Near Death Experience True Stories – 5 True Near Death Experience Stories | Part 2

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good evening good afternoon to everybody out there in podcast land it is another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I am a MIDI and back by popular demand I mean we had a LAN a couple of weeks ago and he was very gracious in giving us his backstory I really wanted to uncover you know a lot of a backstory instead of just a quick snapshot of his life because he covered so much and in this podcast I’d like to talk about how there’s a school of thought that everyone will main carnate they have about five exits that they can choose like consciously or subconsciously and this is before Michael even had any near-death experiences and I kind of let the cat out of the bag we have Michael tomorrow back yeah well before we get started welcome back to the podcast Michael thank you very much it’s great to be with you guys yeah Thank You Louie and so yeah there’s a school of thought that when we incarnate we have you know five exit points in our lives that we could change you know something will happen we can choose whether or not to transition and in a lot of the podcast last time you spoke to me at least there were some little noticeable episodes that you chose not to continue to you know live your life but then later on in life you started having the absolute near-death experiences five to be exact and you’re still here so I want to cover some time of actually going through some of your exit points yes yes sure yes it’s like they say cats have nine lives and I’m practicing to be able to reincarnate as a cat yeah I I never heard the specific school of thought that we all have five exit points in life what I’ve experienced looking at many different people that many different souls incarnated that I’d say there’s anywhere from one to about five exit points that some of us choose prior to our birth and everything for the coming lifetime and those what I call windows of opportunity are where we go okay are we done are we you know happy with where we’re at then this is a good way to exit now or do I want to continue and go further or I haven’t gotten to where I want to get to in this lifetime yet so I’ll pass this one up and go to the next one and things like that or sometimes we have these exit points where life especially if we’re coming into a lifetime that’s very challenging and souls need a way out of okay I I bit off a little more than I can chew in this life and I’ve had it it’s it’s too much get me out of here so it’s like Mayday Mayday get me out of here and and then they will let you when you come to that first window of opportunity and you just want out you can go out so in my experience this time the very first death experience I had was on the technical end of things it was very simple I was in excruciating pain and do you guys know what gout is oh yeah it’s a wood yeah and most people when they get it it’s it’s in their ankle or their big toe or something like that and I’ve had it in those places earlier in my life when I first started but at this point which was 2004 early part of 2004 I start getting it in a travel and later on I found out from somebody else who had it it’s called traveling gout and it just travels all over the body and for some people it travels around the body settles into different joints and it is terrible it’s just I would say it’s the most excruciating pain I’ve ever went gone through and and until then I used to be even doctors would say gee you have such a high pain threshold when you’re what what would be you know knocking somebody flat on their back you still go keep on going but this kind of pain I couldn’t that’s it was it was terrible and having it practical I’m I went out I had it in every joint even the sutures in the top of my skull in the little bones in my ear all kinds of places it’s just excruciating pain and it was the kind of pain right I’m really looking at Wow I can really tell you feel like if you were being punished and tortured that’s if it would be like this or worse and and it went on and on and on for days by that point it was going on for about the severe part was going on for about a week but you know lesser parts were going on before that and I already been to doctors and everything about this condition and and the drugs and things like that they can prescribe not only didn’t help but it made it worse so I I didn’t even go there so I’m at home and I’m trying to find anything that would make it a little bit less even and position wise I can stand I can walk I can lie on the floor I can lie on the bed I could be in a fetal position I could sit down nothing changed anything it was just as bad and so I’m on them on the bed Rafael’s out doing errands or getting groceries or whatever and so I’m home alone and I get to the point where I’m just it’s like minute by minute and I’m going I don’t know and I finally go hey God I don’t know if I can how much longer I can handle this and then boom instantly I’m out he I wasn’t until I returned later that I realized oh my heart stopped and it I just got basically I got escorted out it was just like I asked this I got escorted out and I had taken to this beautiful room what I thought of after I came back is oh it was like a divine conference room like a divine boardroom you know some of those really fancy boardrooms of big major corporations they’re very fancy right yeah a beautiful hardwood table you know polished to a sheen well this place had this hardwood table gorgeous and and the room was just elegant it wasn’t huge but elegant in this long conference table and I get escorted to sit down there’s one seat and the one end of the conference table and there’s five other incredible beings magnificent pea sitting in five seats and there’s one by that close right around the corner from the head of the table open and they said welcome and I sit down they had me sit down and they completely welcomed me I felt more welcome than any other welcome I’ve ever had and these five Great Beings said well you’re done you’ve you’ve given you’ve done more than you’ve contracted for for a life Diamond and so if you want to stay here with us and work from the spiritual side we’d be happy to have you but because you’ve you’re complete you could if you decide you’d rather go back that would be perfectly fine and at that point I have no desire one way or the other I’m just completely neutral open and I’m going oh and I realize oh here I am before these five incredible masters and I’m going okay well gee in your combined wisdom what would be better what would be more beneficial not just to myself but to everyone concerned – for me to stay here with you and work as a spirit guide from this side or to go back and continue and there was not even a moment of hesitation all five of them in chorus unanimously said if you go back it would be so much more beneficial to so many more people hence I go okay that’s all I need it is in this great wisdom if that’s what you know that’s true send me back and of course where I am there there’s absolutely not even a thought of paid yeah there’s no thought of death there’s no thought of pain there’s none of that stuff it doesn’t exist so they go okay and the same being that escorted me to the place started escorting me back and once I’m out of that room and heading back and I go oh all of a sudden I start to remember I have a body yeah and the last thing I remember is that pain I just could handle and I’m going oh and so I turned back and I go hey you guys I’m gonna need some help I’m going to need some healing because if I’m in the same condition I left in in the body I’m going to be no good to anybody including myself and and I hear somebody go fine yep all fine so these guys are completely economical in their communication it’s just like to the point it’s done nothing extra no flowery stuff no sugarcoating is suspect line okay so I go great they said fine so it’s going to be fine I come back in the body I’m still oh it’s just excruciating pain and next thing I hear this voice in my head that’s going go to the computer now and lookup uric acid and I’m kind of slightly arguing with this voice I said hey I’ve been told I can get an honorary PhD in gout ecology and uric acid purines and everything that has to do with gout and I’ve looked up everything I can get my hands on on the internet they said just go look it up I go okay I go look up gout on the Google and I’m looking down you know the regular column of choices and it’s all the same stuff I’ve already investigated but then something tells me it kind of taps me on the shoulder look over here and it points me to the advertising column right on the right side there’s the ads and right at the top of the end there’s this thing called gout cure never seen that before it’s a it’s an ad for this product all herbal product so I click on that and I get to this website and you can tell it’s kind of a start-up it’s a new company at that time and but then I I see this thing that says something about the founder of the company and and why he went through so I click on that read the whole thing whoa this guy had it just as bad as I had and and all over the body but he in between having it he went travelled the world looked into you know how I can’t live like this anymore and I gotta find answers so he found it on a herbal type level and and he said I found these five herbs and and things like garlic and stuff like that that works together but it has to be in the right proportion in the right way together well lo and behold four of those five things he listed I’ve already been intuitively guided to and I’ve been you know using it in massive quantities but it’s not all together in the right way so I read about this more high school can when order the product and try to get it you know overnight mail but I live in Manchester overnight mail here means two days at least so I’m like okay I’m gonna I gotta make it through these next two days and then I see on the bottom of the website email me that the founders say this is how just knew the company is the founder saying email me and so I I emailed them with this is where I’m at and then 15 minutes later he bills me back a long email with step-by-step are you doing this are you doing that and starting with what kind of water are you drinking and so I answer all his questions very long email he answers me back about an hour later and step-by-step I just decide okay this guy knows what he’s talking about for once somebody who knows more than I do about well so I start following his instructions step by step and and the first thing he says well when I got into this most excruciating horrible condition well what happened was nothing was helping so you know and in terms of diet and everything anything I eat made it worse even the foods that are supposed to be healing for account and so I decided I had this brilliant idea I’ll just stop eating I’ll just drink water right I’ll go in a fast I know how to go on a fast so I go on a fast well at first I was very excited because the first like two or three hours I felt better and better and I go fantastic I’ll I’ll fast for a day or two or three whatever it takes declare this out well about the fourth or fifth hour it starts to get worse and by six hours later I am just completely the worst it’s ever been bye-bye exponentially worse and so I don’t know where to go I mean I can’t eat I can’t not eat what do I do and so that’s when I died the first time and when I came back is when I realized oh my heart was kick-started when I came back and then I find this thing and I’m corresponding with this man and he said you did what yeah about where I wrote about my fasting he said that’s worse than eating a whole cow and drinking tons of alcohol he said if you’re going too fast in this guy in your condition you might as well go eat a cow and kill yourself and I said why I don’t like it and so he said you gotta eat enough you have to get enough calories every day and I go how do I get enough calories lettuce and especially iceberg lettuce and things like that and he said well here’s how you do it you need protein but only this kind so it was incredibly specific yet to do this but if you did this without doing the other thing it made it worse holy moly so I followed his instructions to a tee and lo and behold within about half a day I start to feel a little better still excruciating pain but a little better and a little better by the next morning I was a little better and by two days later I got the products start taking those and I got better and better and within about three or four days I was in pain but nothing like I wasn’t and that was the beginning of my healing from this condition it took a mother another eight months to a year to fully get to a place where okay this is how I prevent myself from going there again and I had a few times I went back but not ever to that degree because I I knew what to do to get out of it and so slowly but surely over the course of the night and then I also have my own doctors nutritionists as well and and a functional doctor integrative doctor and and very much into let’s take care of this by nutrition and supplements and everything first so she helped me great deal and then I’m good so then I can start to focus on I’m back from this new assignment new contract he’s old now it’s life is absolutely completely different I’m completely reborn but at the same time I can’t be living the way you know it’s it’s different the and I know I don’t have an option to die now I have to fulfill this new contract I got a new to-do list in life so I’m going okay I better get my health together and so I’m constantly working on that and making me that choice okay when you go back you don’t have to do any of this old stuff right it’s like you got to start the new thing but being the way I am I already had about two years worth of commitments that I had already made before my death experience so I don’t conference with them and said okay how would you feel can I have a year or two to finish out the contracts the commitments with people here before and and while I’m doing that I can start you know planning for the next step and visit that’s fine that’s entirely your choice so I said thank you I’m going to do that so I continue they told me already you need to step away from giving private sessions in healing and readings and all of that and focus have your full focus on teaching more people and teaching groups of people larger groups of people teaching people all over the world I was already doing some of that but they wanted me to focus on that drop the private stuff do all groups and writing and media appearances and things like that so I can teach on a variety of levels from very very beginners just starting to go maybe I need to you know look into the spiritual stuff all the way to very very advanced people advanced souls who are teachers themselves and and have you know centers themselves and and they need their next steps to get to further places and so I got all that I said okay I can do that so I start doing some of that more and more getting larger groups various different kinds of groups together and groups of leaders together and certain things got started but within the two-year time one of those things that I was starting to do with other groups not my students and people I’m already teaching but new demographics and new people who were actually already leaders in their own communities and they got very interested but as with many of these things just like with any kind of startups when you’re starting something it’s not the thing so much as the people and I didn’t I realize that you know people in who have their own leadership things not all of them are as cooperative I’m not sure yeah it’s like you know I’m the head of it and I’m the only one and I everybody I should count out to me or else and I’m not going to have anything to do with anybody I read Michael let me ask you before when you go into the second session I want to go back to the GAO first I yes so in this happened in 2004 and you were speaking with that person that had that product that he had talked about water and in 2004 was totally different environment in 2018 there’s a huge conversation about having more alkaline water or having an alkaline diet versus an acidic diet yes was that covered that you were more acidic and didn’t have enough alkaline in your system that’s not at that time reason for the gap not that it not at that time that came much later so yes it’s a long process sometimes and this is something that I think a lot of healers whether they’re professional healers or souls who are here to heal but they do it through families they through it through their neighborhood you know they don’t think of themselves as I’m a healer because they don’t have a traditional profession in the healing arts but they’re no less of a healer than anybody who does it professionally but they are powerful years and both segments of the population who are inside they’re all healers whether they do it professionally or not and a lot of them sometimes run into illnesses and and very difficult physical conditions themselves and and then they get kind of stuck they get they get like they’re failing as I healer what kind of healer are you if you get sicker than your patients yeah and it says and then sometimes especially if they’re professional use some of their patient skills oh gee if my doctor my chiropractor my my natural healer or psychic healer or whatever is so sick I gotta find somebody else because they’re no good I mean that’s bad publicity yeah so a lot of healers get into a quandary because this generally happens either before they start on they’re healers path right and that’s how they get started on their healing path by getting extremely sick or whatever and then coming out of it healing themselves and learning how to heal other people but others they’ve been healers all their lives and they start healing and then after they get to a certain point they need to advance not just as healers but they need to progress as souls on their spiritual path and sometimes when they get through that big big step they get sick or it starts to manifest in various physical or emotional mental conditions and then some of them have a hard time seeking help because they think I’m a healer I should be able to heal myself no healing isn’t something that happens in isolation in fact isolation is what needs to be healed in all of us because spirit spirit as a whole is wholeness itself it’s limitlessness itself it’s eternity it’s complete undivided awareness itself so what are we talking about when we talk about healing we’re talking about the totality the oneness of spirit beingness and so that’s a really good point because for when you think of Gao you wouldn’t think Michael tomorrow a person that knows about diet and eating good foods yes you wouldn’t think you would get gout yeah and that’s why whether it’s the gout or when I had my heart attacks later or anything I go to a doctor and if they’re a kind you know intelligent wise doctor who really cares about the patient they get they get and they admire my lifestyle and diet and everything I’m doing to keep myself healthy and they go they look at the lab results and say there’s nothing I can tell you you’re there say I deal with people who I can’t even talk about having a vegetarian diet because they don’t think it’s a it’s a diet unless they eat half of a cow so that’s who I deal with and so with you because I’m trying to have the kind of diet you have I’m trying to have the kind of lifestyle you have and I’m trying to have the kind of lab tests you get I have no clue why you have Cal or why you have heart attacks or why you drop dead or anything like that and in fact by cardiologists my main cardiologist I really like this guy everybody thinks when they see us together like in the hospital the first time every nurse at the cardiac care unit cardiac intensive care unit these are top-notch nurses coming in in the backwoods in any other you know like third world country these would be the top doctors in those places right they’re so trained and educated experts and amazing people I’ve had amazing people in hospitals and so every time they come to introduce themselves to me on their new shift and when I was in for the first heart attack and they go they’re looking at my charts but you know they’ve already gone over the Google they’ve Google now they don’t only look at your medical chart they could call you online before they come to see you doctors and nurses and they come they go can I ask a question I’m sure of course why do you have this doctor this cardiologist as your doctor and I said oh I didn’t pick him I mean you know I was unconscious somebody gave him for me and why I thought he was great and oh no as a doctor he’s tops but he the the first nurse says in my 25 or 30 years experience as a nurse I’ve never worked with a doctor of any specialty that’s as allopathic and conservative as they come and traditionally and I said I laughed and his and he goes I looked at you looked you up on Google you’re a spiritual healer he says I’ve you know work attended to other spiritual people especially spiritual healers and metaphysical people and whatnot and they don’t even want to be caught dead in a hospital they don’t want to have anything to do with doctors they’re all anti medicine and especially allopathic medicine but you’re here you’re laughing and you like your doctor I said yeah he’s a great person and he really knows what he’s doing as a cardiologist as a straight-on allopathic cardiologist and he goes that’s what confuses me and why are you so different than all the other spiritual people I’ve worked with and I said because I am spiritual I am metaphysical I am psychic and most of my friends are and I know some of the top psychics psychic healers everybody spiritual healers when I need them I’ll go to them but right now I need somebody to patch me up physically that’s the strength of ella ella ella the– and and this guy is tops in doing that and he knows that we get along because he knows it he knows that I don’t fit the profile and he tells me I can’t do anything about that because you know you don’t fit and I love that because except I’m I’ve been I’ve seen and heard of doctors who go because I’m the doctor I’m going to tell you what to do Precor even if I don’t know what I’m doing I’m going to experiment on you and try this try that and and you know you might get worse but well I’m the doctor I said I’m not going to work with a doctor like that but I can work with a doctor who’s honest and says I don’t know anything about that so you’re gonna you’re on your own good luck right or gee well this diet is seemingly helping you because your blood tests show it keep with it I don’t know anything to tell you about it but I know it’s working for you keep at it that’s the kind of doctor allopathic doctor I can work with and the guy goes the nurse says Wow I never thought of that he said thank you that makes all the sense in the world I said this happens this this elitism and this what would you call it Philistine ISM and he and you know happens both on the scientific as well as on the religious as well as on the spiritual metaphysical side yeah we’re all the same you know we can get stuck in in isolationism and say no my way is the only way so if you don’t like it go go take the highway you know yeah and that’s not going to help us really heal healing requires all of us just like someone said it takes a village to to raise a child well what does it mean to raise a child it means the same as healing it also means the same as spiritual growth to me Healing raising a child or being on your spiritual path and growing spiritually exactly the same and I’m not the different they’re not different in any way because healing is restoring I love the dictionary definition of healing restoring to wholeness it doesn’t say restoring yourself or restoring somebody else or restoring the world it just says restoring to wholeness hmmm let me ask you Michael it I got to give a shout out to my homegirl Lisa who back about ten years ago she introduced me to Louise hey and I’m sure you’re familiar with Louise hey and you know gun bullets are passed away last year and yeah one thing that I loved about the introduction of her wouldn’t serve both you can heal your life and I’m sure you’re familiar with that and they always talk about an issue that a person he had but here’s the underlying issue meaning more of a spiritual issue and as you were talking I was looking up gout and it reads that the situation is the need to dominate or impatience or anger ah yes all three what’s it mean in my case no it resonates oh yeah it’s it’s um it’s something that I’ve had to go a lot of healing happens in layers so this definition of restoring to wholeness weeds never have to heal that part of ourselves that’s already oh only the part of ourselves that’s divided and when I say part of ourselves that’s divided what part of ourselves can actually be divided when we are already 100% great a spirit easy war spirit through and through we can’t be Who I am is spirit and I know this completely beyond a shadow of a doubt I’m spirit your spirit we’re all spirit through and through 100% there’s not one quote part of us that’s not spirit so how do we get divided ah the question is what part of us what do we divide in ourselves is like that stuff that most people don’t want to hear especially a doctor tell you especially if the doctors not saw a psychiatrist says oh it’s all in your head like you said nobody wants to hear especially a more aware capable health conscious you know spiritually more aware person doesn’t want to hear it’s all in your head but it is not in your head but it’s in your mind people mostly even though now they’re starting to talk more and more about mind over matter mind medicine and things like that but they don’t have it all away because they don’t recognize the mind is limitless and spirit how much spirit you as spirit occupy your mind is how whole you are here in the body in this world and this world actually includes the more you know an astral type of psychic world so so there’s only one mind there’s only one spirit but we can make decisions in the one mind to pretend to imagine or divide it that I’m separate from you eating all of spiritual growth is about restoring our mind to the wholeness of spirit another word I can use for mind when it’s divided is consciousness that’s why every human being until you master your mind and become enlightened fully awakened to the spiritual wholeness nature limitlessness that yu-er is divided that’s what makes us quote human we think of ourselves as individuals and there is a go ahead I think that’s my other take away from you know we’re still talking about the first one I don’t I don’t want to jump through and I want to you know spend time on each one because this isn’t something that happens every day Gracie is dropping dead yeah what you just said was so huge it reminded me of all things wrestling because when you were coming back they are content like okay well let’s see if he’s going to stay separate from us and he’s experiencing all this it wasn’t until you asked hey I need some additional help and they were like fine but until you asked you probably would have still been a pain today you know so I think Bunnicula is the community of communication with them or the limit increase in a relationship with them yes and I’m aware just like you said reading from Louise Hays book gout she says this is what was it anger and can domination need to dominate impatience and anger impatience angry well all those things pretty much are the same yeah resentment to regret I heard somebody else tell me that cow was based on regret but well if you’re in regret that you’re going to be angry right you’re feeling the regret so much more that you don’t notice the anger just like people who are so afraid they don’t know they don’t notice the anger they’re concentrated on the fear but and then people who are so afraid they’re not aware of the fear that’s why they’re angry no one’s never angry if they’re not afraid first yeah and why would you be afraid what is anyone truly afraid of it’s not a physical injury I’ll I’ll just tell you that I know that it’s not physical injury because you want it to know more about my other deaths right the second death what happened just about when I one day I said okay I remember two years of commitments from the past that I wanted to finish up here with be and one day I said I’m finished okay I’m walking that’s the point when I said I’m walking away from doing all kind any type of what he called it a private sessions of healing and all that it took my office and Raphael another four or five years handling phone calls for private sessions before it starts to become now once a year once a couple times a year that somebody calls for that but huh but they had to deal with anger and domination and all kinds of thing from other people there to get the private sessions so I really appreciate what they did for me but that freaked me up from okay I can go on and devote my life to teaching and writing and so so then the second time the second death happened during a heart attack a few days after I finished all my commitments with those people I had from the past private sessions and all of it one night I’m in reckon I’m invited by this other healer for a birthday party at his healing sanctuary for another well-known ealer and author and so we go we’re having oh we got a night off we got to celebrate somebody’s birthday and we’ve never met this person in person before so we’re going to have fun about an hour and a half drive from here and so we have this and they have nice food very organic everything’s healthy and this they they bring out the cake candles for this guy and sing happy we all sing happy birthday and they tell him ok close your eyes make a wish plot the candle you all clap and everything and then lo and behold while somebody earlier on in the evening when I arrived found out my birthday was going to be in four days and so they secretly went out got another cake and put all the candles which is at my age is like a forest fire and and they bring out that forest fire again cake to me and that was a total surprise and she goes ok huh happy birthday you have to close your eyes make your wish and so I immediately close my eyes and I’m in a great deal of amusement and I’m thinking okay what’s languish for for this year and my mind goes completely blank empty it’s not the kind of blank where you have a mind freeze no it’s blank it’s total peace and I’m just like wow no not not a thought not even wow this is great it’s just peace like and then in the middle of this and this blank this is kind of a fuzzy darkness it’s kind of a warm and fuzzy darkness and from the middle of this it starts to have this beautiful golden light that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and this is all happening within you know seconds of me closing my eyes and then it fills in the whole fuzzy warm blackness and it gets to this incredible gold golden light and I recognize oh this is the blue blossoming of the Christ force the Christ consciousness and I’m going oh that’s a that’s the first thought I had is oh yeah that could be my wish I would like to embody the Christ consciousness much more and I was very happy what a great wish and I opened my eyes block the candles everybody claps and sings happy birthday and everything and it’s all merriment so the rest of the evening goes on and we go home Rafael meanwhile doesn’t tell me anything about what she experienced when I was blowing out the candles that came like days after I get out as a hospital after my death experience and she tells me this well I didn’t want to tell you this before but I think I better during the candle blowing before the candle blowing thing you might have not seen me for a few minutes well her host the healer wanted to show me the sanctuary the healing room and he explained all the crystals and this and that the other thing but the thing that got to Rafael was he said oh yeah whatever months ago I had a heart attack in he said I knew I had to kill myself so I locked myself in and wouldn’t let the paramedics come wouldn’t let my girlfriend call anybody and he said I made it through and Here I am and Rafael’s going why is he telling me this at this point well she goes out and then oh there’s the candle blowing she said she got scared because when I blew out the candles she saw me leave me and she said you were going and and not in the way of being spaced out you were going and she said I didn’t know when but it wasn’t going to be that far down the line and she that’s why she just didn’t even want to talk about it and then so so the next morning she’s already up what wakes me up this brings me back to the body more is the clanking of the dog water bowl that she’s washing in the kitchen and so I slowly come to but I’m in bliss I was already in this place of bliss in the heavens if you will and then I come back and I start to vaguely have an awareness of a body in the bed but I’m still in total bliss no thought justice scene aware of the sounds and then the first thought was oh that’s Raphael in the kitchen and then the next thought that pops in I have an important meeting at 10 o’clock at the office in town which is like a two minute drive from home so I’m in no hurry but but I go I start I better get out and start to get ready because this man came all the way from Israel to find me so I wanted to make sure to meet them and so I get out of bed I take a couple of steps and it’s like an energetic earthquake under my feet I don’t know what’s going on everything is shaking everything is light like a lightning show I don’t have a whole lot of pain or anything but discomfort and my back shoulders head everywhere Lakes and it’s just like my whole world is falling apart and so so I get down from this bliss state more to my body and just then bravia walks in and she goes oh my god are you having a heart attack and I used to be a nurse when I was in my teens to about 20 but over 20 years old and I’m thinking back what’s the symptomology of heart attack well I didn’t have any of them that I knew or I was taught back way back when now some of these symptom on G’s are included but back then it was if you don’t have a crushing chest pain and radiating pain down your left arm that’s not a heart attack so I told her and the funny thing I’m trying to get my amusement so I’m picturing pink elephants sitting on my chest because that’s the layman’s symptom ology that nurses learn is it feels like a elephant sitting on I didn’t have that and I’m laughing to myself in spite of all this that I’m having a pink elephant sitting on my chest but if the elephant was really just there I would be dead and crust and I’m kind of making a joke to myself but I tell Ravi oh no I don’t think so but it’s my Kundalini it’s going haywire and and I can even tell her that I was in this total bliss night before this experience so it must be related but I asked her but I feel like I really need a healing right away and she goes okay I’m going to go sit down in the living room and settle the animals the animals were going berserk they they’re tuned in to me right and he calms them down while she’s starting to give me a healing when I walk out into the living room this is something I have no recollection of she said the first thing I did I walked around in circles around the coffee table or the dining I mean the living room and she said I started chanting the Jewish prayer for the dead and that freaked her out and when I later when she told me that I had mastered how possibly could you have known the Jewish prayer of the Dead Sea’s that that’s still the strange thing three days before I was just flipping through the channels on TV came across this PBS program very interesting and they were talking about something to do with Hebrew you know something in Jewish religious things and they said and this is the Jewish prayer for the dead and the cantore started to chant the whole Jewish prayer for the dead she said that’s the only reason I recognized it right away when you start to do that and I said I have no recollection of doing that and I don’t know one word of Jewish or unity and eating and she goes well that’s what you did and interesting isn’t it I was going to my attention is on meeting this man from Israel it was a doctor and a medical scientist who started is the president of a medical supplies company that made stents and other products for people with heart problems No isn’t that interesting meanwhile she said after I did the chanting I heard this mark I said Rafael I need to go outside it was a beautiful spring beautiful day warm and our backyard was probably in the best lawn condition that’s ever been just emerald green right so I saw that out the window I said I got to go out there I need the sunshine I go downstairs and then when I get on the lawn I collapse my head’s on the on the lawn I’m not passed out or I’m not dead I had my heart didn’t stop then I’m still aware the body is breathing and everything but I’m 99 percent out of the body and when I get out I notice I’m circled by five of those same back innocent beings that met me in that conference room in the first near-death experience but there’s another five or six seven of them I think there was about 12 of them circling around me putting me in the center me out of the body a soul in the center and they’re all around me and boy that that was that great and I just came out of the body knowing that my body is in trouble and I go thank God you guys are here and then they step back no words they step back like about 15 feet further away from me that was a complete I had total clarity we’re here for you but we can’t interfere we can’t intervene we’re not going to save you oh darn in slow I’m going okay could I have a hint what do I need to do and one of them spoke up in my mind and said it’s your time to make a choice and this is one of the most important choices you’ve ever made in your life and no one you have to be the one to make that choice and then that’s it no other communication and I’m going okay that’s a start a choice what kind of choice well obviously I knew right away obviously it was a choice about life but I already made my choice about coming back here or staying in spirit don’t last night but do I make that choice again no I got no that’s not it that’s that choice is already made so I’m going I’ve already made that choice and I haven’t I’ve barely started on my new commitment to being here in the body so I can’t be dropping dead this is a whole different scenario I gotta I’m gonna keep it together here and I gotta find out what is this new decision new choice have to make about life the first thing I’m looking at almost people would think I’m in a life-or-death situation but I’ve already been through that because I know even before that experience I knew there’s no death I knew when I leave here is just believing I’m going to continue as spirit but with my first near-death experience that’s complete fact no solid and and I I know it in my body so to speak that that’s true but so that’s not the decision then I hit me Oh even though I know all this and I have my certainty but I’ve still been up to now I’ve still been living my life from birth till when I when I dropped the body and go on as spirit I’m still looking at that segment of life as my life right now so if I drop that I already know life is before birth and way after life after death and it’s not different between between birth and physical death and before and after no my life as spirit is the same oh okay I that’s my choice I have to choose to live life I have to choose life regardless of the body one way or the other whether I come back to the body or I don’t come back to the body that’s okay that’s no problem ah but what else is there if I make this choice and that’s where I ran into the big booty boot for me anyway and I think it would be for a lot of people when I go past the body or no body okay what’s the other possibilities if I come back and what if the body is incapacitated to through its death and it’s going to be some years of not being able to function Oh [Music] or even not being able to function at my optimum ah now that it’s not so easy of a decision to make what if I come back just as an example and I find that I want I went blind I’m still going to live in a body I don’t have that choice of leaving because I got to finish this stuff but I’m blind now or about I can’t talk Hey and and things or I’m you know I’m only half capacity oh so I start I had to and this is while my heart attack is still going on it was incredibly difficult he it’s incredibly simple when you’re completely out of the there’s nothing to it but yeah when you’re you know even partway in and here and you’re experiencing all this stuff on a body level it’s like okay I know this but even so it’s still difficult right because everything in that aspect of myself that still thinks of itself as separate that’s why no matter how many times I have a near-death experience the part of me that leaves and dies completely and is out there is already already free it’s already free there’s no problem up there it’s the part of me that is still believes separate is separate it’s in that lower part of the mind that’s not up there where I go when I go up there after death ah and this is the part that goes through what the Catholics called purgatory the rest of these in heaven but this part is in purgatory with a foot in Hell right well when you’re when you’re exchanging and really think believe that you’re going through pain and suffering of a very you know bad kind do you think it’s it’s real that’s the part of the mind that’s separate from the rest of the mind and who made it separate no one but me and it’s up to that part of me that’s already in heaven where I’m going body foot body who cares yeah right that part of me has to look back down at the other part in this fastness of mind and go oh I left a part of my spiritless back there in the idea that I’m separate II and and that’s why Oh if you’ve ever looked into shamanism one of the big things about shamanism and a lot of different cultures is retrieving part of the soul that got left behind II that’s what they’re really talking about yeah the soul is never really divided it’s the picture the idea that you put in this limitless mind that makes an artificial division and then you feed yourself into it you invest part of you as a soul spirit soul into it and and you go wow I am different I am separate I’m not like you at all and like that and we start to add to it add to it add to it we add to it so much that for a while in the very very beginning stages of a Souls spiritual evolutionary growth process here as a human being that soul 100 fully 100% believes I am this body if you do something to this body you’ve done it to me and I’m going to do it back to your body and it’s funny you say that because there’s a TV show out now called Lucifer and you were talking about purgatory and that’s all every episode you know the slides all the flash and everything is showing how we are separating ourselves from the totality of everything yes so it really resonates but let me ask as you were talking about heart attack I definitely want to go back to me pay and read about heart attack not because I want to say fare resonates so with heart attack it says or let me say with heart problems and then a Greek heart attack so heart problems is long-standing emotional problems lack of joy hardening of the heart belief and strain and stress yes and with attack it’s squeezing all of the joy out of the heart in favor of money or position etc ah yes I would I would say that’s at least in my experience that’s pretty accurate II so so again what am i dealing with here the part of the heart attack once I was down there and where the beings are surrounding me that choice I had to make I realize was for eternal life not for me till death but to live here in this body what I know as eternal life there’s no way out called death because I already know that’s not the end so I can’t pretend that oh if this pain gets really bad or if this situation gets really bad I’ll just croak and get out of here I can’t cop out like that anymore so what does that mean in terms of actually living here is eternal life can only be lived without conditions in condition is the condition of separation so so that’s what I’m realizing this is before my near-death experience when I had with the Great Beings masters there was not my near-death experience my heart didn’t stop that happened in the in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that can handle me all right so this is you know that’s why you can’t even begin to cover even one of these death experiences in an hour radio show yeah absolutely but because there’s so much going on so so once I came back to the body once I made that choice how I made that choice as I go well I know this choice has to be make I have to make this choice sooner or later do I want to wait until next life time to make this choice or five lifetimes later no I’ll make it now because I’m back I’m back to do this so if I came back to do this and I have my commitment I’m going to find out I’m going to learn how to keep my body alive healthy and alive enough so I can really finish this new commitment I’ve made and the commitment I made isn’t to those great beings or to God its commitment I made to myself there’s no one else and God doesn’t make you do these things all right and so so then I decide better do it now I said okay here’s my opportunity you’re giving it to me on a silver platter oh I’ll do it I’m committed to live the eternal life here and now so I come back I feel better I get back in the body and I’m able to run upstairs and but I still kind of shaky need and a little weak and I still kind of trying to get my bearings so I’m still going that this guy coming to meet me from Israel at 10 o’clock Rafael said oh no I already rescheduled him for you know few days from now he’s perfectly fine with it okay great thanks but I still want to go into the office and see that’s the dominant huh you know I gotta do it this way and all that stuff is there and ever done I said I still have to go to the office she goes and she’s being very what would you say clever and as okay I said but I need a truck I need a ride could you take me there she does of course so the animals in us or at least the dog and and us go on the car we go and halfway there to the office she goes well you seem to be in a better condition so how about if we make a little detour to the ER on the way to the yeah that you checked out for sure that you’re on you’re good I said and what I do is I look to spirit always to make these important choices because it was completely when I went started this whole thing went outside it was you have to make this decision and I knew if I was being ambulance to a hospital I wouldn’t be able to have the space to meditate and make my decision so that’s why it made that decision to go outside and and so then at this point however was she’s driving me I get a total green light yes you’re free to go to the hospital so I said great take me to the ER and so we go through a whole thing there but basically what the ER doc said for to shorten this whole thing up is huh I would die any moment unless she gave me this very strong truck intravenously which she said I had to sign a waiver because in a 50-50 chance at a 50% chance of killing me I said I laugh I literally laugh and I said do you know how ridiculous that sounds I’m basically a hundred percent alive right now you’re gonna try to you’re gonna give me this drug to cut that down in half oh Jesus no you don’t understand if I don’t give it to you you have a hundred percent chance of dying any second now okay I said well I knew I had not died in all those minutes or whatever it took out there but I’m at that point I’m seeing everything in divinity it’s it’s just the wholeness of spirit everything even if people were unconscious even if this doctor doesn’t really know what’s going on everything is in sync everything isn’t divine choreography nothing could possibly go wrong so of course I’m laughing and I’m going okay I’ll sign yours a doctor let’s do it your way and she did it and I can tell something improves inside and we’re waiting we had to she calls the cardiologist and another bigger city hospital and she said we can’t handle you here this is just a temporary thing to keep you alive until we can get you to a hospital that can take care of you I said thank you she said but it’s going to take an hour and a half two for the ambulance to get here and the the crew I said I saw four ambulances at the front of this er he said yeah none of them say quit plus we don’t have a trained crew who can keep you alive until you get there I said okay she says basically when you have an EKG like that you’re dead uh-huh and she said we’re trying to keep you alive – so that you can stay alive I said I’m all for that this time I’ll go for that here though we we have a fun time talking and then they take me away and boy the relief that she went through once I was froze out of her her yard she did not want me dropping dead on her watch Janie ma so I got handed over it’s in the middle of this ambulance ride to the other hospital through the mountain pass with Rafael driving 70 75 miles an hour in her big SUV to keep up with the ambulance the young guy who’s tending to me looks so young I thought he looked like a maybe he could be a sophomore in high school and I said how long have you been doing this and he’s just Oh next week I get my licensing exam yeah ha ha ha I laugh I says great because I knew he isn’t gonna miss anything his license is on the on the line he has to he’s keeping a eagle eye on me now he’s not gonna let me crook right but he’s scared so you know he’s a he’s a student and so I knew that his mentor was in the front seat talking about golf or something with the driver but I wanted to reassure him and sighs the kid I’m not going to croak on you relax and then I went flat line of course I didn’t know that I’m talking back so I started leaving I leave through the roof of the ambulance and then I’m just like oh wow this is total freedom and I look at the sky I’m still in this physical realm but completely out of my body I can see the ambulance and then I look I see Raphael’s car behind me and I look down and lo and behold there’s rat yeah driving her car following me and again there’s not a thought of death or how Raphael must be feeling I’m just in joy and I’m going hey Ravi al I’m up here and she’s very psychic and sensitive she looks right at me while she’s driving she’s white knuckling you know she’s holding onto the steering wheel so art it’s like a death grip and trying to stay up with a Kate keep up with the ambulance and she sees me and she just goes white because hey she’s clairvoyant she know what it means when your husband who’s being rushed to a bigger hospital because he’s in such bad condition and you see him completely out of the body oh my god right so she’s she takes her left and off of the steering wheel and she’s part looking up me and part keeping her eyes on the road and she’s shaking her fist at me yeah he’s not a happy camper uh-huh yeah and so then I’m looking at that interpreting at oh she’s angry she’s angry at me and I thought I better I better get back because because if she if I don’t he’s gonna kill me yeah making this joke to myself and and so then next thing I’m in the celestial realm and there’s five goals and gigantic golden beings waiting for me in the semicircle and as I get close to them one of them comes down to meet me and as that one comes down to meet me she gets right by me and then she turns it to a sheet she turns into a an angel a female angel and who looks like that but afterwards I thought she looked like a cross between you know the woman at the beginning of a Columbia Records or Columbia Studios movies you know holding that the courts a little bit later Statue of Liberty and and the Mona Lisa da Vinci da Vinci’s Mona Lisa if you combine the two you kind of had the looks of this angel but she was absolutely magnificent and total 100 love compassion kindness gentleness and she puts her she goes like bad boy yeah and she says it’s not time yet about your time puts both hands on my chest of the astral body and starts to push me back to the physical and she pushes me back all the way down now I’m in the physical realm and then she pushes me back through the roof of the ambulance and down into the physical body and if I could almost hear the click as she pushes me back into the body and once that happens I hear the young man the paramedic to be screaming at the front guys he’s back he’s back and I opened my eyes and he’s got the paddles the defibrillator paddles in his thing he was just about the paddle me because I flatlined so I wasn’t gone for you know more than a few seconds I’m sure but but so that was my actual near-death experience where the heart actually stopped and I was completely out of the body for a cancer whatever but I knew you know I wasn’t trying to go out but I just did and and that’s why I took oh when I was out there I thought that angel on while she’s bringing me back and saying you know it’s not your time yet I said yeah I know it’s not mine died but it’s okay to visit once in a while right and she uhshe and pushes me back in the body so I thought yeah I gotta get it together here I gotta be you know able to stay and see this true so which are getting a div Michael yeah so so then I get taken to the hospital when they check me out they rushed me right into the surgery and the anesthesiologist the cardiologist everybody’s waiting for me and they say oh they checked me out another EKG yeah you did have a heart attack but you’re fine now so let’s watch you overnight I said great less to do the better it is so they put me into cardiac intensive care and that’s when those doctors nurses for coming and telling me you know how interesting that you have such a Alabama cardiologist but this thing you were talking about what may cause a heart attack that’s again that part of myself as spirit that’s still hung up on believing these images in the mind and the images are what contains the concepts like oh you know I can’t deal with this that’s that’s an image there’s emotion in it there’s thoughts in it and there’s an image of an experience we we as Souls we’re like photojournalists that record everything every thought every thought choice every feeling every experience reaction everything all experiences that we go through we record like a ongoing 24/7 monitor like they have in surveillance you know think but it’s your whole life and a copy of that is what’s recorded in what’s called a patient record but we also have it here and it’s in essentially it’s in a certain certain aspect of our mind right so so then if I had created even 15 lifetimes ago if I had created this total inability where I’m so enraged with somebody who killed my wife or a child or whatever and and it’s just I’m going to kill you if it’s the last thing I do on the planet type of a thing well I created those images and it’s not until I revisit them in one way or another that I start to take my energy back saying no I don’t think I want to go there anymore I’m done with that that’s what forgiveness really is is you seeing the truth that what I thought was true wasn’t it was just an image I created about my experience and it’s full of judgment it’s full of anger hatred fear whatever apathy you name it we imbue it with life it’s like that old Bible story you know of Genesis God breathing into Adams nostril breathing life into him we do that every single day as spirit we breathe spirit is the only thing only beingness if you will that can breathe life into anything into a body so when you really understand this you’ll recognize that a simple little image in your mind you know you imagine something there’s an image that’s an image in your mind you create it now that level of creating you haven’t decided to imbue it with life imbue it with yourself when God imbues Adams body with life breathes into it he’s imbuing Adam with spirit that’s why the Hebrew word for spirit is breath I think it’s also some other ancient language spirit is the same word as breath and so then every day as we decide on something we’re creating an image as we fantasize we’re creating an image as we imagine the possibility as dream I want to I have a dream and my dream is everyone walking hand-in-hand no matter what your color is all that kind of stuff it’s an image everything just like we all know the engineer that designed the Golden Gate Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge or whatever started with the image that engineer and an image thus the artist who’s remained the Statue of Liberty have that image in their mind to produce it that’s how all things are produced here in this world from an image but it’s how much life do you put into it how much of yourself as spirit do you imbue that image your creation into that and that’s the extent to which you basically reap the benefits or pay the Reaper the karma is how much of your life force that you imbue into the image of vengeance the image of I’m going to get justice and it’s really not about justice it’s about vengeance the image of I’m so angry at you I can kill you even if you don’t okay now when one is able to forgive when I’m able to free him I remind myself right away even if I create that image because somebody really gets me angry ah do I want to live with that no thank you do I want to suffer no thank you then I better blow that image I better forgive that image okay what am i doing when I forgive someone there’s nothing in that other person to actually forgive actually even if that person killed you or killed you in another lifetime or killed somebody you love it’s the image you create that’s going to make you suffer so forgiveness is even the things that provoked my heart attacks and gout and all of that stuff I would say 99% even maybe more I got myself down to where I don’t have those kinds of thoughts and feelings where I am now okay I haven’t in a while but that doesn’t mean there’s still little parts of me that I gave used to give life to those moments no heat in moments you know when you just want to kill somebody or when you wanted to die because you were blaming yourself for doing something so horrendous or something you didn’t mean for it to happen or some of the things maybe on another time we can talk about some of the other life death experiences but on one of the times where I didn’t die but I’ve in the ambulance I came to this total realization when you’re not afraid of physical death anymore you have the luxury to concentrate you know when you’re being carted away in an ambulance if I go now is there anything I’m more afraid of than physical death and I got my answer instantaneously it was failure but on the surface that doesn’t you know I’ve failed all kinds of times and I don’t have any trouble doing things over and over because I couldn’t get it done the first time and I didn’t do it right the first time that’s failure right that kind of failure no problem huh but what what’s the problem why was I so afraid of failure no it’s not the failure that I am afraid of now failure I can fail left on the right in many many many ways and I don’t have a problem with it but it’s certain things that’s considered maybe failure but why those failures is oh it took me a while I got the answer in the immaculate ambulance but it took me about probably two three years to get the full import of that answer and to be able to realize the truth rather than you know which means really letting go letting go letting go of all kinds of times way back a hundred lifetimes ago two hundred lifetimes ago that I wasn’t where I am now in consciousness and very limited and I made these files I made I ground myself and punished myself to the ground because I was a doctor and I couldn’t save and I was a dog you know you were talking about reputation or something there was another term about the heart attack your your status or credibility or something like that well hey there was a couple of lifetime’s way back when one of them it took me a long time to get to in a long time to forgive myself was I was a noted physician I was one of those as a doctor like a superstar doctor right could you know don’t go too deep into that one because I never coming up on time and I want to respect your time oh okay so yeah but I think even this wife is you know our introductory classes where we have to learn to blow images of love to edit rank right so it always goes back to the foundation it was a pleasure again speaking with you Mike Michael I do want to have you on you know have you on ongoing guests and maybe not about your your silver platter because many people have to reincarnate to go through these challenges and you don’t have to go through childhood and adolescence and yeah oh no that you’re in there but that part’s been the more minor parts especially yeah look keep it going come you only cover two and we’ve covered a lot of ground but I think our audience really likes you and I think that David and I appreciate you taking the time to come out on our podcast as well yeah oh you you want to keep going no no no a big one I another time in it yeah because I think we’ve been on for over an hour and a half right there way long enough for anybody it’s you can only take so much of this goes back to those collapses where you know you’re holding spacing you’re there for a couple hours but the new people that come in there they can’t sit still for five minutes so oh yeah we don’t want to do that to the YouTube audience either no no we don’t want to subject them to and what would you call it unfair girl I’m very unusual punishment unjust punishment yeah but with that with that we’re going to hold off you guys have been into to another episode of achievement motivation from a whole week perspective this is hamsa and I am David and Michael it was a pleasure let’s definitely stay in touch in the hatchback go on to the podcast okay it was a great pleasure for me as well you guys thank you very much they can vote one by [Music] listen to intrinsic motivation Naomi’s perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find and support shows like ours when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear in episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show link in our episode notes and thank you for listening thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective podcast please check us out on our website at interns

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