Near Death Experience True Stories – 5 True Near Death Experience Stories | Part 1

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land this is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am David and today we are blessed to have a pioneer by the name of Michael Tamura has decades and decades not decades decades yeah they do like that Michael around the proverbial spiritual a block a few times as a well-known author has the book you are the answer which we’ll cover in greater detail as website of Michael tomorrow calm he speaks and he’s helped hundreds of thousands of people across the planet and he took some time out of his busy schedule to meet with the homies today so without further ado light the welcome Michael tomorrow to the podcast welcome thank you thank you it’s great to be on your podcast and you’re in Atlanta correct yeah yeah yeah so we’re close to coast that’s right oh yeah it’s so welcome and and I’m just I mean we have a million questions I’m sure I do coupled with David just because we is really interesting Michael for the previous podcast there was a theme where there were a lot of people coming on across the across the world actually we just had a person from Australia on our podcast this past Wednesday but a lot of people were kind of like two different entities or two different personalities where they were living one life prior to 2012 and then after 2012 you know there was the spark which I’m sure you have an opinion on and then they had this whole different 360 degree turn and with you you were actually in this field prior to 2012 and you see in a lot of ways come and go so I’m just happy that we actually have a pioneer and I’d like for you to introduce yourself a little bit to tell us about you know how you got started and where you are today but yes because I’ve been around for decades and decades it’s a long story but what well I was born and raised in Japan and you know son died the city in Japan where the nuclear meltdown happened and the tsunami and the earthquake a few years ago well that’s my hometown that’s where I was born and but I grew up from about three months old in Tokyo Japan and I I knew I from the time as you know very low I knew that I had to come to California and I was trying to get get over here by the time I was 12 but you know generally parents won’t let 12 year olds go off on their own especially such a different country so it took me four years of working at it so to speak to see okay how am I going to get there well miraculously everything lined up and I was able to hop on a plane and and leave Tokyo and go to San Francisco and since then I’d say a good majority of my life except for a little bit in Pennsylvania but most of the time I had my home in California someplace since I was 16 and my search I thought I was going to be a medical doctor and when I was growing up because in Japan the term for medical doctor and the term for a schoolteacher and a term for a spiritual master is the same its sensei it’s the same word is used for all three types of people professions and so I looked at that and I thought okay that’s close to what I need to do and to be and until I came to the US and was going to college in California and going on the track of becoming a medical doctor and I all of a sudden I had this total knowing intuition of this is at the right track this is some things not not correct it’s not the same here and so then I realized okay I spent about three years training to be a nurse licensed vocational nurse worked in hospitals all different kinds and different types of situations to get kind of a little more of a hands-on inside story of what it is to be in the field of medicine and I thought oh no this is way off it’s not going to work for me to be a medical doctor although I did enjoy being a nurse and but I watched other doctors in the hospitals and people I worked with and now there’s there’s just not the kind of communication I need to have with people that I work with and so I dropped out of college and and everything even though my whole medical training was lined up I had scholarships and everything and so then I I’m sitting there what 17 years old and having no clue what my path was going to be what my career was going to be and so I just started to you know I worked to see if I can earn my own living and that was no problem I just got all kinds of different odd jobs and and I had you know money I never had problems with having money and sorry that different things and and start to look this is when my search started of what am I here to do and long story short I had a friend who got very very mmm in a lot of pain she was visiting and and she was on the floor in a fetal position just crying and and in so much pain and I was by that point I had my nurses training and everything and so the first reaction was I’ll take you to the emergency and she goes no way she had enough strength to tell me no way was I’m gonna take her to the ER and so I was at a loss I go okay if you don’t want me to take to the ER take you to the ER what would you like me to do and she goes you heal me and at that time 17 18 years old or whatever I had no clue of what does that mean so but so again intuitively I just decided I have to close my eyes put my hand on her and close my eyes and I just thought about her getting well and I felt all this energy I fell all this light and could come through my hands and about five minutes she calmed down she wasn’t crying anymore she straightened out very peacefully not in a fetal position and she would say quiet and then I continued and then I’d say 15 20 minutes later she jumps up and starts dancing around the living room saying I feel better than I have in an months and she goes let’s go dancing ha ha and I was curled up in a fetal position on the floor by then and I was in great pain I don’t know what was going on and I was literally thinking to myself shall I have her take me to the hospital uh-huh and but then I kind of thought it through and I go well it’s pretty painful and I feel awful but she was okay without going to the hospital so maybe what I’ll do is I’ll try to sleep it off and I said you know I got to go to bed I just went to the bedroom close the door and I fell asleep eventually and I woke up like 10 hours later but I felt like a Mack truck had run me over and I thought well this isn’t good but I was very happy because until then I was going around San Francisco walking around San Francisco looking into everything going what am I looking for and I did notice that every place I looked into had something to do with some form of healing and it had something to do with raising or expanding your consciousness in some way and whether it was eastern or western disciplines and I thought hmm I I didn’t know gee what am I looking for and when this thing happened I realized I finally had a question I need to ask somebody what happened how come when I put my hand on her and thought about her getting well she did get well she was completely in a better place but I was in a terrible place and so I and by a simple way of thinking at that time I just thought okay I did I must have done something right and I must have done something wrong so I I knew there must be somebody who can tell me what did i do right and I how could I do more of that and what did I do wrong and I do less of that so I went back to walking the streets of San Francisco and just walk wherever my nose took me so to speak and walk into acupuncturist offices alternative healing places Eastern philosophy consciousness meditation play Tai Chi kung fu masters yoga masters all kinds of people and a funny thing happened where I would seek out these known spiritual masters from India from China from Japan who were in San Francisco and I go to their little talk and usually at the end of the talk each of the masters would say ok now I’m going to offer anybody who wants Chuck teapot and I don’t know what that was but it sounded interesting so since I’m there for the whole thing might as well go for the whole thing and I line up sometimes you know line up in a single file and the I remember one was a yoga master from India and he was also a medical doctor as well as an Ayurvedic doctor very accomplished person and so the person that gets into the front of the line and he put the finger on the phone forehead and something happens and then he lets the person go on the next one next one next one and I’m getting up to the front of the line and I get to the front of why he looks at me he shakes my hand and says it’s I it’s very nice to meet you he piles smiles and then he passes beyond that I’m like wait a minute how come how come I don’t get this thing on the finger on the forehead thing and so I was like I was strange and I look back everybody else behind me was getting yet it wasn’t like like he quit doing that so I was the only one that he just shook hands said nice to meet you and bowed and and let me go so I didn’t know what was that about well the next morning when that happened I’ve been that my morning meditation and I smell this incense and I hear some music and this man that the yoga master shows up in my meditation and she’s smiling at me any boughs and he it’s like a feeling of reassurance and then you disappears I thought that’s a strange so I continued my search and I went through a Tai Chi master and same thing the Tai Chi master was giving each person a little bit of something energy wise and I get up and they bow and and smile and nice to meet you and that’s it and then I went to a guru from India and famous guru from India because friends of mine invited me to go along I thought oh this is great at the end of his talk the the interpreter comes on and says now the master is going to give Shakti pot to everybody great and this one was amazing because there’s you know a hundreds of people in the auditorium and he’s just looking at you know vertical roll at a time and this arc of light comes out of him and goes right into this row of people and everybody like jumps up it’s like mmm and you can literally see everybody jerk as the light hits them and I thought wow this is this is cool and it comes around oh it’s coming towards me it’s coming the next person and the next person and the next person left to me left of me and that whole row from the front to back boom it hits them comes to my row and I see the light coming and it hits everybody but skips me know I’m getting a complex you know do I have spiritual beyond or something it just goes over my head and hits the person behind me gets the person in front of me but it misses me and I got wait a minute you know what’s this there’s something wrong with me and the next morning I’m in my meditation the same thing happens as before first this was even louder there was a whole sitar music it was beautiful music I started hearing and then I smelled this very nice incense and then here comes the Guru in a lotus position like floating in the air and he looks at me and he smiles he bow-wows a little bit and and is isaac twinkling and I get this really great experience of just being with him but then he ways and he disappears and I thought what is this and then finally I go to I think it was a karate master and and then after that another like a Hindu master and both of them gave me a little bit of communication they did the same thing they wouldn’t initiate me into whatever they’re doing and the karate master said no I can’t take you because I can’t take you where you need to go you have a different teacher and so finally somebody explained it to me oh these very enlightened beings knew more than way more than I did and they knew that what they were teaching or where they were going taking their students isn’t where I need it to go so they were giving me a nice send-off saying yeah you’ll find your teacher but I can’t take you where I’m going and so I thought okay that that makes sense and then I had another this Hindu master said the same thing he said no keep searching he says sure you’ll find your teacher but but I can’t take you where you need to go so I thought I don’t know wish they would tell me where I need to go but it was like that and so that was my early start I was working as a nurse because when I dropped out of the medical scene I went to study art for a while and that I knew i if I devoted my life to art I could be a really good artist and make my living that way and everything but I knew no art was not to be my profession it’s going to be my hobby for the rest of my life the same with music I knew if I devoted my life to music I could be a conductor and go quite far but because I love music and everything and and but I knew from early that from our very early age I knew I was not to be on the path of a musician I could I could be playing music as a hobby but not to spend too much time and focus on it and I didn’t know why but I knew that wasn’t to be and it’s interesting because when I was in high school I had a rock band and we were pretty popular and we on a lark we entered into this battle of the bands and we just kept on winning and winning you know it goes from the local competition to the citywide and the countrywide and and then it went to the entire Far East and we got the grand prize we won the entire thing and the grand prize was a recording contract with Columbia Records I mean that’s something my friends would have given their eyeteeth for an age and at that time and I said oh no I I’m going to college that’s when I was still going to medical school planning on and I said now I got to go to college so I can’t hang around the lead singer got drafted to Vietnam and in the military and and one on the other the bass guitarist was going to college so we didn’t have a band after that we just did it for fun and so we said we’ll forfeit it to the second-place winner because we thought they were on the track to become professional musicians and rock band and they ended up becoming very very popular in Japan and everything so so it was I I always knew that my past did didn’t include those things that I thought would have been really cool but it’s not my path and this is really important over my life were especially young people but even people who are looking at a second career after they go through something they they kind of lose hope a lot and they feel invalidated that they don’t know what they’re supposed to do well I never knew specifically what I’m supposed to do other than I always knew I was going to be teaching that was no question I I was trying to teach when I was three or four years old and it’s just I met up with this brick wall trying to teach adults when I’m three or four years old they didn’t go for it except for a few young men you know these Japanese high school graduates that work in Japan especially at that time it was so difficult to get into college to pass the exams entrance exams these people would study these young adults would study after graduating from college I mean high school for one to two years just to pass the exams and then there was a boarding house for that purpose two doors down from where I live so I used to hang out I used to go and bother these 18 19 20 year-olds studying day and night for this college exams and I go and talk to them and they’d stop they make me coming by a break from their heart study to talk about life to talk about the universe to talk about you know things beyond the everyday occurrences in most people’s lives and they were the only ones who really listened to me and my mom listened to me but most other people they just go weird kid because I was talking about I didn’t know the word but I was thought I call that a colored clouds people had colored clouds around them and pretty much everybody I talked to they said oh you know there’s no such thing as colored clouds clouds don’t have colors and they’re not around people there in the sky yeah so if that’s what I dealt with hi whatever when I was seeing all these geometrical forms and and mathematics that told me just looking at that as a kid I couldn’t explain it I didn’t have the words I didn’t have the experience but I I would tell people if you look at that between you and me there’s a business geometrical structure if you look at that you’ll understand what you’re going through and what you’re gonna have to new to in life because I knew it but I couldn’t explain it to them but they look in them hair with a blank stare and gulf what are you talking about and I think just look there it’s a look at what air and I said though not the air what’s in the air because I thought it was in the air and they look at the air and there’s nothing in the air except they’re not and so the funny thing I think most kids experience this and that’s where they shut down their natural psychic abilities their ability to see clairvoyantly and auras and energy spirit and all of that and what’s going on with people their ability to experience to hear like clairaudient lee and to to get platz telepathically they try to talk to people and everybody shuts them down saying that you’re just imagining things or I didn’t even get you’re imagining things they said there’s nothing like that uh-huh and so being a kid I’m just like most kids you think it’s all about you right so so if somebody doesn’t understand you then you’re the one who’s not doing it right it something’s wrong with you and so the minute I go she the only thing I really was looking for was communication I didn’t care what kind of communication but I wanted to get into communication with everybody but people refused as far as I was concerned they were they were just not communicating they said stuff to me but it’s not communication they were just saying stuff and I could tell the communication wasn’t a two-way thing going and it wasn’t from who I was to who they were and from who they were to who I am I didn’t know why it just doesn’t seem to happen and and so then every time like when the mathematical geometrical stuff was first when I was three four five years old and it just kept on failing and I finally said to myself that’s not this isn’t working in the minute I said to myself this is not working it went away and I didn’t know until years and years later looking back at this my energy dropped from a very high spiritual level to a lower spiritual level and when it dropped instead of seeing it as geometrical forms I saw everything as colors energy as colors and that’s when I start to see the colored clouds the air around people had colors but had I known somebody told me that’s called an aura then I would have had at least a word that a few people might have understood so when I talked to people I talked about their colored clouds changing colors and that’s why I knew how they felt or they start to feel bad or they start to feel better or that they were confused about something or whatever and nobody could hear that so eventually I said to myself again I didn’t know this was turning me off I said to myself I decided what that’s not working either because again by purposeless I want to get into communication with these people and it’s not working what I’m how I’m going about it so the minute I said it’s not working for us did completely disappear it just kind of started to go into the background so it wasn’t in my face anymore it wasn’t this brilliant vivid light that was everywhere it was kind of in the background I can I can see the physical stuff in the physical face and the body more and and or a little bit less but I went on and I didn’t talk about the oars and everything anymore I just noticed that and I did notice it come up to the front foreground when people got extremely intense emotionally and they’re very very passionate or very frightened or a very guilty or in pain it got stronger but that’s all the time on the average it was a little bit more in the background so this is how I went and it wasn’t until just halfway through fifth grade that I’m asking you know what are people expecting me to do or something I’m not meeting up with other people’s expectations and and that’s why I’m just not connecting and finally I was looking at all the students I was in a gifted class in that that year I was either in the gifted class or the retarded class but for cool people who made those decisions knew I wasn’t normal they they couldn’t tell whether I was way below normal or way above normal so every pretty much every year until fifth grade I get put to go low-end other thing on the bottom of the totem pole or at the top never in the middle and and that I was like a ping-pong ball going back and forth and fifth grade I started in the what the kids called the retarded class because it was not just your ordinary remedial class it was kind of a lost cause class yeah it was you know it’s that according to all the other kids if you were so dumb you couldn’t even make it in the remedial class you got sent to mr. McGowan’s class and I wasn’t mr. McGowan’s class and that was interesting because the class from the first day I walked in I didn’t like it it was battleship gray the entire classroom was battleship gray and I liked the kids in the class I didn’t see anything wrong with the kids in the class they weren’t dumb they were bright you know could be very happy kids but in this class nobody was happy the teacher wasn’t happy and it was just memorization and repeating things over and over and over and so but but one month into the class mr. McGowen he’s grading papers and he jumps up points that me points out a couple of the boys in a class and says help Tamura walk down the class to miss Jensen miss Wilkinson’s class that’s all he said so the two boys he pointed at helped me carry my desk and my chair and we walked down like three doors down to Miss Wilkinson’s class and when I walked into Miss Wilkins class it was like gee the world turned to spring it was all bright yellow and I thought wow it’s so much happier so much brighter and I just liked being in that class and but this was the gifted class and they were already far along into their studies and I was way behind so I felt like a you know moron because I just didn’t understand what they were doing and I was in the slowest group in the fastest class and still I was lagging way behind but I was looking at what am I supposed to do here and I realized all the brightest kids were now what I would call intellectualizing they weren’t in my child per specific perspective they were making up reasons for everything and I thought well that’s interesting so it’s not about if you know the right answer because B until then I did everything intuitively I look at the question or the problem or the assignment and intuitively know the answer or what I needed to do but that never got me anywhere in school except suspicion if I got the right answer say on a test and and the teacher would ask while Michael how did you get this answer I said I don’t know I just got the answer and then they would suspect me of cheating whose paper that you look at who did you guys gave you this answer I said Tom buddy I just knew the answer said though but you can’t explain how you oh you got the answer I said no because I don’t know how I got the answer I just knew it if I got the answer wrong it was fine yeah that that I couldn’t explain it and that I didn’t know how I got the answer because it was the wrong answer but it was only a problem if I got it right and every time I got the answer right and I couldn’t explain how I was suspected of cheating and I wouldn’t get a good grade teacher wouldn’t believe me and and so so then I I go cow what am I supposed to I’m supposed to explain things well how do you explain things that you don’t know how to explain it it’s just you know the answer so then I realize oh I have to make up an explanation that sounds good and so I start practicing making up an explanation and the better I got at making up explanation the better grades I got and the more the teachers thought I thought oh he’s a very good student and I start to be an A student and and I did that with every class and I got straight A’s after that and so at first that was great because wow I I am now popular amongst the teachers and the other kids would talk to me and we got into communication but after a year or two of this excitement oh hey I’m getting to be somebody right people respect me people talk to me they they seek me out and I get good grades and I’m not put into the retardo class anymore and I was having a good time like that a pan as I went along I start to experience this emptiness inside and I didn’t know what that was I never had that I was always full I was very happy I was full inside bright like having a sunshine inside and then now it’s time to get cloudy and and I’m feeling empty and it’s not so joyful but I I should be happier because people like me and the teachers think I’m great and I’m getting good grades and everything isn’t that what I’m supposed to do yeah that was what I was what I’m supposed to do but it can make me happy it may be lonely I finally by the time I got to high school and I’m I’m very popular I elected US president on my class this treasurer secretary treasurer of the whole school the youngest one ever and and I’m getting straight A’s and eight pluses and I’m getting offered scholarships to college all kinds of things and I’m making it on all the sports teams I went out for except basketball yeah yeah basketball the referees Association pleaded begged my coach to recommend me to the wrestling or football team and because I was a hazard on the basketball court I’m short and I play basketball like I play you know like it’s hockey or football and kids were tall lanky kids were getting injured so they wanted me off the team uh-huh so anyway but but I was having a great time in all the activities of school and social levels in school but it didn’t matter if I was in the middle of the party and everybody’s talking to me there’s not any communication what I really knew as communication it wasn’t until years later I realized oh what I call communication real communication was spirit to spirit I’m communicating as Who I am as a spirit to who you are to someone else’s spirit we’re recognizing each other that were the same we’re the same light we’re the same brightness were the same beingness and it took me along many years to get to that understanding but even as a kid and as a teenager I knew she when I wasn’t communicating with people like that and in communication with people like that there was this emptiness there was this great sense of separation isolation loneliness even if I was you know very popular if successful in school everything just was empty so I said this isn’t gonna fly I said so then I started looking back at when that I start to feel this way and it started around halfway through fifth grade and into sixth grade when I take away that external excitement of getting to heard and people being interested in me and stuff I realize now as as I was excited about things but I still felt empty like there wasn’t there’s something missing then I went back further in my life earlier and now even if I was kind of lonely because I couldn’t talk to people the loneliness was more in relationship to other people not inside myself inside myself I was always happy I talked to caterpillars I talked to beetles I talked to grasshoppers I talked to rabbits and and but I just couldn’t talk to people did I talk to people but it wasn’t a communication so then I realized okay somehow whatever I did during that later grade school into junior high that’s when something went off somewhere and so once I realized that around mmm 14 years old maybe 15 and I said I gotta get out of here and so I had I was going on 16 and I was a junior in high school well I knew there’s one more whole year of high school and I look at no I gotta get out of here in fact I knew I should have gotten out of here when I was 12 but but okay I got a make up for lost time and I kind of get out of here how do I do that and that’s a long story but it’s this is when I started to just totally follow my intuition what do I do go over there what’d I do talk to this person what do I say just talk to this person and you’ll start to know what to say and I started to live like that and it opened up every place where someone even deliberately put a obstacle in my way and that obstacle in high school was my principal that the the final arbitrator in the entire school was my nemesis every other teacher said all right your recommendation if you want to graduate from high school this year at the end of the junior year I’ll write your recommendations for college I’ll do whatever you want because you you can you don’t have any more classes to take the only class you’re required is senior English and even that English teacher said out if you come in for summer school I’ll give it to you so you can get out of here and start college next semester and so I got everybody’s approval but I asked this principle and the principal says no way no way are you gonna I made you have to come to senior and you have to go through the whole year and even if you don’t have anything except for woodshop to take or you know hanging senior English you have to do that and I won’t graduate you otherwise so I’m going dead in but I’m going what am i what am I gonna do and then that evening my dad comes home from work and he says are you doing any of your sports stuff for band practice or anything on Saturday and I said no just so happened nothing was scheduled for Saturday and he says I’m in a big tournament and I need a caddy I forgot to reserve a caddy they don’t have anyone I said oh sure I’ll caddy even though I don’t know how to caddy I don’t have a clue about golf but I figured I just need it he just Peter carry his golf ball clubs around for 18 holes so I said sure I’ll do that so I go to golf tournament and I’m still thinking about I’m gonna get around my principal at school so I can go to college because I already had an acceptance letter from the Chancellor of the University of California who was on a speaking tour of Japan the American schools in Japan and and I cornered him and said here’s my situation I need to get out of here and he looked at my transcripts said fill out this application in 20 minutes because I’m leaving in 20 minutes and give it to me and I’ll personally process your application two weeks later I get an acceptance letter personally from him and he said he said the only condition is you have to you got to get this your principal signature on this statement for the college saying he officially graduates me a year early and I go oh no back to that again and you won’t do it I took him to paper and he won’t sign it and so I go to this golf tournament and I’m ready to caddy for my dad and I get introduced to the foursome the three other people that was in the foursome with my dad in this tournament or the fourth person I get introduced to turns out to be my principal’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss he’s the single most powerful authority in the entire US military government Department of Defense school systems in the entire Far East including Japan but not limited to Japan and all the American Department of Defense schools in the Far East on all the military bases he was in charge of and I said that my life depends on that sorry you’re gonna caddy for yourself I have to caddy for this guy so I go over to this guy introduce myself and I said can I caddy for you and I noticed you don’t have a caddy and he says sure that would be great and I tell him right off the bat before the tournament what my problem is in school and I got the acceptance from college but my principal won’t let me and he starts talking to me you know in between hitting the ball and he’s asking me all tons of questions and he most of the 18 holes he gives me a lecture about well you’re very young and when you’re 16 year old and you’re dealing with you know 18 19 20 21 year-olds that’s a huge difference in the social levels emotional and psychological and everything not like if you’re you know 35 and 40 years old it’s not that big of a difference but at that age it’s a huge difference and here’s all the downside of doing that and so then I go through 18 holes and he was turns out to be a very good golfer and he’s got this long putt on the 18th hole and I take him the putter and he goes Michael I’m gonna sink this you know 12-foot putt and I said great just before I think it I’ve told you pretty much everything I can think about to try to discourage you from doing what you want to do how do you feel now and I said not discouraged at all I’m gonna go through with this one way or the other and he goes I thought so okay well I can’t be a hypocrite because I did exactly the same thing when I was 16 that you’re about to do and the reason I talk to you for 18 holes about you know the downside of it is because I have some regrets and I said well even so you’re the top superintendent the chief of this in you know what hundreds of thousands of students and and faculty and everything I said that’s not you know that’s not a bad situation is it he said no you’re right and I’ll talk to your principal first thing Monday morning I show up to school Monday morning there’s a note on my homeroom desk please come to the principal’s office I go there and the secretary of the principal gives me the sign release form that I’m officially graduated after this semester and as I have the blessings of the principal in the school to go to college in the fall and I said oh I’d like to thank the principal and she goes oh he’s gone for the day he did not even want to see me but but it was it was great I said okay no I am I here so that’s that’s just one of the experiences that I went through and it got me in college at 16 and and that was before I decided no medicine is not my path and so so it but each step it wasn’t a wrong decision by applying to college to thinking that I’m going to go into medicine got me into Kelly got me to California and once I got out of the college it wasn’t I didn’t experience that as a failure or or wrong a mistake or anything like that I just realized that was just my next step and then I start to look and then I got to that place where my friend got ill and then I I got the question and I started to seek for a teacher and said okay there’s somebody out there and I intuitively knew I wasn’t living in San Francisco at that time living in Berkeley and I intuitively do know I was living in San Francisco at that time intuitively I have to walk around the streets of San Francisco to find my teeth and once I had this question I still got doors closed in my face a lot everybody they were nicer but they said sorry I don’t know you know I I was asking everybody I put my hand on this friend of mine who was very much in pain and 20 minutes she was dancing and felt better than she has in months and I was on the floor in pain what does I do right what did I do wrong can it teach me and everybody said sorry no I can’t don’t know what you’re talking about and then once in a while I got some healer that said yeah I’ve heard about stuff like that but I I don’t know how to teach you and so I just kept on walking on San Francisco and one day I’m walking very fast around the sidewalk in San Francisco and I literally ran into this girl this young woman college woman and and she had a bunch of books flew all over the place I’m apologizing I’m picking up all the books for her and getting this straight now and I look at her and wow she’s really cute that doesn’t see this I’ve learned from years of experience my spirit guides they they go how do we get to him how do we get through to you and so so okay let’s put a cute girl in front of him and he’ll follow her huh so so I pick up the books for her and everything and and she looks at me and says she goes I’m going to a Writers Workshop at this at this out writers house do you want to come along and I said wow I’m not going to turn down that invitation but at that time I had no interest in writing or novelist or anything so I walk in there’s 30 people in the class you know college students and she goes right in sits in the middle of the class I said that there’s a one chair at the front door and I said at the doors thinking just in case I get bored I don’t want to stick around I don’t want to disturb the class so I’ll just eke out and I’m sent there and sure enough after about 15 minutes I’m gone all I hear the teacher say is blah blah blah blah blah and because I wasn’t interested in this subject it was 19th century novelists American novelists and now I’d be interested but back then now writing was the last thing reading was the last thing I wasn’t interested and so I thought as cute as that girl is I think you know she’s into the class I think I’m just going to go I couldn’t get up off of the chair It was as if somebody had me crazy glued to the chair I couldn’t get up and and it’s like being bolted onto the chair or more to the floor I’m going this is weird never happened to me before and I’m using my hands and arms to push myself off the chair I could push myself off of the chair and I’m going whoa what is going on and and so the workshops going on and on and I just can’t leave and all of a sudden this other was not the girl that I followed in but this other woman in the middle of the class stands up while the teachers teaching and she she’s wet waving her arms around with her finger pointing at nobody in general nobody particularly and she’s warning around in the middle of class everybody stops like she’s crazy and she starts saying a weird thing happened to me and everybody stops and listen she’s a really weird and then she goes last night my roommate went and got this weird thing called a aura reading at this psychic Institute in Berkeley and right there I go I gotta go see this place yeah she she says the name Berkeley psychic Institute and I said okay never heard of the place but all of a sudden she sits down and everybody’s going whoa hey I hope she’s not dangerous she’s kind of crazy but why all I got is okay that’s where I have to go and I now I can stand up and I go that’s weird I could stand up sneak out of the back the door and I go running – this was before cell phones of course and running to a phone booth look up Berkeley psychic Institute in the white pages and it’s listed and it says 20 to 29 Ward Street in Berkeley I run over to a bus stop that for a bus to Berkeley and I hop on get to Berkeley get off fine 20 to 29 Ford Street it’s this little house in in the suburbs so to speak of Berkeley and there’s no signs there’s no indication it’s an academy or an institute or school it’s just the house and it’s got a three by five card on it typewritten please knock and when you come in take your shoes off and I go oh I heard about these spiritual you know metaphysical mystical places it’s everything’s in code everything’s like tests you know so I I better do it right I gotta pass this test and so I knock on the door gently and then it opens up wide in this little old lady like 75 80 year old lady gray hair white hair that short standing there looking at me and I was about to be very nice and smile and say hello and she barks at me she goes what do you want and I take a step back and I go WOW okay and I’m going oh this is a test she’s she’s the guard dog and this is a test okay don’t let it bother I said is this the Berkeley psychic Institute and she goes so what if it is okay if it is may I please come in no I go three strikes I’m out I failed and then she waits a second and I don’t know where to go from there and she goes nobody’s here come back at 7:30 tonight and it Wham she literally slams the door in my face and I go okay hey at least I’m not strident strike huh she told me come back at 7:30 so I call a friend says you want to come to this a psychic place I don’t know what it is I don’t know what they do but that’s where I’m gonna go at 7:30 so she comes over we go together and we go into this place follow everybody else and take our shoes off which I grew up that way in Japan and and then everyone’s going into all these different like three-and-a-half you know for the fourth room that’s real half a room well all the other rooms filled up so we go into the last room with a few people and two people sit down and then another person sits in front of them and they start to do something the two people sitting down close their eyes and they’re kind of waving their hands around and the person sitting in front of them as their eyes open and they’re nodding at what this other two people are saying I thought and I never seen a reading or anything about it so I’m going kinda this is interesting these people are telling the other person about herself and so I’m listening to the whole thing but I’m also oh this is a test I’m sure this is a test so I better look spiritual and metaphysical how do you look spiritual and metaphysical and I thought oh I know how to be in a full lotus position I was you know slender and and very flexible at that time so I could put myself into a full lotus position pretzel so I sit in a full modest position and in the corner of the room being very you know respectful and I thought that should look very spiritual and so so then I’m listening to this thing going on which later on I found out was a oral reading and then all of a sudden the whole room turns golden and I’m going wow what just happened and people start to laugh they start to Twitter you know they’re like haha and the whole feeling in this room lightens up and it becomes more fun and happy and it’s all golden and I’m just looking at this gold and I’m going wow and then the door slams open and this kind of jolly old guy walks in with a potbelly and he just goes straight to one of the people sitting together facing this third person and he practically slams his hands down on this person this woman’s shoulder and he goes something so and so you’re not grounded enough get yourself grounded and he laughs and he turns around and I thought well that’s interesting what’s that about and then he looks at me he looks down at me sitting on the floor first thing he says is oh no another Chinaman in a Japanese body I’m sitting there going I didn’t feel insulted or or I didn’t feel like I was a racist remark or anything I felt like it rang a bell and of course you know genetically ancestrally I am a hundred percent Japanese but but a Chinaman in a Japanese body and most people if they were just listening to his words wouldn’t just especially now when I walk wow what a racist you know because he’s all white blue haired blue blue-eyed blonde airs kind of a tie and but I I’m sent down know that’s struck a chord I don’t know what court that was but something happened and and that’s all he said he laughs turns around and walks out the door and I thought and then everything the other activity results I call that was interesting in about 20 minutes later again the energy kind of similars off in that room and then again it turns all gold and then people started laughing a little bit more and then the door opens the same guy walks in and he looks at me and says oh no you’re still here uh yeah then and he says why is he still sitting in that stupid position on the fourth floor oh I thought this was this was luck make me look spiritual and he saw right through that is it you know get off the floor and and he said I don’t want you to blow your first chakra away sitting in energy like this in a lotus position on my first I’m not on a floor and I didn’t know what that meant but he had somebody get me a chair i sat on the chair he said that’s better and just sit there and I said okay and and then he points to my girlfriend and says come over here and sits her down on the chair directly across from me about oh maybe ten feet away and he’s standing behind her and he puts her his hands on her shoulders and he it’s like he’s looking into her head from above and he’s looking yeah and then he starts saying things like when you were four years old when your dad got you this red tricycle with these colorful streamers on the handlebars remember that and she goes uh-huh and and he goes yeah and then you took it out for a spin it and you fell over on the sidewalk in front of your house cracked your head on the sidewalk and everybody freaked out and you got into trouble and you’re bleeding from your forehead and stuff and she goes oh yeah I remember that and she says yeah the pain picture from that is still in you and so I’m gonna take that out is that okay she goes okay and then he does something and she starts smiling and it gets she gets brighter I think I feel a little better and I go that’s weird what’s going on I mean one thing whatever he’s doing to her that she’s changing but I’m changing I feel better when he did whatever he did to her and then he goes on with this and talks to her about something about a boyfriend when he she was you know a teenager like her early teens or something and and and she got hurt emotionally and she goes yeah and he does all this stuff and then finally like he’s doing this for about ten minutes and then he says now I’m gonna put my fingers on your head that okay and she says yeah and close your eyes and just he said just imagine you’re right in the center of your head okay and she goes okay and then he says I’m gonna fill your head up with energy and you’re you’re gonna feel this kind of heat coming up your back don’t don’t let that frighten you just just let it go okay she goes okay says don’t try to fight it or or stop it or anything like that she goes okay then he goes and when your head feels completely full your you tell me you know it’s full okay and she goes okay and he does something he calls his eyes and he’s doing something with his fingers under her head and then next thing skills okay it’s fall and he goes just pulls his hands off of her head and when he did that the entire room became bright just this clear bright white I couldn’t see anything else I couldn’t see her him the walls anything the whole room just filled up with this light so bright I couldn’t see anything else and it just lasted a second and then that kind of simmers off and I could see the physical things again and people but I felt so clear and so free and I can physically see so clearly with my eyesight every little smudge every little inset every little everything detail on the far wall like 15 20 feet away and I couldn’t see that before it was all kind of hazy everything is sparkling and I felt so better than I have in I don’t know how long and so I thought whoa what just happened he did something to her and she’s ten feet away from me and I went through this total incredible experience and obviously she did too because she’s just giggling laughing and her eyes were blazing light I go I’m not leaving this place until I learned what he just did him that that was the beginning of my training with this teacher this clairvoyant spiritual teacher named Lois Bostwick who on the outside look like a you know regular guy like he might have been a truck driver or a mechanic or something and and he talked like a regular guy he acted like a regular guy except when he did stuff like that and when he did stuff like that magic happened and I’m going yeah that gold light that filled the room was always just a second before he walked into the room did happen any other time and I thought wow okay I gotta I gotta figure out I gotta find out what he does what how can I do this stuff right and and I do this was the master of this place he knew what he’s doing and I gotta find out I got to learn from him and but I didn’t know how you go about doing that so after this other session finished the the person who was sitting in front of this to readers now I know as Rangers left already and then this man Lewis says to me you want one of those things and he points the two readers and I said yeah and is it to the readers you guys do tired this is like 11:30 at night and he goes you guys do tired or you want to do another one and then oh okay well do another one it goes alright go her sit over in front of them I flew over there well sit in front of sit in front and Lewis leaves and I’m with these two people and then shortly after they start Louis oh the first thing that happens is when they start I didn’t know what they were doing that the readers but when they start naturally I just close my eyes and in my head I go I just have to match them and so I decided to match them and then my I could feel my energy changing I’m going higher and to a different place and then one of the the man who’s who’s the main reader says excuse me and I go okay I open my eyes it’s just you’re matching us and I’m going hot damn yes yeah it’s working and he says please don’t do that because if you match us it makes it very difficult for us to read you that’s it oh oh darn and he says could you not match us and back off nicely to say you know get out of our space and and so I said okay and I kind of pulled my energy back and decided not to match them and he go Oh much better now we can read you and they gave me a really good reading I could identify with everything andrey language everything they said it was short you know like half an hour and but about ten minutes into it the span lewis comes back in the room fills up with gold everybody see the bettors move and he’s dragging this young woman you know you can tell she doesn’t want to be there but he’s literally pushing her into this room and he got Jane sit down he pulls up a chair that’s these two people and just Jane sit down and she said stuff and I go wow this guy doesn’t mess around and and he puts his hands on her shoulders and says get grounded and she’s like shaking their boots and she’s got her eyes closed but I can tell she’s afraid she’s shaking in her boots and he turns to the guy the main reader in the middle and he’s just watch her make her do the rose reading I and it’s all code language to me I don’t know what they’re talking about and there’s Ben Lewis leaves and then this guy in the mill a really nice man he says okay Jane he’s very much more gentle he says okay Jane you do the rose reading and this woman Jane is shaking her head no and she said I can’t and Jesus he says well just just start talking just start you know saying whatever you see you know you know how to how to put up that image of the rose and just start saying what you see said I can’t I can’t he’s refusing and obviously this nice guy is not getting anywhere the door opens again in this man last walks back in he slams his hands on her shoulders and I mean not really that hard but enough to go boom and he goes stop messing around Jane just do it huh and I’m going business fascinating and all of a sudden this woman Jane starts to talk and she’s kidding me this reading that was almost better than the other two people it was just nailing all kinds of things about where I am how I am and and past life stopping and everything made sense and I’m going and this man Luis walks away goes away go at least alone and I thought wow what just happened is this a training I want some of this stuff and and so after they finished they go do you have any questions I said yeah is this a training is this a school and everybody said yes and I asked a Jain person that obviously she was a novice and beginner and I I said did you are you just a beginner and she said oh I just started today this was the first time I ever did this well I said you did fantastic all you did great but you did fantastic then she smiled she goes oh thank you I said so you’re learning just and she goes I guess okay how do I get into this place and and the guy says oh you’re in luck or the secretary Catherine is in her office down the hall you go to the last room this little cubby hole in the hall end of the hall and you’ll see Catherine she’ll tell you all about it and I said I ran out of that room I don’t even remember I think I just ditched my girlfriend in that room I just ran up I couldn’t think of anything else but I gotta get into this place and the first time I ever been in an energy that I understood in a thing that’s just I didn’t understand you know the language I didn’t understand exactly what they said but I knew what was going on I just felt it and and I knew it and so I go running down the hall and I see this cat are you Catherine yes how do I get into this thing and she goes you’re in luck it’s not what you saw tonight but you have to take this beginner’s meditation class first for eight weeks and a healing class for eight weeks I said I don’t care why you put me in just put me in zippy and she said you’re in luck tomorrow is Saturday the classes the new set of Aiguille classes start tomorrow morning at this church right one block down the street and for show up at this church one block down the street and and you’ll be your your meditation teacher in the morning in the healing teacher in the action Oh No your healing teacher in the morning in your meditation teacher in the afternoon and it costs you 80 bucks for each class for the eight weeks great I could afford that and so I did that and that’s where I started my training and within about Oh few weeks they said I could join the clairvoyant training that this man Luis thought and oh I couldn’t wait but the front the beginning part of it was hilarious I’m sure it was hilarious to him it wasn’t hilarious to me he just sent me he said no you just here’s a box of crayons here’s a clipboard with a chart you just color the aura colors what the readers say they are I said when do I get to read he said you’re not ready I got wait a minute I already see the aura he said you’re not ready sit in the back ground yourself run your energy find your space and and then you know you’ll get assigned to her to read somebody when you’re ready three months oh no one whole month four weeks I’m sitting in the back I’m there every day and every reading you could be in and he says go in the back sit and color the crayons okay I’m pretty good artist you know I could I could go so I’m calling but I found from the very first time if I sat in the back I didn’t have to close my eyes I could see every color everything that the readers were saying and I thought oh this is great I could read from back here and so I did that and I started playing with it I start to color in the layer the color of the aura before they said it and then yeah it’s the same Colin Craig and I start to for myself I start to weld what this color means and that color means and the readers start to say what this color means and that color means and it was exactly what I was already thinking I thought great I could sit back y’all you know the rest of the program and do this stuff and then the next time I’m assigned to a reading Lewis’s okay now you sit in the line you get to read husband ah damn all he was waiting for was me to back off and and settle down and ground myself and not be you know all over every work saying let me read let me read let me read and the minute I let it go he said now you can do it they really yeah so that was a that was a great great experience and from then on I studied with them for 20 years but after after the first year he he said okay I need an assistant and he made me his assistant and then what he used to do I I can’t tolerate alcohol I don’t drink a drop right I can’t drink beer I can’t drink wine I can’t drink anything because if I drink a little bit I’m on the floor I’m beet red I feel awful it’s always been like that and but Lois was a you know a good drinker he likes his martinis with dinner and a nice bottle of wine so he says we gotta go to dinner and I’m gonna take you out to dinner so I he takes me out to dinner a nice restaurant and he goes oh yeah you don’t drink to you and I said no and he tells the waiter give bring him a glass of red wine he’s a wimp he can’t drink so just give him a glass of red wine and give me a martini and he says you have to finish the glass of red wine by the time we get out of here he says I’m being easy on you and God this is a spiritual teacher and he’s making me drink alcohol it was but it makes me sick so he says just start something on it I didn’t know he was doing this so he can teach me not about drinking but so he can loosen me up and and he could I I would let down my guard and relax so he had me sipping and after I you know like one or two sips of red wine I’m just like okay and then I find myself completely out of the body I’m talking to him spirit to spirit out of the body when I listen in on what he’s saying physically verbally he’s talking about the Oakland Oakland A’s baseball team and how how much better they are than the San Francisco Giants I mean how much more spiritual can you get right yeah I think so I was interested in baseball but that’s what the conversation is happening at the dinner table but up here three feet above our heads I can see him as spirit I can see him as a soul big incredible being and I’m floating up there with him and he’s teaching me something completely has nothing to do with baseball that’s nothing to do with anything but teaching me how to become more aware how to become to be able to really tune into and see clairvoyantly and how to understand how to start to see myself more and I didn’t have trouble seeing other people but I had trouble seeing myself and how to get in to get in touch with my inner being and how to communicate with my inner self that’s what he’s teaching me over dinner and and how this whole thing works I didn’t have words for it but I knew it I understood it and so we have this nice dinner on the physical level talking about baseball and other worldly things but in spirit this whole thing is happening and then and he goes okay oh we got to get back to the school and he pays the bill and he said you didn’t finish your wine I said I drank like two sips and is it okay well I’ll be easy on you tonight this is your first time okay so I go okay so we go back we go back to the center and and this now it’s gotten to a bigger place in that year’s time I was going through we moved to a bigger place and we walk in in the front main lecture hall the lecture room in the front the biggest room is sliding two doors it’s closed and we pass by there Eva I want to check on all the readings going on and everything oh I almost forgot and he pushes me backwards he says we got to go back to this room and he opens the door and there’s people sitting in that circle waiting he says oh this is your class you’re going to teach the clairvoyant program pretty nurse here oh my god okay and so and then he basically go into the class and calls us door behind me it’s like what can I do right I introduced myself to the class and I said I’m you’re clairvoyant teacher I’m going to teach you for the next year and everybody says oh I can ice to meet you and I start them from grounding by the halfway point it’s a three hour class in the halfway point you’re supposed to take a 15-minute break so I’m getting closer I get to the 15-minute pray I said okay you guys could have a break and I take my break and I’m going holy moly what am I going to what am I going to teach for the next half of the class I just taught the whole program and I didn’t know why the students were just like falling off their chairs I was so enthusiastic as a okay I know this and I couldn’t teach that I known us and this is how you do that and I thought okay I should probably repeat that the first half in the second half and as I repeated it and I start to notice when I start to repeat the very beginning things the students kind of came alive and said oh oh yeah that’s what we’re supposed to do and I thought you know what I’m supposed to teach this whole thing over the course of the next year once a week okay I just thought the whole thing in one half of a class that’s not right okay it’s not gonna be good okay I better slow down and I better really start to look at how am I gonna teach this stuff so that’s how I learned how to teach one class at a time and and I start to refine how to teach some things work some things didn’t work and so after that it’s pretty much that’s what I I I continue to this day I continue to do that I develop my teaching as I go along and I really watch each of the students and seeing what they’re getting what they’re not getting and how do I help them get to the next step but I know we ran out of time right know what we learned at our Center and I’m sure David learn about it enough Berkeley is the to allow the stream of consciousness and when that stream of consciousness happened a lot of questions we may have had will be answered yes yeah well with me the stream of consciousness never ends I just realized because graph Yale my wife came in and says and you’re way over time and and she say we got the next thing we have to go to and so if she didn’t take keep track of my time I could do this for hours and hours and hours I know I know the truth is Michael let me just say this is you know I’ve known you over the years and stuff and you can probably you know sit in top 24/7 for the next month and barely be scratching the surface surface of all your experiences that I know yeah yeah that’s true that’s just so much and until I start to dip in and think about what kind of stories would illustrate the point I’m trying to make or or would be most helpful for the students or whatever a lot of times I forget all those stories because there’s so many experiences and I’ve heard a lot of women and I was gonna I said we were I’ve been a little bit over the time here and that was one of my things was that wisdom before the interview was over and everything and we won’t do it tonight I have a good feeling we’re gonna have to have you on again but that’s why we’re gonna ask you say you know I’m had to get a good yeah Michael tell us a good story so we’ll get one out of you the next time we interview I know you yeah to runnin and and but let me ask you this just a real quick I imagine who listen is in ISM in his wisdom he probably knew when he first met you or at some point briefly after he first met you that he knew that you were going to be a part of things moving for and I just always have a feeling he knew people that he met that there were going to be kind of key figures around him and I think I’m just saying with you yeah he knew that way before I ever got there okay and I don’t know if it was March Madness or not but as you were talking I had like five screens up and I usually just have like one reading screen but it was just really understand all those different stories it was like I didn’t have to turn to channel I was just just look at the battery yes you know that’s where I’m sure you’ve been in a TV studio like a major TV studio they have all those screens and almost cameras and then that when he call it the producer the director is in there going okay let’s go to camera number one screen number five you don’t think yeah and that’s where did they get that idea how do they you know configure that type of studio is exactly what you’re talking about that’s how you see things Mikey I want to be respectful of your time but one of those screens I just saw you in high school where you were you had mentioned I got to get out of here and then incidentally you know you had walked into the class where it was gray and yeah we’re seen as one of a you know world renowned expert in near-death experiences I guess maybe just being respectful of your time will have you back on on that but it seemed like there was a theme it was raised another bunch of questions about and E’s and not about the experiences so yes I don’t know what your time looks like now well if you’d like to have me on again we could go for a full thing just on that yeah yeah I will I won’t leave you with this Louis hadn’t played a key part you know he’s he’s passed on in 1995 I think it was and yeah and and so but he still you know comes in and does all kinds of stuff in spirit but um when I was just before I turned 21 when I first met him that story I told of the first encounter I was 20 years old and by the time I was in my training and everything partway through the halfway through the training I was I turned 21 but about a month or two before I turned 21 Louis well how he talked to me this this home a sudden he sent there and all of a sudden he’ll turn around you know he always called me Tamura you never call me Michael because hey tomorrow hey tomorrow do you know that you have the choice on how you wish to die so it’s it was always like that with Luis we could be talking about baseball or or where we’re gonna go to dinner and then all of a sudden he throws things like that in the middle of it and is like whoa okay I have a choice on how I wish to die well that’s one thing I never thought of but I’d always do I had a I knew I had total choice in how I wished to live and that’s how I was living the best I can but okay this is a new question how do I wish to die I never I never looked at that and then he followed it up with we can choose to die in pain and suffering like most people do or we can choose to die in love and at peace with ourselves and the moment he finished saying that I’m being my decision I said that’s a no-brainer well I wish – I wish to die in love and at peace with myself regardless I didn’t care about anything else in life I said well it’s my time to go I’m gonna go in love and at peace with myself well that’s when I’m 20 years old if not until probably I was well into my 40s you know 25 30 years maybe fifties even that that I start to really connect the dots that everything after that decision was made on that decision I made just in that split second just and he didn’t pursue that communication you didn’t go on till every that was it and then we went on to something more mundane and and so when I look back at my all by five near-death experiences I’ve had in the last 12 years and the incredible learning I’ve had from that and as I start to look back at it and start to put it together I followed it back into that moment when I made that decision that based on Louis’s question you know how do you wish to die and from that point it set my course in everything that’s happened since then led me to all these near-death experiences the actual experience of what people would consider physically dying and then being conscious throughout the whole thing and returning each time and being more alive when I returned than less so so yes we can definitely set up another time to – I’ll share with you and your listeners the experiences I’ve had both in that process of hey what is it like – you know when you’re getting ready to die or you know you’re going to go and physically and then on the other side being fully aware of having a total experience and then fully aware of coming back to this side and going okay this is and and but the over the time period I realized it wasn’t until I spent about seven to ten years after I’ve had these near-death experiences integrating and and it wasn’t until sometimes several three four years later after a near-death experience then I start to be able to connect the gods in retrospect and go whoa I’m totally not in the same place I was before that death experience Wow but it took me you know several years to integrate it and in some ways being able to talk about more out of the deeper aspects of what I learned through those experiences the experiences are the superficial part you know it’s very exciting and dramatic but it’s what you learn that it takes a while before you get that deep into the experience to extract and distill the wisdom from that experience okay look at ya and then there you gotta go but I’m just wondering with you know when you say you look back hindsight 20/20 would it have been easier to have an OB an out-of-body experience versus a near-death experience that gets the same as all oh I had all kinds of out-of-body experiences before my ever I ever had a near-death experience where and yes the after-effects definitely it’s easier to do it with OBE but every time you’re out of the body it’s a different experience yes oh so the OBE are many many OBS and I I get out of my body every night to teach out of my body it’s very different then some of the experience spaces and what I learned from my body actually dropping dead mmm she has long against the body still alive and you’re you know whether it’s in deep meditation or or sleeping Europe you’re very much out of the body but you’re still connected yeah when I when my body actually you know stopped functioning and there was a period of disconnect well I don’t I I do not have as spirit I do not have a body anymore we have the thing the court breaking yeah well in some cases there’s not even a cord there uh-huh but that’s that’s we don’t want to confuse everybody but sure well that’s actually a good we’re good place to spot yes we’ll definitely have you back on to talk about that in greater detail you have just been in tune to another great podcast of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David and Michael it was a pleasure let’s get it on the calendar soon we’d love to have you back on all right yes I’d love to be back on your show I really enjoyed my time with you too yes thank you very much you know it’s all for the future here Michael all right all right joy rescue did you take care listen to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find and support shows like ours when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear in episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show linked in our episode notes and thank you for listening thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation 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