Mindset Of Abundance – Scarcity To Abundance Mindset – What It Is & How To Make The Shift

Mindset Of Abundance – Scarcity To Abundance Mindset – What It Is & How To Make The Shift


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land. You are in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homie’s perspective. This is Hamza. And for those that have listened to the podcast for some time, you know that the first podcast or the second podcast was, there are no accidents. And since there are no accidents before I introduce my guests like to dedicate this podcast to my art. So yesterday, she had gone to a regularly scheduled doctor visit to give some blood. And she’s flatlined. And I also have to give a shout out to a movie A Christmas Story, because when she flatlined her mother, my grandmother, she was like, oh, here’s the party and my grandmother put her foot on her forehead and pushed her back down to third dimension said it wasn’t her time to go And with that I actually have a guest today who actually had a near death experience too. So if you can imagine dying in this case, and then coming back and your gift was to be able to see and hear people’s destiny. That’s my guest today, she is the CEO of sole priority. And she did just that she began her journey and dedication to help entrepreneurs leverage the gift that has already in them. She uncovers what your true calling is in the world and see the assignment on your life as well as your path to abundance. So she’s worked with Olympic athletes, professional athletes, CEOs, seven eight plus figure businesses, and we have her here for the podcast for intrinsic motivation. So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Mariko Frederick to the podcast. Welcome.


Hi, thank you for having me today.


Absolutely, yeah. Like there’s no accidents as we were saying before we start recording Am I I had a near death experience yesterday is like I


had I had goose bumps I said, Oh my gosh. Then you said she got pushed back down. I said yes, exactly what happened. Like that movie


Christmas story, right? Like Christmas story when he goes and he wants the BB gun. He’s like he’ll dry out.


I’m so embarrassed. Okay, I haven’t seen that movie. And I know.


I know. Oh my gosh. And now the whole world knows. Um, my husband has seen it. He quotes from it all the time and I have no idea what he’s talking about.


So after the podcast, just tell him he’ll shoot his eye out. He’s like, wow.


Now I have to watch it. Now I have to watch.


So lightweight begin with the envy even though that is a defining moment of your life. So if you can go a little bit into who is more eco Frederick before The near death experience happened.


Mm hmm. So thanks. Yeah. So Monaco is a Japanese name. I’m half Japanese. And I was practicing alternative medicine before before that moment, and I was an avid rock climber, I was living in the mountains. And I was perfectly happy and then I died. And it kind of it kind of put a wrench in for a while.


You know, it’s like not it’s not part of your life plan, like I’m not supposed to die, and then


you don’t come back the same. And so, you know, it’s it’s such a great question. Who were you before? Because it really is, and I haven’t spoken to anybody else who’s died. I’ve never read somebody else’s book who’s died. I’ve really it’s such a sacred experience that I’ve never looked into what other people go through but I can say that I believe that we come back so different that for myself. It was almost like who was I? Who was that? You know, and I think It’s hard to remember how do I go back and be that person again. So there is definitely for me anyways a before and after version of Monaco.


I want to ask you with the Japanese origin in urine, California, so there is a huge Japanese contingency out there population. Were you in touch with your Japanese roots? Or was it I mean before your near death experience? And do you have that as a temporal part of your life today?


Yeah, I am. Yeah. So my mom is from Japan. She was actually born in West Allis. She was born here. And then they sent her back to Japan during World War Two and she was a little girl and she grew up there and then came back later. So yeah, I’ve grown up with my aunts and uncles all around me, in the Southern California area. And, you know, definitely the food and the culture, a huge part of my life. language, not so much. I think that generation, you know, post World War Two, they were really to to to be seen as Americans. And so my aunts and my mom all agreed and uncle’s English only, right? So, especially being half, it was okay, we’re just you’re going to be Americanized and so when I’m around, you know, Japanese culture, especially I’m very at home, it feels like home to me. I just don’t necessarily speak the language I understand a little more, you know, from around did enough. I know. You know, I can say a lot of half Asian kids, we might not know the language, but we know when they’re talking about


and we generally know exactly what they’re saying. And they’re like, how do you know when?


connected to that side of me?


Sure. Then I finished high school in Orlando outside Orlando. in there, there was a huge Spanish population. And so you would go or I would go to a friend’s house and Grandma Grandma lived there. You know, she would speak Spanish, but they wanted her kid. Learn English. And so there was a lot of Spanglish in the house. So I don’t know if you’ve gone back and forth with American and Japanese.


No, not so much my you know. So the nice version is they wanted us to be Americanized, but my sister and I think agree they just kind of wanted their secret language. Think that’s also part of the thing as being a being haka being half Asian or like, I mean, I think you want to speak your language too. So, yeah, yeah, there was there was, I remember being young though, like, I remember my whole childhood, I remember my memory goes back pretty far. And I remember moments where I was learning both Japanese and English at the same time, and learning the words for both and so but then No, they ultimately decided just English only, which, you know, my mom’s 88 years old. So, you know, she had me late in life. And now that would never be you know, most parents would be like, yeah, be bilingual but her generation not so much especially coming over post World War Two.


Sure. And the The reason I was asking is because usually, in my experience, not my experience, because I haven’t had an end. But people I’ve spoken with, they have some. I mean, it’s not all the same, like you said, everyone’s individual experience, for the most part, but they’re for people of other cultures, and they didn’t have access to their culture beforehand. It seems like there’s some ancestral connections that they pick up on. Without finally that way more.


Yeah. Oh, no, I’ve never heard that. Again. I’ve never looked into anybody else’s experience. So no, I would say instead of a cultural connection, it was really a shedding of all everything I thought I was, it was a shedding of identity.


is what I find really funny about that is, most people are that I that have been on the podcast or just in other lives, that I that I come across people, they have the traditional, you know, corporate life and then something happens and then they become spiritual. And you are already a quote unquote granola person. And now you work with businesses.


I’ve never I’ve never


I don’t


was my first breath I envisioned running real full of like corporate CEOs and business people. And that was so good to know back then with my dad. I would have never guessed that, you know, fast forward once I was healthy enough to work that I would be called to serve people who are more in the corporate setting.


Mm hmm. And I’m just trying to measure 16 years ago was seems like a lifetime ago. It was definitely before I guess the resurgence of the pop popularity of Spirituality. Because What the Bleep Do we know was around that time the secret was shortly after. And so there was a lot of openness to it. But if this happened to you 16 years ago, what was it like dealing with corporations at that time, versus today?


You know, I didn’t deal with them at the time after I died and came back, I really, I was sick. I was in bed. You know, I wasn’t working when I could still do some intuitive work for some people at some points. But really, you know, I came back from that experience that I just continued to get sicker and sicker because what I didn’t know was that I had Lyme disease, and it was going to my brain. And so three and a half years, you know, after that experience was caused by different accidents. I, at that point, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t speak correctly. I sounded like I’d had a stroke. Because apparently I was having little mini strokes. I was confused. Right. So So I went from really you know, this avid rock climber. You know, somebody practicing traditional Chinese medicine having real practice to being unable to, you know, turn on the lamp, or get dressed by herself or crawl to the bathroom. And so, you know, for me it was, like I said, it was really a stripping away of identity and so many levels, but I wasn’t working with anybody for a while I was I was literally, you know, it, it felt like I was just existing, because the person I was before I died was kind of gone. Right? I wasn’t gonna go back to that. And I hadn’t yet become who I was meant to be. But I was in this sort of, it felt like Limbo of like, okay, but what should I do? And then also, I can’t I don’t have the strength to get up and walk to the bathroom on my own. So then what do I do? Right? So it wasn’t, it wasn’t presented to me so fast. It was, you know, and I joke about it. I’m like, you know, it really wasn’t fair. Because when they send you back, you’re all blissful. And they’re like, go back and help people and you’re like, Okay, actually, no, I said, No, I was smarter than that. They had to tell me three times. Go back. But when I did, you know, I thought I was going back to help people because that was the assignment of my life. And instead, I spent really over a decade unpacking, spiritually unpacking, not with words, but spiritually, unpacking and experiencing everything I needed to go through in order to be the person that I can be today to help the people I’m here to help. Does that make sense?


No, it makes total sense. And if I could make a parallel to 2020 a lot of people are not in your situation, but you know, a degree away where they feel like they’re in limbo of we don’t know what is happening in 2020. There’s so much happening, you know, every month and then August comes around and it’s hold my beer we have 13 Laura, that’s right around the corner. So it’s like, that’s where my next question is, because how did you get through the limbo because I’m sure you know, like you said, as a rock climber, what have you, you’re so used to getting up and getting out and doing whatever you want to Do it now you don’t have that capability. So what was that? How frustrating was that?


And how did you know? I think? Yeah, I have my moments of just utter frustration and I would definitely allow those you know, I would I would break down and cry when I had to. I think the other thing that gifts I have which not everybody in 2020 has is when you come back from death, you come back with a lot of bliss, you I came back pretty tuned in and dialed in and just blissful despite, you know, pain in my body, despite you know, no energy in my body despite not knowing how I was going to create a life again for myself, I had I had that bliss, that divine bliss running through me for a long time afterwards. But you know, that did. It didn’t say it all the way but it wasn’t like as extraordinary as it was, you know, first week, the first year where you’re just like floating in this divine, you know, consciousness but it was always there. But I think it was just you know, people ask me that a lot like how did you heal from end stage Lyme. How did you do this? And really, I think You have to make the choice to save your own life. And so there was a moment that I realized that, you know, alternative and Western medicine was not going to necessarily save my life saved my brain. Bring me back online, right? It might not work. And so I just chose, like, literally, it was a one choice one moment in my life where I chose to save my own life, and decided I’m never going to complain again. I’m never going to say I’m sick. I’m never going to say I’m tired. I’m never going to say I can’t. And I just took all of that out of my language, but also my consciousness, right? So it didn’t matter that I couldn’t stand up, right? If someone’s like, you know, Hey, can I get you anything? Or do you want something? I’d be like, Oh, yeah, can you get because I actually can’t stand up right now. But I wouldn’t make a thing out of it. Right. And so what we really liked despite our circuit, despite my circumstances, my husband, you know, was right there with me. I chose to only see the light only see the positive and just live From there every moment and so I think that’s what so many people right now in 2020 as it’s like, we thought March and April were bad. And now we’ve got hurricanes and fires, you know, and and it just continues to roll downhill. But it is up to the individual person to start to choose something better for themselves to start to choose a thought that brings them into the life they want instead of the complaining that brings in more of the life they don’t want.


Hmm. And I’d like for you to reiterate that point because it sounds like a relationship. This is probably a volley to you. But what is the relationship like you said, You took it out of your language. So what is the relationship of what you vocalize and internalized as you co create with the universe?


What is the relationship


like? relationship? Do you see that there’s a relationship between what you speak out of your mouth your what your languages and what’s your thinking be? Is there a relationship or You’re able to see correlations of how you hold your esteem.


Yeah, I think for people, you know, it really is about tuning into your soul. And, you know, I think people think, Oh my god, that’s so hard, right? We believe meditation is so hard. And it’s actually not. It’s just a state of being right. If you know enough about meditation, you know, you can’t really learn to meditate. You can learn concentration techniques, but being in a state of meditation is being in a state of awareness, a state of consciousness, right? And it’s not necessarily, like sometimes you don’t need a technique to get there, you could just kind of close your eyes and be there or you do techniques to get there. So that’s one way but it’s not the same way for everybody. And so most of the people I work with, you know, they might do a yoga class or meditate occasionally, but that’s not their thing. And so they really work from a life of service of how can they make the world better? And when that’s really the foremost on your mind and your consciousness and your heart is how am I improving the world? How am I adding value to this planet? to humanity to the environment. It’s amazing how the world you know, the universe sort of echoes that back at you of gratitude and the unfolding of who you really are as the soul through work. And so I think that’s why I was sent back and, and do work with so many high achievers, you know, in the business world and not so much the Yogi’s is because there is that path. There’s some, you know, I’ve worked with some highly, highly advanced, Yogi’s who were all dressed up as business people, you would never know. And they won’t even use that language. Right. But I I had the opportunity to work with people who are very, very, you know, on the path of enlightenment, but they don’t they don’t show up in that way in the world, right? Yeah, I help teach them how to navigate aligning their souls work with their business, so that they’re always serving.


Sure. I’m actually laughing because I’m thinking of a good friend of mine. We were dating at the time. We knew each other as corporate people. And one day, I think at my house or something I brought up, maybe abraham hicks or something. Or she did I think she introduced me to Abraham. And we were like, holy crap, I see a totally different side of you. And this was so it from the corporate side as always, like, I don’t want to show that side of myself. Right. And so she was that way. Like, I’m not like, you know, I mean, since you see both sides when you said there, they may be Yogi, but you’re like, I’m not going to that conference. They all dress they all wear beads and if they don’t wear suits, right, there was like the demarcation but you I think you’re actually bridging that gap also. Mm hmm.


Absolutely. Um, yeah, it’s been it’s been an honor and I just I’m so blown away by the high conscious souls that are in the corporate world that are that are that are, you know, running seven eight figure companies That has said that the founders and entrepreneurs, and their consciousness is so elevated, but they don’t look like it if you were, you know, if you didn’t know them, and you couldn’t tune into their soul the way that I could, you might just really judge and say, Oh, well, that person is an executive producer, or that person is, you know, the CEO of that eight figure company or whatever. And you wouldn’t really think past that. And then you, you see what they’re meant to do. And it’s like, oh, my gosh, no wonder the universe has you aligned with such resources. you’re meant to play what you’ve already played big. And so the reason, you know, the reason I think they find me is they’ve already played big and now they’re like, Okay, how do I, how do I know now that I’ve hit 100% in my company, now that I’ve hit 100% in life, everyone looks at me and goes, wow, I wish I wish I had your life. I wish I was, you know, that rich or whatever. People think right? Now what they’re thinking is, I want to go past that. And so that’s what I do is I say, Okay, you’ve hit 100%. Now, how do we help you work from the infinity of your soul to where you truly are working from limitless resource and in alignment with what you’re meant to do so that when you leave this world, you’ve done the assignment on your life. You didn’t miss it.


Mm hmm. How are you breaking the gap? Because I’m thinking, and I’m a little upsetting a slight tear in since you’re in California, Pac 10 was one of the first conferences that begged out of football this year. And, you know, football may not happen. So that’s the tear. But in the corporate room, in many cases, right. I just remember even today in business meetings, you know, we may make references to A Christmas Story. But we may also make reference to like football or something, right. It’s just a natural part of the vernacular. And so you’re adding the the spiritual verbiage if you will, and how do you get that like to see you as an expert obviously, makes sense, but how do they bridge that with maybe their board of directors like to make sure that they still They would still have faith in the CEO.


You know, a lot of people Honestly, I’m like, their secret weapon. They don’t, people aren’t always telling everybody that they work with me and that’s fine. You know, I I am a, you know, spiritual and business development person. That’s what I do I help bridge that gap. And the other thing though, you know, especially starting my original practice in alternative medicine in 1998, you know, things have changed, I’m sure you can attest to that. Right. We’ve all witnessed that if we’re old enough to have seen that change, you know, back then, you know, I people didn’t know what alternative medicine was. They thought it was very, you know, out there and woowoo and, and I guess at the time it wasn’t, I came from working, you know, before that in a neuro trauma Intensive Care Unit, and I thought it was out there and woowoo too, until it worked for me. But you know, fast forward 20 years and people want to to to make a greater change in the world. Right, it’s not all about just making money. It really is this I’m being called to usher in a new way of doing business. And so that’s where they find me. And they and and they realize, like, I am here to do something bigger. And so I think for a lot of my entrepreneurs, you know, they don’t know anybody else in explanation. deep personal work, like what their soul is here to do. They don’t have to explain that it’s really an unraveling, and an uncovering of what’s already in them and saying, this is your gift to the world. This is what you’re meant to do. This is how this can look with products and launches and all that stuff. And it hits them in this bowl. Right? My what we talk about our conversations, I’m not telling them something they don’t already know. The way I describe it is I’m telling you something that is in your soul, but you don’t have the words for it. And I provide the words and the description and then then you go and you do with it what you want. So, yeah,


gotcha. In Let me ask you because I mean, if there are no accidents, This will be I promise, this will be my last football reference. But I want to play. Oh, good. Okay. So I just want to, I want to, I want to, I want you to play Monday morning quarterback. And if there’s no accidents, and everything happens for a reason, do you think you would be where you are today? If you didn’t have that near death experience?


No. I mean, you can trace it all the way back to, you know, the household that you’re born into. There’s no accidents. And I think that for so long we, you know, especially growing up or you know, young adulthood, you know, we start to deal with our past, whatever that is, right? You go through this these years of whether it’s late 20s 30s, somewhere in the you start to deal with whatever happened, right? Be it big or small, something. Most people don’t get to life without anything happened, right. Maybe their parents got divorced, or maybe they were abused, or maybe they had a car accident that left him with a limp like whatever right? It can be. Really big or really small? And I think that that a lot of times we’re trying to deal with the stuff, right? We’ve heard that term a lot. Like I’m dealing with my stuff, my stuff’s coming up. But really, it’s sometimes Yes, you have to heal, but it’s also owning your story. And saying, that is my story. And it was all meant to be, right. So I can look at my story, but I’m not in my story anymore. I’m not in any of the, you know, sad stories of what happened to me early on, I stand on my story, and I speak from my story, and I teach from my story, but I’m not inside of it, wounded by it.


Mm hmm.


And so I think you’re right, there is literally no accidents. The universe does not make a mistake. And right now, I think 2020 you know, it’s easy to be like, seriously.


They’re, like,


come on, you know, and it’s easy because, you know, people are dying and people are being killed and and there’s wars going on. And, you know, I feel like So, so many people get so angry. But what I want to say is, you know, it’s not like the universe or God Divine Mother, however you call God, you know, it’s, there’s no one right way to say it. But whatever that is for you it’s not and also just use God for easy reference. It’s not like God is like, Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot about 2020 I sorry, I lost focus and oh my god, it completely screwed up, both of you guys to get it together like no, the universe, this is supposed to be happening for our own benefit. This is happening for us, not to us. And I think when we shift our consciousness to go, okay, all of this is happening for me, for my own Elevation for my own spiritual enlightenment, for my own, you know, well being, then how can I use this this year, to better the world?


Sure, and better and better the world and better, I guess, overall at the overall goal, but I want to ask you, I want First I want to give a shout out to the fine folks at value tainment Their YouTube channels awesome. And today they were talking about the 15 pre election predictions. And at the end of it, they referred back to their video they made in 2018, talking about the 10 Industries facing massive disruption. And it’s kind of eerie to watch that video from two years ago how much on point it’s happened and how accelerated it has been because of COVID. And so, one big thing in the news was was Warren Buffett, he has all these all this cash on hand, like he’s waiting for those downturns like buy things on pennies on the dollar. And I was just wondering with you working with with businesses, they’re always look, they always have to do the projections. What are the five year projections, though? One year short term? Do you work with them in that regard as well for especially this year?


No, it’s a lot of creating actually it’s a lot pivoting and creating what’s next for them and what’s new in their company and what they can do to help more clients. It’s, it’s, we really work from that point of view of how can you add more value to the world, not what companies can you buy up when they go enter? Right? That’s, if they’re doing that I’m not helping them with that part. I don’t we don’t talk about that part. Everything I do aligns them with the work that they’re meant to do. Right. So like, if we, if it was yoga, we call it karma yogi, right. It’s like, what it what is your path of action? What are you here to do? So I don’t really get into that with them.


Okay, fair enough. And I was just wondering, with so much uncertainty, some people are grasping for certainty, in any way they can get it.


Mm hmm. Sure, that’s where a lot of you know, a lot of my clients are really, um, create, like I said, they’re in creating mode. They’re in, okay, in a lot of them. They’re, their businesses are, you know, fairly stable, right. Either they’re very stable right now or they’re, they’re doing fine or they will do fine because they’ve done For so long, right? And it’s really this pivot of Okay, now I’m being called to do something bigger in the world, and how can I do that? So maybe it is a little bit of that shedding of their own, you know, identity of who they were, and being called to work on a higher level. And they’re doing it. They’re doing it within their company, or they’re starting a new company. Some of them are like really launching a whole new thing.


What will they do?


Yeah, because it is, it’s like this creation that’s happening in them of saying, Okay, it’s time to, you know, game on let’s do this. And they’re feeling it. So yeah, I haven’t I haven’t worked with anyone who’s asked me how to, you know, cash in on 2020 I don’t think I’d have a good person. I would say that vibrations not gonna not gonna jive with me. They might get a little scolding from me. I there’s nothing wrong with it. I know some companies needs to be bought right now. Right? That would save them in order to be bought. Right? It’s not that’s not where my that’s not where I’m aligned. That’s not what I’m aligned.


Okay, and I’d like to do a little center in California a little Hollywood stereotypes. So in the stereotypes with the hollywood, hollywood movies when they talk about like spiritual development such people have sight Claire Claire audience Claire’s all the Claire’s. And in your case, you’re you when you came back you were able to see and hear people’s destiny. Was it overwhelming? And did you find a way to filter it so it’s not taking over your whole life?


it Yeah, that’s a good point. It was overwhelming. I didn’t understand what was happening. I had no idea. And you know, in in my bio, I say see and hear. Because the truth is, I don’t have a word for it in the human language for what really happens. So the only way that I can communicate what happens is to say I kind of see and hear and sometimes I do see like a little vision like a little movie. Oh, this is gonna happen. Or I do here like a little down. I call it a download it Just get this information and go through what you need to do, but a lot of what? So, so we’re familiar with the the body of light, right? We’re familiar with what’s called the astral body. Yeah, like we’ve heard of the chakras and the auras and stuff like that, right? beyond that is something called the causal body. And that’s something that’s less familiar, hollywood doesn’t talk about it. And that’s a subtle body of thought and idea. And that’s where I believe we manifest from right we have this subtle body of thought and idea and we manifest from that. And so when I hear people, it’s really what I would I would, what I would say are salt waves. That’s how I describe it there salt waves. I put out my bio people like what she talked about, but to me, it’s like this wave coming out me and the wave has thought in it. And I’m able to, to to translate that thought into human language and say, This is what is inside of you. This is what’s meant to be birth through you.


So is there like a cartoon where you see me Thought Bubble. No,


it’s not that clear. No, it’s a feeling. Like I said, sometimes I do hear you know exactly what someone needs to do. You know, or I see the vision, like, I’ll see, it’s, you know, it’s kind of you know, the other day, I was working with somebody who was a marketing firm, it was the funniest thing I literally saw, like this bubble, I was calling it a circle. And it was a whole new product line that she needed to launch in order to help more people that couldn’t afford her top tier products and came up with all this other stuff and and she said, How do you know so much about marketing was crazy. I said, I don’t know anything about marketing. You know, I just know I’m just listening to what’s inside of you saying these, this is what you need to launch in order to in order to capture more people in order to help more people launch. So yeah, it’s hard to describe but that’s it’s it’s an experience that happens with with between my client and I.


Now, it almost sounds like it’s something ongoing like, what is the first initial feeling is what how do you know about marketing’s about marketing seems like, you know, after your first couple of sessions that they have to check in with you, like twice a year or yearly or whatever point is that is needed. Do you feel that there’s ongoing relationships with your clients once they start working with you?


Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I work with my clients for years, actually, it’s not even just once or twice a year. They, they, you know, now I’ve more formalized it from when I when I first came back, I was able to work to where I do have, you know, shorter term, six week program, and then I have a longer term 12 months, and people just kind of renew that one and continue on because, you know, I can touch on business, I can touch on life, I can touch on relationships, it’s all of it. I see the whole picture. And so yeah, they they continue to work with me long term. I have clients that I’ve worked with for years.


Now, that’s awesome. And so when they when they reach you have what’s called a clarity call. So what does that entail?


You know, The clarity call is really seeing what if we’re a good fit for each other, you know, nobody can, nobody can really make an appointment for a session with me on my website, because it’s really a screening process for both parties. If we’re a good match or meant to work together, then we’re going to work together and there’s going to be magic, and it’s going to be so much fun. And we’re getting a lot done. And, you know, in 2019, every single one of my clients make more money. And it’s just fun to have that proof. But I also make sure that it’s a good fit that we are having, you know, that there is an alignment and that they have something that I can help them with. Right, so I need to make sure that that, you know, they have an issue that I can actually work with. So if I have somebody that calls up, and they don’t have a business and they don’t know what to do, and they you know, they just are really lost, that might not be the best fit, right? But when I have somebody that’s already played, you know, pretty big and they want what’s next. That’s a perfect fit. So the clarity calls really seeing what they need, how I can serve them, and if I can concern of making sure we’re the right fit


and this is another host Please forgive me This will be my left Hollywood




so in the Hollywood is coming back


for you I hope to see you back i think you know here the Padres I think they’re playing like half their season in front of cardboard cutouts of people. I’m not kidding. My husband works for iheartmedia and two of the DJs they have like, like cardboard cardboard cutouts of them sitting in the first row. It’s hilarious so that the players don’t feel like they’re playing to an empty field. So maybe you can get into baseball for a little bit.


Yeah, me, me, but I’m in the south, where sec land will probably know.


That’s a big deal. My husband was a gators fan.


Oh, your husband’s awesome. Your husband is such a cool guy. That’s right he can fight with me because the football season I always have always have some run ins with some Bulldogs or Georgia so anyway with a with a Hollywood Story, this is a scarcity question. So in the Hollywood in the Hollywood movies, they run across somebody let’s say their their hidden talent like you would be and then they’re like, I’m taking you off for myself and they put you in a layer and you know, somebody has to employ you know, Rapunzel, let your hair down. Maybe I’m making my own movie at this point. But I’m wondering if some companies have come to you and say hey, you know what, we want you on staff full time.


No, no, you know, I don’t take up a lot of time I I speak you know, even on this podcast, you can tell I talk pretty quick. And so in my sessions there, you know, I have one that I call the life clarity intensive because we touch on, you know, all areas of your life. We do it very fast. It’s only three calls Over six weeks, and I record all of them for you. And in those, it’s packed with information. And so because all of your calls are two hours and all of your calls, their calls are recorded. They have a lot to unpack. And so yeah, I give it they usually leave going, Wow, okay, that’s, that’s a lot. They don’t need more from me like next the next week, right? They’re like, give me a second to digest all that. So no, no, I haven’t had that.


No, and I’m really I really for,


you know, the advancement of, of businesses to usher in a higher conscious way of doing business. So it’s not just one business that I’ve called to work. And so I really think even the universe sending me back to do this wouldn’t wouldn’t put me in one office or one company that makes sense.


No, it makes perfect sense because I’m thinking of from a relationship standpoint also, that you you may actually married to end companies that may not have known each other otherwise, because there are maybe two different And industries and they didn’t see how they would connect. Oh


no fun. Yes I do I I introduced me all the time I’ll see. I’ll say oh my gosh. I mean I people from completely different different fields. And then I was like sure and I sure love each other you might make a lot of a lot of money. You’ll work together Oh my god, I love her. So much fun. Yeah, I try to create things that people should make in order to advance their own work world at large, just that universal betterment of the world. So I do make those connections a lot.


And when you when you make those connections, or I want to ask you have a like a typical day. I find like if I’m in the zone, that the day will fly by and I’m kind of angry that I have to go to sleep because my Buddy needs it. And I’m just wondering, how are you finding ways to bend time not only in your own personal life, but then time for clients as well.


You know, just scheduling. I’m really careful to not work with too many clients. I don’t take on, you know, I don’t take on like a huge amount of people. And right now I’m really working on my first book, you know, still continuing and called launch envoy to this idea, which will come out to the book. So I’m not I’m just not overloaded. I don’t allow too many clients. I did that. When I practiced alternative medicine years ago. That’s what you did back then. Right? You saw a lot of clients every week. This is totally different. I really work with with you know, there’s only one of me and so I don’t work with a lot of people.


Gotcha. Can you said this was 16 years ago, so why now for the book.


Ah, you know,


I can answer that in so many different ways.


I wasn’t ready is the full truth. I wasn’t ready to talk about it. I wasn’t ready to speak it out loud. It was such a sacred experience that I have a hard time even talking about it. Or I did for a long time because you know, the truth is when I came back, I grieved for a year I wasn’t happy to be back I didn’t want to come back people asked me how long I was gone I don’t know because I was home when it happened. But I can tell you that in my first of all, there’s no time. So there is no time when you leave this world. But if I had to give you a timeframe because so many people have asked me I would say I felt like I was there for 800 years. And so for them at the end of that me soaring and infinite consciousness, infinite bliss and just realizing I am love I am bliss like and getting the download from from them, right. I felt like these beings these these high spiritual beings were literally plugging into me and down Loading me with information. And after that experience, you know what word in the human language could explain that right? And 16 years ago downloads, we didn’t, we barely had that language. You know, going on 17 years ago, we barely had that language. And so I, I wasn’t ready is the honest truth. I wasn’t ready I hadn’t become strong enough in my physical body to to be the person that can do this. I hadn’t. I hadn’t digested it myself. And then it wasn’t just a digesting of what the teaching is that I came back to teach. It was also an integration of that into who I am. And then also how do I show up in the world? And then, you know, you come back and they don’t give you a marketing plan and like, you know, a podcast and a, you know, a funnel, right? It’s like, okay, you know, they’re speaking listen to you and telling you, you know, you’re realizing who you are as a soul. They’re like, you have to go back and help people and I’m like, first I said, No, actually, then they called me again. I said no three time, okay? Okay. So carry on my soul infinite, you know soaring in the infinite bliss that we do when we leave this world without any identity and not male, not female, not a rock climber, not Body Code that nothing, just pure bliss consciousness, I realized that is my true identity, everybody’s true identity. And then they’re like, you have to go back and help people. You have to remember who you are and go back and help people and they’re just pouring into me all of this love. But when they first said it, it was so shocking, that my instinct was what? Like, go back and be who. And I had like, the idea of Monaco, if you can imagine somebody standing so far away that they were like, you know, the size of the tip of a needle. That’s how far away Monaco was for me. And I’m looking at this because I did have this picture of myself in my mind going, I have to go back and be who, and so it wasn’t an easy re entry for me. It was very difficult, my body was very sick and continue to get sicker. People weren’t ready for what I do at the time either. And I wasn’t ready for it. So and then I had to walk through all of these lessons and challenges. In order to as I spoke earlier, I had to be able to go through this horrendous story of illness in order to be able to stand on my story and teach from it. Right. But I think I had to go through that. And so why 16 years, I wasn’t ready. And then even now, I didn’t want to be just sharing my near death story, because that’s not you know, you can a lot of people have had that happen. And so actually got the opportunity A while ago, and it launches next month to to be on a different podcast where I literally she wants to know all the details of my story. And I said, Great, so I gave her as many as I could in an hour. Because that’s not what my book is about. My book, my teachings. What I’m here for is to help people align the work they’re doing in the world, with the the the journey of their soul. So that They’re there, their path to enlightenment isn’t separate from their path to abundance and their path to serving people. And so I was like, I was so blessed. I was so happy to say okay, let’s get the story out of the way so that we can really dig in into what what I want to teach here and what people need to to hear.


I want to give a shout out to my great aunt. She had transitioned in oh five. And she came back to me, she came to me in oh six, she said, I was leaving corporate and I was like, You’re crazy. What the hell are you talking about? And it took about three years before I actually was like, Oh, you know, what would you say kind of makes sense? And it was like, everything was leading me to I guess who I am today. And it really struck me me said I have to go back to be Who? Because it’s my understanding that we go through that veil of forgetfulness each time. So so we don’t go crazy in this life like our previous lives. And I was wondering as part of your downloads, were you seeing different versions of yourself that you brought back to help other people in your current state today?


So that’s two, that’s I have two answers for that. One. No, I came back with new teachings to bring to people and so that’ll I’ll speak about in my book about the gifts of the soul, and what they are and how everybody actually does have a gift. Even people, you know, a lot of the corporate people, a lot of the successful people, you know, they think of being gifted. They think of me, they think of somebody who’s a healer, they’re like, well, you’re gifted, I’m like, No, you have a gift, too. And we talk about that. So I’ll get into that in my book. The other part is, I didn’t have the veil, lifted, or put down in between lifetimes. So I actually remember everything that happened in my last life and everything that we go through between dying and being reborn, and I stayed conscious throughout the entire journey. And I literally didn’t know that that was not totally normal until I was 19 years. And a friend told me, but that wasn’t normal. I thought like, don’t, don’t we all remember. And so I did stay conscious between my lifetimes. And so that’s where a lot of the stories come from too. And in fact, I would say my biggest reason, you know, especially in business, you have to know your why, right? why I do what I do is because when I left this world in my last life when I died, they showed me they meaning like, it was almost like you have this, you have your life review, but they show you what you could have been, they show you. This is what life would have been like, had you played full out, had you lived 100% the assignment on your life, and they showed me that had I lived full out and really done what I was meant to do. I would have affected people, each person I worked with, I would have helped each person exponentially 400 times more than I did. But because I wouldn’t play full out because I wouldn’t listen to my intuition because I wouldn’t listen to anything but but my own success. I was like No, I’m good. I’m not messing with this, right? Because I’m so stubborn. I limited myself. And so in my life, people would look at me and say you’re very successful. But when I died, I realized that I completely missed it. I skimmed the surface of how I could have served humanity, how I could help people. And so, you know, my Why is actually from my other life in between lifetime, that I know what it feels like. And I live each day with that deep, full regret of knowing what it feels like to die with an assignment on your life on lift. And I don’t want anyone to feel that pain. And if I can prevent it, I’m going to do my best to reach as many people as I can to prevent that.


And I want to shout out all those energies that are fighting to get into bodies because I understand that it’s quite a fun event, but Beloved, to get into this body. And so it’s great that you that you have you are conscious between the lifetimes, because as my understanding you never really get it done, no matter how much you have. When you’re playing,


yeah, you want to come back in another iteration.


You want to come back until you’re fully illumines. You want to come back. And so even in the other lifetimes, it’s not like it’s a waste. Like I spent a lot of time in the astral realm meditating, tuning in serving, right? In the causal realm when I was there, that was, that was a whole different experience. So even when you leave this world and you leave this body, you’re not done. You’re just moving on and you’re working again in a different form. You’re working again, toward your own enlightenment, you just have a different body of light. So it’s, you know, we, I think people believe some people believe Well, some people leave you leave and that’s it. Some people will leave you in reincarnation, and in that they think, okay, you’re going to come back again and get it right this time. Well, guess what? All the time, right. There’s no time but you know, if we could put time in that realm, all that time in the afterlife is not wasted. You’re there to be to be growing and learning, you know, and growing in emotional and spiritual maturity as well as on this planet.


And I guess that’s the whole point. It’s kind of like a, I hate to say it because I haven’t gone through it. And I don’t think I want to go through with you Like, I lived a full life, right? And then they’re like, No, you still got to go back. You’re not even halfway done. And you’re you have that experience that you draw. And so many people I’ve spoken with that. No, I won’t share some of them because you you haven’t been out with it as much. So I don’t want to


just, I don’t want to, I don’t want to give imprints


is the best way to say it. Yeah, that’s been avoided.


Yeah. So but I want to ask you being conscious between lifetimes, because I love running into people in your life. I know you from somewhere this year for you to connect those dots like, Oh, that’s who you are this time character, even though they are totally different than the previous life.


You know, I don’t think I mean, I definitely I think we all recognize souls that we’ve known. I only have that instant connection with them. And they feel like an old friend, it’s because they probably are, you know, or they may have been a family member in another life or whatever it’s, you know, you definitely have that familiarity without soul. And I think that’s something to listen to and pay attention to you know, if you really feel connected and in alignment with another soul, then you know, that’s a friendship probably worth cultivating. And if you don’t feel that and you feel like burst and that would be something you really want to pay attention to as well. Not that you can’t make new friends but just, you know, pay attention use your intuition. It’s funny though, I will say one of the gifts of staying conscious between life is my




my take on 2020 let’s put it that way. My take on all of the the the anger, you know, people bullying each other people getting so angry at each other. When you leave this world, first of all, you realize you’re we’re all one. We’re all connected. We’re all one right? So but but when you go into the astral realm and you’re disconnected again into soul bodies into our astral bodies, right bodies of light. What I realized I ran into somebody who I really didn’t like in my their lifetime, like they were an enemy. I don’t know who they were what they did, but I just, it was so funny because you do you, you have that experience of being surrounded by your friends and family and welcomed by them when you first arrived, and then I remember, I remember seeing somebody who I really didn’t like. And it was it was this moment of like, gratitude. Now I’m not giving this person a hug. It wasn’t like, Oh my gosh, it’s so good to see you. It was like, I understand, okay, I’m grateful. I see that we were there to work something out. And I have nothing but gratitude for you. Not a lot of warm and fuzzy gratitude, but gratitude. And so when we look at some of the people that we dislike on this planet right now, they are playing the role they’re meant to play, and some people are playing the role of the villain. Mm hmm. And actually


yeah, you He took my next question because that’s actually where I was going to. I was thinking of the author, and I’ll find it before the podcast is over. He has this between lives. And you know, I’m talking about a brother. a hypnotherapist? No, yes. Yeah. No, I think that’s, um, no, I know who you’re talking about what that book. Okay, but not that one. Okay. Okay. Not him. That’s an older guy. I mean, not


him. But no, no, yeah. around a long time. He wrote that book. Yeah. Yeah.


Yes. So anyway, in the book, he was talking about, you know, your meeting with your soul family, and you’re in the ante room before you incarnate and there’s people that’s like, you know, in this life, your ex girl or my case like ex girlfriend or, you know, ex husband, or you’re like, I hate that person, but they’re the ones that will teach you the lesson. Then the third dimension that you enable They did it. Like you said they had that role in you have that gratitude afterwards. And it’s, it’s, it’s great. Yeah. It’s great when we’re drinking mimosas talking about it. But if you’re dealing with someone in your life currently you’re like, yeah, that’s nice, but that’s


hard. Like Believe me. I’ve been like I’ve been through it so many times that I do I have I have had some some run ins and I’m sure a lot of us have with people that are narcissistic, and you’re just like, What is wrong with you? And it’s hard because it’s like, you can’t you can but for me, I can tell you that I’ve tried to walk away from those relationships when they’re so intensely toxic and numerous just put one more person in might like oh, well, you walked away from that one. I’m gonna give you the next person exactly like that last person because you didn’t learn the lesson. And so, I continue to to learn from from people that that that are that way I guess you can say, you know, and I realized that the path is, as they say very much through and not over under. But it really is okay. You know, what is this person teaching me? Because it can feel like emotionally are getting the crap beat out of you sometimes right by by some of these people. And yet it’s happening for me, not to me. And so you really have to stop and sort of disconnect from all the emotion and say, why is it happening? What am I here to learn from this person? How is this person my greatest teacher? Right? And really listen and be humble enough to hear the answer, and willing to listen to that answer, even if it’s something that you don’t really want it to be.


way past that stuff. Yeah,


absolutely. The author’s name is Robert Swart. And his book is between live soul regression.




Yeah, talking about full plan.


And when you said you have to listen and be quiet and listen, that takes me They’re not taking me back because we’re still in it. But in 2020, you think that if you could give a percentage with a guess no, not really good question because I don’t think we’re talking better than but do you think that a portion of the population is missing out on like, this is an opportunity to kind of sit and be quiet and reset? And buy now everyone’s seen every show and movie on Netflix and all right, but the silence is very scary if you’re not used to it. So how would you break? What would you say to someone that’s used to having weapons of mass destruction, they always have to have something off.


You know, it’s funny because you’re right. It’s hilarious. Like I can speak for myself. I’ve definitely read a lot of audiobooks. And if they’re productive ones, right, I read ones that are improving myself. But I think maybe One of the things that could come out of 2020 is better communication because we have seen how destructive miscommunication is it we’ve seen how easily we believe people believe whatever they see on social media. And I think maybe one of the biggest lessons that we could learn if we’re willing to, especially for those of us that are old enough to remember it, is to go back before we had internet before we had before when we had to actually sit and speak to each other when we had to call each other. When we had to be front facing and say I have this opinion, what is yours? Oh, I have a different opinion. Really Tell me about that. And not just argue and hate on each other over session shows social media. And I feel like, you know, if there’s one opportunity that people are kind of missing is what we’re doing isn’t working. What we’re doing is creating more of what we don’t want because we’re getting so angry. So the more of the sort of passive aggressive anger. I don’t know. You know, the posts, you know, We’ve all seen them. The more that’s happening, the more we’re literally manifesting more of we don’t want. But if we were to sit down and speak to each other, I would say there’s a good percentage of the time even when you disagree with somebody, you might at least have mutual respect. And maybe if people could start communicating directly, and not just through texting and social media posts, but actually calling each other, maybe we could have a shot at at deepening our respect for each other.


So are you saying that the universe does not understand the word not? As much as I fight something? I’m going to have a experience I’m going to experience it in my life.


Yeah. It doesn’t hear it doesn’t hear it. It you know, you could say, I don’t want any more, you know, angry people in my life and all the universe’s hearing is angry people in our life angry people are more angry people. Right? So if that’s where you have to tune into that higher level of consciousness, tune into your heart and into your soul, and say, Okay, what do I want? What Life I want to create and live from there and love and emanate that energy, right that emotion, whether it’s love or happiness or whatever, find that and put that out there. Because the more we complain, the more human consciousness is sort of dragging down the energy of the world. If 77 billion people complaining, where do you think the energy, right? I mean, you know, then the energy is going to go, where our consciousness is going. And the more we argue and hate on each other, the worse it’s going to get. So there has to be a mutual respect in the conversation between people. We can’t wait for somebody else to do it for us. We can’t wait for the government to figure it out. has to be like literally talking to your neighbor, talking to people that you might disagree with, and not, you know, getting angry over the fact that they believe something different than you believe because when you leave this world, you don’t believe any of it anymore. You’re like, oh, that wasn’t even real. I mean, it didn’t really I mean, it was real, but like, you know, that one argument you had like, honestly doesn’t It’s really what the universe is showing you when you leave is how did you show up in that moment? Who were you? What kind of person are you? What kind of person they have the right now.


The other way I understand it before we started recording, we were talking about first world problems and haircare. It reminds me as you’re you’re talking earlier, it made me think of either twin sister. So I get, I get to cheat because, you know, she gave me the cheat codes. And always say it’s like jazz where she can play with the music with our eyes closed, but I have to peek. And for a long time, I kept dating the same person. And she or she told me I was dating the same person. And I was like, No, these are five different girls, but it was the same thing. And so with when I was talking about haircare, it was a question about mirrors, and everything that you’re going through is being mirrored in your life. Yeah. So it looks like okay, if we’re having these mirrors, are you or is that part of your sessions to where now with these people seems like they have their a lot of self starters and they’re seeing success. So it’s not like you have to build some up from the beginning, right? Or you just meet people where they are.


I meet them where they are, most people are not I have one program that you can kind of be in the beginning. But now most people I meet them where they are. And they’ve they’ve had some success already. For sure. Yeah.


I like that as a differentiator and you can kind of weed out a lot of people are well, how do you spell near death experience? You know? Yeah.




Yeah, I think what’s that?


I said, I would think that’s what everyone will prefer. We’re very I think the universe gives us now that’s, that’s my other question. Does, how, when we co create, I heard I heard two different arguments like you have To be very specific of what you want, or you can’t be too specific, because the universe is seeing something greater for you than you can imagine. I guess that’s where the clarity call comes in.


Right? No, that’s really um, well, that’s an easy I mean, it’s hard to do, but it’s what can be hard to do. It really is this, this, this balance of, Okay, this is what I want universe. However, I’m surrendering to a higher will for me, I’m surrendering to a higher good. So if you got something better in mind, let’s go with that. But with my limited viewpoint, in this world, as a human being, this is what I see and then be open to suggestion. So what I always tell my clients is, take what you want, hold what you want, but hold it lightly. don’t grasp it, don’t hold it. so tight has to be this way. Well, hold it loosely. Right. I have ideas of where I want to take sole priority of the company. And I hold it loosely, because, as I’ve noticed, right so I had I had it we could talk about business and target marketing and how I thought my market was a different market that I’m It’s here to serve. But I held that loose enough to where one day it hit me and I went, Oh my gosh, I keep trying to go help these people over here. Meanwhile, all these other people keep trying to find me.


You know, I think that’s a great example if you can kind of go into that a little bit. I know we talked about it off off air, but if you can kind of give that perfect, that’s a perfect example of your old market versus who your target market is today.


Yeah, so it’s part two.


So what was it like with your you thought it was this market and then you ultimately are serving another are another market which is actually better for your business?


It’s better for my business. I think it’s even I mean, I, I think it serves more people, right. So if I’m serving somebody who has access to serve a lot more people, then that’s ultimately serving more people, right, that exponential help that I want to provide. But really, it’s it’s taking the most obvious thing and so even if I go back 22 years to when I was playing To sing alternative health, when I my clients were a lot of the same people that they are today, right? And, and it was just it literally was just this moment where it dawned on me where I’m trying so hard to serve these, this certain, you know, demographic of people because I thought that’s who because they love my work. But when it really came down to to creating a business plan and the structure of the business and how I want to help people before I leave this world, right because I’m accountable to my life, I’m like, Okay, I need to go help as many people as I can. It’s not like, it’s not like wishy washy, like, Well, I think I’m supposed to do this, like when you die, they’re pretty specific. Let’s go get this done. Okay. There is no question of what I’m meant to do here. So, so I don’t have that excuse. And so it’s really just me it was it was a realization of, Oh, it’s the people that have always wanted my help. Those are the people I meant to help and I was looking the other direction to help these other people. And I think you know, with my client A lot of times it really is like, well, who are some people don’t have a business yet, right? They’ve really achieved a lot. You know, maybe they’re maybe they’re like the CFO or whatever. And they they’re meant to do something more. They don’t know what that is. And it really comes down to this conversation of what do people always want to pick your brain about? And, and a lot of times, that’s what they’re meant to be serving through, right? And it’s something completely different than what they’re doing. And that’s what they’re meant to do. That’s what they need to build their business around. And so they do because they’re like, oh, that I’ve been doing that forever. I just, you know, I don’t consider myself a professional. I don’t charge whatever. It’s just what people want from you. And it’s like, well, yeah, because that’s what that’s the gift, your soul is emanating from that that’s, you know, what you’re here to do, you’re doing it and then you have this job as a CFO or whatever, as well. And the best is when we can marry the two.


So if I understand correctly, it sounds like I may have had a priority but it wasn’t my sole priority, but um


you know, there’s actually three parts rays of the soul are one of the things I want to bring back and teach in my book. But, you know, the first priority is to really realize who you are as a soul. The second priority of the soul is to realize what your gifts and talents are. And again, I’m going to get really specific in my book. Because people believe we have a limited belief of what what a gift is, right? We think a gift is just, you know, I don’t know being a healer, or, or whatever, whatever we determined a gift is right being psychic or something I do. That’s not true at all. I’m going to I’m going to just completely debunk that because I believe everybody has a gift. Now, they’re not all using it wisely. But everybody does have a gift. And the third priority of the soul is to take that gift and share it with the world. It’s so simple. Now doing it is more of integrating it and creating something around that. But there is that priority of what are you here to go do and go do it. And don’t lose track of who you are as a soul. Don’t get so caught up in your ego right? Not that that’s that’s a trap that you can really believe you are somebody now look at what I’ve done. Your ego starts to get, you know, on board with it or your ego the worst when your ego starts to get spiritual and think it’s all enlightened.


Ah, you say my is not real.


Hmm. Maya


real it’s a real thing that we deal with here. Right? But But you know, your ego starts to get all spiritual think it’s really something and then you’re, you’re digressing, just serve, just continue to serve, right if you’re not a meditator if you’re not going to sit in meditation for you know, I had times in my life where I’ve meditated for 20 minutes, I’ve had time for meditate five hours a day. Either one, whenever I have the most fun when I’m serving, and I’m very much somebody who can sit in stillness, you know, some people are very active, right? That’s just that’s just their archetype. They’re just they have a lot of pizza, whatever. I actually can sit in stillness and I can go into deep meditation. But without moving for a long time, but I have more fun survey. So I think it’s a choice. I don’t think it’s like you have to meditate if your work becomes your meditation if your work tunes you into your heart and soul, believe me when you leave this world, you know the universe is like, so talented. You meditate every day. You make a lot of followers on social media. It’s really just Who are you? Were you fully in tune with the love of your soul? And if you did that through being a corporate badass, awesome if you did that through being a monk at an ashram, awesome.


So there’s no chance of getting it wrong like I could be living like I could mean I supposed to be a bulldog but I’ve been a gator my whole life Am I living


live true to your heart and share that love, share that wisdom share that light. And I don’t think you can go wrong, I think, you know, we got to keep our egos in check and make sure that we’re not, you know, getting so far into ego consciousness that we forget who we are and who we’re serving. But really, it’s it really is you can be the guy pumping gas at a gas station is the the most enlightened person on the planet, and nobody will ever know you or see you. And that’s beautiful. Or you could be you know, the Dalai Lama, and everybody sees you. Or you could be like, some of my corporate people, people know that on a corporate but people that are entrepreneurs that have, you know, seven, eight figure businesses, and nobody would ever guess the level of consciousness they have, and the way they’re working from their soul to help others they would never know. Either way, you know, the spiritual path isn’t one that that we need to share with everyone. It’s not one that we’re blasting all over. Right? It’s our internal work. And then the when you’re aligned, when the work you’re here to do is lined with, you know, your, the way I put it as value that you’re adding to the world. That’s beautiful. Because then you’re working your whole life to add value to this world and being in line with your soul. Now, guess what? abundance starts following you around. Because now you’re serving you’re adding value to the world, the universe was like, thank you, let’s do some more of that. And then all of a sudden, there’s more abundance, right? And not just abundance of money, but abundance of relationships, abundance of happiness, abundance of wealth as well. Health, right? Now, then it gets that it starts to get really juicy, really fun.


So sometimes life seems like it flies by so fast apply to 2020. And right


off the bat,


it Yeah, well, I mean, it’s perception. I mean, I see a lot of doors opening that, like you just said, If you tap in and tune in turned on, but for others, if, if we’re trying to wait for your book to come out 2021 seems like 10 years from now. So how will we get in poked with full priority and learning about what you’re doing now before the book comes out.


I know I’m sorry I haven’t scheduled for launching this year and then I think with the pandemic and everything in the election, I just decided to push it to January because it’s just that even I need a little more time with it right? Like even I’m like, wow, there’s just a lot going on. And so I decided to give myself truly just a month I was gonna push I was gonna do December but we pushed it a little bit further. So I have you know, obviously I’m I’m just spilling a lot on the podcast because I want I want to connect with people. You know, I know that I’m literally here to connect with certain people on this planet and I want to find them and I want to make it easy to find. I want to make it easy for them to find me as well. And so obviously so priority.com is an easy way to find me. You know, my my my Instagram, Facebook, right? You can look up Michael Frederick. There’s not a lot of medical Frederick’s out there. So that’s easy. That’s actually one other way. And that’s hilarious when we found each other on Facebook and it’s, she’s a quarter Japanese and it’s just it’s funny, because I’ve never seen another model Fredrik with the same spelling. Um, so but really right now the podcasts that I’ve been on are a great way for people to get to know me and my work. And then again next year, I’ll be launching more courses and my book.


Great. And so with that you have just been in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective. This is Hamza in America, it was a pleasure of turning our higher purpose into higher profits with sole priority.


Let’s say thank you. Thank you for having me. And thank you for doing this work in the world.


Yes, and Go Gators.


Go Gators.



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