just before review time.


Really weird is if you think that the head of your company is such a trailblazer in such a figure in the business world in the world of let’s say volunteering for one thing or another. There’s nothing wrong with writing to the hit guy and saying, I so admire you for this and that and the other. There’s anytime you feel gratitude, it’s okay to write a letter. There’s nothing wrong with it. And people, you know, especially in the workplace, they just don’t get letters like that. Right. And then they get in there going, Wow, wow, I made a difference. Yay. You know. And so this is this is just, you know, mind bending and life changing and workplace changing. To get this this gratitude out there more than Why didn’t you do better on that stupid project. Remember, you know, you don’t need to grow so you can focus on the positive and that changes the flavor of everything. Now with your immediate work environment that sounds great and ideal, but it also leads to opening up to leaders of the industry or potential Looking for a mentor? In the sense of you saying, looking for a mentor or acknowledging a mentor, what are you it could be both? Because if you’re sea level, right, they’re so busy. And everyone is fighting for their attention. Isn’t that a differentiator? Yeah, it is. It is. I know understand your point. Absolutely. I mean, we don’t want to call it a kiss ass, you’re not really trying to do that. You’re just simply trying to acknowledge someone who’s done a good job. And if indeed, that happens to be an outcome that they go, Wow, let me take you to lunch, I want to talk to you, you know, this is great, thank you so much for letter. And then you end up developing a mentor relationship, and you may be indeed shepherded through the system, who knows, but you don’t want to be insincere. When you write this letter, you still, it’s still got to come from your heart, not to say, I think I can get some advancement if I do this. No, that should not be the motivation. Or you might as well just throw it away. Make it heartfelt. Because put it this way, if your C level person you’re thinking of has done such a great job that you admire them, and you’re simply telling them that don’t have expectations beyond that, just tell them then let things unfold, how they unfold, when you’re your letters coming from your heart, not from your pocketbook or your hope for advancement. Sure. So I want to ask about Michael Jackson. And Michael Jackson has a very popular song called man in the mirror. So we’re talking about gratitude letters and heartfelt letters. What about composing one of these such letters to the man in the mirror, you could. And it’s good to acknowledge yourself and the good things about yourself and your life. And you do need self esteem. So if you’re lacking in self esteem, I think that’s a good idea to start figuring out what it is, that’s good about yourself, and writing to yourself and reminding yourself about those good qualities. But if you’re already, you know, very self assured and so forth, then I wouldn’t bother.


Because you already know what


I’m just thinking about the 2020. And just in my conversations with people, there’s a lot of flux. And so sometimes, you have a lot going on for you. But there needs to be a reminder. And if you’re constantly looking for that accolade outside of yourself, I was just thinking, you don’t necessarily have to write yourself a letter, but in this vein of gratitude letters, you can, the world opens up for you when we like you talked about abundance, and having that gratitude. So if you’re appreciative of everything around you, from the person that bags, your groceries, or just the little things in life, it sounds like it would go a long way. It absolutely would and does. And they just, you know, when you say thank you to the person who bags, your groceries, and you say something like, I know you work really hard at your job, and you’re out there in the public at this difficult time. And you’re taking chances. And I want to acknowledge you for for having done that. And we appreciate you and what you do, they probably break down cry. You know, because that goes through their their minds every day. My son works for the public at AutoZone. And each day, he reports to work, he wears that face mask all day long. And he sees public day in and day out, he comes home, he strips off his clothes and puts them in the washing machine. And he immediately takes a shower and gets himself cleaned up and sterile. I mean, to the extent of being clean. And only then is his family allowed to approach him and say, here, Daddy, here’s a kisses and hugs and forth. You can’t do that till he’s cleaned himself up. He’s chosen to make that sacrifice every day. And that’s, that’s quite important. And that’s behind the scenes. You know, he’s got to get this done to protect his family. There’s a lot of people working with the public right now that are having to take similar measures and other smart if they do. And we just kind of all take it for granted. Oh good. We can finally get over to AutoZone or go to the grocery store, or finally go to a restaurant but you’ve got these workers that have to wear the masks and they they’re meeting the public all day long. They’re taking big chances and to acknowledge them is really important. Yeah, I’m thinking with today’s climate for that for the holidays were approaching holiday season with Quickly. And before Christmas, I usually give a card to the mailman, and talking, it sounds like I need to thank them in advance for the long nights ahead of them in this election cycle, that would be something that would be great. You know, honestly, honestly, because that’s it, because it before it, actually, you know, Thanksgiving is coming up, that’s a time to be thankful that would be an appropriate time to write to the mailman. Now, going back to Louisville, in the past, I remember I think the term is scripting, but you could probably give me a clear explanation of it, where I would write out something I would want. So if it was a romantic interest, you know, what were the things I wrote out? And it was it then I forgot about the letter. And so it was always interesting, not being attached to that letter, I have actually seen that manifest. And I wanted to ask you, because we have the leader of the free world who is going through some transitions themselves, that how important would it be if they received heartfelt letters from people around the globe, you know, wishing for speedy recovery. Very, very important. I mean, that that’s it, the short version is very, very important, because they’ve got to be in a mental space where they feel empowered to heal. And if they receive all these well wishes from everywhere, they’re, they’re more fully empowered to heal. There’s a vibration in those well wishes that manifests and it multiplies with, the more of that you have, it’s like prayer has power the same way. So well wishes multiplied, makes a person empowered to heal. The other side of that was the military, I know some schools, for at least an elementary school class will write letters to a military base. And we always get, in my experience, just the feedback from the soldiers. You know, they’re putting themselves in harm’s way. And sometimes they feel underappreciated. So to receive these letters from strangers goes a long way as well.


Right? When it gets to be around veteran stage here, a lot of the libraries, at least in previous years have had events where they pull people together for a letter writing day for the military. And I participated in one of those at one time. And it was very powerful. They had people of all ages there. And you know, whether they were coloring pictures, or writing messages or doing note cards, I was sitting there writing heartfelt handwritten letters, of course, you know, they got these, you know, for me, they got long letters, but they got these wonderful, good positive wishes, and, you know, feelings of support for their efforts from all of these people. And yeah, powerful, really powerful, tangible, again, tangible, like a letter. But let me fall, I’m talking thinking about military, I’d like to mention that if you’re writing a heartfelt letter to a military service member at any time of the year, they, if they’re out in the field, they can’t always hang on to a letter like that. So an idea there, they sometimes do get email, you could put your letter in an email, but you could also make it in a letter form on hardcopy, and say, I’m going to save this for you for when you come home. And, and that will be there for you. And that’ll that’ll take some pressure off. And it will make them feel extra extra special too. But they can refer to that email from time to time. So that’s something portable in the field that they can do. You’re also putting it in the future tense, where they some if they’re out there and in appreciate it makes me feel I don’t have anything to come home to, you know, now there’s that added desire. So it’s true. Yeah, the support for what you’re doing and the gratitude for when you’re going to come home and how special that’s going to be. Even aside from the military, if I may there, I heard a story about a thing of a select 12 year old boy. No, I’m sorry, teen a little bit a little bit somewhere through the teens, and he was contemplating suicide. But it happened that one day his dad had slipped a letter into him with his lunch. And in that letter, his dad told him how proud he was of him and what a wonderful young man he had become. The boy did not commit suicide. That letter kept him alive. I love that part. It’s kind of out Last month, one of my sisters four years ago. So in a sense in that’s one of the hard parts of families that don’t receive a letter from them. And you’re done and regret. And I think what what I’m also hearing is, and for psychologists, I think they’re going to be busy for the next 10 to 15 years. I think. So as we unpack this, but as adults, okay, we may be able to freely express how we feel may not, but to the younger children, how do they have an outlet to express that? And if there is that isolation, maybe these letters, maybe to a fellow classmate, maybe an opportunity for them to get those emotions out. And like you said, You don’t know his father, when he wrote that letter didn’t think his son was contemplating that you just never know. Right? Exactly. I think that’d be great. Right to the people you appreciate, regardless of age, just write to them and tell them. It’s so important. So from your son doing that, and for you, in the copywriting world, what have you, the argument would be well, yes, you and you did this all day. And I want to do it in, I know it’s going to be FFB. But I really am having writer’s block or other certain tricks or strategies or templates that someone that’s not used to writing letters can use by working with it. Yes, and they don’t even have to work with me, I’m going to tell you right now, all right there, the five the five elements of a heartfelt letter.


Start with a shared memory, you both treasure, just describe it. And oh, by the way, you’re talking about writer’s block, I’ll get here right now, go ahead and take your letter, speak it, pretend the person is across the table from you and just speak it, record yourself, jot it down later if you want to. But just speak it, or write it as if you’re speaking and just relax, just speak. So start with recounting a shared memory of both treasure, then go on and talk about the person’s most admirable qualities, maybe give a couple of examples in action, you know, then talk about the positive difference this person has made in your life or in the lives of others, then say thank you, glove, or whatever, and sign it by hand was that hard? Very, very easy. Now, if you’re still lacking in self confidence about writing, of course, again, it’s your SSD, you go back and you rewrite it. And then when it’s become your best effort, find a good friend, someone you trust, or a relative, who isn’t the person you’re writing to, that at least knows spelling and a little bit about grammar and won’t try to rewrite your letter, but we’ll just try to take the embarrassing mistakes out of it. And that can then become the seeds of your final draft where you’re writing it on the nice paper or you’re printing it on a nice paper, if it’s on the computer. That’s it. So easy. Now, going back to school, I’m thinking of the question that you asked, Who would you have dinner with? If it was anyone in the world? And I’m thinking about these gratitude letters to someone in the past? Or what if you write a gratitude letter to yourself 10 years from now, I think that there’s no limit to these gratitude letters. That’s true. That’s true, I think, yeah, they’re timeless, they are timeless, you can do any of those things. I think that’s wonderfully inspired.




it sounds like it can be a snowball effect, where like you get really, it seems like a muscle in before there’s atrophy and you don’t know what you’re doing. But it sounds like a routine that could have a lot of benefit to yourself. And it makes me think of that, pay it forward, where you’re starting to get letters from just a worldwide phenomena. And also international pen pals, especially today. what’s what’s it like going through the pandemic in your country versus or in your state. In the state. These gratitude letters could be you know, just feedback to reaching out to other people, because there’s a lot of isolation. There is there is so so you can have pen pal type letters, or you can have gratitude letters or they can be a mixture. You know, if with a gratitude letter, you generally know who you’re writing to, not a stranger and you’ve had a written relationship with them so that you can comment about that relationship and what a difference it’s made. You can have a pen pal letter, you know, with somebody in another country and share experiences. And that’s a whole different thing. But in those letters, I can see that you would give each other hope for the future. And, you know, try to keep each other’s morale up. That would be for I’d see the gratitude coming in, in a way.


Yeah, that’s it.


So what about if we wrote it to the past, like if you wrote it to, like, for me doing? Great, great, great, great, great grandma like 1785? I’m thinking of it. One of my favorite movies is cocoa. I don’t know if you


absolutely love it.


We only around for a blip on this blue marble, right? And so it’s kind of like, I don’t know if that energy comes through, you feel about or like, Oh, that was Gladys that told me that this Booker, and she’s finally happy that you’re writing this book. Mm hmm. Well, like I just finished writing a a piece I have a little binder called Lynette’s vignettes. And in it, I just write little stories about things that I think have been important to me that might be important to our son someday to know about me. He’s Welcome to read it ahead of time, but just little things. And one of the things I did the other day was I wrote an article that I’m going to be calling five miracles on a rocking chair. Just a rocking chair, my mom bought in 1960. I’m not going to get too deep, but in the course of refurbishing this rocking chair, relationships were built, marriages happened. Deep, deep, meaningful symbolism came in to me from departed loved ones. And it was it was a 60 year saga that I wrote about it was just so meaningful to me. And I can’t remember what what you said that prompted that, but it made me want to share


appreciation for the ancestors.


Oh ancestors, right? Absolutely. Well, my my aunt in law, my mother, they both came into this very strongly in my mom died in 1993. My aunt in law died in 2003. But I felt their support along the way. really meaningful. And I yeah. Anyway, butterflies, butterflies. And I like to I like to believe that sometimes butterflies are there it is, and that our our, the soles of our ancestors are hitching a ride just to drop by and say hi, sometimes I like to believe that. Absolutely. I’m not there to convince anybody else. But But butterflies have quite a symbology in my life, and then respect and they played a large part with this rocking chair story. I love it. So I wasn’t gonna say about that. No, I love it. But I think the other part is, let’s just say maybe a generation ago, this is what you were doing in a bubble. And now we do you know, depending on I mean, there’s good and bad. So with the good of social media, you can have groups where people are sharing these types of stories. And I was just wondering Have you seen that? Or? Or were you thinking about doing like a Facebook group that talks about, you know, treasured letters glad having gratitude when I do. I have a Facebook page, and I have a website, but I’m not more deeply into social media than that, to be honest. But the Facebook page is just, you know, a place to post things that are relevant to this life purpose from time to time. And yeah, I’m not gonna start a group or anything, just trying to keep my life a little bit simple at this point. And I think that’s probably the biggest takeaway for me for 2020 is that the luxury of time and having these going through these changes, I’ve gotten more out of it by keeping it really simple maybe taking some time off to gasp turn off the electronics which I never thought I could do. I’ve been reading Edward Edgar Rice Burroughs, the guy that wrote the Tarzan books and the Lost World at the end of reading Edgar Rice Burroughs Go figure. Wow. Now would you like to perfect for the Edgar thank you letter just being reintroduced to his his portfolio. Yes, that would be ever so perfect. Perfect. And and so if I write that letter, let’s suppose that he was an ancestor. All right, and I wrote that letter to him. And I said, by the way, you are a fantastic writer, and here’s why. And I went, how do I want to get that word to him? Right? He said, Well, and this, this comes in to just, you know, your UC Santa ancestors, when you say, Oh my gosh, if only I had to remember to tell her or tell him this, but now it’s too late. So it’s someone you knew, but has passed along. This still applies Edgar Rice Burroughs or this person who passed away before you got to thank them, write the letter anyway, go to a create an environment, whether it’s a room with candles lit, or whether you’re by a mountain stream or on the beach at sunset, decide the environment in which you want to read this letter aloud. And then go ahead, read that letter. And then make a decision on how public is that letter supposed to be supposed that you had a spouse who died. And you,


you had a very personal letter that you read aloud.


You don’t want any other relatives, maybe to read the contents of that letter, because it was too highly personal. So what do you do? Well, you can burn the letter, you can bury it, do something with a degree of ceremony, to make sure no one else ever finds it, you can shred it, and let the pieces go down the stream to the ocean, or put them into the ocean waves and let the ocean wash it away. Or if it’s a letter that you think would be of benefit to the children, the descendants of that ancestor or somebody. Or if you just want to say that if it’s like your spouse, that’s okay. But save it, you know, in a public way to your family. So they get to know more about their ancestor, someday, and it can become a part of family legacy in that way. So just do this, deliver the letter with a degree of ceremony to the deceased person, however, that is appropriate to you, and then create, decide what happens to the letter afterwards, depending on its content, public or private? How private? How public. Now, when we’re talking about degrees of ceremonies, and you kind of alluded to it a little bit about altars and what have you, what, how, what’s the is the importance to, as you said, reading aloud that letter versus reading it silently. words have power, they get the attention of the departed person that you’re writing to that soul wakes up and says, Oh, hey, let me tune in here. Mm hmm. That’s another belief that I don’t have to convince you over anybody else. But it’s a belief I have on them words have power. Well remember back how I was inspired to write this letter, where I had never spoken to anyone about it. But I’ve been thinking about it for a year and a half. And then she happened to mention this, and I happen to say what I did out loud. And that voice happened to come and said, Wow, now that you finally asked her to go, written by next August 15. What’s her power? First time that was ever spoken? That’s when the answer came to me. So are you saying on the other side, they don’t have present past and future so they weren’t patiently waiting, looking at the watch every 10 years to say we’re waiting, are you right? No, not at all. That’s timelessness. You know, time is just a convenience of humankind. And earthly existence. They’re everywhere else. There’s no time. Present future just is now. So you’re saying our ancestors aren’t wearing fitness either? They’re not measuring the heart rate? Absolutely not. That’s not an important thing to that light. You know, that soul but has become light.


Just being silly.


No, I’m serious. But I know you’re being silly.


It sounds like a combination of writing heartfelt letters, and also doing the copywriting. And so I wanted to talk about your site. And obviously the book because I think there’s a lot of good messages and stories in there to get a person into the realm heartfelt letters, but would that lead to something else does that lead to it for people reading the book? Do they reach out to you to learn more about copywriting or what you do more so day to day is there a combination are those separate essentially set At I’ll tell you all my best calm is the website I use for my career, which is copy editing, and proofreading and only for book authors. So that that’s it, that’s a limit. It’s a niche. I copy edit their book manuscripts, and I proofread their PDF, book layouts when the time comes to find layout errors, and also to read it one last time to get rid of the embarrassing lingering errors that still made it through to that stage. So those are the things I do professionally. Again, just for book offers, well, book publishers, working on book authors, manuscripts. And good ways to write is the one we’ve been talking about today. good ways to that’s the focus. That website is for people who are writing letters of appreciation. It also happens to be where, you know, I have written actually two books, you know, the one that we’ve talked about how to write heartfelt letters to treasure. But I’ve also that’s the website where they can find a book that relates to the my career, because that in other words, it’s my sales website, it yep, that’s, that’s the one that does the e commerce. Sure. That other book is is kind of strange. If there are any book authors out there listening get a lot of this title, it’s got to be the world’s most boring title 80 common layout errors to flag when proof reading book interiors.


It’s just a 40 page handbook. But it’s great. But talking about how to write heartfelt letters to treasure now that’s the one it’s available, by the way on all major online retailers. And, and it’s got descriptions about types of occasions that you’ll find on the calendar, you know, like birthdays, and Hanukkah and Christmas and Thanksgiving and all of that Valentine’s Day. But it also talks about occasions, you make special, such as when someone is just special enough to write to and acknowledge them, or let’s save when they’re going to graduate from high school or they’re at a bar mitzvah or Keynesian yet us or no or or, you know, engagement, marriage, all of those things, all of those are in there as as opportunities to write letters. And each one of them it asks prompting questions about what you might want to include in the letter that will get you going. It also has a really powerful index with their I’m sorry, an appendix with 15 demographic lists of the most powerful positive words for different people such as a military service member, a middle aged woman, a teen boy, and so on. So you can go to those if you’re having trouble enrolling other persons great can’t Academy describe on both go the list, you know, find some, and then write about those. It’s got another appendix that talks about it. If you’re really still stuck. It has a lot of sentence beginnings. It’s jumpstarts to your letter in a moment. So you can go there by different themes. And it will jumpstart the beginning of a sense in the Oh, I can finish that you know, and it gets you rolling. So lots of good things in the appendix. Core quotations to begin or end your letter with such as feeling gratitude and not expressing it. It’s like wrapping a present and not giving it to William Arthur Ward said that. So there’s a whole bunch of themed quotations in the back as well. So all of those are on good ways to say all of those, the information relating to writing the letters is on that website. And more information about the book is on that website as well. Awesome. Now, last question, I was thinking about how my mother used to always play her, you know, her favorite music, but at the time, it was old timey music, right. And we were doing the weekend cleaning and what have you, but now as an adult, there’s an appreciation for you know, all these different genres of music and wedding letters seems really personal. But is this something that a family could do together? And as kids are going to be begrudgingly writing but it may be lead to something that they do as they’re become adults? Yes, they could. And they should, they should, if they can get used to the idea of putting something in writing age appropriate length appropriate to the age for another family member. Suppose you all exchanged names or just you know today, right to watch have our family members, we’ll all do this and you pick your own family member. And next week or next month, we’ll write to a different family member. And so everybody eventually has written letters to one another within the family, which is really cool. Then after that, you go and go ahead and get the the grandparents, you know, and so on. Are the cousins. Just expanded and expanded. Can you see that growing? All of those wonderful letters of appreciation? Yeah, I was thinking, you know, Thanksgiving is great. And then there’s others, like on the but I only see on Thanksgiving and Christmas is, it’s it seems like an exercise, it reminds me of debate class where you had to be objective in one week, you had one position than the other, you have the opposing view. It’s like, Oh, I don’t want to like to cover and so and so I really don’t like her. But having this exercise could, you know, you can only talk about the positives, so. Yeah. So seems like a greater appreciation for people that may be a challenge to, or you would be the last person you would write to maybe the


first person you write to?


Yeah, well, you mentioned songs a minute ago with that old, old old one that was even before my time as well accentuate the positive defense rate, the negative, something like that. There’s a song like that from the 1940s. Okay. And that’s the point with these letters, you know, there’s no place in these letters for fingerpointing? No, I’m a little disappointed, because it sounded like there was a little note that you were going to sing for us.


And then, you know, I was in the 40s.


before I was born, I don’t know the tune. I just know the words. You know, my mom’s probably saying it while she was doing the dishes, and I was drying. But I don’t remember all those words. However, we did sing together while doing dishes, or when the saints go marching in and that one, so we could do that.


First to say that I appreciate you and I express gratitude for the hour you spent with with myself and for the audience and just highlighting all the good ways to pray and heartfelt letters to appreciate those around you. Well, thank you so much, and Hamza, I appreciate you too. appreciate all that you do. Well, you’ve just been attuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective. This is Hamza limit. It was a pleasure and let’s date. Thank you so much. I enjoyed visiting with you and your listeners. Thank you.

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