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manipulate time

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hey there everybody welcome to another installment of the intrinsic intenders not because it’s too high intrinsic and tenders this is Hobbes up I’m David so what’s up you guys I haven’t seen you guys in week and we have a treat for you today we are we have a call with Avery Alexander and I can actually mentor her name because in a couple of couple of podcasts back I mentioned the hypersleep and she’s the one that actually introduced me to hypersleep and it was fantastic I loved it anyone that I talked to people up the street strangers and everything out is mentioned hypersleep so he is actually on the line with us right now and we are going to talk about hypersleep of course but we have a lot of treats that we’re going to share with you starting with manipulating time and space and so without further ado I would like to introduce Avery so welcome to the car every as the pleasure is all mine I mean my liner has changed my life changed tremendously since we had that since I’ve done that hypersleep and I did the hypersleep last month before the new moon and you said it’s ideal to do that but before we get into that like to tell everybody a little bit about Avery Avery is was introduced to us from a friend of ours Tracy who had a great event last week and she’s also a part of our attenders group and so we nearly as did intenders group we were talking about time and if we were able to manipulate time and if we’re able to sleep and not feel guilty about it and we had mentioned that we were doing podcast in the past we were talking about the benefits of doing sleep and napping and you Avery we’re talking about a hyper sleep so for those that are unfamiliar with hyper sleep can you just give us a little intro about what hypersleep is yeah you know hi Christine is it’s like it is final experience where you go in and you took off for anywhere from 24 cities there you’re able to really access you know your dream see higher okay now you’re talking 24 48 hours of sleep I mean most people aren’t getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep so how are you able to factor in 24 or 48 hours that’s exactly right and a lot of us are sleep deprived and we’ve denied our bodies or the adequate amount of sleep so when you allow yourself and give yourself permission without feeling guilty to go onto the hyper sleep mode just like your body begins to drink it up it says okay I’m going to try to make a bra last week that I listed below my whole life and your body would get used to it real fast my personal experience I I did feel like I couldn’t sleep that long and then I think it was around our 10 or 12 then I realized that I didn’t really have that desire to actually get back up my body was like okay he is going to stay he’s still going to lay down and we will take advantage of that yes you know always say it’s like um you know we’re always you know more than one consciousness and a lot of us think we’re awake or conscious but actually when we go into hypersleep you’re going for a different role okay but and to access that you know opens you up to a whole new world and whole new way of being mostly not about the pot you know or you’re lazy your seat pass-fail hours you know you’re wasting the day you need to get up and do something but actually not doing anything and sleeping is actually doing something you’re communing with your interstate your community with your strong and you’re getting downloaded with information that you know your inner self if you slow down just a little bit will begin to give you more information and how that looks all had people who got into hypersleep has told me that they’ve got new inspirations they got some more direction on their purpose they got some information on something new to create so this opens just a whole other way of being it’s a awesome experience and so not tell everyone about their business you haven’t tried it I mean it’s definitely truly an experience to try at least once in your life how long have you been doing and you’re using hypersleep I’ve got a tie for sleeping on in the mid-nineteen actually I got introduced from a friend of mine who was very wealthy who shared with me said you know um this is something that the wealthy people do all the time ain’t asleep and Haifa Street because you become for our bodies are an electromagnetic Artie you know scientific through this so we hypersleep you’re actually top magnetic so people who are wealthy uses this technique to get to draw the thing that they’re desiring to create in this world where people who are really not wealthy they’re busy running around you know spin it and their energy on things it sound like running around with like a chicken which it get cut off but not really fully accomplished and everything that you want to or hypersthene kind of helps you put you in the right place at the right time to make things that you want to create happen and also does my whole little shift assess as I began to hypersleep but the first thing I share with people that you have to get over is the mind the mind will begin to tell you you know you need to get up you know if again despite use every because the second line has to relinquish the body yeah it doesn’t want to do that nothing so you said since the mid 90s that you’ve been doing it how I imagined it at this point in time you got to a place where you learned how to deal with your mind but are there any tips that you would have for someone who’s just starting off and you know dealing with that that you know that urge that you know you have to get up you have to start doing something and then this and that normally you know what I have to do because I was severely insightful a personality of the ones you know rocket asking where all these things taught me over thinking over analyzing I had to have um you know a culture hyperspeed coached those big early there that anytime I try to give an awesome excuse to get up he said to me go back to sneak you know if your mind you can use there my trick and evil recklessly so it you know you can be very successful with it you can have a hyper coach leak go home for the first time you kind of walking through the process that’s I&T far more successful but if you know if you’re someone who’s really highly disciplined and you know you tell yourself and I’m going to speak not for 72 hours you’re plugging your home you make yourself comfortable you know you could push through it yourself it’s almost like going through an initiation or going through like a sweat lodge or something the first time we’re like a family building ground rules and you can’t you know we go into a sweat lodge you know you have a moderator right kind of thing these are the ground rules for the sweat lodge yeah to make this list except well hi first to be coached does the same thing you know they’re like a moderator like give me the ground rules and it’s like you’re committing to something it’s like when you enter into a sweat lodge everyone commits through that you know you’re not leaving the lot until we complete everything that everyone came here to complete yeah it’s a fantasy when you’re going hypersleep because if you gave up early you know it’s like you know your mind is now conquered is now one and next time you try to do it again you know it tends to real let me come stronger yeah yeah so let me ask you this you say you said you started in the mid 90s so at this point in time how often do you do it ideally it’s better than at least once arm I mean you know for you to start no but I mean this is it’s people where I know who do it once a week on a Sabbath day from sundown from sundown on Friday until you go into Sunday okay what about you yourself how often do you do it well what’s a month once a month okay once a month and at the very latest of God like once a quarter like when the season change like when there’s like a you know when just like a quarter a quarter each time – yeah so it’s the work equinox or on that time and you’ll do it for like 72 hours 48 to 72 hours oh yeah at least 24 to 72 hours just 24 to 72 hours ok favoritism to make the ride a seaside for Lord’s bed of a concrete jungle I’m sure I do want to back up for a second Avery because for you that super super are and you know I resonate with that totally and yes a lot of the top type type aid and I think where people may actually fall short and you can probably help me out here is managing expectations so there may be somebody that listens to the podcast and goes oh do hypersleep is there a way that you would actually prepare that you can get a better experience out of it so you can kind of man as a person’s expectation going in well you know argument we know talked about this timing right so I feel time is Iran animal or if you can’t do run on your loans and feel from sundown Friday so you have two weekends or something like that and you know you have to make sure your role is dark because of course you’re gonna sleep in through the sunlight so you don’t want the funds to raise to wake you up or even have on what do you call a um you know covers over your eyes just put over your face you know something like that answer make sure you’re very comfortable at the wrong earring I put some white noise on in your own you know it again we always suggest and be first to high so sleep it’s really better than when you have a hyper thief coach who can assist you you know with whatever you have to go through so they would be there with you for the full 24 to 72 hours yes and normally we like to do we are in the next few s we’re putting together a hyper neat you know and seminar that is similar in fact when we give you information when it’s put together we have it we’re stick to the six to eight people out in the woods and a nice cottage and what we’re going to do is have a high first week and if you’re interested you know I like to share information how you can get a hold of me so we can give an affirmation now we’re going to put that together yeah I’m really excited about that I know you and I talked about that offline but another thing as far as preparation so we were having a conversation previously about ayahuasca retreat so people go to Peru and other places around the world and experience that and before people go there they are highly recommended to change their diet I think a week before you go so there’s no meat there’s no sugar you know it’s really a high plant-based diet and the reason why they have you changed that diet as they say you would get a better experience because of it because there is a lot of purging that goes on would you also say that you would to prepare that you should change your diet before doing I for sleep or what are your thoughts on that all right well people make sure you know a few days before you’re well hydrated and we have to entice risk week ok I tell people don’t do it if you just had alcohol and your binge and all right you know it’s preferable if you’re not under any type of substance if you’re not taking me like um sleeping pills to go to sleep go out musicals going it’s cool enter your hypersleep bag as organic as possible as natural as possible I mean of course it is right here if you’re eating like no light food or you know I’m eating like a high plant-based diet but all the hi persists after eating you know chicken and wings you know pieces you know it’s just how you know how you train yourself to go ahead um I do it is better if you know you’re not you know that you just got finished eating a dish that you’re having with finding your stomach’s of course xmin cars you not to have a really good seat but it is good to prepare your mind you call intention so we show you you know how to set your intensive well hi Christine what do you like you up click one in hypersleep what do you Chinaman affair and so there’s more things that we talked about as well it gets you prepared for it so how does it change for you over the past 20 years from when you first started doing it so what your experience is now I allow my I also show people techniques if your body tries to wake you up or your mind tries to with you you can go right back into sweet so getting better at that when I first did it I really had to really talk to myself talk to my mind okay go back to sleep go back to sleep go back to sleep so finally I was able to just lay there and give into this week but now I can just go straight through it this because I mean my mind says online trust the process so sometimes language that when it’s under a new process like okay what’s going on yeah how do I stand control you know and so on am I know that you’re just going to hi precedes I kind of just let you go into it more so that’s been you know shifting what I’ve experienced over the years but I must say every hypersleep is different second you would venture you don’t know what to expect yeah oh oh you know it’s never the same it’s never the same you’re never never going to have the same if you’re not experienced you’re going to get different information sometimes I’ve had situations where my answers will come to me and give me information I had situational got other things like other dimensions or other galaxies of things different colors that I’ve never seen before so all if it heightens on this life experience when you come out of it yeah why is your awareness what how does it affect how it affected just your regular I guess your regular sleep you’re not doing hard just from day to day does it how does it affect that if any if at all well I mean sometimes I’ve noticed stuff to come out of hi sissy you know I’ll go for days maybe that next night I may not be as tired you know or may not sleep this deep yeah but I want by Jessica still go sleep but one thing I do notice that the quality of being wrong after this year after like the second day of Piper’s week is very deep it’s almost like you’ve left your body I mean it’s very it’s a very deep somber sleepers that you keep going you select your store they’re going at the different levels of the restfulness and one thing what every time I come out of the hyper seat also very rested my head seems clear on my body feels good that is so many benefits of hyper speakers I can’t even name them all here it’s expected to be truly experienced yeah now you mentioned you can’t name them all so in many cases well there’s there seems to be a difference because you have the argument of people that sleep you know five to eight hours a night and they may argue that they can never remember for their dreams right where you’re having such a vast experience during a hyper sleep have you ever thought of keeping a journal to to write down your experiences yes I do I do have a journal where I write down my experience so that’s one thing we do recommend as well you know when we come to our you know a hypercube on cars you know haven’t sure know because anywhere else is just equally when you go to sleep it nice to have a little journal in a pen next to your bedside anyway because you might have a dream where you’ll be given some information about something because you’re accessing different dimensions when you go to sleep you know so a lot of some of your most creative people I just mentioned Mozart and the guy who created the end of the movie Lorenzo’s oil they got all these breakthroughs whatever sleep you know how you know Mozart with his musical pieces at you know the rims of oil were starting with father discovered the cure is more fun you gotta you gotta download it forms in the dream so our still people don’t look at screen position the resting you’re actually traveling in two different dimensions and you hypersleep you’re going to even deeper dimension so you want to be able to write that down and capture it you know when you come out of it as s as possible you know write down this much detail about the genius aquitine if it doesn’t make sense to you later on a kid will be revealed or something open up that will say although it connects you back get a drink that’s very important one thing that was really funny about the sorry about that I know it’s almost like having a prison you know prison were you know light shines through it in the light you come soon and you have all these different colors we know one light coming in and then a prism matrix uses all the colors you’re the recruit them before right yeah well it’s like when you go into hypersleep your energy becomes the fuse if that’s another way of putting it and you’re able to experience the different dimensions of yourself you know like they’re going in deeper into you call yourself conscious level and a lot of time just for conscious will shock I should work certain details out for you about your waking life and obviously is that you will get down or you’ll get details about how to work on specific things depending on how you set your intention through your hypersleep you know suppose you go to your bed this will make suppose you’re a warrior and you learn a lot you know you go to your face you have these thoughts you have these concerns that you’re carrying into the street where a lot of people will tell me after coming out of hyperspace to think on the solution order or they’re less worried about um that particular problem that they thought they had it’s not a severe or they found a solution or sometime maybe within that week something has come to them as giving them the answer to what the rooms to fill out so it’s really good official in that way you know it’s almost like you know you’re going okay and tying into what we call time dimension people with talked of the time here is linear so you know zero one two three is linear but actually time is not linear is multi-dimensional and through observer because synchronicity since we talked about a long time we observe synchronicity those are the things that will are you saying major time it’s not actually like a second or passing some something as linear it’s actually the passing of synchronous needs that dictate our time so when you go into hyperspeed you’re actually tapping into this multi-dimensional asset of yourself that’s really come on I like my way of being into this law two dimensional being which is awesome so to make sure more productive it makes you feel creative you’re getting here getting more all how you say if I have a Lamborghini and now you have access to all the years rather than just driving your whole face in first year thinking this is like you know when you’re actually getting the height picnic wall is actually understand you know you’re like oh my god just enough six seven years whatever and you’re able to translate that all an you Seussical world that’s interesting because you’re talking about abundance in on a large scale and when we were offline we were talking about that a full movie I think it was 2011 with Justin Timberlake take about in time and then movie those that were poor time was such a scarcity to them I mean they were running to get to the bus stop before they would dock high right and those that were wealthy they were hundreds of years old because they had time on their side and so you hey it sounds like through hypersleep you’re able to manipulate that exactly and you actually look at pylons on your side but of course you know how we know we really peach what we call in all the universal but anyone who does come into our hydrogen seminar we give you the information of the growl which our universal principles and what I think you learn in universal principles that you must have what you believe so if you believe that time is against you then it will show up that way but if you believe and you can access the markings of Nations that exists and you have access to them you have it a much more abundant much richer and much fulfilling high so for the twenty years obviously you have a body of knowledge and experience for someone that’s done at once well let me back up for a second so for those that are unfamiliar we were talking about the best time to do it is during a new moon what’s the difference between a new moon and a full moon and when does that happen does that happen once a year does it happen every day or once a month what’s the calendar for that what a new one is every 28 days you know that is the natural time and you know the foremost a archives at the combination of it right so in this combination of the moon we have different he loved them all you know the new mall is like a new beginning step hey and then you have you know your car along the crescent moon then it goes on which so becomes a full moon who are the specific types a coasters where you’re able to unleash a jump into her frequencies to give you a better high-end experience everything is everything is on math as they say everything is synchronized perfectly but being in harmony with the synchronicities will make you more successful for example our government understands us very well for instance today Tuesday is harmonized by the day of Mars Mars is a commercial energy now maybe a little bit too deep if you ever just want to give you an example the day Mars is the Martian energy well and at 12:00 noon is when the Sun is at its height if pinnacle in the sky that means the frequency is at the highest at that time if you study back when they wage war with Iraq it was on a Tuesday at 12:00 No so you know when you understand it you have want the frequencies to work for you instead of against you for Volvo understanding buying frequencies and energy to know when’s the best time to launch something the summer setting out of business you know you have a pre-launch right and then you have the big launch correct through so you have to know when’s the best time to do your Lodge then they get more success it’s the same thing with hypersleep so we say the new moon isn’t done hi electrical pipe really long because at that time the energies are just it’s in a phase of new beginnings and you’re actually going into a new beginning you’re going into a new experience that’s the best time to have it and again you know I do stuff across for hunting where we do in the moon at school and the reason why it’s even a scientific reason why we do it scientifically when the moon is full people who are parasites or things in China they always hatch during the full moon that’s what people should act more crazy more erratic you know their pain anybody shows up more on that hi so so didn’t want a person to experience their pain by me but with the aid of a helper you know using you know um animal totems and animal stickers these are going to help you relive that situation to reclaim your soul from that pending body high it could make you more successful in your endeavor that’s interesting because I’ve always known I think way back in high school that police departments always over staff when it’s a full moon there’s going to be a lot of babies born there’s going to be more crime than usual absolutely always mr. Simeon suffice if exciting you want to specifically when those people are in their acts are the same body parts of the fastest amass external for home so we want to capture this I want your paying body to come up you can go back now with the aid of what we call shamanistic health to reclaim the lost pieces of your soul you can be healed from that pain violence and so it’s going to activate this activated more highly during that time so how are you working these two together of trying to factor in a 30-day month or a and you’re taking 72 hours on a hypersleep and then you’re doing this soul hunting is that another 72 hours of sleep or how did you work the two energies together well husband is only a couple hours we could hear us in the pipe asleep because it’s more physical more dealing with things of the earth you know and so we doing more with it your time right was actually loop he goes on your system installed onto National Post ah – is more physical if there was more than earth energy for linear time two hours right and – speakers more internal there’s more feminist or locket dimensional climbers were working with going you know you sleep for a longer time okay answered your quick he did but and you went right before my segue which is fantastic because David was asking about soul hunting so if you can kind of give a overview of what soul hunting is so hunting is fantastic it’s a really are all these things is about it there’s the mister experiences right and I think the more a person can know themselves on different levels and different frequencies the more being involved so you become right I mean it’s every day either state the same rules has the same experience about the wildlife will get kind of learned you know what I mean you came here to experience all the vastness of life so when I talk about soul hunting it’s like experiencing another inter dimension of your skull and you know again is based on thousands of year old crisises shamanistic practices of Native American where you use certain chunking that mimics the beating of your heart right because anything has a rhythm everything has a beanie everything has a time everything has a frequency this is how all these things are tying in talking about high energy frequency is in that type of stuff so hunting now when you’re able to go within yourself you’ve got you know you’re blindfolded and you have a concern with the moderator in the arm you know circuit watching make sure you think the one who know or how to work with inner dimension and muscle and here we play a certain type of music and we teach you a certain type of graph that you do which will change your your grain pattern to be more respective to go within and then you just a piece of that especially you’re dancing you’re actually calling on these animal frequencies and you become – you become the animal you’ll become the dance and the animal to go in so we treat these lost issues of yourself and how you know you still have a lost piece of yourself if you hadn’t shown that addict experience and you still can remember that experience like if it was yesterday that means a piece of your soul is still fragmented in them at point in time in the inner dimension of time you can still remember you can still recall you still can happen well what happened to game and see what clothes you that are going to happen that means a piece of your soul is lost in that hi and I’ll give you an example when you have something have to see this very traumatic when your soul does so it gets ticket cold because all the soul knows of love peace joy honey for the store can stay with you it actually leaves your body when you’re going through a traumatic speed it leaves it and it comes back to you later but what happens as a piece of this so is still locked into a time frequency so what happens is you go back into that time sequence with the particular for us a particular dance we go back and reclaim it now people have come that even my soul that is experiencing my first bow hunting I felt we moved I feel energized I feel whole again I felt like it really felt like I had to clean the piece of myself and also through the memory of the traumatic event one of the even is like 75 it was things that fearing more I do need to have that same activation in myself after experience in it music suspect Ella the sort they likely to saw a movie or something as oh yeah I saw that movie needed have any reaction well before I couldn’t tell the story without having an emotional reaction so it empowers you molesting my experience the experience of other people who are at it as well and also again you’re traveling in a dimension huge gentleman patient you know it’s an enhance your creativity your lively as you can exchange a whole direction where you wanted light so does the soul hunting is that something that you also kind of need a coach or someone to guide you with when you’re first starting out for now oh yeah absolutely yeah because there’s other things to take to take you know in consideration when somebody’s activating your pain body sometimes the first can go on a dark place it was hard to come back out of it I mean I am so anybody can go out to any traumatic event even actors and actresses have to reenact traumatic event it’s important that they recaptured themselves back on that experience I do want to throw one thing I mean look at the guy who played the Joker I mean he went to a real dark place and never made it back out this soul was still locked into that frequency because he had to come that to play the card I mean if they look at all Christopher Reeve he played empirically and then shortly after he became ain’t a paraplegic and in real life so it’s important that you know how to you know kind of this into these places and zipout don’t stay too long and with soul huntin is a very good way to reclaim your emotional state from traumatic experiences rather than having a traumatic experience over pick so how long was the pod there to help guide you bring you back joking so you don’t forget hooking that frequency that make sense what was the timeframe between doing hypersleep versus soul hunting within years later or work did you set the intention at the beginning of the month that for the new moon I’m going to do the hypersleep and then for the full moon I’m going to do a soul hunting and for my first part of the question the second part is do you incorporate them both more so now to go together well I mean has to be done at two different times work has been one is at some different time but the whole thing about it I said I went in to go hunting first and then after that I went to hike repeat and only reason why is because call has been cleared me emotionally to have a better hike receipt you know someone has it I wasn’t having nightmares I wasn’t going through some separate place scissor you’re slower want to work out what’s happened so you can become happy to behold and complete which is my definition of integrity by the wayside about right or wrong doing what’s right or wrong my definition of integrity is being whole and complete however that looks like you know so you know having at all oh no hunting was important to me because I was going to fit gained more spiritual or soul powers that make sense which help we have a better hypersleep that’s okay so now that actually begs another question because I can only imagine that if the person just blocked not blindly have to listen to his podcast hopefully here but let’s just say they are really interested in doing a hypersleep would you propose that it’s more ideal to do a soul hunting beforehand because you can go into a hypersleep and get into a very different space that you’re not prepared for and then you might write that off of I’ll never do hypersleep again exactly you know and that’s why we always say what hours to definitely pursue your first hypersleep it’s good to have a coach with you a hyperspeed coach so there’s a give it ground will let you know what to do that happens I mean so it’s through detailed some teaching that needs to go along if you have a release except for hi first week you know so I’m not saying that don’t you need a soul hunting first but you definitely need to go up some rules the fighter speak or engaged in 7012 but um you know hypersleep I mean people go to take notes want to impart just when you go to the deeper day you just leave some ground rules and some guidance and again I mean if you have had you know how people have had a lot of real traumatic events or they work them out you know but if someone’s really have enough serious dramatic event that occurred to them in life and haven’t quite gotten over it and how you know you haven’t gotten over because every time you think about you come teary eyes you start to cry you start to you know this thing overtakes you then that’s a good find it you know okay let’s do a soul hunting first before you engage in hypersleep did you need to clear your emotional body so when you’ve gone to these events in the past where there are two separate rooms and the reason why I ask is off-camera we were talking about here in Atlanta we have the Ignatius house and what that is is a place where people go to have quiet time so there’s no interference no distractions there’s no electronics or anything and it’s usually like you mentioned from a Friday to a Sunday and what happens is let’s just say 50 people go 40 people would lead either mid Saturday or mid Saturday evening thing just because they haven’t been used to that much quiet you know brain doesn’t know how to function with that but those that actually stay until Sunday they usually have a huge breakthrough so what you’re saying potentially because you don’t know how people what people are bringing to the table when they go to that do you have or have you experienced instances where a person may get out of a hyper sleeping can’t go back to sleep maybe that first 24 hours and then they either ultimately leave or do you have a place where you can introduce so hunting for them to still have a good experience well people who go on too high for sleep and and they have a hard time going back to sleep whatever we show you certain things that you can try to you know Cauca so if it gets you to go back to sleep right because it’s really it’s your mind that’s Parkins either thing you awake anyway I want you to get it with that beard but then the body just to come to the rest but you know um everyone that comes in first I feel we do a thorough interview I want to find out we know we set your intentions together we want to find out you know what do you want to get out of it I’ll actually series of courses are you on medications I can get followed by a psychiatrist these things are very important so because of a person is being haunted by a psychiatrist I would need to relieve some of my characters before they were enter into these types of things because when you’re trying to know yourself is something other than yourself then if you’re not strong emotionally you may not may not be prepared to go into these cycles different realms or different axis of response I’ll give you an example I met a woman in Jamaica students one of my clients and you know I explained her certain things where she was going to experience um you know by I have an effect she was me but she was fully prepared for it and come the final Shinji person forthright about telling me that she’s being haunted by a psychiatrist and so she didn’t have good experience me to say so these are something that you know everybody I would say okay you can come on a bandwagon in China to have a hyper stick or something you you just really have to be all ready to be prepared to let meet you and I’m like oh I’m like a bird looking coach right I’m here to say okay you can push push push through this follow my guidance you get through it and they do get through it I’ve done this all over the world international these people and people have come out of it successful but you have to discuss a insist to have a coach for these things in the beginning because you are traveling in two dimension so you are traveling and you may encounter something that maybe your mind may not be ready proceed it’s almost like where people do our walk does the same thing some people have had a serious breakdown from classroom to our office because it just wasn’t prepared mentally to receive what the universe is showing them but if they stuck with it and stay strong they will have a great zoo it was no smoking in the country you will have a great deal I really like that when you were talking and made me think of John Astro astronaut I believe his name is he was in the secret and then I think you know where I’m going with this a couple of years ago he was under fire because some people had died at a sweat lodge that he had and it sounds like you know lessons learned obviously but people just they weren’t prepared for that like they could have been couch potatoes her whole life and then they go to a sweat lodge so yeah it’s good bad you actually set the intention or set there for expectation to let them know hey is just a good is this something is this good for me right now at this moment I guess that will be the next question with hypersleep or soul hunting someone like me or David we would jump right it and you know just basic experience and the tools where you may have but is there a hypersleep or soul hunting light where a person may not do it for the 72 hour doesn’t still get some type of output from it yes of course I think if you go to sleep every night but then there are some people who can’t sleep at night if your mind is so strong on the day’s event that it is their brand on the complete so this before you will do some coaching you know kind of ease yourself into it a little bit and see what happens and it really suggests something wrong it’s like it’s like a charting zone or what is if you could be anything out of these events in school hunting or – sleeping you’re really learning to allow what is that really allow the greater um intelligence really giant use and you’re giving into that so sometimes you know we we try to be in control of everything right I like and all of it are things but we have to admit that we have very very small percentage of what we only have control over I’m in case point right now all the oxygen got sucked out of the air right now most will have only three minutes to survive on this planet I mean so we don’t even have enough knowledge and intelligence to expand our life for the next three minutes so in fact it’s like you know let’s talk to people in the culturing house don’t really just allow in this assessing what is that you’re giving in to something that they’re cut sorry and sometimes if we realize if something is a cut occurring outside of themselves we never had that experience before trying to get a little freaked out you understand yeah so what is that you’re just really just becoming more more open and much more open to the greater vastness of yourself and sometimes people are not ready to receive that reality even though it is the reality with they’re not ready to proceed so I would say that would be the only thing that really kind of might be coming angular’s the people come on that do what I like to do like interview people talk to them and say what do you want to get out of this you know are you be is followed by a cyber are you under some heavy narcotics are you taking some off antipsychotics because I think people at that meeting that may not be ready to really enter into a pro hunting or even maybe hypersleep like that is okay because they unless they’re ready to become what you say accountable fully accountable for themselves and what happened and that’s a whole other you know level of a conversation so what would it be something where hypersleep be something similar to and I’ve never done this before this you know I’ve heard of people have done it but when people have done like peyote and gone on like Vision Quest is it something that same kind of neighborhood yes because you just get your game and you get an access into a deeper level of yourself yeah um you know this will not let this fool you know serious or mysterious and I like that it says you know where are you at consciously I think people were drawn to hyper sequence for hunting our people who are looking for deeper consciousness of themselves so you know it may not be like you think the person who you know watch a cheap me all day long and believe that the world is a certain way when they come to find out that hey there are other beings and things that’s out there that we can’t see ya mean just to get scientific coming you can’t see germs but they exist they proven it takes it so you know germs exist as other beings and entities that your naked eye won’t be that exist and the person may come into that type of situation when they go into soul hunting or even the hypersleep asleep asleep sometimes feels like you’re you know you’re right there your whole being is right there in that in wherever that wherever you are with never you’re seen the fact you’re not in this realm when you want so it’s very powerful and it definitely will help our hearts and raise their consciousness so I really recommend anyone who wants to try don’t be afraid and that’s the thing you have to be created don’t be afraid but just investigated I’m anxiously awaiting my second one I mean the new moons coming up and the first one was so great and I didn’t even really notice until other people were just talking about how different I was it was like I don’t drink coffee or anything and it was it was just like I was on a whole nother level like I was really animated and even I didn’t do the 72 hours but I did I did it for 20 hours and I thought like you did work like you said you might not want to sleep the next night but I mean I still got a full night’s rest it seemed like my body was really happy that I actually took the time for me personally getting away from the computer and such like okay he’s down let’s take advantage of this while we get so so much so that I’ve been talking about it as nausea and probably to some people for like 30 days and I just can’t wait I had a really good experience and I really am looking forward to my next one let me go bruh me I mean sleep is a natural part of life right looks like you know allowing yourself to have that rest and just allow yourself to be rejuvenated it is awesome you know so I think I think artistic was awesome I think so handsome is awesome I think these are tools that you know the Skinner experiences that we go through that will help us you know this our consciousness and this you don’t have a better way of life I mean if you can just really if you can go outside after hyperspeed in the sunshine looks like ten degrees more brighter and the air so you know this even 5% much pressure and it’s worth it so I can say I agree we’re actually coming up on time I mean it kind of flu is eliminated because linear time to linear time saluted a and we I think we just scratched the surface with some of the stuff I mean I still have a ton of probably another hours worth of questions that we didn’t even talk about it but in closing I mean because you have a wealth of information and just in hypersleep and soul hunting but you are also an author so I’d like for some people to know about your book your website where they can get in touch with you and then potentially to follow up with your upcoming event and so and uh so hunting and hypersleep I think in an upcoming fun so you can let people know your contact social media websites where they can get touch with you that’d be great all right well definitely that can be reached in my office where people can call me or text me you know kind of like hands-on tech girl my number six seven eight seven five six three zero seven one and again at six seven eight seven five six three zero seven one or if you want to touch you know or reach out to me with an any metal that I in fo and fall at Avery purpose calm that’s simple at AV ery P you are pls D calm and a book is called pursuit of the soul allowing your perfect life journey every Alexander could be purchased on Amazon or bargain ovals even of downloaded to your Kindle and you know the book that you know just talking about how having Stage four ovarian cancer was the you know it was the catalyst that allowed my consciousness to start to open up wouldn’t you write the book like how long you know click published in 2014 I started writing you’re like 8 years prior you know like a work in progress not only say it’s not you right the focus is book writing you yeah came on 2014 and it’s helped a lot of people and you know just hope you still have a different perspective on you know have enough disease with jealousy that this age your body is no longer at ease right and it happens in your emotional body first is just clearing that which is really important just to say shocking and healthy because of but the soul was the experience well here stay happy healthy and have an awesome life and these are just some tools where you can get you know of it later activists you know it’s almost like you want to live your life on the fourth floor do you want to print help you yeah that’s just a different that is a great way to close it I don’t want to even top step on top of that Avery thank you again for your time we really appreciate it I hope everyone really enjoyed it and stay tuned for future events that we have and future episodes we’ll have more guests on and with that I am Hamza I’m David and this isn’t inject motivational homeys perspective yes and we’ll talk to you next week see ya!

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