Tarot And Palm Reading Near Me

Tarot And Palm Reading Near Me (Interview) With Sheri Friedman

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Video Transcript

good afternoon everybody today is Sunday September 17 2013 this is intrinsic motivation from a homies perspective and I am Hamza and I am David and today we are privileged to have a podcast with sherry Friedman sherry Friedman is actually a local we’ve been speaking with everyone across the country sherry is actually here in Atlanta she is a intuitive healer here in Atlanta her website is sherry Friedman calm and she works in the turo so welcome to the podcast sherry totally my privilege thank you for having me a huge honor and I’m glad about what we’re gonna do absolutely just a brief history sherry and I met at a conference at Phoenix and Dragon I guess I live there and she lives there too if we cross paths we’re going to cross paths at some point and really like talking to her over the past couple of months we actually interviewed her friend Karen Miller about the ayahuasca retreats in Peru a couple of weeks ago and wanted to add sherry so we could introduce her to our audience I’m thrilled to be here Jannik now absolutely absolutely so if you could tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the turo that’d be great okay so just kind of a brief history since I was a young child always kind of interested in metaphysical things in college you know I’d always like hang out at the metaphysical bookstore and not really understanding why or anything else just finding a connection there and eventually I in my real early 20s a woman by the name of rainbow read my tarot cards and it like it all made sense to me at that point I was I was really fascinated the process and she gave me some really interesting information that enriched my life in a really beautiful way she had read my cards and the death card came up and you know not knowing anything about Tarot I assumed that that meant that someone was about to die and the interesting part about the deck that I read and the deaths that she read at the time a lot of the actual names on the cards don’t really specifically mean you know a death card does not mean someone’s about to diet necessarily it’s a really a card of transformation external transformation and she recommended that I speak with my father about some of his lifetime experiences like what he did when he was younger he was in the Coast Guard and so the next time I went home I sat down with them and asked them about his time in the Coast Guard and that was a really interesting way for us to bond and and share some time together and if I hadn’t asked those questions that information would have been lost to me forever and it changed my life he happened to die a few years later but it was a really pivotal point for me I understood how you can support someone in their growth and their relations with their family and friends and you know I was kind of hooked at that point so I got my own deck and taught myself how to read it and then I came across a healer from Israel and I went to a lecture and I made a lot of sense and then he was teaching a five-day course following that and everything just seemed to line up and I took the course and it was the first time in my life that learning came easy you know everything made judge I could do it the techniques that he was teaching I was like oh my gosh I can totally do that and I felt like I was almost Co leading the class with him and I knew that that was also an area I wanted to follow so you know those two things and combination really helped me open up my improve abilities and now I work with clients one-on-one both over the phone and in person and a normal reading how it unfolds is I will spend the first couple minutes tuning in at a higher level establishing a connection between us and then I’ll lay out a hand of tarot cards will tell my client what I see in the cards and then I open it up for them to comment what makes sense what they might have more questions about and then we go through a lot of questions I’ll ask them some deep questions about where they are in their lives what they want you know where their alignment is and then we build on that you know I help them to understand where their reasoning is coming from historical data Family Values collective agreement and you know I hold up the mirror noting that I’m going to stay in a reading is anything that they don’t already know but by seeing it from a different perspective they can really take hold of their own lives and make more conscious choices moving forward from a place like I said of their truth and authenticity and out of making choices based on fear and so now it creates an enormous amount of joy for me and you know it’s a great way of being a service so that’s kind of the long short version of what I do how’s the mouthful so Wow okay I’m noticing let’s see now obviously there’s I haven’t had a thorough reading in years and now that I hear you talking about I’m like I want to go get one I want one I know I know how that feels because I read my own card Oh interesting Wow all right so what is the sorry I’m looking here you use the I guess it’s pronounced soft aerobic yeah the top it’s it was created by Aleister Crowley who has kind of a interesting background he’s an occultist and he was a member of the Golden Dawn Society and he’s kind of a controversial figure in history but in conjunction with Lady free to Harris she painted the cards they’re all paintings and then of course images of the paintings I feel like it’s one of the most in-depth and mystical decks that I’ve ever run across no matter how long you studied this deck you’ll still learn more about it it’s so it has so many different layers to it during astrology there’s Kabbalistic images there’s Hebrew letters there’s you know the different you know the different earth signs archetypal images young in you know images it’s just like there’s so much to it that you know on one hand it’s a really challenging deck to learn because there’s so many layers but that also creates the real beauty in the deck so how many different types of decks are there out those it’s just endless oars just a finite number now it’s pretty endless people are always creating new decks and on the lad people create [Music] personal decks for themselves based on other necks you had just mentioned another guest on your podcast Karen Miller she’s just recently learned is learning this this tarot deck and she decided to create her own tarot deck climate so cutting out pictures and putting the meanings of how she interprets the cards on the reverse of it was a really fun way for her to learn the deck and the meaning but there’s kind of they’re kind of broken into a number of different categories there’s the traditional tarot deck which is what I read and there’s probably the most famous in the States is the writer weight deck so that these type of tarot decks have a major arcana the Minor Arcana broken is the poor suits and then the court cards also broken into four suits but some people read just your basic card deck and use it in the exact same way and then the other type of decks are like the fairy decks on the angel decks and you just pull a couple cards and on the actual card is an image and then a meaning of that card an interpretation of it so it’s not quite as you know it’s more basic and it’s to get a quick answer these other types of decks are more complex in how you read them and how you lay out the hand you know really influences the meaning of the of the cards also what the complexity contribute to the different types of reading that you would have let say someone pet come off the street or you know that seen you on Google that would be it would it be more basic and then the greater you have a relationship with them it would be more comprehensive ah no not really because actually when I see a new client I don’t want to know anything and you know anything about them before I read so I’m not using my own experience – or knowledge that I have about them to color the reading based on my historical data and wanting to take care of them from an egoic standpoint so the less I know about someone the better the reading so even with my clients that I see on a regular basis you know when we come in it’s just hey how are you and then we have kind of the awkward silence that’s when we sit down and I open up the hand because I don’t want to know any additional information so the how in-depth we get into the reading really depends on what the clients looking for if they want to do they want to discuss more or if they want to dive in a little bit deeper and get information that way that answer the question absolutely it also would my second question would be just in the preliminary research and your in your subject matter I noticed I mean it’s across the board you have some people that want a daily reading or they want to reading in relation to their astrological sign and it seems like the question to you is if I have a daily reading do I have to see you every day like can I leave my house before I speak this area or have half of that work oh yeah I want you and independence yeah the last thing I want is you to be looking to me for information my job is to get you connected to your own internal guidance system so you don’t need me yeah exactly well Susan – awesome also yeah completely agree with that so generally how long is a tour reading or this is just very I clients will see me for a half hour or an hour or an hour and a half it just depends on you know how much time they have and how they how deep they want to get into it or if they have a number of different areas they want to address and you know of course in a realistic way their budget yeah yeah I can imagine that so if if you were to give someone a reading and let’s say after that reading that person went to see another Toro reader I guess it’s kind of based on the cards they get pulled but let’s just say that it was the same cards that were laid out with that person read and interpret it the same way you would or is it just completely different with amongst readers how they interpret the cards well it’s a little hard for me to say because I don’t really you know I can’t be responsible for how other people read the back all I can really all I can really say to you is that my experience with my deck which is really an energetic relationship I may be a little often how I’m interpreting it but the cards are never wrong okay no I can’t really speak to how other people their relationship with their deck how they interpret their cards you know it’s that’s really kind of a question that I couldn’t answer yeah no no I hear you and only you can I answered it is just more curious because I know in US past well I want you know you can I’ve done readings you can give someone a reading and then you know they can go walk out that room and go sit in front of another reader and get totally different information but at the same time is still valid so it’s not like just because you’re sitting in front of another reader they’re seeing the exact same thing that this other reader you know saw they could just be seeing something completely different but it’s still valid to the ridi so I was just kind of curious how that you know how that kind of work that’s all yeah and I think that if I was to read some base cards in the morning and in the afternoon it would probably be pretty much the same information but if they were if they came and saw me and came and then went to see someone else it you know there’s free will there yeah so the other reader might be getting the channeling in information that is also extraordinarily supportive to the client but from a different perspective so yes you know everybody has their own way of reading and their own information that comes through the only thing that that I would mention is that if you’re seeing a reader and they are giving you information that is at all fear-based I would you know caution you on the validity of that information because that is not that that the action of fear is to build more fear or if they were to say I see some things in this hand and I can help you if you come back to me for the next three weeks twice a week they are using that the cards to pull you in in any way I would also kind of have my intuition sparked up and say you know is this in good alignment you know my job is to be a healing source and to empower the people that I see not put them in any type of relationship with fear about what I can do for them well when they would need to do to move forward okay sounds good yeah so there’s a really cool quote that I’d like to read and it reads falsehood is in very and variably the child of fear in one form or another does that ring a bell at all to you scary yes absolutely you know my my my I live my life from a place of trying to be fearless without fear you know the jobs like I said the job of fear is to grow more fear fear hangs out in the corner it’s a diffused gray gray mass and every time you look at it you build it fear is a lie and it’s built in illusion one day the fear is going to tell you to go work out the next day when you’re working out the fear is going to tell you go have a milkshake fear always works both sides of the fence and it’s built in separation and I’m my work is about bringing things in unity not power over another person not separation so I try to show my clients how to move away from fear even in their decision-making during our sessions you know all decisions will come down to either love or fear and love not being oh I’m in love with that person more from place of truth that and fear is always coming from some type of other information it could be your smaller ego Excel it could be a historical date of collective agreements what the Society of the whole has agreed on family values religion you know I’m trying to get them to move away from that because that’s really not in alignment with your truth it’s just information trying to inform them from the past how they will be okay in the future my work is about what they’re doing now and how to empower them from this point the reason why I like that quote is it’s from Senor Aleister Crowley oh okay great so that was my next question because you started out there like you mentioned there are plenty of cards out there that you can gravitate towards but you gravitate gravitated towards the talked cards and I wanted to know how far down the rabbit hole you went with any of balusters teaching not far you know my my life I do have the book of toss and I picked it up a couple times and I was like you know this is some crazy shit you know I just it wasn’t in alignment for where I was at but I did feel a strong connection to the cards so I made the cards my own and people will read cards and really learn them and a lot of the meanings can change based on the reader so I don’t really know a lot about him but I am grateful for this deck because it is served to me well and my clients also feel like when you know you’ve been in it for some time if you’ve had the exposure in college you know and now you do this professionally do you find that your readings or more encompassing or are you finding similar things from way back when I think that as a reader I get I find deeper meaning always there’s I don’t think there’s a week that goes by that I don’t see another connection between different cards and deeper meanings so that’s I think one of the reasons that it keeps me so involved in this particular deck is I’m always you know uncovering or unveiling new aspects of the deck oh yeah okay what was the question I was going to ask you not just slipped my mind brain freeze here well while you’re thinking of it the question I had as far as cards is like you said sometimes it’ll come up the same and there may be a theme have you found that in reading or in your readings with with your clients that potentially they may be mirrors of something that you’re going through on another level yes absolutely if I do a quick reading for myself in the morning before I see clients there’s usually you know anywhere one two three cards that will continue to show up in the readings with the client so then that begs the question am i picking up on some type of energy that my clients are our you know some type of process they’re going through and I’m feeling that or is it you know my process that is also kind of similar to their process that day so I don’t really know the answer to that question but often I’ll I’ll see a couple cards coming in that that keep reappearing that day kind of an interesting question but yes that’s true so as it you know an intuitive healer you besides the turo you do do we do intuitive healing on people is that or do they kind of get the handling in the course of the getting the reading from the Torah reading yes absolutely and I also do some more direct work with clients and I act as a clear and conscious choice channel excuse me and let energy run through me to the client without directing how it should be appropriated in other words if they have an elbow issue you know I’m not going to direct the energy towards their elbow because as being a witness to this energy flow to them with the intent of it being for their highest good healing and evolution I know that spirit God whatever that would mean to you knows how to best support the person across from me so I just my job is to get all my thoughts out of the way hold this energy stream and keep it open and you know that’s my total focus and then when I kind of hear okay it’s time you can start closing it down or if I get other information I’ll act on that so that’s a more direct kind of energetic transmission and then walk away with okay now you know did I heal your elbow it’s not me doing the healing it’s me witnessing it and being part of it so that I can hold it in the physical through my knowing so I gotta keep all these questions in my mind I keep thinking well while you’re thinking of that I had a question for you as far as repeat clients so no in my experience there may be someone that comes in and they have an issue that you address yet they would come back three weeks later or three months later with the same theme how do you break someone out of a pattern that may not be to their highest good it’s not for me to decide what their patterns or their highest good is in other words if they find out in this lifetime to learn through a particular challenge then I’m not going to say you know that’s you know like look let’s move past this I will continue to support them and give them the tools that that I feel are best for them that I have available to support them in the process of where they are on that day they can’t they come to see me so we might have discussions about you know looking at it in a different way to hopefully open up a space so that they can move through it with more ease but I’m not going to you know there’s no judgement in order for me to do this work it has to come from a place of seeing the divinity and everyone that I need you know whoever sitting across from me they are perfect and hold just the way they are and whatever I can do to support their them in their evolution in their level of consciousness and getting more comfortable for who they are what they are you know right at that moment that’s going to be you know the focus of the work so do in a true meaning view address and Elaine talk about anything future or is everything kind of present time well I like to keep it present time there are many readers who do great psychic work and are more of the predictive type of tarot readers or doesn’t do straight on predictive work that’s not my focus because from my own belief standpoint if I am telling a client what’s going to happen in the future I am really stripping them of their free will I’m all about empowering them to make the choices and decisions that will most support their growth so you know the caveat to that is in I I do this ultra cross reading in most of my Tarot you know in most of my sessions and there is a short term prognosis of a month to six weeks medium-range which is two months and then and a long range which is six months but that information is just to show them where they are right now if they continue with their thought process processes exactly as they are in this moment this is what’s likely to unfold but as soon as you know the real that real point of it is as soon as they stand up after our session they have new information and that’s going to check the reading so the reading is really only good for that you know we froze time right then and there so I don’t do predictive work but I help them to see you know the processes they’re going through right now what those same types of decisions may look like in the future so giving them more tools so they can get more you know it may be exactly what they’re kind of working towards and so I would I would support them in that but I want them to have the idea that their choices now impact everything you know as soon as they stand up from the table those choices are fluid yeah do you find that people when they come to you they come to kind of a mindset well I’m coming to Shari she’s gonna do they come with that future kind of mentality that you’re going to tell them about their future or is everyone kind of different but I know just in my own personal experience of doing readings a lot of times oh I’m coming to the clairvoyant of the psychic and he’s going to tell me what’s going to happen or what I should do and that and not have to kind of you know tell no I don’t really do future readings I can just reading the present time so I didn’t know people coming through the door to you what kind of mentality in general they’re coming with when somebody reaches out to me to my website or contact me through Google my business or my phone you know however they get in contact with me and they call for reading or they send me an email I’m going to set that out I can kind of tell with my intuition what they’re looking for and you know a lot of people do call me and say you know I want to find out if my boyfriend’s cheating I want to find out about you know what my ex you know my ex’s new phone number is you know what’s going to happen bla bla bla bla bla and the real focus is knowing the future so that they can be safe now and I make it real clear to them that that’s not my focus and you know if if appropriate I will pass them on to some other psychics that I know that concentrate more in the you know the predictive work yeah so so I kind of weed them out when I if they’re looking for that I can tell them what I do and how I work and then I ask them if that’s a good you know if that’s an alignment with what they’re looking for and a lot of times I’ll hear well let me give it some thought so that’s that’s a no yeah okay I just real briefly did a reading gave the sky reading and that’s what the whole reading was he just he wanted me to tell him what he should do he had all these questions about his job and this and that and he wanted me to make those decisions for him and I was like look I can’t do that I you know I can’t tell you what you should quit your job will leave your job and I ended up reading him his mother and his sister and his mother was the exact same way but his sister was completely different she was sat there and just listen to everything you know as I was reading I didn’t have those kind of patience of well tell me what I should do you know yeah I mean in a reading out here well what do you think I should do and that’s always the question that I asked them back you know well really what do you feel yeah you know what’s the emotional trigger that’s coming up for you that you want me to you know help you with in this no it’s about getting them you know I don’t want to tell them and I’m not going to tell a client what to do I’m going to help the client get clear about their what feels best for them and then and then help them to move towards that okay what’s the youngest person you ever be a gay that’s real reading to a youngest person ma 18 19 something like that yeah I don’t I don’t tend to do young children because they don’t need it 13s no didn’t source that they say no their own truth you imagine it yeah they know their own truth and well the adults get in the way well it’s our conditioning that gets in the way yeah okay that’s what I was going to ask you have you ever gave any children any readings and there’s a certain age that you recommend you know to get it or not so that you kind of answered that question is you know who’s no kind of nice I’m gonna go back just a hair there I did do a tarot reading party for a seventeen year old and she had all of her girlfriends there and so I did little mini reading for her and her friends they were still in high school they were going into their senior year and that was really lovely because it was a real opportunity to empower these young women once they started to go into this next phase of life of making choices about college and the next step helping them get into alignment with that you know if that’s the direction they were headed so that was a really lovely opportunity for me and that’s the work that kind of thrills me the most is empowering people rather than you know I’m not interested in the dog and pony show like you know they sit down and say okay prove to me that you’re good you know like I don’t need to prove myself to anybody like you why are you here yeah the prove it crowd yeah I know what you’re talking yeah I like that empowerment point with the with the girls from 17 it just further proved that females are more advanced than the guys are as far as across the board sounds like you know they develop a lot faster and such define that for any hair there’s plenty of boy questions in that 200 boudoir of do you find that there are more women than guide better coming to you absolutely yeah I would say probably at least 80% of my clients are women and that I’d have across the board with there’s a really large psychic community here in Atlanta metaphysical community and you know from Reiki to psychic work to mediumship and you know the number of men that are seeking out readings is slowly increasing and that’s opening up but it’s really predominantly women who are looking for readings yeah that totally makes sense I think when I was a student I think it was like a seven to one ratio there was one man for every seven women and I don’t know what horizon was like Mohammed to probably talk about I’m sure the women outnumbered them in there too yeah but I’m not going to say that evil laugh that you just did David I think the number of men who are doing readings is growing faster than the number of men that are seeking reading interested in from my respect yeah so across the board we’re you know from the 17 to a woman slightly older and they may come in for no is Johnny going to take me to the prom but I like what you said earlier about you try to connect them with their collective agreement and where their alignment is so while they may be thinking about one thing do you find that it’s something else entirely different that maybe they need to focus on first and then that could better answer what they initially came to you for I think that there is a bit of unveiling to find out it’s it’s often more kind of uncovering the fear that is prompting the question so their question might be a relationship question really you know it might be a safety issue so it’s kind of going past the initial question to why they need that question answered you know what part of them will feel better if they know that information does that answer it yeah now that’s very powerful you know it’s I think a lot of people had one idea of what a certain direction but if they haven’t covered a foundation with it sounds like you uncover right they can cover a lot more and by understanding that foundation it empowers them in all the different areas you know there are a tool right absolutely do you do within the within of course are the readings of past life stuff come up or do you ever cover anything like that you know there is I do believe that there’s bleed through from other lifetimes but I I have it’s my belief that all these like in this reality we’re working with in time and space it’s very sequential and it’s sequential for our opportunities to learn and progress and but I also believe that it’s just valid for this reality that we live in right now so all of these lifetimes are kind of happening simultaneously in like a vertical column right but nothing is kind of solid so it shifts and like if you’re if your soul has come through to learn about addiction and you work your way through that and you heal up that part in you maybe that’s going to bleed through to other lifetimes so those other lifetimes don’t have to learn through that process I kind of I think everything is kind of happening simultaneously and there is bleep true and I think maybe part of that bleed through might be if you know we go to China and have a strong connection to the culture to the landscape maybe we’re having quite a few other lifetimes of you know simultaneously in China and we feel that connection so you know these are just kind of all theories that I think are possibilities but they make sense to me yeah yeah kind of yeah it’s kind of bit in that mindset it’s all kind of happening simultaneously so if you hear someone else say that yeah yeah a little tell you there are some days where I just kind of kick back and wait for my future self to do things that I need to do today I’m waiting on us I spontaneous timeline here buddy and I’m taking the day off today okay I’m in alignment for for you to take care of this well you know I kind of say that it’s just but it’s something that I grapple with where if I try to control and handle something I find that when I take a step back and let go I get a lot more done I think that control is usually a form of fear yes we all have responsibilities you know pay our bills pay the taxes you know we’re in the society we want to op you know we have a a an agreement to operate in the society and then we can make choices about how we do everything else like can I stay president enough today to just deal with what’s right in front of me if I’m doing that that’s coming from a place of tremendous potentiality because I’m not trying to control the situations that I’m dealing with on an everyday basis from a place of fear which already starts to shut it down and comes from a limited perspective based in my in my history and sometimes I don’t feel like doing the paperwork you know and I’ll put it off for quite a while and you know what when that paperwork is on fire I can I can like go right through it with no problem whatsoever so it’s kind of a practice for me also Hamza is if I really don’t feel like doing it I don’t do it interesting how much does numbers play a factor in tarot readings or numerology are they related or not sure I understand what your well is yeah I mean I know like on the car just if you have images but our numbers you know like you know numerology numbers associated with within two readings at all right now yes absolutely um they are numerology is embedded in it you know there’s numerology tarot cards you know about any kind of card you can look at you know there’s there’s somebody who’s done some some type of it but it’s especially significant in the Minor Arcana so just to kind of give you a brief overview of the Tarot there’s the Major Arcana cards those are the most important cards of the deck they hold the most weight those are the archetypal processes we go through at human beings and then there is the Minor Arcana and that’s just the nitty-gritty of everyday life then the Minor Arcana is broken into four categories ones which are your will to act the potentiality to fire there are cups which are emotions very feminine and we have the swords which are thinking cards intellect mind chatter and then the fourth suit is the disk it’s di FK s and those are anything in the physical job finances home environment physical health each of those four suits go from one to ten so one the energy comes in and then you start to play with the energy you understand it you build it and that five are the crisis cards those are always the cards of upheaval so the energy will shift on those five cards so that it can fully build in in support of the process that you’re working on 210 which is the completion card so if you’re doing a reading and you get two or three five cards you know that this person is having a really hard time you know as opposed to one card if it’s those ace cards that means all new things are coming in new energies coming in in all areas of their life if you get those ten cards or close you know the eight nine cards you know they’re finished they’re starting to finish up they’ve worked through a lot of their emotions and they’re getting ready to start a new process so the numbers are significant in the Minor Arcana the Major Arcana um it goes from zero to twenty two so there’s 22 Major Arcana cards and those are broken into kind of thirds you know the like the zero card is when the energy comes in the one card is when you start playing with the energy the two is when you connect the int the intuitive nature you understand that there’s different dimensions and then the three is the femininity the mothering card the four is the structure and for the boss card and you go through these different processes and then you eventually learn how to manifest and how to bring things into your own reality and then you shift to another level of consciousness and you look at things differently from a new higher perspective and you go through these processes again you can skip cards very easily just by letting go of fear but you know that’s kind of you know if I’m looking hand and there’s a lot of cards that are 0 1 3 8 I know that this person is playing with a lot of new energy interesting felt really helpful thank you so much for that and then oh I didn’t mention the third so let me just in that brief overview which did not sound very brief there’s also the court cards in a deck that’s the third level of the deck and those are also broken into those four same suits and those these are parts of the personality that show up in the hand so the hand has the Major Arcana those big processes the nitty-gritty of everyday life and then parts of our personality that show up so you know there’s there’s lots of layers and then depending on how the reader lays out the cards will also change the meaning of the cards no you know there’s a bit of an art to it those as the persons do you never ask a person what the astrological sign is does that have anything to do with any of it yes there’s all the cards have astrological signs attached to them I don’t go very deep into that that that’s just not my forte for me they’re better off being an astrologer I’m more interested in the what the mind chatter I want to know what they’re thinking I want to know where it’s coming from that’s more of my focus for me you know the astrological is a little bit more fate related and so that’s not really as much of my focus like kind of understanding that as astrological sign and what that means in their life kind of gives you a set of rules that says this is what’s likely to happen and I want to pull them back into their freedom and not be attached to this is my story and it’s because I’m a Leo yeah Johan now my cancer but uh the cusp of Leo okay that I’ll ask you harder that one I will admit I’m fully Aries that’s really interesting sherry because it makes me think of how I was taught to psychically read and sometimes we’ll do a line reading so there’ll be a number of us in one line reading one person and we may have different interpretations and so it’s David David’s question in your answer with regards to astrology I didn’t know if you ever do a reading where it may lead to some section or section of astrology where you may say okay now you need to speak with so and so they would complement my reading with an astrology viewpoint has that ever happened I don’t think I understand what you’re asking do I refer people to an astrologer right I’m just like you know as far as hey I’ve answered my capability my capacity I think this is complete however I need to refer you to this person to answer what you’re looking for and that’s the specification yeah I fully and in support of other readers and any opportunity I have and it usually happens when somebody is trying to make an appointment for me with me and I don’t feel like it’s a good alignment that what they’re looking for is different than you know the focus of my work that I will refer them to someone else occasionally somebody comes in we go through a reading and they are really interested in connecting with someone who has crossed over and I might sense that person coming in and making their presence known but you know my fourth pay is not giving them direct messages from crossed over you know loved ones or guys are dangerous that kind of thing so I will definitely in my arsenal I have lots of great mediumship readers and will pass you know will pass that information a lot to them you know I feel like the more I can share the more I can be of service we had a podcast earlier with Yvonne’s and I believe you know her any well write very other mediumship classes that’s very good gonna hope to open that up for me Oh small world very small world so for your readings you do one-on-one or you you do it over the phone or in person and in my preliminary research I noticed two things one I noticed that there are a lot of searches for for tarot readings in Hindi and I also noticed that there are a lot of searches for tarot readings online and so I wanted to know if you’re dealing or you have any interface with other cultures and if there’s any intention to start doing readings online via Skype or other means well I do some of my clients I do buy um we do it over Skype or FaceTime if or just over the phone it’s just kind of whatever they would prefer as far are you asking about like some of the 1-800 Tarot Paul you see that a lot and I know one from our side they usually oh yeah a dollar a minute type of reading we don’t do those type of reading so I didn’t know if you were getting any of that from a tarot card yeah I do get people who call that just want a dollar minute they want a ten minute reading or fifteen minute reading and just not what I do that you know I want it as an investment in supporting the process and you know I find that if somebody wants a really quick answer like that then I’m not really empowering their choice making I’m telling them from my perspective and you know I’m not going to tell something what to do so a really short reading like that is it is it part of my you know what I do best so I referred them to someone else and you offer quality readings what you wanted to say I do know some psychic readers who will nail it every single time you know and they can they can just turn it right on and you know predict you know tell the person what they want to hear or what they you know what they see but that’s just not comfortable for me yeah so in all the years the 30 years that you’ve been doing Tory’s what is it about it that you enjoy the most at the end I’m able to look into the eyes or look into the soul even if it’s not if they’re not sitting across from me and I get to witness the divinity and the person sitting across from me Wow great answer yeah and usually they stand up and they were like oh gosh you know I feel better I feel like you know they’re kind of like surprised like oh I feel kind of lighter and I’m thinking to myself so do I know so it’s a gift to be able to participate in some deep listening and deep seeing or someone and that’s what you know that’s why I am just you know feel so grateful for what I do because I I have I get these opportunities yeah follow what you love yeah exactly there’s a episode on earlier this week on Seinfeld and on Seinfeld they were leaving on a high note like they had a really good joke and then right all right I’m out guys if I hated it was just like leave on a high note and you just faint totally in incompass in that answer I mean to know more information about sherry you guys definitely need to check her out on our website are there any social media sites or any lasting message that you want to get across we’re at the top of the hour well you know sherry Freedman comm SAT Ri Ri Edie ma n I have a Facebook page sherry Freedman intuitive healer and check in with yourself everybody knows their truth so just check in and always make your decision from place of love if it looks like fear go the opposite direction it will not support you and so I’m just feeling some gratitude right now for having this opportunity with the two of you and thanks so much yeah absolutely thanks so much sherry this is Hamza Davis and I’m Dave Thompson and we are intrinsic motivation from a homeless perspective looks like we wrapped up another good podcast thanks again sherry so much and we’ll catch you guys on the next podcast all right thanks again thank you bye-bye hi I’m I supposed to hang out are we done [Music]