Midwife Near Me What Does A Midlife Do? (Interview) with Louise Self

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good afternoon everybody this is Hamza Davis and David Thompson with intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective and it is Sunday it is September 10th the day before America is forever changes if you will and we want to talk about a lighter side of the beginning of life if you will we have Louie’s self here she is a licensed midwife with high-desert midwifery and Albuquerque New Mexico and she’s going to tell us all about the world of being a midwife so welcome to the podcast Belize hello thank you very much how are you doing please excuse my voice I’m a little under the weather so I don’t sound like my self very much thank you for having me yeah most way to be here yeah so this is the first time we’ve talked about the subject about midwifery or working with midwives at all in at all so I’m really excited about talking with you because I’m down learning a lot today I have another notepad open so if you could tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the business um well my I’m originally from England if you go back to how I landed here in America that’s usually a big question for many people because I have a funny accent I think you know along the path of becoming a midwife I used to work in the hospital as a medical assistant and as a nursing assistant I just sort of was trying to find my path just a little lost you know like what I want to do what I want to do and when I was pregnant with my first child Oliver who’s going to be 13 next month his birth really woken me and opened my eyes maternity care you know in general and especially in the United States and how women are treated and how babies were greeted when they were born and just just going through all the standard hospital birth that really kind of shook me to the core you know I really just I was not prepared for that and how I reacted and how I felt and so you know his birth was really traumatic it was a hard one which looking back I can say I’m very grateful for that hard verse because Oliver’s taught me a lot I really believe children are here to teach us just as much as we are to share with children or you know wisdom and whatnot you know so years later after I heal from you know emotionally from that birth I just got really involved in just taking care of mothers and being the advocate for just basic things like breastfeeding in public and how women so shamed and just I became a doula and I supported women in the hospital to try and help them find a voice and be an advocate for themselves and that kind of led me down the path of when I had my second child five years after Oliver I had a home birth with him and that really I took back my power you know and after that I was like okay I know what I need to be doing you know I need to be a midwife this is this is definitely you know was a huge validation right a big spiritual validation for me as it’s like this is what you supposed to be doing get up so that then began the path of becoming a home birth midwives and there’s yeah and there’s lots of options different routes to becoming a midwife that I really I really love home bar home dress is in my heart Wow yeah nutshell yeah you in chin room when you were saying all this that you were a doula now I’ve heard that term before what exactly is a door a doula is just um it’s someone who’s there who at the birth who just offers a lot of emotional support and physical support they don’t do any medical like listening to the heartbeat taking blood pressure they don’t do any sort of like cervical exams checking dilation or things like that it’s just emotional if a moms having on a back labour for example they know how to you know apply like hip pressure and stuff to help relief act labor so that’s what we’ll do is do they help mom kind of advocates it’s just like they’re holding this face basically mm-hmm which is it’s much different than a midwife obviously have way more responsibility you know I do all sorts of stuff I have to do a lot of clinical decision-making making sure mom’s a healthy making sure their labs look good listening to heart tones which is the baby’s heartbeat you know just monitoring the normal aspects of labour so this is a lot of heavy responsibility yeah wait more than a doula yeah would you say that’s the natural progression most people would go from becoming a doula to a midwife no I don’t think so I think it’s a pen I I think there’s a lot of because mainly women are midwives there are some male midwives out there but a lot of midwives they just women go right to school they just you know out of high school they go right to school they just you know they buckle down do the work either become a cm or they go other routes that I think was for a lot of midwives or passed and it takes them through this meandering you know forest so to speak of of which just I think a lot of its spiritual awakening when it when women like awake to their own strengths and their own power it’s like wow my gosh why does it take me so long to get here you know I don’t love a lot of a lot of midwives sources doulas over the sister though different ending friends burps so Polly even like get down the path in the degree that’s kind of what happened with me I was my knee added around for a while just sort of lost you know like Darren headlights like what is going on with my purpose in this world with you yeah how much training goes in to become like how long and what kind of training you have to get to become a midwife so it’s different well becoming a midwives of the certified nurse-midwives which is mainly a hospital based provider and their center births provider you have to become an RN so you have a couple years of going through the nursing school and then you have to go through middle school which i think is two to three years of paying on what school and what path goes oldest it routes you know the fast paced slow pace and say good sir I must be 2 to 3 years but it’s a master’s you have to get your master’s become a certified nurse midwife and a certified nurse midwife is different in the aspects that they have prescribing privileges is the main thing so they can write prescriptions for antibiotics or birth control those type of things they have more I guess more power not like a dog that they certainly have more power new senses than what I do because I’m a licensed midwives and so my route I chose to come kinds of additional midwives I really I I wanted to steer away from the hospital it’s not it’s never been for me I’ve tried really hard to fit the mold and I’ve always kind of gotten myself in trouble because I spent too much time with my patients I was you know that human connection that spiritual connection I would always get myself in trouble because you’re not supposed to do that supposed to be in and out picture turning down and blah blah blah so I really wanted to pass on the wisdom of literacy and the spiritual side there when you put your hands on a mom baby and you’re feeling a baby you’re not just feeling a position of the baby you’re not just you know oh which because there’s a baby and a baby’s head down it’s if you’re connecting with that baby you’re saying hello to that baby it’s not just a physical thing which a lot of that stuff gets lost in the medical model training in my mind you know I really see the disconnect and it’s not with all nurse-midwives you know there’s so many great great nurse midwives out there who get it but I I really wanted to pass on this addition like using herbs and homeopathy and just how amazing our touches and so I trained with midwives and practicing in my community I think it was 33 years before she retired and she I think she attended almost 3,000 home births and she you know she had the touch she had a lot of information that I really wanted to learn from her and I honestly think you know her and I had a lot of past agreements that we hadn’t settled so there was a lot of weird push-pull in the spiritual sense of me finding my voice you know Dave and I have been friends for a long time so I think David had send me grown in many ways as far as my path and as a person and just you know finding your voice is a huge thing and where you’re supposed to be in life and she she passed on some amazing wisdom and and just watching her at birth and holding space and just all the wisdom she passed on like we got to keep that going it’s dying people are losing that touch with a spiritual side and with the confidence in our bodies and trusting our bodies that you know a lot of women like Google everything they can’t look inside themselves they look outside of themselves all the time which has been a huge shift since we have you know Internet and social media it’s kind of gotten out of control yeah so yeah and I I love I love being a home birth they drive I love having my own practice you know I love providing the care I do it’s a very small practice you know every client I see each visits an hour long it’s not just you know blood pressure check and a belly track is like how are you doing today you know what’s going on in your life you know it’s a lot more to do with pregnancy than just the physical part and you know I get to control or how I do things you know I could spend as much time as I want with clients in the hospital you you don’t as much you know you have on the labor and delivery ward you have maybe six or seven patients in labor at once and for your bouncing between all of them which I just can’t do that type of care that’s just not for me you know yeah yeah and it’s having a small home birth factors it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of work running your business you do everything I do everything I’m the secretary I do the billing I you know everything I do it on my own so and we don’t there’s not a lot of money and being a home birth Nikolai’s you do it for the love you do it because you want to provide this care but you you can you can make a good amount of money it depends on how you you know view what your worsen and how you attract that certain certified nurse midwife in the hospital typically makes ninety thousand a year depending on where you’re at which people like God don’t you want to do that don’t you just just want to go and have like a night you know like 12 hour 3 12 hour shifts and clock in and clock out and not be on coal and was like no I really don’t I don’t I don’t I know that’s not for me that money is does not attract me to that type of you know environment and working like that I just yeah I do yeah I don’t do it I do it because I love it and when you love some things and money will flow yeah yeah so and I have some really wonderful clients that really make me very happy to come into work that makes a huge difference yeah well I sound like you have that balance of you standing uh you know you have to be just have to be a certain amount of fulfillment and something that you’re doing is good yeah yeah just doing it for the money exactly I am NOT into this you know got to do it for the money all the time like you need to be really happy about what you create so and I’ve gotten really good at creating a lot of stuff in their life yeah I remember the first time you use the first birth that you did on your own for the first kind of night yeah well you know we’ve all been in neighborhoods were you well I was nervous it was it was I had finished with my apprenticeship that I had done was barb it was almost three years long so the first dress I did I had another assistants there but that it I was in my own practice with my first fool girl there was no preceptor to that security that you could turn around and ask questions it was that’s when it hit me I was like oh this is this is it this is heavy this is I am so responsible why and I was like I have to trust myself I have to trust my judgment and I had to sit there there just sitting there and just grounding myself and I was like okay all right so what is this what what fear is coming up what is it and it was just self-doubt you know that I was dealing with and so once I kind of got my feet under me again I was like no I know if I don’t know the answer I’ll call up somebody right but I have to trust myself and trust them on and trust the baby and once I moved past that I was okay but yeah it was yeah it was an interesting feeling you know tennis I’d like to do that log here I’ll get it you know so but since then you know I’ve I’ve done bursts by myself and the assistants presence and you know a lot of times babies come really fast and so you’re just you barely make it half the time to homeworks that yeah yeah I remember that mama she just had her second baby in Texas so Wow well you might not have experienced it quite yet but I imagine it will be it’ll be a trip one day when you meet you know someone that she gave birth to that who’s like an adult already the deer just gave birth you know I delivered that child why yeah that was barb she was she was delivering a baby it was a baby she delivered she said I think it’s time for me to retire yeah making a full circle right yeah yeah Wow yeah yeah said the baby came fast so I’m not eating that why is there a difference in the dilute you know you hear some mothers always are like I was in labor for three years that’s like birth night yeah so why why is it so much faster when when it’s a Homburg I think I think a lot of moms are very comfortable in her own space they’re there they’re already planning to birth there you know a lot of times labor catches them by surprise these are so comfortable and there’s surrender to the process that before they know it like active labor can kick in on a dime like it can change in a matter of minutes like you can have contractions that are like 10 minutes apart are you disagree you know I take them in labor and an hour later you’re pushing your baby out so it’s not uncommon for moms like huh no I don’t know what this is like okay well let me know that she pushes your second baby if things change and so a lot of times if they’ve had a traumatic past birth they tend to not call into the last minute because they don’t they feel like they don’t want to waste my time it’s interesting I don’t want to waste my time from being there too long well I don’t want to bother me so they’ve had a lot of like emotional trauma where they felt like the staff they were bothering the staff or whatever was going on but and I think a lot of times I really like it when babies come for the midwives because the mother gets this huge validation is like yes you could deliver your baby no we don’t always have to be here you know you see these stories mother Paula’s work plain and white attendants me what to do and it’s like um mom knows what to do what about the mom no one’s talking about the mom yeah it’s it’s just constantly taken away from the mom all the time you know also I love it when when I’m moms like I just call it my baby or the dad helps and they’re just they did it on their own I get one of my birth it’s not my power it’s not my experience it’s just a mom and a dad and the baby that’s their that’s their joy you know and I trust almost all the time there’s no complications when a baby comes out fast because that being said I do believe if if a midwife needs to be present for something because there is a complication that’s going to occur the baby will wait the mom will wait they won’t feel safe so they’ll hold on they’ll just just wait you know they just have this little like check you know I I experienced that with my second and it was a home birth and he was coming mighty fast and I was in disbelief and I remember you know having the breast oh my god my god I have to push was the midwives you know my husband take a look at you probably will help you I’m like okay sure you know the next contraction happens and I’m like ah I’m gonna push and then this big voice says to me you need to wake I don’t know my god what was that and I’m like okay I don’t like what’s going on you know in my head I’m like what is happening and you know I’m some like baby sitting right there it’s so hard not to push you know and your baby’s right there and my husband’s like oh I hope you like okay okay and so next contraction comes around and the same thing and this voice says you need to wait for the midwives and I said I can’t have this baby I gotta wait all right and you know what God was talking to me he’s like you need to wait whew because iíve never heard a voice like that in my life just huge like energy was in the room and so as soon as the midwives walked in I had him but I also had a really bad hemorrhage I needed the midwives to help control my hemorrhage so I truly believe when moms get all the fear out their space and they really can tune in and listen they’ll bill they’ll know though their gut their intuition we’ll talk to them you know I’m a firm believer of that and I don’t tell that story to everybody because people get really fearful oh my god you bled what happened well what you know I’m fine I trusted my midwife I trusted the you know the experience no I didn’t feel very good because I lost a lot of blood but the you know the key of the story is is that I listened to that voice and right okay I don’t go to church I don’t have to go to church to believe in God and the bigger spirit that boy oh boy was he in that room I can’t even describe it it was it was just huge and when you’re when you’re about to push a baby out you’re so vulnerable and you’re so open spiritually open like you can just see the channel right like it’s just it’s the space is amazing to be in and though yeah now I thought that’s and I think about it if it is major goosebumps so but do this yeah you know of course I know people get born every day and the delivery but I guess no you’re feeling I know this you even though I’ve known you and I know that you’ve been doing this for a while it’s kind of fascinating hearing to talk about never heard you talk about it depth like this so Oh at the point at one point in the process do you personally start becoming aware of that spirit that’s going to take that body of the person that you’re working with the client communication that you have with that step spirit are you aware of that or no or I am it comes in a wave sometimes I you know it’s interesting because I was thinking about this before I’ll call today and there’s times when I’m really super aware in in a spiritual space and I can see what’s going on a lot of times it’s hard when I have a lot of other people in the room other midwives other attendants who whose energy is filling up the room and I’m constantly having to hold the space to make room for that baby do you know what it was like when yeah a lot of yeah yeah so I show right when a baby born but that instant as soon as their faith hit Sierra that you know I take their big grass they saw their lungs they start crying and all the babies of ones are we calm where they’re like anyway what’s the big deal you guys don’t rip it out you know and sometimes they’re just not in their body they’re born and they’re just like no I don’t wanna I don’t want to be here and they’re floating above their body it’s like okay you know any time now you’re welcome to come in this body so a lot of times it’s like okay ground everybody now ground the baby ground them all around with other midwives it’s with me you know hold the space for everybody gets really intense but usually just a really big hello right that usually the baby comes right in but but yeah when the babies just float in there five of their body everybody’s just like enough space that’s like okay come on are you going to come in they’re just waking everybody out in the room it’s what you’re supposed to be acting a certain way breathing and wailing your arms around and you know all this other stuff stuff so yeah I do I do see that I see I see a lot of interesting shift in moms I’ve seen moms to who’ve had like a history of bipolar disorder I had a moment ago years ago in a hospital and I saw the moment when she left her body and another entity came in it was a wispy yeah yeah that was intense no no notice obviously that I did it was like oh there she go oh hello who are you but yeah holding this face at bars and sometimes babies take a while to sort of just get in their body and this you know transition it’s not just a physical transition there’s a lot of spiritual transition and you know I’m just having a quiet environment with a mom and baby can bond and talk to each other I mean the birth space will be really rushed sometimes yeah you know a lot of happening a lot of stimulation and all this stuff and it’s like knowledge us you just have to talk to the baby really if you don’t really have to do very much and the day will tell you if you listen a baby will tell you baby has a lot to say yeah whatever I want what’s that like when and I guess you know every birth could be different how present a baby is right at birth or right after it could be different but maybe it’s because I’ve watched semen on TV Salma how real it is but those times when that baby opens its eyes and it’s like looking right action even though it’s a little baby it’s like it’s an adult staring you right now isn’t that like oh man that is beautiful that big like oh hi Nick hello and you know I trained my students like like don’t just do things to babies like talks to them say hello you have to say hello you have to Ralad ate them you have talks from before you give them the vitamin K shot like hey this is what this is because you know what most of my babies don’t cry when I do thanks to them nothing like what you do oh you have the magic touch if it doesn’t take much she just talked to the baby it’s very simple just talk to the little baby but like that big hello you know it’s just like oh I’m here you know this huge spirit is like all right you’re soul it’s such an amazing amazing space yeah I love it I loved her I loved it I loved everything a girl isn’t it yeah well what you can really change the mindset of the traditional mindset is that it’s so hard to incarnate right and it’s so easy when you transition but you’re saying that it doesn’t have to be hard eat away I don’t think it has to be hard either way I think there’s a lot of pictures that comes along with babies and moms you know dealing with oh my gosh dealing with moms pictures it’s like well my mother had a caesarean and her mother did and her mother had these complications so I’m most likely going to have them like no no no here we go here we go yeah now we’re going to deprogram you you know it’s a get rid of all those pictures because that’s not the truth not your truth you know so a lot of tween it’ll care is getting rid of all that years and years and generations of trauma and trauma that gets carried on you know and seeing the same repeating pattern it’s you know my my brother and his wife and newly pregnant and she she she’s experiencing that right now that she’s going through some my mom had these problems so I think I might need to go to an obstetrician and get some you know different care I’m most likely going to develop the same thing I’m like well no you’re not actually you’re not you’re not destined to follow your mother’s path you know oh I lost my train of thought I don’t know where I was going with all this sorry I can’t endure ramble on anything it’s so excited you’re really excited about both to make you think from an educational standpoint whether or not you add an additional service to teach them or you know teacher patience to hold space or know more about energy so it’s not so foreign yeah there’s there’s a lot of clients would be very open to that and there’s a lot that really I don’t think would be as open but I think I think boarding it in the right context so I have a lot of very religious families who you know you know pastors and whatnot and pull on God so I don’t want to sing you know quote witchy because of some folks home birth knit Rafi can seem quite witchy you know because we have you know you can’t have too much power right oh my gosh we can’t no more than a medical model because we don’t have their training you know it’s very different so there there was an element of that going on I just I just do in a different way with a lot of clients so everybody so I sort of make them whether at that makes any sense you know one client would be way more open to energy I have one mom but in particular that so aware of her energy now in just what’s happening with this pregnancy were very different then like another couple who you know how survival first is out and you know she Curie linear and that aspect justice I don’t know very different people I have a new student that she hasn’t met almost all the clients because I have some that would really panic because that’s her appearance and whatnot because I’m very conservative it’s very interesting I have a wonderful wonderful array of family as I take care of I love it I think it’s fun it’s really fun it’s really fun meeting all these different families where they’re from and what’s Oakland after your I think was after your first so well Oliver right after that that was a real traumatic Luton that’s kind of what after that trusted you in the direction of natural births and and you know becoming a midwife do you know this a common like the women that come to you and decide that they want to have a home birth is it kind of a similar experience would you say well what start student in that direction do you notice anything in common or is it kind of all over the map or the reasons why they want to have a home birth I think I think a lot of women who it’s for their first pregnancy they really they’ve already kind of have found their power and their voice and what they’d like a little bit more solid and you know I just I want a natural birth I want to do it my way I trust my body I really don’t want to be in the hospital I don’t want to be told what to do that’s usually the same that I hear and I think a lot of moms it takes them a while to get to home birth because either their partner doesn’t so comfortable with home birth they don’t really trust it they move out the what if what if something goes wrong what if what if what if what if but eventually women will find like their power and all we claim that birth space and some some moms it takes a long time to get there to reclaim that birth base and so like they can have it that they’re allowed right they’re allowed to have their birth space back they don’t have to have permission you know and that’s a huge thing and so it’s quite a enjoyable thing when moms come around for this article if it’s like okay this time I really want to do this my way I trust my body and so there’s been a lot of times it’s reconnecting their spirit and their selves and their own power you know I really discourage mom’s from googling when searching on the internet and joining all these mom’s groups online all the time because we’re becoming so disconnected from ourselves that everybody just lost right now I just sort of like lost walking around with like I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know what this is I’m going to google it real quick and then Google has 50 million explanations of this one thing you know and then you have anxiety and fear stirring up so I really I love it when moms come around they’re like I can see the growth right the spiritual growth is happening to really fun to watch yeah so would you say the majority your clients have when they come to you they and they decide to want to have a you know do home birth they’ve already had a child already I mean I guess or how many of your clients is the first time you come to use their first child right now I think of one two I think I only have three or four first-time moms and the raft roll mole clips they’ve had they’ve already had two or more children ready yeah and for them it’s their sir you know the roadie had a home birth so they’ve had a birth center birth no they’ve had unassisted birth as there are this was a huge community of unassisted brothers in Albuquerque I just do it themselves yeah yeah so was Barbra was going to you wish you your Midwife for your second child yeah she was yes and were you already training with her at that time or no no no I wasn’t I I had this plan I really you know when I when we thought pregnant then I was like I really knew who I was going to go see I just I just peeked her out you know her I just felt like a big match with her energy I just needed her I don’t know she’s a very gentle gentle big heart kind of woman but she’s also very stern and what’s the word she’s very type a you know so which is like complete opposite from the eight because I’m very very much good with the flow so but yeah and I needed I needed that experience with her and I trust I trust her she’s a really good midwife she makes really good decisions and in emergencies and things like that today why I had her you know when I needed that help and so after I had then I wanted to start appending with her after a year and she says no you need to wait I want you to wait another year you know wait to you mean then I don’t want you to start yet and so it was interesting because she would always be really hard on me but the other students whose baby was seven months old she wasn’t I don’t know if it’s because yeah the student was very resistance and really pushed to get her prentice ship and so you know I’m like okay well just wait I’ll just focus on my doula business and just really make connections with all the providers in the hospitals and just develop this relationship so that people know who I am when I become a home business wise and so I would write a time very patient and so that it came time was like okay now I’m ready you know it’s almost like Padawan I don’t know if you’re ready yet it was like this like whole balance of you know well let’s see are you ready in so finally you know she said okay I’ll take you and so there was two of us and and and the other students didn’t finish her apprenticeship she only made it a year and she had to quit and so I continued on but it was a really intensive apprenticeship you know I did everything with her all the home births all the visits all the prenatals all the emergencies that all the phone calls everything and she taught me how to run a practice and I just learned so much from her but it was a really it was a really intense apprenticeship and I just can’t help think that her and I have compassed life stuff so he was dealing with this oh yeah she is especially hard on me but I made it I concluded my apprenticeship so yeah that has a long day one day you know down the line so woman’s gonna walk in walk through the doors you know wanted to become a midwife and you gonna look at her and she’s going to remind you of you you know no I I already have one of those students right now who is a reflection of myself kind of prior I kid you not and I’m like oh my gosh why we’re working with my previous self you know it’s just like and even my colleague because I wasn’t the same build that building has another Midwife that was well who was my midwives and Mary Lou and she’s so much like did she remind you of you yeah like yes she does because Mary Lou has known me since I had all of her and she remembers me when I was very quiet kind of shy sort of a great you know just like afraid to say anything and now I’m come a long way I’ve really found my voice and I have a lot to say now you know and a lot of validation validation along the way you know validating right it doesn’t take much to validate assert to validate somebody I had so much of lack of that growing up you know it was really hard to come around the other way you know um your roaming yeah yeah my great-grandmother going back to when I was really young when I was four or five she was very spiritual would always read her little daily Bible verses of whatever and we lay in bed should tell me like you know this stuff about the world and God and like stories of her her dead husband coming to visit her and in her room and as I’m studying my closes you know think I was always enamored by her and and the more validation that I got from that then I was really starting to see spirits around the house and the lady that killed herself in the gas oven in my Nan’s house she would walk up and down the hallway and I would see start seeing her a lot and my nan was like food yes don’t get worried that is Mary she killed herself and that my grandmother would like oh no that’s no no no I don’t know you’re making stuff up again you know so I always had mine and that was always like of course that be you know so yeah and then yeah I spend a lot of my years growing up just flowing outside of my body I would just wash myself all the time I was just like just watch myself just hang out of my body you know I would get in trouble all the time because I wasn’t paying attention but I knew what I was what I was doing I was talking to friends sort of not being present I guess but but yeah let me down this path and and you know I do I do I don’t do as many healings as I had been in the past but I think every time you know I put my hands on them all over a baby there’s healing that’s happening or even if they’re in the room or I’ll think about somebody I love thinking about people and they call me another such a fun game writing is such a fun game when I’m like oh I should talk to paint it tell me we’re going on and then say it’s such a great game you know talking to babies so I have sighs moms that are due here soon they’re all coming into their due date window so I’m like telling these babies y’all just need to tape your turn I cannot be everywhere at once you’re just going to have to just take your time and talk to each other because that would be great you know so I have a lot more faith in trust and you know I’ll be at the birth some midwives get kind of panicked and all signs back up I have a backup but I I still believe in trusting you know I’ll be there I don’t worry about stuff too much have you ever a part of a painless birth yeah oh yeah okay yeah I want a couple where moms like I know like I think I’m in labor the baby says right there I’m like I should come over I don’t like it early okay I’ll just be right over and so yeah she was like 9 centimeters and she’s like client even though what’s going on so what are you doing great I said you know eventually you’re going to have to create some stronger contractions you know so you can have a baby and then you know usually an hours and she’s like oh okay and then an hour later will have a baby but a lot of women are so unaware of what that even is like there’s a lot of a lot of women’s to like childbirth is screaming and you’re on your back it’s just so painful and just you know it’s really intense and a lot of fear around it but I remind women it’s like you know I said okay you got to stop watching TV cuz that’s not really the truth you know and you you know you have to start going in and within you really need to start connecting with yourself and find your own path and and it’s just a surrendering you surrender to birth you surrendered her labor you surrender you have to surrender it you can’t fight it as a very surrender the more peace you have more validation the more space you made you know a lot of women really enjoy their labors it doesn’t mean it’s not necessarily less intense or painful that you can really love your labor so you know some women will have orgasmic birth you know I don’t have orgasms and I have not been present yeah I have not been present in one yet I know of a good friend in my community who has food had one anyway you really got a good lot of none well that’s that mm-hmm ah yeah there’s a whole movie orgasmic Burress it’s just documents different women who have experienced delightful delightful birthing atmosphere you know they just really enjoy the love it and the sausage and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable they’re like ah this is really weird but you know it’s okay so guys walk out the baby in there begin with right the love the connection you know so people forget you know client love it’s what’s going to get that baby out kiss be close get the oxytocin flowing contractions is just a different way to look at it it’s just it’s just the love hormone that’s created when Yuri case we love each other it’s just in a bigger realm of things it’s just helping your baby come out – when I when I freeze it in that way you’re like oh that’s not scary like well there you go they’re not it is you know so there’s a lot of working with moms yes yeah and um and reading them a lot of reading them you know when ice cream when people come to me for consults when they’re looking at home births it goes both ways like if someone isn’t a good fit for me either I can see it right away you know right away and I’m I’m a little bit more I don’t know what’s the word not cautious but just more aware of it and I can choose who I attract my practice and who attracts me to them you know could the right the right working relationship because it’s such an intimate thing because I am the lead Midwife and I have two students what well I have three the way that she’s got to graduate and that that that’s kind of fun that’s kind of fun because I always encourage moms like go around and find you know check out the other Midwife see who you make a good connection with because and then I’m like now this is not a good fit at all this is an uncle and this is not a good fit or you know I’ll just you know spiritually send them a little note saying hey you should really check out some so I think she’ll be a really good fit for them more so good but that’s the joy of having my own practice you know and every Midwife home breathitt black testing different and which is a toy that you know is a bytes midwife for every couple it’s so fun our question of our life other question about relationships and how relationships change over time so you know once upon a time there are two separate camps between the medical community in the chiropractic community and that relationship has been changed I mean it’s not all combined now but there are more medical entities that look at chiropractic care as complementary and we see as far as relationships growing between home home births and going the traditional out I think I think it’s always going to be a separation is always going to be the medical model who will do their saying and they’re very comfortable and feel safe with having a hospital they’re having the machine to go pee you know like money going on you know and just you know that sense and there’s a lot of providers who are very supportive out of hospital births they’re very supportive of home birth and there’s a lot of providers that really are not they don’t like it they disagree and so a lot of times we don’t work with them obviously they don’t work with us but this we were solely building bridges we were working on there’s a hospital here in Albuquerque where doctors were working on the Homburg Summit which is creating bridges for transfer of care from home to hospital a birth center to hospital and training like a smoother transition and just really being there for the mom you know taken away or egos of our fighting of our differences and just like okay you you’re inherited you need you need the medical model now so what can we do to facilitate a smoother transition so there’s if it’s a it’s a huge work in progress it’s a huge work in progress and it’s going to take a long time before you know if this hospital ever allows will allow to give give give licensed midwives hospital privileges because I don’t privileges means I can walk into a hospital and clock in and deliver baby I don’t have those privileges you know if I go in with the clients I’m just a decade to be their voice and help them make decisions I have occasionally called a baby in the hospital because they just come so fast you know I’ve done that it’s happened a number of times kind of staff is like full signature here you know all that ad came fast but but yeah I think slowly building bridges I think I think New Mexico is one of the best places to majors we care for out of hospital BER you know the history goes way back to the cool anderes the Pateras like up north like in the rural communities where you have like an elder woman in the community with a granny mid midwife or you know just grandma down the street he does have all his knowledge it comes back to that intuition and knowledge like like you’re sick people see who see his receipt that down the road you know or you’re pregnant go see her she’ll take care of you and she wasn’t even licensed she just did it and and she was trusted and then I forget what year it was I have to look up the actual history of I meant to look that up for you but but the state encouraged all the women that were community midwives to come to a training the state’s page these women go through like basic training like hand-washing you know how to tie us a cord and be clean and sterilization and stuff like that you know with instruments and and then they talked women into being licensed so does that happen and then then became the licensure New Mexico so now we have licensed midwives who are licensed to practice and there’s still all this going a few underground midwives who don’t who are not licensed who do not want to become a licensed midwives they they they’re usually go back to the sixties you know where women go midwives are like you know I I just really I don’t want to be controlled by the state because I have rules and guidelines and things I have to follow so I’m bound by those you know so you know practice safely and also practice within my my bags my training but I’m not doing something I shouldn’t shouldn’t be doing like I can’t do like planned breach first when the buts coming out first I can’t do those I can’t do twins now I’ve had surprise breech where the baby just happened to be you know but first and then you just get on with it you just you just get on with it and it’s part of my training and you know the last platinum surprise Beach I had was beautiful and I wasn’t I wasn’t worried at all I was very lovely this baby was fine he’s you know so yeah there’s a lot of you has a lot of control going on so control control that’s how we keep people safe because there are some midwives that really shouldn’t be practicing or they’re not following our guidelines and and I don’t think I think some midwives really should really take a good look at what they’re doing if they really should be a midwife and that’s my opinion but I was trained really well it’s trained with the best best of both worlds you know nobody had medical training from what I used to do so I kind of marry the two I’m in the middle look if I could care yeah yeah great to have a baby I don’t know if I ever told you but my great-grandmother on my mom’s side she was a she’s a purse certified black Midwife in the state of Kansas way back yeah we and she had 13 children herself but utopic Kansas in the surrounding area you know cuz back then if you’re a black you didn’t go to the white doctors they went to fire Midwife if you’re if you’re a black pot back then into Toba she probably gave birth to you she did them she delivered to them that gay but she delivered my mom and my mom’s older sister really oh that’s so great you know there is a book about the history on the granny midwives in the in the south yeah I actually need to read it I haven’t picked that one up yet there’s a lot of other ones that have been written but I don’t have to read all that’s so great yeah yeah oh my gosh so much so much Vince Tim I see that’s the thing where were the black midwives were getting in trouble because I knew too much the moment you know too much that’s when you know white people were taken away their licensing and their their permission to do bars and if they did they will get you know turn in jail and just you know a number of things it’s like it’s like it really feels like the 15th you know 1500s where you get burned at the stake okay I was just going to mention that how was that movie with Jack Nicholson and it and he’s a he makes us comment he’s talking I think sherek I came in a movie and anyway he’s going to how the midwives back in the day they got burned they burned them and and declare them witches but it was really to get them as a child birthing process so men could take over uh-huh yeah yeah to get him out process how they Wow an interesting Stephen it kind of feels like that sometimes like people have a big agenda and and I think a lot of home birth midwives you know I promote myself pretty well I don’t have to do very much because a lot of my referrals aboard a mouse I really tried to work hard and developing this really did connect with my community that I don’t need to be putting myself out there every twist and turn like I attract a lot of good people from from happy happy clients you know if you know have you tell me what’s going on it feedback you know let’s talk about it but yeah it is if you if you if you’re too big and too boisterous if you draw too much attention to yourself and you’ll start getting people who really don’t like what you do and they there’s someone in particular who is on the internet that really does not like homebirth and will do everything she can to destroy Homburg yeah and you know and that’s really unfortunate because at the end of the day it’s a woman’s decision it’s her body that she gets to choose where she’s going to birth it’s her decision you know as long as she feels like she’s fully informed about all her decision-making and all the options out there it’s no one should be governing how someone gives birth and that’s really sad when that starts to happen you know she died in the hospital a lot like you want a natural birth you really you want intermittent monitoring you don’t want to wear the strap from the belly the whole time you want someone to come in every hour and listen there’s lots of things that women want in the hospital it’s really hard to obtain because there’s a lot of policies and procedures that happen in the hospital that that staff have to follow so you’re kind of hitting up against the wall a lot of times that we want to do a home birth or a version of birth like if you’re a low risk and you’re healthy there’s no reason to be in the hospital it’s just fear there’s a lot of fear it’s the water so I’m like you know what what is when you drive into the grocery store and I don’t come home like you know there’s a lot of waters out there you know you really you can’t live your life like that you just can’t I really feel that we just covered the tip of the iceberg for this sub-genre my gosh yeah this was really interesting but we are at the top of the hour so sometimes do a part two because I want you to talk a little bit I know you lived what to do but I know you like to play and I want you to kind of get into somewhere you know you guys do some hiking and caving and I have to talk about all that so what’s your number in your website so people could get in touch with you yeah so my my number is five five four five zero two two two two and my name is Louise self and so my practice is high desert woodwork free and I’m here in Albuquerque and you can group amia find me on the web and yeah give me a ring if you want to come and chat and learn more about it and what I do and you know to find your power you will bass and absolutely taking charge of your pregnancy and yeah let me know let’s do it let’s get you into your body yeah so again everyone this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and thanks again Murray so yeah thank you so much Louise and thanks everyone and we’ll catch you next time thank you so much Karen okay you [Music] [Music]

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