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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good afternoon good evening everyone you are now in tuned to intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and today I’m really I’m always excited or not for those that listen to us this is episode 33 and I’m really excited because on our first podcast we always talk about our awakening moment or what our door opening moment if you will and I met this lovely young lady during that time when I was doing that year-long process at Horizon Center forward to ative awareness we had our at the time it was called MySpace but it was learning more about our personal space and then the second class was the next steps from that and then we did a nine-month growing class as far as growing in psychic development and we had started I want to say seven or eight individuals and at the end when we graduated there were only three and Yvette motsak was one of those people and that was in 10 2010 when we graduated and seven years later her there’s so much that we need to uncover we obviously spoke before that before the podcast I would like to welcome Yvette Matt deck thanks for coming to the podcast today that well thank you Hamza thank you David for having me I’m really excited to be here oh great glad you’re here absolutely and one of the ones that I actually went through which is great because when I was preparing for the interview I was thinking about our confidence and awareness and validity when we were doing our line reading and just like it’s really happening in my scene but on what I think I didn’t see and it’s Joann used to always remind us too go ahead and let that out and build that confidence we were getting validation from the people we were reading and that seems so many moons ago so you could just tell us a little bit about yourself event we can kind of go from that sure no I’d love to yes I absolutely remember doing those sessions and spending spent a little too much time comparing myself to how I thought others were doing and and then I would go and do a reading and then I would give validation and then I would be so surprised when they asked how did you know that so was it was quite the quite the process but you know I don’t think anybody’s journey is direct and you know to the point to where they are today and you know I would say my experience is no different I I grew up in Cleveland Ohio and I spent the first thirty five years there and I met somebody through work and as that’s how I ended up moving down to Georgia I spent 27 years in the corporate world working as an IT project manager and really did not enjoy too much of that other than the people aspect and then at some point I started really digging on my own personal time about what was going on with me and learning and tools and you know as you mentioned you know spending a bunch of time at Horizon Center and going through you know those classes and then those intuitive development program which really set me up with a lot of great tools and understanding and continued to broaden my horizon and I just really kept going from there and digging and I always felt there was a healing thing that I was supposed to be doing and just always kept wondering when was I going to figure that out and I would say now fast-forward to October 2007 November 2017 I’m like oh I think the pieces are starting to come together I’m laughing on both sides of my face here because I remember speaking to graduate people that had graduated before us and they were telleth things and we’re like oh that won’t happen to us and then the same thing happened and so what I want to point out is one right before graduation you know there’s always waves of new people coming in and when we were holding space building meditation there would maybe be an hour of holding that space and the newer people that were coming in they couldn’t write when we first started we couldn’t nobody for an hour and so they’re like oh should I belong here and so when we graduated we were like okay what’s the next step where do we go next and then Joanne and others were like goodbye like you guys you for me it was kind of a void like what do we do like I think we were looking for that color by numbers what do we do next and what you somewhat alluded to was here you get your basic tools from horizon but then you kind of use that as your foundation take you to the next level so I don’t want to give the impression that you just oh my goodness I went on top of the mountain when I graduate and then Here I am in 217 if you kind of fill in to get that would be helpful sure cuz that was certainly not my experience you know I went through you know it was interesting you know there are always those like life defining moments and I think a couple of them for me was I think at that point I had started separating my identity which previously was completely wrapped around my professional job my IT project manager and that’s that’s just like who I was and when I started peeling that off to figure out well who was I because that was an aspect of me but that wasn’t me and so you know I went through level after level after level of separating from that volunteering really helped me you know explore a whole nother world where people did not care what you did as a professional you know they were I was doing animal rescue and they were there to help animals it didn’t matter you know what you did in your day job that wasn’t really so interesting and so you know was like foul the world is so much bigger so there was some of that and then in it’s now going to be six years ago I was laid off from my job as an IT project manager at Xerox and so partying is like oh so now I’m supposed to go do my healing thing and then I of course totally got stuck in my own muck and you know all around the map for a little while and I did some contracting with IT then I got mad I got mad at I was literally I was I was mad at God you know I thought this is 50 obvious and I still don’t know what to do and why aren’t you telling me what to do and so I definitely went through waves of thrashing around with that and then I even took another in-house I took a jet another in-house job and I thought gee am I ever going to do my healing work and I just had a hot go flying right by which is really cool as I say that as I’m sitting outside and so so that the layoff was a big deal and then my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it’s going to be you know in another several days that it’s going to be two years that he transitioned over and so you know you can imagine the type of growth and intersection that goes through and it was a real quick thing he was we knew something was definitively up in August we got a diagnosis in September and he passed away November 13th and I stepped away it which then created that space for me to step away from my job and I ultimately resigned and so I know one of the gifts my father had to offer to me was to just really sort of force to create that space to just totally disengage from that aspect of myself and really go in order and understand you know what’s going on and then and then I spent a year of thinking I need to go get a job and spend some other time and I finally let that go probably earlier this year where it’s like no I’m ready to do the healing the healing work I mean I’d had an inkling but I still didn’t know what to do with it so my process was yeah I certainly did not seven years ago go okay cool ready to go I felt like I had so many false starts or I got stuck and it was all me I just kept getting in in my own way and so I’m very grateful you know for where I’m at right now and I can you know very much appreciate the journey and understand why no it wasn’t just so you know some people wake up and go oh this is what I’m doing one day that has not been my process and it’s been a lot a lot a lot a lot of practice in learning to trust that’s when I know that’s one of my big lessons that I came here to learn is trust Trust trust it’s all right there I just need to own it and I need to be able to see it so I always like to ask this question your events I’ll just ask you what were the the circumstances that led you to walk through the doors that horizon for the very first time we were like a friend and said hey I had this reading at this place you said check it out or what were the circumstances that led you there for the very very first time I ended up I’m trying to remember how I ended up getting hooked up and did some healing work with one of the teachers Carol one of the teachers that was at Horizon if I had done some healing sessions with her and it was like an oh by the way and I’m teaching this class at Horizon and she I think she taught that first intro class you might be interested and so I said oh well I really I really like Carol and I like your teaching and I felt very safe and comfortable with her and so I said okay I’ll and that was that was how I ended up literally walking in the door and you know and then others were literally there as I walked in and you know started started digging and learning and constantly questioning myself because I remember it specifically in class we’d be sitting in class and Hamzah would see some spirit go walking by and make a comment and I didn’t see it and so Hamza must be better than me there was a bunch of that noise that has taken years to just let go layer after layer on but that’s really that was my initial that literally got me in the door yeah what’s her yeah like I said I always like to hear you know and you ask those questions the people the stories that you get are just fascinating or how they whatever wherever that sensor was that they did you know got a reading for the first time or healing are their first hello it’s always a really interesting story so I always like to ask that question oh sure yeah I was in that class with Carol for I don’t think we were together in that in the same class we didn’t get together to intuitive development but Carol yes she was phenomenal and for you to meet her was that like David s was that your first reading or were you interested in speaking with other people before Carol I definitely had had an interest so that was that was not my first experience I really started I think for me when I consider what was my like very first step was in I was 22 years old and I was really so at that point I had graduated from college and had started my first job and you know when I made my choice around what do I do for a career so growing up in the 80s um you know my pick my father got laid off from steel mill and Cleveland’s and you know when I was 16 that was like that really made a big impact on me I remember when he came home he closed the door you know he came home early on a Friday it was three o’clock I know where I was sitting he closed the door he leaned against the door and he said they let me go and so you know that was really scary and so for me that was a defining moment based out of fear but it was a defining moment where I was like I am going to get a job where I will make good money this was my perspective 16 years old I’m going to get a good job where I’ll make good money and I’ll be safe and I’ll never be in that situation because it was really scary and unsettling you know as my dad struggle to figure out what to do next and so that guided me when I am going to college that I said well computers computers are a big deal I’m going to go into computers and so I got a computer information systems degree and was miserable a good chunk of my even college because math was not a strong suit for me business was but computers weren’t and you know just working through that got my job and then started as a programmer which I wasn’t a good programmer but I was a good project manager so that’s what I ended up moving into but I was miserable and at 22 I had really suffered a lot and struggled with depression and so my first step I consider was when I literally walked into a therapists office and said you know I am really struggling and I spent you know the next X literally unraveling that that under peeling that onion I spent four years of digging deep on you know family dynamics and what was going on with me and then what what traumatic things happen to me in my childhood some of which I remembered some of which I had suppressed and then so that initial curiosity doing a lot of talking and I don’t you know had a lot of value but I think in some ways we traumatized myself and then I started switching that focus to there’s got to be a better way there has to be an easier way and so I started exploring you know different different ways of healing I was much you know I was curious about from a getting a reading perspective hey what’s what’s what’s coming up in my life and you know how can that information sort of help me and reading getting a reading in general has served me from the standpoint if it’s helped and open up my perspective and see possibilities that maybe I hadn’t seen and so I’ve literally just followed that trail of breadcrumbs you know when I was in Cleveland and then you know when I moved down to Georgia eleven years ago I really hadn’t done any of that well what about me and getting truly getting hands-on tools I didn’t do that until I walk into a Horizon to Horizon Center so it was a bunch of years digging and looking at some stuff but then for really for me to make it personal and then really start taking responsibility for myself and not feeling so reliant on someone else’s I would say when I walked into Horizon Wow it’s interesting because when like when when we look at it it doesn’t look linear at all and foremost for the most part it isn’t but when we look back we can kind of see where the where everything connects and so off line we were talking about you and you were like most of us were you know go to school get a job that type of thing get the gold watch and live in X erbia which is an Atlanta way outside of suburbia right and we had you had that existence but then recently you had moved out into the mountains and I know you had mentioned that you seemed to have more of an openness and awareness since being in that environment plus rubbing it in that Hawks are flying by during the podcast sorry I couldn’t resist but he went cruising right by yes so what’s interesting as you’re asking the question I just went Oh from a time perspective so so we graduated from the intuitive development program I think June July of 2010 well funny timing um sort of my husband and I in July 2010 purchased our first cabin up here in the mountain so that was what really just totally got me hooked and enthralled with with being up here and you know every day possible weekend was a good it was so it was a two-hour drive so it was manageable at that time I was working from home so as my husband so we could happen the car take all the animals with us and you know we did a ton of long weekends and we’d work up there you know like on a Friday in the following Monday and then we went exploring on weekends and just just totally fell in love with the area and what’s cool is I am so far north that I can from our deck where we live right now I can see three states I can see Georgia North Carolina Tennessee and you know I’m blessed to have a beautiful view and of course of the autumn colors are I think we’re getting close to peaking up here is the leaves keep falling down but you know we did that loved loved loved that so spent a ton of time you know going hiking a lot of time in the woods going kayaking and just and what was great was just waiting when I went up there it was a total unplug so I didn’t have all of my whatever the to-do list was at home I left at home which was fantastic and I would say three three years into that let’s see yeah three four years into that four years at that point I was contracting at coca-cola the one IT sort of stuff and a friend of mine made the comment to me you have any idea how much you talk about going to the mountains and looked at are really weird like what do you mean and she said well I think it’s nice to go to the mountains if I go once a year that’s good for me but there’s so much other things that I’m interested in that you know I go once a year you’re always going and I was like huh and literally the light bulb switched and because we always said we move up here sometime and it was in that moment made a decision that’s it I’ll figure out work later it will happen and it was that was it like a Friday it clicked on Sunday and by that Friday that following Friday we had our house listed in North Atlanta we had put up a rental up for sale and we had the cabin listed for sale and it was like that fast and 60 days later we were moving into our place Wow and it happened that fast and then I even because I was contracting down in Atlanta and I was in the middle of a big project and I wanted to see it through so I stayed with friends for three months I commuted I stayed in town during the week and then I came home on weekends and then as that was as that was wrapping up literally my second to last day I got a job offer from a software company in Cleveland of all places but I could work remote and you know that sort of them came together and then I wasn’t there very long because I my dad got sick but that was sort of just like it was one of those you know people have those moments where they said they just something happened and they took a leave that was definitely one of those crazy moments and everything fell in the into place everything which was all the more validation for me that completely on the right path keep going that is what you’re supposed to do and you know have not regretted a moment you know people of s are you sorry you moved up there absolutely not it’s it’s not for everybody um but it absolutely is from and it’s spectacular and you know Honda’s you said as far as like the environment I do feel so completely supported by the environment and I know that part has been part of my healing journey where I’m literally surrounded by trees and I know the trees are really helping me out along with I can’t even imagine how many helpers I have I know I’m not even aware of half my helpers that I have so completely my dad was one of them so buddy detriment of them too he really was and you know that took me I’m trying to think when you know that’s that kind of perspective obviously takes a little bit of time to come to but look oh my god what a gift because in it wit and I have you know I really yeah I miss my dad very deeply and I know you know and he checks in he checks in all the time with me um but I know he’s happy he’s good he’s great but what a gift and I just couldn’t imagine you know only the universe can orchestrate something like that because you know for that final push to get out of to get out of work literally out of the corporate world because it was my decide I decided by the time I decided that I really was struggling because my parents were living two hours away work really stepped up my team lead just totally covered for me while I was figuring out what to do and then I was driving two hours and taking my dad you know to chemo or whatever needed to be done and so back and forth and back and forth and my last day of work you know he passed away one week after I officially was was on a leave of absence yeah one let me ask you about checking in to because without checking in reminded of Joanne and she had mentioned one her her son had passed that the relationship that she had with him and third dimension was totally different than the country the relationship she has now and intellectually I kind of knew that you know just talking to her off and on and then I started feeling the same type of dynamics change with my sister who passed away a year ago and as you were talking I’m just reminded of the 80s right and you were talking about well this was a defining moment because my dad and then your dad kind of sticking around until you actually made that transition like you both made a transition to your next phase so do you find that wouldn’t do you find a different dynamic with him now versus in third dimension um I would I would say yes he it’s interesting when he sort of um you know when he pops up that’s he’ll he’ll pop up in the car you know he likes to went when you’re up in the mountains and you need to go somewhere else you’re in the car sometimes longer rather than shorter but at least you’re not sitting in Atlanta traffic um so you know all of a sudden he’ll be a lot of times he’ll be sitting in the backseat of the car all of a sudden I have a sense he is sitting back there or you know all of a sudden he literally just will pop up or on one of my visits to my brother in DC all of a sudden I could I literally all of a sudden I knew he was sitting on the couch just sort of sitting there smiling listening and taking everything in you know and hanging out so what’s interesting I feel like in some ways I am communicating a lot more with him now and I’m a lot more aware now than I was I spent I think more time being wrapped up in day-to-day junk then as always you know that that one-on-one time my and you know we were all so my faint were from Cleveland and then I move down here then one of my brothers moved down within a year after I moved down and then you know my parents ended up retiring and then they came down too and so you know it was nice that most of my immediate family was was so close but in some regards I didn’t see them as much as you know if you go back and you should yourself which is never helpful oh you know they were they were 30 minutes away but you know didn’t see them as much as now looking back and so I would say I made I’m making some changes now in my other relationships because of that because you know you do on this side you only there’s only so many opportunities and so I don’t know but I would say it’s the dynamic I would say it’s changed and there’s a lot more conversation now in some ways than I was before and seeing that you know he kind of got a push as you’re sharing your story he kind of pushed you at look to me and my concern he keeps pushing you along throughout and like you had mentioned of you think things would happen linearly like in 2010 maybe something will happen mm let them with regards to spirituality but you have mentioned that there was a magazine or a weekly spiritual mag that comes out that maybe your dad put into your presence I’d love for you to talk about that because you have an upcoming workshop and I want to tie in those two together sure um so you know we talked about me feeling like I’m supposed to do something healing and so I know that I and I’ve known this for a while um but I I channeled some pretty high vibe healing energy it’s not I’m a Reiki Master but it’s not Reiki it’s different I’ve gotten enough feedback from people that you know it definitely feels like a different experience so I’ve been things have been sort of stepping up and I’m feelings been feeling more comfortable to just actually to start telling people because the people that have known me for any length of time I didn’t necessarily even discuss like the healing you know any sort of healing work or anything like that because it’s I don’t know I just wasn’t feeling compelled or comfortable or both and now that I now that I am and so plus C so several weeks ago I received an email that I not clear on how I got on the distribution list but it was one of those it was from Oracle 2020 and it was talking about an upcoming event called fallen to wellness and they were seeking practitioners and I’m not clear how I got on their distribution list or if I’ve been on and it always went to junk but this email did not my inbox I saw it I read it and like I should respond to this which big which is a big deal for me and so I had a comment back and forth email wise and I said well I channeled this really high vibe energy so it’s you know I do healing work and it’s you know a healing energy and you know I can talk a little bit more about some of the really cool experiences some people have had and she said well you know we already have enough of that so maybe next year at our next event unless there’s a cancellation and the second I heard the word cancellation I knew there was going to be a cancellation yeah so so there was a cancellation and so that just has propelled me you know forward with um now I’m participating in my first event and but they were specifically so this is another couple interesting cool things from a timing perspective and wow isn’t isn’t the universe phenomenal I ended up taking a workshop so she specifically wanted someone that could do polarity balancing and so I took a workshop in September on polarity balancing which is very polarity balancing is absolutely cool and very phenomenal I would say pretty simple in a lot of regards but Wow powerful powerful stuff where you know what is it over but as a foundation what is probably benefit so so so as a foundation clarity balancing is based on Ayurvedic practice and the five elements that they use to explain things so there’s air water ether fire and earth and so our bodies are one big electromagnetic field and so if things happen to us in our lives some of those electronic circuits gets turned off whether you know it’s an overt physical trauma or an emotional trauma or you know anywhere in between things sort of start getting turned off and when things get turned off you’re not slowing and then you start having symptoms whether it a convenient so you’re out you’re out of balance so it can be anything from depression to an illness to some physical discomfort to anything in between and what’s really super cool with with this is you literally can hold some points and you start opening up circuits and things start flowing so even if and there’s a there’s a million different protein not a million but there’s a lot of different protocols that have been developed you know specifically for whether it’s you know there’s one for attention deficit disorder or schizophrenia or depression or fibromyalgia or I don’t know literally you have digestive issues you have you name it there’s there’s something for that literally but what school and you save money yes I’m sorry quick when you said points are you talking spiritual points energetic points or physical points on the body that’s a great question so yes sort of um so literally a physical there are physical points on your body so you know things where you know your meridians where your energy is flowing if you’re familiar with you know the meridians that go through your whole body so there’s they can be mapped to that so you know as an example like for the air element you know you’ve got some points on your shoulders you’ve got points near your kidneys and then points on your caps and if you literally if someone holds those points in a specific order it literally turns things on from the positive neutral to negative and then that energy starts flowing and so you know as an example you know my mom was feeling pretty down a couple weeks ago and I’m like well you know let me let me work on you a little bit and she hopped on the table and I literally balanced her 5-element so I held those points for each of those elements she felt like a million bucks when she got off the table and you know the Depression had completely shifted out of her space so you know one of the other things if you end up feeling and and from a physical perspective you can feel warmth you can feel tingling it twitching just literally as that energy starts moving through the system but people you know express that they’ve had profound feel profoundly more relaxed significantly lighter and just all around you know much better so what I found is so so I found this completely fascinating and exciting and I’ve been using it on on clients and they’ve been having a you know a great experience so but I this other work I do is I’m channeling or it’s and I compared to Reiki because it’s a it’s an energetic healing that I am a conduit for or it comes through me you know to the person that I’m sending it to and so it was I just shook my head when you know I got the email about well we have a cancellation can you are you able to do polarity balancing right of course because I can’t and I’ve gotten you know people are having great results you know from from doing that and so this events this fall and a wellness event which is next Sunday November 12th and it’s from 12 to 6 and it’s at the inner space in Sandy Springs on Vernon Woods Drive and so this event is completely focused around healing so healing and health and so you know there will be anywhere from a massage therapist to you know I’m going to be there doing clarity balancing to somebody’s doing something called you know a Gong bath which is like you know just being immersed in the sound somebody’s doing chakra healing a chair chair massage – light therapy brain waves testing all sorts of funky stuff so so a whole broad spectrum so I was just amazed of how that sort of opened up this oh here’s this event and Yvette you should go I like that or another point of synchronicity as well we talked a little bit about it offline but I think that the listeners to the podcast would appreciate so a couple of weeks ago you were on with your other business partner or you guys were doing something in the mountains for healing and ultimately something happened where he was unable to come but it would push you into the forefront of giving you further confirmation of validation to your to your attributes so I’d love for you to tell a brief story of how that unfolded well sure so we were we had several teeth and actually close friends coming up for another friend to come down and and associates that we were going to do this awesome nature workshop connecting with nature in the mountains and so and I was going to be hosting it so since Ryan wasn’t able to make it down it’s like well it’s a beautiful fall weekend we still need to get together and so let’s you know make some sort of alternative plan so as part of that weekend I said well you know what so let’s let’s play a little bit and let’s go down to my healing room and tell us do some healing work and see what kind of experiences everybody has so I started out with doing literally a polarity balancing session and so I balanced the five elements on everybody and what’s really cool with with this and I would say probably most most other healing energetic sort of modalities is you could it’s not you have to physically be there or you’ve got to be the person that you’ve got the hands on doing its intention is everything and being clear on what you’re doing and setting that intention you can do most anything and so I literally had somebody on the table and then the other two people were on math and so I worked on everybody a little bit so we did this we did a healing we did the polarity peace and then I said you know now I’m just going to go ahead and turn on my energy and just sort of bathe you guys in this lovely healing energies that feels really really awesome and I’ve gotten all sorts of interesting experiences so and the my friends that we’re going through this have varying degrees of exposure and understanding and perspective on some of the sealing stuff they think it’s cool they’re open but you know they just they showed up and so you know one of my friends you know one of the women afterwards you know said I had this experience but I don’t know how to I’m not really sure how to explain it and I said okay and so you well let’s let’s let’s explore that some more well she saw her angels for the first time in her third eye but she didn’t even she wasn’t sure she said well I saw I think I saw my angels but they were like between my eyebrows and I said people that’s your third eye that’s Bob so you know we talked some more about that and she was like no I could really see them and I got a little nervous and so I pulled back but I know I would have seen even more if I let myself and so like that but that’s just to me very exciting so she was very excited and especially the more we talked about you know what that experience was and lots of color lots of purple just really feeling an inner peace someone else that I’ve you know worked on recently after I you know we did a healing session had a lot of throat issues and all of a sudden was having you know some sinus drainage and some other things and so you know we you know we even talked through that well okay that’s your that’s your fifth chakra that’s all about speaking your truth and you know not biting your tongue and you know being open and honest and you know communicating with what’s going on instead of swallowing it and so you know there were some physical reaction after the healing of literally purging and getting stuff out of your out of our space and so it’s been interesting because different people have had completely different experiences someone else you know I’ve done some group healing work too lately and and it’s all distance and you know somebody’s got a angel hanging out with them the whole time they’re there laying there receiving the healing energy you know and that they’re seeing this so it’s it’s pretty pretty exciting stuff that other either it’s wow I feel awesome – Wow I saw my aim and you know other stuff in between I like that I just wanted to share that story because it seems like your confidence level is growing and giving you that validation for next week where if you hadn’t had that experience then maybe this opportunity wouldn’t have presented itself we don’t know we just know that the opportunity has presented itself and it’s an opportunity to kind of put you out there and continue to build and grow as a person no you’re you’re absolutely right because um yeah I’ve gone through little waves of Oh am I ready to do this and then it’s like yes I’m ready to do this you know and it’s working and the validation yeah I am incredibly deeply very full for the validation that is just sort of like you know helping push me along see that look you keep asking for signs so alright we’ll give you some more signs and oh and another case in point so this was a cool experience just actually just the other day so you know I mentioned that I’m in I’m in a couple different clothes Facebook group that have healers and readers and different things in it and somebody that I’ve gotten to know I think just happen to see a comment from her that she had a migraine and she was miserable well I’ve had a funny thing is actually 2010 is when I had migraines since when I was a child and I stopped having them in 2010 so yeah 2010 was really a big year for me so I can completely empathize with just how miserable a migraine can cause you to feel and so I messaged her and I asked her I said would you like me to send you a healing because you know you can run around feeling like you’re full of good intentions want to help people but I really don’t believe that you know it is brighter it was even ethical that sort of go into somebody else’s space even if you have good intentions without their permission so an hour later I got a message back oh yes please do I’m ready to hurl with worker words and so I’ve been playing with the polarity balancing which I know is really helpful and I literally but I did it differently so it was significantly quicker and then I I went ahead and just sent her sent her a healing and I got the first text I got back from her with like six minutes later that said the nausea is almost gone thank God thank you and like well that’s awesome you know and then a little bit later she you just post it out in the group she did you know and then she messaged me later but she’s like you know shout out to Yvette I had this migraine where I usually end up in urgent care because I’m so bad and then so much pain and so sick you know and it’s gone and that literally happened within ten or fifteen minutes and so like sweet so I was very again very grateful for the for the validation because I know on a very deep level that I sent out a healing it’s going to help it’s going to do something absolutely awesome um but I don’t always know what that is and it may not be which you logically think it could be it could be something else and so it was I was very excited that someone had a migraine was absolutely miserable and was back functioning relatively quickly you know she’s a she’s a mother with young children that you know she had all sorts of stuff she needed to be doing and she really didn’t have the luxury of crawling up into a ball and waiting for the hell to pass so so that was really cool too so um I was grateful with that I like that you had mentioned that in the Facebook group so for those that listen that don’t listen here I mean that don’t live here you know they may not be able to see you next week but that also means that you have a Facebook page and a website where people can get more information about the polarity balancing and your energy healing yes yes yes yes so um so is like things have really been on a real big upswing so it literally in July it dawned on me I need to set up a Healing Room because I was just sending out healings just like setting a private space and somewhere and you know sending out a healing and it’s like I have you know that ha moment need to set up the healing room regardless of what I’m doing I need that that dedicated space so set up the healing room and then started just getting more feedback and then offering healings and then with this event coming up I knew that I needed to get all my up get some more ducks in a row but this really helped push that along so I do have a facebook business page and it is evening shade mountain healing I’m literally in the process of getting a website stood up right now and it’s going to be up in the next handful of days and that’s going to literally be evening shade Mountain healing calm and my email is even Yvette at evening shade Mountain healing calm so I’m just really excited to you know be getting myself out there and letting I really feel strongly like I just need to put myself out there and I think which is true for everybody yep the right the people that are supposed to come to you find you sometimes it’s through a referral sometimes they just accidentally trip over something or you know someone else says something and said oh you should check this person out cuz they’ve got something to offer so I’m just right now really working on putting those things out there and so I can be found when people think that there’s a good match and that there’s something maybe that I can help them with or it could be a family member that sees what you don’t see and point you in the right direction or that to that sub so very true absolutely we got to give them credit than I mean even gotta I agree my dad’s my dad’s working it on the other side I agree told my grandmother I know that my grandmother is too my dad’s mom my grandma’s hanging out a lot too so I’m very deeply grateful I mean I’m happy just for the positioning because we actually get you before you beget become famous so the equity speak with for like six weeks where you’re actually good today you can saw hawk maybe you’re riding on the wings of a hawk get like six weeks six months when we follow up with you the other things we going yeah I know I I know and you know one of the pieces information I recently got from somebody is like for the healing work that I’m doing and the energy that I’m channeling um you know the feedback I’m getting is no one else is doing this now granted you can sit people are sending out energy you know and I completely understand this because like nope this is this one’s different this flavor of what you’re doing no one is doing and so you need to start actually documenting what you’re doing because at some point this is going to be something where you’re going to write a book and you’re going to train other people to do it so it’ll be a lot of fun to see where we’re at at some point and look back and go oh remember that interview you know oh and I guess I wrote a book so so stay tuned not sure when exactly what that timing will be but but well I’ll stay open to that and see where we go absolutely and for those that want to get in touch with Yvette if you’re actually in town here in Atlanta it is @ww fall into wellness calm you can check that out you can see a vet actually doing evening shade mountain healing she’s also doing the polarity therapy and as she mentioned there’s other other practitioners there as well it’s $20 to attend and that includes – all the talks and demonstrations and one service so you can actually for 20 bucks here all the different modalities and actually get a polarity healing performed by the one and only Yvette that’s it exactly for you could check out other practitioners and it’s just another ten dollars for other sessions too so it’ll be a lot of fun to you know go try out some different modalities and see what resonates with you absolutely twelve to six on next one Sunday which is the 12th of November or twelve to six so with that one thing that in closing because we are at the top of the hour you had mentioned at the beginning was it was all me so I think that’s the big keep my big takeaway from this call everyone kind of gets in their own way looking outside themselves about things that are happening but when you kind of take a step back and realize this is what the perception that we’re seeing when you change that perception you can actually change your reality with that we our intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective I am Hamza and I am David and thanks again for spending time with us today Yvette we look forward to hearing many wonderful things Thank You Homme so thank you David I really appreciate you spending some time with me yes thank you [Music] thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day

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