Symbols of Positivity – Are You Missing Out By Not Meditating?

Symbols of Positivity – Are You Missing Out By Not Meditating?

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okay good morning good evening good afternoon everybody out there in podcast land you are in tuned to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I am David really happy to introduce this guy today he has over 40 years experience dealing with meditation spirituality as a whole a ton of mindful living he’s done martial arts as well and in speaking with him before the podcast I was really happy because of the very few people that I know that can finish the song when I say fly eagles fly and he can also understand why I am a Gators fan for those that don’t know a lot of people that grew up in New Jersey white up going to the University of Florida living in Florida and all that stuff it made perfect sense to him so we had a media bond and he has a book coming out in May called is God in that bottle-cap a search for truth without further ado like the welcome John Samba Dean Sam Bellino to the podcast welcome John yes thanks for being here John and so yeah it you run into people too that are from New Jersey and kind of go to school down south and either stay here or go back home what’s it like in your experience well I did my last two years I started out at NC State and then I did my last two years of college at University of South Carolina and there was 13 people going school there that were in high school in New Jersey with me so yeah in my high school yeah it may have been something where they just wanted to get rid of people in New Jersey like get out of our state back at the time the Princeton hit you know not many people going to Princeton said it wasn’t in South Carolina the college is down south they were just a lot easier to get into when people just like going down there absolutely especially this time of year it was 70 plus today how nice nice a year back in New Jersey is that correct how many time South Jersey about six miles from Philadelphia awesome awesome awesome I went to high school at Delran High School so yes right across the bridge as well and I’m assuming at that time my brief story was everything you know growing up in New Jersey everyone went to Penn State and so those that didn’t go to Penn State went down south and we kind of had that linear mindset if I’m gonna go to school get a professional degree and go into our chosen profession and then get a gold watch and was that your beginnings when he left New Jersey because it’s a totally different story today I would presume well I mean I don’t know my thing I just started going south and just kept going I did my first two years at NC State and Raleigh and then I did my next two years at University of South Carolina and Columbia South Carolina and I did my next four years at University of Florida in Gainesville Florida and then I stayed in Florida for a while I’ve been moving around but I’ve been back in New Jersey for I guess 24 is 25 years now ah gotcha gotcha gotcha and so you were right and we’re gonna jump ahead and then we’re gonna jump back because you know going doing the you had gone the University of Florida for law school is that correct correct law school and then I went for a next year to get a master’s in law and Taxation okay so were you going into to be a corporate raider or what was your ambitions at the time I never wanted to be a lawyer I don’t want to do anything except for kind of meditate but I just had to get a job and I thought Lobby a lawyer you know my came a lawyer and and I’d actually didn’t practice law for probably until 15 years after I graduated law school but I didn’t really want to do it I mean I had a pizza restaurant an antique store and you know gift shop anything do practically sold commercial real estate anything to do would be a lawyer until my wife was praying with our fourth kid and said we are broke you’ve got to get a job you got to be a lawyer and that’s when I started to be a lawyer Wow what type of law did you break it 100% motor vehicle accident so just just car accidents plus actually just motor vehicle accidents okay plan so so where does meditation and spirituality come in it sounds like you want it to be a lawyer initially you may have been wanting to please parents maybe yeah but your body your mind just won’t let you do it no no I just was talking I mean ice to be a clamor at the Jersey Shore growing up and my friend and I would go clamming though he left be a lawyer so I go okay let’s be lawyer so I go to law school he goes straight to work as a stockbroker and one that you know tops truck workers in the world making a couple million dollars a year and I go I’m stuck being a lawyer just you know that we love you astray but that basically work for me is just a method or a means to make money to do what I want to do so what I really wanted to do was just tie up my family meditate i Chi Chi Kong travel around and so I didn’t really associate help as being a lawyer which is a job that’s how I made my money and then I just live my life with that money yeah what was your introduction into the world of meditation um well it goes way back well when I was a little kid you know five four years old things just didn’t seem right to me somehow I felt a stuck into a body that I didn’t belong in I couldn’t believe that I was actually a person and I thought that you know why wasn’t I born it sounds crazy but I said why wasn’t I born like Jesus Christ how could how could I be like a regular person and not like some super super being and I just didn’t have a clue and I always thought that things just weren’t right and then when I went to NC State and I was a freshman 1968 and I went to the bookstore and I bought a book on karate because I like martial arts I talked about these karate masters who could see behind them and do this and do that and talk about enlightenment and I go what is this enlightenment stuff and then I got a book from Parramatta Yogananda about the autobiography oh you read that and some Zen books and they’re all talking about enlightenment I go enlightenment that sounds fantastic so that’s what I wanted to do and so I was going to you know be a lawyer make some money put it away and then go to India and I met my my wife-to-be in the early 70s when I was going to University of Florida has she told to my friends that I want to go live in a cave in India meditate and one of her friends came over her but doing TM for a couple years he says why don’t you learn to meditate right now learn transit of meditation and that way when you go to India you have a couple years of meditation behind your belt and it made sense to me so I said yeah that sounds great so I started to meditate when I was 24 years old in 1974 what was the environment like in minks and 74 III wasn’t around then but just looking back you know they just had this documentary on that flakes wild wild country and a lot of people that we’ve interviewed that were around during that time it just seems like there was a lot of grasping and openness to what wasn’t currently in front of them so they were open to TM they were open to other modalities and I would think you would fall into that category as well well yeah I mean people the Beatles had been out a few years before because they were followers of Maharishi and and just again it was different you know there wasn’t a lot of spirituality going on at the NC State University and it wasn’t a lot of that kind of stuff going on either at University of South Carolina but Gainesville had a tall I mean they had all these spiritual masters coming and if they had a local meditation thing and I learned you know Tai Chi all kind of stuff going on but but Gainesville at the time at the same time ganzel with the drug capital of the United States I mean it was even that one special was happening and it was where the drug days and it was just like a party town and people going crazy but the same time there’s a lot of spiritual meditation stuff available readily in Gainesville and everybody was open to it but he wasn’t a big deal you weren’t you weren’t that much of a weirdo if you if you decided you wanted to learn to meditate let me ask you about that as far as games go and it being the drug capital I mean it is a huge research institution and on one hand you may say you know we could have any drugs want and then looking back you can also say that it was a ground for research so if we flood the students we can kind of do some tests and see their responses to said drugs well this is how it was back in Gainesville and also at South Carolina if I knew a hundred people maybe I knew one person didn’t get high I mean everybody smoked pot everybody it was on TV I mean everybody was getting an act and I was getting high you know I mean it was just it was just happening and as far as just a just a step ahead with it what happened with this I was getting high all the time drinking just having a good time but was also meditating and then I went on this transit of meditation came out with this thing called the city program cities are super normal abilities so supposedly from Patanjali Yoga Sutras from like you know thousand years ago and he go on this course it was a long course it was going to be about who’s going to be 12 a 12-week course it was it was actually a 16 week in resident course spread out over nine months and to go on this course she couldn’t smoke cigarettes which I didn’t do and you couldn’t drink and he couldn’t get high I stopped drinking I stopped getting high signed up to the course I had fantastic experiences I was just meditating eight hours a day for a long long time I came back and I decided to never get high again because I was so much higher meditating you know I was just feeling so fantastic and having such great experiences it was better than doing drugs I just didn’t want to go somewhere this is so much better and then as far as drinking goes a few weeks after I was done with the whole courses they will have a couple of beers so I had a couple of beers and I couldn’t sleep that night and I thought horrible the next day and I thought horrible for two or three days I said this is this is crazy and you know three four weeks go by had another couple beers and the same thing I couldn’t sleep without lousy I said that’s it I’m done drinking so when I was for all intents and purposes when I was 27 I just stopped getting high and stopped drinking because I was having a much better experiences I felt so much better normally than I did if I’d had anything to drink or anything any kind of drug I just didn’t want to do it because I just felt fantastic I think the other criticism is that if when you’re getting high and you have such an elated feeling you tend to forget it once the high comes down and things like you’re able to retain what was happening when you were meditating without additives yeah I talked about a little bit my book I say you know basically it was like this you know a lot of the experiences were similar to meditation except when you’re really really high you know there’s confusion and disorientation I felt great but when I was meditating it felt so I mean any of you not met him it felt so natural and you had a total clarity total peace of mind and it just felt so normal and natural it was just a much much much better feeling and I just really kind of liked always being on percent you know having my wits about me and I do believe that if you know if you really want to get on a spiritual path that getting high all the time and drinkin all the time they just they just don’t mix this better they’ll just you know if you really want to get on the path I think those things slow you down maybe it’s maybe it’s take two steps forward and one step back so that’s why I stopped doing all that stuff but may the rain regional I stopped doing it was I didn’t enjoy it and the second reason I stopped was I didn’t think it was good for me so here in Atlanta we are the coca-cola capital and when I was looking at your book if God in that bottle cap I was wondering the what the impetus the how we look outside of ourselves in the cap being soda and the other was the adult beverage was it former or the latter well neither I mean I can tell you basically what the story was is first first of all you know it gets like this when I was a little kid growing up I was told that God is everywhere okay so if God is everywhere does that mean he’s in a bottle cap because if God is not in a bottle cap then God is not everywhere so I used to swim at South Carolina when I was on commercial real estate down there for once I would go swimming one guy would swim with with this Christian minister he’s always saying oh you know you got to come to church and religion it’s something it’s really important for your life and I go well you know meditation is really my religion I meditate a lot and I look inward I don’t need to go to church and this kind of stuff so we’re walking out to our cars one what one day you know after swimming and he’s going in again no you got to come to church this and that this and that and I look down there’s a bottle cap on the ground and they go I go hey Dan see that bottle cap on the ground I go with God in that bottle cap and he gave me like a smile I said no seriously it’s God in that bottle cap I mean if God’s everywhere is in that bottle cap or just not in that bottle cap and then I said hey damn how about the bullet that shot Kennedy was God in the Botha shot Kennedy or he just everywhere except for the Botha shot Kennedy and except for that bottle cap and I said if God is everywhere he has to be the ultimate building block of the physical universe and I had a long conversation with the guy about the whole thing and I put a chat that’s actually my title chapter is gone that Bob and I talked about we talked about you know so it gets down to well what is God what is the bottle cap I mean obviously that there’s no little person sitting in the bottle cap so what is the ultimate reality and we’ve done that’s kind of what the book is about I love it and as a swimmer one can’t usually do 300 meters or butterflies or any fancy swimming a foot at first they used to have they have to first learn to hold their breath and then mature and grow and the muscles get stronger what was your what was your first experience and it’s meditating well the first time I meant eight it was fantastic I mean I’m gonna I said I was I think I was 24 years old I meditated and I had these sensations where it kind of hard to describe but it would you know that it was like my body was expanding it was like gigantic felt like my arm fell off I mean I had this peace and well-being it was just like unbelievable it was just like it was overpoweringly unbelievable and then when I was and then when I was done I just felt so so fantastic but then a strange thing you know having that experience I said oh my god I’ve had as mysterious a million times before when I was a little kid maybe like you know five six seven eight nine I would have that same experience of transcending all the time and it would happen for no reason at all and it would go away for no reason and it was it was so cool but I never really paid attention to it so I totally forgot about it I mean I had was not even any part of my consciousness until I experienced it again I go oh my god that’s like that’s what I experienced I was a little kid I loved that I loved I loved the fact that with spirit being so gracious that we can kind of go away probably as far as we can or perceive as far as we can only to come back home and experience what we were what we experienced when we first came into this body in the first place exactly what this does how it doesn’t how this is something my reality is for everybody okay there is an ultimate reality and everything that open reality covers everything you me a pencil everything is the ultimate reality and when you meditate or do any kind of spiritual practice it doesn’t create the experience it’s not creating an experience of bliss or well-being or whatever it doesn’t create anything it just allows you to experience what’s already there that experience is who what we are and it’s just covered up we have constant thoughts our senses are point us out all this stuff that we can’t we can’t perceive it but the meditation allows us to proceed was always was always there and this is how I explained it to a friend of mine a few years ago we were sitting in in my in my in my kitchen and I go I go mark see the clock on the wall I go do you hear a ticking he goes no I go that’s because the clock doesn’t tick it makes no noise but I said but you know a few weeks ago I’d come down in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and it was absolute stillness night but it wasn’t a sound and this clock is ticking I go oh my god this clock always ticks I just couldn’t hear it because it was just so faint but it was very just had to have total silence so I said mark when did that clock start doing it ticking any good yeah I got it exactly it’s always there just weren’t aware of it so these experiences that we don’t we don’t nothing is happening within us we’re just experiencing was already there yeah I know we’re in this game let me ask you this John so how long did it take you to get to a point where you could meditate for two to three hours because I was introduced to meditation oh I don’t know in the mid-80s and it’s been a big part of my life but I when I first learned I could you know most people can hardly sit still for a few minutes and the mind just starts wandering and and as you know there’s a lot of people refer to it as you know learning how to quiet the mind and so they’re taking all took me awhile before I could get to a point where I could sit now I can be much to do it as long as I want I always get what I’m doing and I’ll go at least an hour maybe two this depending on you know what’s going on or how I feel whatever but I know it’s not easy when you first start so how long did it take you to get to a point where you could do it for two to three hours or even longer yeah well I mean I just about a year ago I did have a Posten of meditation and Delaware is approximate ition is like a Buddhist kind of meditation at a Buddhist Buddhist monastery place and I just wanted to check it out what I wasn’t I didn’t want to change my meditative practices but I wanted to see what theirs was all about and it was a 10-day course and I meditated 10 hours a day for 10 days and I had not a problem doing it so what happened with me was this I had my first experience of meditation it was fantastic and then I went home and my the deal was she meditates 20 minutes a day twice a day so I couldn’t wait to meditate again I couldn’t wait that those experiences again and I meditated again and experiences were nothing was happening it was like horrible I got like I’m just sitting here you know and that went on for months and months and what was happening was I was trying to have this experience and the trying it wasn’t happening because I was using mental effort and creating thoughts that just didn’t happen and I came to the realization that you just can’t try you just got to meditate and whatever happens happens and just let go and I did that and meditation was fantastic and there’s a couple other thing I mean I’ve been doing this again you know every day for 44 years so I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s happened to me so then a few years later I started to do Tai Chi practice as I learned Tai Chi and Tai Chi is where you relax your Tai Chi is that what you see that people doing in China in the mornings they move around in the slow rhythmic kind of a form and with Tai Chi you want to relax every muscle in your body you want to be totally totally relaxed so what I say is if Yoga can be referred to as kind of being stretchy like a rubber band Tai Chi is more being like soft like a ball of cotton so what happened the Tai Chi is any sense any sense can take you into the transcendence if you take it to its finest level so a sound the mantra takes you to that transcendence that settle state and Tai Chi did it but by just by this emotion just the slow smooth motion and so I was having for graciousness with Tai Chi and I and then I said you know what what if I kind of combined them and you know you don’t want to combine meditative practices but in certain ways you can so what I did was when I started to meditate I would sit there and the first thing I would do would be just totally relax every muscle on my body just let everything go just relax relax relax relax and then introduce my mantra and within one second boom I was in the trance I mean immediately and that’s happened every everyday sense but but I’d answer your question again one thing that that people have a misconception about is this you don’t meditate trying to get rid of thoughts when you meditate and you start transcending or a byproduct of the stress release that comes out is thoughts pop up so thoughts are a natural process of meditation you’re not trying to get rid of thoughts you’re just doing a technique so you just let the thoughts come and go come go and what happens is sometimes you’ll get a chance of connected thoughts like well tomorrow I’ve got to go to a party I’ve got to bring something I’m going to make a cake if I go to a store by flowering and piano that’s connected thoughts we as soon as you realize you have those thoughts you just gently go back to your mantra if you’re doing a mantra and just do that and just let the thoughts go and the thoughts go away and they’re go away on their own but you’re not trying to get rid of thoughts because trying again I talked about isn’t great that’s my book trying to get get rid of thoughts has just the opposite effect who creates more thoughts so you don’t you know you’re all you doing is this you just you just letting go and whatever happens happens and I explain it like this imagine imagine you guys that you were a duck okay so you’re a duck and and and you like rainy weather you like hot weather you like snowy weather you like it when it’s cold you no matter what it’s doing your it’s up you love everything so if you’re a duck and I would say hey Hamza how’s the weather you’re gonna say perfect man what is perfect cuz you like all kind of weather that’s how you want to do your meditation no matter what happens your meditation is perfect because whatever is happening is what’s supposed to be happening mm-hmm great answer you have have you ever heard of the term Bed Bath or bus no okay so in this theory with bad better bus is when you are not in meditation but you are close to being invent because you don’t have that monkey mind going on on the bed is when you first wake up or right before you go to bed the bath is when you’re taking a shower and the bus is transportation you know so when you have highway hypnosis and so I was just wondering where you’re reaching these Peaks while meditating if you’re able to achieve something similar during when you weren’t meditating oh absolutely that’s what I want when I say you know I was have a great experience meditating that’s why that’s why I stopped getting high I wasn’t having those experiences just to remind I was having them all the time and having them so often that I forgot that it was even hat it was even happening so with the experience what I would say would be this it’s it’s I mean I’ve had some unbelievable experiences but it’s kind of like that you’re you know your consciousness my culture we would spread out in every direction like an explosion and every single thing is inside of me there everything’s separate but it’s inside me at the same time separate put inside of me it was like this one consciousness and my conscious so so what I associated myself to be was not the body and mind the thoughts I was associate myself with this consciousness it was attached to this body the body was part of it but it was just this consciousness and this was this was hard to happen all the time I mean I’d be driving my car down the street the next thing you know I’m driving between I’m driving through myself or I’m sitting around people are talking I’m sitting there moment of silence and boom all of a sudden I’m just like in this it’s never ever land and it happens happening like all the time so ya know it happen it happens a lot it happened so much you kind of forget about it but you know it was it’s a pretty incredible experience and it’s just um again that’s just the natural state that we don’t that we just don’t normally experience another thing I’d like to say is this people you know they get to the religious aspect you know you’ve got Christ you got Buddha you got Krishna you got all these ancient masters they’re all experiencing the exact same thing they’re experiencing this one universal consciousness or whatever you want to call it that’s what they’re experiencing and then they’re talking their followers or whatever about what they’re experiencing and people were saying it’s kind of oh your God are you this or wheat you’re that you’re that you’re the one no they’re just talking about this experience and they want other people to experience the same thing these guys didn’t want people to worship them they had this fantastic experience and they wanted others to experience the same thing and Christ called it you know the kingdom of God lives within and be still and know that I’m God I mean and that part there I talked to some guys today about that the Bible says be still and know that I that I am God don’t think what crisis saying you know be still and know the crisis god that’s not quite what was going on I mean so hums imagine this imagine that you are talking to Jesus Christ and he says and you ask him what’s what’s the reality and he goes humza be still and know that you are God you go what he goes Hamza this is this is the ultimate teaching be still and know that you were God and so you go back to your roommate and they go what did Jesus say to you he said well he said you know I can’t believe it he said be still and know that I am God and so now you have I am God in the Bible but it wasn’t you know it was the each individual person the kingdom of God lives within and when and when Jesus said I am my father one that’s that that’s it the father he was referring to as this this universal consciousness and he and that consciousness could were one there’s two aspects of their relative aspect who is obviously a person walking around different for everybody else but then there’s that inner that absolute that stuck where everything is the same so that’s that’s what’s going on with with the world the universe everything there’s two aspects there’s a relative aspects where everything is separate different coming going changing then there’s the unchanging foundation matrix everything rests upon what everything actually is and that’s as pure conscious and you can call it pure consciousness nature you can call it God you can call whatever you want to call it but it’s it’s the same thing it’s all the same thing I love it and that’s a great great I actually live by that so and we haven’t met before folks that’s listening to this I mean one of my one of my very best friends I mean I I have six really good friends and I mean really really really good friends and the last one I met for the first time in like 1979 that’s my latest grabbing a great friend and we were great friends within five seconds you know you just feel that connection boom there it is mm-hmm well let me ask you do you have any tattoos tattoos no I don’t have any tattoos because the thing is once you get it takes a million miles to get your first tattoo and then it takes half a block to get your second tattoo meaning that you know it was a great experience he loved it and so you had that experience at 24 and that was before going to India so did you ultimately go to India and if you did what was it like with that environment and it’s through meditation and just overall experience it was great I’m actually going to India on the 19th of February from the 19th of February to the 8th of March I’m going with armored to sai yogi armored aside he’s actually the founder of Coppola yoga and he’s doing a thing up in Rishikesh which is known as the world capital of yoga where everything actually started but the first thing I went to India I went with some the art of Art of Living is an organization that teaches a thing called Sudarshan Korea and I’m I was doing stuff with those guys and they were having a big super Silver Jubilee thing in India so I went over to India I guess it was I don’t maybe was like 10 15 years ago and it was great to Rishikesh and traveled all around and i want to meditate in a cave after we take them in a cave all this stuff but when I came to realize was that it’s not the place you know it’s not the place so when I wanted to when I wanted to live in a cave and meditate I thought you had to live in a cave and meditate that’s how you become enlightened and then when I did the TM City program Maharishi you know Mahesh Yogi everybody I did the city program I was the second group to ever do it that wasn’t a TM teacher and back in 77 and 78 and he we listened all the teacher training tapes and one thing he said was this he said there’s no reason to go to Indian live in a cave he said your room is your cave and that’s stuck with me your room is your cave wherever you is so wherever you are so I mean my cat my cave sometimes has been on an airplane I’ve sat on an airplane in the middle seat with people on both sides of me talking to each other the entire time and I’m meditating and I don’t even hear him it doesn’t even bother me it’s just like I don’t even care wherever I am is that’s my cave so India was great and I would love going but it wasn’t anything different going to India than being at home and I went a second time with my daughter who wanted to go on an exotic trips I took her to India we went to I know you guys have heard of Sri Ramana Sri Ramana Maharshi he’s a guy died in 1950 the guy’s a real dealing he’s one of the greatest enlightened masters of all time and we went to his ashram and I got to actually go into the caves where he lived for like 20 years and meditated and sat in her meditated and it was great it was fantastic but they didn’t get anything different as far as an experience and I wasn’t trying to get an experience all I want to do was just be in the cave where this guy was but I just wanted to be there but I’d like to add one thing one thing though which is kind of cool a few years ago my wife and I went to went to Egypt and we got to go into the Great Pyramid of Egypt and in the King’s Chamber in the heart of the pyramid there was a sarcophagus which is like it’s like a big stone coffin it weighed like three tons and and you could go inside there and we walk and we thought we were alone and this guy gets out of it from Australia and the guy was like freaking out he goes oh my god it’s laid in this thing you won’t believe what happened you gotta check it out and I go girl be great so he gets out and I lie down in this thing and all I did was just let go I didn’t try to meditate in her would just relax my body lie my back in the middle of the pyramid and just let go and immediately I chewed out in all directions and I feel the same thing I felt was from sunlight as far as expect experiential mentally it was just felt fantastic and it was just it was unbelievable and it all happened just from being in that in that pyramid so I think that’s why it was that pyramid was actually built for those kind of things when I talk about that my book – a lot about that but what I also mention was this when you typically my typically meditate have an experience like that it feels like I am where I am for some reason I just um you know I’m in my bedroom wherever I am I just having this fantastic experience when I was there I thought was an outerspace not we’re anywhere near a pyramid the earth just in the middle of nowhere just I just dissolved and it was pretty cool and that was that was one of my memorable experiences that meditating in the Pyramid of the Great Pyramid of Egypt was there away I mean obviously you were in a physical location in the sarcophagus was there a way when you came back if you try to recreate it or did you feel that that was a vehicle for you to have that experience no I don’t try to create that’s me that’s what I’ve learned through years I’m not trying to recreate anything built the ultimate reality is always there I am the relative reality I mean I’m not living that ultimate reality but but I know that’s the reality and it’s just always there so I don’t worry about it which is great Express I never tried to recreate it I never tried to recreate it it’s just I think what happened with it you know walking you know going through the pyramid it was just he had to crouch down always little tunnel as it was it was crazy and it he just felt like this silence isn’t this incredible silence but when you get to the great – the King’s Chamber it was a different kind of silence it was it was just like dead silence and I talked about this that you know the blocks that they used to make the Great Pyramid they weighed about I don’t know 2,000 pounds each something like that maybe maybe two and a half maybe two and a half tons each the blocks that they put for the King’s Chamber like in the ceiling they each weigh 280 tons 80 tons so this cut out every kind of vibration every kind of ways every kind of everything it was just it was just a cut off from the rest of the universe and that’s I think that total cut off that total silence kind of would help create that experience mm-hm let me ask you about the in the 80s they had a singing wonderful machine called the fax machine and the fax machine was supposed to get rid of paper and we wind up using more paper and today we have these little tablets in our hand in our phones and it was split to make our life easier but more people are are using them every waking hour and do you see that as a distraction for a way to not reach that quietness that you’re experiencing no I don’t think so I mean I think that I don’t think it’s like that I mean what I say it’s like this I say meditation is like taking a shower you wake up in the morning you take a shower and then you go out and you live your life you don’t walk around all day going off to the showers over it’s like sharra Ferger you take a shower and you forget about it that’s how I view meditation you do your meditation well however long or whenever you do it and then when you’re done you just live your life you don’t go around all day going oh I did my meditation I feel great no you just do you mind efficient then you just live your life and all changes happen from the inside out now if you want to shave your head and put on the orange robe and sandals there that’s fine that’s fine whatever you wanna do it but you don’t need to you just do your meditation do your meditation and then live your life and I’m dedica I’m a dedicated meditator I’ve got a couple things going on for me I love meditating I look forward to meditating every single day more than anything I do in my whole life and it’s always been that way so I’m a very very lucky person and I have great experiences so I’m just I’m just I’m just lucky but I just do my meditation and whatever happens happens you know whatever happens happens so it’s not you don’t if you if you’re trying to act in a certain way then you’re just creating the mood so unless you’ve really given something up you know you just haven’t given up so I would say for example if you’re on if you’re on the cell phone all day long if you’re on your cell phone all day long you have to make yourself to get off but you really want to be on a cell phone every second you just you just say I’m not gonna do it I’m not going to do it you’re just creating a mood you create a lot of stress that you wanna get to point where you don’t want to be on the cell phone you know it’s it’s just if you want to do it you haven’t given up yet some not want to do it and as you get more in a spiritual path you know the cell phone and spirituality of good they’re just two separate things you can be on a cell phone if you need to be in just whatever we whatever you need to do the answer yeah but one thing about the cellphones is this we went to this wife my god dinner once a while on you Bobby that’s what can be a whole family of thought it could be like a mother father four kids and you look over and every single person is on the cell phone every single person at the table and it’s kind of like a joke I mean I mean they stalking on the news that people are losing their social skills and all kind of stuff because there is on the phone all the time you know or they text somebody you know that instead of just calling up and talking to him I think it’s a great e but I you know I’m older I think I didn’t go up with that generation but it’s a it’s a bit crazy to me yeah hey so can you talk I mean you think you’ve been around the lot of places around the world can you talk about some of your experiences in the Himalayan mountains um yeah it was kind of cool so when I left the first place I went first of all I read all these books about meditation spirituality I always kind of wanted to hike to the Himalayas so I thought I wanted to go to UM tane Paul because that’s what you hear you know they Paul Kathmandu the whole thing and then I started doing some research and I found that Nate Powell was really crowd and it’s kind of dirty and it wasn’t like the best place to go but Bhutan which is in I guess the north eastern corner between India and Tibet was a much better place to go so I took a trip to Bhutan and and it was great you know we I walked 85 miles up to 17,000 200 feet it was just to to tourists and then we had like I guess we had two cooks two horsemen ten horses three guys and I just took us all to the Himalayas and it was it was just great but I told the guy told the guys I said you know I’m really kind of into meditation and stuff and so I really want to see these holy places so the first place we did we were in Para which is the capital of Bhutan and it was just all monetary we could have been lives the Buddhist mantra it could have Bhutan is a is a benevolent Buddhist kingdom in this monitor been there for almost 2,000 years then I got there and I guess thing I guess the guy who told the guy the monk that I was in a meditator and this guy takes me into this room all of myself and says here’s a here’s a blanket you can sit down and meditate here for a while you wanna go you kidding me so I so I had a meditation and again it would span but it wasn’t any different than anything at home but it was but it was fantastic and then and then we went to another monster at the same day it was called the the Tiger’s Nest and supposedly you know this Buddhist Saint flew there from Indiana Tiger flying tiger thousands of years ago and they put this monastery it was up 2,000 feet up or you know straight down on the top of this mountain it was just it was unbelievable and I get there and the guy says come with me and they go to this old building the very back of the monastery and it was like a thousand year old lock and a guy opens it up and takes me and he said you can meditate in here not nobody else my goodness me I go what and so I’m in there meditating I’m just going like oh my god you know and it was fantastic but the fantastic part was it was just so auspicious it was so cool cool to be there but I wasn’t having any different kind of experiences you know but I wasn’t trying to have different kind of experiences I just so what that whole trip did for me was you realize that you it’s your place is your place you know wherever you are is fine you know typically if you want to meditate you want to be in a place that’s quiet I’ll place this private and a place that’s clean so if you have those things that’s perfect you don’t have to have any of that stuff one guy I learned to meditate with he was in a navy and he meditated under the flight deck of an aircraft carrier he said it what the noise was definitely but he could meditate there so you know that’s kind of the deal I know you’ve read a lot of books here in your BIOS as you read overturn the bosu you ever heard of and you read a book called the Masters of the Far East mayor I’m not sure the bare T Spalding about a trip he had to I think it was the maybe hobbsy can correct me in the Himalayas or Nepal somewhere up there in the late 1800s for about three years no I never I didn’t think I read that book about that guy no yeah okay oh it’s doing well good book I recommend it Nina Hanzo for me let me write it down what’s name what they got what’s the name of it again Susan the Far East masters of folks gristle ashes the Far East no just masters of the Far East Bible answer Bachelors of the Far East okay I’ll check it out fact yeah by Baird Spalding volumes one two and three I think those six volumes but the four or five and six or written after he had passed away I think in the 30s or something he passed away of the 40s and those those volumes are just some of the lectures he did on the trip and question and answers but I think the one he wrote for the world of volumes 1 2 & 3 I’ll check it out you know a guy that I used to realize I read all of his books this guy Paul Bruton and he was born I guess in 1808 1800s he was a journalist from England and he wanted I mean he called it kind of mysticism what he called it but he wanted to learn about elephant reality of what was going on he went to Egypt that he went to India and always places wrote all his books and I’ve read all 11 of his books and it would just do some fantastic journeys you know it doesn’t he did always journeys back in the 20s 30s 40s and I think he died I don’t know 20 30 years ago he was a follower of this guy Sri Ramana Maharshi who I wanted to his ashram and tripping amalia which was new but those are comfortable yeah there’s a lot of books it’s just fun stuff to read you know it’s just one stuff to read and then now I don’t read I’ve never had a lot of books and I’ve read them a lot of times and and I really enjoy it but I don’t read so much anymore for um to get knowledge I just kind of read cuz I just really like reading this kind of stuff yeah same great stuff because you’re never going to get it from a book it’s kind of thing that nobody can tell in my book I talk about the taste of the banana nobody can tell you what it put a banana taste like you have to actually taste it you can book will never tell you no one could tell you and that’s the thing with all the spirituality you know kind of stuff people can tell you what the experience is but they can’t tell you but they can’t give you the experience you have to have the experience by yourself it’s just a solar energy to experience what Saul was always there oh it’s always there you just kind of experience it for yourself and so so for like I say it’s like going to Hawaii so Jesus Buddha and Krishna they all lived in that place okay I haven’t lived in it I don’t live in that place but I visited that place so I don’t live in Hawaii but I’ve been to Hawaii so I can tell you what Hawaii’s like but I don’t live there you know those guys were actually living there they live there you know that’s where they live non-stop in that space yeah are you a fan of of Abraham Hicks do you listen to any of that I don’t even know this I do some it might listen with me is this I don’t read much new stuff most of them I read is like thousands of years old hundreds of years old or you know I just try to read sup his really ancient and I try to reset that either it’s either about an enlightened master or it’s by an enlightened master other concepts I don’t I don’t really you know read that much new stuff nothing it’s not good or bad it’s just that I just I just doesn’t really interest me that much so I’m reading like you know Vista says yoga and I’m reading the bhagavad-gita and I’m reading you know naga hamadi gospels the gospel they found that were the Christian Gospels that were hidden for you know fifteen hundred years and they discovered I’m back in the 1940s I guess it was yeah and the reason why I brought it up would the example he said about Hawaii in just for your for for your reference she’s a young lady Esther Hicks she channels Abraham so she’s more Abraham comes through her as a channel and he he didn’t necessarily say goes to Hawaii or use that reference but he was what they we’re referencing was the fact that we came here in this body to visit Hawaii we came to this body to experience all types of contrasts knowing that we can always go to Hawaii whenever we want like some people were asking whoa I just want to be in Hawaii all day all my waking hours and they were like well that wasn’t really the point in a coordinating this time exactly it’s you know it’s it’s it’s it’s this up is so I know it’s such a delicate subject matter but it’s it’s it’s I mean if you if you know wanting to be enlightened and have all these experiences has no different than wanting to have a Rolls Royce it’s just another one you know and cuz because what happens is we think were these individual beings that were born when we were came to life when we were born and we when we’re dead were gone and we’re trying to gather this experience gather this experience but we but we are the experience we don’t we’re not experiencing something different we are we are that so to experience anything you have to have three things you have to have the experiencer the thing to be experienced and then the act of experiencing so your finger can’t experience itself your finger is it self so we’re trying to experience something but it’s not different from us it is us so you can’t experience that you can just you can just be it you just be so you know in the Bible what they say was I mean the best way to put it like this when Moses sees you know supposedly God in the burning bush he says well you know who should I say you are he says well I am what I am I am you know it’s not I am this I am that I just I am just I just that’s kind of what it is it’s not you were God or you’re this or you’re I think you just are it but with our senses and our parents telling us where people and this and that we think were these individual people that were the cam to life and then we’re gonna die and that’s not quite three on the reality is where this consciousness but that but that’s one libero the other reality is we are these people walking around and we do have to brush our teeth in the morning you can’t step in front of a moving bus you know it’s it’s it’s there both things happen at the same time you can live your life but when you have that underlying calmness of spirituality behind it life is a thousand times better it’s more than a thousand Utley better because now you’re just kind of like everything is perfect no matter what goes on everything is perfect good bad and different it’s all perfect mm-hmm you have you had any experiences with an astral travel at all no not really I mean I don’t I don’t really quite understand the hundred percent but I mean I kind of always I mean I just feel like I’m I mean those spiritual be that I just feel like this this total consciousness with no boundaries that just goes all over the place and that’s kind of what I am but I don’t feel like I am someplace different but it also I think it’s kind of like this too you know in light there’s a giant spectrum of enlightenment you know I mean you can have like it’s like being rich you could have like five million dollars and you’re rich you could have 100 million dollars and you’re rich you could have you know 50 billion dollars they’re just all different levels to being rich I think it’s the same thing with enlightenment I think I’ve scratched the surface so I’ve had I’ve had some experiences for sure that are fantastic and that experience could be an experience can be considered an experience of enlightenment but I’m not I haven’t had like whatever an ultimate experience might be I haven’t had that I don’t believe I know I haven’t because I mean I’m just kind of scratching the surface but I think it’s if you had the ultimate experience then you could then you’re talking about some something you can’t even think about when you can’t think about what I’m talking be there but I mean so god knows what those experiences are but um it doesn’t make a difference because if you if you are that to begin with whether your spirits that or not you are that whether you believe it or not you are that yeah I agree you kind of said earlier it’s kind of about you know you use the clock story you just want to wear this ticking and for me it’s always kind of been an awareness game and I look at it as a sea of awareness that has no bottom it’s just you just keep going and going and you know whatever level you’re at but it just can just get deeper and deeper but it’s just all awareness exactly you know and what they say if you’re get on a spiritual path they say no matter what it’s exactly what you’re saying is that’s exactly it what they say is no matter what happens just let go of it because that’s not the end so if you were so if you were like if you’re a Christian and you’re meditating and you have an experience that you’re sitting on Jesus’s lap and he’s stroking your head and feeling your grip feeling feeding you grapes that’s fantastic but let it go because there’s more there just whatever happens to let it go let it go let it go let it go yeah yeah and sometimes it’s at least in my experience it’s hard to for some to understand maybe if they’re just kind of starting off on their journey but I’ve always told them I said you know what there’s a lot of you know masters out there and stuff but until you truly meet one it’s hard to put people like that into words and then because they don’t understand able to analyze in it or intellectualizing the whole experience but it’s like once you finally meet someone like that or people like that then you’re like okay now I get with people the same this person truly is he’s got a whole higher level where a level of awareness yeah I mean right I talk about that in my book I talk about armored decide the gamma see over in India I went to see him in Gainesville back in the 70s and and and he’s kind of you know long-haired Indian guy you know enlightened master kind of guy and we’re in his auditorium it’s awesome to her hostel so he’s asking questions and one guy start gets up to ask him this question it was horrible it’s like a direct attack on this guy it was vicious the guy was just full of hate it was just like it was it was just it was so uncomfortable you want to get under your chair and hide and armor and I said to God how how can I even deal with this guy and he just looked at the guy and he answered the guy with such love and kindness it was unbelievable it was like a mother talking to their infant child that’s the kind of love it was like it didn’t affect them at all and just like just love poured out of him and I go oh my god and that’s what it’s like you know these guys aren’t trying to be like this they are like that and nothing shakes them nothing shakes yeah would you say using that example from their vantage point that when he saw that person attacking him he may have looked at him as a younger spirit and he was the wiser spirit so he didn’t have to go down to that level no I don’t think it’s being sick like I think he was just acting a corny was own naturing I mean I think he’s just you know his nature was just you know I mean it’s just I don’t know it’s kind of like everything is a dream you know I mean it’s it’s common in Gowan and everything but everything is just nothing is separate everything appears to be separate but it’s all the same so you just don’t things just don’t seem separate they’re all the same but on one level when you when you’re dealing with it you know you got to deal with it I mean I had an excited I had an enlightening experience maybe 10 years ago and it lasted for about two weeks and it was just like incredible I mean I’m walking around and everything that’s inside I mean I we just it was just unbelievable and and I went to like a flea market I was talking to people and the hardest thing that for me to do was just not to burst out laughing I mean the whole genexus I just had to keep a straight face because everything was perfect I mean I thought it was just like fantastic but I had to kind of pretend that I was like a regular person still in his body and talking to people but that wasn’t what I was experiencing you know totally different and it lasted for a couple weeks no man I this is this is crazy but they kind of gradually went away and I came back to my normal state which is still a good state but it was just totally different from being in that state that state was it was just something different for sure yeah so you’ve been a lifetime lover a lover of a life live with martial arts what what have you what arts have you practice well there was a little kid I used to do my next one ever I would do judo and then when I went to the University of South Carolina I’m sorry University of Florida they had a Judo Club so I studied judo for about a year and it was just great I mean I just I really loved it then they had a karate class our karate club I did that for a couple years and then I and then I wanted to do something a little more spiritual so and then I’m like that’s when I discovered Tai Chi I started doing Tai Chi and I Taichi every day for it’ll be 42 years this year I used to be a Tai Chi teacher I’ve taught thousands people I’ve taught at University of Florida so out of Princeton I’ve taught in hospitals YMCAs but then I stopped teaching cuz people weren’t when wouldn’t practice I mean I and you know you teach them they don’t practice so they’re not gonna get so I just stopped doing it then about 20-something years ago I learned Qigong and Chicana is not really a martial art I mean the chicken that I study is his medical she come to be healthy and I love that and I’m a pretty healthy person I almost never get sick and I’ve been doing that for 20-some years and then they also stuck in there I did Aikido for a few years down in South Carolina I say with this guy um sensei sua naka who was actually a living from Hawaii and he’s actually a living it was actually a living student with uh sensei the founder of aikido and he was one of a handful of people it was given certificates of mastery I was lucky enough to be in the same town as he was I did that for a couple years so I don’t right now all I do now is I do my chief hung on my Tai Chi I don’t do it it’s a martial arts practice I just do it to be healthy and just you know whatever I just enjoy doing it okay yeah Aikido I really really like the kid I never practiced Kido I did jiu-jitsu position for about yeah that’s good so that’s effective stuff because you know they say if you’re gonna be in a fight you know you’re going to end up on the ground so that’s a good thing to have you know so so I did all these martial arts but you know the interestingly enough I mean I love martial arts I love getting out there and just you know mixing it up I’ve never punched a person in my life except for being like in a karate class I’ve never even as a little kid I’ve never punched one person like remember in my whole life yeah and that’s that was always kind of my thought was you know a true martial arts master is someone who who will never get into a conflict who’s able to downscale conflict and just you know you never did so if you can say that even though you might have been practicing it if you don’t get into a conflict then that’s kind of you know a degree yeah you can actually put up vibe so you can put on vibe like don’t even think about messing with me and people can pick up on that sometimes and they just they just leave you alone or if there’s a commotion on one set of street you just happen to be on a side street you just you just these these conflicts just you they just avoid you or you avoid them just naturally just not part of the deal yeah yeah the two masters it does the conflict doesn’t come into the so happened to they all have some tools to you know deal with the deescalate it but yeah yeah yeah now what’s good stuff yeah let me ask you about getting back John so were you at some point or you currently still teaching meditation to people in the prison system yeah I teach it you know the prisons are hard sometimes it’s hard to get in but yeah I teach the federal prisons at a federal prison and we’ve recently been teaching these meditation techniques to um the correctional officers and staff at the Delaware state prison system Department of Correction so I just actually taught a class I guess it was either last week and we before it’s a three day class three hours a day which is from a breathing meditation it’s Sudarshan Korean Korea has sued the International Association of human values which is part of the Art of Living Foundation so we just teaching me to breathe this breathing meditation techniques and they seem to really enjoy it I mean I get a lot less stressed out and they’re just they come in one way and three is able to go out another way they’re just more open and happy and just cheerful and I think they get a lot out of it because I’m thinking that I would still I would use the analogy of the cell phone you know they’re constantly active and their minds always active both prisoners and the corrections officer so how would they actually get to slow down and take time to meditate yeah well that’s right you know talking about the tape take your time I don’t know about the correctional officers but as far people in general cuz I had a friend of mine you know she read my advance review copy in my book and and and she said you know she’s a but I love the book but I just don’t have time to meditate you know she’s like I work I got two little kids and I said I said Katie she says can you please address that y’all address and I’ll put a little part of that might in my book say Katie you don’t have the time not to meditate because this is what happens when you meditate let’s say you’re going to take 40 minutes a day of your life out to meditate so when you must take your mind starts to change you become more focused you’re more productive more creative whatever so now when you go to work let’s say you’re working for eight hours a day I turn 50 percent more efficient for those eight hours a day even is gain time because now you’re getting 50% more don’t at work and what happens is this for everybody you sit down doing whatever you’re doing at a work desk and you’re thinking about that thinking about this worried about this what’s going to go on all the stuffs in your head and you’re doing your work well you start meditating that all goes away you’re 100% focused on exactly what you’re doing you’re laser focus so you’re so much more productive and creative that you just you’re gaining time by it but by doing that plus you’re going to feel a lot better and it can be tons healthier I mean all these people that are super busy you know Oprah Winfrey Howard Stern Clint Eastwood you know all these you know they’re all meditators Tony Robbins or all meditators they’re meditating and you know I would like to say oh they’re not doing for their health but they are doing for their health their you know for their mental health or physical health or spiritual health but it’s getting rid of this stress and enabling them to be so much better at what they do in their work environment so it’s really you know it’s just so important just just you just make the time and it’s not time wasted for sure I mean you’re going to pick it up by being more more effective and everything that you do yeah III know someone that she meditates for an hour every day but when he sees that then any particular day that his plate is completely full he meditates two hours that day that’s crazy yeah yeah and everything just no plays out great form so it’s like some people think you know you’re going to be even busier this thing you’re going to admit it pay twice as long but that’s what he does but you can see if you’re if you’re if you’re if you can get more accomplished if you can do the work of two people because your mind is so calm and relaxed and focus then it then you’re actually you know you’re picking up sometimes and that’s because when we were we were flustered and going crazy at work you’re not going to be that productive you’re not anything it don’t you’re just you’re all over the place yeah is there a way to step back familiar like if we use your time line and you’re meditating that hour and the day and let’s say at 2:00 o’clock something came across your desk that wasn’t planned do you take your a mental time and step away for out 15 minutes to get yourself grounded again or how do you get those yeah I don’t feel pulled out like that man just it doesn’t really it doesn’t really bother me I mean it’s just like you know it just doesn’t know things there’s no bother me you know like like for example I was talking to what guys in his class last week and I guy was worried about this and that Nissen Etna snot and I go I don’t like guys name was even Jack so Jack let me ask you a question this is a serious question I’ll try to be funny where do you see yourself in five hundred years and he said what I said where do you see yourself in five hundred years but five hundred years is gonna come and go where are you gonna be you know so I said you know so you kind of get lost for the forest and the trees you know it’s just kind of step back and move away from a little bit another thing like I said of people is this the five year rule people get so upset about all this crazy stuff that’s so minor so what I say is how is it going to affect you in five years from now so most of these things that are driving us crazy not only are they’re not going to affect us in five years from now we’re not even gonna remember them in five years from now so if yeah if you get your leg cut off on a car accident you know that’s going to bother you in five years but you know but somebody cutting you off in the car giving the finger yeah I’m gonna remember that in two weeks much less five years so we take this up so seriously what it’s just not that serious just you know just live your life it’s all happening it’s all good but it’s not a better thing with the thing is that if you have the intellectual knowledge to kind of use some view it that way that’s great but that’s not going to work you have to have that calm Center to make it happen so the meditation is the key meditation is enables you to have that kind of outlook on life and you’re not you’re not trying to have that outlook on life see the jot the deal is not to try not to get upset the deal is not to be upset so things it’s not like you’re trying not so I’m not trying to be flustered it’s just you’re not flustered yeah let me let me throw that same scenario but kind of change some variables here just for fun okay for our audience sake so 19th February you’re going to India you’ll be back the eighth of marks you have is God in that bottle cap a search for truth that’s coming out in May but something happens on May 5th and they say we’re gonna push it back into November how do you respond to that well that’s that’s a question that’s kind of a weird question cuz I’m self-publishing my books to it it’s not a big enemy I yeah beyond my control beyond my control it’s kind of its kind of like this when I this is not quite to your answer but when I meditate you want you want to I want to make it as quiet as possible okay so I put the dog in the house and show he doesn’t get out so so it but if my dog within my backyard barking like a madman and I was meditating it would drive me absolutely crazy because my dog I let him out he’s going crazy and everything I thought I had to get up get up but if my neighbor’s dog was barking like a madman or 20 neighbors or burger he wouldn’t bother me in the least not my dog there barking I don’t I don’t care you know it’s kind of like that that kind of thing yeah so it is what it is so another thing you look at that you have to accept situations and people as they are so for you humza for Dave David for me for everybody in the world what is it that makes us upset what is it it drives us crazy it’s always the exact same thing for every single person we want people to act in a certain way and when they don’t we get upset but we want to we want think we want the driver to be a courteous driver they’re not we get upset we want our kids to study hard and do good at school they’re not we get upset we want everything to be a certain way and it’s not what you sent but if you just let things be the way they are and accept them life is so much easier it doesn’t mean that you don’t that you don’t take appropriate action but you stay calm you’re not upset and then you do whatever has to be done so the example I use to this is what I used to / – the prisoners in prison I’d say if I see a guy robbing my neighbor’s house I don’t get mad that person’s a robber I could care less I don’t know what a situation is I’m not gonna get mad at the guy but I’m gonna pick up the phone and dial 911 once the cops can come and arrest them you know but I’m not mad at the guy just accept or are you even like you can have a big family picnic you’ve got this picnic plan for three months and the day of the picnic it’s pouring rain it’s like you know just coming down you’re also upset well that’s the way it is you have to accept it because not to accept it means I’m not going to accept reality the reality is it’s raining and I’m not going to accept it and so ink so guess who’s not sleeping at night it’s the person that they can’t accept the situation the way it is there are the ones there Roland one just you know you’ve got to accept things and then from that calm relaxed place that a focus mine whatever action has to be done you’re more likely do appropriate action you’re going to respond to the situation versus react to the situation yeah said you know experiencing something but you don’t always have to be the effect of it no exactly I mean it’s happening whatever happened you know it’s just it’s just you know you have the experience and you know so what looks like that I describe it like it’s like this sometimes I talk about I say it’s like it’s like taking a piece of granite and the chisel something happens to somebody and it’s like they take a piece to take a chisel and they put this line as granite they have this permanent marks permanent scar and it’s bothering them for a long long time it’s not ever but as you meditate more it’s more like a line on water you take your water you take your finger and make a line in the water it’s there and then go and then advantage is gone what comes back and there and it’s gone so you have the experience but doesn’t linger it just is there and it’s gone you know it doesn’t it doesn’t go on and on and on and on driving you crazy and it’s not in it again you don’t you’re not trying to be like that it’s just the way you are just things just don’t drive you crazy yeah I guess that was my last question was you know did you notice at some point that the people that used to hang around you start moving away because they find that your your nonplussed with things that used to bother everyone you know for my situation like that so I used to milk a lot of pot and everything so what happened was that you know people would just they would instead of trying all smoke pot smoke pot they would just pass the joint around me and then after a while they would say oh you know I go by Sam I say say say don’t don’t smoke any pot around Sam cuz he doesn’t he doesn’t you know he’s medicine and they wouldn’t and then eventually they just wouldn’t do it the same room I would go to a different room or they would do it but this wouldn’t be I just wouldn’t be around won’t be around them but then going to bars with so much easier I mean I would go to the bars I’d be dancing partying going crazy just like I always did the only difference was they were drinking alcohol and I was drinking water or club soda everything was the same so I don’t have any problem at all being around people that are drinking I just don’t like being around people that are all drunk but if they’re not drunk I can care less if they’re drinking you know so and another thing too is people see changes in you you know you don’t even you don’t even know you’re having changes when I first learned to meditate to my best friends they just said what’s going on God we talked about and and next you know they learn to meditate because they perceived some kind of changing me I don’t know what it was but they wanted something they wanted to have and they went out and learned to meditate I guess that’s called being the example yeah exactly you know it so it the thing is that I’d say about that is some of the guys like in prison I say you know you can go back to yours to your to your home situation because they learn to meditate and you can be an exemplary buddy but the same time you have to have a certain kind of inner strength for that because if you’re a drug addict and you don’t have this kind of strength you don’t want to be hanging out with a bunch of drug addicts to be a good example cuz you’re gonna draw you back into it so you know you’ve got to have this this strength that you’re not going to get drawn into it me it was different I mean I have no interest in drinking or getting home it’s just not going to happen so it’s I mean it’s no effort on my part for that you know but yeah you’re you’re you’re a good example to you could you whatever level of awareness you have it expected it affects every single person around you if somebody in the household is super common supriya extra at work it kind of permeates the whole area everybody feels that but if somebody at work at home is crazy and always screaming and rant or even a nut that affects all the people around them I mean it’s contagious absolutely and so it’s the beginning of February and the book doesn’t come out until May so we’re gonna sit on our hands until it comes out but what can our listeners do where can they find your book when it does come out we can get it anywhere you know I mean I it’s gonna be on any place online you can ask for it any bookstore if you actually went to Amazon right now if you went to the Amazon website and just googled is God in that bottle cap it’ll pop up with a picture of the book and you can you can read the reviews that are all coming out against some great reviews and some endorsements I’ve got you talked about the book talks about me and you can see it all but um and you can as of next week you can pre-order it on Kindle for Amazon you can pre-order it from Amazon Barnes and Nobles and also a local book store but it’ll be available everywhere on May 14th Kindle harvick paperback you know whatever fantastic well you have just been in tune to another episode of intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is AMA and I’m did John it was a pleasure I felt like this was a meditative session that we just had great I really appreciate you guys having me on it was it was really fun yeah thanks for being let’s stay attached to it okay yeah any time give me a holler thanks Peter okay thank you bye everybody you [Music]

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