Kingsley Guy: Piercing the Veil – A Skeptical Journalist Discovers Unseen Worlds

Kingsley Guy: Piercing the Veil – A Skeptical Journalist Discovers Unseen Worlds

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivation so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned morning evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective this is Hamza and I am Jared and today folks I think we have another one there’s a lot of us that we were on I guess the other side of the veil maybe and we were very I want to see it I want to see I want proof I want to touch it I want to feel it I want to see it and we had a lot of skepticism and we have a gentleman today 30 years folks 30 years he worked at the South Florida Sentinel Sun Sentinel and so his quest was looking for accuracy and he had a huge dose of skepticism I mean why not in that business and then something happened I’m sure we’ll find out in our what happened but he pierced the veil and so he is no longer skeptical and we want to know what happened to him she changed his mind and without further ado I like to welcome Kingsley guide to the podcast welcome Kingsley thank you pleasure to be here Hamza yes yes thank you wanna go making the podcast yeah and so yeah it’s kind of I mean it sounds like movies now where you’re kind of you buy into that character because they’re so opposite and then at the end it’s just 360 degree reversal and would you would you what role would you play in this movie I would say well not 360 180 degree reversal with thank you know from from the other side yeah I was as the title of the book indicates skeptical piercing the veil a skeptical journalist discovers unseen worlds uh I had a very successful career in journalism everything was going along weld from the outside looked great but about 32 years ago I discovered I had an addiction to alcohol and the way that the people will often deal with that a life or death situation is to embark on a spiritual journey I had no concept of God no sense of spirituality but it was life or death so I said what the heck I’m going to give this a try and it launched me on a spiritual journey for the last 32 years where I’ve experienced amazing things seen amazing things some of which defy the known laws of physics experienced incredible states of consciousness and I saw on your website you talked about coincidences or synchronicities and enormous number of synchronicities that have directed my life and caused me to understand that the hamlet said and Shakespeare’s Hamlet there’s more to heaven on earth oratio then is dreamt of in your philosophy I love it and when you look back do you think you know why did I have to go through this bout of alcoholism to actually access the space of consciousness or did you think that was part of the plan all along uh well you know you look back with some perspective and you can see these a your life unfolding you have to have a few years behind you before you’re able to do it but you get to my age and you’re able to look back and see a this happened and this happened and this happened there seemed to be an intelligent background directing all of this so yeah I think you know I had choices I have free will but yet things opened up to me that I had a choice of following or not following and generally chose to follow it and that led me to where I am today so yeah I think I don’t know what you want to call it fate destiny but I do think you also have free will as well to make the decisions that then head in the direction that you seem to be be led now you said it was 30 years ago but if you can kind of go back because there’s still some people we have people all walks of life that listen to the podcast and I’m just thinking if you could a humorous and just talk about what was the world like before I mean you work for a major newspaper you had to deal with facts and accuracy little time and what was your mindset then and did that lead to drinking alcohol well I think there are a lot of causes for alcohol had a rather tumultuous childhood and sanity and my family lots of alcohol and my family well there’s no red eteri component I believe there is so but in a profession that is very skeptical and the that point very hard drinking profession when I entered it has changed somewhat but so am I give me the facts you know I was I was very much in the world of largely of politics and that was how I how i Function went through my career but then you know at that point where you have to say wow got to be something more than what I’m seen in the material world and that’s what launched me on the spiritual journey and I had some experiences early in my life my mother was a suicide I was living on the other side of the world as a student in South Korea and that that day I didn’t know she had died but I felt a presence in the room I felt terrified absolutely terrified more so than I had ever been in my life and I’m then 10,000 miles away from home and looked under the bed before I went to sleep and out the windows in the closet couldn’t find anything but I shook myself to sleep and that morning about 2:00 in the morning I got a call from home telling me my mother had killed herself you know how do you explain those things it didn’t make me a believer than ghosts or unseen world’s or anything of that nature but it at least planted a seed possibly that there’s there is that consciousness doesn’t survive the death of the body and I think this is the point where we talk about coincidences and there’s no accidents because I share first of all I want to share my condolences to Europe to you for your mother and I definitely want to say that even I think when that happened to me I and I have some skill sets to kind of deal with the other side of the veil but I still felt the same feelings that you felt and my sister was overseas three years ago I’m living over there and it was that unshakable feeling that I had never felt before finding out that news so yeah so I definitely identify with that yeah my condolence was – yeah and so when that happened it was did you like from a few years prior when my grandmother I passed I tried to I was in corporate and so I was more the whole let me see the accuracy or let me just see visibly our two eyes and I’ve tried to package it like I did up all the other stuff I did in corporate and say it tried to go to work and say hey you know what I’ll deal with this on the weekend and my body and I guess the immaterial world had other plans as well did you how was it when you found that knees did you try to go back to the status quo or you knew you had to make a change no I tried to go back to the status slow flow I guess I was still a skeptic I had no concept of the spirituality I thought well this is an inexplicable experience that signifies nothing but you know the psychological tools it takes on you is immense and you don’t even know that it’s taking those tools I then went from I was in South Korea at the time as 20 years old 19 years old at that time but they left after a year of study and ended up in India crossed from you know went down into through to Japan and the Philippines Hong Kong Thailand I got to India Calcutta and I went from Calcutta all the way back to Cleveland Ohio without leaving the ground and had some amazing experiences in India that is so skeptical but but just an incredible spiritual sense that I felt in that country that I absolutely loved but didn’t give me any belief in God or but he believed from the power of the Spirit but I was in a place called Banaras also known as Varanasi called Varanasi today it was called Banaras more so when I was there that was quite a quite a ways back and I’m standing outside is the holiest city in India I’m standing outside the golden temple and I was not allowed in because I was not a Hindu but I’m standing there MIT’s these throngs of people and I had the sense it could have been 500 BC when the Buddha was preaching outside of Banaras just had the sense of timelessness I’m standing in this line next these throng of people entering the temple and an old woman hands me a fistful of flower petals and takes the my hand and puts it into the mouth of a passing sacred cow that gobbled up the petals and the tongue in the palm of my hand I remember it like it was yesterday but it just sent a jolt of electricity or something ecstasy through me and I was just just transfixed by where I was and I made a pledge right then someday I will return to this exact spot and again feed flower petals to a sacred cow I turned to thank the woman and she was gone but I remembered that pledge and 20 years later when I am faced with this life-or-death struggle with alcoholism my made the decision then to return to that exact spot and it was at return to India that really shifted my consciousness and led me on a spiritual journey that has taken me to many many incredible places I love that I went on unpack a lot of that and I’m thinking you had mentioned at the top of the hour the states of consciousness and I remember incorporate you’ve probably heard the simple example when you go into a concert hall or a big meeting room you could feel that energy if it’s cold if it’s warm you know if you’re going to have a good meeting or not and it sounds like you felt it on a greater level in India and do you think it was because of the the awareness or it wasn’t in your awareness at the time but do you think looking back now or even today you can go into different places and feel that state of consciousness that will deny or confirm you should stay there or keep it moving oh absolutely there’s a certain location certain places that you I’ve been to certain cathedrals that just have taken me into a sense of deja vu and sense of just incredible feelings as well that this is this is a special place you had been to Egypt a couple of times wrote a novel called queen of the heavens set in ancient Egypt and sites in Egypt that I’ve been have just transported me into feelings of something special about these places that has a profound impact on you and I found that in Egypt found it in India I found it in places in the United States as well oh definitely there’s an energy in certain certain locations that just come can transport you into a different sense of consciousness no doubt about it and India is one of those places is unlike any other country my first sight of India was in 1967 I landed in Calcutta during a time of famine where you literally literally had dead people lying in the streets but yet I could still sense a spiritual palpable spiritual sense in that country that is like no other country that I’ve ever been to even Egypt but the sense of ancient Egypt standing amidst some of the ruins just a transformative experience when you were in al-qaeda and you said with the death in the streets do you think that or do you believe that is why he felt I mean you’re so close to the veil there I mean it’s very transitory there at the time that you had gone would you look at that as a accelerant to your awareness yes absolutely I went from there and all this I deal with in the book but I went from there up into the Himalayas were and to jarred reeling where I was able to look out at the sky or what they call the snows the peaks of the Himalayas and but I got up there and it was a wonderful wonderful city and not many Westerners were in Calcutta or Darjeeling at that point it has become particularly Darjeeling lots of tourists and such but but not when I was there but I was logged in for they’re going to be there for five days and I was fogged in for four of them and the night before I was to leave evening before I was to leave I went to the promontory that overlooked the mountains just and sitting in a cloud but just before the sunset the clouds started to lift and it’s almost like the veil was lifted the clouds lifted and the air became crystal clear just in a matter of 15 20 minutes and I was able to look out at the mountains and feel that sense of awe and wonder from there I went down to Banaras where I had that experience that I mentioned with the sacred cow and the old woman and just feelings that I had never experienced before at that point at this point I was only twenty years old so I didn’t have a lot of experiences but I had never felt some of some of what I felt when in that trip through India kingly so during all this this time was there one experience that you had that really turned pretty much got rid of all the skepticism who didn’t because I know like for myself when I was younger I was going having different experiences and you keep looking for reasons why this this happened or you why you had this experience trying to justify it but at some point in time you just got to fill your hands in the air and say you know what there’s a lot going on in this world that I don’t know about you know there’s other dimensions other things going on and I’m just going to kind of enjoy discovering but you kind of just stow your hands in the air and say you know I don’t know everything and and that’s alright mm well you usually go ahead yeah absolutely I a 20 years and mentioned after that experience in India where I pledges to go back and feed flower petals to a sacred cow 20 years later that’s when I discovered my alcoholism and started on my spiritual journey so I said okay it’s time for me to go back and I’m feeling a sense of reading all the Eastern literature Christianity Bible the Quran I’m gobbling up as much a religious understanding as I could and I’m feeling a very very strong sense of hey I’m on my way so I’m six months sober I fly over to Bombay and I’m see the sights of India which can be pretty tough the poverty the people without limbs and loss from leprosy and shanty towns just unbelievable poverty and my my spiritual sense left me like how could a loving God allow such poverty to exist and I got to Banaras and still having all those feelings of boy I’m going through a dark night of the soul and really questioning everything about God my noose newly filed spirituality just virtually vanished and I go to feed the flower petals to the sacred cow one night Banaras and I’m not feeling anything I’d hoped to reignite that feeling that I had 20 years earlier so I go down to the Ganges and I said I’ll meditate I’m meditating on a bench and I feel a bump behind me and I turn around and here’s a leper no arms his nose just eaten up by leprosy and I just looked at that and there’s thousands of people around me who focus the most sacred place on earth funeral pyres burning people’s ashes being thrown in the Ganges and I’m just looking at the site and just shattered oh my god there can’t be a god I go down to the river and I said I’m going to quote a devotional candle in the river and the candle put on a little plate of leaves dried leaves and some women ahead of me put their candles in the river and splash their hands and candles went out several paces away as a clutch of about eight candles out there I put my candle in the river and I splash my hands my candle goes out about three feet current catches it and starts sending it back to shore and I had this thought at that point my god I’ve come halfway around the world to have a spiritual experience and I can’t even float a candle on the Ganges properly and it was at that exact moment of my despair that a three-inch frog surface from the muddy Ganges grabbed the plate of my candle and its left front leg and swam it out where the positive in the middle of the other candles were burned more brightly than all the rest and you know the baptized Catholic hadn’t been to church in years but my hand and the Ganges and genuflect it was all I could think to do walk back to my dwelling past the funeral pyres and just said you know I’m I’m on the right track let’s follow this wherever it goes so if there was one incident that was yet that frog in the Ganges people might say okay well I was just a coincidence well 28 years later just to continue the story I’m sitting in meditation and I get this message from in my meditation visit the graves of your paternal grandparents it’s strong message couldn’t get it out of my mind and I said well I’m not going to fly to Cleveland to do that but next time I’m in Cleveland we’ll do it I haven’t been there the gravesite in 50 years but a few months later I find myself in Cleveland I go to the gravesite I have flowers I’m going to put down and I look at the tombstone and there’s a flat to the ground there’s a leaf I thought and I stooped down to brush it away and off hops a tree frog and disappears in the grass and that all I could say at that point okay now I know when I got this message but that launched me on another investigation into psychic awareness it took me to seances visiting mediums and such enormous incredible experiences in that so the Frog is showing up a couple times in my life these are the stories I relate in my book Helen I thought David was jumping in there on that one oh no go ahead that was waiting for you I was a part of it now I’m an amazing story yeah yeah it is amazing in Kings Lea I do want to looking at some parallels here so when you were talking about drinking alcohol and you’re talking about states of consciousness earlier in talking about I need to actually go somewhere that do you feel that’s more of a Western thing of we’re going to we’re going to achieve that Nirvana or that bliss if we actually physically go somewhere that’s that’s kind of a basic teaching over here in the West yeah you know yeah I think a certain ideas from Eastern thinking for instance in Taoism in the the data Genting there’s a basic text thousand one needn’t leave his home and he may know the world which so your states of consciousness you can enter amazing stage of consciousness right where you are now you’re talking about going someplace one of the people I deal with in the book as a matter of fact his daughter wrote the foreword for the book but it was the late astronaut Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell who I knew had some amazing discussions with the courses over the years and coming back from the moon after walking he was a sixth man to walk on the moon coming back and Apollo 14 he entered what is known in Sanskrit as a state of Samadhi kind of a rough equivalent to Nirvana and Buddhism but the state of Samadhi and he got back to earth and he was an MIT scientist he pilots Navy pilot he wasn’t a mystic but he entered the state of kind of a state of connectedness of all things accompanied by ecstasy where that veil between cosmic your individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness disappears and I had experienced the same state after spending two weeks in a trauma up in New York State going through a lot of ceremonies with Brahmin priests and meditating and got back to Fort Lauderdale and entered the state for about four hours and it was the most amazing state I’ve ever been he cannot look at existence the same after you have been in it and Edgar dr. Mitchell wanted to find out the scientific reason for this he’s a scientist so he starts investigating the spiritual found the scientific foundations of spiritual experiences dealing going into quantum physics and such things as that established an institute for the study of this and we had some amazing discussions because we had this shared experience of Samadhi but so he have he went to the moon to find it was returned I went to an ashram in New York but he built it but it’s very much an internal thing you don’t have to go to the moon to get there you don’t have to go to an ashram to get there but doesn’t happen often it hasn’t happened to me again but it’s just having spent four hours in the state it just totally changes here well the way you look at the life death cosmos so yeah you know I’ve been to different places in the world and had these feelings but I’ve also experienced them through spiritual practices as well back here in the United States yeah you’re saying a lot of that to the chagrin of travel agents because they were licking their chops about a lot of travel people kind of do to reach somebody there’s no guarantees on that I don’t think Edgar Mitchell ever expected when he was I know we didn’t expect it when it come back to the moon it’s interesting the first time I met him I’m doing a mutual friend knew him and he had come out with a book so I said the I felt I think I’ll do a story for my newspapers I sitting in the study his study up in Jupiter Florida a little north of here and he hands me something that looked like a joystick to a cheap computer game he said that’s a control stick of the lunar lander oh my god I guess he and his partner Alan Shepard they were sending the lunar lander to crash back into the moon so they just cannibalized it for for a few souvenirs and he got the control stick so it was pretty amazing feeling holding holding something on my hands have been to the movement back of an and I was well you’re talking I’m looking at Google flights and there’s no flights to the moon so I went to Lille on muskets going he might he might he might not be able to afford the ten million old charger what are twenty million but just to get on the rocket right so okay so we’re kind of late tongue-in-cheek with the whole travel and I’m glad you you highlighted that state of consciousness and I want to get your your your opinion on this because you said this happened in the 80s where you were dealing with alcohol in it and in a way it is a wait I mean alcohol is known as a spirit and so you’re most people do that as an escape because they’re thinking okay there’s maybe there’s something else out there or is this all there is and so if we could fill in the blank and take out alcohol today especially in the state of Florida you would say opioids and why is that so high is that because there is some level of escapism like that all there is to life there has to be more and we’re looking for that outlet yeah I think you nailed it the reason for that absolutely now you know I go back to the 60s went to school during the 60s and of course I was out of out of the country for a good part of the craziness of that and so but you know looking looking for the LSD and marijuana and such mushrooms change your state of consciousness but you don’t need it and it United there’s spiritual practices I’ve been stone-cold sober for 32 years and I’ve had these experiences well sober so but you’re absolutely right I think people are looking for escape the question of is this all there is and for a short time anyway through external means you’re able to experience that now some people algae’s Huxley being one the doors of perception in his book I think he notes that the brain is not where we develop all these ideas but the brain is a filtering mechanism and what you need to do is realize that and then I think through meditation and such quiet the mind somewhat and as all of these stimuli are able to enter you that would not be not otherwise for instance there is so much going on around us if we could see microwaves we wouldn’t be able to see across the street if we could see them but we can’t see them sounds there are sounds on the dogs can hear that we can’t hear vision Eagle can see the way we can’t see so we we are surrounded by all sorts of stimuli that if we let them in you you would have a different perspective of existence and I think that’s the purpose of spiritual practices these spirits these stimuli can enter you that they might not otherwise and enter otherwise so and there’s techniques to get there breathing techniques meditation techniques what I went through in the ashram lots going on that we we don’t know about that maybe we’ll learn about someday I think we’re uncovering things having some concepts of the laws of physics that we didn’t have just 10 15 20 years ago that are opening the possibilities of existence of difference dimensions string theory for instance posits about ten or eleven but different dimensions well what if we could access those dimensions if in fact strings there there’s something to string theory what if we could access those dimensions what would our existence look like and be quite different I think than what we’re able to perceive today looks like is really encouraged it’s very exciting time in that you know the whole 360 degrees where where things that happened in the past are being revisited you do hear about Silicon Valley micro dosing on psilocybin to access those other states of awareness even though there is some image or some glimpse of the 60s and 2.0 how we’re going to do it differently and what what I saw really what I saw that was really interesting yesterday you know shout out to all the college football fans because we’re right back in the throes of college sports or college football NFL starts today but in the news after the game yesterday they were highlighting how they were talking about the big hurricane at just past Dorian and they were saying that with this 5g technology you will not be able to detect the hurricane patterns like because we’re deaf I he is tapping into different realms that is obstructing what we currently see in the third dimension or are you following any of that from trying to be balanced not all in of oh five g’s the devil too you know like you’re saying being accurate and and having some sense of objectiveness yes or take them i haven’t haven’t really been following that but one of the things in in actually in the acknowledgments i quote to thomas edison and he is he says basically people say i created things and he said I really never created anything I just got these impressions from outside of me and then and put things together so as we we move forward in our science I think there’s a lots of things are going to be rather amazing and open us up to different ways of thinking in for instance the telescope before Galileo focused on the moons of Jupiter our whole idea of the cosmos was somewhat different than it is what did radio do change their perception so much television the computer aids changing the way we look at things all right now the science is happening so fast that sometimes your worry has gotten ahead of us but it is also opening the doors to enormous potential and also enormous issues and problems that sometimes we rush too quickly into things without really realizing what the consequences are going to be so 5g it’s gonna speed things up even faster than they are right now so yeah thank you movin quick yes yeah how about faster can it go right yeah that’s one reason I think it’s important to have a meditation practice those things those things down for you and we become so addicted on us to external stimuli and I was addicted to alcohol to escape but the external stimuli that we people addiction addicted to Internet addiction or whatever victim to all sorts of things that things that we’re facing now that we we didn’t have to face just 2530 years ago sofa I think we I’m thinking when I crossed across Asia I’d find myself in the middle of India or Afghanistan or Iran and nobody knew where I was and I didn’t have any way to contact anybody you know I could maybe find a phone and figure out how to make an international call but I didn’t have any money I could I couldn’t yeah I just leave in the morning and nobody knew where I was I could’ve ended up dying in Afghanistan nobody nobody would have known a thing but now we’re in Caston contact were there with our cell phones anywhere in the world quite a difference one of the things I my first crossed Asia and 60s you got into the third world everybody used abacuses everyone and then when I went the second time 20 years later nobody used abacuses they were all using hand-held calculators so you know the changes that just took place in those 20 years just just phenomenal and they’re coming to faster and faster and faster and I’m actually sitting on my hands here because it hasn’t reached the states yet but they have that new movie the current war and are you familiar with that movie where they’re talking about the battle without Edison Westinghouse and Tesla I am NOT but I am a little familiar I’m somewhat familiar with Edison Westinghouse and Tesla in the battle between AC and DC current such just a fascinating battle and of course Tesla you know one of just finally F because Elon Musk named a car after and I think is getting some of the credit that he didn’t get earlier in the century but amazing man with some ideas of how to tap into power sources without power lines or you know burning of fossil fuels just an amazing man never seen we’re seeing so much so much change coming in that respect right now as well so let me ask you King James Lee and you were having your experiences and go and come into new truths and realizations how is that affecting the relationships with those around you like I can imagine maybe when you were still you know a journalist and then that skepticism mode maybe your circle of friends were certain kind of people then as you started you know traveling the world and having experiences and the – change your relationships with those that you know you were close to yeah and one of those things that in in the newspaper I didn’t speak much about any of this I’m not going to go into the editors office and say hey I’m heading up to New York to an ashram where I’m going to meditate chant go through ceremonies with Brahmin priests you know I didn’t didn’t this was all done under the radar those not secretly but under the radar I just not something that it you would talk about or not something that most people in the newsroom could relate to and I’d only share it with like my friends on the outside of the profession none of the reason for that my name is on the masthead of a major daily newspaper and I you know you you have to take into consideration perceptions people might have of you but I’ve been out of the newspaper business full-time for a number of years now and wrote a column for eight years but I haven’t done that for the last six years so my my book is in itself yeah and at that point in life where okay I don’t have to impress anyone I don’t have to I don’t have to hide Who I am from anyone I can come out and write about this and in doing so I hope to get other people talking about the experiences that they have had that they may have been reluctant to talk about for fear of ridicule or you in fear that they might have been going crazy well know these things happen synchronicities happen start noticing them start talking about them don’t be ashamed of your your spiritual journey in your spiritual experiences and adventures I’d like to see greater dialogue going on the subjects that we’ve been talking about today so at this point I I’m not worried about anything really I have a nice kind of many of Gotham Fort Lauderdale you know I’m doing okay but I think it’s time to just let it all hang out let’s say and this is who I am this is what I’ve experienced and if you can relate to it great if you can’t that’s fine too you know but I feel a journalistic obligation to report these amazing experiences that I’ve had in Kingsley we couldn’t have setup a better segue about the rabbit hole so when you had talked about going to the Opera on InTouch you had garnered an interest in seances and mediums what was the original insight into doing that and do you have a different opinion today yeah the I mentioned the Frog on my grandparents gravestone and I said to myself okay there’s obviously a message here but what is that message and and how am I going to find out and I said okay well I’m very skeptical about mediums and psychics and such but I’m going to explore that you’re from Orlando you may have heard of the city of cassadaga they’re the type of spiritual center of cassadaga I went up there I had a couple readings that were just absolutely spot-on and I deal with those in the book that got me exploring a physical mediumship which the seances you get levitations you get the things flying around the room you get appearances of ectoplasm from the medium faces that appear in the ectoplasm and such you know all of this sounds really crazy and boy before would have said this is a bunch of nonsense it’s all fraud it’s all fake but there’s a place in Fort Lauderdale that I can I deal with these in the book it’s called the metaphysical chapel which occasionally has these mediums who pretty amazing and there’s one in particular from Germany kind muguet who visited and I visit him a couple of times and the experiences were just so incredible including and this is how I end the book and I don’t want to give away everything in the book you know how I am the blur the physical manifestation of something and the circumstances that related directly to me and the circumstances surrounding that burn were truly amazing and it was a it was let’s say the most mind-boggling day of my life and I’ve been to several of these but this first one just would just was mind-boggling in the late 19th early 20th century there’s the not late nineteen actually started in the 1840s but up through the 1920s or so the spiritualist movement in the United States and Europe was very very strong in which the sciences were quite common a lot of skepticism I’m still a skeptic I don’t take anything at face value but sometimes you get hit upside the head so often that you just have to say hey this is real and did some exploration into the spiritualist movement and certain people certain might’ve heard the name Alfred Russel Wallace his name is on the Origin of Species with Charles Darwin and he went out to study these appearances and apparitions defiance of the law of gravity and he concluded this there was much of this that was a real another famed scientist Albert crooks he discovered phalion invented the vacuum tube was a member of the Royal Society he said I’m going to study this fellow Sciences great crooks is going to show that this is all nonsense crooks goes out and does his scientific study and concludes no this isn’t nonsense and some of his work was the most detailed out there the Russians studied the French study if the German study that there is scientific information from this earlier age from top scientists who say now this is true today you know if it doesn’t fit the paradigm people are going to say doesn’t this nonsense doesn’t solve fraud a selfie well no it’s not there are frauds and there are fakes but not all is fraudulent and not all a fake and I think it warrants us at this point to start looking into it there’s an interesting show can be accessed on YouTube it’s called the afterlife investigations and it deals with some of the things that I deal with in the book and with these physical seances where physical things happen and very very interesting I’d recommend your listeners take a look at it might open some people’s eyes yeah thank you for that and I’m also thinking back at that time like you said in the 20s during that that big wave here in the states got to give a shout-out to the one known as Abdul and he doesn’t have any any videos on YouTube but the person that he highly influenced was what’s his name oh my goodness I just had his name and I listened to him all the time he will come back to me oh my goodness but any rate neville goddard thank you and i’m in this book aspect so i’m never goddard and you know he has a ton of videos and audios and what-have-you that are out there and he was talking about states of consciousness that we were talking about at the top of the hour and he was saying you know like most comedians say only everyone knows that you the only person that doesn’t is you thank you feel like I’m dead real happened so you’re in the other state of consciousness that you weren’t aware of before and it was like I had to tap you on the shoulder and so I’ve been in in medium ships where people wanted to speak to Grandma and maybe the dead that they didn’t get along with had come had come along and I wanted to know you know at the time you didn’t know you were on the other side of the world you found out that your mother had transition and were you using that as some type of medium pun intended to get in touch with her yeah we all have some sort of capacity and regards to that I do believe now that the consciousness survives the death of the body this is in all the great religions that is a part and parcel with it some thinkers through a reincarnation that we come back others think that the soil progresses through other phases or levels in the spiritual world this is but but but it is a constant and has been a constant for 5000 years of civilization that we know I’m sure before that even before the written word and there are studies now being done University of Virginia for instance has a Institute to the studying the survival of consciousness and reincarnation the major university of this is being dealt with of course the Hindus have known a Buddhist known it for powers of nona for thousands and thousands of years their concept is that we do come back and the stole does advance and through different minds one of the people lives down near here is did anyway Brian Weiss many lives many masters he wrote this book years ago and he was the head of psychiatry at the I thinks in Miami Beach at Mount Sinai Hospital and he wrote that book oh boy we’re probably going back 30 years anyway where he would regress patients and was amazed to find that in these regressions people would enter other lives and to him he felt that this was a very useful scientific tool and he went out and he wrote wrote the book took a lot of courage for him to do that I mean he’s he was lots of hypnotherapists who had been doing this for years but he was the MD head of psychiatry for a major medical institution and you have to wonder what you know the eyebrows go about his peers in the womb and the in the medical community as one reason that I wrote this book and I developed a very good reputation as a journalist down here in South Florida and I feel that that may give me give give the book some credibility that because I was you know I was not a person who spent his entire life in a cave in the Himalayas writing I was a person who was dealing with very much the the would quote real-world situations so that’s one of the reasons I felt an obligation to write this yeah I have to give a shout-out to Barbara that listens she told me I was a big fat liar and just like a doctor wife and yourself we were living in those two worlds and in the dating world I was totally like that I wouldn’t go out and talk about this at all and you know six months later I start liking a girl and I start talking about that they’re like who is this guy oh well you get a point in life toward the matter and I’m a bad boy exact I was like I always have a lot of six months because that liar you want to bitch I’m nuts crazy that’s alright I can laugh now bow absolutely Dave it wasn’t ours well I think you know podcast like yours and other other shows that I think people are starting to be more inclined to to talk about the some of these things I don’t think the major media is yet but the you know the let’s say the legacy media is is ready to talk about it but other media outlets certainly certainly are it let me ask you as a as a journalist when we talk about past lies and traveling and reaching the sea states of of euphoria in many cases they are outside of the United States you think of like you said India big of of Egypt in some of these other places and even in here in the States and we have a short mind state just probably because of how we were brought up up just thinking 1776 but this land mass was lived upon before that and so I’d like for you to talk a little bit about the places in the United States where you had uncovered energies in your travels uh well certainly the Sri macht Ananda City yoga ashram in New York in the Catskill Mountains South Fallsburg New York was just an amazing place with the transformative place in other places crest stone Colorado and I mentioned that in the book crest stone is up about 8,000 feet it was a site made of Americans found sacred and as now I think even since I was there nearly thirty years ago it’s grown as a spiritual center but certainly some interesting amazing things happened to me and crest that was crest stone that I deal with in the book for some reason just absolutely loved it Lake Tahoe area there’s just a spiritual sense that I get in that area I go back there every year just to sort of renew myself and escape the South Florida heap but it’s sitting there in the in the Sierra Nevadas just incredible the Redwoods of California is another place redwood forests of California or it’s almost like this the trees have souls that in the midst of those redwoods is just a transformative experience the Grand Canyon looking out at the Grand Canyon I’ve been there three times and it’s just you realize the power of nature and I think in this country certainly places of natural setting are just so dramatic and so dynamic that you can’t Campton eyes on some special special energy there as for physical places I mentioned Cassadaga but there’s place up in New York not too far from Buffalo called Lilydale which is was is the center of the Spiritualist movement was years ago a century ago and still is a very powerful place you look at the Native American culture of course that we have and I think people discovering the spiritual dynamics of that culture truly different from from the European perspective on existence and we’re rediscovering that glad that we are here it’s a like David wanted to jump in mm-hm oh no no just just enjoy listening to you I was just asking real quick on kili heavy air an author by the name of Wayne Petersen and he wrote a book called extraordinary times extraordinary beans experiences of okay experiences of the American diplomat um interesting very interesting book I just shown your story it’s something that you you might like so I thought I’d mention it all right uh yeah you know you look at extraordinary mention extraordinary beings what one of the people that I had privilege of meeting in my journalistic career with a couple of a few other journalists over at the in Moscow was Mikhail Gorbachev and I was sitting we had about an hour and a half conversation with President Gorbachev this was after he had left office this was 1999 like yes and but sitting I’m sitting a few feet away from him and and just brilliant absolutely brilliant man and just a sense about him that here here was an extraordinary being and I think about that time in history where Mikhail Gorbachev Margaret Thatcher and pope john paul ii and ronald reagan and liquid EMSA came together in what eventually resulted in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union and it’s you know what what was I it was what one of those things that caused me to ask is are there things going on to shape our destiny that we would bring these people together and you can think of 1776 and the geniuses that were brought together back then Jefferson’s & Hamilton’s and Washington’s and Adams and Madison’s and you just say boy what what would bring them together to create what they created it gives you I think a different perspective at least for me of perspective on history and think that there may be some sort of a guiding light that is helping us through some very difficult times yeah when you mentioned Gorbachev and Loeb guys in the late eighties in the fall of the wall there is that school of thought on this side of the veil that that was the impetus for the Mandela effect mm-hmm are you familiar with the men that looks like man you’re talking Nelson Mandela yes uh well I familiar with him but the Mandela effect I’m not totally not familiar with sure it could be another rabbit hole on YouTube on a Sunday but it’s but it’s a school of thought and that when that wall went down that there was a divide if we talk about quantum physics and so there’s some people that remember you know Mandela either dying in jail or Mandela being released in jail and a lot of that was around that time and where people have two different memories like you don’t remember catch up what you know just simple things like that and and so the the impetus was that that those meetings with Margaret Thatcher and go over trough and those guys for the wall mm-hmm you know as I quoted earlier a Shakespeare Hamlet there’s more heaven on earth of ratio than a dreamt of in your philosophy and the longer I live the more I recognize the wisdom of Shakespeare and saying that things that I might have questioned or did questioned years ago then they may sound bizarre and they may seem strange and I don’t accept them on face value by any stretch but I don’t I don’t dismiss them one of the worst things people can do is have contempt without investigation and I think for instance I had contempt for the idea of spiritual transformation until I was forced in a life-or-death situation to explore it and I started investigating it and you know my temp contempt vanished so lots of things happening that the more and more will be revealed as time goes on yeah one other addition I want to add since you are enamored with the Indian culture there in people doing psilocybin and LSD and such there is a powder called a haritaki and I don’t know if you’re familiar with that if only like 11 bucks on Amazon and if you take a spoonful before you go to bed you know put it in liquid or what have you the dream state is just phenomenal and I think that with with your spiritual awareness you may have more a greater experience and oh look I had experienced so many different crazy colors no I think it’s based off of your level of awareness and how you respond to it and in the in that Indian community it was one of those I wish I had known about this a long time ago I mean Dave and I talked about going to Peru for ayahuasca retreat and I’m like this I wrote Aki and I don’t even have to purge myself and maybe ayahuasca light up to an American oh well you know Lewis Carroll supposedly wrote to his work you talk about rabbit holes but the old Alice in Wonderland and funny mushrooms so you know who knows who knows what’s happening here absolutely and it’s like you decide we’re encouraged with so much that’s happening now and I think that people will be further encouraged when they read piercing the veil a skeptical skeptical journalist discovers unseen worlds did you tell people where they could pick that up and how they can get more information you yes absolutely it’s available on Amazon and it’s available in eBook form it’s a black and white form and it’s got inside color illustration so it’s a color form as well so that’s available on Amazon I also have a website kingsley guy calmness ki ng SLE ygy dot-com and you can order it from there that will take you to Amazon but there’s more information on me and also on the other book I wrote queen of the heavens which is a novel set in ancient Egypt but Kingsley can get you to Amazon or you can go directly to Amazon and just put in Kingsley guy piercing the veil and you should it should come up fantastic well you have just been in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is a convent okay and I am David Kingsley it was a pleasure speaking with you today and I’d love to stay in touch if we could absolutely I uh you have my email I have yours and appreciate the opportunity to share some of my perspectives with you [Applause] thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day

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