Meditation Techniques for Anxiety


Hamza and David explore the wonderful world of meditation. Can meditation be used to reduce anxiety? What is the core root of anxiety anyway?

We discuss experiences both pro and con on the subject from a homies’ perspective…

Video Transcript

[Music] hey there everybody is sunday it is actually what is it daylight savings time yeah I where I mean we’re ahead of the game where I had it a game an extra hour this is hamza this is david and we are doing for this podcast understanding mindfulness it’s a meditation podcast from a homies perspective meditate on it meditate on it yeah so why are we doing meditation and why are we doing it from my homies perspective what’s your take on that I do well because we’re two homies that meditate I love the meditation so we’re going to give you a perspective you know what meditation is and our experiences with meditation okay and alright so first of all for those that don’t know what is your definition of meditation well good question and you can probably go around ask a hundred different people and probably get a height of different answers that give you minus in internal practice or exercise spiritual exercise of quieting the mind as a people like to say and um it’s good for relaxation dealing with anxiety and tuning in tuning into self and to source so that’s just kind of a general I mean it can go off into tons of different directions but for me that’s kind of what it is okay if for me i look at meditation i always remember this at a buddhist temple and a lot of people at the time are asking questions of what’s the difference between prayer and meditation and so their answer at the time was prayer is actually when you’re speaking to God and meditation is when you are actually listening and so if you have two years one mouth you should spin more time listening and then you can probably get more of a perspective in a different viewpoint as opposed to voicing your opinions because you’re going to when I think I found not i think but i found through meditation that i can discover uncover a lot of things that in my monkey mind i can not uncover its when i actually take a step back and i know listening to Abraham over all these years listening to set and listening to Bashar any of those folks they’re doing some level of meditation and I think uniformly they have all mentioned that they had to go into some type of retreat and letting go through some form of meditation to actually access even in channeling so we’re not going to talk about channeling from a whole perspective in this podcast but it is some form of meditation and it is some form of actually listening you’re communicating what you’re hearing to the masses yes so can you remember the first time that you ever had any experience with meditating absolutely I not even be before four was a class maybe when you’re a child you saw something on TV yes yeah and so since this is a homies perspective I gotta give a shout-out to the hip hop because hip hop well I wish you know what I wish I could remember this barber’s name it was this barber in orlando i used to live in orlando and i was in high school you know and then I had hair you know those good times and then it’s hard to imagine at a high top fade so he knows almost hit the ceiling so it’s really interesting but you know who’s the kid in clay because I totally had to call away I want to see a picture that I totally have a really funny because i wanna i want a homecoming one year oh boy in your ear right in the crown went right over it was like a box of cake it was really funny I’ll get that out to the audience in the future so anyway you know at barber shop there’s a lot of guy talked we talked to sports and this and that and so one thing that we also did was the guy this bar bird that I’m thinking about he was really a critic he was very religious right and so you know a song will come on like a rkelly or something really nice you know perceived as lower energy as we would say in 2017 but his / he would always flip the song no matter what it was it made it like a Christian song right and it was and it was funny at the time everybody used to make fun of them but and 2017 I look at it as perspective life is always perspective and so and your initial question was when did you start thinking about it and I have to think of hip hop so when I look at a hip hop I have to think of Eric and parish making dollars more professionally known as EPMD and i’ll ii think of jungle brothers how many ppl park yes or one of the reasons yeah one of that’s the main reason oh yeah and so their their song if you look if you think about it now in 2017 even though they didn’t mean it it’s really which is another part of conversation but their song you’ve got to chill right we can I think it applies to this podcast because the way the first words from the song goes relax your mind let your conscience be free get down to the sound of the P of D right and so you’re like wow if you ever listen to any guided meditation you have to relax your mind let your conscience be free right so homies perspective right because we go to a lot of events people don’t look like us or right and we’re not represented on the level that I think more people would or should be yeah and so from my homies perspective I’m pulling back just like that barber did at the time so even if EPMD doesn’t mean it at the time I still think it would apply and the second song is the jungle brothers and that song they’re known for our house you and a lot of really cool hip hop songs back in the golden era 88 296 and they had a song called behind the bush and they said you know it’s more of attracting a female sighs I mean there were teenagers like we were but they were like fills a breeze put your mind at ease see the pretty birds in the chimpanzees right so you’re visualizing this and as I was preparing for this podcast I was just thinking back of the earlier time that i can think of getting into a meditative state so those are the two that come to my I’m right now how about her though and you were like a teenager at the time out yes okay for me my first experience I would say was about probably 10 years old I’ve been a lifelong fan of martial arts so I was so this would be like 1974 I was taken in Kung Fu Bruce Lee was popular at the time hey we all wanted to be like Bruce Lee yeah and my teacher I took come through for about a year mm-hmm and I can’t remember if it was at the beginning of class or at the end or even how often we did it at some point in time ago in class he’d have a sit-down kind of lotus position style legs crossed and do the typical for finger thumb touching type thing put it on our knees close our eyes and he was just kind of guide us talk to us and kind of guide us through something would be he from what I can recall you know it was very relaxing kind of cool so that was a that was my first time doing anything meditative sounds about 10 years old that’s a really good point actually went stay there I have to shout out to my mom my parents I had to shout out to every parent that had a kid that grew up in the 60s 70s and 80s because I think we all have that experience of taking a karate class at judo class and a lot of it was brought on by the the major media at the time like you mentioned with kung fu excuse me and yesterday i was watching this papa watching his youtube channel Nardwuar and he’s awesome if you guys don’t know it you guys definitely need to check them out and he was interviewing wu-tang clan and wu-tang was talking about yet they either going back to their childhood and watching all these kung fu movies Wow and if you’re watching a lot of that a lot of it had a really good really good influence on us obviously wu-tang pretty much their whole moniker coming out was based off of the martial arts and why you know as little kids we’re fighting each other during commercials and stuff and having fun as adults we really started to buy into and look into Eastern cultures and how it could influence our lives so again I have to think thank my mom personally because even having this conversation just made me think of how she allowed me to explore everything as a child and in even today so in and I know a lot of my counterparts didn’t have that type of fluidity with their with their parents they’re coming into it now where they felt like they had to break through some type of acceptance from their parents and I think my mom and my parents my grandparents were always open to us exploring all the different religions anything to give us a greater world view than what we were seeing just around our neighborhood experiencing y and you’ll never have a community so do you remember the television show come through I do hi max I just love that show and I know originally that role was written for Bruce Lee and one of the reasons that they didn’t use them was because of you know he had somewhat of an accent then speak straight clear English and so they just thought that might be kind of you know hindrance I guess for the show so they thought you know David carryings-on the end up doing the character but yeah that was that show and just that show and just boosts Lee and general was a huge influence for me at that time absolutely well I think Bruce Lee is one but I think Kareem abdul-jabbar’s the other yeah right and so when they when they fall in Chuck Norris yeah those three and i think you know Bruce Lee kinda opened the door for us to see those guys yeah we saw them in his movies yeah and you know every child was it I know we’re probably having current dated about martial arts and all I think under the underlying theme was the meditation because even in the movies Bruce Lee did meditate in a lot of the run run shaw movies that i really loved the the kid with the Golden Arm and in those type movies they were always fighting out of Buddhist temple in in addition to practicing they also set aside time for meditation yeah so you know these little droplets or god winks that we did last week were it do you think about it or even listen to the podcast I’m sure you’ll even come up to different ideas as see how far you can go back to just the subject matter of meditation yes you agree yeah I agree let me ask you this what so you told me about what kind of started is your teen years as an adult what has when did you start meditating or what was your experiences as an adult how sure well again I think I really have to go back as a child again because when I mentioned the Abraham and in King Robert’s know the meditating so they can actually listen to the channel coming through and what the channels always say is that you should take time to meditate or take a nap which is our first podcast so I think these kind of go together and if you haven’t heard the first you should go back and listen to the first podcast where we’re talking about napping so I would combine the two as a child we looked at taking a nap as a punishment right like I don’t want to take a nap and we would always stop up the stairs and the parents would always say you better stop I’ll give you some noise on the song about but looking back as an adult I had it I was refreshed I had a different perspective and I could go back outside and play whereas I was really angry before going to sleep and so even as an adult I found that and I said that in the first podcast where I actually had to either sleep on it or take time to meditate to overcome or handle a situation that I was going through at the time that in my monkey mind I really was getting in my own way and I found that over and over again I found that in college you know you have a lot of free time in college so I I did I did make time to meditate here in Atlanta we have a lot of Buddhist temples we have a lot of churches you know it is south of bible belt so i always used those resources to reach out to as well and the community is really really supportive especially in college because you know that is for the most part most people are away from home for the first time they’re in another state or another country and they’re just looking to identify themselves or get their own identity and the the Buddhist community the meditative community the african arts community the so-called conscious community today all of those were resources and they still are resources that we have in atlanta that i noticed in traveling around the country that other cities do not have it and I know that we take that take that for granted and I know with you being front and from the San Fran area that you guys pretty much had the same deal yeah so did you have a particular style of meditation that’s your practice that’s a really good question because there’s so many different styles and and some people use a mixture of style for me it’s like just whatever works for you but just yeah how to curiosity I think it really depends because you know i think the traditional way to meditate people meditators you know you’re sitting in a arms caught up in your legs crossroad in position your eyes are closed and i found some benefit in that i know it’s some buddhist temples here in atlanta they have what’s called a walking meditation and so they’re the argument there is that well it’s great to have your eyes closed when you’re meditating in a lotus position throughout your waking time your eyes are open and so when you’re doing a walking meditation your eyes are open throughout the whole meditation process and so we meditate for 45 to an hour 45 minutes to an hour and then we’d have a 35 minute discussion of what we discovered during that time so you’re walking yeah like just walking in circles no you’re walking in the square it’s kind of like a room a regular square room rectangular room if you will there would be about depending on the day they have like 15 20 30 people and why you may have one of the lead Buddhist leaders at the temple that they would use it more so as a recruiting tactic at the beginning it’s more of introduction to Buddhism and they would do this walking meditation and then it was really great because it was a refresher when I got into verizon center where you had to actually hold your space for an hour and it made me really recognize and understand how joanne would get upset not get upset but the students would get upset with joanne at the time because we come in introductory classes and we’re like how do we hold our space right for five minutes yeah c’mon comes in and then towards the end of class right with into the year-long tour for us it was nine sonos a year long class and so during that time at the end we’re sitting there like we could sit there for two hours is no big deal but the art energy was different from the new people coming in so the new people were kind of taken aback and they may not come around if we were around so we were in essence kicked out right after graduated or right before graduation just so you can have that influx of that new interaction yea though students kind of start the night something yeah exactly yeah kick him kick him out so for me I guess as an adult probably after the whole martial arts thing when I was 10 the next introduction to to doing any kind of medication is probably that was about 20 i guess and i took my patient class this was at the BPI and it was about a six week long class once a week for six weeks and very profound learned a lot about my my energy and just going internal you know something that i hadn’t really done most of my life at all if things always been external so that particular type of meditation has to do really with being in the body whereas a lot of meditation out there has to do with getting out being out of the body so that’s not a better or worse just a different type so we really focused on being in the body doing what is known as running energy through the body lower part of the body in the upper part of the body and some of the benefits i got from that was just just really deep relaxation being able to ability to look inward enhance some of your spiritual tools that you have communicate with source listen to source we don’t work on different aspects of yourself if you want to it’s kind of an in this unless a string of things that you can do once you get to that space of quieting mine now you mentioned running energy so what does that mean for the people that don’t don’t know well running energy there’s two types of energy that you run when you do that type of meditation one of those earth energy where you run the earth energy coming up bringing it up from the center of the planet and you run it through the lower part of your bodies come through the legs put your feet through your legs into your first chakra and then down to the center of the planet you just kind of release any energy that’s not yours so that’s we called known as earth energy and then there’s a cosmic energy that you bring out from the cosmos into the top of your crown chakra down your spine it makes it goes into your first chakra it mixes with the earth energy then it turns and comes right back up your spine the front part is finding out the fountains out the top of your head and then you can branch off a couple branch that comes down your arms and out your hands so all that simultaneously is flowing through you and cleans out honey cleans all your energy channels get you to a place of where they’re you know cleaned out and quiet your mind and then at that point you’re in a good space to be able to focus on something anything in particular that you want to have kind of a laser focus on if you just want to sit down have that experience of just that energy running and just enjoy that you can do that if you want to start looking at different aspects of your life things that you want to work on or change you can do that you can just go in in this directions with it so that’s a you know kind of in a nutshell how it kind of worked for me and what that experience was like now I think that’s a great way to start a meditative happened or a meditation habit yeah because what you just underlined was you’re combining the two you’re combining the earth energy cosmic energy and traditionally people are most people of this is a generalization obviously but you’re taught to just I can only control what I can see and if you’re looking at meditation or at least open to it you have to have some type of belief that there is a power outside of you and so you start I think that’s the easiest way to meditate for beginners is to actually go through that exercise of running energy because you get that practice of grounding your earth energy and you’re grounded but you’re also open to the other resources that are greater than you can actually see with your own two eyes so you know the i guess the mysticism would be opening your third eyes people would say yeah no i totally agree plus you know that I said what I said but I’ve been meditating for 32 years and it’s just been a gradual process so being able to sit and run energy and quiet your mind something that doesn’t happen overnight it’s kind of like a muscle the more you exercise that ability and use it this kind of stronger it gets so I for example when i first started probably couldn’t kind of close my eyes and and be kind of focused on that probably for more than five minutes and then after a certain amount of time it was you know like worked up to 10 minutes and then maybe 20 minutes into an hour so nowadays when I meditate an hour minimum i can do that on my sleep I can just no problem but I generally go hour and a half two hours is a good amount of time and a lot of you know some people like wow how can you just actually hate you know I thought something I can always do I took like worked on it’s a gradual process but you know to this day I’m still doing it you know how often do you meditate you say well okay so i have something to add for based on what you just said or go into your question to me and so recently in some abraham talks abraham is mentioning that we fought so hard to in kearny right and if you think about it biologically right you have millions spurns reaching that one that breaks through and that becomes us right right it not you know not to go off on that tangent however there’s a huge push there’s a huge desire there’s a huge amount of energy to incarnate and so Abraham’s like you don’t know how hard you fought to get here and when you get here and you get caught in third dimensions you’re looking for ways to leave right and you’re looking for ways or should I be a Buddhist monk or should I meditate for 10 hours a day or should I go on a retreat or should I live in the mountains and just eat tree bark and she’s like and they’re like no and you don’t necessarily need to spend that time even though you will get a lot out of it i think for beginning for beginner meditators right or people just interested person living through other people they make it turned off thinking hey am I am I going to totally change my lifestyle because I’m doing this or I have to do it for two or three four or five hours at a time and where one I don’t have enough time I’m so busy as soon as I wake up until I go to sleep and I think that the message that I want to convey is that start out small it only takes five minutes you can build up to that I think where you’re seeing that is you’re seeing so much benefit from it but you don’t necessarily need to two or three hours yeah the time to get the same amount like you wouldn’t feel less of a person if you only had five minutes to meditate vs oh yeah exactly yeah no no you’re exactly right it’s not really it’s not really the amount of time you know you can meditate for five minutes and just get as much out as you would you know for an hour that’s just a personal preference i have because i enjoyed so much right Yeah Yeah right now one thing that I and you haven’t seen this yet so I’m not going to give away the movie but I want to talk a little bit about get out and so while it’s a horror movie the other moved movie that we could spend more time on a skeleton key because I think there’s the movies go together and the fact that I think that Jordan Peele got his message across that it was a scary movie and everything that get out entails however I see in time will only tell i think the other message that may be scary to a lot of people is the subject matter of hypnosis and so when you talk about meditation there are meditation where you have like you said or I said monkey mind where your mind is just still thinking of your daily chores and things and you’re not really in your body to actually settle down and actually meditate so there there are a lot of helpful resources both online or things that you can buy to get guided meditations and I find guided meditation is very helpful right like you said it could be for anxiety it could be to stop smoking and in the MU n I think we need a lot of people look at hypnosis is something that’s evil some people may look at meditation as something as evil and i think that there’s good and bad in every aspect of whatever you do honey third dimension is all about duality right so there’s good in hypnosis there’s bad as hypnosis there’s good and meditation there’s bad a meditation right and I think that it’ll be interesting to see as the future goes on of the reluctance to hypnosis because as a horror movie it was seen to take over somebody else’s body and so I wanted to talk about that a little bit because like I just I actually have clients that are hypnotist right and and they have legions of people across the country that they’ve been able to help and that could be the start of getting the meditation and so they may reach hypnotherapist or clinical hypnotherapist first just to get some type of structure and usually they give them a guided meditation so that they can do it on their own with their that would help with visualizations yeah so as we were mentioning with maybe the martial arts the Asian community or the Asian culture or in my am I take the hip hop there are so many different avenues that led to meditation so even the subject so I don’t want to give the impression that there is no I’m not but I just were just for sake of mentioning that that there are many ways that can lead you to meditation as long as it’s putting you in the right frame of mind to actually enhance and be your best potential reach your highest potential exactly have been hypnotized yes that’s why Wow okay absolutely for some reason now I know not everyone can be hitting timeline let me qualify at CB qualified Alto yes because here in Atlanta I have to give a perspective this is how my mind works oh I have to go far out to come back right and so you can say that as you can see my energy and before we were doing the pocket off there right so but anyway there’s pre there’s there’s multiple Atlanta’s in my mind so let me let me let me clarify that for those there Atlanta’s a transplant city there are a lot of people from other seas in countries right that come here they’re not born and raised here and so there’s a saying that there are multiple Atlanta’s meaning there was an Atlanta before the Olympics and there is an Atlanta after the Olympics and then there was an Atlanta before the crash in 2018 there’s Atlanta after crashing bc let ad going to answer your question there is open to hypnosis prior to going to HIPAA horizons center for a to it of awareness and after there was a openness we’re more like the movie that I didn’t know my myspace and I think I was more susceptible to hypnosis worked and that and I think that’s the fear that a lot of people have is hey this person is going to take control of my body whereas after horizon center of awareness I was able to control my space and I can actually see what was happening before the hypnosis what happened and choose at that time to allow to go to that next step to loan take a step back and so it’s not part of this conversation but I think it would still go insane line of channeling right a lot of people fear it could be a horror movie again right possession a lot of people look at the lower energy of it or even meditation if you do astral projection of negative energy that’s out there right but if you if you had your space and you put up your rose or your white light as as we’re taught then you have the protection and you’re still in your seniority where you’re not giving all of your power over to someone else okay so based on what you just said you’re saying before horizon you could be easily yeah I was open to it i was thinking back to a seminar and there was Marshall Silver’s some people may know I’m some people may not he’s huge in the personal development space millionaire mind you know he could be a millionaire type of deal and he’s at needs a license if noticed so any of the stage and hypnotists and so you know some of these conferences you would go and they’d have a whole line of people and people would pass out on ya in heaven immuno view all kinds of ya to go on you could go on on youtube and watch all right and yeah I remember one time I could see myself excuse me falling but then I caught myself right like some people just fell out on the stage and then I caught myself like nah I don’t want to fall out it silly right so I got back into my seniority now not knowing or having the wherewithal or the education so horizon more so gave me the education of oh this is what you are naturally doing yeah you were just exercising your seniority you didn’t give it all the way up we’re at someone that doesn’t know about their boundaries are more susceptible okay so that’s where the fear comes in with the movies like the skeleton key which I thought of every one to watch in relation to meditation in relation to anything because it’s perception again if you do not believe something it’s not going to happen yeah because every time I’ve ever watched any kind of we’re going to doing hypnosis like on YouTube and they have a bunch of people up there you always get this perception that you cannot control the guy just walks up and such no snapping his fingers this dad and the other right and they’re just completely on those control and I’m when i watch that i would say wow i have a hard time seeing that happening to me and so someone once told me well not everyone can be hypnotized some people so I’ve always been curious about that and it was like I’m gonna find someone and see if I can just be hypnotized but based on kind of what you’re seeing so you’re at a point where you can if so on hypnotist were coming to the room and try to hypnotize you you could yes I’m gonna let myself be hypnotized or no I’m not that what you’re saying yeah and again I think it’s an awareness so you know to bring some levity to this I always are I used to argue with women about women would always say especially in Atlanta I don’t go to nightclubs you know you know the guys you’re gonna meet out of my club right there don’t come onto earth type of deal so and dogs rule all right and I would just laugh ray like today I’m you know I’m not a past that phase right although you’re not a dog anymore not no not that but what I was saying to them and the argument was that same guy at you saw the club on Saturday maybe the guy sitting next to you at church on Sunday and your perception is that in this environment this is what happens so at a nightclub this is your perception right and I’m saying that to say that traditionally the way this conversation is going is if I’m going to be entertained by a hypnotist at a conference or something like that it’s entertainment so a lot of people automatically have their perception of this is entertainment and so they’re also looking at they may have the dinosaur arms up in that hey I have my guard up because this is what I expect here yeah but that opens up a whole nother ball of worms because there’s a lot of subliminal advertising right that you’re not thinking of and you see a coca-cola come where I should have said a brand name so we don’t and we’re so small so I don’t even think they’ll see this podcast but there’s so there’s documentation of the 50s when people were going to movie theaters and they were sitting waiting for the movie to start and you ever be an advertisement of go get your soda and your popcorn and all of a sudden you’re hungry for it and they had to actually take that away they were hitting what we’re talking about a subliminal messages that exists even today that’s been happening for the past 50 60 years and in that environment your guard is more so down because you’re not expecting it that’s hence the subliminal and so if I’m an environment with a hypnotist as you’re at my guard is up so I’m in the movie theater or from just watching television and hey it’s your elbow itching well you know what is it sig well you know you’re going to die in three weeks because of this unless you take this drug and here are the side effects yeah so it’s all in your perception of your ability to discern that and then to be open to subliminal messaging and I think on some level that is meditative because it’s forcing you to relax so consciously and then if you’re relaxed then you’re open to receiving that methods those messages wouldn’t be and I’m and I’m in marketing and advertising so I do this all the time so I totally understand the mindset from both I always tell my clients that I’m speaking to you as a business owner because as a business owner you want to get business from these targeted clients but these are some ways to do it and a lot of it is through your method of advertising yeah so what advertising is is more were you getting the biggest return out of it right or is it more productive to just put by my stuff where people will put their arms up because it’s sitting the tips I hypnosis or it’s just something where you make it relatable and they’re more open to it and now it taps it to their subconscious where they’re making the purchase decision because the saying is people don’t like two people love to buy but they hate to be sold yeah and I think meditation on some level falls into that okay well that’s interesting you’re talking about the whole advertising thing because you know they say on a given day anywhere there’s 1500 to 3000 solicitations for our attention yeah okay so what does that tell you that tells you that our attention has tremendous value yes ok so for in relation to meditation that say let’s say for example you’re riding a bike and what do they say always look to where you want to go not to what you’re trying to avoid so that’s kind of a you know a body example but inwardly it’s kind of the same way for meditation whereas you want to you can turn that attention inward right and it has great value as far as meditation you know you quiet the mind and you start focusing and getting you know narrowing it down to what that’s one of our best creative assets is our attention yeah right and we’ve been taught from very very young you know when you’re in school hey pay attention you know your parents hey pay attention people are always trying to get our attention so I tell you the value of but when you turn that around and go inward right let’s say you have a fleeting thought of something that’s unflattering right and then within your mind that catches your attention well you’re going to externalize and start to manifest things that are in relation to that in your experience absolutely yeah so yeah absolutely i love to piggyback on that right now because of time because i know we got to cut off shortly but that is a really good point in that i have to put on my tempo hat for a quick second and so if you think of meditation or hypnosis or advertising to attention in 2017 i can say three numbers and it would put you in a mind state of a meditation and all i would have to say is 911 yeah and so for a person especially in the united states they automatically go back to that time and they are in a meditative state because that is where their attention is and so it was really interesting to go to and i can do a conference in toronto and who was there gregg Braden was there oh really yes and he was fantastic because they he’s a scientist he’s a trained scientist in a mathematician and they have instruments where they were able to measure the attention of the people across the world when 911 happened right so on a subconscious level they weren’t they have instruments that you can actually measure where people where the attention is right and so I as for me I actually have an agenda for this one because like to have a call of a call of action to people that are listening to the podcast as it relates to attention because since 20 since the election there’s been a lot of distraction that’s happening case in point in 2012 there was the traditional the United States is divided on who should pick the President and I rent for this argument I really could care less who you voted for but at the time it was the country was split in half right and so while we were distracted on who we should vote for the president at the time had signed the Monsanto act where we allowed companies to not put genetically modified ingredients on the label of whatever you bought right and so because of that distraction a lot scuze me a lot of people were unaware of this and so because of the attention people started getting out there on the web making more people aware of this so much so in 2017 you can go in stores now and look at in the cereal aisle in my case and other places and see that there are some labels on some companies that are being good stewards and saying that the food has been genetically engineered but with the Monsanto act they didn’t necessarily have to do so and that was 2012 up to 2017 so what I’m talking about today is I know in the past week the big distraction was ben Carson and you know he said some things that we don’t have to spend a lot of time on it was just I’ll be how could you imagine when he said did not I want to spend any energy on that but I looked at it as a distraction in the distraction was this week Congress has started to repeal Gina and are you familiar with Gina no no okay so what I want to talk about with gina gina was instituted in 2008 and what that stands for is genetic genetic information non-disclosure act of two thousand eight and what admit was any genetic information that is that you have employers could not use that or other companies could not use that information we’re going through a repeal right now that they’re going to allow companies in the future to look at your genetic information and make a decision should they hire you or not they should be based on that mation should they give you insurance or not and because the world’s or the United States attention is not on that we have shown and we haven’t really talked about in this podcast but you can meditate by yourself or in indicates with the Buddhist temples that has been at or our attenders group you can actually have meditation in a group group setting a group settings and if you do that on a grand scale it is so powerful so impactful and things get so much done outside of just yourself so it actually highlights our oneness our connectedness right good an example of strength in numbers there are strength in numbers where it’s probably in my opinion more powerful than people angry walking up and down with a picket sign because they’re upset about something that’s been happening you know in the past couple of weeks I think from a meditative standpoint of meditation not to discount right you should still protesting what have you I just think if you’re looking at the bigger return huh if I’m not familiar with grounding and using my energy I’m totally in third dimension and this is how we get things done yeah but as you mentioned when you’re connecting your your earth energy with the cosmic energy and you’re doing it collectively oh yeah we have we have insurmountable power that has not been tapped into so errors just real quickly there was a book written I think he was a Japanese author and it was about how putting the attention on water and he was able to they were able to change the structure of it just by having I think one person do you know I’m talking about no okay just by having one person have their attention on it and he was able to prove this and he was at his bigger point was would if you had thousands of people having their attention on whatever it is yes exactly what you’re kind of going back to saying yeah absolutely and I think that you know in the grand scheme of things the lessons learned is I would use the what was at the march on Wall Street or occupation Occupy Wall Street okay and so let’s just learn from that you know a lot of people had different agendas they wanted to do and that’s fine and you should write because we have free will and what have you I think it should be something really small start out small right that everyone can agree on and because as we live in a duality right there’s always going to be opposing views but if there’s something that the whole collective can benefit from I think it’s something that people that listen to this podcast that can like this podcast could spread the podcast and let them know the power of meditation because it is huge and I don’t want to make light of it because there are some that would look at meditation as whoo whoo and we’re doing it from a homies perspective so if people that look like us traditionally wouldn’t even talk about meditation I’m showing through our life from the martial arts as little kids from hip hop and listening to these little messages you have no idea even when those people made those songs or those movies came out they had no idea the impact is going to have that they have on the regular person right so if we’re getting that message out for the power of meditation and how simple it is it doesn’t mean you have to go out any tree bark in this what’s cooking yeah I’m at the top of the mountain and you didn’t take a van no just I’d say be open yeah I know try it you know and just kind of take it from there you know there was a time of my life with someone told me oh you be me you’re going to be meditating you know for the rest of your life and I bet now you’re crazy well here I am putting something years later and that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been beneficial beyond beyond words sure yeah so I think you know leave me a lesson learned or the takeaway is to you know just check us out listen listen two additional podcast assets or listen to the previous podcast will have the website up this week so you can reach us there I’m not going to give out the domain yet until it’s up we’re actually going to have our podcast go to iTunes this week and if you want to reach us on our Facebook page or in the comments below I encourage everyone to do so and we can grow together because I think that’s what this is we’re showing you then at this information is universal you can get it from a brother’s perspective you can get it from other places but homies get it from the Holy sper spective it might be the best thing is the end of that way right let me people think they’re right so again I third one in and I think that you’re an easier and easier as time goes all four sites are third yeah so where we were talking beforehand that will probably do one more before we start inviting guests yeah weeks why I would guess we have we have been getting feedback of people that want to be on the show so we’re excited that we’re actually getting some legs behind us yes and even if we did it i think that this is a good way to just exercise and get out what people are thinking about not the move you get out but we’re getting the information out there different subject matter get out support the movie by the way I thought it was just something for conversation but I know on the web it’s in one direction where people are Marber x reactionary and they’re dealing them on the fair aspect and from a meditation and hypnosis standpoint there I think they’re really missing the point that there’s really good benefit that you can get or individuals can get from meditation and there’s good and bad that you can use for each of those is I think the good work far outweigh the negatives real quick did you see my life no okay I just curious oh I’ve seen it I just was occurrence what you thought about because won best picture and on that song oh no no no I haven’t even heard of it so what you have never even heard of it okay so maybe that’s something I should check out i will report back for for our podcast next week okay well we’re headed off to our intenders meeting so hopefully hopefully you guys enjoyed this podcast as much as we had creating it and I’m Hamza I’m David and we look forward to speaking with you soon peace out you [Music]

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