Shamanic Healing Near Me – Soul Hunting With Avery Alexander (Interview)

Video Transcript

hey there everybody this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective happy fall equinox everybody this is Hamza and I’m Barron and we have a good a repeat person we love having her love talking to her every time she comes she has new information to share with us and we have Avery Alexander on the call today how you doing Avery so guys thank you so much for having me on the call once again it’s always a pleasure to bring far the latest downloads at the Curan and the earth and the universe I do have to say that when I had spoken with you it you know we have these gaps of time that we speak and when I had spoken with Hiro a couple of days ago it reminded me of I’ve only done the hypersleep one time and I had such a great experience doing it I’m like why didn’t I keep doing it it reminded me of flying to Europe and when you come back you like you know change my life and slow down and blah blah blah then when you hit the stage you kind of get back into your old life yeah I felt that way not doing the hypersleep like I’ve been missing out and I was really good trying to do it too during the fall equinox a good time to do it awesome so I will definitely get back on track and we’re going to talk about hi Pacific a little bit just to get some latest information on it but you have an upcoming event that’s talking about you’re talking about shadow hunting and before you were talking about there’s a really good compliment if you look at the 30 days in a month 30 31 days in a month between hypersleep and shadow hunting so it just for edification for everybody if you can go a little bit into how you would structure a month or hypersleep and then in that with with shadow honey okay very good I love the name that you gave it Shadow hunting active look into it you actually caught it like so hunting I was just fighting in the various aspects of your of your soul but I think what you said was very pertinent because it is about looking into your shadows of the things that you don’t see or the things that you don’t want to see because of beer and so it’s a test of native-american shamanistic um you know thing that you would do to get in touch with your shadow or get in touch with the lost pieces of your soul and that’s coming up very soon in October and we love to do it around you know around the full moon that’s the best time to do it and the best time to do so hunting is really around a new moon or a new change in frequency like we are in a shift change for as the seasons right no good time when you know to do it during these times but that’s very powerful it has been used all over the world so hunting it’s helped people with drug abuse problems any type of serious habit that’s been holding you down that you know you want to get rid of you know that type of thing so very very important to connecting to your your higher soul by doing these techniques but they’re very ancient techniques by the way they’re our forefathers and foremothers used to create healing and to bring back unity into the soul hmm interesting mm-hmm obviously you how long have you been doing it so hunting oh it was so hunted and I got introduced to it by another Native American shaman back in the round 1993-94 so it’s been a while and I the first time I tried it I just had a feeling that I had a feeling a feeling whole and complete I thought like something was amiss thing before and after completing the so hunting I definitely felt more and together with myself if you followed me I just felt more complete like something was missing before and now I felt the presence of a piece of my soul that I was what more can you know join together yeah so you’ve been doing it as long as you’ve been doing I’m hypersleep yes okay you know hypersleep I started kind of doing that a couple of years later actually super funny yes I’m doing – stick around and 95 96 Ellington was like about a year – before then before that I so how long of a an experience is exactly this is something you just kind of do for like an hour or an entire day or days or well yes so hunting is a lot less than hypersleep is museo sis two hours two hours because first we have a half an hour to introduce you to give you the proper breathing techniques to access you know your higher-self and then you know we go into the hypersleep which usually lasts about an hour and then afterwards there’s another half an hour that we use to kind of just reintegrate the experience into you know our third dimensional physical selves and we have a group conversation about what was the experiences you know what did it mean the whole thing which is very possible that the sharing afterwards yeah no yeah you really see that you can really see on the shift some people just like I said before so hunting and then the shift in their consciousness after so hunting is just amazing hmm interesting yeah the things continue to open up more and more after so hunting you know the dreams tend sometimes people say their dreams become more vivid they’re more inspired to do something that maybe they weren’t able they weren’t inspired before they’re able to quit 13 habit suppose they were smoking they were addicted to drugs alcohol people would have been able to leave it alone to drop it because they’ve got complete as to what was causing and have this habit in the first place that was like a self-destructive habit they using a lot in Amsterdam people who are you know addicted to drugs and stuff like that Amsterdam heroin cocaine and people have gotten a lot of success with doing so hunting far as being able to you know come off of these hardcore drugs and stuff like that yeah wow I could think of a few people that might be interested in something like that cuz that’s kind of where they’re at about I’m really happy that you’re having it next month which is October and that’s one of my favorite months out of the year because it just feels that you know with the whole Halloween and all the Jake’s around that that just seems like that the time when the veil is very thin between third dimension and Beyond and is that reason why you’re having the soul hunting in October or do you have it multiple times a year well you know it’s done multiple times a year but but October is a very good time to have it because just because of that reason with the veil is very thin between you know the seen realm and unseen realm so the thing was coming to me very strongly is that these are techniques for you to get more acquainted with you and the you that we think we know is always expanding it’s always growing it’s always it’s soaked interwoven into different various dimensions and so by you getting more connected with you you’re able to tap into these different dimensions that’s available to us and so it’s like an expansion of consciousness and so the more our consciousness expands the more possibility expands as like what’s really possible and in the human in the human condition right and what’s really possible what we can great and have in this world so I mean I really recommend so hunting for anyone who wants to get them to really like real life transformation for yourself and for others you know it always begins with ourselves first but then it also transfers out to the external world which is so important which I really feel one of the reasons why we’re here is to somehow make a shift or different in this external world so so hunting is a very good part of that and it’s very healing anybody who’s had any like traumatic things happen to them like you know being abused or being raped or anything like that so hunting is very powerful for regaining the various aspects of yourself that was lost in that traumatic experience for example any time you go through a traumatic experience for your soul to cope with it it actually leaves your body and it gets trapped into that timeframe in that time sequence and how you remember it because when you’re thinking about the event you did the emotions the thoughts even the smells everything comes up exactly how it was when you’re going through that experience and that’s a clear sign of the piece of your soul is still trapped into that experience still trapped into that time dimension so we use so hunting as a method to go back and retrieve that lost missing pieces of yourself and to regain that piece of your soul back into yourself oh yeah ultimately getting kind of when you as you do that it’s kind of like getting the whole again getting all right because you put in a pieces of yourself all back yes and the more you are home and and and not being splintered off into different past painful experiences the more effective you can be in this world yeah and people deal with hurt and pain in in different ways like some people will um you know eat a lot just to deal with the pain some people would have you know like I’ll type of different sex just to deal with it because you know that’s what they’re trying to avoid the syllabus the pain you know trying to embark on a pleasure people do drugs you know the kind of us forget about the pain but all of these things never really work on bringing your soul to completion actually by facing the pain head-on being brave enough to really look at it and doing something to retrieve it that you become whole again and that’s why people been so successful for us you know quitting the drugs quitting any type of self-destructive habit by doing so hunting now in the two hour time frame it when you’re talking about your soul leaving during a traumatic event right there are some instances or have you experienced some instances where if the soul was gone then that person may have that that actual experience buried until they haven’t even thought about it they may they may partake in sabotaging scenarios throughout their life without even knowing that that was the impetus for them to go down that track so you know this seems like they would you’re actually bring it to the surface things that you may or may not be willing to address has that ever happened in a minute well your life is really simple normally when we do a so hunting we ask people just to think about an event that you want to you know get whole again or get clear on and use this always the first thing that comes to your mind it’s like right there in your face you have to think about it and so at the second second layer of onion so you do the first so hunting you deal with that first issue that comes up it gets clear and then as that gets clear perhaps another event that you weren’t conscious of make rise to the surface now that needs to get clear so this is why we always have good to do you know so hunting periodically to just get those things and even new things that might have have come up that has become painful or something we went through that you know your soul got chopped and x-rays is good to clear it so normally the natives would normally do so huntin event with their tribe once a month on the full moon just to clear anything that might have come up during that month so you can tell usually stay clear and the more clear you are the more you’re able to manifest powerfully in your life you know cause if not these things getting away it kind of trip you up there like obstacles that get in the way of running a clear path I’m thinking of it as a as a folks out in in in Silicon Valley right there’s a conversation of exploration to nootropics right and looking at you know different alternative mind-altering substances and they’re able to biohack what they’re doing it and reach like other levels that they couldn’t have anticipated so when you’re saying so humpin it doesn’t necessarily have to be a traumatic event like you know I’m thinking more so there were me right I can’t think of a tragic event but I would want to go because if I’m going to uncover my best self I want to have access to it you’re saying we get a benefit issue it does have to always be a traumatic event but let’s face it life is not always perfect you know sometimes we may not may not look at it mentally as a traumatic event but our soul does but our mind is like brush it off like oh you’ll be okay just get over it you know but our soul is still wounded it was various aspects of the soul yeah and again it doesn’t have to be anything that comes to your mind says I’m going to so hunting because I’m wounded and I need to heal it’s just like you’re saying you want to get clarity on something you want to find out what is your power animal what is your what is it other outside or how you say other realms that you wish to explore you know what’s out there and so hunting is a great way to do that you just said life’s not perfect Wow next thing you know you you tell me that there’s no Santa Claus well let me let me clarify that when I say life’s not perfect life is what your create of it and we know that in life things come to us things come at you it’s like you’re on the court playing basketball someone’s gonna throw the ball a you know you have to you have to perform you have to you know get that ball in the hoop sometimes someone is the opposition is always what you call resistance so what I say not perfect what I’m really describing is the resistance that’s and like you know it’s always resistant oh I just liked that when you said there’s like that’s not perfect up again right he’s the way about that you know why cause you know how hard I was and I found out there wasn’t no Santa Claus I was a comic eyes that get over that there was no Santa Claus David walk away from your mic a little bit you sound muffled all right that’s better all right could you give us a little of some explanation you kind of glossed over but just for the audience about power animals and access to pilot animals yeah so you know Native Americans are very close to nature and they use nature and observing things and make just like animals and the insects and the trees and different bushes they observed it to teach them about the divine creation and they notice that certain animals have medicine meaning that they have ways of being that could teach us how to be in this world and if you can use that medicine it could assist you um you know assist your soul to heal you know and they have certain qualities and characteristics if you were able to take that on into your personality might can help you face certain situations that you and your own personality may be not able to face interesting animal animal medicine animal totems or your power animal because it means that by taking on the energy or the characteristic of that animal it will empower you to get over that certain resistance that might be present in your life okay reminds me of watching the kung fu movies in the 70s and 80 all of the martial arts doll styles were named after animals so like cream bring me back yes exactly to fly mantis or you know the tiger you know yeah cuz they get the running energy of those animals to fight like those animals absolutely and I loved it it’s making me nostalgic like I never thought to come from really maybe after this podcast so let me ask you a ‘very what was this movie that I come out maybe about 10 years ago now called ghost town and long story short the guy had had a near-death experience and didn’t realize it so when he was walking home he had had access to the spiritual realm so he bumped into somebody on the street he’s like excuse me and they’re like oh you can see us right and then you know the high jinks happen in the movie great movie does this happen with your Power Animals because you’re accessing animals that you may not have been in contact with before now are they starting to present themselves and situations in your life after a soul hunting event yes what happens is these power animals will come and present itself to you and you you actually allow yourself to merge with your power animal – just the seek out and to go back to retrieve your lost pieces of yourself for your soul hmm so this is like a model when the models at a session and they’re like wore like a tiger sorry I couldn’t help it but that’s funny sometimes oh that’s a whole nother topic you have to bring me offers such as exciting to talk about that because even people are you know together and they’re merging even on a sexual level sometimes they’ll they’re like become portals they can transfer instruction energy that’s what it’s saying it’s very important that in whoever you give yourself over to sexually that you guys are aligned at least soul wise or spiritually wise because if not it kick economists like you can almost like you know you have a you know you ever paint it with a paintbrush and okay so you dip in the yellow and next thing you might you know dip in the brown and it changes the whole color of the yellow it’s the same thing where if you both were painting yellow it wouldn’t change the hue that much of it what’s the same thing energetically you know if you give yourself over to somebody who’s not on that same hue or that same vibration it will taint it it would take the color of it so again you do so hunting to to clear that stuff out you know it’s very important right I wasn’t clarification on that one because you’re saying like the same shade of yellow for two people I’m thinking like Romeo and Juliet in their early in life but this is a twenty thirty two later they may have been with the animal kingdom so how you’re clearing all that exactly that’s why it’s important you know those of us who are aware and spiritually aware you know is to know that the person knows how to clear themselves or they are clear to a certain degree if not you will pick up all of those animals from the animal kingdom I want to know why you don’t feel like yourself after or things are not working out right so that’s very important very very important so this is a romantic retreat that’s what this really is a romantic getaway the sole hunting event is it’s actually about loving yourself more yeah looking into yourself more to allow more love into yourself and however that looks also picking up habits and ways of being that supports you all the way around and in eliminating anything that’s not really supportive of you so that’s why it’s so beautiful and so blissful because you really when you get a chance to look into yourself you’re tapping into this unlimited source of love and compassion you know that’s been there for you all along yeah it’s always been there so let’s talk about a little bit like what’s needed if anyone’s to want to participate in the soul hunting event we ask that you bring a bandana that you know you bring a bandana with you and then we know we’re loose comfortable clothing for movement is going to be dancing you know going to be like an energetic movement that you’ll be doing and it’s a set up in a way where nobody will be seeing you dancing except um you know myself because I’m the person has to hold the energetic space make sure no one you know no nothing from the unseen comes in you know because you’re really kind of open now as a portal so we’re holding an energetic space you know for for for love and beauty and light to be present there but no one else is going to be a seeing you know tapping into your inner spirit and there’s a particular type of rough work that we show you how to do to gain access into these realms very ancient technique of breathing what’s the bandana and bring a bring an open mind and instead of intention as to what you like to get out of it what’s the vandana for well we um this particular session when you’re when we do so hunts and everybody’s blindfolded okay everybody’s blindfolded so you bring your bandana for that because again when you’re blindfolded you’re able to go within yourself deeper and you’re not observing what everyone else is doing sometimes in your it takes the whole ego out of the whole situation because the usual one says oh you know I’m not down I’m looking stupid I don’t want to do this because someone’s gonna look at me and you’re think I’m not dancing right it takes that whole ego out so you can go really more deeper into yourself I will explain more to you about the purpose of the bandana to when you come to the so hunting now it’s October to 17 and it’s for two hours from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and that’s a Tuesday and it’s going to be held at 5:40 Main Street and that’s in Forest Park Georgia Forest Park is not too far from Jonesboro and it’s going to be held in May artist an artist studio okay mm-hmm this is fun something fun it’s gonna be awesome everybody I’ve known has ever done so hunting has gotten a lot out of it and in the cardboard is only 30 is only $30 so we all say come out and um you know really have a great experience and so we’re also doing a gang because we’re having a bandana on so that bring a blue one or a red one you could be whatever color you want hums yeah bananas are either cotton they were able to block the light out the kind of thing so we always just traditionally always use bandana I have a Jamaican bandana actually that I use so I also have one with Chinese characters on it a faint so whichever one that makes you feel good let me ask you with putting putting the two together after you do the soul hunting which you have you know relatively 20 rolled you do 20 plus years doing both so hunting in and hypersleep are you able to mesh the two as far as greater communication with your power when you hypersleep Estero soul humping event it does make you more open and aware of the different realms that exist yeah definitely so you said that you learn you’ll get introduced to some ancient breathing techniques besides for the purpose of just uh you know for this event talk a little bit about breathing and the importance of just breathing on a daily basis or the end or the art of breathing but I mean I cannot stress enough how important breathing is to the soul to the body because of course without the breath we don’t take in our next breath within three minutes the average person is gone it’s like okay call the coroner is over yeah and it’s this invisible substance that gives us our life like it literally gives us our life every second of the day yeah and we don’t know where the substance comes from and after we breathe it out we don’t know where it goes but it’s intricately tapped into all of the realm visible and invisible going to gives life to all of that and the word spirit their word breath actually means spirit and in the Indian language this is like the same thing if they have the same meaning breath and spirit is the same thing what you’re breathing in the spirit which are breathing in in my observation you’re actually breathing in the divine spirit who created us your interplan your inter playing with that energy all day long in and out and and out in and out and the more conscious you become of this breath the more it leads you to everything it gives you everything that you’ve ever gotten in this entire world but yet everybody here instinctively trust that when you breathe in something’s going to fill your lung and when you breathe out something’s going to exit your lung but yet we this the substance is so important for our life but none of us yet walks around with you know air tanks on our back because we’re afraid that you know we’re not going to get our next breath we instinctively trust the process and the more you are connected to the breath the more humble you become to life it’s like this is every breath you take in as a gift yeah because it’s not there’s nothing that you can do to make more there’s nothing you can do to make less it’s just always there for you like a good familiar friend I mean it’s always there until you take your last breath out in this physical body and then you’ll be joined eternally with the breath yeah a noticeably good David play by but when I say interesting cuz I don’t know how I kind of stumbled onto it but in my teenage years I was pretty athletic and I and I figured out part of what maybe soft leather girl while I was able to perform so well was my breathing but at that time I didn’t have a spiritual connection to it but I just knew if I if I controlled my breathing and had a lot of focus on that while I was playing sports I always exceeded and played really well so that was all and then of course as years went by I realized the spiritual connection to it but I always knew breathing was super important whether it was you know if I was playing sports or any other you know anything else I was doing but that was really probably my person adduction how important breathing was when I was a teenager and playing sports yes and yet we sit like a protective breath for granted within oh the Eagles you know I’m this I’m I’m Donald Trump I’m the president I’m this and their Eagles get so inflated yeah but with the breath you wouldn’t have that access to do the things that you’re doing yeah none of us would going in tips later you know these are it’s inflated or could it also be a lack of education if you could talk a little bit about the difference between what most people are familiar with breathing that’s through the nose versus breathing from the diaphragm if you can explain the difference that’d be great okay yeah you know babies naturally breathe from the diaphragm but it’s funny I remember going to school and kindergarten and I remember the kindergarten teacher teaching me how to breathe the opposite way I remember that reverse breathing when you’re not breathing from the diaphragm you’re actually expanding out your chest but naturally babies always breathe in the diaphragm so when you take a deep breath in you press that air is pressing down on the diaphragm and as it presses on the diaphragm endorphins are being released in our brain to help put us more in alignment to help calm us down that’s why anytime anyone gets upset they’re like okay calm down take a deep breath count to ten you know as you’re breathing out why because it’s that breath that’s realigning your equilibrium to get you back into alignment with yourself so it’s important to do always diaphragmatic breathing it also said the endorphins are natural painkillers you know it helps align our biochemistry of our brain a lot of people are depressed because they’re not breathing correctly or people are experiencing anxiety because they’re not breathing correctly they’re not breathing from the diaphragm which is very key to our life yeah mm-hmm so anytime you feeling out of sorts you’re not feeling right check and check your check in with your breath somewhere you’re not breathing correctly or you might your posture may not be correct where it’s allowing the breath to enter and directly and exit out correctly so when you take a deep breath in and start getting into yourself that anxiety you’ll find more than likely we’ll leave yeah I regression you want to like it you mean I agree it’s like I don’t know how many times I just all right let me just sit down take a few deep breaths and then you know everything just completely changes it’s like sometimes that’s all you need to sit down and just take some deep breaths yeah true yeah you sit down and take some deep breaths in and also the soul hunting is a particular type of beat or a rhythm or music that we listen to they’re sort of mimics the beating of your heart you know the first sound that coming into conscious that we can be cause the beating of our mother’s heart while we’re inside the womb so something very calming and very connecting to that it’s like that sound that’s actually pulling your soul into this realm and it’s consistent Wow what do you mean when you say deep breathing I’m just imagining if people come to your event and what do you mean breathing right like I can breathe I’m learning how to breathe like if you could talk about shallow breath versus deep breaths and getting around that just for greater clarification sure deep breathing is like you know of course to death maybe breathing where your your belly is coming out it’s like pot belly breathing it’s almost like if you could imagine your two lungs or like your washing machine and the air is like the clothing right so it’s like filling up your washing machine with clothes right it’s like filling up your lungs with air to its maximum capacity where it’s actually pushing your diaphragm all expressing your belly out that deep belly breathing is going down into the pot belly your lower abdomen of your of your body and then when you breathe out you’re expelling all of that air coming up and out you know through your nose you’re expelling out of the air that’s that’s possible well you know you never really expel all of the air that’s in your lungs your lungs always keep the reserve but as much as you can and so that’s the reason shallow breathing is not even even the air is not even going in as deep into your into your bellies it’s basically just doing chest breathing or just you know your chest is rising and falling so it’s good to observe yourself you can if you’re breathing in if you’re seeing your belly is pressing out then that’s a I would say that’s a pretty good breath if you notice that you know your chest is coming out then the air is not really going deep to where it needs to be at the lower parts of your lungs and this is something called cheat the something called chi bruh that’s just a physical air that’s covered into your lungs and coming out of your lungs there’s something called a chi bruh where you actually visualize the breath going all the way down all through the bottom of your feet and you breathe it in through the bottom of your feet going all the way back out through your nostrils leave it out to the top of your head that’s T breathing that’s like energetic breathing cuz you know you have the unseen realm in the scene ground right so um physical is only a small reflection of what’s going on in the unseen realm so we also show you how to do you know Chi breathing if you will so you notice that your whole body begins to feel energized as you do it are you doing this event are you running this man yourself or do you have someone that’s doing it with you all readiness to get myself but I’m actually working with the person who has offered me the space to do the UH to do the soul hunting and he’s also going to be a part of you know setting up the music and offer in the space and that kind of thing so okay and also some of the very exciting awesome sauces off the beaten path it might be really good for you hounds because you know you love music I know you love music as well David but we’re looking into having a space we’re going to do something called a pirate party if you have three different DJs from three different genres of music and you have these headphones or wireless headphones and at any time you can tap into any one of these sounds that’s playing from the DJs in just there so just be free the one might be playing trance news it would let me playing hip-hop one might be playing reggae you know they might trends change it over to you play like African music so it’s going to be like a worldwide genre of music that will come through the three different DJs I know isn’t that great great so you can literally have this anywhere because the sound won’t affect anybody you know outside but everything will be covered in to you internally they kind of decided party Wow interesting hmm I really like that concept yeah it’s really neat you know yeah I found that you can access your animals when you are dancing you know when you dance you’re relaxed you are breathing more deeply and I think that’s where a knows your power animals are looking for that opportunity to commune with you yes well you know when you do the soul hunting your soul already Travis you really feel like you’ve traveled into some distant world are you forming a group also I’m just thinking of someone going and what typically happens to events are people would go they have a phenomenal experience let’s say on the weekend and then regular life comes back on Monday are you thinking about for me a group like a Facebook group or something where people can share their experiences and have it ongoing so that this can kind of continue one outside of just this event and then people can kind of like and pick up a girlie the next event yeah I have a Facebook page called waha it goes like wow we’re so close and health always right you know there’s like a whaha group and we’re creating something like caught on you know it’s called waha living right late it’s just in this energetic space of all these different events so but it definitely I want to own post it our arm our capacity for soul hunting might be at fifteen at this particular location so I haven’t really pushed it but that’s a really good idea I’ll close it there and then who knows you could create a separate Facebook group that’s more tailored to like you know the soul hunting group or you know sleep the hyper sneak group or something like that will be more detailed well thinking for selfish reasons because I want to be with like-minded people but your I know outside of the podcast that you have plans to take this on a road not only in the States but outside of the United States so it’d be really cool to you know connect with the soul hunters and hyper sleepers and wherever wherever they live in the part of the world that’s a good idea they got to put you on that one humza well we’ll put this on our Facebook page and then you can share it and then you know it’s kind of just viral that way okay also we have them so hunted all over the world we’ve done it in Jamaica oh into the forest we’ve done it all in North Carolina we’ve done it in New York City and a really cool loft we’ve done it on a Florida get in the woods of Florida like somehow doing so much about nature in the woods is like very powerful um out in the water facing the water in Jamaica we’ve done so hunting so I do so hunting events to what I do my healing water tours you know the next hill and water Torben January 2018 we go all around a different healing waters of Jamaica and do different rituals you do ancestor ritual to do so hunting you know and we just reverse ourselves these various healing waters they have bioluminescent waters there to have water that the fire burns on top of the water and you’re actually bathing in this water while fires in front of you and not getting burned like it’s just really phenomenal experience so I’m so hunting just tends to open up people more to receive let me go through these different healing waters now with with groves are you what’s the relationships with your animal totems from 1993 when you’re introduced or so hunting versus your power animals in 2017 it’s funny because it’s like a first love when you first get introduced to your power animal and never leaves you you always remember your first power animal and the less of that it brought you in the awareness and it’s like you know your first love you always in love with it you just grateful that’s kind of been my experience of what other people have shared with me and and as time goes on you know sometimes you know that the power animal will come back now what we also do is show you that this for power animals is always there for you they’re like you’re stable they’re like you’re your foundation and you find out your personality is more connected to these power animal you know that’s just who you are like always tell David I said that I don’t know if he has the bear but I feel the bear energy really strong with him you know it gives you because you just feel you know the bear energy so it’s certain you know people that everybody always have um poor distinct power animals that’s connected with your personality it’s just who you are like my brother he’s definitely has turtle energy in them and they’ll move slowly they’ll stay in his little house and he sticks his neck out and he pulls it back in you know thus apparelled grounded and one of my friends went to visit over there like why is he so slow coming to the door of like he’s a turtle desk energy don’t you understand a person’s personality you can make you understand them better visual board depth or who you’d give away yeah that makes sense to come out the house turtles don’t like coming out the house they love their little own inner sanctuary you know don’t you understand the personality then you say oh you know you get it you understand what people do certain things or behave in certain ways yeah sure your power animal up coming in I said what is yours your your your power animal what is it well have for you know for it must more distinct power animals is the wolf which is a teacher I have on the horse which is you know dealing with the will that kind of thing and also work with the ego the ego a lot you know far as ideals and soaring and vision and that kind of thing and then my fourth power variable which is really interesting to me that I would working with a lot cuz dolphin and dolphin energy I certify where I love the water so much and connector wishes fantasy yeah yeah Wow I mentioned yeah I also feel cheated cuz you go to the wars in all these places and we’re gonna meet at a dance studio I feel cheated that’s why I’m living by the water I have a place in Jamaica deciding the water have to be you know water so but um yeah but then again you stay open because I had a thought I thought I was a different power animal I thought I was more like um you know the lion or something like that he thought of me although I do work with lion energy but um the lives that my core power animal personality so I thought it was but then it got revealed to yet it wasn’t so and I think the most interesting soul hunting I’ve ever gone on is when I actually um the snake came to me and one of my power animal retrievers and I was like oh my god snake girl you know slimy uh but then the snake medicine revealed itself to me and I realize the power of it I realized the power of the snake energy that gave me a whole nother perspective of make energy so this is sort of stuff like that is really stayed open to that type of surface issues you never know what animal will come to you like you might have idea okay right now I need to dawn unity or whatever and the next thing you know the Raven will come you know and stuff like that so just vote what’s your soul needs the medicine that it needs and you get to understand it your soul is definitely a distinct energy from the mind and before it bite you know that might be blurred because I don’t know about my soul what is my soul need but then the story build yourself to you pretty different also hooking it now with the for for the foundation this is more of a reference question do you have materials that you hand out so they can so people make an association or is it more of a personal relationship with the animal that that chooses to appear yes more personal relationship that appears to you that’s different for everybody every soul hunting is different totally different you never know what to expect and that’s we say come with the open heart open mind to receive this is definitely empowering in that way it’s not anything is you can mentally back out and say okay so so you’re going to go through this this you can expect this I can’t never tell you what you’re going to experience and you go through so hunting but I know it is always phenomenal and it’s always has been empowering for everyone never thought it so let me ask you about preference when you sound obviously here you’re definitely in the space and and I plan on coming so I think it’s going to be a really fun event and you’ve done so hunting you’ve done hypersleep you’ve done other modalities you have a preference where you find yourself moreso leaning towards this earth energy um that’s almost like saying you know when you have to build something which tool do you use to get the job done and that’s why I look at the different modalities you know what more – there’s just so need at that time to meet this objective so that’s why neither one of them is preferential over the other just which medicine do you need at the time like when you have a cold you know you use echinacea vitamin C rather than if you have a burn on your skin you use aloe vera each medicine is distinct and has a purpose for what with their Cajun cause for their eternal Souls you put in a tool bag on this whole journey called life yeah I’m just being funny because I’m trying I’m thinking like oh yeah I needed to excess because Tiger energy to help you out on the tiger flight nah man you need to speak to my homie the Angels for this one yeah exactly exactly so the more you expose yourself to different things and experiences you can do you can kind of you know from the experience you could say why I’m doing this gave me this result or gave me this better result if I’m doing hyperspeed gave you this result so we’re like scientists of our life right and we’re here exploring oh oh what what was the best for our own self and only yourself can answer that nobody else outside of you really should even tell you that it’s something that always used to come from within so I always say I’m just the way show er through the door and then once you go to the door and you discern what’s best for your own soul you know if I don’t really get into religion mrs. OH this is the only way you have to do it this way the only way your soul is going to make it I found that all these different experiences not to be the truth for myself okay of speaking about other people and that’s what it’s about gaining your own truth gaining your own clarity and then finding the things that empower your own soul so that the awesome is it a day where the words that have to be accountable to ourselves I guess that’s a dagger own self be true yeah yeah it sounds good mm-hmm so if you want to talk about the date the location and the website and your Facebook page that’d be fantastic so people is that were they is there a certain page where they would sign up if you can give us all that information well I’m gonna give you um you know my phone number and I will put it on my waha page and told you if you should text me over even your Facebook I will figure the link over to that but again it’s going to be held on October the 17th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 5:40 at this 5:40 main street s Forest Park Atlanta Forest Park Georgia it is going to be held at the a man’s well art studio and I’ll get off of your information over and anyone any more information they can reach me to it six seven eight seven five six three zero seven one we’re going to take about 15 people after that we have to you know because of space um I would just take the first 15 people that want to sign up and again is $30 and what I can do to on my Facebook page I can send you over a PayPal link look II just um you know you know solidify your spot to PayPal this is a say artists studio will there be any merchandise for sale afterwards oh yeah absolutely um he’s a photographer so for me because different artwork there so anything when a purchase is there mm-hmm I’m thinking I mean not everyone really yeah we all say to prepare for it you know try not to eat any real heavy meal before going and like you want to just you know drink something maybe some teas or some juice or you know maybe your last heavy meal of the day should be around lunchtime just you can get that clarity you know fruit of the vine you can eat fruits and stuff like that yeah fantastic looks like we have another podcast and the can again this is intrinsic motivation from a homeys perspective we were here with Avery Alexander expert in the soul hunting upcoming event here in Atlanta to over 17 make sure you get your tickets they are limited they’re only open to about 15 people so with that I am Hamza and I am David and we appreciate your time again Avery thanks so much and we’ll catch you guys on our next podcast thanks guys so much pleasure guys thank you so much are you saying haha yeah okay

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