Tai Chi Breathing Exercises| Oneness Blessings With Jeff Jacobs (Interview)

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good afternoon everybody today is Sunday October 15 2017 and this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is Hamza and I’m David and today we are joined by Jeff Jacobs and Jeff Jacobs is another good friend of both of ours and known him for many years here in the Atlanta area in the spiritual community so really excited to have him on going to talk a little bit about oneness blessings and what else he has in a spiritual toolbox so with that welcome to the podcast Jeff hey thanks guys it’s going to be fun yeah absolutely thanks it’s good that we were able to coordinate calendars that get you on so we interviewed a lot of women we needed more that male energy here on our podcast and that’s the way it is in this field right you go to a group and there’s like 12 women and two guys yeah 7 to 1 or a 6 to 1 ratio and I think on some level we love those ratios those guys I mean it works wonderfully for us but from another side it in my opinion it I can understand why statistically it seems that women live longer than men and some of it could be the reason that they explore many things that men do not and that’s one way of looking at it and maybe we are getting the inside track to what they’re working on so we could be better mates or better friends or all the above yeah well sure yeah that and you know I mean you know the energy is changing now so this divine feminine is taking over so that’s that energy waking up and and taking the lead Valon personally I I love being in the energy of you know that feminine energy it’s a lot more comfortable than sometimes than the more aggressive male energy well it’s interesting that because there doesn’t seem to be that level of unknown or known competition that goes on when you’re in up in a mostly male environment Wow I didn’t catch that really that went right over my head baby it was supposed to I mean I think it’s fine I think we love those events but we love having a male on our podcast okay so yes let’s roll with that so let’s uh let’s give us a little bit about your background I’ve personally known you since I think 2009-2010 that was at the horizon Center with Joann Wilson and I know you were part of the community before that so if you could talk a little bit about your history and what brings you to your current state of awareness okay I’m trying to see how far back I want to go here well I guess I’ll just go back the beginning and I’ll try to keep it short it’s when I was not I need to go far that far back when I got to Atlanta I started doing Tai Chi and Qigong and writing and painting and I did that because a few months before I got here I was out in Santa Monica and I had a dream and in the dream I had to book titles flash to me right before I woke up and I wrote him down and they happened to be titles one was a title about Tai Chi and another one was a book title for the eaching and I’ve just been reading a book called synchronicity the dao of synchronicity i think it she had talked about the each hang in there and the actual book title that she spoke about was the one that flashed in my mind so I recognized that book title and I went down to the store and I got it and I started playing with the eaching if you don’t know what a Ching is it’s the ancient Chinese texts called the Oracle and there’s 64 trigrams in there which are it’s actually a binary code which is a two sets of trigrams a trigram you either get like a like a Yin or yang like an open or a closed anyway and you can consult the II Ching to answer questions you know they used to it was like an Oracle they would answer questions about you know we’re going to have good crops where do we need to what do we need to do all these different things so I had to copy from the e to e Ching and then the the other book title was a book on Tai Chi but I didn’t know this until about six months later when I got here and I found it again in the introduction to the dancing movie masters which I had read years ago so I realized that was a book on Tai Chi so I started doing Tai Chi started reading eaching and I started becoming aware that I had been like had not been alone I thought my whole life I’ve been given these things giving these little symbols there have been some something with me kind of guiding me when I was seven I had a dream I looked I wasn’t a dream I was in an airplane I looked out at the airplane and in a cloud I saw an image it was clear as day it was like looking at a TV of like a hut with a door closing there was like a either a broom or a mop and a bucket standing by it and every time I looked back at it the door was closing a little bit more and at this time I had pretty much called BS on the church and my religion which was Lutheran and anything else like that because it just wasn’t vibing with me and you know I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real and I’d like they’re just lying to me everybody’s just lying to me about everything and I call BS on it and I had that vision in from the airplane and so I knew there was something going on and I just didn’t want that door closed and so you know I just kept walking through lie and strange little things would happen I remember one time at Easter we were painting eggs I was in grade school we were painting eggs and I got so angry that we are painting eggs because there was something inside me that maybe I was so mad because like everything Jesus went through and here we are just painting eggs I just I got so mad I left the house and I walked out in a blizzard and I just started walking my dad had to come get me in the car and he said what are you doing I said I don’t know I just got really angry in it so just little things like that I’m just some spouting but anyway so I realized that there was something going on I was being guided I was being taken care of and so when I got here I started studying Aikido and Taichi and I had picked up an Aquarius magazine and it used to be a pizza place up on crabapple in 92 it’s not there anymore and I was reading my horoscope like I used to do and I saw an article about Reiki and so I was guided to go check out Reiki so I started going to inner quest church which is in Milton and so there I studied Reiki and some energy healing and I was on there energy energy healing team for about five years we had people come in second Saturday of every month and have room like four or five tables on it and people come in and get Reiki from two or three people at a time and so I did that for like five years I just I just became ravenous for everything that a physical anything I could get my hands on I just started just shoving it all in until I just became so saturated I couldn’t process anymore and I left there in 2009 and that’s when I started going to horizon and learning more stuff and just kind of hanging out with new people and just kind of seeing all this stuff from a new perspective continuing to do Reiki continuing to do Tai Chi I had to stop Aikido because I don’t know exactly why I had stopped for a while while I was doing some healing work and I went back and when I got on the mat my lower back just tied up in a knot and I went to a cafe after working out one time and I was I just asked spirit I said what do you want me to do I’m going to stop doing Aikido and my back just completely released so I never got back on the mat again and I think that was just because it was very dualistic very getting preparing yourself for battle preparing yourself to fight it just wasn’t even though it was awesome and I had a lot of fun with it there was still some energy there that I was supposed to let go of so I had to let go of Aikido but I kept studying Taichi and then in 2012 at when I was at Horizon we had the rainbow earth group there we would meet once a month and do meditations and things and help Mother Earth and humanity and the consciousness of humanity sort of shift and somebody I think was Debbie LaChapelle came in and was talking about the oneness blessing she was going to one is awakening course and I had heard about this a couple years ago from Mark perky but at the time when he first started telling me about it I couldn’t I couldn’t process anymore I mean I I just had so much stuff going on I couldn’t process anymore but in 2012 I was ready so I signed up for the class and I knew that it was right because at the same time I got a free copy of Yogananda’s autobiography of a yogi’ and I started reading that and I could just feel him with me and so I went to the OAC which they’re having one in November we can talk about that later and which is a two-day course then which you sort of do a lot of healing with relationships you kind of go back you do a process called the four baskets and you go back and do with everything that you have absorbed subconsciously from the time of conception up to about like six hours after birth and you go through there and the whole time through this weekend your divine is with you whatever that is for you you know it’s a very personal thing so it’s not necessarily shri Amma Bhagwan who are the ones who started one this university and started putting a deach up to the world if anybody it’s Jesus it’s Buddha it’s a light it’s whatever it is for you because you know God is very personal so the whole time your divine is walking you through this course over the weekend just clearing stuff I mean I cried like a baby the whole weekend I saw at one point you chant I’m existence consciousness bliss for forty nine minutes and while I was doing this all of a sudden I became aware of everything around me was chanting with me my my grandparents like showed up and started chanting I’m existence consciousness bliss the trees outside started chanting I’m existence consciousness bliss the birds the stars everything like the entire universe was just chanting with me I am existence consciousness bliss and it was just amazing and then you get the muki deeksha and then you can give the oneness blessing and so I was just it was amazing the energy of the one that’s blessings like nothing else it ever experienced before um and it’s designed to bring about awakening and move us into God realization you know oneness and it actually creates a neurobiological shift in the brain it sort of sites silences the parietal lobe and awakens the frontal lobe and moves us into a space where we can actually perceive life differently where we perceive life in a unified way instead of a separate way because you know we’re in that separation consciousness we’re in that duality where we feel separate from each other and from everything and so this really creates a ship so you begin to perceive life in a different way so I’ve been doing that a lot I have a deeksha circle in my house on Wednesdays people income we give hands on blessings for about an hour and I just been still doing Tai Chi and the Tai Chi keeps changing because it’s really amazing when you when you really cultivate this relationship with your divine aspect whatever that is for you if it’s your higher self or Jesus or Buddha or shrub uh Guan or Yogananda whatever it is um and you start bringing that into your life and and it’s not it’s not like conceptual it like starts becoming really real and you start seeing things around you that are happening you see the hand of your divine just handing you things and taking care of you like the other day I was in Walmart I was buying some stuff and I was standing in the checkout line checking out and this guy came up to the checker and he started asking her where the lighters were and he started asking about the big long camping lighters and earlier that day I had recognized that the one I’ve been using to light candles incense was was about to die and I knew that was the universe reminding me to get a lighter so I had to go I went back into the store and got a lighter and the next day the one I was even died it’s just little things like that you just start to recognize all of this divine support in your life and it becomes amazing let’s see and I don’t know I guess I should just stop there I’ve been talking for an hour already well I asked to say I’m kind of disturbed a little disturbed by something you said when you first started talking did you say that Santa Claus isn’t real you know I found out Israel he actually lives right up the street okay he comes to the deeksha circle every wants the wall all right better sound like wait wait wait kids that listen to the show bed come on [Laughter] so Jeff let me ask you you said you were in Santa Monica and you had a dream and you saw two books in the dream so what you said yeah I was a a headed dream and right before I woke up to book titles flashed in my mind just like white letters on a black background bang and then I was woken up abruptly and I knew I had to write those book titles down and I wrote them down and like I said one was the eaching I knew a new interpretation for modern times the other one was embrace tiger returned a mountain so I recognized the eaching title right away I went down to a bookstore down there and I picked it up it was funny because I was down there talking to the lady or the person I don’t remember if it was a guy or a girl actually and they were guiding me through the bookstore to where the each kings were and obviously there’s a whole bunch of versions and she was saying well I like this one and I like that one I said well this one came to me in a dream last night and she just kind of got quiet for a minute and said okay just hand it to me so I took that and the other one embraced tiger returned the mountain I didn’t know which it was it didn’t make any sense it just sounded almost like dream gibberish but then you know when I came back to Atlanta from Santa Monica I started reading the dancing movie masters again and in the preface or the introduction it’s a book written by one of the people that the author was friends with who was a Tai Chi master and it was his a book about Tai Chi so I actually went to the old Phoenix and Dragon not where it’s at now but where it used to be on Hammond I think and picked up a copy of that and I just started doing Tai Chi you know anything about Chi Chi prior I managed even even heard of it or I heard of it I have been interested in it when I was in Fort Worth because I was living in Fort Worth before I went to Santa Monica because I went to school there and so I was interested in it I kind of got I went to the library and gotten like a video of ECR tape you know back when we had those and watch a little bit but at the time I didn’t really do anything with it because I was busy smoking pot and drinking beer and being really messed up and having a lot of fun inhabiting depressed and you know all that stuff but I had it it was like welling up in me the interest was welling up at me but I didn’t know what to do with it but when the book title came I I didn’t question and I was like okay now do this and so I’m I started doing that and I studied by myself for about for the first eight years I I kind of felt like okay the universe is showing me something I didn’t want to go find a teacher because I didn’t want to like have to sort of deal with their interpretation of whatever was coming through I wanted to get it straight from source I wanted the universe to teach me so I just started doing stuff from the book and I did that for about five years and then I got another book and I started doing stuff from that book and at that point I had a shift energy shift that I was living in a little place off of highway five over there which is now a barber shop and I was out doing the Taichi and applying some of the stuff from this book and all of a sudden I had like a shift of energy and I could like I became aware of like the energy inside the trees and I became aware of all this energy around me and I just really felt connected with everything and also in that same time period I misinterpreted something from the book and I started doing something that was causing a physical pain and so at that point I had I decided I needed to go find a teacher so after eight years I went and found a teacher and I studied with the dear Dubrow for a little bit down in he’s around Piedmont Park for a little while and then I started studying with Jeff Cook I stayed with him for about five years and he’s still he’s around in this area he was up in Big Canoe and he teaches at Roswell Budokan a couple of places and then I hooked up with master Chen who was a guy from Wudang Mountain who’s a prodigy and I started studying the whoo Dan form the stuff from Wudang Mountain which was the original stuff and I said well here I am here’s the original stuff I don’t this is what I want so I just started studying and practicing that and yeah so that’s what I’ve been doing and I just picked up a couple more things and I’m kind of back to sort of listening to the universe again as a matter of fact now I for the last a couple weeks I’ve sort of been invoking my divine Tai Chi master to come teach me and it has really shifted things in a completely new way I can’t even really explain it there was some stuff that I was learning that didn’t feel right like they you always get taught at the lower done Tian and dong kyun is just Chinese for energy center I guess would be the same as chakra but they have you focus on an area about two inches below your navel and I could never really get anything going there so I just would always just try not to fixate on too much and just listen and just flow and learn and then drum below melchizedek I read something that he said and he said that they had been doing some scientific testing on the body and energy of the body and he was like look I’m sorry but we can’t find anything two inches below the navel there’s nothing there but the naval itself you know is very energetic and very powerful so I started playing with Mobe doing some of the exercises focusing on the naval itself instead of two which is below the naval and there’s an amazing difference it’s almost a liberation form of liberation now why they would teach you that below there you know I know that they would only teach like partial teachings for a while because until people were at a certain level of consciousness because if you could misuse this stuff and create you know a lot of harm so I don’t know if that was a an intentional lower level teaching to kind of keep people under control for a while until they’re at higher level of consciousness and then once they were sort of in their heart and realize that whatever they were doing to somebody else they were doing to themselves then they would become aware of this this other Center I don’t know why but I’ve been kind of being shown that which is super interesting and now the Tai Chi is just I can’t even really explain it I mean for the last two weeks while I’m doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong I just I’m laughing through the entire practice I mean it almost feels like I’m being tickled and and stuff is just moving and I’m just like laughing while I’m doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong like just laughing it’s just I just start laughing so I’m liking that absolutely look when you’re laughing do you feel that before these outbursts of laughter do you feel that you are taking the idea of being spiritual very seriously um well I think that there’s definitely that for sure but that’s not really what I’m experiencing when I’m laughing it’s really not a conscious idea of anything it’s just really I’m not conscious of what is being released or why it’s being released or what’s happening it’s just all of a sudden it everything’s just funny and it almost feels like I’m being tickled so there’s not like a conscious thing there but yeah definitely the idea that has been something that I’ve gone through is taking things very seriously and wanting to be a spiritual person and all of that I think that’s a I think that’s one of the big things we all go through because as soon as you sort of wake up you know you want to do good you want to be a spiritual person you want to bring in the light but you’re still kind of trapped in duality so you’re still kind of I don’t know you’re not you’re still you’re still creating problems because you’re you’re polarizing you try to pull their eyes to one side and then deny the other side so it’s not really a oneness thing or a heart based thing you know because they say that the heart is very has a very unified energy where the brain is polarized so that was definitely something I experienced for a long time and really it didn’t really shift I did have some experience in the beginning when the reiki came in um I was just in love with everybody I was hugging everybody it was it was crazy it was awesome um but then the mind kind of crept back in and everything did become really dualistic because I really wanted to you know I was like I didn’t even know this stuff was here I didn’t even know there was light you know and angels were real and the Christ and all this stuff I want to be good you know I want to I want to be a spiritual person I want to help everybody and when you’re you’re still in that dualistic mindset and the brain is still wired for duality you just become polarized I mean that’s almost kind of like it almost becomes almost like a cult mentality where it’s all got to be this way and it can’t be that way and with what I recognized with the oneness blessing was in the shift of the brain and the flowering of the heart you actually just really sort of start experiencing things so differently and you really start to see the divine in everything and everybody um and you stop trying so hard to be like a spiritual person or this or that and you just you’re just allowed to just sort of be and see the beauty and grace and everybody no matter what they’re doing you know because in duality no matter what there’s going to be there’s got to be a balance so even if you’re only recognizing the good half you know that dark half is in there even if you’re only recognizing the dark half that light half is in there so you just start to recognize that divinity and everybody and namaste you know becomes a real thing you know I recognize the divine and your divine to me recognizes the divine in you and when you start moving up and you started wakening this stuff becomes realing to go oh that’s what that means oh I get that now but yeah I definitely did experience the whole process of wanting to be spiritual and it was actually painful you know so Jeff for those who don’t know I mean most people probably you’ve heard the term rewards Tai Chi before those are they’ll know quickly just explaining what what is Tai Chi and then after that what is exactly what is a oneness blessing okay so Tai Chi they call it uh I don’t know they call it like the ultimate boxing I guess but to me it’s just harmonizing Energy Chews energy and Tai I don’t really know exactly what that what that translate says but some it’s all about harmonizing energy and becoming very presence in the Tai Chi practice you focus on your breath and you focus on your movement and you sort of allow your breath and your movement to become one you move as you breathe and you breathe as you move you move very slowly you start to listen to your body you start to listen the way to the way your body’s kind of connected you start to feel these little energetic connections in your body you know and you see how they actually discovered the meridians which science says don’t exist but if you talk to anybody who’s had a good acupuncture session you know it’s real and you start to feel these things you start to feel these interconnections and through the practice all you’re doing really is sort of clearing blocks you just sort of rec start to recognize these places of pain and you just sort of relax into them and breathe into them and they start to dissipate and the Chi the energy the spirit just starts to flow through you it’s almost like if you’re ever a kid and you were kind of playing with the hose on a hill and the water was coming down the hill and you would build like a little dam and then you would kind of clear clear the dam out and the water would start flowing down then you build up another little dam and then you clear the dam out the water would just start flowing down the hill it’s kind of like that you know we have all these little these little dams built up in us that we’re either wherever not aware of and through the practice we just start to start clearing clearing these little dams these little energy blockages just allowing the chi or the energy or the spirit to just start flowing freely through our body and you know in China they prescribe Tai Chi as part of their medicine you know if you’ve got bronchitis or whatever you’ve got you know they’ll say okay take these herbs and go go learn Tai Chi because it just brings the body into balance and harmony and it really helps with your awareness it slows down your thinking it kind of helps you in that space of watching instead of thinking and trying to make things happen you sort of watch things happen you become aware that you know you don’t have to do as much as you think you have to do to get things done you know I mean the universe is already working to accomplish these things and all you have to do is really kind of just get in that flow and listen and uh I don’t know it’s you have to really experience it you know sometimes it takes time you know I mean it took me five years to really open up and really start feeling it but I knew that I I mean I knew I had to keep going I mean when you have an experience like the dream or anything like that and then you have that internal guidance to keep pulling you in that direction you just keep going until something happens but I know that some people feel it immediately I did some extra work movie extra work was for a little show I actually we’re looking for a Tai Chi instructor for this little skit thing and so I went down and I was working with three people there was two ladies and guy and my job was to pretend like I was teaching a Tai Chi class in this Park and then some people are going to come through and do some other stuff but while we were waiting for that I should start showing them some key Gong some breathing and some moving and we were doing it for probably about 20 minutes until the people showed up with the cameras and they did their thing and then they left and then we just kept going and after about 20 minutes there ladies like what is going on my hands my hands are like I feel this energy in my hands all this is happening I said yeah this is real yeah just breathe in moving you know you open stuff up and you know they were amazed now the guy had been smoking cigarettes before we started he didn’t feel anything and I think that was just because you know all he could feel was the nicotine in his system because the energy is very subtle you know I know that when I was still smoking and drinking and doing Tai Chi I knew that my practice was suffering every time I would go out and party but I could find my way back into the energy so is this constant self defeating struggle you know I finally let that go but it was interesting just that side a little bit and even like caffeine would have the same effect because it’s a stimulant so you’re you’re feeling in your central nervous system your brain you’re feeling that energy instead of that really subtle energy this sorts to starts to awake and it becomes less and less subtle and so through the Tai Chi practice you really just learn to relax and sort of let things happen you know there’s I’m going to paraphrase but in the Dead paging Lao Tzu said something to the effect of you know I do nothing and yet everything is accomplished you know when he talks about non doing instead space of sorting sort of allowing the universe to accomplish everything you know once you start to get in that space you start to feel everything working and you don’t have to fight so much you don’t have to struggle so hard to get things done you can feel you kind of just set your intention and and things just sort of start to happen it’s almost magical so I guess that’s my take on Tai Chi you know it’s very it’s very experiential I’m teaching a couple classes up at the herb shop and a place called momentum holistic sand the people who are coming there they really like it you know and they feel it some people feel that some people felt but the people who are more relaxed and definitely if you even if you’ve been doing work energy work you know healing work you’re going to feel it immediately because you you’re already feeling it um so that’s my take on Tai Chi you know that and and also you’re connecting with the earth and with the sky you know you’re you’re feeling that feminine energy come up to your body and the masculine energy come down from the sky so everybody’s familiar with that yin-yang symbol you know the black and white kind of swirling around each other wrong so you start to feel that balance you know in yourself and around yourself it’s just uh it’s just a beautiful exercise and a way to keep yourself healthy really because all it does I mean it brings you back into a place of good health and it just kind of keeps you there because as we walk through the day we’re constantly picking stuff up or constantly becoming angry about this or judgmental about that you can’t help it I mean you’re still in the mind and so when you start doing this you just it’s another way to just start clearing these things out but not so much of a mental process as it is seeing you know you just start to see these things and feel these things inside yourself and then just through the breathing and moving you just start clearing them out and allowing them to clear in a way that is not engaging the dualistic mind so much as it is just your own presence you know that that I am presence so that’s my take on Tai Chi and the oneness blessing the oneness blessing is a divine transmission of energy to bring about Awakening and God realization there are a number of geeks right now it starts out when you go to the oneness Awakening course you learn how to do hands-on geek show which is you place your hands gently on top or a little bit over somebody’s head while facing them for about 30 seconds and it’s the divine doing all the work you know it’s it’s the person’s divine it’s not you know you’re not staying there going okay now this is so-and-so doing this or it comes from this dogma there’s no dogma there’s no anything it’s just purely divine love really and you know part of the teaching is that this is a personal thing so whatever your relationship is with God or with the divine that’s what you stay with you don’t change you know if you’re Catholic you just take that deeper if you’re Buddhist you take that deeper even if you’re an atheist you know there’s something inside you that you’re aware of because if there wasn’t you wouldn’t have polarized atheism in the first place so you’re an atheist because nobody is telling you the right thing and you know that they’re wrong so there’s atheists of really very spiritual people and I know if I was an atheist you know for a long time and because there’s something in there that’s just so strong you’re willing to stand there and say there’s nothing and you’re all gone I agree okay yeah so I met him yeah yeah so it doesn’t matter because if it’s that personal relationship with what you already have inside you what you already know you know what’s already in there in your heart it’s just you start deepening that relationship with that whatever that is and if you do have a teacher you know like Jesus or Buddha or Sri Rama Bhagwan then you can start relating to them and like talking to them and asking them to guide you and help you and it’s freaking real I mean it’s amazing I mean you tell things like those two people who have not had an experience and who are still in a very dense level of consciousness and they’re going to think you’re nuts when you start having the experiences you’re like wow life is just a lot cooler than I thought it was but anyways so the oneness blessings there’s also there’s a golden or meditation there’s prana deeksha but a lot of the stuff you get when you go to India you know they have oneness universities in Chennai and India that’s now merging with one world Academy which is started by shrimad bhagwat son krishna ji and his wife Prieta ji and they’re more focused on sort of expanding consciousness it’s for people who don’t really have so much of a spiritual attitude if you will people who are still very focused on the world and the material world but they’re they want to expand their consciousness but they don’t feel comfortable with you know avatars and ascended masters and things like that so it’s just another way to have them expand their consciousness so these two things are now joined together and there’s a meditation on YouTube called the soul sync meditation that anybody can do and it’s amazing because that expanded consciousness is like there with you when you’re doing the meditation you just start doing the meditation you can feel your divine support with you you know in you and around you like you you just don’t feel like you’re sitting alone in a room doing something if you feel like all of a sudden you know you are being supported and loved and helped even through this meditation so all the one this stuff it just keeps shifting the brain it just keeps clearing stuff away you start seeing how much of the stuff you were relating to and the personality and the self was just sort of created by the mind and it’s kind of holding you in this path it’s hard to explain you know you have to kind of have this experience of it I mean I had back in 2013 I had a really big shift and I was working in a lab / warehouse at the time and I remember I went into work and I was starting to put on the radio you know and I was playing music and all of a sudden it was like the music I couldn’t feel the music the music was just like puddles of water on the floor I mean I couldn’t feel it and I realized at that point that the whole reason I was playing this music was to make me feel good was to stimulate my emotional body and to make me feel good and all of a sudden those little charges and those little things that needed that were gone and so like it didn’t work anymore and there was just this absence of this stuff and you know for a while I was kind of walking around like wow Who am I and where am i and what’s going on and you know eventually you sort of it’s almost like you you rebuild a little bit you sort of rebuild the way you relate to the world and you relate to everything because that’s another thing they talk about is you know relationships everything is a relationship without relationships we don’t exist the way you relate to your friends the way you relate to your families you relate to the earth you relate to the sky it’s all these relationships you know you don’t I guess that’s another way of kind of seeing how everything’s connected because without one there isn’t the other I don’t know you just sort of start seeing things in a different way like I read something the other day from Bhagwan that says you know once you awaken then you start applying the teachings like one of the teachings is stay with the what is you know because the mind is always dragging us all over the place and worrying about what we got to do in three weeks and what did i do yesterday and where did I put this and and then there’s this sense of just being but until your until your consciousness is shifted and you’ve awakened to a certain point you don’t even know what the what is is but once once you have experienced it then you start applying the teachings of kind of staying with the what is you can kind of feel this presence when you’re in this presence you you feel all this energy from the universe just transforming you the longer you stay in it it’s almost like just being in the Sun and you’re just kind of getting warmed up and then if you kind of jog off into the mind and start worrying about you know whatever I’ll I think maybe I want to go get a Frappuccino and maybe some pizza and then I got a call my brother and I got to do this then you realize that you’re kind of off on a tangent so you kind of go back to the just being again and you just kind of go through this process and I guess eventually you’re able to stay with the what is completely I guess that’s when you would be fully awakened I’ll let you know if and when I get there but it’s uh I’m definitely in process now I mean I definitely relate to things much differently than I used to I remember my daughter used to come in and once she became a teenager all of a sudden there was this almost like a pain when I was around her you know it was just an agitation and no matter what she said or no matter what I said we just we just agitated each other we just rub each other the wrong way and there was no it didn’t make sense but it was there I could seal it and this was there for years and then I realized this is probably about a year ago you know she came home and I was just kind of I was like all right I just kind of leaned into the energy and I was waiting for the irritation to be there again and kind of do my best and not let it take me over and it was just gone just wasn’t there anymore and I didn’t do anything you know except a whole bunch of deeksha and that’s the kind of stuff that gets kind of cleared out it’s a lot of subconscious stuff and a lot of emotional stuff that we hold with people like if you have an experience with somebody or something and it makes you angry or it hurts you you just kind of that just kind of sits there you know it kind of sits in your field until you fully experience it or you know until you completely learn everything you can from it and then and then it continues to flow but it’s that constriction and that resistance and that pain just holds it in place and the Deeksha kind of just comes in it’s like the divine hand kind of comes in and and helps you and kind of clears that out of the way when you just couldn’t do it on your own it’s kind of like Bhagwan says you know a drowning man can’t pull himself up out of the river you know somebody’s got to reach him with their hand and pull him up and that’s kind of the kind of the awakening process you can’t you know you can’t gift yourself with awakening or enlightenment but it can be given to you and you know you start to see how much is given to us all the time yeah and if I could just be rambling but I think I’ll pause I’ll enjoying that we love it we love the stream of consciousness all right cool so what a progress give me give me give me another question okay well I want to ask this you said that you did the Tai Chi on your own for like eight years before and then after eight years you decided to go find a teacher yeah okay so after eight years and then finding a teacher what did what was that like like you know eight years on your owns a long time so when you found the teacher I started training were you like wow I’ve been doing this all wrong was anything new that she learned that you were like why should did this a long time ago or what the timing of it was just right or a little bit of all that you know I always definitely had learned a lot and been shown a lot and I was actually very aware and feeling you know and I did have that that sort of awakening moment when the energy shifted and I felt my energy differently and I could feel the energy around me differently so when I went to a teacher I was just kind of adding on to that it’s almost like you have all of this energy but it has no structure it has no form and then so when I went to the teacher I was able to kind of give it some form and say okay I can apply it this way I can kind of use it to do this and I can use it to do that you know it’s kind of like if you if you have this feeling in you this music sort of playing in you constantly but you never write it down and turn it into a song it just kind of sits in that unmanifested zone of consciousness and when you when you bring it into form you actually put it to use and you can share it with people and you can do things with it in the world and it’s almost that kind of energy so it was cool because I was I would love learning stuff and I heard his stories he would tell me stories about stuff that he learned and it makes it real and then but I was also able to apply all the stuff that I had learned intuitively to everything that he was showing me from the other side so it was almost tights that was almost a form of Tai Chi in itself because here I had the one thing that I got in from the intuitive section and then he was giving me stuff from a sort of mental learned area and it created even a more sense of balance so there’s almost that Tai Chi symbol right there again you know I started learning from from the universe and then I started learning from a person which was from from the mind or from the manifest so it was almost just a completion in a and a greater balance I kind of knew did I kind of needed that otherwise like you can I don’t know in this world this is a man this is a physical world you know it’s a world of duality manifestation so it’s kind of like one of the one of the guys that won its university or a couple guys that were in such high states of consciousness that they couldn’t relate to people they couldn’t even talk to people and Shawn Bhagwan told him look I need you to come back I need you to be more dense so you can help me teach and one guy who’s now are one of the teachers that does meditations was on Sunday and works with the people from America for the first year so all he could do was like walk around and he would hold a picture of Sean bug one and just laugh I mean that’s all he did for like a year he couldn’t really talk to anybody and he finally came down into form and in a more more density and and connecting now apply these things and help people so it was kind of that sort of energy almost where it gave it form it kind of gave more form to the stuff I had learned and so I didn’t like throw away the things I had already learned because it had kind of become who I was in a way because I sort of discovered this energy and discovered this connection but I didn’t know what to do with it and so the form although to start learning with the teachers you start to get more forms you start to learn how to do different things with it different forms of ki Gong different Tai Chi forms because there’s all different kinds of Tai Chi forms and I guess this sort of just kind of wires your brain to kind of start showing you how you can actually apply this in the world because then you just start playing with it on a different level it’s like it’s just learning you know it’s just learning you’re just constantly learning more stuff and and seeing things from new perceptions new perspectives and new angles and it makes it even more colorful you know it’s just more colors but it’s same stuff but it’s just more so yeah how often how often yeah how often do yourself personally practice hulkies I try and do it every day now sometimes I can’t like if I have to get up really early in the morning and go help I help a guy do some solar-powered hot water installations and so if I got to get up early and go out to Jasper or something in the morning or if I just don’t have the time you know I may skip a day but for the most part I do it every day wherever that when I first yeah when I first started it was maybe three days a week I was trying to do my bear could do three days a week because it was a it was a struggle you know I was lazy and my mind had convinced me that oh you know the mind tell you whole bunch of stuff and I don’t feel like it really need to do that but there was some something else in me pulling me to do it so when I first started it was probably bout three days a week and now it’s I I’d do it pretty much every day for how long Oh about an hour Wow yeah okay so I go through some well it is and it isn’t because it’s such a gift it’s like I mean it’s such a wonderful thing at this point that it’s like food I mean you just you just get so fed from it and it makes you feel so good that it’s not work you know yeah it’s not it’s not like going to the gym and lifting weights but even that gives you that endorphin rush me people get it people get addicted to that too you know but it’s a it’s it’s just so awesome you just feel so good afterwards sometimes you guys I got to make myself do it though you know it just all depends what’s going on in my world and with my energy and where I’m at because you know sometimes my Energy’s low and sometimes its high yeah so but I try to do it is you know on a regular basis everyday and it just makes such a difference any form of you guys know I mean any any kind of a type of Sadhna or daily meditation or any kind of practice like that it kind of starts rewiring you and putting you in a space where you can sort of connect with that creative intelligence of life and a universe just changes your whole day wanna do that every day in the morning your whole day is completely different and if you get wake up and rush to get in the shower and rush to brush your teeth and slam three cups of coffee and then rush to get in traffic and rush through your day you feel sick and you’re exhausted but you you know take a little time every day to do anything it doesn’t matter if you sit and watch your breath for five minutes a day and just do your breath moving in and out of your body it changes everything yeah such the energy for the day for sure yeah I agree we always like to share a lot of books and you shared books with us from time to time Jeff and I don’t know if you’re familiar with Jane Roberts and steps books are you for lay within it off Sammy say it again are you familiar with the Jane Roberts set series no okay so I have a book recommendation so it’s called the individual and the nature of mass events and it was written I want to say in the late 70s it talks about how we’re all connected and how we could all be connected for these mass events so if you can think about the late seventies they cover Jonestown where people did that mass suicide they did the nuclear attack or nuclear what was that in New York where they had that nuclear fallout in the late 70s in every dope nice today yeah Three Mile Island Three Mile Island thank you and it kind of resonates with you know just what putting globally today as it relates to your oneness blessing or your one is teaching and as you were talking all along it just kept reminding me of the synchronicity and the reason why I’m bringing up the book is it gives up a really good example that I like so it talks about television right and we like TV or I like TV so it says okay I want to watch this television show for these reasons I and I enjoy it in it so that’s one frame and then the second frame is actually the program director that gets all the actors together the advertisers and all this this is all happening behind the scenes that I can really care less about right because I just want the new show and so Seth was talking about how the disconnect that most people have is they’re just used to that one frame of watching the TV show and just reacting to things that happen not being in touch with what’s happening in frame two of everything that’s happening behind the scenes and so you are highlighting in so many respects that sentiment of that oneness that many people are missing out on just because they’re not aware or exposed to working with the unseen that has so much influence in our lives that we don’t even know that you know they’re trying too hard like you said if we’re being spiritual or I’m being to spirit or I’m trying too hard I think you’ll like the book I think it resonates with a lot that you covered in this call oh cool thanks and you know r1l or we are now at that top of the hour XS yes lies mana flies when you’re having fun yes how could people get in touch with you to do the oneness blessing with you or to go to any of your Tai Chi Chi events and you mentioned an event coming up in November if you’d like to highlight that as well that’d be great yeah you can go to Georgia oneness comm which is the website for the Georgia oneness community here in Atlanta and they’ve got a calendar of events on there and there’s a lots of different places you can go get teacher during the week and we’ll be up at the unity north holistic fair on October I think it’s 28th and 29th I’ll be there all day and whoever else shows up to give will be given teacher all day their November the first week in November I think it’s the fourth and fifth there’s going to be one that’s a weakening course which is that two-day course I talked about where you’re just clearing a lot of stuff working on relationships you’re Divine’s they’re with you walking you through the whole weekend and at the end you get the mookie deeksha and you can you know then give the hands-on deeksha and all that information should be on the georgia oneness comm site if you wanna get all to me I guess you could just shoot me an email @ KW GA 144 at gmail.com I don’t really have a website or anything and let’s see the classes at the herb shop up in Holly Springs you could get all the herb shop at I think it’s herb shop Canton dot I don’t know if it’s calm or org I think it’s come and then momentum ballistics comm would be the other place of teaching that self in Holly Springs so those are all my dots y’all your tats connecting the dots awesome week long oh yeah we definitely appreciated this last hour learning more about Tai Chi and the origins of oneness and the oneness blessings very great information and definitely reach out to Jess if for those that are interested in getting more information about that for the upcoming classes and events and just to stay abreast of everything related to Tai Chi one this blessing and and additional information for that so with with that this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective this is a positive and I’m David and we look forward to catching you guys on the next podcast thanks so much Jeff they think guys it was fun great have a great day you – see you later guys [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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