PTSD From Emotional Abuse? Accessing Limbic System And Emotions

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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have a store today stay tuned to find out more [Music] good morning good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is honza and I am David and we have a great guest we actually she’s coming back we had her about two months ago we were talking about anorexia and all the things that she can do to tap into your subconscious to overcome that and in response to why we have our on today is because today is May 23rd and for those in the state over the weekend or next Monday will be Memorial Day and you know while people are out barbecuing it is important to know about the troops so on and so forth and with that in mind Beverly is going to talk about PTSD and she has some cutting edge research and implementation that she’s been incorporating to help others overcome PTSD so without further ado I like to welcome the personal coach to your subconscious of my envisioned mind Beverly Searle from Australia welcome Beverly thank you for having me again looking forward to this absolutely yeah thanks thanks for coming back on it the first thing I think we need to state is I mean we talk about post-traumatic stress disorder and it’s in the news all the time soldiers and people are having up but so what exactly is it what causes it this is needing to understand how the brain works I mean it literally is what the name says it’s post that means after trauma so if you’ve experienced any form of trauma you can have flashbacks and reminders through that trauma and they can come in the forms of dreams or actually when you get a trigger like a car backfires or you get a smell of something you it activates the flight flight mechanism in the brain and replace the CBD in your brain and you have you have the whole scenario come into your subconscious mind with all the fear and the negative emotions and this cannot be happening anytime and you no control over and the soldiers that they’re committing suicide because no one can stop the flashbacks no one can stop it in Australia we have more soldiers committing suicide than we have who died in the war that’s horrendous statistics Wow so I would guess it’s it’s just horrendous they’ve got the top psychologist we’ve got the top people around and they and the researchers are out there and they can’t stop the flashbacks and that’s what I’ve spent the last 20 years researching is stopping the flashbacks so my work is revolutionary I’ve just finished a research project from which were the University PhD student from America we did some in America and some here in Australia on skype and I did 10 hours with each person and in those 10 hours we worked with alleviating the post-traumatic stress also bringing depression anxiety stress down to normal and then six months later we tested again so they had a pre post and then six months later nine out of nine or all cured never heard I four and this is what I’m offering the world but the only problem is I’m an independent researcher I don’t have a drug company or a government or a business behind me who will pay for all this research I’ve done it on my own back because I’m absolutely committed to helping people have been traumatized I was traumatized heavily traumatized in the child my childhood and when the flashbacks come or they said those what you’re hysterical take these heavy drugs and you’ll be on them for the rest of your life and I just said no this is impossible this has happened to me there must be a way I spent nine years at university in seven years volunteering and organizations until I came up with this my process my envision mine and now it’s time to get it out to the world let the let these soldiers these men and women who put their lives on the line for us and are now suffering let’s let’s alleviate it for them let let us get their lives back that there celebrates the rest of our life not be hurt and bury the trauma being flooding back and not how you live your life yeah so my um my process isn’t about talking and this is where the difference between my process and the psychologists and psychiatrists is that therapy today is talking therapy there is a few different things out there but most of it is talking now talking is thoughts because you can understand what happens you come to terms with a little bit but the talking does not affect the pictures in the mind because this is where I’m going to talk theory because I’m very much into empowerment and education I mean if you’re going to do this therapy or any therapy you need to know how your mind works and as I say to my clients need to have trust your own mind trust the process and trust me so we’ll go straight into why talking doesn’t chew or PTSD now you’ve probably all understand about this like flight freeze mechanism we have in our brains yeah let us if that’s that’s because our brains are geared for survival so I use the example the when you’re three years old and your big brother drops a hairy spider on your shoulder and you run around screaming to you next warmer that’s life-threatening so that is activated the flight flight mechanism and probably a millionth of a second the whole scenario as a DVD goes across into the limbic system now the limbic system is the emotional seeds in the brain and it was only in 1995 wish that they’ve actually had better and the Koch Harvard professor had his soldiers his rape victim in each correct and they had their flashbacks in the PET scan and they found out that the memory went into the limbic system it wasn’t like normal memory and as only since then has the we’ve been able to fully understand what PTSD is so going back to you at 3 years old running around screaming because your brother teased you by dropping a hairy ass expire on you that whole scenario gets lodged in the limbic system because that’s danger for you so every time you see a hairy spider or something drops accidentally on your shoulder your brain goes instantly into the instinct you can’t control it and the internet the message will go straight into the limbic system replay the DVD of you running around screaming and all the emotions flood through because the limbic system is the emotional seat of the brain so you can have this will develop into a phobia of spiders panic attacks from uc1 etc etc so it’s also the fascinating thing about the limbic system one it doesn’t have language you know this is the mind it’s a wonderful thing that the limbic system doesn’t know there’s a language system in the mind so it’s all in pictures and the other thing is it doesn’t have time so you could be three years old and have and get scared by the spider and could be 83 and still have a fear of spider so that’s why our soldiers are suffering these pictures are in the limbic system they’re activated by anything by a trigger of anything which can bring back the memory because the brain is on the lure all the times for your survival so because it’s on alert you get a trigger of any sort and that the amazing thing is smell is one of the biggest triggers because when you smell is the only thing what sense what doesn’t have a gate into the brain all that all our other senses comes through the back of the brain and then go into the limbic system where smell goes directly into the system there’s no gateway so if you where a smell can trigger off so quickly because there’s no gateways to help you get some control so this is the heartbreak of people suffering from post-traumatic stress it’s got nothing to do with you being a weak person or just get over it you know happens you know 20 30 years ago you know get over it you can’t because that’s the way the brain is there it’s there for your survival you have experienced things which were life-threatening to you the information is in a DVD in your limbic system and it replays every time you get a trigger and that’s why our poor soldiers and and that committing suicide that’s why they’re not coping and also when they’re in that trigger they act out so they believe like the Rambo movie was too less the Sun he he got the trigger and he thought he was back in Vietnam so that’s literally can happen the people can be in the triggered form and react what’s happening to them and that’s where they can you know we think they’re born berserk but what they they have what they’ve done is they’re back living the past and it’s horrible the things of these people are having to cope with this all day every day they can’t even get away from with their dreams when they’re asleep sometimes it makes it worse so that is why my commitment to help people get over trauma because it’s such a if something what’s happened to you it has been out of your control and your suffering because of them and literally it’s not fair is it the you put your life on the line you help people and now you’re suffering from so so when I go straight into how my therapy works would you like to go back or we give em do what Christians like to ask actually have some questions but I think that without without further ado I rather go into your sample and then go ask the question so let me that first okay now I’m missing mine is a 9-step process and the first five steps is the process of getting your mind safe and happy because that’s one thing you don’t have most people don’t have a safe and happy mind especially if you’ve had torment so what we do is it’s a visualization because you can’t use words to access the limbic system so it has to be a visualization so it’s a guided visualization where you’re in control it is not hypnotism so if one of you could do this and get me construct or both of you so give me constructive feedback it would be great now really the other thing is that what I haven’t brought up so I’ll bring it out now before we start is that I’ve integrated the trauma research from Professor van der Koch and the psycho synthesis which is a 17 year old personality theory which was not accepted by mainstream psychiatry and psychology because in the 1920s 30s she brought in Eastern philosophy which they’re only bringing in now most of you would probably heard the mindfulness and yoga and meditation well he brought those sorts of things in in the 1930s and that was never accepted so I found this in my search for something what works and I’ve integrated in to my work so you have this up your sub personalities are your moves and your roles there perhaps you would hold the memory so when you’re born I’ll do this very quickly so when you’re born you’re hardwired everywhere to learn and study but you’ve never lived in this body divorce you need to have a way of storing your lives experience the things you do in your body so it’s saying the memory example I use you’re three years old and you’re given a little red tricycle and you’re so excited and you put your leg over it now this is the first time you’ve ever ridden a tricycle so the the moment you’ve done it puts your leg over it’s a new experience as that goes off in your mind and it holds that experience of riding a bike so that’s the role of that it creates a subpersonality and that’s its role so it’s a part of you and has the role of riding your bike so every time you get on the bike you that some personality comes forward because they’re all there you have access to them but most of the time you have to do the action to get them to come forward so going on with having a 3-bit three-year-old riding a bike you’ve created a bike riding subpersonality so every time you get on the bike this one comes forward and it’s years go by you get your two wheeler and then yeah it which is great and then 16/17 you get that magical thing called the car and the bike goes into the shed and then years can go by and you see a bike and you’ll say oh I used to ride the bike and then you get on the bike and then wobble wobble wobble and then click that subpersonality comes forward and you can ride the bike so this is where not only do you have in the limbic system the picture of the trauma but you also have the part of you that some personality or ego stay trapped in there so when they you get the trigger say for example for the spider and you see another spider and it activates the flight flight what you’re doing is that three-year-old is running around screaming in the DVD in your subconscious mind remember system and that’s why all the negative emotions can come through so with the soldiers the soldiers subpersonality is trapped in the DVD in their mind and we get the soldier out of it and the pictures out of it and the PTSD goes it’s as simple as that I can do it not tennis so what we’re looking at is we’ve got your sub personality in the limbic system and that’s what we’re going to do now with the learning the process the power of visualization is incredible because the subconscious mind does not but does not differentiate between you being somewhere or you visualizing it and that’s why meditation works if you visualize yourself on the beach and you know you’re on a hammock and the gentle breeze your subconscious mind believes you’re doing it so it sends all the good vibes and everything to your body so this is the wonderful thing what I found out was that the visualization we’re doing your body believes you’re doing it and then all the good vibes and everything happen comes through to it so this is tapping into all the different ways the brain works and we gather for this all together now I have a lot of people say to me I can’t visualize hopeless in it so I say to them can you imagine so here’s a test for you both can you imagine yourself down the beach and you’ve got some chips and you or french fries as you call them and you show them to the seagulls and they come fighting and calling to get get the french fries can you imagine that in your mind yes yes great right do you see in color yes good yeah some people are you see in black and white and some people only see in steel slides like a slide will coming in another one it it doesn’t matter which way you can do it as long as you can see it it works okay so let’s begin I’m as you can see I’m I’ve got my slides up here because I’m not being able to put slides up for you to see pictures and everything I have to do a little bit more talking which doesn’t seem to worry me so much does it okay first thing we do so we know the subconscious mind when you visualize that it works we know you’ve got subpersonalities living in the limbic system holding the trauma and it’s all in picture form so the first thing they’re making your mind is safe and happy is to pick a place in the world which is a retreat where you would like to have find your home with all your where your subpersonalities this is the happiness so for example my retreat is on the um coast of Queensland Australia which is semi-tropical I’ve got a it’s on a little Cove what comes in and I’ve got my beautiful place there and I have the way always come in and it’s just a beautiful place there it doesn’t have to be a literal place because I can’t literally go to this there’s no in Queensland but it needs to be a real retreat not something on Mars and that you’re the only wanted to live in this so you need to dig if it’s like a retreat in Bali or up in the mountains or somewhere like that it can’t be in a town needs to be a retreat so have you chosen one yes okay so I mean this isn’t private information this is a wonderful place for you to go so what I want you to do now is we have to have a process to go in to the limbic system into the visualization and come out and I use a plane because it’s the one most people relate to I have people who have picked Rifai the planes they won’t use a plane and someone who’s a unicorn another person driving so it’s the processes that the counts you need a way to get into the to your retreat and out so board a one-person plane which knows where to go and then take off and in the distance you’ll see your retreat and it’s not like you’ve got to go five hours to Hawaii on the on the plane this is instant as yeah as we know there’s no time in the limbic system so when you can see your retreat I want the plane to land on the outskirts like a track or a road or if it’s at the beach on the beach so let me know when you’re landed and then I can talk you through from there I’m there all right okay is great you’re doing this wonderfully so you’ve got five steps on the plane so you’ve let the steps down and you’re going for four three two one and you step out that is we’re using the the numbers and going down to help you get into a meditative state so I want you to look around make sure you’re safe and make sure there’s no one else there it’s a beautiful sunny day and just walk around and look around and say this is my retreat see the trees the flowers the water now want you to listen to something can you hear the waves and wind in the trees or the birds yeah okay now I want you to touch something pick something up a stone have a tree something like that we’re bringing in the census to make it stronger okay now I want you to smell something sell a flower or the air can you smell the salt can you smell the flowers yeah and when you thought when you’ve got that smell is there a taste coming into your mouth that getting a taste of saltiness or sweetness if you can’t get all of it it comes with practice okay okay now I want you to look around yep that’s good you both got it so look around and I want you to walk around we know you’re safe there should be no one there because this is your home your retreat your head your mind so you as you walk around you’re going to come across a path got it now it could be a little bit overthrowing right you’ve got a path now I want you to follow the path and it will come to a clearing and there’ll be some form of building there now I call it the home and the head but this home could be you’ve severed up around about three years old it could be out of a picture book it could be the home you grew up with or a rem-pod or grandparents home it could be anything from a log cabin to a temple so what on the path let me know if there’s rocks or anything in the way and you can’t get there most people from just walk straight down that and they come to a clearing and then they find see your building there so let me know when you’ve done it or if you have a hiccup okay okay okay fantastic you’re both doing this brilliantly this is how simple it is there’s no big drama with this work so I want you to walk up to the house yep there you’re not to go into this home what you’re doing you like a real estate person and you’re going to walk around and you’re going to look at it and make it three-dimensional in your head what’s it made of brick stone timber are the windows in good condition do you have a front door with steps or a random what’s the roof made of such timber shingles corrugated on now just slowly walk around go to the right have a look now normally I get you to tell me if there’s anything wrong but that’s we don’t do this you have a little workbook given to you and you write down everything you see in the workbook it’s included in the kitchen or the therapy so you walk around the side and come up there could be the windows are broken or it needs painting or there’s a hole in the roof come around to the back other is there a back door is the house in the good condition and then walk around the other side again and come back to the front because the condition the house is in is the condition what it’s affected by what’s happened to you in your life so once you’ve got this process in and you go in weekly to check that everything’s all right if you have a fire go through with something like that it means that you’ve had some trauma in your life and by fixing it in your mind in your home in the head it fixes and takes the negative experiences out of your mind and you can use this process for the rest of your life just for it’s brilliantly I mean I’ve been doing it for twenty years I still use it so so you walked around the house you know what your house is now what I want you to do is to walk back towards the plane because now we’re for the home where your subpersonality to live now we’re going to make it and it’s a beautiful place the retreat is we’re going to make it safe so walk back towards the plane they’re a couple of metres away or a couple of yards away turn and face the way you’ve come and now what we’re going to do is put a fence and wrap it completely around your property and it needs to be big and strong and tall enough that nothing can go over under or through it so brick stone high timber I’ve had the odd person who doesn’t like to see a big fence I said for the strip’s swing pool security around the end of the glass so it’s fair yeah but you can’t you can see through it that doesn’t block the views so it’s your choice but it needs to be big and strong enough you can put razor wire on top depends what your life is I mean my mum wants when she did this process wanted to have a little white picket fence I said mum don’t you miss doing anyone can walk over there has to be strong people physical coming over you know a picket fence anyone can get through it needs to be a security fence and you only have one gate and the gate is on the path so you could have as much land as you like and because this isn’t note or more nothing in your brain is set in concrete you can come back and say well I want the properties have been bigger I want to have a forest know and have mountains and water so next time you come back you can add to it so friends with all life have the one gate on the path so when you get off the plane you come straight to the gate now this is where the safety comes through you need to have a security which only allows you to go through into your property into your mind your mind you’re in control so it can be a thumbprint eye recognition voice recognition digital number a tooth to hang around the neck or keep in your pocket I had one little boy of nine he wanted a spit so he had a little slide King dispatch on it and put it in the middle mechanism on the gate and there dopinder so I mean allow people to do it the way they want to I mean it’s your mind what security you would like suits you it’s the process so put the security in walk through the gate shut the gate behind you the gate is always shut and also put the security to get out because this is your mind and you’re in control of it so you dictate who come in and out of your mind so you have the security okay you’ve been able to do that yeah yeah yeah fantastic easy isn’t it so now what I want you to do is we’ve got physical protection but we need to have something which for psychic or spiritual protection something coming through the air there’s lots of people out there doing all sorts of witchcraft curses all sorts of things so we need to protect our mind spiritually or psychically so under your belief system what would you put in the air or to protect anything from coming and I’ll give you some examples like with my home in the head I have a dome and the dome covers my whole property and the diamond is made there little sparkly crystals so it reflects all touch through anything negative trying to get to me so that’s what I’ve done I’ve had a man for the Black Hawk helicopter up I’ve had people put angels I’ve had other people put the Buddha whatever I’ve had kids put rainbows and dream catchers you can sure they haven’t had big drama whatever your belief system whatever your belief system because as your belief your faith which stops anything come coming through I had angels with the cherubs which were the the ones who guarded the Garden of Eden and they had swords flaming swords and they could move in in any direction so when I first did the and we’re getting my mind safe and happy I used four cherubs on the corners of my property until I knew I was safe so it is your belief system now normally I get you to tell me but you don’t have to you can drop it down since next time or whatever you’re like so you put your security okay whatever okay now some people say I’ve had one person say I don’t have any spirituality I only believe in the earth so I said to her well in the olden days they used to have garlic around their neck and that used to ward off evil and so she’s all for the role of garlic around my property that’ll do it because her belief system so what happens is a lot of my first clients a lot of them I’ve had a few people come out of cults or fundamental religions where they had a lot of brain control over them so I do this with everyone and you might ever need to have it there but it’s lovely to know that you’re being got protected by this and when I was running groups for women I had about 50 women go through for depression and one woman pulled me aside after we did this and she said I want to thank you very I’ve been under psychic attacks for years and years and years I’ve never been able to stop it putting this process in stop it so it’s I mean I just love the thought that I had angels there looking after me so it’s there now so you’ve you’ve just done one and a half steps of my process so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to put in a healing process so that you can come back and visit whenever you’re like and and just use it first stress relief so what just inside the gate I want you to put in a beautiful shower you’ll be glass but doesn’t it doesn’t need to have a tax because the shower is run by the subconscious mind now I use the colors of the rainbow so you can choose a color like if you’re stressed you might want to have green or a purple or red so whatever color you want that you can show the shower so what you do is you think of something which has been affecting you or you know you might be a bit down a bit flat so you might want to put brights sparkling crystals in it so what we do we don’t use water we use you know we’re gonna use a wand the Blue Fairy uses the one Harry Potter and the sparkles come out of them a little diamond tease so that’s what we use for healing because the you need to have a picture form of the healing so when you step into the shower so think of something you might be a bit flat so you might want to put red for energy so you step into the that’s a shower and then automatically come on when you go in and you stand underneath see the diamonds is I call them and have the colored diamond T’s go over and through you see because you’re a holograph when you see the picture of yourself in there you can actually see and this is the beauty of the work because you can say to somebody you’re depressed and I say well where is the depression hold in your body and they say well of other big black part in my brain and my hearts black as I feel unloved so you have the Dementors come over and you go over you and through your mind and wash away the depression out of the blackness out of your body in any wet place and then I and that washes away and relieves a lot of the stress depression that whatever you’ve got all you can boost yourself up by having energy coming so just stand there for a few seconds in this field okay so that’s the first two steps of my work so you can come back whenever you like so turn around use your security to come out shut the gate behind you get on the plane and fly back here and then settle yourself and open your mouth cool beans yeah right I mean if you if we’d had time you could have stayed there for five minutes you know and just be in the state and have it washed away and I did this for a woman and she took it home and did it with her husband without any of the other things he said just think of a beautiful place in your mind and and she just described it without you know the theory or anything and he’d been held up at gunpoint in war and he was fearful and is being fearful ever since then for them for 20 odd years he was from Croatia so that was a war long time ago and he did this and he stepped into the shower and washed away his fear and from that day forward you haven’t had any fear let me how powerful process is see we’re doing it all in picture form so you can come and just remember the way you’ve done it I make notes and you fly and you see security we’ll go into the shower now the ruling is don’t have don’t go into the house because we don’t know what’s in the house you know the purpose of this is to find you have got a subtype got a home and you have something you should have some personalities living there a lot of people don’t there’s a lot of trauma no one’s living in the house so this is where you need support either with me or we have a kit going which we’ll talk at the end where you can get some hear my voice and talk you through exactly what I’ve done with a workbook and illustrations and everything what makes a little bit easier so from from there we start we do work on the home we designed the door we change everything and then you start meeting your different subpersonality and i tried to do that in the first session so the person feels immediately some relief and within 10 hours the pts go on the depression anxiety stress or anything else you want to work with it’s handled and that’s what we’re I’m offering that’s my work mine is mine so constructive feedback in any questions yeah I have a question apparently so as you know your a person is working through using these techniques and working through stuff when they find that every time they go I can say they go get on their plane and they land you know wherever that places the land go down the path use the security when they get to the house where they find the house changing every time as they work and work through stuff and no changing yes what happens is that I say the people they’re not to do anything with the home and this I’m there or you’ve got the kids in front of you because it will change because you know how I said use the little DeMint is from the one or a staff or something I actually that’s what we use to change the home so it you that if the house is old and decrepit and needs a paint job you just cover the whole home with the DeMint ease and the subconscious mind will heal but the home and change it when we go in and we make when we go in and make rooms for everybody that your child parts and you the we have a coach I used to call it the housekeeper so there’s a part of you called the inner self helper which knows everything about you and you can actually meet him or her and get them in the home so they’re your counselor best friends for the rest of your life so after you’ve got some that stage you can go in and talk to your housekeeper and your coach and then you say I’m a bit depressed or something what’s going on and now which me tell you what to do they help you get well so you’ve got a friend a counselor a coach therefore you risk your life you can use you I’m using mine for over 20 years she has a name and I can talk to her whenever I like so this is the beauty of the process lasts forever and you can keep using it or not using it I’m just working with somebody who hasn’t used it for three years and it’s all there and just you had a hiccup in the life I helped us through that so it’s there but you need to do the visualization to get there because they’re deliberately going into the limbic system but the kits or with me talking and singing we can do it all but don’t do it yourself because you never know what’s behind the door so it’s that this was demonstrates that you can do the process and we’ll have you have it there so it’s a matter of just going back and doing and you can use it as a guided meditation just to help you on the day-to-day stresses and one so DUI altima tree wreck godammit I was going to say yeah you know completely makes sense but really because I’m I’m 52 years old and when I was about I don’t know must have been about four my mom had taken me to get some swimming lessons and I completely like freaked out it was just overwhelming experience being the water and that was it that I had to one day and then that was it she was like well I guess we got away cuz I was just too freaked out so eventually I love swim I caught myself actually but to this day I could be like at a public pool and just to sound and the smell of everything just lights up all that stuff from when I was in that when I was four years old yet there she smells the chlorine smell and they’re looking at and so what we would do with with it within your case that when we’ve got the home safe fully done and you’ve met with your coach you actually meet asked to be a part of you who experienced it this is how we work with the soldiers or the firemen or anyone the right anyone would torment so once the that’s the first forceps and you’ve done two of them already is that you go in and ask for meat the part of you and in nine times out of ten that part will come in and into the lounge room and talk to you so you’ll meet the four-year-old and then you we have a children’s area so you take the four-year-old into the children’s area with a nurturing mother and and that sort of thing all in there and you put put him through the shower and then you say to him you have it tough to look at the child and they say right what is the where is the fierce thought and you wash it away I have a few more techniques this is a simplistic way I’m not giving away all my hints and then you say to him what’s the special gift you would like so because you’ve had it tough and you’ve been scared for all this time I mean you’re fifty something and you see what they’re show you and they’re happening before so he might want a puppy or he might want books or DVD or commutes you go out on them you know what if you asked him what would you like and then when the shouts is when the showers go off it means the subconscious is telling you that that the healings finished so you don’t have to think I am this one in long enough they stay in there until the showers go off then the little ones got his puppy or whatever and he stays in the children’s area where he has nurturing people looking after him and he and he won’t ever hear or see or being fluence by the pool or the foreigner anything again that’s it that’s a simple there’s a few more steps I do but since that’s the simple start step of a simple fear but like a single fear but when you’ve got soldiers firemen and people in the services emergency services where they have like one of the firemen in my study had three firemen and then five women was hold up sexual abuse and harassment he had 15 years of being on duty in the firemen and I didn’t realize how tough firemen gather you know they’re cutting people down from committing suicide they go to horrendous card pressures you know that it’s day in day out trauma lot of these are doing I like the soldiers may do three or five or six year tour duty but firemen police and emergency services they’re living it all day every day so the that we you know you find the firemen you find the soldier and you can heal him but there’s other things happening there what we have we work with and that’s all done in it so that when you take the soldier out of the war and you take everything about the war out of the limbic system they no longer have the post-traumatic stress that’s just as simple as that as you can see on dedicated I just want this work out there by way big question quite a lot yeah so I was just thinking of a futuristic or I guess real-time question with regards to PTSD David and I were talking before and I had jokingly said that I think I under how President Obama’s hair turned gray because it was pure black Lee he first started his presidency and when he left it was you know shot of gray and the what I have referenced the movie good kill I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that before it has even hawk in it and what they were doing the movie I had come out in 2014 for anybody listening to a podcast want to check it out I think it’s great in the fact that he a decent character he was been war but and he was a pilot but what happened was with technology being the way it is they didn’t need him to fly to Afghanistan and all these other places you know because just the the chance that he can die or get captured enough anything else so anyway he they wind up using drones and so they were killing people they were here in the States but they were using drones to kill people all over the world and initially you’re thinking okay if I’m in the war zone you know that’s where the pts he comes in but he was having a lot of PTSD just from killing people remotely you know from a virtual standpoint so I guess that’s where my next question would be because you were saying the nose and smelling and David’s example you know in the future or even today you wouldn’t have those smells anymore associated with war because you’re doing it remotely but you would still have PTSD so how would you address that yes you meet the one who has the PTSD you always meet the one who’s up you ask to meet them like you counselor can get superior so I think they call it PTSD by listening to horror stories in their therapies all the time with people they actually get a second treat PTSD we’re not good things so what you’re doing is you you you let you go in there’s a subpersonality or ego state whose experiences to go in and meet the one who’s experienced it and you heal them with more than just the one process I’m doing now the three or four processes onions but you can see how it works is changing the picture you take the picture and you take subpersonality ego state out of the situation now you still have the memory I have somebody can say to me but I still want to know what happened I said yes that’s fair enough you can but see what the problem is it’s in the limbic system which all of the emotions so you still have the memory of the war and what’s happened to you in the frontal lobes of the brain but there’s no emotionally so what happens is the emotional memory goes away and you’ll just say art this happened to me or that happened to me but it doesn’t have the emotions tied into it so you still have them the memories and like with me with the childhood issues the memories fade because I’m not bringing up I don’t have to bring up or think of those things I mean they’re there in the frontal lobes but there’s no no emotion around them so you’re not wiping out the complete memory of what’s happened to you what you’re doing is taking it out the limbic system which is the format withholds that form a memory now that goes to the second part of the question so a popular show on is a black mirror I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any of those it’s pretty good and and in they have a lot of different episodes but how it pertains to this is they had people going to war turned territory and again in this example they used like some type of pill or something so there was no emotion – or trauma and what happened was since they would you know hit the switch and that trauma would go away it enabled them to go back into war and so I guess that would be my next question if somebody wants to remember it but they don’t have the trauma associated with it can they go back and kind of in essence do their job yes they could because you could take take the soldier out of the picture of the trauma but we have hundreds and thousands of subpersonalities so that he won’t just have one soldier subpersonality because a lot of the times with every job or experience they have there’s there’s other soldier parts of in learning them so that when you have you find the soldier who saw the you know the bomb destroy his best mate in front of him and that’s the trauma when you hear him and the trauma he doesn’t have to go back into the war he can but you hadn’t asked to meet the other soldiers or another part of him who has the skills and abilities we can come forward and be the soldier take over the role of the soldier it’s getting it out of the limbic system see when you learn something you you have different sub personalities you don’t just have it with with the one sub personality this there’s three four or five or a half-a-dozen learning the schools so you could there will always be another one two three four five others there who can step up into the wall if needed so it’s a person’s decision I mean I say the people who’ve experienced trauma do you want this one to do it and they said no he needs to all she needs to retire she can’t be a firefighter or whatever anymore so this one we give them another I call it second them sigh them you sex them you put them through the healing process you give them another job or another they can be out in the hammock by the pool having somebody giving them margaritas or something so that they’re not in the situation then you go back in and ask to meet the another part of them who can do the job and will always be another part come forward there’s always more than one but it’s the one who experienced the trauma which is getting their hearing so all the skills all the abilities are still there in the different sub personalities and you can remove one out of the scene and always be one another one there see this is what happens when you have so many child parts of you running in your mind is that the first time you feel say depression and you were three or four years old that one’s created to hold your depression so every time you experience depression that that one comes forward and takes it so the depression can get bigger and bigger and bigger and then take over your life so when the you meet the one who holds the depression then it could be still three or four years old and you heal them and you let them be a kid and do fun things there’s always ones behind it but but with the subpersonalities ego space is that when the first ones created that one is their first you could have others behind it who are quite as capable to do it but the other it’s an instance in a millionth of a second so that one’s out first you take that one away out of the equation and they’re healed there’s always others behind it with better skills you can and and you can actually train you can actually do a training in their mind so that all the students go into this one the mind is absolutely brilliant brilliant of what you can do you can I mean you’re getting it really deep therapy what I’m saying but we can you can take one out of the equation bring another one forward and give them all the skills to do it I’ve done that amount times with people these techniques of process – does this work the like was something like let’s say that someone was trying to quit smoking smoking weight loss how to do better at school you organize the mind to in the home a special room in the home which has all the skills and abilities and the knowledge and you can access that and whenever your likes it’s the same with smoking you find the one who’s addicted and you go through the for the peeling processes you look at all there the social issues around that means you have a cup of coffee whether it always so what you do when you’re having a coffee so you’re not getting the cigarette you know other people say it’s that time out they go outside and have a cigarette and give some time so then you look at all the different social reasons why they’re doing it and you can wash away the addiction because and where it’s stored and how it’s done and also why you’ve done it it can be a trauma behind that’s why so you look at all the aspects of it so whatever anything in your life you want to change or improve it can be done with this process oh let me ask you about when your about being president and so you know there’s a few places where we feel that we’re president one is war right you can’t think of you know what I ate last week you’re in the president the other I could think of right the other I could think of is sex hopefully you’re president for that and then I was just oh right and then I would think like football like the NFL is really big here and you have so many people in each of those instances where their soul like they feel so alive and when they’re not doing that anymore they feel like a shell of themselves so after going through your training what is it where they still feel like they can still be present even though they may not participate particular or in the NFL and so on is there a way they can still feel that empowered yes see because this isn’t talking therapy in the kit or or in the one-on-one I send a two-page questionnaire and it’s one is the first question is your hobbies and work the second one is have you ever been adopted fostered was your birth you’d have difficulty at first and then it gives you major ages in your life like zero to three three to seven that sort of thing and you list any trauma what’s happened to you so you can systematically go through and like if you buy the belief system that you’re useless or hopeless you can find the one who first took that belief on board and it’s always a child you know that I’ve got the woman I’m working with now it’s a Greek family and the father one’s the son and if the wife had a baby every year and there was four girls before the son was born and she and then the son was everything and the girls are nothing so she’s all her life she’s got this new point is that she’s no good because she’s a girl and it’s it interfered and affected a whole life and function years so we’re working we’re finding the original one we felt that and then we’re working through the different issues and every time she start saying something I say right I’m saying it and you can work through you can undo it and can read parents yourself because you can put in the nurturing mother you can put in the good father so I’ve had people who never been loved to hunt by a man the father was not present and I can bring the one woman she said I want to feel the love of a good father and I’ve never had it in my life and I said she was a very strict Christian I always asked always worked within the Christian the belief systems of the person I said who when you could give love and she said Jesus I said remember the scripture what says suffered to me Livington can come to me I said they’ll have Jesus there in a seat and have all the little child parts you go up and sit on his lap and laugh and and have hugs from him within a week she felt a man’s love she sought the love come right through a whole a whole body and she could feel that the nurturing father’s love and this is what you can do you can literally undo all those belief systems what a force on you as a child that the voice in your head what’s yelling and screaming action that you’re in useless show would sudden you know and what’s the point of your being alive which you know which people have got that in there is when you’re Victor the voice what saying it’s the father and that you’ll be that’s why we keep getting your mind safe and happy because there’ll be people in there the negative people you have to evict them out of your head when you Vic them off your property the boy stops mind blowing isn’t and I love talking to you guys and I know it’s only in our look what we’re doing is this is the hard sell from my viewpoint on their website we’re going to put in a special art it’s a $50 each we’ve got a PTSD tip and we’ve also got a PTSD ebook so if you come on the website my envision or Bevan send me an email Beverly at my envision mine we are going to give everyone who comes from your podcast the kit for $40 and so they need to just send an email saying we’ve heard on the podcast we want the special deal you can get the e-book for free so and that explains about PTSD and how I work and also I’m available and one other person in America is trained is available to work with people directly now where that’s normally nine nine seven four the ten hours of therapy and we’re knocking a hundred dollars off of that so just people on the here this go on the website and say you heard it on the podcast and you want the discount and it lasts for us as the podcast the discount lasts until a month which is the end of drinks that’s right so that people can have you know if you find that the kit isn’t a lot of people have complex needs and kept night and be enough then we take the price of the kit off your any therapy you have later on so where people escape people well let’s get our soldiers we’re we’re firemen that’s they’re putting the alarms online force yeah any last questions David because of it a lot we did and hopefully everyone got enough of those two steps and would definitely want to know more I mean we missed seven so obviously we had an impact with the two I mean that’s only part of the the visualization technique so definitely you’re very gracious for giving that offer for our listeners I appreciate it and I want to thank you for your time Beverly I love talking to you bye oh yeah you you’ve been in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and happy Memorial Day to those that are celebrating in the United States and thanks for making the podcast Beverly thank you all the bass to everybody thank Cheers [Music] listen to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective on radio public it’s a free easy-to-use app that helps listeners like you find and support shows like ours when you listen to our show on radio public we receive direct financial support every time you hear an episode experience our show and radio public today by listening to the show 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