Peggy Sealfon – Ep 36 – Author of Escape From Anxiety (Interview)

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good evening good afternoon everybody in podcast Lane land this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective I am hamza and i am david and today we are going to talk about escape from anxiety there seems to be a lot of anxiety that exists especially since we are in the middle of holiday season and we have an expert that can help us escape from any added pressure that you may be adding on to yourself in that regard or any other regard that we will cover in this hour I’d like to introduce Peggy Ceylon welcome to the call Peggy thank you so much David and Hamza it’s a pleasure to be here with both of you thank you for having me absolutely we were both laughing at the beginning before offline because it your computer crashed and might I actually tried to update my sites from HTTP to HTTPS and obviously did something wrong so my sites are down and I’m like to talk to an expert it is funny and I lost my access to how I was supposed to actually contact you for this interview so it was some lots about being patience and waiting for the information to arrive and fortunately you called and I was able to log into our connection here so I really am delighted to be here and yes it’s been a bit nerve-wracking but that’s what life is about so it’s really learning how to dismantle those terribly crippling reactions looking at things differently yes one thing that I do like before kind jumping in is what we’re in the middle of anxiety it’s always interesting at the end of especially in Hollywood I have a twin sister her husband is germán and they live overseas and he always remarks about American movies he’s always like you guys always have happy endings it always worked out and I’m like I don’t want to see you guys movies that must be very good present and remember us it always looked like it always works out so I always have to remember even if I’m in the middle of some type of anxiety or stress that it ultimately works out absolutely and that’s one of the keys and the other is to actually be aware when you’re going through it and I always step back and literally think to myself what am I supposed to learn from this experience and one of the things with my computer is I’ve been really lacks about backing it up and so anybody out there be sure to back up to your computers because you can lose a lot of information if you don’t but it’s but it’s really you know being accountable and really being in the present and looking at the picture in the moment rather than worrying about well what am I going to do how is this going to work out what you know how is this going to reflect on me or any of the kinds of challenges that come up as we go through these somewhat crises it’s really more about just being in the moment and looking at it full-on taking on the anxiety feeling it but not getting stuck in it really being able to move through it so that you can access the solutions and they’re always our solutions so are you saying that my sites are down and it’s not because of a past life decision that I made you know it all contributes I do really believe that life is our biofeedback machine and we are thrown experiences so that we access places within ourselves that need balancing so there may be some inner turmoil that can be activated by having your site crash or in my case having my computer crash and so there’s something I need to work on to smooth that out so that I can I can grow and I can be more productive and I love your concept of the happy endings of movies because one of my philosophies is that happiness is truly a choice so you can choose to be happy even in the moment that your website is crashing you can still be happy about all the things that are going on in your life and that you have a website that a business that you’re working on and that you’re evolving and developing and this is just one of those irritations along the way that you’ll address and resolve and it’s okay yeah so we jumped right into the deep end [Laughter] well you obviously have some experience in helping people go through anxiety and stress and what have you but if you kind of give us a snapshot of what brought you to I guess today’s scenario what were you doing beforehand and what led you to this point great question how long do we have how much time would you like me to chat about this I started actually way back in New York City and I was a journalist and it was very stressful I was constantly going through these highs and lows and challenges and I’d be overwhelmed and then I’d be excited and creative and productive again and then I’d crash and burn again so I began studying ways that I could manage my own ups and downs because I was getting a lot of illnesses I was having accidents things were just constantly putting me in this sort of negative path and I really wanted to change it so I actually stayed in this other career for quite a long time but as I began training in both Western traditions and Eastern traditions I began putting it together in this integrated life coaching system that I’ve created and its ways of taking all of these different traditions that I’ve learned and been certified in and be able to apply it to individual needs so no matter what someone might be going through there’s a series or a compilation of techniques that they can begin to learn and use that will resonate with them and that will work with them so when I started finding solutions for myself I started realizing this could help a lot of other people so I also certified as a life coach and now I help people literally all over the world and many that I do online by a Skype and then there are people in the area that I work in and live in and so I do see people in person as well and I do a lot of speaking to a lot of groups of people organizations corporate groups to help them move through this anxiety non productivity the stress and be able to change that and live life more fulfilling Lee so that’s the nutshell what is your been usually made a switch so I’m just thinking of elementary school when you’re in elementary school and they ask what do you want to be when you grow up you may have a thousand things you want to be right then when you graduate from high school it may shrink down the lake five and then when you graduate from college and maybe that one thing what enabled you and your mind to like you published thought you were going to be a journalist until you retired what made you make the switch and what was the feedback from your peers honestly the the switch was really challenging as I morphed through journalism I actually started an advertising agency so that was really helping lots of different businesses be able to get their messages out more fully and I really enjoyed doing that but again as I started learning all of these different techniques and realizing how much I was being changed I really felt it imperative that I share this these experiences these techniques with other people who are suffering and struggling and in pain and when I did make that switch I have to tell you it was challenging I tell people I have a PhD in reinventing myself because it was really challenging when people would ask what I was doing these days who knew I had been in advertising and I would say well I’m a life coach and I help people overcome anxiety and stress and they’d look at me like what what are you doing and it was just such a leap for them because they knew me in a different costume and now I had changed my costume which to me is what life is about it’s really about growing and Shane and finding all the different parts of yourself so it did take a lot of effort however I was so committed to the purpose and to my purpose because it really is my mission statement to help others and it is so gratifying to be able to do that and honestly in the process it constantly helps me I’m always growing as I work with different clients with different challenges so it’s very exciting fulfilling it’s an adventure for me and I know it makes a difference and I know because I get feedback from people from all over the world who I’ve touched either through my books or directly through my coaching so it’s it’s amazing and I’m sure you experienced that kind of feedback just from doing your show which reaches so many people yeah absolutely it’s interesting that I was thinking how life is not linear at all you think okay this is my linear line of what I plan to do is in life that there’s all the different curve ball so I wanted to act a two-part question with your journalism background because in this environment even before the election there were divorces in relationships severing based off of the what was happening in the news and were you on one line versus another and you know a lot of people did reinvent themselves or in the process of reinventing themselves just due to fake news or what do they see them their lives going today I just want to get your feedback on the current journalistic environment that is such a powerful question and filled with so many different kinds of answers I mean what we are seeing I really again believe are the emotional components of who we are as human beings and we’re getting triggered by all of this news media and all of the different fractions and sadly as human beings we tend to get attached and we tend to fall into belief systems that may not be true and hold on to them with such tenacious attachment that it creates a lot of stress and tension and a lot of conflicts and I have this in my own life my life partner is completely at the opposite end of the political spectrum for where I am and it’s very challenging when there are such discrepancies of thought processes and yet again I believe that each of these experiences are really teaching us and they’re teaching us if we’re willing to learn on how to evolve and how to grow and how to make better choices that really fuel our inner humanity and our divine cells and so it takes a lot of attention and vigilance to sort of entertain for yourself what’s really important and a lot of times it’s almost best to just step out of the picture entirely so that you can see it more objectively and in time it is all going to be resolved and so it’s having faith and trust in that process that make sense to know I think you have a really good perspective and being objective about it and so I get the second part that you know that question would be you work with a lot of corporations so how do you how do you get everyone to play nicely in the cubicles or sandbox so that they can I stay there for work but you know they like you said they’re triggered by what’s happening externally that’s another really terrific question and and I really feel that we are in the process of changing our work paradigm in the past it’s always been work at the expense of everything and anything else you worked a zillion hours to succeed to have a better life but in the process you killed yourself and I believe we’re seeing some major changes in the workplace happily where we’re being treated more as human beings and there’s more of a work-life balance and we’re being able to to really understand some of our human vulnerabilities and address them by providing skills in the corporate environment that help us be healthier more productive be able to get along with associates better it used to be competition fighting one another stabbing one another in the back just to get ahead and step up on the shoulders and you know your associate and I believe and I’m hopeful that we are morphing into more collaboration cooperation and really being able to build together because we are all in this together so it’s really not about competition when you talk about competition it means you’re fighting for some scares today and when you step back and really understand we have abundance and when you look at the bigger picture and really understand and embrace that it changes your thinking it changes your approach and it allows us to work together more harmoniously and more peacefully and that’s how we really get ahead is being able to work together and right now we have a lot of fractioning and so it’s important to develop skills I do a lot of corporate training and what I often teach groups are basic skills on how to really tap into their own personal greatness so that they can be in their power center have confidence and be able to interact with others and as you say get along nicely and really be able to work together and it makes a difference it really does when you approach things from a completely different perspective and it is a little bit of a culture change well thank you young way of the famous movie or cult classic office space have you ever seen that movie I haven’t oh it’s alright it’s what you see it’ll probably you can you know get your laugh on since your computers down so the problem is great you get some three times when you talk about that work-life balance but I thought about the movie because you know that everybody kind of goes into the room you know a conference room and you have to watch this 1980s era human resource video you wanted a job so I was just wondering obviously there’s a difference today in 2040 what’s it like when you work with with different companies in different groups sometimes it can be very challenging because there’s a resistance to change and I get a lot of reactions what we’ve always done it this way try this other way and just experiment with it and see how it works for you it’s it really about being open to trying things that in my estimation actually makes things easier why do we struggle and have to work so hard when we could work more efficiently more creatively more joyfully and be able to actually produce more to me that’s the ultimate and there’s no reason why we can’t do that and that’s really what I work with people to help them experience for themselves and then help them apply to their lives and their work so that they can continue and sustain that way of being it it seems to me a no-brainer it creates an effortlessness you mentioned the word trigger earlier and I kind of so identify with that that word but in your working soil what are some of the things that you have found that get trigger people the most in what in work relationships I mean there’s so many things yeah kind of a general word could be work yeah I was wrong to start would work well so the bottom line to triggers is truly that what is happening is something within yourself is in reaction mode to something external and oftentimes these triggers are formed and childhood so your parents said something like oh you’ll just never amount to anything if you don’t do your homework and you don’t do your homework for two nights and so your message internally as a eight year old is that you’re never going to amount to anything so now as an adult you get criticized in your workplace for something that you didn’t do exactly the way your superior had once done and you default into this anger mode because it’s this old deep-seated message that’s been whirling around in your brain for your lifetime that oh here here I just failed again my parents were right I’ll never meant to anything often though those energetic impulses of thoughts aren’t conscious they’re really unconscious or in the subconscious and they just create these reactive tendencies so very often they’ll be in our lives an associate let’s say at work or at home it may be a significant other or spouse who really knows our buttons who knows what triggers us and again they may not consciously do this but they become our biggest button pushers and trigger us again and again and again and again and so oftentimes we develop this sort of love-hate relationship with that person and we hate that they make us mad that they make us feel insecure that they make us not be all that we can be and so we want to get rid of the button pusher and instead of getting rid of the button pusher the more evolutionary solution is to get rid of the buttons change those reactions and there’s lots of different ways to learn how to do that that make sense – yeah it makes total sense did when you reading here you started working with master guru Dave yes mm-hmm was it once you started working with him that you kind of saw the direction that you were going to go or had it already started before you you met him it actually started from me when I was a teenager I had a sense of understanding of people’s sufferings and a compassionate empathetic level that began really early I didn’t realize that it was something that you know everyone didn’t have my biggest aha though as an adult came when I was working with yogi Amrit Desai and he reconnected me to a place within myself that I knew as a teenager but then had lost touch with and many of his integrated our method techniques are the ones that I’ve now assimilated into my programs because they are so profoundly effective Wow so you probably never thought you would be at one point of check doing yoga or anything like that huh you know I studied yoga when I was a journalist in New York I lived in Greenwich Village and I studied at the interval yoga Institute and it was a stress reliever for me and I enjoyed it but I never really pursued yoga and the yoga that I now teach at Yoga Yoga Nidra and also a quantum breath meditation really goes beyond the sort of trendy yoga that we see all over the country and it takes you to a deeper level of understanding and actually I have a book that I just released this year that’s a compilation of the teachings of yoga emerges I and it’s called embodying the power of the zero stress zone and it really teaches you how to access that zone consciously and sustainably and that was what I found the most life-changing of the work I was doing with him and it took me ten years to do this book and actually I’m very excited because in the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to release it as an audio book I just finished the recording and it’s just being produced so they’re excited about that I’m super excited about that because I’m a huge power audiobooks listener and I listen to every it’s really hard for me to listen to anything that’s mountain 2x and so yes please keep us posted because I would love to get the audio version of it absolutely absolutely and actually one of the quotes from it I just happened to have it in front of me that sort of relates to the button pusher that we were talking about is all experiences that all experiences that appear to be coming from the outer world are just a reflection of the conflicts within you that you have not yet resolved so that kind of sums up what we were just talking about a moment ago I did not ask you about that button part because there is a saying like oh I want to get rid of that button and if it’s a relationship and maybe at that person but and I put in my personal experience I was told I was dead and this was years ago but I was told I was dating the same girl and I’m like what are you talking about it I can namely three different girls I’ve been dating they’re like no you’re dating a scene like this energetically dealing with so if you can kind of go a little bit into the body in the power of the zero Tristana a breaking pattern what’s your step and that’s really the key is first being aware of the pattern so when you see that you’re dating the same type of woman over and over and over again and that it’s not working for you then it’s coming into that place of awareness that makes you realize okay I need to do something different and so that’s when you can begin to interrupt those patterns and it may be a pattern again of insecurity at work where you’re constantly being criticized and so you’re constantly feeling this insecurity and it’s actually impacting your ability to perform well so by eliminating that that trigger again and that being able to really interrupt that behavior that’s how you can begin to change it and so we’re seeing to take this into science a little bit in the neurosciences the expression is neurons that fire together wire together so what happens when we have these patterns is that they literally become habits that we default to in our brains the brain function just is constantly defaulting to those insecurities or to those whatever those patterns might be and we’re doomed to repeat them again and again it’s like the old fashion records if you’ve ever seen an old fashion record with a needle that goes round and round in a groove and the groove gets deeper and deeper and deeper the more you keep repeating it so when you can stop that pattern and interrupt it when you can become present in the moment and really recognize what’s happening and change your reaction to response instead of this triggered reaction that’s when you really begin to evolve and that’s when you really learn that lesson to accept what is without judgment and that’s when you’re really liberated to enter into that zero stress zone and enter into really a more effortless life and the zone is something we all experience at most people experience experience it accidentally they kind of get into the zone when they do something that they really love doing and they get lost in it right and I’m sure you’ve all both experienced it where you know okay I’m going to spend a half hour doing this and then I have other things I need to do and suddenly you look at your watch and oh my gosh what it is five hours go euro is that possible and where were you yeah right you know that place yeah and it is an ecstatic place to be it feels really good it’s a place of joy it’s a place of ease but most people don’t know how to get there and that’s that’s the interesting part we get there just maybe once in a blue moon I actually I play competitive tennis and so I teach a lot in my tennis circles my tennis groups actually I just did a lecture at the World Conference the United States professional Tennis Association and so these coaches from all over the world were really interested well how do I get my players to get into the zone intentionally and you can you can that’s the amazing thing that you can once you understand the secrets and realize that it is accessible now accessing it would that contribute or is that attributed to the quantum breath meditation or that one of the ways that would ensure getting into the zone absolutely the quantum breath meditation is a terrific way to access that integrated state of being and that state of being is being able to be in the present without judgments without thoughts of good or bad it’s allowing yourself to just be so it’s the integration of mind and body in a way that first of all really is helpful to the whole body it really allows the vital life force energy to flow more productively through your whole body it opens all the channels and meridians and it also allows you to have increased and expanded brain function so when you’re in that state of being you can actually see solutions where before you may have just seen only problems and so it shift you and that’s why it’s called quantum breath because it’s a kind of a quantum leap into this place of a higher level of existence and it’s a way of really connecting to your divine potential now what does it inhale or what’s the difference between the quantum breath meditation versus all the other types of meditation either guided or assisted in other ways all of them work they’re all beneficial so I’m not at all saying don’t do this or that even just taking a deep breath in and letting go with a sigh is beneficial to signal the nervous system to calm down and that’s what we want to achieve more than anything is getting the nervous system the stress response quieted enough that we can function more optimally mind and body so the quantum breath meditation what really sets it apart is it relies on some of the ancient yogic traditions that Gurudev oh we decide has brought to us that is a third eye integration so the third eye is in the middle of the brow center in the middle of your forehead it’s actually the the pineal gland so it’s about an inch behind that point in the middle of the head and the pineal gland literally looks like an eye if you were to look at it but it isn’t attached to an optic nerve so it actually connects you to that higher source to God divine the cosmic energies however you want to think about it and so it’s that third eye integration that takes you more quickly and more effectively into another dimension that’s so beneficial Wow is that something that’s done daily weekly monthly or you never get out of it daily you really want to do it daily with any of these techniques with any of the breathing techniques you might learn it is something you want to do daily our lives are so chaotic and we are so bombarded by so many distractions websites crashing computers crashing every day irritations that occur standing on a grocery line and you’re in the 10-item or let’s checkout and the person in front of you has 22 items every moment of every day we are in reaction so by interrupting during the day any time during the day multiple times a day with just doing a calming breathing experience is really beneficial and actually again going back to the neurosciences and looking at the more of the recent evolutions that are recommended every 90 minutes it’s a good idea to interrupt whatever you’re doing and just take a breath just stretch your arms up just walk around your office or your chair or wherever you are just take a break every 90 minutes and by doing that you interrupt these depleting patterns that we just get into in the lifestyles that we live that really drain our energies and this allows us to recover and to perform better yeah I completely agree I think I realize that they said that where once that shit every day at least sixty to sixteen hundred different solicitations for our attention just throughout your day we’re just like wow you know completely bombarded with you know all these different things that get our sense reason and and what not can you talk a little bit about neuro linguistic programming what exactly is that it’s actually way of training mind and body through the power of words and creating kind of a simple way to explain it would be to create positive statements that you there are a lot of different components in there a little bit linguistic programming but to just simplify it it’s really productive to develop a positive statement that you recite that allows you to feel that positivity in that moment so for instance I worked with a young man who was severely depressed and when people would ask him so how are you today you’d say oh I feel awful I’m just so depressed my life is terrible nothing is going my way I don’t can’t get into a relationship it’s awful and so I worked with him and I said you know just for today I just want you to try this but today when someone asks you how are you just say I’m great and his reaction was wait you want me to lie about it I said oh no I want you just to say those words and in that moment that you say them you are going to feel that and you’re literally going to be talking to yourself in that moment and your cells for that millisecond of time will feel great and he thought it was ridiculous and he tried it and about two weeks later I happened to be with him when his father called and I could hear just his into the conversation and he kept saying I’m just great everything is going wonderfully and this is happening and that’s happening and the next thing I heard he handed me the phone and said my father wants to talk to you and I got on the phone and he said what did you do to my son he was so totally changed so that’s a kind of quick example of how NLP can work interesting so with NLP is that more so a combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy or is it or you on one side or the other it’s a combination of a lot of things because some of the techniques use visualizations and it is just again using the neurosciences the neurolinguistics to influence changes physiologically in the body and that’s what it does we literally are commanding our cells to behave differently and by doing that we impact my body our whole selves and we change and it it again it takes practice just like the breathing it’s not something you can just do once and say okay I got it I’m good it’s something that you really have to practice somewhat vigilantly it’s sort of like when someone says I really want to get fit you know New Year’s is around the corner so they make these New Year’s resolutions I’m going to the gym and I’m going to have this gym membership well do you just go one and walk away and say I’m fit I’m good it’s something that early as human beings have to do regularly and so that’s part of this understanding and prioritizing techniques and ways that you can assimilate into your life that are going to be better for you it’s going to make you really enter into your greatness rather than having you in this place of struggle or suffering now I’m a little bit confused because I meditated once in 1993 it mean it’s not helping me today I love it it probably did help you that’s great I think I’m a little blessed in that I know a lot of the alto women and they are hyper type ami and I have a question about we kind of feel like there’s a chasm and and it just may be my perspective but I see it from an economic standpoint that if you’re a c-level exact you know a director or something like that or an Ulta things like that you’re more so open to this and you may be in a work environment where there is an allowance to explore some of this type of thing whereas if you’re in a entry-level job or you know you’re working three jobs I don’t think that they have that environment that is supportive to look at any of these things do you see anything differently in your I do I do first of all I think that we are seeing these opportunities more available in the business workplace I think meditation you look at some of the most outrageously successful CEOs of our time and they all meditate and many of them have incorporated meditation rooms in their companies to make this more accessible to their employees but I understand your point you’re working three jobs you’re not in a in a company that has that facility it doesn’t matter it’s what you choose it really doesn’t matter what anyone else around you is doing it’s what you choose to do that will make a difference in how you perform in your life where you get to a point where you don’t have to have three jobs because you’re functioning so much better and things are coming together so much better so even just taking as we mentioned a little bit ago every 90 minutes taking a two minute break and going to the restroom and just do some deep breathing or some stretching it’s accessible it’s just most people say I’m too busy I can’t do that it’s not supported in my company sorry but it’s up to you it’s a you being accountable and you deciding for yourself what are you going to do for yourself today that is really going to help you feel better and when you feel better guess what you work better you interact better with your family with your loved ones you’re so much more joyful about life in fact when I first started doing this work I did not realize how much I was changing until some of my friends said what are you doing you’re so much , because I was a type Triple A personality remember I’m from New York City and I used to ride a motorcycle around New York City so let me tell you I was I was out there so so I know that if I can do it anyone can do it and it’s really bad choices hmm okay so it’s just that can you talk a little bit about SEO you mentioned the Donna Eaton’s the energy medicine what exactly was is that so this takes us into a whole other topic again all these techniques are really effective and any one of them can work and in combination they work terrifically I’m a big advocate of understanding energy medicine and the fact that we really are energy our thoughts and little bubbles of energy our bodies are in an energetic cosmic environment and so we have all these energetic influences on us electromagnetic frequencies again irritations from things people say to us or do they cut us off in traffic all of those are little energy impulses that our bodies in this cosmic energy field area is reacting to and so what done edan has done which I really love her work if she has put some movements together exercises basically that allow you to come more into energetic balance in your body so there are certain areas of your body that might be more out of balance than another and by doing some of these special movements you can bring your body into harmony and therefore bring your brain to higher functioning and really be able to perform better and feel better and that’s really the key but her work is really wonderful and and simply you can actually go to youtube and just googled Donna Eden and you can watch some of her videos mmm washin off free time I’m a big for polar head for technology I love it to death I can’t imagine life without it so I wanted to get your opinion on wearables and where do you feel like going because it’s really exciting where you know there’s technology where you may take certain prescriptions and with new upcoming wearables that dosage may change daily like you can have wearables that will tell you you don’t need to take what you were taking yesterday like it adjusts to your your own body and so it’s just wondering if you’re seeing or have there been any entertaining the thoughts of wearables for tracking energy that’s a great idea we have so many wearable wearables that already do what you just outlined that really monitor levels like insulin levels things like that and we also have wearables that I really love that track our movement so you get to know how many steps you’ve done in a day and as we know sitting is the new smoking it’s so bad for you to be inactive and couch potato II so movement is really key and I love the wearables for the fact that the one I use actually reminds me every hour it’ll tell me time to get moving and even if I just stand up and do a jumping jack or do a stretch that’s enough to just activate the energetic flow in my body and allow me to function better I also happen to use a standing desk which I love so I recommend learn as well yeah I love the standing desk it’s amazing you didn’t um almost a year now really what a difference I’m telling you I am so much more productive during my day and you would think you would get tired standing but why don’t and now I do use I do have a mat that I stand on that’s fatigue map I love it though I really find and I do a lot of my interview standing I do a lot of my coaching when I when I do online Skype sessions with clients I’m often standing and I just find I have so much more to give when I’m standing when I’m sitting it kind of breaks up my energy and stops the flow so I love the standing desks but getting back to your wearables I think they’re terrific and I think we’re getting more and more sophisticated with them I love the fact too that that with some of the wearables you can share your progress with others and so people kind of like having that comparison thing going on because it helps motivate them and even though I don’t like so much the competition per se I do like the fact that inspires people and it gets people more motivated so I think they’re fabulous and I think we’re seeing more and more of that and I have examined Hecky from way back to because I love technology I do I love technology even though my computer crashed but but what I what I don’t love is when we just get caught up in devices for the sake of the devices I love when it really helps us do what we do better and helps really support us and that’s why I think the wearables are terrific because I know for myself I get caught up in work sometimes I don’t realize an hour and a half has gone by and and there’s my little wearable watch telling me okay you’ve been sitting too long or you’ve been still too long time to get active so I love it yeah I’m one of your questions is mindfulness to lower health care cost and just in some of my reading I noticed that some companies were taking the initiative to to give incentives for employees that they wore to wear wearables you know at the end of the year they would get a bonus or something if they were tracking their steps um what have you and they found that bad overall healthier workforce is that absolutely I’ve seen it with a lot of programs there’s a lot of more corporate programs that are coming online that do that they’ve also been used with weight loss results that have been astounding and again sharing all of that and being involved with fellow staff members it creates better bonding and more of our understanding of one another in a way that’s real it’s not just work because again we’re more than what we do it’s really about who we are and how we show up in the world and I think all of these programs really help us be better and speak more to our humanists because that we we are beings that need our tribes and we function better when we are in groups so I think some people had some resistance to it initially because they didn’t want to be tracked they didn’t want to purr and I understand that – I understand that sort of non-disclosure aspect but ultimately we we all need to work together and we need to support one another and not belittle someone because well you didn’t walk enough steps this week but rather be encouraging it hey why don’t you come for a walk with me this morning because I saw you didn’t make the goals last week or whatever and I think in that way we we become more collaborative and we really support each other and my feeling is and the way I look at even my coaching when I help someone else that helps me because they’re now functioning better in the world and there’s a ripple effect that reaches me energetically in some way and it makes my life better so the more I can lift up my neighbor the more I’m lifted up yeah it was a two-part question or before I forget let me give you this tip I don’t know if you know about it or not do you know about the I it’s a software called the I know okay so it’s only like three kilobytes or whatever right so what you do is you put it on your on your computer and every 20 minutes or whatever time you set the timing for is a credible dark in 20 minutes and it’s a reminder to stop your eye strain behind you oh that is great you know that particularly good for kids because kids are spending so much time in front of the computer and not only is it beginning to affect brain development but eyesight is definitely being impacted that is a great solution I love it and it’s hurry up sorry oh yeah definitely check it out I will thank you oh no no don’t worry my other part of the question with the wearables right so for your coaching I’m just thinking from a wearable standpoint you know oh I’m so done Louis January right but like in May I’m not as gung-ho as I was at the beginning of the year so if you can give some other suggestions I know you said more of a collaboration that’d be great but the second part of the question is people may love seeing you Peggy for the first time is that more of a ongoing thing where you see people and individuals and companies quarterly haffley every half a year every six months or yearly how does it work working with you I do have different programs I have some what I call maintenance programs which are more ongoing what I often do especially with new clients is get them to commit to a minimum of a month because it takes 21 to 90 days to create new habits and I really my goal is to empower the individual so they can sustain this on their own and I’m always available if they need more support so I have some clients for instance who did a three-month program and then what they’ve done now is they buy what I call laser sessions so these are 10 to 15-minute phone sessions that just kind of in real-time allow us to address any challenges issues things that aren’t working and come up with kind of a quick solution just to keep on course to keep on your path so I have clients who will buy a 10 pack for instance of these and there good for up to six months so they might sprinkle them whenever they need them so I don’t want to abandon my clients I want to be there to support them but I also don’t want them to be addicted to me and to feel that they can’t do this without my support I really want them to be able to be enabled to sustain their own level of progress and to really develop and work on that and that’s my intention when I work with anyone is to really help them find their path that works for them that they can continue and then I’m always available in the background if they need more support and I do have a monthly newsletter that I put out and I have lots of different blogs that I do so I’m always making more information available that helps all of my clients all over the world just sort of stay in touch with maybe some newer innovations or like this wonderful I app you just told me about once I research that that may be one of my promotions out there to just make available so there’s lots of different approaches the first step is starting with creating your integrated life plan and developing what’s going to help you stay more in balance and not just my body but also the balance of your health your work your life purpose your relationships your finances your spirituality all of these different aspects need to blend together in a balanced way and there’s always one part that’s a little more out of balance than another so it’s learning ways to keep bringing them back into balance and keep it flowing in a way that makes you feel good allows you to live your life well joy you’re a dog you do it that was actually my next question because I love dogs and I was wondering what your take on of pets people that have cuts it seems like it lowers it or notion stress levels and sometimes there’s a thing that the pet may actually take on the stress of its owner so I wanted to know if you if you have any new data to support that I don’t know about taking on the stress of its owner although that I’m sure they perceive it I do feel pets are really beneficial they teach us so many things in particular and most majorly they teach us unconditional love you can leave your house 27 times when you have a dog and 27 times when you come back that dog greets you with its tail wagging and so happy to see you and that’s what we each need to learn how to be better at doing because giving unconditional love is really the key to connecting even more powerfully to our divinity so I think pets are great and especially for seniors having a dog forces senior citizens to be more mobile they have to get out and walk that dog and that really is effective and I do think dogs can feel our moods I don’t know that they take them on though I think they are more more able to again teach us that unconditional love but also teach us how to really be present they’re not thinking about what just happened before or or that you might be leaving next week to go somewhere they’re not thinking about any of those things they’re just in the moment are you giving them love are you feeding them are you walking them their basic needs and instincts and sometimes we need to drill back down to our basics and remember what are our basics because we lose track of them and we start doing things that are really harmful to ourselves and we need to change that oh go ahead what kind of dog do you have chocolate laughs ah that was one of my favorites I had a chocolate lab he they are wonderful dogs I love retrievers he’s the best he’s wrong I’m sure every dog on does that her dog but I did know that he was around my my well my fights crashed and everything felt better when I just petted him you know absolutely absolutely could care less that it crashed right he was just there to take me out throw the ball that’s the other really important point that I really want to make especially about dogs is they help us remember that life is play and when we play with our dogs we get to joy out of that well we need to play in our lives more we seem to lose that as children when we come into adulthood we forget how to play and that was really one of the most important things we can retain at all times be able to really play even play with the website crashing it’s theirs it’s an adventure and it’s happened it is what is so let’s play with the solution let’s see what we learn from it let’s see who it takes us to to help us or what we learn you actually may be uncommon of David now I’m going to say that expression come as a child oh yeah in a baby of what a rephrase the question because I was going to ask you about the you know I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to change a habit but you said 21 to 90 and I was wondering initially I was wondering okay what are the steps like what do you find as far as a median between that 21 to 90 days and then when you mentioned the pet and being more in the playful spirit it was kind of like I don’t even want to ask her that question anymore that’s funny yeah see it just had an immediate impact on you just feeling it because you were visualizing and feeling what that feels like to play and that’s such a great feeling and we need to give ourselves permission to do that because as adults we tend to take life too seriously and we forget that we’re allowed to play that’s part of our tap into that child within let let her out in football where we are at the top of the hour so but I’d be remiss if I didn’t allow you to leave talk about your book again and the sites where people can find out more information about you thank you so my major books right now are escaped from anxiety supercharge your life of powerful strategies from A to Z and it’s on Amazon it’s on Barnes & Noble or you can go to stone water studio books calm and the other book with yogi Amrit Desai is embodying the power of the zero stress zone and that’s also at Stillwater studio calm and if any of your listeners would like a free audio that can help them with this I call them interrupters during these days of chaos and holidays and stress and anxiety they can go to a special place on my website at three minutes to de-stress calm and you can download that audio and I recommend use it every morning before you even get up and start your day and it’ll help you just start out in a commerce state of mind and when you’re calmer you can do more so it can really make a difference is that incorporating that quantum breath meditation not entirely that’s a little bit more it takes a little bit longer this is a basic breathing technique and just energetically moving the body to really let go of tracked energies and begin to activate a flow in the body and then it has a really powerful breathing technique that’s part of the three-minute to de-stress calm and I have a lot of other free tools on my website at Peggy steel thong comm so if they just go to the homepage there is I have a meditation right on the home page they can access and there’s lots of other free tools and actually I haven’t even posted it yet but I am about to start a streaming online yoga nidra class so it’s one of the methods of getting into the zero stress zone and it’s going to be available at so that it’s already listed but I’ll provide the direct link from my website I just I haven’t gotten to it yet and now that my computer’s crashed it’s a little more challenging to get that done but I will I’ll put that in the meeting notes when we when we post that and so luckily I got it right now so thank you busines down so I post it on YouTube and the other sites well I’ll get my site backup so awesome yeah of course and it was definitely a pleasure Peggy you have been in in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I am David and we definitely thank you for your time Peggy we’d love to have you on in the future and always stay abreast of what you’re what you’re doing and definitely want to hear more about your audio book one that’s a help awesome thank you Hamza thank you David I’ve really enjoyed being with you as you can tell I’m pretty passionate about what I do and I love sharing it so thank you for giving me this opportunity and have a great holiday yeah thank you [Music] thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day you

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