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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am David and really excited to interview our guest today I’ve heard great things from Mama Joanne everybody knows we love Joanne and a lot of people wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Joanne and Joanne kind of put me in a headlock like you gotta meet this person you know she has this mediumship capability she has channeling capability she’s in demonic arts she can walk and chew gum at the same time and I’m like screw all that other stuff I’m talking about the walking in chew gum I got a topic let’s talk to our spiritual master Gump sure among a multitude of other modalities which we will cover Katie Morgan welcome to the podcast oh thank you so much I’m so excited and you know I’m most proud of like I’m doing capabilities but I’m excited to talk about the rest we always talk about hello our hellos moments in you know when you started walking and chewing gum you just knew you were destined for great things yeah that’s that’s what I knew my life is pretty solid yeah so we do have some levity here but just for the audience if you could talk a little bit about yourself what you’re currently doing and then we can dive in with our pointed homie type questions if you want sure well you know I’m just really really grateful and really honored to be on the podcast firstly and I’m really blessed and honored to be walking this path and I am a shamanic healer I work with different global healing techniques from around the world that I’ve kind of studied and gathered and I love to combine archetypal energy and mythology into my work and my healing to help people see their stories and really the bigger picture as to where trauma and where wounding originates I’m a channel and I have the ability to kind of walk you in the world and bring through information from other beings and other time and other places in our multiverse and yeah I just I’m so humbled this path kind of found me and it called me and ever since my my walk in my chewing gum has unfolded now there there is a we found over the past year and change that there are two types if you can categorize I guess you know probably a third dimension strategy or tactic but yeah it seems to be different groups in that there everyone has these capabilities correct and yeah definitely or some definitely right but yeah some people access them you know during childhood when a via going to goes away and that you know that’s where we were talking about the hello moment and then others may have you know appointed instance in their life where you know it was maybe turned upside-down or let’s just say they were put on the path that they were supposed to be on and were you the former or the latter did you always have this capability or was it something in your life that led you down this path kind of a little of both I was born definitely with these abilities as are most humans I mean like you’re saying I think we’re all born with these gifts I mean it’s our birthright as humans as part of our DNA but so many of us don’t realize they’re there to be accessed and from a young age I loved especially the crystal beings I loved collecting crystals and stones and I always felt like I was talking to them and I was always out playing with the fairies and my mom used to tell stories about me talking to angels which I don’t really recall but I think I was just too young to really remember at this point and then I think like a lot of people when you’re put into the cultural conditioning of our world we just kind of shut down a little bit and you go through school and even though these were interests of mine and I loved metaphysics and I loved studying anything to do with the occult and I just loved this world I didn’t understand that I could actually walk in it as a path it just was never really modeled by anyone around me and then there was a moment where at the time I was living out in Los Angeles and I felt like I was a spinning compass I felt like I had too many passions and community directions and I didn’t know which way to start in order to kind of give myself purpose in my life and I loved helping people but I didn’t know how to to tap into that and there was this kind of breaking moment where I looked up but kind of the universe creator I’m just like look somebody give me a direction if somebody is guiding me somebody show me which direction I’m supposed to go and because I I could go in any direction right now and it’s overwhelming then about three hours later I got this knock on my backdoor from a neighbor that since became a really close friend of mine but at the time I hadn’t met and she leaned against the doorframe and said hey I’m Martha have you ever thought about shamanism right finished this amazing program then it just kind of unfolded from there and one synchronicity led to the next it was pretty clear it was like a knock on the door literally no yeah well let me ask you so you have a background of course I did my googles before talking to it and so you you’re category if you will it is in theater study so are you from LA or did you go to LA to pursue the dream of being on the silver screen um well I again I had so many different passions and so many interests and I went to college for theater and my then partner at the time and I moved out to LA because he also is an actor and we thought well we’ll just go and see if this this is something we’ll give it a shot and we both went to college we met in college in Boston but as soon as I moved to LA I just felt like this is not my place this isn’t really my path I love I love theater for the storytelling and I it’s why I love mythology so much I love understanding how stories can inform us and shape us and how stories can help us heal but at the time I didn’t really realize that was why I was so drawn to the theater arts and pretty much as soon as we got to LA it was just like I don’t want to do this this doesn’t feel right it didn’t feel like for me I ever wanted to pursue that for any type of fame or glory it was always for the storytelling and for the craft of it and it’s just such a cool art form it’s such a powerful art form for change and for growth another thing that I noticed is if you’re with someone that you know you guys are going down this path initially and then you may get exposed to something like you get that knock on the door did you maintain the existing relationship or did you guys both go oh wow let’s let’s look at this you know crystal being shamanic energy and all the other modalities yeah I mean I just pretty much went straight for it it was it was almost like coming home it was as soon as the past found me it was almost like it felt like I didn’t understand why I hadn’t been doing it my entire life and it actually almost felt like I had been doing it so many lifetimes that I that I was confused almost in my identity in this body it’s like whoa Here I am again another rotation around the Sun and I have a new body and yet everything I’m learning about this world about the stone the and the Earth’s and shamanic technique just felt like I had done it forever and so it was a little disorienting at first and then it started to really anchor and that’s when it felt just deeply deeply authentic I do on the stay there for one second because you know there’s one once you start getting into a you know I guess alternative you know modalities like like what we’re talking about there is one school thought that we came to incarnate not to remember those past lives otherwise you would be disoriented like do I go to this person as my mom or the other person yeah it seems like when the bill sent out for you you weren’t this area did so I don’t want to kind of skip over what what were man defies by doing like past lives and what-have-you because before we incarnated maybe we weren’t supposed to know that until a particular point in this case you going up to LA exactly and I think that’s a really important point too because I think that there’s this kind of fantasy that the spiritual the spiritual calling or the spiritual journey is like fluffy and rainbows and cookies you know and it it’s just there are moments of distress and there are moments where you’re disoriented and I definitely felt this oriented when it came to starting to have these like the flooding of memory from other lifetimes kind of kicking in and it’s almost like taking on new memories that you don’t remember making and young are they’re fully formed and so there’s such a disassociation with the current body while trying to grapple with what those are and yeah I mean that kicks up a lot of trauma of course because you know especially for me and I’m sure for everyone who’s experienced other lifetimes you know we’ve all been like tortured and killed and stoned and drowned and you know you name it on the past and so there’s the flooding in of all of these super intense sensory experiences that the physical body and particularly for me because I I I grew up with a lot of deep anxiety as I think a lot of empathic people do that it was almost like my nervous system was short-circuiting for a little while until I could find a way to kind of ground it and stabilize it again mm-hmm I don’t know about David but and I’ll let him speak up for himself but I personally came for the cookies so you know the rainbows and all that is great but I came for the cookie sort of bridge I mean it’s a pretty great pass it’s just to get over the initial bump so yeah so let’s go that’s good I want to stay back at that point in LA when you get that knock on the door yeah well I mean you were flooded with Wow what direction do I do so what ultimately what will the openness direction met you took what was your first steps yeah – yeah my first steps were to get in touch with my teacher of many years Esther who has a number of different lineages that she carries she’s an incredible incredible credible wisdom keeper now she’s in her her 80s and and just has so much deep deep wisdom that she’s amassed from like 50 years of walking this path and her lineages are her own ancestral heritage this deep spiritual Hebrew lineage she also carries a lot of ancient Egyptian lineage and she also works with Peruvian shamanic lineage which is what I became an initiative and now is is the lineage that I work with most and carry so that was really the first step was kind of hooking in with her and she just happened of course to be starting a new kind of hoop or circle of learning as things happen when you’re in right timing so I just kind of slid on in there and and just started learning and training with her and worked with her for about four years and then moved and continued to work with her from afar I actually still still work with her and still learn from her now you said she started a circle so I’m probably being more semantic than I should be but was this a Wiccan circle no actually it’s it’s specifically shamanic lineage it’s from Peru and it’s deep indigenous medicine of the Karo lineage of the anta Plata region of Peru and though I think every culture on the planet whether it’s shamanic or otherwise has a magical connection in the magical background it wasn’t specifically aligned to any particular magical practice other than the wisdom teachings of this lineage but the beauty of this lineage is that it actually wants to be shared with the world you know these these incredible incredible beings they’re descended from the Inca and when the Spanish came in and started conquest around all of South America they had the foresight in the prophecy to go up into the high mountains into the high on Titano and actually just hide or rather maybe not even hide but retain their wisdom for 500 years and then the prophecy said they needed to share it and that’s the eagle and the Condor the North and South America’s needed to start to talk again so they actively brought this wisdom down off the mountains and started to teach it widely so that humanity could start to pulse with this new rhythm of the heart and some of these ancient teachings that gosh we so need right now we still need to to combine the ancient in the new yeah you make a pilgrimage down the Peru it’s been any amount of time in actually funnily enough I’m making a pilgrimage there in October and though I’ve studied this lineage for our number of years almost eight years every time I’ve wanted to go down to the actual land the experience hasn’t opened yet and so for the first time the Gateway has opened and so I’m actually officially going in October Wow what are you going to be doing when you get down there I am going to be uh touring a lot of sacred sites with a Paco who actually carries a lot of this indigenous medicine and works with the carro tribe specifically and he and a group of some medicine workers are going to be doing sacred ceremony and pilgrimage to reconnect the sec AIDS or the energy centers of our physical body to the land there and to actually be able to kind of weave those golden threads together hmm was that any of those ceremonies include what any kind of ayahuasca stuff um actually I I do think that there may be opportunity to experience San Pedro medicine um the ayahuasca medicine is not a part of the trip though but I do believe really strongly and wholeheartedly that our plant teachers are here to help us on this planet and that we used to hear their wisdom so much more than we do now I think it’s an incredibly powerful incredibly vital that we work plant teachers to know ourselves there are some synchronicity on our part because I know Dave and I were looking at some retreats late last year okay yeah you know I think I think pilgrimage is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and for our soul yeah now now have you dealt with that before I ask this question because there’s you know there there is one school of thought of oh yeah let’s dive in to you know these plant medicines right and obviously when you go to places like Peru there there in the cities and other people that will take care or take advantage of you with the Charlotte remember but when you go out with the elders you know you have that experience that you’re looking for and so there’s a wide range of people sharing their experiences especially in 2018 with social media you know people losing it and what-have-you yeah right a fad yeah it is it’s like you know book it was like okay I’m gonna chew gum I’m gonna have cookie then I’m cooking point minutes but there’s a school of thought that it may be a crutch in that especially that’s why when you get your opinion because you have the capacity for mediumship and channeling and you’ve been in the shamanic arts for years that I’m just wondering it may be just a future podcast if you haven’t done it yet of your experience of partaking in a plant medicine versus relying on the capabilities that you have gone beyond the surface yeah well I think I have had the opportunity to experience ayahuasca actually and I do think that plant medicine is really important and really vital for the human connection it do also agree that it’s not necessary and it’s not it’s not for everybody you know that that journey is so unique and the plant medicine doesn’t open the capacity for you to connect the channel I mean that’s already there every human has that the plant medicine acts as a conduit to assist you in deepening into yourself to not necessarily have to learn about the other worlds and to get out of the body but rather to let the medicine actually help you deepen your understanding of who you are to peel back the layers to kind of move out of the old paradigm of our cultural conditioning our behaviors our family patterns or ancestry at least for me that’s what it felt you know particularly vital to do and yet I also in deep deep deep humility to our plant teachers and deep reverence to our plant teachers because they’re not recreational and I think that that’s that’s part of what I think can be a little bit frustrating about witnessing the ways in which this has become a trend right now because there there is this sense in this notion of like oh well this is just another trippy experience this is another kind of party experience and and actually it’s the furthest thing from it particularly with my understanding of ayahuasca which is very very limited from my own just you know the two times that I’ve experienced her but you know she found me again I felt I felt this deep call to work with her for about 10 years and because I I do have the ability to kind of connect into energies outside of myself I work a lot with plant spirit and plant spirit medicine and I I have plants that talk to me and they visit me in dreams and and ayahuasca would visit me in dreams and it would almost be like going to school and in my dreams I just get these really intense kind of holographic downloads that would be kind of pinged at me that I wouldn’t even be able to unpack or understand and then I wake up just with different perspective on my life but every time I felt this this kind of call to work with her I heard very strongly not yet not yet you know first get to know me mentally understand the physiology understand the heart and the spirit before you allow yourself to imbibe the physical medicine because I feel like that’s kind of the zenith of the experience but you know for me it was it was 10 years of just kind of humbly learning from her outside of the actual physical expression and then had this this beautiful serendipitous experience where two Colombian tyka which is another another word for shaman famous Paco ended up coming and brought this medicine and and it was deeply transformative life-changing but reverence is the key when it comes to our plant teachers and again I mean there’s certainly not necessary for evolution but they can be quite powerful catalyst to help us with our evolution you had stated I’m sorry I didn’t want to take a room and they’re David’s chopping up a bit here go David Wallace dinner I was actually was kind of probably maybe jumping ahead a little bit but I was interested in asking about how what you kind of started on this path how did you get introduced to channeling how the hell did this way look the coke can we put a pin in that one yeah yeah yeah that’s also say go ahead all right yeah we will get to it in a million things I know I know cuz we’re we’re so at the beginning but I wanna not digress well I do want aggressive over there right because I guess you can kind of get that with me it sounds like you know dating where on the first day you don’t ask the person to marry you you have to get too many person so I’m sorry anyway you ship right you’re heading the relationship yeah you’re moving unleashing a companionship with the plants and so many of us are so disconnected from our plant world in our natural world we have to take it slow and get to know them oh and that’s that’s where I wanted to go because you know a good friend of mine he when I when I you know slowly got out of the just book intellectualizing reading that stuff into actually practicing a good median friend of mine told me that they can cut they’ll be in touch with you 24 hours a day if you let them you got to start forming boundaries what have you otherwise i Anna you may not be able to handle it and so you know there’s been others that you know that David and I have talked to and I’ve spoken to outside of the podcast where they may feel they’re getting a call and they’re having these retreats are going eight nine ten times in like two years and you had a ten-year relationship where you know it was slow and steady wins the race versus what may or may not have been Eagle driven they got gone once and I just want to maybe I’m fulfilling something else as opposed to what the intention was to actually have this relationship with plant medicine but you know this plant medicine also I mean particularly when it in my understanding of ayahuasca is that it’s also a relationship and so she forms a relationship differently with every human I mean what’s what feels authentic and and truthful and right in my body and being for my relationship with working with her may be completely different for somebody else I mean it may be less about ego and more that she called somebody to work with her that many times in a row so that she could really navigate through a deep trauma or a deep wound or something that needs to come up and out because again I mean it’s a she is such a powerful force that the medicine itself I mean you’ll you’ll receive a different experience every timing the two experiences I had were completely opposite of one another and yet they were exactly what I needed in both of those times and so I feel like because it’s it’s not necessarily a particularly pleasant experience for a lot of for a lot of the journey because there’s a lot of purging a lot of deep emotion and a lot of you know really intense intense navigation that I do think somebody like there’s a there’s a healthy trepidation to experiencing the medicine and there’s a healthy sense of anxiety that kind of kicks into the body when you know you’re about to embark upon it so I feel like when somebody feels called that many times I mean more power to them because that is that is a healthy sense of knowing that there’s a there’s a relationship being nurtured there that needs to be explored that actually goes in line with the podcast we had last week we were speaking with a gentleman who David knows really well and through six degrees of separation were all kind of related but he had five near-death experiences and and I look at it the way you were saying it in that right and this incarnation you may be purging so much so you don’t have to keep incarnated and going with the flow route is kind of an accelerated rate mm-hmm yeah I think so especially that near-death experience you know I feel like maybe that’s really similar and this kind of goes back to David’s question to that to the channeling experience you know I feel like our body sometimes gets so overloaded with all of the over stimulation of our media and our knowledge II and I mean God are the most common thing that I’m working with right now with my clients because it always kind of goes and waves it’s anxiety I mean the nervous system of humanity is just like hijacked right now and I don’t think that that can we do cue experiences where people almost have to temporarily leave their body in order to like reset the button and come back yeah I agree I don’t think we really realize as soon as how much of the other technology and electronics I like how that affects us in our energy field and whatnot because we’re just you know experienced and has it happens but we don’t really we don’t know you know we don’t know anything else you’ve always been alive when all this part has been around you know well that’s the gift of plan teachers too you know is that they help to remind you if you are bigger than your body I mean for me when I channel you know there are a couple of different ways to channel and some people just leave completely and are in transcendent we’re calling and for me unconscious and yet I’m not really part of my body but I’m there for it if that makes sense yeah and I feel like you know the difference between between channeling or working with these abilities and working with a plan teacher is that the plan teacher will actually remind you that your body is not actually solid anymore and that there’s there’s actually like a disorientation that’s happening in your physical sensation of physical expression but for me channeling is kind of like stepping into the next room and listening to like a radio of a being coming through and talking about really cool things mmm now was that a natural progression from the Peruvian lineage lineage or did they coincide with the channel II I think that they kind of coincided although again channeling really surprised me too I mean they both kind of surprised me I love to write and I had an incredible writing teacher in college who always said to me you know a good story is surprising and yet inevitable and I feel like that was kind of how how channeling and shamanism found me it was it was surprising to me both of those experiences and yet it also felt inevitable that that would have been my path even if I had never thought that that would open for me and channeling you know I when I moved when I moved here to the Atlanta area for the first time back in 2012 that just kind of opened as a doorway I sat at the computer one night and I felt like I studied of other channels I had watched you know Rumson and I had I had read Barbara Marciniak and that was fresh on my mind because I really resonated with Pleiades and the star people in general and I said ten of my computers like well I I want to try we’ll see what happens and I close my eyes and and my hand started typing and it was it was the Palladium nearly hello we’ve been waiting to talk to you it almost felt like this predestined kind of meeting again and then from there that just kind of it just all opened but it was surprising Wow and so that was when you said in 2020 12 mm-hmm yeah okay so Joey for me is still relatively new yeah mm-hmm so how does that kind of grown over the past six years of your understanding of from that first experience to the present time as far as Channel what have you learned mmm God so much when I first began I was I was writing it I was typing it it was like automatic writing you know I’d closed my eyes and open them four pages later and then it kind of progressed into into speaking it out loud but when the energy would come into my body and I started mostly by channeling the Pleiadian emissaries of light at first I’d say ohhh year-and-a-half at least pretty solidly and I felt like I was still because of my own childhood trauma and wounding I was still so nervous to leave my body even though that felt most comfortable to me you know I think I think probably a lot of human beings share that in that when we experience trauma in our life our natural impulse and tendency is to want to actually leave the body so that we’re not feeling the physical experience of the trauma well and yet for me the thought of leaving the body to bring in a different being which was also while it was exciting it was scary because even though it’s felt comfortable to leave my body it didn’t it made me feel nervous that I wouldn’t come back so there is this level of having to develop a trust in our relationship with the Pleiadians and they really helped to open the door for me because um you know at first my eyes were closed my body would actually rock because it felt like and I’ve seen this with a number of other channels too it feels like when you’re connecting to that frequency and it’s it’s so high you know whatever whatever being you’re connecting to that the physical body almost almost like two different waves they have to kind of hit one another and and find the equilibrium and who I felt like my body was physically move and rock and then the more I got acclimated to their energy in their frequency I could actually kind of leave the body and open my eyes without feeling like I would I would come back in in a minute um and then from there I realized that you know I could I could channel other beings not just the Pleiadians and M finale channel plant spirits and crystals and angels and goddesses and ascended masters and kind of sky’s the limit but when I first began because it was all so new it was almost like I said all these rules for myself like I couldn’t eat you know a couple hours before because I needed to stay like high frequency and um you know I just I just said all of these unnecessary rules for myself to kind of create a healthy boundary so I knew what the distinction was between me and them and now I realize that you know I actually I just need to kind of close my eyes and they’ll pull me out it’s almost like being pulled through a straw they’ll pull me out of my body kind of drop me and what I like to call the crystal pyramid and that’s where I kind of hang out for a while and get healing and then they come in and they do their thing it’s really fascinating but it has evolved for sure yeah so I think you said her when you first were talking about this but I’ll ask you anyway so when you are channeling you are aware like as opposed to people that when they come back they have no recollection of what just happened but you are you hear everything that’s going on and you are aware of the session okay yeah pretty much every word I mean it’s almost like I’m heightened to every word and yet when I get popped back into my body again my recall is not really quite as clear like it’s almost like I’m hypersensitive to every every second of it and then I and then I come back to the body and kind of forget a bunch of it it’s very interesting Wow yeah I remember before before Jerry Hicks had passed away they and I think they use it even to this day that you could they have some type of monitor and they can see the energy when before and after Abraham comes story all right so you know actually not with with with Esther or even as far back and what’s your name when you talk about Seth and Angel and Jane Roberts that their partner or spouse whatever easily record it because it’s so hard to recall everything and it’s probably I guess that’s why when I asked about Barbara Moka zetetic because it seemed like the in this is fact this is just my opinion on this but initially it was more yeah I want to get the message out there and then maybe as it matured or as time went on it seemed like she was inserting some of her beliefs into the channel there may be some level where again just my opinion there may be some level of if you’re pure channel it has to be recorded otherwise you’re trying to you’re blocking that the flow of that channel coming through by putting your own take on it totally yeah I mean I you know I don’t necessarily because I don’t listen to a whole lot of other channels mostly because I want to stay as as pure as possible so I I don’t know if I had the same vantage point just because I don’t have the same exposure although I have read a few of her books but um I do think you know it if we’re called to be a channel it’s our job to be as pure as possible and for me I kept expecting to leave my body completely and have no recollection and I always record always always because I don’t remember most of it although I’m there for all of it but it’s kind of the same when somebody’s listening to I think you know it’s it’s almost like these beings have so much information it’s almost too much to take in in one sitting like you can’t you can’t possibly hear all of it almost the body can’t process all of it it has to be unpacked over like a number of different listenings and I find it to be the same you know for me for sure that you know I have a three year old so I don’t always get it I don’t always get to listen back as much as I’d like to but I do think that you know it is important in pivotal to say super super crystal clear and I think for me that was why when I first started channeling I had my eyes closed because I I was nervous that if I opened my eyes Mia’s Katie would feel to present in the body to be able to distinguish what was me and what wasn’t me but the more that I got comfortable with the frequency and the more that I worked with it the more I realized that actually they really have control and that was I think what I grappled with when I first started channeling was you know the the inner control freak in me it was like terrified of losing control of my body which anybody would be but you know of course I only call in pure pure pure divine frequency and I get super clear on my my energetic boundaries and what I will and will not allow in my body because it’s my body first and foremost and the more I started to work with that that protection the more easeful it felt to let go of the control so that I wasn’t even if I wanted to insert my agenda I couldn’t like they I have no control mechanism that’s there until they popped me back into that and some of the some of the I’m a big Abraham and that’s probably that was my first foray into this area again so they always say that it’s even with you know plant or anything were we as you said that you said that a couple of times getting out of the body and area if you only knew how hard you wanted to be in that yes fighting getting out of the body you know especially in our world David and I in the past that talked about walk-ins yeah you know if you keep expressing this interest but you don’t want to be in your body again someone else is like if you don’t want it yes up for grabs I mean that’s I think the near death experience comes in a lot of times I think that’s that’s the walk-in like transferring mm-hmm yeah I think you’re so right though because and again you know where as like as a civilization we’re so not only culturally conditioned but just genetically conditioned Q be wary of trauma in our body because that’s what we’ve come from I mean every single human on this planet has come from trauma at this point not only from their own experience but also generationally and I think it’s so embedded in our bodies now that it is a natural defense mechanism to just want to vacate and want to leave the body but you’re right I mean especially a lot of divine being right I agree with that and what Abraham brings through and I actually do really resonate very strongly to Abraham I do feel like these beings tell us all the time look you’re not here to have a perfect life you’re not here to only be in joy you’re here to experience emotion physically you’re here to experience the gut clench you’re here to experience the butterfly is you here to insurance the joy and fear and the anger and all of it is vital but I think you’re right there’s there’s a natural tendency to want to leave and that’s I agree with you I think that’s why walk-ins it’s almost like contractual it’s like hey I’ll take the body for the first 20 years and then you’ll hop in and you get to just like keep going without having to come in as a child and as a baby go through the whole gamut mm-hmm and I guess we can say that everyone is a little bit like that we’re a beak on some level right I know I’m bringing levity to it of course but great people that I had relationships with in my 20s were different than the mid twenties or thirty you know like wow it was a really different person yeah that’s definitely true I mean everyone is growing and evolving mm-hmm yeah it brings me to my next question about trauma because when we talk about transitioning there’s a saying that people cry on both sides like we cry when someone transitions they’re no longer living the other kind of cry a little bit because you’re about to get you know maybe tears of joy but you’re going through this life and it’s actually hard to the birth process versus the death process so you actually in kearney through trauma yeah yeah I think that that’s I mean you know I have a really good friend Sara Brianne Grady who I’m just going to like throw into this podcast because she’s also an incredible healer and at some point you guys got to get her on the show but she is constantly talking about the deepest trauma that we all carry which is the mother wound you know our first trauma is separation from the mother every single human has it there’s immediate sense of abandonment which is the very first trauma that every human experiences and I think you know that’s compounded by actual birth trauma you know even the quote unquote perfect verse is still traumatic to the child and yet when there’s compounded trauma where there’s a complication or there needs to be immediate surgery or there’s a cord around the neck or you know I came into the planet in birth trauma I was breech and I had a cord around my neck I think that it takes us most of our life to kind of peel away the layers of that trauma you know for me one of my biggest which is which is why channeling was so scary at first although exhilarating at the same time was my biggest trauma was am i safe because the very first experience I had coming onto the planet was one of not feeling safe and fundamentally feeling like scared fearful of the physical reality and I think a lot of human beings have that and yet we don’t even think about the fundamental trauma of safety am i safe in my body first and foremost it’s the one thing that I’m constantly healing in myself when you’re experiencing in your incarnation and we just top of mind – we just had another gentleman on a previous podcast and his wife yes he’s had his eighth child right and so in the I think the last one of the David four or five children Dave Paul had the water Burke’s or natural births at home did you go that route with your child also because of what you’ve gone through I did I’m really grateful that I had a really beautiful pregnancy and my daughter was born in ceremony I when I first went into labor it was light enough that I could open sacred space and she was born in the water a little fish market but I think the beauty is that you know because I see this a lot in the birthing community – there’s a lot of a lot of lake unconscious shame that’s thrown around attached to a birthing experience because one person’s comfort level and you know for me my experience of that feeling safe and nurturing might be another woman’s like complete trauma and fear and the thought of being at home giving birth could like create so much fear in the body that it would actually hinder the birthing so I think that there is a lot of a lot of beauty too however a human being comes onto the planet which I know that you also agree with but I just feel like in this moment I don’t know if maybe somebody’s is listening that needs to hear that or will be listening that you hear that but I always think it’s really important to me to to name that it’s all beautiful you know we all have different experiences of reality for a reason mm-hmm what I was really grateful to have that ya know in that I guess that’s why we covered it because like you said when you don’t know I mean the far reaches of the Internet where people hear these and come back and the feedback you’re like wow we were totally thinking something different and everyone’s interpretation is different so well I want to back up for a quick second because we were talking about channeling in your talking about your introduction around 2012 and you know it’s six years later and I have a relationship question for you so with Darryl ANCA who channels Bashar or Esther with Abraham or I forget her name he channeled Rafa they’ve all had in essence you know even Jane and Seth a relationship was not one entity the one or multiple energy that we interpreted as one energy and you’re in essence kind of like at the beginning stages do you with with crystals and ascended masters and so on do you is there a jockeying for hey we’re going to ride the wave with Katie forever like I’m trying to understand will you ultimately just channel one energy that feels right yeah I mean I think I think that’s why I stuck with the Palladian for so long because I you know I feel like I am a star being and a lot of waves and I think I have such a deep resonance with the star people that it for me from my opinion I thought that that was just the way it happened it was like one group of beings called you and that was it but the more that I’ve channeled I actually feel like instead of it staying kind of stable and having and building a relationship with one group though I have that with a number of different beings I actually feel like I don’t think I’ll ever channel just one being now that I know I can bring through this kaleidoscope of different vantage point and perspectives I feel like that’s actually part of what makes me as a channel unique and also part of the vital aspect of why I was called to do this work and be conscious I almost feel like there’s a there’s a really important piece there where it was like a contract of okay the Pleiadians are going to kind of like get you used to this process they’re going to drop you into your body and like really help you understand the process of channeling and then this like bigger contract with a number of different beings is going to start to open so that if somebody comes to me and they want to talk to Archangel Michael who is like my main man and I talked to him I would say most personally I mean he he’s one of my personal guides I’d say he’s probably like 80% of humanity who died but you know I I channel him a lot i channel mama Isis I love love love the frequency of Isis the goddess Isis I channel Merlin quite a lot and we have a really great relationship I channel the Pleiades and star beings a lot you know I think I think something about my contract to channel was always about though I didn’t know it that I was meant to bring through a number of different vantage points and that was part of part of why they equipped me with the ability to stay in the body so that I could like change the channel I mean it feels almost like a switchboard and it’s like okay let’s like plug in the channel angel today and build and deepen that relationship and it’s like getting to know a number of friends in your life it’s like you don’t want just one friend you want to like have relationships with all of the different vantage points and all the different people and cultural identities and perspectives and there’s something just so illuminating about that to me that I don’t think I could ever settle for just one so her sugar now you said like if you’re watching a channel let’s just use Netflix right so you’re watching one show you might bend drama and for the day and then the next day you know you might in another show so for a session is it Oh in this session I’m specifically channeling the creatives and then I met another session marking the Archangel Michael or do they kind of swirl in in one reading it kind of depends I mean it’s really interesting you know my my sessions are always unique and always different even if I’m working with the same person and like some sessions are somebody coming to me and saying I want to talk to X Y & Z and so we’ll bring them through and that will be the session sometimes somebody will come to me and say I don’t even know why I’m here which actually happens to me a lot um people people find me and they go I don’t really know why I’m here but I know I’m supposed to be here and then there will usually navigate like okay do you do we feel like we’re meant to be doing some healing work together today or some channeling work or maybe a combination of both insulin sessions I have multiple beams it’s almost like youth were jockeying earlier to describe the channeling experience and I almost feel like it that’s how it feels sometimes I’ll sit in front of somebody and I can feel Archangel Michael they’re wanting to talk and I can also feel Metatron and I can feel Merlin and I can feel that saint-germain and it’s like this I can feel the whole like crew around them that like could talk to them but some feel stronger than others and so will either choose one or will kind of switch between them but yeah it’s just kind of different for every every experience in every session and and I think the gift and I think there are more and more people who are starting to become conscious channels and are able to hold hold the frequency in their body while still being conscious of what’s happening because I think that’s part of a trance channel movement as just a side note is that before when the frequency was lower on the planet it was too much energy to hold in your body while simultaneously stayin of your body but I think now that we’re kind of elevating in our consciousness and our dimensionality and our frequency I do notice that there are a lot more channel to our conscious channels like I am who are able to hold and stay in the frequency while still being privy to it as it’s happening you know we we have so much on our plates I know personally for me I can’t afford to channel for two hours and then go back and listen for another two if I can listen at the same time that it’s happening I’m you know killing two birds with one stone on some level and so I do feel like yeah there’s something really interesting that happens when when you can be conscious of it at the same time because then the session also heals me too you know I have an opportunity to gain some information that might also be speaking to where I am in that moment on my personal journey as Katie and I did mention earlier that in October there’s plans for sacred ceremonies in Peru and David told me that you have plans to go to Europe in the fall and I said you have an upcoming event or something if you want to talk about that as well yeah well I am last August around that kind of really big Eclipse portal which I’m sure you remember um I started waking up with these spontaneous downloads which is usually how kind of my Maya sirak team so to speak likes to likes to give me information and they they started to download this um healing modality which is something I’m still exploring and playing with which you know right now I’m calling mythic healing which is a combination of working with global mythological practices global stories and kind of the arc of the hero’s journey so to speak or the heroines journey through life and applying that towards the healing process so that we can navigate our life without getting mired in the trauma you know I think that’s the gift of storytelling and why I love storytelling so much is that we all have that one show or that one movie or you know a story or a book that speaks to us on a deep level and comforts us and reminds us of our own humanity and reminds us of of the journey that it’s not always clean and smooth and that there is going to be the obstacle but that when you break through and you know I think in being able to see a bigger perspective then we can apply that to the personal healing and actually evolve without feeling like the traumas overwhelming the system and so when I started to get these downloads the next piece of information that I heard was go to school and I have a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies and storytelling but I knew immediately that I needed to go back to school and get a degree to deepen my understanding of mythology and to deepen my connection and though I studied this for most of my life I mean it’s been one of my passions since childhood and I have studied a lot of mythology from a number of different sources I did feel like I wanted to have an actual foundation a deeper academic foundation that would help me to stabilize some of what was already kind of milling around in my consciousness and so I applied to a program in Canterbury England and got accepted so I I originally was planning to go this particular fall I’ve since deferred to 2019 only in that you know this is one of my this is one of my common experiences is that I want to push the timeline I think probably a lot of human beings will resonate with that you know I I can hear a clear path and I know it’s a right direction but I want to force the timeline to make it happen stir because it’s exciting and I came to realize that I was living in Asheville at the time I moved I moved back down here to Georgia December 2017 and I felt like I was going a million miles an hour and it was actually creating a lot of anxiety for me the thought of condensing the timeline into that 2018 academic year so as soon as I made the decision to just enroll the following year my whole body relaxed and opened okay but I am actually going because I have a flight already booked I am actually coming also to the UK this summer on a pilgrimage it’s kind of like pilgrimage part one in pilgrimage part two and it’s I know that there’s a greater openness over there or so I mean you’re going to have a really good time I guess selfishly I know are good for anyone who is a medium I don’t know if you know or not but you know she’s she lives here but her origins was in Ireland hello additionally she had planned to go you know for break while the kids were out of school for like four or five weeks and this you I did stay for like 10 months people like when you come it is like this whole other life because there’s so much acceptance over there so yeah maybe think you’re not even imagining it the caladiums are like well just wait until she gland to give right now I think I like my scheme so to speak say I just I see this like glint in their eyes and this like you know that the hands rubbing together mischievously because you know I think they’re like just you wait like you have no idea but you think you’re going for something and you’re going to get like all you crazy downloads and all these new directions and you know especially it particularly calls to me also that that land because it’s my ancestry is it’s pretty much most of the UK I have Irish ancestry and lineage on boats Welsh and Scottish and a little bit of English so I’m pretty much just the UK in a body and so there’s also just this deep deep heart connects there for me and this this sense of that’s that’s my land this is land I know I’ve nurtured and loved and have been a caretaker for in so many lifetimes and so many bodies that it’s almost like a homecoming so it’s definitely really exciting what you said what resonates with me as far as my takeaway from this is the your exercising of patience because there isn’t a time right in your your channel you could do a lot of future tense and I know I get caught up in it and they’re just like you can sit and wait like there’s some steps before you get there that will make moment and it’s so important you know and I’d begrudgingly patient I will I’m very human and but my mom once told me my first phrase coming onto this planet was hurry I need it you know always tell plays with like hurry hurry and I I do think it’s a really important lesson for me and in allowing the natural divine flow and in it you know I know that we all get glimpses of that and we all we all are certainly in alignment with that and you’re right I mean there definitely is no such thing as time anyway but I do think it’s a human tendency to want to push something to happen faster when it just feels so joyful and yet I think that’s the gift of our physical bodies is that what I’m learning the more that I try to ground and an anchor into my body is that our bodies are dowsing rods you know if we’re feeling resistance and we’re feeling tension we have to trust that that’s our body’s way of saying hey not yet and if we feel ease and we feel joy and it’s smooth and yeah just easily I think that that’s our body’s way of saying yeah this is a go and if we all just were able to get more in tune with our bodies enough to listen to those subtle cues we could just douse our way through life in alignment with a divine plan so easily absolutely it’s uh you know the whole Eckhart Tolle and being in the present moment that’s our most powerful moment ever nuggets are not appreciating that moment when we’re like hurry yeah well so we are at the top of the hour but I’m sorry David exes you know are already budgets out a billion questions under I kind of ran through but are there any other questions that you had David um I think we covered them all I mean we could sit here and go on and on one quick question ask Katie have you ever found yourself in a situation where well maybe you had some uncertainty about what you’re getting ready to do and you’re like well hey I can I could just channel a being or you’re someone that happens it’s kind of information and that can you know help me out in this particular situation never done anything like that before um I do a little bit you know it’s it’s interesting and I’m sure a lot of people would probably say the same thing but it’s harder to channel for yourself than it is little you know it’s like I think I could but like it’s it just doesn’t feel as like it’s it it’s easier for me to like tell somebody hey could you ask this question on my behalf they don’t me to go hey Archangel Michael you just come in for a second and like make me feel better because it just doesn’t really it doesn’t really have the same resonance for some reason and it’s same with self-healing I think you know everyone’s capable of self-healing and yet when we have an opportunity to go to somebody else to experience healing the part of us that’s invested in that answer that I would be asking or that that healing the part of the ego that wants to know doesn’t have the need to be on anymore so it can be personally invested in the healing journey because of the placeholder of that other person you know I think that that’s the role of the healer and I’m sure many people have said to you I mean nobody’s healing you I’m not healing people I’m just holding space for you to heal yourself we need the placeholder to have an external perspective bounce back to us so that the ego doesn’t have to get involved in the healing process okay there’s a lot of talk in last couple of weeks with Steven Spielberg you know he always makes really good movie you can thought-provoking movie so they’re talking about the ready player one which kind of resonates with you and David was talking about because we wouldn’t we want to incarnate for the interchange with our fellow human then if we entered everything ourselves we stay home like there wouldn’t be any reason to go outside yes interact with anyone right it’s like have our etheric friends forever exist off of light and air you know I think there’s something so beautiful about being human and about being messy and I know for me I’m always trying to embrace messiness of human consciousness because I mean we’re not here to be perfect we’re not here to be the Buddha or Jesus or all the ascended teachers that we look to were already those things we’re here to just experience the mess and the the energy of chaos and the frustration and sometimes the fear and the pain and and that’s that’s what we’re learning by having these bodies so we can’t I’m writing this article right now and spiritual perfectionism because I I’m also victim to it you know I thought if I were to walk this path I need to do it from a place of so much purity that I actually was losing my humanity and there’s a way to still be in alignment with our authenticity and with our deep integrity to this path and to the wisdom of this path and yet also be human and enjoying the body and enjoy the human experience yes like that gave a good place yeah I don’t know how we can top that that’s a good way to end it pretty good let let us know or let the readers and listeners know about the your social medias and websites so they can get more information from you yeah my website is Katie Morgan calm kad why Morgan and my I do have a Facebook page it should just be under Katie Morgan I don’t have Instagram or any of those fancy things although I’ve been told I need to get them but ya know I am I like I like to just connect people in perfect and serendipitous timing so usually I really enjoy people just kind of find me but yeah I’m just so so grateful what an awesome way to spend you know an hour 15 minutes of my life talking to you yeah we are very humble they’re very happy that we were able to have you on here as well yeah so grateful thank you thank you thank you so you have just been in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David and it was a pleasure speaking with a fellow gum chewer and an embrace er of messiness we need to have you back Katie thank you I would so love it yes thanks for coming thank you you are the rest your day thank you bye [Music] listen to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find and support shows like ours when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear in episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show 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