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welcome to intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective podcast where we meet experts from all walks of life to learn their intrinsic motivations so that they can share it with the world what do we have in store today stay tuned to find out more good morning good afternoon good evening everyone this is intrinsic motivation from a homey perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and today before we get started I’d like to give a shout out to my homie LeAnn LeAnn wanted us to meet with some folks locally here and if you want to get a shout out like we ended just go to intrinsic motivation about life and click on the speaker pipe button you can leave a voicemail of any subject matter you want us to cut to talk about and we will give you a shout out such as well so without further ado we have on the phone right now Alberto Ramon and Shauna Robbins welcome to the podcast – thank you so much Homs on David it’s great to be communicating with you and all your listeners ah greetings and I hope this podcast brings a benefit to to also come across it in their in their day or night or afternoon at the radio or hello to those what it’s like to have you yeah you to have you we speak with people across the country and we always have a soft spot in our heart for people that are right in our back yard we have some so many talented people here in the Atlanta and Greater Georgia area that we definitely want to highlight folks that are here so I think you would definitely fall into that category both Alberto and Shana we know I do know that you’ve been traveling extensively throughout the world highlighting what you’ve done and we’ll get to that as we go down the line but if you could just give us an intro of who you are and what what you’re currently doing and what people should know more about you hello thank you for that um there’s different ways to situate myself right now I would say that I’m uh I’m a Costa Rican mystic who left the tropics and has been a wonderful experience I’ve got an education in the state and psychology and in philosophy and I always have had an interest in in in shamanic worldviews from from very early on in my youth that they I think us to Riga influenced that a lot I grew up amidst you know hummingbirds and um orchids and all kinds of wild beautiful beings so that kind of triggered my imagination and as the years went by I dedicated myself to one of the many shamanic arts the healing arts so I worked as a psychologist and social worker in throughout the states I always had an interest in art and music and I cultivated that alongside my my other my other possibilities and through that I came across a way to reconnect with my my roots through through plant medicines and from there it’s been a wonderful journey I’ve traveled to the Amazon Europe and Bali and Here I am llantas is my base beautiful Atlanta is filled with all kinds of creative people and in in subcultures I really don’t get a lot of uh a lot of exposure and um so yeah it’s been it’s been a beautiful beautiful long long ride no no what about you well um I am a multimedia or post disciplinary artist and also a professor I teach a couple classes at Georgia State on the Dunwiddie campus and for the past few years I’ve been assisting Alberto in his ceremonies and also engaging in my own practice in which I use my body as a medium and much of my artwork whether it be painting or performance or many different mediums I use my body as a medium or a channeling kind of vessel for connecting with natural forces and non visible forces in my work oh I heard you you heard the book how many performance artists does it take to screw in a light bulb I don’t know one team three hours I don’t know I know well before we get started I do I do have to ask you Alberto how could you leave one of my favorite places in the world Costa Rica of we were before you guys that come on David and I were talking about all the yoga retreats that they have there and just the sights and the scene and the beautiful people it’s just really hard for me to leave I’m always crying what I leave it’s such a great place and you left how often do you go back it’s a beautiful question and it’s one that I that I you know work with daily I Costa Rica’s is so deeply deeply deeply embedded you know beyond my bones that data even when I’m not there I carry to carry that medicine with me um I had to leave because of life drama trauma you know I had to leave because of my own developmental histories ah my family of origin split up and then have bonus parents that took me under the dewayne and we came to the States I go back as much as possible every two years every year it depends on on what’s going on and where my energy is that last time I was there was about four years ago and I’m planning to return um or for for early early December to hang out with some of my friends and in the last remaining relative I so my original family so yeah I don’t blame you man Costa Rica just it’s like a state of mind isn’t it pura vida man you got it she put a V that should be like a mantra we should which you like you know different levels of put of Eva awareness from the simple simple just physical sensations of the sunlight and the sky and the breeze and the ocean to the deeper you know ontological aspects of put every lever life is just inherently good hello a no I love it I was just thinking of how having that mindset it’s just really interesting that I found that there’s all these things wherever you go and and there it’s oh I met you a Costa Rican you wind up meeting people across the earth right like we’re going to go to Europe next we’re going to go to Bali and so I was kind of looking at a way of how you and Shauna actually met and started working together how did that happen I was um for a while there um I was one of the shamanic powers you know there’s all kinds of powers in this shamanic worldview if I’m going to situate myself this evening and in that in the in that in that worldview and one of shamanic powers is being is as an artist I mean your storytelling just healer there’s leader and students there there’s own ceremonial is one of the things that have cultivated is the artists part and for a while there in Atlanta I had a group called woven tongues it was one of the forerunners of a lot of the stuff that’s happening now where you have ritual gatherings using music and poetry and dance in a communal setting where we try to elevate each other through to those mediums you know light sound texture and Shana was brought to one of my performances by one of the local local priestesses goddesses shaft averring who has been holding space here for a long time to introduce her to me and and she was going down to Peru for a project that ended up being successful I let her talk about after after finishes and when she came back she looked me up she wanted to collaborate on an exhibit I think she had an Alabama so I created some music for her around that and then eventually you know the changes happen and uh things shifted for her and I then we ended up you know coupling and exploring that that part of life and love John I want to say something about Poole yeah so when I went down to Peru I had I wanted to do a project there with the women the Shapiro women and so I found a place a healing center through some friends in the circle of shafts averring who we mentioned Alberta mentioned before who introduced me to him so I found a Healing Center run by Guillermo arévalo called espíritu de anaconda it’s now called anaconda kavika and I wanted to work with women too so a large scale piece on late I bought the lace there and I worked for about two weeks in the jungle with these women sewing these patterns and paintings patterns onto this place it was a pretty incredible experience and then while I was there I sat in some of the plants ceremony settings in order to understand their visions and why they were painting and sewing these patterns and so when I came back I wanted to go deeper in and albertson when I actually collaborated on that project in which the lace the sewn lace was used at the performance object and he we collaborated on all the sound for that piece at the sonic transmissions yeah so let me ask you with regards to retention you’re mentioning out in Peru and you sat with a group and obviously they were had gotten they had gotten some insight which kind of influenced their their artistry was that more of a one-time thing or was that an ongoing a to reaching higher levels of their artistic expression or you know I’m just trying to understand was that is that some people would look at it as a crutch if you’re looking out for yourself but I want to get your opinion using a plant medicine to reach greater awareness it’s that question for Sean out for me I will in China to tackle that since you kind of led there and then you can get into that Alberta so if I’m correct your ass I think you’re asking me if the vision created within plants ceremony or are you talking about the medicine can be used as a crutch and it possibly I wasn’t totally clear on the question if you wouldn’t mind terrified oh no problem no problem I was looking at it from both aspects I was looking at it for you know some artists need some different stimulants be it a alcohol or some other things right and then they get to the zone so I was kind of look trying to approach her from that aspect well I hear I understand what you’re saying now yes for me I was I had had the reason I was drawn to the Shipibo is because one of their major archetypes in their cosmology is the cosmic anaconda and when I was in grad school I’d had a dream about this anaconda figure and I’ve never really used entheogens or any kind of known substances of alteration to in my life much but I had this dream and so I found out about the ship evo and that’s why I was originally drawn to going there and that’s why I want to do this project I really had nothing to do with the plant medicines I wasn’t planning on being a part of that when I went there it was really just following the intelligence of my artwork and wanting to work with these women and so the creative forces and artistic forces were what led me in there and just happened that that that this was a healing sense so they were very much about using plant medicines so more I think a technology than a you know a crutch that the technology is spiritual technology and and it’s also a beautiful form of art that these visions come through and they’re and not only are they visual mappings but they’re also sonic mappings like they sing these visions and they sing these visual paintings they’ll actually sing them they’re there what’s the word I’m trying to use they are visual scores so for me it’s not about transcendence as much as going deeper into these technologies and spiritual practices fantastic Thanks yeah know that that definitely enters without what I was looking for in Alberto you had mentioned going to Peru volley in Europe is it what has been your experiences and each place can you find certain themes and and how do they differ such a multi-level um complex question think thank you for asking it um I’m involved in a what I would consider a third millennium cross-cultural shamanic practice what that means is that we use healing inspiring transformative technologies from the past and also are in tune and can utilize contemporary medicines and anything from from you know physics to psychology to to whatever will serve a particular community what I have found out in my travels is that there is a a deeper longing to feel embedded in alive and shield and to have a faster connection with the cosmos I think the time we are living in is is one that is can be quite oppressive and violent and also people are looking for ways intuitively to feel whole and beautiful so regardless of the of the methodology that is used by that I mean in Bali they will use sound and dams and chanting and staging different kinds of ritual performances to connect with with an imaginal realm or divine realm or whether it’s in Peru and Machu Picchu and you’re doing you know a San Pedro or getting into deeper plant medicines with ayahuasca the intent is is to decelerate your the speed of your life so you can connect and commune with with the deeper intelligence that gives you a sense of purpose in you you said decelerate which is which is interesting because a lot of people that we’ve had on we in recent recent weeks they were talking about acceleration as far as time seeming like it’s moving a lot quicker and are you saying that people are using semantic techniques to actually make an effort to slow that down and exam really successful I’m doing so yeah yeah well you know I that’s a beautiful paradox of the work because if you you know I thought about us I thought a little bit about the term acceleration and in a way it’s kind of a uh um an incomplete account of what happens because when you are gathering a group and you sit down for four hours and are still that gives you a time to to to to start engaging your process at a very different rate it might seem like an acceleration but actually you know absolute speed absolute velocity stillness so when you’re that still you’re allowing content to emerge whether it’s psychological spiritual cosmic you you are now have access to two dimensions of information you didn’t didn’t have before so I think it’s actually a deceleration that gets interpreted as as an acceleration because folks are not used to the benefit and value of stillness and that’s what a lot of these ceremonies do at the onset you’re there with 1215 people and you’re just still man when does that happen in in our cultures you know 21st century cultures that are based on sensation velocity stimulation you know unless you have some kind of yogic practice you really don’t get to savor those states so I’m using deceleration deliberately to kind of clarify the language because I think language does beget world and there’s a lot of um a lot of stuff to get spoken about and it becomes you know true and in reality I think that the service to the medicine it is about slowing down to a point of stillness where you let a deeper deeper intelligence speak to you and then you figure out what where to go from there so you see the paradox in it oh absolutely absolutely it makes me think of the movies where they take silence and golden and to borrow from Tim Ferriss he always talked about WMDs with their weapons of mass distraction and so you know it just sounds a lot like we have these distractions and sometimes people are really afraid of that silent you know we’re saying that you know getting together in that silent it you can get I mean you could pop this very transformative it’s consistently so in all the groups I’ve said in in the different practices I mean plant medicine is one vehicle that you know that we can we can engage with in order to to seek transformation as you know there are other other other technologies available contemporary ones a nation was that do the same thing I mean a trance state is not a you know you’re not you’re not stupefied zone you’re actually clear and are allowing more more information to come in that you would not usually get in ordinary consciousness so whether you’re drumming or dancing or chanting there are different ways to get to it the the benefit of the plant medicine is that somehow uh it um it’s able to make transparent content in a way that those technologies don’t but the actual temporality of it you know set an acceleration or deceleration might be ultimately irrelevant you know as long as you’re getting you’re getting your groove on you’re getting to a cosmic jam in order you know so you can hang out here on this planet would be be a value and be a contribution you know not ah not a drone or or you know some some somebody who’s not not living their full life and I see something about that you know I think part of that is you know really connecting with the ecosystem connecting with plants animals other beings and I think that is that they’re tuning into a different time cycle turning into other life forces in a way that we are often distracted from like you said I mean do you have um product that do you have a practice I mean what’s your practice on yeah I know that you work a lot with with that I saw I would look at your website so a lot of it is about motivation and being is part how do you how do you maintain your their openness in your and your joy for life and your juiciness how do you stay green in green I mean you know youthful and no because I think part of what these medicines do is to be an antidote against the rigidity and and and and restrictive nasaw over they try to put us in you know we get very easily involved in all kinds of loops and some of these practices keep us keep us alive and buoyant and vibrant what’s your practice sure before I always like to highlight a marriage if you will and so my lot of my training and David as well was with the world David can speak for himself but for me I had gone through the horizon center for intuitive awareness here in Atlanta and we learned more about the grounding and being present and things like that and actually last week we had Jim self on who who was from the West Coast but he is known for the Berkeley psychic Institute and all these other things and we were always talking about the marriage between air energy which more the psychic phenomena is known as and marrying that with the earth energy was more of a shamanic realm so I what they’re trying to marry the two yes yes happy nuptials we don’t we don’t want a bondable abominable conjugations we want happy nuptials with a week over we can learn from the vulnerable abominable conjugations wonderful man wonderful you know that’s what I mean we wouldn’t always we’re so fortunate because even even though there’s catastrophic things happening throughout the planet on there’s huge ships there’s also all these beautiful traditions that are out there and we’re exploring and advancing to see if we can move through another way of being in the planet and a lot of it is just awareness it is so much of it is it is a revolution in consciousness and whatever technology gets you to to be in a cooperative harmonious state with with nature and you’re in your people and you’re in your you know wherever you’re at your locality and then definitely you know use it well I’d like to tell you to balance the to be because as you mentioned it’s all about perception and you had mentioned there’s a lot going on in the world but I would make the assumption that being in the dealing with the shamanic arts your perception is different so you may not pay as much attention as others who are being more so reactive to the news that the hair they do well I think I think that varies with with the quality and and and and of the person involved in shamanic arts because I think if shamanism one of the powers is storytelling then you know who are the great storytellers of our time I mean there’s there’s incredible feminist intellectuals like Rosie bright Doty who’s who’s doing post anthropogenic inking you know she’s gone beyond the Anthropocene into thinking what it would be like beyond that and so there there are folks at different levels coming up with new languages because part of that part of the solution is not using the same metaphors or metaphysical programs that got us to this place is developing new new languages and concepts to see how we move through it so you know as someone who is a practitioner of these arts I’m very much aware of the need to come up with with with myths and I mean myths in the in the high sense you know in the essay is a horizon of meaning for people and that has to take into account technology media earth politics so so a lot of us are in the process of that I mean there’s a lot of lot of lot of languages out there a lot of programs and I think we’re still finding our way through to to to a better place and it’s true that you know your book you get to I guess live out something if you’re in the shamanic world view that perhaps other people don’t because you are more tuned to beauty and connection and anything and community are empowering communities and that’s a good thing but most of the people I roll with are very much involved in activism whether it’s an arts music they could consciously try to create see we’re some kind of illumination is going on or point to politics that are inherently destructive to to to each other in the planet so it’s like anything else madam I think quality varies depth varies so um the main thing is you find something that that moves your heart and inspires you to contribute I know you have a lot of music that you’ve created and I before we got on I was listening to I don’t know if it’s pronouncing it correctly Toronto Toronto yeah hmm so I wanted to ask you why it seems that music is a big part of you know shamanism and there may be some of the ceremonies and why would you say that is why is using so important to it I think one of the things that you know remains a mystery and there’s all kinds of you know speculation on why is that it’s a whole notion of frequencies and intensity it can deliver that in a way that language can’t so there’s an immediacy to it that that you know often will will surpass words and and and and concepts so are part of that is are the power is just that that you’re no longer involved in a conceptual plan but in an emotional plane and music can move you into different heart spaces so so I think that’s part of it is the sheer immediacy of your body spontaneously responding to a groove to a melody I mean you know one of the one of the most important teachers I had was if a guy named Bradford Keaney and I and I work with them and he told me about shaking medicine shaking medicine is like one of the oldest medicines on the planet is the African shamans man they just start the drum start and they just start to shake their bodies and man you do that for 10 15 minutes and you will definitely connect to to the ropes to the gods you know so I think there’s something in order in our embodiment that’s just a natural natural gift um we’re lucky we can do that you know yeah do you play an instrument do I play this right no it’s just in my head I do no I I don’t I the instruments no cool do you have a mode of expression that that is in your body I mean can you dance to you do you do five rhythms do you just you know go in your backyard and roll the grass on these I would probably do a little bit of a little bit of dancing just windows around yeah I completely agree what you were saying about music I don’t know what it is it just takes you to another place a higher place and some of the times that I’m feeling the best is when I’m listening to music that I really like just can’t beat it yeah man there’s something there’s something I’m John McLaughlin the the guitar master because the way he phrased it he said music is the way the Gods is the language of the gods that’s for the gun community music you said on this largest Osama waha yeah the guitar player my Maharishi orchestra or something like that yeah bitch Numa Mahavishnu Orchestra well my vision orchestra that’s right all right and that’s the thing you know music music communicates in intensities in colors in their own silence is a whole different immediate immediate power that it has and so vibration there we go um so it’s a beautiful mystery you know I’m glad that I can participate in it at times with some some coherence so Shona I want to ask you with regards to the music because you said you use your body as a vessel if you can explain I’m not sure there’s a total feeling that can’t be explained but keeping give an overview of what’s it like when you are in the middle of a session and you start using your body as a vessel okay book right before that just here one thing we’re going to place Elbert is going to play something okay okay okay um so when I said um thank you for asking when I said I use my body as a vessel it’s also kind of a tuning fork I mean when I the experience that I’ve had was found in within like ceremonies and just in general is that you know your body’s activate in a certain way it’s kind of reap a turned kind of like the Eco dose that that one here is oftentimes in ceremonies are beautiful sonic transmissions that actually repattern and rewiev your body in different ways you’re the energy of yourself of your soul I’ve experienced that firsthand and and so sound vibration I’ve experienced as some one of the most canoeing things one of the most healing forms of Arts of the Arts and then often I’ll use my voice and I never thought I would use my voice ever until I until I was with Alberto in ceremony and and and it he helped me activate my voice in that setting and that was an incredible gift for me because growing up I often had the interesting thing as growing up I also had problems with my throat and there was a lot going on at that time and I would choke on things I would have throat problems and then in ceremony it was so healing for me to actually eat you know create these notes from my throat for my body to move also to the sounds that were that Alberto and others were creating so that’s been an incredible transformational gift no I don’t like it what about dead a photo a day there yeah I’m the other hey hear me remember that teaching song routine or maybe you guys it’s a reference you guys will not again you remember the Dave’s not here routine to control never mind look it up sometime if you get if you’re feeling a little bit nostalgic for early 60s uh marijuana hippie humor oh you went back on that one day very familiar with that I was fortunate enough to see them live in concert in the 70s and then after the concert we got to meet them in their a dressing room no more is medicine man you know humorous great medicine well they were so cool we actually knocked on this was at the time my grandfather was running the concession stand so I had I was probably about ten and was my aunt and another cousin of mine and we went backstage and we knocked on your door and they still wanted come in we walked in and it was just a tool I’m sitting there just rapping and we’re like oh can we get some autographs like oh yeah come on in and then we probably been there about 20 minutes just talking with them oh my amazing man thank you for connecting me with that yeah yeah once you get it yeah I wonder Vinny attach this real quick boom well when you’re creating music do you just is it something you sit down and say oh camon or you know write a song or create a song or there’s just something that you know you can just be driving and something just starts coming to you yeah and the question man that’s the whole question of channeling you know yeah and it is you know I when I’m in ceremony I follow the same suggestion I other participants to become a hollow bond Oh so I be as empty as possible and play and respond to the group so there are certain songs or such a quicker message they called in the India India Mesoamerican tradition flower sauce that I do to kind of consecrate the space to open up spaces and to maintain a certain intelligence in the circle after that it’s pretty much responding spontaneously to to what’s happening in the end up in the community at that time so if I feel we might need some bowls I’ll play some bowls or a flute if it’s necessary or a chant or sometimes it’s silence so it’s pretty much an open open intelligence around that so so yeah it’s just it’s a great question um I do however have a few pieces that are just part of the of the of the sacramental quality of this of the ceremony some um a lot of them are my own a lot of them I inherited from from from from teachers I’ve had at dozen a in hair so I try to preserve certain lineages in my in my in my practice oh okay oh you see you yourself what instruments do you play um I play guitar triangle flutes percussion ah bowl shakers Chuck oppas keyboards I I can I can find voice in a lot of different instruments so you know somewhat play I think more more articulately and with more tick you lay ssin and elegance and others but it also depends on a given night and context so really yeah I’m fully conversant in a lot of instruments Oh develop I I don’t I don’t play I’m a Bay I love the bass guitar and bass got enthusiast you know from that instrument but I don’t play in that I don’t who cool well you know if you can listen to music you’re a musician right I mean it takes takes one to know one so you’re going to pretty of it yeah I want to point something out for those of you who have different understandings of shamanism you know shamanism is the second kind of gives the different kinds of materiality you know some are very subtle some are very very I’ll say denser but don’t you find it weird that I’m speaking to you and I’m coming and I’m showing up disembodied as a sound wave I’m only existing as the sound in your head my body is not there and there’s this way that’s carrying me and vice versa don’t you find it supremely weird and strange and a beautiful example of the magic of science oh yeah exactly I can agree more anyway about bending that I could go on I’m sorry okay for you say Hamzah now it’s the same you know traveling to all these beautiful places and very scenic and you meet some wonderful people I was just wondering more so about the community here in Atlanta and what’s it like yeah great question I mean I I think one of the things that that I’ve liked is that there is a country is a global shamanic culture and in we’re all in always trying to you know shape shift the momentum of our times so locally is where we show up and express ourselves what one of the things that I’ve been thinking about recently is that we need to Atlanta still to separate in the practices I mean we have a really strong African community here a nubian magic pyramid magic and then we have you know all these people from Central America and Mexico ah with their heritage with you know Mayan magic and then you even have people in South America and of course you know that the angular white Celtic traditions we need a way to really work together in that in that in that setting and maybe create a new a new kind of language because even though there’s intersections times and certain certain groups or certain festivals it kind of stays to to do their own to their own group so we still have not found a way to United I had this fantasy of having having all these different traditions just show up at an art gallery or create the event where we have representatives from from all the other cultures in Atlanta and we create this invisible gigantic energetic pyramid that will float over Atlanta bringing blessings and bestowing protection over the city and it kind of hovers around and if you’re ever in some kind of you know bind or one inspiration know that that the the pyramid is there looking out for you that’s what I want the closest thing to that that I could think of is for Labor Day here in Atlanta over a Grant Park they they have this thing called house in the park since we’re talking about music and it’s something that is grateful were you guys there for that oh yeah man I mean that’s like the closest thing of in Atlanta that I’ve seen is for the a unification of so many different cultures you’re right man that’s it that’s it and I think that we need to do more of that and even you know and that could be a great platform you know to stage something even at a bigger level of it you know um I mean yeah I sweated my prayers out that day I mean there’s a lot of did you take part of any drumming circles out there for that I used to man early early on you know when I would have started out I used to I used to do that a lot you know I mean you do you do when you learn so like in any practice you get in and you log into miles you know so very very young now I don’t just just because my energy and my intention is elsewhere so so I know there’s a few town and and even what I’m even when pussy-ass think about is that I’m seeing and you know a new generation practitioner showing up in the step encouraging so the lineages are surviving the the thing about Atlanta is that the people with money unlike LA or New York or other bigger cities are not investing in these in these other alternative art histories and practices so the support God would you know bring Atlanta to a whole new different level of consciousness is not if not totally there because of the way the art collectors and the curators investor capital so so you know that the red remains a challenge for us to who are important who are practicing these these alternatives communities and societies around that sounds like a really good homework assignment to have that cross collaboration because you talked a little bit about events that you and Shana put on here and you know maybe this can be a platform where we can start mess again marrying the two the two cultures together where we’re seeing that we have more in common than than opposite yeah yeah well you know usually I have two vehicles that I do that through I have a my lettuce one it’s called a nomadic love Mesa and that is that is definitely a I bring incisions from different different lineages and we create sonic scapes and then we offer a ritual to a community to to open up a portal to open up a way of being with each other to connect with the higher frequency you know upper registers of human development so we’ll use you know sculpture dance different things so ensure that I have done a lot of that I mean the first time that China and I collaborated with this beautiful performance called ikura at the goat farm and it came to me in a vision uh I was in Bali and I had been traveling for a while then I came to the stage and I was activating circles with this guy named Jose Campos throughout the States during our ceremonies and the whole thing was a download man you know does the music but I had Shana dressed in this austin gear running on a treadmill for now while these incredible visuals were on the screen and I had dancers and we started out with Ravel’s Bolero and it was just gorgeous so I think I think that’s the way to do it is to bring different cultural folks and stage it you know we just got to get the people who are who are the leadership of this do to agree on on a time and a place and start doing it you know Shani what you have with you in this yeah my mama Eliza well most recently Alberto and I collaborated at the Zuckerman Museum which is that kind of stuff it’s a show a show there it’s on until the beginning of December called medium and it deals with how people interconnect or communicate with the spirit world a lot of it is related to kind of the phantasmagoria and that you know that the early 1900s scientific studies on spiritualism but the piece that that my the installation that I did and then the performance in El Porto and I collaborated on is you know more of a cross-cultural shamanic presentation it was and we on the opening night we did this performance where I sat on a ritual mat with all of my objects in front of a large scale projection of the visual videos that I’ve done over the past nine years in different natural locations unique locations and so Alberto came into the space while I was sitting there and dropped these shells onto a musical instrument that he has it was like this yeah [Music] yeah so he came in and dropped these shelves and then activated a movement where other allies came into the room other performers and actually took costumes off of the wall that I had created and put them on their bodies and then paintings were also carried through the room as Alberto played so it was like a visual and sonic transmission that once with these paintings and the sound that he used on a vibratory was pretty amazing does that answer your question or I mean I’m not sure we got to what you were getting at it or does it no it does I was just looking at different ways that you guys are bringing this into the vernacular of the layman here so especially from the gorge being a professor at Georgia State I’m just thinking of how you’re reaching out and educating people about just the resources they have on their back yard so but you said the Kennesaw event I mean that’s ongoing until December yeah I think it’s the December 3rd if I’m not mistaken that it ends then and and it’s a it’s a beautiful space if you haven’t been over to sucker moon began it’s pretty amazing I mean the challenge is is that art can be revelatory or transformative and healing and there’s not in the contrary contemporary art apparatus of Atlanta is is is calibrated to a particular view of art so so like I said you know if you are in California or New York or you know Paris or you know Argentina you know bono situs DDD the investment it so it’s in artists of a different kind yeah soso Allina still have not for whatever reasons are supported the art that’s coming from from transformational practices but I think all of us here are creating we’re culture culture creatives we’re actually creating you know the scene in Atlanta and now as we speak so it’s growing and changing now you know and I think that’s amazing to be a part of that and thank you guys for for at least opening a space for us to to talk about it you know because because because you know Atlanta is is going to keep growing there’s going to be more diversity coming and we need artists and thinkers to find a way not to entertain but also to create a bigger myth for Atlanta just being a merchant city or a corporate city you know I mean is it is one of the challenges I think we have as if we if we want to you know make make the city really be what it can be given the variety of folks that dwell here you know I mean I might have got an amazing diversity that gets you know that doesn’t get talked about really but it’s there it’s charged did you know did you know that in the Botanical Gardens in there in the tropical section there’s a huge ayahuasca vine growing their home in space emanating did you know that well not all yeah man that’s where I go man that’s why I go that’s why I turn molecular and go and go inside of the vine man and come out and do my my groups here why was I ask you since we’re so close we just finished the Halloween season and that’s usually known as the veil being the thinnest of the year did you guys notice any did you guys have any ceremony for Halloween or did you notice that the veil of a lot thinner and you got greater communication at that time hmm we will be on Halloween trying to remember we went to well it did for me you know I been on I’ve been I’ve had some recent deaths in my family and so and so um the question of the veil has been very very much in the forefront so for me yeah you know it’s it’s it’s it varies and what shows up um for me it’s been a great great connection to source I’ve had experiences of source in the last the last few weeks that I have never had before and it gives me in a way it kind of validates that all the work we go through you know the ordeals the the different technologies we use to be well a whole do to show up you know it’s the linear and linearity of it might not be what we like but eventually there’s an opening and you get to savor light and in truth and vitality and the deep deep juicy ah stream that that makes us be here it’s just really great so for me it’s been like that it’s been it hasn’t been it’s been that kind of opening light and delicious and indeed an assurance that life goes on no matter what even after we go life wants more life man so so I’m into that and I love one thing I love about Halloween is that strangers just come to your door wearing costumes I mean to me that’s incredible and you open that door you know exactly I’m thinking of april’s and some bloody stranger come to your door would be open yeah lovely things so the big house down event this year did you see something this year that really said okay that spot on ah well we just had that new moon and I think for Halloween and the week following I think I just witnessed some residuals so when I think and you maybe I don’t want to get your opinion on this too since you’ve been in the space for some time and you just have greater access but you don’t necessarily have to wait for a point in time per se it’s more like you just open and and when it communicates one of the exit rather you got it where I got it you got a man you have been initiated and nonlinear non-causal dimensions of the I pair on the Greeks call it man yeah digit changes man you know I mean the thing about the four directions you know often don’t build Olympic something to the Sol something to the west east north that’s really a convention man I mean you know that the the the powers are everywhere yeah you know so so you’re you’re spot-on bro good for you the dancing paid off see so how can people get into dancing if they’re wallflowers and all I’d love for them to know more about any city shows or different events that you guys are having what do you guys have on the calendar before the end of the year I don’t have anything scheduled publicly at the time at this time all most of what I’m going to do till the end of the years are going to be private ceremonies and there I usually invite folks to to to move a little bit if the energies there arm I got invited to sit in with the band at the Decatur Healing Arts Festival but just think it’s November 18 so I got together with a couple of guys I’ve played with before and we’re going to offer music and and and um sonic sacred sounds and I know too that the opportunity to dance will show up so if you guys want to want to try that out you know and sometimes just sometimes without standing still you’re doing a lot of movement too you know gelato is the inner voyage we love I love cutting a rug so that I might not you might not think those as I said cutting a rug but hey let out your secret Elaine you know whatever yeah that’s my favorite dance then you know I’m in the zone if I’m doing the you actually you know fifty years from now that might be like we will look at it you know I thought as anthropologists and say wow that was the dance because they totally broke with with with rhythm it totally chopped up the body you know it’s a symmetry and it’s jerkiness so who knows now I have faded you never know how the line work you never know where you’d ever go what are some websites that people can check you guys out and learn more information about you may not have anything major happening to ended here but they could stay abreast of upcoming event yeah I’ll go first um there’s a site called sonic fables um anok fables dot podomatic calm I have a really nice archived veil of music I’ve made throughout the years and I still load stuff up I have a little blog called Sol nine blogspot that I I suppose we’ll use to mention to yeah so let’s Sol to to a kitty we have my friend one of my federal cats just walked in I have that and then on my Facebook page that’s a reminder some of my visual art that I like to do and handed over to Shanna while I take care of my feral cashy oh yeah I my website is Shawna Robin art calm and it’s sha na r o BB Ayanna art calm and it has a lot of my some performances some video performances some paintings some of the yeah the multimedia work and I’m still trying to update you know figure out how to how to do the updates on upcoming events I’ll be adding that soon and and will be um we do a lot of social media with Facebook and I do Instagram as well I’m on Instagram I’m snakes and laced all one word snakes and Lake LIC almost will go to follow me on that what about you guys what are you guys up to are you like touring yeah they were put to the end of the year we got which one are all over the place I actually did have a talk about going to Peru we’re looking at the in deep in January we’re looking at essentially the end of January we’re doing a collaboration with our sister school which is the boulder psychic Institute in Colorado so most of our stuff we’re looking at as far as travel is 2018 Oh that’ll be excellent man there’s nothing like getting outside of the national borders and seeing how other people live it really does recalibrate your your perception now you’re wanting agree couldn’t agree more safe travel agree most most importantly I got a jump on the foamboard Albina flora sure yeah man that is right ride the wave there’s all kinds of beautiful metaphor that can come from that you know a lot of teams in woman nurse you know in the sky yeah oh man great yeah um well you know I hope to meet you guys and in a more embodied form and not just is Soundwave and you know hang out and uh you know people are interested in some of the work I’ve been talking about they can always just you know send me a message through sonic fables and I can connect them with all kinds of beautiful communities here that are doing some deep spiritual work great fantastic we are at the top of the hour now so I do definitely want to thank both Alberto and Shana for making our wonderful podcast today you have been in tuned to intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective this is Hamza and and I’m David and thanks again guys and we look forward to catching up with you in short order beautiful people thank you so much thank you okay throw it up baby thanks again for checking out another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective podcast please check us out on our website at intrinsic motivation dot life where you can click on the speak pipe button and leave any suggestions for a future podcast that you’d like us to cover also check us out on our social media sites we have a YouTube channel Facebook page iTunes podcast in addition to stitcher and Google Play all under intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective check you out next time have a great day

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