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Hamza and David explore the wonderful world of psychic mediums. Can psychic mediums really communicate with the other site? What is the other plane of existence anyway? We discuss experiences both pro and con on the subject from a homies’ perspective…

Video Transcript

thing we need is now we’re getting on all cylinders there we go cool alright so today it’s sunday March 26 hello everyone this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective and I am hase I’m David and today we’re going to talk about trans mediumship local mediums and you meet maybe psychic but not crazy yeah you’re just crazy I think you’re just crazy to write and everyone’s been telling you that now you need to listen to this you crazy bastard so anyway before we going to get started into the topic subject matter at hand today I like to see how your week was how was your week I had a good week just dealing with some back issues back pain but I’m a lot better now okay and and you had mentioned something earlier about the reason why you’re feeling better and why do you think that is sending myself a lot of love okay so that seemed to make things better just liking and loving myself for Who I am and the more I did that seem the better my back started Phil and then I start to kind of get hard on myself then started to hurt more so mmm lesson learned let’s and learn for for sure and I think it’s always harder when it’s our own selves looking at that we can see that in other people they may be bent over slumped over and and it’s not always because a bad posture could be something spiritual that’s going on with them or spiritual disconnect right where they feel like they’re not connected and so you know i think this topic that we’re talking about today is kind of apropos for that but for this week I like I had a really good week as well and it was good I actually like to talk about yesterday I have to give a shout out to michele michele ellis she has coax michelle events and she had a wonderful seminar yesterday she’s a coach for the home care community and we had over a hundred people in attendance did a lot of business really happy about that but the reason why I’m bringing it up for this podcast is I was calling her you know a couple weeks before this was set up and one time I called her pretty late and she said I’m taking a nap and I said yeah I was like oh we’re doing a podcast a lot of taking a nap and we were talking about the power of naps and how we can get so much done and yesterday at the event she’s a big sports fan her husband shout out to rob rob ellis as well he was there I finally got to meet him face-to-face and their big basketball fans and so we were talking about the South Carolina game and you know I was going to be a little petty now because they’re playing florida today and I want Florida to win but they asked the star player from South Carolina scored 24 points he was just phenomenal is a great game and they’re like what do you attribute to your success and he said well I always take a nap before each game and every after a nap I feel like I’m on another level so I don’t know you guys are you actually said that yes I don’t know he’s if you listen to our podcast or not but yeah I got a really big kick out of that where you know the power of next and you gotta start over so sorry about that it’s the power of math and how much we can get so much from it when we leverage it and he was proof positive she was proof positive and I run across so many people where we talk about when we were little kids and we thought that was a punishment to take a nap and now as adults were like you know what I can reach so much more I can leverage so much more when I take a nap and so I just I got a big kick out of that that was with God wink of hey that was our first podcast I never talking about it all these weeks later so for anybody that made listen to this for the first time please check out our first podcast we were talking about the power of naps and we’re on our fifth one now and we’re getting it together and hopefully you’ll be along for the ride for us so I definitely wanted to share that that was a great part of a god wing for this week michael Stone so today we’re talking about trans mediumship and there are so many different definitions of psychic of a medium of a spiritual medium of trans mediumship let’s see from a homies perspective if we can kind of clear the air and give our definition of the subject matter so for transmedia chip I like you need to jump into it okay well in my experience a trance medium is someone who has the spiritual and physical ability to allow to leave their body and allow another spirit or being to come into it okay to just to keep it simple okay and that in itself is a moving go million different directions but keep it simple yeah that’s what it is okay and for that Annette for a transmedia nship and so the way so what’s your definition of a psychic my definition of psychic is someone who is soul essence sensitive person someone who is aware of themselves as spirit that’s my definition of psychic okay yeah and then there’s different types of mediumship so you have trans mediums and then you have regular medium so what’s your definition of a right of a not a regular media but of a medium I meaning well the yeah there’s this different like I say it gets levels of degrees of transmitting ship so you can say that those people that are out of control if you’re trans mediums they’re not in control of that ability and there are people that are on the other end of the spectrum that are fully in control of that ability so everyone to some degree is a medium all right whether it’s another spirit or a type of energy that’s coming to your space that is a level of mediumship so the TV you’re one in it could be a tak’n completely out of control completely in control or somewhere in the middle we’ve all the experience whether you realize it or not you experience another beam or spirit in your space so to speak in some way shape or form now one thing that I liked about our title this week it was trans mediumship you may be psychic but not crazy so I like to give a shout out to the folks at the Berkeley psychic Institute because they had a periodical back in the 80s and they were talking about you may be psychic but not crazy since you were part of Berkeley Berkeley psychic institute can you talk about how they even came up with that title um well I think the founder Lewis fossil is the one that came up with it and how he came up with that hat I have no idea but I know it was with his experiences and dealing with people that were having trans mediumship problems the regular avenues of dealing with people with you know schizophrenia and personality disorders I guess they might have called it back in those days weren’t working and so he has a clairvoyant could see that bean body relationship that people were having and can see it as a spiritual problem not a physical problem that needed to be dealt with with you know overloading the person with drugs and whatnot so when these people that were labeled crazy he was able to treat them on a spiritual level teach them how to get back into their bodies kick the beans out that didn’t belong there and then they got well so that’s probably if I had to get how he came up with that is people that were labeled crazy he was like hey you know I it might be psychic not crazy it’s a spiritual experience that you’re having not a physical one the outlet they know the it’ll manifest itself through the body but it’s an energy thing and he recognized it so if i had to guess is something that’s probably how he came up with the title ok in my personal experience it was really good going through the mediumship class with iman because i had several years of doing the psychic development givanna Brian Yvonne O’Brien who will have on on our podcast at some point yeah so I’ll keep harassing her as time goes on but the interesting thing was as a psychic reader we were taught you know how to read energy great and so we’re reading a person’s Bora and we’re seeing what’s going on through them and we actually had to turn that off and doing mediumship reading because then we’re talking more so more so to an ancestor or angel that’s coming through the heads of specific message that they’d like to get across and so initially it’s kind of like riding a bike gray like I was used to using one muscle for her psychic development but then there was another muscle or another realm that I was unaware of and then I was able to turn turn it off like hey am I reading this person’s aura or am I reading some type of mediumship communication that’s coming through through an ancestor there’s that’s trying to / that’s trying to give a message that they need to hear so it’s just really interesting to kind of go through both processes and recognize the difference I wasn’t aware that you how long was that were you working with Yvonne or on her program yeah I want to say it was like I mean it was a short class it was it was an advanced class so you had to do you know the psychic development all that first and prerequisites so I’m gonna say it was like 30 or 60 days but then what happened was she had gotten contacted by the local police and the police had us working on cold cases so then that became an ongoing thing and her still the group and as a year later that they still take part in the cold cases okay so I personally as we go into the podcast I’ll explain the reason why I have not been a part of that but it was just really good to be of service to those that had cases that haven’t been solved in in some cases years and using Yvonne and using the group we were able to uncover some things that that was very helpful to the third dimension right because they have to kind of use us in the back door they can’t say publicly hey I’m working with these people or let me just so much of the negative connotation of the type of work so just maneuvering through those minefields and still getting a desire result so let me ask you this question were you actually like leaving your body bringing in another skirt and doing the readings of communication or was a spear communicating to you and then you will you know yes so yes and I think not i think but going through a horizon center of intuitive awareness we always were taught about our seniority and so you always have to ask permission to give a reading you have to ask permission to give a healing so on and so forth and so there’s me there’s a spirits or entities that would love to kind of come in that’s why people make filled are crazy and such but if we have our seniority then we can dictate how we would like to communicate and so it made a lot of sense of people always talking about different phenomena of angels or hey I may have saw my grandmother or whatever and they since we have free will we have to actually ask for them to come in I think there’s a violation when people are taking advantage of where they may feel they’re crazy or what have you because they have they don’t have the seniority that we were taught so I think that’s the difference we didn’t let that energy come in we actually could just read it without that that was our contract ok yeah yeah well it’s a good point because there are you know there are different levels of mediumship and those people that you know full body other people that will just allow the being the plug into the vocal cords and then just talk I’ve experienced myself personally and have seen the psychic surgeons work where the beans just plug right into the hands and they can go right into the body of Athena absolutely that’s one cool stuff have you ever seen a difficult and so then of course you know those are more controlled and then you have the you know the other women were the people as we call them six psychics where they have no control and it’s an analogy would be like if you would you know you’re going to go out to your car to go somewhere and there was already someone sitting in the driver’s seat so now you had to get in the passenger and you really had no say what was going to happen and where you’re going to go that’s kind of like and kind of like with your body it’s like you get kicked out of it and another being will spread will come in and they just kind of can you know wreak a little bit of havoc or just do what they want and you have not enough seniority to get back into your body and take full control and that’s the other that’s the other end of it where there’s no control and it’s a problem in your life and you know so yeah I think that’s the importance of even doing a podcast like this because that’s the beauty of the web the web enables us to access so much type of information and knowledge that we put in years and generations ago and so that was always an issue you might want to save it instead of discarding it’s always let me save your 10-minute increments it looks like so you gotta wait for it to upload okay so we’ll keep that down so we don’t got a lot so anyway with the web it’s really great because you can get with people that love soccer right like-minded individuals you can get in touch with people in different forms of hey you know I might think I’m crazy of getting all these energies that are around and there’s nothing I could do about it and and by that same token you have you have resources and you have drinks that can talk about this type of subject matter where you’re not feeling overwhelmed you may feel you are you filling on you’re alone in the world that’s going through this and so if you don’t have that education then how would you know that you’re being taken advantage of I mean you know you are but you don’t know I’d like you just said you don’t know how to get that seniority back yeah and that could be the worst case scenario because I think there’s a lot of people that in their physical existence because of it you know they try to drown out their voice those voices through either alcohol drugs food what have you and then when they can’t get there there’s like wool I only have one other option left and then they just decide to Trent to transition yeah so unfortunately that happens and I think unfortunately again that it’s happening even more in 2017 just because that the veil in my opinion is so thin now so there’s people that have more more access to this type of information and so or not even access to the information but access to different entities and they don’t know what to do about it so it could be the fact that they can’t identify what’s going on Yeah right and they don’t know where to direct their wit’s end and they have no one to speak with and now they’re doing on Facebook live where they’re posting something where they’re leaving the earth and that’s happening a lot facebook has definitely stepped up so hats off the facebook because you know people can now report those type of incidents because it’s happening a lot and usually when people do that they’re already crying out for help and they felt that they couldn’t get an answer they were looking for so there Arthur would say yeah so someone might ask how do I know if I’m a trance medium we’re having those experiences well one way to tell is if you have experiencing really being spaced out or and or is it another thing we have tons of people that are incarcerated that you know swear they didn’t do this that or the other and have no recollection of doing it well they had a trans medium experience they were out of her body another game came in committed the crime left and then when they got back you know next day know they’re being arrested I have a clue what just happened so if you’ve ever had any experiences of people were telling you that you did this Stanton the other and you have no recollection it was a good chance that you were out of your body when that happen you just your body did it but it wasn’t you that were in it when it happened so another other things that people remember the story Sybil nothing of that movie civil nope I think played her i cant rember the actress but it was a real case of the scrotum had like 16 personalities 14 of them were women and two of them were boys and her mother was a big time trying to medium very abusive to her as she was growing up and how she dealt with it was the beatings and stuff she just leave her body and bring another being in that can handle handle that all the anger and stuff from her mother and so as a child growing up in that she just kept using different spirits just to deal with her situation and you know they had all the therapists and stuff trying to help her as she was growing up and whatnot but maybe they turned it into a movie and there’s a book called civil but people will whether it’s a situation like that or actors actresses all the time they’re good example of mediums robin williams for example he’s a good example and i see an interview once someone asked him where does all this come from and he said his exact words you know I don’t know I all I know it comes through me we so athletes you know there’s people that aren’t good with generating anger so they can bring your being to be angry if they need athletes do the same thing you can bring in all kinds of artists people that are virtuoso are prodigies on certain levels musically and whatnot a lot of times they’ll bring in a different being to do those things that they’re doing incredible stuff yeah so it’s not always a bad thing when it’s out of control that’s not good because it’s going to affect your life but if it’s an in-control thing or where you have your seniority to it an agreement with it that works out for you then it’s not started back then you actually bring up two good points that that triggered for me one is the movie split and I haven’t seen it yet but yeah it just came out and I think its own video now so you know maybe I’ll take some time to to watch that because I’m sure they do address that oh yeah I’m sure and what’s really interesting is I like John Edwards who’s a medium like James Van Praagh he’s a man and what’s really interesting ya bashar yeah he’s a huge transmedia and what’s really interesting with James Van Praagh is he was the executive consultant for what was it ghost the ghost whisperer TV show and you know someone like James who’s been in it for 20 30 years you know he’s seen waves right so there’s there’s this interest and then it kind of wings but he’s also a part of Hollywood as well so it goes to the next level so they were always bumping heads because yet so save it first so what happens is they have to take it to the next extreme right like if it’s a regular medium type in the event you have to make it a hyper just so people will watch it right and then unfortunately in this case a lot of it is through horror so a lot of people have the association of trans mediumship with horror movies or a like the person has been taken over we need an exorcism and all those and as a child you watch those and of course they’re they’re scary and they serve their purpose but on some levels those are always lower energies and what’s so unlike a bashar where you’re trans or even a professor who channels abraham you know their frequency is one such a higher level that they’re able to have a greater benefit and can leverage more information out of it and what you’re talking about where or the association with it being really bad and low energies and that’s where you hear like a James Edwards James Van Praagh some of the others talk about when they were younger and they were in high school and college and they drank a lot and that’s the reason why alcohol is called spirits and those type of energies stick around low energy right and so when people like oh man what happen to college less my toes crazy I blacked out i don’t know happen friday it’s a breeding ground right you have you have always talked about this before once a man twice a child alright so when you’re a child you have access to their entities and such that’s a lot easier when you’re when you’re close to transition or when you’re older and not caring what other people think i think it comes back but when you’re a teenager early 20s and you’re totally out of that space then I think that the other the lower energies are attracted to that because they know you don’t have any seniority at all and they want to be a part part of that party too because that’s what attracts them they were used to the crime like you said or used to the binging and what have you and they can have that experience by coming through your space yeah right so it’s kind of like you kind of asked for it like you’re in that space and you don’t know how to handle it so the worst case scenario is it could be happening for years next thing I’m a drunk I’ve been a drunk for year right and that’s the only way there’s so much that I don’t have any control in there not a productive person of a society like it can go in a downward spiral rather quickly and all that is attributed in my opinion to not have enough yeah edgar cayce here’s another example of their medium and I’ll receive he had it in control and throughout history there’s a you know people have done that where though bringing different beans and that being will you know give readings through healings and agri case you were very famous medium back in the early 20s or yes when it’s there is so on yeah something right you can look them up and there’s also another type what is known as a walk in and that’s where a person who usually it involves with may be getting into some kind of accident car accident some kind of accident where you get completely kicked out of the body and then another being will jump in and from that point on just kind of takes over and for the rest of your life and I worked with someone like that that happened to her she wasn’t aware of it but as she know I got to know her and she told method oh yeah you’re definitely a walk in and then I explained that tore it totally made sense because she has gotten to an accident in series about 18 and she was in the hospital for like a week and then when she came to she didn’t remember anything and she didn’t know anything about her family or anything and everyone’s like guys are so different not even the same person that used to be in blah blah blah and from there that that was just a different being that kind of took over but that’s not an uncommon thing but it’s but it’s known as a walk in mmm no one it just walks in kind of takes over now when was she how old will see what she had the accident I think she’s like 18 so again it kind of goes back into that time frame right because they don’t have that seniority and I think that’s been really a point of interest when we talk about the subject matter at least in popular media as well there is a movie that I like called I think it’s called the town or something like that where the guy had a near nde so in Des have been really popular lately with near-death experiences and then when they have that near-death experience they come back with a whole different outlook on life and some of it can be really good where they’re like hey I’m going to totally change my life you have appreciation and I’ve taken my life for granted or you’ll have that walk in that will come in and its really interesting so I always learned even before horizon right if I’m in the car with another capable person and you drive by an accident you know you try to give that person some so healings because you’ll see a lot of lower energies around that space too because it’s an easy entry point to have that walk in yeah I believe Sam Kinison comic I think he was a walk into he was in an accident he got hit by a bus hit a car a bus when he was really young and from that point on he was never the same person evidence pairing every will tell you he was completely different yeah a different person yeah yeah that’s that’s a really good point because that kind of goes back and not go to back but it makes me think of the pharmaceutical industry because you hear this what you’ve mentioned Sam Kinison you hear this with a lot of a lot of comedians there’s a lot of mania with comedians or arguments or rod williams and some of these others where they’re channeling so many different energies even either known or unknown right and they have this type of mania that makes them funny so a lot of people on entertaining you know on another level right that’s when they’re on stage but when they’re not on stage they’re totally different person you know that’s why I have to bring it up Robin Williams again right you’re like the pay was so happy and you never saw them off camera and you see that’s where that me Nia is so the reason why I bring up the pharmaceutical industry is because you know they’ll get put on XYZ pill and now that meeting is gone and now they feel like they lost that touch right they can’t note they can no longer tap in to that talent that everyone admonishes them for ya and so now they’re at a quagmire as to how do I live my life do I have this mania that makes me famous or do I live in misery because this is what the I really feel and people don’t get to see that yeah and I think that’s a really difficult challenging rough life that no one should undergo yeah I think Michael Jackson you know a little bit there when he was on stage you know we all know you know it was a great performer that he was and then you would hear stories offstage eNOS you know kind of quiet and you know just wasn’t as comfortable off stage but once he got on stage and he was performing in front of a lot of people you could you know I could see it was a whole different game no duh and so what else there is another it’s really nice to watch like Meryl Streep or just really great actors you can just watch that as a clairvoyant it’s really interesting watching how they work with the energy and bringing in different type of energies when they’re doing their craft and that’s why you’ll be like wow they so had me convinced that this is who they were what they did that’s part of that ability oh I’m laughing to those i was watching a sam samuel l jackson video interview a couple of weeks ago because he’s you know he’s promoting king kong it’s not done yet yeah none of those things were saving and then that say no could you have to wait for them to upload first I’m cutting it off before it finishes uploading so we’ll talk about that okay afterwards so anyway so he was Samuel Jackson was on hot 97 and he’s promoting you know King Kong and they’re going through his I mean he’s a great actor right so as we talk about mediumship and such and so he had channeled they were talking about Django and how people wanted to kill him and you always hear these from different actors were there are not at the hospital or hotel or at the airport and people are coming up to them and their their expressiveness energy and her like I was playing a role of a member of an actor and people it’s hard for people to distinguish the two but that’s why they get paid the big bucks are they can channel on some level and bring out so much more than if you’re just sitting next to them and you’re just like wow how do you tap into that yeah so that’s a think that’s a really good segue as far as like how can you is there a way that you can tap into that energy i know some people always think okay that was a it’s a gift from birth or as we mentioned before you were in an accident or you were using some type of intoxicants and this happen is another more natural way that you could talk about for trans mediumship or mediumship as a whole Amy like wanting to learn how to do it absolutely well I would say a couple things be careful what you ask for and you you know you might be able to seek out someone who has some experience in doing that if you’re going to try to do it by yourself and you know it’s a 50-50 I’ll give you an example and you might have been at horizon when this happened I’m not sure but Dwight Wilson who’s running horizon soon she had this woman come in and to get inhaling through the healing clinic and you might have heard this story I have you okay so I guess during the healing one of the other teachers was given this woman healing and she started to have a what looked like maybe like a seizure or she started you know having like a what kind of seizure and Joanne immediately recognized what was going on there was a note what happens is when a spirit tries to get into your body usually it’s at a different vibration then the depth of being Van the beam that occupies the body so in order to get in it has the raised of vibration and that’s where you’ll see you know in a person shaking whether that appears to be like a seizure or epileptic seizure that’s the other being trying to get in raising the vibration the body so this woman was having that experience and so Joanne went over to her I think grounded her and started telling that spirit you need to get out of the body eventually got that beam out of the body put the woman back into her body and you know the women came to and started to feel better and when that so she started to have a conversation with their own was asking you know how I was just been going on and it had been going on for like I think the past year and Joanne asked her what happened with you know in the past year a year ago and she said well I was interested in challenge so I wouldn’t got a book and started reading about it and then after that she started having those experiences yes so they would just happen every so often she really wasn’t in any kind of control of it she didn’t know whether it was going to but that would happen so that’s an example of someone just kind of having a desire to you know find out more and that was her experience so I’m not gonna say that’s what happened to you but if it was something that you would you know truly interested in learning how to do or I would you know do some reading and maybe and or find someone that has that kind of experience that could kind of guide you along mm-hmm and absolutely yeah because no one wants to be the guinea pig right no right and so especially for for this subject matter i know that if we talk about incarnation or reincarnation and that could be a whole nother topic for another podcast but you know there are some historical remnants of previous lives where people didn’t end up on the right end of the other okay of a cutting yeah the cutting board right they got burned at the stake or they did get cut or they were thrown out to sea or they’re ostracized and so there are loved it’s not like I’m going to do a google search for target and finally my target near me right there are some people that advertise forward there’s other people that are very private about it I know I’m more so on the privacy end of it and I mean I’m not the most capable but I have had access you know and I think some of those are private and I think some of those should be so i think you should always or you not you but any person that’s interested in the subject matter should one take a look in the mirror and see what your objective is that you want to get out of it right because there’s we just watched before our podcast the new trailer for the Justice League that darn it it’s not coming out until November but they show us at today but they’re showing their give you an idea of what you can get out of it in that there’s good and yes and then there’s bad that can come out of any scenario so you always have to look at you know what are your goals when you look to take this under consideration so i would think long and hard i would speak with my spiritual advisor i would speak with you know communities along the way both people that have done that before and go where it’s a controlled environment because I know that another thing that’s really big right now are you know and i’ll probably do it at some point is the trip to Peru where people are doing the the retreats where they’re actually accessing energies there and it’s just because of outlaw here in the states and so on the web you have a ton of different experiences that people have had when they’ve gone there and when they’d come back and some of it has been because they didn’t have the seniority and others have had wonderful experiences so you have to weigh the good in the bad I think everyone has their own individual experience so you may line yourself with three or ten people that has all good experiences you have a bad experience and you have to address that as well like why did you have a bad experience well was there a fear that was associated with that and that’s what the energies were attracted to and when the surface you felt like you were as confident as everyone else and you really want yeah there are sensors to throughout the United States a lot of them are people that graduates former graduates of BPI that moves on and open their own centers and one that that have trans medium training programs so that’s another avenue to explore I know one of the Northern California disc sleppy on healing center they have a transmedia program and you know you went through the program at BPS Berkeley like I guess yeah not to trance medium okay yeah yeah I did that was like a five year program Wow yeah it was long and they were messing around that’s probably one of the if I had to do it unfortunately will not stay unfortunate for me getting out of the body and giving is not an easy thing for me I’m pretty attached to your other people it’s not real easy and so I like to channel me okay so I was just like yeah but if I ever decided to have floods going to do it that’s where I probably like today if I decided I want to do it I’d probably do it as fluffy on I know they have a lot of experience John Fulton rest his soul passed away a couple years ago he was the head of that this fluffy on and tremendous amount of experience with dealing with the transmedia he was heading attends medium program at BPI and I watch them you know in action he was a he was really good with that so I’m like yeah I ever had to do it I’m gonna do it under his guidance now what you said was a really good point and that fortunately unfortunately we live in a microwave society right and so things need to be done yesterday and would you just mention is that is a five-year commitment and you have to ask yourself are you committed to going that far down the rabbit hole yeah right because I think some people have the the intention of yes there’s a desire but I want to get I want to accomplish five years of work in a weekend yeah yeah great i want to just go to the weekend workshop and now now now i want it now now I’m on Oprah or you know dr. Phil yeah the reason why it was five years i believe it’s not that it took you five years and i learn how to do it but you you it was really important to be able to see the spirits that you were working with right and having your seniority setting up your rules and guidelines of them coming in and you know them leaving and not being there and so and there’s so many layers to it that we could just go on forever so it was really important because the last thing they wanted you to do is become a stick psychic and out of control because if you’re messing around with all this and you’re not you’re not you know paying attention you could become a sick psychic absolutely can take over your life and that’s the last thing that people wanted so it was just kind of a slow process of really learning really how to be senior and not giving up your seniority to any beans you’re in control you’re running a game and it was really important to be able to see so you had to do clairvoyant training first and then you know over time you just learned how to bring different beings in and all kinds of different levels where there’s just to the vocal cord completely in your body and your hand you learned all of that but some people were you know they they’re most of their life they were dealing with trans mediumship issues so it spoke to them they’re like oh yeah I mean that’s what you’re really learning how to do essentially is being really how to be in your body because you have to learn how to do that in order to learn how to give that space up so it was important it was a really a lot of training that goes in and I wouldn’t take it lightly it was something that you’re really serious and to do you should find someone that has a lot of experience and then kind of guide you along and that’s why I alluded at the beginning about you know being a part of the cold case and installing some of those crimes or one have how much gonna cool it was really cool it was really fun I think the most fun that I had was Halloween and so you know most witches and wikas and all that all animals in the in the know love Halloween because that’s when the veils finished right and so we went to the haunted house outside of Atlanta right i think it was in Cumming Georgia or what have you right Halloween in itself was a transmedia fest absolutely everyone puts all the costumes on and oh my god everything comes up you know what to be honest that was my open the door so I I’ll go back to that I’ll put a pin in that so what was interesting was you know if it’s a cold case in many cases in many cases right there are some very violent crimes that have happened right and so when we would go to solve these crimes in my opinion and we did we weren’t always all together so we would be in our own space and then we would collectively connect via mind if you will which i think is very powerful but what I found was that were attracting a lot of the lower energies and they were like oh wow you see me oh ok now i can come around and play with you or I’ll be in your dreams and things like that and it was really funny too kind of dove into dovetail into the halloween thing so we go to this haunted house in coming right and you know people haven’t lived there since the 20s and 30s right and now it is a landmark for for halloween and and ghosts and all this other stuff you just saw so much violence that happened in the house wrong and what was interesting is that none of that is documented on on google or any of that so you couldn’t do your you tubing or googling before you went there like you had this body of knowledge and like oh yeah it was no you we won as a team we uncover the stuff and then the people that ran a facility would confirm or deny this was happening and in one incident one incident we were in one room and a lady was by her daughter they both were on the other side and she was by her daughter and she was really perturbed that we were in her space right so she was kind of like the nudge like get out of my space right and it took some people for spin so you know we were kind of like all right this is this is cool but let’s see what’s in the other part of the house right we want to leave and then one of the people had meant you know we do or follow up like a day or two later and someone had mentioned that that lady had come into that person’s dream at night and she was like whoa how do you like it now you like how that feel all right you’re infringing on my babe now got it yes babe so it’s kind of like you got to be very careful when you when you start attracting any type of energies because like attracts like and they see that there’s an interest and you can play as a part of the game where you can’t work but you have to have the seniority or you’re going to get taken out of your comfort zone rather quickly so when you would when you went there you walked around the house and checked out the energy to house and then what did you do sit down and a line and just read everything right what no okay so what I saw the format was we did the whole it was on like an acre of land okay so for those that are watching this doublet don’t live in Georgia so it’s outside of Atlanta so those that live in Atlanta no there’s two different George’s there’s Atlanta the nares outside of Atlanta so coming is about 30 miles outside of Atlanta meaning historically that there was a lot of hate crimes happening so there are a lot of killings lynchings what have you for against different people of color and so you would we would uncover some of that at the place so we will walk the land and we’d walk inside the house so we can see you know different generations of families that we’re living there and they are kind of together now in the same space now of grandpa was with grandson and they’re the same age type of Dale sensors you know no age outside of third dimension and so it was just really interesting then we were sharing notes from Matt and then I think it was it was like three hours so for two hours we would you know right nodes what did you see or we’ll see a flash of light you know everyone had everyone has different capabilities so we’re actually complimenting oh it’s all the same thing or Wow and did you see this you know so that was fun but then for the last hour you’re with the people that curate the place and then they would confirm or deny just different things that we saw Wow yeah okay so am I in my opinion that was a lot of fun I think everyone can have access to it and I think that it was a great experience and you could take it to the next level like I said there’s still the same group they do cold cases even to this day but it’s really funny i think there’s on some level some attraction to that lower energy like oh my goodness I’ve been scared out of my wits and you know I personally I am more of the the line of if I were to compare the two I’m a huge fan of esther and jerry obviously I’ve always mention him i think in every podcast and one thing that they always say is you don’t know how hard you fought to get into this body right so you have to remember that but then the other other point that i like to highlight is Bashar because with Bashar I forget the guy’s name right now I’m sure somebody I’ll turn him in when they see the video but he channels himself right so he’s channeling his future self and he’s channeling which is really interesting because as an entender and the intenders group we kind of look at a week or two or maybe a month out he’s look at 300 years out and so it’s for 300 years right you have this body of knowledge that you can bring back to yourself in the present where you can leverage so much more it’s kind of like those movies hot tub time machine or people go back and they’re like if I knew this information back then I’d be a mill type of deal and so I I’m more so attracted to those type of deals because it is your higher self it is you and it is some level of mediumship because you they can be seen as an ancestor and they’re helping you out like we have ancestors that helped us out even today that we can ask for like my grandparents as such they’re always around and I acknowledge them but to acknowledge myself 300 years into the future it gives me so much of I think a better view point then if I thought I can just live this life on my own and live on my own Island and get things accomplished so from that aspect i love the mediumship more so than having more script less experience in the trans mediumship but i love the subject subject matter just the same so you mentioned that that when you were like that’s a hundred house of curators would you know he’s invited to tell you what you’re seeing two or yes so what was their kind of take on it off are they just kind of like to philly adore today no they simply curate their a curator for those that don’t know they document everything historically so they know arrest records they know murder records they know crime reports they know everything that’s been documented in the past and so and nobody had that knowledge before going to the meeting before going on that tour and so you know if we saw hey you know there was domestic violence in the house or there was they were gambling an out or you know they were doing things they weren’t supposed to then they’re like oh yeah these people were the moonshine boys of the city and things like that so or we call it crimes of passion you know the crimes of passion usually especially in those times in the early 20s and beforehand a lot of it was hush-hush it was keep your keep your mind your business you know things happen on my land and no one else have to worry about that so we uncovered some of that as well it was just really interesting and you know the fear factor what have you but I just I just took it at lower energy and the fact that they can come back into our dreams and like hey well you’re a friend on myspace it’s equal playing field yeah right I think the choice and that’s why I said everyone should look at what their ultimate goal is when they look into something like this what do you want to get out of it you want to get out of it something where you can take advantage of other people right then you may well attract a lower energy because that’s what they’re going to do to you so if you don’t have that security you’re going to get with more than what you ask for because you wanted to do not i think that’s a beautiful lesson and that’s a beautiful lesson in my opinion of mirrors because you’re only getting out what you put you’re only getting back what you put out so if you’re looking for something of lower energy or to take advantage the one that ultimately will happen to you in 10 fold more than you would ever anticipate so would they receive you guys as like this is something valid that you’re doing because like for example never have been people who would request healings recon mission and healings I could say hospitals because they have a loved one that was you know really sick or maybe even your death or whatever and you know the hospital they let you go into the room and sit and do healing work but there was always a faction there like that second cuz that’s not real or whatever so that’s what I was kind of asking did did they receive you as what you guys did was valid or or did they kind of just blow it off no I you know that might have been courteous towards you and everything but how were you receive like on that level I mean how would you ever know I think it’s all in the perception of the perceiver right it could feel that they were amenable and hey they you know they’re they catered to our needs when have you yeah but I think for them it’s always enticing or attractive to just see what other people see like how did you see that right like you know it’s Halloween and people come here to get scared they don’t know why they’re scared they don’t know why the hair is braids on the back of their neck and you guys have access to things that other people can’t we’re like well no we don’t I mean we’ve actually gone through some training and that’s what I ultimately like like to tell people and so I think that Oh a perfect example is i’ll use my example of a verizon again so you know i had some level of capability like most people do i think why they are coming to horizon but we may not have had the the training of a certain level of how to approach it or take control of it right we were just like wow I just just see things right and what does that mean so you know there’s so many different levels that’s why we wanted to highlight the difference between being a psychic and being a medium because there are two different things and so if you’re getting access to ancestors or something or angels and it can help that person that you see then I think all the better but i also think and i believe that what i loved and what I got out of horizon was you always have to ask permission for the other people so like when the TV shows and you’re gone up to all these strangers and like a well your uncle told me to say I think they have to be in a level of openness to even talk to you about that and I think with with television obviously it’s for some of it’s entertainment value some I mean a lot of it is valid I’m not discounting any of those shows but they have advertisers that they have to that they have to answer to so they continue to be on the show great and so that’s just something that at least today marks 26 at 147 p.m. eastern standard that’s not a desire of mine it’s just more of I wanted us to talk about the different levels of mediumship again for people like us not people like us but from a homies perspective you don’t usually get to see in our opinion and I think that we were just as capable as the majority’s society and we have we have a lot to offer yeah so I wanted to at least give our two cents on the matter yeah so real quick and then we’re getting repent of running up on time here can you remember your first medium with trance medium experience whether it’s something you experienced or you saw someone else experienced in your life oh absolutely yeah yes could thanks for that so you were talking about halloween and halloween being like the veil so thin and all that good stuff so a friend of mine I love her to death we may have her on the pocket I’m not going to bring her name up right now but so anyway she referred me to a medium and she said you’d be interested in going to this mediumship for halloween and at the time I had never gone anything like this I think it’s a negative connotation now where they say a seance but it was that’s why I was built at the time right and so I go and it was really great it was it was unlike the movies you know people weren’t getting thrown up against the wall so it was good idea that stuff right and then I wasn’t my expectation but you know when you see enough of those movies you like I don’t know I gotta I gotta call my three emergency contact again so happens to me right so you know I can lab now because it actually put me probably to today like you just said it was an entry moment that had a lessening laughing memory and so they’re about I want to say 10 or 15 people there at the place where i demur in a circle and so the medium comes in and then he’s a trained to trans medium so he was actually taking on the mannerisms and the energy of the energies that were coming in though the ancestors that were coming in so you know either your grandma would come through or your mom or your daughter that you know all these different relationship they would come through so they had gone and I probably still had some some I had my uh we didn’t call it my analyzer still on and so I’m like well that’s cool I don’t know any of these people maybe it’s all the hoax or whatever let’s see what happens to me and so you know when he comes to me my one’s my favorite aunt had to come through and she had passed a year prior and so you know I was really taken that wow this really happens and I you know until the family and all this other stuff and I’m really smiling now because you know she has my favorite haunt you know she didn’t mince words right so she’s like yo you know it’s not running the streets Jason these girls it on a not I’m like yeah you’re embarrassing me in front of this group of people out she was saying that what you came through the guy up yeah everybody’s laughing and I’m just very bathe it i like all right I you know she’s like yeah like she collects nails may know and she just issues a fireball he had totally embodied her and I was like I know exactly do that is yeah and then another person had come through and I had acknowledged that too so it was a lot of the little validity in my opinion and then the medium and I have become really good friends over the years and I had gone to see him a couple of times and then I was gonna be verizon he’s like why are you coming to see me man like you had this capability to do it but it was it was more of the seniority again right like we’re even telling you some of these things so that you had the seniority to do this on your own you’re not giving that energy up to a medium or you’re not giving that energy up to any entity I want to take your space you had the seniority I don’t know how many times we said that if it was a drinking game I think we’d be rather and mediate it right now seniority than you already journey so do you want to relay your first experience of trans mediumship probably didn’t had no concept of what so ever probably till I got to BPI and then was that was up in pleasanton and they had to change medium killing claim and so his name was Simon I think was Simon work used to bring in some beans and so I went up there and just to specifically the get inhaling and that was probably my first experience I don’t remember the assignment will bring it a number of different beans but you know one that that particular night he just brought in you know one of the ones that he brought in and you know gave me a little bit of reading and healing and that was that was the first time I never experienced anything like that yeah so and then from there over the years just a lot of different medium seen medient trance mediums when I was going to declare war ii program sometimes they would bring some mediums in and we do readings on them and just you know watch different you know one time one of the teachers have brought this guy in and he had him bringing this beam it was an example of the beam they didn’t really know how to operate a body very well he wanted us to see that and so the you know he took the guy out brought this beam in and the beam couldn’t really operate the body he was just kind of couldn’t talk that much he would ask him questions where they couldn’t speak that well and you know he had a set up a line and we just did the reading and we’re talking about what we were seeing and then you know of course when everything was all done he took that beam output the guy back in and the guy was back to normal yeah I was pretty interesting so yeah so that was laughing a lasting impression on you yeah yeah yeah yeah you know as far as just the whole game and mechanics of spirit in the body I mean it’s so so many layers to it but yeah that made a huge impression and it still has ripple effects all of that you know 30 something years later and still day by day you’re really understanding that relationship between spirit and body and being in it and how energy whether it’s another beam or another type of energy can affect affect you while you’re in your body absolutely yeah because if you think about it everyone’s immediate or trans medium yes and extent yes right cuz we are spirits yeah in a body like we didn’t look this way in the past light we all love to play in the next life we won’t remember right and so when people are trans mediums they don’t remember one knows when the scares come in either that’s how to get recorded hey how’d it go exactly what happened yeah they don’t have any risk of much because i’m not there when it was happening yeah so definitely definitely exciting things asyik stuff i think that for anyone that is new to space you know definitely do your due diligence do your research definitely check the online forums the facebook groups the youtube groups you know the reddit groups type of deal check with someone local if there’s a school that’s available to learn some type of protocol so that you’re protected and that you learn first and foremost again there’s that word again seniority and I think that will be a smoother transition and it won’t be the hyper mania that people associate with the subject matter it’s just as common as eating once you build that muscle in my name so would you agree if I would agree wholeheartedly and I think that’s a good way to actually to summarize the topic matter subject matter here so again thanks again for visiting us today we were talking about transmedia nship local mediums you may be psychic but not crazy now you’re crazy you’re crazy i think you’re crazy too so we just wanted to tell you that but you have seniority over your craziness that’s right as long as you remember that so again we definitely enjoyed you guys and we hope see you on next podcast I am hobdy I’m David and we’ll talk to you soon peace out peace you you you

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