Meditation For Women – Meditation Secrets For Women (Interview 2017)

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good afternoon everybody is Sunday August 6 2017 and if you are in tune to another podcast of an tendrá intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I am David and today we are blessed with Keyshia Lee Crawford I’m really excited to have a podcast with you Keisha because I spend a lot of time with Joanne who was the director of Verizon Center of intuitive awareness and every time that I’m with her were different functions a lot of people even to this day come up to her and they want to do freshening they want to freshen up their tools or they want to know about new classes that she’s having and I understand that through Mary Bell who we’ve introduced to interviewed a couple of weeks ago that you have taking on the banner if you will of providing services that are similar to Verizon Center is that correct I do nationally hi guys it’s a yes I’m going to be here and to to be able to teach these tools it’s interesting because I graduated from the program five years ago and you know at the time we weren’t able to really take notes or you know anything like that and so for me to just be able to remember these things and I think it’s the consistent use of the tools just to be able to offer these things and know that they are still up to par with the original curriculum because they even reached out to the Berkeley psychic Institute just to see you know if the curriculum was still I guess in present time because I wanted to teach it from that perspective and yeah it’s just I have an eighth month program and I have the level one fundamental energy tools the level two next-level tools and then the clairvoyant program so it’s a you know it’s been amazing to just be a student of these teachings and to utilize them but then to gift them and put them in the hands of other people and see how they work for them so I’m being kind of a student on the other side you know to see how these tools work for other people and to hear the changes in their lives and stuff is just amazing so yeah it’s a honor to be able to fill in and offer that to you know people here in Atlanta and just a kind of step you know in those shoes and follow on that path behind someone as amazing as David’s mom Jillian says blessing he’s honored to be here yes absolutely if you can kind of go back to we always talk about your hello or your introduction on many cases many people are living one life and then something they have a defining moment where they are to this type of work so if you can go into that that’d be great yeah so I got into this work because at the time I was actually going through a separation from my son’s father and was just kind of Lawson you know if I was working out here so long had a friend of mine who was a co-worker there and she was going to horizon Center getting the healings that sort of stuff and Phoenix and Dragon bookstore which is right next door to it and she told me one day you know come to this book store and I just thought you know I want you to get something or I want to give you something from here and I said okay so I go to this store stinkin dragon and she shows me this wall of crystals and I’m thinking what am I gonna do with this rock you know I’m like I don’t know what I’m gonna do with a rock oh okay in this situation I’m broken on the straw do you know I’m just very vulnerable not sure if I’m making the right decision and so I grabbed some stones and she takes me to Horizon Center I get a healing and I was just kind of intrigued by this place and it felt like home it felt comfortable I thought the stuff that they did was very interesting because I’ve always been very sensitive and growing up I grew up actually Southern Baptists here in Atlanta so I had a connectionless fear but it felt disconnected at the same time so it just felt like there was something more out there so when I found her eyes and it felt like huh what is this I’m kind of curious you know and from there I just you know started taking classes I would go to the healings and it just evolved from there next thing you know I’m you know assisting and when Sharon ku felt was there before she moved to California I assisted her with the women’s meditation there and eventually we kind of I guess we stopped doing that for some reason and I moved it over to an opportunity came up moved it over to Phoenix and Dragon and decided one day I always knew I wanted to offer the energy tools once I graduated through the program just because I saw how it changed my life in ways that were so unexpected and but it felt like I had a sense of control over things at the same time and I knew I wanted to teach these tools you know once I learned them and adapted them to my daily life and it just so happened that Here I am you know and it’s actually kind of funny because I when I was at Horizon I thought one time in the meditation I just kind of had this insight about working maybe for Phoenix and Dragon bookstore but I always knew like very clearly that I wanted to share these tools with the world and it’s the funniest thing because Here I am I work for Phoenix and Dragon bookstore technically but I’m teaching these energy tools right at the same Center where Horizon was so it’s kind of like home full circle for me and it really just started by going there getting healings and just being intrigued by everything else they offered and I just kind of I trying to fight against wow so you’re right you’re in the exact location where horizon was exactly let’s like the next level Tools room that is where I teach my son mental and my next level tools is right away Wow great yeah so it’s like it’s like you know kind of literally is coming full circle for me so it’s definitely an honor and a blessing it’s kind of funny I think you know accidents for sure yeah exactly rule number one at this at this point are you just doing everything on your own or do you are you working with anyone else in teaching or in origin your classes and everything you offer is a different house a job yeah I work mostly by myself I teach classes over at Phoenix and drag and have a weekly women’s meditation from 7-8 p.m. I’ve actually proud of myself I realized I had a five-year anniversary this spring doing that in Tennessee and yeah that’s the one I cook over from a Sharon and then I also teach a midday meditation there I just had a two-year anniversary apparently with that one on Thursdays and Saturdays I teach maybe once or twice a month so that I do by myself and then the energy tools I have an idea of actually developing a school with one other graduate Dana Robinson I’m not sure if y’all are familiar with her but her and I acid graduated from the IDP program together and she also teaches these tools she teaches them privately so I was thinking well you know why don’t we get together we can collaborate and so you know we’re kind of in the talks of actually having a physical location but maybe an online school as well for offering these um these tools but for right now it’s just me and you know it’s kind of a one-man band right now great I love it yeah so let me ask you at Horizon there was if you will funnel in that many people kind of like what you just mentioned they come in for free energy healing just to get introduction to the type of modalities that exists there and many people like it and they want to know more then they start with the initial class and the next steps of the 90 P is that pretty much what you’re finding with the women’s meditation people come in to you to know more about the winds meditation and then go to the other classes or how does that work yes that is correct that is my guess the women’s meditation I would consider my lead generator because that’s where a majority of these students enrolled have come from there I’ve had a few that have just seen it on the calendar and decided to just kind of hop in the majority of students do come from the women’s meditation I what I like to do actually is in my meditations I apply some of the tools and assist with the visualization in a way but it’s kind of like and your subconscious I’m kind of you know planting these little seeds so that if you ever do kind of come into the the the IDP program you’re like ah that’s what she’s trying to get us to do you know where she says connect to the earth or you know calling your energy bag stuff like that like they don’t ask me note I don’t have to teach the the the tool or technique specifically but just the idea of it and so it’s kind of nice because if you go in between the two you know the IDP and any of my meditations you have this familiarity and then you can start to apply those tools while you’re in meditation so it’s kind of like practice but also being able to have that opportunity that assistance that guidance to apply them and to make any kind of necessary changes in your life soon yeah that’s basically kind of how I get most of my students is through the women’s meditation but you know hopefully moving to online presence and all that will open the doors for a lot other avenues absolutely the what the women’s meditation is interesting because the the premise of us even starting a podcast was from the homies perspective because there aren’t a lot of guys that goes through these type of teach or at least speak about it publicly and we do you find a common thread with the women obviously they’re not obviously but for the most part of my experience any type of personal development self-help spiritual growth is heavily dominated by women are you able to pinpoint reasons why they come through your your funnel through the woman’s meditation I think women are naturally drawn to relying on community and assistance I think in helping one another finding a place to feel safe I think is a place a reason why women tend to a lot of times be more into this type of spiritual development and self-help work balancing you know home life or career things like that we naturally are multifaceted creatures you know we’re very creative beings we see things from a bigger perspective so I think it’s kind of just met our you know intrinsic nature actually that we seek something greater than ourselves too you know because we’re programmed I think to not see things linear but you know in a bigger concept and so I think that’s why spirituality is maybe more dominated at times by women but also I think it’s because men in a societal standpoint haven’t always been validated for vulnerability you know speaking about emotions or you know things that are more acidic stuff like that so I think that’s probably at least my reasoning why women typically dominate more of the spiritual growth and self health and you know spiritual development even intuitive development side women are naturally intuitive you know we talk about a women hat woman having a sixth sense you know so I think it’s just when you are a woman and you naturally are in tune with your intuition or you have the sort of five this energy this force that moves through you I think something like and intuitive development program or things to help you expand your most authentic self you know your highest self is something that just kind of naturally will pique your curiosity I think it’s just part of who you are so I think as women that’s just what we’re just drawn to agree more with you Keisha I think when I was a student this was like 30 years ago 37 years ago I think the women it was like seven to one seven women for a male yes over here yeah there’s always a lot more women I think to just dealing with energy they’re just a little more yeah in tune little more sensitive especially with the ability to create and give birth and so having a you know energy or a spirit that can you know come into their space for those kind of purposes they’re just way kind of ahead of the game there’s certain aspects and then as far as just energy and being aware of it yeah I think so you know I heard a story one time that a it said basically you know women are natural and I tell the story and so my meditations in classes but how women are naturally we’re creative beings you know we take something and we can recreate it into something even greater at times you know you give a woman grain she can make bread you give her groceries she can make you know meal you give her a house she makes it a home you give her you know sperm she can give you a child you know and problem is if you give her any crap you know everything else she gives you see multiplies so you know you give a woman a crappy and I gotta be careful what comes at on the other is responsive Ranger so you know it’s just yeah it’s pretty positive because you can always say if you look at any males of any male that’s in the public eye that has consistency over years like if think of presidential people you think of our icons like a Martin Luther King or some others they all mentioned that they wouldn’t be at the level that they were their peak if I want to pro-woman so exactly exactly beep silence do you now as far as you living in Atlanta it’s interesting because in Atlanta in my opinion being an outsider there’s two different types of Atlanta’s like there is an Atlanta before the Olympics and then after the Olympics and then after before the recession and then after recession and Atlanta is still seen as a pocket in the south for like spiritual development in a community that continues to grow but have you seen if I would use another before and after a change between or before 2012 and after 2012 with relation to your development and the people you work with ah yeah I would say so it’s funny though because I do seem to attract like a lot of my close friends are like native Atlantians for some reason you know I said I don’t know how or why but I guess because I consider myself a native I’ve been here 26 years so I guess I seemed also kind of attract that vibe and it’s funny because I know a friend of mine who’s got they sell t-shirts that say the old Atlanta or and stuff on it but you know just since 2012 I would say yeah there’s been a big growth and a big change you see obviously buildings going up left and right and stuff like that but spiritually I would say you see a tremendous growth in the people here in Atlanta because we have so many transplants you know you’re having so many people from California coming over here I think you know not to be stereotypical but you know they may have a little bit more of an open mind that kind of thing so they come here people from you know New York all the sort of stuff and you know New Orleans after Katrina things like that people moved here and I think that does change the demographics I noticed that you know at the bookstore there’s a lot of different people coming in there there was even like a church tour I guess of the bookstore is like a field trip or something I think a lot of people are becoming more open to it and especially because it is here in the South with all the change going on you know individually and collectively especially after 2012 I think that a lot of the maybe more religious ideals and things like that are also coming to light and certain people may be looking for something a little more you know especially when it comes down to what you see on TV and politics things like that I think people are starting to wake up and feel like there’s something more out there I can take some of these ideals and apply them but some of those own stuff I gotta kind of filter out you know and I think that is why people with so many different people coming to Atlanta I think that’s why there’s this sort of soul-searching this you know collective that’s Awakening and arising and you know it allows for people like myself to you know be able to share what we know so yeah I think the demographics here has definitely changed after 2012 and so it’s affecting the spirituality overall here in Atlanta mm-hmm I’m a Phoenix dragon their events a lot of events are standing-room-only now you know where there will be a trickle of folks before it just seems like there’s a greater interest as you mentioned and what I’ve also seen is just in traditional like traditional medicine they would never talk about things like chiropractic or yoga and now there’s more of a acceptance of complimentary medicine to traditional medicine so um I’m actually encouraged means that they’re doing the church tours because there’s obviously reaching across the aisle if you will and not separating where many people would separate the two before yeah and there’s a whole you know Scientology place up the street to you know like a stone from it and it’s funny because Roger rodas actually considered I guess they call it a metaphysical mile because there’s so many other places like that holistic places you know that go up and down the street there so yeah it’s pretty cool okay you um do you have a any you know a spiritual you know teacher our author or anyone can follow yeah I follow a few different people that all know me or necessarily my past you know personally but I do have a few people that I look forward to seeing their posts or emails things like that or just kind of consider you know like a little spiritual icon for myself one person obviously is belief hey I use her information a lot and apply it to just you know her affirmations things like that apply it to how I see myself my body stuff like that there’s another lady Lisa Michaels if you are familiar with the body awareness studio upstairs and where horizon used to be Leslie Clayton up there she’s actually done some work with Lisa Michaels as far as a like becoming a natural rhythms facilitator Lisa helps with working through the difficult of different elements and applying those principles to your life I use her her work and have read her books a lot who else would someone Doreen Virtue definitely another one of my favs that’s actually how I started with getting into cars and doing readings and stuff like that is with some adrene virtues Oracle decks and I use her goddess Oracle back actually every Monday with the women’s meditation I use her messages from your angels deck for my midday meditation guidance and so I like her a lot let’s see who else is there and then there’s a couple other ones and kind of I guess main that I would say mainstream like Christy Maurice Sheldon she teaches an unlimited abundance program I’ve taken her course several times and Lisa Nichols is another wonderful author she’s someone that I just got and I get you to say inspire to be like I think she’s amazing or transformation in her story says yeah those are okay those are some empowering women that I that I look up to and then inspire to to be like so yeah I would consider them spiritual teachers outside of the ones that I’ve been able to call mentors here in Atlanta great great so did you do the you teach now classes you teach you have a lot of stuff offered for women of course and stuff but it’s the doors are open to anyone or is it just mostly female type classes no the only classes that I offer for just women are is the women’s meditation on Mondays but the midday meditation the Saturdays as well as intuitive development program all that’s open to everyone it open to everyone okay yes all genders oh yes okay whenever you consider yourselves I doesn’t matter come on in yeah well so what would you say if someone were to ask the difference between getting spiritual coaching as opposed to spiritual counseling well is the difference between the two of those if any are very similar the difference between spiritual coaching and spiritual counseling I think coaching is a little bit more of long-term assistance because counseling can sometimes be you know a little bit more sporadic maybe maybe not as consistent and so I think that’s what the difference is between the two I think counseling can involve obviously a lot of listening and maybe applying you know giving advice for maybe the moment but I think coaching is a little bit of a longer a little bit more of an investment you know with time and nurturing and I think was coaching you maybe give techniques or certain principles this person can apply to not just that particular situation but to like mmm okay and that makes sense in that regard and that’s the same vein there there seems to be two types of groups of people if you will there’s some that will come for reading or see you at a fair and then they’ll come the next month to see you at the fair but they never go beyond that or they you know they just they’re always giving you the seniority and are you eight are you finding ways to get them to become more empowered to start taking taking responsibility for their own kind of responsibility for their own action you know there’s people like career career students right I mean I think we’re all knowledge is infinite but do you find that there’s a greater percentage that you can kind of make self aware as opposed to constantly reaping up to you for fifteen to twenty men treated I think so I think I do a good job of explaining things in a way and like in regards to saying this is an intuitive development program you know I’ll say things like helping you to find your own truths you know like instead of come to me for all your answers do you know to be like so I think I just was you know I think I’ve verbalize my boundary you know by just choosing my words carefully say you know empowering this is the course or you know my classes or my intention is to help empower you to you know use these tools or you make certain changes for yourself and just become aware of your why and you know the the subconscious triggers of them so I think in the way I speak about what I do I like for it to come across more as hey you got to do the work you know I’m here to help you but you got to do the work versus you know oh I’m gonna you know just like okay let me see what your problem is and okay let’s keep working on this and you know that kind of thing is I like to more so focus on like look let’s just kind of if we can just take the shortcut and just nip it in the bud let’s go straight to what the source is so that you can not only you know break certain habits or release anything that’s not serving you but learn how to recreate stuff too that way you don’t become dependent on me you become reliant upon yourself yeah I found it smart saying that I found a real smart huh I like what I think yeah I used to kind of out say it that way to is really I’m here to kind of help you become your own psychic yeah you know just won’t be a catalyst you know I don’t want to be a comforter all the time I want to be a catalyst human well exactly I remember about a year year and a half ago I got a television or a network have reached out to me and some other psychics from horizon and they wanted to do a TV show for black psychics because they felt that there you know there weren’t there wasn’t enough representation for people like us and I love the fact that you had mentioned Lisa Nichols and there aren’t you know there’s still a handful that are out there in the public eye but are you seeing a greater greater numbers of African Americans I mean usually especially in South being the Bible Belt and you know religious-based are you seeing that they’re making more of a breakthrough towards coming to you or your work as well oh yeah yeah there’s a you know it was interesting when I first actually started working as an in-house reader at the bookstore one of the readers came up to me was like how is nice something you know it’s kind of cool to see that there’s another one of us here you know and then one day I remember and there’s been several times actually another thing about it was when I walked into the bookstore and I’m just kind of like surprised you know at all the you know african-american people that are in there and I’m just kind of like you know the illusion so it’s definitely a shift especially in my meditations my women’s meditation you know midday meditation I noticed a growing number of black women coming in and even in my classes as well and some of them even to have mentioned about you know it’s maybe some of these concepts are a little it’s not that they it’s almost like they’re minded they’re aware of their mind trying to figure it out because they’ve been told for so long and their whole lives at this type of you know stuff is you know which he or you know it’s evil and you know sinful that kind of stuff so they’re trying to program their mind a different way but at the same time it’s kind of cool because you have outlets like social media where you know you find so many empower like my whole you know timeline or whatever when I look at say Instagram is filled with you know black women who are using tarot cards or crystals and you know entrepreneurs things like that you know stepping out spiritually about how they feel about things or what their gifts are and you know things like that and I just think it’s the coolest thing you know we all there’s no competition we all have intuitive gifts that we can offer the world and everyone has you know a different vibe or energy that they admit that someone else is receptive to and so are they you know enough people in the world for everyone we’re here to help each other and I think it’s phenomenal that this is happening through the black woman which you know has been so oppressed and suppressed for you know years so it’s very empowering and it’s very very purposeful I think to to be a black woman at this time and be doing this work you know even when I stepped into horizon for the first time and I saw Joanne I was like oh I’m like okay I was like that’s not like this is like you know like my grandma or somebody else’s I was surprised that there was you know older black woman there is a director and I was just kind of like okay and that’s something that I I like to tell people or show people you know if I have any pictures from horizon the share is that you know I learned this stuff from a black woman you know and so to me that’s you know I think that’s important I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to witness at this time right here you say that because one of the reasons why I turned it down and some others turn that TV show down was because at the time you felt they wanted to make it like the Atlanta housewives those psychics or something like very sensational very stereotypical and was just off-putting so the factors have another probably photos before you know it’s just like okay yeah I’m not going to participate in something like that years ago you know a while ago it was just kind of interesting because I do remember I was at horizon one time and I believe Joanne was telling us that there was I think the Real Housewives of Atlanta they wanted to get readings you know and wanted to come in for readings or hire us to go there for readings and I think one of the reasons you know things like that don’t always fall through is because the ego factor you know even though we’re all you know spiritually connected and spiritual aspirants I think that we still have you know a worldly self to it so sometimes you know I think everyone’s maybe individual ego will get in the way you know or maybe at the same time it doesn’t resonate with the highest self you know I I found that the one opportunity that I had to work on a show like that you know they wanted the person that they wanted me to make a joke about like I know that person and they wanted me to you know just make some kind of joke like what is it oh you know someone so psychic and they didn’t see that coming you know and it was just kind of snarky and I was kind of like ah I get the joke and I said it myself but not with that same tone you know they’re trying they’re trying to get me to be more I guess you know sarcastic and passive-aggressive with it and I was just like I know that I have been vibe well with me needless to say I didn’t go on in that particular show or series I’m like that’s fine you know because you’re not going to jeopardize my authenticity you know for your personal gain it’s just not I’ll find my purpose elsewhere you know so yeah and they even I think one time in that same particular show it was something about you know trying to make two of the people fight because they said that there was someone trying to do a voodoo ritual on another part you know it was just kind of like what is this you know like things not my reality and I know that this is a reality chef and it’s Celina still constructed you know but at the same time I just I’m like I’m not this is not something that I can and that’s my time wins so yeah definitely looking for some drama yeah well yeah but hopefully you know one day something will come along that will I think be able to shed light on what it really means to be you know whether it’s black and a woman and spiritual and here in Atlanta they’re looking for all those facets or whatever it is but you know hopefully at some point there will come a time where you know we can be seen in a positive light and maybe help other people through that Avenue or through that outlet of you know TV or whatnot – just to bring awareness that it’s it’s not all the stereotypical woo kind of stuff you know there’s a practicality to being psychic and living intuitively and consciously yeah so and all your work you have any while I don’t know if I wanna say why but just like Wow experiences haven’t you experienced it it’s just like mental Wow just kind of wild you oh yeah there’s been you know several differentially little ever gave me other phone there’s an of several different stories I’ll actually talk about my first reading I had just started going into classes at The Horizon Center and I had a I was cutting hair at the time and that’s when I had you know was going through that breakup when my son’s father and friend and introduced me to arising and so forth and those cutting this guy’s hair he would come every month to get his you know businessman haircut and one day he came in I just you know like something you’re right something’s kind of off a little bit it was like it look I guess I’m all right you know I’m a little little tire something cuz we traveled a lot and I said okay you know cut his hair see you next time next month he comes in and I found the same thing and like and are you doing and he says I’m okay I’m good so good I’m like he sure and he know you kind of like whoa why you asking me and so I tell them I was like I don’t know just something seems a little different about you something seems also I was like you seen like over on the outside I feel like you seen okay but I don’t know why on the inside I feel like there’s like you feel tired or there’s something you know and he said well I was like you know I’m good I should be alright and I didn’t see him for a couple months and after that he came in and told me that after the last haircut I had given him he had a physical as annual physical he went to the doctor and they basically put him on oh you know stretcher and didn’t know he was going to live or die because they weren’t sure based on his vitals you know things weren’t looking very consistent and long story short he ended up telling me when he came in for his next circa that he had somehow got a virus in his system they didn’t know if it was like Lou Gehrig’s disease or if it was something you know maybe respiratory autoimmune they weren’t sure what it was but what did I think and I was like whoa oh yeah scan me I’m cutting your hair you know he said well when you told me twice that something wasn’t right he was like and then I go to get a physical and they basically tell me I might die in five minutes you know he was like I traveled the world I have a good life I just you know didn’t see that coming he said that you’ve been telling me stuff before the doctors have so I told him I was like okay we’re getting deep so I’m like I feel that you have some kind of virus or disease I feel like he may have gotten it from overseas like either in China or you know maybe South America somewhere exotic because he would like to travel when he was away on business and do kind of very adventurous you know cool type I guess for vacations things outings and so forth and he said okay you know right I can take that and he asked did I think he was going to die from this and I was like oh I’m thinking at this point on my dude I’m just a hair stylist I’m just a hair stylist I’m just here to cut your hair you know I didn’t dig in too deep right now and say well okay um you got to die yes one day right I knew that that was definitely something finite that I could guarantee is I know you’re gonna die one day if it’s a Tuesday or Thursday I don’t know you know and he said well he’s like you know the thing is I’ve come to accept that if I die from this I’m gonna be okay he’s like I had loving parents that had a great childhood I’ve had a great career you know my marriage kind of went down the gutter but he was like it was great while it lasted he was like I have no regrets in life and I was like wow okay and just what came to me was I was like I don’t feel like you’re going to die from this disease I do feel like you have some sort of residual health issues and so he goes you know after his appointment comes back a month why and tells me that apparently whatever was in a system has cleared itself but now he actually suffers from sleep apnea and when he told me that I was like really and I was like so shocked because I’m just sitting here like did I really how did I know this you know like how did I know this information and he was obviously very grateful because he was like you know had you not told me you know all these things prior to he was like I don’t know if I would have taken certain steps had been able to go through it as as easy as I was able to and when I looked at him in the mirror you know I just saw this like flash of green light and I know that there were trees because I was kind of in like a fishbowl sort of a hair salon or windows all around me and there were trees outside but you know to me that that flash of green light it wasn’t like I looked up and saw a reflection of the trees it was a definitely lot brighter and at the time I was looking at I had just gotten into Doreen virtues my angel cards and books and things like that and knew that Green represented healing through the Archangel Raphael so I was like okay and I just took that as a sign and then you know that was my first actual reading and I hadn’t completed you know the program or anything yet I just was using whatever little tools I had just trusting my intuition and what was kind of pushing me so that was um that was my first ever reading that I did and then just you know recently there was a time when I was heading over to the bookstore and you know is the quicker story but this is a I was had to go to the book store had a reading to do you know Atlanta traffic causal road all that I can get kind of congested here in Sandy Springs and I was running a little bit behind I’m still going to get there before the actual appointment time but wanted to be there maybe a little sooner and as I’m sitting there at the light on 285 in Roswell Road I just use my tools you know like from the fundamental tools or the I common fundamental I guess at the time they are essential energy tools and I just grounded you know the bookstore and that sort of thing and I get there and I my client is like how long have you been here at this bookstore I said well I’ve been here a few years you know but I was coming here before I started working here why and she said well she was like I’ve been coming here for like 20 years she’s like I live in Atlanta all my life you know I’ve been coming to the bookstore you know for a long time she said it was the weirdest thing because when you before you walked in she was like I’m sitting down and all of a sudden I just felt this heaviness smooth through the bookstore and I like really she said yeah she’s like it wasn’t bad it didn’t feel bad or anything she was like but it was just like this heaviness she was like and everything felt like kind of still but not you know and she’s like I couldn’t really I can’t read ascribe what it felt like outside saying it felt heavy and it just moved through the bookstore shoes and I had to get up and you know move around and stuff like that because she said she had never felt anything like that in the bookstore but I just thought it was funny because she kept saying he had happen right before you came in and I was just like interesting because Brett Farr came in I was using a tool so and anytime I’ve used any grounding or anything like that I found that grounding always feels kind of heavy you know and so I thought that was kind of cool because I know the tools work for me but for someone you know to be that sensitive to that feeling of what was going on around them and I’m like a quarter-mile at the street you know like I thought that was pretty cool Wow I remember your son coming through horizon he was relatively young now how old is he now he is 16 mr. Ferris 19 years old yeah he’s 16 and about 6 feet 1 6 foot 1 and yeah he’s a he’s actually starting 11th grade tomorrow we’ll be doing varsity basketball I’m assuming so yeah very proud of him here miss Joey and all the ways left and if I brought him to the center she just you know if I she had blinders on she’s I’d be like Johanna she’s got a hankie talking about you arrested we’re here to guarantee my heart you know he’s always been the yeah every time he came to rise and he got a lot of a lot of love they’re so funny do you think the love has rubbed off in the realm of spirituality d you know if he uses his tools or he’s pretty shut off right now to the teenager I actually think Paris is pretty sensitive and open actually the other day we were in the car and I was just you know talking to him about okay setting it intention you know for this new school year and knowing you know that this eleventh grade year and you know scouts look at this colleges look at this you know I know there’s a lot of may be a lot of anxiety but also a lot of excitement you know so just you know fine-tune what maybe your intention is and I was teaching him actually the the mock-up tool from the IDP program and you know when you have a 16 year old that takes their headphones out you know and turns off their music and their intently listening you’re like okay but it face up right now is no at that moment I was like I ain’t got time to teach him the full course but I was teaching this one and I you know that intuitive parent I can tell that he’s applying these he’s feeling it you know anytime I’ve taught him anything you know I can tell that he is listening and feeling it because when Sharon was here she actually attuned him as a level two Reiki practitioner when he was 8 years old and not that he you know just goes around doing Reiki all the time but he’s always heard me say things you know when he has a headache or when he’s injured from basketball or something like that you know don’t give him some drinking or whatever or you know you know before you eat your food or whatever give us some right here he’s always healing healing or hearing me tell him to give something a healing or if he puts his hands on me sometimes you know I’ll just tell him thank you for the healing you know because I can feel his intention and energy through his hands that he’s you know gifting to me in that moment and so I think these principles you know it’s kind of cool because he’s a 16 year old boy and his dad goes to church you know on Saturday nights he goes to the church that I actually went to and when I was a teenager and it’s just kind of interesting because he gets the best of both worlds you know he goes to church was a dad I asked him how the sermon was not because I’m trying to be nosey necessarily but I just want to know that he’s there and listening you know I do believe that you can still you know be in the church and gain some kind of message or wisdom or something that you can apply you know if you if that’s your intention and then he also has me on the side you know with the other stuff you know I definitely want to teach him though you know look like the energy tools classes he said he’s asked me open to it and another couple of his other friends that are on the basketball team so that they’d be open to it and for me that’s a great to hear because I would love to if I wish I would have known these things when I was at age you know what I mean and for them to be young men and some of them young black men you know to know how to protect themselves energetically how to ground situations you know how to manifest things and you know just apply these these principles to their lives you know to create better for themselves and for their families in the world you know I think that this is something that is actually vital that we should be teaching our youth so that’s that’s also another Avenue I would like to go down you know one of these days with having a school but you know I think easy easy seems open to it so I try to put those little nuggets in when I can you know the urging because generationally there’s been a breakage right generations before had these tools but we’ve seen cut off from that the fact that he’s open now and may potentially be for the rest of his life and he learned it from his mom he may pass it on to his seeds you know they’ll be more of a cohesive growth as opposed to where it was fractured in the in our history exactly exactly and that’s my thing is you know it all comes full circle because we’re talking about women and growth and spirituality and stuff like that earlier you know is to change you know that we look for in this world a better world you know really it moves through women you know because if they’re the ones that are awakening and learning and growing and like you said you know like someone like Joanne teaching her kids myself teaching my son even if it’s just a little bit here and there you know I think it just plants that see for the next generation and it starts with the home you know it starts with that the mom you know teaching and expanding the the mind and the heart you know the soul of their children and then you know these children grow up and they pass that on you know so I think you know as women it’s very important to teach our children this but just you know in general for you know just generations to come I think it’s very important the Attucks period that’s really great to hear I can remember when when Joanne had started all this in the early 80s I was in my teens and yeah I want anything to do it it was just at that time it was just my mom weird stuff that’s not what it is believe me it that’s still what it is in 2017 is thermometer weird stuff and you took me home we was quite you know I guess spot 18 is when it kind of everything kind of started open up for me and I started realizing what was going on and started to embrace it but yeah that’s that’s great to hear that you’d look into it and whatnot yeah please listen I think it’s kind of being energetically sensitive he’s always been a little energy energetically sensitive and I think that’s just something that I’ve always wanted to Konerko you know what I mean because I was always very sensitive now in hindsight I realized that that I was always very sensitive but I didn’t have you know an outlet or someone who could teach me how to utilize that you know as a strength you know instead of it being seen as a weakness you know and so yeah there was you know even with him growing up his dad sometimes you know would be like you know toughen up and you know I think that’s kind of a dad thing but you know I was like well okay I want him to learn how to be you know tough you know to be strong but I also you know want him to be to be vulnerable and know be emotionally aware you know have emotional awareness so that doesn’t mean being sensitive you know and being having that as a weakness you know notional awareness is very powerful yeah in speaking about awareness and spreading awareness you mentioned that potentially you and Dana may have your own location and have an online presence and such have you and I like that you reached out the Berkeley psyche against it – are you planning any type of cross-promotion where people that come through you or your site they can get connected with the people at dpi and vice versa or have you is that too premature premature that’s a good idea just wrote that down am I on the pen here thank you free advice there I will take it like you absolutely just throwing things and actually when we get off the phone I’ll call you because I went to I’m in the Big Brother Big Sister program and he’s starting 10th grade tomorrow and so we were able to access this ungodly amount of money that you can get for fellowships and scholarships and such I’ll share that with you as a resource that you and your son can can take advantage of as well oh well thank you I say that Thank You Lonnie link is with my son – I just you know feeding in these little tidbits I just look at maybe it’s because I’m a intuitive parent or whatever but you know I look at him and I just I I guess I hate him and help him to acknowledge when he creates something or manifests something he’s intuitive himself you know I noticed thatone he’s naturally intuitive so I try to hone that skill that’s already within him so something like this I’ll just kind of you know kind of tell him to applaud him like lucky little oh you know good little manifestation to you know you’re part of the co-creation so thank you I appreciate this absolutely and we’re coming up on the hour so before we head out it you can tell people what the calendar looks like for August and September as far as people women and men that are interested in doing your introductory classes or your intuitive development and just overall classes and your appearances at Phoenix and Dragon along with your website that’d be great all right yeah so as far as meditation Phoenix and Dragon I had my women’s meditation on Monday nights that is from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. my Thursday meditation and my Saturdays are open to all so men and women and Thursdays is from noon until 12:45 which is kind of a little lunch break there and then Saturday this month I will be doing the last Saturday of the month that’s from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and all the meditations I teach at Phoenix and dragon are 10 bucks the women’s meditation is guided meditation you also get a reading and in my Thursday and Saturday meditations you get the guided meditation with a healing as far as my intuitive development classes I kind of the word floor in there but intuitive development classes coming up for August we actually just started with the level 1 fundamental energy tools that’s actually what I called it an emphasis on the fun part we just started that this month but if anyone wants to join and they can definitely email me and we can see what we can get them in next month actually September I’ll be offering the level 2 so if anyone wants a refresher or something like that maybe if they’ve taken it before and they just kind of want to jump in refresh on the tools so they could definitely do that and right now I’ve got the level one level two alternating months so the fundamental tools will be offered again coming in October which will be followed by the level two in November so and the level three is that’s probably something that you know someone wants to refresh on that they could definitely email me my website is Keisha Lee Crawford calm that’s ki sha la e Crawford calm and then my email address is Keisha Lee Crawford at gmail so they can always find me you know just Google or also on the Phoenix and drag in a website so awesome I really enjoyed the conversation and look forward to although I mean you have a lot of expansion in your in your area I see and you can’t wait to see that start manifesting and we should have you back as you continue to grow thank you thank you definitely a pleasure definitely honored to be on that call with you too so just I always love you know whenever I can spend time with horizon alumni and stuff you know I miss everybody awesome so again a key silly Crawford site is Keisha Lee Crawford con you can get in touch with her there and find out everything else that she has going on and watch her as she blossoms in her path as well so with intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m Damon and thanks again for everybody that is listening to this and will listen to the archives and we’ll see you on the next podcast thank you thank you thanks

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