Mantra and Transcendental Meditation By Maharishi Student Susan Shumsky

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hey there everybody out there in podcast land this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is hamza and i am david and before we get started as a fellow homie i did want to give a rusted piece to Regios che or oh say who was combat jack he added podcasts for the past 7 years and he was a pot pioneer in both the hip hop industry with the stores as an attorney and all and he’s definitely a pioneer in the podcasting realm he was actually in a heavy influence for me to actually want to do a podcast but i just wanted to say welcome piece he passed away earlier today and yep so you will be missed combat jack and today I am actually really I always say I’m really excited but Susan chumsky is the author that we have today she has a book a Maharishi and me at seeking enlightenment with the Beatles guru and I’m excited to hear from students Susan was in the trenches back in the day and I know when when I look at the path I kind of look at it like it’s an idyllic time it’s like no other and we totally missed the boat and she was there you know she was there with Maharishi and 60 there was the Beatles and she at the ashram for over 20 years and she also has multiple books as an author she has written divine revelation she’s written an exploring meditation and color your chakras among other books and without further ado welcome to the podcast Susan I’m thrilled to be here with you today Anza yes and you are a legend you know just doing some background research and I was really excited like oh my goodness December 20th couldn’t get her fast enough so we can actually interview for the podcast awesome I like it because you know everyone goes through their their own path and we always highlight how it’s not linear at all and one thing that I actually like is when you’ve been in this self-help / personal development industry or a very long time and you’ve seen a lot of things come you’ve seen a lot of things go you see a lot of things that are consistent and can stand the test of time and I like to just for the podcast listeners just give a little bit of background of who you are and why poms are so interested in talking to you while they can be interested when they hear you as well well I’ve been practicing spiritual disciplines for over 50 years and I was a hippie in the 60s and after that I spent a very long time in this ashram with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in fact I was in his various ashrams for 22 years and then at some point I found a way to connect with spirit in a very powerful way in a different way than I had been doing before and I started writing books about that and now I have 14 books in print so that’s basically my life in a nutshell right they’re not so simple when you kind of look back at a point 20 vision we could all just blink our eyes or tink our nose like Gumby which and it comes to that conclusion yeah right well let’s go this let’s go back to what I said the idyllic and just looking at some you are you going on Amazon I mean you’ve dealt with people from famous rock breeds like The Doors other authors and such and a lot of people back then look at oh my goodness it was such an idyllic time and it’s not like that today what would the environment like back in me in your beginning kind of chaotic Vietnam worker was going on there were a lot of protests against that there was a violence and Kent State and and there was a lot of protesting in Washington and everyone hated the war and I was a flower child it was a hick 60s I was a hippie I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and probably people don’t realize that we flower children we were really very serious about spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment that was our focus and we weren’t taking drugs to get high we were taking drugs to have spiritual experiences and our gurus were people like Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert who later became Rob Das and is still with us even today and so we were following them and they had written the book the psychedelic experience and I was reading books like the Buddhist scriptures books like cosmic consciousness self-actualization I was reading Allen Watts book the way of Zen and other books by him and Alan Watts said that you have to find a meditation guide well in 1966 in Berkeley California you didn’t exactly go to the yellow pages and look up meditation guide or yoga or anything remotely similar to that so I asked a roommate well how do I find this meditation guide and he said well have you ever tried to meditate on your own by yourself I said well gee maybe I’ll give it a try so I lay down on my bed I didn’t even know that you’re supposed to sit up when you meditate that’s how clueless I was at the time I lay on my bed and I sort of prayed for or asked for in meditation immediately I was propelled into an ecstatic state I felt this rush or chord of energy flowing up up through the midline of my body all the way from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and I felt like I was plugged into an electric socket but in a most ecstatic way and I figured well I guess this is meditation little did I know that I had not only experienced my first meditation but also Kundalini awakening all at the same time and it was not wasn’t too long after that that somebody took me to the Transcendental Meditation Center where was that Center at where exactly was that’s interact I was in Berkeley California but there wasn’t any teacher there so I had to wait nine months before I could learn Transcendental Meditation but the moment that I walked into that Center and I saw the picture of the guru on the wall who was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who’s an iconic figure he was the Guru of the Beatles and the Guru of Deepak Chopra not at that time though that was before before he ever met those people but I saw the picture on the wall and I immediately became enamored with him and I thought this is it I you know now I finally I’m going to have a meditation guide now I’m going to relearn real meditation so that’s what I did I learned that and then three years after that I was on the banks of the ganges in india with Maharishi okay Wow how shocking because I was young right it’s always funny to hear everyone’s story because you know you wake up let’s say on Monday and you have this plan and you end up being within the ashram around the world for over 20 years so how does how does that happen it happened because of I suppose a very deep unconscious or perhaps conscious actually it was quite conscious at the time desire to experience higher states of consciousness and like I said that was our focus in this 1960s that was the focus of us flower children I know people don’t really realize that they think it was just about getting high or whatever but that really wasn’t what it was about did you find that there was a no usually today it seems like there’s more of a message of a balance you know you’re reaching that spiritual awakening but you also have one foot in the third dimension you know dealing with the day-to-day how did you marry the two world I didn’t I didn’t marry any two world I was slowly living in this ashram meditating from five to twenty hours a day during during those 22 years that I was involved in that organization especially the six years when I was on maharishis personal staff so during those periods of time I’m like I said I meditated anywhere from five to twenty hours a day I would go into my room and not appear for up to eight weeks at a time I would have the food brought to the door I used to go into silence and would not utter a word for up to four months at a time and I was celibate for decades so basically I was really an introvert and that’s the lunder statement Wow Wow now I have a question we had a we had a podcast early on where we were talking about hypersleep and with hypersleep the person that was on they were introducing the the process of sleeping up to 72 hours and when we tried or I’ll just use my personal experience David can touch chime in and give his experience but when I tried the 24 hours I couldn’t do it but I got up to 16 and it was just phenomenal and so and I haven’t repeated it I think probably on some level I want to do that but how did you go from meditating like your first meditation where it may have been 30 before she were laying down right and then you realize that you need to sit up and you had a wonderful experience how do you go from you know a 30 minute meditation to meditating for multiple days I was a habit it happens because I was on these meditation retreats and I was surprised I was shocked when we went to this retreat in 1967 in the fall of 1967 and the teacher said just meditate all day just sit on your bed and meditate all day and of course I didn’t think I could do that but I could do it actually I found out that I could do it because it was such an easy effortless form of meditation the meditation with Transcendental Meditation that I was doing with my guru maha regime a yogi was the founder of Transcendental Meditation so it was so simple and so restful and so blissful that I enjoyed meditating all those many hours however I wouldn’t recommend people do that today in fact I don’t think it’s necessary for anybody to meditate that long today and I’ll tell you why it’s because the vibration of this planet has changed so dramatically since that time way back over 50 years ago it was a different planet it was a different world and we needed to meditate that much to cut through the heavy intensely heavy atmosphere at that time we needed to meditate and also even meditate in groups in order to begin to change the atmosphere of the planet which we successfully done over the last 50 years the planets a completely different place now than it used to be 50 60 years ago I don’t even recognize it as to what it used to be when I was a child completely different mm-hmm what my office with Transcendental Meditation versus a regular meditation or people that are listening on YouTube to a meditation audio well Transcendental Meditation is a unique form of meditation that using mantras and it takes you very into a very deep deep deep state of silence and deep relaxation and transcendental consciousness some of the other meditations that people practice might not be as deep that’s the main difference and all the physiological changes that take place in trance and on meditation they’ve been verified scientifically I’m not advocating by the way Transcendental Meditation or any particular form of meditation I’m not trying to advocate but there is a difference between TM and other forms of meditation mmm so Susan let me ask you I myself have been meditating I don’t know probably over 30 years and but when I first started I can hardly sit still and you know keep my eyes closed for more than a few minutes and it was a gradual process to till I got to a point where I can do it for really as long as I want you for hours but so I was just curious how long did it take you from funding when you first started learning to you can sit you know and quiet the mind for an extended amount of time because I know you couldn’t have just started like that yeah to probably take a little time right actually I learned Transcendental Meditation in August of 1967 and that same fall with when I went on that retreat and meditated for 18 hours a day on that particular retreat so it was didn’t take me long at all and I mean nobody else either at that time people who learned TM they could go on meditation retreats and and do that much meditation however on the meditation retreats today that Transcendental Meditation offers they don’t have people meditate that long I mean there was a different time and a different need Maharishi asked us to do that mainly to change the atmosphere of the planet it was his goal was for people to meditate and change the planet changed the world and create world peace that was his motivation was creating world peace and he and his philosophy he said that in order for the forest to be green all the trees must be green in order for us to have a peaceful world we have to create peaceful individuals so that was his motive in teaching meditation at the time and he succeeded by the way he was successful in that so when you when you went to yeah and you were at a Shan were you like one of the only Americans or living other Americans most of the people on the course that I was on were Americans I would say although there were there were a wide range of Europeans there as well but on my course in 1970 1970 in Rishikesh India I’d say was mostly American so when you went there but when you want any access worker when you went there did you have any idea you’re going to be there for 20 years was that kind of the planner wish it would be here until I’m not here no no I though it’s not my plant at all I was planning to come go to that course it was a three-month course and then go back but after the three months people started leaving and other people left and other people I’m finally there was only about 15 of us left and that was in April of 1970 and then it got whittled down to there were only six people left and then Nora she was going to go to South India to teach a teacher training courtesan course to some Indians down there and there were only six of us and I ended up going there with him to help him or assist him on that teacher training course in Bangalore India and that was the start of my more intimate shall we say master-disciple relationship with Maharishi was going down there to Bangalore with him uh-huh okay so be and then I mean right being a writer humanity well I mean you had a lot of like you said intimate relation in your profile you were mentioning that you had an insider’s look at the dysfunctional organization what did you mean by that well that was much later way back in the beginning in the nineteen in 1970 at that time there really wasn’t much of an organism that Maharishi had with much later in the 1980s that I really had disillusionment over the way that the entire organization was set up and how much control and cultish atmosphere and kind of coercion that was going on and really heavy-handed control over the whole thing and that was when I was living in Fairfield Iowa so I had a kind of a disillusionment about about the organization at that time it’s interesting because when you you know we’ve interviewed a few people and just in observing just up other groups there’s always this euphoria when they are introduced to a new school of thought and then it seems inevitably that there is some disillusionment because there seems to be some type of control when I think you grow to a point where you’re like okay this is a great body of information I’m going to take it and move on and you may outgrow the group do you see a similar pattern yes and thank you for expressing it that way because I do believe that it was what happened in my case it’s not that I rejected Transcendental Meditation because I think and I still recommend it to people and I believe that it is an excellent excellent form of meditation however because of the this what turned out to be kind of like a cult and because people lived in fear in Fairfield Iowa in fact I nicknamed it fear filled Iowa because it became it there was so much coercion and and so much guilt inducing kind of propaganda that was going on it’s like we have to save the world and if we don’t do this meditation practice together in the golden domes in Fairfield Iowa then it’s our fault that any there’s only breakout of war in the world and you know it there was a lot of tremendous guilt and fear and that kind of motivation and people were terrified to lose their privileges of going to the dome and meditating and it just turned out to be like I said fear field instead of Fairfield and that wasn’t fun but stuff while among fun anymore and anyway by that time I had learned another type of meditation that was I found to be incredibly powerful and which is the form that I teach now and I’m very very happy with that but still recommend Transcendental Meditation because it’s a very profound form of meditation for people really learning how to experience deep meditation deep silence Samadhi Satchidananda absolute lose consciousness so I highly recommend Transcendental Meditation I just don’t think it goes to get involved with the organization because it’s not great personal are you teaching now I think you something called divine revelation and that’s really a very simple method of asking and receiving from spirit of experiencing the still small voice within experiencing the divine presence directly without going through any middleman and just having that direct divine communication and contact okay and you talk about that and awaken your divine intuition I do in my book yeah awaken your divine intuition I talked about that and in my book divine revelation as well in the whole book all right yeah as a matter of fact I teach the technique in those books okay so it reminds me of when I visited a Buddhist temple we have here in Atlanta and there were two schools of thought of if you’re a meditation you should sit that you should be fitting and then at this temple there was more of a walking meditation and then the other the other school of thought that they were having was your eye should be closed when you’re meditating but at this temple they were saying well if it’s a walking meditation you’re walking your eye should be open in front of you because this is the third dimension and you have to master that through your divine revelation so where do you fit in that quagmire of thought well there’s many many things that are called meditation and some of them are with eyes open or eyes closed or walking or sitting standing whatever but if you want to experience Samadhi at least at first it’s a good idea to sit and close your eyes and go deep deep deep into meditation I think people who are beginners really need to have that experience of deep transcendental consciousness and that is going within it’s turning your senses within rather than all the day long you’ve got your senses outward you’re looking at things seeing hearing tasting smelling things on the outside but if you want to experience transcendental consciousness which means going beyond this physical realm going beyond the realm that takes you in an outward direction you have to go 180 degrees within into the inner direction and one really fast way to do that is close your eyes because you’re immediately cutting off that major sense input from the outside and so you’re starting to go within and then you might take a few deep breaths to go deeper with him that helps you to go into the deep state of silence when you take some deep breaths an important thing to realize about meditation is to not expect that you’re going to stop thinking because the mind is continually thinking anyway so it’s really more of a settling down to inner peace and relaxation of the body and quietude of the doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to stop thinking so people who try to control the mind that is anti meditation that’s anti getting deep into meditation control and expectations and trying that does not work oh that’s twice you mentioned it in Iowa right the control and if you’re trying to control the meditation is the thing you’re always shooting yourself in the foot metaphorically if you’re trying to control a situation would you agree yes that’s true especially with meditation because meditation is about letting go it’s about experiencing expanded awareness rather than more focused awareness so what you want to do is let go relax and let go take deep breaths relax let go and you know it’s really quite simple to do it’s just a matter of asking and receiving getting quiet asking and receiving for so excuse me how long once you got to India and you started doing the meditation when I how long before you would you say you started that third I kind of started opening up you started seeing auras and spirits and well I’m not I can’t say that in all the 22 years that I was in the ashram that I ever had those kinds of experiences it wasn’t until I learned from another teacher Peter Meyer of San Diego who was the founder of teaching of intuitional metaphysics and who wrote the book being a christ I learned from him how to develop my subtle sensory perception meaning clairvoyance clairaudience Clarins and I learned how to do that starting in 1986 when I was still living in Fairfield Iowa in the TM ashram I started learning from Peter Meyer and that was when I started to develop these what I call subtle sensory perception and so it’s something that I learned how to do wow I would have thought for I guess my perception was if you’re in India whatever that was probably a part of it all women had to you know see you the third eye and whatnot but it wasn’t I guess no like my meditation during those 22 years in the ashram was just simply going into transcendental consciousness which is the state of Samadhi which means stillness of mind a quietude of body going to into the deep transcendental state and experiencing unbounded awareness and that is a wonderful experience it’s really the end-all-be-all experience of of yoga experimenting Union union with the divine union with the transcendental awareness hey oh you had another great quote when you’re talking about the Samadhi and the stillness of mine I’d like to read this part it says that you were saying when you’re with the Maharishi being in his presence we divide bows and entered and utterly timeless plate and rapturous feeling and at the same time realize the utter futility and insanity of the mundane world yes that is what I experienced being around Marcy Marcy was a very very unusual person not like other people it was really quite extraordinary and I do believe in he was a great saint and being in his presence was stepping into a timeless spaceless experience it was an experience of bliss consciousness on and on how to describe that it just means it’s beyond happiness it’s more like paradise experience of paradise would be how you might describe being his presence and at the same time nothing existed outside of that space and time when you were with him and and strangely another added benefit was this feeling that the world is as meaningless and is not real so it was a very unusual experience and I think many people have tried to describe what it was like being around Nagaraju but I in my book Maharishi and me I really go into incredible depth about what it was like me and being around him and as if it was just a very unusual very profound experience that really changed me in so many ways that I can’t even describe and don’t even know about it’s amazing I was thinking as we you know we’re bouncing back from you know your time there and then your time post that and it led me to think about when you’re with Peter Mayer and you started getting access to your Claire’s the way I the way I’m listening to you it feels like when you were at the ashram it was more of looking out but not so much looking outside because you did get a lot of benefit from it internalizing throwing through meditation but it was more of can I reach that level that the miry she’s reaching and I’m wondering you know once you started getting access to your Claire’s if you felt that you were getting close to that from your own experience I think you really hit the nail on the head there and I would call you by name if I could tell the difference between your two different voices but whoever I’m talking to right now whether it be David or hamsa yes I think he really hit the nail on the head and it was really very different to experience this kind of self empowerment and that’s the reason why I teach what I teach now because it’s more about not going through any middleman about experiencing this yourself and having your own Awakening and your own connection with spirit with a capital s being able to realize that still small voice within you and having your own direct pipeline to God yourself rather than going through a guru or a saint or a rabbi or a priest or a pastor or anything outside of yourself or I religion or anything outside yourself but experiencing that yourself within you and realizing who you really are identifying yourself as that divine spirit rather than looking to something else as being that divine spirit it’s interesting because we introduced or we interviewed Jim self a couple of podcasts ago and you know he’s been around since you know the 6th 60s and 70s as well and he was mentioning the current environment and in that there’s many like you mentioned you don’t need to meditate as long he did back then and with the veil being a lot thinner you have more and more a growing number of people that are able to channel and so people are drawn to those channelers and Jim made the reference that you guys are starting to look outside yourself again just looking for answers from a channel as opposed to as you so eloquently posted your own pipeline and in developing those tools you’re so well you’re you are your own channel to God the truth is that you have the power yourself to experience that divine presence and you don’t need to go to a psychic or Chandler or anybody you can receive that from within yourself and that is exactly what I teach that’s exactly what divine revelation is about is learning how to listen to that inner voice so that you’re not dependent on these external sources of information you’re really your own best psychic you’re really your own best channel or yourself yeah II agree so what exactly do you teach Susan well I teach people how to hear that inner voice I don’t just teach them how to do it I help them actually to do that I teach something called a breakthrough experience which is the deep meditation where they have their own experience of this higher self this inner presence this connection to spirit and they receive their own inner inner experience receive their own messages receive specific signals to identify divine beings that they’re in touch with and it’s a profound experience of awakening for people where they were they open to that inner voice they open to God within them do they come see you at different locations around the country or you do this electronically now I do I do speaking engagements yes I do speaking engagements and I also do telephone if people want the breakthrough experience if they want the personal attention I do that over the phone or on skype you know if they want to have that experience I do it that way perfect I have a question about the more things change the more they stay the same and you had mentioned I want to go back in time for a second you had mentioned back back then and the 60s a lot of people thought that you guys are you know the flower children were just doing drugs right and you’re saying you’re trying to reach a psychedelic experience and in 2017 you know there’s been a lot of in the war it gets on the internet and in the news about micro dosing and people looking to access you know greater realms just not heavy-handed or using lessons learned from the 60s so they can have a better experience and then you know there’s groups that are like I can’t meditate at all I really need microdose or now use ayahuasca or any any other stimulant as opposed to meditation you’ve been in both environment so could you share some feedback of what it was like using stimulants back then and today I don’t want to assume but I would think that you weren’t you’re not relying on those stimulants anymore yeah I stopped taking any kind of it recreational chemical in 1967 I stopped doing that so I was going to do it for very long I only did it for a few months and by the way it drove me out of my mind anyway I certainly do love continue going insane so no it didn’t work out very well for me so but I really am opposed to any kind of chemical psychedelic or chemical anything it you know it kills your brain cells it’s it’s really not good for you it drove me crazy I’d also ruined my ability to concentrate it I have been a straight-a student and all of a sudden I was getting C’s I’d never had seized in my life but the drug really took their toll on me it was very very bad for me and I do not recommend you know I’ve seen people seeing what happens from drugs and it is not then it’s not a good thing so I don’t recommend people do that and it’s not necessary you can have all the experience all this you can travel to all the incredible realms you can experience everything through your own third eye you can experience transcendental awareness you can experience God you can experience angels Archangels divine beings you can open the doorways to all the realms just by meditating and asking for it that simple it’s not necessary for anyone to take drugs in order to have these experiences now you did mention people say oh I can’t meditate well maybe they haven’t tried a meditation that works for them it’s easy for them anyone can meditate it’s just a matter if of having the desire to learn and finding a meditation that works for you so soon how did that how did your family Reece you know if you go into India and then next thing you know you’re there for 20 years so they think like you were in a cold how was that on that ends of things when I first told my mom that I had been accepted for the course in India she was thrilled in fact when I first learned meditation she was absolutely thrilled about the whole thing because I was no longer taking drugs I was no longer screwing around with every man I could possibly meet I was no longer doing all the groovy things that we did back in the 60s so she was in ecstasy over the entire prospect so she was happy that I went off to India I did spend a long time though being out of the country for about seven years I think or so I was not in the United States I was in Europe with Maharishi in India Europe and so I was gone for a long time they weren’t too thrilled about that but you know that they didn’t seem to mind and they certainly I don’t know that anybody even knew about cults back then I don’t know that they thought it was in a cult because they probably never even heard that word no you know it was a different time things were very different back then can you live in the haight-ashbury section of San Francisco I did not live there I wouldn’t visit there and I used to go to Golden Gate Park to the B ends I used to go to the Avalon Ballroom in the Fillmore auditorium to go to the psychedelic concerts there with all the various fans like the WHO and Janis Joplin and the cream and the Grateful Dead and you know their long lists long lists Jefferson Airplane you know I went on and also I went to Altamont I was at Altamont with the Rolling Stones when there was that big kind of riot and those people got murdered there they got murdered just a few feet away from me oh my god nothing the one guy the one guy goes got murdered oh yeah oh wow Janos I was out well I’m original myself I’m from San Jose so I grew up in the you know the Bay Area there yeah yeah Wow all right so that was then in the Bay Area do you find yourself still hanging out in that general area or where do you find yourself going to these days well actually I live in an RV and I have no home base in fact I’ve lived in a van a trailer or a motor home since 1989 whoa basically I’m a gypsy basically still a hippie still a gypsy and and I live in a beautiful army actually not a van anymore it’s really a nice 40-foot RV is the gorgeous RV but but I don’t have a home base so I live in the RV mm-hmm and was that something you you consciously looked at from from the 60s and 70s as far as not having any attachment I didn’t think of it so much as not having attachment just just the idea of being able to travel anywhere I want at any time and to be able to tour around I want to go to different places to speak and so forth and also there’s a tremendous amount of freedom I think in having your home on wheels I like the lifestyle personally obviously I like I wouldn’t have done it since 1989 that’s a long time exactly it reminds me of I listen to a lot of Abraham and yeah they always talk about relationships and and that they’re never really finite but they at least in this incarnation they may have a beginning and an end and whenever you get with someone energetically it’s like okay we’re going to enjoy ourselves for this moment in time and then we’ll ride that wave as long as we can and then part ways is that what you found since 1989 as well oh I haven’t really been involved in in romantic kind of relationships that’s not really of great interest to me in my life not now anyway yeah so I have to ask who you were at the ashram when the Beatles okay now I was not in Rishikesh when the Beatles went there in 1968 but I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and know exactly what happened during that time the people don’t really know about it and people have some very strange ideas about what went on that didn’t really wasn’t really true yeah how long were they there for okay well Ringo was there for two weeks Paul was there for one month George and John were there for two months that was in 1968 from February until April of 1968 yeah okay so like for example Ringo was it like alright two weeks I had enough of this I’m out of here with Ringo what happened was they had very young children at the time his wife had just given birth six months before so obviously they missed their kids yeah but also he was a little bit disillusioned by the ashram number one his wife hated insects and she would force him to kill all the insects and dispose of their carcasses she was held at bay by one single fly one time until he got back to the roof okay she was so naughty how scared she was of insects but there were there is insects there like scorpions and centipedes and millipedes and so on and she didn’t like that and also he didn’t like the food he had packed one suitcase full of Heinz beans and the other suitcase full of clothing so that he could he hoped he’d be able to stay there but the food didn’t didn’t suit him he had a stomach issue and so but then the other thing was there a roadie mal Evans was there and now managed to sneak in eggs for Ringo’s breakfast because eggs are not allowed in the ashram they’re not allowed anywhere in that area hardware and Rishikesh no meat or eggs are allowed to be sold there whatsoever so after Ringo had his breakfast of eggs some people who worked in the ashram were caught burying the eggshells and reto didn’t like the idea that when he found out that he didn’t know that it was illegal to have eggs in the ashram and when he found out that they had snuck them in for him he said well can’t God see that too and so that upset him and that incident was I think the straw that broke the camel’s back and they left after two weeks but Ringo did say that he benefited a lot from meditation he really liked it and in recent years he’s even said that what he got from Maharishi was this mantra and that no one could ever take that away from him and that it was a very precious thing to him that he valued it greatly mm-hmm so why do you think all just stayed for a month as opposed to two months like John and George Paul Huxley because his girlfriend at the time Jane Asher had a theatrical commitments and they had to go back to London oh so that was his reason for leaving but he also said that he had great experiences and he was very happy about the whole experience he wrote quite a few songs when they were in Rishikesh dos andhe songs ended up being on the White Album yeah people call it the White Album the album is actually called the Beatles okay I’m just I just think I’m thinking with all that silence of course yeah you can get a lot of downloads and it’s interesting that you know what the RV life and what have you it doesn’t sound like you have the trappings of what we go through today always I like to say weapons of mass distraction we’re people walking around already they’re just attached to their homes you know the ones really present at all how we been able to fight against that weapons of mass distraction well I’ll tell you living in an ashram for all those years really trains you to to leave a simple life and not to have great needs for this Cubs distraction so I’m quite a happy person just having a simple life and being by myself almost all the time I actually enjoy my I usually enjoy my own company but I do work a lot on the computer because I write books obviously and a very busy person can not only do I write books I also produce the seminars at sea and tours the sacred destinations so I’m very very busy I don’t really have a whole lot of time from any distractions or weapons of mass distraction or I sit down I’m thinking people will look at you as a beacon you know there’s this argument or you have you know schools of thought where people are Preppers and they’re just waiting for you know when the grid goes under and no one has access to you know our digital landscape and they look at you like oh wow she’s a mistake you’re like no I just live a really simple life as you guys yeah go back there yeah exactly yeah well sit down with me a few weeks ago we had a woman on and she she was like a life coach and chips you other things but one of the things you mentioned in the interview is she hadn’t watched TV for like what with the Hamzah 25 years 20 25 years yeah 20 years yeah about 20 years so like living for an event and I think she’s a little bit in Mexico but like when the Hurricane Katrina came and when it was like at least a week or two weeks before she even found out about it oh my goodness yeah yeah yeah she just thinks kind of stays off all that and uh but anyway it was like wow I hadn’t watched TV in like 20-some years that’s pretty incredible well sounds like she’s very proud of that yeah yeah I thought that I was impressed like a video president I think David brings up a really good point in that she she felt that she was guided to leave Mexico at the time she didn’t know that that that travesty was going to happen but something led her to leave and so she didn’t know what had happened but you know she had gotten the download that she shouldn’t be there and so he hasn’t really she has a really good relationship you know what her guys is such so right I wanted to ask you you know once you from the 80s and such you had working again with Peter Mayer he helped develop your access to the Claire’s I wanted to know if because you were talking about access to divine beings and angels as you felt like there have been relationships where there are some divine beings or angels that were with you then that are no longer there because you know your level of consciousness changed or what has been your experience in relationships with divine beings and angels well there are certain divine beings that we work with that are there for a specific purpose maybe for a briefer period of time and then there are other ones that seem to hang around seem to we seem to work with for much longer periods of time so it really depends on our needs at the time and I am very intimate with divine beings who help me on a daily basis in very very extremely practical ways I really ask about everything I asked for guidance about everything in my life and I do receive guidance from that divine voice within and from the divine beings that are that are guiding me so I do have an inner have inner guru or inner guru so I guess you could say plural who helped me who guide me who show me the way who really give me advice on a daily basis that’s you know it’s not just sometimes I ask it’s that I ask about almost everything in my life and I received guidance continually that’s fantastic it makes me think of a an old story where I think it was a Jesus story somebody was calling out to Jesus because it is something that happened and they ever really needed his attention and he was like I’m always here it’s just that you know when you wake up you may think of me or before you go to bed and you’re asking me to help you out of this problem but you put me on the Shelf throughout the day so you need there’s an emergency it sounds like you know with you and some others that we’ve interviewed that you have an ongoing both in your waking moments and while you’re asleep and growing your eternal relationships mm-hmm yes I think I mean has been so enriching for my life to have the relationship with spirit with the capitalist with the divine presence within me and to be able to receive daily guidance and listen to that inner voice and have profound experiences whenever I ask for them and to have healing whenever asked for it and to have wisdom and answers to questions and advice that will help me in different areas of my life very practical extremely practical has there been an instance where he traditionally some people would say Oh something told me I needed to leave a circumstance or something or I should have made a left or I shouldn’t go to this place it may ignored it do you still find yourself in circumstances where you may get an inkling but something drives you to still go through with what your ego thought you sure do that’s an excellent question and I’m going to tell you a story if we have time I’ll tell you a little story of what happened to me and that was that it was in the nineteen C early 1990s and a spirit had told me to get a job as a security guard at this industrial park so I parked my trailer at the time I had a trailer an Airstream trailer at the time one of those silver bullet looking things so I parked it there in the industrial park and I got this job as a security guard so there I am with my little hat my badge my beloved and I’m sitting of the security post and when you’re a security guard you don’t have a heck of a lot to do so I brought would bring my computer there and work on editing uh both the book I was writing at the time and and that worked out really well for about a year as I was doing the security job and also working on the foot at the book at the same time and then after about a year my Higher Self God within me whatever you want to call it told me to quit the job and I kept getting this message quit the job quit the job quit the job and I kept ignoring the message as a matter of fact I called up my friend who also teaches and practices and teaches divine revelation and I said him hey I’m getting this message to quit the job but I’ve decided not to quit because I’m living in fear I’m afraid that if I quit my stupid minimum-wage job that also I will be able to support myself – my friend and he said well you know Susan you are the teacher of divine revelation don’t you think it’d be a good idea for you to you know do what the Spirit is telling you to do said yeah I would be a good idea but I’m I’m just not going to do it so I didn’t quit the job and I continued and then one day my release didn’t come to work and you know if you’re a security insecurity you have to wait til your release come so I called up the supervisor and I said my relief is not here what do I do and he said you have to wait just wait I’m waiting half an hour waiting an hour release doesn’t come so I call the security guy back and I said hey you know I’ve got to leave I have a meditation class I have to teach I have to go into New York City I’ve got to teach this and I have to leave I can’t stay here and he said just wait your relief we’ll be there in half an hour so the relief did not come bottom line I abandoned my post I left because I want I had to teach my meditation class so I left and then the next day I called that supervisor and said you know I had to leave I released and you know didn’t come but I had to leave because I had to teach my class and he said you are terminated as soon as he said I’m terminated my inner teachers my spiritual guides my angel whatever you want to call them they started having a party there was big dreams going off and confetti in there dancing and singing and oh clapping and she got rid of her dumb job so then I didn’t even pay attention to the party as a matter of fact I called the supervisor back and I begged for my job back and strangely enough he gave it back to me and so her very next night I’m closing the gates the big iron gates at the end of the night and it’s really it’s already dark and I’m closing the front gate and closing the middle gate and went to the back gate and the back gate is this big wrought iron eight foot tall gate and I’m pulling on the gate and it’s not causing how why isn’t this gate closing it’s so weird it always closed before and so I’m pulling on the gate and all of a sudden the gate started toppling over on top of me so it knocked me down and knocked me on the ground pin my legs under the gate and it was an eight foot like I said wrought iron gate too heavy for me to even budge or move thank goodness thank you God that someone came it wasn’t quite an abandoned area and it was at night it was dark and he had to come back to work to pick something up and he heard me screaming bloody murder under this gate he came over and he was able to lift the gate just a few inches so that I could get out from under it I scooted out from under the gate and then he said do not move thank God this man told me do not move I said oh I’ll just get up I’m fine I’m just gross he said do not move so he called the EMT they came they cut off my uniform and wrapped me in a sheet and put me in the ambulance and it turned out my leg had nearly been severed in half it was only holding on by a few sinews I had to have four operations on my leg thank God I can walk thank God the scar scar really it’s a big scar but it barely shows and I fully recovered really from that injury but that’s what happens when you don’t listen to the still small voice within which keeps telling you over and over again quit the job you are a dancer there it is Oh [Laughter] well my Instagram feed you know in my weapons of mass distraction yes I still have an Instagram feed but so you know today’s Wednesday and it’s known as Wayne Dyer Wednesday and Wayne Dyer is quoted as saying all of the great teachers have left us with a similar message go with and discover your invisible higher self and know God as the love that is within you and I think that’s big highly to our podcast that we had today with students Chomsky C is the author of 14 books and her latest book is Maharishi and me thinking enlightenment with the Beatles guru so definitely check that out on on Amazon you can find our other books there as well you’ve been in tuned to another podcast of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and hone David and and it was definitely a pleasure Susan if you’d like to give on your website and let us know about any upcoming events you had as what you have coming well that’d be fantastic I have two websites one is dr. Susan or RG that’s dr. Susan dot o-r-g and that is where you can read the first chapter of almost all my books where you can listen to radio interviews read articles and buy products also I have another website called divine travels comm and that’s di VI n e TR AV Els com that’s plural on the travels divine travels calm on that website you can find out about the sacred tours tours the sacred destinations amazing cruise ship seminars with really famous speakers that I offer and there’s just a lot of different places that you can visit that our sacred places them in the world and you can do so on that website fantastic it was a pleasure Susan we love talking to you love talking to you – it’s great fun yeah big thank you okay thank you thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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