Shamanic Healing Near Me – Natures Secret Workshop (Interview)

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good afternoon everybody pays October 4 is 7 p.m. you are in tuned for another podcast of the trinsic motivation from a homey perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and today we have two guests bond we have Yvette Messick a good friend of mine and actual fellow graduate from Horizon Center of a toilet of awareness many moons ago so really excited to have her and we have her partner Ryan kadala and why is from Chicago but he is coming to our lemma chol state of Georgia for the upcoming event October 21st and 22nd near Blue Ridge called the nature secret workshop so with that welcome Ryan and Yvette hi Hamza thank you so much I’m very excited to be thank you for asking us to to come on and and chat with you guys yeah might care of you we have either speaking with people across the country and there’s no place like home all right cooking every time Dorothy but you guys are Worksop absolutely right but you guys have something in our backyard so we always want to know what’s happening here and I if you guys could let us know I looked at purpose passion vision calm sight and notice that you have multiple modalities you have actual you have multiple workshops as well but the one that we have upcoming is the nature secret workshop so if you could just for the audience give us a little bit of your background and then we can get into the workshop and go from there you’ve got your first ok thanks Ryan so I’ve known Ryan Ryan and I connected a couple years ago I was looking to actually do some some deeper inner work on a couple things and a mutual friend connected me with Ryan so that’s how Ryan and I initially met and so Ryan’s going to talk you know in a second about some of the things he does and then especially about this workshop but I’m very very excited about of just being able to do this experiential thing I’m live up I used to live north Atlanta and got hooked on the North Georgia Mountains a number of years ago and we made a permanent move up here my husband and I three years ago and so I actually attended one of Ryan’s other workshops that he came down to do in North Atlanta and at that point we started talking and I said you know the North Georgia Mountains in the fall is the absolute to me the absolute perfect place and wouldn’t it be awesome to do you know some sort of workshop you know at nature centric and so Ryan was very excited about that and we started collaborating and talking about ideas and Ryan has put together this fabulous weekend that we’re going to be having coming up the weekend of October 21st and 22nd so I’m I am in the fortunate position to be the host or hostess for the event and Ryan is going to be leading us through the whole weekend but so we’re just going to be a couple hours north of Atlanta right right in the corner of the state where you can see Georgia North Carolina and Tennessee from our back deck so pretty cool setting to do this yeah but I’m going to definitely let Ryan talk about himself in the workshop and all the cool stuff we’re going to be doing it’s going to be such a fun weekend well sounds like well thank you thank so a little bit about me I’ve been doing this kind of work for about the last 10 11 years what is this kind of work that’s a good good question and I wish I had a phenomenal answer for you instead what I really tell you is just what I do basically every one of us throughout our lives have had various traumas and challenges and we get stuck sometimes and we need help getting past some of the stuck points sometimes we’re reaching personal goals sometimes their physical ailments and whatever so what I do is with some various techniques that I blend from Eastern medicine and what in medicine Western beating Native American we may find those emotional blocks those places in your youth even as little as a week ago that may be causing you to be stuck and so every time a situation comes up you react in a way that isn’t really appropriate to the situation and you might even go why am I saying this why do I do that and these are because of these stuck emotions of stuck traumas so we find them we help you clear them and then you can move on with life in a much more conscious and intentional way and it helps you to to become full and who you really want to be and who you are inside rather than the series of things that may have happened throughout your your young adult type or childhood so it’s really emotional energy for the most part I did train with a cherokee elder and he did teach me many shamanic techniques which I do use as well so sometimes we actually do affect physical changes because we can travel to those places and fix them but most often those resolve themselves once we’ve taken care of the emotional issues nothing that I do diagnoses any work or any illnesses or diseases you know that’s for the medical profession that for me but we can still help supplement anything that that’s being done by the medical profession and we can certainly help with many things that they are not able to do so that’s kind of it I’ve been doing this for quite some time I love nature I’ve always loved nature from the time I was a kid my favorite place to go since I was three years old my grandfather bought a cabin in southeast Missouri it’s in the Ozark Mountains that has always been one of my favorite places I still go there I’m a little bit older than three now I still go there and my kids have gotten hooked on it so many of us go down there it’s just a beautiful place to be not quite as pretty as the North Georgia Mountains I’ll grant that there’s very little that competes with those but you know it’s still a very beautiful place that’s why I first learned to communicate with nature and I first learned to understand things and then with some of the studies that I’ve done particularly with the Cherokee elder he helped me to come in touch with the innate intelligence of nature the Japanese have a have a word for when they when they go into the forest and they get washed in the force I don’t remember what it is but they basically wash their soul pay with the trees in the North American traditions there are other techniques that do a similar sort of a thing but we’re not just limited to trees we can use rocks and grass and dirt and plants and animals and all kinds of stuff so what nature’s workshop is going to do is stretch us a little bit it’s going to give us an opportunity to see nature from within instead of outside looking at it so we will actually become a part of nature because we are human and we are a part of nature anyway but we separate ourselves from it so by learning some techniques and how to really go inside of a tree and understanding what it feels like to be a tree Wow to go inside of message that might come from a feather and understand that message and how it what it means to you to be able to hear the songs of the different animals and not necessarily have a meaning but just understand the joy that they’re singing it’s a completely different way of looking at nature because you become a portion a part of it integrally with it and that allows you to experience it from the inside out Wow interesting yeah pretty cool stuff why yeah pretty cool it is that the first time that I tell you one when I was training with with the elder the first time that I was able to be slow enough to listen to an ant crawling I could literally hear the ant crawling on the ground Wow and when I opened my eyes I could see was about two feet away from me so it’s not far but far enough and then as I centered and slowed down enough I actually heard the song of the plants there’s just a little tiny weed right upright I was sitting at that time I was sitting cross-legged you know this is little tiny weed right there between where the DNI’s would cross and I actually heard it song and it’s just incredible when you can do that there’s no other way to describe it Wow when you started studying with the cherokee elder how long into it before you were able to you know hear the ant walking or hear the songs of the plants and whatnot that’s actually a great question so he didn’t eat that stuff right away he taught that stuff after probably about a year year and a half or so but the very first time I did it was actually in an introductory session with him he just showed me that it was possible yeah and I was able to do it with him as guiding me and that’s the techniques that we’ll use in the workshop I’ll be there to guide people so that they can feel and sense it now the thing that you have to remember is that everybody is a little bit different so any any impression that any of your five senses gets is good some people will feel it or smell it more than they will hear or see but that’s okay it doesn’t matter which one of your senses becomes light enlightened with a little bit of practice it grows and it spreads so it’s possible to do it in the first weekend I did but when you get it put you know I’ve been doing this for a long time so it gets hard to remember how strongly did everything come in and when but I actually talked with grass the very first weekend and I was afraid that the grass was going to be on leave it because you know we cut it every week doesn’t care the grass is okay with being cut it’s not a big deal uh so and then the first time that I was able to go into a tree was probably the third time that I attempted to connect with nature and it was so cool to seal thee and this was a feeling that I had I could feel the SAP and the energies running up and down the tree and when I separated from the tree I could actually see it for a little bit it was almost like looking through the bark now that was my experience but that doesn’t mean anybody else’s will be identical but when you are part of that tree and invite you to look out the top of its branches and then you find yourself yearning for that breeze that’s about a mile away and it comes and it hit you and it’s like oh my god that feels so good oh so when you say like you have this experience with the tree do you have to physically be in the same proximity in order that had to happen or can you to be anywhere and have that kind of experience with it so when you first start you really need proximity because you don’t have the skills so being approximately being in physical contact helps tremendously on the technique that I’ll be to that I’ll be using will help you learn how to do that once you know how to do it and you get a little bit practiced at it you don’t need to be okay I frequently am able to merge with the trees or connect with the trees down near my cabin because I’ve been so intimate with them for many years well and that’s like 400 miles away from where I live yeah yeah notice me even like nastas once I was in the central California and we were visiting General Sherman on the river her that’s like one of the largest trees on earth and it’s so impressive to just stand there and look at this tree I’m like total awe you know and actually I was kind of I was talking to it I was like you know it was a great conversation that we were having kind of going back and forth you know I’m very aware of how live you know all the energy on the planet is and so that’s what maybe think of that question is just you know I’ve talked to General Sherman he’s we all probably could today if you wanted to what’s that you probably could today if you wanted to just gotta quiet yourself and project your consciousness to it yeah yeah so if you say David that you were shooting the breeze leave it to me to bring the levity of course right so we like to laugh I have a question Ryan with regards to the tree so I used when my late childhood I finished high school and everything in Florida and one thing with the construction there it didn’t matter the income of the area they would just demolish the forest and then develop property there and that’s the anything that I really like when I moved to Georgia as a wait I have seen newer developments where they’re tearing all the trees down to build any development do you with your experience with communication and Illinois with the trees and do they have the same business type where do they respect the land or they cognizant of the trees or do they tear them down but when they start a development I’m steadily a mix of both and the trees quite frequently feel quite disrespected we’ll just put it that way sometimes the surviving ones are angry and they won’t necessarily flourish very well but it’s getting better there’s more respect form these days in most areas but there are still quite a few places where they just will bulldoze leave two or three beautiful trees and then just clear everything else out those are usually the large housing developers most of the small boutique ones will try to save as much as I can so on but what I will tell you is that I was driving down the highway and there was this area that I just felt really picky about I mean I don’t know how it describes just a key right and as we rounded the curve I could see that they were widening the road and they literally had just bulldozed a big chunk of the of the hill out of the way and when I stopped these rocks were really upset that they had just been nobody asked them they just tore into it so you know it made an offering it took one or two of them and promised them a place here on my altar at home and I and I have since put them there but yeah they were they nature responds we just don’t always recognize it because we’ve disconnected ourselves from nature yeah and you know we need you know I mean that was an egregious thing from the mountains point of view I don’t normally just hear the rocks I have to really really try to hear rocks not crystals being a little bit different I mean just general rocks in the ground but in this particular case they were really you know they had just been torn up and bulldozed and blasted and they were none too happy about that Oh we’re in Atlanta we have expansion on one of our major highways in North Atlanta 400 and I don’t speak to the to the trees or anything but I know over the summer I was physically sick because they were just to grow the highway because there’s so much growth to North Atlanta that you could just see miles and miles of trees that were just bulldoze down I was like this is the first time I’ve got visibly ill based on what was happening to the environment and I’d like to think that that’s because is that part of you that innate part of you that connected with them and understood from their point of view how wrong that was yeah but we can do healings on those things we can help the land and the plants at that point and we can help to bring purpose to it thank them for their sacrifice and then do a small ceremony to help them to release and to be returned so that so that the harm you can’t undo the harm obviously but you can help to ease some of that that burden in that pain that’s being experienced and I know for probably many of your listeners are housing themselves oh these guys are whack come to the workshop you’ll find we’re not not trying to be a hard sell just we’re not this is this is real you can we all know what it feels like to feel heavy energy we’ve gone into a room and we go Oh God tension was so high you could cut it with a knife right or Mack I just couldn’t wait to get out of there was just so bad right oh we’ve also gone into space where we got oh man look this is so light and airy and it feels good I want to play here right well that’s we’re all reading energy we just aren’t necessarily consciously aware that that’s what we’re doing and so when something happens on a large scale in nature we can also feel that we can feel repulsed by it if it’s something horrible but we can feel odd diet that is the Hurricanes were there something pretty awe-inspiring about that power yeah there was a lot of blacks back last you know we’re coming to the end of hurricane season but it was I mean a lot of emotion or I guess I would interpret as anger or those the severity of the storms and if we’re saying I mean over the past couple years they continue to be even stronger so are you saying that there’s built-up anger or what’s your take on the vicious cycles that were gone through now with relation to the hurricane so if I could stretch just a little bit more hurricane Burma particularly I did my best to work with her and to understand it and as I was in what I felt very close contact with it what came to me was that the earth needs to shake off some of the heat it was too hot and the only way it knew how to do that was to whip that energy around and dissipate it and so it wasn’t anger as much as it was heat that needed it needed to do something must it destroy all the life in the ocean so it generated this heat in upward currents and storms so that it could release it and I didn’t feel that the earth is necessarily angry with us I know a lot of people say the earth is angry because we’re hurting her I think there’s some truth in the fact that we’re hurting the earth and therefore there are responses that are happening but I think the responses are more to create an environment in which life can continue even if it’s different from what we realized today that doesn’t necessarily mean that the earth want to destroy humanity or anybody else or anything else but it’s got to react to all of the things that are happening heavier storms help wash much of the carbons out of the air and have to do something to cleanse the air yeah Wow interesting right I want to ask you so what exactly are sermonic practices and you kind of give an explanation what is that sure I can give you examples of shamanic techniques okay a fairly simple one is and many people will do this but a fairly simple one is an ability to astral project into another space or location and be able to observe what’s going on there be able to see things most commonly I will use that to look into the energy systems and fields of my clients and be able to help guide them toward those root causes of the traumas or the emotions that are locked inside and then help them to create a safe space and journey with them to that time so we can recreate it and once we recreate a new situation to replace the old we carry that replaced energy forward and I weave that into their energy stream into their life stream so that although the physical event of that time didn’t pass the energy component and impact of it is now a different one also that helps to integrate this into our lives helps complete the cycle and helps us to not have those kinds of reaction patterns the next time something occurs another common technique that I’ll use is something called chanting and by hitting certain frequencies or chanting certain notes we can affect different changes inside of you and so we may be able to change some of the DNA RNA structures and then be able to help affect the healing some of the things that I’ve learned I don’t practice very much because I’m not really much of a neurologist but I do know some pelisses and things that I can apply to or teach people how to make so that they can apply it to rashes and things I’ll peel those these drums in rattles to break up energy and then feathers to brush them away those are some shamanic techniques yeah so I don’t know and all your in the studies that you were doing with the Cherokee healer but are there any were you exposed to or there any difference between like South American shamanic practices and North American or is a kind of blend no they’re very different very different okay yeah they are very different I don’t have a lot of experience with South American shamanic techniques I do know that there are some similarities to be sure but the big difference is that I see with the North American the South American has a lot to do with the way in which they use the different powers in the South Americans I’ve gone to a few South American trained shaman or shamanic healers so this is where I’m drawing the differences they tend to do more looking in and then addressing issues without a lot of discussion and a lot of without a lot of work so they’re more old-fashioned if you will in that way they don’t follow things like chakras or any of that sort of stuff they are much more in tune with the spirits and more of the raw spirits something as though spirits to do the healing work in the work that I do and the way that I was although I know how to call in the spirits and I certainly do use them on many occasions we use them differently the spirits guide the work that we do and we tell them what work needs to be done whereas what I see in the South American tends and I and I could be wrong because it’s only my visual experience of what I’ve seen it looks like they have the spirits do more of the work and they more or less witness it oh now a good chunk shaman from South America will in fact also do a lot of work with her I’ve witnessed them pulling things out of people and sending them elsewhere so I know that they can and do actual work that way but again it’s more with the spirits whereas the work that I do is more in the emotional spirit sorry emotional physical realm less with the spirits now that doesn’t mean if there isn’t if there isn’t if there isn’t a spirit that needs to be addressed I will do that as well I just don’t find it as common as the South American practitioners seem to oh now when you say you seen people then pull stuff out of people you’re talking like physically are you talking about like psychic surgery where they just go into the body and pull stuff out that type if no okay Wow yeah now I don’t disrespect them at all I’ve gone to a couple myself yes I’ve always had a great experience so I don’t have any disrespect it’s just not the way I was trained so I wouldn’t wouldn’t be able to do that myself yeah yeah so another go ahead go ahead Hausa sure I was thinking with that comment Ryan that I know and some of our circles and we’ve had some people in the past before and we have our Unity Church here in Marietta and I had gone to a talk maybe about a week and a half ago and is this great interest in going to places like bozo and seeing John of God and it just seems like there’s God like you mentioned that there is that difference and I know more of the African traditions that there’s a greater acceptance in South America versus North America and that there was not that big of a cutoff where people were cut off from their historic from a historical context and would you say Yugi draw that same parallel between northern and South America with regards to shamanic energy yes absolutely yeah one of the things that comes to mind is and I didn’t want to say it because it sounds negative but it’s not they’re using more of a raw power and the raw power is because there’s so much more connected to the earth and to the the energies than we are up here in the north well so if we if we take raw and don’t use it in a negative sense we just recognize that in in it’s more of its purest sense you know it’s raw meaning it hasn’t been contaminated it’s much purer in that sense now with Cherokees with a jeewa with Lakota whoever if you’re working within a medicine man from those tribes who have been trained fully by the tribe they they also will have a much closer connection to the raw energy you know I was born and raised in you know normal Caucasian America you know because I don’t know if I should say Caucasian which is normal America right I’m not that Native American myself other than the fact that I was born here but I don’t I don’t have any of the of the Native American blood in me and I and my connection to the earth to the land is just very strong from the fact of how I was raised and where I was at and so when I use the energies it’s not as pure because of course I have all the traditional Western ideology that cannot in influences way I think and what I do I don’t know if that makes sense to you melegari Christian you’re going to have some Christian ideology whether you choose to practice it or not right where but if you weren’t raised that way if you were raised with the land and the spirits of the lands and the powers of the that come from the moon and the and the and the creatures of the earth and you’re able to blend with them you’re able to draw that pure power in a way that I’m not able to well what we’re seeing in 2017 is of greater collaboration amongst let’s let’s just say I don’t want to say entities but different let’s just from a third dimension standpoint I’ve noticed chiropractors finally being accepted by the medical some parts of the medical community so you know they may say okay you need I’ve done this initial checkup and now I’m going to refer you to a chiropractor and vice versa right where you know maybe 20 years ago that didn’t happen and I’m just thinking out loud with your workshop I’m sure it’s going to be great and we could talk about how people get in touch with you at the workshop because I’m sure you don’t leave I’m hanging after that workshop right they want to know more information but do you foresee if you don’t have anything in place now where there would be a collaboration with with the energy healing from a traumatic level that you’re doing in collaborating with those in South America but into a trip I haven’t explored any of that at this point although I did recently meet a healer at one of the fears up here and I really liked her I actually watched her work for a while and then I and had a session myself and I have been I did mention to her when I left that it would be I’d be willing to give her a session if she wanted one so that we could see how we might work together so I don’t have anything specifically in mind but I have kind of looked at what areas can she do that I’m not so skilled at and what areas may I be that I may be better at that she’s not so but Chi Chi 2 is she was she went down there to make she said she went to Peru and she spent I think six months in Peru learning and she’s gone back several times so it’s not like six months and she’s done this is over the course of many years but her initial stay I think was six months and then she’s gone back for a month each time each year for several years now so I know she continues to do her training now which is one of the disadvantages that I’ve had met the the elder that I was working with has stopped training so he doesn’t do that anymore ease I can understand it you know at some point in your life you you can feel the need to pull back and he just want to focus on on the tribe and not necessarily be training outside the tribe anymore yeah what about so in your training that had been involved at any time really like vision what they call my Vision Quest or using you know peyote or anything like that so I did go on a Vision Quest yes Cherokee do not use any psychedelic type of drugs ricasso no peyote no other type of drugs the only only medicines that come from nature are some of the herbs that are used for healing purposes but no nothing for for generating trips or experiences all of that is based upon your readiness and how you prepare yourself so to prepare for my Vision Quest was a three-year ordeal in preparation in addition to quite a bit of just training in general there was a lot of preparation work that I needed to do quite a bit of soul-searching clearing of my issues then when we went to when I went to the Vision Quest it was done in the mountains of New Mexico oh well again and I spent I’m sorry I said what part of New Mexico that live there for 20 years I’ll just curious again it’s the Gila mountains north of Las Cruces oh okay okay so we’re there for for two days I built the sweat lodge and spent the night in the sweat lodge you know there’s traditionally there’s four rounds to a sweat so did each of the four rounds and the sweat there were a couple of us that went so I wasn’t alone and then after the sweat we went up on the mountain and we went for well they’re typically as long as you choose you want to be but we were there for a maximum of five days so you go five days with no food or water and then when you’re done with your Vision Quest you come down from the mountain and at that point then there’s a ceremony to bring you back into the world and that’s when you can start to drink a little bit of water have some light broth type stuff to help you know regenerate your body so it starts working and then you know that but end of the day you’re more or less back to normal Wow few days to really get back to normal but by the end of that day when you come down off the mountain you’re pretty much back to normal and yes you really can survive five days with no water is not as cold I was lucky I could see those super Fridays but that Wow no water for Friday dinner lot yeah you get pretty damn thirsty though I’ll tell you that much oh my gosh wow this is tricky little pebble in the bottom of your mouth and that helps you celebrate because I’m going to tell you what about day three especially after a sweat lodge about day three you totally run out of saliva so you got to put a little pebble in your mouth too to generate saliva oh wow now he checks you know the Eldar checks on you yeah you know so it sound like you’re up there totally by yourself he checks but he’s very subtle and he comes up in checks make sure your you’re kicking you’re off you’re okay and then you know checked on us twice a day and then but as long as you’re okay sleeves you up there it’s an issue then they’ll take care of it awesome what are you doing while you’re up there on the mound for the five days wow that’s a great question I could only tell you what I did first day was pretty simple I made my circle and I gathered my firewood made a little lean-to because I knew at night that we get cold and of course there’s always a chance of rain so the first day was kind of active just kind of getting myself prepared the first night I built I built two fires one fire was what I called my sacred fire and the other was my warmth fire so I built the sacred fire up higher on the mountain away from my lean-to and and then I would sit up there you know tending the fire beating the drum singing whatever I felt like if it got cold or if I didn’t have anything else that was particularly going on because I just felt like it was enough then I’d go down and build the bigger fire that a bigger fire pit by my lean-to so I could build a bigger fire down there and stay to warm up a little bit you try to stay awake the whole time but you know we’re human so we dose the second day was I was getting pretty pretty thirsty but it was warm and night it was cold but during the day it was quite warm so I just send myself for a while and I just kind of looked around and smelled around and kind of meditated on some things and sang and played my drum again and chanted a little bit again to purify me and get myself ready for whatever might come and the second night it was kind of the same the third day looking at my lean-to was like a movie screen so I had all these images of many many things I can’t even begin to describe what all they were there was one period of time must lasted about 15 20 minutes where was just different phases that just kept going across there and then or different scenes that I would see and I knew that those were all me in different times different spaces and then it focused on two and those then I meditated on that night and I got some visions about why those are those two were very important to me again at my sacred fire I’d have those that third night was really their night I’ve been the fourth night I was up there and I suddenly found myself calling out in this strange strange animal sound I didn’t know what it was and it was kind of fun but it was kind of scary because you know you go what is this and as I sat down after I did that this gigantic black wolf came up and sat maybe 20 30 yards for me and just looked at me and I looked at him and he just after about five minutes or so he just got up and walked away Wow and that night I was visited by a spirit he was a gigantic spirit holy cow I think probably stood about fifty feet tall Wow and we conversed and he gave me insights into myself and into my life and then the that would have been the third night then the fourth day I was standing out there at the Sun and I you know I gave a greeting to the Sun and I had another vision and that’s when I found out who I really was and then that night I knew was my last night because they came and told me that this is your last night that I could sleep now so I went and laid down in my lean-to when they slept for the night and then the next morning I came down Wow Wow I appreciate hearing out of first rightio at sunrise not to false dawn but again right yeah thanks for sharing that with us that actually manages an expectation because before you were talking about three ordeal just preparing for it I thought of that accident ahead a couple years ago with done a thorough where people weren’t prepared or a lot of neophytes that went on the Vision Quest or sweat lodges and met their detriment and so things like this was more of a spiritual event as opposed to a mass marketing ordeal so very spiritual part of the preparation included weekends where from Friday night through Sunday I wouldn’t eat so the first time was just a juice fast so you could just drink juices so you know that there’s plenty of nutrition in the juice but it trains your starts to teach your body not to crave food then another time was just a water fast and then there was a time when it was you do drink water a one you skip it then you have some day three then I don’t remember the exact order but some of it was lemon water had to be in there to help purify you and this went on for many weekends you know several weekend not in a row obviously but they were all practice so that you could learn how to create a fast and then break the fast properly without her getting sick so you know that that took out that’s why said there was a lot of prep and so it’s no he didn’t just throw it he didn’t just trouble us on the mountain and go here have fun this was this was a lot of work and do and I say us because there were initially there were about eight of us that were interested but by the time we actually did the Vision Quest there were only three of us hmm the other five didn’t didn’t actually end up going so the other two was just three the other two you were interacting with hims all bundles five days know you had a spread out and each other spread out we were all cut out I was on one mountain there was a guy who had gone up probably I don’t know he keep topped the ridge so I don’t know how much further he went and then there was a woman on the other because we the camp was in a bit in a valley so there’s a woman on the mountain on the other side well so that you know I don’t I don’t really know it that was her first time ever camping go for a while but you know she did great in fact she’s from around this area so I still see her well we said when we still get together once in a while I know Yvette remembers in collapse we had it I think we started out with about eight or nine folks and but graduates in a year later there were only three oh my god there were three then there were three and so Ryan it took a few years to prepare for your Vision Quest and I’m sure it doesn’t take three years to prepare for your nature secret works up so no no ill you know poor don’t need repair you know honestly the best preparation you can come is with an open mind and an open heart well the rest of it will I’ll teach everything that we’re going to do there is really related to things that you’ve already done but there are some new things and some of the items that’ll be a little bit difficult for people and the reason we go through it kind of over a whole weekend is so that we can learn how to let go but a drum journey is one of the things that we’ll be doing on the weekend drum journeys are a lot of fun but you have to remember you don’t drive the bus so when when the drum is beating if you’re going to be listening to the drum and you’re going to say gee I wonder if you can really keep up that constant beat the whole 15 minutes you’re not going to have a journey because you’re focusing it’s just like when you go to sleep if you go to sleep and you say gee I wonder what this is going to do oh boy well isn’t that I wonder how I’m going to handle you know tomorrow’s bills or what am i if you start thinking you’re never going to fall asleep right you can’t and then the more you start thinking about I just need to get some sleep the harder it is to fall asleep well if Cindy goes with a drum journey if you want to drive the bus in a contra journey so what we have to do is help teach you how to release control so I do that quite simply with some very simple easy exercises during the course of the day guided meditation occasions where you’ll do some of your own quieting of your own mind getting your own heartbeat in sync with the earth so things that will help you to learn how to let go and learn how to slow yourself down and mostly slow your thoughts down or stop them then when we do the bigger adventure like the drum journey you’re in a place where you know how to do this because it’s just more of what you’ve done before only difference is there’s a drum beating at roughly four beats per second which science shows us puts us in an altered state of consciousness it’s an alpha wave somewhere – dreaming and you have a journey the next day or that night if we if people want to they can stay for the drum circle and the fire you know we’ll do a drum circle which they may may experience a little bit differently than they’ve experienced elsewhere I don’t know I’ve only been to a few different kinds and I know the way I do them is different from the ones that I’ve ever been to but but it’s very um it’s more ceremonial than some of what you might have been to before but it’s fun it’s a lot of fun everybody gets to beat a drum and make make noise and it’s kind of fun and then a fun day will pick up with messengers and messages and and learn how to get messages from stones from rocks are from from feathers from different objects and some of these will be probably pretty unprofor moon will be pretty profound people will learn what maybe meet one or more of their animal guides because they’ll have learned how to do that and will also then be able to talk with and meet the Devo of a crystal crystals that are living have have a we call them a diva they have a consciousness about them and you can actually meet with and talk with the diva but it’s the divas home so you have to ask permission to come in and assuming you’re granted permission you’ll be able to talk with the diva if you’re not well you may get yourself into Crystal but you’re going to find yourself all alone there so better to just pick a new crystal into a new crystal because that diva doesn’t want to have visitors today it doesn’t wake up’s so part of part of learning the how to communicate with nature is also learning how to respond and show respect because you’re asking to be invited into their home you have to show proper respect like you would as a guest in anybody’s home so that’s true whether it’s a tree whether it’s a rock whether it’s a crystal whether it’s a plant or an animal it doesn’t matter and that’s how animal whisperers or communicators are able to do what they show a tremendous degree of respect to the animal and then the animal is willing to let them come in all right just one quick question before I go back to the digging questing real quick is that something that you do just once in your lifetime or there’s something you do periodically through your life or what communing with nature no the Vision Quest or the Vision Quest most people would only do it once in their lifetime although if you’re a glutton for punishment not if you’re so motivated you could do it more than one time well typically people will will not go through the extent of a full Vision Quest more than once normal ones okay because you’re the first time the primary reason for a Vision Quest is really to understand who you are and once you know who you are you really don’t need to go again now that doesn’t mean you don’t want to take journeys and journey because you always have questions and life always happens and so we always have things to deal with so you can do other journeys but you don’t typically do another Vision Quest although you can there’s no no hard rule that’s that you can’t I just don’t know too many people who do doesn’t mean they don’t yeah okay yeah I wasn’t just I’ll just cure for the solid stuff you do like you know every couple years or it’s just something just being like once so okay if if you need to do it more than once then you probably want to understand what you’re really looking for before you do it the second or third time or okay it’s okay that the first time maybe didn’t work or you didn’t get out of it what you thought you needed because maybe you weren’t really emotionally as prepared for it as you might have been and a second time it would be kind of I would think anyway based on my experiences I would think that you probably would get all that you need out of the second one I’m going to tell you what there are times even today not literally today but in not too long ago that something from my Vision Quest came into mind and I went oh my god I didn’t even think about that and then I find myself having to meditate on that because it’s germane to my life right now so you get some really deep personal insights about yourself they have sometimes take years to unwrap so going from my experience I don’t know why I would need to do a second one or a third one but that doesn’t mean some people don’t and I can’t say that it would be wrong if they do because that will tell you I’m very ruling and quick to say there is no wrong there is no wrong way to do this there’s only right there’s just a degree of successes that you have each time you do it but there’s no wrong way to do it yeah now there are foolish ways to do it if you’re going to a place that’s going to put you on a three-day fast in the water or a five-day fast and no water and you’ve done no prep work for it that’s just foolhardy don’t do that you know if you’re going to a sweat lodge and the person just saying hey you know 100 bucks a person or 50 bucks a person and you don’t get a good feel that this person really knows what they’re doing don’t go yeah all right wait until you find somebody who you are confident in who realizes that they’ve got your life in their hands because they do and now you don’t go back to the Vision Quest but what what they what have you found to be the or what is the protocol after a nature seeker it works out I’m sure people want to know more information as to consultations or additional workshop day oh well that’s pretty easy um everybody will have my my contact information and I encourage any questions or concerns that may arise afterwards send me an email or a text I prefer not a phone call because I can’t always just answer a phone but I can get to a texter

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