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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivation so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more this group here in Georgia and she is an ob/gyn and we like to look at her at a spiritual ob/gyn so we like to welcome you to the podcast dr. Stewart how are you today I am fine I’m happy to be here boom nice to have another entender on our podcast so we wanted to talk we wanted to have you on dr. Stewart because we had a podcast a couple of months ago and we had a a nurse’s aide and she was great and we wanted to always have a balance of people that we have on and so we wanted to have you on because you’re an OBGYN but you’ve had more of the the traditional teachings and the traditional background and their tradition traditional expertise in the ob/gyn world so we wanted to actually balance that and see how you incorporate your business in your day to day and approach it from a spiritual perspective okay so before we get started we did want to know everyone kind of talked about their their background and how they actually got into the business that they’re doing today and I’m assuming I could be wrong but when you were born you may have thought that you wanted to be a OBGYN was that the case oh not quite when I was born but somewhere between that finishing high school so how did that happen alright so I first was introduced with it with just really going back and forth with my sister my IU want to become anything that my sister wanted to become so one day if she said she wanted to be a teacher and then I’ve said I wanted to be a teacher and then she said she wanted to be a you know whatever one does she want to be I would always become it and she can’t totally disenchant eyes with me I was like you can’t just become something because I wanted to become something so then she changed and she said she’s going to be a nurse and then I said okay well then I am going to become a doctor and give you orders she was pretty upset about that there’s no way she was going to be a nurse and I was going to be the doctor but essentially I started off just saying that I might want to be a doctor and then people always respond positively to someone who want to be a doctor because it’s a very noble prestigious somewhat profession it requires rigorous training and I think that society in general kind of responds positively when you say you want to and so you get a lot of supports on the people around you and when I was in high school I was good at science and good at math and those were subjects that a lot of the other students struggled with and so it began to become I’m going to have a science oriented career so when I went to college I majored in biology really like you know science and working that part of it and also I wanted to work with people and the most important thing for me is that I want that whatever I choose to do be something that’s going to make a positive contribution to mankind and so OBGYN specifically is that’s hard decided to become a doctor and ob/gyn specifically I became a nurse’s aide in the operating room as part of my college training they would allow you to go to different places and worked in that field see if you like that you so during that time period I came across kind of collage exert and I really liked it GYN surgeries and so I wanted to do that but I also like the idea of delivering babies who just seemed like such a happy thing to do and so I was very pleased when I went to medical school and I found out that the doctors who do the deliveries of babies are also the doctors that do the gynecological surgery and so it became a very natural fit for me because it encompassed everything that I wanted to accomplish in life in general and also it allowed me to take advantage of what I was skilled at and useful at it’s really interesting if we look back historically of how a lot of people get to where they are as far as the life path depending on a sibling rivalry yeah she wanted to be an anchor my sister was very instrumental we had our family a family reunion recently and we discussed one of the things that happened that was pivotal in my in my college career my sister told me that organic chemistry was going to become with one of you such a difficult subject and that I really had to prepare for it and that this is how these schools separate the ones that are going to succeed versus the ones that are just wanting to buy this one course and so I went ahead and prepared for organic chemistry my sister got me a book she doesn’t even remember this it was really funny she got me a big textbook of organic chemistry that summer I spent it in st. Thomas with my and I I read that book and it was a huge book with maybe 2,000 pages in it and I got about halfway done and I answered all the questions in the back of the book and I had to answer key to to the questions and so I would do the questions and I will correct myself and then I’ll go back that’s meant the entire summit doing that and when and this was the same book that we were using at the college that I was going to at the time Antioch and then when I changed colleges it just so happened that they used the same exact book at college I had for almost cover to cover I knew everything in there I could answer all of those questions and it was just the two ative you know very very very good that I had so prepared for that it just gave so much confidence when approaching the course that was supposed to be the maker or breaker this is obviously your older sister right yes I do you have just one older sister and you have more than one I have an older sister and a younger system a middle child oh okay okay I was just wondering if you have more than one older sister was you know why this particular sister or were you like that with all your older sisters but okay so you just have the one how much older is yeah she’s five years older but we shared a room okay I’m had five kids so the two boys stayed in one room the tooth girls stayed in one home and my little with my smaller sisters nine years younger than me so she was the baby and stayed pretty much with my mom yeah yeah okay I think that same paradigm and the family would apply that you usually hear the younger kid tagging along and my older ones get away from me get away from me what’s our relationship with your baby sister oh I was nine years old when my sister was born and I can remember just praying so hard that this would be a girl child and then when you know that was in the days when we didn’t used to know ahead of time oh well my sister was born I was just a happiest person to me all kinds of promises and I’ve always kind of looked after my little sister I just kind of made that commitment to her and to myself and when she was young and that kind of kept that up you know at least growing up there was a post on Instagram earlier this week where you had a family a family of five and all the five children their parents had gone to these historically black colleges in the country I think the mother had gone to Spelman the father had gone to Dillon or something like that and all their kids followed suit and so when you became a doctor that anyone else in your family want to follow your footsteps well you know I have three children and one of them is saying that he wants to become a doctor so we are looking to see if he’s able to achieve that and my other two which are girls they chose not to and one of my as my husband is also a physician I am a physician so my kids got asked quite naturally are they going to become doctors and my oldest girl said the only one field that I know that I’d never want to be in is medicine because she said I don’t mind working hard and I don’t mind working late but nobody has dibs on my time in-between midnight get my suite and that is it I would not want to do an internship or any of those yeah so she grew up seeing it up close and personal as I well that’s not going to be for me actually and she also wants to make a lot of money and one of the misconceptions of Alphaeus that doctors make a whole lot of money and while we make comfortable living we’re not going to be rich becoming doctors and my daughter she wants to be rich well she’s definitely not going into medicine she wants to be rich and well rested let’s stay there with the myth because you know once upon a time physicians did really well and that has changed in the last couple of years and obviously can you dispel this as to what has changed in your industry where you said that is not the case anymore well several years ago they started with having doctors negotiate with insurance companies I think the insurance industry is what changed it before you would get insurance and the insurance would just pay the bill now the insurance company negotiates with the doctors so that they pay the doctors reduced amounts of money and so they pretty much control how much you can make because you have already no matter how many you do you would really have to do a large volume in order to get the kind of living that people used to get before or have a practice that doesn’t take insurance you are seeing we became regulated by the insurance company so we’re looking back at dentist right now no I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that dental insurance never covers hardly anything but dentists are not as regulated and and they make you know more money than physicians do so you’ve seen that the change in the industry where some physicians are doctors they’ve left the industry and its entirety or they’ve become more specialized so are you seeing more of a specialization in your industry I’ll need to see some specialization and you see a lot of job dissatisfaction and you hear a lot of job dissatisfaction from you know all the all the doctors around you and and it’s because you just don’t feel like you have that much autonomy and you feel pigeonholed into into it into a space so I think that’s how a lot of doctors are feeling a lot of them are changing what they do or just choosing to do something else or retiring early that’s just the nature of where we’re at right now but you know I also see the other end of the spectrum because I teach medical students as well and so I can see the young ones coming in and they’re all ready to be molded and become doctors and excited about it and I like doing that aspect of it as well because it helps to keep you centered and remember why you you know why you wanted to do this and why it still makes sense to him to do it exactly and that’s why I was really happy and anticipating our talk today because of one synchronicity there’s a lot of synchronicity in our last podcast so I guess that’s the theme this week and it was a great story about that book your sister Dovie will remember giving you about organic chemistry right and so I loved how those things connect even if you’re aware of it at the moment or if you see it at hindsight 2020 and one thing that I wanted to highlight especially for people listening is that traditionally women or you know I said this before so I won’t get brutalized so women just mature fast always do right I mean that’s a well-known fact but once once the girls mature and they get into you know late middle school high school they don’t seem like they have that initial interest in the sciences and you kind of went through that whole stereotype and continued on what were your motivators just if you could remember back in your formative years I thought I just did well in school and so and I loved reading one of the things that when we went to medical school they asked I’m trying to find out what what may these people come together the how come you guys made the cut because it is competitive to get into medical school and the thing that seemed to be a common bond and gave us all a question yet and they came back to us and told us what the results were is that but most of the people who became doctors had a love of meeting and I thought that that was just an interest in fact I my people who remember me growing up would probably remember that I used to always have my head in the book and I had this one cousin I came over we’d have so much fun over to her house but when I came over she looked around her room and started hiding the book because I said once I started getting into one of those books that would be it everybody nervous much playtime and I’m sure nothing look on show and see books and then she said one day she thought she had gotten me pills and just started walking all the way and she left only the books that she’d go ahead read from the last time I can’t win with you to get to the itch but I don’t scientist what you know if you take the class and you understand the different things and it doesn’t seem difficult to you and but everybody else is seeming difficult to then that that’s the motivation to to continue I do recall that when I went back to college that time with organic chemistry I ran into a few different students and a lot of people were not not even passing that test that class and so I had this one the teacher would call us up to the board and asked different ones to solve this and problems explained it you know to the class and everybody had to do it after a while a lot of people couldn’t do it and so that he had like his few people who he knew he could call on that would probably get the the answer correct and I had a couple of students that were in the class that asked me to tutor them for free so I did two to them and this one girl she got a she waited to the last minute to study which is you know not good for organic chemistry and so I was like well you know you should have been doing all of these and all these problems and so forth and she’s like okay need to cram it into the hole into a weekend teaching her and she took the test she got a C+ and I just thought I had wasted my time just I didn’t make any difference I was so disappointed she was so happy with that C+ just like she was like I won this ant on the right edge of the bell curve and instead of on the other end of the bell curve and this is the first test that I’ve had that I passed and I didn’t hardly study until this weekend like it clean it out so I guess things are all relative it helps me to and I when I teach other people it rings that thing out you know even further me if I can explain it to you then that means that I really understand it like whoosh so whistles in medical school when you when you were going through your matriculation what difference do you see when you are going through it versus with the medical students that you teach today well they have a much easier time than we did they have all these laws in place now that prevent especially residents and interns from overworking you know we would work a 36-hour shift and they they you know he would just be up potentially that whole 36 hours and several years ago they changed that and made it so that they couldn’t do medical education like that anymore so the people who are coming up now they just have easy time easy earth time then you know when I was coming through this medical system I think to get into medical school then it used to be like that your exam well the there are lots of students that are coming from like the Caribbean is all these schools that have where they do the first two years of their medical school education in the Caribbean and then they come over here and they were the last two years and there’s a lot of that and these schools take a lot of medical students and because and there they are pulling students into this system and so if you don’t get into medical school nowadays you just apply you know to it a different school that might be easier to get in and so I said before that path didn’t used to exist so I just think it is just a little easier and also a lot of really good talent a lot of talented people are not going in like before I mean it used to be that if you were really really smart you would really want to become a doctor and now people who are really bright are choosing other fields because of various reasons of being dissatisfied with medicine so people have I think a lot more choice a little bit a little bit of the mystique that surrounds becoming a physician this is reduced and in Seoul and then there’s a lot of alternative ways of becoming a doctor nowadays just real quick for those that don’t know and I would be one of those people with it what exactly is a obstetrician and what exactly is a gynecologist well the obstetrician is the one that does the pregnant women so you take here for pregnant women from their time to be conceived until they deliver and the gynecologist takes care of women so for example you’ll come for you annually to your gynecologist or if there’s a pap smear breast exam and you know we send you for different tests like mammograms that’s just on an annual basis if you have any problems that relate to being female he would also see the gynecologist for that and pregnancy is just carved out and that’s part of the specialty but definitely different so usually once the person delivers they’ll you know continue coming and just for the pap smears and just routine visits and if they develop any gynecological problem then they would become a GYN surgery patient mm-hmm so I see like for example in your title it has MD and in FAC oh gee what does that stand for well the MD of course is medical doctor Fache is fellow of the American College of ob-gyn so become board certified you take after you finish Medical School and residency you take further tests and you can become board certified in your specialty and then after you become board certified you can become a member of the American College of ob-gyn and then you get those initials that you can put on you saying that you’ve finished all of that I would also think that as a OBGYN that is in addition to the expertise that a lot of it is relationship driven I can’t imagine a woman going to five different doctors for something that you could handle all along so how do you different differentiate your services or your competitors version my competitors like it sounds thinking okay I want to go to two OBGYNs I’m going to obviously go to dr. Stewart for these reasons well I try to do two things the first is that I really enjoy people I like meeting them I like discussing things with them I like helping them with small problems that they may have and I’ve really valued the relationships that I have with my patients over time many of them are people who you know I may have even delivered them in some cases and then they continue coming and so as people age especially as women age we go through different different seasons in our in our lives and my my my patients have now become menopausal many of them and so they’re now now I’m interested in menopause because this is who I’m seeing you know in the office in addition to doing the OB the gynecology my and patients have aged along with me and so I have really tried to handle a couple of things well first is that I looked at my practice maybe about maybe 10 years ago and I thought am i doing what I want to do am i where I imagined that should be when I decided to become a doctor and I felt like I wasn’t so then I decided that I was it was up to me to change where I’m at and not just accept what’s available to me so I started with doing two different things the first offering better services and becoming very educated myself on menopause and also on other things that help you to age well and look well and so after I educated myself I then changed my practice the first thing was that I didn’t like my physical surroundings I always imagined that I would be operating at a really really nice office women just state-of-the-art and yeah with that their ceiling was leaking you know it just wasn’t the nicest place so I started with my Decatur office I have two offices one in Decatur and the other one is in Peachtree Corners and I started with the Decatur office and I just kind of envisioned what I wanted my office is to look like and be like and what I wanted to be able to offer people and I just wrote it all down and then I built the office out in Decatur to fit the description I’m what I had in my head I wanted to achieve so I got the hardwood floors in that office the waterfall as you come in the storm the people that I’ve that greet you as soon as you open the door and you know just everything about it my husband and I were at the time you were in our respective practices and we calculated of course and got estimates of how much it was going to cost to build my office out – which could be this fabulous thing and the estimates was so high it was almost heartbreaking to do that so my husband and I formed a construction company even though we’re both doctors we figured it out and we got different people to come and handle you through the hard wood we served as our own won’t be that person that’s like a foreman of this company yeah so we we did that and just gather different craftsmen to come and do it and the result was our decatur office and it was totally nice because the area in Decatur with located they weren’t used to that they weren’t used to being able to – to come to a doctor that that’s in a place that looks like that and so the whole thing was made to where when people sat in the waiting room I just imagined that people would think this is just a nice place to be just in the air about it that was nice so after we completed that and we started off with the Med Spa over there then my office that was also Jimmy Carter I decided I would move that some years later and then I couldn’t find the location that fit me because I wanted to make it convenient for myself and in the area that I live which is Peachtree Corners I wanted to not have to go far to go to the office and I just kind of wanted that convenience I also knew the neighborhood that I lived there pretty well and I do it would be a good market to put the B office in and so it took maybe about three more years before I was able to find the right spot I would always find a spot that didn’t have enough space or somehow not suitable and so finally we saw a spot and then he told me it was you know almost six thousand square feet and I was like oh no how am I going to afford this but after having after having waited so long to find the place and having be told so many places I’m giving this one was two thousand square feet and that wasn’t enough this one was in the nicest part of the subject of the of the area and I need to get to pay my license part of the area and this one was not an investment of a shopping area to there you know you you get that flow of people coming through so he told so many places and then when this one became available perfect except it was larger than what I had vision envisioned and so I just kind of went with it I thought that if God is putting this in front of you he surely would have helped you to find a way a way to to afford to keep it and so we had already gotten some of the skills with respect to how to build out of place and in also part of that was the architecture and trying to figure out which architecture could best kind of put your vision out there and we went through that process again which we were experienced that some of the secatur office moves and then that’s how we ended up with the office that I have now in Peachtree Corners mm-hmm now I love the story when when you kind of relive it it’s just interesting to see how things line up and one thing that you mentioned is you figured it out so you should definitely be commended for you know the growth not only for as you mentioned you had someone in that I come to you for ob/gyn but they’re following you throughout the whole lives I mean that speaks volumes to the service that you provide one thing that I did want to ask is you know they’re you there are some junctures where you made that graduate I think from your from doctor from getting your medical degree and just being happy working but all working for you’re working for someone else what made you made the leap to become an entrepreneur and control your own destiny well that was I was in a group of five doctors and it kind of broke apart and you know you do have some prejudices I guess you could say in this field and so I found myself the two were the people wanted to go in a group together one other person went somewhere else with another group another person went into his own practice and so I was just sort of left with what to do next and I was feeling a little disillusioned about being in the group after that experience and and they didn’t break up for any bad reasons he just decided to you know he was looking for organization and some people just decided not to work for them so when that happens there and I said well you know I have a market of people who here this was in Lawrenceville I have some people in the Gwinnett County area that know me in I have some in the DeKalb County area that knows me and and so I’m just going to hang my shingle out and see what happens I felt that I already had a ready-made patient base too so I was confident that it would be a success because of that oh yeah I was going to other national some of the well that’s one of the hardest parts of about being a ob/gyn doctor well but that’s definitely the hardest part about being an ob/gyn is the sites because babies can come at whatever time in this day they choose to and you just have to get up and go you helpful you know to have a family that understands and helps you to facilitate that it’s helpful to also be a person that can um that I can I don’t have any difficulty falling asleep you know that would be a hard thing to have as a problem if you’re an OBGYN you have to be able to get up suddenly and be at full capacity and you also have to be able to go to sleep when you have the time you know immediately so that early the hardest part is being able to do what you do at whatever time in the morning the baby chooses to come to another difficult thing is is that a lot of a lot of your day is spent going from one emergency to another it’s like nothing happens in slow speed everything is happening fast like the delivery of this person and then surgery to do next and then you know if this always what you’re going from one thing to another it’s not a boring doesn’t get boring real positive I think what about you know some of the most you know fulfilling and rewarding aspects of the job the most rewarding is the relationships that you you have with people and also being able to know for sure that each and every day that you wake up that you’re making a difference in people’s lives and the positive difference you know you don’t have I don’t have the time or no no I can’t feel sorry for myself because I get so much back from the people I mean yet it heal with them at a time in the obese part of it and also in the GYN part of it at a time when they really need somebody in there and if that person could be excited for them could be you know like a partner with them and the most important day of their lives which a lot of people if you get asked them what the most if you look back on your life what are some of the most important time periods and the time when you gave birth is in the case of women in particular would have to be right up there at the top of your list and so you’re with people at a time that it is for them the most important time in their life so it may be for me just another day at work but you have to realize that you are really eating people at their point of need and making a joyous occasion hopefully even more joyous and just kind of joint joining them in that joy so I think that that kind of feeling that you get back from people people are always very thankful very appreciative of what of what you do and I think that that is probably the most rewarding thing about being feeling he said it’s always an emergency it made me think of when you hear a police siren or an ambulance you get out of the way it seemed like we would have something in place like listen doctor through there’s a baby that needs to be delivered if we if I am rushing to delivery from my home and I wasn’t happy to me but most of the time the police would just kind of say okay doc slow downs off and let you go because most of them know that was their lives we’re having babies how are you doing the same thing so dr. Stewart are you familiar with dr. Brian Weiss Brian White no Brian Weiss he’s he’s an author now and he had written a book many years ago called many lives many masters and it’s more of past life stuff and all this which is only the way I bring them up he was a traditional doctor but then he had gotten into some of it he was exposed to different alternative therapies and his awareness expanded and there was a lot of pushback from the traditional community and as an entender right you’re in a group where doctors usually don’t frequent right it seems like there’s two different worlds so what entered what watch you into like the group like an intenders group and how do you incorporate the different awarenesses into your daily business well I think that I was touched a lot by the book that was written the secret I read that book and I felt like I had been doing the things in that book for my life but I just didn’t call them you know I felt like I had been visualizing things and making things happen you know and I thought that that was how I even was able to become a doctor from where I came from and so it really rang a chord with me and I went from there to this meant to some of the people that made up that book and I looked at their work and you know this is the internet now so we’re able to really look things up pretty well and so the people who made contributions they they would have different things that they were doing in the realm of spiritualism and so I started following them and practicing meditation in particular as part of my and just kind of making more deliberate strides and channeling what I was doing there understanding what I was doing as doing that as opposed to just doing it without understanding like this is what you’re needing to do and then that’s when when I read this secret that was about nine ten eleven years ago and that was when I decided that I was going to change my my office mmm back then it was after reading that and then I just kind of really in a concrete way started using meditation and using visualization so then I went to I felt very very intuitive my sister I have two sisters and they are both extremely intuitive and my one sister is so intuitive that she can communicate with people once they have passed she is just able to do lots of things she uses visualization a lot I was just telling her there’s something I wanted to do right now and I’m trying to figure out how to how to get it and and then I said well I just think I should ask you what should I do when she gave me something I should have known to have a suggestion and I’m working it now just to visualize basically the thing that you that you really want and put yourself in that moment and feel like feel the feelings that you would feel if you had those things that you want and my sister said just envisioned a person coming and asking me to be a part of their their group that they’re forming so I’ve been doing that and that’s just recent so I the jury is out on it but I think that I almost feel like I have it already so I think I’m pretty close so all right and also I took a Reiki class also because I wanted to be able to pass some of those modalities and healing modalities on and I’ve been doing that you know Reiki for my for my surgery patient and also I kind of do it as I involved Reiki involves touch and you could do it long distance as well so I started doing those for the patients that really needed it and then when people experience something very hard to deal with like a miscarriage for example I usually will then send them bug and just pray for them and send them Reiki as well so I have also incorporated some of that with how I instruct people because I really feel strongly that people have a very very big say and how well they heal and how well they do and I can’t have all this negative thinking around me and my surgery so I just really encourage people to talk about what it is like if someone’s having surgery for example they’re always very very nervous it is very natural to feel this right before surgery and I let my patients though that that’s normal that they wouldn’t be normal if they just jumping on this operating room table and said come on go go for it without feeling feelings of anxiety and so I just try to get them to when they get those feelings to grab them and throw them out the door replace them and replace them with feelings of what they’re going to accomplish from having had the surgery so let’s say the person has fibroids and heavy bleeding and I’m doing a hysterectomy so then they are scared because it’s a major surgery and then I will just tell them you know just think about what was the reason why you’re here was it because of those five boys yes was it because of that bleeding yes imagine you’re not going to have that problem anymore concentrate on not having that problem and I try to have them go to sleep like that so I usually hold my patients hands when they’re going to sleep and I try to plant the thought at that moment and just sort of tell them well you know you’re not going to have this you’re not gonna have that and you know I give them that vision so to speak as they’re drifting off and I think that that helps them to to have a smooth recovery and even if they do have a small complication which you know that’s happens from time to time but even if they do have a small one I try to get them to see where they’re going so they’re like okay you have this infection and we’re going to have to do all these different things security infections but one day it’s going to be smooth and this is going to look like this and you’re not going to have that burning when you join it you know whatever it is that’s going on so you know I try to move people to the place where they themselves can visualize be a good outcome and I think that that helps to help them to have a good outcome absolutely I’m wondering if you know what you just you just talked about you know the bedside manner we always care about doctors and it’d be really interesting I want to get your take on this so when there are some people that have one child and it could have been that they had a bad experience and they’re like you know I came in scared and it wasn’t it was everything I thought it all my fears were met and I’m not going through this circumstance again versus someone like you and you said that people have been with you their whole lives pretty much their adult lives that they may have multiple children just because they they’re not afraid of that circumstance again have you have you gotten any feedback from past customers about that well I really haven’t gotten any feedback about that but I do know that almost 100% of women after they just had a baby be clear that I am never going to see them again because childbirth is such a you know it’s such a difficult time and involved so much so much effort to bring a child into the world almost all women say that and I just smiled because I know that they’re not going to do that because like I always tell them the reason why they’re going to come back most likely is because they’re taking home the prize when you take home the prize the journey becomes minimal when you’ve finished with it have you it so for as long as you’ve been been a doctor have you delivered a child whose mother you delivered yes I’ve had that experience I’m having it more and more lately of course because while I’ve been in the business for a while now but I was at a delivery and I had a patient this was probably about a year ago and the patient had mentioned to her doctors for her to a mother her doctors names and they used my patients are usually seeing a midwife in the office and so she gave the midwives name so when the patient came when I came in and I introduced myself to the family members the mother told me your doctor will next do you know that 17 years ago you delivered my daughter that is pregnant now and it was funny because the daughter who we had been taking care of didn’t know either she would work – she just chose an OBGYN that was in the neighborhood that she lives in and the mother never came with her forehead with it and so she had no way of knowing and it wasn’t until she was actually delivering that we figured out that that was that that was special and I’ve had maybe about ten now that I delivered them and then they came in later I’ve also had the experience patient came into the office and saw I have these boards in certain places in the office that has baby pictures on it and I had them up on the wall and some of them off in some of the rooms and this patient came in and she said that’s me she’s like 17 18 now and she recognized her mother and and being an herself as a newborn in the picture so I can imagine and even though she said Oh 17 years ago you know you delivered the you know my daughter for me but you’ve probably had you know who knows how many delivery is from that point and that 17 years so well that’s something that you remember or you just they just tell you something like this and you just okay after I sometimes after I finish the delivery if I already forgotten it I mean it’s just on to the next thing unless unless a person is coming to see me frequently if they you know cease to be my patient or they don’t go to the doctor anymore I won’t remember that delivery but there’s some deliveries because the mother comes off a lot of the people who cool-cool stay patients they bring like the pictures of the little one as it’s going up and kind of like being here they talk to me about the little issues that they’re having sometimes with their spouse sometimes with you know the raising of the child and some of them bring the child to the office so that they could see you know who delivered them and the children are always always so sheepish when they come in they’re like I don’t know how to take this but the mother wants them to be proud I think that that’s what the mother wants wants me to be proud oh absolutely and it seems like it the relationship is a lot stronger because the mother is coming along and you know they’re reinforcing how how great the experience was working with their that’s true so we’re almost out of time but I wanted to I know on your site you had some December specials coming up and what have you so I’d like for you to talk about your site your locations information and your special at this time if you want okay well I have branched into the aesthetics and we are doing liposuction for body contouring and we do a excellent job of that and we are making little tiny incisions that people can barely see and changing you know the potbelly that may have developed over time and different aspects of the person’s physique and we have a special now for liposuction where we can do one area at 50 percent after you do a second area 50 percent after you do the first area and we also are having a special with micro needling micro needling is a procedure that’s done on the space to tighten the skin of the face and it’s done usually in a series when you come once a month and then we also do a radiofrequency tightening where we have this machine and it produces a warmth and it tightens the skin of the face or whatever area of the body were targeting usually it’s the face so we are offering those at 50% off this month the micro needling and the thermi tight procedures and we are also offering a special an hour of vaginal tightening procedure so we have a procedure where we can tighten the vaginal area which makes it look and feel more youthful it does a couple of things it can help with incontinence where you lose a little bit of urine it helps with sexual response it helps you to be able to reach orgasm faster yes and more neural neurons are made to make that happen so that procedure is called vaginal rejuvenation we are running a special on those procedures as well so well that it’s a series of three and we do two and give you the third three and so so those are our specials that we’re doing right now what’s that what’s your site and number so people can reach out to you directly Oh female health and med spa is the is the website and the telephone number is seven seven zero six three eight eight four four six and those specials they are honored at both locations yes okay all right and I want to thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule I know you’re super busy with your emergencies and delivering babies and so on and so forth but I think you also helped bridge the gap of what what I personally see as far as two different camps like there’s a traditional medical camp and then you have an alternative camp and you’ve highlighted over the past hour how they can actually work together and especially having someone with your your traditional background and incorporating some of these alternative therapies I think the clients benefit whole heart I mean they benefit the most out of everything that you can offer yeah I think so too I’m very happy to be able to offer it to people I feel like like I said it’s important to me that I make a difference in people’s lives and I feel like all of these different tools helped me to be able to make that difference that I want to make one that’s what you have any other questions David yeah I have one final question cane got to come here facial we’re just a living guys can come to you also good man – yeah going on bioidentical hormones that we’re doing one of the funny things is that women come in and we correct their hormones and then then they start staying but yeah now I’m fine but you need to work on him because like one woman said oh you got me all revved up so maybe a wrapped up in him yeah that is hilarious it seems like the special that you have going on is great for people preparing for the Year’s Eve festivities well we’ve just been going through another great podcast I definitely again thank dr. o in that store we call her our spiritual OBGYN this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I am David and thanks again for making our podcast today dr. Stewart we really appreciated it you’re welcome thank you for having me yeah okay thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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