Mastering Alchemy Tools For The Shift - Jim Self Of Mastering Alchemy new Energetic Tools

Mastering Alchemy Tools For The Shift – Jim Self Of Mastering Alchemy New Energetic Tools

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more I don’t want this is good good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there when you listen to this podcast this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Amla and I am David and today everyone is in for a treat for those that have listened for some time this is episode 33 and when we first started our first podcast we always talk about our low moment or what what got us started and the guest we asked today was actually very instrumental and my path before meeting Jim self I actually did a lot of both knowledge stuff but I went to his introductory weekend back in 2009 and from that I met Joanne and horizon Center for a two ative awareness and things have been great ever since and Jim was very instrumental for that so you guys are in for a treat we have Jim self on the podcast today welcome Jim very nice fear I’m doing David yeah thank you for being here my pleasure now Jim you you and David know each other and from the psychic or the Berkeley psychic horizons Institute back in the days so if you could tell a little bit about your how you got started and what brings brand bringeth turn sure my start actually was actually long before that you know when people come into a body born they come in really pretty fully loaded that soft spot on the top of the head is the place where they don’t leave home they’re still connected to that spiritual aspect of who they are and then as they begin to get a little older that spot goes away hardens up you know it’s like if you look in the eyes of a little baby you just see forever and then six months later it’s a little duller and they’re a little bit more here and in though this world not where they were where they were completed and over time that that those abilities which are very available to them in a way get talked out of them and so you know the mom dad teacher minister of life basically say here’s the truth this is right this is wrong good bad should shouldn’t you talk to these you don’t talk to those who go to this school etc and in that process of acclimating into its third dimensional experience most everybody turns off all their spiritual abilities or some call them psychic abilities and or they stop paying attention to them and they pretty much don’t recognize how to use them in my case for whatever reason I didn’t really turn off those abilities growing up and it was a little bit odd at different times and I just assumed everybody did what I did and kind of went through life and then in the time where I really kind of met David it was a period of time that was an odd awakening because I was let’s see I guess I was about almost 30 and on the San Jose California City Council which was an interesting experience and are they being the fastest-growing city in the country for 10 consecutive years and in the process of that being be playing where I was playing I started to begin to turn on even more and it was in that experience that I found something called the Berkeley psychic Institute which was in San Jose as well as Berkeley California and I would sit down with these people and they would do what I did and it was really one of the first times that people actually did what I did and I could understand that’s what they did and in the course of all that work I spent about fourteen years there both studying and teaching pretty everything and that’s where David and I kind of met in jo-ann Dave’s mom and I were together all the time doing different different readings and different teachings so that’s kind of where that background comes from Wow so what year was that when you first came gem do you remember your first walk before yeah what it had to be it had to be in about night late 1978 oh okay so you actually I think you’re a few years before Jolanda now I don’t think she started hanging around in to about 80 81 yeah I could know that could be that could be but because I left I left and went and took a job with the has a visor to President Jimmy Carter and director of governmental operations for the Department of Energy and then when Carter was unelected I was wonderfully on appointed and was really free and went back to San Jose and actually that might make sense that’s when Joanne and I started engaging with each other for the remainder of the 80s and into the early 90s okay yeah cuz it seems like my recollection was once I started kind of hanging out there you’re yeah you were already a teacher and teaching and you know what yes yep well I may be doing some of your workshops and stuff so alright great so since that was the first time being amongst your ilk if you will at where did you make it a point to I’m thinking cuz out loud because we had interviewed Mary Bell a few weeks ago and she had mentioned her time in Florida and how she wound up in California and ultimately in in Colorado and it was to be around like-minded people and you actually kind of felt did you feel like you met your family there that that’s like against titude and did you keep up relationships over the years well we’ve kept up relationships but oddly enough I can’t say I felt like it was family and this is one of the things that we bump into in how in mastering alchemy we talked about a few minutes in the level one program one of the things that happen when people start to turn on they get very excited and they begin to start to construct reality based on what they know not what’s available and so the people that were at the Berkeley psychic Institute really in those early days was a great Kadri of everything shy people people who hiders people who were obnoxious people who were authoritarian people who would absolutely knew what they were doing they thought all kinds of people and so Berkeley psychic ins – wasn’t necessarily a community it was a gathering and it was a gathering in such a way that the people who were running it Louis Bostwick Michael tomorrow John Fulton really really great teachers basically they kind of said here’s how this works and they taught these reading skills and in the process of beginning to look at reading in the context that we will taught you basically ask the question you know what is this person all about and they would in their energy fields show you and what you’ve got to look at in both the people who were your co-creators as well as people that came in the door is you got to look at people’s pain their frustration their lies their truth all of their belief systems much of which was the unconsciousness that they have raised up with one of the things we talked about in mastering alchemy a lot is people simply say hello to you in odd ways they say you’re not attractive you’re not successful what’s wrong with you you’re not very smart and what happens in that context is it’s as if somebody hands you a gift and we get knocked out of our space and we kind of accept it and then we do one of the worst things we can possibly do is we say what did I do wrong what’s wrong with me well really the gift of you’re not okay you’re not attractive you’re not smart is really somebody else’s bad day as they’re hanging out with you and very seldom that statement that they throw at you and – you put in your space really has nothing to do with you virtually at all they’re watching you do something and from their truth your truth doesn’t matter and so think about it as a young kid starting to explore trying to figure it out itself it’s it clearly steps into places it shouldn’t be and then it goes oops and backs out but if you happen to be in the Oaks when an adult sees you and says you’re stupid you’re never going to succeed and they throw that into your space you begin to get very hesitant about engaging in life trying things out exploring new opportunities having excitement because you’re now saddled with this gift that says you’re not okay and then what we do is we walk around for the rest of their lives our lives and say what did I do wrong I’m not okay I don’t fit I’m never going to succeed and we begin to believe the story that was really somebody else’s bad moment and so in the Berkeley psychic Institute you got to look at all that and then begin to understand it to some extent in those terms and as you begin to understood it it gives you an opportunity to let go of you’re not okay and begin to restructure yourself in a way that allows you to begin to find joy and happy in a sense of your own balance we didn’t necessarily find a community there California you know at the I guess the stereotype but the California the state has a lot of people that are opening and exploring so there are so many different groups or different modalities and communities did you if you didn’t find a home there to do more so find other people where you spent more your time no actually in the context of the question which is a really good question I have never found community or hell in the context of the question but to answer the question outside of that context of community with like-minded human beings what I have come to understand on my journey is I understand home when I say home I mean home my relationship over the years we can back out of this in a minute is with the ark Angelics the Lords of light the ascended masters many of these great beings they are your home they’re your friends you have access to them all the time but most people are caught up in the humaneness of the experience they’re very caught up in one thing that creates the biggest challenge to all humans and that’s called time and what i mean by that is we basically live in a linear time structure that we believe is all there is this is it is you don’t challenge time it’s past present future and you die but what happens to the average person is they spend 99% of their time in the past or in the future I hope this thing doesn’t happen to me again in my future or they said if I would do this I would be successful in my future so if you think about it to a great extent you’re constantly looking back and forward you spend very little time in present time where you get quiet you can observe and you can ask different questions and you have the ability to choose differently it’s taken my entire life path to recognize what I’ve always known which is when I get quiet in that space I have this information these answers is communication readily available to me it’s never left me I have left it like all humans leave it that space that internal guidance system in the heart that engagement with a higher level of consciousness well-being joy happy bliss all those wonderful words also words like certain and capable and gracious they all are who you are but when we as a little kid turn off those abilities and when we as a little kid move outward to get the truth from the world that tells me how to play the game we get confused in my space I spent a lot of time confused and asking what’s wrong with me like most everybody else but when it finally started to settle down what I realized in my sleep space I am very aware in my sitting right here I just asked a question and the communication conversation occurs so by recognizing that my community was not the human dimension of people I mean I do love people it’s fun people are great but it’s not where my internal balance and well-being is that make any sense yeah it makes perfect sense exactly a good Segway for mastering alchemy because if you found a way to master your truth then you are providing a way for others to do as well and that kind of leads into mastering alchemy so if you can give us a brief overview and then we can dive in deep sure you know yes real quick let me ask you this question how long in the positive what was from the time that you first started ibid said where there are 14 years was in that 14 years that you started to get it ideas like you know what I think I want to start to create my own space and go in this direction what did that kind of start well it started pretty much in the in the 90s in the late 90s it began for me the Berkeley psychic Institute was not a job it was an excitement and the way it was structured many people had very low havingness and they would go to work there and the nature of how the management of the Berkeley seiken tsukai Moran it basically created slaves so you do this you do that and we’ll pay you if we get a chance to pay you and so people were in a very low having this state and they were not they didn’t have a sense of their own certainty and so I watched all that and I was a successful business person at the time and so I didn’t get run by money and everybody else seemed to get run by money and the people that played there they were generally not oh I don’t want to be rude they were not generally high havingness people nor did they have a lot of high motivation and with that said there were some really brilliant people that were there but basically it got to be a point where you you watch the nature of what you would like to have happen and then you watch people not blowing their pictures in your in you know in the vernacular of Berkeley so I can assume they were not getting rid of what was keeping them from being capable or being successful or being certain or really defining themselves even though the tools were taught the rose as a major tool was taught what wasn’t taught now this explained in mastering alchemy was the words and what I mean by that is if I said to you do you have you ever been certain the general answer person gives you is oh yeah sure I know it’s certain Diaz or I’ve been certain what do you know what certainty is yes I know what certainty is well that’s an intellectual that’s the rational mind telling you what a feeling is all about and thinking feelings doesn’t work there are two different things so if I said to you though take a breath close your eyes be right here in present time right now where we’re talking and would you feel certain soon as you change the direction from do you know – do you feel the body sits up you get more comfortable you take a little deeper breath there’s a sensation in the body and Here I am yeah I know what certain feels like so what happens when in the context of putting the rose at your edge of your aura you can mostly Berkeley so psychic answers who taught it as the protection rose but you really don’t need protection you just need a point of delineation that says from the rose to my heart is me and everything on the other side of the rose is Shakespeare’s theater to entertain me now think about it that creates a very different perspective and how to begin to look at and experience yourself then if you start to play with words again this is the level-1 level-2 body work of mastering alchemy to some extent it’s much more involved but think about it if you could feel the word certain right now and then if I said well just shift it a little bit in which you feel capable and then shift it again in would you feel happy and then go back to capable go back to certain and then create a triangle let’s call it a platform of certain happy and capable but you feel those words in those words are you a person with low happiness are you doubting are you self judging or are you standing on a platform at beginning to define yourself in a place of curiosity that has no pun Schmidt it has a lot of permission and it gives you a chance to experience yourself in a way that you’ve never been given permission or directed and your Rose is out there defining this is me and that’s the theater to watch can you hear the difference in that person yeah absolutely so to answer your question about mastering alchemy one of the things that happened in my engagement with a lot of these different beings I began to realize this word channeling that everybody uses usually there’s a level of giving up your space and in this case what I was realizing is I was engaged with not lesser than the Ark Angelics Yeshua mother Mary all the Metatron Melchizedek do they have a better sense of information where they are much clearer than I am in my body oh absolutely but when we engage we engage as if we’re sitting at the table having a conversation not as a better or lesser and that understanding is really really helpful to a person’s spiritual growth but in the context of mastering alchemy Metatron and I were having a conversation and Metatron said there is a pathway that has never ever been walked by humanity and we believe that there’s an opportunity for you as an individual and many other individuals to progress along this pathway of a journey into your own ascension into your evolution and simultaneously in that space of your evolution and your ascension the ability to hold the door open for the rest of humanity to step into a fifth dimensional space is very available and simultaneously as that consciousness gets understood the opportunity to raise the earth back to its 12th dimensional fully cry stood state of consciousness will happen would you like to play well what do you say to Metatron huh look I’ll get back to you so mastering alchemy started and it was on the foundation of all the tools the rose the grounding cord the center of your head took you into the higher mind it had a tremendous amount to do with stepping into a space called the sanctuary of the pink diamond within the Sacred Heart it began to align vibrations like certain and capable with the ability to perceive from that higher mind it began to present concepts differently than were really ever heard one of the things that happens is you reconfigure the chakra system they the seven chakras stay right physically where they are but they get realigned to be utilized in a very different way than we have typically known them if they open up into the upper seventies which you begin to use more consciously you begin to play with something for example called the Eye of Horus most people think it’s a necklace or something in the mystery schools in Egypt but in fact it’s a it’s a an alignment within the brain that when turned on allows you to basically start to treat all of your psychic abilities as one clairsentience telepathy z’ clairaudience clairvoyance trance mediumship you begin to act from a knowingness perception an awareness that allows you to choose very differently and that’s really kind of level 1 and level 2 of a more progressive program that continues [Applause] so when you started the mastering alchemy now I know you haven’t mentioned this yet I just happen to know but when you started Avalon is that what you were teaching you just change the name or oh yes no so when we left when I left the Berkley psychic Institute I was recently married at the time head to another member of the psychic community and went up to Chico California in North Northern California and started another Institute and that was actually part of the when you look back at your your journey that was really a key part of it and we both Lee taught Berkeley psychic and Stu tools and yet there began to be little pieces it was not clear the Metatron conversations were not happening in the as I just defined but we began to recognize there was something that could be done differently and and that was in 94 through about 2000 and then how I got a divorce and moved up to Tahoe with another person who was part of the Avalon Institute Roxanne Burnett threw rocks and I’ve been together for now night 18 19 years teaching mastering alchemy but it was a kind of a stepping stone it would be a better answer mmm and so how did you actually come up with that name mastering alchemy but they tell you all this is a be good name or you just kind of decided on your own well no it was an interesting interesting naming because one of the things that began to be clear is in the course of the conversations there was a definition of alchemy and alchemy is not so much changing led to gold which is the historical kind of interpretation of alchemy which is very much part of this whole manifestation but Metatron said one day it’s the it’s the changing of the frequencies of thought altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of love to create a desired result and in simple terms it was like okay well whatever you know is it’s like it wasn’t grasped and then we started playing and so in the context of all changing the frequency of thought so if you know what it feels like to be depressed angry resentful you also know what it feels like to be happy laughing enjoying two very different densities two very different sets of vibrations two very different thought configurations one is heavy static and got a lot of the other one is much more of a flowing freely aligned vibrational field of flexibility bility so as you begin to start to look at what I just said a little while ago I could be really angry but can I move my attention my attention point to happy as a feeling can I build a platform can I stay on my side of the rose can I observe the noise out there without going too out there so frequency of thought altering the harmonics of matter a real simple part of the definition is thought has form thought has density thoughts just don’t go someplace when you get done thinking the thought you thought they go somewhere and so a lot of times when you get an emotion I’m not okay combined with a thought that says I’m not okay it gets very heavy in the body as we all know well what if you could reconfigure the thought and the emotion in such a manner that you could change the density of the matter of the thought-form that has a lot more to be discussed but that’s kind of the point and then beginning to apply the elements of love we know so little about this massive configuration of love when you start to play in the Sacred Heart and you start to be able to recognize I can change my thought I can change my emotions I can redirect my energy field I can raise energy up I can raise energy down I can use my communication skills to alter the direction of a flow of events then it gets really interesting and when you can combine the power of love it doesn’t have a sword there’s no push or shove but there is a power that allows you to reconfigure and move consciousness in different directions that became the source of mastering alchemy and it was Roxanne who came up with this thought said why don’t we just call it mastering alchemy because this is where we’re going to play and teach so whence the name Wow has a lot that was great yeah very co-creating for sure is I think very exciting see there’s one more piece to this and in a way a question couldn’t come up not a personal question to me but why does anybody even care well part of this right now if you look at the world the world is in a tremendous transition and one of the things that we were told way back in 2003 which was a period where it’s extraordinary event occurred but basically we were told in 2012 there is going to be a very significant shift that will come back and so 2012 there was a significant shift and the significance was effectively what you call an operating system in a computer let’s say you know Microsoft 7 or 10 or whatever it may be third dimension fourth dimension fifth dimension in a way our boxes and we live in the box and there are rules and structures to the box and we play by the rules and the structures and when you play by the rules in the structures you don’t get out of the box but if you could understand the rules in the structures of what third dimension is fourth dimension fifth dimension real simple third dimension has good bad right wrong should shouldn’t as duality there is nothing unconditional in the third dimension it’s all conditional and it’s structured on linear time when you begin to step into the fourth dimension I’m really Bri VA ting fourth dimension operates in present time like right now we’re we’re communicating see right now you’re not thinking about breakfast this morning or what you’re going to do in an hour from now you’re right here when you get into that nature of present time that’s fourth dimensional you play in third and fourth all the time simultaneously but in fourth dimension you have choice in third dimension you have reaction reaction meaning oh my god this wasn’t supposed to happen you are now in present time third dimension reactionary present time fourth dimension I you have choice would you like spaghetti or pizza let me think about it present time but in 4th to mention there’s an odd word that comes into play that’s called paradox and what paradox means is really big helpful what was true a moment ago may not be true right now and what was false a moment ago may not be false so when you live in the third dimension in words like always and never she’s never going to be honest he’s always going to be a bad person there’s not a lot of room choice to view your circumstance differently third dimension they are always going to be a thief there’s no possibility they will ever change and there you are locked into a story if you step into fifth dimension which is really astonishing it’s very much structured in words like well-being co-creation cooperation beauty gratitude appreciation dignity integrity run out the whole list that’s the fifth dimension if you think about in your life how often do you walk around having a sense of beauty about yourself or enjoying beauty or being in alignment of integrity or feeling certain about yourself so when you step into that platform oddly enough words like fear safety trust in a fifth dimensional space don’t even exist there’s nothing unsafe there’s nothing to distrust and you begin to play in this field of co-creation all three states of consciousness are very available right now so hence in 2012 one of the things that takes a little more explanation is the third dimension the door on the third dimension was closed and Metatron said at 12 1212 on that day at that moment there will never be another child born into the third dimension ever again so what I mean by the door was closed is all the good bad right wrong simply was not anchored into a foundation but here very rightfully you could say we have a gym look around good bad right wrong greed theft domination slavery they’re all really alive and well this is where the shift happens between the third dimension and the fifth dimension you believe all those things still exist so they do if you believe they do they do so but if you can get into the fourth dimensional space into simple terms present time observing and allowing a truth to no longer be truth or fail or falseness and you stay on your side of the roads and you begin to watch the noise the drama of the game rather than putting your finger in that light socket all sudden you find that a lot of the energy that you have held that’s aligned with what’s on the Shakespeare’s theatre begins to fall away now I don’t mean you run it through your emotional body and you go to therapy I mean it simply short circuits because remember I said at the beginning here’s the truth for you young man you’re not okay you’re stupid you’re not attractive you’re never going to succeed and I accept that and then start asking myself what did I do wrong what am I going to do with myself if I’m not okay mm-hmm you see it’s impossible to be not okay impossible but it is very possible to wear a shirt that’s too small and shoes that don’t fit and walk around unhappy believing I’m not okay caring more so that third dimension changed in 2012 a new operating system was put into place it took twelve thirteen and fourteen to kind of boot it up but 15 16 and 17 it is causing the transition from that third dimensional world agreed selfishness slavery domination etc all that is coming to the surface it’s being driven out of everybody on the planet and so does it if you can hear that does it make any sense you have a Donald Trump you have a world and nationalism pushing against populism you have people very much engaged in us and them and they’re bad and we’re good and it’s all coming to the surface to be released yeah it makes total sense uh-huh the record goes back to a couple of weeks ago when we had the solar eclipse and you did the channelers of change and you have partnered with Steve Rother and another channel I forget his name right now Jeff hoppy Jeff papi thank you and yes totally enjoy that but it speaks to what you just discussed and I guess the next question was this was probably more so a third dimension question but when you were getting those communications back in 2003 about 2012 then one would gather that in 2017 you’re getting conversations about 2024 or 2025 or is that a non-issue now well it’s a little different see basically where you are right now you are the creator and this is one of the things that the arc Angelics have said from the beginning we the arc Angelics we know all of the possibilities and we know all of the probabilities we know them but you are the one with the body and you kind of technically created the fall of consciousness which is a wonderful story all by itself and it’s you as a human being that has to unravel these pieces and so we will guide you we will provide you information into a great extent the one of the main objectives of mastering alchemy has begin to basically create these vibrational fields of well-being and placing them into the ethers for Humanity to see and that’s been very successful and people all over the world are doing what they’re doing very spiritually aligned playing out there one puzzle piece and that one puzzle piece is absolutely essential because the puzzle is not whole unless all the puzzle pieces get put in place but the mastering alchemy piece is basically really placing a lot of these constructs of thought and frequency of matter applied with the element love into the consciousness and and that’s kind of where we’ve been playing and in addition to the individuals ability to step up into a fifth dimensional world so what what happens in my awareness is is what is it that I would like to see happen and then recognize this is a very big shift in that is available to everybody but occurs where in mastering outcomes we focus on it is most everybody’s reality is to go away from themselves to get their well-being I’m going to ask you am i okay that I did I give you a good talk today do you like me is my dress nice do I have the right clothes do I have the right job am I acceptable that’s what we basically do we go to the world to validate us but as you begin to build this platform and you start to disconnect you still engage with the world but you don’t engage with the judgement the opinion the throwing energy the putting your finger in every light socket of somebody else’s constructed opinions you allow them to go you allow them to be okay and you’re okay you don’t have to engage in everything in that context one of the most miraculous parts of everything that learned is everything comes to you so when you stop moving away from yourself and you get quiet in present time and you get happy and you’re pleased with yourself and you enjoy yourself and even get to the point where you say I kind of like myself really a big deal it’s in I like myself I’m okay that you start to have thoughts you know I see I think I like or the movies on Friday and somebody shows up says hey I’ve got two tickets to this movie Friday you want to go and it’s a coincidence and then it’s another coincidence and another and another and another and pretty soon you realize if I just hold my attention on my thought without a lot of complication or need everything comes to me so in that context now with thousands of people in the mastering alchemy place recognizing that I can sit and hold my attention on well-being and it begins to permeate into users and it gets even more interesting from there Wow yeah no I understand I see all too well you know it’s challenging but see one of the things that’s really important to recognize right now that is helpful I think for people is as this operating system is shifting and as every single person is affected and you can’t take your baggage with you on this journey everybody’s going into that fist multi-dimensional state but you can’t take your I’m not okay with you and so this begins to be a whole nother component of mastering alchemy but in that place of not taking your I’m not okay you begin to get a different sense of yourself and but what’s happening to the average person is their status quo is being interrupted it’s like an earthquake David you’ve went through earthquakes you are absolutely helpless when an earthquake nothing and it’s an amazing feeling as I whoa I have no control yeah and that’s in fact what’s happening to every person on the planet plus or minus and their status quo is no longer there their comfort level is not there their means of doing what they used to just take for granted they’re not allowed to hide anymore they’re not allowed to be dishonest anymore without getting kind of all over you and so all of that’s coming to the surface as well as all of those hidden I’m not okay that we don’t like to look at all coming to the surface and so consequently the individual internal reflects the external and so you’re watching the world unfolding but every single person on the planet is affected by this spiritual shift in consciousness mm-hmm what ask you a question the tombola mentioned it that means what won’t thing you did with the two other guys now note the other guy’s name was Jeff hoppy more popular kay and I think Steve July on wanted join says hello that she wanted me to ask you this question Steve mentioned that on October 22nd there was going to be a final way or another wave that was going to hit and she was just wondering how that manifested itself yeah so back back now a yearand has some ago three waves of light started to really penetrate the earth penetrate you and me two of the waves were I don’t want to say destructive but basically they created disconnects and they were unraveling all of the status quo that I just talked about the purpose wasn’t malicious the purpose was you can’t take your baggage with you so we’re going to help you and so these two waves came in the third wave was a wave that basically allowed when you realized I’m okay and I can let this go that third wave really helped smooth out those emotions those thought patterns the confusion and made it a lot simpler if people would kind of just allow what came up to go since then last a year and a half ago there have been a couple more waves so this wave in October is a wave that has an additional set of disconnects with it and how it’s playing out is it’s forcing more of the things to the surface it’s forcing a lot of what you’re seeing in terms of Trump events with not beating Trump up or making him good or bad his style is so disruptive and it’s pushing people you think about North Korea you’re pushing somebody to the edge of a nuclear war that’s you’ve got big cojones basically stand up to that weather or a lot of stupidity one or the other and probably a little bit of both but that wave is pushing some of these very big events into your face in a manner that something different has to be chosen you can’t stay in the status quo you can’t continue to be a racist sexist person that tells you no bad jokes and then hides behind their you know their their demeanor all of that is being pushed to the surface to get rid of because there’s a lot more under the surface that has to come out and you’re going to see that a lot of that in the next year with that being said would you would you also say that it would take someone like a trump from a spiritual level to exist because without that type of energy he wouldn’t be able to put I mean who else would be able to push everyone forward by forcing them to look at what they can bring along with them to the next density absolutely absolutely you know that’s not a statement he’s good or bad up or down but he has to have something that really interrupts your status quo and if you look around the world he’s interrupted the status quo and it’s going to be both messy and wonderful in the transition and this transition is going to last for a number of years and there’s quite a few components that are going to come up and sneak up on people in ways that are not expected we do with that statement would you say that the past decade was messy but while you were gone through it but hindsight made it very beautiful to bring us to where we are today absolutely so what we’ve here I want to give you some more time about the mastering alchemy with some unit sounds prudent like I mean if there’s no time that everyone’s going to do it when they’re supposed to and you need and you have enough people you have a lot of people that are continuing to awaken and be aware of clack of like mastering alchemy but if I just heard of hang out to me today what it what kind of timeline what I look at is far being involved in being instrumental in the future let me tell you the beginning to the end in the beginning is the ability to recognize yourself and so that’s what level one does provide you a whole lot of tools and pieces of information mostly things you’ve known about yourself forever that validates you and then the level two body of work which is nine months long level one is a $75 program released for another two weeks it’s one hundred and twenty five dollar program fourteen hours of me talking directly to you on video and giving you instruction about tools and some explanations as well as five live events of classes that everybody gets together and I basically teach these classes level one level two is all recorded and and yet I do live classes and live questions but level two is very much about recognizing that you are in the world but not of the world as I said stay on your side of the rose Shakespeare’s theatre begin to think from the heart higher mind not engage in everything that’s noisy and fearful and so you begin to turn a little bit you recognize that there’s the world and I don’t like all of that and many spiritual people grow up saying I never fit I don’t belong I don’t know how to talk to these other people there’s more to me than there is that’s them that’s the person that basically finds mastering alchemy to a great extent and so you start to have structure to recognize I can step out of the world I can go to work I can be married but I’m not of that world and then you begin to take another step as you go into level three which is about three years of work three consecutive years and and all of that is made it again a lot of conversations engagement with me every single class that happens once a week and every class has an additional recording I said earlier if I wanted to have a conversation with Metatron I have it right now it’s always present in my space what happens in the sleep space is another configuration in my reality but in order to do mastering alchemy we brought in another channel who was an agreement energetically to do this and Metatron would talk through that channel and I would ask questions and we would have a dialogue about an hour hour and a half in every class in level two and three or most of level two and all of level three you get that recording also that conversation and that’s all about beginning to recognize I don’t have to go to that world for my well-being everything comes to me and then the next part of it is very much about creating the living like body and this really relates to changing the brain playing in the upper-70s beginning to alter the neuron messaging system from the brains to the cell begin to engage with these beings start to play in the eighth chakra which is where the eighth ninth tenth chakra the mind of creator so it becomes a very spiritual journey but it’s very mechanical about being in a human body into that living light body and when that gets engaged then the ability to start to create your life very differently starts to become very clear to you but it’s a it’s a journey it is not a hangout for two weekends and we’ll give you a certificate to put on your wall let me ask you about the fleet state are you or probably not so much now I want to get your opinion on on the booty call it the Alpha the beta the Delta waves there’s some encouragement of listening to those while you sleep because you can you can absorb more in the subconscious what’s your take on that you know I played in and out of that all my life and I think it has some value you can also learn how to just basically get into those states by yourself so I think has value for a lot of people it’s not something that I think you can get there different ways but but getting there different ways requires a whole different level of responsibility and maturity it’s not a place where you go be spiritual for an hour and then go to the bar and drink and custom throw rocks of people it’s really a different different configuration of how you wish to live to live your life hmm I was going to ask you that from a fourth and fifth dimension perspective what it what is a typical day like for Jim self I mean on one hand I’m thinking that you’re having this cup of coffee type communication it would be hard to want to leave that well why leave it no I understand your question but really my answer is why I leave it see all of this is not about a meditation where you go close your eyes it’s about a living walking around engaging space it’s about standing in your job and seeing how people are thinking basically looking for the way to structure a result a desired result it’s the ability to have those that I of Horus turned on in the centre of the brain engaging all your psychic abilities in a conversation and realizing that you can lay out a set of choices that everybody will agree to in their own best interest they agree to it not your interest but that begins to be an easier smoother course of events so your ability to perceive and view from different points of reference without getting all wound up in your own ego or your own emotional issues begins to be something that works real well so in that light body for example you start to see how do you construct the world you wish to have how do you begin to draw using something we haven’t talked about the rays of creation these huge powerful energetic forms of creative energy to start to sculpt and create imaging that allows a different set of choices there’s a particular set of classes that I do where might my example is the world is the people are in you know out in the cold stormy ocean water and you just basically start to hold the thought of a beach and you basically create the beach and you create the warmness and you create the joy on the beach and one by one they begin to see the beach and they come one by one ten by ten hundreds by hundreds and priests and they’re on the beach and they don’t remember the storm or where they came from and but at that time somebody says well who did all this and nobody knows and and you smile well now civil that’s what’s possibly we are at the top of the hour and for selfish reasons I want to hear more about what the land but you have some upcoming conferences but I’d be remiss if you didn’t cover those during our talk today well they’re not available to the audience that’s listening to this you see our purpose is very focused on providing a pathway for people to choose to one know themselves and to simply rearrange the I’m not okay and then be able to hold these levels of light that bring about what you hope to have happen they basically allow you to be the Creator that you are so your Creator being create and and in that space that’s what mastering alchemy is all about so these conferences we do a lot of free things that’s a better question we do free lectures every month there is a lot of free information in the mastering alchemy library lots of instructional videos lots of conversations I’ve been doing more Facebook on the 15th of November I’m going to do a live Facebook conversation about artificial intelligence you know is it the Terminator or is it the new construct of the brain for the new human it’s a little bit of both but there is an opportunity to plant a seed here that this that particular talks all about so much free stuff mastering alchemy comm mastering alchemy dot-com and as you mentioned Facebook and we will definitely keep an eye out for November 15 I want to get your take on Facebook shutting down their AI a couple of months ago because I chose to start speaking on its own outside of our control and they set that down but interesting that very so I mean that’s what they told us so that they really shut it down we definitely have to have you on again I mean I can’t believe it another hour has gone by and that’s a good thanks again Jim for Jim’s you could check them out at mastering alchemy comm he has a Facebook page as well you can see all that that he talked about with his free classes and such and sign up for level one two and three and you’ll get to play with us so with that this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and thanks again for your time to them we appreciate it yeah my pleasure very much blessings guys yeah thanks Jim thanks very much [Music] thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future 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