Tremendous Spiritual Awakening: How To Unlock Your Full Brain Capacity In 2021

Tremendous Spiritual Awakening: How To Unlock Your Full Brain Capacity In 2021

Personal Spiritual Awakening

Everyone seems to have an idea of what spiritual awakening means. Spiritual awakening (or personal spiritual awakening, as some prefer to call it) is only one of the many great topics out there that can become perplexing very quickly.

However, it certainly does help to categorize and describe the different elements of personal spiritual awakening so you can understand signs and symptoms more – and this is how I classify spiritual awakening. In this article, I’m going to share a sense of what I mean.

Frequency: Everyone has experienced a frequency on their life that is quite common. For example, you may feel that your body just has this "chickening" feeling when you’re hungry or thirsty, for no apparent reason. Other times your authentic light body has certain frequencies. For example, a lot of people who have experienced major life changes will be able to describe them by describing the changes they underwent in their everyday frequency. In other words, they will remember these changes like the Divine awakening process is happening to them right now in this reality.

What Does Spiritual Enlightenment Mean To You and Me?
What Does Spiritual Enlightenment Mean?

How Can I Get Spirituality?

Vibration: This refers to the transformation stage of how your frequency has been altered or changed over time during this mystical experience. Many people in society claim that this is not the same thing as frequency, because they claim it’s something that doesn’t happen, so they don’t know if it’s important. However, this is actually extremely important. Because a higher vibration triggers greater potential and synchronicity for attunement and healing in this dimension.

Balance: The notion is that when your frequency is aligned with the energy that an individual desires in your life, then you’ll find that your journey towards true spiritual awakening and fulfillment becomes easier and smoother. Unfortunately, when your connection frequency isn’t aligned with the energy that you desire in your life, then you will find that it becomes more difficult. And it’s important to make sure that both your frequency and your alignment with the energy are in balance before you begin the journey of peace of mind.

Journey: A journey is simply a psychological path through which you jour. It can be anything that you choose to go on your journey. These practices can be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. You can choose to journey alone or together with the Universe.

What Does Spiritual Experience Mean and Does Anyone Have the Answer?
What Does Spiritual Experience Mean?

What Are The Spiritual Values?

As I’ve described, you can choose to go alone or together and these ideas are totally up to you. If you decide to go alone, then it’s up to you whether you go on a spiritual, mental, emotional, or emotional journey, or just a journey. You also decide if you want to start at a spiritual or an emotional level or just a physical one.

Spiritual awakening can only be achieved if you choose to do so. It’s completely up to you.

Spiritual awakening is possible for everyone. Whether you decide to go alone or together, it’s completely up to you. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to take a journey or just to journey.

The journey of course is different as it can become an adventure. If you choose to, you can even journey without any guidance.

There are many ways you can learn to a personal journey alone, without guidance. The first is to find a book that teaches you to do it alone. I know of several books that teach to journey on your own, and this is a great way to learn.

Another way to find a good guide to make a spiritual awakening, or to journey alone is to find a spiritual teacher who has already been on a spiritual journey and share their experience. If you want more help with opening your heart and changing your behavior, you can find online courses that teach you to journey alone. If you want more help, there are other online teachers. You can also find resources that teach you to do this.

These are just a couple of ways you can learn to personal and journey alone. You need to find a guide so that you can make your journey.

How Can I Get Spirituality With Everything Going On?
How Can I Get Spirituality?

Spiritualism and The Mystery Behind It

When the darkness of a dark night of the soul sets in, one can easily lose sight of all that makes us human and realize that the only true thing left to us is the mystical powers of Spirit. We become more deeply and completely grounded in the infinite energy of God. The mystical has a lot to offer the seeker in this regard. Spiritualism is about being grounded spiritually to be able to look deeper into who we are. We need to remember that life isn’t supposed to be so hectic; it’s supposed to be relaxing and fun and that is why spiritualism is so important.

Spirituality should involve the pursuit of a purpose. Whether this purpose can be accomplished through work or a higher spiritual power, the seeker should find out what the purpose is before they pursue this purpose. If there is no purpose to life then there isn’t any purpose to life either. Without a goal, life will be nothing but a muddle. A purpose will motivate the seeker to reach goals because they will know exactly what they want. The seeker should know what their life should be like, how it should look, and what kind of work they should be doing. They must have a good idea of what their desires should be to move towards them.

Spiritualism helps the seeker is more focused on the spiritual life. The seeker will realize that life is an expression of the higher power in existence. There is a way for everything to be beautiful and meaningful. The spiritualist must become aware of their role in this world and realize that there is a purpose for their being in it. They must realize that their very life depends on what they do. This realization can make a big difference in the seeker’s spiritual life. This will allow them to be inspired to take action and accomplish great things.

What Does Spiritual Enlightenment Feel Like To You and Me?
What Does Spiritual Enlightenment Feel Like?

Do I Have A Shadow Self?

What exactly is the shadow self? The shadow is a mirror to reflect what’s going on inside of you. It’s a reflection of what goes on inside you. This is not always a good part of us, because the shadow is not always our best self. It may not be a pleasant experience, but it’s also a mirror that we must see ourselves in.

What is the shadow self? The shadow is your opposite of pleasure. It represents all of those negative emotions that are not so fun to experience. The shadow is asking for acceptance and being given what it wants and needs, but gets rejected. When we want something we want it to bring us happiness and success, but if it brings us unhappiness we get angry and lash out. Sometimes our shadow will even cause physical pain, sometimes it can destroy relationships, and other times it can be destructive.

You don’t have to deal with the shadow. All you need to do is learn how to release that shadow energy. You can do this with the help of a spiritual guide. It’s important to find the right guide as this person can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy.

What Is Meant By Awakening To The Average Person?
What Is Meant By Awakening?

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

When you ask yourself the question "what does it mean to be spiritual," you are not asking what spiritual means. If you are a person that is not fully convinced about what being spiritual is, then the answer may surprise you. Many people are more spiritually alive than others, but there is no way of knowing who the more spiritually alive person is until one asks the question and finds out.

Spiritual life is a way to think, feel, and do without having to worry about money, material things, or even health. The most important part of spiritual life is that we are not concerned with whether the people we are to know what we are doing in our lives. This can be done in many different ways, but it usually means that we make it a point not to be the center of anyone else’s attention. We simply enjoy life without being the center of someone else’s attention. We can even live in the most mundane and easy lives while our relationships with those around us are excellent. It does not matter what time period you are living in, because this is how we choose to live.

Feelings can be overwhelming if they are not experienced. People that have spiritual experiences tend to have less anxiety, because they realize that they are in control of their own bodies, minds, and souls. You may find yourself wondering how you became this way. There are people that experience spiritual awakening through the power of the Holy Spirit, but for others, it may just come to them over time as the circumstances of their life allow it. There are many different ways of doing this and we all need to look at our lives to see what is leading us away from the path of truth. We may find that if we do something like becoming very conscious of what we say and do, then we can begin to make a difference in the world around us. By becoming more spiritually aware, it helps us to connect with others more effectively and to have better relationships with God.

What Are The Spiritual Values In Today's Interesting Climate?
What Are The Spiritual Values?

How Can I Become More Spiritual?

What can I do to become more spiritually inclined? What does it mean to be spiritually inclined? There are many definitions of spirituality, but in essence, it means that you are more open to what is happening in your life. There is also a spiritual approach to life, where you take action rather than just waiting for it to happen. This may mean taking action to change what is happening in your life, and how you react to certain situations or circumstances. Some examples of actions that people with spiritual inclination often take would be to make a conscious effort to spend time with family and friends.

Spiritual growth is more than just taking a spiritual approach to your daily life. It’s about being open to the experience you have inside of you. There is no right or wrong way to live your life, it all comes down to the way that you choose to look at things, and the decisions that you make to create your own life. A spiritual development process should not be rushed. You should start by taking action on a day to day basis to increase your level of awareness and understanding, and if you follow a certain set of guidelines, you can use this information to guide you in your future life.

It is not easy living a life of spiritual growth, but it can be done. The important thing is to make sure that you are not rushing into anything. You need to find a way to get started on the path that will lead you to your ultimate goal of success, as well as an increase in your spiritual growth as well as general well being. There is no better time to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to increase your awareness of spirituality in life because it is easier now than ever before.

How Do You Experience Spirituality In Your Life Now?
How Do You Experience Spirituality In Your Life?

What Is Awakening Consciousness?

There is an ancient saying that "we are all awakened," and I believe that is the best definition of consciousness in general: we’re all awake in our everyday lives. We’re aware of our surroundings, our relationships with others, even our relationships with ourselves.

If we can recognize and bring awareness to those aspects of our lives, we can better appreciate them. If we can develop a strong and meaningful relationship with them, then those aspects become meaningful to us. And if we are connected to the aspects of our lives that are more significant to us, we’ll find it much easier to recognize and use those tools to help improve the areas of our life that are important to us. These tools include things like meditation, exercise, visualization techniques, and positive thinking.

Awareness is not just awareness. It is an awakening that is about bringing a deeper experience. It’s about being open to the possibilities of being present. Being awake is one thing. We may not even realize how much we’re awake, but we certainly are aware of it. The most important part of awakening consciousness is learning to take action on what we already know. That is the most important part of this process.

Why Is Spirituality So Important Or Does It Matter?
Why Is Spirituality So Important?

Quiz Time! Spiritual Awakening Q&A

—-Factual Questions—-

1) I know of several books that teach to journey on your own, and this is a to learn.

2) The shadow is your opposite of pleasure. It represents all of those that are not so fun to experience.

3) Explain the following with an example: ‘However, it certainly does help to categorize and describe the different elements of personal spiritual awakening so you can understand signs and symptoms more – and this is how I classify spiritual awakening. In this article, I’m going to share a sense of what I mean.’
Answer source:

4) The most important part of is learning to take action on what we already know.

5) If you want more help, there are other .

6) Explain the following with an example: ‘Other times your authentic light body has certain frequencies.’
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—-Premium Questions—-

7) What is a spiritual approach to life?

8) What is a great way to learn on your own?

9) What is the most important part of awakening consciousness learning?

—-Interpretive Questions—-

10) What is spiritual awakening?

11) What is one of the great topics?

12) How many topics can you get into the article?

13) What refers to the transformation stage of how your frequency has been altered or changed over time?

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If you’ve developed energetic sensitivity to your body and you avoid eating meat for 90 days and then eat it again, you’ll likely be amazed at your experience. (

Laxmi Pujan: A day of spiritual awakening – The Hitavada (


  • For Jain religion, it is celebrated to commemorate the spiritual awakening or nirvana attained by Lord Mahavira, the Sikhs observe Bandi Chhor Divas with glee as it marks the day when the Sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind, unshackled the chains of the brutish prison of the Mughal Empire and freed himself.
  • According to Vedic scriptures, "If the Pradosh Kaal does not coincide with Amavasya within two days, then Diwali is celebrated on the second day.
  • On the other hand, there is a contrary belief that if the Pradosh Kaal does not coincide with Amavasya for two days, then it should be the first day to be chosen for the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

All About The TwiceBorn Movie with Yoichi Utebi [Interview]

The movie, “Twiceborn” is a dramatic, inspiring account of how Ryuho Okawa, best-selling international author, and spiritual visionary, came to recognize his miraculous mission and the obligation he carries to share the Truth with the world.


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land, you are in tune to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza and you guys are in for a treat. So earlier this summer we had our guests on and they were promoting the movie, the real Exorcist, highly recommended. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you put that on your list during the holiday season. And today, they have a new movie out, it’s been out a little less than a month here in the States, which has been great considering everything that’s going on in 20. But this, this movie is about the life of the actual founder of happy science. He’s Japan’s fastest-growing and most influential spiritual movement with over 12 million members across the hundred countries. So this movie is based on true events, and it tells the story of Satoru the character, he’s a highly successful businessman who relinquishes everything to pursue his true calling, which is the happiness of humankind. How did he do that? Well, we’re gonna have our guests tell us more about that. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Yoichi Utebi to the podcast.


Thank you for having me back again on this show. It’s


a great pleasure. Absolutely. Yeah. Glad to have you back. And you were talking a little bit before we started about putting a movie out in the middle of a pandemic? What’s it been like getting this movie promoted?


Well, in Japan, it was fine, because we are not typical ballets. So we opened in over 200 theaters. And still running is a six week, within pretty good in Japan, but for you. So I was a little difficult. We were able to open in 1010 markets. And we closed everything, including Canada. And the last one is Hawaii, which is closing today. So that would close our theoretical toolkit for the United States. And it seemed difficult because not many people would want to go into a theater just to begin with. So but we were lucky, you know, miraculously, we were able to do this in the theater.


That’s one thing. I do want to say I enjoyed the movie. And one thing that stood out, and it may be just because we are going through a pandemic is the lack of human in our human touch, you know that they bow that they weren’t shaking hands and such. And so when you compare 10 markets in the US versus 200 theaters in Japan, would you say that Japan has a better response to the pandemic?


Oh, yeah, definitely. Japan is is pretty normal. And I just came back to Japan in the US about two weeks ago. Trains are running as usual. Everything theatres open, restaurants open as usual. We go to work every day. Only different things that we ou know, we do put the mask on. But that’s about as there is a pretty normal. So far, so.


So is everyone in Japan on one page?


one page means like, having the same understanding. Yeah, whenever?




I guess I mean, Japanese, we tend to be pretty receptive, I guess, in a way you put it that way. So we try to, you know, accept, received things which, which, you know, we try to harmonize and try to work towards the same goal. So that’s the kind of culture we have in Japan. So maybe that’s helping us a little bit.


It is. Yeah. What you just shared was great, because we obviously, I mean, if we’re just looking at pure numbers, right, so we should look at other countries where the numbers aren’t so high in Japan’s one of those.


Yeah, yeah. Even one of the reasons that some, like a new Hoka, the founder was saying a day in the lecture is some country we this is just a prediction. We don’t show the peak countries who use chopsticks, might have a less pandemic because, you know, with chopsticks, you don’t use we don’t use our hands to eat things. So like, we don’t need the bread. You know, I mean, of course, we buy bread, but mostly we use chopsticks and like a lot of Asian countries use chopsticks. The countries that don’t have that kind of culture like using the hands like in India, they use hands is curry and this is a cultural thing. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just that That might be, could be one of the reasons that you sit at the table. And the first thing you do is eat your bread. This is Western culture. So just use the hand and eat the bread. And do we go wash your hands before we go sit down and eat the bread? I don’t think that kind of culture is in we probably do now, but you know, peerless See, I don’t think we’ve done that in other countries, Western countries. So that might be one of the reasons. It just, we don’t know yet. Yeah, I thought I’d just share because it was kind of interesting. I never heard of it that that idea. So I wasn’t sure.


Well, as we move forward, or do we eight months in so as time progresses, I’m sure we’ll learn more. But it did stand out in the movie of the even if, I mean, the movie wasn’t filmed during the pandemic was, it wasn’t filmed this year, was it?


Not? Yes, yes. One year ago?


Yeah. So even before then there, there still wasn’t that much like, there was that six, it felt like six feet away from each other. You know, like, they respect the space.


interesting perspective. Yeah. I mean, again, another another another. Another thing about Japanese culture is maybe it’s not good or bad. It’s not about that. But like, there’s no kissing, you know, hugging culture. So we can kind of keep distance, you know, each other. That doesn’t mean we dislike each other. It’s just a cultural thing. So, you know, maybe debt equity. We don’t do much of, you know, human contact. I guess you’re going to put it that way?


Sure. Well, there’s the talk of No, I mean, the new normal. So if, if we’d look outside of our borders, and we see that even in your culture, you did this before the pandemic, and you’re still around and you’re not experiencing the numbers we are, we should take note.


Yeah. Then again, us a lot of the testings being done, you know, blood tests you do, more people can be discovered that there are, you know, assisted, you know, but many, many people, they won’t even, they won’t even realize you know, that they are happy or positive, because young young kids and healthy people probably won’t even realize they have a closet, and they pass away. So in Japan, we don’t do much testing. If you if I’m looking around, we don’t do much testing. So if you do more testing, then I’m sure people would know, you’ll find more people said that we would sit that people be healthy. So to get to there’s no need for testing.




Wow. Yeah. Just the other.


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that. And the other thing that really stood out from a cultural standpoint is Satori Satoru when he came to the US, and they were calling him Timmy in the office, me,


yeah, yeah.


And so I right, so I wanted to understand why he wouldn’t correct them. And it was okay for him to be nicknamed Timmy.


Actually, I like I don’t know, the background Why? She was called Timmy, I don’t know. But a lot of times when we, the Japanese people work in us, they have their English, they put their English nickname, The name that they wanted. So it could be my be john. And so this way people have more easier to call, you know, call them because Yo, he you know, Yoichi is kind of difficult, so maybe I can keep it nice. If I can just say Hi, my nickname, Joe, that people call me choke. But some people do that a lot of times. I prefer not to do that. I don’t know why I just like to stay with my name. I mean, sure have the only thing


you know, I just wanted to cover that from an immigration standpoint. In the States. You hear that depending on the country, people are from the when they come to the states the names like you said, Timmy, or Mike and I was just wondering if that were the same case.


Right? Right. They just put their own names. So yeah, I don’t go that much deeper concept to that then they just, they just put it Yeah, gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha.


So let’s go back to the beginning because, you know, the it starts with him speaking to a large crowd in 1991. They talk about Satoru when he was a little kid, and he always had his head in the books. And one thing that I liked was the teacher was speaking to his mother And she said that usually the smart kids are ostracized. But there was something about something about Satoru that he still was popular had a lot of friends, but he still was a bookworm. And so




I would just talk about that a little bit.


That kind of shown how he was he was since he was a young kid. But he was a person of caring, you know, always thinking about other people, but not by himself. But he wanted to, of course, study hard because he had this passion because these three dreams either become a global businessman or become a scholar or become a lawyer, right? So you had a dream that you wanted to be when you become an adult. So she was studying hard. But at the same time, he wasn’t a snobby Swedish kid. He just, he was always caring for others. So people accepted him as this character. Yes. And I think that that backbone character never changed. You know, until even now, the fact that Masako is like, that is always what people


got. Gotcha. Yeah, because I was thinking a little bit about the TV show the Big Bang. Are you familiar with that show? Yeah. Yeah. And it was kind of like that same mentality that Sheldon had, I mean, you’re a very bright person. But the way that you see the world, it’s harder for the regular folks to see. And sometimes Yeah, would you say may come across as crass? or what have you because he had to correct himself before his first death, right? He had, why am I so mean to people? And he didn’t realize he was being mean, but that’s how people were taking it.


Yeah. And actually, he wasn’t that mean, he just he probably went in into himself so deeply. He found those, those things in itself. So yeah. And you know, other interesting about him is that he was born in 1000 per island called koku. Island in Japan. And that’s the the server, but it’s not like New York or Los Angeles, or San Francisco, it’s, it’s really, it’s very suburban area. There’s nothing there. I’ve been there actually, there’s really nothing there. And so everybody was surprised to see a kid who’s so independent, because, of course, the parents are pretty smart. And his father was kind of scholar type of person. But, you know, even the parents were also surprised to see how she was because he kind of observed it on his own. He wasn’t like somebody else around him was there to to guide him through, become a person like that. But he was already in that kind of prison. That’s why in the movie, his mother was saying, you know, I’ve done nothing for him. She did everything on his own. And I think that’s the truth. It’s kind of interesting to see that as well.


Yeah, I want to compare that to the other side, where parents want the best for their kids. And so they push them. And sometimes it may be too hard or not, but the kid May, right. We’re beaut that right? They don’t want to go along that path


right now. Right? Yes. Yes. A lot of times we see that in our education. Yes.


The other thing we were at the beginning, we were talking about, you know, 2020 and just the hiccups with that. But it seems also that from a Japanese culture, there’s a stronger emphasis on education. I mean, not just Satoru, but for all of his colleagues and everyone else. Do you see that comparison between Japan’s educational system in the US?


Yeah, because I grew up in us, you know, from middle school to I was 20. So I experienced both cultures, Japanese culture and us coaches. So I think it’s the way it occational system is different. It’s totally different. US is more, it belies on the individual’s strength and individuality is more important. But in Japan, average is more important. So it’s big difference there. So it’s both good, good ways of you know, I think the mix is important, but for Japan because they try to raise the average. There isn’t that much drop out kids because they’ll try to, you know, help them out and keep it as bearish as possible. For the entire nation’s educational level is pretty hot. Most of most of the kids will go to a university, I don’t know the percentage, but most of them will go to university. And that’s just a normal way of life in USF friends, you know, I mean, it’s different because since we were children, we are taught to be individual, you know, individually and, and teach us the importance of, you know, self help and things like that. So that that’s also important because that would give give individuals more free space, you can physically limited space, this is why you do it, this is how you’re going to do it. So everybody is on that line, like a train rail, us is different train, train rail, so you can take the path. So personally, you know, I was grew up and grew up in us. So I really like that approach. So be honest, I did not go to university because I was playing rock music rock band in high school. So we wanted to become a professional musician. So I pursued that that road to without going to university, they My parents are open for that. So that if you want to do that, you will work that word, the road, go ahead and do it. So I don’t know. Again, it really depends on in the families. You know, the the way how they think about education, sometimes is very strict in us as well. Right? You have to go to college, depending on the family, but I’m just talking about in general. We now Okay, this critical geniuses evolve in us in Japan and in Japan, you will find much genius is opportunity for genius people to be bored because they are free to grow.




I think yeah.


Yeah, there was a point where Satoru was not really scolded, but it seemed like he was scolded by his friends. Because he opposed the opinion of the professor. And they were like, that’s not a way to get an A He’s like, but I disagree.


Right. But the socialism company like data coming in something. Yeah. So that, yeah, kids have a smart, you know, stay under, and make sure to get the good grades. So when they graduate, they have a good push from those professional professors. That’s how they they walk up the ladder, especially like in Tokyo University, the top top top school in the US. So you don’t want to go against the professor’s usually. I don’t know if it’s the same as you wish on that best. I don’t know. But in the tapos case, he was he’s he’s the kind of person to shut up with a stalker. But he is right.


Now today in the state is Veterans Day. So you know, to other veterans, but I do know in Asia, they celebrate Singles Day. So are they celebrating Singles Day in Japan as well.


singles, they are single means in that married single? Yeah, yes. Japan? No, no, we don’t have that. Maybe said countries? I don’t know about that. Sorry.


Sure. I was asking because I know in China, it’s so big. And it’s larger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday for sales in the States. And the reason why it started it’s a rather new phenomena, I want to say the last 20 years, because there’s more men than women. So as a result, half of them are going to be single. And I was just wondering if you know, from an educational standpoint, there was that push to you know, go to university and such. And, like Satoru, there were some girls that he liked or liked him, but he was so focused on his goal. He he wasn’t even aware. At that point. I was looking for similarities.


Yeah, I don’t know. But that the single that’s gonna be interesting. Wow. All right. Yeah.


And that will the other part of it is in here. And I know it’s here in the States. They have what’s called the red pill, or men going their own way. Have you ever heard of that before?


red to red.


Yeah. Yeah. So what? red pill I was like, wow, that’s what they’re showing and Trey’s born because he his first girl that he really liked in college, right? He was like, oh, my goodness, she’s so pretty and all and then he was write poems to her and she’s like, yeah, I’m not as perfect as you think I am. Right. And here in the, in the with the red pill people here in the States. They’re like, Don’t chase after a girl go after your goal. And when you go after your goals, then girls will be attracted to that. Oh, wow. Interesting. That’s Yeah, I


agree. We did actually. Yeah, I agree. Don’t you don’t have to chase, Chase have to go. Be yourself and do the right thing and be a good person and somebody is gonna like you. Definitely. I mean, again, if you you fall in love with some some girl, why challenges challenging in life? It’s also good, you know, you need to challenge things. Right. So you will, you know, if you like, be successful, I think, in the listeners who are young if I think you should challenge like that, nothing to lose me. Yeah, well, that’s,


that’s my second part. So my son, Phil, the girl in college, she’s like, I’m not you know, who you have you put me on a pedestal, you don’t even know me. And he winds up going to New York for the job opportunity and then runs into her is getting married. And so I’m sure he was thinking, wow, was that the one that got away? Because I didn’t challenge?


Maybe yet. I think he still had that emotion. You know, about, you know, that the liking this, this woman? So maybe when when she met her as a coincidence in New York, she might have thought about, you know, maybe there is another another chapter. Right? I think like that. I think it’s pretty normal if you opt into somebody like that, and it’s no coincidence in your life. So you might think is a chapter chapter opening up. And as soon as you think it’s opening up, you’re introduced to if he says, Sure.


Yeah, the one that got away for sure. And the other thing, since it’s an intrinsic motivation from a homeys per sec perspective, I wanted to ask you, if you have ever heard of the rap group, Eric being rock camp,


I’m saying, My dog.


Oh, no worries. They were really big in the night in the 80s. And early 90s. And what happened was, they were out on tour. And they were really popular. I mean, some circles he’s like the best artists ever, even in 2020. But at that time, they’re out on tour and rock, Kim’s the rappers father was really thick. And they decided to stay on tour. His father passed away while he was out on tour. And so he wasn’t there. He stopped performing for like, 10 years and so and in the movie was born.


Mm hmm. Not because he was Yeah, he was just felt he was upset with the industry.


Yeah, he was like, if I was home, I would have been able to spend that a really good relationship.


Or industry didn’t make meaning allowed him to stop. Right? Go ahead. Yes.


Yeah. And I was just looking at twice born with Satoru and his father, they had a really good relationship. And his father was ill. And the mom said, Well, no, don’t come home, you know, focus on graduate school, you know, your goals. And so that was one of my questions as far as taking time for other people outside of your life. Even if you’re focused on your goal. How important is it to stay on your goal if a family member or something really need you? Yep. Yep.


Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s the, that’s how he might have thought about it. Right? Because I think she probably knew the potential that he had. He wasn’t an ordinary person. You know, she probably thought she was he was very young. He’s seen how he, how he was how he performs in life. So I think she didn’t want to, you know, pick the tick, tick. The little bugs I guess, as the How did you put it a little, little thing that came up the seed, you know, because could grow into she’s she’s beautiful tree, blossom, beautiful flowers. So I think she saw that in him. So, you know, Taro was like, you know, not I don’t mind going back here, you know, working at the prep school, the school that, you know, his father was, you know, working on and that he’s been there was a No, I think you should pursue your your life. That was the mother’s love,


I think. Oh, gotcha.


Again, there’s a yes. Even movie. So not every mother in Japan like that.


Oh, sure.


It’s funny to have the mother there. Yeah.


It No, I thought it was interesting because I in, I was introduced to a Dr. Francis wealth thing. And she’s a was a he passed away recently, or about a couple of years ago, she was in her 80s. But when she had come to our school, she had said that all of the students, you know, were 18 1920 years old, she says that you should wait until you’re 28 to get to even think about getting married because you don’t know who you are. And that always struck a chord as to reaching your your path, or getting sidetracked. And not to say you’re gonna have a clear path if you wait until 28. But your odds of reaching your goal seem better.


Mm hmm. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. So I was 15. But that’s kind of true. Yeah. I mean, when you are like in early 20s, you would not know so that as soon as Sure. on your path, I don’t think some people on before Yes, and will become a doctor and they decide. So hospital doctor, but not many people like that this we always searching for the mission and the purpose in our life. This movie is all about purpose and mission life. But when you Yeah, after later, 20s. And, you know, when you in 30s, that’s when you start. This is just a typical, you know, roadmap at home life. When you in 20s, late 20s 30s, you basically have to start to have a stable job and stability in your life. And at least you probably know which direction Your life is gonna go. You know, what have you I mean, I mean, it’s just, it’s a stereotype thing. Because sometimes people change their life. And they’re like, 65, the Colonel Sanders. KFC when he was like, 65, or something. So you never know what happens in your life. But that’s just yeah, that’s another perspective. And I totally don’t agree with that, either.


No, it was just so many so much from the movie, because you had mentioned that his mother had seen something in him. So she wanted him to reach his destiny. But it wasn’t I mean, that sometimes you can make the argument that that’s blood and you know, a mom supposed to feel that way. But when he went for his first job, at the trading company, the big boss, not the middle management boss, the big boss came out and kind of Boulton to like it was an honor to meet. And that never, that never happens.


Right? That’s very, very rare. So she’s sewing in him. He saw in him that the genius in him that many people will see. But he’s so it’s so apply. He was to be the next president of the it’s one of the major trading company in Japan. Huge shoes company. He still exists today. But so he saw it in him, you know, so this one, he was trained to be the next top executive. He’s saying we’re going to New York is like the fastest route to become a topic fixing company and go to Nagoya is like, training to become a next level executive. He was like, on on the mark become the top top logic system in the company. Yeah, I guess he’s the way he performed was probably extraordinary by the people, where he no guys saw that in the first interview. So he must be please worried?


Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And the other part is, I mean, he was still relatively young, he was 30, I believe. But when you let’s say, You waited until 2018, you have a great job and all that, usually that the career path, so they wanted him to stay an extra five years in New York. And he did it. He said, You know, that’s not my path. And I wanted you to talk a little bit about that. Because when you are comfortable, you know, you have the wife, the kids, the house, the material things, but you may not feel fulfilled. But you’re so comfortable with the way things are, how do you determine to follow your destiny versus staying the tried and true path?


Well, for him at that time, he’s still single. And he was already thinking about coding and thinking about, you know, starting to pursue the mission that he had because he was he got the call. When he was in college, if you remember, he was 24. But he was a coder is six years has passed already. And the Spirit is saying, it’s really, it’s time for you to stand up on your own, you have to stand up, stand up, because he was trying to be pushed into this, you know, his mission. So he already knew, before I even went to New York, because when I called to go to New York, because I ensure I had to go to New York, on average, I’m getting ready for it, right. So when he found out that he was in your corner for a year, if you think about it, it’s like he was there for like three is one year. So I think in his mind, he already knew he was ready to come back in and get ready to pursue his vision. So that’s been key knew at that point already, he wasn’t going to stay in this company for long. So by staying there for another five years, it’s going to be hard, even harder for him to leave the company, because you’re going to have more responsibility. And the company is going to put more into him. In that kind of person, he would have more more things that he’s been given, he wants to return is that the mission? So sitting there for another five years, he probably knew that you will never go to get out this company in a good way. You know, he took pride in the region prison decision for him, right? For some for ordinary people like us. Yeah, I don’t know, if you have a family already, and you have kids. And one day, you say to yourself, I’m going to quit my work here. And because I’m going to become a musician, then that’s a little different story, I show you when to do that, you know, you should keep that out. My advice would be keep your job, you have to raise the kids, you know, protect your your family, the first thing you have to do in your life. But if you really think there’s a passion in you to pursue music, musical career, then do it part time, you know, weigh things out, you know, cut, cut down your sleeping time, don’t sleep for eight hours, 24 hours and send that for other four hours and try to proceed it better the road and see how things go. So that by no excuse that. Yeah, the differentiation that I think


one thing that’s interesting about 2020 and different conversations is that it was an opportunity for the globe to kind of reset. And right, you know, if you turn off, you know, most people want to watching more Netflix and Amazon or what have you. But there’s others that took the time to just turn off all electronics, and no distractions. So with Tory, it seems Satoru seen that, because he didn’t have those extra distractions in the house. Yet, that’s when he was able to access and start automatic writing.


That’s right. It’s right. So he was really focused, he was focused because other kids, I mean, maybe it’s live different in poetry University. But in Japan, if you go to university, he don’t, it’s so different than us. In United States. If you get into university, it’s a lot of work and homework and study, you have to do it every night, every day. In Japan, once you get into the university, it’s almost like it’s done. You don’t have to do any homework, it is no work. You just, it’s almost like you enjoy your life the next four years before you graduate, because once you graduate, you’re going to be good back, you know, you have to become part of a society. So that’s how people look at it. But it wasn’t like that, you know, he he didn’t spend his time doing things outside of himself. But he actually focused into himself. And that’s how he found his mission. So one of the one of the main main mission, my main message of this movie is, you know, it’s time to find your mission. Each one of us has our own unique mission, somebody that like as big as authorities, for sure we all have our mission. So I think it is a great, great time. I know it’s very, very difficult time, but at the same time, because the world is not going to be the same tomorrow, we are not going to go back. So I think it’s really good time to stop. And think about who you are, how you’ve done your life in the past, how many years you live, and really think about what you have accomplished and what is it that you can accomplish from here on to the future and how you can become a better part of a society. It is the things we can really, you know, sit back and think about it. Of course you have to make living and you have to go forward with it. At the same time. The world is economics thing. So it’s a great opportunity for all of us to stop and think. And I hope to inspire people to, to think about life like that.


And when you inspire people to think about that, you the person may be used to thinking negatively, like one thing once is his spiritual awareness started presenting itself, he started seeing that a majority of people had low energy life forms around them. Yeah. So if now’s the time to find your mission and become a better part of your society, how do you determine what that is? And how do you even know if you have a low energy life form that’s draining you?


Yeah. Because usually, most of the time, people are having a lower energy now than he used to, because of the fear. You know, fear is what taking over. And fear is the biggest enemy, an enemy of us, because it’s gonna take out all the positive energy is to drain our positive energy out of us, and will flow in whether in fear. And as we all know, there’s a thing called the laws of attraction in this universal law, you attract the positive thing if you think positive, but you can attract negative things, if you think negatively. So again, I think what’s important before you try to find your mission and look within is to, you know, take a big, deep, deep breath, you know, no music, it can put nice music on, but it is really think about, you know, looking to yourself and feel the energy, are you feeling positive and negative, other kinds of people might be feeling negative, because of what’s happening around you. I mean, maybe 90% of the people probably feel the negative energy. But you have to realize, that’s not you that that’s not true, you, you are being influenced by the outer energy. So you kind of have to fight those energies first, to come to, you know, I mean, like, fight the fear, and try to bring in the positive energy within yourself. Because the first thing is important to do. If you don’t do that, you’re going to more you think, more deeper, the negativity is going to circulate within yourself. And sometimes it can get really bad influence into software as well. So trying to stay positive sided. I think it’s the first thing, you will not be able to find your true mission. If you’ve been


fooled. Look for you, you started to think positive, and you start pushing away negative thoughts. How do you are there any signs that you should look for that note that that lets you know that you’re on the right path?


Yeah, I mean, sure. You have to feel nothing is the energy of love, you know, this, this light, or something that’s this warm, warm energy, that the peacefulness, the serenity, within yourself. Because that’s, that’s a sign that you are like, Patrick, the serenity in your mind, the calmness in your mind, because there’s so many distractions and, you know, things that negative things happening around you nowadays. But you have to cut those energies out of yourself and find the serenity within yourself the peaceful moments. That’s when you can start to research into your true mission. Because the mission lies inside itself. It doesn’t. It’s not out there. You don’t need to go out to look for your mission outside of yourself. Because it’s all in yourself. The purpose of your life is in yourself, and you should be able to find it. Anybody has a purpose. You just have to look for it.


And looking inside yourself the Satoru when he’s he’s back home and or home country, and he’s working and there’s this girl, everybody or woman that all the guys are vying for, they want her attention. She’s not paying any attention to them. She likes a tour. And she’s putting herself in, as they say, in his orbit. And other people were like, she doesn’t know what she’s in for. How would how would you do have a relationship based off cuz you’re so intense, she wouldn’t be able to handle that. So how did he end? She he had he looked into her life. And he saw a different career. And he said, I like you better when you’re going after your own goal. So when you find that in yourself, and is it better to push people towards their own goal as well as that Where everybody becomes happy?


Well, I think in suppose case is different. It’s so rare and rare fettle, of course wanted to be together with her. But she, they’re both in, you know, really deep love it really, really deep love. And of course she wanted to be with her. But she intentionally pushed her away from his life, because he knew the life he’s going to live is going to be the very, very difficult in hard life. You know, going up the steep seat mountain. So she was so responsible, she wants to try to, you know, get her involved into this difficult, difficult life. So I think she intentionally pushed her away by saying that you have, he should pursue your career. But that’s like the moment it is like, that’s a very sad moment, but very emotional moment that he decided to do that. So yeah, if if I was in his shoes, I was just really want to come with me. He probably I don’t think I can handle on my own. So I know it’s gonna be difficult. But do you want to come with me? You know, he could have said that. Right? I commit that. Because if I was in that deep love, but he he didn’t do that. He let her go. So one thing is just a little bit. Yeah.


Yeah, huge, a huge moment, because it made me think of other relationships where one person it could be either spouse, where there’s a level of resentment, because they push their life goal, their mission to the side for the other person.


So you don’t want that. But how do you how do you gel? If you’re both on your mission? Because in the end, he’s by himself?


Yeah, yeah. So I guess this is, it could be different cases. If they see you near with somebody and the kids this case happens a lot, you know because I’m practicing my work. But my wife is also, let’s say, an attorney or a doctor, or dentist and she has her wn burial place or entrepreneur. And if both can work, you know, well as a partner, and also wife, husband, wife. I think it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just is. I think each one of us has our way of style of life. Perfectly, so there’s no right and wrong. For Satoru, his mission was so big. He just had to let her go for him. Yeah. Yeah. So


have you have Are you familiar with the movie? Avengers?


Yeah, of course. Yep. Yes, yes. Okay.


Right, global phenomena. And in that movie, you have a bunch of superheroes that share their powers together, and they’re a lot stronger. Right. And so I was wondering if in the future, so tomorrow’s going to my care from the real exercise?


It’s a good idea. I hope so.


Right? Because they’re on their path. And they would understand each other. It wasn’t like they have to sit back and educate the person on what they’re doing. They instantly recognize that in each other. Yeah.


Right. Right, right. Definitely. Yeah, so the global spiritual leaders need to get come together and discuss how we can change the world for better. Right. Right. I totally agree with you.


Because I was thinking right before his father wanted the best for him as every father does. And at some point, his father may not be around and at some point, Satoru is not going to be around and I’m sure he’d want I don’t know, but I would think he’d want a progeny to keep his message going. Huh? Yep. So euro, maybe more.


So real ripe, real old cars. has a daughter and she’s gonna she has the appointed to become the next. She Oh, oh, packetize already? 20 something and she has two kids. Well, yeah. So he’s also trying to build up the next generation because he needs to You know, he needs to go pass on this teaching has to be passed on. So, in real life, he’s already thinking about that. Actually, yeah. And of course, the daughter is the one who wrote the script. He’s a screenplay. She’s a screenplay, pre screenwriter.


Ah, yeah. Then she, she’d really like to put a term theory together. So, so what’s what’s next as far as I mean, that was, it’s been out for less than a month, it’s going to a video on demand. And when when is the scheduled release for video on demand?


It’s going to be coming up in January, I think 16. And tonight, the middle of January, VOD, and DVD DVD. people interested? Let’s see how the word is going to be? You know, in beginning of January. Yes, but the entire word. Yeah. Could be interesting to see next couple months, and the movie will come out. So next is politics, but also the COVID situation in the world as well. See how that scene hoping will help us out? I hope so. Um, let’s see, but the word is not going to be the same. Like, it’s just not going to be the same economy, he had really difficult time. Because backrest is going to come out in next couple years, one two years, is that going to happen right away? Sure, little by little quarter six that we having nowadays is meant to a story, we’ll come back to slowly, we’re going to have a difficult, you know, years ahead of us, but I’m sure we all will overcome it together. And hopefully, this movie would give you a little hint to sit back and think about your life. So maybe watch it in January, when it comes up, Bobby perfect.


What’s the site that they can check out to learn more about the movie, and also to get in touch with you to know about future future on the board.


So there’s a little site called twice, bomb, twice. is pretty simple. Just put movie after that. And if you go there, you get to see the trailer and all the information about the movie and when to do VOD DVD. Also, there’s a contact police contact point. So you can send a quick email, you know, to me, they’ll come directly to me or my colleagues, or we will check all the emails. So if you want to contact me directly, you can just send me an email. And also there’s a reference book of Rico Okawa on that same site as well. So if you can, like, you know, scroll down some of the books, if you’re interested, you can just presupposing and purchasing underground and reading it if you’re interested to do that. So toys for probably the best. I don’t want to give out you know, many different sides because it just confuses people. Well, you can go to twice calm movie and start from there. Yes, if you’re interested.


That’s fantastic. Yeah. So you have just been tuned to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. Yoichi Utebi It was a pleasure, man. Let’s stay in touch.


Thank you so much. And keep in touch right.


Thank you. Cheers.

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