Astonishing Spiritual Transformation – Mastering Your Unique Journey In 2021

Astonishing Spiritual Transformation – Mastering Your Unique Journey In 2021

Spiritual Transformation – What It Means To Be Transformed?

A spiritual transformation brings about significant life changes. A journey through a spiritual path requires the person to have a heart for love and truth. When you accept your own heart, you are in a much better position of finding love, peace, and balance.

You can take on a spiritual journey by making use of the tools that are available to you. Many people try to take on a journey to get into a deeper state of meditation. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but you need to find a good source of information to help you make sure that you do not become overly focused on spirituality or meditation.

Spiritual journeys require you to have the patience to allow yourself to heal and to move on with a clear mind and spirit. Your journey will come to an end sooner or later and it’s okay to stop when your spiritual path is nearing its end.

What Does Spiritual Transformation Feel Like? Good to know.
What Does Spiritual Transformation Feel Like?

How Does Transformation Happen?

To take on the transformation process, you need to have a degree of heart for love and truth. As long as you have this desire for love and truth, then you should feel free to take on a spiritual journey. The journey can be filled with beautiful and healing beauty that comes from deep inner reflection. During the process of transformation, you must learn to listen to your heart so that it can guide you through the journey on a profound level.

When you listen to your heart you can bring into your awareness the spiritual formation and love that is given to you. This will allow you to experience more feelings and emotions and allow you to connect with the essence of your soul. You will begin to feel an awakening inside yourself. You will be able to hear more from your inner self and you will begin to feel a higher level of awareness for your spiritual practices.

On a journey of transformation, you can also hear more about the people who have come before you and their stories. They will help to create a stronger connection with your spirit. They will teach you what you can expect from your journey. They will show you the benefits of being open to new opportunities.

Why Is Spiritual Transformation Important? What you should know.
Why Is Spiritual Transformation Important?

Remain Focused During Your Journey

In order to take on a spiritual journey, you need to make sure that you stay on track and remain focused. This is where tools such as yoga and meditation come into play. They help you create a sense of harmony within your being and create an awareness of the spiritual journey.

The journey will also help you make sure that your heart is open to all the experiences that are waiting for you to experience. By staying on track, you will be able to move through these living experiences in a way that is comfortable and natural for you.

The goal of a personal spiritual journey is to share and open up to your heart. Once you have a feeling of peace in your heart, you will then be able to reach out to others. You will become an active participant in the community and begin to build your network.

What It Means To Be Transformed? Come and join the fun!
What It Means To Be Transformed?

This is a great place to meet others who have gone before you and teachers who are still waiting for you to join them. You will find a wealth of new friends and you will have the opportunity to deepen your relationships with them and expand your ways of understanding each other.

When you are taking on a spiritual journey you will become aware of everything in your inner world and your relationship with other people. You will begin to see the power of the universe and your heart. You will look to experience joy, love, and happiness in a way that has never been possible before. If you were to let go of your ego, then you will be able to fully experience this bliss.

The journey is a process that will bring you to a deeper awareness of who you are. You will begin to understand your life purpose and what is necessary for you to live the life that you were meant to live. You must continue to keep your focus and attention on your purpose in life. as long as you live your life on a spiritual level.

How Do I Know If I Am Spiritually Gifted?
How Do I Know If I Am Spiritually Gifted?

What Does Spiritual Transformation Feel Like?

Spiritual transformation can feel like a journey, or it can feel like an ocean. It can be very easy for us to feel like we’ve never come out of the cocoon, but that’s just our own opinion. The thing that people need to understand when they are in the process of this transformation is that it’s not a simple or short-term process. And for it to be a success, it has to be a journey of faith and belief, which is a long-term and lifelong process.

Spiritual transformation can be a process that you may have been dreaming of for years, only to find yourself standing in the cold, wet snow staring at a blank wall. That can happen to everyone, but for most people, it isn’t something that happens overnight.

They may come through it with all their strength intact, but they also will know that something more is needed than just a warm coat. Sometimes, what people need is a little guidance and support so that they can truly get through the difficult times. They need to get the right guidance from a spiritual adviser so they don’t make any mistakes along the way.

How Do I Know If I Am Spiritually Awakened?
How Do I Know If I Am Spiritually Awakened?

Spiritual growth is about changing your thinking and understanding of yourself. It is about understanding that you have to experience spiritual growth for it to be possible. When people can do this and understand that there are many levels of spirituality, then they can be able to say “I do.” Then they can start on their journey to being in touch with their Divine Source.

What Is a Transitional Period?

In popular culture, a third quarter-life crisis refers to a crisis “caused by a sudden change in the quality and direction of one’s life,” generally experienced at a certain age ranging from twenty-one to one hundred years of age. This is commonly known as a “time of transition” or mid-life crisis. This is also a common condition in the United States of America and is often referred to as a transitional phase because the individual undergoing it experiences both temporary and n enduring life lessons in his or her life.

A transition may also be considered as a transitional dark night period due to its length. Some individuals experience this condition for many years, while others are only able to undergo this condition for a few years, or even months. The duration of the transitional period can vary widely among different individuals. Some who are experiencing this transition have a prolonged period of depression and feelings of hopelessness. Others may experience an increase in their social skills and confidence after completing the transition.

During the transitional period, some people will begin to experience anxiety and depression. They may also experience the feeling of being lonely. If they can overcome the transition, they will be able to cope with the changes that occur in their lives. Others will feel sad for no apparent reason. Those who are unable to adapt will feel dejected and alone and may begin to suffer from low self-esteem and low self-confidence. However, once these individuals realize what they have done to cause the transition in their lives, they will often feel relieved and have a greater chance of surviving the transition.

How Do You Know If You Are Spiritually Awakened?
How Do You Know If You Are Spiritually Awakened?

The Flower of Heaven with Tara Bianca [Interview]

How Do I Change Myself Spiritually? It is not a trick question.
How Do I Change Myself Spiritually?

Tārā Bianca ॐ is a love activist, spiritual luminary, speaker, and leader in transformation.

Her mission is to awaken Love into the world, as well to inspire humanity to awaken andascend to the power of Love, Joy, Peace and Equality, and to come home to the deepest, most Divine Truth of their being-ness. She is a friend to human-kind.

She combines over 20 years of research, teaching, speaking, and private coaching experience with expertise in healing the mind, body, and soul to help people revolutionize their life for success.

Her multidisciplinary approach guides people through quantum shifts to access their ability to create a life from an entirely different level of consciousness. She inspires them to be a source of inspiration for others in the world and to awaken their Divine Heart to embody presence and unconditional love.


Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody out there in podcast land, you are in tune to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza. And I’m really excited about speaking with our guest today, as she as a is a love activists, and what better than to speak to a love activist The day after a national election here in the States. Not only that she is a spiritual luminary, a speaker, and a leader in transformation. And her mission is to awaken love into the world, as well as inspire humanity to awaken and listen to the power of love, joy, peace and equality, and to come home to the deepest, most divine truth of their beingness. So she is a total friend to the humankind. And I think we need more of that in 2020. So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Tara Bianca to the podcast. Welcome, Tara.


Hello, thank you very much.


Yeah, thank thanks for coming in. And one of my first one of my first podcast, many moons ago, it was talking about no accidents, there’s no accidents in life. And earlier today, I was watching the channel on I believe it was the economist on YouTube. And they were talking about all the four foreign correspondents following the presidential election, and not to go over politics, but just the overall feeling of it. And so, since you’re a native Canadian, I just wanted to get your take as someone looking at the state as a neighbor, and what’s the consensus up there?


Well, there there is no consensus, just like in the States, there are people who are divided here, there are people who are, you know, pro one side and pro the other side and have a very strong point of view. However, when we when we’re kind of gazing into your elections, one thing that is really, really clear is that there’s a very, very strong, contentious, almost accurate, acrimonious, you know, I don’t know what you want to call it, but kind of a play, like a drama that’s happening. And so I think, ultimately, what I, what I noticed is that there’s a lot of people are very, very invested in the outcome, and they have a strong attachment to one side or the other. And so I think in these circumstances, when, you know, at this point where we really are, it’s really uncertain at times where things are gonna fall is to not be attached to the outcome, because there’s nothing else that an individual can do about it.


Mm hmm. Absolutely. And so usually here in the States, we have, if there is an accident, we have what’s called ambulance chasers with attorneys, they have millions of advertising. So every commercial is about, you know, if you’ve been in an accident, and they know where all the accidents are. And so in the States, and as you mentioned, in Canada, if it’s so split, one half is not going to be happy with the outcome. And does that make you an ambulance chaser because they need your love activism.


An interesting way to put it? Well, I think for here, for the most part in Canada, people once, once it does fall to one side, they just let go, it’s easier for us to let go, because we’re not we’re not really emotionally invested in the ways that the people are in the States. And so I do get clients from all around the world, including United States. Some people come with some attachment politically, but for the most part, people come to deal with the emotional conflicts, you know, blocks the love locks to, you know, the ways where they actually fear rejection or fear, failure, and they want to address their own personal issues and blockages rather than you know, what’s going on outside of themselves.


When you talk about fear of rejection, and you talk about fear of failure, the theme synonymous today. And it seems to me that that is a result of social media where there has to be an image that you have to portray, and if it’s not perfect, then you may feel you’re going to get rejected. And so, are you seeing that is that a growing concern with with our involvement in our electronic devices we hold all day?


Absolutely. I have a wide range of people who come to see me and a lot of these these people who are older so I get multiple generations that come to see me and the people who come to see me with fear of rejection who are older, typically have fear of rejection from things that happened in their childhood, specifically, you know, in relationship to their their parents. Sometimes in School and things like that. But the children or the teenagers that come to see me, are all dealing with fear of rejection, they have really good support at home. But they’re dealing with fear of rejection because of the social pressures on social media, and also the messages they’re receiving through just TV shows and movies.


When you said that the olders they’re dealing with something from childhood, are you saying that people that are walking around in there, let’s say over 35, you don’t know who you’re actually meeting, because they could be carrying trauma from childhood,


I would say that the majority of the population is walking around with emotional conflicts. They’re dealing with stuff that they’re not even conscious of, except for they see the results. So they may go, they may say something like, well, I don’t know why I’m afraid to, you know, date somebody, or date go out into the dating scene, there, they have this kind of sense of this worry of rejection, or maybe they’re afraid to step up in their workplace and ask for a promotion, or, you know, a new condition or, or something, advancements. And so they, they sense that they feel insecure about it, but they don’t necessarily know why it’s so hard. And so sometimes what happens is we have these these conflicts, and we can have, there’s a variety of different types of conflicts. Everybody who comes to me is like a snowflake, and that various things that contributed to their fear of rejection, or their fear of failure, or believing that they’re not good enough in some way. And it could could be, you know, a range of things. And it’s never one thing, it’s not like somebody had one thing happened, and then it’s destroyed them. Things usually come in threes, and then it gets solidified. In the mind, though, there’s a problem.


Hmm. So I like the three and a three is a magic number. And I, but before I go into that, I was just, I wanted to give you a scenario. So in 2020, so much has happened, right, which is a total understatement. But if I am older, and I had like maybe five years to retire, and like I’m kind of coasting I guess, my job, then because of 2020, that jobs no longer there. And I don’t know if I’m going to be competitive in the marketplace. And since people aren’t working, I may have to take a job. That’s half of what I’m making. Well, how would you deal with that person, because it sounds like that could be more than three emotional conflicts.


Right. So typically, what happens is if somebody has the emotional conflicts, or they happen earlier in life that set them up for difficulty later in life. So if somebody if they’re let’s, let’s say there’s two people with almost identical situation, where they’re faced with their job, they’re five years to retirement their job no longer there, and they both have to take half the salary of a new job. If the person, let’s say, person, a, when they were a child, they experienced, maybe their parents said, Okay, we’re gonna go away to Disneyland in about a month’s time. And that child was really excited, got, you know, was, was getting close to that time. And then the parents, for whatever reason, had to change plans, maybe maybe they ran out of money, or maybe there was a death in the family, or whatever it is, whatever the case, and, you know, at the last minute, they say to that child, we can’t go anymore. And this child was investing so much into it. And they weren’t even told why. And not only that, but they were so upset, and so disappointed, and they were crying and their parents were dealing with their own stress, and took it out on that child and said something along the lines of, you know, don’t be so spoiled. There’s nothing to cry over. And then pretty much like shut down the emotional experience, that person could have a far worse time than Person B, who maybe didn’t enter into any last minute disappointment in their life, any type of emotional conflict. But it would be would have most likely been a series of major three major disappointments that would make it very difficult for that person. So it could be that person a and Person B are faced with the same situation. And Person A, it goes into total depression. Whereas Person B goes, You know what, that’s fine. I’m going to take half a salary, I’m gonna do everything I can. And over the next few months, I’m going to look for another job that pays me the same amount that it was making before and they basically pivot because they don’t have this underlying conflict within themselves that basically has something taken away within them. And and the expectation that it’s, it’s done, there’s nothing they can do. So it really really has a lot to do with their resourcefulness based on question. cliques that they experienced when they were mostly before the age of eight, but also could be conflicts they had when they were teenagers as well.


I guess the second part of that question would be some of the conversation over the political landscape is, you know, we’re waiting to see who our dads going to be for the next four years. So is that I mean, it’s kind of tongue in cheek, but based off of what you were saying, with the A versus B, it may ultimately be one, the emotional conflict, but also that attachment and resourcefulness depending on whatever outcome happens here in the States.


Well, it’s a challenging situation, because you have a presidential change every four years, most of the time, unless somebody you know, stays for an extra four years, but it can be such an upheaval in the psyche of all of, you know, everyone in United States, because there’s this changed constant change, because people are so attached. And so getting into a place of non attachment in a healthy way, because and not projecting, you know, this kind of paternal aspects onto a president, or a maternal aspect, depending on you know, one day if there’s a, you know, a female president, is really important and getting into a place of like, a healthy like working relationship, just like you know, somebody would be more more of a leader or a boss or something like that, then then projecting the paternal and, and not being in a place of disappointment about who, who’s there, but working, I guess, at a local level, as much as you can to help the circumstances within your local sphere. And actually, really, and this is actually touches in in the book that I wrote called the flower of heaven, which is a really touches into love activism. And sometimes we don’t have control over something, especially at the national level. But we do have control over what happens within our families and our friends circles, and then even within our own communities, and to really begin to be political at the local level of how can I serve? Like, how can I better my community? How can I better my family? How can I better my friendships? How can I better you know, if you’re even if you’re a college? How can I better the circumstances in the community here at the college or how can I better my my situation, even at work, what you know, the work atmosphere that I’m living in, because of you know, even when people are at work, they’re there for at least eight hours a day. And so if you’re going to spend so much time in the place, then it’s really good to have a really good working atmosphere with your colleagues and everything else. And so these are good starting places to be able to have some influence some control and to be free of the influence really, of what’s going on nationally.


Mm hmm. Yeah. And my third part of that question is, as you mentioned, in the work environment, where you know, there may be coffee cooler time, or catching up on last night’s game or TV show or what have you. And now everyone’s worked in remotely. So now we’re dealing with isolation, and it may be an instance where you’ve never been met isolated before, and you miss that human interaction. What’s the Wait, what are some ways that people can become more resourceful, especially with some some Trump news items talking about a second wave where we may have to stay home during the upcoming winter months?


I think one of the great ways is to get onto zoom or some sort of other you know, way to connect over video with people so you can see people and you can have tea with people, like you can make yourself a cup of tea and sit down and chat with people, you can play games, there’s online, you know, cribbed games or cartoons and things like that, or, or board games or whatever. And you can sit and chat with people and to have a group of people even get together, it can be one on one or you know, with numerous people and behave in ways as if you guys are sitting around a table and, and and have fun. Same with like, even you know, if you have friends who are musicians, like encourage them to get on and and hang out with you and play play guitar or play an instrument or whatever else and do what you can, if you are unable to physically meet in person to keep you know, ensure that you’re meeting with people and interacting, doing fun thing together even though you’re in separate spaces.


That’s a really good point. And thanks for bringing a lot of that up. There. There seems to be a resurgence. It’s not that some of the technology that exists today, or is new, it’s just that it wasn’t implemented or people weren’t using it. Hence, like you said, the zoom. And I believe there’s a site it’s been around since 2014. Where you can actually have like you said a musician or stand up comedian and they they’ll entertain you for like an hour. It seems so far fetched, but I guess in 2020, nothing sounds far fetched.


Right, you got to get into fun where you can


work. In prior to the podcast, I always ask questions, of course. But you were also one of those people. And they always say the terrible twos where you say why why that never went away with you. I was reading about you being six years old, and you were still curious and asking questions. So what what do you know what the beginning what was the impetus of having an inquiring mind?


I think I was just born with it. And I and I’m grateful that I was because I have to say that curiosity is one of the greatest assets, one of the greatest assets that I’ve ever had. And that I noticed, people who are very curious, are very solution oriented. But curious in the positive, because if you’re curious, in the negative, what ends up happening is you develop something like anxiety or obsessive thinking. Because if you ask questions in the in the negative, you’re focused on that, and the mind is really susceptible to questions. And so if you say things like, Why am I always? Why am I always eating? Candy? or Why am I always overeating? or Why do I always get angry? Then the mind goes? I don’t know, let me find out. And it really focuses on those things. But if you ask the question like, why is it so joyful to eat optimally? And why is it so joyful to eat a salad? Even if you don’t normally feel joyful? eating a salad, your mind will actually start to orient to where those things are? Why is it so empowering for me to apply for this job? Or why is it so joyful to, you know, to learn about this, whatever it is that you may need to learn about for work or anything? And so when you start to ask these, these texts of positive or affirmative questions, then what ends up happening is that the mind works on your behalf behind the scenes, and life starts to show up for you to answer those questions. It’s not like you have to answer them, the mind itself kind of probe what I call programs the field and brings you the answers. And then all of a sudden, life is showing up in in a way that you were asking about.


I love that I want to stay there for a second because you found yourself at a point where you wanted a relationship with the universe or the creator or source or higher power, and your family wasn’t giving you the answers that you wanted. Now, like you said, I guess the A and B, you mentioned earlier, some person would say, Well, I guess I’ll never know. But what kept us going? And was it a large law in time, when you started to establish a relationship with the creator?


Well, what happened was I was it was a pretty short amount of time, I was about six and a half years old. And I had huge questions. And they were really profound questions. You know, when I think about it now, as an adult, there are questions like, what, what’s the reason why I was born? What’s the purpose of being born? Does God really exist? Who am I? And how did the How did God get created? So the questions and and I so I started asking adults these questions. And, of course, adults had no answers, and was very uncomfortable. And they kind of sometimes laughed at me. And sometimes were frustrated, and kind of like, just kind of pushed me away. And so I started to learn that, that I didn’t really have anyone to answer these questions. So I thought, well, who better than the divine to ask these questions? So I just started asking the divine and then I started to get beautiful answers, beautiful mentorship. And it was really fascinating, just how forthcoming, the divine and the universe was at answering question. And it was, I think, because of, you know, as a child, I didn’t have a lot of what would you call an influence? I thought, if the if the divine exists, if God exists, then God will answer these questions, and I just assumed God would and God did. So it was really fascinating and, and because of that, I learned that asking really powerful questions in a very positive way. I would get answers. And I noticed when I asked negative questions, I would stay stuck in the negative


that’s a really good point. And I do want to ask about these attachments, because it I mean, there’s laws so it makes me think of the Kabbalah and one of them is you know, everyone knows the law of attraction and attachment. So when you ask those questions, did you constantly look around and wait for the answer or did you just get not give it up? But did you lead let go like God, leave it up to the universe to answer the questions for you.


Yeah, I just I did leave it up. I, I, I’ve noticed that’s the same thing. And that’s the when you think that you have to figure it out and have the answer right away and like with your own conscious thinking mind, that you actually block the real answers from coming. And that that is a type of attachment. Because as long as you think, you know, you’re not in a receptive, open, empty state to actually receive truth. And so being in a place where you kind of just go, I don’t know, and I’m just going to let it go. allows for those answers to come to you in a really powerful way.


Now, on one hand, it sounds great if you’re a single person, and you live in an on a mountain, in the Himalayas, somewhere by yourself, but the devil’s advocate would have, you know, what, if you have obligations, either family or spouse, and they’re asking you about, you know, a pressing issue, and you’re like, well, let’s just let go and let God and and in time, we’ll get the answer that we need.


Right. So when it comes to practical things, of course, I always was very fortunate, one of the things my father taught me was, you take care of what needs to be taken care of most first. And so if there is something pressing, for example, if I have a client that I need to meet with, you know, on any given day, or if I have a deadline for something, then I take care of, of what that client needs in the immediacy, and I take care of what ever deadline is coming up and everything else I let fall away. And then I go to the next most important thing. And so it’s, it’s in the in between times when I don’t have anything pressing, that, you know, and that’s important. This is like, this is what I call the sacred balance, where it’s really important to allow yourself and to schedule in playtime, or relaxation time, so that you can receive whatever you need to receive in any given time. And also, you know, to allow yourself the time, space between when you’re getting ready for bed, and when you’re actually going to sleep, to not be on electronics, to really have some reflection time not to overthink things, but to be in a place of contemplation, prayer receptivity. And even if you if somebody doesn’t believe that, you know, per se and God, but they have a belief in something greater than themselves or the universe, they just seem to be praying to the universe. Praying to your own Higher Self is a really important way to connect into to be in that place of receptivity, not just requesting. But being in that listening attention. And being in a place of, of communication that is very personal. Where there’s a recognition of an peacefulness, just like you would if you were speaking with a friend, or sibling or something like that, almost like a familiarity just to assume familiarity. And to assume friendliness with your higher self with the Creator with whoever you’re addressing is, as that which you think is what I call that which created all of us.


And I know I’m speaking to someone that lives in Canada, and it sounds like you’re speaking English. But the translation gets really lost here as sometimes in some circles, it’s a badge of honor to fill up every waking moment with activities. And so we are known for having needing a vacation when we get back from vacation, because we tried to do all this whole list is so if you get help out, you know me in the back row of how do you work for someone that is so used to I mean, I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but for someone that fills up every hour on the hour, or has that badge of honor, how do you slowly break out of that to scheduled time for relaxation?


Right, I’m a recovering workaholic myself. And and so we have this same issue in Canada and insurance that happens in various places around the world. There’s this there is this need to you know, especially not just to over schedule ourselves, but over schedule our children and and to not leave space. And I think the key is to get in the habit become familiar with scheduling time, with no activity. And part of it is the avoidance of you know, time that is unscheduled because people don’t know what to do with themselves. They don’t know how to rest the mind. And getting into a place where you let yourself get bored. And then that’s when creativity can come in but you have to get to the places getting bored first. Because if you are constantly scheduling, you do not have that ability to receive inspiration, it from that place of creativity. And so it’s a little bit of a funny place to be. And I remember and I know because I’m a parent myself, when kid when my son, friends come there and they’re playing for an hour or so, and they’re like, we’re bored and like, Okay, great, well enjoy your boredom. And I don’t try to find activities for them, I let them solve their boredom, boredom themselves, and they end up doing it. In fact, they end up playing incredible games once they get to a place of boredom, because they, they, they stop playing what they normally would play, and then all of a sudden, something brand new comes out of it. And so give yourself that sense. And not only that, but when you when you don’t know what to do with yourself, and you ask, you know, a positive, affirmative question again. What would I love to do right now? Or what would be the most amazing thing to do today? Or who would I love to hang out with, and, and then all of a sudden, who knows you’re on an adventure, maybe you’re going somewhere, you know, for a walk in a park or forest or going to the beach, depending on where you live in the world. And, and then all of a sudden, you’re you’re on this adventure, and you know, things are unfolding. Maybe you’re finding things, discovering things, maybe you’re having conversation that’s really fascinating. Maybe you invite a friend, you haven’t spend time with them, you you know, you strengthen a friendship, like there are so many amazing things that can come of it from from free time.


One thing that was the joke earlier this year, when the lockdown happened was, you know, people said, I’ve seen everything on Netflix. I’ve seen everything on amazon prime. It It was obviously a global reset for the globe. Do you think we missed this opportunity to schedule time for that inactivity? I mean, we, it was scary for a lot of people because it was how do I fill this time? Or how do I fill this space? You know, I have to have this conversation with someone even though we’re not talking about anything, just to fill up that space and time.


Right. I think there are different types of people. So there are some people who tried out different things like you’ve heard of the whole phenomenon of people making sourdough bread for the first time in their life. And, but some people did, you know, try new things. And other people spend a lot of time with entertainment, because people have an addiction to entertainment. And that’s kind of what their go to, when they have free time. Like that’s what they know. And so really it is if, if that happens again, of course, if there’s big lockdowns and people are in their homes, one of the greatest things that they can do is if they’re living with someone, whether it’s a family members or a roommate, where they partner is to, to have activities where they actually interact. That can be like playing board games, like if you don’t have board games in your home, and you’re concerned about lockdowns or situations where you have to stay at home, go buy some board games, so you’re prepared or cards, some cards and start playing games with people around you. And if you of course, have a group of people who you’re closest with, that you can spend time with, but they come over small groups, then, you know, you have your what we call here safe six, then you invite them over and you have, you know, you have your group of friends that you hang out and do activities with. And it is not the super opportunity to try something new, but also huge opportunity, when you can to get to know really get to know the people around you. And coming back to questions is fascinating. I never had an interview where I focus on questions, but asking people questions in the affirmative. Like what is the best thing about 2020? rather than, you know, complaining about why it’s so negative, but what’s the best thing but 2023? Or what’s the most empowering experience you’ve had this year? Or even in the last 10 years? Like what changes? Have you noticed within yourself that have been positive? And when people start to ask these positive questions, and about about the positive things in their lives, then they start to learn about the people in our lives. And this is something actually you can do even online. It’s not like you have to be in person to do these types of things. But they orient you toward really deepening into friendship and deepening into powerful relationships that are meaningful and people really appreciate being asked positive questions.


Mm hmm. I love it. And I am a self professed cinephile as well. So I do love a lot of entertainment and in Hollywood, your story of being six years old and and have the having these questions and then experience For years, what is called a favor. In Hollywood, you would right off to the sunset. That’s a great movie. But in age 26, you had an awakening where you felt that you dropped out of favor. So I like for you to talk about how life is not linear. And how did you fall out of that state of grace.


So I was, I was working up to this, this incredible experience of what I call unity consciousness. And I was very oriented, of course, I was receiving beautiful mentorship from the divine. But at the same time that I was receiving this mentorship, I was actually being challenged, I had a lot of abuse in my life. And I also because of my third eye opening, when I was 13 years old, I could see what somebody might call dark entity. And these dark entities were, I would say that kind of plagued me for really 20 years, but for the first 10 years, I thought that it could hurt me. That wasn’t until I met a man who was a medical doctor, but also their spiritual man. And he spent a lot of time in deep prayer. He had a spiritual master in India. And I met him once. And I told him what was going on for me because I was I was really not even sleeping, not eating, it was a really terrible situation I was in. He said to me, he said, You know, you’re having a spiritual awakening. It’s not what you think it is, these beings are, these entities cannot harm you, they can only convince you that they can hurt you. And it’s funny, I really liking them now as an as an adult to anxiety, fear, obsession, obsessive obsessive thoughts, things like that. It’s the same with anxiety and fear. You cannot be harmed by what your mind tries to make you anxious of, unless you believe. And that’s the only way that anxiety and fear work is if you actually buy into it. And so these entities were like this, except for that they were kind of like a form that I see rather than just an idea in the mind. And so what in these first 10 years, I learned, once I met this man, I learned how to free myself from the fear of them. And then I went into more just being annoyed by them because they would wake me up at night. But Around this time, where I was changing from being afraid to just being annoyed, I went into this state of unity consciousness. And in that state, I opened up into the knowing of how I am one with everyone and everything. And I was in the state for about two and a half months. And I would I could say it was like heaven on earth. I was in this beautiful state of grace. And then what happened with I was, I was at the time with married to my husband. And he was very fearful about me being in this enlightened state, because he thought that because he wasn’t enlightened that I wouldn’t want to be with him. And so he was this incredible fear came up within him. And because of the fear, he felt vulnerable. And so then he it turned to anger. He was very angry with me. And he was asking me how to how he could get into that state and why I was keeping it a secret. So he started asking me questions in the negative, like, why are you keeping this secret? Why do you want me to suffer. And so because of it, he just kept spiraling downward more and more. And I had this incredible compassion for him. And so I thought, if I give up my state of enlightenment, if, you know, I knew I know how to get into it. I’ll just wait for him. And when he’s ready, then we’ll go in together. But I didn’t realize that it wasn’t that easy. And so what happens I gave up that stage. And within weeks, I went into what I would call health is like this. Some people might call it the dark night of the soul. It was like the dark years of the soul. And, and I went into a very deep depression because I went from this beautiful awakened state of grace, connected with the divine and everyone and everything to absolute complete separation and disconnection. And when you’re in that state of separation, disconnection you have if you are lost, and I had no idea how lost I even was, except for that I just couldn’t find my way back out. Like I will. I went all the way, seemingly all the way down to the bottom. And it took me a year and a half to get myself back out. And the way I did it was this. So this is like a clue for anybody who’s suffering or in a in a deep state of, of anxiety, fear, not good enough belief that they shouldn’t exist because I run into a lot of people who have you know, they’re functioning in life, but they have a deep belief that they shouldn’t even exist and and how dare they even be here. And so if anybody’s experiencing any levels of of these things, The beliefs that I had that was blocking me the most, that kept me in the darkest place was the belief that God would not forgive me for giving up the state of grace I was in, and that I was unworthy of being back in that state, because I had chosen to give it up in the first place.


And I say this, because in a way, all of us have done that. And ultimately, at the very root of who we all are, is divinity. And we’ve all chosen to turn our backs temporarily on the divine to experience something very different, and come back to the divine. And when we go so far away, sometimes we even forget that we’ve chosen to go so far away. And we forget what was going so far away from. And it’s only on the return, that we start to get kind of pulled or magnetized back to that, that place where we want to go. And so for me, I went into the place that was so dark, where I went into unworthiness and deep, deep depression. And it was in a moment, surprisingly, or maybe not. So surprisingly, the thing that was Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, and I was reading a story, and about forgiveness. And I realized that I was the one that was blocking me from forgiveness, when I realized that and I realized that, that it was me and that I could choose to be forgiven, that my all of a sudden, my my heart opened up, and the beautiful drop of golden light of what I what I felt with the light of Christ dropped into my heart center, and just exploded. And then all of a sudden, I started to spiral out of it, it took me another six months to get out of the worst of the suffering, but I was every day was getting better and better. And then I it took me It’s so insane, it seems but it took me another 10 years, until I could go back into that really awakened state again. And it was a very strong lesson. It’s a lesson that, that when you are in a state of grace, when you are blessed, if you feel guilty, or you feel bad about somebody else not being there, and you give it up. And this could be anything like people do this all the time, they’ll give up opportunities, don’t give up their their even their own items, and give them away to people or they’re overly generous with people they’ll like take care of everybody else, never themselves. These are all symptoms of the kind of the same thing. It’s like feeling guilty for having you know something more than somebody else. What’s really important is, whenever you have the opportunity, whenever you’ve been graced, is to be absolutely grateful. You can still use your resources to be helpful for people but never at your own expense. And I learned that I could not help my husband from a place where I was in deep depression and disconnection, it didn’t help them at all, it didn’t help our marriage, nothing. It made things worse. And so what’s best is to be in a place. And this this, I have to say this is the same thing about emotional states, some people feel guilty when they hear like a group of people suffering. Or let’s say some people are starving in Africa, or people are disadvantaged in India or their child child slaves in in China. And they they they have this type of guilt. And what’s the what’s the best thing to do is rather than having guilt, which actually blocks you from being able to do anything, is to be in a place of what is it that I can do? How can I live that can celebrate people all around the world? How can I live that kind of honor them? Is there anything that I can do even if it’s to help one person to be able to be alleviated out of poverty, and to really be a love activist and that you use your advantage to be able to help pull people out of suffering. And that’s the best thing that we can do. And spiritually, that’s what I had to learn that it’s far better for me to be in a state of enlightenment, where I can receive divine inspiration and how to solve an issue rather than for me to wait for people to be ready to go into that state of enlightenment with me.


Thank you for sharing. I know that will I actually have a cheat code because I have a twin sister. But for the most part, we know that women mature faster than guys but then he thought that was a childhood thing and then it resurfaced when you were during your marriage. And in this work, that you have a lot of those stories so you know, we it’s a Unfortunately, we don’t grow at the same level or the same time. But thanks for sharing that story. And do you think with hindsight being 2020, that you, you think you would have been able to write the flower of heaven had you not gone through the realignment with source?


I think that it was an important lesson, it was a long lesson that I had to learn, it was almost a 20 year lesson that I learned, I think that the flower of Heaven is, you know, really the flower cup, and I wrote it, but the flower of Heaven is actually a gift from the divine came into my heart center. And I believe that it came because of, of all the steps that I took all the learning I did, you have to understand, like, even even in those mistakes, I needed to take responsibility for, you know, not what my husband at the time did, he was in a place of suffering. And I understand that it’s not like he was trying to hurt me or trying to control me or anything else. He was in a place where he felt lost and vulnerable. And so being in a place where I could see that and have compassion for him without going into his state, was an important lesson for me to learn so that I can be free of the influence of, of anyone state. And when I have people come to me, for, for a lot of different types of reasons, I’ve had people who have been tortured, I’ve had people who have been raped, and people who have been neglected and abused, I have people who have parents who just were not emotionally available to them, and you’re growing up or who ignored them, I thought the whole spectrum of people who become seeming as some of their stuff is, is I’m, you know, I can hardly believe has happened to them. And, and I’ve, I’ve worked with the darkest of the dark, you know, and when I’ve worked with these people, if I get lost in their state, then I can’t bring them into the new state of healing. And so I need to be free to influence of the energy that they’ve lived in, and hold the field for them to come into the truth of who they are, the remembrance of who they are. And so I think that really was an important lesson not just for me to write the book, and also for the fire of heaven itself to come into my heart center, but also for me to be able to help people in the way that I do. So that can bring them into the states of awakening. Because it is, to me, it is a time of awakening, even though there seems to be a lot of darkness in the world right now. This is the opportunity for awakening hasn’t been like it is for a very long time. And so people have this incredible opportunity to wake up to the truth of who they are, and to wake up to what’s going on in this existence. And one of the biggest lessons that I’ve had to learn is when anybody is stuck, whether they’re stuck, because they’re angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, anxious, or anything else, it is always because they are lying to themselves at a very deep level. And, and so if you have a negative belief about yourself, it’s really important to understand that it’s, it’s always based on a lie, it’s never true. The truth is that you are absolutely lovable and acceptable just as you are. And even though you may have an idea that’s negative about yourself, it came because of something that happened to you that you didn’t understand when you were a child. And because of it, you assigned blame to yourself in a very subtle way that he moved a lot moved along from that experience and didn’t even notice that you made a negative thought about yourself, you may have thought that it was justified because of what was going on in your life. And I’ve never yet ever had anybody come to me, who hasn’t lied to themselves. And every time I take them back to what’s at the root of their anger, frustration, sadness, depression and anxiety. There’s always a statement that they’ve told themselves that we find, and they’re always surprised that they they didn’t even remember they had said it until they go back and take a look. And then when they realize that they go, Oh, my gosh, I did say that. And I can’t believe I forgot. And the reason that they forget is because it’s so atrocious that they don’t want to even think about it. And so it gets buried, like they push it down. Because the idea, you know, we may think I’m not good enough, we may or may not feel a lot around it as adults, because we’ve been carrying it around for our whole lives. But if you think about a child who first thinks that they’re good enough, and then and then all of a sudden, for whatever reason, believe they’re not good enough. It is hugely traumatic. And just because they get used to it decade after decade doesn’t mean that it was As an immensely traumatic, just like being in a car accident or something like that, it is highly traumatic. And so


we’re walking around collectively, with a lot of these traumas, a lot of these negative beliefs that we’re not good enough or that that that people are going to reject us. And it becomes normalized. In a lot of people, they just live with it. where it gets really hard to be with, is when we see people beginning to take drugs, recreationally, but in a way that’s harmful. And or began to take medications like anti anxiety medication, or depression or NT. Sometimes people even go into textbooks like psychosis around their emotional conflicts, and so they need medication for that. And so, you know, when that happens, it’s just because the mind can’t keep that stuff down anymore. And so people end up using pharmaceuticals to try to stuff it back down, when they really need to express what their needs are, and the hurts and everything.


When you said that you take them back, are you talking regression?


If so, it depends on the client who comes to me in in their situation, sometimes it can just lead people back just by asking them questions. And some people, they need to go even further through something like hypnosis. So I use hypnosis to take people back to the very root of why they cannot lose weight, or why they keep walking. You know, romantic relationships were why they keep attracting partners who are abusive, or why they keep, you know, losing jobs, or whatever it is that’s blocking. And so when we go back using hypnosis, the mind is so incredible, you just you just direct the mind and say, hey, let’s go back to the the root of x y, Zed, and the mind goes back. And people are so amazed, they always think it’s going to be something really, like clear to them that conflicts like a real major event that happens. And they’re really surprised when they go back to something they’ve completely forgotten. That they see, you know, to believe it, at first glance, is not even important. I can’t tell you the number of people who have said, Oh, it’s this time when my app to the thing, but it’s not important. It can’t be related. And I always say to them, just tell me about it. And they start to tell me about it. And then all of a sudden, it gets revealed that this is the very thing that has them like overeating. And it’s something minor, maybe that their aunt said to them that they took like so painfully to heart. And then, you know, it changed the way they thought about themselves. And they had completely forgotten about it, because it was just too painful for them to even, you know, address it. So they just pushed it down and buried it.


When you said you take them to the root, I’m assuming childhood. But has there been instances where you were able to establish any intergenerational trauma?


Yes, absolutely. So there have been times where certainly people going into past life situations. I’ve had clients who initially spontaneous I kind of I used to tell people about it and and then I had a big gap or nobody was going into anything past life, or stop talking about it. And then all of a sudden, people end up going there. And they’re very surprised. They’re like, this is not for my life. And it’s really fascinating what what we carry over from past lives. And we also carry over from from our, our parents. And a fabulous example is I’ll get my own example for my own parents. My mother, for for her childhood grew up in the middle of nowhere in in St. John’s are not St. John’s in Newfoundland. And she was living in a very small fisherman’s Cove, which was boat access only. And really, they had over six months of the year, they had no access from from the outside world, because the water was frozen over and boats can get get into it. It’s so cold and so desolate, you couldn’t grow anything there. And so they lived off with potatoes, salt, beef, and salt, salt fish. And there were no doctors, no nurses. They had one school house that all the kids went through. There were 13 families there. It was really there. No, it’s not like there was a hospital or anything that they could go to. So my grandmother was, was taking care of nine kids. Her husband died when my mom was two. And she had two twins. My mom was the twins, the two kids at the age of two and then she had a brand new baby Plus, you know, six other kids. And so whenever my mother or her siblings got hurt, my grandmother would beat the boy ways, or she would scream at the girls. Because she was terrified, if they even got a cut, they could die if they if they if they hurt themselves severely enough, they literally could die. And so she would, you know, try to scare them from being too active or fighting with each other or whatever else. And so when I was a little girl, my mother, when I would come home with a cut, or a wound, my mother would would scream at me. And she would never hug me or anything else. So I see the southern mothers hugging their, their kids. And I was so confused, like, What is this, and this is what I talk about when kids go into a confused state is when they develop an emotional conflict. So I really didn’t know why this was I just thought there was something not right between my mother and I went on with my life. And, and then when my mother was unwell later in life, she had a COPD and had about 10% functioning of hormones and was scheduled for lung transplant that just never seem to come. And so she thought, well, I’ll go and do some work with Tara, maybe my, I’ll have some sort of miracle that happens because I have some clients that recover from major diseases, just after doing sessions with me, because they clear the emotional conflicts associated with those diseases. So my mom answered the, the questionnaire that I give all my clients, and I was shocked to read about her upbringing, and to read about a lot of the traumas that she experienced, she was very forthcoming with secrets, things I just never knew about. And, and in it, this is where I learned about, you know, the trauma for going up in in where she didn’t have her mother and everything else.


And I learned about a lot of other traumas. And I, when I was reading it, I was surprised at the number of places in this assessment, where my mother disclosed, how she had these conflicts. And I started to realize that I have behaviors and beliefs that were not even my own, that somehow I picked, picked up from my mother, based on her trauma. And it started to make so much sense why I reacted to people the way I did, why I believe things about myself, why I had certain tendencies. And so we pick these things up. And when we when I take clients back to childhood experiences, one of the most important things that I share with them is your when you’re in this scene, when you’re in this memory, when you’re when your mother’s yelling at you in this way, or when your dad’s looking at you with that disappointment, or when you’re you know, your mother walks away from you and doesn’t help you in this instance, you, you have no idea what somebody has done to your mother or your father, you have no idea the level of mentorship they received, that made them be like that. And that’s at the root of it. They believe they’re not good enough, they believe there’s something wrong with them. And they’re really passing that mentorship on to you. And they’re teaching you to not like yourself, but not because there’s something wrong with you. Because from generation to generation. This has been taught by your ancestors. And it is a light bulb moment moment for people and I always say to them and anyone else who’s listening right now, just hear this, this is so important. Just the fact that you’re hearing this is an indication that the opportunity for you to heal ancestral karma, ancestral patterning is here for you, it wasn’t available to your parents like that wasn’t the time for our parents to experience this. But the time is now for people to start waking up. And these patterns. These beliefs are what I call the illusion, what Buddhism called the illusion or Maya. In Christianity, you might call it Satan or whatever else. But in all cultures, we have a name for this. And the illusion we can think of as a force or an energy wants you to believe that there’s something wrong with you. That’s at the very core wants you to believe there’s something wrong with you and you’re absolutely disconnected. But the truth is, is that you are wholly your divinity. And you are absolutely and always connected no matter what whether you know it right now or not. And if you can start to assume your divinity assume your connection and I don’t mean like in the sense that you are a god and there’s no other God that uses or whatever not in that way. In the place that you understand that you are, you are one with the divine. You are one with everyone. And that on a very, very deep level. If you think about creation, if the divine created you and if there is only one God if there’s only one divinity Only one aspect that created everything. It’s not like there’s like, you know, one divine saying to another divine, Hey, can I have those materials and all that energy I want to create like a human being, you are created out of the same field, that is the design. And so there is nothing else except for the belief. And this is interesting how this kind of weaves together from what we were talking about before, except for the belief from something that would try to convince you that there’s something wrong with you, or try to convince you of something fearful. And so if you can always stay no matter what in a place, especially in these times when there’s so much fear, there’s so much belief in polarity with decisiveness, and or division three divided decision decision, I can’t even say it.


divisiveness, you know, is to really be in a place of remembering, unity, remembering connection. And even with your parents, even if they did a really terrible job, it did the best they could because of the way they were raised. And the and the karma that comes through the ancestral programming that’s come through from their parents and their and their grandparents. And what’s really fascinating people don’t even know this is if you go back only 20 generation of your parents, parents, parents have over a million direct ancestors that are influencing the choose the number of people influencing you in your ancestry, just direct visits include aunts, and uncles, cousins and everything else. Over a million people in 20 generations or have influenced what’s going on within your family lineage. And that’s a powerful influence. And you have the ability to begin to, to wake up from that, and to come into being empowered, and not only empower for yourself but empowered for your community, for your family, for the world. And to start to make shifts where you stay in remember, it’s a friendship, remembrance of family remembrance of love. Remember his community? And and most importantly remembrances of the amazing person that you are.


Yeah, wow, that was a mouthful. And thank you for that. Because you answered a question I didn’t even ask. Because your book is set up it were in the flower of heaven, it was like that one day, and you started writing immediately about it. And then there was a second part that had taken some time. And usually in the space, we have that that weekend, hi, by going to retreat to what have you. And then Monday comes and then you kind of go back to your old program. And so that answer you just gave, I didn’t even need to ask the question. So I’ll ask this, this part. Because you’re you’re clearing a lot of blockages from childhood or generationally, were you able to regress the person, and I know there’s probabilities. But were you able to regress someone to foresee their future. So


I know that’s never happened. However, I have gone back many times, to when someone is in utero. And very recently, I had this incredible experience with a client where she was actually it was when her cells were splitting. So she had just been conceived and her and she was had just split into four cells. And we went back there because this energy came in to program her at at that very early time, like she had just been conceived. And energy came in probably from her mother, but could have been from her father, and came in to basically programmer for incredible self esteem issues. And what we did was the we programmed, we basically took over the programming and and I had heard absolutely choose the line lineage of programming that she was with to choose for herself. And I say choose now, this is really important. One of the most powerful things that the divine has taught me is the word choose and, and a lot of people may say I need or I want, you know, but if you can, if you can begin to use the word choose in the affirmative. So for example, like I choose to align with joy, I choose to align with love. I choose to be mentored by love or I choose to remember love. I choose to experience joy each and every day. It’s a very powerful declaration into the field of existence. It’s a powerful declaration to your own mind, because your mind is actually a servant. It is not you. It is something that serves you and you get to program your Mind, in fact, when we go back to these places in childhood where there’s a conflict, and remember I said, all these conflicts come from a place where we’re a person and child lies to themselves, because they’re confused. And the lie is it that creates conflict is always, there’s something wrong with me, or I’m a bad girl or a bad boy, or I don’t deserve the love, or it’s my fault My parents are fighting, or whatever it is, the statement is. And it’s always a lie that that creates the conflict. But it comes from a place where you are basically telling yourself, or telling you, the world, or the field of creation, what is to be. And when you can get into a place where you choose to remember, love, you choose to connect lovingly with your friends, you choose to open your heart to your partner, you just open your hearts, your own children, you choose to to enjoy work, you choose whatever it is, you’re being crystal clear with your mind, it rather than you going, Oh, I hate my work, I wish it was better. No, I choose joy. I choose love and, and really orienting yourself and programming your own mind and crystal clear with it what you expect, and what you choose for yourself. And so in the scene with this woman who has a lease for self living, we went in and and I had her choose and make choice statements in that moment to program those four cells. And we chose a path that was the opposite of what the programming was when she was first complete. And it was so powerful. And she emailed me a few days later. And she said, I’m the clearest empowered I’ve ever felt in my life, just by changing the way that that time of conception for her and what was going on, you know, between her parents and how that influenced her.


It sounds a lot like the the conversation of free will is pre incarnation, and then you play everything out. And then you make that choice in the example you just gave to, to refine that.


Well, it can come in free choice can free will can come in at various times. So sometimes we have, it’s our free will from a previous life. And this is what we call karma. So you may make a choice in the previous life that has to, doesn’t have time to play out in that life, for various reasons. I mean, could be old age could be like, you know, early deaths or whatever else. And so it’s so it’s gonna carry over, there’s a conflict that’s unresolved from the past life, you bring it into this life. And so that’s, that’s part of the freewill. A lot of people don’t understand it, if they come into this life. And they’re like, Well, like I had a, I had a client who was, you know, for many clients, but one in particular, who was abused, right from the time that they were born. And, and they, it was a really rough situation, a lot of people would say, well, a child doesn’t choose that. And what’s really fascinating is, I had this one client who, you know, had the most horrendous 18, first 18 years of his life that I’ve ever seen in a person. And I didn’t even know how I was really going to help them. And typically, what I do is I just completely surrendered to the divine in all of my sessions with my clients, because it’s, it’s so intricate, the work that I do. And so he didn’t even want to come because he had been for 30 years in therapy, and nothing had helped him. And I said, just show up, like, I’m not like anybody else. So he showed up, and I still I had no idea how I was going to help him. And he just sat down on my couch. And, and, and I, I just surrendered to the divine. And I said, Okay, that to you, I really have no idea even how to start here. And the very first thing that came out of my note that I said to him, in his place of surrender was Do you understand karma? And he’s like, Oh, yeah, karma is like, immediate for me. If I, you know, if I do anything, it’s like almost like within our there’s repercussions. And I said, No, not that kind of karma. I mean, the kind of karma that would have you born into a life where you would be abused in such horrendous ways as a baby as a child as a teenager. And he’s like, oh, that I don’t want to talk about that. And I suppose the only reason you’re here. And so he said, Well, actually, it’s interesting. You say this, because this morning when I was meditating, I was shown all these past lives where I had, I had abused tons of people. And so he was luckily coming to see me he was already prepared. Because it’s one thing for me to say oh, well in past lives, you did this. You did this. It’s another thing to for him to be shown before he comes and I was so happy that he was shown before he came because it’s not an easy conversation. And so he said, I don’t want to tell you what it is because it’s so horrific. And I say, Well, let me be the witness, I’ll love you no matter what. And so he told me all the things that he had done in past lives. And we went through, and we started clearing a lot of stuff out from this life. And he left and he said, You know what, this is the first time he’s 56, or 57 years old, I think when he first came to me, and he said, this is the first day in my life that I’ve ever felt happy. And he cleared so much. And by the second appointment, he had forgiven both of his parents. And when I say he was abused, I mean, in ways you can’t even imagine a child being abused. It was horrific, both parents abused him. And, and so in this, in this situation, by the second appointment, he had forgiven both his parents 100%. And he fell in ended up a month later, falling in love and retiring with the love of his life, and, and for the first time allowed himself to actually be in a romantic relationship, which should never before. And so these things can happen where we, we have use our freewill to harm people. And what’s really fascinating, a lot of times people don’t understand karma. They think karma is punishment. The karma is actually a system that the divine has in place to ensure equality. It’s because the divine loves all of us equally, and ensures our equality, then we have this process of karma in place. So that God that there’s nothing that God does, in a sense, you know, in the way that we think it’s that there is a system in the field of existence, that ensures that if we harm somebody that we will be, we will have the same consequences, so that things are equal. And if we use our free will, to help somebody,


you using our own resources and everything else. And we we then we bless the field, we have the ability to bless a field in that way. But if we harm somebody, and we take from somebody, then we basically everything will be equalized. And that this is a really what I would say is a mature way to understand it, because a lot of people actually, they fear karma, and they fear the consequences of things rather than being in a place of responsibility for things. And so the best thing that people can do is, is to, you know, if they have harmed people is to, to make amends, and to ask for forgiveness. And it doesn’t have to be directly I mean, even if somebody passed away, you can ask for forgiveness. You know, and I talked about this in the book of how to do it. But really, it’s a very simple process of simply on the level of the sole thing to a person, you know, I’m sorry for any and all, you know, I’m sorry for any and all harm that I’ve caused you, I’d love you Please forgive me. And, and then I’m saying and I choose to forgive you. Now, it’s important to say I choose, I choose to forgive you for any and all suffering you’ve caused me in this lifetime or any other lifetime. And, and then going to the divine and saying, you know, I’m sorry for the harm that have caused this person, please forgive me, may bless them, they may bless them with whatever they most need. And and then to say, and I choose to forgive them any debt that they may owe me I choose for it to be erased, I choose for them to be freed, and both of us to be freed. And when you do that process. It’s interesting because that process is really outlined in almost all major religions. It’s what I call a technology that the divine gives us to help, you know, bring things into a healing state between people and and if we can do this on math, if everybody takes this process at heart and takes responsibility for the harm if caught somebody if you bullied somebody when you were younger, or if you were bullied when you were younger. Or if you lie to your parents or whatever, no matter what it is like asking for forgiveness for doing things. It’s a great way for you to clear things within your own heart.


And that will and I really feel like we just scratched the surface and love to hear more about it. But we are at the top of the hour. And so I want to give you the time to tell folks where they can pick up your book, and you do consultations as well. And if it’s anything like we’ve covered in the first hour, guys, you guys are in for a treat for sure. So please tell us how we can get in touch with it.


The best place to get in touch me with me is Tara And then you can take a look for my book set Amazon and both the flower of heaven there is there and then also the book play well, and and then I have some other books that are going to be coming out probably within the next year. So we’ve got for those two.


Yeah, definitely. Let’s stay in touch. So with that you have just been in tune to another episode of Intrinsic Motivation from a Homie’s Perspective. This is Hamza Tara. It was a pleasure. Yes, let’s stay in touch with let us know when those new books surface.


Okay, wonderful. Take care. It was such a pleasure to talk with you as well.




Take care.

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